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Subtitles for Amityville 4 - The Evil Escapes 1989.

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Amityville 4 - The Evil Escapes 1989

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If you don't mind I'll stay out here, father.|- I don't mind, I don't blame you.
Piece of candle.
Hurry!|Hurry now!
We don't know what to expect here.
... even very far of grace the Lord is with me.
Bless them till the end.
I don't think so.
Excuse me.
Anyone you have.
This one has same colour that's in my room.|Right here.
Well, father.
It's gone.
Are you sure?
The house will not let me stand here otherwise.
Could it be a trick.
Maybe it's laying low for now.
Sickness has been own to trick even priests.
Lord know needs stand it|to me more times than I care to admit.
But not this time.
I just feel it in my bones.
He's quit the house.
Somewhere there must be a young handsome artist.
This is so much junk Helen,|we're wasting a perfectly good day.
Honey, don't run around. Sweetheart, come here.|- Why?
Look at this.
This is just perfect.
This is ugly.|- Yeah, that's why it's perfect.
Hundred dolars. Even the price is right.
Helen, you're not gonna buy this ... this ...
Monstrosity? Of course, I am.
A matter of fact I think I'm gonna give it to my sister|as a birthday present.
You think she'll like it?
Well, I think she'll understand it.
It's gonna make her laugh. Well, that's the point.
In our age things aren't as important as fun.
Well it'll cost you more to ship it than it's worth.|- Well, I can aford it. Oh, damn.
That thing is sharp.
Oh, thanks.
Maybe we ought to get you tetanus shot.
Don't worry about it, I'll be fine.
Coming, coming.
Postal on the national?|- Oh, yeah, Right here.
Would you sign up form for me please?|- Sure.
That's a nasty looking finger, lady.
At my age|I've had worse.
Hope, I won't.
Thank you.
All right, look at this. It's like living in the country.
It is living in the country.
Out houses and the wild animals.
Very funny.
It's probably five miles from school.
Two miles.
I used to ride by bike all the time.|- Right. In hell storms of the broken leg.
After washing the dishes and doing the laundry.
That's right.
Hey ...
Here it is.
Hey, there's a delivery truck.
Is that our stuff, mom?
Wrong company.
Besides we don't have to expect it for a week.
House is bigger than I remember. Looks older too.|- This older? So are you.|- But I'm not the cane. - Not yet.
Look, there is grandma.
Okay, you guys. Be nice.
Hi grandma.
Oh, Brian.
Oh, you're grown. I swear you're going to take|after your grandfather side of the family.
Oh, good trip?
Piece of cake.
Hi mom.
Good to see you.
Amanda, welcome.|- Hi grandma.
And Jessica.
Oh, come give me a hug.
Come on, Jessica.
Oh, that's right.
Oh, that's good.
Have to share room, grandma?
No one will have to share. I've got it all the worked out.|- What'd you buy, mom?
I didn't. It's a gift from your aunt Helen.|I'm sure it's another one of her little jokes.
Looks like a pretty big joke to me.
Just put it in the living room.
At to your right.
Well, thanks.
Thank you very much.
Hey, look grandma got a bird.
Wouldn't you remember Fred?
Oh no, you wouldn't. I got him since you were here last.
That would be ...
two years.
Can he speak?
He can say: pretty bird.
Maybe while you're here you can teach him a few words.
Can I see my room, grandma?
Upstairs, third door on the left.|Brian will be across the way. - Thanks.
Pretty bird.
You have Jessica next to me. Right, mom?|- Oh, yeah.
Open the present, grandma.
Do you think it might be something really special?
Yeah, I do.
All right then. Let's find out.
Brian ...
fetch me a sharp knife from the kitchen.
You'll find it in the drawer to the right of the sink.
Now, what can that be?
How are you?
You remember me?
Huh, kitty.
Remember when me and dad|took that thorn out of your paw?
Aunt Helen must have money to burn sending|something this big all the way from the Long Island.
Maybe the jokes on her this time.
It has to look of them. Genuine antique.
Mother it's as ugly as sin.
You see? Even Fred agrees with me.
You know a little bit it's fairly interesting.
Hey, look who I found.
Oh, honey. Are you all right?|- Why was she troubling you like that?
You were squeezing her.|- Was not. - Were too. - All right, all right.|- Pepper. Pepper, kitty.
She probably just agrees with Fred.|I mean about that lamp.
Well, honey you better wash it out.|- Mom, do you have any peroxide around here?|- Upstairs, in my medicine chest.
I know it's been a long time since|you had your house invaded like this, mom.
I mean, I really didn't know what else to do.
Frank's life insurance money|was dwindling away on living expenses.
This way I'll have fighting chance.
In a year I'll have my teaching credentials and ...
And I think I'm going to sell the mortage.|- Well, I hope you got a good rental fee for the house.
Enough to cope with the carrying costs.
Amazing isn't it?
The words "carrying costs" seven months ago|were a foreign language to me.
Eighteen years of marital shelter gone in one gasp.|- Well, it does seem the shame that|Frank would leave you in such a state.
It's not what I meant.
Well, I'm simply pointing out that ...
I know what you're pointing out.
Mom, I came home, because I needed help.|Not criticism.
I know how you felt about Frank.
But I had eighteen incredible years with him.|Three wonderfull kids.
The man dropped it at fourty two.|Do you think he planned it?
No, don't be rude.|- I'm sorry, but expected to live beyond 42 years|is neither unreasonable nor immoral.
Well, if there is any fault here, it's mine ...
for not making myself better prepare to earn living.
Well, it was your choice to quit college.|- I know that.
Could we just get passed|the twenty - year old arguments, please?
My problem right now is Jessica.
Well, she seems quite fine to me.
But Amanda ...
I mean that make up and those ... those clothes.
And Brian's hair.
Now, what sort of haircut is that?|- Mom, they're perfectly normal healthy kids.
It's superficial. It doesn't mean anything.
Maybe it should.
I have a daughter who talks,|that her father is still alive.
That's a problem.
She's regressed.
She's an eleven - year old behaving like five - year old.
Time and a new environment.
Yeah, I hope so.
Must be some kind of power surge.
That was our song.
Frank's and mine.
More tea?
No, thanks.
Maybe that's Frank's way of welcoming us.
Maybe he thinks it's a good idea.
Just a coincidence. That's all.
Let me see.
Oh, mom. That's bad.
Well, I was seeing worse, but ...
I better put some aloe on it.
How could that happen?
Pretty bird.|Pretty bird.
Oh, come on, Fred. What's wrong with you tonight?
Oh, I let too many people around.
Are they upseting you?
Good night then.
See you in the sunshine.
Helen, Helen ...
Honey, you startled me.
You know, you're supposed to knock.
Can I sleep with you?
No, Jessica.
We have talked about this before.
You're a big girl now.
But I'm scared there all by myself.
All right.
Since it's a new room for you, but just for tonight.
We got a flat tire on the freeway.|Mom had to pull to the side of the road.
We've got a spare, but that was flat too.
Then we had to wait for over an hour for police|to call a tow to get us out of it.
Then for seven hours for someone|to come and change the tire.
Then we stopped to get something to eat.
We got burgers, fries and two hot chocolates.
Then started driving again. Brian got car sick,|but mommy couldn't stop on the freeway.
She got sick.
in the car.
Mommy, you scared him.
Scared who?
He's gone.
Jessie ...
There is nobody here.
Daddy was here.
Daddy's not here.
He was. I talked to him.
It was a dream.|- No. It was him.
I had a dream too. and it seemed very real, but it wasn't.
And neither was yours.
Jessie, daddy's gone.
And he can't ever come back.
It was him!
My blue sweaters are wrinkled from packing.
Can I wear yours?
Can't you wear something else today?|- I want the blue today.
What's wrong with her?
I don't know yet.
Hundred one point two.
Well, no school for you today.|- Lucky.
Amanda. - I'm just kidding.
I saw daddy last night.
It was a dream.
No wonder her feaver probably right started.
Look, don't say stuff like that, okay?
I did see him.|- Just stop it! - Amanda?
She's sick.|- Mom, I don't care if she's sick.|I don't want her talking like that.
Why don't you just take the sweater, okay?|It's in my closet.
And hurry up about it.
Jessie, she misses daddy too.
It hurts her when you're saying things like that.
Mrs. Leacock.
I'm here.
{y:i}In the kitchen.
All right, Peggy.
Where did that lamp come from?|- My sister. I'm trying to thank her,|but she must have gone out early.
You want a thank her for that?
Don't you like it?
I suppose you're gonna tell me it's a valuable antique.
Would you like it any better?
I'd like it less if it mean we would stuck with it.
What did you do to your hand?
Oh, there's something wrong with that electric kettle.
Oh, well I'll call Wolf Read.
Hey, Peggy. - Oh, Nancy. It's so good to see you.|- It's good to see you. - Good to have you home.
Tell me that after you see my three monsters.|- Oh, I think I'll just go to stir them out of bed. - Good.
Coffee's hot.
Mom, I have problem.
Jessica has a fever.
Do you want the doctor?|- No, no, no. It's nothing that serious.
It's just that probably I'll have to leave home today.
Peggy and I can look after. It's no problem.
Thanks, mom.
I'd hoped I wouldn't be disrupting your life|too much and here I go on day one.
Oh, morning, Brian.|- Morning, grandma.
What's for breakfast?
Well, I guess I can scramble up a few eggs.|- I'll scramble the eggs.
The rolls are in the freezer, I'd warm up the oven.
Good morning, Fred.
Brian, the oven's ready.
Oh, mom.
Yeah, I gotta go to club. I'll see ya.
You guys are all right?
I get the feeling grandma thinks,|what happened today was our fault.
Oh, how can you say that? She took responsibility for|leaving Fred's cage unlocked.|- I know, but it was awfully frosty in her house.
She's upset, Amanda.
Just the way you're upset|about your first day in the new school.
That can make people frosty, right?
Hey! Don't I get a kiss?
You'll knock'em dead, sweetheart.
See ya at dinner.
Let's go, Brian.
You okay?
Yeah, I guess.
But will grandma be okay?
Don't you worry, grandma'll be just fine.
I'll bet in a week she'll have another bird in that cage.
Yeah, but it won't be Fred.
No, it won't be Fred.
I just wish things would come back.
Me too.
Bye, honey.|- Bye, mom.
I move that into the attic.
How could I've made such an awfull mistake?
I could have sworn this door was closed last night.|- Yeah, don't make a sip sick of this.
Oh, Peggy I've been alone so long I ...
I'm not sure I can hadle all this commotion.
I should have prepared you better|for what was to happened.
What nose I've had my share of confrontations|with the evil in that house.
Whose not a mission to be offered ...
without complete full warning.
I blame myself for this.
{y:i}Doctor White, report to oncology.
I spoke to the monsignor.
He thinks the best you return to the monastery.
Could you take me back to that house?
I don't think that's wise, Denis.
You told me that house is safe now.
The furniture's gone?
I sold it off.
All of it?
Whatever in sell went to the junk yard.
There was a ...
a standing lamp in this room. What happened to it?|- Sold it on junk.
Would anyone have a record?
I would.
I need a name and phone number.
Lieutenant Strudela?
This is father Manfred.
How are you?
No, I'm fine. Thank you.
Lieutenant, I need a favor.
I have the phone number of a woman|who needs my help.
But she's not answering.
And I'm worried.
I don't have adress. I would if you could|get it for me if I gave you her phone number.
And her name.
No, thank you.
Helen Royce.
555 - 2341
Thank you.
Well, I appreciate that.
Tomorrow morning will be fine.
Thank you.
You know, this could be an overraction|on both of our parts. - I hope so.
But I don't think you believe that.
Dozen years ago ...
evil was simply a concept in my mind.
That house in Amityville|has changed that concept to reality ...
But three hundred years ...
no one has lived on that ground|without tragic consequences.
In recently 1974 boy murdered his entire family,|because the voices in the house told him to do it.
And dozen years ago I would've thought|that what you saw on that lamp ...
was a halucination brought on by fear.
Now ...
Now I believe ...
that the evil in that house|could transmigrated to that lamp.
That it can and will transmigrate into another object ...
or another house ...
or another person ...
at the earliest opportunity.
You're down here?
Jesus, Pepper.
What're you doing over here?
Jesus, look at all this stuff.|Huh?
Peggy, what in the world ...|- In the basement.
Oh, my god.|Help.
Stop it.
Stop it!
Brian! Turn it off!|- I can't!
No, Brian!
Help me!
Brian, stop it!
Stop it! Stop it, Brian! Brian, stop it!
Are you crazy?
It's started by itself.|- You switched it on.
No, I didn't.
Brian, don't you lie to me.
I'm not lying, grandma. It started by itself when|I was pretending use it, but it started by itself.
It can't start by itself.|- What is going on down here?|- Mom, mom, it started by itself. Honest!
Nancy, you know how I feel about lying.
I mean, mistake is human, but a lie is the devil's work.|- Brian doesn't lie.
But how do you explain all this?|- I don't know, mother, but I don't think|begin calling my grandson a liar.
I'll tell ...
Wolf Read come by take a look at that saw.|And the kettle and ... I mean, that old lamp it's ... |it's been doing funy things lately.
Can't sleep?
What're you reading?
Oh, I figured I'd do something constructive|with my insomnia.
The old brain cells've been rusting for twenty years.
Resting, mom ...
not rusting.
I hope so.
Do you feel comfortable here?
This is where I grew up.
I feel like we're intruders.
She doesn't really want us here.
It's just kind of her obligation as your mother.
Sounds accurate.
Despite all of that ...
she really does love us.
We just have to get used to her ways, her rules.
She was wrong about Brian.
I think she knows that now.
Don't you think she should apologize?
My mother?
That's one of her way you have to get used to.
She'll love ...
take care of Brian in her own way.
Now ...
school tomorrow.
Let's hit the day.
Did you meet any cute boys in school?
In this town?
Give me a break.
How many?
A couple.
Maybe three.
Can I help you?
I'm looking for Mrs. Helen Royce.
She's not in.
Do you have any idea what time she'll be back?
Maybe I can help, I live next door.
It's personal.
I really need to talk to her.
She's in the hospital.
I see you.|{y:i}- You know what caused this?
We rarely see cases like this anymore. Not|antibodies inoculations, but that's what she's got and ...
the antibiotics don't seem to be helping much.|- But where did the tetanus come from?
The infected finger she ... cut it on an old lamp.
Do you know anything about an old brass lamp|that Mrs. Royce purchased last week?
Well, I was with her when she bought it.|Is it ... Is it in her house?
No, she sent it to her sister in California.
Do you know her sister's name?
And her phone number, but I've been|trying to contact her for days to let her|know about Helen. No one answers.
{y:i}Doctor Reeves, please see the nutrition ...|- Let me have her phone number.
That's Brian's favourite.
Yes, I know.
Can I help?|- Sure.
Oh, that's the third time today.
And I've got that phone company out here.
I'll try again later.
We're electric.
Come in.
Hi Danny.
Oh, where's your dad?
He did say come by get the apliances|and take it back to shop.
Oh, well, the chainsaw is in the basement|and the kettle's in the kitchen.
Danny, this is Mrs. Leacock's granddaughter Amanda.|Amanda this is Danny Read. - Hi. - Hi.
So, where can I find the chainsaw?
Oh, would you show him the basement?
Oh, hi Mrs. Leacock.|- Oh, hello Danny.
That, that kettle you want is right here.
Oh, okay. I'll go get the chainsaw first.
There's the basement.
Danny, before you go ...
Mrs. Leacock,
do you think that lamp needs|any more time in the living room?
All right. Store it.
Oh, thank you.
Danny, would you land me a hand, please?
Amanda, would you be a dear|and clean up this mess for me?
I feel I need a nap before dinner.
Sure.|- Thank you.
{y:i}Easy now.
{y:i}Be careful around that corner.
{y:i}There. That's got it.
There. You see why you wanna store this sucker.|It's a definite floor bagger.
I know how it felt. Means ugly.|You've got taste.
Careful, that door jamed.
Goood. Good.
Oh. This is it.
Heavy son of a gun.
You wanna plug it in, Peggy?
Oh, no. Never mind. I think it's something wrong|with it anyway. - Really?
So, I hang on do it.
Hey, know I got a few bucks for this down the junk yard.
Will you just give me a couple of weeks|to Mrs. Leacock forget and I would gladly give it to you.
All right, you got a deal.
What do you think of Amanda, huh?|- Well, she's cute.
Well, she knows no very many people here, you know.
Have any problem?|- Something's jaming blades. - Here, take your hand out.
You know, you shouldn't mess with the disposal|unless you secure the switch.
I've seen you at school.
You're senior?
And a you're junior, right?
Where're you from?
San Francisco.
Hmm, big city, huh?|- Yeah.
So, is there anything to do around here?
Bowling's okay.
Yeah. It definitely got something jamed down here.
Mom ...
They'd stopped the bleeding.
He'll live.
I just don't understand what's happening around here.
How can machines turned on by themselves?
It's just not possible.
There has to be a logical explanation.
Mr. Read said he'll be here first in the morning.
I'm sure he'll understand it.
Okay, in the meantime we shouldn't use any|electrical appliances. I've already told the kids.
Father Kibbler, she's awake.
Helen ...
This is father Kibbler.
Oh, my god.
I'm highly sorry ...
for having offended thee ...
May he adjust my sins ...
Get the nurse!
Saints of God, come to hear it.
Come to meet her for support.
Receive her spirit ...
and present her to God the most high.
So, I sent the telegram to her sister.
But I doubt she'll get it.|- It's possible this woman is away|on her vacation somewhere.
Well, I hope to God she is.
And that lamp is sitting at warehouse somewhere.|But what if it isn't?
What if that woman is in great danger right this minute?
We could contact the police, tell them to visit the house.
On what bases?
A satanic force is taking possession of our lamp?
You wanna go, is that it?
I have to go.
Monsignor won't allow it.
Not after what happened to you at Amityville. You should|already be on your way back to the monastery.
Bend highed.
That's what I've been doing|for past ten years, father. That's why I left.
It's safe there and it's easy and|it keeps me from participating in life.
You don't expect me to running back there|in first sign of trouble, do you?
This isn't trouble, Dennis.
This is torment I've been thru it.
That's all right.
But from the seminary to now this is the only experience|I've had that I can offer to anyone.
And I think Alice Leacock may need it.
What do you want from me?
Help me convince the Monsignor.
Thank you.
It's almost eleven o'clock on the west coast.|May I use your phone to try to call them again?|- Yea, go ahead.
Still no answer.
{y:i}Stay away from this.
My god.
... lots of people today could even die.
Since things got all messed up|like from ghost. And Brian ...
... he's down in the basement|and he was playing with the chainsaw.
And then he started cutting up everything.
And everybody said that he did it on purpose.
But he knows he didn't.
And mom said he didn't also.
And all this stuff, this weird stuff|that's been happening Peggy realized ...
she had to stop it somehow so Peggy held up the pipe|and you know it burned up the chainsaw.
And everything there has been happening|like it never ever did.
Look mommy, it's daddy.
Come on, Jessie.
It's daddy.
Come, let's go to bed.|- No.
Come on, Jessie.|- No!
Jessie, come on!|- No!
Jessie, stop piss me off.|- No!
Jessie ... - No!|- ... let's go to bed! - No!
Leave me alone!
No! Daddy! No!
No! - Jessie.|- Daddy!
Daddy!|- Come on, Jessie. Please.
Daddy!|- Amanda!
Get up there and turn off that lamp!
Jessie, please.|- No.
Help me! Daddy!
Thanks, mom.
I want that attic door locked.
So, she can't get up there again.|- What was she doing up there?
She thinks she was talking to her father.
Mom ...
It's that lamp. There is something about|to pulls her to do it.
Nancy, it's just an old lamp.
I know what it is.|Is what she thinks it is that worries me.
Well, I'll call doctor Brick|and have him come to see her in the morning.
I wanna seen her by a psychiatrist.
I think that Dr. Brick is qualified to make that decision.
I prey this will turn out to be a wasted trip.
Let's hope so.
Well, thanks for your support, father.
Go with God.
Well, seems perfectly normal.
Could some kind of power surge've done it?
Not flick a switch.
It's a mechanical action.
The only thing I can figure is Danny ...
must have made a mistake and ...
and taped the switch while it was in the on position.
Oh, would you get that, Brian, please?|- Yeah, sure.
How could Danny make that kind of mistake?
Well, it's an old switch.
The on and off markings are worned.
I'll check the fuse box.
Hi. - Hi. Telegram here for Mrs. Alice Leacock.|- I'll take it.
Sign here, please.
Line one.
Here you go.
Bye bye.
I can't find my black t-shirt. Is it in your closet?|- I don't know.
Well, I wanna wear it.
Hey, don't go to my closet.
I'll look for it.
She still has a slight fever.
It wouldn't hurt keep her home for rest of the week.
What about those nightmares?
Well ...
I'm not psychiatrist.
But considering emotional drama she's been thru.
Add to that a fever brought on by some sort of flu bug.
It's not uncommon manifest itself,|it's some sort of temporary delusion or hallucination.
I think so.
Let's see what happens when the fever's gone.
In the meantime ...
be trying to keep yourself calm.
If you're emotionally upset, it only adds to her instability.
Thank you for coming, doctor.|- Okay.
Anytime. Just give a call.
Bye Alice.|- Goodbye, doctor.
Feeling better?|- Yeah.
Mom, I'll be late.
Brian, you're right. Call your sister.
In a minute!
Mrs. Leacock!
What's go ...
Oh, what is it?|- I don't know.
Look, this is the craziest ... - Wait, turn it off.|- No, no, no, leave it run. We'll see if it clears up.|- It smells like a sewer.
It's the same upstairs. Sink and toilet.
Has someone been fooling with these waterpipes?|- How can this happen? - Hmm, big stain.
Think, you better get a plumber out here.|- Well, how can I afford all that? I'm not made of money.
I lived here for fourty five years and never had|what's been happening here the last three days.
Since the kids and I moved in.
I didn't say that.
That's what three days means.
I don't need half my words interpreted fo rme.|- Hey, it's clearing up.
I'll check upstairs. You better go in the car|or we're gonna be late.
Well, I checked the wiring and the fuse box,|Mrs. Leacock and I can't find anything wrong.
Of course not.
That would be too easy, wouldn't it?
I hope you don't mind|my leaving you alone like this, but ...
I made this commitment weeks ago.|- Oh, you need some time away from here.|Just be back by six, it's my bingo time.
Oh, I'll be back in plenty of time.
And you better get Jessica some lunch.
Will you take care of plumber for me?
Oh, sure. Sure.
Oh, there it is.
Somebody help me!
You need anything?
Here we are, Jessica.
You're in there?
You're in here?
I come to see Mrs. Leacock.
Come in.
Is she in?|- Somewhere.
Come in.
I'm sorry, I'll have to come back later.
Come in and sit down.
No, I have to go.
How can you defend her?
You heard her this morning.
She really believes that's us doing all that stuff|to her precious house. - She doesn't know|what she's saying. She's just ... floundering.
I think we should just leave.
And go where?
We don't have that luxury.
What we're doing is the best I can do. And if that means|puting up with the cranky grandmother then|that's what you have to do.
So, why don't we all just stop|belly aching about that, okay?
These are not for grandma.
Then don't read it.
But it's weird, mom. Listen.
I'm a priest who was a friend of your sister Helen.
I'm a speak you about the lamp she sent.|It is extremely urgent.
I'm staying at the roadside end. Don't try to telephone.
Come and see me, please.
Father Kibbler.
Don't try to telephone?
Why would a priest be calling about a lamp?
Maybe grandma can figure it out.
Hi, hon.
You feeling better?
Where's grandma?
She went out.
Let's see what we have here.
Jessica, why're you doing pictures like this?
I like it.
Where's Peggy?
Does she know what you're doing in here?
She went home.
What do you mean she went home?
She wouldn't go home and leave you alone.
She went home.
Brian, go upstairs and see if Peggy's up there.
Hi grandma. Peggy!|- What's all the fuss?
Jessica says that Peggy went home.
Why? That's what I'd like to know. How could she|leave her alone? - Oh, she must be here.
If she's done this to Jessica ...|- Oh, stop it, Nancy.
Peggy would never do a thing like that and you know it.
What's all the shouting about?
Jessica says that Peggy went home.
There were clothes at her closet.
Check all the rooms.
Call Brian.|- I'll go check in back.
Why'd you tell me Peggy went home?
Jessica, look at me.
Come here!
Who did this!?
Go, call the police.
Find Peggy.
My god.
Mom, if you say Jessica|is responsible for this I'll hate you.
Somebody's broken into our house!
Send the police.
Jessica ...
What happened to your room?
What happened to your room?!
Was someone here?
Did someone come to visit?
A man, came.
He came inside?
Did the man come in the house?!
He went away.
Did he talk to Peggy?
Peggy went home.|- She didn't go home. Coat is stil in the closet.
Who told you she went home?
Daddy.|- No! No, no, no ...
Okay boys.
Doesn't seem to be much doubt|these were done by the same person.
And you say you saw your daughter draw this?
What about the destruction?
Look at this room.|Jessica couldn't have done this!
I ain't thinks so, Mrs. Evans.
Don't you?
No, I don't.
Body's on the way to the morque.|- So, what's the verdict?
Looks like a heart attack.
Peggy was might duck.|- And in a good health.
I did a physical on her not more than six months ago.
Unfortunately has no guarantee|when it comes to coronary trombosis.
I'll do an autopsy, but I bet money on a heart attack.
Did you noticed her knuckles?
Blood and tissue on the door.
I suspect she'd been pounding on for sometime.
Which indicate she had some strenght.
Why didn't she open the door?
Confusion maybe.
Or maybe the door was locked.|- No, no it wasn't. My grandson found it unlocked.
Your daughter wouldn't have been|playing with the locks, would she?
And she didn't hear Peggy pounding on the door?
She thought Peggy went home.
What made her think that?
Do you mind if I have a chat with her?
Not tonight.
She's still weak from the flu|and this's been too much stress for her.
I understand.
Can I come by in the morning?
That'll be fine.
What they said?
She had a heart attack.
I've to go out for a little while.
It's just for a little while, I have to meet someone.
As soon as the police man's gone|I want you to take Jessica up to Amanda's room.
Amanda you stay with her.|Don't let her out of your sight.
What's wrong with her, mom?
I don't know.
What did doctor Brick say?
He doesn't know either.
I'll take her in to the city tomorrow.
We'll see a specialist.
Right now I need you to take care of her. Okay?
Brian, I want you to go upstairs and lock that attic door.|Hide the key. I do not want Jessica in that room.| Understand?
I'll be back as soon as I can, okay?
Oh, mom told me to lock the door,|but the light was still on in there.
What light?
Thought the light was still on.
Where is your mom?
She had a meeting.|- A meeting?
I don't know she didn't say.
I'll take the key.
Now, off to bed.
Father Kibbler?|- Mrs. Leacock. No, I'm her daughter.
Please ...|sit down.
Have you seen my aunt Helen?|My mother's very concerned.|She wasn't able to make contact with her.
Your aunt ...
passed away yesterday.
Obviously you never received my telegram.
My telegram ...
I don't know what else should surprise me.
What happened to her?|- Tetanus.
She cut her finger on the lamp ...
that she sent to your mother.
What entered to that lamp was three centuries of evil.
That's the power it holds.|That's the power that's invading your house right now.
This all seem so crazy.
That evil is searching for souls.
And it would transmigrate into the most vulnerable person|in it's environment. We have to get everyone|out of that house, now.
What if it's too late?
What if it's already ...
invaded the person?
My daughter Jessica.
She terrifies me.
Father, her behavior.
She believes that her father speaks to her thru that lamp.
She sees him?
She thinks so. I know it's just a hallucination.|- No.
No, that ...
That is the devil's disguise.
He'll appear in ...
... in the most seductive form neccesary|to get what he wants.
Pepper, did you get yourself stuck up there?
Come on, kitty.
Kitty, kitty, kitty. Come on.
Come on, Pepper.
Come on, girl.
Kitty, kitty, kittie.
Come on, Pepper.
Nose, I'm coming.
I can feel it.
Is it afraid of you?
If it was afraid of me it never would you|allow you to be with me.
It wants me.
Father, you're scaring the hell out of me.
Why're you coming into this house?
I went to the other house and I defeated it.|- No. There were six of you.
And even then you barely survived it.
Do you know something different this time?
Do you have some new power?
New ammunition?
Holy water.
When we get there ...
you stay in the car, keep the motor running.|I'll go in a get everybody up fast.
Then we'll just keep driving.
Jess ...
Where're you going?
You're supposed to stay in Amanda's room.|- She's sleeping.
Jess, mom said you have to stay in there.
Daddy wants me.
Jessica, Jessica.|- No! Daddy wants me!
{y:i}Amanda, help me!|- Daddy!
Let me go!
It's Brian.
Mom! Mom, Jessica is in the attic.
All right.|- We tried to stop her, but we couldn't.
Don't come back to the house.|Get in the car and stay there.
Open the door.
Oh, god.|What's happening here?
Mom? You won't open the door.|- I'll get it.
Mom! Mom!
Mom! - How did you cut it?|- It was an accident.
The window fell on me.
I'm okay. - I told you to stay of the house!|- Oh, what's happening here?
Who is this man?|- I'm a friend.
We're gonna have to break this door.|Do you have an axe? - It's one in the basement, but ...|- Go, get it! - Go!
Okay, I think get out of this house, I want her safe.|- All right I get her out of the house.|Show me where the basement is.
Jessie, please. Listen to mommy.
Jessie?!|- Nancy.
It's on the right on the wall!
Get out of the house, Miss.
It wouldn't open!
Run! Run, Amanda! Run!
Stay here.
Get out! Jessica?|- Don't move.
Bless this house for all who dwell in it.
You hurt my daddy!
Jessica, no!
Let go.
Jessica, let go of the knife.
Please, baby.|Baby, please.
Nobody hurts daddy!
{y:i}Nancy ...
{y:i}Don't hurt me.
{y:i}I love you.
You're not Fred!
{y:i}As you wish.
Don't hurt mommy.
Put down the knife.
Leave us alone
Leave us alone and in peace you son of a bitch.
I had a bad dream.
I know, baby.
I know.
You're all right, father?|- Oh, I'm fine. I'm sorry.
You're one tough lady.
I just never knew.
We'll never forget you, father.
Thank you.
Well, thank you.
Thank you, father.
Goodbye Amanda.
Come on, grandma.
I can't find my purse.
Can't we just leave on ...|- Oh, good. Thank you, Jessica.
I'm so sorry I can't be with you for aunt Helen's funeral.
Now, you tell all these workman that I'll be back|in three days and I expect have all this work|completed to my satisfaction.
You are one tough lady.
I love you.
Well ...
goodbye children.|- Bye grandma.
Bye grandma.
Oh, what a sweetness like it's having (brown)??? sugar.
Come on, Jessica.
Let's go find Pepper.
It's really over, isn't it mom?
It's really over.
Come here, kitty.
Where are you? - Pepper. Come here.|- Pepper. - Come on.
Kitty, kitty, kittie. - Pepper.
Pepper, I'm here.|Where are you, Pepper?
Come on, Pepper.
Kitty, kitty, kittie.
Where are you?
Subtitles made by Icee (July 2004)|corrections by meo
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