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Subtitles for Amar Akbar Anthony - Manmohan Desai 1977 CD2.

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Amar Akbar Anthony - Manmohan Desai 1977 CD2

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.14 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:01:30.86,00:01:33.62 So you got a hammering? 00:01:36.16,00:01:43.94 That's why I've told you[br]not to drink. 00:01:44.44,00:01:45.67 Drinking is a terrible thing. 00:01:46.47,00:01:54.88 If you weren't drunk, you think[br]that fatso could've hit you? 00:01:59.42,00:02:03.65 You can beat up 10 men[br]at a time. 00:02:04.63,00:02:07.82 But you never listen to me. 00:02:08.13,00:02:09.49 Do you ever? 00:02:11.30,00:02:13.56 Look at your face. 00:02:14.10,00:02:18.87 How much he beat you! 00:02:20.34,00:02:22.97 You look a complete idiot! 00:02:26.15,00:02:29.28 Stand still. 00:02:29.65,00:02:31.64 I'll put some ointment. 00:02:32.62,00:02:33.85 Don't move! 00:02:37.03,00:02:41.16 Why are you moving? 00:02:55.48,00:03:00.71 Look man... it'll burn[br]a little. 00:03:01.15,00:03:02.78 Don't scream. 00:03:03.22,00:03:04.85 I'll get very angry. 00:03:19.67,00:03:21.16 It burns a little,[br]doesn't it? 00:03:23.40,00:03:26.03 That's why I tell you[br]not to drink. 00:03:26.31,00:03:27.74 Drinking is terrible. 00:03:28.91,00:03:30.50 I'll put on a bandage. 00:03:35.82,00:03:39.91 You'll be fine by the morning. 00:03:45.46,00:03:51.99 All right. I'm off to bed.[br]You'd better get some sleep. 00:03:57.24,00:04:01.57 Father, I have a[br]confession to make. 00:04:02.78,00:04:05.75 Anthony was beaten up[br]because of me. 00:04:06.65,00:04:10.45 I like him very much... 00:04:22.30,00:04:24.29 What are you doing here? 00:04:24.87,00:04:28.89 I was dusting the box. I saw you,[br]so I thought, I'd try my luck. 00:04:31.14,00:04:36.54 - It's a sin to listen in.[br]- I'll ask pardon. 00:04:41.28,00:04:43.91 - No, not in here.[br]- Then where? 00:04:44.22,00:04:45.02 Outside. 00:04:45.89,00:04:47.95 But Zebesko's there. 00:04:50.89,00:04:54.52 Why does he hover over you? 00:04:54.73,00:04:56.79 What can I do?[br]He's my bodyguard. 00:04:57.90,00:04:59.83 From now,[br]I'll be your bodyguard. 00:12:36.46,00:12:41.66 Look at what I got. A camera to[br]take your picture with. 00:12:42.10,00:12:46.86 Not today; father is at home.[br]Come back tomorrow. 00:12:47.13,00:12:48.80 To hell with your father! 00:12:51.47,00:12:53.00 We'll meet tomorrow. 00:12:56.84,00:12:59.28 Tomorrow! Tomorrow[br]never comes! 00:13:11.13,00:13:13.59 Bijli, why have you[br]come here? 00:13:14.30,00:13:19.06 You haven't been[br]to see me for ages. 00:13:19.50,00:13:22.30 So I thought I'd come[br]and see you. 00:13:23.34,00:13:26.10 So he's a Casanova! 00:13:26.71,00:13:32.27 Go away! If anyone sees you,[br]my reputation'll be at stake. 00:13:32.35,00:13:34.97 I'll photograph the father. 00:13:35.48,00:13:38.65 Just pay up[br]six months expenses... 00:13:38.99,00:13:42.68 ...or in a flash I'll have[br]you branded a sinner. 00:13:44.63,00:13:46.62 It must have been lightning. 00:13:47.16,00:13:48.63 Not yet... 00:13:49.10,00:13:55.37 ...when lightning flashes,[br]your timberyard will be destroyed. 00:13:55.67,00:13:59.63 Just go away and I'll[br]sent the money to you. 00:13:59.94,00:14:01.27 It'll be in your own interest. 00:19:00.81,00:19:06.61 So, Taiyyab Ali, you had[br]Akbar beaten up by thugs? 00:19:07.71,00:19:09.94 - Did you or didn't you?[br]- I did. 00:19:18.36,00:19:21.35 Stop him. Inform the police! 00:19:24.70,00:19:26.76 Just stay put! 00:19:28.80,00:19:34.33 Phone the police! 00:19:46.32,00:19:48.98 I've brought your father-in-law[br]and a priest... 00:19:49.46,00:19:52.29 get you and Salma[br]married. 00:19:52.63,00:19:54.03 Get on with it, priest. 00:19:54.63,00:19:57.36 Listen to me, Lofty. 00:19:58.87,00:20:02.23 - How high are you, Shorty?[br]- Four feet, four inches. 00:20:02.74,00:20:04.50 I'll reduce you to two[br]feet, two inches. 00:20:12.98,00:20:18.01 No, Anthony brother, I won't[br]get married like this. 00:20:18.29,00:20:19.58 Don't you play up. 00:20:19.92,00:20:23.82 I had to drag this priest away[br]from another marriage. 00:20:25.86,00:20:31.59 I could have become violent[br]if I'd wanted to. 00:20:32.13,00:20:37.43 But I wish to win people over[br]with love, not with force. 00:20:37.67,00:20:41.04 Don't talk of philosophy[br]and decency. I've heard enough. 00:20:41.31,00:20:45.51 And now you refuse[br]to marry? 00:20:45.65,00:20:49.14 Until he willingly gives me[br]his daughter's hand... 00:20:50.02,00:20:52.75 ...I won't marry. 00:20:53.22,00:20:55.55 He'll be willing[br]after I sort him out. 00:21:01.03,00:21:04.12 I'm giving you a last chance. 00:21:06.67,00:21:13.16 You'll amount to nothing.[br]He'll marry her to someone else. 00:21:13.47,00:21:19.21 Then don't whine about being[br]crossed in love. I'll wallop you. 00:21:19.91,00:21:22.85 Go to hell! 00:21:24.79,00:21:26.12 Coming, shorty? 00:21:34.23,00:21:38.82 I don't find this insolence[br]very funny. Let me go. 00:21:39.20,00:21:40.29 Where are you going? 00:21:44.87,00:21:46.00 Who are you to ask me? 00:21:46.34,00:21:49.54 To meet that layabout Anthony? 00:21:49.84,00:21:54.04 Watch your tongue![br]You're only my bodyguard. 00:21:55.35,00:21:58.11 I agree. I'm your bodyguard. 00:21:58.49,00:22:01.89 I'll guard your body[br]all life long. 00:22:02.29,00:22:05.52 So no one else touches it. 00:22:05.76,00:22:06.73 What nonsense! 00:22:07.29,00:22:12.39 I'm talking nothing but sense.[br]You will marry me. 00:22:16.10,00:22:20.56 If your arm had been steel,[br]I'd have bent it. 00:22:31.79,00:22:33.01 I need to talk to Robert. 00:22:33.85,00:22:35.01 Telephone for you. 00:22:39.49,00:22:40.82 Your daughter is with me. 00:22:43.43,00:22:44.40 Who are you? 00:22:46.43,00:22:48.63 What can you pay for your daughter? 00:22:49.00,00:22:50.99 I can pay anything. 00:22:51.27,00:22:55.33 If you say I can marry your daughter[br]then you can have her back. 00:22:56.11,00:22:57.84 I agree. 00:22:58.15,00:23:00.84 Then come to 325 Silverbeas. 00:23:15.50,00:23:16.33 Where's Jenny? 00:23:16.66,00:23:18.43 To meet her boyfriend. 00:23:20.50,00:23:23.03 Yes. The one that she meets[br]secretly. 00:23:26.27,00:23:27.97 Gracie is with her. 00:23:28.24,00:23:30.51 Are you her bodyguard or[br]is Gracie? 00:23:35.82,00:23:37.18 Don't let this happen again. 00:24:41.62,00:24:43.31 Looks like they are here. 00:25:44.18,00:25:46.70 The guy behind seems to[br]be in a hurry. 00:25:47.58,00:25:50.45 They only drive this fast[br]on 2 occasions. 00:25:50.85,00:25:52.28 It's an Olympic race. 00:25:52.55,00:25:53.99 Or a police chase. 00:25:58.02,00:26:00.79 Day and night, all you[br]think of is Jenny. 00:26:04.90,00:26:09.23 When I can, I'll stop the car,[br]Get out at once. 00:26:09.47,00:26:11.60 - What about you?[br]- Don't worry, I'll handle them. 00:28:56.94,00:28:57.93 Run over him! 00:29:21.66,00:29:24.69 You see to him[br]I'll look after Jenny. 00:29:25.67,00:29:28.26 Come along, father. 00:29:41.82,00:29:44.18 Sorry, there are no[br]empty beds. 00:29:45.29,00:29:47.12 Bed 102 must be empty. 00:29:47.45,00:29:48.82 Akbar is in bed 102. 00:29:49.12,00:29:51.49 That's me![br]I left two hours ago. 00:29:51.79,00:29:55.06 He's badly hurt,[br]admit him at once. 00:29:55.30,00:30:01.23 What name?[br]Kishenlal. 00:30:01.53,00:30:06.80 Kishenlal's escaped again![br]When'll I get my daughter back? 00:30:07.07,00:30:11.01 Don't worry, Robert,[br]You'll get Jenny soon. 00:30:11.41,00:30:14.28 You promised to let me[br]marry her. 00:30:14.85,00:30:16.84 I don't remember any such[br]promise. 00:30:17.15,00:30:21.31 Do you forget your promises[br]so quickly? Never mind. 00:30:21.69,00:30:27.09 I'll show you a man who'll[br]help you remember your promises. 00:30:28.23,00:30:29.25 Who is he? 00:30:40.01,00:30:42.84 So your men brought me here. 00:30:43.18,00:30:46.87 No I knew nothing about it,[br]brother. 00:30:49.92,00:30:55.75 We had the same parents, but[br]I'm not a smuggler and murderer. 00:30:56.06,00:31:00.69 He was abroad for 10 years,[br]with an International Bank. 00:31:01.29,00:31:03.56 I'll tell you why he's here. 00:31:04.16,00:31:07.96 For a World Bank Conference. 00:31:08.40,00:31:11.63 I met him by chance; since[br]then he's been my guest. 00:31:12.01,00:31:15.87 Robert, the police are[br]after you. 00:31:16.41,00:31:20.54 If they catch you,[br]you'll surely hang. 00:31:21.05,00:31:26.49 There's only one way out.[br]If you allow Jenny to marry me. 00:31:26.79,00:31:29.65 You can impersonate Albert[br]and fly to London. 00:31:31.83,00:31:33.19 What about Albet? 00:31:33.56,00:31:38.05 Albert? I'll take[br]care of him. 00:31:40.80,00:31:46.03 Kishenlal must be in hospital;[br]he'll tell us where Jenny is. 00:32:02.42,00:32:04.15 Akbar, son. 00:32:05.93,00:32:07.36 Where did the patient go? 00:32:07.56,00:32:08.99 He's gone for an operation. 00:32:11.73,00:32:14.76 But I have brought him[br]flowers. 00:32:15.37,00:32:17.20 Where is the operating[br]theatre? 00:32:28.28,00:32:30.31 Kishenlal, come round now. 00:32:30.98,00:32:33.45 Where is my daughter? 00:32:33.72,00:32:35.19 Answer, or else[br]I'll kill you. 00:32:36.76,00:32:38.25 He won't regain[br]consciousness like that. 00:32:45.97,00:32:48.23 You're a doctor,[br]bring him round. 00:33:00.21,00:33:04.62 So your strength lies in this![br]This protects you! 00:33:05.95,00:33:12.22 I want to give the patient[br]flowers; open the door, doctor. 00:33:14.73,00:33:18.72 Open the door, doctor. 00:33:21.73,00:33:23.13 See who it is. 00:33:32.98,00:33:35.50 The patient's condition[br]is critical. 00:33:40.89,00:33:42.95 Kishenlal's wife! 00:33:47.49,00:33:49.76 Now I'll get my daughter. 00:33:50.63,00:33:51.96 Bring her along. 00:33:53.37,00:33:55.83 Just you sit quiet. 00:40:22.76,00:40:30.96 I can see again! 00:40:38.20,00:40:42.07 Son, are you Akbar? 00:40:46.81,00:40:56.55 Through your devotion and Sai[br]Baba's miracle, I can see again. 00:40:59.36,00:41:01.95 But why are you so[br]disheveled? 00:41:02.46,00:41:06.19 Some thugs are chasing me,[br]I've just escaped from them. 00:41:06.90,00:41:08.96 Don't worry,[br]come with me. 00:41:16.28,00:41:17.57 This is my father. 00:41:19.18,00:41:21.84 This lady sells flowers,[br]I've told you about her. 00:41:23.82,00:41:29.31 She can see again! 00:41:30.86,00:41:34.62 If I am not mistaken... 00:41:35.33,00:41:41.66 are the person I found[br]wounded, twenty-two years ago. 00:41:42.30,00:41:46.64 I led you to your home;[br]don't you remember? 00:41:47.17,00:41:50.40 Was that you? 00:41:53.21,00:41:58.98 I remember that black night[br]well; how could I forget it? 00:41:59.99,00:42:05.18 That night I was separated[br]from my husband and my children. 00:42:06.93,00:42:14.42 You had found a lost child;[br]it must be quite grown up now. 00:42:17.17,00:42:20.50 Yes, that child is[br]quite grown up. 00:42:21.34,00:42:23.50 Father calls him Abu. 00:42:23.88,00:42:25.21 You call him son. 00:42:25.64,00:42:28.24 Others know him as Akbar. 00:42:31.42,00:42:32.51 My Raju! 00:42:40.99,00:42:42.69 It's a photo of mine. 00:42:44.66,00:42:48.43 But that is a photograph of[br]Raju, my youngest son! 00:42:54.87,00:42:56.67 God, you are indeed great! 00:42:57.44,00:43:00.28 This is know as[br]God's glory. 00:43:00.78,00:43:04.18 When he took away your sight,[br]He also took away your children. 00:43:04.68,00:43:08.52 Now He restores your sight,[br]and your children. 00:43:12.73,00:43:16.68 This is my Raju? 00:43:23.84,00:43:27.36 Come, we've done our work 00:43:53.17,00:43:57.66 It's certain death to go in,[br]Father and daughter's trapped. 00:44:53.33,00:44:55.59 Father is trapped there. 00:45:22.19,00:45:28.18 I want to thank you, yet I'm[br]ashamed to thank you here. 00:45:28.49,00:45:31.95 No need to thank me;[br]I only did my duty. 00:45:32.40,00:45:40.67 I'm ashamed because I didn't[br]do my duty earlier. 00:45:40.97,00:45:46.00 But I shall do it today.[br]May God bless you both. 00:45:49.35,00:45:53.81 So much has happened today.[br]Father gives us his blessing... 00:45:54.12,00:45:58.61 ...the husband of the lady[br]who sells flowers... 00:45:58.86,00:46:00.69 ...was admitted. 00:46:04.80,00:46:07.73 The man you brought[br]in was her husband. 00:46:24.52,00:46:28.95 This tiny box contains all[br]the world's happiness for you. 00:46:29.19,00:46:30.28 What is in it? 00:46:31.59,00:46:32.82 See for yourself. 00:46:35.06,00:46:36.32 Sindoor? 00:46:39.47,00:46:41.83 But I shouldn't wear it. 00:46:43.34,00:46:46.86 You must put sindoor[br]on your head again today. 00:46:47.57,00:46:48.94 What are you saying? 00:46:50.01,00:46:51.50 It's the truth. 00:46:53.08,00:46:55.27 Your husband is still alive! 00:46:57.05,00:46:58.57 My father is still alive! 00:47:03.89,00:47:07.83 When you came to the hospital,[br]father was being operated on. 00:47:07.89,00:47:10.95 Really?[br]- Yes. Now put this on. 00:47:19.04,00:47:22.37 Son, take me there. 00:47:26.55,00:47:28.81 Kishenlal? He's left. 00:47:30.22,00:47:33.41 This morning his doctor came[br]and had him discharged. 00:47:33.82,00:47:38.05 - Where has he gone?[br]- I don't know. 00:47:38.19,00:47:40.45 There must be some mistake. 00:47:40.73,00:47:42.39 I said that he's gone. 00:47:42.66,00:47:43.96 Where could they have gone? 00:47:46.83,00:47:52.03 Don't worry, mother. Go home.[br]I'll report this to the police. 00:47:52.27,00:47:53.24 What name? 00:47:56.28,00:47:57.47 Where did he live? 00:47:58.21,00:47:59.61 Bandra Koliwada. 00:48:08.25,00:48:10.48 The name sounds familiar. 00:48:13.63,00:48:15.53 All right, I'll make[br]inquiries. 00:48:19.26,00:48:21.13 Sorry, sir, I made a mistake. 00:48:21.80,00:48:23.10 You made a mistake? 00:48:25.44,00:48:27.96 Kishenlal can forgive[br]a killing... 00:48:28.37,00:48:34.11 ...but he's not Robert, he[br]won't forgive starving a family. 00:48:34.55,00:48:36.71 Take him away. 00:48:41.35,00:48:45.72 Sister, I have wronged you,[br]forgive me. 00:48:47.96,00:48:51.95 I'll give you your allowance[br]personally every month. 00:49:00.44,00:49:02.93 Nothing has changed. 00:49:03.78,00:49:06.21 But circumstances[br]have changed me. 00:49:06.81,00:49:10.94 Once Kishenlal and his[br]family lived happily here. 00:49:11.22,00:49:15.81 Kishenlal? He lived in[br]that house, over there. 00:49:26.97,00:49:29.43 God, take all I have. 00:49:29.70,00:49:34.43 Just return my[br]children to me. 00:51:13.61,00:51:17.54 How did you know that pistol[br]was buried there? 00:51:20.95,00:51:26.15 Twenty-two years ago,[br]on 15th August... 00:51:27.22,00:51:29.62 father gave it to me. 00:51:30.39,00:51:34.42 I buried it here to hide it[br]from my younger brother. 00:51:38.53,00:51:40.50 But why do you ask? 00:51:41.73,00:51:44.36 You remember the pistol[br]your father gave you... 00:51:45.14,00:51:49.01 ...but you do not remember[br]your father? 00:51:50.54,00:51:54.98 Son, I am your father... 00:51:55.28,00:51:56.47 ...Kishenlal. 00:52:03.12,00:52:07.62 The capital which God snatched[br]from me twenty-two years ago... 00:52:08.16,00:52:12.53 ...was returned with interest,[br]my son has come to be... 00:52:12.86,00:52:15.46 ...a police officer 00:52:17.17,00:52:21.27 Son, I left two younger[br]brothers with you. 00:52:22.64,00:52:25.44 I was reunited with the[br]youngest only this morning. 00:52:26.31,00:52:27.64 And the other? 00:52:28.25,00:52:36.02 I want a perfect fitting.[br]The skirt should be graceful. 00:52:36.22,00:52:39.12 Don't worry,[br]my father is an expert. 00:52:39.46,00:52:41.32 Who are you to talk?[br]You've never got married. 00:52:43.93,00:52:49.83 The frill should be from neck[br]to waist; absolutely beautiful 00:52:50.87,00:52:54.10 Akbar, ask your[br]friend to go out. 00:52:58.81,00:52:59.90 What happened? 00:53:00.15,00:53:07.14 He started the fight, so I took[br]a step back and swung my fist. 00:53:10.32,00:53:13.59 All right, we're going.[br]Be sure it's first-class. 00:53:38.62,00:53:41.81 - Hurry![br]- I'll arrange for the band. 00:53:46.29,00:53:51.16 Before you go, I'd like[br]to make an announcement. 00:53:51.43,00:53:55.76 Tomorrow is a joyous[br]day for me. 00:53:56.10,00:54:00.00 I invite you all[br]to a happy occasion. 00:54:00.41,00:54:05.17 22 years ago, on 15th August,[br]Independence Day... 00:54:05.81,00:54:08.18 ...when all were[br]celebrating... 00:54:08.65,00:54:11.88 ...I found on the steps of[br]the Borivali church... 00:54:12.32,00:54:18.78 ...a three year old child,[br]with a letter in his hand. 00:54:19.09,00:54:20.92 Someone had abandoned him. 00:54:21.43,00:54:26.86 That child grew up here,[br]under the Lord's protection. 00:54:27.50,00:54:31.63 You all know him by[br]the name of Anthony. 00:54:35.87,00:54:40.81 Tomorrow he will marry the[br]beautiful Miss Jenny... 00:54:41.25,00:54:43.41 ...who is sitting with you. 00:55:04.00,00:55:06.84 Uncle, this is Jenny.[br]Are you well? 00:55:07.11,00:55:09.94 Yes, but where are you[br]phoning from? 00:55:10.18,00:55:13.54 St. Thomas's Church.[br]Congratulations, Uncle 00:55:13.81,00:55:16.04 Congratulations? What for? 00:55:16.41,00:55:21.88 You told me you had lost your[br]sons on Independence Day. 00:55:22.15,00:55:23.64 One has been found. 00:55:25.16,00:55:28.61 And it is him[br]that I am marrying. 00:55:28.93,00:55:29.95 What did you say? 00:55:30.63,00:55:34.09 Yes, Uncle, and his[br]name is... 00:55:38.94,00:55:40.84 Who're you? 00:55:41.57,00:55:45.67 I'm your father;[br]I've come to fetch you. 00:55:52.32,00:55:54.81 I'll scream for help. 00:56:06.00,00:56:07.16 What are you doing? 00:56:08.07,00:56:09.86 You take her. I'll be[br]right there. 00:56:11.90,00:56:13.34 Where are you taking Jenny? 00:56:14.94,00:56:17.10 No violence in God's house. 00:56:17.41,00:56:18.88 Don't interfere. 00:56:19.11,00:56:20.60 I'm not afraid of a knife. 00:56:46.40,00:56:47.30 Here they are. 00:57:21.27,00:57:22.24 Let me go! 00:57:37.72,00:57:42.16 Where do you think[br]you're going? 00:57:58.54,00:58:02.10 Just have a look[br]at my style. 00:58:03.42,00:58:09.29 All say; "You're handsome. Mind[br]no one casts an evil eye on you" 00:58:09.75,00:58:16.66 From today, I'll give up making[br]liquor and being a hoodlum 00:58:17.20,00:58:23.79 I'll be an honest man,[br]like you. 00:58:27.47,00:58:28.56 For the first time... 00:58:28.87,00:58:29.93 ...I say it from my heart. 00:58:40.75,00:58:44.85 Who did this to you,[br]Father. 00:58:45.69,00:59:00.09 Do not make me an orphan for[br]the second time, Father. 00:59:57.10,01:00:04.30 Someone did this to Father[br]in your own house. 01:00:06.07,01:00:09.13 And You watched silently? 01:00:11.14,01:00:15.70 You should have called me[br]from this world. 01:00:16.18,01:00:18.77 There is no need for me. 01:00:21.65,01:00:23.85 But there is need for him. 01:00:26.79,01:00:31.42 Thousand of children like[br]Anthony are abandoned to die... 01:00:31.66,01:00:34.06 ...on church steps 01:00:35.00,01:00:39.99 They leave a letter like this[br]with the children, then go away. 01:00:40.57,01:00:45.41 Who looks after the[br]children? He does. 01:00:46.68,01:00:52.67 Now if a child is abandoned,[br]who will look after it? 01:00:55.59,01:00:58.75 Today I ask[br]something of you. 01:00:59.49,01:01:03.45 Tell me where the man is[br]who did this to Father. 01:01:05.20,01:01:09.39 If You don't tell me,[br]I swear by you... 01:01:09.70,01:01:15.73 ...I'll become so bad, no[br]power on earth will change me. 01:01:16.94,01:01:20.00 Look, I have sworn[br]by you. 01:01:22.75,01:01:24.84 Who's that man? Tell me. 01:01:49.81,01:01:51.60 This locket belongs to... 01:01:52.64,01:01:54.44 Recognize this? 01:01:55.68,01:01:56.94 It's mine. 01:01:57.55,01:01:58.88 How'd you get it? 01:01:59.62,01:02:02.35 It was lying near Father. 01:02:02.75,01:02:05.02 But Robert took it from me. 01:02:07.69,01:02:13.86 When he was trying to take[br]his daughter Jenny. 01:02:14.73,01:02:16.60 Jenny is Robert's daughter? 01:02:17.17,01:02:21.10 Yes, the daughter of[br]my greatest enemy. 01:02:22.57,01:02:24.60 What a quirk of fate. 01:02:25.24,01:02:27.84 Her father's out for[br]my blood... 01:02:28.35,01:02:34.38 ...and the boy she is marrying[br]is my long-last son. 01:02:38.22,01:02:41.71 Jenny is marrying[br]your son? 01:02:43.06,01:02:47.59 I didn't know either, until[br]she told me on the phone. 01:02:48.17,01:02:50.79 Father and daughter[br]are so unlike 01:02:51.14,01:02:53.57 The father separated[br]my children from me. 01:02:54.01,01:02:56.47 Jenny will reunite[br]me with my son. 01:03:04.62,01:03:06.95 If the boy is your son... 01:03:10.99,01:03:12.39 Recognize this letter? 01:03:20.90,01:03:25.53 This is my wife's letter![br]Where did you get it? 01:03:31.98,01:03:33.74 I cannot remember. 01:03:35.05,01:03:39.45 22 years ago I was left... 01:03:39.98,01:03:43.58 ...outside a church, with[br]this letter in my hand 01:03:44.66,01:03:46.09 That means... 01:03:48.36,01:03:53.89 That means you're my father. 01:04:04.58,01:04:09.27 How fortunate I am today;[br]I've found all three sons. 01:04:09.68,01:04:12.31 Yes, Amar and Akbar as well. 01:04:13.32,01:04:15.58 I've come for Jenny's gown. 01:04:18.09,01:04:19.35 Who might you be? 01:04:19.62,01:04:23.58 Never mind who I am, go and[br]fetch Jenny's wedding gown. 01:04:24.36,01:04:27.56 This is fishy,[br]Akbar, do something. 01:04:28.93,01:04:34.53 What about alterations?[br]You'd better take my uncle. 01:04:34.81,01:04:36.00 Must he come? 01:04:36.34,01:04:40.21 It's vital. Wait here,[br]I'll rustle up uncle. 01:04:44.62,01:04:49.92 Be considerate! I'm old enough[br]to be your grandfather. 01:04:53.52,01:04:54.62 What a catch! 01:04:54.89,01:04:55.86 Catch? 01:04:57.06,01:04:59.59 Do I look like a fish? 01:05:00.00,01:05:04.76 You look decent but you're[br]insolent. I'm the master-tailor. 01:05:05.07,01:05:08.04 I've cut to size many[br]a fellow like you. 01:05:08.37,01:05:14.21 I'm the youngest. My older[br]brothers wield sharper scissors. 01:05:14.45,01:05:15.91 Get on with your work. 01:05:16.41,01:05:20.71 Then I'll go, I had to stop[br]work when he brought me here. 01:05:22.22,01:05:26.25 This is how you "catch" me.[br]See how rude you were? 01:05:28.16,01:05:31.56 Take him to Jenny, fast. 01:05:35.07,01:05:36.69 Let me measure you! 01:05:38.20,01:05:41.07 These people have brought[br]me here by force. 01:05:42.94,01:05:47.17 So you caught her, too! You[br]go around catching everybody. 01:05:47.71,01:05:50.37 Now I see what[br]you mean by 'catch' 01:05:53.12,01:05:55.59 I have had a 'catch' 01:05:56.19,01:06:01.06 Here's the master-tailor,[br]to complete the fitting. 01:06:01.69,01:06:08.22 I refuse to wear it![br]Get out of here! 01:06:08.60,01:06:10.90 You won't wear it? 01:06:11.20,01:06:15.33 Are you going to get married,[br]or take up fisticuffs? 01:06:16.01,01:06:20.47 Never strike a woman.[br]Child, do as he says. 01:06:20.78,01:06:22.97 Get out, I said! 01:06:27.12,01:06:29.88 Figure it out. 01:06:30.19,01:06:33.71 Keep your distance; say what[br]you have to say out loud. 01:06:34.46,01:06:37.62 I say; you can hunt[br]high and low... 01:06:37.83,01:06:41.13 ...but you'll find no one[br]as handsome as him. 01:06:41.47,01:06:43.90 He can marry[br]your daughter, then. 01:06:45.00,01:06:47.73 Please understand![br]I'm Akbar. 01:06:48.57,01:06:52.27 Allah ho Akbar! She'll give[br]the game away in a minute. 01:06:52.54,01:06:56.91 - Now I must get going.[br]- What about measurements? 01:06:57.21,01:06:59.94 My eyes have taken in[br]every detail. 01:07:01.05,01:07:03.68 Master-tailor,[br]where are you going? 01:07:04.52,01:07:09.59 This order belongs to my older[br]brother, I'm going to fetch him. 01:07:09.99,01:07:13.76 You can't go until[br]after the wedding. 01:07:14.13,01:07:17.16 Do you expect me to give a[br]dance recital at my age? 01:07:18.64,01:07:20.76 I'm respectful and you[br]tell me to shut up. 01:07:21.31,01:07:22.29 It's Pedro. 01:07:27.55,01:07:31.07 No cutting, no fitting.[br]No fitting, no wedding. 01:07:32.12,01:07:36.08 Do the fitting here. We'll bring[br]all you want from the bazaar. 01:07:36.79,01:07:40.02 Bazaar stuff is only fit[br]for bazaar tailors. 01:07:40.36,01:07:44.76 Our machines date back[br]to the British... 01:07:44.96,01:07:46.49 ...our needless to[br]the emperors. 01:07:49.27,01:07:52.03 Make a list;[br]we'll send it to your shop 01:07:54.64,01:07:56.73 Sir, I have a request. 01:08:01.15,01:08:03.55 Can you give me a chance to talk? 01:08:04.48,01:08:06.58 I talk politely and[br]you tell me to shut up. 01:08:09.15,01:08:11.62 Robert? Where have[br]you been? 01:08:11.96,01:08:14.29 I need a priest and a band. 01:08:14.53,01:08:15.72 You are marrying? 01:08:16.96,01:08:19.52 I'm not marrying; it's for[br]my daughter's wedding. 01:08:19.90,01:08:25.39 Meet me with those people[br]at Naaz Hotel at five. 01:08:25.84,01:08:28.24 I can't come there,[br]but my men will. 01:08:28.94,01:08:30.67 Making me write, at my age? 01:08:34.21,01:08:38.01 I'll write in Urdu; no one[br]will understand. 01:08:38.48,01:08:43.32 Jenny is in danger. Inform[br]Amar and Anthony at once. 01:08:47.66,01:08:50.56 Stay here,[br]I'll get the stuff ready. 01:08:54.60,01:08:55.83 Read this. 01:08:59.07,01:09:02.97 Inform Amar and[br]Anthony at once. 01:09:03.67,01:09:07.04 - Where are you going?[br]- Don't worry about me. 01:09:10.18,01:09:12.67 Where're we taking the stuff? 01:09:13.02,01:09:15.71 You're going nowhere;[br]I'll take it. 01:09:16.09,01:09:19.89 Oh, no![br]I'll hand it over personally. 01:09:20.36,01:09:22.85 But who are you? 01:09:23.33,01:09:26.52 The master-tailor's wife. 01:09:27.03,01:09:28.69 Why are you here? 01:09:29.00,01:09:31.09 He can't do the job[br]without me. 01:09:31.44,01:09:34.30 He can only stitch if[br]I thread the needle. 01:09:34.61,01:09:36.87 He can only cut if my hand[br]holds his on the scissors. 01:09:37.14,01:09:40.74 Aren't I right? 01:09:41.28,01:09:43.08 All right, get the[br]gown ready. 01:09:43.68,01:09:48.95 - Do Amar and Anthony know?[br]- Yes, they're being told. 01:10:18.02,01:10:19.74 Are you Pedro's men? 01:10:26.26,01:10:30.09 Jenny, meet my dear sister,[br]Laxmi. 01:10:33.36,01:10:39.03 This is Jenny's gown, Dress[br]her. Wear this dress yourself. 01:10:39.27,01:10:41.17 She will be your[br]bridesmaid. 01:10:43.87,01:10:47.07 See that Jenny is ready[br]in ten minutes. 01:10:47.48,01:10:49.14 Or else...[br]you know your brother. 01:10:55.52,01:10:59.82 Please get dressed,[br]or he will kill me. 01:11:04.80,01:11:08.06 Why aren't the priest and[br]the band here yet? 01:11:09.20,01:11:10.96 Amarlal and Brothers[br]reporting. 01:11:14.34,01:11:18.47 But where are your[br]brothers? 01:11:18.78,01:11:23.58 Sir, we are three in one. 01:11:23.98,01:11:27.01 My brothers are here,[br]all around. 01:11:27.65,01:11:32.15 Be they Hindu, Muslim,[br]or Christian. All brothers. 01:11:32.56,01:11:36.96 Will you play alone? 01:11:37.36,01:11:43.49 Listen, man, by God's grace,[br]one is equal to twenty 01:11:43.97,01:11:47.50 To a merry tune, give a chance,[br]your feet will start to dance 01:11:47.91,01:11:51.47 - Eh, brother?[br]- God willing. 01:11:51.74,01:11:56.94 Where's that son[br]of a Father? 01:11:57.15,01:12:03.92 A Father is called a Father and[br]yours is standing before you. 01:12:12.46,01:12:14.12 Congratulations! 01:12:14.43,01:12:18.09 Father, I'm the bride's father.[br]The bridegroom is there. 01:12:22.24,01:12:30.11 I take back my kiss and give[br]it to him. He's so handsome. 01:12:33.22,01:12:36.19 God must have made you in[br]His spare time. 01:12:36.99,01:12:39.89 Just wait until I have[br]time to spare for you. 01:12:43.79,01:12:45.46 The bride is upstairs. 01:12:46.10,01:12:50.12 Tell her that Father Anthony[br]has come for the marriage. 01:12:52.97,01:12:56.41 How our eyes longed for the[br]sight of you. Where were you? 01:12:56.64,01:12:59.40 Brother Illahabadi,[br]how are you? 01:13:00.78,01:13:02.75 You know each other? 01:13:03.81,01:13:08.18 Between his youth and old age,[br]I performed 4 marriages for him. 01:13:19.93,01:13:24.16 - I've seen you somewhere.[br]- Danced to my tune, no doubt. 01:20:10.31,01:20:13.97 Do you take this woman[br]for your wife? 01:20:17.21,01:20:19.74 Do you take this man[br]for your husband? 01:20:33.10,01:20:35.36 Don't touch her,[br]you're only half married 01:20:35.63,01:20:42.83 - Fetch a doctor![br]- I am a doctor 01:20:52.92,01:20:56.04 Your daughter is going[br]to be a mother. 01:20:57.45,01:20:59.79 Nonsense! 01:21:00.02,01:21:05.86 You were her bodyguard! That[br]was a fine way of guarding her! 01:21:06.03,01:21:08.33 But I didn't do anything! 01:21:16.01,01:21:17.56 Take her upstairs. 01:21:33.62,01:21:35.85 You rascal, I'll kill you! 01:21:36.13,01:21:40.43 Before you kill me, man, I'll[br]kill you and your daughter. 01:21:40.70,01:21:45.40 I wondered why he so readily[br]agreed to our marriage. 01:21:56.75,01:22:00.24 I'll ask the girl to confess[br]who is the father of the child. 01:22:37.89,01:22:41.55 Escape down this rope. 01:22:41.86,01:22:44.73 Phone the police. We'll keep[br]them occupied. 01:22:52.84,01:22:55.36 What are you doing here? 01:22:55.61,01:22:57.00 I've brought the priest[br]and a musician. 01:22:57.24,01:23:02.11 The men you sent[br]arrived long ago. 01:23:02.61,01:23:04.81 I didn't send anyone. 01:23:08.22,01:23:10.85 Then who's this? 01:23:17.33,01:23:18.85 Humbly yours,[br]Akbar Illahabaadi 01:25:50.81,01:25:53.72 Robert, you're the one[br]I was waiting for. 01:25:54.08,01:25:58.75 Long ago, you and I began this[br]story; today we'll finish it. 01:26:05.46,01:26:07.69 Bharati, why are[br]you crying? 01:26:08.67,01:26:13.16 You should be happy.[br]You had lost three sons... 01:26:14.07,01:26:16.37 ...but today God[br]has restored them... 01:26:16.57,01:26:20.10 ...and three daughter-in-law[br]as well. 01:26:22.18,01:26:27.45 Inspector, I wish to hold my[br]sons in my arms just once.
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