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Amator 1979

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TOR Film Unit presents
Camera Buff
Oh, my God!
Filip, it's starting!
He's drunk
Guess what?
- I think it's a girl - That's great!
- Where's my wife's ward? - First floor
Is that her?
No, it's not her. It's some young girl
You won't be a father for hours
I'll have 320kg ready for you next week
Thank you for ringing. 'Bye
I know it's against the rules, sir. But I've brought this little snack
- Already? - Well, she's at the hospital
All right, as a symbolic gesture then
She's gone into labour
It'll be a while yet, my first took 20 hours
OK folks, run along now
Take my keys. There's food in the fridge
Here's the drink
No. I've got some more
You're here, Witek
I never drank so much in my life
Mr Mosz!
It's a girl!
Wait, I can't go in like this
A girl!
Mr Mosz...
We came here, saw your new flat, had a few drinks...
We saw how moved you were at becoming a father...
I'm getting old now
All I can say is that I envy you
Now I know what human happiness looks like
Call me Stanislaw
- May I call you Stasiu? - You must!
Why didn't you take her these?
I forgot. I had a dressing gown, cream and a comb. I'll go now
It's 10 o'clock. Tomorrow will do. Where shall I put them?
It's a mess now, but it'll be a super flat
We'll put the cot here, with a table next to it
Here we'll keep the nappies, clean ones... dirty ones...
And baby's toilet things
All painted white
What are you doing?
- What's this? - Nothing special
- It's a camera - A film camera?
I want to take pictures of the child month by month
How much did it cost?
Two months' pay. Irenka was a bit cross
- Moving pictures? - Yes, like in the cinema
It's a great idea
She can see herself grow up
Wrong way round. Like this
Turn the volume up
He was marvellous
Irenka plays this
I need flowers. These will do!
- Filip, it's the boss's house! - Oh hell!
- Name? - Mosz
Your wife has mastitis. We'll have to keep her in...
...unless she can get help at home
Her sister might, but she works
Is it dangerous, doctor?
- No - What a pity!
I wanted to film the baby
- Is it Russian? - Yes, a Kwarc 2
May I have a look?
OK. But only for a few minutes
Have you touched her?
Of course!
They bring her to me for feeds
From a bottle
See what a mother I am
I can't even feed my own baby
I love you, Irenka
I love you
She's smiling. Can I film her now?
She's wet herself
No, not naked
- Why not? - She's a girl
Has someone died?
No, Piotrek drives a hearse. He brought the cot
It gave me quite a turn
Irena Mosz
Oh! I forgot to film you coming in
- I'll do it when she wakes up - No, it'd be a bad omen
Halt! Turn! Form up into two lines
Masks off!
Good morning
- You're fit! - No, I was late
The exercise has been carried out, Commander
Drop in with Osuch when this is over
Masks on!
If anyone calls, I'm out
I asked you both so you couldn't deny that you own a camera
I do
I believe it makes films
So the instructions say
Did you know that our Jubilee is imminent?
Yes, the 25th anniversary
We expect...
...a lot of VIP's
Yes, we've booked the artists
This occasion can't just come and go
We must record it
I want you to film it
I've only just bought the camera. I wouldn't know how
You'll learn. How did I learn about gardening?
From books. And Stasiu?
He learnt about stamps from books
You have a camera
- And film? - No, sir
What's our Culture budget?
113,000 zlotys. We could start a club
We tried amateur theatre. It didn't work
Theatre! Cinema is the supreme art
- Who said that? - Lenin
So, is it a deal?
It's a deal
Stasiu, you're the witness
Do you always go that fast?
Are you kidding? When I'm working I crawl along
Do you want a lift, Irenka?
She's lovely!
Look at this equipment: a projector, a stand, film...
Did you buy it?
The plant bought it. Director's orders
Piotrek, how can I pay you for the lift? I'll buy you a bottle
Don't bother
Just film me by the van
Mum will watch it three times
He's going to film me!
Take me driving down the slope
Why did they buy it?
The director wants to film the Jubilee
He wants me to make the film. Quite a challenge!
Does it have to be you?
I'm the only one with a camera
You bought it to film the baby
Damn, he's driving too fast
- Did you get it? - In technicolour!
Do you know what Witek asked me?
How come I had everything?
The baby, you, this place...
I said it was all I wanted
If you want something badly, you get it
It's a form of justice, I suppose
You're a good man
Look at him! You'd think he was born holding a camera
1,600 zlotys for you. 20% tax
Name? That'll be 2,340 zlotys for you
Oh, leave it on the chair
- This is for you - Thanks. See you next time
Still here?
- You're sweating - Of course. How did you like me?
- You really want to know? - Actually, take it off
You can't go in there. Film them as they come out
I'll call you
- Watch out! - You idiot!
What are you filming?
Anything that moves
- Where are they? - In there. I missed them going in
Shoot my feet going down the corridor
Then my hand on the door handle. We'll edit it later
Don't be silly
Are you filming people going to the toilet?
I thought they were all coming out
Why not hide in the toilet? That's enough!
What was that about?
He wanted it nice and formal, the idiot
She's asleep
What happened?
To the mirror?
- It broke - How?
- I broke it - Why?
What were you going to say earlier?
- Come here - No
Why did you break it?
I hit it with my hand and it broke
Which one?
I saw you leaving the plant. You looked so tiny
I'll never forget the way you looked
- No, it's too soon - It's a month now
- It might hurt - Then we'll stop
Look how I've cut the film: first the artists...
Then the boss. Is it clear he's listening?
I'll run it backwards. The artists...
...the boss
The artists... the boss
My mum's fainted
What is it?
I don't know. Help me take her to the hospital
You can't take her in a hearse
- You're right. I'll get a doctor - I'll go
- She can't go in a hearse - I'm calling a doctor. You go up
I must get the baby to sleep. She's thrown up again
She's come round, but she can't move
- At all? - Only her eyes
Get an ambulance
- I have a stretcher - I'll wait here
- Does he mean the hearse? - Yes
- How's the baby? - Fine, thanks
- What do you call her? - Irenka
- Terrible, going in that - She won't come back
That's all there is
You've done very well
I like the bit with the pay-out
- Why not add a commentary, though? - What kind?
It's up to you, of course
But I'd like to know who spoke...
...what the occasion was
- It's obvious - Music would help
Music... a commentary. Like on the TV news
Congratulations. Come back and see me later
Now we're alone...
Why showthe fellow with glasses?
He was just there
I want to see less of him
Less of him?
Better still, I don't want to see him at all. And the pigeons?
Let's have them out
Three things are out:
The fellow with the glasses, the two going for a pee, the pigeons...
- And the pay-out - That's four things
Let's make it four, then
I'll leave the pay-out and cut the pigeons
If I were you...
...l'd leave the pigeons and cut the pay-out. OK?
You've been making notes, sir?
I take this seriously. Look
I bought a pen
With a light?
Watch this
You'll like it here
- A bit cold in winter - In winter?
The boiler room is next door
What's in there?
You can use that as a cupboard
I like it here
It's funny howthings work out
Will I be doing something?
- A film, I mean - You most certainly will
I must go to the cinema more often
There's this silence in the cinema
She starts throwing things at him, but you can't see it
It's clever. You don't see him, just things whizzing past him
- I'll comb her hair - No, don't
Does she have to look a mess?
The child is the most moving during the row. When she picks it up...
...and it's crying
That bit sticks in your mind. Not the happy scenes
Leave it! Nowtake her
Go to the window
If she'd fallen over, would you have shot that as well?
- You should be ashamed of yourself - Why? Nothing happened
They're digging up the pavement
They're always doing that
- I'll go down and get a few shots - Can't you do it from here?
You're right. I'll get the tripod
That was smart thinking
It'll be a documentary film
What are you reading?
I'm just looking at pictures
- What's the matter? - I dreamt a hawk killed a chicken
It's just a dream
I heard its beak hammering the skull
I'll get myself some bread
I always wanted to ask you, why do you eat at night?
It's a habit I picked up at the orphanage
What's it all about, Filip?
I mean the films, the club...
I don't know
One thing led to another
And now you're hooked
I suppose I am
Promise me one thing?
That you'll give it up
Go to sleep
I was just in time. I got it all
- There's someone to see you - A beautiful woman
She's in the office
She wanted to smoke
I'll be off then
Here he is!
This is Filip Mosz, our film-maker
Anna Wlodarczyk. I'm from the Amateur Film Federation
Your boss suggested that we include your film in our festival
We show films of people at work
I don't think that's wise. It was meant...
...only for us
I'm impressed!
Most people make films only to win prizes
Take a seat
Here are the rules and an entry form
I'll expect you in Lodz next month
We're not members of the Federation
Didn't you apply?
Of course
Then you're members. Can we see the film?
I'll take the call in there
Excuse me. I won't be long
- Cigarette? - No, thanks
Come in a moment, Filip
Shut the door. Is it finished?
- Just the commentary - And the matter we discussed?
No. We'd better not show it
Go downstairs
Does it make sense?
Yes, but why is it hacked to pieces?
You ran out of film?
Well, it's early days
Sure, practice makes perfect. We'll take the film
It's great, isn't it?
Look at this, Stasiu
You've really got carried away, Filip
We're getting a phone
It's been rubber-stamped
- Like it? - That's not what I meant
You pay, I deliver
My brother-in-law found God at the age of 30
So what? I'm 30 myself
- He came to a bad end - What happened?
He became a priest
Everyone has a hobby. You've got your stamps
That's all I have
Nothing else
Don't win!
With those additions, we're in business
You'll get top marks
I wouldn't know. I had to come out
You're too sensitive
But you know what you want
I've brought bits from a new film. I'd like your advice
We'll look at them later
Leave it with me
Do you know her?
She's got a lot of pull. Do you know who's screwing her?
This is a load of shit!
That freak! He was thrown out of film school in the first year
He'll boo the verdict, you'll see
How did you get those pigeons?
They just happened to be there, so I filmed them
What an idea!
You just film what's there?
- Well, yes - I like that
How about first names?
- Czeslaw! - Filip
Let me introduce the jury
Anna Wlodarczyk, from our Federation
Teresa Smigielowna, actress
Andrzej Jurga, Warsaw Television
Tadeusz Sobolewski, The Weekly Film
Stanislaw Niemiaszek, representing the Trade Unions
And myself, as chairman
I would like to recommend for the award...
...The Jubileeby Filip Mosz, from the Wielice Film Club
For its originality
The way it captures the solemnity of the occasion...
...while peering behind the scenes
People in private, pigeons on the windowsill...
...the actors being paid backstage
It shows great powers of observation...
...and reflects an interesting modern approach... film narrative
- Isn't it his first film? - Yes, it is
It'd be a shame to spoil...
...such a promising young film-maker
He isn't that young. Let's see you...
...Mr Mosz
My fellow jurors...
...have spoken very eloquently of the films shown
They talk of "social commitment", "modern narrative"...
...and "documentation of the times"
But I saw nothing of the sort
These films...
...were all terrible
They reveal a knowledge of life drawn from TV and newsreels
Not from personal experience
It is the duty of television to broadcast certain things
Amateurs have no such duty
You can do what you like
That's where your strength lies
I can't believe your life consists solely of meetings...
...ovations, presentations...
...parades and civil defence exercises
On the other hand, I'm sure you could make films...
...about yourselves...
...and about your workmates who really work hard... keep us all fed
My colleague has got carried away
We're here to give awards to films, not to make speeches
That's precisely my point
These films don't deserve an award
I propose this festival gives none
The jury has decided not to award the Grand Prix
The second prize and
...Stanislaw Miklosz for The Verdict
The third prize and 4,000 zlotys go to Filip Mosz...
...for The Jubilee
Anna says you have something to show me
If I may
- That's all there is - The idea is good
- Taken from the roof of the plant? - No, from my balcony at home
Why only overhead shots?
Yes, I suppose it's monotonous
My wife won't let me film outside
She's done you a favour
The only way to do it is from one angle overhead
It'll win you all the top prizes
Let's hope so
I must go. I want to buy a heater for my flat
- It gets very cold in the winter - 'Bye. Thank you
- Good luck, Mr Mosz - Thank you
- Everybody's gone - Will you buy me a coffee?
Whatever you like. I've never earned so much in my life
Know who was right today?
Yes, those films were bad. Including yours
You don't have to tell me
Why did you vote for it?
To encourage you to go on. It's important for me
I know so little about you
What exactly do you do?
I'm a buyer
I travel a lot in Poland buying supplies for the plant
It's not bad work
What about you?
I get by. Doing quite nicely
Know what they call me?
The Amateur. And they're right
I've never been able to settle down
I can't commit myself to anyone or anything
Time to say goodbye, Filip
But we'll meet again?
We'll see
- I'm blending her food - You'll wake her up
I'm sorry. Look, all creamy!
What's wrong?
What did you shout at the station?
That you were not to win
Glad you're here, Stefan. There are quite a few of us now
One thing the festival has taught me... to stop filming jubilees
- You got a prize though - So?
We need a different approach
We should make films about people
About our feelings, our own experiences
Yes, Stasiu
Right now?
The boss has invited us round
They also gave me a diploma, sir
Well done. Third prize
Second, really, since there was no first prize
Now I can congratulate you officially, Filip
Can I keep the diploma?
Yes, of course
I planted this tree when my son was born. He died when he was five
This one was for the girl
These apple trees... were for the twins
You see, that's the way it goes
Good buyer, good film-maker. Cheers!
No, thanks. I've got too much to do. Well, what next?
We're finishing the film about that invention
That'll be two films for the plant. Then we must make one for ourselves
- What do you mean? - Well, not about the plant
- What about, then? - Life
- What did he want? - To know our plans
- What did you say? - I told him
- Why did you give him the diploma? - No use to me. Things will work out
I've just had a word with Mr Osuch
We'll let you do what you want. But we must keep a record
We'll give you a copy of the film
We must have something in writing, a sort of memo
For instance: "I'm making a film about such and such..."
You mean a script?
Call it a script
- Where were you? - The boss asked us round
Has the doctor seen her?
He has
Go away. Go!
Slam it harder!
What's this key doing here?
It's a new one!
Do you really want to know about me?
What have you done? Clear it up!
Is that how it was in that film?
Have you gone mad?
For God's sake, what's the matter?
I don't know
You wanted me and you got me
You wanted a daughter and I gave you one
You were meant to be happy
- I am happy - No, you're not
I can see what's going on
Will you let me explain?
I did want all those things
And now I have them
I'm really happy, honestly
Then came this film business
You know how it happened
I realised...
...there could be things worth more than peace and quiet
That a man needs, thatln eed...
...more than peace and quiet
That some things can matter more than a home and a family
What can that be?
I don't know, but it can matter more
- Do you understand? - More or less
But so what? Everything's coming apart
Piotrek's mother died, on top of it all
- When? - This morning
God, we're late
- Why are they waiting? - Piotrek's not here
Piotrek hasn't come
All over?
Can you show me the bit of film you took that time?
Why didn't you show up?
I couldn't
I couldn't watch her being buried
- What's wrong with him? - Nothing
What did he say?
He asked to see the film Filip made
Can I keep the film?
Yes, of course
I admire what you're doing
A person is dead, but she lives on here
That's beautiful
What's this?
Can I leave this order with you?
We'll see what we can do
I feel like going to the cinema. What's on?
Camouflage,with Zanussi discussing the film later
- Where? - In Freedom Square
I hope you deserve my talking to you
I act as I do...
...because it's convenient
You can say I'm a cynic
-That's obvious -What's wrong with that?
For you, or for other people?
For me, let's say
As you may have guessed...
...I don't care much for other people
-That's too bad -ln what way? Be more specific
It would be pointless
Your arguments are much too sophisticated for me
Who's ducking the issue now? We've changed roles
I'd like to talk to you again
Meanwhile, if I were you...
...l'd keep a sharp look-out for the rector
It's always a good idea to be the first to greet him
Don't you think a film...
...about a successful man...
...would have more impact?
If I could create a character in a universal mould...
...l'd make a film about him, and no doubt I will one day
I made this film because I feel...
...that the odds in the world today are against honest people
They seldom succeed
Too many of them fall by the wayside
Is it enough for a director to believe...
...he's telling the truth?
Or should he try to verify it?
He must. And there lies our eternal dilemma
Wondering if what we're saying is objectively true, or wise...
...without being able to specify how it can be tested
Each of us hopes that his film will help someone
That it will change society
But let's face the facts
We are no longer alchemists of the soul...
...capable of changing the world
Criteria are relative
There are no hard and fast rules
We don't know. And this uncertainty is our strength
It's what drives us to say things over and over again
Differently, more tellingly, more precisely
- Did you study another subject? - Physics
- Is it true what you said? - At what point?
What you said about films
Yes, though it's more complicated
But basically I meant what I said
Would you visit us in Wielice?
- Where is it? - Near Cracow
We've an amateur film club. They'd like to hear you speak
Why don't you call me? I'll come if I can
Can I haveFilma ndPolityka?
Any kind of razor blades, please
- I met Zanussi. I talked to him - And what?
He said he'd come to our club
He explained why he makes films
I can't say. It's difficult
Know what? I feel good when you're here
What are you doing? Oh, I'm sorry, sir
I'd like to know...
...what's going on
It's in the script. A film about an old worker of merit
Couldn't it be someone else?
Why him?
Perhaps because it's harder for him to work well
Very clever! But a bit dishonest
Making a cripple the subject
You're using him to make fun of him
No, we're not!
Sir, wait till... see the film
Was that all right, Mr Mosz?
Yes, thank you
Very good, Mr Wawrzyniec
You won't be showing this at any film festival
- Did you do it? - Yes
Warsaw on the line! Booth No.1
Hello? Yes, this is Filip Mosz
What a surprise! I've been thinking about you
Anything the matter?
No, I just felt like calling you
No reason
I'm glad
- Honestly? -Honestly
So am I
-Doing anything? - You mean a film?
Yes. It's about this man...
...who has worked in our plant for 25 years
You'll have to see it. It sounds silly over the phone
-ls something wrong? - No
I just saw... my wife
- She was standing there -So?
- She's gone -Run after her
-Are you running? - No
What do you do in your spare time?
We stay at home
My wife cooks dinner
We play rummy...
- Do you ever go out? - Sometimes we go to the cinema
A cafe, more often. Especially on Sundays
My wife likes fruit jellies
I haven't much of a sweet tooth
One way or another, we pass the time
- When will you be back? - Don't shout
It's my sister's Saint's Day
Damn, I forgot
So what if that's not where I'm going?
Don't worry. I'll say hello from you
They've taken all the ladders
The train to Katowice will arrive in ten minutes
We invite you to come to our cinema on Thursday at 4 p.m. ... see Camouflage...
...followed by a discussion with the distinguished professor...
...and film director, Krisztof Zanussi
The showing is at 4 o'clock. The film isCamouflage
It will finish at 5.45 p.m.
He's due at 5. Maybe he should have coffee with the director
No, Stasiu. We want to show him the club and my film
And the audience? I expect about 100
- Go on! With 20 posters in town! - And the announcement
We'll need extra chairs, you'll see
Zanussi is coming tomorrow
Will you come? I want to show him my films
I hear you slapped posters all over town
- I'll get Wiesia to baby-sit - She can't
- Will you come? - And you'll mind the baby?
- What are you looking for? - I've found it
- Why do you need that shirt? - You want me to look like a tramp?
- I'll wash it - Don't bother
This is a friend from the club, filming for the first time today
A girl I work with
With these everywhere, we should get a good turnout
Shall we go into the club?
People seem to like us. I get on well with everyone at work
Does he work here in the plant?
Yes, he does
Full-time. For 25 years
He's retiring soon
My relations with the management are very good
I've received a few important awards
Worker of Merit, for instance
A watch... they seem to value me
That's it
I like the idea
A man who finds things harder than others
That's how I see it. But everyone says...
...l'm making fun of a cripple
You're not making fun of anyone
Who funds you?
The plant
They vet the scripts!
Someone has to approve the scripts. Mine too
Do you know Jurga at TV?
Have you been in touch with him?
No, nobody has seen the film yet
Why don't you write to him?
This is our director
This is Mr Zanussi, sir
Pleased to meet you
What have you been watching?
Mr Mosz showed me his films
The one about the cripple is interesting
I thought I'd made myself clear, Mr Mosz
- May I invite you to my office? - It's a bit late
- Just a small welcome - People are waiting
- Have you seen Irena? - I haven't
Does a Mosz live here? A telegram. Sign here, please
- I have no change - Don't worry
I thought it was for me. It had only the surname
"Letter received. Will call Thursday, Jurga"
I've read it
- Is she the girl you rang? - Who?
Jurga is a man, and he's bald. He selects amateur films for TV
- What's today? - Wednesday
It's Thursday tomorrow. I'll wash up
No, thanks. Go on reading
This is Jurga. Zanussi told me you've got something new
Yes, I showed him
I'm doing a programme on amateurs. I want to see your new film
-Can you hear me? - Yes, very well
I've finished the film you saw at the festival
The one Zanussi mentioned
And I'm working on a new project
When will it be ready?
- In about a month -OK. But no later
What's the new film about?
An outing
- A work outing -What?
An outing!
Good. See you soon
Thank you. Goodbye
Why are you yelling?
- It's a good line - I don't know. He started
What outing were you talking about?
We want to film the trip to Ojcow and Auschwitz
- A documentary - Good idea
I might go with you
Lucky the boss didn't come
We've got ourselves a film!
- When you shot those bottles... - Were you scared?
Don't worry
We'll get the sack. I'm sure
In Kafka, this bus would fly over the fields...
...and no one would get out
- But it won't? - Probably not, Witek
Shit! I'm scared, Witek
You'll manage. If I were going, I'd never come back
Shit, you're in for some journey
I'm worried about you, Mr Mosz
You could be heading for a fall
But you know what I'm doing
Of course. You don't fool me
- You're on your way to the TV? - Yes
- What are you taking them? - Everything
The dwarf as well?
Yes. I want to showthem what things are like in our plant
Let me tell you, then. We're buying a new camera
- A bit bigger than yours - 16mm?
Yes. The girl from the Federation helped me
She's very fond of you
I thought I recognised Pieczka in the hall
The doorman wouldn't let him in!
Did you bring all your films?
The three I mentioned on the phone
Are they finished?
I was up all night editing them
Just a second. Our Current Affairs producer would like a word with you
Mr Mosz, Mr Kedzierski from Current Affairs
I think we should sit down
- You'll see me there? - Of course
Mr Mosz, we've had the following idea
We want to do some features...
...on small towns and their inhabitants
We're interested in culture, housing, community schemes, and so on
You've already done our town on television
Onlt's a Knock-Out
That's even better
We go back to the town after a year
How does it look today?
Which of the then future plans have come to fruition?
You want me to do that?
No harm in trying. At first, just short reports
We'll supply the film. You've got a 16mm camera?
Yes, I have
Good. Come back after you've seen Jurga
- Is the material here? - Yes
I'll be back in the evening
Very good
Was it all your own idea, Mr Mosz?
- No help from the wife? - No, it was mine
The outing is a bit overdone
Drunks and Auschwitz... it's too strong
I'll buy the pavement. But you must let me have the dwarf
The boss isn't too keen
He's forbiddem me to show it
But it's not just about the plant. It's a broader issue
- Well, yes or no? - Yes
Doing business with Kedzierski?
You know, for that TV show...
...they did up the front of the town. The back remained as it was
Here's your stock. Film whatever you want
I'll take only what suits me
- Does that seem cynical? - No
Itisc ynical
A film director once joked that he was a civil servant
Actually... he was right
Give me 25 minutes, OK?
A nut-case. You know him?
Yes. I've met him
He was at the festival. Throwing bits of film all over the place
Maybe you'd like to be an artist?
- I don't think so - Thank God!
Ania? It's Filip
Could we meet? I'm in town
What a pity! Can I call you some other time?
Yes, OK
- Where is the baby? - With my mother
What's going on?
Nothing. Did you bring a present?
- What's going on? - I told you. Nothing
I'm moving to mother's
- Where's the kid? - Which kid?
- How many do I have? - When did we last make love?
- Six months ago - Five
I'm five months pregnant
- Shall I call him? - No
A friend
A friend! That's what's going on
No, not that
You've broken her toys
Why now? When things are finally working out for me
When I'm beginning to understand what this shitty life is about
I did it for you two
Why now?
- I want something else - What?
What we both wanted at the beginning
A bit of peace and quiet
Rubbish! You just don't love me
I wish I didn't
What's that?
Go away!
"Your film will be shown on television...
" Saturday. Regards, Jurga"
I told you you'd be all right
There's more to come
I'm now working for them...
...on a follow-up to that TV show
Look at that
Beautiful! Know what it is? A zoom lens
Look, you screw it on like this...
You put the hood on...
- How much does it cost? - 16,000 zlotys
Shit, that's amazing!
Now I zoom in...
Like the professionals, man!
- Look, the hearse! - Piotrek!
It's three months since he went away
Well, let's get cracking
I hope no one interferes
Lead me!
That was terrific
Isn't it awful here?
Look! Here she is in a long shot
And in close-up
In order for it to match, I'll have to edit it
That kid of yours is pretty
When you edit this...
...remember that when a long shot is followed by a close-up...
...the subject must face the same way. Understand?
It's starting! I'll pour the drinks
I'd like to show you a film by Filip Mosz of Wielice
He told me he started the club himself...
...thanks to the council and management at his work
26 years have passed since I came to work here
It just so happens that I love my work
I've never been late...
...or missed a single day's work in all these years
Things were rough at first
My first pay packet consisted...
...of 500 zlotys. Later it went up to 720
Things are all right now
I've just had an increase of 400 zlotys
Clearly, I'm appreciated
On Sundays we sleep late
My wife cooks lunch and we play rummy
Sometimes we go to a cafe
My wife has a sweet tooth so she always has a jelly
I'm not very fond of sweets
But we get on, anyway
We have a little chat
People seem to like us, though we're not from these parts
Could you go to him, Mr Mosz?
It's been so long we feel part of the family
Are you all right?
You've done it beautifully, Filip
Really beautifully!
I was so moved I had to come out
I want you to knowthis is only the beginning
On Sunday you'll see another of Filip's documentaries
He's dragged everything out into the open as it really is
Here's to you, Mr Wawrzyniec!
Why has your wife left you?
You're so famous now
I don't know. She's probably right
It was inevitable
- Did she take the TV set? - No
I'm sure she'll come back
Come on, Filip, sing!
Hello, gate! You'll be on the box on Sunday
Filip, you're so clever. My God, how clever you are!
Six months ago you had nothing
Now you have everything
- You make films. You're free - In what way?
You're on your own. You've got rid of Irenka and the kid
You're so clever, Filip!
They're beginning to showthe facts on TV nowadays
To think that first film on our town was for TV too!
It's the trend
We all watched
Kryska's mum lives there. She almost dropped dead
- Have a cheese sandwich - Thanks
As we were saying, Mosz. We've got problems
- Will you be in later, sir? - In half an hour
Stasiu, will you wait for me?
All my life!
He'll have to go
- Who? - Osuch
Who's responsible for cultural activities?
- The Works Council. Osuch - Oh, my God!
We won't do anything drastic
He just won't get re-elected
He'll retire early
Because of the film on the dwarf? Or the documentary?
The documentary, of course. Though the dwarf didn't help
Let me be responsible for what I do
You're young. You can make mistakes
It wasn't a mistake, sir. I did it because it's the truth
Come for a drive?
- Where to? - Just a drive
Sir, did you bring me here to admire the view?
Why are you sacking an honest man?
Because of my films?
You didn't improve the back of the buildings
People can live in pigsties as long as the front looks good
For drunken outings and inviting the artists, you're first in line
But to give Wawrzyniec more than a fruit jelly would be too much
- Stop shouting - I want to shout!
Go on, then. I'm all ears
You're sacking Osuch
It's more serious than you think
Osuch would retire anyway
The works clerk and the architect will have to go, too
The money we received for that TV competition...
...was needed for other things than to smarten up the town
We had to rebuild the slaughterhouse. And we needed a nursery school
We started building it. But because of your film, we'll have to stop
Unfortunately, our needs and what we are allocated...
...don't tally
- But one can't voice these opinions - Maybe
Definitely. Community affairs...
...can't always be made public
Before opening your mouth... must think of the damage you can do
- You must be well informed - I want to be. People ought to be
They're not mature enough
So it's back to square one
I'm doing a doctorate in economics
I've had to study law, two languages, sociology...
One must be informed
What's your next film about?
The brickworks. It's good
They haven't made a brick for months
I'll tell you why
It's a small plant. Local supplies of materials have run out
But jobs must remain. So the men are employed... the town
I know. But why build the factory there in the first place?
Have a look
It's so simple. The world can be beautiful
People live and love
You should look at that, too
Your films are so bleak and gloomy
I see
Only nature can be shown as it really is
- Is Witek in? - No, just Mr Osuch
Would you like some coffee?
What can I say?
Nothing. I know how you feel
I could tell you it's not your fault, but I won't
The matter is far more serious
You must realise that this will happen again
And you must carry on
If you feel you're right, nothing else matters
You'll never know who you're helping
Who you're working against
Like you didn't know now. You'll help some, harm others
You're sensitive, so it'll be tough
But you must obey your instincts
Something good has awoken in you
Hang on to it
I've grown very fond of you
I'm proud of you
We've all come to believe in you
You can't do anything for me
It's beyond you. Forget about it
Oh, here's Witek!
Witek, wait!
Witek, where's the film? The one about the brickworks
I put it on the train
- What time does it leave? - 3.30
Hey, there's a chain!
You'll have to sign a chit
- The one who sent it - You sign it
- What did the boss tell you? - Nothing
You'll expose it!
You'll ruin it!
Go on! Get it!
You've ruined it!
You stupid bastard!
You forgot to put out the bottle
- What's today? - Sunday
She woke up at 4 in the morning
I was eating bread
That was a year ago
It must have hurt a lot
She was all wet
I had to carry her
I could hardly walk
I left her in the hospital
Some woman in labour screamed. That frightened her
I walked up and down outside the hospital for hours
Then she opened a window and we talked, but not for long
In the morning I bought some vodka and went to work
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