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Subtitles for American Movie - The Making Of Northwestern CD2.

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American Movie - The Making Of Northwestern CD2

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- Is this fucking take seven? - We're at seven now.
Okay, let's do take seven.
It's all right. It's okay.
Cut. Okay.
You have to believe in what you're saying, Bill.
I do?
Well, I don't.
I don't believe in nothing what you're doing.
All right. Give it some passion.
"It's all right! It's okay! There's something to live for!
Jesus told me so!" You did it before, you can do it again.
Okay, this is take eight.
It's all right! It's okay!
Okay, that's fine. You gotta watch your teeth, too...
'cause they clack a little bit when they loosen up in the mouth.
And take ten.
It's all right! It's okay!
It's something to live for!
Jesus told me so!
You couldn't ask for anything better. I think it was recorded too high.
Give it all you got. What take is this?
- Sixteen. - This is take sixteen.
- Let's go. Take 30. - It's all right...
- Hold up. Take 30. - It's all right! It's okay!
Jesus told me so! There's something to live for!
Okay. Cut. Take 31.
Ain't that enough now?
- No, listen... - I ain't gonna do this anymore.
That's all for me. Good-bye.
Okay. I'm gonna see what we have to work with.
I'm gonna... Jesus Christ, man.
And it's like the room was filled with this thick green and red web, you know?
And it's coming out of Laura, and it's coming out of the table...
and it's coming out of the walls, and it's coming out of the floor.
You know? And all of a sudden...
my face hit a table, you know, and I blacked out.
So Laura dragged me outside and laid me on the grass...
you know, hoping I'd wake up.
And then her grandma came home, who she lived with, you know...
and her grandma called an ambulance.
So I'm laying in the hospital, passed out.
They got my brain on a brain scanner.
You know how your brain's supposed to go beep, beep, beep?
Well, mine just went...
Straight across, you know?
And the doctor goes to my ma...
"I don't think your son is gonna make it.
Sorry. I think he's gonna die.
I don't think there's any way we can wake him up or nothing."
So, all of a sudden, I smell this real strong smell.
And it's smelling salts they got in front of my nose.
I start to wake up, and all I see is bright lights.
I'm like, " Damn, where the hell am I?"
Then I realize I'm in the hospital, so I check my pockets for the acid.
They analyzed one hit, and it turned out to be...
blotter paper dipped in liquid P.C.P. with a little bit of downer in it.
They said if it hadn't been for that little bit of downer, I'd be dead.
Anyway, I'm checking my pockets for the acid...
because I was gonna drop my other three hits in the hospital, you know?
All of a sudden, my ma walks in the room and she's holding the bag of acid.
I'm like, " Damn, now I can't drop the rest of my acid in the hospital."
So she flushes it down the toilet, you know?
So then they kept me in the hospital another month.
They said I was the worst case they ever had.
They let me go, and I continued using drugs...
all the way up until...
a little under a year and a half ago.
And that's... I have more stories like that I could tell you too.
All kinds of drug-related stories.
I could tell you, you know.
I'll try and keep you awake with them tonight.
Need another tape in there.
It's almost like the day before Christmas.
That's right.
- Oh, gosh. - Look at that.
First play. That's it. Game's over.
- Got more of the close-up. - I don't want to take no phone calls.
You can take a paper route, you buy a CP-16, and you shoot the film.
Why, when they talk about making a film, do they talk about "dream"?
"I'm gonna work in a factory."
"Oh, yeah, that's cool, man.
We're gonna drill holes together."
- Here, man. Come on in. - All right.
- Hi. - Hi.
Hey, you know what?
- Somebody win? - Yeah, I won $200 today.
What are you gonna do with that 200 bucks?
I don't know. I gave 100 to my dad.
I got 65 at home in my room, and I got 20 in my wallet.
So if you think of something to spend 20 bucks on, maybe we can spend it.
You know what we can spend 20 bucks on?
About four pitchers atJim Mitchell's.
I don't want to buy no beer.
I don't either, man, but if you were gonna buy it, I'll drink it.
I don't know.
The Patriots are coming back. They're getting into position...
- There's four minutes left. - That's what we're going to see now.
- We're going toJim Mitchell's. - I'm not going to any bar.
Mark, I'm not taking you to any bar.
You have had more than enough to drink.
Okay, you know what? Weak.
He can never quit. When he starts drinking, he can never quit.
- Hey, close the door. - Yeah.
- just outside the Patriot's 40. - Shit!
This is what it's all about... winning a championship your way.
That's cool. The Packers won the Super Bowl.
Look at the screen.
Every bitch-ass motherfucking factory worker will go down like that too.
Bitch motherfucker!
Mark, none of that conversation.
Just like that.
I will never be like you, you fucking job-working, 40-hour motherfucker.
You can go to fucking hell.
It's a pity that he... But tomorrow he's gonna be okay again.
I'll be okay again. I'll be just like you, wandering around the kitchen.
Just like you. Yeah, you're right.
- Well, I'm glad that the Packers won. - Yeah, I'm glad they won.
Sunrise to sunset.
- That is sweet. - That was the line.
Hit me with a couple more.
Hold on, Dawn. "Sunrise to sunset."
Mike, are you all right? Are you all right, Mike?
Every time I spoke with him and every time we got together...
there was something that seemed to go wrong...
or did not go as planned.
And he always seemed to forge ahead...
and go through with the project.
I think that's the best thing I can say about his character.
- He's indomitable. - The place you want to be.
I'll say "take two," give it a couple of seconds, and you're burning in hell.
Move up a little bit, Robert. Okay. Cool. And take two.
Ready, Mike? When I say "take one," give it a couple of seconds. Take one.
That was wicked, man.
Man, oh, man.
I'll take off the scarf.
She's set to roll. How tight are you on her? Like this tight?
- You're looking better now, Robert. - I'm cold as hell.
You might as well keep the jacket on for a few. Definitely.
There you go.
- All right, freeze that. - Freeze that.
- Dude, you just arched your eyebrow. - Yes.
- Shouldn't I have? - It's cool.
Oh, this is great, right here. Hold that, please.
It's the year of the independent film. Great performances, new faces...
I mean, really new faces. Who are you people?
I'll tell you who they are. They're unbelievably talented people.
Great films, unusual films, risky plots, great direction...
Got one. Okay, great.
- You forgot to wiggle. - Yeah, you forgot to wiggle.
I think 22-A really is the keeper.
- Mega. - Okay.
- So these are mock-ups that I did. - Okay.
I can do different things depending on size and what you want to print on them.
Somebody made that up, you know.
- Oh, it's Bill's birthday. - It's his birthday.
Happy birthday, William. What do you think about that?
I don't know.
Doesn't do much for me.
You look at Bill today... he was a scholar at one time.
He really was. I always looked up to him as a brother...
like he had an answer for everything, I mean, a proper answer.
How to spell a word... he knew all that stuff.
Nice day if it doesn't rain.
What are some of the influences that shaped the Mark Borchardt format...
or the Mark Borchardt style?
When I was growing up and drinking, the people I was around, they were...
the Americans still fighting the West with a bottle of vodka in their hand.
There was still territory out there...
In the mind or around the block or something like that.
Expound on that a little, this sort of...
Okay, listen, man. There was no such thing about...
college or religion or anything.
There was drinking. Drinking, drinking, drinking.
Everything would revolve around that... the money, the time spent, everything.
It was America at that point.
We had, like, 15 people in Mark's backyard.
We had five cases... no exaggeration... five or six cases of beer cans...
just sitting there, and my dad came over.
"Yeah, Pops, we need more beer. " So he procured us some beer.
Came back, drank a couple beers with us.
All of a sudden, Mark's parents pull up.
My dad immediately flanked around the garage and cut through the back.
He was outta there right away. Didn't want nothing to do with it.
He knew what was going on.
What do you think of Ken Keen?
He is a bad influence, and Mark is a bad influence for Kenny.
Those two shouldn't be together.
With the parents, you know, it's Kenny Keen's fault. He twisted your arm.
With the other parents, too, you know. And that's all bullshit...
because I, you know...
I think peer pressure's bullshit.
Where are we headed, Mark?
We're headed to jail to pick up Kenny.
He'll be happy as hell. He's out in two minutes, man.
- And how did they get him? - He and his ma were inside the house...
and all of a sudden the lights went off.
They went down to check the fuse box, and the boys were there waiting on 'em.
- Who are "the boys"? - The detectives.
They got him. Definitely.
Now it's 10:04. There's the boy.
- There he is. - Yep.
- Now you gotta fit him in the car. - Oh, yeah.
Hey, Kenny, what's up?
You sure we got enough people involved here?
- Where are you sitting? - I guess I'm sitting up there with you.
All right. I'll move over.
Dude, you're pressing the gas, man!
- Sorry about that, Kenny. - What the fuck, man?
Right here I had 7999...
and right here I have 7980.
So I had to take the marker and cross out 7980...
and put in 7... I mean, 8000.
What are you doing here, Mike?
I'm doing "X" numbers for Mark and Kenny and myself.
What time is it?
It's about 14 to.
I need some fresh air. I'm gonna suck in a lot of fresh air.
- I'll see you to the door. - Yeah.
- Here. After you, Ma. - Okay.
As soon as I wake up tomorrow, Mark, I'll be back.
All right. Cool.
When you swing, swing in the middle.
This is the last one we got, man.
Hold up, man. Where's that plane at?
- Action? - Action.
Take 14. Action.
I'm hitting it as hard as I can, but it's not doing nothing.
One other thing. Mike, come down here quick. I gotta get the headlights.
Knock out...
You think this is a little bit cathartic for you?
- Very cathartic, Mark. - Do you know what "cathartic" means?
It means...
I think it means getting things out of your system, man.
- Yeah, okay. Then it's cathartic. - Is it? Got that out of your system?
- Pretty damn cathartic, Mark. - Cool.
Last time I was out here was seven, eight years ago to shoot Northwestern.
We shot here in the dead of summer, dead of winter, man. All of that.
I'll be back.
With Northwestern, he's putting more drama into it.
Obviously, this is not a horror film, this is more of a life-and-times.
Probably gonna use a lot of his own experience... you know...
as far as what he went through in life... is gonna be in this film.
You know, these are the vistas right here.
What does it feel like...
to have a couple rusty cars parked against a rusty background?
Because this is really fall.
In winter, when the earth decays, and the cars have decayed...
and these guys are decaying, you know?
That's what it's all about, you know?
That's what it's all about... rust and decay...
but within that is the warmth of the soul and stuff like that.
It's lonely roads, but there's warm houses and cars.
This is the gardens of eternal life, man.
They got these people, like, stacked six high.
Six high, man.
You got one underground grave, that's one amount of money.
You got six of them. Man, it's a vertical business around here.
You know, they just keep stacking them up.
But what we're doing is making sure people are out of here.
This dude claims I locked him in a couple times.
Now that I think of it, that could have been anytime during the week.
Just wanna make sure we don't lock anyone in.
'Cause this place is big, man.
In fact, we'll just kinda go over here.
There's a river.
Ah, Jesus.
This has been going on now, literally, for three years.
Thursday night's opening will be just ten days shy of three years.
But through all of this, Mark has kept an equanimity.
All right. Thanks.
You know what? I just ran out of a bunch of flyers.
This is all we got left, so you guys can't be just putting them everywhere.
- You gotta put 'em strategically, okay? - Got it.
- Do you have it, Mike? - Yes.
- Yeah? - Mike, dude. The flyers, man.
Oh, yeah. That's right. I'm going to pass them out.
- Dude, where are you walking? - I'm walking in there...
to hang them around strategically.
- You need flyers, man. - That's why I'm asking you for them.
That's why I'm giving you them. All right, listen, dude.
So you and Matt, man...
Make it look good, make it look sharp. I know you can do it.
We were in the union, and we put the flyers on top of a bunch of newspapers.
- Yeah. - And the newspapers were like...
The Wisconsin Light, okay?
So some guy came in to replace the old copies of The Wisconsin Light...
- Yeah. - With new ones...
and took the old ones.
And he took the flyers that were on top of the old ones...
and took off with them because he didn't realize that they were our flyers.
So that's what happened.
But, dude, that doesn't make any sense.
Made sense to him.
I'm in the process of taking down...
over 1,400 flags.
I believe it was yesterday I was called to the bathroom at the cemetery...
to take care of something.
I walked in the bathroom, and in the middle toilet right there...
somebody didn't shit in the toilet, somebody shat on the toilet.
They shat on the walls, they shat on the floor.
I had to clean it up, man, but before that, for 10 to 15 seconds...
I just stared at somebody's shit, man.
To be totally honest with you, man, it was a really, really profound moment.
I was thinking, "I'm 30 years old, and in about ten seconds...
I got to start cleaning up somebody's shit, man."
What do you think are the rewards of this, Mike?
I don't know. Maybe being a famous movie producer or something.
- A what? - A famous movie producer.
Well, what are the rewards of that?
I don't know. Sex, money, power?
Sex, money, power.
I don't know.
I was gonna come in and help Mark cement splice.
Then this little disaster happened.
So now I'm just pulling the shots that were supposed to be cut.
The two frames that are missing.
Big delay, big problem.
Hopefully we can splice it so it doesn't show up too bad.
Mark's in full depression at this point.
Here is a piece of film.
This piece of film must be up on the screen.
This is what happened, man.
Where is this part of the film?
What are you gonna have? A blank spot on the film? What are you gonna do?
You gotta find each missing piece and tape this in. That's what I mean.
You go to a movie, you see this. You don't pay to see that.
What the fuck is supposed to occur here?
You guys want to make films when you get older?
- Why? - Yeah!
Because you got to buy some stuff...
and it takes so much money and so much time.
- And you gotta work a hundred years. - No, you don't.
Yes, you do.
That's going to go on the other side. We need two more. Where's our leader?
This is it, dude.
It'll be done in less than an hour...
so I will be drinking now.
That was the last splice of my film, man.
Now we're just gonna roll through the end, roll black along the song.
I think there'll be a break for a little while...
from... maybe two days.
No, hopefully a little longer than that.
But I think it will start up right away again.
Would you buy this movie for $14.95?
Yeah. Hell, yeah, man. You know?
If I can find 3,000 people like you across this country, I'm in business.
Of course, man. I mean, shit, that's what Rush tickets were.
I hear that he finished it up a couple minutes ago.
- Hot off the presses. - We're right on schedule here.
- Did you get some sleep? - No, dude.
I'm going to sleep now. I can't even stand up no more.
Three years in the making, you know.
This ain't my film, but I put a lot of work in this film.
I've known Mark for 20 years, and he's like my best friend, and it's done.
So after tonight we can sleep, and then on to the next project, you know.
- Uncle Bill. - Bill's here.
There you go. The executive producer, man.
- Watch your hand. - Come right on over here, man.
Oh, it's all right, man.
Those are tickets that you're selling now.
Hmm, I was wondering.
- Dude was wondering. - They're here to see you.
Well, you happy now?
Or you got finances on your mind?
When I hear the projector rolling and I see Coven on the screen...
I'll believe it.
The start of your money back.
It's all right. It's okay.
There's something to live for.
jesus told me so.
- How's the writing going? - How's it going? It's going fine.
- Is it? - Did I stutter? I said it's fine.
Yeah, you just don't get it, man.
You're nowhere near getting it.
Hey, man. What the fuck's the matter with you, man?
Mike, take it easy.
Here's one on your first book.
- Good luck to you. - Thanks, Ray.
Trying to help me now, man? Trying to help me now?
Hey, Uncle Bill, thanks. Dad and Mom, for all the sandwiches and the money.
I'm going to wake up to hell tomorrow, man.
Those credit cards ain't gonna look nice, man.
But I'm always a man for my word. Mike Schank, you happy?
- Yeah, I'm happy. - How happy are you, man?
- I'm very happy. - Well, good, man. 'Cause don't drink.
You're gonna set the world's record.
Okay, man. I'm cooled down, but...
Hey, I'm serious, man. If I missed somebody or anything...
thanks a million for helping out, man...
'cause I couldn't have... whatever... done it.
Yeah, it was fun. I enjoyed doing it, you know.
I value his friendship and enjoy doing stuff with him.
Making movies is what he does, you know...
so I make movies with him.
Well, I hope all the best for Mark.
He works hard...
and he has a lot of dreams.
I hope they come true.
product accomplished.
Well, God told me so.
You done good, Bill. Congratulations.
- So, you ready to make the next movie? - Sure.
Good. 40 to 50 grand.
Yeah, you told me that already.
You want your dreams to come true?
My dreams? What dreams are that?
- What's your American dream? - I don't have any dreams anymore.
- You don't? - No.
You can't stop now. What are you gonna do?
Sit around outside of a trailer?
We'll film you sitting outside of a trailer...
but we ain't gonna live sitting outside of a trailer.
Where else am I gonna sit?
You're gonna sit by a large green grass.
Look, man. Let me tell you something.
All people are yammering about is the American dream.
- It's half past 3:00 already. - All they talk about...
- Almost time for me to eat already. - All it is is lip service.
Here we're living it, and I will be goddamned...
if I don't get the American dream.
Hello. Come again?
Stay. Stay a while.
Stick around a while.
Stick around as long as you can.
Heaven help you.
God help you. Jesus help you.
Everybody else help you.
Everybody make happy.
Make everybody happy.
Be a comedian.
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Aoi Haru
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Armata Brancaleone Le
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Aro Tolbukhin En la Mente del Asesino (Agustin Villaronga 2002)
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Around The World In 80 Days CD1
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Arsene Lupin
Arsenic And Old Lace 1944
Art Of War The
Arven (2003) CD1
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As Long As My Feet Will Carry Me CD1
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Atlantis The Lost Empire
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