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Subtitles for Amityville 3 - The Demon 1983.

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Amityville 3 - The Demon 1983

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Good evening.
You are sure there is no danger.
I mean after all that's happened in this house.
That family murdered.
Evil all good lying our responsible.
Shall we begin?
Concentrate on your child.
Call him, Mrs. Baxter.
Let him know that you're here.
Ricky, it's mommy.
Can you hear me?
I can't breathe.
Over here.
She's no good.
Help me.
The child has past over.
The child has past over in fire.
Now, he's in peace.
{y:i}Mommy ...
{y:i}I'm here.
Ricky!|- No Mrs., stay where you are! Keep still.
Baby, don't.
Ricky.|{y:i}- I'm here.|- Ricky. Where are you?
{y:i}I'm here.|- Ricky?
{y:i}Mommy ...
{y:i}I'm here.|- Ricky.
Oh, shut up!
Who are you people? What the hell you want?
Reveal magazine.
Congratulations, you just made our next cover, Mr. Caswell.|- You have no right. You can't do that!|- Can't we?
We've got pictures.
We've got sound.
And we've got you.
Get out of this house.
You're trespassing.|- Actually we've taken care of that.
By the way, uh ... John, he's not my husband|and uh .... poor little Ricky ...
Sorry, it took so long.|- No problem.
And who's this?
More trash from your damn scandal sheet?
Mr. Caswell, let me introduce Dr. Elliot West of the|institute for psychic research state university Long Island.|- I don't give a damn where he's from.
I'm gonna sue the ass of you.
And every son of a bitch that came with you.
This gentleman is Mr. David Cohler|of the district attorneys office.
We took the liberty of telling him our plans ...
for tonight and he was kind enough to come along.|If you have any questions regarding the law,|I suggest you ask him.
Come on.
You were very convincing.|Well, you almost had me fooled.
Elliot. It was a great help. Thanks for the tip.|It'll make a very interesting story.|- I'm glad to be at service.
Actually a group setup like this is pretty easy to spot.
The only thing remotely interesting about it is the house.
In fact if you aren't too much of a hurry,|I'd like to look around a bit.
Oh, sure we can probably use some pictures|of their equipment. And all that speakers and the amplifiers.|The mysterious balls of light.
You're crazy.
Well, the master control is probably|somewhere in the basement.
After you professor.
All right.
Well, I would imagine it's over this way.
Whoop, damn.
Was a fuse box, I guess.
Or worse.
The way that our storms wind blowing|is probably just the lines down.
That's true.|- Yeah. - Maybe we should a ...
We might as well.|We can always come back tomorrow.
All right. Sure.
Okay, let's go.
Got the door?
You all here?
Yeah, I'm here.
Come on, John.|- Gosh.
You got it?|- Come on, you're stronger. Come on.
Get it.|- All right.
I'm Sanders.
I'm a man, who ... who owns this palace.|- Oh. How do you do?
Melanie.|- Oh. How do you do? - How are you?|- Please to meet you. - Nice to meet you.
Well, I tell you, when I rented this place|to those people I had ...
I had no idea that, that ...|I mean look at this ...
Look at this.
I mean when you told me about this|on the phone, I was shocked.|- I can imagine.
Thanks for letting us come over here like this today.|- No, it's no problem.
Look at this box of tricks ...
Help me. Please.
Help me.
Don't let me go. Don't let me go, please.|- Get him off!
Don't let me go.
He's making it.|- Don't ...
You all right.|- ... let me go.|- You're okay. You're okay!
You're okay.
You're okay.
You all right?
I guess this is what suppose to be the ...
gateway to hell.
It looks convincing to me.
It's just an old well.
I never knew that was there.
I could have been killed.
Oh, don't do that. This is not for your magazine.|This is ... - God.
You have some objection?
Well, if it links me up with this,|I certainly do have some objection.
Acording to our information|you are linked up with all of this.
That old man told you that?
He's a liar.
Hey, don't do that.|Let's go outside, I need some air.
Where is that panyoti con man get of accusing me?
I don't know about panyoti.
They must have some pull, then, quite a hole all over the|last six months. - Well, you can't connect me with it.|You have absolutely no proof.
Well. Mr. Baxter I'm a real estate agent.
And I do a lot of bussiness in this area.|And I have a reputation to protect.
I mean, if it ever came out that I was connected|with those whatever this is, it would finish me.
I bought this house ... cheap. Because I thought|it would be a good investment once all that panic|has been forgotten.
Well, it hasn't been forgotten.
I mean, I can't even unload the houses|on either side of it.
Now, look at it.|I mean, it's an ordinary normal house. It's ...
nice looking. It's in fairly good condition.
It's built ... where they used to build them. It's a steel.
Nobody wants it.
What're you asking for it?
It would be affordable.
Very affordable.
You're serious? You're really gonna buy that house?
If Nancy's lawyer leave me|with a price of the roof over my head.
What do you need with the big old house?
Have you seen my apartment?
Yeah, but you haven't even looked around.|There's better places.
Can't do much better than this.|That guy is practically giving it away.
And why do you think that is?
Because some people are so damn superstitious.
There is lots of fresh air ...
trees ...
plenty of room ...
The house itself is a real Long Island antique.|It's wonderful.
And I'll have a place to really work for the first time.|- Oh, I know. Sure, I know that's what you need.|- Spread my things out.
You need some space. You need some decent quiet.|Well, you've got it now.|- That's right.
You'll be able to concentrate work undisturbed|get started on that great american novel.|- Oh, come on, Nancy.
Don't make this any rougher than it has to be.
All right.
Before the word. Divorce was something obstruct,|illegal term and now it's real.
Look, Nancy, we both made this decision together,|because neither one of us were happy.
I have to get out of here. I have to get out of my job,|I have to change my life. - All right! Fine.
Fine. If that's what you have to do, then just do it.|Quit talking about it and do it. Pack your bags,|pack your things and leave. Just leave.
I didn't know you're coming over.
You know now?|- Hi. - Hi.
Hello Lisa.|- Hi, Mr. Baxter.
Do me a favor, will you hon?
Help me pack this thing up.
I hear you bought yourself a haunted house.
I just bought the house not the ghost.
So, when will we get to come see this house?|- As soon as you like.
There are lots of room. I want you to come over|and pick one up for yourself. - Great.
Mr. Baxter?
Mr. Baxter?
It's Sanders. I'm here.
Mr. Baxter?
Mr. Baxter?
Oh, god.
What happened?
Had a stroke or a heart attack or something.
He awfully died just as I found him.
John, I wanna show you something.
Look at this.
Look at this.
Look at that.
It's something wrong with your film.|- But just these frames?
Just these pictures that Sanders is in?
What do you want me to say, Melanie?|- I don't want you to say anything.
All I want you to do is acknowledge to me|that something weird is going on here.
Melanie, Sanders was a sick man.
You only had to look at him to see he was sick.
Yeah. But don't you find that is a startling coincidence?
Yes. That's exactly what I think it is|a startling coincidence.
Nothing more.
Melanie, you know what you're doing?
You're acting exactly how superstitious people act.
I think that's what they do.
I don't know.
I don't see anything here that it'll come forth.
And you think the camera was working properly?
It was.
All right.
Well, what I can do is send it all down to the main lab.
A pictures, negatives, other samples of this photopaper.
A camera equipment, all of it.
And if there is a physical explanation,|they'll come up with it.|- And if there isn't?
Let's just wait and see.
Yeah, but just looking at these photos and knowing|what happened to Mr. Sanders ...|- Yeah, yeah. It seems fantastic, I know.
Seems like a convergence of events|that can only be ...
supernatural. But ...
Let me tell you, Melanie. Almost everyday at the week|we get something in here. Some ...
situation or phenomenon are just as strange as this.
And the 97 procent of the cases that turns out|to be perfectly logical explanation.
And the other three procents?
The other three procent is why I'm here.
Tell me. Have you seen any ghost yet?
Not yet.|- They're hiding.
Did you read the article?|- In Reveal? Yeah.
Just for the record.|Not only haven't I seen a ghost, but ...
I've never talked to anyone who's claimed to see one,|who could last twenty seconds with a lie detector.
How can you be so sure?
Reveal magazine has had me in more haunted houses|and seances and psychic confrontations|than I can tell you about.
If all it got one thing in common ....
One unifying theme.
The exploitation of the fear of death.
That's my room.
Well, don't you think is natural to fear death?
Wonder what's beyond it?
Yes, I think it's the most natural thing in the world.
But I don't think there are any answers.
Rationality doesn't apply, anything goes.
People like the Caswells used that.
They prey on it.
It's a gross form of immorality.
Not that I'm some paragon of virtue.
After all I work for Reveal magazine.|And I'm in there exploiting with the best of that.
I don't think that's the same thing.
Unless that I keep try to tell myself.
Still I think it's ironic that this monument for paranoia and|fear should now become home for my new serious life.
When are you gonna start writing your book?
I'm gonna try.
It's all, madam.
Which one is it to be?
Well ...
I think this room.
I like it, it's very interesting.
Sold to miss Susan Baxter for one enormous hug.
Hey, where're you going?|We got an article to lay out.
I'm sorry. And I got an apointment with an agent.|It's the only time I could arrange.
Agent?|- Clifton Sloan.
Sloan's friend of mine.
Told me if I was ever interested in that ...
doing anything more substional|that I ought to come and see.
The Much Heralded book.
Why don't you come over to my place around six?|And then we can work there. - Okay.
Is anybody here?
Dolores.|- Yes, yes. Who are you?|- I'm Melanie.
I'm waiting for Mr. Baxter.|- He is not here now!
I know.
Are you sure you have to go?|-Oh, yes.
I don't like to be late getting home.
Mr. Baxter will be here very soon.|- Oh, I hope so.
You better have this. The fuses|have been going out all day long.
And the electric man hasn't come.
You do know where the fuse box is?
Yeah, down in the basement.|- That's right. Bye.
Oh, gosh.
Stay open.
Are you okay?|- You all right, sir?
It's a miracle I wasn't killed.
What happened?|- I don't know.
It was inspected only last week.
The notice is in the car.
You wanna see it?|- Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no.
Let me just ... catch my breath.
Well, okay, sir.
Some water?
Thank you.
Oh, shit.
Melanie, what happened?|- No! No!
Don't you touch me!
What's the matter with you?|- Don't! You stay away from me!
Melanie.|- You stay away from me!
Melanie!|- No!
Help me! Help!|- Melanie.
I'm out!|- Melanie, go inside.
What happened?
Get away!
You wanna talk about it now, Melanie?
Look, Melanie. I'm your friend ...
We're partners. This is something that happened|in my house and I have a right to know what happened.
The lights went out. It was ...
fuses or something.
John ...
It was the most horrible think, that is ever happen to me.
The worst nightmare ... the worst nightmare|doesn't even come close and I will never go|into that house again. Never.
Melanie, when I got there the lights were fine. The fuse ...|- I don't care!
I don't wanna hear about it, John. I don't want|another one of your rational explanations.|I know what I experienced and I'm not crazy.
Look, Melanie ...
That house ...
has it's own mystique.
Things happened in there because people expect them|to happen. That was the basis of whole casual operation.|- Don't insult me, John.
I'm not insulting you. I'm telling you|something we both know to be truth.
I don't know if it's true anymore. Hey, why don't you|just get out of here. I got my work to do.
Supposing I ask you this.
Why do you think, whatever it was|that happened in there ...
only happened to you and didn't happen to me?
I don't know, John.
Maybe the house has other plans for you.|What do I know?
I don't know.
Oh, for Pete's sake.
{y:i}All right, that's it. Get her out of it.|That's enough. You know what to do, Joyce.
And she's been in there for ...
almost fifty two hours.
That's about the limit for a sensory deprivation.
Once you deprive the mind of all|the usual external stimulate it eventually ...
starts to improvize.
So, she's ...|She's been in some kind of limbo?
Yes, right. There's no sight, no sound.
Nothing to touch or taste or smell.
Under those conditions,|reality has no objective meaning for a person.
Some writer once said that reality|is the only word in the language that should|always be used in quotes.
Look, Dr. West, I can come back. I don't have to ...|- Oh, no. This is fine. She's all right now. Let's continue.
I don't know what to do.
The thought of my daughter going back|in that house terrifies me.
Yeah, I know.
Well uh ...
All I can say is that ...
There is no evidence whatever that anyone|has ever been directly harmed ...
by the kind of manifestation we're talking about.
I'm sorry, I don't know what that means.
Well, it means that ...
Whenever there has been an injury or a problem ...
it's always been because of some secondary cause.|Like a someone running away in a panic|and falling down some stairs.
That's not exactly reasuring.
I don't imagine it is.
I'm sorry, I just don't have the answers that you want.
You're looking for a yes or no.
I mean when we talked about ... spirits ...
or ghosts.
What do we mean really?
They may well be ...
things that people carry around with them.
And not things that could possibly hide in a house.
On the other hand there are certain houses|obviously do have infinity for ...
The Amityville house.
Possibly.|- But so many awful things had happen there.|There must be a reason.
Maybe there is, maybe there isn't.|We just don't know.
What am I supposed to do?
I see.
I'm sorry.
I just don't think we should be here,|when my father's not home.
Why not? Why wait? You have your own key|and everything. I'm just dying to check this out.|- I know, I know. It just doesn't seem right, though.
Oh, come on, Susan. What are you really afraid of?
I just told you.
Never mind. Come on,|I'll show you how stupid you really are.
That's a house.
Do you know you could have sex with a ghost.
Really?|- Yeah, really. I've been reading upon it.
Seems that has happened to a lot of women|and they all say that is fantastic.
What do you think?
I think you're weird.
Maybe that's why your father bought this house.
Maybe he's got some sex style ghost up there|with boobs up to heel.
Well, so that doesn't sound like my father.
All right. Well, I know his articles, you know.
I know the whole story.
I know exactly where all the murders happened.
Ronald DeFeo ...
murdered his mother.
And his father.
And his four brothers and sisters in this house.
God ...
The master bedroom.
This is where he began.
And then right here ...
he fired two more shots.
The sound muffled by the crash of thunder outside.
And then he went upstairs ...
to the children's room.
Ronald DeFeo possesssed by the spirit|of the devil in this house.|- Lisa, cut it out.
There is evil in this place.
I know. I know. Let's go downstairs to the basement.|Your dad wrote there's a dry well,|that's supposed to be an entrance to hell.
You really are lunatic.
This is it.
Here it is.
Here it is.
Come here, come here. Look at this.
It was burst up in by some collateral supernatural power|than death saw the earth.
This is supposed to be an ancient indian burial ground.
Their tortured spirits are still down there,|waiting to rise up and reclaim their land.
Oh, daddy you scared us.|- Not me.
Why aren't you at school?
Teacher's strike.
Great house, Mr. Baxter.
I'll just ... put these back.
Try not to fall in.
I'm trying not to be unreasonable, Susan.|- Mother, it was no big deal.
Lisa's been begging to see the house.|She's fanatic about it, so we went up there.
It was brought daylight. It was no danger|and daddy knew nothing about it until he came home.|- I'm sure.
He didn't.|- That's not the point.
It's the place itself. - You haven't even see it.|- I don't have to see it, I know all about it.|Everybody does. The place is infamous.
Only a man with your fathers|colosal would even consider living there.
I do not want you go in there. Is that understood?
Is it?
I'm afraid, Susan. It's just simple as that.
She'd been working late.
She wasn't coming to the house.|She was nowhere near the house.
You don't think it's odd that two people,|both of them were connected with that house.|- Nuts, Nancy. Sound just like ...
like Melanie.
Look, John it wasn't easy for me to come here today,|but I think it's very important that there'll be|no misunderstanding between two of us.
My daughter is the most precious thing in the world to me.|And she's not going back in that house.
I forbidden her.
She's my daughter too, Nancy. You turn to forget that.|- I'm not gonna argue with you, John,|I told you the way it's gonna be.
And I'm telling you that I have|something to say about this.
Fine, then say it to my lawyer.
... that?|- That was a baseball.|- Baseball? That's point five. - Baseball.
Just ... Do you see the abuse|that I take from these people?
You know what, I think your father's got|a lot of guts living in the haunted house.
It's not haunted.
Come on.|All those people killed there?
You don't think there may be one|tiny little ghost lurking out there?
Right. Why don't we change the subject?
What bother you?
Nothing. I just like to talk about something else.|- Come on, Susan. Don't be a drag.
I say we put together a seance.
I mean it's the perfect place for it. - No. - Yeees.|- Fantastic. And your dad is not home today.|You already told us. Come on. - No. - Let's do it!
Susan, we're doing it.|- Go, go.
Quija board only works ...
if everybody cooperates ...
and believes.
Put your finger on the glass.
Okay. Now we have to agree on a question.
And concentrate really hard ...
and the spirits will answer us.
Okay. Now I'm gonna ask the first questions.
Is there ... a supenatural presence in this room?
Hey ...
How about that?
You pushing it.
I'm not pushing it. - Nobdy pushing it.|- It's moving all by itself. You can feel it it was moving.|I was not pushing it. Come on, Susan.
Yeah. I got a good question.
Can you tell us what color panties Lisa's wearing?
Come on, Jeff. Everybody knows that.
Up yours, darling.
All right, wait, wait.|I got it, I got a great question.
That's great.
All right. Is anyone in this room ...
gonna be dead before next year?|- No.
No. Don't ask questions like that.|- Hey, she's really scared. - I know.
Stop, stop it. - No. - Oh, come on, Susie, don't be that way.|- You guys, you guys. Susan is right.|No more stupid questions, okay?
You're ruining everything. Now you'll ask the spirit|who it is and what it wants.
Is there anyone in this room, who is really in danger?
That's not what you said.
All right. One of you is pushing it.
No. I ...
It wasn't me, I didn't do that.|- I didn't do it. - I'm not pushing it at all.
It was you.
You pushed it. - No, I wasn't. - You didn't push it?|- Susan, what are you doing throwing the glass|against the wall? I can't push that! - No, no! .... [ARGUING]
Hi. Cohler?
Have you heard from Lisa?|I think she and Susan may be together.
Well, I ask her to come right home from school.|She said she's going to, but you know.
Never mind.|I think I know where she might be.
I'll call you back later.
Hey, Susan.
Hey ...
move it over here.
Let's go for a ride.
Hey, check it out.|Come on, let's go.
All right, yeah.
What we got here? - I'm fine, don't worry. I'm fine.|- Fourty horse, all right.
Let's go for a ride, girls. Come on.
You, be careful.
Watch your step.
Be careful, Susan.|- Let me, let me get this closer.
There you go.
Let me go. I'm driving, buddy.
You'll be careful. Make sure you can do this.
Get down!
Get down.
Why're you wet?|What happened?
I'm talking to you.
What is the matter with you?
Susan, will you answer me?!
Susan ...
Susan, unlock this door.
Susan, do you hear me?
Just wake up.|- Be careful.
Okay, I got it.|- What? Susan!
Susan.|- Wake up, wake up.
Susan, wake up. - Oh, boys.|- What happened? Somebody called an ambulance?|- Yeah, we called. We called.
Susan, it's dad. What happened?
The boat ...
She fell out. - Susan, ...|- I don't know. - ... please
Susan. Oh, god, no.
Susan, please.
Hurry up!
Come on.
One more time.
What's happened? What's wrong?
Nancy ...
Susan ...|- Susan what? What about Susan?
Get anything?
Are you trying to tell me that that's Susan?
John, it's not Susan. I just left her.|She's in the house. Susan is in the house, John.
John, stop it. Don't. Don't now. Let go.|You here not tell me this is Susan! That is not Susan!
I just left Susan. She's in the house. And she's changing.|She's all wet and she's changing.|You cannot tell me that, that is Susan!
One more time. Two more time.|- She's in the house, John.
Nancy!|- She's in the house. Come on, I'll show you.|- You got anything in there?
No pulse. Continue CPI.
I want you to come out of here at once.|Do you hear me? I want you ... Susan?
Why're you hiding from me, Susan?|Susan? I ...
I know you're here.
I know you're here. You're here.
Susan, where are you?!
Susan? - Nancy?|- Susan! Why're you hiding from me? Come on.|- Nancy, for god sakes! - Susan?
Susan, where are you? - Nancy, will you stop this?|- No. - She's not in here!|- I know she is in here. I saw her!
Will you stop it?! - Don't you understand?|I want you let me be with her. - She's not here.|- I want you let me be with her. She's not in here anymore.
She's gone.|- Leave me alone! You don't care where she is!
I hope I got the answer you were waiting for.
What happened?
It's Susan. She wants to show us she's here.
This is her favourite blouse.
You got it for her for her birthday last year.|Remember, John?
I think it's the colors.
I was thinking that she may be a deaf.|Get her a kashmir sweater, yea.
She needs sweaters.
Nancy ...
You have to try to grasp ...
what's happened.
What you say hasn't happened.|- No, Nancy.
You're fantasizing.
None of this real. - You're fantasizing, John.|- You have to come to terms with that.|- But I saw her in this house with my own eyes and that is real.
What you saw is fantasy.
Fantasy is Susan drowned.
Is what you believe in more ...
certain, more real, than what I believe?
Who's to say?
She wouldn't even go to the funeral.
I don't know what to do.
Nancy needs psychiatric help.
I don't know how to handle it.
She won't see a doctor.
She won't even leave the house.
I'm worried sick about it.
You thought maybe I'm ...
have a suggestion.
There's always the possibility ...
that she doesn't need any help.
I don't follow you.
Well ...
what if she really did see something?
Not Susan. Perhaps. But ... something.
What do you mean?
If you go wrong with me, I'd like to try something.
It could be very helpful to you, to me ...
and to Nancy.
What do you got on mind, Elliot?
A scientific investigation of the house|for psychic phenomenon.
I've got a trained team and all the equipment.
We've been investigated houses|a lot less qualifide than yours.
Won't be the point, Elliot.
Well ...
The chances are we come up with nothing.
If we do ...
that may make it a lot easier for you|to reason with Nancy.
Given the support of our study.
Possibly, but I doubt it.
And on the other hand if ...
If we do turn up ... something
I mean if there is some indication no matter how ??? ...
that Nancy was right.
Then we might be saving her sanity.
I'll tell you something, Elliot.
After everything that's happened ...
I don't know what the hell to believe.
Bring it right over here.
All right. - There's more stuff in my car.|- Good.
Good, yeah.
Joyce's job is to make sure that all the input|coming into the main computer gets properly recorded.
And she can also punch up any of these images ...
on any computer the day that demanded need ...
onto the monitors over here.
Just watch those cables in there coming down.
See, this is where they'll all be.
Now, that is an ultrasonic sensor. Which will register|sound frequency undetectable to the human ear.
And this image is from a thermo camera.
Dave, could you turn the camera this way, please?
You see?
What it's doing is translating temperature factuations|into a color coded visual pattern.
Elliot, would you check the ultrasonic graph?|Something funny is happening.| - Oh, yeah. Okay. Thanks, Dave.
And could you punch up the video|from the attic on the big monitor? - Yea.
You see?
Oh yes, I see the problem here. We just have|far too much activity on this graph obviously. So ...
What we want eventually is|a straight line for the room tomb.
The variable is much too active.
Just roll out some of the highest, please.| - Is this all right? - Very gradually.
Okay. now some of the lows.
Got it.
Oh, all right.
Just keep doing that tracking.|- Yeah.
Come over here.
Put that pipe here.|- There we go.
Hold it, right there.
You never believed in this house, John.
Joyce, give me the attic on here, please.
Stand by.|- What is it?
What's happening?
I'm hearing something.
I can't make it out.|- Jordan, move in closer.
Put it on the speakers. Turn it up all the way.
I'm going up there, Elliot.|- Not let it happen.
{y:i}Mother ...
{y:i}Mother ... I need you.
{y:i}Please, mother.
{y:i}Come with me ...
{y:i}We'll be together.
{y:i}Come with me.|Susan.
{y:i}Come with me, mother.
What is it? What's it doing to her?
There's activity in the basement.|Something is happening at the well.
Oh my god.
It's using Susan.
The well, the force in the well. It killed Susan|and now it's using her to get Nancy.|- I'm not gonna let that happen.
No, John, don't! Listen ...
We've got to save Susan too.
We can release her. I think there's a way.|- You're crazy, Elliot.|- No, listen to me. You've got to believe me.
Now just follow them to the well.|Don't try to stop them, just folow them.
Susan! - Come, Nancy.|- No, let ...
Hold her, John. Don't let her get any closer.
Wait, Susan. Let me go!|- We got to bring up the source.
We got to force it out.
I've got to confront it. - Susan!|- You told me, you can't. - No, Susan.|- Come out. - No, let me go! - Nancy! - Susan!
Doctor Elliot.
Elliot!|- Susan!
Get out! Save us, now.
We gotta get out of here.
Where's doctor West?|- Let's get out! Everybody get out of the house!
Come on!
Subtitles made by Icee (June 2004) -|corrections by meo
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