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Alvarez Kelly CD2

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On the other hand, I am a man with no contempt for money at all.
And the advantage of being able to tell a beautiful lady...
...magnificent lies all the way to New York.
Nineteen Royall Street. She'll be waiting.
Alone, mind. No maidservants.
With maidservant.
Bon voyage, captain.
And good luck to you, Mr. Kelly.
It's done.
And you halfway wish it weren't.
You're scared.
And if you weren't a proud person and in a public place, you'd be crying.
Like a baby.
It's quite a gamble.
You don't have to go through with it.
Oh, yes, I do.
Where I'm going, I don't know what will become of me.
But if I stay here, I know damn well what I'll become.
No girl, as pretty or passionate as you, has a right to such an honest mind.
What I wouldn't give to have you along.
If it's any comfort...
...I would have booked passage, only...
Only what?
In the courtyard is a bloodhound.
He can't see you, but don't turn.
When I leave here, he'll follow...
...and I'll let him chase me up a tree.
You stay for a while and then leave.
I've used you. Forgive me for that.
There's nothing to forgive.
As for using me, it seems to be the national pastime...
...of the Confederate States of America.
Goodbye, Liz.
What a ridiculous way to say goodbye.
Perhaps that's why we'll remember it longer.
Goodbye, Kelly. I'll be throwing you kisses from the rail tonight.
Yes, as I say, I recognized the man with him... one of Rossiter's Comanches...
...when the two of them entered the bordello.
I don't avail myself of its services, you understand, general.
But you'd be amazed how much information...
Get along with it.
Yes, sir.
This morning...
...ear to the ground, I learned from one of Harrison's servants...
...that Kelly had been spending his days at the Comanche camp.
And this afternoon, my vigilance paid off.
This afternoon, gentlemen, he made contact with one...
...Captain Ferguson, a well-known blockade runner.
Well, need I spell it out?
If it's not asking too much.
No, sir, not at all.
He is not looking for cheap land, as he pretends.
No, gentlemen. Alvarez Kelly... planning to import herds of Mexican beef...
...into the Southern states by sea.
How long have you been in this business?
Four years.
Too long.
I beg your pardon?
Your theory is idiotic. Dismissed.
- What's that? - I said, you're dismissed.
As you wish, sir.
Amusing picture.
Boatload of seasick cows, all standing with their heads over the rail.
Not priceless, Steadman?
Yes, sir.
But you're troubled.
Sir, I think there's something in what Mclntyre was saying.
Shipping cows from Mexico?
No, sir. Cattle closer to home.
Are we being exposed to the legal mind at work, major?
It's Kelly spending all that time with Rossiter.
Are you suggesting Kelly and Rossiter...
...are concocting a scheme to steal your herd?
Yes, sir.
Grant has an army around Richmond.
Rossiter has to get his cavalry out...
...and the cattle in.
Now, plead your case.
Anything else?
Request the general assign me additional troops.
If anybody tries to steal one of your precious cows...
...just telegraph me. I promise to come a-running.
Get the officers in here.
Colonel Kelly will stay with me.
Colonel, huh?
I just made you lieutenant colonel...
...for the period of the raid.
Aren't you taking a risk, giving me that kind of authority?
When we get those cattle, I'll be needing you to crack the whip.
You want to share the fun?
I doubt if you'd appreciate it.
- I like to laugh. - I know you do.
Of course, this harebrained scheme is enough to make any man giddy.
Well, it's not my scheme making you giddy.
It's yours.
- How many guesses do I get? - You don't need any.
That's bright of you, though, not to try to shake Hatcher off...
...a second time.
I wouldn't do a foolish thing like that.
I bet you wouldn't.
My goodness.
Parting with all that money.
For nothing.
It's a pity.
Considering what money means to you.
I think it went for a good purpose.
I'm sure of that.
I can see Ferguson donating it to a fund...
...for needy Scotchmen.
- You don't know how funny. - It's too late.
- It is? - Sure, his ship has sailed.
- I imagine it has. - Didn't take you with him.
No, but he took Liz.
I said, he took your girl.
Now how many guesses do I get?
You went to Royall Street, didn't you?
That money to Ferguson...
...for her passage.
Not yours.
Damn you, Kelly! Why?
Let's just say I was getting even with someone...
...for shooting a finger off.
I don't know how Liz could have anything to do with you!
Listen, you silly ass! She's a female not a crinoline saint!
If you'd been as intent on pleasing her as serving the cause, she'd be with you.
Did you please her, Kelly?
I've got some advice for you, Rossiter.
Just close the book on this one.
I think I'll just do that.
- I'll close it... - Colonel...
Reporting as ordered.
All right, gather around.
The tricky business is to get past Grant's line.
So we'll swing way out around it.
Fewer sentries.
We'll head for his back door, through Blackwater Swamp.
About a 50-mile route.
- Lf we can... - Colonel? Pardon me, sir.
You're saying we'll plow through Blackwater?
- That's one big swamp. - That's my gamble.
Nobody will expect us, because nobody'd believe we could cross.
If we can get to the plantation by tomorrow night...
...we'll hide till dawn...
...take care of whatever Yanks are there.
- And then... - I crack the whip.
That's what I'm here for.
Cavalry under General Hampton will cover our flank on the return.
General Lee's ordered a diversionary attack to hold the enemy's attention.
His artillery will be our sig...
That's it. That's Lee's artillery.
Our signal to ride. Let's go.
Bugler, call the men!
Colonel Kelly.
That book's not closed...
If anything happens to me...
...kill him. - Yes, sir.
Beaurider, ride across. Try it.
Old friends are the fairest.
General Rossiter detailed me as your aide.
Next time, remember...
...never put the flame to the cigar. A half an inch under.
You can learn about things like that in your spare time...
...while you're polishing my boots.
Looks fine, sir.
- All right. Take them across. - Yes, sir.
Troops, full ahead.
Our luck's holding out. That bridge is sound as a bell.
- I don't think so. - They're crossing it.
Well-trained cavalrymen. Slow their horses down and spread out.
What are you trying to say?
You ought to know cattle don't spread out. They jam together.
And when they do, they'll outweigh your horses 1 0-to-1.
This will come apart before the first steer hits the other side.
Williams, how long will it take you to shore up this bridge?
The rest of today and most of tomorrow.
You got till midnight.
Yes, sir.
Obliged, Mr. Kelly...
...for being so considerate of our problem.
My problem too.
I want to get Kelly across.
Move it!
- Can you finish by midnight? - No, sir. We can't. But we will.
Bring the column when you're done.
Farrow will meet you with word about the Yanks.
If I run into trouble, you take command.
And the herd. Let's go!
Is this the best way you could pick?
Yep. The best.
Because it's the most improbable.
Can you drive the cattle through here? Solid spine, about 50 yards wide...
...and the Yanks know nothing about it?
If we keep the herd tight.
That's your job.
Just make sure you get there before dawn.
Come on.
Don't you ever get tired of being a chaperone?
I like it.
You know why?
Tell me.
I figure you might try once more.
You do that, Kelly.
Anytime you want to.
Just feel free.
I haven't been in this place for years.
Charity and I were kids, we used to sleep down here. Steal fruit.
When I get there, pick up a cone and throw it. And watch him.
Go on.
Hatcher, wait for me.
I'll take that.
Not even you...
...would shoot this close in.
Hurry up.
- How many men? - Two hundred at least.
Any idea what regiment they are?
Pennsylvania 1 2th, and proud.
We fought them in the wilderness.
They're equipped with new repeating rifles.
- Where are they bunked down? - Down by the old corral.
The old corral.
Charity. Apple core.
Who's your friend?
- Where's Steadman? - Overseer's cottage.
- Telegraph line? - At the cottage.
Cut it. As far from the cottage as you can.
Obliged, Charity. You've done your homework real well.
Come on.
- Hatcher? - Here.
I hate to see loose guns lying around.
I'm glad you got it.
It'll make me feel better when I blow your guts out.
You'd better be faster than these two clowns you got here.
You could make me a Yankee hero.
He was near the fence, major. We ordered him to halt. He ran.
- Should we notify Kautz? - And tell him what?
- Reb spy. - One man.
Unless we can produce the whole of Hapham's cavalry, he'll just laugh.
- Corporal, get the servants. - Yes, sir.
He's dead.
Question is, did he cut that wire?
You recognize him?
No, sir.
You sure?
I ain't never seen him before in my life.
- Never laid eyes on him, master. - No, sir.
Anybody else?
I don't understand.
We're down here fighting for you.
Fighting to free you.
Ruth, how can you be so Ioyal... someone who wants to keep you a slave?
Maybe that's the worst of them.
All right, bury him.
Apples? This time of year?
Storage apples.
From a fruit cellar.
Game's up!
Everybody out!
All right, come on out with your hands up!
Come on out!
Come out or we'll fire!
Hands up! Up!
You put that gun down, please.
Well, Mr. Kelly.
Lieutenant, sir.
After him! Webster, telegraph line, make sure it's cut!
Farrow, the Yanks.
Now, you just hold it here, Kelly. This is where I put you to work.
Let's get these Yanks out of here. Come on, get going!
Rise and shine, gents! Get up! Come on!
Up and at them, blue boy.
All right, out.
All right, out!
Get them in the corral!
Come on, boys. Let's move that powder.
Be careful there, Zeb.
All right. Start moving that herd.
- You see where Steadman's headed? - I said, move.
Listen, you idiot. Cattle can't make 5 miles an hour.
You'll be in Yankees up to here.
- You'll be lucky to get your men out. - I told you to move!
No herd, no Kelly.
It was like playing games the other night, wasn't it?
Exciting and honorable.
How does it strike you now?
I'll ride point. Williams, you take the left flank.
Captain Webster, you take the right.
Would you consider riding drag?
I didn't think so.
All right, move them out!
There it is, colonel. Just the way you saw it in that crazy dream.
With the genera"s permission...
...I'd like to remind the general I warned him about this.
My judgement was correct all along.
Absolutely correct.
I gambled Lee would risk his cavalry and he did. He did.
The herd is big for Rossiter, and he's big for Hampton.
- Hampton? - He was sighted, just as I planned.
I knew what that beef meant to the Rebs.
Colonel Jacobs is ready to ride.
- What's his strength? - About 6000.
Excellent. Jacobs is to proceed down the Jerusalem Plank Road...
...and if he's fast he'll have Hampton by the throat.
Which might never have happened...
...if I'd listened to your request for more troops.
What are you waiting for?
Detect my strategy, major?
Yes, sir.
Now, major. Question:
How do you believe Rossiter expects to get that herd back to Richmond?
Well, I'd say he's gonna drive the cattle into Blackwater Swamp.
I guess that's how they came...
...using the bridge at Cook's Crossing.
Splendid. That's why I'm giving you my reserves: 300 cavalry... a howitzer battery.
Yes, sir. That's splendid, sir.
Yes, sir.
Herd them in tighter.
What is it?
I couldn't catch him. Not with no quarter-mile lead.
Farrow! Take two men, scout ahead.
Yes, sir. Lanier, Dugot, let's go.
Let's get to the colonel. Let's go!
Come on, you stupid hunk of leather! Get out of here!
You're miles from the stew pot!
Come on, move them out of here!
After a march, they've a right to a rest and a drink.
We don't have the time!
Get over!
Yankee cavalry.
They're hustling. Probably at the bridge now.
- How many? - Looked like a full squadron...
...and a battery of howitzers.
Can we bypass that bridge?
Nothing but swamp. We'd drown every one of them.
- Williams? - Yes, sir.
Drown them.
Drive them in the swamp.
At least that'll deny them the Yankee bellies.
Yes, sir.
- And, Williams? - Yes, sir.
It does seem a pity to disappoint those Yanks at the bridge.
What you got in mind, colonel?
We'll split in two ranks, move at them from both sides.
Holy Mother of God.
3000 miles to drown in a stinking swamp!
You make me sick.
The Virginia Comanches do or die.
You're long on gallantry but short on sense.
We'll talk later.
You know nothing about cattle.
- What are you driving at? - You want them in Richmond?
You know something, or are you just blowing hard, as usual?
You want this herd in Richmond?
You trying to tell me you know a way?
I might.
What's it worth to you?
What's your price?
You know what the price is.
All right, you got it.
...any instructions I gave regarding Colonel Kelly:
Yes, sir.
I'm in command now.
Go ahead.
- Lieutenant. - Yes, sir.
How many Yanks did you say?
I'd say abut 300, sir.
And about 1 00 of us.
2500 head of cattle.
That makes 2600 for our side.
We'll divide them up into groups of 500 each.
I want an inventory of ammunition. Assemble your men for instructions.
- Yes, sir! - Yes, sir!
This business of command comes easy to me.
You know, sergeant...
...I'm going to miss your merry smile and winning ways. Get to work.
Let's hurry that up.
Do you still think they'll come this way?
- Get your men quiet. - Quiet on the line!
The funny thing about cattle. You can hear them like the pounding of surf.
Come on!
Move it along! Get them going!
Move it along! Keep them moving!
Alert your men.
Ready on the firing line!
Get them moving!
All right, split them up!
Here they come.
Keep them moving!
- Shall I fire now? - No, hold your fire.
All right, fire! Fire!
Shoot! Get the cattle! Get the cattle!
All right, hold, men. Hold!
Move them over to the right!
Hold your fire!
Here's the second group. Move!
Circle them twice!
Take it across the bridge. Fast!
- Williams! - Yes, sir.
- Keep them on the run. - Yes, sir!
Drop it.
Swing it over.
Pull the rope.
Set the next one. Come on, hurry it up!
Hatcher, lay a trail.
Yes, sir!
Get them across the bridge!
As soon as the last man's over, light it.
Yes, sir!
Move them out! Move them over!
Over to the bridge!
Everybody out! Move!
Across the bridge!
Come here. Get me a report of all companies.
Regroup here. Follow me!
Hey, Mex! Now's your time!
General Hampton's compliments.
He's got the Union troops contained.
- It's clear sailing to Richmond. - That's fine. Just fine.
We lost about 40 steers.
That's not bad.
You got one eye. Looks like now you got one lung.
You keep on fighting like this, you'll wind up with one of everything.
You seem to manage pretty well yourself.
For a nine-fingered man.
Got 20 wounded.
Eight dead, sir. Including Farrow and Hatcher.
Must've dropped Hatcher when he lit that fuse.
He timed it well.
If he'd lit that fuse any earlier, l...
He timed it fine.
He got chopped down like a hero.
We're all heroes.
Start pushing that herd.
All right, sir.
...I suppose you'd like to be moving on.
The sooner I get to Richmond, the quicker I get home.
Better feel your ground. You're a wanted man... the Yanks.
I saw some crazy things at that bridge.
One of them was you, risking your life to save a Confederate officer.
Seems to me that was...
...kind of long on gallantry, short on sense.
- Wouldn't you say? - I try everything on once.
See if it fits.
Looked kind of stylish on you.
I never thought I'd catch myself saying that.
Don't worry, I won't try it twice.
For once, the soldiers of the Confederacy...
... and the people of Richmond would eat their fill.
What General Grant said when he heard...
... that his prize herd was raided is unquotable.
President Lincoln's comment is a matter of record.
Lincoln called it.
"The slickest piece of cattle stealing I ever heard of. "
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