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Analyze This (1999)

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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
{y:i}1957 was a big year.
{y:i}The Russians put that Sputnik|{y:i}into outer space.
{y:i}The Dodgers played their last game|{y:i}at Ebbets Field...
{y:i}... and said goodbye to Brooklyn.
{y:i}That guy, he shot Frank Costello|{y:i}in the head and missed.
{y:i}The Gallo brothers whacked|{y:i}Albert Anastasia in that barbershop.
{y:i}It was total chaos.
{y:i}With Anastasia out, Vito Genovese|{y:i}figures he's the big boss.
{y:i}But Carlo Gambino...
{y:i}... and Joe Bananas had other ideas.
{y:i}So they called a meeting.
{y:i}A big meeting.
{y:i}It was the first time the whole|{y:i}Commission would meet face to face.
{y:i}Bosses and wiseguys were coming|{y:i}from all over the country...
{y:i}... and all the|{y:i}New York families too.
{y:i}Maybe 50 bosses,|{y:i}the whole wiseguy world...
{y:i}... all coming to this|{y:i}little town upstate.
{y:i}My father went with Dom Manetta|{y:i}and Tommy D. Fat Tommy.
{y:i}He was running the family then.
{y:i}Some asshole thought it would be|{y:i}a good idea to have this meeting...
{y:i}... at Joe Barbara's farm,|{y:i}up in the country, nice and quiet.
Get away from the car.
Want to be a fucking rib eye?|Get away from the car!
{y:i}Turns out the cops were|{y:i}watching Joe Barbara like a hawk...
{y:i}... and some deputy sheriff notices|{y:i}all the traffic and calls the feds.
{y:i}The meeting never even|{y:i}got started.
{y:i}The feds moved in...
{y:i}... and bingo, the bosses,|{y:i}they moved out.
{y:i}My father and Dominic, they hid out|{y:i}in the field with some hay or corn.
{y:i}Along comes a farmer.
{y:i}Dominic bullshits him|{y:i}while my father holds out...
{y:i}... this .44 cannon he used to carry,|{y:i}and hijacked the tractor.
{y:i}The story is they drove it|{y:i}to Bensonhurst...
{y:i}... but my father told me they|{y:i}only got as far as Poughkeepsie.
{y:i}Anyway, Carlo Gambino came out of it...
...capo di tutti capi,|{y:i}"boss of all bosses"...
{y:i}... and that was the last time the|{y:i}Commission tried to meet, until now.
I don't like it.|What do we gotta meet for?
Let everybody else worry about|their own business.
The '57 meeting was about how we were|gonna divide this country.
This meeting is how we're|gonna survive.
You got made guys|informing for the feds.
Bosses are going to jail.
People are getting whacked|without permission.
And on top of everything else... got these Chinese...
...and these crazy Russians|to deal with.
Everything's changing.
We gotta change with the times.
We gonna get a fucking Website?
When your papa died...
...I made him a promise|that I'd always look out for you.
I want you to come to|that meeting with me.
Listen. This guy, Primo Sindone,|you watch out for him.
He's a scumbag.
Keep your eye on him, okay?
Let me get a toothpick.|I'll be back.
{y:i}I just kept telling him|{y:i}that I needed room... grow...
...and to find myself as a person.
You know?|Not just as a woman...
...but as an independent entity.
Then I told him I needed to get|in touch with my uniqueness...
...but he could not handle that.
He said that I was|driving him away.
He said I was driving him away.
Do you think I was|driving him away, Dr. Sobel?
Caroline, things end.
It's part of life. It's how we deal|with the ending that's important.
I just cannot believe...
...that it's over between|me and Steve, you know?
I mean, maybe there's still hope.
He took a restraining|order against you.
To be honest,|that's usually not a good sign.
But what should I do?
The first thing that I think|you should do... to stop whining about this|pathetic loser, for chrissakes!
You are a tragedy queen!
Steve doesn't like me.|Steve doesn't respect me.
Who gives a shit?|Get a fucking life!
Dr. Sobel?
I was reflecting on your situation.
It's interesting what|you were saying.
I want you to think about it.
And I'm going to think about it.
We'll both think about it...
...and continue next week|when I get back from vacation.
Caroline, what are you feeling?
You're just like Steve.|You just want to...
You just want to...
...get rid of me|and throw me out.
You know that's not true.
Yes, it's true.
I'll see you next week...
...whereas Steve never wants|to see you again.
Please, Mr. Vitti.
I don't know nothing.|They don't believe me...
...because once I said Joe|hit Dukey and he didn't.
I didn't know because Little Joe|looked like...
Shut the fuck up!
You know me, right?
You're Mr. Vitti.
You know what I'll|do to you if you lie?
You'll crack me on the head|with that pipe.
It's a rhetorical question,|you idiot.
I'll ask you only once:|Who killed Dominic?
- Who killed Dominic?|- I don't know!
- Who killed Dominic?|- I don't know!
I swear to God...
Don't fucking lie!
You little motherfucker!|Who killed Dom?
He don't know nothing.|Forget it.
That was relatively painless.
Shut the fuck up!
That hurt.
We're not going anywhere.
We've sat here for 10 minutes.|I hate being late.
I hate walking into|that house late.
Dad, relax.
You're like this because you're|mad we have to go to Grandpa's.
Please don't analyze me.
I can't be analyzed by somebody who,|until recently, believed in Santa.
There is one Dr. Sobel|in this family. Just one.
But there's two.|There's you and there's Grandpa.
You know what?|Let's talk about something else.
You gonna read|Grandpa's new book?
Mom says you won't|because you're jealous.
Does your mother talk about anything|else, or is it just me, 24 hours a day?
This is your mother's fault.|She knows where I am every second.
Get in!
If I point to you,|make believe your neck hurts.
What are you, a moron?
I'm sorry.|This was my fault.
Did you see anything?
- I was talking to my son.|- Bullshit!
That's all right, sir.
It's our fault for|being in front of you.
No, really.|Listen to me.
I'm responsible.|Here's my insurance information.
It's okay.|Forget it.
Forget...?|Your rear end's screwed up.
No, it was like that before.
Let's call the police|and file a report.
Fuck the police.
Hear me?
Okay.|Fuck them.
You're right.|Fuck them.
Especially those mounted cops|who leave big piles all over...
...and you just step in it|up to your shins.
Let me give you my card... case you look at it|and change your mind.
You a doctor?
I'm a psychiatrist.
A shrink.
I talked to a shrink one time.
When I got sent upstate on a... trip.
Jelly!|Let's go! Come on.
I gotta go.
I'll see you.
Pings and knocks.
Cheap gas.|What are you gonna do?
- Right.|- Take it easy, Doc!
Neurotics only!
{y:i}Oh, you must have been|{y:i}a beautiful baby
{y:i}'Cause baby, look at you now
{y:i}Thank God for Prozac
{y:i}Baby, look at you now
You're not coming?|This is my wedding!
We understand it's|a special day for you, Benny...
...but we can't just|pick up and leave town...
...every time you decide|to get married.
Every time?|This is a once in a lifetime...
Twice in a lifetime thing, Mom.
Dad, you're not coming|to my wedding?
We want to, but I have|three book signings next weekend.
I can't piss off|these big bookstores.
If I cancel, they stick me on the|bottom shelves. That's how they are.
That's the word on the street.
Barnes is okay, but Noble is|a vindictive prick.
Ben.|The language.
I'm sorry, but listen.
I have been alone for eight years.
I finally found somebody that|I want to spend my life with.
At least meet her|before we get married.
You are gonna be her family.
I think she should|know that up front.
You're being very hostile.
I was joking.
I'm going to see the mayor.
The mayor is here?
What's wrong?
Nothing.|Everything's fine.
How's your practice?
Excellent.|I have interesting patients.
Very interesting.|Fascinating, actually.
Dad has a patient who|dreams he shits trout.
Thanks, Mike.
{y:i}The Manetta family is bound|{y:i}to ask questions.
They think we put|the hit out on Dominic.
Forget Dominic.|They were after Paul.
It's a miracle you survived.|I just thank God.
Yeah, thank God, all right.
If it wasn't because I had to|go back for that toothpick...
...I'd be lying dead with Dominic,|God forbid.
May he rest in peace.
This is about the big meeting.
Primo Sindone wants to|run the whole show.
Primo knows the rules.
He couldn't come after them unless|he had permission from the families.
If they did, we're headed for|one big war, I can tell you that.
Find out what you can.|We got two weeks.
God forbid the other|New York bosses are against us.
I want to know that|before I go into that meeting.
You all right?|You don't look too good.
What's the matter?
I'm a little choked up.|I'm going to get some air.
- Easy.|- Take some air.
You all right?
I feel like shit.
This whole thing is like|one big fucking headache.
You having one of them "mindgraines"?
- Let's go.|- What's the matter?
- Just drive.|- What happened?
Good news, Mr. Evans.|Your heart is just fine.
"Just fine"?
But I had eight heart attacks|in the last three weeks.
Based on everything,|I'd say you had an anxiety attack.
A what?
An anxiety attack.|A panic attack.
I'll give you Xanax.
Anxiety?|What are you saying?
It's a common thing.
Hey, look at me.
Do I look like a guy who panics?
- Do I look like a guy who panics?|- It's nothing to be ashamed of.
Where'd you go to medical school?|I got a fucking heart attack.
Not according to your EKG.
Jelly, I need you to do|something for me as a friend.
Yeah, anything.
- Find me a doctor.|- We just come from the doctor.
Not that kind of doctor.|Like a head doctor.
You gonna change your face,|like Sonny Black?
Don't get his nose.|He looks like a pig.
Not a plastic surgeon.|I gotta spell everything out for you?
It saves time.
I mean, like a head doctor.|Like a psychiatrist.
This is like one of them psychic,|ESPN...
...ESPN things, you know?
I just ran into a psychiatrist.|Actually, he ran into me.
Was he any good?
He seemed like a smart guy.|He had a business card.
A business card?|That's a real fucking achievement.
What do you need a shrink for?
It's not for me.|It's for my friend.
I'm gonna ask the shrink|some questions...
...and get some answers|for my friend.
Nobody can know. God forbid somebody|hears I been talking to a shrink.
It could be interpreted wrong.
Know what I mean?
No one will ever know.
- Could I just ask one question?|- Go ahead.
This friend... it me?
Yeah, it's you.
Carl, I'm detecting a pattern.|You settle too easily for things.
You're right.|I do.
See, you just did it again.
I suggested something,|and you immediately agreed.
You're right.|I did.
Why do you do this?
I don't know.
I think it's your fear|of rejection or disapproval.
You don't have to|worry about that.
Be your own man.|Stand your ground.
You don't have to|let people roll over you.
Dr. Sobel?
We're in session.
Yeah, I know.|I'm sorry.
You're the guy I hit last night.
Bingo.|Get out of here.
Upsy-daisy.|Got a coat, nutbar?
- What...?|- He's leaving.
He's not going till|he's done with his session.
- I'll give you $ 100 to leave.|- Don't take it.
- Make it 150.|- Listen.
He ain't that fucking crazy.
You were right.|I stood my ground.
- This was the wrong time.|- I got him up from 150.
- I'm proud.|- I feel like a new man.
I'm so happy.
I know you're upset about the car,|but you can't come in here.
This is a patient's private session.
You know me?
- Yes.|- No, you don't.
You seen my picture|in the paper?
- Yes.|- No, you didn't.
I don't even get the paper.
Jelly, wait outside.
Sit down.
You ain't got no bugs in here?
Bugs.|Recording equipment.
No, I don't record.|I take notes.
I tried to give him the insurance|information several times.
Several times.
He wouldn't take it.
Please don't kill me.
I was just gonna ask|if you like Tony Bennett.
I'm a big Tony Bennett fan.
Me too.
I like all Italian singers.
Mr. Vitti,|I know it's not your fault...
...but shouldn't we take this up|with our insurance companies?
That ain't it.|I don't care about the car.
I got a friend of mine...
He's got problems, and he'll|have to probably see a shrink.
So I'll ask you|a couple of questions.
Go ahead, then.
What do we do?|What, we sit?
Whatever makes you comfortable.
I'll sit over here.
- I'll sit here.|- That's your...
If you're comfortable,|it's fine.
So who starts?
Tell me why you think|you need therapy.
I don't need therapy.|I told you that. It's for my friend.
- I'm sorry.|- You didn't hear me?
I'm sorry.
You're supposed to be good at listening.|You can't remember what I said?
So sorry.
I ain't thrilled with the|level of service up to this point.
That was my fault.|I apologize.
Why don't we start over?
Why don't you just tell me|about your friend?
This friend, you know,|he's a very powerful guy.
Never had trouble|with nothing.
All of a sudden,|he's falling apart...
...he cries for no reason,|he can't sleep...
...he can't be with his friends.
All of a sudden,|he gets nervous around them.
He wants to get away from them.
And these are guys he knows|his whole life, you know?
And then he has these attacks.
He can't breathe,|he gets dizzy...
...chest pains, you know...
He thinks he's going to|die or something.
Panic attacks.
What's with you guys|and panic attacks?
Who said "panic"?
Who said "panic"?
Not panic.
Dizzy, chest-breathing,|constricting...
This guy, he just wants to know|what he can do to make it stop.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here.
I think your friend... you.
You got a gift, my friend.
You got a gift.
You saw that there was something|I was trying to do...
...and figured it out.|That's why you are who you are.
God bless you.|You got a fucking gift.
- No, I don't.|- Yes, you do.
- No, I don't.|- Yes, you do.
Go on.
- What?|- Go on.
I think...
...medication could help.
Can't do drugs.|I don't do drugs.
If you want to get to|the root of the problem...'ll want to get|some form of therapy.
Like what?|With you or something?
Me?|No, I don't think you want...
My roster of patients is full.
I'm full right now.|Plus, I'm leaving on a short vacation.
Where you going?
- I don't share that with patients.|- Where?
Sheraton Bal Harbour Hotel|in Miami Beach.
That wasn't so hard, was it?
No, it wasn't.
You know, it's a funny|kind of a thing...
...but I feel better after|I got all that off my chest.
I feel like a load...
A load is off my shoulders.
You're good.
Doc, thank you.
- I didn't do anything.|- You did.
- I did nothing.|- You did too.
The load, gone.|Where is it?
Don't know.
You're good.
You're good, Doc.
I'll be getting in touch with you.
- Don't, please.|- One more thing.
If I talk to you, and you turn me|into a fag, I'll kill you. Understand?
Could we define "fag"?|Because some feelings...
- I go fag, you die. Got it?|- Got it.
You're good, Doc.
You're good.
See you, Doc.
We take on Manetta,|what does Vitti do? Nothing.
- Why doesn't he move?|- Fuck him.
You say "fuck him",|but he's planning something big.
The shit's coming down.
Then let it come down.
Let me tell you,|Vitti's a tough guy...
...but a lot of tough guys get fed to|the crabs off Red Hook.
Vitti. That name has been|haunting me since I was a kid.
Growing up, he was the smart guy.|I was the dope.
My father was a nickel-and-dime|shitheel. His had it all.
Vito Genovese blew it at Apalachin...
...because he forgot to kill|Gambino before the meeting.
I won't make that same mistake.|I want Paul Vitti dead!
You hear me? I want him dead.|Not breathing now. Dead!
Like the pants?
They look great.|He's some tailor.
I'll tell you. Look good.
I like them.
Don't leave any food in your room.|I won't come home to a science fair.
I didn't.
Dad, one thing, though.
{y:i}- I go fag, you die.|- That's it!
I'm sealing the vent|in your room.
You cannot listen to my sessions!
It's so cool.|Was that really Paul Vitti?
I didn't ask to see his|Mafia decoder ring, but yes.
- Are you going to treat him?|- Of course not. Are you crazy?
You cannot tell anybody|that he was here. Understand?
Should I take it off the Internet?
I'm kidding.
{y:i}Despite the heat and the popularity of|{y:i}more exotic Caribbean destinations...
{y:i}... Florida's hospitality industry|{y:i}reports booming business...
{y:i}... from Orlando to the Keys.
{y:i}Judging from the mob...
{y:i}... around the pool here...
{y:i}... there's nothing "off" about the|{y:i}off-season in Miami Beach this summer.
On a personal note,|this is my last report for WVBF.
I'm marrying a wonderful man|and moving to New York.
{y:i}Thanks for everything, Miami.
{y:i}For the last time, this is|{y:i}Laura MacNamara for WVBF.
We're clear!|Nice, Laura.
Everybody! This is him!|This is the guy!
- I missed you so much.|- I missed you too.
- Michael, say hi.|- Hi, Laura.
Hi, Michael.|How are you?
You want to go|look at the camera?
Why would I want to go|look at the camera?
- Is it okay?|- Yeah, go ahead.
Don't worry if you break anything.|I'm out of here.
- You think he likes me?|- He's crazy about you. No, he is.
I love you.|I'm so glad to be with you.
Do you really?|And do you really love me?
Of course.|What's the matter?
- I'm nervous.|- Why?
Because I'm going to be|a stepmom to a grown kid...
...and we're getting married.
So what are you worried about?
What if you get tired of me?
A lot of couples are very happy,|and then they marry...
...and completely lose interest|in each other.
That won't happen to us.
Is everything okay, Paul?
Will you stop talking?|I'm trying to do this here.
- You seem distracted.|- I am. I got things on my mind.
- Would you stop talking?|- I'm sorry.
Lie down.
Thinking about your wife?
I wasn't thinking about my wife.|What are you talking about?
Now I am thinking about my wife.
Sheila, why can't you|keep your mouth shut?
Dr. Sobel.
It's me.
Mr. Vitti wants to see you.|I got your robe.
I got news for you, you two-bit prick,|son-of-a-bitch rat bastard... did nothing for me!|Whatever you did, it didn't take.
I'm still fucked up.|You did nothing for me!
I did nothing for you?|I saw you for five minutes.
What do you expect?
I can't work miracles.|Let me tell you something else.
I don't like it when someone|breaks in...
...and kidnaps me|in the middle of the night!
I have a family.|I have a life.
And I have a serious practice.
And I don't have time|for your bullshit!
That got away from me|at the end there.
I couldn't get it up last night.
Do you mean sexually?
No, for the big|Michigan State game.
Of course, sexually!|What's the matter with you?
Can I get this straight?
You flew 1,500 miles,|you dragged me out of bed...
...because you couldn't get|an erection?
Don't that prove I'm motivated?
You can take a pill for that.
That's a cheat.
You start with the pills,|next it's hydraulics.
A hard-on should be gotten|legitimately or not at all.
I think Mark Twain said that.
Are you gonna help me or not?
I don't believe this.|All right.
Has this happened before?
The dead-dick thing?
Never.|Well, one time. Last night.
One more time.
So twice.
Do the math.|Two times.
Then another time, but after|a big meal, so that don't count.
Being unable to perform|three or four times is not...
Eight times.
Eight times is not catastrophic.
Maybe not to you.|Look at you.
But if I can't get it up,|that makes me less of a man.
In my world,|I deal with animals.
They may seem dumb to|an educated guy like you...
...but animals are very cunning,|and they sense weakness.
I got less than two weeks... get strong, or they'll kill me.
What happens then?
I can't tell you.|You don't want to know.
You can't tell me and I don't|want to know. That's a big help.
You're supposed to tell me.|I want to know.
That's how this works.|This is impossible.
I can't do anything in two weeks,|and even if I could...
...what is my goal? To make you|a happy, well-adjusted gangster?
The other day I was watching|a TV commercial...
...some kid playing with puppies.
I cried for 45 minutes.
Slap a pair of tits on me, I'm a woman.
I can't help you.
You're turning me down?
When I got into family therapy,|this wasn't the family I had in mind.
You with your schmucky little office|and house, you're turning me down?
So you can listen to|housewives piss and moan...
...about nobody fucks them|right anymore?
I'm leaving now.
You see this?
This is what I'm talking about.
I'm a dead man.
You call yourself a doctor.|You should be ashamed of yourself.
A real doctor could never turn his back|on a person who's suffering!
You couldn't treat a fucking|two-celled amoeba, you fucking phony.
Mother of God, give me|the strength to get through this.
This fucking rat bastard...
...won't help me.
I cry all the time...|Don't know what it is.
All right, here.
Sit down.
Sit down.
What happened with|your wife last night?
I wasn't with my wife.|I was with my girlfriend.
Are you having marriage problems?
Why do you have a girlfriend?
You're moralizing with me now?
No, I'm curious.|Why do you have a girlfriend?
I do things with her|I can't do with my wife.
Why can't you?
That's the mouth she kisses|my kids with. Are you crazy?
Have you been under stress lately?
- Like seeing your best friend murdered?|- That would qualify.
I got a lot of stress.
Based upon what you told me before|about the attacks...
...I'd say that was probably it.
- Just stress?|- "Just stress"?
Stress is a very powerful force.
I doubt there's anything|physically wrong with you.
- That's it?|- That's it.
That's it?
I think so.
You're very good, you.
You are very good.
- There's more to it...|- You're very good.
- There are underlying...|- Understand me?
You're right on the money.
I feel the juices rush back|to my balls as we speak.
I never thought I'd hear|a man say that to me.
That settles it.|You are my shrink.
No, I couldn't.
You're not ready to open up.
You're not a good candidate...
Listen to you.|The fucking honesty.
That's it.|You don't understand.
Nobody, nobody talks|to me like that.
You understand?
- Yes, I do.|- That's it.
Let's do it.|I'm ready.
You don't hear the word "no"|very often.
I hear it all the time,|only it's more, "No, please, no, no."
I'm here for two more days.
When I get back to New York,|I'll treat you exclusively.
For two weeks.
I just don't know what|to tell my patients.
You want me to clear|your schedule?
It would be my honor to do that.|My pleasure.
Not Jimmy.|I will do this myself.
- You sure?|- Positive.
I will see you in New York.
Okay.|Want one of them?
- No, thanks.|- Sure?
That's very kind of you, but I...
Want to give a little "sta minch"?
You sure?
The pause that refreshes.
I don't...|No, I really...
You're on vacation.
I'm also about to get married... I'd like to go back|to my hotel and...
Good night.
I'll see you in New York.
You.|Hey, Doc. You.
I'm gonna see a lot of you.
Where were you?
My God, I woke up|and you were gone!
There was no note or anything!|I was out of my mind!
I walked all over the hotel|looking for you.
I even ate a Rice Krispy Treat.|I almost called the police.
No, don't call the police.|I'll tell you the truth.
I had a patient emergency.
You have patients in Florida?
One. He followed me from New York.|I had to go, trust me.
My God.|Who is this patient?
Paul Vitti.
Mafia Paul Vitti?
Oh, my God.
It's not like|he's a regular patient.
He's got problems.
He thinks that I'm treating him.|It's crazy.
So you're not treating him?
Tell me you're not.
I'm not treating him.
It's scary. You don't want|someone like that in your life.
I've covered the mob down here.|I've seen what they do.
He and I spoke about it.|He understood. It's over.
- You're sure?|- Absolutely.
I was so worried.
I thought maybe you|got scared or...
...saw an ex-girlfriend|or something.
Well, I don't know.
- I love you.|- I love you.
I'm sorry, but everything's|going to be okay.
{y:i}Give her a big hand!|{y:i}Let's hear it!
{y:i}How about that?
That was great!|Come on, get into it.
I don't understand.|They splash in the water.
They eat fish.
This is not a big stretch|for a whale.
Stop it.
We're having fun, right?
I'm not having as much fun|as it looks like I am.
I'm pretending, because we|have to bond and all.
{y:i}A little snack for her|{y:i}might be 50 pounds of mackerel.
{y:i}There she goes!
I'm going to get a hot dog.|Anybody want anything?
- I'll go with you.|- It's fine.
You're pretending to have a good time.|I don't want to spoil that.
I'll be right back.
You think those whales|piss in that water?
I think they use the men's room|next door to the Burger King.
- What's going on?|- Mr. Vitti wants to see you.
Is this a joke?
You're employed|by Mr Vitti...
...which means you're on call|24 hours a day...
...just like the rest of us.
I'm sorry.|He and I discussed...
We discussed this, and I agreed|to see him in New York.
That's it.
Doctor, listen to me.|It is what it is.
If he wants you sooner, you go sooner.|That's it.
No.|I am not going.
And if either one of you|bother me again...
...I won't treat him at all.
Do you understand that?|{y:i}Capisci?
It's over!|End of story.
Look at the size of this one.
Jesus Christ!
It's feeding time.
They threw me in|the shark tank, Paul.
They wanted to make a point.
That you're scary?|Believe me, I get it.
You're in a mood.
I get that way when|a shark tries to chew on my ass.
- We had an agreement.|- We did, but I had an episode.
I didn't have a panic attack,|but I started panicking...
...thinking I might get one.|Is that weird?
I am redefining "weird"|on an hourly basis.
{y:i}- What's he doing?|- I don't know.
- He's talking with some guy.|{y:i}- Can you hit him?
He's got fat Jelly and his|partner Jimmy Boots with him.
I could do it with a rifle,|but I don't have that with me.
{y:i}Just get him.
You told me to take care of him,|I will.
What were you thinking|when you got anxious?
Let's get out of here.|We're being watched.
Don't look.|There's feds up there watching us.
How do you know that?
I'm a criminal.|It's my job.
Who's the new face?
Maybe he's Vitti's new "consigliere".
Whoever this guy is,|he must be important to the family.
Put his picture on the wire.|See what you come up with.
Normally, a patient wouldn't have|a vat of scotch during a session.
That's interesting. I'll have to|remember it if I'm ever on "Jeopardy".
Tell me about your father.
My father.|Well, my father...
Let's sit here.
My father.
A big man in the neighborhood.|Everybody loved him.
Very well-respected,|God rest his soul.
He passed away?
I just like saying "God rest his soul".|Of course he passed away!
I was about 12 at the time.
How did he die?
It was a sudden thing.|A heart attack.
How was the relationship?|Were you close?
We were pretty close.
We weren't getting along great|right then.
Why is that?
I was hanging out in the neighborhood.|I had a "borgata".
What is that?
A kid gang, nothing big.|But he didn't like that.
He didn't approve.
He slapped me around|a couple of times.
And what?
And then he died.
How'd that make you feel?
It felt great, wonderful.|How'd it make me feel?
Think about it.
Were you angry?|Were you afraid? Sad?
Maybe all those things.
Any feelings of guilt?
About what?|I didn't kill him.
I know that.|I'm just speculating...
...that maybe in some way|you may have wanted him to die.
Why would I want him to die?
You said you were fighting.|He slapped you around...
...because you rebelled|against his authority.
Maybe some unresolved|Oedipal conflict.
English, English.
Oedipus was a Greek king who killed|his father and married his mother.
Fucking Greeks.
It's an instinctual|developmental drive.
The young boy wants to|replace his father... that he can|totally possess his mother.
Are you saying|I wanted to fuck my mother?
It's a primal fantasy.
Have you ever seen my mother?
- Are you out of your mind?|- It's Freud!
Freud's a sick fuck, and you are|too for bringing it up.
{y:i}Can I be honest?|{y:i}I don't think I can call you Dad.
So what do I call you?|Do I call you Scott?
My friends call me Captain.
Want another drink?|I'm definitely having eight or nine.
I'd like a morphine and soda.
I'm shaking.
Shall we go to our table?|Come on, Michael.
"Seňor" Sobel.
How you doing?
It's the Vittis.
My God.
Everybody's happy.|Everybody's smiling. This is nice.
You're Paul Vitti,|the mobster.
Now, is that polite?
Is that being nice?|I'm trying to be nice.
Do I walk up to you and say|you're so-and-so, the hard-on?
This is Laura's father,|the Captain.
I'm very, very sorry.
Excuse us.
I heard about the wedding.|Here you go.
A little something for the|bride and groom. God bless.
We can't accept this.
- Yes, you can.|- Thank you.
I'm just gonna borrow this guy.|I'll bring him right back.
And then you'll leave us alone.
I'll leave you alone.
I got to talk to you.
Two minutes.|Two minutes.
Wait over there.|Don't listen to what we say.
My ears are sealed.
I had a weird dream|last night.
I feel like I'm having one now.|Why'd you interrupt my party?
You're really very rigid|about certain things.
Did you know that?
All right,|tell me about your dream.
I'm asleep.
I hear a baby crying.|I go to the refrigerator.
I get him a bottle of milk.
I bring the bottle of milk to him...
...I see the milk is black.
That's fucking weird!
Get out of here.
- Get out of here.|- Sorry.
What does that mean?|And no more filth about my mother.
I don't know.|What does it mean to you?
This is why I pay you? I say|something, you say it back to me?
I could get Jelly to|do that for nothing.
Get Jelly.|I'm going back to my party.
All right.|I'm letting it go this time.
Because you're getting married,|I'm gonna let it go.
Why don't you look over that way|before I bust your head open?
I'm gonna grab a bite to eat.|You want a sandwich?
What kind of sandwich|ain't too fattening?
A half a sandwich.
I'll be back in a few minutes.
Now, nod your head and smile.|Do it.
Now, you listen to me, goombah.
I know what your game is,|and you'd better call it quits.
If you and your "paisans"|do anything to hurt my little girl...
...I don't care who|you are...
...I'll hunt you down like|the dog you are, and I'll kill you.
Now, nod and smile.
What was that about?
Just guy stuff between|me and the Captain.
In sickness and in health,|from this day forth... long as you both shall live?
Bring Marie and|the kids right to the airport.
Pull the car in the|back of the hotel and wait for us.
You got it, boss.
That's it. That is it!|I've had it with you.
- What happened?|- What happened?
I just saw a man fall seven stories|into a platter of poached salmon!
- Did he break anything?|- Everything!
They're still pulling capers|out of him.
People get depressed, they jump.|It's a tragedy, but it ain't my fault.
You're telling me|it was a suicide?
I think he left a note.|Jelly, did they find it?
No, but they will in a minute.
Let me guess what it says.|"Life is bullshit."
"I can't take it no more.|Signed, The Dead Guy."
That's good, Doc.
Enough talk.|We gotta get out of here.
There's feds all over.
I'm going back to New York...
...and I would suggest that|you do the same thing.
Because they're probably|onto you too.
Onto me?|What are you talking about?
Being an accessory to a murder|wasn't part of our understanding.
I didn't kill nobody.
I can't speak for|other people here.
He tried to kill me.
God forbid he did that|to somebody in my family.
It would've been|a double or a triple tragedy.
Trust me, in this case,|we're the good guys.
Where is he?
- Where are you going?|- Don't touch me.
How could you do that?
Another country heard from.
Wait downstairs.
Why? Are they going to throw me|off the balcony too?
You're upset, and|you're upsetting me.
Of course I'm upset!
My wedding is ruined|because you've got problems!
I got problems?
Honey, please.
I'm going to pack,|and then I'm going to New York.
And I am getting married with you|or without you!
With! With!|I'm sorry, honey.
It'll all work out.|I promise.
No, I hate you!
Are you happy?|Are you happy?
You know what you did?|You ruined my life!
Happy?|What are you talking about?
You think I wanted this?|I'm a victim here.
I can't believe this guy.
He tries to kill me,|then whacks one of my guys.
On top of that, he fucks up your|wedding. You know how upset I am?
I'm so enraged, I don't know|what to do with myself!
Plus, I'm trying to|get out of this hotel and...
Are you listening to yourself?
Listen to yourself!
This has been a disaster from the|moment you stepped foot in my office.
That is it. Over!|I'm no longer your doctor.
Just because of this?
Because of this little double homicide?|Yes, because of this!
You don't have a shred|of human decency. Not a shred.
I actually thought|I could help you.
There's no helping you.|You're a common thug!
Nobody in the world|could help you!
All right!|What do you want me to do?
{y:i}Let me speak to Primo.
Hold on.
Paul Vitti's on the phone.
{y:i}- Who is this?|- It's me.
{y:i}- Me who?|- Me who... Me, me.
{y:i}- Me? Me who?|- Me, me. You know me. Me.
Yeah, how's it going?
{y:i}Not good.|{y:i}Not good.
Whoever did that thing to|you-know-who, my good friend... trying to do that to me.
{y:i}And I'm having a lot|{y:i}of feelings about that.
And I'm trying to get some...
- Closure.|- Closure on that.
What kind of feelings?
I'm very angry.|I'm feeling very angry about that.
I'm enraged.
I'm feeling very,|very mad about that.
Why are you telling me?
Why am I telling you?
Like you don't know|nothing about it?
You don't know nothing?|What?
I don't know what|you're talking about.
- I'm trying to...|- Tell you how I feel.
Tell you about my feelings|and that...
- I'm angry.|- I'm angry.
And anger is a...
- A blocked wish.|- A blocked wish.
{y:i}And I'm looking forward to seeing|{y:i}you next week at that thing.
Then I can unblock|that angered wish...
...and then hopefully...
You make one more move on me,|you motherfucker...
...I'll fucking cut|your fucking balls off!
I'll shove them up your fucking ass!|I'll fucking bury you!
I'll put ice picks in your eyes!|I'll chop your eyeballs!
I'll send them to your family|to eat for dessert!
{y:i}You understand me?
- What?|{y:i}- Fuck you.
You motherfucker!
You get a dictionary and find out|what this "closure" is.
If that's what he's going to hit us|with, I want to know what it is.
How was that?
It was going great until...
...the cutting off of the balls|and shoving it up...
...his ass.
You know what I do when I'm mad?|I hit a pillow.
Just hit the pillow.|See how you feel.
There's your fucking pillow.
Feel better?
Yeah, I do.
Call the Vatican.|See if something is missing.
So cool!
I need to talk to your dad|in private, okay?
Would you unload the car, please?
It's almost as tall as the house.
What is going on?
What is this?
It's a wedding gift.|He felt bad for the...
Well, we're not married,|so we can just send it back.
It was not my fault.|Everybody was there.
You didn't want to|go ahead with the ceremony.
What did you expect? That's not what|I want for an anniversary memory.
Look at our wedding video.|There are your parents, and mine.
There's the guy that|plunged to his death.
I just want to marry you.
I'm thinking it'll never happen.
It's happening next Saturday|at the Waldorf.
And who'll be there?
We three, the clergyman...
...and any of your family who|are done with their crisis counseling.
No guests without necks.|Everybody has to have a neck.
We will do a neck check|at the door.
Any furniture you want|to change in the house...
Dr. Sobel.
I'm Agent Steadman.|Agent Ricci, Agent Provano...
...Federal Bureau|of Investigation, OCD.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder?
Organized Crime Division.|We need to talk.
FBI? This is cooler|than the fountain!
Go to your room.
- But I just...|- Go to your room.
Fine. I can hear|better in there anyway.
Can you explain these photographs?
Yes. I'm a psychotherapist.|Paul Vitti is my patient.
- Was your patient.|- Was my patient, yeah.
- Not even like a patient.|- Right. Exactly.
So why did he send you|that fountain?
The fountain?
That was a...
That was a gift to|celebrate the completion...
...of the therapy.
I got a television|from a kleptomaniac... it's not really|that big of a deal.
Let me cut to the chase,|Dr. Sobel.
Next week the heads of every major|crime family in the U. S...
...will meet somewhere|in the New York area.
We think the stage is set|for a major bloodbath.
Has he mentioned it to you?
A bloodbath?
He has not mentioned|anything like that.
I would've remembered that.
"Bloodbath" is something that|sticks out in a conversation.
You could really help us by supplying|information about that meeting.
If I don't?
If you don't...
...I will personally make|your life a living hell.
{y:i}Pauly, I don't mean this|{y:i}in a disrespectful way.
You know I was|a good friend to your father.
I'll always be|a good friend to you.
But the word is out that|you're talking to a shrink.
Is that right?
What's the point here?
The point is this concerns|the whole family.
Right now, we're the only ones|that know about it.
If this ever gets out in the street,|we're dead.
Who knows what|you're saying to him?
It ain't nobody's|fucking business.
I beg to differ.
If you're looking to establish an|insanity plea for later on...
...that's okay.
But everybody'll think you're|falling apart. It's not right.
They'll think this is|a sign of weakness.
Sindone will take over everything.|Is that what you want?
What do you want me to do?
It's time to end it, Paul.
What do you mean, end it?
Get rid of the shrink.|He knows too much.
You want me to whack my doctor?|Are you crazy?
Paul, if you don't do it,|somebody else will.
That's the way it is.
Nobody touches this guy.
Anybody lays a finger on him,|I'll kill him. Understood?
- I'm gonna get some fruit.|- I'll wait in the car.
Can I get some of these?
Papa! Papa!
I'm sorry.
You look lousy.|You all right?
Yeah, I'm all right. Listen, Paul,|don't send me any more gifts.
- You didn't like the fountain?|- It's a boundary issue.
If more people gave from the heart,|we'd all be better off.
Let me see your watch.|Piece of junk. You're getting a Rolex.
- Don't buy me one.|- Who said anything about buying?
Paul, listen.|I really have to talk to you.
Who is that?
Tommy Angels. We grew up together.|Worked for a crew out of Jersey City.
How did he die?
He was on his way to talk|to a federal prosecutor.
Got hit by a truck.
I don't need to know this.
I can't hear this.
This is too much for me.|I'm having nightmares myself.
The other night, I dreamed we|were walking down the street...
...and I stopped to buy fruit.
Out of nowhere, two guys|come and they kill me... Marlon Brando|in "The Godfather".
Good scene. What'd I do?
You drop your gun.
You run up to me and you|yell, "Papa! Papa!"
I was Fredo?
I don't think so.
You're starting to lose it.|You may need therapy yourself.
We really have to talk.
We're running out of time.
The widow.
I'm very sorry.
The daughter.
I'm sorry.
My condolences.
I'm very sorry.
Him, I don't know.
Can we talk now?
Don't you see? You called me Papa.|This is all about your father.
You're nuts.|That's your dream.
But the black-milk dream|is also about your father.
I don't buy that. In my dream,|I'm bringing the baby the black milk.
Freud believed you're everyone|in your dreams.
Fuck Freud.|After what you told me...
...I'm afraid to call|my mother on the telephone.
Listen, just try to|go with me here.
Let's just say that you are the baby.
What kind of milk did|your father bring?
Could we stop talking about|my father?
That's the point. We have to|talk about your father.
It is so hard to...|You know what you're like?
"Doc, you got to help me."
"I'm in pain.|Please help me."
"All right, Paul, I'll help."|"Fuck you. Nobody helps me."
All right, very good. This is you:
"That's interesting.|What does that mean to you?"
"Anger is a blocked wish."
- Let's talk about your father.|- Let's not.
What does your father do?
It's not important.
- What? You paused.|- I did not.
You just paused. That means you|had a feeling. A thought.
What does your father do?|What's he do?
- He's a psychiatrist.|- A psychiatrist?
Now I know why you're fucked up.|Next patient, please.
We are running out of time.
- Let's not waste it on my problems.|- Your father's a problem?
- That's what you said.|- I did not!
Now you're upset.
I am not upset!
- Yes, you are.|- Stop it!
I'm getting good at this!
We only have a few days left.|This is very important stuff.
That's why you're acting like this.
If you want to screw around,|I can't help you.
Call me when you get serious.
I am serious.
Don't you want to analyze me no more?
Say hello to your father.
{y:i}It's time to end it, Paul.
{y:i}What do you mean?
{y:i}Get rid of the shrink.|{y:i}He knows too much already.
{y:i}You want me to whack my doctor?
{y:i}If you don't do it, somebody else will.
{y:i}Nobody touches this guy.
{y:i}Anybody lays a finger on him,|{y:i}I'm gonna kill him.
Now let's hear the other one.
{y:i}- You want me to whack my doctor?|{y:i}- If you don't, somebody else will.
{y:i}I'm gonna kill him.
- Good.|- That's very good.
{y:i}We think it's time to end it.
{y:i}What do you mean?
{y:i}Get rid of the shrink.|{y:i}He knows too much already.
{y:i}- You want me to whack my doctor?|{y:i}- If you don't, somebody else will.
{y:i}I'm gonna kill him.
What do you want me to do?
{y:i}Paul, he's talking to the feds.
I know this guy. He wouldn't|talk to the feds. No way.
The FBI was over at his house today.|Jimmy Boots saw them.
- You saw them there?|- It's the truth. I saw them.
Next, you'll get a call...
...and he'll want a meeting.
Dr. Sobel called.
He said he needs to see you|right away.
This is delicious.
This is so good.
I love Italian food.
I've never been to Italy. Is it great?
I was in France twice...
...and Jamaica, the island.
You ever been there?
It's great,|because I love to snorkel.
You guys ever snorkeled?|It's great to sleep with the fish.
Swim with the fish.|Ever done that?
It's good. So...
...what are you doing this summer?
About what?
How are you?
- How you doing?|- Good.
This is Ben. Say hello to Carlo.
- How you doing?|- Carlo...?
That's it. Grab a seat.
Carlo and I grew up together.
He's like, I would say, almost... a cousin to me.
- I am your cousin.|- That's what I'm saying.
It's a family thing.|It's the closeness.
Anything I can do for him,|I'm here for him.
- You know that.|- I know.
Did you take care of that thing?
- It's all right to talk business?|- It's okay.
- I took care of it.|- And the other?
I got to wait for the first|before I can move on the second.
The guy give you a problem?
The guy in the first thing?|He's a lunatic.
- What did he say?|- The usual.
- You told him you weren't doing it?|{y:i}- What am I going to do?
{y:i}Gotta nip that shit in the bud.
{y:i}But if the first comes through,|{y:i}that'll fix everything.
Including the second thing.|Exactly.
Don't repeat what you hear here.|You hear?
The first thing|or the second thing?
Very funny.
Stevie Beef is over there.
- Fat piece of shit.|- Rat fucking, cocksucking...
- Scumbag.|- Garbage pail.
Let's go say hi.
This is a very unusual place.|Do you guys come here often?
Well, this place has|a very special meaning for Paul.
Yeah, it's where his|father got whacked.
What's the big secret?
Never mind.
Wait a second.
Paul's father was murdered?
Right at that table,|with his whole family there.
Shut your face.
Paul was there too.
He doesn't like to talk about it.
Where you going?
To the bathroom.
Sit down.
I'm going with you.
Jelly, I have to, you know...
Go ahead.
Holy shit!
You got to get more roughage, Doc.
A bran muffin in the morning|would help that.
I don't believe this.
I'd like to see a movie.|Nothing's playing.
It's all this shoot 'em-up|action bullshit.
I get enough of that at work.
Primo, that was our friend.
They spotted that guy|at Paretti's.
That's good.
That's very good.
Handsome Jack.
Let's make it his last supper.
- You got it, Primo.|- No problem.
Just for fun...
...tear out his heart|and bring it to me.
I'm gonna bring it back to you|on a fucking platter.
Where we going to get a platter?
Just bring it, all right?
Or Raisin Bran. That goes|right through me.
- It's a pusher.|- Good tip.
I have to talk to you.|In private.
Why didn't you tell me|about your father?
- What about him?|- You said he died of a heart attack.
What's the problem?
Your father was murdered.
What's the difference? He's dead.
It's a big difference.|Why didn't you tell me?
It's private. I got to tell you|every little thing?
This is not a little thing.
What should I do?|Spend my life crying over the past?
It's over. Forget it.
I think you want to talk about it.
- I don't want to talk about it.|- You do.
I don't want to talk about it.
- Why did you choose this restaurant?|- I like it.
Of all the places to go,|why here?
White clam sauce. The best.
That's not the reason. You want me|to know about your father.
- You're reaching out to me.|- Yeah, I'm reaching out to you.
Where is it?
Get in the car.
It's late. I'll take a cab.|I can get to Grand Central and...
You know what?|I can make the 11: 10.
So thanks anyway.
I said get in the car, Doc.
Do what he says.
You know, this is called a "transference|neurosis", where the patient...
Get in the car.
What is this guy doing? He's been|in the bathroom for half an hour.
Get over there!
Son of a bitch!
We lost him.
Come on, get out.
Get out. Get over there.
All right, leave us alone.
Sorry, Doc.
It's not personal.
Don't kid yourself. It doesn't|get more personal than this.
Walk over there.
Walk over there.
- You know why I gotta do this?|- Yes. Do you?
Don't bullshit me.|You ratted me out. You betrayed me.
I betrayed you? That's interesting.|Who's got the gun?
Don't give me that.|Are you insulting my intelligence?
You cooperated with the feds.
They played me a tape. I heard you|say you were gonna kill me.
- I heard the tape.|- Never. On my mother's life.
- Never.|- I heard it.
It's not important now,|but I did not betray you.
I had a wire, but took it off|because I think I can help.
I don't want to know what you think.
Yes, you do.
Let me help you!
It's over!
Can I ask you one last question?
- What did you order?|- What?
- What did you order?|- When?
The night your father was killed,|what were you eating?
How the fuck do I know?
You don't remember?
It was 35 years ago.
What was your father eating?
I don't remember.|What are you talking about?
It's a simple question.|What was your father eating?
What did you have?
The food was already on the table?
No, they were serving it.
And did you see the guys coming?
One of them.
Dressed like a busboy.
Your father saw him too?
I knew the guy looked wrong.
Why, Paul?
The pants. Looked too good|for a busboy.
So he walked to the table.
I watched him the whole way.
Did you say anything?
Dad was so mad at me,|I couldn't say anything.
And you were mad at him.
And then what happened?
I never saw the second guy.|My mother just started screaming.
And you blame yourself.
I could've saved him.
But you were mad at him.
I should've said something.
You couldn't have saved him, Paul.
I killed him.
You didn't kill him.
You were mad, but you didn't|kill him. It's the life he chose.
I just let him die.
I let him die!
I let him die, and I couldn't|say goodbye to him.
So why don't you say it now?
If he was here,|what would you say?
- I can't.|- Yes, you can.
I can't.
No, I can't.
Tell him, Paul.
I want to say I'm...
Dad, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I'm sorry. I let him die.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Poor guy's falling apart.
Why don't he just pop him?
It's embarrassing,|standing here like this.
Shut up.
You couldn't save him.
I know I could've. I could've.
No, he was trying to save you.
That's what you fought about.
He didn't want this for you.|And you don't want it for Anthony.
No, I don't!
You don't want him to grow up|like you did, without a father.
Your father's not dead, Paul.
He's alive in you.|And he's trying to tell you something.
He's trying to tell you...
Holy shit!
They're shooting! They're shooting!
- Pull yourself together!|- I feel so bad!
You're going to feel a lot worse.
Time to channel all this|nice grief...
...into a murderous rage.
Come on!|Time to shoot back!
Let's go! Here we go!|Bang, bang!
Bang, bang! Come on. Let's go.
Come on! Bang, bang!
Now come on. Paul, here.
Put the gun in your hand and shoot!
For God sakes, shoot somebody!
Give me the fucking gun!
Stay down.
Paul, you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Jelly, did I do that?
No, Doc.
That one's mine.
You get the '72 Chevy...
...and the Amana side-by-side|refrigerator-freezer.
- You okay, Paul?|- Yeah, I'm okay.
I'm gonna check on Jimmy.
Pretty fucking ironic, ain't it?
You can give me back the gun now.
It's okay. I wasn't really|gonna whack you.
All right, maybe I was|gonna whack you...
...but I was real conflicted about it.
Progress, right?
I can't see you anymore.
I know.
You hit some|very big stuff tonight.
So you'll probably|feel like this for a while.
But you're close to something.
The rest is up to you.
Good luck.
I want to please him|when we're in bed...
...but whatever I do, it seems|like it's never enough.
Now he wants me to|say things when we're making love.
What kind of things does he|want you to say?
Well, he wants me to call him...
..."big boy"...
...and he's my "bucking bronco"...
...and I'm supposed|to "ride him hard"...
...and "put him back|in the barn wet".
Are you okay, Dr. Sobel?
Well, it's...
Here's what I think|you should do, Elaine.
I would do whatever he says.
If he wants you to talk, talk.
I'd get down|and bark like a dog.
I'd do whatever it takes.
Smoke some joints,|drink wine, whatever it is... get off on each other|and be happy.
Where are you running?
This is a time to be happy!
Because life is just too short.
It's just too fucking short.
I'll see you Thursday.
Everything okay?
Feeling all right?
You need anything?
No. Feel great.
Never felt better.
Wait'll I go to that meeting.|I'm gonna knock them dead.
All right. I'll be outside.
{y:i}When I look at him...
{y:i}... I think about how|{y:i}different it was.
{y:i}Was providing for a family|{y:i}simpler back then...
{y:i}... or did he just make it|{y:i}look that way?
{y:i}Decisions are tougher now.
{y:i}There's so much information...
{y:i}... so many ways to invest.
{y:i}Strange. I spent the first half|{y:i}of my life...
{y:i}... not wanting to walk|{y:i}in his footsteps.
{y:i}Now I only wish I could.
{y:i}Times are more complex.
{y:i}A Merrill Lynch financial|{y:i}consultant can help with a plan...
{y:i}... and more ways to make|{y:i}the plan work than anyone else.
You look beautiful, honey.
We are put on this earth|to find a love, a soul mate...
...someone with whom|we can create joy.
And how glad we are...
...that Ben and Laura|found each other.
And we anticipate and celebrate...
...the years of joy they will|share together from this day on.
Do you take Laura to be|your wedded wife...
...for richer or poorer,|in sickness or health...
...till death do you part,|so help you God?
Excuse me?
I wasn't talking to you.|I was talking to him.
Who him?
It's not important. Yes.
Yes, what?
Yes to the first part. To her.
That's a yes. Pick it up from there.
Doc, this is an emergency.
- I don't believe this.|- This is my wedding!
- Want me to make a scene?|- Bigger than this?
Tick-tock. Let's go.
Hurry. Pronounce.
By the power vested in me,|I now pronounce you man and wife.
Ring, ring. Kiss, kiss.
Here. Fine. Good.|Okay, just go.
Sorry, Mrs. Sobel. Duty calls.
You're the first person to|call me Mrs. Sobel.
Nice, huh?
I'm telling you, Doc,|this is serious.
If he don't make that meeting,|they'll kill him.
Can't somebody else|in the family go for him?
What about Tommy the Tongue|or Louie the Lip?
What about you? Why don't you go?
That would be a very good idea,|except for one little detail.
I'm a fucking moron.|I'm known for it.
- You gotta go.|- You must be a moron.
- Watch it!|- You just said it.
When I say it, it's different.|When you say it, it sounds negative.
Jelly, I am not going|to any meeting.
I am no longer on the payroll.|Do you understand that?
Now, I am going back to my wife.
Now, Jelly, we've|been through this before.
You can't shoot me.
It was Mr. Vitti who|couldn't shoot you.
You're going to that meeting.
This is Surveillance 6. They've left|the building and are heading east.
{y:i}Roger that.
- Put this on.|- Is this chrome?
I can see my own reflection.
Let me tell you something.
That's a $ 1,200 Valentino suit.
If you spill anything on it...
...I'm gonna mess you up good.
Shut up! You're|making him nervous.
If he fucks up,|they'll kill him for sure.
This is insane!
It's all right. Let's go over it|again. Mr. Vitti's been detained.
Apologies all around.
And then you say|you're the new "consigliere"...
...speaking for Mr. Vitti.
Then what?
Then you keep your mouth shut|and hope nobody asks you nothing.
That's some plan you got there.
Shut up!|Doc, if you gotta talk...
...try to be vague.|Could you do that?
I'm a psychiatrist.|Believe me, I can be vague.
{y:i}Looks like they're|{y:i}headed for the tunnel.
{y:i}We'll pick them up|{y:i}on the other side.
{y:i}Here they come.
Which one is it?
{y:i}The black one.
Are you sure you don't want|something to eat?
You want some iced tea?
I think I'm gonna call|Dr. Terragrossa.
Is Daddy gonna be all right?
I think so, honey.
Shouldn't you be outside playing?
No, it's all right.
How long you gonna sit there?
How long you gonna lay there?
I'm done.
Let's go.
It'll be all right, Doc.
There's no way I can|get away with this.
Jelly, I can't do this!
Don't fucking whine.
Whining's a dead giveaway.
Blend in.
So where's Vitti?
He ain't here.
He ain't here.
How you doing?
How you doing?|How you been? All right?
All right.
Hey, when did you guys get out?
You need anything, you let me know.
Easter weekend.
You're a planet!
Blending, enough.
Who's the guy with Jelly?
I never seen him before.
What's going on? Where's Paul?
He'll be here. Don't worry.
And what's he doing here?
He's just...
Forget about it.
Forget about it?
What the hell is that?|"Forget about it."
I can't do this.|No, I can't do this.
I think we're going|to get started here.
We got a lot to talk about|here today, and...
...for now, we'll just stick|with the more important issues.
And one more thing...
...if you got anything to say...
...let us know who you are, because|a lot of us don't know each other.
I didn't think anybody here was|into wearing fucking nametags.
I'm Primo Sindone.
They call me Sonny Long.
Some of you know me|as Mikey Gaga.
Some of you know me|as Joey Boombots.
Be that as it may, it's good to see so|many of the old faces here...
...and to welcome some of the new ones|from all over the country.
I see Joe Baldassare,|Frankie Zello.
But I'm disappointed the head of our|other New York family isn't here.
All I see is his man Jelly and some|sawed-off prick nobody knows.
The thing is...
...Mr. Vitti's been detained.
Plus, he's sorry for his detainment.
What kind of shit is that?
What's more important than this?
As the host, I take his not being|here as a sign of disrespect to me...
...and all these other men|who came a long way to be here.
I mean, no. I mean...
You see, the thing is that|he's not feeling well.
Plus, he don't feel good.
What's the matter with you?
Never discuss Mr. Vitti's|health outside the family.
You know better than that.
Sit down.
Sit down!
You want a fresh one?
Who is this guy?
What the fuck is he doing here?
Who I am?
Who I am? Who am I?
"Who am I?" is a question|for the ages.
That's one we're all searching for,|to find out who I am.
Who's in there, who wants|to come out and go...
..."Hey, I'm hungry."
Who I am... too deep and...
You got to go in|and pull out the thing... that movie where the thing|came out of the stomach...
...and ate the people on|the fucking spaceship.
May they rest in peace.
My name is Ben Sobel.
Ben Sobeleone.
I'm also known... Benny the Groin,|Sammy the Schnoz...
...Elmer the Fudd,|Tubby the Tuba...
...and once as|Miss Phyllis Levine.
But that was at a party, years ago.
I smoked a titibet,|and I had a Quaalude...
...and suddenly I'm in fishnets|singing show tunes.
These things happen,|but it has nothing to do...
...with what I'm doing here|with you fine gentlemen today.
So I apologize.
That being said, I'm also known to|the people who know me the best... the fucking "Doctor".
The second part of your question|that you "axed" me... "Why am I here?"|I am here...
...representing Mr. Paul Vitti|as his consigligliere.
Never correct me in public again.
Do you understand that?
You broke my heart, Jelly.
You broke my heart.
I apologize for|the second interruption.
As Mr. Vitti's...
...I am involved in all aspects|of the Vitti family business...
...and am prepared to speak|for Mr. Vitti on all matters.
Badda-bing-badda-boom-Betty Boop.
Okay, Doctor.
Let's stop with the bullshit.
There's been this thing|between me...
...and Paul Vitti for a long time.
Are you talking about the first thing|or the second thing?
What second thing?|I only know one thing.
How can we bring up the first|if we don't talk about the second?
Did you talk to the guy?
What guy?
The guy with the thing!
What thing?|What are you talking about?
How should I know?|You brought it up!
This is the problem.|Do you see this?
You see what's happening here?
You can't have an intelligent|conversation with this guy.
What if I put two bullets in your brain?|What do you think of that?
That's a little dark.|What do you think?
It's a good idea. Why would I say|it if I didn't think it was good?
I don't know, why?
I wouldn't!|That's what I'm saying!
Look at what's happening here.|Look at you.
Do you feel you have to get angry|so people will listen to you?
Is that your deal?
What is he saying?
You do have a tendency|to get angry a lot.
I agree, Primo.
I'm talking about Vitti.|Why are we talking about me?
That's interesting too.
Do you feel you're not important|enough for us to discuss you?
- What does that mean?|- What do you think?
Fuck you!
Calm down.
This prick won't stop|with the questions.
Pass the fruit.
You're a dead man!
Put it down.
Put it down.
- Wait in the car. Keep it running.|- How are you feeling?
Sit down.|I'll take it from here.
Sit down.
I'm Paul Vitti.
I'm sorry I was late. Those who know me|know I meant no disrespect.
If it's all right with you...
...I want to say something.|Then I'll leave you to your business.
About 21/2 weeks ago, somebody killed|my dear friend, Dominic Manetta.
Come on, this is bullshit.
Everybody knows he whacked Dominic|so he could take over.
What I came to say is I've come to|a very important decision in my life.
And that is...
...I want out.
I don't want to do this no more.
I'm going to|go away for a while...
...but I will respect the oath|I took the day I was made...
...and what I know about anybody's|business I take to the grave.
You have my word.
As for my own family...
...I know Carlo Mangano would|like to be the new boss.
Thank you, Paul.
That's why he betrayed Dominic|and me...
...and sent his man|to Miami to try and kill me.
I swear you got this wrong...
Shut your mouth.
Although it's my right,|I won't take revenge.
You wanna know why?|Because you got a problem.
A problem with aggression.
Maybe you weren't hugged as a kid.
You ought to look inside yourself...
...Iook inside and|find out who you are.
Because for me...
...I had a breakthrough.
I'm in a good place mentally,|and I'm feeling good about me.
I don't know, Paul.
I can see where some people|might have a problem with this.
I realize that.
So as a token of good faith...
...I've written down a few things...
...putting them in a safe-deposit|box in case...
...something should happen to me,|my friend or my family.
I don't know what|anybody else thinks...
...but I say good luck|and God bless, Paul.
Thank you. Come on, let's go.
I'm his friend.
That was remarkable.|Do you feel proud?
Some people in therapy never|have breakthroughs like you had.
I don't wanna do this.
Think this is a civil service job?|You can just quit and walk away?
What are you, fucking crazy?
Not anymore.
Tell me something.
You gonna stab me in the back like|I always knew you would?
No, I won't stab you in the back.
I want to see your face when I do it.
I don't think so.
It's over, Primo.
Now get the fuck out of here.
Machine gun was a nice touch.|A little hostile.
{y:i}Hands in the air!
{y:i}Drop your weapons!
{y:i}Do it now!
I got you! Get down!
Get out of the car!|Hands on top of the car!
One fucking move, I swear I'll|blow your fucking heart out!
Take a pill, RoboCop! Take a pill!
I can't believe this.|You took a bullet for me.
What doc would ever do that for his|patient? I'll never forget that.
I tripped.
You tripped! You tripped|over your unconscious.
Mr. Vitti, you have the right|to remain silent...
Today's my wedding day.
You got off easy.|Eighteen months is nothing.
They found Primo Sindone dead|in a field near La Guardia.
I heard. Don't look at me.|I had nothing to do with it.
A million guys from here to Canarsie|were looking to whack that bastard.
Good. I was just checking.
Don't worry.
You think we could keep going|with the private sessions up here?
You'd like to do that?
I could arrange to come up on Saturdays.|Or we could do it by phone.
Phone appointments?
I do that when a patient's|out of town or in federal prison.
Thanks, Doc.
I never really got to|thank you properly...
...for curing me.
We don't say "cure". We say you had a|"corrective emotional experience".
Excuse me.
You're something, you.
Yes, you are. You are something.
No, you're something.
I just can't get used to it.
Used to what?
It's so long since you were last|kidnapped. I don't know if I can adjust.
How about one more dance...
...and then we'll go upstairs?
Tony, can you do one more song?
Anything you want.
My friend told me to stay|as long as you needed me.
I don't want to let him down.
"World On A String",|the Harold Arlen song.
This is so great.
This is a gift.
{y:i}I've got the world on a string
{y:i}I'm sitting on a rainbow
{y:i}I've got the string
{y:i}Around my finger
{y:i}What a world|{y:i}What a life
{y:i}I'm in love
{y:i}Good night, Sobels.
English Subtitles by|GELULA & CO., INC.
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