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Subtitles for American Pie - Rated Version.

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American Pie - Rated Version

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[ Woman Moaning ]
Ahh ! Ohh !
- Ohh.|- [ Man Moaning ] Oh, yeah.
Ohh,|you're so good.
Ohh, yes.|I am the best, baby.
- [ Woman On TV ] Oh, yeah !|- Oh. Oh, that was a tit.
- That is a tit ! Yes !|- [ Moaning Continues ]
[ Woman ] Oh, you're so big !
Oh, yeah. Yeah,|that's right, baby.
- [ Man On TV ] Oh, doggie|wants to hide his bone. - [ Woman ] Yes !
Oh, yeah !|I'm bone smuggling, baby.
- Man, would you shut up !|- [ Moaning Continues ]
Hey, Jimmy.|Just wanted to say sweet dreams.
Yeah, yeah.|Sweet dreams. Good night, Mom.
- Kiss good night.|- [ Moaning Continues ]
- [ Mom ] Something wrong|with the reception ? - Uh, yeah. Yeah.
- There's-- There's this nature|show that I'm trying to watch. - [ Man On TV ] Take it off.
- And the birds are|all scrambled and I can't even-- - [ Woman On TV ] Do me ! Yes !
- [ Jimmy Groans ]|- Baby ! Ride me like a pony !
- The thing must be broken or I|sat on the remote or something. - [ Moans Continue ]
- Getting ready for bed, son ?|- Yup, I'm all set, Dad. I'm all set.
- Yeah ?|- No ! No, I think he's tried to watch some illegal channels.
- Illegal-- Illegal channels ?|- This is just bad reception, honey.
-[ Man On TV ] Oh, spank my hairy ass !|-What's that ?
- Ooh, baby !|- You know what ? Here. Just give me this, please--
- Oh, my God !|- And let's get this-- Ohh !
Okay, okay. Let's, uh-- What the hell's|the matter with this thing ?
[ Woman On TV ] Yes !
[ Woman On TV ] Yes !
[ Boy ] Illegal channels ?|Shit !
If there's any channel that|should be illegal, it's that "all-woman's" channel.
- Lifetime supply|of pantyhose or some shit. - Yeah.
Hey, uh, did you see The Little Mermaid|on TV the other night ?
- No.|- Ariel, man. She's so hot !
- Yeah, Oz. But not when she's on land.|- She's a mermaid, dude.
[ Boy ] Come on, Vicky, it's Stifler's|party. We got to go. It'll be great.
[ Vicky ] Why ? All that|happens at Stifler's parties is people get drunk and do it.
[ Vicky ] Now, come on, Kevin.|Open it.
It's a big, thick envelope, Vicky.|You got in.
If you think so,|just open it.
- Fine.|- ** [ Rock ]
"Dear Miss Latham: We're sorry but|after keeping you on the waiting list...
for the past couple of months, we've|decided that you are now rejected."
- Shut up !|- [ Both Giggling ]
- You got in.|- [ Squeals ] Yes ! I love you !
- -**-** [ Continuing ]|- [ Chuckling ] Okay.
Hey, you think I should wear|this shirt to Stifler's party ?
[ Scoffs ] You've worn that shirt for,|like, three days in a row, man !
Guys.|She said it.
- Said what ? [ Chuckles ]|- She said she loves me.
- Holy shit, dude ! The "L" word ?|- Oh, man !
Cornell's not|that far from "U" of "M."
Yeah, it's only,|like, seven hours.
Oh, and you get|to drive across Canada.
- Beautiful country.|- Whatever. It's doable.
Wh-What we should|do today, in band.
Instead of playing|our instruments regularly, we should play them backwards.
- That'll be so funny !|- Yeah.
-**-** [ Noodling ]
No offense, but you're talking|about a post-high school, long-distance relationship.
And you and Kevin|haven't even done it yet.
That's not why|we're going out.
What do you expect him to drive|to Cornell for ? Milk and cookies ?
We're gonna have sex|when he's ready and I'm ready.
It's got to be|completely perfect.
I want the right time, the right moment,|the right place--
Vicky, it's not|a space shuttle launch. It's sex.
- Finch.|- Here's the man we are looking for.
- Gentlemen.|- What's going on, buddy ?
- Gentlemen.|- What's going on, buddy ?
- Same ol'--|- [ Sighs ] Finch. You got the Latin homework ?
Oh.|[ Speaks Latin, Chuckles ]
It means, "My dog ate it."|It's Latin. It's a joke.
- It's a Latin joke.|- Yeah, Latin. Just drink your coffee.
- No, Jim, it's mochaccino.|- What ?
What I'm drinking, it's mochaccino.|It's not coffee.
[ Boy ] 'Nova !
- [ Both Grunting ]|- What's up, dude ?
You coming to the party|tonight, Ozzie, you fuckface ?
Uh, depends if my date|wants to stop by.
- I'm working on something new.|- I got an idea about something new.
How about you guys|actually locate your dicks,
remove the shrink-wrap|and fucking use them !
Dude, it's gonna happen.|She's a college chick.
[ Scoffs ] Oh, right.|I'll see you guys tonight.
I'll look for you in the no-fucking|section. [ Mocking Laugh ]
[ Self-Deprecating Chuckle ]
[ Self-Deprecating Chuckle ]
All right. I'm shooting for a|9:00 E.T.A. Beer in hand by five after.
Breath check.
- Thank you.|- [ Gargling ]
[ Hacks ]
- I wish you wouldn't do that.|- So, you got something up your sleeve for tonight ?
This is a foolproof plan,|my friend.
I have a serious question|to ask you guys. Okay.
You know Nadia the Czechoslovakian|chick ? She might be there tonight.
Now, do you think she would prefer...|[ Clears Throat ]
Laid-back Jim...
[ Clears Throat ]|cool, hip Jim ?
I don't think it really matters|with that shirt you're wearing.
What ? Correct me if I'm wrong but|you're the one with the girlfriend...
and you're still|stranded on third base.
Hey, at least I know what|third base feels like, okay ?
- You're still just a batboy.|- Batboy. Batboy.
- [ Laughs ]|- What are you talking about ?
Guys, uh--
What exactly does|third base feel like ?
You wanna|take this one ?
- Like warm apple pie.|- Yeah ? - Yeah.
- Apple pie, huh ?|- Uh-huh.
- McDonald's or homemade ?|- [ Scooter Engine Starts ]
Gentlemen,|destiny awaits.
- [ Engine Stalls ]|- [ Boys Chuckle ]
- [ Engine Stalls ]|- [ Boys Chuckle ]
- -**-** [ Rock ]|- -** It's been one week since you looked at me -**
-** Cocked your head to the side|and said, I'm angry -**
That's number five and six|for the Stif-meister !
- -**-** [ Continues ]|- Yeah.
- [ Gasps ]|- Oops !
- Holy !|- H-Hey !
Nadia ! Buenos dias.|Glad you could make it.
- I'll be back for you later.|- [ Door Bell Chimes ]
- -**-** [ Snapping Fingers ]|- -**-** [ Continues ]
- Another party sultan !|- How ya doing ?
Welcome to Stifler's|Palace of Love, fellas.
- The keg's back there ! Enjoy !|- Yeah.
Vicky, Jessica ! Great to see you.|Glad you could make it.
Haha, bitches !
- Sherman !|- Hey !
What the fuck|are you doing here ?
Fellas !|What's going on ?
Fellas !|What's going on ?
Sherman. Not much. Just, uh,|scoping the babes.
- Indeed ! Some fine ladies here, boys.|- Uh-huh.
Confidence is high.|Repeat. Confidence is high.
Sherman is moving|to DEFCON 2.
- Full strategic arsenal|ready for deployment. - Hey !
You have something|going tonight, Sherman ?
You see that|Central chick, Bernette ?
- Um, no.|- No.
She's around.|Seems she's taken a liking to me.
Fellas, it's time|she experienced... the Shermanator.
Yeah, okay,|Sherman. Whatever.
I'm a sophisticated sex robot|sent back through time...
to change the future|for one lucky lady.
- Go get 'em, tiger.|- [ Imitates Schwarzenegger ] I'll be back !
- Hopeless.|- Completely.
- Hi.|- Hey, Vic.
Oh, shit.|Guys-- Guys--
There's Nadia and|she just looked at me.
- She just looked at me.|- Well, why don't you go talk to her ?
Yeah, you're right, Kev.|I should just go talk to her.
- [ Laughing ]|- [ Indistinct ]
Yeah,|I could do that. Sure.
Sure.|[ Clears Throat ]
Kev ? Kev ? Ke--
- [ Clattering ]|- [ Groan ]
Yeah. Yeah.|[ Indistinct ]
-** At last -**
-** My love -**
-** Has come along -**
-** My lonely days -**
- -** Are over -**|- [ Laughs ] That's great !
-** And life|is like a song -**
-** Oh, yeah, yeah -**
-** At last -**
See ya later.
-** The stars above -**-**
- -**-** [ Rock ]|- [ Doorbell Chimes ]
- -**-** [ Blaring ]|- We're here for the party.
What party ?|There's no party. [ Chuckles ]
[ Slurred, Indistinct ]
Weird.|Try the house down the street.
[ Oz ] So, what's your major ?
[ Girl ] Post-modern feminist thought.
Oh, cool.|Great night, isn't it ?
Yeah, it's just something about the|springtime that's just cool, you know ?
- Like the smell|of fresh rain or something. - Mmm.
Suck me, beautiful.
What did you just say ?
- Suck me, beautiful.|- [ Laughs ]
My friends call me "'Nova,"|as in Casanova.
That's pathetic.|[ Laughs ]
Jeez, you don't|have to laugh at me.
Well, there's just some things|you need to learn, that's all.
- Like what ?|- Well, you've got to tone it down.
You don't need to come|to a place like Lookout Point...
and spout off|cheeseball lines to be romantic.
- Okay.|- You have to pay attention to a girl.
Be sensitive to her feelings.|Relationships are reciprocal.
Come on, Casanova.|I'll take you back to your friends.
[ Power Windows Hum ]
Vicky, think it's time to take|the next step in our relationship ?
- Tonight ?|- Yeah, it's such a perfect evening.
I mean, it's how you've|always pictured it, isn't it ?
[ Boy ] Damn, my parts fucking stink !
[ Boy #2 ] Dude, you gotta take|a shit ! You smell like a Yeti !
Or not.
Just relax.
[ Zipper Unzips ]
You actually|said that ?
- [ Laughs Hysterically ]|- Shut up !
You did a hell of a lot better|than I did with Nadia.
Oh, thanks, Jim, that's great.|That's really reassuring.
Hey, no problem,|'Nova.
Hey, don't call me 'Nova anymore.|I'm a-- I'm a fraud.
You guys|are pathetic.
I'm gonna find myself|a little hottie.
"Suck me, beautiful" !|[ Mocking Laugh ]
- -**-** [ Continues ]|- [ Heavy Breathing ]
- Let me know.|- Okay.
Keep going.
I should be able|to talk to girls.
I'm articulate.
You know, I got a 720|on my S.A.T. verbal.
Bullshit.|There's no way.
I kid you not, man.|Look. Listen.
- Copious. Verisimilitude.|- Mmm.
[ Moaning ]|Oh, ohh. Now.
[ Moaning, Grunting ]
[ Fizzing ]
Suck me,|beautiful !
- Damn it, Stifler.|- Checkout time !
- Please, vacate the room.|- You are such a jerk.
God, I can't believe how many|cool people are at this party.
Yup.|[ Chuckles, Snaps Fingers ]
And you got|a keg too !
- Wow !|- Indeed.
Oh, wait.|I left my beer downstairs.
No. No.|Here, babe !
[ Giggles ]|Thanks.
You're really|beautiful. Oh--
- Really ?|- [ Sighs ] Oh, yeah.
[ Both Giggle ]
[ Muffled Chuckle ]
You know what ? I don't know|if I want to be doing this.
- Doing what ?|- You know, like, if we hook up tonight,
tomorrow I'll just be some girl|you go telling all your friends about.
[ Incredulous Chuckle ]|No way !
Steve, you could at least look at me|when you say that !
[ Sighs ]|Look. Sarah,
I-- I wouldn't go telling|stories or anything about you.
I promise.|So, just... relax,
take it slow... and|let the good times roll.
- Okay.|- All right.
[ Gulps, Exhales ]
What's wrong ?
What's wrong ?|What is it ?
- Xenophobic.|- [ Scream ]
[ Whimpering ]|Oh !
- Regurgitation.|- I know that one.
- Kevin likes it.|- He likes getting head.
Gee, what a total shocker.|What about you, Vicky ?
I mean, h-have you just|never had one with Kevin...
or have you never|had one, period ?
I've had one.
- I think.|- Okay.
That's a no. No wonder|you're not psyched about sex.
You tell me you never|even had one manually ?
- I've never tried it.|- You've never double-clicked your mouse ?
- [ Coughing, Vomiting ]|- Ha-ha, nice !
- [ Laughing ]|- Jesus ! Stifler, how much did you drink, man ?
Hey, Stifler ?|How's the pale ale ?
- Fuck you ! [ Vomits ]|- Ooh, whoo !
- [ Kevin ] That's Stifler's mom ?|- [ Jim ] Yup.
Shit. I cannot believe a fine woman|like this produced a guy like Stifler.
- Dude, that chick's a "MILF."|- What the hell is that ?
- M-I-L-F-- Mom I'd like to fuck.|- Yeah, dude !
Oh-ho, yeah !
- [ Together ] Yeah ! MILF ! MILF !|- Hey, guys-- Guys. Guys.
- Come here.|- Sherman, what's going on ?
Yeah, uh-- Don't you think you fellas|could try a little tact ?
I got company,|if you know what I mean ?
She's hot !
[ Door Slams ]
If Sherman has sex before I do,|I'm gonna be really pissed.
Sherman ? [ Chuckles ]|The Shermanator ?
- [ Both Laugh ]|- Come on, man.
[ Together ]|MILF ! MILF !
MILF ! MILF ! Dude, hey, dude.|What are you doing to her, dude ?
Oh, my God,|bro, dude.
- [ Chuckles ]|- Enough of this blow job bullshit.
- I gotta get laid already.|- [ Vicky ] That's nice. Really, really nice.
- Can I have a ride ?|- Sure.
- [ Kevin ] Vicky, wait.|- Not for you.
Yeti !|I am the Yeti !
- [ Finch ] Good morning, gentlemen.|- Finch.
Where were you last night, huh ?|What happened to that foolproof plan of yours ?
Well, I was going for a fashionably-late|entrance and I was too late.
So,|no ladies left.
[ Sherman ] It was a very|special night, very special.
- [ Girl Giggling ]|- Guys. Guys.
- I'll never forget this.|- Oh, I'll never forget it, either.
- [ Sherman ] Thank you.|- Uhh.
- [ Girl ] Well, bye.|- Bye.
[ Door Closes ]
Fellas, say good-bye|to Chuck Sherman, the boy.
I... am now a man.
I highly recommend|you join the club.
We were doing the wild thing...|all night. I'm exhausted.
I don't get it. I mean,|how the hell did you do that ?
It was just my time.|It was just my time.
Best of luck|to you boys.
- I cannot believe this.|- Come on, guys.
You know, we should|be happy for Sherman.
[ Sighs ]|No, we shouldn't be.
You know, I put in months|of quality time with Vicky.
Sherman meets a chick|for one night and scores.
- This is just wrong.|- No shit.
How the hell am I supposed|to become Mr. Sensitive Man ?
You know, we're all gonna go to college|as virgins. You realize this, right ?
I mean, they probably have special dorms|for people like us.
All right. I got an idea.|But it's got to stay between us.
It's really simple. We just|got to make an agreement.
Er, nah. It's--|It's more than an agreement.
- What ? A bet ?|- A pact.
No money involved.|More important than any bet.
Here's the deal.|We all get laid before we graduate.
Dude, it's not like I haven't|been trying to get laid.
Think about when you work out, Oz.|You gotta have someone there, right ?
Someone to spot you.|Someone to keep you motivated.
Well, that's exactly what|we can do for each other.
I mean, we'll be there|to keep each other on track.
Separately, we are flawed|and vulnerable, but together,
we are the masters|of our sexual destiny.
Their tiger-style|kung fu is strong.
But our dragon-style|will defeat it.
- Guys !|- The Shaolin masters from East and West must unite !
- Fight, and find out who is number one.|- Guys !
Come on. You're ruining my moment here.|This is our very manhood at stake.
We must make|a stand, here and now.
No longer will our penises|remain flaccid and unused !
We will fight for every man out there|who isn't getting laid and should be.
This is our day.|This is our time.
And, by God, we will not stand by and|watch history condemn us into celibacy.
- Amen. Yes.|- I like that.
-We will make a stand. We will succeed.|-'Bout time !
- We will get laid !|- Yeah ! - Yeah !
[ Cheering, Whooping ]
Now, the sex: It's got|to be valid, consensual sex.
- No prostitutes.|That's what you're thinking, Finch. - [ Sucking Air ]
[ Laughs ]|Busted.
So, basically,|prom is our last chance.
- Oh, dude. Prom sucks.|- I know,
but you gotta think|about it this way.
I mean, all the parties afterwards ?|The chicks are going to want to do it.
- Yeah-yeah, he's right. It's,|like tradition or something. - The Rose Bowl.
- So, that gives us--|- Exactly three weeks to the day.
- We're gonna do this.|- All right, to the next step ! - Next step !
[ Together ] Next step !|[ Whooping ]
[ Together ] Next step !|[ Whooping ]
-** I have visions I was in them|I was looking into the mirror -**
-** To see a little bit clearer -**
-** The rottenness|and evil in me -**
-** Fingertips have memories I can't|forget the curves of your body -**
-** And when I feel|a bit naughty -**
-** I run it up|the flagpole and see -**
-** Who salutes|but no one ever does -**
-** I'm not sick|but I'm not well -**
-** I'm not sick|but I'm not well -**
-** And I'm so hot -**
-** 'Cause I'm in hell -**
-** Been around the world and found|that only stupid people are breeding -**
-** The cretins|cloning and feeding -**
- Well, did you get the flowers ?|- -** And I don't even own a TV -**
-** Hear the voices in my head|I swear to God -**
-** It sounds like|they're snoring -**
-** But if you're poor|and you're boring -**
-** The agony and the irony -**
-** They're killing me -**|Whoa !
-** I'm not sick|but I'm not well -**
-** And I'm so hot -**
-** 'Cause I'm in hell -**-**
Don't worry. You'll|get her back soon enough.
- You think so ?|- Sure, she likes you.
- Well, I like her too.|- Do you love her ?
- Well, I like her too.|- Do you love her ?
Um, you know what ?|You can't really ask me that.
Well, if you want to get|her in the sack, I mean, just tell her you love her.
- That's how I was duped.|- Look, Jessica,
I-I don't want|to dupe her.
All right.|What you need to do...
is learn how to press|a girl's buttons.
You have to give her|what she's never had.
- What's that ?|- Let me give you a hint.
[ Orgasmic Moans ]|Ohh, Kev ! Uhh. Yeah.
- ? Comprende ?|- You mean an orgasm.
- You got it, stud !|- Well, you know,
I'm-I'm pretty sure that I've...|given her a--
- No, you haven't.|- Well, there was one time--
- No.|- Oh, man.
- Look, kid, it's up to you.|The big "L" or the big "O." - Dickhead !
- You gotta see this.|- [ Vocal Group ] -** Do you believe in -**
- -** Magic in a young girl's heart -**|- -** Ooh, ooh -**
-** How the music can free her|whenever it starts -**
-** And it's magic|if the music is groovy -**
- -** It makes you feel happy -**|- What did you cocks do to him ?
- -** I'll tell you about the magic|It'll free your soul -** - -** Ooh, ooh, ooh -**
-** But it's like trying to tell|a stranger 'bout rock 'n' roll -**-**
Great.|See you next time.
- Hey, guys.|Came to watch me in action ? - Yeah.
- I-I think you sounded pretty good.|- Yeah, man.
I think you need|your balls reattached.
- Hey, keep it down, dude.|- What the fuck are you doing here ?
This place|is an untapped resource.
I mean,|check it out.
- These vocal jazz girls are hot.|- Why the hell is he joining jazz choir so late ?
- Maybe he's preparing for|another senior year at East ? - [ Chuckles ]
You guys,|we don't even know him.
You dipshit !
You're expecting|to score with some...
goody-goody|choirgirl priss ?
These chicks don't know me. I can work|the sensitive angle here, fellas !
You know, it's just like|that college chick told me.
All that you gotta do|is just ask 'em questions...
and listen to what|they have to say and shit.
I don't know, man.|That sounds like a lot of work !
- [ Knocking ]|- Uh, just a second !
Come in. Come in.
Oh, Jim, you're here.
Uh, I was just walking|by your room and uh--
And, you know, I was thinking, "Boy,|it's been a long time since we've had...
a little|father-son, uh-uh, chat."
Oh ! I almost forgot.|I, uh, I bought some magazines.
Do you just want to flip|to the center section ?
Well, this is the--|this is the, uh, female form.
And they have|focused on the breasts,
uh, which are used primarily|to, uh, feed young infants...
- and, uh-- and also, uh, in foreplay.|- Right. [ Clears Throat ]
This is, uh--|This is Hustler.
And this is a much|more exotic magazine.
Now, they have decided to focus|on the, uh, pubic region--
- Right. Uh-huh.|- The whole groin area.
Look at the expression on her face.|You see that ? See what's she's doing ?
She's kind of looking|right into your eyes saying,
"Hey, big boy.|Hey, how ya doing ?"
- You see ?|- Right.
Shaved is a magazine|I'm not too familiar with,
- but, again,|if you flip to the center... - [ Sighs ]
[ Clears Throat ]|section--
Well, you see the detail that, uh,|that they go into in this picture here.
- Uh-huh. Yeah.|- It almost looks like a tropical plant or something...
- underwater... thing.|- Yeah. Yes.
- Do you know what a clitoris is ?|- Oh, my God.
- Well, don't say, "Oh--"|- Yes, I know what a clitoris is.
Oh, you do. Oh, I see. Yes, you do.|I forgot you've been there and back.
- You know everything--|- I've learned about it in Sex Ed--
- I really don't need you|to talk about clitoris. - I'm trying to make this painless--
- You know what ?|I'm sorry. Okay ? I'm sorry. - No-no-no.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.|- I'm sorry.
I shouldn't|have got hot there.
Well, you know what|I'm going to do, Jim.
I'm going to just|leave these books here...
for you to, uh, peruse at your, uh--|at your leisure.
Wait !|[ Groans ]
Well, safer|than a tube sock.
[ Sighs ]
- Okay, that-- That was good.|- Yeah.
- See you at dinner.|- Uh, yeah. I'll see you at dinner.
So, Finch,|this is your plan ?
You know, I don't think girls are|into the whole mini-golf thing.
Kevin, I'm sure|that they're not.
Actually, there is one small matter that|I need to ask for your cooperation in.
- In the spirit of this|whole pact, you know ? - Sure, what do you need ?
Whatever you hear about me, you agree.|And tell all the boys the same thing.
Look, I gotta go.|Sixteen minutes round-trip.
You know, Finch,|it's-- it's senior year.
I mean, don't you think it's time you|learned how to take a dump at school ?
When was the last time you looked|at the facilities in this school ?
[ Murmuring ]
- [ Grunts ]|- Excuse me.
Uh, that's|Paul Finch, right ?
- Yeah.|- Well, you've seen him in the locker room, right ?
- Uh, yeah.|- So, my friends, they want to know. Is it true ?
You know,|that he's... equipped.
I have no idea. Finch showers|with his bathing suit on.
I mean, uh--
As a matter of fact, it is true.|The guy's huge !
- Does he have a date for the prom yet ?|- No, definitely not.
All right. Thanks.
Oh, man !
So I was thinking maybe you could|give me some advice, brother to brother.
I thought you might know a trick|or something to make her--
- Orgasm ?|- Yeah. - What's good here ?
- Try the spicy tuna hand roll.|- What ?
- How do you do that ?|- Hey, never mind that. Listen, pay attention.
Is that all that you're interested in,|trying to get your girl into bed ?
No, it'd be good to be able|to, you know, return the favor.
Be nice to know she enjoys|things as much as I do.
See that ? That's good. That's what|I wanted to hear. Now, you qualify.
- Qualify for what ?|- My man, you've just inherited the Bible.
It originally started|as a sex manual,
this book that some guys|brought back from Amsterdam.
And each year it got passed on to one|East student who was worthy.
Now, it's full of all sorts of stuff|that guys have added over the years.
But you have to keep it a secret|and return it at the end of the year.
All right.|So now you know. Good luck.
- -** If you believe in magic -**|- -** Ooh, magic -**
-** Don't you bother to choose if it's|jug band music or rhythm and blues -**
-** Just go and listen|It will start with a smile -**
-** That won't wipe off your face|no matter how hard you try -**
-** Your feet start tapping and you can't|seem to find how you got there -**
-** Do you believe in magic -**-**
-** Scooby-dooby doo bah scoo-scooby-dooby|dooby-dooby doo bah -**
-** Yeah, magic -**-**
What was that ?
- Uh, sorry.|- No, it was good.
Well, it, uh--|It came from the heart.
Well, keep it coming.|All right, people, good work !
Now, don't forget. The state|competition's a couple of weeks away,
so keep on it, okay ?
Not bad, Chris.
Really ?
Thanks, uh,|Heather, right ?
Yeah.|[ Chuckles ]
So, you've got this sort of|Frank Sinatra thing going on.
[ Chuckles ] Right. I feel like I've|discovered this whole new side of me.
I mean, uh,|music is so expressive.
[ Chuckles ] Okay.|I mean, I agree, but...
aren't you supposed to be out,|like, trying to decapitate someone...
-with your lacrosse stick or something ?|-Oh, sure. Sure.
You know, I know what|people think. It's like,
"Oz, he's just this|kick-ass lacrosse player."
You know, I also play football,|by the way, but that's, like,
- that's not all that I am, you know ?|- Of course, I didn't--
I mean, it really bothers me when|people try to pigeonhole me like that.
You ?
You think|I don't get that ?
God, it's like just because I don't|get drunk and barf every weekend...
that people say, "Oh, look. There's|this Goody Two-Shoes choirgirl priss."
Yeah. So, like,|what else do you do ?
Well,|the same things you do,
Like hang out|with friends and stuff.
- Why ? What do you think I do ?|- Oh, I--
I just realized that I don't|know anything about you.
- I was interested.|- Oh, well, what do you want to know ?
You know,|stuff... about you.
All right.
Mom, I'm home !
[ Chattering ]
[ Moaning ]
[ Moaning Continues ]|Oh, yeah. Oh !
[ Gasps ]
- Jim !|- It's not what it looks like.
Well, we'll just tell your|mother that, uh-- that, uh--
we ate it all.
[ Sighs ]
- [ Spectators Clamoring ]|- [ Grunts ]
- [ Whistle Blows ]|- [ Cheering ]
[ P.A. Announcer ]|Goal by number eight, Chris Ostreicher.
- Nice game.|- Nice game. Good game.
Hey, what are|you doing here ?
Just enjoying my first exhilarating|lacrosse experience.
- You kicked butt.|- Oh, thanks.
- Um, Chris--|- Oh, you can call me Oz, if you want.
- Do I have to ?|- You can call me Ostreicher.
- What's your middle name ?|- Nah, forget it.
- Come on. I won't tell anyone.|- Well, neither will I.
Okay. Um.
So, I had this thought and--
It may seem like|it's way out of left field.
I don't know if you can,|but since I'm not going with anybody, I thought that maybe--
Those guys sucked ass !
Choir chick, what the hell|are you doing here ?
Well, uh, I was|asking Chris to prom.
So, do you|want to go ?
Oh, yeah !|That would be great.
Well, just don't|expect Oz to pay for the limo !
Stifler, fuck !|I mean--
Why do you got to be so|insensitive all the time ?
What ?
Whatever. Look, uh, don't forget.|My cottage after prom.
On Lake Michigan.|[ Chuckles ]
Hey, wait up, you pussies.|Where you going ?
Ah, well, I gotta--|I gotta hit the showers now,
but I think this is gonna|be really, really good.
- Yeah. Me too.|- All right.
- Bye.|- Bye. Bye.
- 'Appending Oz !|- Working with the choir chick ?
What d'ya say, fellas ? I just dig|those cute little sweaters she wears.
- [ Laughing ]|- Nuts you do, you little horn dog.
Yeah !|Yeah, baby !
[ Stifler ] Spank me ! Spank me !|Hit that high "C."
[ Falsetto ]|-** Ahhhh -**
[ Whooping, Laughing ]
Come on !|What's going on here ?
[ Laughing, Shouting Continue ]
I was being selfish|and majorly insensitive.
I'm a-- I'm a total idiot.|I mean, a fool, a buffoon.
I think shithead|really says it.
You know what ? You're right.|I'm a shithead, and I want to make it up to you.
You know what ? You're right.|I'm a shithead, and I want to make it up to you.
Oh, yeah ? How ?
Oh, yeah ? How ?
- [ Moaning ] Oh. Oh. Oh. Ohh !|- -** Don't make me -**
- -** Over -**|- Vicky. Shh. Your parents are downstairs.
- Kevin, don't stop !|- Just a second.
-** I'm rocking steady -**
-** In demonology -**
-** Hey so that you could make it -**
[ Moans ]
- -** You're really making it -**-**|- Hon, can you tell Vic to come on down for supper ?
- [ Screams ] Holy shit !|- Shh. You know there's no lock on your door ?
- -**-** [ Humming ]|- [ Moaning ]
-**-** [ Continues ]
Ohh ! I'm coming !|I'm coming !
-**-** [ Humming ]
- Oh, Jim !|- Dad.
Hi, I was just looking|at the old family portrait out here.
Well, that was|a fun day wasn't it ?
- Oh, yeah.|- Yeah.
Jim, I want to talk|about masturbation.
Now, I just want you to know that|it's-it's a perfectly normal, uh, thing.
And I have|to admit, uh, you know.
I did a fair bit of masturbating|when I was a little younger.
- I, uh-- I used to call it|"stroking the salami." - [ Groans ]
Yeah, you know,|"pounding the ol' pud."
I never did it|with baked goods.
But you know your Uncle Mort ?|He "pinched the one-eyed snake" five, six times a day.
See, it's like, uh,|practice for the big game.
You see ?|It's like-- It's like...
banging a tennis ball|against a brick wall.
Which can be fun.|It can be fun, but it's not a game.
- Right. No.|- It's not a game.
What you want is you want|a partner to return the ball.
- Do you want a partner ?|- Yeah. Yeah-Yeah, I want a partner.
- You do want a partner ?|- Oh, I want a partner.
- Want a partner. Good. Good.|- Of course.
So, once Hal becomes king,|he has to take on...
the responsibilities of leadership|and turn his back...
on his old,|drunken friend, Falstaff.
You see, Hal is going through a...|rite of passage, much like you all are.
So make most of the time you've got|left together. You'll miss it later.
- [ Teacher Continues ]|- So, does your tongue cramp up ?
- Nah. You get kind of dizzy, though.|- Wow.
That's amazing. She's probably|gonna want to do it soon.
- [ Bell Rings ]|- All right. Class dismissed.
Still questing after the Holy Grail,|huh, guys ?
Hey, uh,|where's Finch ?
- Oh, he went home to take a shit.|- [ Chuckles ]
I don't get it.|I just don't.
How does a guy like that|get this sudden reputation ?
- What reputation ?|- Observe.
Ex-Excuse me.|Do you know who Paul Finch is ?
Yeah ! He's the guy|with the tattoo, right ?
- You know, the eagle and the|blazing fire and that stuff. - [ Chuckles ]
Well, um, if you guys see him later,|will you tell him Courtney says hi ?
- [ Scoffs ]|- Okay. Explain.
I can't. I don't|know how he's doing it.
I, uh-- I guess that|just leaves Jim trailing.
- Aw, Jimbo !|- Better sack up, buddy !
Yeah, I know.|I'm working on it, all right ?
James ?
You are very good|in the world history class, yes ?
- Me ? Y-Yes. No, uh--|- [ Mouthing Words ]
- Yes, I am.|- Perhaps you could help me with my studies.
Uh, yeah. Absolutely.
Tha-Tha-Tha-- That would be--|That would be great sometime.
- How about tomorrow ?|- Well, I have ballet practice.
Perhaps I could come|by your house afterwards ?
I could change|clothes at your place.
Oh. Uh... yeah.
I suppose that|would be okay. Sure.
- [ Engine Off ]|- Nice car !
- I'm glad you think so.|- You don't like it ?
No, I like the car.|By the way, though, about prom ?
That was a bad idea.|I'm sorry I invited you.
- What are you talking about ?|- Please.
I asked you because I thought you might|actually be worth going with.
But you are just a jock.|No, wait. You're a jerk.
Wait !|I don't understand.
I saw you making fun of me|with your lacrosse buddies.
Heather, I wasn't|making fun of you.
Gimme a break.|You're so full of it.
Fuck me ! There's gonna be an Eastern|European chick naked in your house.
And you're not gonna|do anything about that ?
What am I gonna do, huh ?|Broadcast her over the Internet ?
- Yeah.|- You can do that ?
[ Scoffs ]|No. I cannot do that to her.
Jim, get some fucking balls.
If you don't have the guts|to photograph a naked chick, how you gonna sleep with one ?
I don't like the kid,|but he's got a point.
See, even shit-brick|knows you should do it.
All you gotta do is set up some sort of|private link or whatever on the 'Net...
and tell me the address.
You can send me|the address too.
I'll save|you a seat.
-** How sweet it is|to be loved by you, by you -**
- -** I needed the shelter|of someone's arms -** - -** Someone's arms -**
- -** There you were -**|- -** You were, oh -**
-** I needed someone|who understands my ups and downs -**
-** There you were -**-**
Okay, that was good, but|I want to thicken-up that solo.
Michigan State is this Saturday,|and I want that part to smoke.
Yeah, I know,|my timing's off.
No, it's not that. I think it'll|work better as a duet with a tenor part.
I'll do it.
- [ Whispers ] Dick.|- I'll do it.
Great.|See you tomorrow.
- Why are you doing this ?|- 'Cause I want to.
Yeah ? Well,|you can't fake this.
You better practice.
[ Beeping ]
- [ Knocking ]|- Come in.
Jim ? There's a, uh--|a young lady here to see you.
- Hey, Nadia.|- Hi, James. Ready to study ?
Oh, he's always ready to study.|He's a real bookworm, this kid.
- Dad.|- That means-- He's not-not one of those nerdy guys but--
- Dad !|- Well, I'll-- I'll let you two hit the books.
You want a beer ?
- [ Kevin ] Oh, there we go.|- [ Little Boy ] Come on, move !
Steve ! It's my computer !|And I wanna use it !
Shut up !
Oh, you need to--|You need to change, right ?
- Uhh, do you mind ?|- No. N-No, not at all.
Uh, please, you know.|Just go ahead and get un-- get changed.
[ Clears Throat ] I'll, uh-- I'll|go downstairs and start studying up.
- [ Chuckles ] Yeah.|- Okay.
- [ Finch ] Oh--|- [ Kevin ] All right, there he goes.
Now,|we're in business.
Now,|we're in business.
-** [ Rock ]
- Back in a sec.|- Jimmy, honey, wh--
-**-** [ Continues ]
-** He pauses shaving and he tells himself|that he is the bomb -**
-** She has her curlers set, her credit|cards are paying the funds -**
- -** He's not that old I've been told -**-**|- Ah, here she is.
- Did I miss anything ?|- No. You are just in time.
- [ Boys Groaning ] Oh. Ohh !|- [ Kevin ] This is incredible.
Oh, my God !|This is too much.
[ Finch ] Oh, did you see ?|Oh, there that goes. Oh, geez.
God bless|the Internet.
- [ Jim ] Ai-yi-yi.|- Do it. Take it off.
- Oh, my God.|- [ Together ] Ohhh !
Oh, thank you, God,|for this wonderful, wonderful day.
- She takes her vitamins.|- -** And it is way too unhealthy -**
-** Often they've typically -**-**
- [ Sighs ]|- Stop hyper ventilating.
-**-** [ Continues Indistinct ]
This is, like,|the coolest thing I've ever seen.
- I know.|- [ Both Snicker ]
Can you believe-- This is definitely|one of Stifler's best ideas ever.
[ Jim ] What is she--|She's touching my stuff.
- Why is she touching my stuff ?|- [ Finch ] Man, let her touch.
- She's going through my stuff !|- Nadia can touch anything she wants.
- Oh.|- Oh, no. Oh, no.
- No, no.|- Oh, nice collection there, Jim.
She's gonna leave.|She's definitely gonna--
She's getting comfortable.|She's not gonna leave.
[ Finch ] She reads|the articles.
[ Boys Moaning ]
Is she ?
She's going downstairs.
[ Moaning ]
- Oh, my God !|- Jackpot, baby !
- Can you believe this ?|- Nadia, I would have never known.
I have an announcement|that I would like to make.
There is a gorgeous woman...|masturbating on my bed !
- [ Finch ] Thank you, Nadia !|- If you ever had a chance with Nadia, this is it.
- [ Scoffs ] What am I|supposed to do, Kev ? - Seduce her.
Wha-- What the hell|would I say ?
Go over there and ask her|if she needs an extra hand.
- That's stupid, Kev. I can't--|- That's not stupid ! You're stupid if you don't go !
Come on !|Get over there !
- Get going, man. She's prime.|- Get out of here !
- She's waiting for you.|- Okay, all right. I'm going.
- Go !|- Go ! - I'm going !
- Go ! Go ! Go ! Go !|- Oh, shit.
-**-** [ Rock ]
-** She's open|waiting for more -**
-** And I know he's only|looking to score -**
-** And it's way too unhealthy -**
- -** Often they've typically -**|- Hey, Mom. Hey, Dad.
-** Been starved|for attention before -**-**
[ Exhales Sharply ]
Oh, boy. Oh, God.|Oh, crap. Oh, no.
- [ Phone Rings ]|- Hello ?
- Looks like Jim addressed|the e-mail wrong. - What ?
It went out to every mailbox|in the East High directory.
God, how juvenile.
- -**-** [ Rock ]|- Hey, hey, hey, guys !
- -** Baby -**|- Check this out ! Oh, my God ! Wow !
Oh.|[ Laughs ]
Please, God,|let this be it.
Please ?
- [ Inhales, Exhales Deeply ]|- [ Nadia Moaning, Panting ]
- S-Somebody's going in there.|- [ Whimpering, Moaning ]
Here you go.|That's what you need to do.
- That guy's in my trig class.|- Oh, no.
-Looks like you could use an extra hand.|-Jim !
- Well-- Oh, God.|- Shame on you.
Yeah, shame on me.|I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
- Uh, you know, I'm just gonna go.|- Well,
you have seen me.
Now, it's|my turn to see you.
Strip !
- Strip ?|- Slowly.
Uh, you mean,|like, strip strip ?
For me.
[ Finch ] What is he|talking to her about ?
- Uh, no idea.|- Come on, Jim. People are viewing. Get to business.
- [ Tuning Radio ]|- -**-** [ Techno ]
Perfect !
- Move, James ! Move !|- Yeah, yeah. Move.
-**-** [ Continues ]
- Go, trig boy ! It's yer birthday !|- [ Chittering ]
- No ! No. No.|- Please, God.
- [ Disappointed Muttering ]|- What's going on ?
- Yes !|- All right. Get in the mix !
- See there.|- Oh, okay.
- This is disgusting.|- What the fuck is this ?
Cut it out, man !
- [ Laughing ]|- [ Laughing ]
Did not just|take out that chair.
- Yup, he took out the chair.|- More, more, you bad boy !
Oh, yeah, I'm naughty. I'm naughty,|baby. Hyah ! [ Slapping ]
- [ Groans ] Ohh, God !|- [ Chitters, Slaps ]
-** Calling your name -**
- -** Calling your name -**|- Now,
come to me.
Oh, yeah.
- Here we go.|- He's in, man.
- -** Calling -**|- This just got a hell of a lot better.
- Be gentle.|- Okay.
- -** Calling your name -**|- Uh--
- -** Calling -**|- Oh.
-** Your name -**-**
- [ Whimpers ]|- Jim ?
- Oh ! Oh, no.|- [ Both ] Oh, no.
- [ All ] Oh. Ohh !|- Liftoff aborted.
- Houston, we have a problem.|- Oh-- Uhh--
- [ Blows Air ]|- What happened ? What did he do
He blew it.
I guess|I'll be going now.
No, no, no, I'm-- I'm not done, Nadia.|I've, uh-- I've got reserves.
Nadia, please, please.|I'm begging you.
Well, I do like|your dirty magazines.
You do ? Okay. Well. Um.|Did-Did-- Did you see this one ?
This here is your-- is your more,|uh, exotic, risque magazine.
- He's pulling out the porn.|- He's desperate.
[ Finch ] Jim, just wait|till she leaves.
Very arousing women.|They arouse me-- [ Clears Throat ]
They arouse me|very, very much.
But, uh--|But not as arousing as you.
- Oh, Jim !|- Oh, God !
[ Coos ]
- [ Together ] Yes !|- [ All Exclaiming ]
He's ruining daisy !|Whoo !
-**-** [ Continues ]
So, uh, "shaved"|is the expression ?
Holy shit.
- Holy shit !|- [ All ] Holy shit !
- H-H-Holy shit !|- Touch me, Jim.
- Here.|- [ Gasps ]
[ Groans ]|Oh. Oh.
- [ Together ] Again ?|- Not again.
- Not again, man !|- Is that possible ?
What a loser.
What a loser.
[ Bell Ringing ]
- [ Laughing ]|- [ Boy ] Hey !
[ Laughing Continues ]
[ Whooping, Taunting ]
[ Chattering ]
[ Oz ] -** I needed someone|to understand my ups and downs -**
-** There you were -**
-** With sweet love|and devotion -**
-** Deeply touching|my emotion -**
-** I just wanna stop|and thank you, baby -**-**
- Hey, minute man !|- Shut up.
You know-- You know you're|supposed to be supportive.
Hey, you think you still|got a chance with Nadia ?
No. Her sponsors here|saw the thing on the 'Net.
I-I really don't|think they liked it.
How do|you know that ?
- She's already on a plane back home.|- [ Groans ]
You know, guys ? Maybe I'm just|not good with girls, period.
No-no-no, really-really. Like-- Like I|was born without that part of the brain.
I mean, I can't|talk to girls.
And when I do talk|to them, I screw it up.
Yeah, well, come prom those excuses|aren't going to do you any good.
- [ Sighs ]|- [ Michelle ] And one time at band camp,
we weren't supposed|to have pillow fights,
but we had a pillow fight,|and it was so much fun.
A-And this one time, we all|lost our music and we were supposed to play this song,
but we didn't know it, so we just made|it up and we kept playing and playing,
and the conductor didn't know|what we were doing, and it was so funny.
-So, you're pissed about something, huh.|-[ Scoffs ]
You know what|I do when I'm angry ?
I just play some Bach on my flute.|It's so relaxing.
- I learned to do that at band camp.|- Hold on, uh--
You have no idea|why I'm angry ?
Is it because we have a test tomorrow ?|Sometimes I get cranky...
- when I know I have|a big test to study for. - [ Laughs ]
- Yeah. Yeah, that's pretty much it.|- I thought so...
- because this one time at band camp--|- W-What's your name ?
- Michelle.|- O-Okay.
Michelle, um--
[ Chuckles ] Do you want to be|my date for the prom ?
Really ? You seriously|want to go with me ?
Yes. Seriously.
Are we going to Steve Stifler's|party afterwards ? Because that would be so cool.
- Sure, whatever you want.|- Cool ! We're gonna have such a good time.
It'll be like this one time at band camp|when we all had a campfire--
[ Knocking At Door ]
[ Siren Wailing, Distant ]
- How'd you know I was here ?|- Stifler told me.
- Talked to Stifler ?|- Well, I needed to find you.
We're gonna have|to work on that song.
Okay.|I'm glad you came by.
So you work nights ?
- My dad's the manager.|- Really ?
Cool. Tell him|the subs are great.
-So you're going to Michigan next year ?|-Yeah.
My parents want me to go|to Northwestern, but...
I don't wanna write all those|extra essays they make you do.
I mean, how am I supposed to|know what my "most emotionally significant moment" was ?
So when my "U" of "M" acceptance came in|December, I just said the hell with it.
- Onions ?|- What ?
You, uh, want onions ?
Oh, no, thank you.
So what are you|gonna major in ?
State's got a good business|school, and I could probably walk-on to the lacrosse team.
Well, you've probably got it|pretty figured out, then, huh ?
I mean, business is okay,|and lacrosse is awesome, but...
what am I gonna be,|a professional lacrosse player ?
I really have no idea.
Thank God.|I thought I was the only one.
Well, you're not.
So we're gonna be|close next year.
You mean East Lansing|and Ann Arbor ?
Yeah.|[ Chuckling ]
[ Stifler ] What are you|talking about ?
I can't go to the prom with you.|I'm holding out for someone else.
[ Laughing ]|You gotta be fucking kidding me.
I know it's a long shot, but I figure|Paul Finch might ask me.
Oh, gosh.|I-I forgot.
[ Stammering ]|You look okay.
I-I mean, the scars|healed really well.
- Hey, Stifler.|- Eat shit.
What was that|all about ?
- He's still embarrassed|because Finch kicked his ass. - Who told you that ?
What do you mean,|"no comment" ?
- Did you two hook up or something ?|- What, are you kidding ? No.
Then how did all this|get started ?
Well, I guess it's all right|for me to tell you now.
That reputation of his isn't|going anywhere. Cheese, please.
Finch comes up to me|and says, "Jessica,
I need your help with this,|blah, blah, etcetera."
So I said, "All right.|Pay me 200 bucks,
and I'll tell a couple of girls|that you're dynamite in bed."
So he did,|and I did.
- That actually works ?|- Well, duh ! Of course.
Naturally, I embellished|a little bit.
Did you hear that Finch had|an affair with an older woman ?
[ Chuckling ]|No, I didn't hear that one.
That one was my favorite.
[ Laughing ]|Do that cheerleader.
- -** Thank you, baby -**|- She wants me. She calls me up--
-** How sweet it is|to be loved by you -**-**
Oh, my God,|you're gay !
Sing it with me.|You know the words.
No, thanks, man. You've been|singing that shit all week.
If you try that at M.S.U.|this Saturday, I'll kick your ass.
Our last game|is this Saturday.
[ Snickers ]|Yeah, well, shit.
I've got this lacrosse game. It's|really important. It's our last game.
Central almost beat us last time, so|this time I really wanna kick their ass.
But it's gonna be cool,|because the game's at State,
which means afterwards|I'll be able to stop by.
So you can't sing|at the competition.
[ Sighing ] Heather, I'm sorry.|I totally blew it.
It's okay. You should...|do what makes you happy.
All right. Listen,|thanks for understanding.
So, uh, I guess|I'll see you later ?
[ Whistling ]
Hey, Kevin.
- You seen shit-brick lately ?|- Why ? What did you do to him ?
Me ? Nothing.
See, I'm the one|whose ass he kicked.
But, uh, I'll tell you|one thing, though.
I don't think he's gonna have a problem|shitting in school anymore.
Slipped a little something|into his mochaccino.
Oh, God !
Oh ! Oh !
[ Panting ]
Right this way,|sir.
Oh, God.|[ Farting ]
[ Farting ]
[ Farting ]
- [ Girls Laughing ]|- Oh, no.
It's gonna be fun.
[ Girl #2 ] You know it's just gonna be|some crappy band and stupid decorations.
[ Girl #1 ] You're just saying|that because prom's a week away and you don't have a date.
[ Girl #2 ] No, no, no.|I don't want a date.
- Finch is going stag and... so am I.|- [ Groaning ]
God, he's like so...|refined.
- [ Groans ]|- You think that older woman thing is true ?
Yeah, it's true.|It was Stifler's mom.
[ Farting ]
- [ Continues Farting ]|- Joanie, was that you ?
- Oh !|- Can't hold it.
Oh !|[ Loud Farting ]
[ Groaning ]
Eww !
[ Groaning ]
[ Whistling ]
[ Laughter ]
- Yeah !|- [ Laughter Continues ]
[ Vicky ] Kev ?|I think we've come...
- a really long way since homecoming.|- Yeah, we have.
Maybe it's time...
we start to express ourselves|in new ways.
- Yeah.|- You wanna do it ?
- Yeah.|- I love you.
It's your turn.
That's not|what I was thinking.
Sex. It's always|about sex.
It's not|always about sex.
I just thought it was|about sex this time.
Look, Vicky, love is a term|that gets thrown around,
and-and people|don't mean it.
When I say it, I want it|to be more than words.
- You know ? I want it to be--|- Perfect.
- [ Choir Director ] Okay, Albert.|You ready ? - No problemo.
-** I close my eyes|at night -**
Come on, Heather.|Work with me here.
[ Crowd Applauding, Cheering ]
- [ Whistle Blows ]|- [ Announcer ] Goal, Ostreicher !
- All right, Oz !|- Atta boy, Ozzie !
Whoo !|Yeah, baby !
- We're crushing you losers !|- Let's go, fellas !
Come on !|Whoo-hoo !
-** Bumblebee, bumblebee,|bumblebee, bumblebee, bumblebee -**
Focus on the music.|Think melody.
- Let the music be my guide.|- That would be a start.
Who's the man ?|Stifler !
[ Coach ]|Huddle up, guys ! Huddle up !
Huddle up !|Come on ! Okay.
All right, all right !
- Good hustle, guys.|- Good hustle.
But you can still lose. You all saw|what happened to Oz out there.
I don't want to ever see any of you|thinking you're gonna score.
You don't score|until you score.
- Until you score.|- That's right, baby !
[ Coach ] It all boils down|to today.
For you seniors,|this marks the culmination...
- of the past four years.|- Culmination.
[ Coach ] I want you to think about|what this means to you.
Do you guys wanna look back|on your days at East...
and know that you used|the time you had ?
- Hell, yeah !|- You do !
- Ah ! Good attitude, Ostreicher.|- Good luck, fellas.
Christ, I didn't tell ya|to leave the game.
I'm sorry, Coach.
You got someplace more important|to be, Ostreicher ?
Ostreicher !
Oz ?|Fuckface ?
[ Coach ] Ostreicher !
- Hey, Oz !|- Ozmeister !
- [ Albert ] Oh, great.|- What about the game ?
- I'm not playing.|- You're missing the game for us ?
No, I'm missing the game|for you.
- D-Does this mean I'm not|gonna get to do the duet ? - Albert, you suck.
I don't think|he's coming back.
[ Heather ] -** Close my eyes at night -**
- -** Close my eyes -**|- -** Wondering where would I be without you in my life -**
- -** Oh -**|- -** Everything I did was just a bore -**
- -** Just a bore -**|- -** Everywhere I went seems I been there before -**
[ Together ] -** But you brighten up|for me all of my days -**
- -** With a love so sweet -**|- -** In so many ways -**
-** I just wanna stop -**
- -** And thank you, baby -**|- [ All ] -** I just wanna stop -**
- -** And thank you, baby -**|- -** Thank you, baby -**
-** How sweet it is|to be loved by you -**-**
[ Audience Applauding ]
Yeah, Oz !|You fucking rule !
- Fucking rule !|- Yeah !
[ Vicky ] Maybe the words|aren't that important.
It's like, I know he|really cares about me, you know ?
Even if he can't|say it, he does.
And yeah, he always talks about sex, but|that's okay, 'cause he's a guy, right ?
- He's got a dick. He's a guy.|- Right.
Wait. Is this|translation right ?
"Go home, bird teacher.|I've had enough."
I don't know.|I got it from Kevin.
- So, does it hurt ?|- What ?
You know-- sex.|Does it hurt ?
Yeah. I mean, the first time you do it,|you know, it hurts.
But then you, you do it again|and again and again--
It just starts to feel good.|Really good.
Okay, so say|I don't do it.
And then I go off to college. I might|end up doing it with some random guy...
- who totally turns out to be a jerk.|- This is true.
And I'll wish I would've|done it with Kevin.
So go do it with Kevin.
- You think ?|- Yeah. You're-- You're ready.
- You're woman. Look at you.|You're ready for sex. - You're right.
- I know.|- I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna have sex.
- Now.|- And it's gonna be right, and it's gonna be just perfect.
- Perfect sex.|- Thanks, Jessica.
[ Whispering ]|Kevin.
- [ Whispering ] I wanna have sex.|- [ Loud ] Now ?
-** As you walk up those steps|and garner your award -**
-** Try not to forget about me -**
-** 'Cause I was there when you|had no one else to hold -**
-** You used to look|just like a saint -**
-** And stumble into walls -**
-** You're a guy's|very own quarantine -**
-** You used to never|think you'd ever grow old -**-**
[ Jim's Dad ] You must be excited|about the big night tonight.
Who's the lucky girl ?
Who's the lucky girl ?
- Michelle.|- Yeah.
- She must be very special.|- Oh, she's special, all right.
I'm sure she is special if you|picked her out of the whole bunch.
[ Clears Throat ] Jim, I'm just gonna|say one thing...
before you leave|tonight.
I want you to be very,|very careful...
when you're|putting on...
the corsage.
Okay, Dad.
- Promise me.|- I promise.
-** Midnight at the oasis -**
-** Send your camel to bed -**
-** Shadows painting our faces -**
-** Traces -**
-** Of romance in our heads -**
-** Heaven's holding a half-moon -**
-** Shining just for us -**
-** Let's slip off|to a sand dune -**
-** Real soon -**
-** And kick up a little dust -**
-** Come on|Cactus is our friend -**
-** He'll point out the way -**
You know, at band camp|we have dances like this,
only they're way funner.
-** Till the evening ends -**-**
-** Hey, hey, hey|Oooh -**
[ Kevin ] All right, status check.|Where do you guys stand ?
Finch, we know where you are,|but can't really use that as an excuse.
Jim ?
Uh, my date's a flute-toting band dork.|Does that answer your question ?
Oz, is this vocal-jazz shit|gonna pay off or what ?
Kevin, what's with|the attitude ?
Attitude ? Me ?
I think you guys should be|a little more enthusiastic.
This is the night|we've been waiting for.
We're in this together.|You guys can't back out.
Kev, you don't need us to get laid.|Are you afraid or something ?
No. Come on.|We made a pact.
You can't break that.|You guys are gonna have to--
Have to what, Kev, huh ?|I don't have to do shit.
Forget it already. I am so sick|and tired of all this bullshit pressure.
I've never even had sex, and already,|I can't stand it. I hate sex !
And I'm not gonna stand around here|busting my balls over something that,
quite frankly,|isn't that damn important.
I'm gonna go hang out|with that geek over there...
'cause at least she has something else|to talk about besides sex.
You know, at least I learned|how to shit in school, buddy.
Hey, Finch.
- Wanna dance ?|- Yeah.
-** Oooh -**
- How come you have no date ?|- I like to keep my options open.
I got something for you.
Consider it|a consolation prize.
Jessica, this is great !|Wow !
- Felt sorta guilty
No, I spent 50 on the flask,|150 on the earrings.
- These are, uh--|- Let me just clarify...
- that you have no chance|of scoring with me, Finch. - Of course not !
So I take it you and Sherman|are pretty close, huh ?
You met at that party|a while back, right ?
Yeah, we were|up all night together.
We had one of those|amazingly deep conversations...
where you feel like|you really get to know someone.
[ Chuckling ]|Deep conversation, huh ?
Is that|what you call it ?
What else|would I call it ?
Thank you, Great Falls.
We're gonna take a little break.|You are beautiful.
[ Boy ] You suck !
[ Microphone Feedback ]
Excuse me, everyone.
Sorry to interrupt.
I just thought|you all should know this.
Chuck Sherman is a liar.
I never had sex with him.
He's never had sex with anyone.|I know this because he told me.
Once he tried to screw|a grapefruit, but that's all.
Oh. He also told me that when he gets|nervous, he sometimes wets his pants.
- Thank you for your time.|- [ Crowd Chattering, Laughing ]
[ Jim Clears Throat ]
- [ Jim ] Guess what ?|- Not interested.
Kevin. Come on, man. The bus|to Stifler's is gonna be here soon.
- I'm not going.|- [ Jim ] What ?
Why not ?
Look, things didn't really|turn out how I wanted them to.
I mean, I don't even|know what I'm doing.
I-I'm acting like I've got|everything together tonight.
I know that Vicky's gonna|ask me if I love her, and...
I don't know|what I'm gonna say.
I mean,|I'm on the brink.
I'm just about to do it.|I should be psyched.
I don't know. Maybe you're right.|Maybe I am just scared.
[ Scoffs ] Come on, Kev.|Tonight is the night.
We-We are finally going|to a post-prom party on the lake.
We have been waiting for this|for four years.
Why else have we been friends|with Stifler all this time, right ?
We were friends|with Stifler ?
Hey, look.
Sherman didn't even|get laid.
- He didn't ?|- No, he pissed himself.
- [ Laughing ]|- What ?
We'll tell you|on the bus.
I'm gonna go inside|and grab my bag.
My date too, perhaps ?
[ Jim ] Stifler's mom|got it in the divorce.
[ Michelle ] That reminds me|of this one time--
Hey, can I ask you|a question ?
How come you don't have any stories ?|I've got lots of them,
and you don't have any.
Oh, I've got stories.|Believe me. They're just, uh--
They're just a little|more risque than tales of band camp.
Are they gross or something ?|Like guy stuff ? Tell me !
Okay.|You want a story ?
Here's a story.|Stifler finds this beer--
- [ Kevin ] This is|the nicest room in the house. - Kev, it's perfect.
- [ Vicky Screams ]|- You guys are gonna fuck, aren't ya ?
Fuckers !|Fuckers, fuckers !
Fuckers,|fuckers, fuckers !
- Out.|- Aw, come on !
- Get out.|- Aw, man !
- [ Laughing ]|- [ Laughing ]
There's something|I've been meaning to tell you, Heather.
What's that ?
It's gonna sound|really bad, but, uh,
I want you to know.
You see, uh,
I'm a virgin,|and, uh--
Well, me, Kevin, Jim|and Finch were--
We all made this pact...
that we would|lose our virginity...
before high school|was over,
and tonight is supposed|to be the night that we all do it.
This isn't the best way|to proposition me.
No, that's--|That's not what I mean.
W-What I mean is, uh--
Look, do you know|what made me leave that game ?
See, Coach, he was giving us|this speech about...
not slacking off when you see|the opportunity to score--
This isn't any better,|Chris.
No, you see--|You see, Heather,
what I realized is that...
with you, it's...|not like I'm running towards a goal...
Looking for|the best way to score.
This may sound|a little corny, but...
I feel like|I've already won.
And, uh,|I care about you a lot.
Oz, I know.
- You called me Oz.|- Well, yeah.
It's what your friends|call you.
I mean, I feel like I'm|one of your friends now.
And... your girlfriend ?
-** Ain't never thought that|I could love like this -**
-** This feeling inside me|is growing -**
-** I never thought that|you would care -**-**
Are ya lost ?
You're Stifler's mom.|Uh--
No, no, not lost.|Just, um,
you know,|taking the tour.
Hey, uh, thank you for letting|us have this wonderful party.
As if there was|an alternative in the matter.
So, you enjoying yourself ?
I'm... three sheets|to the wind, ma'am.
I'm so happy for you.
But it takes the edge off,|doesn't it ?
- Where's your little date tonight ?|- No date. It was--
It was a bathroom incident.
- Pardon me ?|- Never mind.
You have|anything to drink ?
I believe the kegs|are upstairs.
That is what|the cretins drink.
I'm talking about|alcohol, liquor.
- The good stuff.|- All right.
I got some scotch.
- Single malt ?|- Aged 18 years.
The way I like it.
Why don't you go|grab a glass from the bar ?
I think I should.
Allow me.
You know it's|a bitching party.
The Stif-man|always comes through in the clutch.
[ Jim Laughs ] And then he just|puked his brains out.
- That is a nasty story.|- Yep, I told you.
Do you want to hear|a nasty story of mine ?
It's sort of sexual.
Yeah !|Yeah, let's hear it.
Okay, well, this one time at band camp,|we were playing this game.
I don't know if you know it,|but it's called "Spin the Bottle."
And I had to kiss this guy|named Mark Wander on the lips.
And-And he plays|trombone--
[ Kevin ] So how do you|want to be ?
Like... how do you|want to do it ?
I don't know.|How do you ?
Like... normal style.|The missionary position.
Kev ?
- Yeah ?|- I wanna hear you say it.
I love you.
I love you.
-** Don't stray -**
-** Don't ever go away -**
-** I should be|much too smart for this -**
-** You know it gets|the better of me -**
-** Sometimes|when you and I collide -**
- -** I fall into an ocean of you -**|- Oh. My hair.
-** Pull me out in time -**
- [ Gasps ]|- -** Don't let me drown -**
-** Let me down -**
You okay ?
Yeah. Go slow.
-** Say you'll stay -**
-** Don't come and go -**
-** Like you do -**
-** Sway my way -**
-** Yeah, I need to know -**
-** All about you -**
-** Say you'll stay -**-**
So the end of the story|is you...
had to kiss the guy|for 20 seconds.
Yes ! And he was such a dork.|Everyone laughed at me...
- but I didn't care|because it was so funny. - I get it.
And this one time at band camp,|I stuck a flute in my pussy.
Hmm.|[ Sputters ]
[ Coughs ]|Excuse me ?
What ? You don't think I know|how to get myself off ?
Hell, that's what|half of band camp is-- Sex Ed.
So are we gonna screw soon,|'cause I'm getting kinda antsy.
This'll do. Whoo-hoo !
- [ Toy Squeaks ]|- [ Grunts ] Ow !
Now, I have two rubbers.|Wear them both. It'll desensitize you.
Now, I have two rubbers.|Wear them both. It'll desensitize you.
I don't want you coming|so damn early this time.
What makes you think|that I would come early ?
Come on. I saw you on the 'Net.|Why do you think I accepted this date ?
- You're a sure thing.|- [ Scoffs ]
Yes, I am.
So I said, "This is very obviously|a Piero della Francesca."
[ Laughing ]|Hmm.
So, uh, would you object if I said|that you were quite striking ?
Mr. Finch, are you|trying to seduce me ?
- Yes, ma'am, I am.|- -** And here's to you -**
-** Mrs. Robinson -**
-** Jesus loves you more|than you will know -**
-** Whoa, whoa, whoa -**
-** Stand up tall, Mrs. Robinson -**
- Mmm, you're dead.|- -** God in heaven smiles on those who pray -**
-** Hey, hey, hey -**
- -** Hey, hey, hey -**-**|- [ Pool Balls Clacking ]
- -** Hey, hey, hey -**-**|- [ Pool Balls Clacking ]
-** Sway my way -**
-** Yeah, I need to know -**
-** All about you -**
-** And there's no cure -**
-** And no way to be sure -**
-** Why everything's|turned inside out -**
-** Instilling so much doubt -**
-** It makes me so tired -**
-** I feel so uninspired -**
-** My head is battling|with my heart -**
-** My logic has been torn apart|And now -**-**
- [ Stifler's Mom ] I had|no idea you'd be this good. - Neither did I.
[ Moaning ]|Oh, Finchy. Finch.
- Oh, Stifler's mom, whoa !|- Finchy !
[ Toy Squeaks ]
- [ Toy Squeaking ]|- Okay, let's go.
What's my name ?|Say my name, bitch !
Michelle, Michelle.
[ Jim ] Oh, God.
That was|a great night, huh ?
I mean, I just can't believe|we had our senior prom.
I know.|It went by so fast.
Yeah, it did.
Kevin ?
Next year with you|going to Ann Arbor...
and me going to Ithaca,
it's not gonna work,|is it ?
No.|Don't say that.
I mean,|we could make it work.
- It'll be perfect.|- No, Kevin.
-But--|-See, that's what I've been realizing...
is that...|nothing's perfect.
And you can't|plan everything.
Well, I guess... you will|be pretty far away.
And we'll be on our own,|meeting new people.
Last night, though.
I wasn't lying.
I know.
She's gone.|Wha--
Oh, my God.|She used me.
I was used.
I was used.|Cool !
What's this door locked--
Mom, where's--
- Mom ? Shit-brick ?|- [ Finch ] Hey, Stifler.
-** Do do do do do do do -**
[ Finch ] I just gotta say that women,
Like a fine wine,|only get better with age.
Of course, I have|no basis for comparison, but, uh,
it was good.
So you almost made it,|huh, Oz ?
- I'll just say that|we had a great night together. - Hang in there, buddy.
- You'll get there.|- You know, guys, I think we're falling in love.
Wha-- [ Chuckles ]|Wow.
That's great, man.|That's awesome.
Y-You know what|the coolest thing is, guys ?
This.|You know, right now.
It's true. I mean, after this,|everything's gonna be different.
After... getting laid ?
- After high school.|- Here's to the next step.
- To the next step.|- To the next step. - To the next step.
-** Do do do do do do do -**
-** Do do do do do do do -**
-** Do do do do do do do -**
-** Do do do do do do do -**-**
-** Chickety China, the Chinese|chicken, have a drumstick and your brain stops ticking -**
-** Watching X Files|with no lights on -**
-** We're dans la maison|I hope the Smoking Man's in this one -**
-** Like Harrison Ford|I'm getting frantic -**
-** Like Sting I'm tantric|Like Snickers guaranteed to satisfy -**
-** Like Sting I'm tantric|Like Snickers guaranteed to satisfy -**
-** Like Kurosawa|I make mad films -**
-** Okay, I don't make films|but if I did they'd have a samurai -**
-** Gonna get a set of better clubs,|gonna find the kind with tiny nubs -**
-** So my irons aren't always|flying off the backswing -**
-** Gonna get in tune|with Sailor Moon 'cause that cartoon -**
-** Has got the boom anima babes|that make me think the wrong thing -**
-** How can I help it if I think|you're funny when you're mad -**
-** Trying hard not to smile|though I feel bad -**
-** I'm the kinda guy|who laughs at a funeral -**
- Sweetheart ?|- -** Can't understand what I mean You soon will -**
-** It's been one week|since you looked at me -**
-** Dropped your eyes to the side|and said, I'm sorry -**-**
-** Dropped your eyes to the side|and said, I'm sorry -**-**
-** Hello to your mother|your brother significant other -**
-** I am the summertime -**
-** And I'm here|to free your mind -**
-** Kick off your shoes the blues|and use anything but your mind -**
-** 'Cause this is|the summertime -**
-** And it's here|to free your mind -**
-** How many other people|can you save today -**
-** Don't you think it's high time|that you sail away -**
-** Leave today|Don't fall behind -**
-** Try something new, turn into you|if only for a short time -**
-** I am the summertime -**
-** And I'm here|to free your mind -**-**
-** Love is tragic|Love is bold -**
-** You will always|do what you are told -**
-** Love is hard|Love is strong -**
-** You will never say|that you were wrong -**
-** I don't know|when I got bitter -**
-** Love is surely better|when it's gone -**
-** 'Cause you wanted more -**
-** More than I could give -**
-** More than I could handle -**
-** And a life that I can't live -**
-** You wanted more -**
-** More than I could bear -**
-** More than I could offer -**
-** And a love that isn't there -**
-** Love is color|Love is love -**
-** Love is never saying|you're too proud -**
-** Love is trusting|Love is honest -**
-** Love is not a hand|that holds you down -**
-** I don't know|when I got bitter -**
-** Love is surely better|when it's gone -**
-** 'Cause you wanted more -**
-** More than I could give -**
-** More than I could handle -**
-** And a life that I can't live -**
-** You wanted more -**
-** More than I could bear -**
-** More than I could offer -**
-** And a love that isn't there -**
-** I gotta pick me up|when I am down -**
-** I gotta get my feet|back on the ground -**
-** I gotta pick me up|when I am down -**
-** I don't know|when I got bitter -**
-** But love is surely better|when it's gone -**
-** 'Cause you wanted more -**
-** More than I could give -**
-** More than I could handle -**
-** And a life that I can't live -**
-** You wanted more -**-**
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Aro Tolbukhin En la Mente del Asesino (Agustin Villaronga 2002)
Around The World In 80 Days 2004 CD1
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Around The World In 80 Days CD1
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Arsene Lupin
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Art Of War The
Arven (2003) CD1
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Atlantis The Lost Empire
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