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Subtitles for Anatomie 2 2003.

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Anatomie 2 2003

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What are you doing here?
You should be in the clinic!
Professor? The senator would like to begin.
Brother, help me.
Ladies and gentlemen...
dear friends...
God created man.
A pity, really, because our dear Charles...
could have done the anatomy better.
It's a joke among the young doctors...
in the Berlin clinic...
but also a sign...
of respect for...
Look at me!
...Dr. Charles Muller-LaRousse.
Who wouldn't take off their hat to....
Look at your brother Benny!
I'm finished!
I'm a total wreck!
Charles, look at me.
I can't live any longer.
I feel nothing.
I can't feel anything.
Help me.
Help me.
My God, Benny!
-Are you sure?|-About going to Berlin?
All that medicine shit....
It's cool to be a doctor.
I know lots who aren't so cool.
They're jerk-offs.
So I'm the first non-jerk-off.
I'd give anything to be able to jerk off again.
In Berlin, they're researching|muscle disease--
Don't let me win all the time.|I'm a cripple, not a retard.
I wouldn't be so sure.
I'm telling you.|The best hospital in Germany, in Berlin.
He's a great neurosurgeon.|Jupp does all that with brain and nerves.
I'm not taking pancakes to Berlin.
Tell her about the neurotransmitters.
Joachim. Jupp sounds so working-class.
So sorry you're working-class, milord.
Mama, Berlin! I'm so excited!
-Why are they called interns?|-It's just the name, why?
They get to "intern-ally" examine the nurses!|Being a doctor, you can do that, too.
I heard that, Willi!
Tell them your crippled brother|needs their panties to sniff.
Work the pity angle.
Come on, we'll miss the train.
Take care, you sick pig.
Good luck.
You're always lucky.
About all that medicine shit...
I've never been so sure in my life!
You faggot!
Panties. Deal?
Only if you do your physiotherapy.|I'll check.
Doctors stick together.
Fuck the therapy.
My legs are ruined anyway!
And the insurance|won't cover therapy for my dick!
And don't become a Berlin fan.
Once MSV, always MSV!
MSV forever!
Who wants to be stuck in that hole?
Ground floor,|only Filipino nurses and some interns.
Joachim from Duisburg.
Pancakes from Duisburg.
They told my father:
"Advanced stage,"|which is like, "no chance."
And the insurance wouldn't pay.
So at 13 years old, you say:
"I'll be a doctor. I'll show 'em."
And a great doctor, you bastards.
We have to improve things.|Not everyone can afford private insurance.
-Young doctor always so nice thoughts.|-But then nice thoughts die...
and young doctors.
You mean the young doctors'|nice thoughts die.
Lee like nice thoughts...
and nice handsome doctors.
It's me, Fred.|I checked Benny's blood count.
He had an overdose of neurocholine...
and I'm sure he didn't inject it himself.
What do you mean, calm down?
Are you crazy?
Somebody planned his death.
We have to tell Charles and the others.
An operation, at this hour?
Anybody there?
I'm really scared. Now come on out.
Very funny.
What the hell's going on?
It's you.
I thought this was an emergency.|What's up?
Is the patient here yet?
Yes, he is.
Fred Richter...
just too curious.
It's too late for you. Otherwise I'd say...
get a proper job:
event management or Web design.
Boss Bamberg. She's okay.
...60 hours a week on average...
for 1,000 euros. That's above average.
Your salary is determined by....
I hope, I know,|that some of you are here because...
you have a vision.
Muller-LaRousse,|first inter-plastic nerve transplant.
Just missed out on the Nobel Prize.
He's the one|whose junkie assistant cut himself open.
As chairman here, even I cannot|change the hospital system.
I can only offer you,|dear colleagues, an open door.
-Who's that?|-Schinder.
Protestant ethics committee,|anti-smoking group.
All right.
Once more...
the B...
always in duplicate...
the pink carbon copy.
Inject it quickly! Can't you even find a vein?
You gave him|immunoglobulin for myasthenia?
-The latest studies indicate--|-Stick to our standards!
Meningitis in 406 needs antibiotics.
You're on call at Christmas.
A Mr. Willi called. He's waiting...
for the panties.
Asamoah takes the ball, and bang!
That man has irreversible brain damage,|Dr. Hauser.
-Blue and pink!|-Why can't you just give me...
the fucking vial?
I once heard that by showing|attention to a patient--
To a vegetable?|Must have been at the university.
Tell that woman her husband died.|You're the only doctor here.
What do you mean,|Willi's results are "not so great"?
Can't that damn therapist give precise....
No, it's just a cold.
Mama, wait.
Three hours, 45 patients, four minutes each.
Everything breaks down if I have to pee.
We're gonna fuck you up, assholes.
I'm the doctor. I know where it hurts.
Head trauma in 402 is dead.
Examination and death certificate.
He's already done for.
Two 36-hour shifts and a weekend. Great!
Dirk, what's this?
"Muller-LaRousse's special project."|Research operation. Newest technology...
medicine of the future, career.
Only for the Prof and his disciples.
I'm gonna get in!
Nurse, could someone....
Shiny apples often rotten inside.
Wow, two hours.
Dr. Jo!
Come and help?
Maybe is very bad.
But Dr. Schinder say, child foreigner...
no insurance...
micro-MRl cost lot of money.
-And what should I do?|-Her nose bleeds two days now.
Machine only for private patient.|And too much paperwork.
-Nurse Consuelo not have permanent visa.|-Child very sick, always cry.
There is micro-MRl in 17.
I can't convince Schinder,|and we can't break in there.
Only examine.
Dr. Jo say so nice words|when he came here.
Come, please!
We seen a man, the whole time he....
It's a cranial fracture...
with subarachnoidal bleeding.
We have to operate now!
-Can someone get the endoscope ready?|-I can, Doctor.
It's good that we didn't wait.
-But we can't just--|-We have to!
Camera working?
Not sterile now.
Hope we have another one.
Good evening.
Systolic pressure, 60.
Pulse, 160.
Patient very unstable.
Give her 500 units of plasma expander!
What's going on?
-Evening.|-Good evening.
Is Muller-LaRousse still here? I need to....
No, he is--
Is he still in 17?
-I could have sworn--|-No, you stay. I'll go myself.
It looks good now.
Now we'll stop the bleeding.
Dr. Schinder is coming!
I'll try something....
Good evening, Dr. Schinder.
You are here?
I no find linen from rooms 104 and 108.
-You know where?|-I don't.
But where is pink form? I need it.
It's not my responsibility.
Dr. Schinder!
Professor, I thought you....
Mr. Hauser...
please come to my office when you're done.
Professor, I know it wasn't right.
But the child had a cranial fracture!|An emergency!
So kick me out,|'cause I broke your damn rules!
I read your research project.
My project?
Your thesis is, scientifically, rubbish.
Of course, you must read MacMillan.
-But your idea about acetylcholine--|-But my project will prove--
A man can learn from his mistakes,|but only a loser insists on them.
I don't have time to discuss this now...
but come to my place Wednesday evening.
We have...
a weekly get-together|with like-minded colleagues.
John Kershaw is this week's guest.
Kershaw, the neurologist?|The Nobel Prize winner?
of course.
-lt could be interesting for you.|-What about that operation l....
Rules are for the weak.
What do you say?
I knew it. You're a good doctor.
You're a great nurse.
I also study medicine,|at home in Philippines.
I'm in Germany to learn machines.
The machines from here|and the traditions from home...
well together.
Maybe you can teach me something.
A good heart is important.
Heart of the sick person...
and heart of the doctor. we just implanted...
an electrode|in the subthalamic zona incerta...
an electrode|in the subthalamic zona incerta...
and thus interrupted the tremor|by electrical stimulation.
That means you did not use any medication.
Exactly. The simplest solutions|are always the best.
It's already 1 1 :30.
That's enough for today.
Thank you, Mr. Kershaw.
It was a pleasure to have you here.
And as for winning the Nobel Prize,|we'll get there ourselves!
Next week...
Valjean from the Sorbonne will be here.
And before the refreshments, brothers...
I would like to introduce you...
to Joachim Hauser.
He has an interesting theory|about the acetylcholine problem.
Maybe he'll give us a lecture soon.
A gifted young man!
Embarrassing, huh?
Charles is so sweet he doesn't even notice.
Hi. I'm Viktoria.
I'll introduce you to the group.
The research team.
Interns from various departments.
We work with Charles.
Hagen, plastic surgery...
Wulf, Conny and Alexandra, neurologists...
Kurt, orthopaedics, Sven, neurosurgery...
Gregor, our brilliant biomechanic...
and most important of all,|anaesthesia and biochemistry.
Have a seat.
I'm Jo Hauser, Ward 6.
Oh God, Schinder and his lot.
A fresh neurosurgeon in the Lodge.|We can finally get rid of him!
Age Actabile Antihippocrate.
"Do the possible."
I thought they had disappeared.|Or were outlawed.
-Why didn't anyone tell me?|-You could have us arrested!
But that incident in Heidelberg....
The crazy love-triangle murders?
The Lodge connection was exaggerated.
They never mentioned that|he belonged to the automobile club, too!
You don't play by the rules, either.
-Nice job.|-Respect.
Boring, ethically-controlled research.
A scientist|must go beyond rules and boundaries.
Dare to be radical.
Here in the Lodge|you can discuss your ideas...
get advice...
even get financial help.
You just have to be successful...
then nobody questions your results.
And we are successful!
Charles is a genius.
You want to attend an operation tomorrow?
What exactly do you do|in your research group?
That's wild. Are you serious?
That's wild. Are you serious?
A 400% increase in performance?
If your artificial muscles|don't age and don't tire, that means....
Take off your pants and shoes,|and sit on the table.
You do want to be part of the group,|don't you?
I don't know.
neurological muscle diseases.
Charles'll be the first man since Jesus|to make the lame walk again.
Tell me...
is this going...
to be an examination or sex?
Let's hope so.
We like to combine the practical|with the pleasurable here.
Small, medium or large?
No way.
Medium will do, I'd say.
Tell me, colleague...
have you ever had...
really good sex, physically?
That depends on what....
What's that? Are you crazy?
What the....
Morning, Dr. Jo.
Night shift?
Morning, colleague.
Loose pants today?
It was pretty heavy last night.
Look at this.
I injected you with andromin, here.
The red circles are your orgasms.
Great numbers!
-Andro what?|-Andromin.
Adrenalin to get you going,|endorphins to make you happy...
and serotonin to feel good.
Developed it myself.
And because of that, please fill this out.|Medically precise answers.
By the way...
do you know where my panties are?
I sent 'em to my brother.
A fascinating race, but we're ahead|in the neuromuscular field.
Viktoria's injection?
-Rub baby lotion on your little friend.|-Or soak it in herbal tea.
The English have interesting results|in neurotransmitters. MacMillan.
But Charles is altogether the bigger genius.
Hey, Jo! Watch out,|the patient might cut you back.
What's up?
He's always showing off his body.|It's all fake.
Wulf already has eight synthetic muscles.
We'll complete his upper arm/shoulder|area with the triceps. Here.
We need young, strong,|healthy test subjects.
Synthetics work like natural muscles...
but with titanium fibres,|silicone, collagens...
synthetic myofilaments.
We implant them...
and connect them to the same nerves.
-You can move them with your muscles.|-Or instead of them!
You're thinking of your brother?
-How did you know?|-Spinal atrophy, genetic muscle disease.
Father, brother?
One gets it, the other gets lucky.
My father died of it.
And to see it slowly destroy Willi....
It isn't fair!
It wouldn't be any fairer if you had gotten it.
To fight for a cure|would be a just cause for you.
Who knows? Nothing is impossible...
and at the end of the day,|nothing is incurable.
That's why I'm here.
-It's no coincidence that l--|-Right. It's no coincidence that you're here.
We've been watching you.
-Where are we going?|-Forward!
Local anaesthesia, ready.
The patient is ready.
Implicate yourself, too.
If anything happens,|we'll both lose our licences.
That little jerk-off.
Most have their synthetics|in their arm/shoulder area. But Hagen...
has them in his hands. It was|tricky work, but the result is great.
Alexandra has them in her legs.
-She can crack nuts with her butt.|-And Kurt?
-ln his legs, too?|-Guess.
You've got some catching up to do.
Hey, a soccer player?
Sure. MSV Junior League.
I was top scorer in 1994.
Very good. A winner!
-I like to have winners in my group.|-Working with Charles makes you one!
Here comes Svenni Pooh.
Hello, Pooh Bear!
Come on!
Hagen, run with me in front?
You wanna be in the group?
They've written me off already?
-I'm not pushing you out?|-No, you want a career.
Like Benny. Early test phase.
"Sacrifice to science." Right.
The junkie who killed himself?
That does suck.
But you don't have to worry about me.
You trying to get me off the project?
We have to talk.
It's important. You're in danger.
We're all in danger. Benny didn't|kill himself. Somebody killed him.
Hey, Svenni, what's up?
-Where are we going?|-You okay?
Sure. Where we going?
Hey, Manni...
why did they take away|your bronchial irrigation?
I thought you were destined for|bigger things than ordinary patients.
-Why did you label him as terminal?|-We have rules here.
I'm not accusing LaRousse, but...
-unethical tests are no petty crime.|-It's unfair! Manni's not--
-Muller-LaRousse has privileges--|-He has no chance!
If it goes wrong,|he's finished, and so are you!
Are you listening? He's so young!
the most recent results.
His vital functions|have worsened dramatically.
If you had any idea....
I have my principles...
no matter how boring that may seem to you.
It's the only way for me to handle this job.
Do you understand?
I'm talking about your future.
Don't sell your soul.
It would be a shame.
Don't resist with your own muscles.
That's right.
Good. Very good.
We've implanted a chip|in the intumescentia cervicalis...
which we can access externally.
It controls all muscles...
below the sixth vertebra...
the natural ones as well. We call it the CNE:
Central Neurological Enhancer.
We can externally control...
and synchronise muscles and synthetics.
Turn it to maximum speed.
It's pretty funny.
Here is the chemical analysis.
You can see that we still need...
to add muscle-stimulating hormones.
Raise the endorphins to 2.1 units...
and adrenalin to 1.4.
We'll do the normal training routine.
You know the drill, Wulf.
What do you think?
You will revolutionise--
That's not what I meant.
Where do you want a synthetic implant?
I mean...
is it possible...
And can I fly afterwards?
My name is Joachim Hauser,|born November 27, 1974.
I declare that I am sound of mind...
and I request the calf operation...
although it is not medically necessary.
It's all top secret!
But it's completely new. A revolution!
Will it heal anyone?
It's research.
You can't do everything|with Hula-Hula medicine.
Now we connect the CNE with|the tractus corticospinalis. Please, Hagen.
This is my one big chance|to play in the big league.
we take away this one.
I've heard it all before.
It's only temporary.
Is the initialisation running?
And now the battery.
Can we trust him?
You mean Jo?
Our new superstar?
-He's not as great as Charles makes out.|-An athlete.
You've seen his reflexes?|We need good bodies for the tests.
I don't trust him.
I don't know why, but....
Don't worry.
I'll make sure nobody else goes crazy.
It's been one week since the operation?
-Don't resist with your own muscle.|-Amazing!
-I'm not doing anything!|-Exactly.
Steroids to build up the parallel|musculature, these against rejection...
synthetic endorphin, adrenalin...
-dopamine, serotonin--|-Why the kidney drugs?
For the side effects of the others.
And these for the pharmaceutical tests.
Great results.
Potential performance is already...
So can I use my legs again normally?
To play soccer, maybe?
We're all big soccer fans, right, boys?
Of course!
This morning. Paula Henning.
Two years ago, she took|the whole Heidelberg Lodge to court.
Now she's a cop. Organised crime division.
She's the big Anti-Hippocratics hunter.
Sven, that bastard!
-How dare he!|-Our experiments aren't approved.
If he exposes us now,|just before our breakthrough--
We must stop him!
He'll destroy us all!
Maybe he needs to be...
taught a lesson...
once and for all.
But what....
Are you saying....
But I can't just....
You know I love you...
Iike a son. But if it's too much for you...
I could always ask another. Jo....
Maybe we should--
I am always prepared to....
Take Gregor with you.|He's good for this sort of thing.
Don't tell me the details.
So you went ahead and did it.
Sven! Are you crazy?
Want to join the Lodge, too?
If they'll take me.
Rubbing shoulders|with some bigwigs can't hurt.
That's what I thought, too.
This is no Rotary Club.
It's an international conspiracy!
I have to get to my game.
They killed Benny.
Ask Fred Richter.
I don't know any Fred.
They destroyed his brain! LaRousse|is a criminal. I have all the proof!
He'll destroy you, too! He's a demon!
You got me at a bad time.
Jo, you have to help me.|You're the only one not brainwashed!
He's killing us all! I can't stand it!
It has to stop. You have to help me.
Listen, we'll meet here.
Okay? Like, between 8:00 and 9:00.
You can wait here. TV, fridge--
They've all been seduced!
LaRousse is a demon!|We have to fight him. Together!
What's this all about?
Guys, I'm a doctor.
I've dissected more dicks|than you've shot goals.
I thought that athletes had good bodies!
-What a sad bunch!|-Let's go.
Believe me, you'll collapse otherwise.
I'll inject some adrenalin and neurocholine|to stimulate the synthetic.
What'll happen?
Open your eyes, ref!
We're doctors.
I'll take care of him.
I'm a doctor. Stand back, please. Thank you.
It's okay now.
It doesn't hurt anymore.
The game can go on.
Are you okay?
We'll have seven beers.
Fuck you, jerk-off. I was here first.
With a hand like that,|he can hardly be a jerk-off.
I've only used andromin for sex.|But it seems to work for soccer, too.
We're bored!
You're winning 1 2 to 0.
We're leaving.
Come on, Jo!
I get to join the Lodge. Initiation's tonight!
Things are moving very fast with you.
Sorry, we can't come. We have to work.
We're going to the Splendid first.
Sven's waiting for me, 'cause....
He's stressed out. I should look in on him.
Sven called, he....
-He'll call you tomorrow.|-He wanted to lie down and....
He shoots too much adrenalin,|and then he's a bit....
Really? Great!
-Have a good time!|-Take care.
Thanks. You, too.
-Where are we going?|-Forward!
What are you doing?|We are going to the Splendid. Come with us.
Come on, what are we going to do?
This is Jo Hauser.
Could you do me a favour?
Dr. Jo?
Is Dr. Jo not back?
Dr. Lemke?
Dr. Hauser called.
He can't come.
He'll meet you in 17.
Okay, thanks.
How are you?
-How're you doing?|-Jeez, guys.
And you?
Do you guys know where Jo is?
How are your synthetics?
They're okay.
You're behind on your program, you know.
I know. So?
What do we have here?
No implants for the last six months.
I didn't get around to it.
You don't believe in us anymore, do you?
Of course I do!
That's okay.
Let's be frank with each other.
That's why I wanted to talk to Jo.
To help a young brother along.
That's okay.
You're a good guy.
You know what?|I think you're a piece of shit.
A dirty little traitor shit.
-Great. What now?|-Endorphins.
Happy hormones.
-Good against pain.|-I know that.
Listen, that's 5 units.|That's too much, Gregor.
Stop it, please.
Stay here, Sven!
I want to finish our conversation.
I feel so fucking good.
Hagen, stop this shit.
Man, this isn't funny.
Dear brothers...
dear colleague Hauser.
At your age I found the rituals|of the academic world ridiculous, too.
Iet us not forget that here, today, a man...
binds himself for life.
But I believe in Charles...
you know.
He is a real genius.
And I believe in the group...
He won't walk and keeps falling over! the project.
We all have to make sacrifices...
because we want to achieve greatness.
Gregor, stop it!
And we can't let you ruin it.
You wanted to betray us, right?
I know you did.
God damn it, Sven!
You know that you're guilty.
Stop it!
Let it be given to you...
the power to judge the worth of a life.
Ego spondeo.
Don't fall over.
Let it be given to you...
the power over life and death.
Ego spondeo. I swear.
Just a lesson, you idiot!
Let that be a lesson to you.|Don't betray your family!
Piece of shit!
You enter the Lodge by your blood...
you can only leave it by your blood.
Enter now this family.
We welcome you, brother Joachim.
The Lodge needs people like you.
My God!
You killed him!
We did, Hagen!
We did our duty and executed a traitor!
He was worthless.
We can't let years of work|be ruined by such a piece of shit.
-What have you done?|-Pull yourself together!
He had it coming.
Let's go downstairs.
The synthetics have to come out.
I'll do the examination,|you sign the death certificate, okay?
What do you say?
Have you heard?
We knew the English|were working on this, too...
The Royal Academy.
They developed something like CNE|and they're using it to treat epilepsy.
-lf that--|-Sven!
Damn it, Sven is dead!
I know. It's terrible.
He was weak.
Well done, colleagues!
You want to know|who'll win the Nobel Prize?
Do you?
Not us!
All this is shit! Too slow.
No one is prepared|to make real sacrifices. "The pain."
"The hormones."
Your mediocrity disgusts me!
We want to be world-class!
Global players.
We have what it takes!
We're verging on a breakthrough!
We could change the world.
But we have to publish|as soon as possible...
otherwise it was all for nothing.
Everyone will now have their muscle|groups completed with synthetics.
We increase pharmaceutical dosages|to maximum.
We need definite results|as soon as possible.
And we'll begin Phase 2 immediately!
But we still need the results from--
Should we wait|to buy them at the druggist's?
Leave if you want!
-You know I am--|-Anyone else?
I am the first to volunteer.
Shall we go for a run?
Just the two of us.
Parallel synthetics are for sissies.
We must get clear proof.
We must remove the natural muscles!|Out! Ballast overboard! Phase 2.
But that'd be forever.
That is a statement. Forever!
-But my legs, I can't just--|-A doctor must make sacrifices...
that's how I always understood it.
I want you to help my brother.
We need a fit body for the first test.
All right.
If you can deliver us usable results.
You'll play soccer together again.
Something like,|"l can't stand it, I have to end it."
And he talked...
about Benny.
The guy who also killed himself.
I feel so guilty.
But now the police?
For a suicide?
This is just routine--
it's not routine.
Sven Lemke wanted to|expose an Anti-Hippocratic conspiracy.
He wanted to give me proof|and even get someone from the Lodge--
Dr. Henning is from the...
federal police.
According to the statements,|Dr. Lemke was a suicide risk.
A typically overworked intern...
combined with psychological stress.
He was full of drugs.
There are no indications--
Do you like being here at the clinic?
Do you like it here?
-Dr. Henning, any further questions?|-No, thank you.
I'd say you can go, Dr. Hauser.
If you need anything at all,|feel free to come to me.
Hey, Dr. Jo!
It's great here!
You ever tried these meatballs?
Thanks for picking him up, Lee.
Lee is my girlfriend now.|If you don't want her....
You don't mind cripples, do you?
Do you have the results?
I mean, how are you?
One arm...
is going a little crazy...
but as long as I can do this....
Never say that again! Understand?
Tomorrow we'll start the tests...
and a special therapy for you.
I'm so happy you're here.
Sorry about that.
Fantastic work!
I envy you!
You're making medical history.
This is going to be great...
really great.
We calculate that you will run...
60 kilometres an hour.
Long distance.
I'm so proud of my superman!
You fool!
Don't you understand anything?
-You told me that I should--|-Stop your faggy whining! I hate it!
-Professor, I cannot allow you--|-To call you queer?
Did somebody say Hagen's a fag?
Stop staring at me like a cow!|Pump him back up!
I think I've never been in love before...
and I haven't even slept with Charles.
I need more endorphins.
It will be okay....
He's so charismatic.
I know you don't have an endless supply.
Especially now, he's showing his weak side.
Can't you make an exception?
Sorry. Get yourself some morphine.
or even heroin.
Chemically the same as endorphins.
But I can't just....
We're all injecting something.
Of course, only during the course|of the experiment. Monitored.
Everyone envies you|for being the first to reach Phase 2!
I'm afraid.
I'm afraid.
Has everyone tried the new serotonin|formula? Any side effects?
Has everyone tried the new serotonin|formula? Any side effects?
I expect the results|of your self-tests tomorrow.
Are we doing any operations|in the next few days?
The pressure on all of us is enormous.
Dr. Hauser?
About the Anti-Hippocratics....
A fraternity of doctors which|has become an international cartel.
The Lodges have infiltrated the entire|medical-pharmaceutical system.
In the German health system,|over 230 billion euros....
Are you listening to me?
A new drug|costs half a billion euros to develop.
That's a lot of money.
Stand still!
The Lodge will stop at nothing.
You are being used. They will kill you!
Here, look.
Benny, supposedly a junkie,|but we believe--
Leave me alone!
-What's this got to do with me?|-You're a member, aren't you?
The Lodge is a criminal organisation.
You can join our witness program.
-But I can't.|-You must!
I'm certain Sven Lemke was murdered|because he wanted to cooperate!
What do you know about Fred Richter?
Sooner or later the Lodge|will get busted, and you will, too!
A therapist?|Some guy who feels up my legs.
Maybe the woman in Duisburg|was too old, but....
Did I mention you look like shit?
Thanks. I know.
What do you need all that for?
That's more than I take.
It's temporary.
-Lee says you--|-Don't you start.
I know what I'm doing, okay?
Forget it. I already lost. Want to play again?
You okay?
Man, my arm won't....
Everything is so fucked up.
I'll fix it!
Willi, trust me.
Not much longer. Just hold on.
Joachim Hauser...
born November 27, 1974.
I declare that I am sound of mind...
and that I specifically requested|this operation...
-even though it is medically unnecessary.|-Good.
Careful. Spinal anaesthetic.
You can watch your operation if you want.
please call Charles. We're ready.
You get along with the professor?
You should watch out.
He doesn't like it...
if you get too close to him.
It's fine.
Charlie even asked me|to become his personal assistant.
He asked you?
By the way, it's "Charles."|He hates "Charlie." Ready?
The anaesthetic hasn't set in yet!
You crazy asshole! You did that on purpose!
Try me!
Get back!
Are you crazy?
I'll kill him!
I thought the spinal was working.
We can forget about him now.
I'll get a compress.
It's not what you think.
You're addicted to drugs.
Are you crazy?
It's for the project!
For the project!
What the hell?
-What's the deal? Some Chinese girl--|-Filipino!
Not Chinese!
I do the drug administration here.|I must report this.
You want to ruin everything?
Just 'cause I took some stuff?
I'm fine. I have the chance of my life.
Your heart's sick.
Stop it!
My heart's sick. Bullshit!
Who do you think you are?|You're like all the others!
-Why are you doing this to me?|-I'm afraid for you.
Dr. Benny's records.
The junkie?
Junkie like you.
Dr. Benny was my friend.
You are my friend.
Benny is dead.
The experiments on Dr. Benny|are all documented here.
These are Charles' personal records.
How did you get these?
I don't know what you're doing...
but stop it.
It's destroying you.
How do I look?
My name is Benjamin Sachs...
intern at the Berlin Clinic.
I declare that I am of sound mind--
We could increase the dosage earlier...
following procedures....
Haemoglobin reception...
I request the shoulder operation....
Increase of endorphin concentrate....
...although not medically necessary.
Since Benny's tolerance is not exhausted,|following operation....
I can't sleep well.|Can we stop the choline tests at least?
...agree to the operation on my thorax,|I agree to the operation on my arms....
Further operations|would seem possible and useful.
disturbed vision, digestive problems,|cold sweats, trouble sleeping....
Despite various complications,|an increased dosage of....
The unfortunate epileptic seizure of|August 17 brought valuable insights.
Temporary paralysis....
Due to the extreme pressure|on the natural muscle tissue....
-I'm afraid!|-A breakthrough is near!
We are preparing to start Phase 2.
In animal testing...
you increase the dosage|until the animal collapses...
till it dies.
It's called bio-tolerance...
in animals.
And in humans?
At home, in Hula-Hula land...
it's murder.
I wasn't claiming that....
But Charles would never....
What's wrong?
I can't....
-The infusion! What did you give him?|-I don't know.
New medicine from Prof. Muller-LaRousse!
-Stay calm. Are you okay?|-Yes.
Endorphins, 3 units, hurry!
Damn it! A CNE.
-Fucking intern!|-What?
Sorry, Doctor...
I meant that head case.
Fred Richter!
Dr. Fred was intern in neurosurgery|before accident.
Didn't you know?
-Manfred Richter!|-Assistant to Dr. Muller-LaRousse.
Motorcycle accident with Dr. Gregor.
Manni's alleged accident.
If you look carefully,|no epidural bleeding or trauma.
Just isolated cuts.
Muller-LaRousse must have|surgically destroyed his brain.
The infusion gave him the rest.
Manfred Richter found out about it.
Benny's death was no accident.
It was planned as part of the testing.
The Anti-Hippocrats are conducting|lethal experiments on humans!
Muller-LaRousse heads the Lodge,|but they're all in on it:
The group, Prof. Sturm, Prof. Phillipp.
These are serious accusations|you are making.
I'm shocked to hear this.
Didn't you swear to silence?
You name names...
of Lodge brothers...
betray professional and personal secrets.
I'm glad you're here.|We were just talking about you.
Before you do anything rash...
police, press...
I don't think|the evidence will exist anymore.
Have you heard?
Poor Fred is dead.
A relief for the poor boy.
That can't be--
I should know. I signed the death certificate.
Heart failure.
Not unusual in...
terminal cases.
What did you think?
That we'd let some intern...
ruin years of work?
Someone gave him endorphins.
-Know who you're dealing with?|-Maybe it was you. A neuro-trauma.
The project must go on.
We have contracts...
worth millions!
Can you explain it all|to Schinder's ethics commission?
The Lodge has great power|to destroy its enemies.
I offer you my hand one last time.
What do you want in life?
To be a hack like Schinder,|or to explore the future with us?
Medicine. Change the world.
You could be one of the best.
The Lodge is the way to get there.
Department heads in Germany|earn 5 or 10 million per year.
Don't be a fool.
Accept my offer.
He's here.
Dr. Hauser, you must--
What's up, man?
Take an aspirin. Come back tomorrow.
-But--|-I'm a doctor. Do what I say!
We'll find you an appointment.|Come, please.
Help me. I have to get out of here with Willi.
It's a matter of...
Iife and death.
Believe me.
But please help us.
I have a friend in security. I'll call.
Trust him.
Have a rest.
You look beat.
Alexandra,|get all the Lodge brothers together.
Gregor, take the front door.
Don't let him leave.
Yes, we're here...
in Neurology, Ward 14.
I'll keep him here, and....
I mean, we'll...
be waiting for you.
I'll get all of you bastards! Understand?
I'll get all of you!
I have a family.
I just wanted a chance to succeed! Asshole!
I'll explain later. Pretend to sleep.
They'll think I'm a doctor? Cool.
Shut up and wait till I'm back.
Hey, Jo...
come back, okay?
Eleven units of endorphin.
Too much, even for a junkie like you!
How could you betray us?
We loved you.
Charles and l, we wanted--
Shiny apple rotten inside?
Thank you!
Air very bad.
Berlin Hospital, Emergency Room, please.
This is Dr. Phillipp from the Moabit Clinic.|Pass me your superior, please.
Make it snappy!
He must be there somewhere!
He has to be brought here immediately.
Then find him!
That's Phillipp, spelled "Ph."
That must be him. Typical.
It's him.
Call central and tell them he's here.
As if the fuck-ups were our fault.
Can you say one sentence|without using the word "fuck"?
But it's fucking true.|Carbon copy's missing, too.
Really? Fuck!
I need something for the pain.
-Morphine, something.|-Don't worry.
We take out bad implant.
They're after me! They want to kill me!
He's in Building 2...
Room 1 14.
Hey, wait.
Can I help you?
Would you like something to drink?
Tea or coffee?
Too close to spine.
Too dangerous.
Where am l?
What is that?
Jo from Duisburg...
is the first man...
who can sleep with my bed.
Good against bad spirits in your head.
Bad what?
"Bad spirits." A nice way to say,|"withdrawal symptoms."
I'm starting to believe in good spirits.
I told you he had some Thai pussy.
What do you think you're--
The pain is killing me!
What will I tell my father?|We can't turn back, Hagen.
Charles is a genius.
-The group will stick together now.|-Charles will be here soon.
-We're close to a breakthrough.|-He'll know what to do.
-lt will be a big success.|-He'll explain.
It'll be a sensation.
Hagen, are you stupid?
Don't you see|that he's using us and killing us?
We're lab rats...
who are tortured and then fill out forms!
We all have to make sacrifices.
We wanted to be good doctors.
We thought...
some unauthorised experiments|would be okay, but not murder!
Muller-LaRousse had Benny and Fred killed.
You don't understand camaraderie!|You are scum!
We're moving forward!
People, where are we going?
Man, you guys are the saddest fucks|I've ever seen!
We don't care about that.|We want to do research.
Fred had an accident.
Get him out of here!
What do you think?
We're doing scientific tests.
We need the results.
Okay, Benny got fucked up.
Wulf won't last long either.
Just look at the degenerate material...
we have to work with.
Charles talks about a new species.
A technically perfect man.
Able to survive the future.
The true master race!
-Where is he?|-Finally, Charles!
-We didn't know--|-Where is he?
With Gregor, on the roof. We thought--
Are you all retarded?|The place is full of cops...
and you repeat that stupid trick?
Get Hauser and that stupid|butcher and bring them back!
Finally! Dr. Kirchberg. You must--
Hello? What's going on?
Hauser's locked himself in|and refuses to come out.
He keeps talking rubbish.
Viktoria, we are so close!
We belong together. I need you...
so much.
You have to take care of the Filipino.|She knows too much.
An overdose.
It must be untraceable.
No great step for man...
but one giant leap for you, brother.
So you're the little Thai girl.
Dr. Hauser's little Filipino, right?
He's been very naughty lately.
You know Charles?
Charles is so wonderful.
Come here.
What's that?
The battery!
I'm gonna kill the cripple!
It will be wonderful.
You'll see.
You'll be so relaxed and happy...
that your heart will forget to beat.
So happy!
All the pain is forgotten.
How can I tell my father|I'm barred from practising?
You don't know what it's like.
We've always been doctors in my family.
They used to do this...
to aggressive mental cases...
to, let's say...
calm them down.
Long term. Quiet.
You never understood greatness.
Why should I care about making a cripple...
into an invalid?
Viktoria, begin the anaesthesia.
It is so clean...
so medical...
and practically undetectable.
I thought we could|deactivate the speech centre...
coagulate the thalamus, and then...
go for the nerve core.
Nasal septum....
Charles, stop it. I can't take it anymore.
It's not worth all this.
We'll make a new team.
We need young, enthusiastic...
healthy colleagues!
Viktoria! My best assistants!
We will....
I'll kill him.
We were so close.
They mustn't humiliate you.
I'll save you from them.
So happy....
Our work is just beginning:
a network of corruption and dependencies.
The usual.
Your plans?
Accident clinic, Bochum.|I applied for a research grant.
Research. Good.
At the end of the day...
nothing is incurable.
I've never been so certain before.
I thought that once, myself.
Okay. We still need your statement.
Take good care of yourself.
And beware of doctors.
Much better. But I'm in a lot of pain.
Need an injection?
What's this? A secret Filipino recipe?
For pain.
Aspirin and water.
What about affection?
Human contact?
Good spirits?
Very important.
Should I call a doctor?
The tragic chapter of Muller-LaRousse...
is now closed in every way...
except for those|grotesque accusations against me.
But they should be taken care of shortly.
For the good of our hospital,|we should return to normality.
So I would like...
to fill the position of Department Head|as soon as possible...
and I'll be presenting my suggestion|to the council next week.
I'll be open with you.
The character and integrity|of our candidate...
must be impeccable.
I'm very happy that you are interested...
and I'll keep you informed.
Oh, yes.
There's an informal weekly get-together...
of scientifically like-minded|colleagues, if you have the time.
Members of the council will be there.
Could you come Wednesday evening?
Wednesday evening?
Wednesday evening?
I could manage that.
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