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Subtitles for Amityville Horror 5 - The Curse 1990.

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Amityville Horror 5 - The Curse 1990

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Got him!
Mrs. Moriarty ...
Are you trying to scare the wits out of me?|- I do beg your pardon I'm sure father,|but you know confession starts in a few minutes.
My new parishioners are waiting.
Yes, yes. I know.
Mrs. Moriarty ...
Would you check the windows upstairs?
It's a bit chilly, isn't it?
Yes, father.
You don't suppose a Red has a soul, do you father?
I'm ready.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Who are you?
Oh, my god.
{y:i}Overcast skies today folks with an expected|{y:i}high of 55 degrees and some showers|{y:i}expected later in the afternoon.
{y:i}Then don't forget those sweaters and umbrellas.
{y:i}Should be clearing later in the day|{y:i}with only a 30 procent chance ...|- Hey, I wanna catch the weather.
{y:i}Weather report for the Try - county area ...|- Eighteen and cloudy and cold.
I don't hear anything about hot there.
If we hit the rush, we'll miss the agent.|He's gonna be there nine o'clock, sharp.
I'm hurrying.
To the place in Amityville|we gotta take Long Island expressway.
{y:i}... procent chance of rain.
{y:i}The long range forecast|{y:i}calls for a continuation of this chilly weather.|{y:i}The low pressure range coming ...
This is Amityville.
Houses are about a mile away on the other side of town.|- Marvin ...
turn right after the bridge.|- What?
Right ...
Turn it, Marvin.
This is ridiculous.
What is this, Debbie? Another one of your premonition?
What?|What is it?
I know this house.|- This isn't even the right block.
Marvin ...
It's for sale.
Hey ...
I smell an oportunity.
I know this house.
Look at that size of this place.|It's enormous.
I wonder how much they want for it.
I know this house, Marvin.|- We have to add some partners that got some money.
Bill ...|- You never listen to me, Marvin.|- Bill's making money with his restaurant.
And Abi ...
Abi just know he got lawyer, didn't she, Debbie?
Of course I'm gonna have to handle that deal.
And market it so high on Long Island like that?
We can ... we can just fixed up and ...|and advertise that on Manhattan.
I've seen this house before ...
in a dream.
You have some little fixer upper, huh?
So this is Amityville.
Hey, Marv.
There must be something wrong with this place, huh?
Some minor repairs.
Nothing a little elbow grease won't cure.
How'd we get it so cheap, Marvin?
Well, negotiating. Pure and simple.
Well, it's more like psychological torture.
Hey, Aby when's the big unveiling?
No, wait a minute|I'm not finished with it yet.
I'm gonna work on that this weekend.
You're gonna paint?
I'm gonna renovate.
Oh, don't tell me a minor repair job, Marvin.
A welcoming gift.|- From who?
So ...
what do you think?
You're sure someone's not still live in here?|- Look at this furniture.
All part of the deal. Even the curtains.
Marvin, will you help us, please?
Listen to me, Bill.
Hey, where's the easel.
Where's Debbie?
What do you think, sweetheart?
Your money ...
Yeah, mine too.
Now I'd like to get a better look at what I bought into?
Called county in myself just a week ago.
It must be a bad switch.
Deep power for this thing, Marvin.|- Yeah, Marvin. How briliant are you with negotiating|with the powers of darkness. - Very funny.
Anybody got a flashlight?
Look, what I found.
Asking, you shall receive.
This is great furniture.|- I told you it's a bargain.
Who's it all covered that?
Marvin, this is kind of weird.
Who's that?
It's your wife, Marvin.|- Debbie!
In here!
I'm in the kitchen!
This place bites.|- Are you okay, honey?|- I thought I heard something.
I'm sorry.
At least it's not broken.|- We should have an x-ray? - No.
It's just twisted, I'll be all right.|- Deborah. - She'll be fine, Marvin.|I got ease bandages in my first aid kit.
I can use one of your pain killers, don't I, Marvin?
Oh, boy.
What a start to a little pain and plaster party.
Great house you found us, Marvin.
You never did explain why they moved out.|- What?
A family who lived here.
Look at this.
They left there furniture and everything.|They must have left in a hurry.
It's really strange, isn't it?|I think they were superstious.
I played a lot of negotiations.|I think they just wanted to get rid of the house.
Things are usually cheap for a reason.
I volunteered for this.
This doesn't make sense.
What's going on down there?
It's no water pressure, Marvin.|- What is it, Marvin? - What?
Smells like something crawled in there and died.
That's a third cigarette in a row.
Last I heard you, you're gonna quit.
That's right.
What's that?
Don't move.
Don't. No, don't.|- What're you doing?
We got water, William.
Definitly not my colour.
Oh, baby.
Let's get the Debbie to read Bill's fortune.
Oh, don't you think this is a little childish?
Where're the fortune cookies?
There are in the chow mein.
So ...
What is mine say?
Something about surprises.
Expect the unexpected.
That counts.
Don't you think, Marv?
It's a law of averages they print|the same fortures for the five times over.
Don't uncourage her.|- Hey.
I've got something here ...
that no one expected.
You've got a mag.
That was a gorgeous dress.
Let's see what we're wearing on the dance floor.
Hey, speak for yourself Billy boy.
I've happened to be ...
a great dancer.
It has to do with a ...
party language.
There is no mistake in|what it's saying now. I forgive.
I sense a lesson in behaviour|science coming up.
Hey, okay. We would really|should ease of Marvin here.
You know if it worked for him ...
we wouldn't have the pleasure|of being the symbolier tonight.
in our fabuluous house in need of ...
minor repairs.
I heard there's a Holiday Inn down the road, |you're welcome to stay there.
And miss all this fun?
Mark me now, thank me later.
My mother used to say that.
My mother never said anything.
Daddy wouldn't give her a chance.
Hey, there's a scratching sound.
I told you ...
Big ones.
Excuse me.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Hey, you've better take this.
Remember the wedding we tried to fool my mother|into thinking she was jewish?
Oh, come on guys. I'm still hungry.
Let's get desert.
How about you, Frank?|You've been quiet over there.
Where'd you grow up?
I moved around a lot when I was a teenager.|- No, before that. I mean.
Your formative years.
No telling dramas of parents and pubity.|- That past it's just a dream.
Doesn't exist anymore.
I understand that.
It's called selective memory|you block out problems with childhood.
I've seen lot of cases like that.|- Let's just say my past was not worth of memory.
It's one left.
Must be yours, Marvin.
It's nothing there.
Well, man with no future meet ...
the man with no past.|- Yes. It's very true, that's just spectacular, Bill.
On the other hand, Marvin.
You're a humourous individual.
Afraid of the dark.
This is silly.
There is a cat in the basement.
This place is ...
full of surprises.
Well ...
how about toast everybody ...
to love ...|everlasting?
To the newly weds.
Any children in the future Deb.|- William.
To good friends.
To doubling our money.
To the house.
To the house.
Oh, my god, Abi.
It doesn't even hurt.
Oh, god Billy, please ...
be careful. - Careful, Bill.|- Okay, okay.
Just hold it.
Marvin, where are those famouse pain killers ...
of yours?
* I know it's a sin ... *
* I've got you. *
How's your hand, Abi?
It's still hurts a bit.
But you can make it feel better.
You know I think we should move to the Holiday Inn.
Oh, no baby.|It's romantic here.
You will get the power going,|first thing in the morning.
Besides ...
I don't need any furnace|to keep you warmer.
One ...
Two ...
* Hallelujah ... *
* Hallelujah. Hallelujah. *
Now I know why he's never got married.
Classic anal retentive.
What do you think I heard, Marvin?
You're not listening to me.
The doctor is in.
It's just a feeling.
I don't know what.
I think there's something else in the house.
And uh ... you're sure this is one of|your ESPM presumptions again or is it just a dream?|- I swear ...
I heard a voice coming from the basement.
It was like a strange ...|- It's probably the cat making a noise, Debra. Look ...
you're hurt yourself, you've been under a lot of stress,|you're taking medication, we're in the strange place.
You don't understand.
I don't think you want to.
We've been thru this before. Are you ...|Are you keeping the journal I asked you to keep?|I mean, don't you ...
see some pattern in this?
You're with your friends here, Debra.
Believe me you're safe in this house.
Come on. Calm down. Stop it right now.|Just, just take a deep breath.
Breath, breath, breath. Okay, that's right. Right, right.
There's something evil in this house!|- Debbie, write it down.
Somebody try the power!
There is nothing!
Oh, goddamn!
Try again!
There's still nothing!
Are you all right?
Beside from the fact that you|could have killed me, huh?
What's going on?|- I almost nailed Marvin.
Don't you know how to use that thing!?
I don't see how I could missed.
Maybe I just need a bit more practice.
Hey, everybody.
Check this out.
What is it?
You tell me.
It's so ...
like that.
No way that thing's staying here.
I don't know.
Just might make the house show better.
Maybe I should put it in to your bedroom.
A feeler ...
with visions.
Yes. Yes.|- Pardon me? - Can we help you?
Oh, I'm not the one that needs a help.
But maybe I can help you.
You're hurting, but you'll be fine.|- Just, who are you?
What's your name, dear?|- Debbie.
She's Debbie. - I know who she is I mean who ...|- Oh, yeah, Moriarty, Mrs. Moriarty.
That's two r's and one i.
It's not real, dear. It's fake.
Better to keep an eye out.
Hey, you got a glass here for my eye?
Hey, Frank.
We've got company.
Someone you really ought to meet.
You can't stay awake, can you?
Always nowhere to look|for you when you wander off.
Oh, that's good beer.|I don't think they have that done in thirties.
Don't think so anyway.
What's up?
A Dorotie's barn grill.
Tonight it's a big night down there.
Saturday shindig.|- Just a why are you here anyways?
A miracle of birth I suppose.
The Lord works in mysterious ways.
Look, Mrs. Moriarty as you can see,|we've really got a lot of work to do here.|- All will be revealed.
I don't mean to be rude, but ...|- This time for certain I can tell|the Lord works in mysterious ways.
I have something for you.
I know I brought it.
Well ...
I've got work to do anyways.
What in hell is wrong with that dog?
Frank! Get inside! Hurry!
What did you to that animal, Frank?
Did you see it's size?|- Is it gone?
I don't see it.
Oh, my god.
Look, don't anybody move.|- Call that to the dog.
What was that all about?
I don't know. Maybe we should ...|we should call that SPCA.|- If we had a phone.
It's over.
Everybody's hungry, uh?
Bill ...
you got anything in that cooler|besides handful of sprouts and the dog food?
I think it kills your ...|your appetite, huh Marvin?
What the hell? It was straight dog|that pissed off the Frank's looks. That's all.
Give us a smile, William.|Let's see how much you're enjoying your work.
Hey, watch it! That stove isn't replacable.
What about the furnace?
What?|- The furnace!
That's Debbie's job. She's putting down the finish.
Watch that stuff, it's dangerous.
You missed a spot ...
To your right.
Marvin, you're making me nervous.
Stop screwing around, get back to work.
Very funny. Very funny.
So, did you get the furnace working?
I just got the lights working, Marvin.
I can't believe how much usable stuff there is here.
This really was an incredible deal.
Got you!
It's one of these you know.|There's probably a whole damn nest of them.|- Yeah, big ones. Breeders.
It's a door here.
So, what do you think it's in there|besides of power diseased rats?|- I'm ready for them. - Yeah?
Come on.
I think, we're safe.
I don't see any beaty red eyes.
So, why don't you ...
check to make sure there's no more rats in here?
I'll go check on Deb.
Marvin Swarzenegger.
Now, what're you two trying to tell me?
That this house has some sort of ...
supernatural something, uh?
Ghosts, goblins ...
Come on William I never expect|that you'd fall for this sort of boogeyman garbage.
Then you explain|what happened, professor.
Everything has an explanation. You just got to|approach the situation in a rational sort of way.|Not like your imagination run away with you.
I imagined all that.
Basement drafts plain and simple.
Oh, come on.
Why don't we|just get out of here for a while?
Have a few drinks.
I could use a couple.
Almost ready?
I dreamt about the religious symbols.
A church ...
But look at this.
That was two weeks before|Bill found the things in the basement.
I'm telling you there's a connection.|- Debbie, please not now!
We need some distance, ...
perspective. We'll talk about it tomorrow.
I'll be downstairs.
Marvin's looking for you.
I don't wanna leave you alone here.|- No, you go.
I'm best left alone when this happens.
No, I can, I can stay downstairs|and work on the painting.|- No, it'll pass!
You, just go.
At least one of us should have a good time.
Bill got the fridge working and ...
there is some chicken in there if you're hungry.
I'll be back early.
I could have sworn the guy said the term|"just beyond the next life".|- She found the place. Okay, Marvin?
Welcome to Dorries folks.|Nice to see new faces.
What sort of wines do you have?
Red and white.
Just bring us some pitcher of Coors Light|and four glasses.
Where's the restroom?
Second right pass the bar.
Give me the call of blue goose,|see if I'm still in the restaurant bussiness.
Look ...
this place kinda remind you the certain ...
student hangouts.
What was the name of that place?
What? Wasn't it Sullivan's|or Mullagan's or something like that?
Collagen's, that's it.|- Yeah, we closed that place down|a couple of times, didn't we?
You don't think I'm crazy, do you?
I've got it.|- Oh, no charge, ladies. Compliments from Mrs. Moriarty.
You don't really think|she's gonna come over here, do you?
You don't like her, do you?
She gives one of creeps.
Well, I mean it's not bad big a deal being psychologist.
I mean you ...
you learn a lot about people, you ...
try to help people with their problems|" I do the best I can".
There is to my assistant manager ...
the blue goose is turning down reservation.
I'll be right back.
Hey, Billy.
Tell me something. Do you really buy into|all this spirit in the house stuff, you know?
No, I do not. Buy it.
I know such stories around about why I'm here.
Let me ask you.
Have either of you gentlemen ...
ever witnessed first hand|a verifiable paranormal event.
Let me put it this way.
Are you familiar with mass hysteria?
You're looking a mite peeked, dear.
Ain't you feeling well?
You scared me.
I seem to have an effect on a lot of folks around here.
But they had seen what I've seen.
Think, my visions don't come from ...
from here, you know. They come from somewheres else.|- What're you talking about?
In life ...
he opened this house to the sinner.
And in death he still compels a sinner to come.
And he works thru you.
What is this?
Haven't that boy killed his family?|He was possessed.
This town is full of a lot of strange things.
That fact.
Like that old house you and friends bought.
That old house ...
is not just bricks and boards.
It's got a soul that house.|- Anywhere's got where's a lot of town's people|starting to believe their own poll tales. Plain and simple.
So, who wants another beer?
I'll tell you one thing plain and simple, mister.
You don't know shit.
Where are you, sweetheart?
I'm still back.
Knocking, then came those whispers.
Don't ever leave me.
Come on breathe. Just breathe and relax.|- Nice cold. - It's okay.
Nice cold bath.
It's the only thing that use to get rid of them.|I remember that as a kid. That's the only thing|that I absolutely remember.
Yes, I know. Don't worry, honey. I'm here now.
Point - one - one.
One - one - one.
I just don't understand that as long as he wants it.
I'm worried, Marvin.
He was ...
yelling and cursing all night long.
I don't know what's happening to him.
Migraines will do that.|I know couple of specials I can recommend.
Oh, do you want some coffee?
No, thanks. Maybe I'll take it back from my run.
Do you need anything from the seven eleven?
I'm gonna stuck up on raid.
No, as a matter of fact we just gotta go and|search for your fresh bagels and the Sunday Times.|Is that everything you need?
Is a Deb all right? She seemed pretty weirded out|when we got home last night.
She's okay.|A few minutes ago she was still sleeping.|How about you?
I had a rough night too.
I don't like being alone up there.
I could use a good woman.
Well ...
let me see what I can do.
Does she ever own sleeping bed?
One - one - one.
What does that mean?
Tell me!
What are you trying to tell me?!
Anybody home?
Kitty ran away again last night.
Where is everybody?
So, I guess they heard I was coming.
Kitty, are you down here in the basement?
Who's in there?
He's here, father. I can feel him.
One - one - one.
Borned November first.
Eleven one.
Not one eleven ...
Please, what is it?
Merciful God.
It's you.
Please, what is it?
What is it?!
It's her glasses.
Oh, damn.
Would you mind not smoking?
I'll be upstairs.
Mrs. Moriarty was a church secretary|when this place was a rectory.
A rectory?
Didn't they tell you anything|when you bought this old house?
I, I wasn't particulary interested|at that time in the details of it's history.|- So ...
What did they want for this old place anyway?
Want a mint?
Never got to know the new priest. Not alive anyway.
You said she was here yesterday?
She came by in the morning.|What's this about the priest?
Father Percheos.
Killed ...
Murdered ...
in his own confessional.
The priest was, was murdered here?|- No, not here.
In the church on the corner.
Hard to believe all this stuff is still here after twelve years.
Whoever did it, he was confessing his sins.
Shot him point blank.
Right between the eyes.
Nine o'clock on the Sunday night.|Can you imagine that?
Archdiocese had to close the church after that.
They moved what they could down here.
Lots of the priest's stuff too.
No family ...
where ...
none that we could find anyway.
Some say that everything about this place is cursed.
My bet is that ...
old lady started that one.
She ...
sort of came on screw after she found a body.
It's funny.
I know I didn't shoot the whole tape.
I'll send somebody by tomorrow|to bring the tape back, okay?|- But I'm sure we'll be leaving today.
Excuse me, sir, but a woman did die here.
And we may have a couple of questions.|- Krabel, I'll talk to you later, okay? - Yes, sir.
About the priest ...
you said ...
"Whoever did it".
Don't you know?|Didn't you catch the killer?
Well, from what Mrs. Moriarty told we picked up this ...
half wit neighbourhood kid|who was always getting trouble.
And we found him hiding in that old tree over there.
One hard to do, because|fool dog was running down below.
So, they did catch the killer.
Well, we think so.
Trouble is ...
hung himself the next night|before we could get a confession out of him. - No.
Debra, you're not supposed to be out here.
It's okay, inspector. She'll be okay.
The boy ...
Marvin, the ...|- Are you okay, Deb?|- Come on. Come on, sweetheart. It's okay.
That's the boy.
Debra ...
it was dark, she lost her footing.
She shouldn't have been in the house in the first time.|- She was drawn here like I was drawn here.
It brought us here, Marvin.|- Yes. What is it?|- The house.
Something about the house.
It's been trying to communicate ever since we got here.
Even before in my dreams.|- I won't listen to this nons ...|- The church ...
confession ...
man ...
You are hysterical.
Mrs. ...
Mrs. Moriarty said it was working thru me ...
for justice.
You have to listen to me.
Something's horribly wrong here.
Where is the boy?
How could I have seen him?
You think you know better!|He's been dead for twelve years.
I'm in the tub.
Is that you, Frank?
You know, Marv, ...
this thing really sounded like a good idea.
I'd like you to look at something.
It's Debbie's journal.
But it's not Debbie's writing.
It's been a while since I tried to translate latin ...
best I can make out, there's a|bits and pieces of Bible passages.
Something that looks like it's from ...
an absolution ...
or an exorcism.
You know this is ...
fifth commandment.
"Honour their father ... "
You're the psychologist.
What's all this mean?
It means I'm loosing her, Bill.
I don't know what to do.
You can do what I'm doing.
We're getting the hell out of here.
You can't just walk out like this.
What's Frank gonna say?
I hope you don't think I'm driving you.
Not with that flat tire, you won't.|- What?
Get your keys, we'll change it.
Let's go, Marvin.
I haven't got a spare.
What the guy suppo ...
He said the tires were good.|- Listen to me, Marvin.
We're not staying here tonight. You got it?
Look, we can take off that tire ...
and I'll go borrow Bill's scooter|and we gonna find some service station somewhere|and we're gonna fix the damn thing.
Now, you guys get everything packed.
And when I'll get back ...
we're gone.
Well, I suppose we can come ...
to work next week.
Hey, man. I mean ...
what's gotta happen before open up your eyes.
Were we all dreaming at the same time?
Look, when I get back ...
we're out of here.
This house is history!
Is that you?
Can I help you?|- I got flat tire.
That's no problem.|- Thanks.
Come on, let's go inside.
Mrs. Moriarty?
Is it you out there?
I'm listening.
I'm ready.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Bless me father ...
for I've sinned.
So have you, you son of a bitch.
Open the door.
Whoever you are, let me out of here.|- Father ...
why has God forsaken me?
Oh, my god.
You abandoned us.
You denied me.
Your own flesh.
My own father.
What'd you have told mother?
That you'd fill her with ...
the burning love of God?
That you would hold her ...
and that you would never leave her.
Now, listen to me my son.|- How do you dare call me that!?
You sinner.
* Sinner, sinner, sinner ... *
Man of God.
Poor godless child ...
you don't even know my name.
Oh, please.
Forgive me, forgive me. Please, I'm begging you.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I bet you never thought I'd find you here ...
after all these years ...
I'm here to help you out for your sins.
Keep you promise ...|into eternity ...
in sickness and in health.
Mommy no longer lives ...
Those whispers are almost over.
But she needs someone.
Otce nas, jenz jsi na nebesich.
Posvět se jméno tvé, přijď království tvé, buď vůle ...
jako v nebi, tak i na zemi.
Chléb náš vezdejší dejž nám dnes|a odpusť nám naše viny, jakož i my odpouštíme|našim viníkům, a neuveď nás v pokušení,
ale zbav nás od zlého. Neboť tvé jest Království|i moc i sláva až na věky věku. (Czech prayer)
Instant replay.
{y:i}Father ...
Turn it up.
{y:i}Father ...|- Well, check this out.
I didn't know there is any audio on here until ...
I worked a little magic with these fingers,|you know what I mean?
{y:i}... it came, father ...
{y:i}The prodigal come.
{y:i}It's you.
Oh, my god.
Don't leave me alone, Marvin. Don't go away.
What in the name of God?
What are you doing?
Frank ...
It's me.
It's Debbie.
Please, Frank.
I'm your friend, Frank.
Bill, help me!
Bill, help me!|Please.
Together ...
forever in eternity.
We gotta get out.
Bill, it's Frank.
He killed Marvin.
We gonna get out of here.
Oh, no, Bill.
Help!|Somebody help!
Help me! Somebody, please help me!
Debbie ...
Come on, guys.
Let's go.
Oh, my god.
What've you done?
... till death ...
do us part.
Hey, I told you. Not until we get to handle him.|- Move along, buddy. - Listen ...
if we ever do. Christ.
It'll start all over again.|Just in the twist they claim back too.
What is that?
Does it belong to you?
It belongs to the house.
Subtitles made by Icee (August 2004)|corrections by meo
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Agoniya (1981) Agony CD1
Agoniya (1981) Agony CD2
Aguirre der Zorn Gottes (1973)
Aguirre the Wrath of God
Ahi Esta El Detalle (1940) CD1
Ahi Esta El Detalle (1940) CD2
Ahobsal insaeng
Ai no corrida 1976
Aimee and Jaguar
Air Bud
Airplane! (1980)
Airplane 2 - The Sequel
Akibiyori (Late Autumn 1960) CD1
Akibiyori (Late Autumn 1960) CD2
Akira - Limited Special Edition
Akira 1988
Akumulator 1
Aladdin 1992
Aladdin and The King Of Thiefs
Alarmist The 1997
Albino Alligator
Alex and Emma
Alexander CD1
Alexander CD2
Alexander CD3
Alexander Nevsky
Ali G Aiii (2000)
Ali G In Tha House
Ali Zaoua
Alias 01x01 - Truth Be Told (Pilot)
Alias 01x02 - So It Begins
Alias 01x03 - Parity
Alias 01x04 - A Broken Heart
Alias 01x05 - Doppelganger
Alias 01x06 - Reckoning
Alias 01x07 - Color Blind
Alias 01x08 - Time Will Tell
Alias 01x09 - Mea Culpa
Alias 01x10 - Spirit
Alias 01x11 - The Confession
Alias 01x12 - The Box Part 1
Alias 01x13 - The Box Conclusion
Alias 01x14 - The Coup
Alias 01x15 - Page 47
Alias 01x16 - The Prophecy
Alias 01x17 - Q and A
Alias 01x18 - Masquerade
Alias 01x19 - Snowman
Alias 01x20 - The Solution
Alias 01x21 - Rendezvous
Alias 01x22 - Almost Thirty Years
Alias 02x01 - The Enemy Walks In
Alias 02x02 - Trust Me
Alias 02x11 - A Higher Echelon
Alias 02x12 - The Getaway
Alias 02x13 - Phase One
Alias 02x14 - Double Agent
Alias 02x15 - A Free Agent
Alias 02x16 - Firebomb
Alias 02x17 - A Dark Turn
Alias 02x18 - Truth Takes Time
Alias 02x19 - Endgame
Alias 02x20 - Countdown
Alias 02x21 - Second Double
Alias 02x22 - The Telling
Alias 3x01 - The two
Alias 3x02 - Succession
Alias 3x03 - Reunion
Alias 3x04 - A missing link
Alias 3x05 - Repercussions
Alias 3x06 - The nemesis
Alias 3x07 - Prelude
Alias 3x08 - Breaking point
Alias 3x09 - Conscious
Alias 3x10 - Remnants
Alias 3x11 - Full disclosure
Alias 3x12 - Crossings
Alias 3x13 - After six
Alias 3x14 - Blowback
Alias 3x15 - Facade
Alias 3x16 - Taken
Alias 3x17 - The frame
Alias 3x18 - Unveiled
Alias 3x19 - Hourglass
Alias 3x20 - Blood ties
Alias 3x21 - Legacy
Alias 3x22 - Resurrection
Alice Doesnt Live Here Anymore 1974 CD1
Alice Doesnt Live Here Anymore 1974 CD2
Alice et Martin 1998 CD1
Alice et Martin 1998 CD2
Alice in Wonderland
Alices Adventures in Wonderland
Alien 2
Alien 3
Alien Directors Cut
Alien Resurrection 1997 CD1
Alien Resurrection 1997 CD2
Alien Vs Predator
Aliens (special edition) 1986 CD1
Aliens (special edition) 1986 CD2
Alive 2003
All About Eve
All About Lily Chou-Chou CD1
All About Lily Chou-Chou CD2
All About My Father (Alt Om Min Far)
All I Want for Christmas 1991
All Night Long
All That Heaven Allows
All The Kings Men
All The Pretty Horses 23.976fps
All the Little Animals 1998
Alladin and the Wonderful Lamp
Allegro non troppo
Alliance Cookout
Alliance garden state
Almost Famous
Along Came Polly
Along came a spider
Alphaville 1965
Alt Om Min Far (All About My Father)
Altered States
Alvarez Kelly CD1
Alvarez Kelly CD2
Alzheimer Case The (2003) CD1
Alzheimer Case The (2003) CD2
Amantes del Circulo Polar Los (1998)
Amants Criminels Les
Amar Akbar Anthony - Manmohan Desai 1977 CD1
Amar Akbar Anthony - Manmohan Desai 1977 CD2
Amarcord CD1
Amarcord CD2
Amator 1979
Amelie From Montmartre CD1
Amelie From Montmartre CD2
Amelie or The Time To Love CD1
Amelie or The Time To Love CD2
American Beauty
American College
American Movie
American Movie - The Making Of Northwestern CD1
American Movie - The Making Of Northwestern CD2
American Outlaws
American Pie (UK)
American Pie - Rated Version
American Pie 2
American Pop
American Psycho
American Wedding
American Wedding (Unrated)
American Werewolf in London CD1
American Werewolf in London CD2
American in Paris An
Americas Sweethearts (2001)
Amerikanische Soldat Der (1970)
Amic-Amat (Beloved-Friend 1999)
Amiche Le 1955
Amistad CD1
Amistad CD2
Amityville 2 - The Possession 1982
Amityville 3 - The Demon 1983
Amityville 4 - The Evil Escapes 1989
Amityville Horror 5 - The Curse 1990
Amityville Horror 6 - Its About Time (1992)
Amityville Horror The CD1
Amityville Horror The CD2
Amor Brujo El (Carlos Saura 1986)
Amour en Fuite L
Amour en fuite Le 1979
An American Werewolf in Paris
An Autumn Afternoon 1962
Anacondas - The Hunt For The Blood Orchid
Analyze That (2002)
Analyze This (1999)
Anastasia 1956
Anatomie 2 2003
Anatomy of a Murder 1959 CD1
Anatomy of a Murder 1959 CD2
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
And God Created Woman
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
Andaz Apna Apna
Andrei Rublev 1969 Directors Cut CD1
Andrei Rublev 1969 Directors Cut CD2
Angel Eyes
Angel Heart Devil Face
Angels In America - Chapter 1
Angels In America - Chapter 2
Angels In America - Chapter 3
Angels In America - Chapter 4
Angels In America - Chapter 5
Angels In America - Chapter 6
Angels With Dirty Faces 1938
Angels of the Universe
Anger management
Anglaise et le duc La (Rohmer Eric 2001)
Angry Dogs
Animals Are Beautiful People
Anjaam Hindi
Anna In Kungfu Land 2003
Anne Frank - The Whole Story CD1
Anne Frank - The Whole Story CD2
Annie Get Your Gun
Annie Hall 1977
Anniversary Party The
Another 48 Hours
Another Heaven CD1
Another Heaven CD2
Antwone Fisher
Any Given Sunday
Anywhere But Here
Aoi Haru
Apartment The CD1
Apartment The CD2
Apocalypse Now - Redux
Apollo 13 CD1
Apollo 13 CD2
Apollo 13 CD3
Appartement Le 1996 CD1
Appartement Le 1996 CD2
Appleseed 2004
April Fools Day
Apsolutnih Sto
Aragami (2003)
Arahan 2004
Architekten Die 1990
Ariel 1988
Aristocats The
Arizona Dream CD1
Arizona Dream CD2
Arlington Road
Armageddon CD1
Armageddon CD2
Armata Brancaleone Le
Arme des ombres Le (Jean-Pierre Melville 1969) CD1
Arme des ombres Le (Jean-Pierre Melville 1969) CD2
Army in the Shadows 1969 CD1
Army in the Shadows 1969 CD2
Aro Tolbukhin En la Mente del Asesino (Agustin Villaronga 2002)
Around The World In 80 Days 2004 CD1
Around The World In 80 Days 2004 CD2
Around The World In 80 Days CD1
Around The World In 80 Days CD2
Arsene Lupin
Arsenic And Old Lace 1944
Art Of War The
Arven (2003) CD1
Arven (2003) CD2
As Long As My Feet Will Carry Me CD1
As Long As My Feet Will Carry Me CD2
As bodas de Deus (1998) CD1
As bodas de Deus (1998) CD2
Ascent The
Asphalt Jungle The
Asterix In Britain 1986
Asterix and Obelix Mission Cleopatra 2002
Astonishing (2004)
At Close Range
At Kende Sanheden
Atlantis - The Lost Empire
Atlantis Milos Return 2003
Atlantis The Lost Empire
Attack The Gas Station
Au Hasard Balthazar
Audition The (1999 Japanese)
Austin Powers - International Man Of Mystery
Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me
Austin Powers I
Austin Powers in Goldmember
Autumn Sonata 1978
Avalon (2001)
Avanti (1972)
Avengers The
Avenging Fist The
Aventuras de Robinson Crusoe Las
Aviator The
Avventura La 1960 CD1
Avventura La 1960 CD2
Awaara CD1
Awaara CD2
Awara Paagal Deewana
Awful Truth The
Azul y Blanco
Azumi 2003 CD1
Azumi 2003 CD2