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Subtitles for An Autumn Afternoon 1962.

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An Autumn Afternoon 1962

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Come in.
You may deal with it in a while and take this to Chang Wu.
I'm so sorry.
It doesn't matter.
What's wrong with Taguchi?
He has been resting for these two days.
It is said that he's got to be married.
So it means he wants to resign?
I don't know.
If it's so we should cheer it up.
How old is he?
Hey, he must be twenty three or twenty four years old.
Twenty three or twenty four.
What is your husband's occupation?
I'm not married yet.
Are you? Not married.
There are only two people in family, my father and I.
Oh, I see. You should get a husband sooner or later.
If you meet a good one it will be wonderful.
Please come in.
What's the matter?
I've just arrived at the Yokohama.
Oh? Did your wife get angry last time?
No, she didn't. And she even thought it interseting.
Really? Drinks make people talk much.
Yes, that's right.
How old is your kid?
What for? 24 years old.
There's a good guy and you may want to consider this.
For what?
Matchmaker, of course!
My wife heard of him and he may be interesting about your kid.
He's got a good background and is staying in the university for the practice.
He's about 29 years old.
Yes, sure he is. So...what do you think of this?
Hey, I'm talking to you!
Have any matchmakes come here?
No, they hasn't. We haven't thought about this.
Have you?
She doesn't have that intention either. She's still a kid and has no sense of women.
You're wrong. She has the sense and surely has.
Has she?
Yes, she has. So just try and that guy is really good.
Oh? Horie has just called that he the meet arranged at Classmate's Meeting.
Tonight, at Fang Song. He will also call you.
He has more energy since he was remarried.
Maybe he has been taking the Viagra.
Since we've talked of the kid, please think it over.
Hey, how about tonight? Is that OK?
No, thers wil be the baseball game between Da Yang and Bai Shen tonight.
I come here just for this.
You may watch the game next time.
No, this is the most important night. I've got no spare time for you guys.
Please, go, let's go.
No, no, sorry I can't.
You can! Let's go.
No, no, not today.
It is Number 4 Kuwata who starts the attack at the fourth round of the second half.
It is Number 4, Kuwata.
It is Number 4, Kuwata.
A short ball first.
This is the second time.
Kuwata from Sang Yuan.
Waving his stick with confidence.
The cather from Bai Shen is Gu Chuan.
The first ball is straight and fast.
Kuwata didn't strike and is waiting for the good chance now.
...the second one is a little left...sorry to keep you waiting.
Now there's a good ball and a bad one.
Kuwata who is waving the stick seems to be waiting for the third.
The third, a little higher.
Ah, is that all?
Where did you see Guan Jing?
In the trolley-bus. There's a strange man...
...who is collecting the waste newspaper.
He seemed familiar with me and I finally remembered he was Hyoutan.
Hyoutan was not young any more.
I thought he had been dead.
It is difficult for him to pass away, and it won't be that easy.
Even someone wants to kill him and he won't die.
Are you still angry with him?
His chinese language has been taunted by that guy.
What he has done is beyond of me too far, but past just passed.
So we should go for him.
If he comes, I will not appear.
Please don't do that, this Classmate's Meeting is held especially for him.
If you don't come it will be boring. Come on and join in us.
Yes, come on.
No, no.
Which side will win?
They're still in tie. 0:0, this is warm.
Is this a empty bottle? Yes.
Mr Horie, it's late and why has your wife not come?
What, is Cai Zi coming? Hey, she is.
Coming? Hey, yes.
I'm now with the friends, and I will be there soon.
You're really young and beautiful.
Do you take Cai Zi wherever you go these days?
Hey, almost.
Did you take it? What?
That one.
No, I don't need that till now and I won't need it.
Landlady, how?
That one.
He's wondering if you have let your husband take that, medicine, something about that.
Ah, damn you, so I wanna go now.
How? Hey.
But...just talk about it here.
Tell me the truth.
Though I'm not boasting but it's really good.
Young! It's easy to get along with each other.
Why do you so pride?
Tell you the truth, it's true.
How many years olds is he with your daughter's difference?
Three, it's not a problem.
You are so lucky.
Of course, I'm so happy! So, it is the third life and you too.
Me? Is that so good?
Let it be. You have been very good like that all the time. You should consider your daughter's marriage.
But...I'm telling the truth.
I've understood that clearly.
Just have a talk here.
Mr Jue Jing, your wife is here.
How? Have you met with your friends?
Come up.
Long time no see, everyone.
How are you doing recently?
Come up.
Please, please sit down.
Have you bought what you planned?
How's that? Do you want to sit down?
That..I think.
Is it? Are you leaving? Did you get the medicine for me?
So take it out and drink now.
What medicine?
It's Vitamin.
Vitamin? Hey.
Go home and have a rest.
You're right, so, excuse me.
Excuse me, I'm leaving now.
How about Classmate's association?
Leave it to you and do carefully.
Please excuse me.
Please take care of yourself.
You know I come here and give up my baseball game.
The night game is not a good one.
Where is your supper?
I willl have it at home.
So, see you.
Put the opinions away, whatever they are.
How did it come to that? Stupid.
I don't want to be like that and it makes me sick.
Is it Ok now?
Welcome home. I'm back!
Oh, your smell is too bad.
Didn't you drink too much, did you?
Dad, did you see the brother?
Has he come?
He's just gone back.
What for?
Nothing. He took this, sweet ring, only one left.
I'm back! I'm back!
Dad, do you want some Cha Pao Fan?
No, thanks.
So I want some...ah
Miss Fu Ze won't come from tomorrow.
Her elder brother's wife passed away and she will go back to countryside.
Oh? Did she get someone else?
Fu Ze said she had told Jia Dai.
He seems not like a good person.
So that will make me headache.
It doesn't matter. It will be fine if all the pepole can come.
But, we will get up early and Xiao Ze will do too.
I may come slowly, 'cause tomorrow is my holiday.
Mine will start at tomorrow noon too.
So that's only me left.
When I go out, you should do some cleaning and I cannot bear so messy!
Dad, if you come back late, remenber to call first.
So is with Xiao Ze. Or you'll have nothing to eat when you're back.
Sister, where are my trousers? That grey one, can you find it for me?
In the cabinet on the second floor, go and look for it yourself.
What has Hong come for?
I don't know.
You can make a phone call, and he should be at home now.
I'm back.
You're so late.
I've gone to the father's. Are you early today?
Not very early, what did dad say?
He's not at home. Is that right?
This is what Michiko give back to you.
Ah, foriegn goods, is it beautiful?
I don't know and I will go to the father's again.
So that's ok.
Mr Shan Kun.
Who is that?
The third floor, Our upstairs.
Oh, Consonancy Life Insurance.
Hey, his wife has been in hospital all along.
Really? Why?
She's out now and has a lovely baby, it's a boy.
Oh, a baby.
It is said that the baby's name is Koichi.
I wanna change the name.
It doesn't matter, Koichi.
It's not a good name at all. If the baby grow up like you, he will have a poor life.
So one Koichi is enough.
Do you want some grapes? I bought them on my way back.
Leave those torrow, I want to sleep, pave the quilt.
Wait but I still want some.
Do it yourself.
Refrigerator, it seems great for me to settle up once and has some extra discount.
Please come in.
Did you get the news from your father?
What news?
Marriage, about you, this one seems good.
Your father didn't say anything?
I have no idea with him, sigh.
What do you think of this, do you want to get married?
How? What about this?
But...if I get married, my family will get a headache.
I don't know, but they are sure to have a headace.
But they cannot always avoid this just because of the trouble.
If that's so you will not get married.
That doesn't matter, even I don't get married.
No, that won't happen.
You will become an old woman, and you would really become the trouble.
You may find a chance to ask your father about this.
Please come in.
Miss Hirayama.
has your father talked of going to the Classmate's meeting today?
Now I understand. Yes.
You quit from school at that time. That was just a bad luck.
So what did happen then?
He wrote love letters to the pupil of senior high school.
And he was seen by the Lion.
What Lion?
The teacher who taught maths, Gong Ben.
Sigh, he's passed away and he is a good guy.
How about the Emperor?
The teacher who taught history, Chang Ben.
He is still in good health.
He is still in good health.
Oh, and, the teacher who taught physics, Tian Ye.
Oh, palm civet.
palm civet? She has a good son, who is the senator now.
And she's just enjoying her left life.
So Teacher Tian Ye is still in good health.
Teacher, you have a daughter, haven't you?
Yes, I have.
A beautiful and lovely girl.
Do you have a grandson?
My wife passed away early.
My daughter is still aone now.
Really? That's so lonely.
Your children have grown up now.
What about your grandson?
He married a young woman.
If this is mentioned, he will talk about this, but just here.
It seems good. It's a wonderful thing.
Horie, he was also the vice monitor.
Horie, he was also the vice monitor.
When he got home, he always hoped to be monitor.
Oh I see now.
It's delicious and what's this?
It's Hai Jing?
No, it's Hai Jing.
Oh, Hai Jing.
It's really good.
Hai Jing.
It consists two words, Hai and Jing.
How are you doing, teacher, it's beer. Thanks.
You must feel lonely 'cause there are only you and your teacher.
Hey, I've got used to it now and it has been like this for such a long time.
And I don't know what the daughter's opinion is.
Thank you, everyone. And I have a wonderful time.
It's wonderful.
We have been away from that school for 40 years just as you all said.
Everyboday has his own achievements, and even during your time... come here for my this Classmate's meeting.
Teacher, how about another drink, OK?
The postwar experience lets me feel that...
...I am such a lucky guy that...
...everyone comes here for me.
Thank you, thank you.
What are you looking for?
My hat.
It's still early now, teacher.
I'll drive you home.
OK, thanks a lot.
Teacher, your hat is at downstairs.
Ah, yes, downstairs?
Are you leaving?
What a pity!
Teacher, take this with you.
This? Thank you very much.
So everyone...
...let's go together. OK.
Thank you, everyone.
See you.
It's a wonderful time.
So be careful. See you.
Bye bye.
Has he left? Yes, he has.
Hyoutan seemed so happy.
He hasn't seen Hai Jing from his astonishment.
He even seemed to swallow the bowl.
He can drink and eat.
But, he seemed old and became blunt.
Blunt Hyoutan? But he is still good at talking.
How? Thanks.
Any wine?
Here it is, here it is.
Are you OK? Teacher. I'm ok and have fun.
Ah, the whiskey bottle. It's empty now.
Empty? Hey.
Tomoko, please come in.
What's the matter? Dad.
Ah, good time.
Teacher had a good time.
Good time.
Ah, good time.
Sorry for letting Mr Kawai and Mr Hirayama drive me home.
Sorry to trouble you.
You are always like this, dad.
What's your trouble, Kawai?
What's that?
You are something now and you were a rascal before.
Sorry, Tomoko, beer.
No, thanks, never mind.
But, since you come here...
Thanks, it's time for leaving.
It's still early, you can, Hirayama.
The classy whiskey that you gave me just now... drunk up by that teacher in the car.
Hey? Drink up?
Ah, yes, yes, you once had a good memory before.
Please be careful, teacher.
Excuse me.
Sorry to trouble you.
Sorry to trouble. Sorry to trouble.
It's still early, Kawai and Hirayama.
Tomoko, beer.
Yeah, good time, good time.
Hirayama, Kawai, stand up.
Sorry to keeo you waiting for such a long time.
Guan Jing still don't know the scandal matter about Hyoutan.
He should know, and it still gave him a surprise.
The daughter is weird too.
She seemed not to be easy with, very cold.
In that situation, Hyoutan is so lonely.
I don't wanna become like he.
You will.
No, I won't.
No, you will, let Michiko marry off.
Really? Yes.
It's does not matter.
Shall I bring some beer?
No, thanks. I have work yet.
Mr.Jue Jing didn't come together today?
What a young and lovely wife!
So lovely, isn't she?
So poor.
Isn't he?
What's the matter?
It was Shou Ling Nong last night.
It was Jue Jing's.
Today is inadvisable, the funeral is put to tomorrow
Is it true?
Now waiting for friends, don't bring too more wreaths.
Yeah, it's a waste.
Why did he die?
His blood pressure was always a much more high.
Maybe the young wife excited he...
You Shall also be care, landlady. Don't excite too much.
You are annoying, always badinage at me. He's come.
I'm late.
Wonderful, so good.
He's be still living and in good health.
Still alive?
Talking about our affairs.
The most of us agreed.
Really? It's marvellous!
Shan Ben and Gong Chuan came last time also agreed.
Then each of us hand over 2 thousands, about 20 thousands.
Is it ok? -OK.
Could you send to him?
You are the nearest, just go, Hyoutan would be very glad.
I didn't know he live there before.
Never mind! It's the Serendipity.
I'm the same.
What are you talking about?
I've drunk this.
So good.
Here's the money.
Thank you.
Excuse me, is there any people?
Sorry to trouble you last night.
So much thanks, coming from so far place.
No, I live nearby.
Where's teacher?
He's there, papa, papa.
Sit down please.
Mr.Hirayama !Thank you very much last time.
It was really a great dinner.
It's nothing.
I've drunk so much, even made a drollery.
Later I was blamed by my daughter, it's really sorry, thank you.
No, that's we ought to do.
Separated for 40 years, I'm very glad to see you again.
Help your self to the tea.
Bring the beer.
Beer will be ok.
Have a drink, ok?
No, never mind.
Bring the beer.
Don't bother please.
We haven't some delicious things.
There's no meal you like
Don't bother please, never mind.
Let me make some meal. - No, Don't bother.
Sir, this, last time we..., give to you.
What is it?
It's a gift.
No, thanks for your favor.
Then...I will have a trouble.
It's not costly, please, please accept it.
No, no.
I'm very appreciate for your holding a dinner for person like me.
Barbecued pork noodle please.
Ok, wait a minute.
Then..see you, sir.
Are you going? Thank you very much.
I will visit you sometime.
Sorry to disturb you.
Captain, are you the captain?
Who are you?
Sakamoto, Sakamoto Ji Tailang, Lance Corporal of the chaser.
Ah, Sakamoto, it's you.
He is our captain.
So I see.
Mr.Hirayama was a navy before.
It isn't worth saying.
We haven't meet each other for so time.
How about have dinner together?
Shopkeeper, I don't want the noodle.
The meal here isn't good, is it?
Go together.
You also have made an achievement.
Thanks to you.
I set an automobile repair factory nearby.
And please come to my house someday, let's go.
Sorry to trouble you.
Shopkeeper, we go then.
Welcome again, sorry.
Good bye. ! Please.
Captain, why japan lose the war?
Therefore we have had a rough time.
When I came back, houses were burned, and no food.
The price was also rose a lot.
After that, I borrowed money from my father-in-law to set the store.
You are good luck.
Where's you children? Is that you daughter right before?
She has a sister, has married.
I would be a grandpa soon, couldn't be so confounded.
Do you have any worry, Captain?
I had a rough time, too.
Luckily came in the company with a sir's help.
But captain, what about if Japan win?
Hum...It's hard to imagine.
One more cup, bring the whole bottle.
If Japan win, captain, we now would be at NEW-YORK, NEW-YORK.
Not the store name, but NEW-YORK city in US.
Really? ! Of course.
! Yes. ! Hey.
Because the failure, nowadays youngsters adore foreign things.
Listening the records, fruging their ass.
If we won, if we won.
Make the blue-eyes guys, became warrior head.
Chawing the gums.
Look like a drowned mouse.
But it's better instead of failure, isn't it?
Is it true? Hum, maybe.
Then those fools can't show their authority any more.
Captain, I'm not pointting at you, you are one in a thousand.
Let's have a drink, cheers.
I'm back.
Where did you go? ! To the bath.
Go to bathe this time?
Today is so disengaged, let me pour the wine.
It's fine. Captain, she is the landlady here.
You looks like a familiar.
Between times.
He was my captain when I was a navy.
Would you please play that song?
That song, play again? Well, I'll play it, drink as much as you like, captain.
I'm very glad.
It's begin.
Captain, come together.
Not that, this way.
Today's patrol finished.
You are back. ! I'm back.
Brother has came. ! Really?
Did you drink again?
No, I haven't. ! You must have.
Coming back? ! Back.
You looks so cheerful.
I met an old friends today.
Came to a strange place.
Papa, There's no food. Why didn't you call back?
I'm full. There's a woman.
What about?
It's a bar, looks like your mother when she is young.
You say the face?
Hum...also the stature, but not so like when look carefully.
But here is so like when she lower her head.
How old about she?
Maybe 28, 29.
Have mum born me that time?
She dress strange cloth, twine her head using a scarf.
Did mum dress strange cloth and twine a scarf?
No, mum always dress kimono.
But, When she is buoyant.
Mum will dress papa's pantalettes instead of the kimono.
Hum, I wanna go to the bar, where is it?
Do you want to have a look?
I want to go, too.
I don't go there, I don't wanna go to see her.
What's the matter?
You sure? Michiko, did you prepare the bath water?
Haven't yet.
What's on earth?
I..want to borrow 50 thousands to buy a fridge.
Good, I haven't so much, are you anxious?
Sooner is better.
I'll ask Michiko bring you 3 days later.
Sorry to trouble you.
Michiko, is there any cleanser?
I know.
Come in.
Do you have tomatoes? Borrow me 2.
How about this? A cleaner.
Ah, that, hum..not bad.
This is still frooze.
We decide to buy a fridge, too.
But, those appliance will be washed out when the better come out in the furture.
Sound reasonably.
Did you come back early?
No, I came back just now, What's that?
What's wrong?
Have Michiko bring the money?
Not yet.
Hum..that..what's up?
It's cheap.
Did you buy it already?
No, I'll pay the money later.
A frient called Miura bought a new one, and resell this to me.
It's a bargain.
Would you buy it?
Where's the money? No way, buy such things.
Why can't? Michikowill bring the money, I had borrowed a little more.
How much?
50 thousands.
You can't use money on those things even if borrowed some more.
It's all you waste money.
I haven't.
Isn't this waste money? I also want to buy my things.
But I've gulpped.
Give it back to him.
I can't as yet.
You can, give it back.
It's extravagant for you office workers who just draw salary to play golf.
Cry for tired once come back early.
And sleep so early.
So give it up.
You play it very well.
This is fine.
Very famous brand.
It's worth buying, though a little damnification.
I really want it, but have no money.
I would ask Mr.Yan Chuan of the machine department. He should want it.
Don't you want?
Though think about it, but have some problems with the money.
Did your wife against ?
But this is very good.
Famous brand.
Make a decision, what about?
I'll abnegate it.
Are you afraid of your wife so much?
It's not pavid, but I will have trouble hereafter. Lend me once more.
There's only a little time.
Never mind.
Wind the clock, it's hardly stopped.
What are you annoyed for? Go if you want.
I didn't say you can't go to play golf.
Like a child.
Earn money more quickly, and you could buy what ever you want.
Are you get angry?
The clock.
Come in please.
Hello. ! Hello.
Welcome, today is fine.
Yes. ! Please come in.
It's uncommon brother stay at home, I thought you must go to play golf.
He's in bad mood today.
Ask him yourself.
What's up? I bring the money.
Hum..give it to me, thanks a lot.
What's wrong about brother?
Because haven't get the money.
you are annoying.
Your brother borrowed a little more because he want some other.
You are noisy.
Then. ! Shut up.
Come in please.
Welcome. ! Hello.
Brother, It's Mr.Miura come.
What's the matter?
It's about this, I asked my friends.
Welcome. ! Hello.
What's the matter?
It's about this. I have appointed with them go there together.
Hum..that, I don't want it, come up.
Come up.
Yesterday, I came to the friend's house later.
He can't buy it, too.
Mr.Miura, do you come to persuade?
Don't misapprehend, I'm not.
Madam, this is so well that I don't want to resell it to others.
It will be ok if budget plan.
Budget plan?
No, no way.
Are you sure? No way? 2 thousands for 10 months, it's very cheap.
No, no is no.
Are you sure no? I'll buy it instead.
Do your like.
No, I have no money, I can't.
Then don't praise it, anyway we don't want that.
I'm very sorry to make your wife angry.
Never mind, She's in bad mood since this morning.
It's really sorry.
2 thousands, for the first time.
Will it be ok?
No problem, I will handle it.
It's Great, brother.
This is very good.
Remember, from this month, there're still 9 months.
Ok, I'll go back.
So quick? - Have got the money?
No, I have an appointment at noon.
Then, I' ll go, too.
Why? Are you going back now?
It's still early, Michiko
No, I'll go to my friend's home.
Then, give my greetings to papa. - Hum.
Thanks for his money.
Shall we go together? ! OK.
Sorry to bother you.
! Goodbye. ! Goodbye. 752 0:59:41,144 --> 0:59:42,133 Goodbye.
Do you care this?
Dong't want to have?
Yes, I want.
As an exchange, I'll buy mine.
An white handbag.
It's a bit expensive, but I would go to buy it, I want it.
Your brother is so kind to his wife.
But, a little dragonish to us.
Maybe it's better to be considerate to his wife.
Yes, but can't be too dolce.
Really? It's so hard to do.
Ah, the train is coming.
Please come in.
What's up?
Thanks you, it's so long time we work together.
It's said you will marry soon, congratulations!
I come to tell you.
Oh? Are you 23 or 24?
Really? Same as my daughter, express my best wishes.
Thank you very much.
Come in, please.
This sir have matter with you.
Oh? Let him in.
Miss.Taguchi, come here awhile later please.
Ok, I'm going.
Come in.
Sorry to distube you when you are busy.
Never mind, have a seat please.
Thanks for your visit last time.
I found under the seat later...
please sit down.
Sorry to bother you so much.
Never mind, sit down please. ! Ok.
I have gone to the others' to express my thanks.
You are so circumspect, is 采栽 here?
He have some affair, just went out.
Oh? Would you go home later, sir?
Yes, this's the last stop, thank you.
Then we go together, we are the same direction.
Ok, but there's still some work.
Now there's no problem anyway.
Now there's no problem anyway.
Ask Miss.Taguchi of our company come to here.
See you.
What's the matter, teacher? Another drink?
Oh, thanks.
So happy.
It's really a good time, sorry to trouble you.
Hyoutan cannot have more.
How, teacher, another one.
Yeah, thanks.
You are so happy, but I feel very lonely.
Why? Why do you feel lonely?
Lonely and sad.
As a result I'm still alone, a lonely guy.
Ah, I failed, I failed.
Just for my convenience.
What's the matter?
To my daughter I've got used to her stay at home.
And I forgot her marriage age, my wife passed away.
I failed, what a shame!
Ah, excuse me.
Are you leaving now?
It's still early and have more.
Oh? That's OK.
You should drink more when you are in good mood.
Don't consider too much, cheers.
Teacher, teacher.
Let him sleep, Hyoutan is lonely too.
You will be like this if you don't care it.
No, I...
If Miss Michiko become the woman of Hyoutan, what will happen?
She won't.
Maybe, so she should get married soon.
If you are like Hyoutan, that will make me headache.
Ah? Hyoutan, where are we?
Teacher, just have a sleep, I will take you back home.
Oh? Mr Kawai?
Think it over.
I'm back.
Don't lock the door, Xiao Ze hasn't come back.
Welcome home.
What's the matter?
What's the matter?
Don't you want to get married?
Don't you want to get married?
What are you talking about?
I'm serious, really serious.
Dad, you got drunk again, didn't you?
Though I drank some, yet I'm really serious.
Some? Maybe not. What makes you think of that?
Why, many affairs, come here.
Wait a monment, it'll be ok soon.
Dad has thought a lot about this, come here.
But you will get worried after I leave.
Worried? It doesn't matter, you should get married, and you're 24 years old.
Yes, but it's still a long time.
Though it's a long time now, but you will get old sooner or later.
Dad depends you so much, I'm so sorry.
So what shall I do then?
Dad, I don't want to get married and I won't either.
Don't you think so, Dad?
What's the matter?
I will be fine just as I am now.
Why? That won't happen.
Will that?
If I leave, what about Dad and Xiao Ze?
We'll find a way.
What way? What way? There's no way.
Dad when did you start to think about this?
Don't you have any decision to get married?
I didn't say I won't get married, and I mean I have no decision now.
Some friends of mine have been married.
And they even have babies now.
So what about you?
Don't talk about this any more, I just want to keep all like this.
Dad also thinks this is good for you now.
But you can't keep all like this.
Dad has thought...
...since you've thought, you shouldn't be self-assertive
I'm not self-assertive.
Yes, you are.
Michiko, Michiko.
I'm back, sister, can I lock the door?
Yeah, you can.
Dad, you've come back.
Where's sister? Here.
Sister, I want something to eat.
What's wrong, Dad?
Ze Xiong. Hey?
Does your sister have someone she likes?
I don't know about her, but I have now.
You have?
Yes, her name is Qingshui Duomei.
Oh, where is she from?
Thought I don't know that now, we often chat with each other.
What is she?
Ticket-seller on the everyday bus.
She's not tall, squabby and lovely.
Sister, I want something to eat.
Do it yourself in kitchen.
Just do it yourself.
I'm back.
It's late, what can you do for your dinner?
There are hams in the refrigerator, and you can cook Hams And Eggs.
I bought some hamburger too.
Has the rice been put in the boiler?
Yes, it'll be OK soon.
During the noon spare time Michiko came to the company.
What for?
She said that her father wanted her to be married.
Who is that guy?
But, if Michiko gets married now, won't it be convenient for dad?
So what's her decision on earth?
Michiko said so too.
Then Michiko should have no such a decision.
I don't know.
But dad mentions it every day.
Michiko feels boring.
He always asks who that guy is.
I heard it's Mr Kawai that introduces this guy, and dad has seen him.
He looks good.
Isn't Michiko satisfied?
She just has no attention on this.
Ask her whether she wants to get married? But she seems not.
What does she mean?
I'm not very clear.
So what has she come to you fro?
I maybe can understand the mood of Michiko.
Please come in.
Please come in.
You're back, it's very early now.
Dad, welcome.
Please come in.
This is a bakemeat.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Is dad off duty now?
Hey, I have something to talk, can you go outside?
I haven't had my dinner.
Oh? Dad, come here and have dinner with us.
How about having dinner outside?
This will be ok.
It must be something about Michiko.
Sorry to keep you waiting for scuh a long time.
I want to borrow this.
Be careful.
I will go out for a while. Be careful.
Thanks for your meal.
Yes. Thanks.
Don't you need it? Ah.
Give me this. Yes.
Oh? He doesn't look like the guy.
If you watch more carefully, he will be not like the guy, but just on some aspects.
Oh? Dad, how's that guy?
The second son of Kun Qi family, he's a strong and hardworking guy.
I think this guy is good.
Michiko maybe likes another guy.
Do you think so?
I heard from Ze Xiong that she likes a guy names Miura.
Miura? The guy in your company?
That guy?
What does he look like?
He's good. If the guy were he, I would agree.
What did Michiko say?
I asked her. Though she didn't give me a direct answer, yet she likes him very much.
If it were he, that would be OK.
Oh? Can you go to ask Mr Miura?
Hey, OK, If it were he, that would be OK.
Oh? It will be wonderful for her to be with the guy she likes.
Michiko will be happy then.
You're right, I will ask him about this soon.
That's the deal.
It's quiet today, is it necessary to play this?
Hey, no need any more.
What? Nothing.
But, if she leaves, dad will feel lonely.
But if she still don't get married...
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
This, two more plates.
And this. OK.
You can drink a lot.
No, just so so. I can only drink two bottles of beer.
You...what's the matter?
Do you want to get married?
Do you have soom good one?
Yes, but I don't know whether it is OK.
Oh? Really?
Really, yes, how? Do you want it?
Hey, I cannot understand.
Why? What makes you headache? How?
It doesn't matter.
You're right, tell you the truth, I have...
Do you?
Not wife, but I already have...
Someone you know too.
Who is it?
Jingye Yidai in Commerce Department.
Oh, it's she.
Is that OK?
Yes, OK, she's a good girl.
Don't tell the others, I haven't told anyone.
I won't.
We have an agreement.
Last time during the travel with company.
Oh, you two begin from that time?
Oh, you two begin from that time?
Don't be lying.
I touched her hands.
Which one are you talking about?
Forget it.
Tell me yours, and I tell you all about myself.
Who is that?
It's my young sister.
Is that Miss Michiko?
Did Miss Michiko know about this?
If it is really so, I hope you will tell me earlier.
I specially asked someone for this.
Didn't you say that she didn't want to get married?
Really? I said?
Yes, you said that.
Miss Michiko said so but I don't think there's any hope.
How about another bottle of beer?
Ah, so it's my fault.
What a pity, if it was told a little earlier.
It cannot be all satisfactory.
You're right.
Do you want some more...pork chop?
Isn't good?
I'm so sorry.
If dad noticed that a little earlier, it would be better.
But we have to tell Michiko about this.
Oh, headache.
How? You go.
Hey, Michiko seems that she likes Miura very much.
I asked her this morning.
So let dad tell her.
But a poor girl.
So how should we tell her about this?
Want some Red Tea? Brother, do you want some?
Michiko...what't the matter?
Come here.
Sit down please.
What's the matter?
Maybe dad is too much careful.
I let your brother ask Mr Miura the opinion about you.
He didn't deny that he didn't like you.
But he seemed that he had a agreement.
If I could notice that earlier.
I'm sorry.
I didn't notice that you like Miura.
It was all my forgetful mind that made this, I'm sorry.
It doen't matter, dad, let it be.
I just don't want to regret.
It was better that you've asked him.
So how? Do you want to see the guy dad has mentioned?
OK I want to meet him.
That's the deal.
Hey, you just arrange that.
That's great.
That's great.
I worried that she would cry.
I thought she would be dissappointed.
But look at her, nothing happened.
That's great.
What's wrong, sister?
Looks like crying.
What's the matter.
What's wrong?
Did that papa force his idea upon you?
Just have a meet, if you don't like, refuse him.
Anyway, have a meet first, will you?
Well, you agreed?
Don't you come down to have a cup of tea?
Excuse me, is there anyone home?
Welcome, come in, please.
Mr.Horie also come here.
Come in.
Have come? ! Hum, just now.
Have your seat, please. ! Thank you.
Why so late? ! Hum.
When did you come, Horie?
It's said you would come.
Come here.
Mine is better.
Please help yourself for that.
I have talked about that in the telephone just now.
I thought let they meet each other themselves.
Sounds reasonable.
Could you please ask him about the time?
Which matter?
About Miss.Michiko.
No, that would make things worse.
But I must give them an answer first.
What's wrong?
Because you are so drawling.
Kawai request me, and it's saturday yesterday.
There's a young man, not bad. Let them meet at noon. Ok?
Is that girl fine?
Hum, she's a good girl.
She's my secretary's sister, a little shorter than Michiko.
She's beautiful.
24 years old.
I'm also worried, so..
Oh? Have you decided?
It seems so.
The both sides are satisfied.
You are too drawling.
You are so bad, Mr.Horie.
All told you just now are lie.
They arranged to fool you.
Oh! So hateful!
Why did you say I had dead? Even arrange the funeral..
You are the same.
Make me upset a lot.
Luckily a promise.
But Mr.Hirayama, you will be lonely if Michiko leaved.
But it's not suitable, if don't marry just because this.
That will be better if Michiko satisfy.
Surely she will.
I think so, too.
I'm the same.
It's your turn.
Oh? My turn?
Hum, really? Oh? What?
There's already two, and still others, understand?
Small will be ok, and another one in addition, yes, right now, thank you.
They will come here right now.
Oh? the back door is ok now, close it first.
So busy.
We will ask Akiko come here occasionally, before engage a servant.
Never mind.
Didn't you have?
Have what?
Not yet, it's a trouble if have now.
Are you purposive?
It will be better if you have a child.
It's would be a trouble if your son just enter high school when you are already 50.
Hum..sounds reasonable.
How old was papa when I was born?
Already prepared.
Oh? Thanks.
hardly work.
Then, I'll go first. - Thank you.
Waiting for your indoctrination.
Aha, it's finished.
So beautiful! Michiko.
Really lovely.
Let's go.
I know. Do your best.
Wish your blessedness. ! Hum.
Let's go.
Sure? ! Hum.
It will be your turn.
How about a younger?
Use medicine? To do that..
Right, wive one, wive one.
But me, think you're unhealthiness like that..
Unhealthimess? Why?
I like health.
Health? Who cares that when night comes..
Hum..with reason.
What are you talking about?
Mr.Hirayama, would you live with your eldest son?
Ze Xiong is still home, we will live here temporarily.
Let they couple alone.
Yes, we won't bother them.
What a good father you are, Mr.Hirayama!
Thank you. ! I'm sorry.
A boy would be better, missis.
What are you saying?
Girl is not interesting.
Boy and girl are the same, all would leave.
Only leave elders.
What do you whine about!
But, I have ever married my daughter.
This's the incumbency.
As Hyoutan said, loner after all.
Lukily you haven't become he.
Hum, I'll go first.
Are you going home?
Sorry to bother you.
Any mind? Let me call a taxi for you. - Newver mind.
I'm really sorry to trouble you.
Never mention it.
I'm Sorry.
Are you ok?
I'm ok, go for a walk, to the station.
I'll go together.
No, never mind, just sit here.
Is this Mr.Hirayama's? That's Mine.
Thank you very much.
How about?
What's wrong with him?
Maybe feels lonely.
It's always slop over the night daughter marry.
It's difficuit for me to bring her up, and now she leaves.
it's unworthy.
Mr.Sakamoto has just gone.
Oh? Give me on cup.
Water added?
No, pure.
Where did you go today, funeral?
Hum..As your wish to say so.
Would I play that song for you?
All right.
Jia Dai, paly that song "MARCH".
The bulletin from headquarters base.
The empire commander declared 13 o'clock today.
Failed? Did we fail?
It's so late, papa. Where have him would gone? late.
Must at the Kawai's.
But that's too late.
Ah, his's back.
You finally back.
How much have you drink?
What's wrong, papa? - Ah.
You are back. ! Back.
So late.
Are you tired? ! Hum.
But, it's wonderful.
Hum, wonderful, it's good to do one's best.
No problem, sure.
Michiko is so laborious, no problem.
Don't worry about her, she'll do her best.
It's time to go.
I would come here occasionally, call me for help please.
Papa, we'll go.
What? Are you going back?
Hum, I'll come to see you.
Then, We are going. ! OK.
! Goodbye. ! Look after yourself.
Good night.
Good night.
I'll go to sleep, papa.
Hum, it's late.
Don't drink so much later.
Take care of yourself.
No problem.
Offense and deffense..
Don't sing any more, let's sleep.
That fortress!
What on earth are you saying? I'm sleeping.
I won't take care of you if catched a cold.
I'm sleeped.
Tomorrow get up early.
I'll cook breakfast for you.
The fortress!
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