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Subtitles for American Werewolf in London CD2.

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American Werewolf in London CD2

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Really, sir.
Like a game?
- Well? - I think not.
- Surely I'm not that impressive. - No. No, sir, you're not.
I don't feel like a game.
- You off now? - Aye. I'll not be long.
- I just wanna check on the dogs. - Dogs are fine.
I'll just check.
(rain falling)
Quite a long drive to London. Do you have anything to eat?
No. There's no food here.
There's nothing for you 'ere, sir.
..I'll be on my way, then.
Listen. That boy's in danger.
I mean,... were a mistake... to let him leave 'ere.
There's something wrong with this place.
That much I understand.
It's the one who lives.
He's the one who's in danger, and not just him.
Others will be, too.
It's almost full moon.
He'll change, and he'll...
That's enough!
That's enough.
If you get too anxious, call me at the hospital, OK?
- I've left those pills for you. - A doper werewolf.
I'm off.
See ya later.
(laughter continues)
Thanks a lot, dog.
..lost 28 pounds in less than a fortnight.
Rab Smith... neat, dapper little character.
There's a lot said about big, gross darts players, but Rab...
Crazy girl asked me to meet her guy before she married him,...
..and he totally blew my mind.
Nina Carter reveals her amazing life as pop star, beauty queen and top model.
Read about her nude pictures.
The only ones I regret were among the first.
The men in her life.
There may have been a lot, but I don't regret one of them.
Nina tells the News of the World how she had fun...
..and found trouble earning too much money, getting in too much mischief.
In the end it nearly destroyed me.
Don't miss the naked truth about naughty Nina,...
..starting in the News of the World tomorrow.
(# "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival)
# I see a bad moon risin'
# I see trouble on the way
# I see earthquakes and lightnin'
# I see bad times today
# Don't go round tonight
# Well, it's bound to take your life
# There's a bad moon on the rise
I'm not hungry.
# I hear hurricanes a-blowin'
# I know the end is comin' soon
# I fear rivers overflowin'
# I hear the voice of rage and ruin
# Don't go round tonight
# Well, it's bound to take your life
# There's a bad moon on the rise
# All right
Fe-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman.
I'm still not hungry.
# Hope you got your things together
# Hope you are quite prepared to die
# Looks like we're in for nasty weather
# One eye is taken for an eye
# Well, don't go round tonight
# Well, it's bound to take your life
- How are we feeling tonight? - No!
- No what? - No!
Benjamin, have you ever been severely beaten about the face and neck?
- No! - I thought not.
Now, go to sleep. Sweet dreams...
(both) No!
# Blue moon
# You saw me standing alone
Jesus Christ!
God! What?!
Oh! Oh! I'm burnin' up!
# Blue moon
# You knewjust what I was there for
# You heard me saying a prayer for
# Someone I really could care for
# Then suddenly there appeared before me
# The only one my arms could ever hold
# Then I heard somebody whisper Please adore me
# When I looked the moon had turned to gold
Help me!
Please, help me!
Help me!
(# "Blue Moon" continues)
I didn't mean to call you a meat loaf, Jack!
(David screaming)
That's £1.50, please.
- Which one, Harry? - Number 39.
- Hey, let's go round the back. - Why?
Come on. We'll give Sean a scare.
- It's freezing cold! - Oh, come on.
You're crazy, Harry.
What are we doing?
We're going to creep up round the stairs and give him a right old scare.
- Did you hear something? - Just now?
- Yes. - No.
Sean, those hooligans are in the park again.
Aren't you ready yet? They'll be here any minute.
There's something going on out there.
- Is Nurse Price on duty this evening? - Yes, Doctor.
Do you know if Nurse Price has seen the Kessler boy since his release?
I don't know.
Yes, Doctor. I have.
Come to my office, Nurse Price.
Is anyone there?
Sit down, Alex.
I was in East Proctor today.
- I'm concerned about David. - Yes, sir.
There's a full moon. Where is he?
- He's at my flat. - What's the number?
- I'm off at midnight... - Your number.
Is that you, Harry?
- No, he's not there. - He's not?
..has David persisted in his werewolf fantasies?
Dr Hirsch, what's wrong? Is this more serious than I know?
I tried to investigate the attack. There are no records.
Case was closed. Now they've "misplaced" the file.
David's lacerations were dressed before he arrived here.
Yet, supposedly, no other doctor examined him before I did.
The Goodman boy's in the ground. He's no use to us.
So, I went to the pub in East Proctor today,...
..where I was convinced of two things:
They were lying. There were no witnesses, no escaped lunatic.
The whole community is hiding the truth of what actually happened.
Surely you don't mean...
David has suffered a severe trauma.
I myself witnessed some form of mass neurosis in East Proctor.
If the villagers believe Jack Goodman was killed by a werewolf,...
..why shouldn't David?
And if he survived an attack by a werewolf,...
..wouldn't he himself become a werewolf at the next full moon?
Oh, I don't mean running about on all fours and howling at the moon,...
..but in such a deranged state he might harm himself. Perhaps other people.
- What shall we do? - I think we should call the police.
(distant horn)
(dog whimpers)
Here. Old Winston smells something.
Let him go!
Brave dog, that.
Here! Who's there?
(distant howl)
That's not Winston.
Look! There!
Mary, mother of God!
(distant growl)
(distant growl)
Is there someone there?
I can assure you this is not the least bit amusing.
I shall report this.
Good Lord.
Uh, hello, wolves. Uh, nice wolves.
Um, I'm gonna, uh... I'll be right back, OK?
Just, uh, take any calls.
Uh... Oh, boy.
No, Dr Hirsch. He hasn't come back yet.
Yes, I will.
But I feel so helpless just sitting around here doing nothing.
Yes, thank you.
Excuse me.
Hey, kid!
Little boy with the balloons!
Come over here!
If you come over here, I'll give you a pound.
Two pounds.
I don't know who you are.
I'm, uh, the famous balloon thief.
Why would a thief want to give me two pounds?
I'll explain it to you.
Thank you.
Yes, love?
A naked American man stole my balloons.
Twenty pence, please, sir.
Lot of weather we've been having lately.
Good morning!
- I'm freezing. - David!
Where on earth have you been?
Alex, you won't believe this.
I've lost my mind. I woke up in the zoo.
- The zoo. - What did I do last night?
You don't remember?
Well, I remember seeing you to the door, and then, uh,...
..saying goodbye, getting locked out of the flat...
Then I came in through the front window. I started to read,...
..then I woke up naked at the zoo.
I was worried about you. We didn't know where you were.
Where did you get that coat?
(phone rings)
I'll get it.
- Hello? - Alex. Have you heard anything?
- He's here. - Is he all right? Where was he?
He doesn't remember. He woke up at the zoo.
The zoo? Is he rational?
Yes, he is. He's very excited and confused.
But he's not crazy, if that's what you mean.
Have you read the papers today? Listened to the radio or television?
- No. Why? - Is David behaving strangely?
Uh... no, he's... Not really.
He's rather enthusiastic.
- Can you get here without any trouble? - Yes, I should think so.
Bring David here straight away. I want him in my care.
I'll notify the police, but it's imperative you bring him to the hospital.
- You understand? - Yes, Doctor.
- You're certain he's lucid? - He's fine. We'll come right over.
- Shall I send a car? - A taxi will be faster.
I expect you shortly.
- We should be able to get a taxi here. - I should be committed.
Dr Hirsch will know what to do.
I haven't felt this good in a long time.
My body feels great. I feel like an athlete.
- Let's go back for a quickie, huh? - Later.
Good morning!
- Get in. - No, I just...
- St Martin's Hospital. - Right.
Puts you in mind of the days of the old demon barber of Fleet Street, don't it?
- Sorry? - The murders.
- What murders? - Haven't you heard?
Last night,...
..six of 'em.
All in different parts of the city, all mutilated.
He must be a real right maniac, this fella.
- Pull over. - David, we're...
Pull over!
Pay the man.
- David, stop! - I'm goin' to the police!
- Jack was right! - Jack is dead!
Jack is dead. And six people are dead.
There's a full moon tonight. I'm goin' to the cops.
David, please be rational. Let's go to Dr Hirsch.
Be rational, sure. I'm a fuckin' werewolf, for Christ's sake!
- David! - Officer!
Officer, I killed those people last night.
- You did, did you? - He's playing a silly joke...
- You be quiet. - We had an argument...
- I don't know this girl. - All right, move along.
- Come on, David... - I want you to arrest me, you asshole!
There's no call for that kind of language.
Queen Elizabeth is a man!
Prince Charles is a faggot!
- Winston Churchill was full of shit! - That's enough.
- No! Let go of me! - David, please!
Shakespeare's French! Fuck! Shit! Cunt! Shit!
- Come on, that's enough. - David, please!
- Who is this person? - If you don't stop, I shall arrest you.
That's what I want you to do, ya moron!
- He's upset. His friend was killed. - Shut up!
That's enough. About your business, both of you.
You're not gonna arrest me?
- Don't you think he should arrest me? - I don't know.
- Perhaps he thinks it's a prank. - A prank?
- David... - I've had enough of this foolishness.
All right, come on...
- It's hopeless. It's hopeless. - Let's go.
Leave me alone! You people are crazy!
- I gotta get outta here! - David, don't lose control!
What control?
Jack was real. He tried to warn me...
- David... - I love you.
I love you.
But I think I did some terrible things last night...
- Let's go and see Dr Hirsch. - You gotta stay away from me.
I can help you.
No, I'm not safe to be with. You gotta stay away from me.
I love you, Alex.
(tyres screech/horn honks)
The forensic lab seemed to feel some sort of animal was involved, that's true.
I hardly think...
Regardless of what you think, Inspector, David is missing, and we must find him.
- Before nightfall. - Gentlemen, please.
We shall find Mr Kessler as quickly as we're able.
- He tried to get himself arrested. - Getting arrested isn't that difficult.
He wants help. He really...
- How can we assist you? - Stay here.
If we need you, we'll know where to reach you.
I cannot accept a connection between David Kessler and last night's murders.
We will find him, however. I can assure you of that.
We'll find him. Not to worry.
I promise.
Yes, operator, I'd like to call the United States and reverse the charges.
David Kessler, for anyone.
Thank you. I'll wait.
Hello? It's area code 516,...
..472 3402.
Thank you.
Hello, Rachel? Just say yes, you'll accept the charges.
Say yes, Rachel.
Hi. Is Mom or Dad at home?
Well, where are they?
Well, where's Max?
You're all alone?
Mom and Dad would never leave me alone when I was ten.
No, not ten and a half, either.
I'm still in London. Yes, I'm all better now.
Listen, Rachel,...
..tell Mom and Dad that I love them, OK?
Just do it for me, will ya, please?
And, uh,...
..don't fight with Max.
Well, try.
And please don't forget what I told ya about Mom and Dad.
That I love them.
And I love Max, and I love you too.
I do.
No, I'm not being silly, ya little creep.
You promise?
- You be a good girl, then. - (siren approaching)
Yeah, I love you.
- How much is it? - £2.80, sir.
(# porn-film music)
(heavy breathing)
Hi, Jack.
Hi, David.
What are you doing 'ere? You promised never to do this kind of thing again!
- I never promised you any such thing. - Not you, you twit. Her.
I've never seen you before in my life.
Oh, sorry.
Good movie.
What can I say, Jack?
Ya don't have to say anything, David.
- Aren't ya gonna say "I told ya so"? - If I were still alive, I probably would.
But I did tell you so, you schmuck.
- You look awful. - Thank you.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I don't know what I'm saying.
I don't even know if it was me that killed those people. I don't remember doing it.
What about the zoo?
Well, even if I'm not the Wolf Man,...
..I'm crazy enough to do somethin' like that.
Look at me - in a porno theatre in Piccadilly Circus,...
..talking to a corpse.
I'm actually glad to see ya, Jack.
I want ya to meet some people.
David Kessler, this is Gerald Bringsley.
Gerald's the man you murdered on the subway.
We thought it best for you not to see him. He's a fresh kill and pretty messy.
Yes. I do look most unpleasant.
Why are you doing this to me?
This isn't Mr Goodman's idea. He's your good friend.
Whereas I am a victim of your carnivorous lunar activities.
Mr Bringsley,...
..I'm sorry.
I have absolutely no idea what to say to you.
You've left my wife a widow and my children fatherless.
And, I understand, I am to walk the earth in limbo - one of the living dead -
..until the wolf's bloodline is severed and the curse lifted.
You must die, David Kessler.
This is Harry Berman and his fiancée, Judith Browns.
- Hello. - Hello.
And these gentlemen are Alf, Ted and Joseph.
Can't say we're pleased to meet you, Mr Kessler.
What shall I do?
- Suicide. - You must take your own life.
That's easy for you to say. You're already dead.
No, David. Harry and I and everyone you murder are not dead. Undead.
Why are you doing this to me?
Because this must be stopped.
How shall I do it?
- Sleeping pills? - Not sure enough.
- I could hang myself. - No.
No, if you did it wrong it could be painful. You'd choke to death.
So what? Let him choke!
Do you mind? The man's a friend of mine!
- Well, he ain't no friend to me. - Gentlemen, please.
- A gun! - I know where you can get a gun.
- Don't I need a silver bullet? - Oh, be serious, would you?
- Madness. - No, a gun would be good.
Put the gun to your head and pull the trigger.
If you put it in your mouth you'd be sure not to miss.
Thank you. You're all so thoughtful.
A knife!
- An electric shock! - A car crash!
- Throw yourself in front of a tube. - Drowning.
(David moaning in agony)
(woman in film moaning with pleasure)
Go away.
Please, go away.
Please... run!
- (shriek) - What was that?
- I don't know! - I'll check on the house.
(phone ringing in film)
No, I'm sorry.
No, nobody of that name. OK. Thank you. Bye.
Help! Help!
- Help! - What's the matter?
- There's a mad thing in there! - Where?
- A mad dog is tearing... - Calm down!
Oh, do something!
(woman in film panting)
Oh, right there. Yeah, right there.
Oh, yeah, harder. Oh, yeah.
Jesus Christ!
For Christ's sake, John, there's a monster in there! Call for assistance!
Better bring rifles!
Will you people get out of the way!
- What the hell's going on here? - Some kind of animal, sir.
(brakes screeching)
(crowd screaming)
Sister Hobbs said there's a disturbance in Piccadilly Circus - some sort of mad dog.
It's a dead end down there!
(howling continues)
Clear this street!
(tyres screech)
(car horn)
David. It's David.
Alex! Alex!
- Let me through! - Stand aside, miss!
You must let me through!
Come back!
David? Is it you?
They're going to kill you.
Please let me help you.
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