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American Pop

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I don't care
If he's a clerk or just a millionaire There's no doubt about it
I'll sing, and I'll shout it 'Cause I don't care
When it comes to happiness I want my share
Don't try to rearrange me
There's nothing can change me 'Cause
It looks very bad.
Leo, I ain't no stage singer.
So I'm not loud enough for you.
All right, so I get up on the stage occasionally...
Get out of here...
towards the end of the evening.
Granted the old box ain't what it used to be...
but no dancing horses!
And now you expect me to hobble into 60 joints tonight?
I can't even get the chorus slips out.
I wonder how they'd like it if l...
Kid, come here. Wanna make a penny? Any more kids standing around out there?
Hey. He can't come in here without payin'.
- He's goin' right away, Charlie. - I got my orders. He has to pay.
He'll keep his eyes closed. He won't see nothin'. His ears closed.
He won't hear nothin', won't breathe nothin', won't do nothin'.
He'II get nothin' of value. He'll pay nothin'!
Here. Give these out to the clientele. Come on.
Give those to the people, son.
And speedy. These folks gotta sing along with me.
It's rough when they start with 'Daisy" in the midst of "Marie of Sunny Italy."
Come on. Like this. Come. Pardon me, folks.
Chorus slips for the wonderful song the lovely Lily Montgomery...
is gonna be introducing in just a few moments.
So as not to be left behind at the bridge...
I'm sure you'll want to peruse these in advance.
Waiter! A light here.
No need to worry about the number currently onstage.
Ours is far superior in every way...
as I'm sure you'll agree when you hear it, huh?
You'll find yourself just bursting into song as well.
It don't hurt to swipe the other slips some other bozo might have left behind.
Out of sight, out of mind, right? Here. Go.
Come on. Go.
Beggin' your pardon, folks, chorus slips for a wonderful song...
the lovely Lily Montgomery's gonna be introducin' in just a few minutes.
The kid's a genius.
You promised the boy a penny.
A penny? You ought to be grateful.
Got a ride in a brand-new car, apple cider...
a trip into almost every joint in town.
Nonetheless, you promised.
Promised, huh?
What's he want with those other chorus slips?
He must be studying the competition. It wouldn't hurt you.
"'lt wouldn't hurt," he says. So why am I crying?
Good night, zunelech. Maybe we'll see you tomorrow.
Not if I see you first.
- Get outta here. - Hey.
Oh, no. You got your G's all backwards.
Look at that. A whole row of G's backwards. Look.
Little tails go like this and like that.
What are you talkin'? He's writing Q's.
Perfectly right. Perfectly okay Q's.
You're writing Q's. Am I right?
- What are you writing here? - P's.
- Who taught you to write P's like that? - The dancing horse.
Who told you to go near the dancing horse? Stay away from the dancing horse.
Good-bye, Mama.
There are smiles
That make us happy
There are smiles
That make us blue
That kid is too old to be playin' juveniles.
Old but little. He had a stunted youth.
What is this kid to you anyway, Louie? He comes in and takes your job away.
And he took Louie everyplace he went.
The kid's nothin' to me. I'm nothin' to him.
It's more than I got elsewhere.
His voice is changin' anyway.
So let it change.
Who says it's gotta change bad? Maybe it'll change good.
And the smiles that fill my life with sunshine
Are the smiles that you give
To me
- Louie? - Yeah?
I'm 17 years old. When's my voice gonna change already?
It's changin'.
I know it's changin'. When's it gonna change for good?
- What's your rush? - I don't wanna be a horse's ass forever.
Zalmie, what's wrong?
So your voice finally changed, huh?
This is a funny story.
Yeah, we're both laughin', huh?
That's a nice little cough you have there, Zalmie.
A little cough, says Louie.
Consumption he's got.
You ain't laughin'. Well, you ain't laughin' 'cause I ain't finished yet.
You'll know when I'm finished. Then you'll be laughin'.
If ya ain't, then I'll be cryin'.
That ought to be good for a few laughs. Either way, you win!
- Come on. Move. - Shove it, Charlie.
Hey, hurry up.
Come on. Out on stage. Move it. Let's go, girls.
I just seen the most beautiful thing I ever seen in the whole world.
Some pre-Prohibition booze, huh?
No. I seen the stripper gettin' dressed.
A stripper gettin' dressed ain't pretty unless she's ugly to begin with.
She was not ugly to begin with!
She was like a rose.
A rose?
- How old are you anyhow, kid? - Almost 20. How old are you?
Not so old.
I know. When we first met, I thought you were an old man.
Now, older I get, younger you get.
Amazing, ain't it?
Pretty soon we'll be just the same.
Yeah? Then what?
Then we start callin' me "kid."
You want this girl, kid?
So go get her.
- Right now? - Right now.
In this business, you wait five minutes, she'll be older than both of us. Go on.
Somebody loves me
I wonder who
I wonder who it can be
- Hey, you can sing. - No, I can't.
Sure you can.
I know voices. I used to be a singer myself.
- With that voice? - No, not with this voice.
I used to have another voice. I sent it to the laundry. It come back shrunk.
- So you wanna be a singer, huh? - No.
Sure you do. Singers get to sit on piano and things.
Strippers is always on their feet.
Ain't you always tellin' me how your tootsies is achin'?
That's because you're always steppin' on 'em.
Hey, kid, I'm gonna make you a star.
So what was Bella before it was Bella?
I wanna make the kid a star. All right?
To make the kid a star, I gotta get to know the clubs and the bands.
If I can get paid for it at the same time, where's the heartache, huh?
The heartache is, you could have been a star yourself.
You could have been a great comic.
Who wants to laugh sittin' in some speak?
You got one ear cocked for the cops.
They want a slow, sexy woman...
helpin' them to feel sorry for themselves.
Comics are for kids.
And besides, Louie, it's the music I love.
It's the music.
I can't even remember the words.
It's gonna be a big song. I think you should try it again.
You think I'm gonna be a hit?
Did the booze arrive?
Ah, Mr. Palumbo. How ya doin', Boss?
Hey, baggy pants. Where's your partner, Zalmie?
He's in the back where he always is.
Yeah, I see him.
Your girl's getting fat.
Don't you think it's time for a wedding?
How can I ask her? I don't have a cent.
You should have thought of that before you got her pregnant.
Who thinks at a time like that?
So what do you think? Customers will pay to see some puffed-out singer?
Hey, she ain't any fatter than Sophie Tucker.
Yeah, but she's fat all in one place.
You want the kid, or you want the girl fixed?
We want the kid!
Well, then, go get married.
This is a wholesome place.
Come on, doll! We got a down payment on rice!
So the booze I understand.
Izzy needs the booze for the nightclubs.
But why's he cuttin' out the middleman?
He cuttin' the middle out of the middleman.
I never seen so much blood in my whole life.
I don't like this business. I loved show business.
You always told me it was just the music.
And it still is.
And along came Bill
Who's not the kind at all
You meet him on the street
And never notice him
His warm embrace
His manly grace
Is not the kind
I got to admit it, Zalmie. She's really good.
What do you say, Nicky?
She ain't bad.
- Sometimes it's all worth it, huh? - Yeah.
That makes me thrill
I love him
Because he's wonderful
What do you think, Benny? Your mama's gonna make a record.
The kid never talks, Zalmie.
He will when he's got somethin' to say.
How do you know there ain't somethin' wrong with him?
Maybe he's deaf?
How can he be deaf? He plays the piano.
Beethoven was deaf.
See that? Garbo talks, huh?
They won't listen to reason.
Nicky, you get the deuce. Izzy, you pull a trick. The whistler with a jig.
Little Zalmie is flushin' out. All right.
Hey, that kid's got piano player's hands.
Surgeon's hands. He's going to be a doctor.
Doctor, piano player. He can be both. He's smart enough.
Here we go. Everyone in?
Zalmie, you ordered pretzels?
Yeah. Thought maybe you sent me a present.
But it's a box of pretzels.
Bella, don't touch the box!
So, Benny, I can get you Reisenweber's.
I can get you Jack's. I can get you Shanley's. So what are you doin' here?
I'm happy, Pops.
It's not like anybody's doin' you a favor. Everybody knows you're good.
That guy from RCA Victor is dyin' for you to make a record for him.
It's not that important.
Yeah, Benny, it is important!
You could be somethin', Benny. You could be a star.
I want you to do me a favor, Benny.
I want you to marry a girl for me.
- Marry a girl? - Yeah.
- And live happily ever after? - Yeah.
Hey, Benny, it's Nicky Palumbo's daughter, all right?
Her father's an important man, mister.
And your father's an important man, too!
Benny, if you won't live my dreams, then live my life, all right?
Sure, Pops.
Now what are you doing?
Playin' her a love song.
Forget the love songs, Benny. The girl's agreed.
A love song's nice to give the girl you're gonna marry.
It's very clear
Our love is here to stay
Nicky, look at it this way.
You're not losing a daughter. You're gaining a son.
Sons I don't need. I got sons. What I'm gaining is a brother.
The radio
And the telephone
And the movies
That we know
May be just passing fancies
And in time they'll go
Yet it may be
Our love is here to stay
Going the long, long way
It's a big house.
What are the two of us supposed to do in this big house?
Make three, four or five.
Is that what you want?
If you do.
But what do you want?
I want you to smile.
Enlisted? What do ya mean, ya enlisted?
- I like the hat, Pops. - You got a wife now.
You got a kid comin'!
So I need a steady job.
What are you talking? You got a steady job here!
Oh, Pops.
This isn't work. This is play.
Hey, so play, Benny. You're just a kid.
No, Pops. No, I'm not.
Look, I gave, all right? I gave at the office.
But you took too.
What am I gonna do if anything should happen to you, huh?
You'II manage, Pops.
Boy, who told you you could play that thing?
Boy, are you lousy.
I know, but it's hard to fit a piano in a foxhole.
You've been carrying a torch for that bastard's son long enough, ya hear?
You married a good man now, you understand?
You don't want to marry in the business, all right, so I let ya.
You wanna marry a guy that sells refrigerators, I let ya.
Could I be proud of that? No. But I let ya.
So at least be worthy of the man.
You own him now, Papa!
I own everybody.
- What is your name? - Zalmie Belinsky.
- Where do you live? - Live?
What is your place of residence?
The Jacksonville State Prison.
Very nice place.
Tony, come here.
I want him to see this. I want him to see how a man acts.
What was your relationship with Mr. Palumbo?
My relationship?
- He was my friend. - Was?
First he told me they'd get me out right away.
Then they told me they'd get me out soon.
Then they told me nothin'.
Eight years is a long time.
I told you we should have gotten rid of him!
His son gets killed. He gets totally useless.
But, no, you get mushed for him.
Let him take a fall, you say, huh? He'll stay quiet.
Quiet? He would have been a lot quieter dead.
And so now you agreed to talk to us.
This country's been good to me in its way.
'"I took," my son said. So, now it's time to give back.
I can't believe it. That schmuck is gonna sing!
Sure. That's all he ever wanted.
Last night I discussed the Communists in the State Department.
Dean hunched his muscular neck, T-shirted in the winter night.
We're fighting for time.
The young men in Korea and Japan are fighting for time for us.
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg have paid their debt to society with their lives.
Pat doesn't have a mink coat...
but she does have a respectable Republican cloth coat.
Ethel, how could you ever think up a sneaky scheme like that?
I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness.
Starving, hysterical, naked, dragging themselves...
through the negro streets at dawn lookin' for an angry fix.
Angel-headed hipsters...
burning for the ancient heavenly connection...
to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night.
Tony, so what's he talkin' about? Do you have any idea?
Shut up.
Geez, we're underage. This place could get busted any minute.
And I happen to know some of these people are smokin' drugs.
Shut up!
Instead of smoking in the supernatural darkness of cold-water flats...
floating across the tops of cities...
contemplating jazz.
- I'm goin', Tony. - Go.
So how you gonna get home?
Who passed through university, saw great life's tragedy among scholars of war.
Number 34 now departing from gate 3 for Levittown and Long Island.
Number 89 will be leaving gate 6...
for Baltimore and Washington D.C. at 11:48.
Number 74 now departing for Philadelphia at gate 9.
Attention, passengers, for number 12 to New Haven, Providence and Boston.
Your bus has been delayed and is expected to arrive 30 minutes late.
Last call for number 47 to San Francisco.
So what ya watchin'?
You're watchin' TV. TV you can watch if it's on or off!
I shut it off, you're still watchin' TV!
- Turn it on. - So what are you watchin'?
We're watching a show.
A show? Their brains is fallin' out like teeth.
Did ya get your quarter? Did the brain fairy leave ya a quarter last night?
I'm talkin' to you!
We're ignoring you, Tony.
Mom said to ignore you. She said you're going through a phase.
A phase? Now I'm a goddamn moon.
That's right! You catch 'em!
Your brains is fallin' out! Your ears are fallin' off!
How's your eyes? Your eyes workin' okay?
Go away, Tony, or we'll call Mom.
You call Mom!
You think Mama's gonna hear me shut up in that room listening to them records?
That's a secret, Tony. You're not supposed to talk about that.
What do you care?
He wasn't your father!
Turn me loose
Turn me loose, I say
This is the first time I have felt this way
Gonna get a thousand kicks
Or kiss a thousand chicks
So turn me loose
Gonna rock and roll long as the band's gonna play
Gonna holler, gonna shout
Gonna knock myself right out
I've got some change in my pocket
And I'm rarin' to go
Takin' some chick to the picture show
And when I see her home
And we kiss good night
- How far you goin'? - I don't care.
Well, get in.
- How long you been drivin'? - Hey, pass the joint.
I've been on the road six months.
I've only been on it for four weeks, but I love it.
- Where are we? - Kansas!
- We're in Kansas! - Don't stop in Kansas. I got alimony.
- I never been in Kansas. - Let's have a party.
It's my first time.
- Let's get outta here. - Wait a minute!
This is Kansas! The land of Dorothy and Toto!
- And I'm the Good Witch of the West. - You should know about all of that!
We're in the land of Charlie "Bird" Parker.
Blow, man! We are in Kansas! We are west of the Mississippi!
I want a moment's silence here!
And I think it's time I go alone.
- Wait! - What about the car?
- It's yours! - Thank you, son!
It's stolen!
Let me out!
Oh, my God!
For sale.
You want a job?
I want you.
We got a job washing dishes. You want it?
Darling, you send me
I know you
Send me
Honest you do
You thrill me
I know you thrill me
Will you be back tomorrow?
Where will you be?
Is this really Kansas?
Is everything up to date here?
Is Wilbert Harrison gonna come here?
Is it corny? Is Kansas corny?
Are you corny? Do you believe in love?
Yeah? Which? Corny? Harrison? Love?
Show me.
What is this?
Corn comes in a little white box from Birdseye.
Kansas is corny!
- Can ya eat it? - Yeah.
Can ya smoke it? Can ya drink it? Can ya lie in it?
Then lie in it with me.
- Are you crazy? - Yeah, I'm crazy.
I'm crazy in love with your blue eyes...
and your corn-silked hair.
I'II never eat corn again without thinkin' about you.
Canned corn, candy corn...
popcorn, Crackerjacks!
You're the prize in my box!
And my box is this country.
It's all tinfoil on the outside.
Corn and sweetness on the inside.
Come wander the country with me.
I can't.
Night after night under the stars.
Did you know them stars travel all the way from here to California?
Clear blue water, white sand.
Are you going to California?
Will you be here tomorrow?
Then this is your night for Kansas.
This train done carried my mother
Well, this train
This train She's bound for glory
If you want to get to heaven Well, you got to be holy
Hey, Di Noble, what are you doin'?
- Thinkin'. - Thinkin' of what?
Clean thoughts.
Then how come my dishes are dirty?
Well, them poor dumb little bastards.
They never learned the power of positive thought.
I thought you said you was a dishwasher.
I'm a dishwasher.
My hands is permanently puckered!
But you know what?
The thrill is gone.
That's what happens when you turn pro.
Even that first batch of suds...
that first spraying of Palmolive over troubled waters...
that first plunge through the foam...
that first hopeful fish for a dish...
It is gone, Charley.
And I think it's time...
that I'm movin' on.
Where ya gonna go, Tony?
Where else can a man go that needs elbow room?
And what the hell you need elbow room for?
I'm thinkin' of takin' up the accordion.
Hey, you're not gonna make it in this business, Tony.
Ya can't sing. You play guitar like a duck.
That's 'cause my hands is permanently puckered!
And, anyway, this is California.
There ain't no further west to go.
All the leaves are brown
And the sky is gray
I've been for a walk
On a winter's day
I'd be safe and warm
If I was in L.A.
California dreamin'
Hey, man!
Where'd you get that stuff?
From a hobo on a train.
You got some more of it?
That's all he taught me.
Well, come on up anyway.
Hey, come on over and sit down.
Yeah. How ya doin'?
Hey, try some of this. Did ya ever get high before?
Only when I can afford it.
How often is that?
Hey, you think you can find that hobo?
You sing?
You play guitar?
Everybody plays guitar, man.
Everybody plays the guitar.
Hey, man, well, what do you do?
- I write songs. - All right!
Words or music?
Words. I don't know nothin' about no music.
We can see that.
Why don't you bring some over?
All right! I got 'em at home.
- Where's that? - North Beach.
North Beach? Nobody lives in North Beach anymore.
Nobody lives in North Beach.
Run on out and get 'em. Bring 'em over.
Yeah, okay. It'll take me a while 'cause I gotta walk.
Walk? You gotta walk?
Take the bus.
All right.
Well, it ain't no use to sit and wonder why, babe
If you don't know by now
And it ain't no use to sit and wonder why, babe
It'll never do somehow
When the rooster crows at the break of dawn
Look out your window and I'll be gone
You're the reason I'm travelin' on
Don't think twice It's all right
Oh, where have you been my blue-eyed son
Where have you been my darling young one
I've stumbled and I've crawled on six crooked highways
Walked in a...
Oh, come on!
Come on, you guys!
Everything in the world is possible.
And we're just sittin' here doin' nothing.
Frankie, we're doin' fine, honey. Just fine.
Fine? I don't wanna hear fine.
You don't make it on fine!
Nobody cares about fine.
Everything's gotta be perfect, and this is our shot.
- It's just one more gig, lady. - It's not just a gig!
This is our time!
This is our time, guys.
And it's slippin' right through our fingers.
We got any more of this?
Hey, he's working on a song.
I'd like to get this one right first!
You got any more of this?
You like to try it again?
Oh, where have you been my blue-eyed son
Where have you been my darling young one
Words don't fit now.
Fuck the words. The words don't matter.
Let's do it a little faster.
Where have you been my blue-eyed son
Where have you been my darling young one
When the truth is found
When the truth is found
To be lies
You know the joy
Within you dies
Don't you want somebody to love
Don't you need somebody to love
Wouldn't you love somebody to love
You better find somebody to love
When the garden flows
Baby, you're dead
Yes, and your mind
Is so full of red
Don't you want somebody to love
Don't you need somebody to love
Wouldn't you love somebody to love
You better find somebody to love
Your eyes I say your eyes
May look like his
Well, now in your head, baby
I'm afraid you don't know where it is
What's in this punch, man?
A little water, a little sugar...
and Red Dye Number Two.
Oh, no, man.
There's somethin' in here.
- Try it. - Man.
- Come on! You gotta be up there! - Encore!
That's where you belong. That's where you should be.
Not out of it!
Hey, man. How do you feel?
- Like a fuckin' M&M. - An M&M?
Yeah. Dig my thin candy shell.
- They got good stuff in this place, man? - Yeah, it's the greatest.
Hey, guys!
Did you see Cashbox? Have you seen Billboard?
- Our album is number one! - All right!
- We're gonna be rich and famous! - We're rich already!
That's right! We are!
And we got a $5,000 advance on our next album.
So guess what? We bought you a present.
What is it? A suitcase? You want me to split?
It's an electric typewriter.
Look. See?
You can write your songs.
It's nice.
Was there somethin' you wanted more?
Nicky. Hey, it's Tony.
Yeah. I just got out, man.
Yeah, well, they left me behind.
I don't know. What the hell difference does it make?
Yeah, I know they're doing great.
Yeah. The album too.
Yeah. Gold, huh?
The thing is, man...
you got any dope?
Just anything at all, man.
You got any smack?
Yeah, it's pretty bad...
When you're strange
Faces come out of the rain
When you're strange
No one remembers your name
Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon
We can float among the stars together
You and I
All right. I want everybody out of this studio. I mean it.
Hey, what'd you stop for? I was doin' great.
And, Frankie, lay off that goddamn bottle.
Hey, shove it, man! You know what I mean?
This is not my song.
What did you expect? You promised us something two months ago.
What is this shit?
You're pullin' Houdini, she's pullin' freak-out city.
It's your wife!
Get off it. That only lasted two weeks.
That chick's crazy. Where the hell you been?
I was...
I was movin' on, and then I come back.
You look like hell.
Well, I been sick, man.
Hey, man! If you can't hold your stuff, don't use it.
Where the hell have you been?
I said where the hell have you been, goddamn you?
Jesus Christ! How could you do that to me?
How could you do this?
Don't you know I'm nothin' without you?
Purple haze all in my brain
Lately things don't seem the same
Actin' funny but I don't know why
Excuse me while I kiss the sky
Purple haze is all around
- Where are we anyway? - Dwayne, where are we?
- Kansas City. Why? - Because it's nice to know sometimes.
You remembered to bring your guitar tonight!
Why are we goin' on after Hendrix? We'll look like shit after him.
You're gonna look just great. You hear me, Johnny?
- Why is he going on before us? - Because you guys are the stars now.
Because you are the ones those people paid money to see!
Hey, kid, how'd you get in here?
Get out of here!
Let the kid stay.
Frankie, you all right or somethin'?
Have I ever let you down?
Then I'm okay, right?
I just want you to take care.
I take good care of my manager.
I take good care of the record companies.
I take good care of every connection...
from here to the coast.
I take good care.
I just want you to take good care of yourself.
Skip it.
I like little kids.
Little kids...
they bring me luck.
Remember when you were a little kid?
Get up.
Where are we?
We been through that already. We're in Kansas City.
This is Kansas?
Across the river.
- Kid, what's your name? - Little Pete.
- Well, who's Big Pete? - My dad.
What's your dad gonna say about you hangin' out with a bunch of freaks?
I never met my dad. He's some kind of mystery.
You the one who writes the songs?
You could teach me how to do that.
Hey, kid.
Come here.
You gotta sing in a half hour.
I'm gonna sing now.
Yeah. Sure.
I'm gonna sing to this little boy.
You ever hear about '"Summertime"?
You ever go fishin'?
You never been fishin'?
They jump. The fish... they jump.
Fish are jumpin' now
And the cotton, Lord Cotton's high
It's high
Your daddy's rich
And your ma's so good-lookin', baby
She's lookin' good now
Hush, baby
No, don't you cry
Don't you cry
One of these mornings
Nothin's going to harm you now
No, no
No, don't you cry
Corn flakes are gettin' soggy.
My corn flakes is gettin' soggy.
Your banana's turning brown too.
I didn't ask you to stay with me.
How come you bought corn flakes?
I thought you was runnin' away from corn flakes?
I thought you liked corn flakes.
I hate...
I hate corn flakes.
What do you want? A Tiger Milk cookie?
They're good for ya. They make you healthy.
Where you goin'?
Aren't you gonna finish the song?
You can't make any money if you don't finish the song.
Don't you know I don't need no money!
All I need is love.
I'm waitin' for my man
Got $20 in my hand
Up to Lexington 125
Feel sick and dirty
I'm waitin' for my man
Hey, white boy what you doin' uptown
Hey, white boy you chasin' my women around
Pardon me, sir it's furthest from my mind
I'm just waitin' for a dear friend of mine
I'm waitin' for my man
Come on
Here he comes
He's all dressed in black
New York shoes and a big straw hat
He's never early
He's always late
First thing you learn is that you always gotta wait
I'm waitin' for my man
I don't know, Tony.
I guess I just don't have it.
You had us livin' at the Chelsea.
I can't even get us the "Y."
Go back to Kansas.
Maybe you could listen to what I'm doin' sometimes.
See what I'm doin' wrong.
Go back to Kansas.
you could put some magic on it.
Go back to Kansas.
- I can't. - Why?
Too flat.
What the hell is this, the Himalayas?
Everybody's gotta take a shot at it.
Gimme your guitar.
You're gonna play it?
No. I'm gonna pawn it.
I'm gonna pawn it, then I'm gonna un-pawn it.
You don't trust me?
Then why do you stay with me?
Why the hell do you think?
It belonged to my father.
Now I'm givin' it to you.
- Why? - Why the hell do you think?
His name was Benny Belinsky.
I never knew him.
Supposed to be some kind of genius or something.
Maybe you take after him.
Now give me the guitar.
Now you stay right there, you hear?
Till hell freezes over, Tony.
It already did.
Hey, you Little Pete?
Well, I got somethin' for you.
He said not to sell it all in one place.
And he said to give you this.
Did he tell you anything else?
No... Yeah! He said to say "Good-bye."
Hell is for children
And you know that their little lives can become such a mess
Hell is for children
And you shouldn't have to pay for your love with your bones and your flesh
Hell is for children
Hell is for hell
Hell is for children
There's no point in asking You'll get no reply
I'm just getting in but I barely try
I got no reason to know too much
You'll always find us
Out to lunch
We're so pretty Oh, so pretty
We're vacant
Don't ask us what we're doin' 'cause we're not aware
I don't pretend 'cause I don't care
I don't believe illusions I got too much for real
Stop your cheap comment
'Cause we know what we feel
I know
And we don't care
There's no point in asking You'll get no reply
I just get in but I barely try
I got no reason to know too much
You'll always find me
Out to lunch
I know
And we don't care
Pizza Man! We deliver!
- Muco man! What do you got for us? - Do we need you!
If anybody has blow in this town, my man will.
- You got the coke, daddy-o? - What do I look like, a soda fountain?
What else you got?
- Songs. - You scorin' songs now too?
Givin' them away. A song an ounce.
- By who? - Me.
You can keep the songs.
I will keep the coke too!
- Wait! Don't go away! - Come back here!
What is it, Pete?
I have been runnin' and fetchin'...
for you bunch of punks for three years now!
I don't wanna be no candy man no more!
- You want more money? - It's not the money, man.
- Fine. We'll get someone else. - Do it.
Come on!
All right. What do you want?
I want you to play one of my songs.
- You mean record it? - Dig it.
No way, man.
Hey, look, man. We'll listen to one.
- One? - Just one.
Pass them out, turkey.
Hey, don't wanna hurt yourself.
I was a little too tall Could have used a few pounds
Tight pants, points Hardly renown
She was a black-haired beauty with big, dark eyes
And points all her own sittin' way up high
Way up firm and high
Out past the cornfields where the woods got heavy
Out in the backseat of my '60 Chevy
Workin' on mysteries without any clues
Workin' on the night moves
Tryin' to make some front-page drive-in news
Workin' on the night moves
One for the money Two for the show
Three to get ready Now go, cat, go
But don't you step on my blue suede shoes
You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes
Well, you can knock me down step on my face
Slander my name all over the place
Do anything that you wanna do
But, uh-uh, honey lay off of my shoes
But don't you step on my blue suede shoes
Well, you can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes
All right!
Devil with the blue dress on
Crazy on you
Let me get crazy on you
On you
All right
Let me get crazy on you
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