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American Outlaws

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-Fire!|-Stand back!
In the woods, boys, in the woods!
-Fire!|-Let's go! Ride!
Fall back!
You okay?
Come on, Bob!|This way!
Hey, you all right?
Gatling! They got a Gatling.
Goddamn it, Cole! This stopped|being fun about two years ago.
Move that wagon!
Cole, Bob, you okay?
Takes more than a cannon|to kill the Youngers.
-The cannon's doing a good job, Cole!|-Some Indian tracker you are, Tom.
You pay me to find Bluecoats.|There they are.
-Get me James.|-Jesse?
No, not Jesse. The one that can shoot.
Hold your ground!
Frank, up front!
Jesse, watch your back.
Watch your heads, boys.
-Cannon or Gatling?|-Fire!
-Where you been?|-What's up?
Nothing really.
When I put my head up,|they shoot at me.
-So, we got a plan?|-My plan of pissing myself is working.
I can hit those boys.|We need a distraction.
A distraction?|Why the hell didn't you just say so?
-He's smiling.|-That's never a good thing.
Get that rider!
-We're coming, Jesse!|-Head out!
Take the hill! Charge!
Pull back!
Come on!
Go on, get. Get!
Go on! Go on!
-Distracting enough?|-They hardly noticed.
-I could have done more?|-Uh-huh!
-Such as?|-You could have worn a woman's bonnet.
-That would've made an impression.|-I figure.
By the time you figure out stuff,|I'm already finished doing it.
You're always doing stuff|before I'm finished figuring it out.
Goddamn, boy!|Wait till we get to Missouri.
Tell them gals about how|Jesse James charged the Union Army.
-He keeps that up, he'll outrank you.|-I'll still be better-looking, right?
Let's meet on that south road.
See if we can get those Yankees|Jesse here scared off.
-Ride with me, cousin.|-I could use the walk.
All right. We'll have|horses waiting for you at the road.
All right, Rangers, let's ride!
I would sound stupid|saying something like that.
Where you going?
-There's Yankees back there.|-War's over.
General Lee surrendered yesterday|at Appomattox.
-Yesterday.|-Somebody better tell the Yankees!
-What do you reckon, cousin?|-Home. Cole, we go home.
We ride like hell and God help any|fool who comes between me and my farm.
That's the best plan I heard all war.
Well, boys, let's ride!
-Hello, Liberty, Missouri!|-Let's go home, back to our farms.
Planting corn, harvesting corn,|eating corn.
Corn gonna shoot me?
-Then I love it.|-Let's go!
We got problems.
Got a garrison in town.|We're in occupied territory.
-Hands off your hip.|-Are you scared?
Pick your fights. You taught me that.
-Jesus, mercy.|-That's Charlie Higgins.
-I'm cutting him down.|-Not now, Cole.
-What's wrong with you?|-If we have to kill them. . .
...I don't wanna warn them.
I wanna make sure Jim|and the girls are okay.
Stop by and tell our ma we're fine.|We'll see Doc Mimms.
Excuse me, sir,|we're here for the doctor.
-Jesse. Frank.|-Zerelda?
-Little Zee Mimms?|-You were little Jesse James.
Yeah, but you got big!|I mean, Zee, you aged!
I mean, in a good way,|you got big and older.
-Frank, say something.|-No, you're doing just fine.
-Frank. Jesse.|-Daddy.
-Where's Web?|-He rode right into them, screaming.
-Web did that?|-He jumped his horse over our heads.
Killed 1 2 before they|knew what hit them.
-Took out a Gatling gun and a cannon.|-Saved all our lives, doc.
None of the Liberty boys would've|come home if not for Web. God's truth.
-Web died fighting?|-Web died a hero.
But still died.
Doc, if there's anything we can do,|we want to help.
Think about yourselves.|Don't end up like Charlie Higgins.
They found out he was a|Quantrill Raider.
They arrested him, tried him by|military tribunal and hanged him.
-But there's general amnesty.|-Not if you rode in a partisan band.
You're in more danger|because you've got a farm.
Railroad men come in offering|to buy land. Nobody sells.
So the army starts hanging men|who own farms for treason.
All we've thought about is home.
I'll kill anyone who tries|to get me off my farm.
If I have to go to war with the|railroad to stay, it's fine by me.
Let's think about this.
-If we have a good story, we're okay.|-What story are they gonna believe?
You were in General Hood's|Texas Army. . .
...until Sharpsburg, then were|assigned to Jeb Stuart's cavalry. . .
...until you surrendered in Tennessee.
-That just might work.|-Yeah, that might just work.
Now go on and see your ma.
She'll be glad to see her sons alive.
And for her sake, stay that way.
Thanks for everything.|Especially the story you told.
-Look, Zee--|-I'm going to go cry now.
-Zerelda became a hell of a woman.|-Oh, yeah.
-"Big and older. "|-Shut up, Frank.
You're a charmer.
-I'll shoot you.|-Next time, try "fat and haggard. "
My boys! My boys!
My boys! My boys are alive! Oh, God!
-Praise God, you're alive!|-Not if you don't ease up a bit, Ma.
-Did you kill Yankees?|-A few.
-Say your prayers?|-Yes.
Good. Come inside and wash|your hands for dinner.
-Ma, you look so good.|-No, you look great!
Look at Jimmy Younger,|all grown up.
-How you doing?|-All right.
-Your ma made us eat.|-That was two hours ago.
I don't see clean plates.
-Thanks for accepting Tom.|-He's Christian and killed Yankees.
-Jesus told me that made him okay.|-She's still talking to Jesus.
-What worries me is, he's talking back.|-I heard that.
-Come on, Frank.|-You play me that.
You ever notice Zerelda's eyes?
She got two, don't she?
-I think one's glass.|-Which one?
-The right or the left?|-The brown one.
Don't make me tell the town about|the fella you screwed in Atlanta.
Talking to me?
-That dance-hall girl at Bunny's?|-Yes.
Sadie was a beautiful woman.|Not a man!
-She had a nice mustache.|-More than that.
-She was European.|-All right.
I'll admit Sadie's a woman,|if you stop about my Zee.
-"My Zee"?|-Your Zee?
From women 's eyes|This doctrine I derive
They sparkle still|The right Promethean fire
They are the books, the arts|The academes
That show, contain and nourish|All the world
I don't know what you said,|but it sounded nice.
That's Shakespeare.|Now, he's European.
Write that down,|so I can say it to Zee?
-I'll send you a telegram.|-Thanks, brother.
-Thanks for the help, Cole.|-You did plenty over at our place.
-You miss it, don't you?|-What, the war?
Hell, no.
I miss things about it, but. . . .
-It was exciting.|-Yeah.
It was a lot of killing.|Why miss that?
Because we were good at it.|Shoot, we were great at it.
Tell anybody this and I'll kill you.|You know I'm the toughest man in town.
But you are one terrifying|son of a bitch with guns.
Howdy, folks, how are you?
Fine, thank you, sir.
I'm Rollin H. Parker,|emissary to Thaddeus Rains. . .
. . .president of Rock|Northern Railroad.
This is Allan Pinkerton. . .
...founder of the Secret Service|and under contract to Mr. Rains.
As you no doubt heard,|our railroad's moving west.
Well, east would put you underwater.
Moving west to open|the frontier to folks.
Your acreage is located on|the proposed right of way.
I am here to get your signature|on this land-sale contract.
And I'm authorized to pay you two|dollars an acre.
Two dollars?
The price was set by the Department of|the Interior of the U.S. government.
-This land ain't for sale.|-I understand how you feel.
You've made a lovely home here,|but it isn't up to me or you.
You familiar with the right|of eminent domain?
Yeah, I am. What about it?
This land's about to be condemned.
You see, I'm doing you folks a favor.
Two dollars an acre|is a one-time-only deal.
After today, the price drops.
If I were you, I'd sign the contract|and we'll be on our way.
Good day, Mr. Parker.
You can tell Mr. Thaddeus Rains to put|this where the sun don't shine.
I don't think you understand.
You don't have a choice.
Ma'am, I think that you should|search your heart here. . .
. . .and try to do the right thing.
Let me ask the Lord.
The Lord says to bury them out back.|Nobody will find them.
-Somebody's in a vengeful mood.|-Let them go.
-We'll bury them next time.|-Oh, all right.
Now, ma'am--
You folks are making|a serious mistake here.
Nicely played.
Tell them what you told me.
I checked the court documents for the|rail bed. They don't need our land.
They're using as much land|as they can.
Floor recognizes Clell Miller.
They say if we don't sell,|we'll end up with nothing.
-Only if we don't stick together.|-Loni Packwood.
I say this is the last straw.
I came back from the war.|My farm was burned down.
My cows was dead. And now my wife's|run off with my cousin Jeb.
That son of a bitch. He took my dog!
Loni. About the railroad.
He took my dog!
-They got Cole!|-He came to our house.
Figured you'd all want to hear this.
They came and made the same offer|they made you folks.
My brother Jim tried|to chase them off.
A detective hit him in the head|and knocked him out.
-Cole lost his temper.|-Oh, no.
-Just a little.|-How many did he kill, Bob?
Because they worked for|the Department of the Interior--
The Army can hang him.
-What do we do?|-Nothing!
You folks will do nothing.|Go home now.
You too, doc.
So you can swear that you know|nothing about what's gonna happen.
-Boys--|-Doc, go home.
They ain't gonna hang|no more Liberty boys.
Go home.
Meeting's adjourned.|Go home, everybody.
Go home.
-I'm staying.|-Me too.
Loni, Clell.
-Couldn't lose him.|-Jim, I said stay home!
It's my fault. I want in.
It was a matter of time before|they hung someone.
-And you're too young.|-Too young?
-I'm as old as you were, going to war.|-And Web too. No.
-You're wasting time.|-Zee, go home.
I was there for the hangings.
You need to know how they do it.|What order they do things in.
If you mess up rescuing Cole because|you won't listen to a woman. . .
. . .then damn you all.
All right.
Eight of us against|a Union regiment. . .
. . .and Pinkerton detectives on|Main Street in broad daylight.
-He's smiling.|-Is that bad?
Pinkerton, relax. The Army|has everything well in hand.
Nothing like a hanging to motivate|people to relocate.
It's not my job to relax.
I've got men at every entrance|so no one rides in shooting.
I've got a sharpshooter up|on that rooftop over there. . .
. . .just in case.
Be it known that Coleman Younger|be found guilty of treasonable acts. . .
. . .against military law|and the Articles of War. . .
. . .to be hanged by|the neck until dead.
May God have mercy on his soul.
Go on, hang him! Pull it!
Sir, are you all right?|Somebody get a doctor!
The bullet left clean,|but he's lost blood.
He's gonna be fine, right, Daddy?
Praying wouldn't hurt.
Who's that? Stay here with him.
We're checking all houses|for a fugitive.
Powell, out back. McCall, first floor.
-I'm going up.|-Who are you?
-Oh, sorry, ma'am.|-Well, I should hope so!
Go! Go.
Jesse, are you awake?
Jesse, is that your hand?
They're gone. What are you. . .?
-I made them think I was alone.|-Let's hope he pulls through.
I think he's feeling better already.
Mr. Thaddeus Rains, sir.
-It's a pleasure to have you.|-I'm pleased to be here.
-Really?|-No, Parker, no!
I'm really not pleased to come|to this godforsaken piece of dirt. . .
. . .to discover why you can't evict|a few simple farmers. . .
. . .from their pathetic mudholes. . .
. . .so I can build the greatest|railroad ever.
-I understand your distress, sir.|-What's going on?
Two weeks ago, we arranged to have|the Army hang a local farmer.
-That's good.|-Unfortunately not, sir.
A group of local thugs|managed to rescue him. . .
. . .inspiring resistance. And Mr.|Allan Pinkerton was seriously injured.
Leaving you in charge of operations|until he should return.
A further impediment is that|the garrison's moving on. . .
. . .so we don't have that stick|to threaten them with.
You see that as the loss of a tool.
I see a power vacuum to fill.|As we have the most power. . .
. . .we may move with impunity.
I see, sir.
I'll get four patrols together|for action tonight.
They'll see what happens. . .
. . .when they challenge|the righteousness of progress.
Yes, sir.
-You shouldn't be up.|-It's been two weeks. I'm sick of it.
-You're sick of my company?|-Of course not!
-Teasing you is unfair.|-What you do to me is unfair.
-Well, I shouldn't tease a hero.|-What?
Everybody in the county knows|you rescued Cole.
We're all so proud of you.
And not one farm's been sold since.
Well, that's good, but I wasn't|the only person. . .
. . .risking my neck that day.
You're saying I should spend time|with Cole Younger?
With Cole Younger?|No, I never said that.
-You gonna stop loafing and get home?|-What do you think, Frank?
Until Ma has you home so she can fuss|over you, she'll make me miserable.
-What do you say, sir?|-You're pretty much healed.
-Thank you, doc.|-Of course.
Bye, Jesse.
Bye, Zee.
-You're looking more spry.|-Shut up, Frank.
Doc, I was wondering if later|this evening I could come by?
You're always welcome.
Yeah, I know, doc. But I was thinking|maybe I could take Zee out?
Someplace near, with other folk.
Near, you know. Here, but out.
It's fine by me, Jesse.
Don't worry, sir.|I'll make sure they're chaperoned.
That hadn't even occurred to me.|I am deeply in your debt.
You're very welcome, sir.
The Army's leaving, so Cole can stop|hiding and get back to his farm.
We're meeting|at the Younger place.
Leave them alone.
-How are you?|-Hey, John.
Thanks for coming.
-How are you?|-Hey, Cole.
Hey, who's seen how Loni|Packwood is dressed?
Tom, come here, huh?
-Thank you.|-James!
You behave yourselves.
Look. Liberty's favorite son,|come here!
-I won't forget what you did.|-Yeah.
I'm pleased you came.
-Why, thank you.|-I'm very pleased you came with Jesse.
There's a gaggle of girls|hoping to dance with Jesse. . .
. . .who'll have to settle|with my many charms.
-Bob, you have no shame.|-Not yet. But I'm hoping.
-Let's dance.|-Okay.
I used to come to this rock|as a kid.
Imagine what life would be like|when I got older.
-You didn't want a farm?|-I thought of being a river pirate.
A river pirate?
-Hand over your jewels, missy.|-Thank God you grew out of that.
-You did grow out of that, didn't you?|-Mostly, yeah.
I mean, it would be all right|for a bachelor.
Are you planning on being a bachelor|your whole life, Jesse James?
Not if I find the right girl.
What's this "right girl" like?
What's she like? She's smart.|She's funny.
She's bossy.|She always makes me think.
She's at least two steps ahead of me.
Where will you find such a girl?
From this doctrine....
From women 's eyes these doctrine--|This doctrine, I derive
They sparkle still like...
... tiny sparkling rocks
"Sparkling rocks"?
Yeah, little ones.
Is this one of Frank's|Shakespeare poems?
Yes, it is.
Were you planning on kissing|me when you finished quoting?
I planned on kissing you|for a very long time.
Come back here and face me!
-Cole, what'd they do?|-Let's get back.
We need some water.|Get some buckets.
-Get buckets!|-Water!
It's the Pinkertons.|It's the railroad.
Then Ma. Ma!
Come on!
Thank God.
Ma! Ma!
We know.|We'll get you to Doc Mimms.
You boys take care|of each other.
Ma, Doc Mimms--
Well, look at that.
The good Lord's a bit shorter|than I reckoned.
I think we can move on, rebuild.|Make a decent life someplace else.
-I don't care.|-I didn't think you would.
Our place, Clell Miller's, Sammy|Johnston, the Creeders', Will Hite.
-Sheriff said it's drunk Kansas boys.|-I say we kill some railroad men.
No. This isn't a feud, this is war.
-They've got more men than us.|-What do we do?
We do what we did in the war.|We harass their supply lines.
-We kill their men, they won't care.|-If we take money and supplies. . . .
-Exactly.|-That's a good plan, Jesse.
I'll get more men,|and Tom will ride with us.
-Where do we hit?|-I know a gal at the bank.
See if I can get a list of where|the railroad keeps money.
-I'm so sorry, Jesse.|-Me and Frank gotta leave for a while.
But you and l,|we've started something.
I don't know what'll happen if you go.
-Neither do l.|-Just let the law--
Laws don't touch men like|Thaddeus Rains. Only justice does.
Whose justice, yours or God's?
When will you stop?
When I send them to their graves.
I have bad news.|The railroad payroll has been stolen.
What do you mean?|The railroad's money is in that safe.
That safe?
Excuse me, sir,|the bank's closed today.
-What?|-It's a bank holiday.
There ain't no dad-burned bank|holiday. Get out of my way!
-This is outrageous. Who are you?|-The James gang.
-The James gang?|-Yeah.
How about the James-Younger gang?
The James-Younger gang.
I'll whop you real good|if you don't get out of my way.
Excuse me, sir. It's a bank holiday.
It ain't no bank holiday.|What are you saying?
-What are you doing?|-Go on.
Sir, the safe.
-Ma'am, turn around. Cover your eyes.|-Why?
I'm gonna shoot him|and I don't think you wanna see it.
Hey, the safe. Now.
It ain't no holiday.
-It's a bank holiday.|-You're right, sir.
-Then why can't I go in there?|-On account of that we're robbing it.
Why didn't you say so|in the first place?
It's secret.
-Fine, I'll just wait over here.|-I'd appreciate that.
Go on.
-What the. . .?|-What is it?
Old Man Tucker is sitting there quiet|outside the bank.
When have you ever known Old Man|Tucker not to be yelling?
-How'd it go in there?|-Fine. How'd it go out here?
We should talk.
You can be smart or stupid about this.|Only one way ends with you breathing.
Just because we're robbing a bank,|there's no reason not to be civil.
-Where the hell were you?|-I had you covered.
-I got 5000.|-I got 3000.
$8000! That's $1 000 apiece!
Our luck is finally changing.
These are the farm property rights|the bank held for the railroad.
Pass them over here before something|happens to them.
Settle down.|Not all this money's ours.
No, it was the bank's.
That's why we went|to all the trouble of stealing it.
We ought to give some money|to our hurting neighbors in Liberty.
They didn't risk their necks.
Creating some goodwill|will make it easier to dodge the law.
Frank's being smart about this.
Him reading books|don't make him smart.
-Yeah, it does.|-No, it don't. Stay out of this.
-I think Jesse's got a good idea.|-Jim.
Who put you in charge? I did|a mighty fine job during the war.
And I remember cutting|a noose off you.
That's why you both lead the gang.
Two of you went into that bank.|Two heads are better than one.
All Jesse's doing is making|a suggestion.
We're waiting to hear|what you think, Cole. . .
. . .as the other leader of the gang.
That's fine.
-What?|-It's a smart thing to do.
We decide something, that's it.|We're in this for the long haul.
This plan of me and Jesse's,|it's smart. Gives us places to hide.
Then no farmer will shoot us|in our sleep.
We gotta think--|What's that word, Frank?
-Strategically.|-Yeah, thank you.
-Strategically, because this is a war.|-This ain't no war.
What's that?
Nobody paid me no $1 000|to fight in a war.
-Tom, are you cheating again?|-I'm broke again.
-Next up, Thaxton Switch.|-That ain't a bank.
It's a construction depot|so it'll have ammo, explosives.
We can take those and|do a bigger job.
-It's guarded by Pinkerton detectives.|-I do so want to kill me some of them.
Boys. . .
-. . .we're famous.|-What's this?
"Fidelity Bank was robbed on Tuesday|by 20 armed men. "
Twenty? You mean another gang robbed|the same bank the same day as us?
"The outlaws, calling themselves|the James-Younger gang. . .
. . .shot their way out, wounding|the sheriff and three townsfolk.
-The loss is estimated to be $50,000. "|-$50,000? More like 50,000 pesos.
"It's believed to be the first|daylight robbery in American history. "
-I'll drink to that.|-We made history?
-We should be proud.|-The rest is horseshit.
Next time we're gonna have to set|the record straight ourselves.
Line them up.
They exchanged fire|with the Pinkerton guards. . .
. . .raided the payroll office|and blew the track.
-How much did they get from the safe?|-$35,000 in currency. . .
. . .plus the added delay|of miles of destroyed track.
I'll kill them for blowing up|my railway.
-They didn't actually blow the track.|-Who did?
We did. I mean, our men did.
Our workers planted the dynamite,|but they were under duress.
Pinkerton, what is going on here?
You managed to piss off the wrong|bunch of farm boys this time.
-They had to be dealt with.|-By burning down their homes?
You wouldn't have done that?
I would have done that. But I'd make|sure I killed them all first.
-I want them arrested and hanged.|-Do you think a jury in these parts. . .
. . .would convict one of their own?|I doubt it.
-We're beginning an interesting game.|-This is no game.
I'm afraid our adversaries|don't agree.
"Rock Island Pacific Railroad Depot|was robbed near St. Louis, Missouri.
The James-Younger gang was outnumbered|by Pinkerton detectives. . .
. . .but they were no match|for the guns of the West. "
Fine piece of writing.
"The gang destroyed|the Thaxton Switch site. . .
. . .meaning that for months,|farmers can sleep without fearing. . .
. . .the railroad is coming|to steal their land. "
Who wrote this? I'll see them hanged.
That's the best part.
"The foregoing article|was sent to this newspaper. . .
. . .reputedly written|by the outlaw Jesse James himself. "
-Hey! Look at that.|-What is it?
"Better. . .
. . .slow down.
Dynamite ahead.
Too late.
You're dead. "
Yes, sir, that was a fine|piece of driving.
Thanks, Mr. Williams.
You have to look carefully|at these Yankee $2 bills.
-Could you change this for me? Thanks.|-Certainly, sir.
-I'm sorry, this bill is counterfeit.|-I don't think so.
I'll need all your money|so I can compare.
Scientific method.|I hear it's all the rage.
Yes, you can compare|all of them, Mr.--
-Jesse James?|-Yes, sir, it's a terrible sketch.
-That's all I have.|-Thank you. Been a pleasure.
Take care now, you hear?
-Goodbye, sir.|-Goodbye.
Pinkerton, why can't you catch|these outlaws?
It's early in the game, sir.
Jesse James and I are learning|each other's moves. . .
. . .feeling out each other.
I'm losing millions while you play|chess with these farmers.
Hardly farmers.
Each of these men has four|years of fighting experience.
They're disciplined and|have a charismatic leader.
If I were to design the perfect|outlaw band. . .
. . .this is the gang I'd create.
So, what can you tell me?
It's going to be a long winter.
Take this road! Come on!
-Come on, boys! Come on!|-Let's go!
Come on, boys!|Let's go, let's go, let's go!
-I never thought they would give up.|-They were admirably persistent.
Longest chase we've had.
-Jesse, we gotta have a word.|-Sure.
The newspapers call us|the James-Younger gang.
Why not "Younger-James gang"?|We got three Youngers and two James.
I like the James-Younger gang.
I'll beat the piss out of you.|Stay out!
Jimmy's got a point.|The Younger-James gang is confusing.
-How's that, Bob?|-Say we burst into a bank and yell. . .
. . . "We're the Younger-James gang! "
People will think,|"Younger-James gang?
Is there an older James gang?|How come we never heard of them?"
They'll think about that instead|of raising their arms.
-Can't argue.|-Do we even have the same mama?
Is anybody hearing me?|I got a little idea.
If I kill you, then Jim,|I'm gonna have no argument.
Pinkerton, it's been eight months.|I see holdups and I see robberies.
I don't see men on nooses.
The James gang's encounters|have been with local law.
They're no match for the gang.
-What about your detectives?|-Listen, you! Shut up.
I have to hunt this man.
I have to get inside this man's mind.
I have to anticipate him.
And that takes time.
Time, time, time.|Oh, I can't believe this.
Would you believe there are towns. . .
. . .where the James gang walks openly,|as heroes?
-Now, how can that be?|-Because they are charitable.
Give money to churches, to farmers.
They gave Maddox sharecroppers|enough money to build a school.
-That's my money!|-We should burn that school down.
That's the way to win them|back to our side.
Pinkerton, hundreds of men have died|to build this railroad.
But they did their jobs.
Now, this Jesse James,|that's your job.
Do your job.
Then you let me do my job. . .
. . .as I see fit, without interference.
-What can you tell me?|-It's going to be a long spring.
If people would hand it over and not|shoot, there'd be less killing.
-What's that?|-It's my lucky rabbit's foot.
-Took it off that dead fella.|-That one's not working.
Can I have your autograph?
Take this to the West.
Grogan, you take this.|Take these towns.
-You remind me of--|-I can't write this.
Your blue-green eyes remind me. . .
-. . .of the land and the sky.|-That's it.
You might want to change that to|"I thought of you. "
Look, just write the whole thing|yourself.
I think we know how this is gonna go.
One false move and I'll|blow your head off!
-Bob?|-You heard me, Jesse!
You know how crazy I get! Crazy!
-Bob.|-We got a problem, little brother?
Frankly, yeah.
-I'm feeling a little left out.|-It's the wanted posters, right?
Yeah. Obviously, someone's not|standing out in people's minds.
Gents, we're in the middle|of something.
-Bob's upset.|-The posters?
-Yeah.|-Don't say "yeah" in that tone.
-This is important!|-Okay.
Pardon the delay, folks, but we had|to get Mad Bob Younger under control.
Yeah, Bob here will kill a man|for sneezing.
-He's our best shot.|-Better than you, Jesse?
Bob Younger taught me how to shoot.
Now. . .
. . .how about we get back|to the robbery?
-Of course.|-That means now, mister!
-That's it, no more bets.|-One more time. Come on, talk to me!
Talk to me, one more time!|Pretty please!
-Damn, Loni, you're lucky.|-Luckiest man in the West. . .
. . .now that I'm riding|with Jesse James!
-You okay, Jesse?|-Drinking whiskey? You're too young.
Not too young to shoot a man,|not too young to drink whiskey.
Jim, you been with a girl yet?
Tonight? I was just getting ready|to go turn on that Younger charm.
Not exactly.
-Been with a girl ever?|-Yeah, I've been with a girl!
I didn't want to get one of them|paid ladies. You know what I mean?
I think so.
You and Frank, Cole, even Bob. . .
. . .you get girls because|you're handsome and famous.
They look at me like|I'm your baby brother.
-But don't tell nobody.|-No, I swear. Not a word.
-You okay?|-Tell you what. . .
. . .I can't drink good neither.
-I'm gonna go outside and throw up.|-You do that. Hurry.
-Hey, Loni.|-Oh, yeah.
Let's go, sugar-britches.
Just call me Lucky Loni Packwood.
-The new rail route is complete, sir.|-Parker?
-Yes, sir?|-What's that?
That, sir?|Jenkins will explain that.
Yes, well, we have done|a financial study. . .
-. . .of the construction costs--|-Jenkins!
It's cheaper to go around|Jesse James, sir.
Even with the detours|and the extra track. . .
. . .it's just cheaper.
So you're telling me that|Jesse James has won?
Oh, no.
No, no, no. See, every three months|the James gang. . .
. . .circles back to|Liberty, Missouri. . .
-. . .and they pull a job beforehand.|-So?
There's only four banks within|that radius they've not robbed.
-Could you put men at all four?|-Don't have to.
I have a better tool at my disposal|for narrowing it down to one.
-What's that?|-An intense hatred of you.
Things a fella's gotta do|to get some respect.
-You deserve it, Bob. It's about time.|-Thank you.
Listen, Jesse, we got a problem.|It's Cole.
-He's been full of vinegar lately.|-He's planning a job.
-He's what?|-I don't wanna start trouble.
-Tell me.|-Cole, are you sure?
-It'll be the biggest score yet.|-What will be?
Hyperion Bank, two days' ride.
-Got $1 00,000 in railroad money.|-That's all there? Don't sound right.
-If you read it first, you'd be fine.|-What are you saying?
I've robbed as many banks as you.|I know this bank. It's an easy job.
-You're forgetting who's in charge!|-Jesse.
You're in charge? Huh?|We ain't partners no more, Jesse?
You tell Cole Younger|when and where to ride?
-He didn't mean that.|-Siding against me?
Being with me is being against you?|We don't wanna do that.
None of us idiots wanna go against|Jesse James, the greatest outlaw ever!
Paper says without you, we wouldn't|find a goat's ass with a stick!
-You've been full of yourself lately.|-You think so?
You all do?
-One of us gets an idea--|-A bad idea!
-I got us through the war.|-And nearly got hanged.
-That's it!|-Cole!
Boys, we don't want this!
-I'm a better soldier!|-I'm a better outlaw.
You both hate the railroad!
Do it, and Rains never|comes west again!
-What?|-It's his money!
He's paying out of his own fortune!|You wanna hurt him?
-Put your guns down!|-I still don't like it!
-Let me run the show, General Lee!|-Jesse.
You want it?
All right.
We hit this bank.
You'll be smiling once you got|that money in your pocket.
Cole Younger's gonna make|everyone rich!
Hands in the air!|We're robbing this bank.
Do what you're told, nobody dies.|Hands up!
Oh, no.
-Which one should I shoot first?|-None.
Jesse, you all right?
Head for the end of the street!
Son of a bitch!
Move, go on!
-Dozen out back.|-They gonna rush us?
They're insurance, in case we run.
Get inside! Get inside! Get in!
Any ideas, little brother?
Oh, Lord.
Oh, Lord.
Oh, shit! Let's get!
Go, boys! Come on!
-Let's go! Let's go!|-Come on, boys!
Come on!
Easy. Easy.
Rest here.
Get some bandages and whiskey.
-Too young for whiskey.|-We'll make an exception.
Hey, little brother.|I'm sorry.
All right, Jim? I'm sorry.
It was the best time of my life.
I was famous, you know?
-He was just a kid.|-He was old enough.
A boy riding with the most famous|outlaws in the West.
How could he say no to that?
Railroad burned him out too.|You couldn't stop him.
You're a piss-poor liar|for the smartest man I know.
A war against the railroad.|What the hell was I thinking?
I'm sure it seemed like a good idea|at the time.
-I'm out.|-You're out?
Blood gets spilled,|you're just gonna quit?
Who's next, Cole?
You? Me? Bob?
-Can't go back, Jesse.|-I ain't telling you what to do.
Keep riding with Cole,|that's fine by me.
Get the hell out of here, then.
Don't come back when you find|you can't farm with a six-gun!
What are you thinking?|There are lawmen all over.
I had to see you.|I'm getting married.
I don't understand.
The most wonderful woman in the world.|I can't stop thinking about her.
Zee, I've quit my outlaw ways.
Come live in my home,|and in my heart.
Be my wife.
Is that a yes?
I never would've imagined us here.
That's why I picked it.|We can start a new life here.
Will you be happy in Florida,|without the excitement?
I've got you.|You keep me busy.
We can go to the hotel, check in. . .
. . .then do something I've wanted|to do for a long time.
Wait a minute. Certain things wait|until after the wedding.
Driver, change of plans.|Take us to the nearest church.
"Jesse Woodson James. "
Jesse James.|The Jesse James?
I could lie, but I want this marriage|to be legal.
I'm starting a new life|so I'm depending on your--
-Sir, I'm a man of the cloth. . .|-Well, thank you.
. . .who needs to repair|a leaky church roof.
Of course.
Now let's have a drink.
-In the church?|-Communion!
Have a good day.
Hands in the air!|This is a robbery! Move!
The safe, now!
Of course!
Where's Jesse James?
This here is the Younger gang!|Understand?
But the Youngers ride|with Jesse James.
You wanna die?
Did ride. No more.|You understand?
-The safe, now! All right?|-All right.
Jesse James never|went around yelling.
This is the best score yet!
Taking too long.|People used to snap to.
Well, that was because of J--|The gang's reputation.
If people think Jesse's riding,|we won't get respect.
We're outlaws.|Not exactly the most respectable job.
Bob, leave me alone.|All right? Go on.
"The life of the James gang|wasn't all killing.
These young bucks|had a taste for the ladies. . .
. . .especially the handsome,|charismatic Jesse James. "
Beg your pardon?
"Blazing Guns of the West.|True Stories of Jesse James. "
-Only a dime in the hotel.|-Let me see.
I'm not finished.
"When he sauntered into a saloon,|his spurs jangling. . .
. . .Ladies flocked to him|like flies to a candied apple. "
As I said, hmm.
Now, sweetie. . .
. . .you don't believe them silly|dime novels, do you?
Swimming is good.
Don't turn around.
If you don't see it,|then it's not real.
Jesse James!
You're under arrest!
They arrested Jesse!
-What have you done?|-What's that, Bob?
What have you done, Cole?
-I ain't done nothing, Bob.|-Swear.
Swear on Jimmy's grave.
Bob, you know Cole would never|do such a thing.
He and Jesse are best friends.
Cousins. Blood brothers.
I'm sorry, Cole.
-We're moving you tomorrow.|-But I like the presidential suite.
You'll get a similar room,|but the hotel's in Washington, D.C.
You won't get a fair trial here,|with a jury of James sympathizers.
-So I get a jury bought off by Rains?|-That's it.
-Did you order our houses burned down?|-Not that day.
I'm guilty of many things. . .
. . .but that was Mr. Thaddeus Rains|and Parker.
-This was you, by the way.|-You almost ended my career.
We're gonna hang you, you know.
Yeah, I figured.
Was it worth it?
-I should've killed Rains.|-That's what I'd have done.
Well, I'm not hanged yet.
You cocky little bastard!
Oh, you'll miss me.
No. I'll hang you.
But I may miss you a little bit.
Come on, you!
So this is he.
I remember you.
You're Parker. I remember you too.
-You killed my ma.|-How did you know?
Not such a menace now, is he?
Well, I could always|take off his irons.
You cost me millions and months|of delays in construction.
I wish I could hang you|every morning for a century.
How do you like that?
My father had it made|when he started this railroad.
I'll give it to my son,|and he'll give it to his son.
The right sort of men will always|run this country. Not your sort.
You'll always suffer.|And you haven't changed anything.
I made you think twice|about burning homes down.
-We'll speak in Washington.|-You're on the same train?
Well, I'll tell you what.|I'm gonna have to pay you a visit.
-Big words.|-It's a promise.
Get him on board.
Open up!
-Hook him up.|-Come with me, boy.
Take him back.
Now, your guns.
I don't like it.|We can handle him.
In the last 1 0 seconds, he could've|grabbed your gun at least three times!
If he lays a finger|on one of your guns. . .
. . .you are all, and I mean all,|dead men!
He's chained up.
I'll put that on your tombstone.|Your guns!
Give me two good cards.
Everybody, ante up.
Hey, stupid!
Yeah, you!
Glad to see you know your name,|you dumb shit!
-What are you saying, boy?|-I recognize you.
You left by the front door|as I came in the back.
You shut up now, boy!
Yeah. Your wife said|you did that to her too.
Will this shut you up?
I can do this without the gun.
It just makes things easier.
What the hell is that?
Vengeance!|Outside! Get up on the roof!
You stay put, gentlemen.
-Nice shot.|-Thank you.
Now go get my husband!
-There's only four of them!|-Move, you fools! Move!
Come quickly! This way.
Do it!
That was for my ma.|This is for everybody else.
No, they'll set the Army on you!
You and your wife.
That is a nice watch you got there.|Hand it over.
If I can get you today. . .
. . .then you damn sure know|I can kill you anytime I want.
Sleep on that for the next 20 years.|Give it to me!
Hands up, now!
The railroad has no business there.
Therefore I have no interest|in the state of Tennessee.
Thank you.
I'd just as soon kill you. . .
. . .but chasing you takes up|too much of my time.
Fair enough.
Jesse James?
Come on, let's ride!
-Get arrested again, I'll kill you.|-Yes, ma'am.
-I blew up a train.|-You're a hell of a woman.
-Don't swear!|-Yes, ma'am.
-I missed you, cousin.|-I missed you too.
You know. . .
. . .when you got caught, they thought|I had something to do with it.
-Never crossed my mind.|-Good.
Things changed when you quit the gang.
-Now I say, "Let's ride. "|-He ain't bad at it.
-It's tough.|-Where'd you get the riders?
We didn't. Zerelda did.|She makes a hell of an outlaw.
So, what's the plan, Jesse?
-We're gonna buy a farm.|-Farm?
-Down in Tennessee.|-All right.
Want to ride with the Younger gang|for a while?
Bye, boys.
-Tennessee, huh?|-Yeah, I think so.
-Meet you there in a couple weeks.|-I'll see you soon.
-Thanks for that distraction.|-Hell, they hardly noticed us.
-Mrs. James?|-Shall we?
Shall we, indeed. Frank. Rangers.
-Tennessee?|-I'll explain on the way.
All right, boys.
Let's ride!
-When were you gonna tell me?|-I did.
Because I asked.
-Damn, am I ever gonna win with you?|-Don't change the subject.
Subtitles by|Danoj
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