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Subtitles for Amic-Amat (Beloved-Friend 1999).

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Amic-Amat (Beloved-Friend 1999)

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- Have you seen that jerk David? - Not since the seminar, no.
But professor Clarà has an appointment with him.
Treatments are no longer the same, Jaume. Not now!
I just wanted to know if Dr. Clarà will see David Vila.
Not now. And knock before entering.
Yes, I'll be seeing him.
I'm sorry.
Must they upset us even in here?
You're upset with yourself...
over what you have to tell me, and how I'll take it.
I'm here because of the last blood test...
and not to scare you.
Shit, didn't you hear me?
Nowadays there are very sophisticated treatments.
Negative results are ridiculously low.
- What are you selling me now? - The truth.
You have to take care, and the treatment may be rough.
Time is running out.
I don't want to suffer excessively. Understand?
Get to the point.
If at any time, if tomorrow...
I don't want to wait for the useless effects of your...
- Son of a bitch! - Lf I decide not to suffer...
would you help me?
- But, Jaume... - Thanks.
That's all I wanted to know.
- I was just leaving. - Well?
It's yes.
It's okay.
- What do you need? - Nothing.
I'm just telling you. You wanted to know, and now you do.
Will you tell anyone?
Could be.
The tribe at the apartment.
You're an idiot!
Where's Dr. Roure? Doesn't he have a class now?
He's not coming.
He's not feeling well and has stayed in bed.
This is on the house.
My poor little sick baby.
He's had to stay in bed and not go to school.
Once every 6 months isn't that bad.
At my age, I'm an acceptable university professor. And...
like to prove to my wife that I'm still an acceptable...
Will you be strong enough tomorrow to teach?
I don't know.
- You had to prove nothing. - Not to you. But to me, yes.
You're getting old.
Make believe you have a cold.
Fuck them.
Pere, if you don't feel well, let it ride.
No, I'm doing great. Come this afternoon. It's Jaume.
I'm expecting you. Staying for dinner? Love.
You heard the lady, and you know her!
See you later. Bye.
See you later. Bye.
How is Jaume?
I haven't seen him for a week.
Don't even mention his illness.
- Better for everyone. - It's what he prefers.
I like a monotonous and...
boring life.
I was asked to go Zaire for 2 months.
To Zaire?
What did they say when you said no?
They weren't surprised, which made me furious.
- They think I've forgotten. - What?
That when I was younger I was a left winger.
What now?
Hello? Hi, darling.
Why are you calling? Don't I normally call you?
I'm joking. Are we in a bad mood? What's wrong?
Well, yes, he is.
Your daughter. Were you hoping he wouldn't be in?
No, I rather you both be there.
If dad's there, I'll be right over.
Have you had breakfast? I'II...
One moment.
Can you stay here a while?
I'm sick all day. Why?
He'll be here.
No problem, darling.
No problem, okay?
We'll be waiting.
- You shouldn't tell them. - What would you know?
I've got some money.
Shove it up your ass.
Do you know what love means?
I've never loved anyone.
I'm in a hurry.
She wants to see both of us.
Alba? Now? Our daughter, here? I can't believe it.
It's either a miracle or a problem.
Any problem?
No, nothing.
- She's pregnant. - Shit!
I thought we had an appointment.
Yes, Doctor, I'm sorry, I got all tied up.
- You have no time. - Right.
How about tomorrow or the day after?
Going home?
Without your appointment, yes.
I'll drive you and we can talk.
No to what: To talk or to the ride?
I want to talk about your paper. It's intelligent.
Personal, no clichés, no crap.
Ramon Llull, XIIIth century.
Very little to do with us.
In his era he was universal but, nowadays...
You've given him a tinge of life.
You've made that antediluvian corpse...
recover some flesh.
Llull speaks through you.
In a vivid way, through the sensibility of a boy like you.
That paper was stupid.
But if I got a good grade, I'm glad.
- Have you had breakfast? - Just coffee.
Pregnant women are either dizzy or hungry.
Even if they abort?
- Have you? - No.
Then forget it. Pere.
- Your daughter. - Come here, you devil.
I see you still don't know where to buy those...
What do you call them? Condoms.
You'll have to recommend a good brand.
You're not going to the faculty today?
I'm playing hooky. But don't let it get out.
And in reward, my daughter shows up.
How long has it been, two weeks?
At least.
I'll pay the hospital. You never...
- have a cent. - What hospital?
For the abortion.
I don't know what to do.
- Alba, you're 19. - Do you want the child?
I didn't say that.
She said she's not sure what to do.
Has anyone made you doubt?
You've always been in favor of abortion.
I'm completely in favor.
I won't ask whose victorious spermatozoon it is.
- You may not know. - Stop that.
I've come here to talk.
I confide in you.
I just haven't made up my mind as yet.
And I know whose victorious spermatozoon it is.
Don't tell us if you don't want to.
He was your student last year.
- That's a joke. - No.
The biggest son of a bitch I've ever had in class.
Calm down, don't blow it.
How could he? He hated me.
How could you let him get you pregnant?
- He's used you. - What do you know?
- I know him well. - Are you sure?
You don't know him, and he hasn't...
- used me. - He's a disgusting bastard.
I'll beat him to death.
Tomorrow, to the hospital. And period!
I'm leaving.
- No you're not! - Bye.
My open-minded, liberal man. Remind me to kill you.
- I'll go too. - There's no need.
You're all leaving?
You're leaving me alone, as pissed off as I am?
Go to the zoo, believe me. The cobras, elephants...
and seals will understand your language.
- I'm going with you. - As you wish.
Don't leave me here alone!
- Here? - Yes.
- Thank you. - Wait.
We're not finished yet. Can I come in?
Do you mind?
- No, but... - Let's go then.
Come in.
This way.
- How about a drink? - No, thanks. I won't be long.
- You live alone? - Yes.
I've seen few papers like yours in my life.
I think we've talked too much about that.
If you say so.
I lent you a diskette containing my essay.
I judge your work, you judge mine.
Why should I read it?
You're the intellectual, give it to your colleagues.
Why me?
Adult foolishness.
I want your opinion as a student.
I don't understand your essay.
Have you read it?
I began to.
My opinion is not...
You're trying to be optimistic.
But there's no way out.
Finish reading it and we'll talk.
- You have a scholarship? - Yes.
You started studying late. Do you work?
Your scholarship isn't enough.
- You have no relatives. - Who told you that?
Your school record, I checked it.
You're a special student.
My father travelled to Panama.
He brought drugs, or tried to, and got caught.
They threw him in jail.
Shame was killing him...
but it didn't, so he committed suicide.
But you already knew that.
Were you close?
He was poor, wanted to be smart, believed in things...
and hung himself. He fucked it.
He believed in great ideas, but I don't.
I like to fuck and read.
Reading doesn't teach anything.
Literature professors say it does.
But it's just entertaining, that's all.
What now?
Once you've read my essay...
tell me it's a piece of shit.
How do you make a living?
You live better than most...
- students. - Why did you come?
Do you mind?
I'm leaving.
I like your classes.
But I'll never be...
what you and the others expect from me.
Not answering?
They'll leave a message. Weren't you going?
I'll call back...
later. I just saw...
Your private life. Sorry.
- Bye. - Wait.
- Take your diskette. - Won't you finish it?
I already have.
- It's not for sure. - Don't be mad at dad.
I'm not. I provoked him. He can't stand David.
- I'm a bad girl. - Only you? What's the matter?
Don't tell me. We won't talk about David...
nor your father.
- How about lunch? - All right.
You should decide on the child. Not today...
there's no hurry.
I'll call your "progenitor", he's in bad shape.
Yes, I'm here with her.
No. I don't know when I'll get back.
I know Jaume's coming, but I want to be with her.
Relax, okay?
Your sensitivity is at the tip of your dick.
See you later.
What a guy.
Let's go eat?
Do you realize what time it is? Let's go for a walk.
My mother could be worse, you know?
You've read my entire essay?
I'll get the diskette.
you've made my daughter pregnant.
And now she's becoming very obsessed.
We have to talk.
You and me, with no excuses.
Call me, or I'll call you back.
I recognize that voice.
- Pere Roure. - Get out.
Get the fuck out.
A child.
I have no children.
I said out!
Give me the diskette.
"The lover loved his lover so...
that he believed everything.
He so wanted to understand..."
And then...
"The love for his friend was between belief and intelligence".
What does Ramon Llull have to do with this?
Believe irrationally or...
with intelligence.
I don't know which I prefer. And you?
What do you think?
Oh, it broke.
Fortunately, it'll be on your hard disc.
I see what you think.
I won't have kids either!
- Who is it? - Hi, listen.
I called you 15 minutes ago.
The answering machine goes off at times.
What do you want?
We haven't met but, I saw... I read your...
Okay, okay. Now you've reached me.
- Tomorrow, if you can. - I can.
Between 19 and 21, I aborted twice.
- Twice? - My parents never knew.
Can you imagine? Single, unengaged and pregnant.
They'd have killed me, or drop dead.
- What about your friends? - Sure.
In cases like that, we could only help each other.
However we could. No doctors or anything.
The first time I aborted at a friends house...
- on a table. - A table?
Yes, in their dining room.
I don't know how we got the money together for that woman.
Times have changed, thank God.
- Only in part. - That's a start.
Only in part, yes.
The 2nd time was with your father.
It was difficult to get those "antibaby" pills.
- You'd have a brother. - How irresponsible.
Look who's talking.
You think I want to?
You're not sure?
- For your happiness. - Thanks.
I'll have to get a nice vase.
You don't have to confide in me, but I like it.
Come to my place after lunch.
You're inviting me over. I can't believe it.
No parents nor relatives...
but there's always an exception.
I'm getting hungry. Let's eat.
Let's eat.
We'll be alone.
- Your wife's not in? - She had a slight problem.
A relative. An aunt...
got sick and she's gone to take care of her.
You should have told me. I'll be brief.
- No, you're staying. - Why bother you?
Shut up and get comfortable.
Let's celebrate your staying in this country.
That's not worth celebrating.
You signed the contract. We've got you trapped.
You may have your doubts, but I'm glad.
No, I don't. You know who convinced me?
The students.
- Don't pull my leg. - No.
They're illiterate, but I'm comfortable.
The seminar on medieval literature.
Next year, if I'm still alive...
I found some interesting kids. There's one...
- an exceptional case. - Bull shit.
- You don't know him. - I know them all.
Then you know who I mean. David...
A brilliant future, if only he weren't so...
unpleasant at times. It must be his family background.
An arrogant idiot. Oh, sure, his sad past.
Smart, I agree. But bad company.
Never moves a muscle for others.
He has an extraordinary capacity to learn.
I don't like him.
- Don't waste time with him. - Fine...
let's change the subject.
- How's your daughter? - Alba?
The 3 of us were too tight in here and...
she needed space.
On her 18th birthday, good-bye.
- You're lucky with no kids. - Don't be stupid.
A son.
I'm glad you're back after so many years teaching abroad.
My resting place.
I haven't read your essay yet.
I've got the diskette. I'll read it tomorrow.
You won't like it.
- What would you like? - Vodka.
Since when? I've got no vodka.
- Mineral water, no gas. - Don't bust my balls.
- Gin. - That I've got, gin.
We'll get drunk...
and go over our memories and mistakes of youth.
We'll remember an affection...
that was never lost.
Affection, esteem, regard.
Someone who needs you.
You still need me?
You're asking too much.
Sure, why not?
To your health.
To yours.
It's too late for mine.
All these years I've worked hard...
and fucked quite a bit.
Without personal ties.
Fell in love a couple of times. Didn't last.
And felt homesick.
That's also why I'm back, but late.
Late? Come on!
- I'm ill. - You're a hypochondriac.
I finished the essay.
After that, who cares?
You don't look ill.
I may not die.
"Nowadays there are very sophisticated treatments.
Negative results are ridiculously low."
I'm not worried.
But, when the time comes...
I've asked to be put to death with dignity.
I spend my nights terrorized.
You know why?
Because I'm a hypochondriac.
I'm sorry.
Shit, I'm sorry.
I'd say you're sorry.
I'd hate to see anything happen to you.
You know that?
Take medication and obey.
Behave or I'll get pissed off.
Just in case, the essay's finished.
- You won't like it. - You've said that twice.
That doesn't affect me as much any longer.
When we were students things were different.
How could you stand me?
I'd understand it only if you loved me.
- I did. - Precise. It was me...
who loved you.
Don't start that.
To be more exact...
I was who desired...
What do you want now?
To talk, get it all out.
I've gone to bed with a considerable amount...
no, a certain amount of men.
And you loved to hear about my adventures.
But there's an evidence we never talked about.
You're the person I've most desired and loved.
Oh, come on.
I was glad for your girlfriends...
and I'm glad you're happily married.
Fanny is magnificent.
For a long time I swallowed my...
despair, at night, in bed.
Stop it.
As they say in romance novels...
you've been the great love of my life.
And you knew that.
But I didn't blow it.
Had I told you...
we wouldn't have been those friends...
who judged the rest of the world together.
With the tenderness you felt for me...
we would have ended up in bed.
But our friendship would have ended.
If I could...
I wanted us to be friends forever.
I kept my word.
And me?
Have I been egoistically irresponsible?
I loved you so...
you fool.
- But that's over. - Just a moment.
I want to get this straight between us.
- My God, what now? - Shut up.
I'm not affectionate, but...
in my life, I have shared it with 3 or 4 people.
And you're one.
You won't like the book, it's a mental hand job.
I haven't printed it awaiting your corrections.
When you started, were you already ill?
I hope it's not written out of fear.
You won't like it.
Those pathetics that always say...
dead dogs, don't bite.
Suddenly they see the end coming near...
and start to claim transcendence...
scared shitless.
They feel too important to disappear.
I don't want you to...
I'm not talking about transcendence. I'm...
talking about the story of man.
A piece of matter that recognizes itself...
dazzled by the world...
that feels pain.
And that disappears.
I wonder...
if this ending of each man is the end of humanity.
No, nothing is for sure.
Maybe, some day, some heir will save us from pain.
An heir coming from us, but...
not being like us.
There will never be an heir.
I'm interested in those who will come after me...
Although I don't understand them.
I'm interested, for example...
in the kid that knocked your daughter up.
A low blow.
How do you know?
I was there when you called.
I know your voice well.
Alba's 19. She can go to bed with whoever, but...
I don't like your brilliant student.
- What are you afraid of? - I'm a typical and topical dad.
I'm afraid she'll have problems...
by having a child from the balls of...
such an irresponsible and and unsociable bastard.
I had him in class...
but his physical charm hasn't blinded me.
- I'd better go. - Why?
Can't we argue a while? If you're tired...
I'm not tired.
Nor angry either.
Shall I be frank? I'm hot, that's the truth.
It may sound unpleasant, but the conversation...
- has made me horny. - Come on.
Very horny, to be precise.
- They are body reactions. - I don't get you.
Let me go. I know how to get by.
- Will you read the essay? - Right away, but don't go.
When you see Fanny...
tell her I'm sorry about her aunt.
- What aunt? - The one you said is sick.
You jerk. Come on, stay.
We've knocked our brains out enough...
for today. I need some distraction.
Very ill, but you'll live it up.
Or won't you?
- Bye. - Listen.
I just want to tell you...
I love my wife.
I need her, you know?
Friendship is something else.
Hello, I'm looking at the contact ads.
I like yours. "Do you want to fuck or make love?"
Can you come to my place in an hour?
If I like you, we'll fuck.
Come in and don't criticize.
Very, very nice.
If you lie, your nose'll grow.
It's a students' apartment, darling.
Anyone here?
- Sorry. - My mother.
You're not staying long, right?
Just enough, don't worry.
- You cook tonight? - Yeah, croquettes and eggs.
- And a salad. - Fine.
- Your room? - Yes.
- It's charming. - It's okay.
- Is that him? - Who?
Him, the guy who got you pregnant.
- But you've slept with him. - No, you sexual fiend...
At your age...
I'd get into any guys bed. If not, I wouldn't be cool.
What a pain.
Alba, we're out of gas.
I've got some notes for you. Hi.
- I take care of the gas. - He's cute.
No. I haven't fucked him.
Get comfortable.
I'm sorry to bother you... Sorry.
My mother.
- Nice to meet you. - Hello.
Just wanted to see how you were.
Fine. I'm just fine.
- Really? - We'll talk later.
I promise you that.
- Close friends? - Her? Yes. Cristina.
The famous Cristina.
- She knows? - Yes.
I almost did it with her.
- Do what, dear? - Go to bed.
She suggested it, but I didn't.
I'd be a perfect mother for a lesbian.
But you would have done it.
Would you have done it?
I don't think so.
In my time, you fucked with guys or were a lesbian.
But that possibility of being both, I don't...
What are you doing here?
I think I've got the right address.
What? I don't get it.
You called a contact ad.
You ordered a male hustler.
I work at home or go wherever asked to.
You preferred me to come.
Perfect. The price a little higher.
But you don't mind that.
No, this is a mistake.
Are you embarrassed?
I'm discrete.
a man who's lived, a man like you.
- You're not homosexual? - No.
You knocked a girl up.
I'm not prejudice.
Are you?
What a shame. Don't know what you're missing.
You're hustling for men only?
The ad was quite clear.
The clientele is basically masculine.
And I like men.
Is the interrogation over?
I didn't know...
you were...
queer either.
Let's do it.
Do you like me?
You have to pay in advance.
Don't worry, I trust you.
No, wait.
now you're not my professor...
you're my client.
Shall I?
This is why you have such a nice apartment.
You don't want to be a poor devil, like your dad.
You want to play rough?
Go on. I'm a professional. You won't complain.
What can I think about...
to cheer up...
while I look at...
and caress your flesh?
Female whores can can fake it better.
You need exercise.
Don't worry, I'll get it up.
Just think I like you.
I'm a good professional. It'll be great.
- Why do this? - What?
You'd get ahead anyway.
I don't get it.
There's no need, just use me.
A man who excites his students with the malice...
of literature...
and now you're shocked.
the course, the seminar, the University...
were provisional jobs.
I didn't know whether to stay.
One day you got up from your seat, insolent...
and started to talk.
What you defended wasn't what I believed.
But your speech made sense...
it was logical...
While I listened to...
your dazzling atrocities...
I discovered...
your face...
and your body.
I thought that wouldn't happen to me again.
I signed the final contract with the University.
I'm in love with you.
You're a poor guy.
You're finished.
No one will ever love or desire you.
Never again. You'll have to pay for sex.
With luck, you can enjoy a professional like me...
who'll make you love it every time you call.
But affection...
No one will shiver when you come near...
nor tell you he loves you while his cock gets hard.
None of that, ever again.
Thanks for the information.
Shit, I've lost a client.
And I won't get paid either.
I'm sorry, professor.
I can send you some other guy.
Some are better than me.
First-class material.
I should beg your pardon.
But you need not accept.
I'm out.
- Don't go. - What?
Don't go.
- You still want...? - No, no.
No bed.
I know what to expect.
Maybe I'll let you lend me someone like you.
I'm not pissed off.
What then?
Let's make a deal.
The cops were right behind us and I was scared to death.
Suddenly, Josep, my then boyfriend, who was...
running as well, tripped and fell...
and the cops were right there.
A decisive moment in my life.
Sure, go on and laugh.
That bastard cop ran over to Josep...
to beat him, but I tripped him...
and he went down as well.
Josep got up, grabbed me, hugged me...
kissed me and we ran. I felt...
I felt like...
Joan of Arc upon entering Orleans triumphant.
My mom's a saint, a heroin, patron...
of the underprivileged of the world.
You're right.
And young people today are shit.
No, but times change.
I'm happy with your father.
I love him a lot.
- I should work, I know. - No.
But you...
should live it up more.
My case is different.
Nowadays anything keeps me happy.
Look, tomorrow I'll get up, piss, shower...
have coffee.
Wash my hair, I need that.
I'll use the dryer, read a book...
and that's just great.
Then I'll get dressed, and see what I have to do.
I'll call the painter to touch the kitchen up...
I need more light. I'll ask for an estimate.
And then to yoga.
You think those classes are stupid, and they are.
As well as the people.
But they're relaxing.
At least I'm not bored.
I never get bored.
The little everyday things.
I need nothing else.
That and your dad.
And you.
And you. No...
more your dad than you.
- Of course... - Which is it?
Look, kid...
I lived my life when I had to and...
now I have my things, I'm happy.
You said that before. I will too.
But not yet.
- What about your pregnancy? - I don't know.
If I were you, I'd go to the hospital, and then home.
What do you want?
To continue being free and young through me?
You can't, mom.
I suffocate in here.
- Let's go to the roof. - The roof?
I don't want you to suffocate.
And the best part of this place is the roof.
You're kidding?
The roof.
Can I help you, mom?
The word is help.
I want to.
Help me.
Let's say it's a commercial deal.
Get out of prostitution, it's not your thing.
And me...
I don't know, help...
a sort of scholarship.
Sounds bad, I know.
It's just to give it a name.
Study, no matter what you may do afterwards.
Just one condition.
Convince that girl to have the baby.
I'd vomit on you and you'd thank me.
I won't have kids.
You don't get it.
You can't buy me, queer.
I see things clearly.
I'll read and fuck either for pleasure or money...
but with no ties.
And when I see my body is...
half as disgusting as yours, I'll commit suicide.
Yeah, just like the jerk of my father.
What now?
But without letting anyone fool me...
like him, and have a ball.
Get it, or should I rewind?
You'll commit suicide?
You'll hang on to life with all you've got.
You're smart, good-Iooking and I'm in love with you...
but I'm not blind.
Hang on to life with all you've got.
You'll grow a belly...
but you'll find excuses to keep on living.
What are you proud of, kid?
Your poor father believe in something...
- that's why he did it. - You didn't know him.
He believed in something...
and committed suicide.
You won't have his excuse.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Me, a university professor.
You, an underwear-shop attendant.
The difference between my present and your future.
Nothing more.
You won't have the balls to kill yourself.
Shut up!
Be smart, make a deal.
Go take it up your ass, you love that.
Future attendant of a male boutique.
You've got taste...
you'll make it.
Son of a bitch!
No, no, listen, wait. Just a deal, that's all.
- I'm sorry. - Want me to beat you?
- Listen, relax. - Won't you shut up?
A deal.
A child.
The possibility that your kids' kids...
can save us both from suffering.
My disgusting essay would make sense
Your essay.
I'm very fond of you, right?
I'll make a deal, right?
It's of no use to you.
Go to hell!
A deal? There is no deal.
I'm a delinquent. Call the cops, if you want.
- Hello? - Pere, I need to...
- see you again. - Who is it? Jaume?
What is it?
No, nothing, nothing.
I need to see you.
Just for a moment.
Jaume, are you okay?
Shall I pick you up?
No, I'll go see you right now.
Okay, I'll be waiting.
The city at night. Landscape after the battles.
Quite a few years and quite a few battles.
How can you help a mother?
You can't live through me.
- It's senseless. - Alba, don't say that.
I'm pregnant from a guy I love...
no one has asked me if I love him...
and I can't trust him. So what?
You can't help me.
What have I said?
This is happening to, me and I must decide.
What's with you, mother?
With me?
I don't know.
You're way too happy.
I don't mind getting old. I'm fine, I don't need you.
I don't need you.
I don't want to live through you.
Even if I did, that's impossible.
I'd have enough knowing what you'll do in the future.
What will my daughter do...
10 years and 10 battles from now?
20 years and 20 battles.
30, 40 years and 40 battles.
I'm not making sense.
I'm desperate.
It's ridiculous to say I'm desperate.
I can't explain.
I don't know.
I'm afraid.
I'm fun-Ioving, I have a husband who loves me...
a daughter I love.
So, what am I afraid of?
- What will I do with you? - Yes, I'm scared.
My mom is silly.
when I was a kid and afraid, what would you do?
You'd sing to me.
And my fear would go away, for the moment.
What would you sing?
When the Virgin Mary...
was a little girl...
she learned how to sew...
and learned to read and wrlte.
- I can't remember. - Sing.
What happened?
- How do I look? - Fuckin' great. Come in.
You got into a shady deal, right?
You're crazy.
Let's see.
Were you really horny and all that stuff?
More or less.
You ran into a a bastard, right?
- Did he rob you? - No. It's not that bad.
Leave me alone.
I'm here for two reasons.
First, give me my diskette.
- I haven't checked it. - I need it. Give it to me
- You're pissed at me? - Cut the bull shit.
You look like shit, you won't call a doctor...
nor press charges. All you want is the fuckin' diskette.
Please, give it to me.
And you'll leave without any explanation?
At least a lie, so I can calm down.
I need...
- another favor. - What is it?
I understand your daughter doesn't want to abort.
What does that mean? She'll decide.
To abort is sensible.
But I'd like the child to be born.
Are you crazy?
I'd do anything for that to happen.
Your heir.
- And a bit mine too. - What the fuck...?
I was in love with you for years.
Now I love David.
I suspected.
You were crazy about him but he's worthless.
I'm afraid of death. But this new mixture of...
- you and him... - No blackmail.
Come off it, your heir, my heir.
That bastard has filled her head with shit.
He makes her doubt.
He doesn't want to be a father.
You know it all. How?
- I talked to him. - You saw him?
Just for a moment.
He doesn't want it. When did you see him?
Who beat you up?
It was a sexual thing, forget the details.
It was him.
No, it wasn't.
Then who? Give me all the details.
I'm conventional, but not dumb.
It's my fault. Yes, him. So what?
- He's finished. - I won't press charges.
I'll find a reason to throw him out of school.
For beating me, or getting your daughter pregnant?
You don't understand.
Nor can I understand the future.
He's not the future.
I'd like to see your grandson.
I wonder...
what you're turning into?
An animal looking for comfort in cheap metaphysics?
An heir to save you in the future?
You and he are so alike.
You loved me a lot, I guess.
Maybe I should be happy.
But if I had to reply to your affection...
I'd rather see you dead...
than becoming an irrational beast...
scared and pitiful.
You're right.
Give me the diskette.
Why do you need it?
Let's not argue.
I'm leaving.
I'm tired, and you should be as well.
You got me nervous.
I spoke nonsense. Can I take you home?
I can drive.
And if I kill myself, thank God for that.
I'll have died before showing my misery.
Morals, I mean.
- Where's my bag? - I'll get it.
And my bouquet, if you don't mind.
I've made a mess of it.
Go take a hike.
Now they're for dad.
Tell him he's an idiot, I can't stand him.
To stay out of my life.
And that I do love him a bit.
I want to help you.
I'll call you tomorrow.
I called you and left a message.
- You. - I want to see you.
We'll reach an agreement about your daughter.
- There are other things too. - I can't go out.
I'll go.
I can't because I'm busy.
I'll be right over, you hear?
If you want, we'll have some fun.
Drop dead, you queer bastard!
Do you need any help?
I'm just fine. Leave me alone.
You're welcome, lady.
Thanks for the visit.
I never liked you.
Nor felt sorry for you.
You didn't want anyone to.
You're a despicable...
You knocked my daughter up. You don't love her.
- But she'll get over you. - Exactly.
You don't want her, or a child.
I'm glad.
I didn't know before, but I do now.
We'd do this over the phone, but there's another problem.
Do you like medieval literature?
The professor isn't bad.
- What happened? - You're friends?
You hit him?
He talked.
- Is he pressing charges? - No.
So what? I told him to do it.
Why, the beating?
Whatever he may say is true.
- He told me nothing. - What?
Exactly what happened?
Give me a reason that justifies you.
If you're embarrassed...
maybe you shouldn't be.
You got pissed off because...
- he propositioned you? - What propositions?
Was there any misunderstanding between you?
If he doesn't talk, neither will I.
In any case, I still want to know.
You beat a sick man. If you just...
Sick? What do you mean?
He's close to death.
He hasn't got long.
He's a good professor. Shit!
Forget my daughter...
but just what happened with him?
- Hello? - I'd like to see you.
You. You shouldn't call.
Maybe I would have. It's him.
I should beg your pardon, I guess.
Are you alone?
come to my place, I won't keep you.
To your place, again?
Please, I need to resolve...
I can't wait.
I'll call you back in 5 minutes to confirm.
You heard, I may have to go.
- Be careful. - I need no advice.
Remember he's sick, don't bitter his life.
I'll listen to his...
How did you put it? His propositions.
- What does he want? - He didn't say.
If you don't like what he says, shut up.
What are you afraid of?
Okay, yes, he did proposition me.
Don't worry, I won't be shocked.
You feel better?
I knew it. He became a pain and you lost control.
No, he didn't. Not in that sense.
Don't justify me. You said you don't like me.
You didn't understand a word.
It's a pleasure to hear you again.
Loyal clients like you deserve being treated well.
You want to see me...
naked and hug me?
Will you undress me, or should I be naked?
Calm down, man, give me a few hours.
Yes, I'm with somewhat of another client.
I can't now.
Call first. I have to go out.
Meanwhile, think about me.
Use your imagination and get your motor running.
Yeah, I charge to fuck.
Male prostitution, a queer.
What about my daughter?
I like broads as well.
Can you understand that?
I'll go see your friend.
Our problems are none of your business.
I was willing to make a deal.
But I never expected this. I'll make your life impossible.
They won't let you into any school.
You like to study? Forget it!
I've got influence. I'll prove you're undesirable.
Forget my daughter...
and my friend. Be a hustler. Drown in shit.
I'm going to do away with you.
You'll only be a whore...
so kill yourself, like your father.
You're worse than dead.
- How's your mother? - Fine.
Poor thing, I don't know.
Do you want to talk?
- What would I do without you? - But...
I'd like to be alone a while. Don't get upset.
I won't.
Dinner is ready.
I'll probably be late.
How are you?
I'm just fine.
I can't stay long, a client's waiting.
Thanks for wasting your time with me.
Don't forgive me.
But I'm sorry I hurt you.
Call me by my name.
I'm sorry I hit you...
and I'm sorry about the computer.
I didn't ask you here for that.
You beat me pretty good.
And you're a little fond of me too.
Maybe I am.
Are you ill?
Truthfully, I am...
I can't rewrite the essay.
What can I say?
- I destroyed it. - Don't worry...
there's another diskette.
I'm glad.
- I was a fool. - But you still can.
It's the only copy.
I have a proposal.
I suspect I won't see you again.
- You're forbidden in school. - I know.
I won't see you out of school.
There's no reason.
- Nor time. - Right.
Although repetitive...
as this is the last time...
I dare to suggest you have a child someday.
let's get to the point.
I have a gift for you.
And you'll have to accept it.
That's why I asked you over.
- It's yours. - No.
- Take it. - I can't, no.
- It's yours. - What for? Give it to...
your friend to edit. I'm not interested.
Take it.
No friends or editors, you.
- Do as you wish with it. - No way.
It's for you.
Neither you nor my friend like lucubrations because...
they speak of salvation.
I want you to have...
- that stupidity. - Why do this?
Because you love me?
- That much? - I imagine you're my son.
Neither you have kids...
nor I a father.
Parents, kids...
isn't there anything else?
My father.
My father was zero.
Zero. He died the the way he should.
He's forgotten.
Do you remember yesterday's garbage?
I don't remember my father.
I love you as much as you loved your father.
The diskette is yours.
You can't trick me.
You want to trap me, but you can't.
Make believe it's your father's inheritance.
You asked for it.
I didn't want to do it.
You forced me.
Fuckin' son of a bitch, you forced me!
Calm down.
It was yours.
You could do whatever you wanted.
You'll have to learn to accept it.
I can't.
You'll get used to it.
You're trapped.
You see? Now you are.
Only you have read that essay.
When I die...
you'll have fragments of it mixed in your mind.
A heritage.
You may use it or not, but...
you can't reject it.
- I don't remember anything. - Are you sure?
I gave you what I wanted to.
Nothing will happen.
I won't live to follow your life.
Which will be long, I hope.
And you can't tell me because you don't know.
You're late. You should go.
You've got what you came for.
What are you waiting for?
I'm not unhappy.
You're not.
My parents will take care of everything.
I still don't know what to do.
What if I don't abort?
You don't get it, you bastard.
A spark of myself.
Don't worry.
This child has nothing to do with you.
Call me, only if you want to.
Do you want dinner? It's rather late.
No, I'm not hungry.
When I tell you who I saw, you won't believe me.
I'm not hungry either.
How is Alba?
- Just fine. - Yeah?
In her own way.
And so?
I walked back, crossing the whole city.
I'm tired...
but I liked it.
Some fool almost ran me down...
and then I saw you...
- driving by. - You didn't call me?
I'm going to Zaire.
What, where?
The proposal, remember?
You don't want to go.
You said so yourself.
There's younger and more experienced people.
What would you do there?
Be in the way.
But I'd go to Zaire.
Only two months.
On my way back, I wouldn't come home.
That would make it easier.
What do you mean?
What if we got separated?
It's about time.
My poor dear.
It's over.
It's over.
No, you're a great doctor.
And a perfect friend.
our conversation this morning...
I've had a good day.
I did everything I had to.
I'm not dramatizing, but I'm in pain.
Quite a bit of pain.
The pills do me no good.
Calm down and listen to me.
Take it easy, okay?
Take it easy.
I need you.
Now, right now.
You agreed, didn't you?
I want to die.
Help me.
I want to die.
You're not.
My parents will take care of everything.
I still don't know what to do.
What if I don't abort?
You don't get it, you bastard.
A spark of myself.
Don't worry.
This child has nothing to do with you.
Call me, only if you want to.
Yes, come on over.
I was expecting you.
Are you anxious?
You want a good time.
You can't say no to a good client.
We'll have a ball...
as you know...
that's why you're back.
It won't be the last time.
You'll be back.
You'll make it with me.
You'll be back...
many times.
I like you.
And I need dough.
I have a child to support.
Let's not give up.
We're still in time.
Against whoever, we'll make it.
Someday, someone will.
Someday, someone will find what we want.
That day will come...
and we'll be saved.
You know?
Someone will have invented salvation.
We will have invented salvation.
We will have invented salvation.
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