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Amiche Le 1955

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- Excuse me, ma'am... or miss. - Whichever you prefer.
I need to get into Room 112. There's no answer when I phone or knock...
and the door is bolted from inside.
- May I? - Be my guest.
My God, she's dead!
Have the manager send a doctor immediately to room...
What room is this?
You should know where I'm calling from.
112, that's right. There's someone here who's not well.
Tell Miss Savone that Mrs. De Stefani is here.
The young lady has left the hotel.
- When? - This morning.
Don't be ridiculous. Why don't you call?
Room 112.
Send her up.
- You said 10:30, right? - More or less.
I didn't check the time. I just know it was late for me.
I should've been at work by then.
- I'm in Turin on business. - What business?
I'm managing a new branch the Ferreri salon in Rome is opening here.
- May I see your I D, please? - It's at the front desk.
- Come in. - Wrong room. I was looking for...
Miss Rosetta Savone, probably. Come in.
Would you kindly tell me what's going on here?
- Your name, please. - This gentleman is with the police.
The police?
I am Momina de Stefani. I was to meet my friend here.
Your friend has been taken to the hospital. She's not well.
What do you mean? What happened to her?
I spoke with her yesterday evening... no, last night.
- Did she call you? - No.
We were at a party together.
She was still there when I left around 2:00.
I called her this morning but there was no answer.
The switchboard here is a disaster.
I was in the neighborhood so I stopped by.
Would you mind telling me your phone number?
How is she? What happened to her?
She took too many sleeping pills.
She tried to kill herself!
Why? Do you have some reason to believe she committed suicide?
Is she dead? Where did they take her?
Thank you, ma'am. You may go now.
- Who is this woman? - I'm a guest in the hotel.
- I'm in the next room. - Thank you, ma'am.
Excuse me. Could I speak with you a moment?
- We met a few minutes ago. - I'm in a terrible hurry.
Me too. I'm going to the hospital. Which way are you headed?
- To the Via Roma. - Great! We'll go together.
I wanted to talk to you about this girl... the fool!
You didn't notice anything about her, did you?
You must forgive me, but Rosetta is my best friend.
I can't tell you any more than you already know.
You didn't happen to see a letter, did you?
I've heard they usually leave a letter on the nightstand.
I didn't see anything, but you know how it is in moments like these.
It seemed odd she was in an evening gown. She even had earrings on.
- Then other people started arriving. - I see.
This is all I got from my husband.
Yes, I live alone. It's better for both of us.
- Is the architect in? - What architect?
- Who's in charge here? - May I help you?
I asked who was in charge here. Where's Mr. Pedroni, the architect?
- Which one is Pedroni? - The tall blond one.
- He doesn't show up this early. - When does he get here?
He won't be here this morning. He's at another site.
Why don't you call his assistant?
- May I help you? - Where is the phone?
You came to the wrong place. We don't have a phone here.
You wrote me that the phone would be put in last Monday.
- Are you the lady from Rome? - Very good.
This is as far as the work has gotten? I don't believe it.
Just a moment. We're right on schedule.
Whose schedule? Let's be serious.
You realize everything has to be ready by Saturday the 25th?
- I'm just following orders. - Of course.
- Where's the architect? - We'll call him.
Go call the architect. Tell him the lady from Rome is here.
- Where do I find him? - Perhaps you should go yourself.
Fine. I'll go as a favor to you.
How many of you are there?
Five. One is sick... actually, two.
Naturally. Request some work be done and suddenly there's an epidemic.
What about downstairs? Is it in the same condition?
More or less.
He's not in.
We received his latest telegram yesterday morning.
It seemed everything was going according to plan.
Now I understand why he wanted to keep us at arm's length.
- Give me his number. - But I just called.
- Do you have a token? - Another token?
Don't start.
- Pretty woman. Who is she? - She's from Rome.
- The boss? - Just about.
- What's the number? - 36-25-2.
I'm sorry you're upset, miss...
but shouldn't you take up your complaints with the responsible party?
No one's there.
Who shall I take them up with if nobody's there?
Apparently architects are still asleep.
What time do people in Turin get up?
That depends. I get up at 6:00.
What have you got to do with it? Don't make me lose my patience.
There he is now.
Finally! It's not easy getting a hold of you, especially in the morning.
I'm very upset.
Please don't be. I'm very happy to meet you.
And may I say I never imagined you would be so young and...
- Please. - Would you like a drink?
No. If you don't mind, I'd like to wrap things up quickly.
As you wish. We'll have it sent upstairs. How about a Campari?
- I don't drink. - This is the perfect time for it.
Send up one bitters, two martinis, and two vermouths.
Let's get to work.
Put it all on my tab.
Miss, wait. Don't be like that.
You've taken us for a ride. You've cheated us.
- From you I'll accept such insults. - Yes, you will.
This is the 22nd. Any child could see the work won't be done by the 25th.
Why? Do you have children?
Compliments don't work with me.
I don't have children, but I could have. I can certainly tell you don't.
What do you mean?
You need a sense of responsibility to raise children.
- How is she? - She's awake. She'd like to see her friend.
What about me? I'm her mother!
What have you done, Rosetta? How could you?
- Momma... - Don't "momma" me. You've gone mad.
Just look at yourself. What a night you put me through!
I'm sure I must look a fright.
- How is she? - Fine. It's good you're here.
- Tell me what's going on. - There's nothing to tell.
- I want to see her. - You can't.
What happened last night?
Last night? Wait a minute...
I don't remember.
We were all at the party together. Rosetta was with you when I left.
With me? You're wrong. I just saw her for a moment.
- She left with Franco. - Franco Bucci?
She never left his side.
I'm sorry you're upset, but it's clear you're not familiar with these jobs.
It's always like this.
It seems things will never come together and then suddenly, bam!
Haven't you ever gone to a dress rehearsal for a play?
You wonder how they'll ever manage before an audience.
Then the miracle happens... and it always happens.
At least in Italy. We specialize in miracles.
I prefer to rely on my skills. That's how I am.
I can see that, and I'm trying to get used to it.
In fact, I already have.
But do you realize we haven't even eaten today?
If you intend to keep up this pace from now on...
just tell me and I'll write out my will now while I have the strength.
Start writing, then...
because from now on there'll be no time for eating or sleeping.
I want everything finished a week from Saturday.
Of course. We're planning on it.
Couldn't we hire some extra workers?
And why shouldn't we? They're such nice guys, after all.
Why not double up on plasterers too?
Keep in mind I'm not responsible for any extra expense for labor.
I pay as stipulated in the budget.
I'd be offended if you thought otherwise.
Shall we go upstairs?
- Franco, we're waiting for you. - I'm coming.
You know the police are involved?
What can I do? I don't know a thing about it.
That's impossible. She left with you.
Fine. You want the whole story?
We took a ride and stopped for a little chat.
- What did she tell you? - Nothing. What do you think?
I was tired. When she said she wanted to leave...
I asked if she wanted to go for a ride.
She said no, that I should just take her to the hotel.
- Did you go up to her room? - No, I just dropped her off.
I even said to myself...
"Strange girl: First she chases you, then she runs away from you."
You do as you like, but I don't know a thing.
Besides, she's not even dead. This whole thing seems ridiculous to me.
- You mind telling me what's going on? - Rosetta Savone went on a bender.
Why don't we talk to Rosetta? I mean when she's feeling better.
It's obvious you don't know her very well.
- She'll never say a word. - Well, then?
- I'm going back to the hospital. - I'm going with you.
- She doesn't want to see anyone. - If she can see you, she can see me.
Listen, Rosetta didn't take the pills as a personal affront to you.
Gianni, can you give me a ride downtown?
I'd take you anywhere, sweetheart.
Come in.
I've made a very important discovery.
I have to find a certain telephone number...
and you're the only one who can help.
Let me catch my breath.
I've been running around since this morning.
Excuse me.
- How is your friend? - Better.
They pumped her stomach. It was terrible.
But before she swallowed those pills last night...
Rosetta kept trying to call someone.
I'm sure the police know the number...
and they'll tell her parents sooner or later...
but until then...
I don't understand.
We have to find out whom Rosetta was trying to call.
If I can just find that out...
I'll have some idea why she wanted to kill herself.
You know nothing about Rosetta or about me...
but I can assure you her parents mean little to her.
But what can I do?
My dear, you're a guest in this hotel.
All you have to do is give a few thousand lire...
to the operator who was on the switchboard last night.
We're not doing anything wrong. It's to help Rosetta.
I really don't know.
I could try.
One of the chambermaids here seems rather bright. Shall we try?
You're good publicity for your salon.
Fashion designers usually dress like tramps.
You use this kind of cream?
Yes. Women generally prefer expensive products...
but I prefer these others.
Which ones?
Our shop in Rome supplies a beauty salon called "Ginette." You know it?
You put this on your face, then run a very hot washcloth over it...
followed by a very cold one. It refreshes the skin.
That's what I need. Some mornings my face could scare you to death.
If I go to bed late, my face feels all puffy.
Life can be so difficult.
Come in.
Could you do me a favor?
Who was on the switchboard last night?
Thank you.
- It looks like you. - Stupid!
- Nene! - What is it, Lorenzo?
- This man wants to speak with you. - The ceramics aren't yours, then?
- They're mine. We just put them out to... - Are they for sale?
- If there's a piece you had in mind... - Indeed. They're very nice.
- How are you, Momina? - This is Clelia, a friend from Rome.
She's in Turin to open a salon, not to buy paintings.
Here it is.
I can't say you improved on her looks...
but for a modern painter, you did better than I expected.
- Do you recognize her? - Of course. It's Rosetta.
- What is it? - Have you seen her recently?
A few days ago.
You know she tried to kill herself and almost succeeded?
No! Why?
- Are you sure you don't know? - Me?
Fortunately this woman is a witness.
Before she did what she did...
Rosetta tried desperately to reach you on the phone. Isn't that right?
- Reach me? - What was going on between you two?
I painted her picture, that's all.
And her parents haven't even paid for it yet!
Perhaps Rosetta thought you were painting it as a gift.
A gift? Why would she think that?
But who can tell with her? I knew her like I knew other women.
Less, 'cause she's not easy to get to know. It wasn't easy painting her portrait.
Besides, when she came to sit, Nene was always here.
What is it, dear?
Rosetta tried to commit suicide.
And apparently she did it on my account.
She's just the type to believe it.
I'd like to know what you're up to!
You have to admit the circumstances are very unusual.
If I were going to kill myself, I'd want to speak to anybody...
but certainly not you.
- To each his own. - Exactly.
I'm not here to criticize Rosetta's taste.
I'd just like to know why. There has to be some reason!
It wasn't me, all right?
So I seduced and abandoned her?
I wouldn't be surprised in the least.
He can't even brush his teeth unless some woman is in love with him.
Don't make me laugh.
Who told you she was trying to call me?
- Maybe she was looking for Nene. - No.
If you must know...
Rosetta was not particularly fond of her.
- That's what you say. - I'm only telling the truth.
How about offering us a cup of tea?
Good idea. Let's go in the other room. Coming, Lorenzo?
You go ahead. I'm going out.
Go on, Momina. I'm sure Nene has a lot to ask you.
Now that she's convinced that Rosetta and l...
Shall I say it?
Rosetta didn't kill herself. I killed her.
Hello there.
- We're bursting in on you. - Please, make yourselves comfortable.
- Is there anyone out there? - Not at the moment.
I'll go out there for a bit.
- Are you from Turin? - She arrived this morning.
I met her this morning at the hotel where Rosetta was.
Silly girl.
Lorenzo was telling the truth. Couldn't you see that?
How can you not understand these things?
Lorenzo has been acting so odd recently...
it wouldn't surprise me if he were in love with someone else.
He's just jealous of your success, that's all.
That's what I'm afraid of.
He'll end up hating me.
Could you send over three cups of tea, please?
I am exhausted.
Let's change the subject.
This poor woman has listened all day to stories...
about people she doesn't know and has no interest in.
Not at all. Besides, it feels like I've known you forever.
It's hard to explain.
I left Turin when I was just a young girl.
I've always worked and never had time for friendships.
It seems natural we should confide in each other.
You're very nice. I hope we'll be friends.
Why don't we sit down?
They're delivering the windows.
- Tell them to wait. - No, I'm coming.
- Excuse me. - Of course.
- Are they all there? - Yes.
- I'm going to get some lunch. - Where?
The grill around the corner.
Ma'am, the bill.
- You need a signature? - Yes.
Go inside and find the architect.
What is it?
What are you serving here? I can't eat this.
- Why not? - Why can't I eat this?
Fine, then.
A half liter of wine and something to eat.
- Why did you run off? - I didn't.
I wasn't sure... I didn't think you'd come to a place like this.
They have lots of good things here.
- Look, they've got croquettes. - An order of croquettes, please.
Carlo, I wanted to thank you for all your help.
We're almost finished, and it makes me sad.
I'll be sad when it's all done too.
That's never happened to me before.
To get attached to a job?
- Would you like some wine? - Yes, thanks.
- Now my real problems start. - What's wrong?
I'm on my own. I don't know the clientele in Turin...
and I'm not sure I'll fit in.
Why don't you hire someone to help you?
A local girl. There are lots around.
I plan to do just that... a girl who really needs some help.
- I was asked to take her on. - Why? Is she poor?
No, she's from one of the best families.
But she's had a lot of problems...
and she tried to kill herself.
Then she has too much money. Such a thing never occurred to me.
She's not the one you need.
Anybody who doesn't really need to work...
who's doing it just to pass the time...
I don't think that person can do a good job.
- I'm not expressing myself very well. - I understand perfectly.
This young lady wants to say hello.
Why don't you introduce us? You're Momina's friend, right?
She sent me here to tell you...
Heavens, what did she say? I don't even remember.
Don't mind her. She's a little scatterbrained, but she's a good kid.
She stays out of trouble.
Let me explain. Momina apologizes for not being around much recently...
and would like you to stop by for tea this afternoon.
Rosetta will be there too. You've met her, right?
You saw her under somewhat unusual circumstances...
so if you come today, you'll see the real Rosetta.
What's that supposed to mean? Was she unreal before?
I'm sorry, but I just can't leave the salon right now.
- What did I tell you? - What about tomorrow or the next day?
We're thinking of going on an outing the day after tomorrow, right?
Yes, but Sunday outings aren't very fashionable anymore.
Say you'll come. Otherwise Momina will scold me.
I'll do my best, but I can't promise.
I'll give Mrs. De Stefani a call.
Perhaps this gentleman would like to come too.
Let's go. See you.
I'll convince the boss later.
Who is he? Why didn't you introduce me?
- He's just a common laborer. - Maybe, but he's a hunk.
Finally we can eat our croquettes in peace.
I'm starved!
Back it up.
Lorenzo, why don't you call her?
Don't start, all right?
Maybe I'm a coward, but we men have to stick together.
- What about us girls? - Move. What would your fiance say?
Tony and I have all our lives to spend together.
I'm sure he won't die if I leave him for one day.
Besides, I'll be more in love with him when I return.
That's just how I am.
- Go see a photographer. - What?
Tell him your brain needs developing!
I'll go get her myself.
My dear, you need to grow up a little.
What's got into Momina today?
- I'm not going. - Don't talk nonsense. Come on.
It'll do you good to get out.
Don't play the victim.
I tell you, nobody knows. All they know is you haven't been well.
- You swear? - Now I have to swear too?
Take the Alfa Romeo if you'd like. You'll be more comfortable.
Vicenzo's going too. He may come in handy.
For what? No, Momma.
Why not?
Hello, Lorenzo. I'm sorry I couldn't come to your show.
I hardly showed up myself.
- Nice to meet you. - I've heard so much about you.
Shall we dispense with the formalities? Let's go.
Hello there, my little model. You've lost a little weight.
If you don't put on a few pounds, I'll have to redo your portrait.
Rosetta, are you sure you don't want to take the Alfa?
You guys go in the other car.
You didn't even tell me where you're going.
Who knows?
Be sure to be back before dark.
Girls, let's go down to the water.
Lorenzo, come down to the beach with us.
Look how dirty the ocean looks!
At least the ocean gets old too. Look how ugly it is!
In a day or two, with a little sun, it'll be beautiful again.
Yeah, but what about us?
Where are you going?
Momina, look.
Leave her alone.
Not her. Those two over there. They think they're alone.
Good for them.
Rosetta, look out! You're intruding.
You see that?
I don't get it.
If a man kisses you in public, it means he feels nothing.
- Don't you agree? - I wouldn't know.
What do you mean? Don't you let men kiss you in public?
- Not really. - But I can tell you like to kiss.
Here's another one.
We better grab a man and get started too.
Nene, mind if I borrow Lorenzo?
Go ahead.
A little afraid, eh?
How can you live with that constant fear?
What are you saying?
Mariella, come here. You don't waste time, do you?
Me? I don't know what you're saying.
Are you crazy? You let her go off on her own?
Listen, if she would throw herself in an ocean like that...
there's really no hope.
If I killed myself, it would have to be in nice weather.
I can't stand the thought of being buried in the cold.
Let's go down on the beach.
- Yes. - No.
Come on, let's play a game or something. What kind of outing is this?
I think you've got something up your sleeve.
I just want us to do something. No games, no flirting... this is no fun.
I don't think you organized this very well.
Why didn't you bring your assistant? Did you see how nice he is?
Have you seen him?
Stop being so foolish.
Look, Nene's with Lorenzo. What a bore!
Listen, Clelia and your brother...
you take the blond, Nene takes Lorenzo...
and I'll take Cesare. But what about Rosetta?
She might as well kill herself for good this time...
'cause there's no man left for her.
- What? - Nothing, we were just talking.
Mariella's always saying stupid things.
Listen, don't put on your superior airs.
You always act like you're a genius in a crowd of idiots.
- Maybe I am. - You girls aren't serious.
- Of course not. - I am! I was just saying Rosetta...
You're going to repeat it? And you still deny you're an idiot!
- Shall you be the referee or shall I? - What's going on, girls?
I was just joking that there was one woman too many, and she...
- And I what? - She started...
Leave her alone.
At least she's not a hypocrite like you.
You think I didn't hear you?
I've felt it all morning.
This is a ridiculous farce. Just leave me alone.
I'm not looking for anyone.
I don't have to answer to anyone, especially not to you.
- Who's asking you to? - That's enough now.
My patience has limits too!
I do everything I can to help this idiot avoid looking ridiculous...
but someone who can't even manage to kill herself is just pathetic!
Come, little model. Don't cry. Don't let her upset you.
It's Sunday and we're all a little crazy.
It's as if you do everything possible to drive her mad.
You stop it too!
Can't we leave you girls alone for one moment?
Cesare, do you have a light?
- Get a light from Franco. - He doesn't have any matches!
Neither do I!
What kind of a man doesn't carry matches?
Is that a challenge? Come on.
Where are you taking me?
- We were just kidding around. - Oh, really?
She challenged me. I had to defend my honor as a man.
Your kisses belong to me.
I have my honor to defend too.
You're right, I don't deny it, but let me explain.
- You see that? - Why is it my fault?
Look at yourself. Clean up your dress.
You know what a woman's real dress is?
Her skin!
This outing has turned into a real drag.
Listen, I've got a suggestion.
I'll take the train back to Turin with Rosetta.
I'll have a talk with Rosetta.
Forgive me if I'm butting in...
but sometimes a stranger can help more than a friend.
Rosetta is very upset, and she doesn't want you to see her like this...
whereas she doesn't mind if I do.
She wanted to go on her own, but I don't think that's a good idea.
This way I'll get back to Turin a little earlier.
I'll have time to stop by the salon and see how things are going.
I knew this involved me somehow. Fine, boss, let's go.
No, you stay. Carlo's there. You don't have to go.
This is nonsense. For one thing, the trains are horrible.
Clelia, if you need me to, I'll take you.
Trust me. It's better this way.
This has turned out all wrong!
Good-bye. I'll call you later.
- Should I go with her? - No, stay here. Let them go alone.
- Where did you disappear to? - I was right over there.
One, two, three, four.
My poor little architect, it's your turn to take the sleeping pills.
- I've got Momina. - Maybe not.
Why don't you mind your own business?
I'm sorry, but you slap me so I get back at you...
and then I feel bad.
So that's how it is, eh?
What's that, Lorenzo?
Nothing, just a sketch of Rosetta.
Why don't we go to San Remo?
Are you crazy? That's too far.
- Let's vote on it. - I'm in favor.
I'm against. What about you, Lorenzo?
I abstain.
Let's go.
Thank you for not saying anything.
I don't even know myself why I did it.
I'd thought about it for so long: "I'll put an end to this one day."
But when everyone started with their questions...
my parents, my girlfriends...
"Why? Why?"...
I didn't know anymore.
Because they all are just who they are.
Did you see them? Of course you did.
My friends, my life, my days.
Why go on living? So I can decide what dress to wear?
And when I've decided, what can I look forward to then?
- You feel sorry for me, don't you? - Yes.
I don't know what to say...
when I hear life reduced to what dress to choose.
Life is made up of so many things... some beautiful, some ugly, it's true...
but they're all important...
like affection and love.
- Why don't you get married? - To whom?
Prince Charming? I don't believe in that.
Probably because you don't want to believe in it.
You have to want it.
I'm a little like you that way.
But at least I've found other interests for myself.
Why did I ask you to come work for me?
Because it will teach you to look outside yourself.
Very few people can really be self-sufficient.
We can't do without other people.
It's no use thinking you can.
We're here. Let's go.
Will Sister Antonietta be at the station?
Of course she will.
Shall we?
What's wrong?
It's no use. Don't waste your time on me.
You haven't told me the truth.
I'm sure there's a man involved in all this. Am I wrong?
Is that right?
Yes, there's a man involved.
Come on, stop crying.
I've going to help you. Come, I'll take you home.
- Good night, Carlo. - Good night, Giuseppe.
I didn't think we could do it.
But it's gonna look nice when it's finished.
I should be used to this by now...
but every time a job ends, I feel like I did the whole thing.
Good night.
What are you doing here? I was just about to leave.
The workmen just left a while ago. You must have run into Giuseppe.
You look so tired. Why did you come by? You didn't need to.
I should have gone home.
I had a terrible day, and without realizing it, I came here.
You haven't even eaten. It's Sunday.
You said the plaster had to be finished by Monday, and the workmen...
Are you so afraid of what the "boss" might say...
as the architect calls me?
Not of what the boss might say.
What you might say.
Lorenzo, will you get the door?
Sorry to disturb you, ma'am. I've brought the pictures.
That's fine. Thanks.
Not these two. Some gentlemen were coming to see them.
I only brought what they told me.
I delivered the ceramics first.
Wait just a minute. I'll call Borgianni.
Borgianni, it's me.
They've brought back those two pictures that...
They changed their minds. I'm sorry.
On the other hand, I have some great news for you.
The American director of the McColly Museum...
a very important man, yes...
asked if you'd like to go to New York to show your work.
Lorenzo's not here right now...
but I'm sure he'll say yes.
Not Lorenzo. You.
I don't know. I'll have to talk to Lorenzo.
He went out. Wasn't he on his way to see you?
You're probably wondering why I called last night...
and asked if I could speak with you.
- Perhaps I already know. - Odd, because I don't know anymore.
Anyway, here we are, just you and me. Or would you prefer I left?
We used to use more intimate terms with each other.
- Remember? - You're right.
Tell me, mysterious girl...
there was a night you called me...
a much more dramatic night than when I called you last night.
Were you looking for me or for Nene?
- I was looking for you. - Why?
Don't deceive me. Tell me what I'm thinking is true.
I can only tell you the truth.
I wanted you to destroy my portrait...
just like I destroyed all my photographs.
I wanted to wipe out all traces of myself.
- Is that what you thought? - No. We men are very vain.
You didn't know that, did you?
It's easy to believe anything...
even that a beautiful girl like you...
could be secretly in love with a guy like me.
Do you think a woman in love could kill herself?
When does somebody kill himself anyway?
I could have all the symptoms and just not realize it.
You don't have the symptoms.
If I were like you, if I saw things the way you see them...
took an interest in things the way you do...
perhaps had your problems...
You want them? You can have them.
You have the most beautiful smile in the world.
If I could just paint it, I would be on top of the world.
Go on, smile. You're wonderful.
I feel like a little boy again, like I still know how to play.
That could be dangerous.
Not for you. For me.
If I turn you into my game...
you'll become my work...
my life, perhaps my love.
Would that make you unhappy?
Yes, because I know what it means.
I know what it means to love a man and see him marry another woman.
What's this man's name?
Same as yours: Lorenzo. Does that make you happy?
So it was on my account?
- Then it's true? - Yes, but don't worry.
Nobody could possibly know.
Besides, I'll never do it again.
I fell in love with you while you painted my portrait.
I had never experienced anything like that.
You painted my face and it felt like you were caressing me.
But you weren't aware of it.
And how could I tell you? You were about to be married.
- These things drive me crazy! - What are you doing?
Nothing, just talking to doorknobs, doors, walls!
I'm looking for somebody who'll listen to me.
I listened to you.
I was just telling Carlo I want to go see that furniture.
You can't! I can tell you all about it without even seeing it.
I know what it looks like. I have a nose for this stuff.
It's better to make sure. I'll go.
Couldn't we take a little break now? We can go and be back in an hour.
Meanwhile, you look for the fabric. I'll leave that up to you.
Why are you talking to the curtains?
I won't say another word.
Hello? At your service.
It's Momina.
Momina, my darling, my treasure.
No, Clelia's not here.
Come console me or I'll go mad.
It's the middle of winter, yet everyone's behaving like it's spring.
Love rules in this house, yes, indeed.
You don't say. How amusing!
Clelia is crazy for my assistant.
I'm the one who's alone and desperate.
You need something? Then go away!
- No, just a worker. - Poor man.
Then you really need me.
- Shall we get together? - You'll come console me?
At my place? At your place, then.
Sir, I may not be a very serious woman...
but I don't frequent bachelor apartments.
I have an elegant, comfortable and well-heated apartment...
and I take tea at 6:00.
This tyrant of a woman will never let me out of here today.
Can we make it tomorrow at 6:00? Yes, my love.
Of course, sir. My regards to your wife.
Hello. Clelia asked me to wait for her here.
Did you know we might be working together?
I work here. Why don't you show me around?
Good heavens!
Who sent you here? What have you been hired to do?
I don't know. Salesgirl, maybe even a model.
What do you think?
Do I have the figure for it?
- Where is it? - Over there.
It's a small shop, but they've got great stuff.
They charge a fraction of what you'd pay in other shops.
So much the better.
Carlo, I want to talk to you... about us.
You see, I'm a woman on my own.
especially in difficult moments that come along...
one needs some support, some affection.
It's not easy, I know...
but I'd like to explain.
Are you referring to us? No need to trouble yourself.
I didn't mean to offend you.
I know you want to be clear about things...
but, like I said, don't worry.
It happened once. It won't happen again. I get it.
Do you like these?
Truthfully, no.
It's a dining room set... not what you need anyway. Let's go in.
Carlo, these pieces are awful.
I don't agree. Anyway, it doesn't matter.
- We should never set up house together. - It would be a disaster.
We'd be quarrelling over the furniture in no time.
Come on.
Carlo, there's no point going up.
You can see at a glance what sort of furniture this is.
I wanted antique furniture, preferably 18th century.
This isn't office furniture. I'm sure they have what you need upstairs.
I know, Carlo, but our shop isn't really an office.
It has to have character.
Fine. Have your architect take care of it.
He has the "nose" for it.
I don't understand why you should get so upset.
It's normal for people to have different tastes.
I respect you just the same...
even if we don't like the same furniture.
I came this way so many times as a young girl.
Look over here!
This is where I used to live.
I didn't think it was beautiful then... children don't think about beauty...
but I remember thinking it was much bigger.
Come look.
This courtyard, for example.
Just look at it.
And yet when I used to play there in the evening...
I'm not positive...
but I think that woman was here back then.
She had just gotten married.
She was beautiful.
But you still are beautiful and elegant...
and you don't live in this kind of place anymore.
Where to now? Shall we go this way?
If you hadn't left...
if you had stayed in this neighborhood...
we might have met.
I might well have fallen in love with you.
We might have married...
and you'd live with me forever on a street like this one.
Because that's all I could offer you.
But of course you're right.
Would you mind if I don't go back to the shop with you?
I'll eat at home and see you at the shop later.
You can catch a cab over there.
- Where's Rosetta? - I waited but she didn't show up.
- Who's here? - She won't come. You'll see.
Do I have to crawl to her on my knees and ask forgiveness?
Rosetta has no sense of humor. That's her problem.
What a bore! Now we have to choose between her and you every time we go out.
- How beautiful! - She got me in a jam too.
- I really needed her and she didn't come. - I understand.
Why should she work? She doesn't need to.
- To fill her days. - It's nothing but make-work.
Sometimes you make me so mad, Momina.
You just won't take certain things seriously.
You'd see things differently if you had to earn your daily bread.
I already have my daily bread.
What can I say? I already have it.
I'm so tired!
May I?
If Rosetta's not here by now, she's not coming.
Why don't we call her house?
You never call a person's house. You could get them in trouble.
It's your fault, Momina. Why do you treat her that way?
- What an idiot I am. - Want me to help you?
- No. - I was afraid you'd say yes.
It's all right. I'll do it.
Nene, I had no idea you had domestic talents.
- And what talents do you have? - Me? Ask the guys.
Men don't understand women at all.
Maybe I should call the shop. I wouldn't want her waiting there.
- I'm so exhausted. - Don't get up. I'll call.
I should call home anyway and see if Lorenzo's back.
We didn't have lunch together. I don't even know where he is.
Let it go.
My husband had the same bad habit.
He'd say, "I'm calling you so you know where I am."
- Maybe he was checking up on you. - That's the problem.
You know what he did today?
He sent me the keys to a new apartment in Turin.
He knows if he wants me back he has to live in the city.
- I hate the countryside. - Then you're getting back together?
I don't know. We'll see.
But it's so nice here.
A house where a woman lives alone has a certain feel to it...
like something naughty might happen.
- I find it amusing. - What an idea!
Look, he put the keys in a box of chocolates.
The sweet with the bitter.
- How romantic. - You think so?
He could have at least sent flowers.
- Chocolate is bad for me. - There's Rosetta now.
I hope she doesn't make a scene.
Sorry I'm late.
Clelia, forgive me. I'm a terrible employee.
- I'll get myself fired. - You really should be...
Don't scold me. I'll be right on time tomorrow.
At least you're in good spirits.
Tell us where you've been and we'll forgive you.
What have you been up to? Your blouse is unbuttoned!
You're right. Look how I've been walking around.
You want to tell us where you've been?
I'll tell you where I'm going... to comb my hair.
I'm bored, girls.
You're more like yourself today.
Are you doing a beauty cure or have you fallen in love?
- Neither. - Then what is it?
You don't have to tell me. You think I don't know?
- Really? What is it? - I've known for a while.
You stood us up. Are you keeping secrets from us?
You gave me the idea of getting the number from the hotel switchboard.
You're wrong. There was nothing between us back then.
- What about now? - What are you saying?
Are you crazy? What about Nene?
Leave her alone. You wouldn't understand. You're not married.
It's such a different situation.
When I'm up to something...
I prefer to tell my husband precisely because I love him.
But this involves a friendship. Rosetta is Nene's friend.
- Nice blouse. Where did you get it? - Downtown.
Don't worry about Nene. She has to have an idea.
And if she doesn't, she's not just unlucky, she's a fool!
A woman with more talent than her man is truly unfortunate.
- Why do you say that? It's not true. - You know it is.
Anyway, what's important now is you like Lorenzo.
If you like him, then go after him.
I don't understand you, Momina.
It's time you learned, since you've never been married...
how difficult it is for a woman to find a man who suits her.
What are you waiting for?
Handsome princes today snort cocaine and dance the mambo.
Listen to me: Have a good time while you're young.
Otherwise you'll regret it when you grow old...
and, believe me, there's nothing worse.
You like it? Come on, let's go find them.
They would have called for us if they wanted us there.
We can't wait all day for them to call!
- You're wrong. - Why? What did she say?
Nothing. You know how Momina's always saying things.
- Anyone got a match? - Here.
Let's go in the other room.
- That must be Cesare. - What a bore!
We can't talk with men around.
He thinks I'm all alone here.
We can come back later.
Momina, what do you think of Cesare?
Well, these are tough times.
Good evening.
Poor Cesare, I make you spend all your money.
I'm very happy to be here.
Darling, I couldn't help it. They showed up unexpectedly.
Sometimes I wonder if women really understand what a man is.
- Cesare, l... - You what?
You're a superficial woman, and that's the truth.
- Just remember one thing... - Don't be a fool.
Why not try a little patience?
You've only been wooing me since last Sunday.
Don't you want to kiss me?
Are you leaving?
- No reading allowed. - Sorry.
What's wrong, Cesare? Are you still angry? It's not flattering.
I'm not angry. Maybe you didn't really want to see me.
Darling, let's speak clearly. I like you.
You have a good personality, you're stylish...
you know how to live. In short, you have a lot going for you.
You see the life I live.
If you're going to start scolding and being cross with me...
we'll never get anywhere.
I'm sorry, Momina. I didn't mean it. I'm just very tired.
We're all tired, but that's no reason to show it.
You must always pretend.
That's us.
We make quite a nice couple.
Come on, smile for Momina.
Happy now?
You don't understand at all.
You have to be a little bit serious about these things.
Then... give me a kiss.
Antonietta has gotten so thin.
The other day she only modeled overcoats.
Hurry now.
Ladies, come here.
Is it true models are coming from Rome?
Yes, for the evening gowns.
Why? Can't we model them?
Ladies, I don't make the decisions.
The owner just walked in.
- How is it going? - All right.
I think two of them could work out.
But we need three. I like that one over there.
She has a nice figure and a mischievous air.
- You think? - You see how popular she is?
I'd choose these two.
All right?
Ladies, be here at 10:00 a.m. The day after tomorrow.
Very well. Thank you and good-bye.
- May we go then? - Yes, you may go.
- Nothing for me, then? - No.
Thanks anyway.
Listen, come back the day after tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.
Thank you very much.
Forgive me.
For what?
I behaved like a fool.
I was jealous.
Are you going to the grill for lunch?
No, I have an appointment.
What is it, darling?
- What about you? - Me?
I was thinking it's late and we have to say good-bye.
We should go. You have to be at Clelia's at 6:30.
It's such a shame to always have to leave each other.
We meet, and if we chat, we don't even have time to kiss...
and if we kiss...
it's soon time to go...
and I'm left alone with all the things I wanted to tell you.
Try to think about something else.
It's no use torturing yourself with these thoughts.
You really should find something to keep you busy.
I'd like to be your wife.
That's all you women think about.
Get married... and then what?
- You really think you'd be happy? - I love you!
I know, darling, but that's not enough.
Nene loves me too, yet here I am.
Why don't you love her more?
Why don't I love her more?
You oversimplify everything.
Let's change the subject, shall we?
Lorenzo, do you love me?
- Don't. I'll look terrible. - That's not true.
- Do you love me? - What are all these questions?
I wish I were so gorgeous you wouldn't even look at another woman.
Lorenzo, I'm jealous.
The first few times we had to part...
I imagined you in your studio.
Now I think about Nene being there.
I try to imagine the evenings you spend together, what you say.
Let's go.
I'm tired of sneaking around like this.
I want to go out in public with you.
We never go walking at the river anymore.
I don't want to hide like those two. I want to tell everyone.
- You mean Nene. - Yes, Nene.
I don't know how you can go back to her afterwards...
and live under false pretenses.
I'd almost say you were afraid.
I'll tell her, I promise.
Maybe I'm not the extraordinary man you think I am.
I'm just a weak man, and a liar.
You are my love, and the fact you spare Nene's feelings makes me love you more.
That way I know you'll never make me suffer.
But we have to find a way to spend more time together.
If Nene goes to America...
America? What would she do there?
Her ceramics show, of course. She hasn't decided yet.
Who invited her?
I don't know. Someone important, apparently.
Aren't you happy?
Let's get out of here. I can't stand it here. You were right.
- We can go to Momina's place tomorrow. - Momina's place?
She's gone back to her husband.
It'd be like our own place.
- Wouldn't you like that? - No. I don't like Momina.
I don't like her conniving and condescending ways.
I prefer the pimps around here.
I was talking about moving in there together.
I can't bear my parents anymore...
all their questions every time I go out.
Besides, if Nene goes to America...
Don't make me laugh. Come on.
- You're late. Hurry up. - Sorry.
You, too. Hurry up.
Who brought this?
I don't know. They delivered it a while ago.
Clelia, come on. Guests are arriving.
Where is your friend Rosetta?
She's supposed to be one of our salesgirls.
I don't understand. She was supposed to be here.
I understand perfectly.
This place has some class, doesn't it?
We'll talk about it later.
Please, make yourself comfortable.
What are you doing here? Go on now.
- Those look great. Let's have some. - I don't like sweets.
I hardly know anything about you, what you like and don't like...
whether you wake up in a good mood...
I wake up in a foul mood.
Fine. No sweets, then.
- Let's go. It's late. - It's already 7:00.
Clelia will be furious. They must be showing afternoon wear by now.
I must confess I am useless there.
Clelia's trying to help me out, but enough is enough.
I'll tell her to give my salary to someone who needs it...
somebody who can do the job.
when you're in love...
there's no time for anything else, is there?
- If you say so. - What do you mean? Don't you know?
- Maybe I've never been in love. - Liar.
Sweetheart, I'm not going to Clelia's.
I can't stand all that nonsense.
But you'll come to dinner, won't you? It's a celebration for Clelia.
Yes, Nene told me.
Shall we walk or take a cab?
Have you seen Lorenzo?
Everything all right, Clelia?
- My heart's racing. - I'm sure you'll be a success.
- Is this okay? - It's fine.
Your timing works out well for me. My husband's in a generous mood.
- Is he here? - I'll bring him when it's not so crowded.
He should be good for two or three dresses.
- Are you happy? - Because he's come back to me?
Once a husband, always a husband.
- Where's Rosetta? - Who knows? She hasn't shown up.
She could have at least told me.
- Hello, Rosetta. - Hello.
- Isn't Lorenzo coming? - Lorenzo? I, uh...
No, he's not coming.
Since you're not working, why don't we get out of here?
I'd like to stay.
Then let's go in the other room. I have something to tell you.
I know this isn't the most suitable time or place...
but maybe it's better this way. Come with me?
- Where are you going? - In the other room for a minute.
Come on, quick now! Maria, please.
Once around the room, then put on the wedding dress.
I know we're in the way, but we need a moment alone.
Don't mention it. Rosetta, your mother was here looking for you.
The other room's so crowded you can hardly move.
TellJeanine to put on number eight right away.
Quick, hurry.
Shall we sit down?
Thank goodness there's some water here. My throat is so dry.
- Would you like a little? - No, thanks.
Don't look at me like some sad victim. Help me out.
You know it's not easy to have this kind of talk.
I understand it's even harder for Lorenzo.
He was just saying earlier that he means to talk to you.
Maybe this evening.
No, he'll postpone it. You'll see.
And if he keeps on postponing it, we'll never talk about it.
Besides, he and I don't need words to understand each other.
It's you and I who need to talk about this business.
Sorry, maybe "business" isn't the right word.
That's a cute dress, isn't it?
If Lorenzo wanted to talk to me...
that means it's not a simple matter.
I'll tell you the truth.
I was sure this all meant more to you than it did to him.
Lorenzo loves his work very much...
but when it comes to his love life, he's never happy.
Recently he's been going through a crisis.
The fact his show wasn't a success is just a coincidence.
That's not why he's depressed.
If he were more confident, he would have cared less.
But the show's failure just confirmed his doubts.
It's been a real drama.
It's turned him inside out.
Can you imagine? He's even become jealous of my work.
In short, I came here with a talk all prepared for you.
I was going to say don't delude yourself, open your eyes...
face facts and don't think you're going to be the only thing in his life.
But maybe I was wrong.
Maybe you've managed to get what I never got from him.
We love each other very much.
I'm sorry you have to suffer, Nene...
but I can't lie to you.
I don't know how I could ever give him up.
Then you mustn't give him up.
I'll help you by leaving. I'll be strong.
Besides, I may be losing Lorenzo, but who knows?
Maybe I'll be successful in America.
Tell Lorenzo he needn't speak with me.
I'll act as if I plan on coming back.
If we had children, I would never give in.
But for two people by themselves, married or not...
the only thing that can keep them together is love.
And love is the reason I'm leaving.
Where have you been hiding? Come on.
Isn't it beautiful? We've decided, right, Tony?
It's gorgeous. I'll take it.
And since you have to get married to wear it, I'll get married.
Let's come back tomorrow so I can try it on.
What if it doesn't fit? You think it will fit?
Would it be old-fashioned to get married in white?
Dye it pink.
Rosetta, when I saw that dress, I thought of you.
Where are we going for dinner? Let's get out of this madhouse.
- What are we doing now? - Let's go wait in the car.
- Is everyone here? - Yes, even Lorenzo.
- Where is he? - Outside. He didn't want to come in.
Let's go get Clelia.
Has anyone seen my slip?
I'm exhausted!
They work us a lot harder in Rome.
It's true. Anyway, it's over now.
Girls, you were great. My compliments.
The wedding gown was a big hit.
Where's the boss?
Haven't you ever seen a man in his clothes?
Clelia, there's some people here to congratulate you.
- Aren't you having dinner with us? - Yes, actually...
I would have liked to take Clelia out, but if it can't be...
- Why don't you come with us? - No, thank you.
- Pity. We'll wait for you in the car. - Give me time to change.
Hurry up, Clelia. It's dangerous to keep a man waiting.
A little while is fine, but too long and they leave.
Then we have to chase after them.
"Wishing you all the love and success you desire... Yours, Carlo"
My love, bring me roses
Why are we stopping here?
We could go to the Bronze Horse.
Let Clelia decide. She's the guest of honor.
- I really wouldn't know. You decide. - This place looks cute.
There's one of those "houses" across the street. Forget it.
I hate going out to dinner in a group like this.
It takes hours to decide on a place. Let's just pick the first place we see.
This place here is fine. I'm going in. You go where you want.
- I had a talk with Nene. - What have you done?
She's the one who brought it up, not me.
She says she knows everything. You needn't say a word.
She's going to America. You understand?
- Aren't you happy? - When did she tell you that?
Rosetta, hurry up. Cesare, park the car for me.
- This is a cute place. - Really?
- You're going to see a miracle tonight. - What kind of miracle?
We're going to have a good time.
- Where shall we sit? - Over there.
That music is so pretty.
- How many are there? One, two, three... - You even know how to count!
There are eight of us. Momina, look.
- You want something to eat? - Of course, and something to drink too.
- Bring us some red wine. - What can I fix you to eat?
- Don't you have a menu? - At this hour?
My restaurant's not that fancy.
You can say that again.
Here we are. Antonio, how are you?
Do you all know Antonio?
The world's greatest vagabond.
He's wandered his way through France, America, England, Russia...
No, not Russia. Say hello to everyone.
Let me introduce everyone. This is Nene.
America is about to steal her away from us.
This is Clelia. From now on she'll be dressing all ofTurin... maybe even me.
Why don't you make something in chiffon for the gentleman?
Poor fellow. Let's offer him a meal instead.
Sit down and order anything you want.
Clelia, sit over here. I want to sit between the two celebrities.
I'm not marrying you anymore.
Are you sending Nene away because she's too talented?
- Cut it out, Cesare. - What did I say?
Do you fools know who this McColly is?
He calls the shots on the art scene in America.
That's not news to anyone here.
So? I'm just saying if he invites you, it means success and money.
Remember I'm your friend, eh?
I'm not saying this will happen with you, Nene...
but guys like McColly have made some real blunders in Europe.
- Don't listen to him. When do you leave? - I don't know yet.
Nene, why didn't you tell me?
Tell me, are the girls in the other room more beautiful than me?
- Listen to her. - Are you crazy?
What kind of wife are you? And you want to get married in white?
- Pink. - Pink, blue, same difference.
- What is that? - To your health, everybody!
Who is that?
That's Lorenzo's version of you in a wedding dress.
- You think you're real funny, eh? - That's right. Oh, I forgot.
Great. I'll hire you as a designer.
You bet. Perfect, eh? Lorenzo, sign this.
- You think you're funny? - Do you?
- Can't we kid around a little? - No, you can't! You've no right.
I don't feel like kidding around with mediocre people.
A frivolous failure, that's what you are!
You should talk! You're the failure!
- Lorenzo, please! - Stop it!
I don't want your pity or your understanding!
Go off to America or wherever you want. Just leave me alone!
- What are you looking at? - He's really gone mad!
Then he should be in an asylum, not picking fights with decent people!
I told you we'd have a good time!
Let me go!
You're in the wrong, Lorenzo!
Of course I'm in the wrong.
I'm always in the wrong, aren't I?
We shouldn't care about anything, right? Then, fine! Who cares?
You make me sick, all of you!
Let me go.
But why?
- Let him go. - The artist!
Darling, stop and look at me.
- What do you want? Go back. - No, I don't want to go back.
- Then go home. - I'm coming with you!
- Where? - Calm down.
I'm never going home again.
We'll always be together.
You mustn't suffer like this.
I understand now. You need me.
Rosetta, I must tell you the truth.
What is it?
I don't need anyone.
- Is this Chantilly lace? - Yes.
I'd like to see that blue dress with the scarf.
- Bring the dress for the lady. - Size eight.
- What a memory! - Clelia is extraordinary that way.
She remembers every dress.
I don't know how she does it. I can't remember a thing.
- What's your waist size? - Twenty-four.
Don't exaggerate, Jeanine. Your waist is a 25.
- I thought so. - We can take it out a bit for you.
- I'm sorry... - I know. You have a 24-inch waist.
- Now go put on something simple. - Jeanine, go get changed.
Shouldn't we continue with the cocktail dresses?
No. In Rome women want to spend little but look rich...
while here they spend a lot but want a modest, simple look.
- Why? - Social diplomacy.
Mrs. Janni called to confirm she wants the "Spring" model...
but she says to hold it for her because she's taking a slimming cure.
We shouldn't have left her alone.
Who could have known?
You should have known.
You should have helped her, not driven her to her death!
Do you realize what you've done?
I heard you tell her to get involved with him.
So now it's my fault?
If you're so smart, why didn't you...
Yes, it's my fault too!
What's happened?
Rosetta Savone committed suicide.
Such a pretty girl!
- That's a different world. - No, it's this world.
Clelia, get a hold of yourself!
What do you care anyway?
To you, Rosetta was just a girl like any other, but for me she was...
Just what was she for you?
You never understood her at all.
You even gave her the keys to your apartment.
You play with other people's emotions as if they were all like you...
someone who doesn't even know what emotions are.
If a lover leaves you, all you do...
is run out and find another.
You're a murderer. Do you understand?
It was you who killed her, you and your cynicism!
- Clelia, stop it. - No!
I have to say this! I want to say it!
I don't care what happens.
I'm sorry. I don't know what to say.
Mali, carry on, please.
Would you like to see something in an evening gown?
Who is it? Yes, put him on.
Hello? Its me... Carlo.
I just wanted...
I spoke with the architect. He told me everything.
I wanted to tell you...
I just wanted to hear your voice.
I would have tried to find you.
I needed to see you.
You'll come right away?
Thanks. I'll come down and meet you.
Is that you, Nene?
Why won't you talk to me?
Come here.
I don't even know how it started.
I was depressed. I didn't believe in anything anymore.
When she said she loved me, I thought I loved her too...
so I told her I loved her and that I would leave you.
But the more time I spent with her, the more I knew I loved you.
I tried to find a way to tell her, but it was hard...
and when I finally told her, I did it all wrong.
You won't go away, will you? You won't leave me?
You know I won't.
I would only have gone if you had left me.
I love you, Nene.
But why do you still love me?
Perhaps because I pay such a high price for you.
I was looking for you. I'd like a word with you.
I can imagine what you have to say to me.
I'd prefer to spare myself an unpleasant discussion.
Do whatever you wish. You have every right.
- What are you going to do? - I don't know.
I'll probably stay here in Turin.
Don't worry: I know I can't go on managing the salon.
I know I've upset you.
We've known each other for such a long time.
That's right, a long time.
We've spent most of the day together for years...
yet we know practically nothing about each other.
All we know is how well we do our jobs.
They say I've been fortunate in life, and maybe that's true.
But I've gone through hard times too.
I've had to make choices.
Now I like what I do. I get by on my own.
Best of all, I've no time to think, "Am I happy or unhappy?"
You see, that's the greatest fortune of all.
Whether I was right to choose this path...
I don't know, but I'm sure of one thing:
Once I made my choice, I was right to defend it with all my strength.
Do what you need to do.
After everything that's happened...
you wouldn't feel right here in Turin.
Ours is a tough business, but in Rome...
What could there be for me in Rome?
- Why, your job. - My job?
Of course. Come back to work for us.
Think about it and make your decision.
In any case, come by the salon later...
and if you've decided on Rome, leave at once.
- There's a train at 10:00. - You mean tonight?
It's best that way. It'll keep you from getting into more trouble.
I don't know how to thank you. You're very kind.
Actually, I envy you.
You needed to get it off your chest, and you did.
I've always had to keep things in.
Maybe that's why my stomach is always upset!
I'll see you later. I'm going to pack right away.
I'll see you later.
Just a minute.
I'd like a one-way ticket to Rome on the 10:00 train tonight.
And please prepare my bill.
So you're leaving?
A cup of tea, please.
Would you like something?
- Thank you for coming. - Don't mention it.
I didn't know I was coming to say good-bye.
I didn't know either.
When we spoke on the phone, I thought I'd stay here forever...
with you.
Let's sit down.
I was sure I had lost my job...
yet it almost felt like a relief.
I felt I had been spared the curse of spending my whole life...
among people who never forgive you...
for stepping out of line or making a mistake.
People who speak but never understand.
Instead of mourning the loss of my job, I thought of you.
When we're faced with death...
we find ourselves appreciating what is good and true around us.
I realized how much I care for you...
and I took pity on myself.
I thought I'd like to spend my whole life with you.
You really did? Then why are you leaving?
Because we should have married younger.
- And now? - Now I'm not sure anymore.
It's too late for me, Carlo.
I belong to such a different world.
I'm sure I would regret it.
I'm too accustomed to my freedom...
to be a quiet little wife in a modest little house.
Working is my way of being a woman...
of loving, of taking part in the world.
You understand?
Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to meet a man I could live with...
without either one us having to give up our own self.
But if you and I were together...
I'm certain one of us would be unhappy.
I can't imagine being unhappy at your side...
but I can't ask you to take that chance.
Do you think it's easy for me to give you up?
I feel like a damsel in distress.
My God, it's 5:00!
The danger is past. Now go.
- You must have a lot to do. - Yes, I really do.
Can we see each other later?
I'll be at the station early. I'll wait for you in the bar.
Let's get a bite to eat together, just like at the grill.
Then you can walk me to the train, all right?
Now I've got to run.
- Would you add that to my bill? - I'll get it.
- The train's leaving in a few minutes. - Take my bags. I'll be right there.
- Track number nine. - I'll be right there.
Is Carlo there, please?
No, it's not important. Thanks.
Miss, may I have a word?
Now departing on track number nine...
the express train for Genoa, Pisa and points beyond.
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