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Amelie From Montmartre CD2

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"Without you, my feelings of the present..."
-"Without you, my feelings of the present...
"..would only be like the dead skin..
"..of the des feelings of the past." -Excuse me?
-Without you, the feelings of the present would only be the dead skin..
..of the feelings of the past.
-Ticket, please.
Your job then? -You already asked.
-Yes, yes...
You're well, right now? -Rather well.
Something's changing.
And I had 2 heart-attacks, I had to get an abortion,..
..coz I was on crack when pregnant.
Besides that, everything's OK.
-So much the better.
So much the better... -Is something wrong ?
-No, no, nothing...
-Your garden dwarf is gone ?
Is he back in the shed?
-Moscow and there. Nothing.
No explanation.
-Maybe he wanted to travel around.
-I don't get it.
I don't get it.
"LOST: North Station saddlebag containing a
PHOTO ALBUM. Please contact me: 0148872257"
-A normal girl would take the chance to call him right away.
She'd meet him and would soon know whether it's worth a shot or no.
That's called facing reality But that's precisely,..
..what Amélie doesn't want.
-Isn't she..
..falling in love ?
-And for you, ladies?
-Some leek and two globe artichokes.
-Where's your boss ?
-Ssst !
He's asleep in the cauliflowers.
-What ?!?
-He's asleep in the cauliflowers.
-Oh, right...
-Can I help you ?
-One Tac-O-Tac, please.
-Here you are.
-It's the first time, I don't know how it works.
..we'll do one together.
So you have to scratch there..
..from left to right.
There. Well, nothing. You ?
-No, nothing as well.
No luck in games...
-Yes ! That's what they say !
-Ok, right ! I've got to get back.
-Yes. Off you go...
*-Palace Video, King of Porn.
-Good morning, I call about the add.
*-You're of age? -Yes.
* You're shaved? -Excuse me ?
*-I'm asking because hairy legs,.. scares off the clients.
-How're you doing, Mrs Walace ?
-O, when you don't expect much from life anymore...
-Don't say that, Life's beautiful. -Really?
-Hello, M. Dufayel.
-Hello, Lucien.
-Here's what you asked for, M. Dufayel.
-I doubt it. I hate artichoke.
-You shouldn't. Let me show you.
Take it... Surprise !
-Well, I prefer that!
-Watch this...
-You're a magician !
-All on M. Collignon !
-Who ?
M. Collignon ? Lucien !!
-I wasn't thinking, M. Dufayel.
-Exercise, Lucien my boy!
-No... -Exercise !!
-Repeat after me. Collignon, you little rascal.
-Collignon, you little rascal. -Yes, that's it!
Your turn now. Collignon...
-Collignon, shit-face. -Well, good!
You see, when you set your mind to it. Come on, Collignon...
-Collignon, dog-face !
-Very good ! Collignon...
-Collignon, shit-face ! Collignon, dog-face !
Collignon, shit-face !! Collignon, dog-face !!
No, no !
-Lucien !! -Collignon eats dirt!
Enough for today !!
That's enough for today.
It's very good.
-M. Dufayel. I found this under your doormat.
Collignon, dog-face!
-Still nothing.
-Still nothing here too.
-Do you mind ? you have something, there.
you're beautiful, Georgette,..
..when you blush.
You look like a wild flower.
-It's my allergy...
-Good morning everybody.
Nice weather today.
-A packet of Gitane...
-Bravo! Well done! Look at me now!
Straight A!! Perfect shot!
It's Amélie who...
-You know, when they climbed the Mont-Blanc,..
..with the cold, the silicone froze...
-A little glass of hot wine with some ginger bread.
-I think I was a bit rude with the girl with the glass.
Tell me, the boy she met did she see him again?
In fact, they're not interested in the same things.
-You know, opportunities are like the Tour de France,.. wait a long time for it and it goes by quickly.
When the right time comes, you have to jump the fence without hesitation.
-Hi, Can I help you? -Excuse me.
I found this on the pavement... -My god!
Nino's gonna be so happy.
I almost went to church to burn a candle to Saint Anthony
-Is Nino there?
-Never on Wednesdays. He works at the Trône Fair.
-Oh, right. And has he been collecting these for a long time?
-For a year now. I found him a job here.
Before, he collected footprints.
He used to be a nigh watchman.
He took pictures of footprints in fresh cement.
He's an odd sort.
He also acted as..
..Santa Clause at the Samaritaine.
And then, he recorded laughter when he heard funny ones.
-It mustn't always be easy for his girlfriend.
-They never stayed !
Times are hard for dreamers.
-Where are those coffees, Eva?
-I gotta go. Thanks for the album.
-I'll bring it to him at the Trône Fair.
-Ok. He's at the Carpathian Dungeon, ask for Nino Quincampoix.
-Good morning. Is Nino there ?
-He doesn't come out till 7pm.
-Can't I see him before ? -Sure.
It's 20 F.
-I'm off. See you on Wednesday. -OK.
"Tomorrow, 5 PM Montmartre Carousel,
next to the telephone booth
Bring a 5F coin"
-Psst !
You'd like to know more, don't you?
-Did you see her? -Of course.
We were in her pocket !
-close to her breast.
-Is she pretty ?
-Not bad. -Not bad.
-Not bad.
-Pretty. -No, beautiful.
-What does she want from me? -She's broke.
She hopes for a reward.
-Or she collects identity photos too.
-Yes, she wants to exchange us for a one-eyed man with glasses !
Of course not, stupid !
She's in love. -I don't even know her.
-Yes you do !
-Since when ?
-Since forever. In your dreams!
-Hello ? Yes. Sir!
You, with the plastic bag, it's for you.
-Me ? -Yes.
Hello ?
-Follow the blue arrows, M. Quincampoix.
-What ?
-When the finger points to heaven, the idiot looks at the finger.
-Hey !!
-Hello ?
*-I know who the mystery man of the photo machines is, M. Quincampoix.
He's a ghost, M. Quincampoix. Nobody can see him.
He can only be seen on photographs.
*When a girl has her picture taken,..
..he moans: hooooooooooo...
While he softly caresses her neck.
That's when he's caught by the camera, M. Quincampoix !
-Who are you ?
-Page 51.
-Listen to this.
"A six year old boy left at night..
"..with his tricycle.
"He was found on a motorway in Germany.
He just wanted to go to where the stars are."
-Ah, life is so beautiful, don't you think ?
-The love virus... she'd never caught that one before!
-Nobody's safe!
-Well, I won't complain. -She's looking great.
-How is she ? Tall, short, blonde, brown?
-Well, let's say medium-size.
Not a midget, nor a giraffe. Normal.
Pretty, in her own way.
But as for blonde or brown, I can't say !
Hard to tell. She certainly wasn't red.
Even though... -Forget it.
-On the other hand, she did sort of ask whether you had a girlfriend.
-And ?
-I said that you were not interested. That's ok, isn't it?
-You didn't say that, did you ? -You don't even know her !
-Exactly, it's the mystery. -You won't find it here !
-Some nectarines, please. -Those are much more beautiful.
-Mister here is an aesthete !
In the evening, he leaves with the remainders,..
..I was getting worried.
But mister here takes drawing classes !
During the day he sells leek, and in the evening, he draws potatoes !
You're a real vegetable !!
-A real good street prompter..
..ready to prompt a stinging retort,..
..That's the help shy people need.
-You, you'll never be a vegetable,..
..because even an artichoke has a heart.
-You'll never be a vegetable, because even an artichoke has a heart.
*-Memory 7...
"Mado my dear, your absence gets more painful every day.
I'm in exile in a grey world. I can't sleep, I can't eat."
"I made the biggest mistake by accepting this training course..
"..that will keep me away from my wife for 5 weeks.
I think of you all the time. Your Adrien."
"I gave up the money of my last commission..
" order to make up for resigning so abruptly.
"I catch myself dreaming of better days.
"Orange days. Do you remember, Madeleine my love ?
Your Adrien who's always loved you so much."
"Good news. I'll soon be able to afford a car.
"That way I'll be able to come home every day.
"In the meantime, I hope you'll come over Friday night..
..and that we'll go out, the two of us."
*-Psychiatric emergency services, how can I help?
-One hour later, boulevard Saint-Martin..
..Amélie steps into a jokes and costume shop.
At the same moment, a man leaves his home at Lecourbe Street.
26 min later, Amélie arrives at the photo machine at the Gare de l'Est.
At the same second, the man in red trainers..
..parks in front of the side entrance.
At that moment, it is exactly 11.40am.
At this exact moment in the story,..
..Amélie is the only one to know the key to the enigma..
..of the mystery-man of the photo machines.
-'Morning, Mrs Walace. How are you ?
-Always better when it's not raining.
-Here, for you. -For me ?
"Mrs Walace.
"After the recent discovery of a mailbag that was lost..
"..when a plane disappeared , on the 12th of October 1969.
"La Poste has the pleasure to deliver to you a letter..
"..that was addressed to you. Please accept..
"..all our apologies for this unusual delay.
Jacques Grosjean. Head of the Public Relations department."
"Mado my love.
"I'm in exile, I can't sleep. I think about you all the time.
"I made the worst mistake of my life.
"I gave up the money and that woman.
If everything works out, I will soon buy a house."
"I catch myself dreaming of better days..
"..that you'll forgive me and that you'll come and join me.
Your Adrien who's always loved you so much."
-Here, M. Dufayel, you've got mail.
M. Dufayel,.. know what happened to the caretaker this morning ?
-A letter.
-From her husband. 40 years late.
Quite a long time, isn't it, M. Dufayel ?
That's 'cause I don't really like still lifes, M. Dufayel.
-In the meantime, take care over your light layer.
It's dark on light, always!
-M. Dufayel ? -Yes!
-The papers say that there's soon gonna be a new star.
-You're interested in stars?
-I saw this show at my mum's, that's why.
but I dunno if it's true.
It's the les Americans...
They're gonna take the ashes of rich dead people,.. put them in a satellite, and send it into space.
And it's gonna shine forever, the satellite.
And Lady Di ? You think they're gonna do the same for her?
-Lady Di !!
You're getting on my nerves !! I can't concentrate!!
Lady Di...
Renoir !
-Morning, sir.
I don't get that.
I don't get it!
-That was wonderful! You couldn't have done better.
-Did it work ? -It's running it's course.
-Well, I'll do it again any time! The harm is done anyway...
-Quoi ?
-They call me Snow White, now!
"bar 'les 2..." "I am often..."
"bar 'les 2 Moulins' I am often there
after 4 pm"
-Eva ? *-Yes ?
-Could you take over at 4pm please ?
*-Oh, you're pushing it!
-What's going on?
Is he sulking? -He thinks I smile too much.
-He prefers when it when you frown? -With other men, yes.
-Nino's late. For Amélie, there's only two possible explanations
1. He didn't find the picture.
2. He didn't have time to piece it together..
..because 3 repeat offenders took him hostage.
Chased by the police,..
..they managed to escape.
But he caused an accident.
When he recovered, he couldn't remember anything.
A trucker gave him a ride..
..and believing that he is a fugitive, put him in a container to Istanbul.
There, he came across Afghan adventurers,..
..who took him with them to steal soviet missiles.
But their lorry exploded on a landmine in Tajikistan.
The only survivor, mountaineers helped him out,..
..and he became a mujaheddin fighter.
Thus, Amélie really doesn't see why she should worry so much..
..for a guy who'll spend the rest of his life eating bortsch,..
..with a stupid hat on his head !
-Hi, what can I get you? -A coffee, please.
-One coffee!
Here's your coffee.
-Now, he's understood.
He's going to put down his spoon...
and pick up the sugar on the table with his finger.
Then he'll turn around..
..and then, he'll talk to me.
-Excuse me !
Is this you ?
Yes, that's you.
-Let me clear the table for you.
Another coffee?
-No, thanks. I'm fine.
-So that's the one, there, the guy who raises his hand?
-Is she in love with him?
-The time has come for her to take some real risks.
-Well yes, she's thinking about it. She's thinking of a stratagem...
-Yes, she likes stratagems, doesn't she !
She's a bit of a coward.
That's why I have trouble with her eyes.
"Raymond Dufayel's meddling..
" intolerable!
"If Amélie prefers to..
"live in a dream-world..
"and live her whole life as an introvert, it's her right.
"..making a mess of your life is an indefeasible right!"
-What are you doing, M. Dufayel ?
-Tell me, Lucien my boy,..
..for your deliveries,.. you still have the keys of the other tenants ?
-good morning, sir. One of your machines is out of order.
Er... No, but I think there's something stuck.
Gare de l'Est, lounge of the Lost Steps.
-Buy 10, 1 free. -No, thanks.
-Sam !
Samantha !
Samantha !
-Can you take over from...
"Can you..."
"Can you take over from me this afternoon?"
"Be at the lounge of the Lost Steps
Gare de l'Est Tuesday 5pm"
-Just a second, I've finished.
-The mystery man of the photo machines wasn't a ghost,..
..nor somebody obsessed by the fear of ageing, but the repairman.
Just a technician doing his job. That's all.
-Excuse me...
-He's watching me like a dog. It drives me crazy.
-4.05pm, public show of feminine conspiracy.
-Ow, you look tense, Georgette, you look tense.
Courage, it's not easy.
-Excuse me.
Is this yours? -Yes, but it's not me who...
-I know it's not you. Where can I find her ?
-She's at her father's.
It bothers me, I'd like to talk to you. I finish at 6.
Can you drop by ? -Sure.
-See you later.
-There you are, 4.08pm. The trap is set.
-And the blond guy, with the camelhair jacket?
He's absent-minded too ? -What do you mean ?
-He also came back 3 times.
1.12 pm...
"Camelhair". 2.50 pm...
4.17 pm... "Camelhair"... -Stop it!!!
My red patches are appearing, again. Look!
Mrs Suzanne, It starts again!! He's gonna drive me crazy!
-Don't start again!
-If she had a clear conscience she wouldn't be upset.
-I'm going home!
A psycho !! That's the limit!
-Georgette !
Are you done, suffocating them like that?
A woman needs space to breathe.
-Yes, and then, she goes elsewhere.
-It can be good sometimes!
-Oh you, the writing failure!
-Yes... writing failure, a failure...
I like this word: "failure".
That's human destiny. -He's getting pedantic!
Failure after failure, you make drafts and nothing more.
Life's only an endless repetition.
-Yeah, right! He didn't even come up with that himself!
-I do have ideas on my own, you know.
People always steal them from me. A bit like you with women.
-What does that mean?
-Maybe you should resign yourself.
-Mind your own business, you...
-Yes, what, eh ?!? -Stop it!
-What's going on here?
-Georgette wanted to go for a walk and Joseph makes a fuss.
-A walk, right!
Yes, like Gina and the guy with the plastic bag...
Hold on, I saw the whole process.
First the little note in the pocket
At 4.08 pm. So the guy comes back today and there you go !
They go for a walk.
-The problem is, you look nice to me.
-Which means?
-The more I like a guy, the less he's structured mentally.
I'd like to know more. -Ask me questions.
-What doesn't a swallow make?
-A swallow ? A summer.
-And clothes? -The man.
-When the cat's away... -The mice will play.
-Slow and steady... -Wins the race.
-A rolling stone... -Gathers no moss.
-He that will steal a penny... -Will steal a pound.
-Out of sight... -Out of mind.
-Not bad! -More ?
-I think that those who know the proverbs can't be bad persons.
-Oh, the pretty girl from the 5th floor !
I've got to tell you. Do you believe in miracles?
-Not today, no.
-You'll be surprised
Some mountaineers..
..on the Mont-Blanc discovered...
-Hi Lucien. Do you have yeast?
-Is it for Miss Amélie ? -Yes.
-She's cooking, right? Collignon, go fetch.
-Amélie ? Amélie ?
Amélie ?
*-Go to the bedroom, Miss Poulain.
All right... Amélie, my girl...
You don't have glass bones like me, you can knock against life
If you let this opportunity slip away,..
..then, as time goes by...'s your heart that will become... dry and fragile.. my bones
Go for it! For Christ's sake!
-Hey !
-To the International Airport
-Today's September 28, 1997, it's 11 o'clock in the morning
At the Trône Fair
..the marshmallow-mixing machine mixes marshmallow.
At the same moment, at the La Villette garden Félix L'Herbier discovers...
..that the number of possible connexions in a human brain.. superior to the number of atomes in the universe. Meanwhile,.. the foot of the Sacré-Coeur, the Benedictines work on their backhand.
The temperature is 24° C, the moisture content is 70°..
..and the atmospheric pressure 990 millibar.
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