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Andaz Apna Apna

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Excuse me! Can I help you?
Goodness! It's Juhi Chawla!
I've to attend a shoot and my car's broken down.
Can you give me a lift?
I?! Why not? Please come!
I'm very fortunate to have found you.
I'll never forget this favor of yours for the rest of my life.
No favor at all! This is only my duty.
They don't 'make' them like you anymore.
Madam's arrived! Hurry up!
You will meet me again, won't you?
Why did you summon me so suddenly, Miss Juhi?
There was no reason, really. I just felt like meeting you.
It's a very romantic place, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
There are times when I think of the fate that would befall me...
...if I didn't have these strong shoulders supporting me.
Give me your word... you will always be with me!
What's this you're saying, Miss Juhi?
Not 'Miss Juhi'... simply Juhi!
- Goodness! Govinda?! - Who are you?
Meet Mr. Amar, Govinda.
Haven't I told you about him?
So, he's the one who helped you at every step, eh?
You're a very handsome young man.
Your tastes are improving, Juhi!
She's feeling shy...
Listen, when you're so handsome, why don't you try a career in films?
I've received many offers. But I'm being selective...
Come into my arms!
No, Gopal! This can't be!
Why not? Only because I'm poor?
And you're rich? No power on earth can keep us apart!
Come into my arms!
But try to understand a woman's helplessness, Gopal!
This heartless world...
...this world full of enemies will not let us live.
- And that is the truth. - The truth is that you love me!
You love me and I love you. Only this is true...
...the rest is fake! Forget it! Come and embrace me!
Embrace her tightly, Govinda!
- What happened?! - I felt Shah Rukh Khan had arrived!
Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Deol, Govinda ...they're the ones in your life!
I'm told you're doing many films with Sunny?
Yes. People like us paired together.
- And you? - I like it, too.
He's very handsome.
Why did you ask? Are you feeling jealous?
I'm afraid I might kill someone!
You're upset?
I was only joking. You're everything to me...'re my beloved.
It's true, Amar. I can't live without you now.
Let's get married somewhere.
- Oh yes! - I'll quit acting for you!
No! There's no need to do that!
Go ahead and act. I'll handle everything, including the money!
But I'll choose your lead-men. And you must maintain a distance!
I treat God as witness and...
...accept you with all my heart and soul.
I too treat God as witness and...
...accept you with heart, soul and wealth!
Oh, Dad! You ruined my beautiful dream!
Did you have to arrive just as I was about to marry the heroine?
- Couldn't you wait for 2 minutes? - Shut up and get up!
He sits at the cash-counter and goes to sleep.
Haven't I told you, Babulal, not to let him near the cash-counter?
How much of money does your cash-counter have anyway?
A beggar of Bombay would have more loose change than you do!
Be careful, Babulal. Don't cut his ear off, like you did yesterday.
- Careful! - How can currency notes be here?
He took a hundred rupees yesterday and blew it up!
Not blew it up, I 'spent' it.
I had a haircut at Taj Mahal's saloon yesterday.
What?! I shave a hundred people to put together Rs. 100/...
...and you tip people at the Taj?! Your hair hasn't been cut, too!
They've been cut in a style you can never tell.
Speaking a lot of English, eh?
You fool! It was with the 'change' from this cash-counter that I... you educated with; threats and intimidation's.
I somehow got you into college, too.
But they even kicked you out of there!
I wasn't kicked out... I quit on my own!
In fact, the Principal couldn't understand what I said.
I have many ideas in my brains... dying to pop out!
They're meant for the nation, and for this generation...
And especially so, for the fathers!
Because, till the parent does not improve, the nation cannot, too!
The Principal's son could understand this...
...but the Principal couldn't.
But you...
I'll shave off your hair without even applying water!
Oh come on, Pop!
If you shave my hair, people'll think you've...
- Shut up, donkey! - Peace, father, peace...
I have a new idea. Why don't we sell this shop?
We'll get good money.
I mean, we can open a bangles-shop with that money.
- A bangles-shop? - Yes. A bangles-shop.
Just imagine...
...we'll be surrounded by beautiful faces all day.
I'll make the daughter's try out the bangles...
...while you will be busy with the mothers.
The sound of laughter... and the meeting of eyes...
...the spread of their tresses and the slipping of their veils!
Their pretty and delicate hands will be in your fat, ugly paws!
You'll very lovingly make them wear the bangles.
They'll gracefully make sounds of protest.
You will, meanwhile, make noises of mischief!
I told you to take care of his ears!
- It's because of you! - Because of me?!
You're distracting him! Get out! Get out!
Watch it, Pop. I can't say about you, but I command respect here.
Respect indeed! You steal change from the counter!
You beggar! Pretending to be a hero, eh?
You're angry now, father. I'll explain it this evening.
You mean you will return in the evening?!
No father can possibly have such a useless son as you are!
Indeed there must be!
Like father, like son!
My left-eye's twitching a lot today.
That's considered to be a good omen!
You'll receive good news from everywhere.
Good news, my foot!
The day I became a father was the last of my good days!
From that day to the present... son Prem has never given me the opportunity to be happy!
I make the hard-earned money, and he blows it up!
Who are you cribbing about?
My son! But what brings you here?
Have you forgotten? You owe the moneylender Rs.500.
What nonsense!
Oh yes! The money must be paid, right?
Here's the money in 5 crisp 100-rupee notes!
Prem has cleaned out my money-box!
Why are you making excuses?
That poor chap's sitting at "Wow Wow Studios"
- "Wow Wow Studious", eh? - Yes.
The film-bug, Johny, has bitten him real badly!
He's swindling my son!
This Johny had sent my father to Bombay, promising a career in films!
He still hasn't returned!
You find him standing like this in the crowd scenes in some films.
He's conning my son, this Johny! Where's my stick?
Wow! What a face!
What a mug!
It's the only one of its kind!
- What was that? - I spat to ward off evil!
Well, teacher, I'll become a star, won't it?
'Become' a star? You're already a star, pal!
Get on with the Production now!
It's already started. I've even spoken to Amitabh.
- What about me? - You'll play the main lead!
He'll only play your father.
- Will he 'do'? - Do?! It's more than done!
Amitabh and I... the father and the son...
...and the ensuing clash between the two!
Wow! What a scene!
Steaming hot... the tea at "Wow Wow Productions"
Here you are, sir!
Get him a cold drink.
Any news of the call we were to receive from Subhash Ghai?
Oh, that?! It's due any moment!
I had sent your photographs to Subhash Ghai.
He needs a new 'mug' like yours, for a film he's making.
It's called 'The Romance of Dracula"
Don't forget my role!
Yes, 'Subbu'? It's Subhash Ghai on the line!
Convey my respects, too, Sir!
Did you like the photographs?
What?! It's created a furors in the whole of Bombay?!
Have people liked it so much?
What?! Oh no...
Is that so?
He showed your photographs to Madhuri Dixit.
What did she say? She'll work only with him?
And with nobody else?! That's wonderful!
She even kept a snap of his with herself?!
Oh no!
There are two heroines in the film. He's spoken to Juhi, too.
She has your address. She'll be here to meet you.
Will both of them 'do'?
'Do' did you ask?! Of course they will!
Hey, get up! Listen to me...
Your work is now accomplished.
But the respect and honor of "Wow Wow Productions" is ruined!
The shopkeeper says that if he does not get Rs.500/- immediately...
...he'll take away your camera from here!
I try to give the Film Industry new faces...
...and they want to take away my camera!
It's only a camera, after all. Not his good-fortune!
- Give away the camera! - Wait!
He wants to pay up! Give it to him...
Throw this money in his face!
I'll do the hitting on your face!
You're squandering away my money on this baldie!
- He's making me a star! - A star, eh?
He can't be a peon himself!
I'll make you the hero in my film, too, uncle!
You old sinner! You've even conned my father!
And you're pretending to be young, eh?
Listen carefully...
...if you fool my foolish son any further...
...I'll put a needle in one ear and pull it out of your other!
I'll seal your ears, not to speak of shut mouths!
Call me a fool if you like, but I'll achieve something in life!
- Hello! - Hello, yourself!
Stitch-up your lips and hold the tailors' scissors in your hand!
- I can't do that, father! - Can't do it?
Would you like a begging-bowl then?
No, father... I can see my goal ahead!
There's the Police Station and the graveyard ahead!
Which of the two is your goal, son?
How do I explain?
The 'star' of my destiny, is about to shine!
Is it true that you've come to India only to get married?
Yes. What's so surprising?
The only daughter of the filthy-rich Ramgopal Bajaj...'ve been to the whole of the world.
But why did you choose India to get married?
I mean, why the Indian boys.
I believe that people here are in love with love...
I mean, they use their hearts, not their brains.
I too am looking for one such crazy chap.
You'll find him! It's a country of crazy people!
You'll find thousands of them!
You haven't said something, have you?
- You've heard nothing, right? - Oh nothing!
I spoke a little. Can something go wrong if I speak?
You say something, they understand another thing...
...they understand little, but write a lot...
...they write here, it's published elsewhere...
...whatever is published, is strange...
...and that strange something could lead to everything strange!
Yes... It'll lead to something.
Who are you, 'Miss Something'?
This is Karisma. She's my...
One last question. If you come across two boys... intelligent and the other large-hearted, whom will you choose?
They will both be rejected.
Because she likes boys a bit large-hearted.
And intelligent, too.
Isn't Mr. Rustom there?
Why does she sell stale eatables?
How are you, Amar?
Hasn't the strike been called off, Mr. Ahmed?
- No, it's still continuing. - I can't understand Govt. Policies.
For all that the leaders do, we pay for it, right?
Looks like I'll have to do something.
The bum's arrived at last!
Are you newly employed? Switch on the fan.
The old thing can fall on your head at any time.
The Beauty from London now in India.
In search of an eligible bachelor.
What a babe! She looks like a film-star!
She's come here to get married. Go on and read...
The person whom she marries will inherit Rs.50 crores!
- Besides two factories in London. - A diamond-business in Switzerland!
There's a farmhouse, too!
She's not a girl, she's a jackpot!
That's enough! This news is for me!
- For you?! - Of course!
- She's my heroine! - Am I dead, then?!
She's here in India, only for me!
Bravo, my boy!
Manage to trap her just once... I've trapped you... I mean, like I've made you the hero...
...and bring her here.
Our "Wow Wow Productions" will then become an international company.
After which, we'll make films only in English.
We'll need lots of money for this!
Money can be arranged.
Sell your father's shop and his house.
Give me half the money, and vanish with the other half.
I'll sit here and finalize the story, set-up and music.
Only bring the girl, and become a star.
You ungrateful wretch!
You compete with me, before my very shop!
It's not my own business, sir, it's yours!
Amar drove everybody out of the shop, sir.
I wonder what's happened to Amar. He's mumbling to himself!
Mumbling to himself?!
You?! Hats off to you!
I always knew you had it... But so much!
Amar salutes you!
- What's going on? - I asked you stand outside.
- You donkey! - Father?! It's you!
I was awaiting you.
You're great! You're exemplary! There's no father like you!
You're worth worshipping. You're supreme!
In fact, I've realized that you're not even man...
You're a great-soul!
Great! Simply superb! You're the Knowledgeable One!
At last you've heard my prayers, O Lord!
He did that 26 years ago!
Where are your feet? I want to fall at them!
Oh forget it, son. But tell me...
...what did you suddenly discover in me?
You don't know your own virtues, father!
You're so great, because you happen to be Amar's father!
I recognize you now. Everybody will, too, in the future.
They'll say, "there goes Amar's father"
The cops will say that, too!
"There goes Amar's father"
Whenever I'm happy, you seem to be sad, father!
What else can I do?
As and when you've been happy, I've been ruined.
Do you remember, when I first bought you a bicycle?
You were very happy.
But you crashed into my father's legs.
And till the time he died, he was known as the lame-duck.
The next time you were happy was when...
...I bought you a firework called Ram Bharose Rocket... fired it, and burnt down Gupta's shop.
I'm still paying for the damages.
The third time you were happy was when... pulled the string from your aunt's slip...
Forget the past!
I'm about to do something for which I was born!
And what is that?
Stop worrying and imagine...
...a cigar worth Rs.50 in your hand instead of a 50 paise 'beedi'!
And a hat instead of this cap!
A suit and imported shoes!
- How does it feel, dad? - Great!
But how will all this be possible?
- I'm going to marry a rich girl! - Is it?
We'll be rich after that!
I'll open many such shops for you.
Then why don't you get married quickly?
You'll have to sell off your third-rate saloon for that...
...and give me Rs.25,000!
Rs. 25,000/-?! You won't get a penny!
Get out! Out you go!
Here's the money. Return the 25 paise.
The big noise you make for 25 paise!
That's how I've built this house of mine!
Hi! How was your pilgrimage? Could you see the deity?
There was a big crowd...
...but somehow I managed to get in.
What's the noise for? Has the money lender's house been sold?
Not the moneylender's; your house's sold.
My house is sold?! Hold this!
...who sold it?!
But why are you dragging me?
- Keep the stuff down! - Father!
He even screams!
- What's it, son? - Who's this?
- He's Liyaqat. - Liyaqat who?
He owns a butcher's shop at Chimney Street.
You mean he'll slaughter animals instead of using the scissors!
- Who are you? - Who am I?
I own this house. I went out and you occupied it!
So what if you did!
So, it's you, eh? Greetings!
When were you discharged from the hospital?
Your son said you were being treated for a mental disorder.
Mental disorder? What's all this?
You have a good son.
He said he needed money for his father's treatment.
I gave him Rs. 22,000 for this house.
He took the money! This is my ancestral property, Sir!
It used to be. It no longer is.
I'll deal with you, Prem!
Bravo, Babulal, my loyal friend...'re continuing my business even outside!
Not your business anymore, sir. It's my own, this time.
Your business is closed. Your shop has been sold!
Amar sold it to Shankar when you went away for 2 days.
Your son has sold this shop to me.
I'll sell bangles in this shop now!
He left a note for you.
Wealth worth Rs.50 crores.
The only heir.
I had seen her when she was small.
The poor thing will see very few days of her youth.
She's coming to India to get married...
It's funny how death drags a person all over the world.
It's good... it'll be an interesting game to play.
Ask Bhalla to take D'Souza's place at Shanti Villa.
Yes, sir.
But Mr. Bhalla has a fantastic idea, sir...
...why don't we throw D'Souza from a cliff at Junagadh...
Keep Bhalla's ideas to yourself.
How each card of this game has to be dealt... something I know very well.
This is the biggest game of my life.
I'll make each and every move very carefully.
None of them is any good, Robert!
They all have some defect or the other.
Coming to India was a waste of time!
I'm very angry with my manager, D'Souza!
How dare he present such pictures to me!
- Where is he, by the way? - He's no more, Madam.
Who are you? Who's he, Robert?
He's our new manager.
The name's Vinod... but everybody in town calls me Bhalla.
- But where's D'Souza? - Yes?
He's 'off', Madam.
He means D'Souza is on a long-holiday.
Now I will make all the arrangements here.
I can't figure out anything. Okay, you may leave now.
Madam wants to rest, and we've got work to do.
Oh Mother!
It was the same again.
Okay, please go ahead.
- You go ahead. - No, you go on.
- Go ahead. - Please do.
A couple of aristocratic gentlemen lost their train in this manner.
Mr. Raj Kapoor has dealt with this in detail in 'Bobby'.
So, before the bus departs, let me get in. You can follow me.
Oh sure! Please do! Come on...
- What do you do? - Nothing.
I mean, I don't have to work at all.
My father has made a pile. He's got a flourishing business.
What business?
We're into garments. We export garments...
Nothing is sold here... everything is exported!
You must have heard the name... Chaudhary and Sons!
Oh yes! Chaudhary and Sons!
- I've heard the name. - You have?
The raw material you use, is from our company.
The Mehta Group... it's a very big company.
We give a lot of people goods on credit...
I think Chaudhary and Sons owes us money, too.
That's okay. I'll check the accounts!
"Mehta Textiles!"
"When there's no Chaudhary & Sons how can there be Mehta Textiles?"
"Chaudhary & Sons, eh?"
"He looks like a worker in an Indian-smokes factory!"
"The bloody rotten mango!"
Where did you buy that cap from? From France?
Oh no, it's from Switzerland.
I go there very often. I like the Sunset there.
The cap's very nice, too. It looks good on you.
"He looks like an ape with a watermelon on his head!"
Where did you get this jacket from? Is it a Chaudhary & Sons product?
- Oh no. - It must be from America then.
Oh no, I got it from New York.
Oh?! I thought it was American.
"He's as big a liar as I am"
"He looks like a monkey retired from the circus!"
- Where are you both going? - To Ooty.
- I'm going to Ooty, too. - Is it? You too?
- We seem to have the same goal. - We'll have a nice trip.
Hey! What are two cups for? Take away one of them!
- I'll also have tea. - We'll share the tea, pal!
- It strengthens friendship. - Does it?
Go on and drink.
We're not sharing tea, my friend. We're sharing love.
What are you doing? I'll pay! Take the money back!
- But why? - It's not fair. Take it back!
- It doesn't matter. - It does. Take it back!
- That's no friendship... - Okay.
- I'll take it... - Pay for it, if you insist.
But I'll pay the next time. You can't always pay it!
Hey Danny boy! Take this.
Our friendship will set an example in the days to come.
Amar! Look at that... your future sister-in-law!
Are you getting married to Madhuri Dixit?
No, not that picture. The one below that.
She's not my sister-in-law, but yours, understand?
- Amar, our friendship... - To hell with it!
I'll get married to her!
- You're doing a somersault! - So what?
I could tell from the look of you! Marry Raveena, my foot!
Do you know how you look in that two-penny cap?
It looks like a watermelon on an ape's head!
Insult?! And you?! This jacket from the street-shops...
...makes you look like a retired monkey from a circus!
- Bloody monkey! - Rotten-mango! I won't spare you!
I won't spare you!
Rascals! Getting into fights?! I'll lock you up!
- Come on! - We won't fight, Sir!
Our bags are in the bus, sir!
Peace! Peace!
That's a good combination!
This looks like a new Police Station, sir.
It's brand new!
- Sir, they... - Quiet. We're talking.
- You remain quiet. - It's new. Built in 2 months.
- Sir, they both... - I know they’re Amar and Prem.
You mustn't interfere when there are big people talking.
- Quiet! - But they were...
Everything here is new; including the furniture!
I'm only waiting for someone to cut the 'ribbon'.
The lock-up will have to be inaugurated, you see!
For that, I need a thief, a rascal, a loafer...
...he'll inaugurate the lock-up and I'll enjoy myself!
We'll take your leave now, sir.
It's been a pleasure meeting you.
I'd brought them here for the inauguration, sir!
They're both ruffians.
They were fighting it out on the streets!
- It wasn't me. It was him! - Yes, sir...
- No, sir! It was him. - He started it, sir.
- He hit me first, sir. - But who kicked first?
- Why did you abuse me? - Didn't you abuse me, too?
But I didn't abuse him, sir!
- I'll lock both of you! - Look at my face, sir... I look capable of fighting?
I'm a follower of non-violence, sir.
He's a liar, sir. He's being 'misled' by your looks!
- He thinks you're a fool! - Fool?!
He called you a fool! He abused you!
I too could have called you a donkey? But did I? No!
Because I know that your appearance is deceptive.
The two of you are calling me names in 'my' Police Station!
Where is it... I'll shoot you both!
He abused you. Lock him up! Let me go!
The Inspector's busy... to hell with the Commissioner!
It was the Commissioner's phone!
He's put you to trouble, sir!
Look at his audacity! He wants me locked up!
I know you're great and have recognized him at the first glance!
He's flattering you, sir!
- He's cut the ribbon, sir! - There's less of sugar.
- Get some sugar! - He had your tea, sir!
My tea!
Throw him in the cell, sir!
He drank my tea; called me names!
I'm fed up with both of you!
- Can we go, sir? - N-O!
I'll deal with both of you separately.
With me first, sir. I'm in a hurry.
I'm not in a hurry, sir!
Go away... go and sit there. Go!
- Sit down. - He waves his gun for nothing!
I had picked Prem's pocket.
Let me see how much 'bread' the bloody millionaire has!
The bloody ape!
Is there nothing?
"Shame on you, thief?!"
Okay... Go and sit there.
- But, sir... - Sit down there!
- Come here. - Who? I?
Come here!
Oh Mother!
- Listen to me! - But... sir...
I'll show you something instead. Come with me...
Come with me and look at this...
...I've brought the thief you were looking for!
Don't let his innocent face deceive you!
He is, in fact, a dangerous criminal!
Now lock him up, after charging him appropriately.
Wait a minute...
What are you looking at me and the snap for?
Look at him and then at the snap!
- That's not me, Sir! - Shall we go?
He's a twin-brother!
"My father always said I'd make a big name for myself"
Give him a big hand!
"Our darling son will accomplish something so big..."
Here's your wallet.
Would I leave your wallet, when you had picked mine?
It has 5 bucks. You'll need the dough. Bye!
There's no vacant room in this lodge.
- Give me a cot then. - There's no cot, too!
I'll manage under the cot, too.
- Now listen... - Look. God's looking at you!
Like you, I'm His devotee too!
I'll die, if I don't find place to sleep today.
Suppose I die, my blind sister...
...and my poor mother, who's a widow...
My blind sister and my mother who's a widow...
God! I was about to commit a grave sin!
- Listen, I have a room upstairs. - It'll do.
- There's a lot of stuff there... - It will do.
- Let's go. - You're not a man...
- What?! - You're a Great Soul!
Don't talk... Just listen.
Where have you brought me, Mr. Sewaram?
Don't talk. Only listen.
- You don't snore, do you? - Oh no.
There's a graveyard nearby; the dead shouldn't complain.
Have a bath between 1 and 2 in the morning when there's water.
- Between 1 and 2 in the morning... - Don't talk. Listen...
Don't mess with the ceiling-fan. It can fall anytime.
And don't switch on the lights after Sunset.
But it's only after Sunset...
What I mean is how will I change?
Why do you need lights to change your clothes?
Take them off and go to sleep!
- Do you plan to show something? - Oh no!
The fatso doesn't even allow the lights to be switched on!
That's okay, sonny-boy...
...once you get Raveena, there'll be lights all around.
Lights all around.
I'm exhausted...
This is the bed... let's sleep now.
Your Amar has arrived, Raveena.
Prem really put me into trouble.
But it was your love which saved me.
There must be many donkeys dreaming about you, Raveena.
But when you meet Prem (Love)...'ll fall head over heels in love with him!
My love!
- What are you doing here? - And what are you doing here?
I think the idiot's dead. His spirit is roaming...
It must be your spirit.
- Get lost! - You get lost!
- Go... get lost... damn you... - Go... get lost... Oh mother!
Hey, Amar... How are you?
- 'First Class'. How are you? - 'Tip Top'!
- Y-O-U?! - Y-O-U?!
- What are you doing here? - How about you?
- I came here first! - By conning me!
- You picked my pocket first! - You did!
What did you say?!
What's going on? Fighting and arson in my lodge?!
Not fighting! This is affection!
We were separated in our childhood. Which explains the affection!
Lots of love! Why did you get separated?
It wasn't me... we were separated in the fair held at Kumbh!
It was because he left my hand. Why did you do that?
Come and embrace me, brother...
Never leave me now!
You've become very fat! Naughty boy!
Make up for the lost years. Your love and affection...
...reminds me of that episode of Raman and Sagar's "Ramayan"... which Lord Rama and Bharat were united.
Not two... take away one cup of tea...
...we'll share the tea. It'll strengthen our friendship.
Keep it there!
What friendship? To hell with it!
I'm telling you Raveena's not for you.
You don't understand and instead get angry!
Be a good boy and return to Bhopal.
You're threatening me!
Do you see these muscles? I'll crush you!
Flexing muscles, idiot?! Raveena's mine! Hear that!
Yes. She's your sister-in-law.
What are you fighting for?
The deserving person from the trio will get her.
- Who's the third? - Who's the third, punk?
- I'm there, too. - You?!
How dare you?! How could you even imagine!
Just as you did!
That's enough. I've got a nasty temper!
- And then? What will you do? - I... I'll think...
There's no time to waste.
Do you think we're the only aspirants here?
Go there and take a look... there are thousands there!
There's a big queue. Tokens are being distributed for the interview.
I had to wait for 20 hours to even get a token!
Oh Mother! No. 717... Raveena's in great demand!
It's disgusting...
...there's a limit to unemployment. Youngsters ought to be ashamed!
One rich girl and everybody's make a beeline for her!
Even though they lack in looks and talent!
You're one of us, too!
My case is different.
We'll have to do something to begin with.
We'll have to ruin the chances of all those who have assembled here.
After that, the deserving person will get her.
The deserving will surely get her!
Okay. Let's go.
Let's go... I already have her.
You illiterate, ill-mannered, insolent donkey!
You dare ask us for our identity!
Introduce us, Mr. Dhamru!
This is the Nawab Noorali Nizamuddin Barkatali, alias Bade Miyan.
And this is Ameerali, Ashleelali, Asli, alias Chhote Miyan.
And I am Damru Tehmurlang Turk.
So many names? Where are the rest of them?
They're their names.
- Who are you? - I'm her Sr. Executive Manager.
- And I'm the Junior. - They appear to be servants.
Their faces say it all.
- We can't see our little girl. - I'm looking for her, too.
Who's the 'little one'? Raveena Bajaj has a function here.
She's the 'little one'. She used to play in my lap!
And I used to carry her on my shoulder!
- She used to call me 'Uncle'... - And I was younger uncle...
Oh, so you're her uncle!
You've come at the right time. Today she...
...she will choose her bridegroom.
- Bridegroom? - There are many suitors here...
Because of which we arranged the function here.
- Idiot! Where are the suitors? - Over there!
Take me there... Shame on them!
Look, there they are!
Hey young men! Come here and listen to me!
Just forget the idea of getting married to Raveena!
Because she was engaged when she was a child!
To Prem Singh, that is!
- Go away all of you. Get lost! - No!
We will not leave! We will not go!
- Deal with them, Dhumro! - As you wish, Sir!
Go and bring Raveena here! Come on! Hurry up!
- Congratulations. - To you, too.
There are two elderly gentlemen outside.
They claim that they've had your father playing in their laps!
They also claim that you used to call them 'Uncle'.
- Uncle? - Recognize me? I'm your Uncle!
You're scaring the girl! Come to me, dear... you remember, dear? We used to go for those walks?
Remember that sweet-meats shop? Those sweets?
And also the zoo with all those animals...
Step aside!
Come and embrace your uncle! Come dear, come to me!
She's embraced you enough when she was a kid.
But I was her favorite!
My sweet, honey, darling!
He seems to be hungry! Give him something to eat!
Oh no! I'm not hungry!
What are you looking back for, all the time?
The old man suffers fits of epilepsy!
And clings to anyone who comes before him!
Is that so? You have those sweets. I'll go take a look.
Sweet-meats?! They're nice indeed!
You're more beautiful than any of your photographs!
Which is why I've fixed your marriage with Amar Singh.
- Who's Amar Singh? - Don't you know Amar Singh?!
- No. - Amar Singh is the handsome youth...
...who makes girl swoon when he walks through their streets!
- They really do. - How can I believe you?
You ill-mannered wretch! You doubt my words!
People still don't get married in Aligarh without consulting me!
Not a single marriage! That's my experience!
My hair hasn't turned gray out of inexperience, you know!
There are many tales revolving around me and my brother.
We've done everything since the Independence of India.
So, you know Raveena since she was a child, right?
Not only our darling Raveena, I know her father too!
What else do you know?
When Raveena sat in my lap, she just wouldn't get up!
She used to pester me for things to eat and to roam around the city!
Which is why you even chose the bridegroom for her, right?
What a boy! He's one in a million! Prem Singh!
- But he said it was Amar Singh. - The old man's getting senile!
Neither can he see nor hear properly!
What can we do for you?
Just tell me where the other old gentleman is.
He's gone to sleep.
I'm not feeling very good, too...
...I think I too will lie down for sometime.
We've made all the arrangements for you to lie down!
- Where's my cane? - Cane? Here it is!
You should have let me know, if your disguise had come off.
I too would have fled with you.
May even my enemies not have friends like you are!
So, return to Bhopal. This is simply not your ball-game.
What are two cups for? Take away one!
We'll share the tea. It'll strengthen our friendship.
Keep it there and scoot!
To hell with your friendship!
You always get me beaten up! You think I'm a fool, eh?
- I... - Freeze!
One punch and you'll break to pieces!
Only my back is broken... Not my elbow!
- Threatening me with your elbow? - No...
What are you fighting for?
There are only the two of you now. I've already quit the race.
When were you in the race? You can't be compared with me!
I was in the race, too!
But I forgot all about romance, after seeing his fate.
I'm happy as I am. But I'll always help you. Till I breathe my last!
Learn a thing or two from him! Look how wise he's being!
Henceforth, you too start helping me, okay?
You'll see it, God will never forgive you!
Why don't you people take turns in trying?
That's a good idea! I'll make the first attempt.
First get into the position of making an attempt!
You'll suffer the consequences of my curse!
- Have you seen the film 'Sholay'? - Yes. At least 10 times!
- His father wrote it. - Don't drag him into this!
In 'Sholay', Amitabh and Dharmendra tossed a coin to decide everything.
You do that, too. The winner will make the first attempt.
Yes! Now, that's a good idea!
We'll leave it to the toss.
Winners are 'Conquerors' losers are apes!
Now listen... Heads I win, Tails you lose.
- Is that okay? - No! Reverse that!
Okay... Tails you lose, Heads I win.
Here goes the coin... and the winner...
Tails you lose, Heads I win!
Here I come, Raveena!
If he wins Heads, you win Tails. You haven't lost! You've won!
Oh yes! I'm the conqueror!
But he's made an ape out of you!
My plan will take me straight to the girl's bedroom!
- To the bedroom? - Absolutely!
Once you reach the bedroom, it won't take much to reach her heart.
- Oh no! - But there's a problem.
- The stick. - Stick?
The girl must be somehow made to give me the stick.
- But why will she hit you? - Because I'll worry her.
- So, you'll worry her, too?! - Yes, a lot...
- But why? - Because I want her to hit me.
Will you quietly get hit?
- With pleasure. - Don't worry. I'll supply the stick.
- Really?
She's killed him! Is anybody there?!
No! I haven't done this!
I saw you doing it!
It was your hand! It was your club!
One hit and the poor chap died!
Listen to me! The club kept coming before me...
...and he continued misbehaving. I held myself from hitting him...
But you struck at last!
Listen! Please don't call the Police!
- Who else can I call? - He's breathing! He'll get up.
How will the poor chap wake up?
It’ll take four people to haul him up now.
He's left the world for good! He died at a young age!
No! Don't call the Police! I'll get him cured!
Please give me a hand!
Where am I? Who am I? Who are you people?
Where have I come from? What's my name?
The poor chap's struck by amnesia!
All this happened because of the blow you gave him!
Why do you keep scolding me?!
Why is she crying? What blow? Which blow?
I can't understand anything.
Won't you people tell me? You tell me! You'll have to!
What have you done, Raveena?
You too scold me?! I won't speak to anyone!
I'll have to call the police now!
Don't call the police. Please!
It was I who hit him, I'll have him treated too.
Till he recovers his memory, I'll keep him here. Care for him!
You're so nice... So beautiful... much you care for me.
What's your name, Miss Raveena?
It's necessary for you to recover soon.
- What's the hurry? - Mr. Bajaj is arriving tomorrow.
I've made a mistake, sir... I forgot to tell you.
Mr. Bajaj called from London to say he's coming next week.
Father's funny too! He's left us here all alone.
There's some problem everyday. He's not bothered about us!
I think so, too. He doesn't care for you.
What kind of a father is he? He should've been here. With you.
Just think; two girls, poor things, all alone in a strange city...
Robert, dial his number. I'll talk to him.
Who am I? Where am I?
Who is this?
You seemed to be pretty decent in your younger days.
You were fooled, weren't you?
That's the game! He's my brother, my twin-brother.
Mr. Ramgopal Bajaj.
My name's not Teja... it's Shyamgopal Bajaj.
He was my father's pet.
My old man used to love him a lot.
I wonder what spell he had them under...
...but he was always considered to be Lord Rama and I was Ravana.
I decided then that I'd knock off my father and clear his cards, too.
And I gave it a good try.
As it happened, our clerk, Harishankar, spilled the beans.
But it was good. He used to bore me with a lot of holy mumbo-jumbo.
I was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment in that case.
I was in jail for 10 years!
When I came out, the whole scene had changed.
He had gone away to London and multiplied his 1 crore to 30!
But sir, why didn't you go to London, too?
How could I go to London? The police is on my trail.
Mogambo's nephew is hunting me for the 5 lakhs I swindled.
Don't I want to see London? But how could I go?
But now the bad days are behind us.
That girl is his daughter!
Let him enter my domain just once...
...I will not be defeated like Ravana was!
I'll 'lay out' all his cards!
A profit of millions for only one murder?!
Leave that to me, Mr. Teja.
I'll kill him in a manner he won't even realize he's dead.
But you will kill him only when he comes to India, won't you?
But when will he come to India? When will he?
His daughter's here, sir. He'll certainly come, too!
Good! That's very good!
Kill his daughter then!
- Who's that? Miss Raveena? - What's it, Tilu?
When I got up this morning, I saw that I had lost my eye-sight.
Where are we, by the way?
The world seemed strange when I lost my memory...
...and now it's turning dark, when I've lost my eye-sight.
Get a grip on yourself, Tilu.
Control, my foot! Excuse me... step aside!
Leave me! Leave me!
- No! - Let me go!
I have right to live!
- What's going on here? - He's committing suicide.
Oh?! There's someone to see you, Madam.
Let go of me! Let me go, I said!
Oh God!
- Who are you? - What is it?
Please don't worry. I'm a Police Doctor.
Just as the police smells out the criminals...
...I reach the patients with the scent I get, too.
Khurana... not Purana (Old)... Dr Prem Khurana!
I have information that there's a patient hiding in your house.
I didn't do it deliberately... I was only standing with the club...
I know that! But where is he?
How should we have known that he'd lose his memory?
Tilu's eye-sight is failing him, too.
- Tilu? - Yes, we found him at the Lake... we call him Tilu.
He'll see everything clearly when he catches sight of me!
Hasn't he recognized me?!
- Will he get back his memory then? - Of the last seven births!
- I know this ailment well. - Who's he, Miss Raveena?
He's a doctor.
I'm a pretty old hand.
He seems more like a carpenter!
- My father was a carpenter. - I don't want him treating me.
Give me poison instead. I'd rather die.
I'll fulfill that wish too. Leave her hand.
- No. - Let go of her hand!
He has a contagious disease!
Everything will be okay, now that I've come.
The name's Prem... Prem Khurana.
See how I set him right now.
Our friendship?! Have you forgotten? I'm your friend, after all!
- To hell with it! - I feel like strangling you!
I'll give you an injection meant for horses. You'll neigh, too!
What are you discussing with him?
- That's very confidential. - Confidential?
Distractions! Tilu! The treatment!
What's all this?
You can understand this, Miss. I don't want my memory.
I'll manage with what little I have.
This is a disease which spreads at his touch!
To treat him, you must keep him away from food.
Will he recover his memory if he's hit on the same spot again?
- That's possible. - Oh no!
Can we give him another blow then?
He must be hit on the same spot. A hard blow!
I'll hit him! I'll succeed if I give him two or four blows!
I've had it!
You hit him earlier, Miss Raveena. Let me try now.
You're going to get a sound thrashing!
Leave this to me.
Only tell me when and how many blows he must be given.
Can I try, sir?
Two and two... Four in all!
Everybody will be given a fair chance.
Give him two blows, when he gets up.
Keep giving him two blows, as and when he wants to sleep.
I get up before everybody else does, sir.
There's nothing to worry about, is there Doctor?
I've given him the injection. He needs blessings and blows now.
Don't forget to keep hitting him.
Till he recovers, I'll stay here.
- An unwanted guest? - That's how I am.
Accommodate him in the outhouse, Robert.
Not there; In this house, near your room.
- Give me the room opposite mine. - Is there nothing adjoining?
- There is. Near mine. - Opposite will do. Thanks.
The doctor's very nice. Isn't he?
Gone crazy over him, have you?
Hurry up... We've to give Tilu some blows.
- This is a unique bouquet, Robert. - It's beautiful, sir.
- I've kept a time-bomb in it. - You hold it.
It's time for Raveena to come out.
When she smilingly picks it up, it'll blast at the appointed time.
And that will be the last 'time' of her life.
It's time for you to keep the bouquet.
But if I keep it, the police will...
Don't worry, Robert. I've written Tilu's name on it.
Tilu will go to prison, and Raveena to heaven.
It's like killing two people using the same arrow!
It's like killing two, with one arrow.
Go now. There's very little time in the time-bomb left.
Have you switched it on?!
- Is the car ready, Robert? - No! Yes... it is!
I've kept the time-bomb on the table, sir.
Raveena will be out soon.
Good-timing is okay, but when will good times come?
Good times will be upon us very soon...
What's that? Flowers?!
For Raveena? From Tilu?!
You dare do this! I'll put my name there...
What's going on, Doctor? Who are you giving the bouquet to?
And what's this behind you? What are you hiding?
For Raveena, is it? ...Tilu!
Your name instead of mine, eh?
Don't mess with me... Mr. Tilu!
Who's Tilu? I'll give you a kick!
What's up? What's happening, Tilu?
I brought you flowers, but the doctor wants to beat me up!
- Well, doctor? - I brought the flowers!
- I brought them! - I did!
- I brought them! - I did!
Start counting, Robert.
Have the good times arrived?
- You threw it! - You did!
What you mean to say is that... couldn't play the 'game' because of those two clowns.
Very good.
I've got great satisfaction.
Sorry, sir. We made a mistake my oversight.
Those two boys are very smart, sir.
At breakfast yesterday...
Please don't worry, Mr. Teja.
A snoring rat can't awaken a lion, can it?
- According to our new plan... - Shut up!
You and your 'plans'!
I'm going through a bad patch!
They speak like lions and are not even rats themselves!
I don't want any excuses this time.
Do anything, but finish the 'game'.
And this time, come here with the news of their death!
I'll come with the corpse, if you wish.
Or better still, I'll kill her here in your presence.
We've very smartly managed to discover something more, Sir.
Mr. Bajaj of London has converted all his wealth into diamonds.
He'll arrive here in 10 days.
We heard that when he was talking to his daughter over the phone.
- What did boss say? - I couldn't hear him.
But he definitely must have said 'smart boy'!
Will I get food today, Miss Raveena?
- Yes, you will. - Really?
- Has the doctor left? - Forget him and eat. Okay?
So much of food?! For me?!
Who hit me?
All that food is for us.
And this food is for you.
Pepper-balls, ginger sweets...
...bitter gourd soup and chilies-salad.
I think I'm recovering my memory!
- Anything else? - No.
Your treatment continues then.
Eat it, Tilu. You'll recover soon.
Eat it as if it were medicine. The doctor himself made it.
I'd rather die than eat this!
How can you die like this, Tilu?
We won't let you die so easily, after all.
Feed him with your hands, Miss. He'll have to eat then...
Else, it'll break her heart.
Eat this...
You're very smart, doctor.
Who's all that food for, Robert?
It's for the doctor, sir.
- Is it something special? - Yes. Especially for him.
With lots of butter and clarified butter.
I can't hope for all this.
Could you get my medicines from upstairs? I'll live on them now.
- I'll get it, sir. - Hurry.
Pepper-balls for me and mutton-soup for you, eh?!
Here's purgative meant for horses. It really knocks them out!
- You'll crave for food! - Is dinner served, Robert?
Does it have enough of butter, Robert?
This is delicious...
Is anything left?
No... The food was excellent today.
- Where's Miss Raveena, Robert? - Upstairs.
"For the very first time, I've seen Love in my beloved's eyes"
"Now is when my heart is contented, too"
It's you? Please come, doctor.
- Stop calling me doctor. - Well?
You can call me Prem.
Have some oranges.
- I want to say something to you. - Yes?
Actually, this has to do with the heart.
Yes... From quite some time now...
Go on.
- Yes? - Give me two minutes.
- Please come, doctor. - I asked you not to call me doctor.
- Call me Prem. - Have some oranges.
- You were saying something. - Yes.
- Yes? - I was speaking from my heart...
Actually I...
- What is it? - I...
From quite some time now...
Two minutes.
- Miss Raveena! - Doctor!
- You were saying something. - Yes, about my stomach...! About my heart.
- Are you okay, doctor? - Should I call a doctor?
- He was speaking his heart. - Heart?! Yes? What was that?
- I'll tell her later. - Let me listen, too. Go on!
- Let me go! - Please speak.
- Let me go! - You'll break her heart!
- Let it break! - Speak up, will you?
Speak up now or it'll be too late.
- It's late, anyway! - Go away...
- You're fine, I hope. - Absolutely! What can happen to me?
Where did this road-block materialize from?
The name is Crime Master Gogo!
I play with eye-balls as if they were marbles.
Where's your boss, Teja? He ran away with my money!
- We don't know! - We don't know, I swear!
- Get down! - Why?
I must steal something since I've come. It's family business!
I'm Mogambo's nephew... Gogo!
Gogo's stunts are incredible, aren't they?
This was your idea, wasn't it you rascal?
To please Karisma in order to know more about Raveena?
Exactly! Did she tell you something about Raveena?
What could she tell me?
Whenever I ask her about Raveena, she gives me a cold stare.
Karisma has fallen in love with you, sonny boy...
...and deep down in your heart, you care for her, too.
Yes, that's true. But how did you know?
You're crazy! Do I want to be a Cook by marrying Karisma?!
- Want to return to Bhopal then? - Oh no.
I will not concede defeat so soon.
This story will take a new turn after the Intermission.
Only I will get married to Raveena!
- Where are you, Doctor Khurana? - Hide! Quickly!
Here's a blanket!
- Who were you talking to? - To myself.
- Who will listen to my woeful tale? - I will...
- No! - All day, all night...
...without batting an eyelid. I will listen and listen...
I will... tell you the story some other day. Now I must...
...prepare the patient's medicine. - Why do you love him so much?
Love? If I could help it, I would strangle him!
- What does that mean? - I mean...
...I'd thrust the medicine down his throat. So, he'd recover.
Where's the noise coming from? What are you boiling?
It's my pain, actually!
There's pain there and here, too.
Everybody's under pressure. What can one do?
Cure Tilu soon, so that we can have some party and music.
Madam loves music a lot, anyway.
- Madam likes music, eh? - Yes.
Raveena likes it? Listen to it then!
This poison is extracted from a scorpion, Robert.
Mix just two drops in somebody's drinks...
...the one who drinks it, turns blue and then yellow.
What happens after that, sir?
After that he sleeps the slumber of death forever.
- Economical and trusted. - It must be effective, too?
It looks as if it's used on animals!
- Yes. On buffaloes. - Buffaloes!
Hold him tight, Miss Raveena.
- I don't want it. - But I must give it!
Remember, this poisoned drink is for Raveena.
I'll give it to her, sir.
I don't want it! Leave me!
Let him give you the injection. It's for your own good.
Do that again... run your hands on my cheek, please!
It's coming back... my memory's returning!
- Your memory?! - Do it again, please...
It's here! It's back!
Thank you, Miss Raveena! I feel like...
I can't control my joy! I don't know what I'm doing!
You understand, don't you?
You do?!
It's a miracle! A miracle!
To celebrate this, give your servants gifts on my behalf!
Give them a bonus and a day's holiday!
- We normally do this. - You do?
I'm Amar Singh, son of the landlord of Bhevnagar, Vikram Singh!
I have only two hobbies; hunting and soccer.
- I used to be a champion! - Really?
I used to play for Mohan Bagan!
He's getting even crazier! I must give him this injection!
Hey, doctor! Just take your fees and get lost!
He's really gone mad, Madam!
You're a servant, yet you climb sofas and even call me mad, eh?
You are mad!
If you had recovered, the doctor would have known. Right, doctor?
The patient first knows whether he has recovered!
Try to understand, Madam...
You've changed colors ever since the doctor has arrived!
Haven't you changed, too?
Is he the one being treated or is it you?
At this rate, you'll be a patient too!
It's Robert's birthday.
On this happy occasion, he has prepared a special drink.
It's called the "Drink of the Heavens"
You may present the drinks, Robert.
You didn't tell me it was my birthday.
Take this glass.
Please, sir...
Cheers for Robert's birthday and to my regained memory!
You think we'd really believe you've regained your memory?
- What proof do you have? - Proof? Idiot!
I remember everything! I was a champion at football!
I even remember that historic match of 1988...
...when I scored six consecutive goals for Mohan Bagan!
Let me show you how. I was positioned here...
...and here was the wicket-keeper of the opposition.
The goal-keeper, idiot! This is soccer!
- Give me your glasses. Quick! - Our glasses? Why?
- Come on! - Here you are.
Strange servants this house has!
Your glasses! Climbs the sofa, insolent girl!
May I have your glass, too, Miss Raveena?
Let her finish her drink!
- Okay, you have it. - No, I don't want it.
- Go ahead. It's your birthday! - It's okay... play your game.
As I had the ball with me, I was surrounded...
...I was here and there, there and here...
...left and right, fooling everyone of them...
...they kept running helter-skelter. Making them dance, I approached...
...maneuvering my way to the goal-keeper...
I made the goal-keeper dance, too... And then... GOAL!
Do you have your proof now? Do you believe me? Yes!
- Here are your glasses. - 'Our' glasses?
- Here are yours. - No, thank you.
Strange servants. They now refuse to take it! Take the glasses!
Good... it's very good.
Why aren't you people drinking? Go ahead. It's very good!
Don't show your teeth. Drink it!
It's my birthday, Madam. I'll drink last.
He's insulting you, Miss Raveena!
- What was that, Bhalla? - I'll drink it, Madam.
Now... you drink.
There's something fishy here.
Go on, drink it! Drink it!
Swallow it! Go on! You'll get a blow! Swallow it!
I knew something of this sort would happen.
If we go on like this, we'll be made the 'game' one day!
I've got great satisfaction!
Sorry, sir. We made a mistake.
That younger boy...
Please don't worry, Mr. Teja.
Till when will the prey escape the lion?
According to my new plan...
What kind of people have you employed, Teja?
They wear suits worth Rs. 10,000 but don't possess brains worth 10 paise!
You'll end up in a heap, if you keep such company.
You'll have to do something on your own, Teja!
Stand on your own two feet. Start now, Teja!
You both can't do a thing.
I think I'll have to deal with you now.
There's a fair being held at Fort Mayavi tomorrow.
Both these girls will go to the fair, too.
They will be killed there.
Very good.
But I will come to the fair, too.
I'll deal the cards henceforth.
But those two jokers... what's to be done with them?
They both are destined to die at my hands.
According to the plan...
Hurry up, Miss Raveena. There's a time to get to the temple.
Only then are you granted your wish.
What are you looking back for?
Don't mention that inauspicious name now.
- Let's go, 'Uncle"... - Well, my son...
...where are you taking your sister?
Sister? Are you blind? Let's go!
Okay, sit down.
- Take my hand, dear. - Yes, he's an old man.
What's the matter, dear? Where's the glow of your face?
Maybe you had to accompany someone else and are not!
O God! You and your ways! Grapes for an ape!
You dare call her an ape?!
No, son... I called her the grape...
Grape?! That's a nice fruit.
You can move a little, dear.
Don't touch her! Let's go! Old ass!
Thinking of your father, son? Let's go...
We'll go... from the presence of everybody else!
Let's go...
The rose fell off! Get it back for her, son.
We're getting late. I'll get you another.
What a shame!
Had the rose fallen off from my wife's hand...
...I would have leapt after it!
Shame on the youngsters of the day!
- I'll get it., - Sit down.
You'll take ages!
Let's go!
Hey, old man! Where are you taking her?!
- You're very much 'that'. - What?
- 'That'. - What?
'That', eh? 'That' I am.
The love-birds are here, but where are my guys?
- Where were you? - We fell asleep, sir.
- Where's the gun? - I have it, sir.
Here it is.
- What's this? - This is Vasco Da Gama's gun.
Which 'Mama' (Uncle)
It's Vasco Da Gama's gun.
You don't have to aim with this.
Just imagine the guy and fire... it finds its target!
Let me take a look, Sir.
What was that?
What do you think went wrong?
That's life, pal... You win some, lose some.
It's all part of the game. Hadn't I asked you to return?
That you couldn't win here?
Just think; there's such a difference between you and Raveena.
You need looks and luck to marry such a wealthy girl.
You lack both.
I know very well...
...the broken heart, affects the brains, too.
Look what I've got. Rum to drive away sorrows...
Have this tonight, to lessen your burden of sorrow.
But don't get hooked; it affects your liver.
I've got something to talk to you about.
Go upstairs. I've no time. Talk to Prem.
You're misunderstanding me.
I don't talk to servants. Good-bye.
I want to say something to you, Prem.
But that shouldn't affect our relationship.
Relationship? What relationship? You're a strange girl!
I'm not what you think I am.
- Meaning? - I'm not Karisma.
What difference does it make?
If not Karisma, you could be Jamila, Shakila, Sunita or Papita...
...whatever you are, my boat has capsized!
You see, that Raveena is not Raveena...
...she's me and I'm her.
You are not you, it's her...
...she's not her, she's you.
You are not you and she's not her.
Am 'I' what I am, or not what I am?
Who am 'I'?
Idiot! I'm Ramgopal Bajaj's daughter, Raveena Bajaj.
She's our accountant Harishankar's daughter, Karisma.
- What?! - Yes.
We had swapped names.
I wanted a boy to love me, and not my wealth.
And that love... I've found in your eyes, Prem.
I have never liked India.
Even my friends used to tell me this.
"Amar, you're not made for this country"
"You should be elsewhere"
It's good that you came from abroad and like a jeweler...
...recognized a diamond.
Otherwise, the people here are, well... like Indians.
They could never know my true worth.
I've been trying to tell you...
You're trying to say that after marriage we'll stay in London.
That we will have to do.
To handle the huge business empire of your father...
...I'll have to stay in London.
You want to share your joy.
I believe in that, too. Excuse me...
The evening shall be spent in our name.
The champagne and dinner for the evening, for all of you, is on us!
- How's that possible? - You see, I can understand you.
Poor chap.
I think he's drunk everything.
It happens...
...a broken heart affects the brains.
Now, what can be done? I tried to make him understand.
To return to Bhopal.
That nothing was possible here. But he wouldn't listen.
- Now listen Amar... - It's too late.
The poor chap's youth will be spent in an asylum.
- Why don't you understand, Amar! - Please explain, Raveena.
I'm not Raveena, I'm Karishma. She's Raveena Bajaj.
She's Ramgopal Bajaj's only heir.
I'm his accountant, Harishankar's daughter.
I did all this at Raveena's instructions.
Prem... is not crazy. He's dancing in glee.
Raveena must have told him the truth.
Prem has won what you badly wanted.
I have no wealth, Amar. I have nothing.
It's good that we took this route, isn't it?
Or Gogo would have held us! How was the idea?
- Where's your boss, Teja? - We don't know.
Why do you always harass us because of him?
I won't spare him. I'll have his eye-balls for marbles!
- I want my money! - You'll get your money!
Teja's brother is bringing diamonds from London.
He'll sell the diamonds and pay you off!
- I don't want the money. - Good.
I want the diamonds!
- Get down! - Why?
I'll steal something, since I'm here! It's family business!
Mogambo's nephew, Gogo!
He took our scooter the last time and our bicycle now...
...and the next time...
Did you see that? Gogo's gimmicks?!
He's not at the bus-stop and not at the tea-shop...
- Where have you been? - Why? What's wrong?
Nothing yet... But she went away crying.
Who? Which Raveena?
The one who was first Raveena and is now Karisma?
Is it the one who pretended to be the servant?
Or is it the one who pretended to be money-bags?
- 'Your' Raveena! - What happened to her?
She went away crying. She said she'd commit suicide.
- What are you saying? - Read it.
- Where did she go? - There.
What's wrong? Why are you screaming?
What happened? I almost died!
What does this mean? What have you written?
What's wrong with that? I really came here to die...
...but I found it a bit too high.
I'll jump from down below. It'll hurt less.
- What nonsense is this? - What's my life to you, anyway?
Your love for me wasn't real in any case.
Look Raveena... I mean, Karisma...
Look at me... Look into my eyes.
Does my love seem fake to you?
I admit I had come to enact a farce.
But I've really fallen in love with you.
Whoever you are, however you are... I love you.
Your friend has hurt my friend's heart.
If something happens to her...
...I'll never forgive you!
- But Karisma... - Not Karisma, Raveena!
My friend talks a lot, but he's a nice chap.
He'd never hurt your friend.
She's gone to end her life! What about that?
- Nothing. - What?
Amar could even con the God of Death and bring Him here.
They'll be here any moment, arm in arm.
- Where were you? - She went to end her life.
She wanted less height. I brought her back.
- Didn't I say, Karisma... - What did you say?
- It's very confusing! - Oh yes, it is!
This is a great problem.
We're not concerned with what your real names are...
...your names will be what we have always called you!
At least meet Amar and Prem once, Dad.
We've known them well. They're one in a million.
They're not only handsome, but able and sensible too.
It's 8 'O Clock. Where's my newspaper?
Everything should be done at its time.
- Prem is a very good man. - Amar's good at heart.
- They're wonderful. - Intelligent.
- Handsome, wise... - Good-hearted...
Where's my tea?
There's a time for everything.
I've been hearing about them since I've arrived.
Nobody seems to be asking about me.
Call them at 7 tomorrow.
Is it time for the sugar, sir?
Listen carefully or you could ruin everything.
- Uncle speaks little. - Hears little, too.
- Is he deaf? - Don't talk nonsense with him.
- Don't be quiet out of fear, okay? - What's there to fear?
It's a matter of love. Of getting married...
...we marry at home with consent; in the temple without it...
- Right? - I thought so too.
Put your hands down. You're three minutes late!
Do you know the value of three minutes?
One can finalize deals worth crores in that much time!
I had reserved six minutes for you.
Three minutes for you to speak and three for me.
You've lost your three minutes; Now only listen...
Amar and Prem...
...full of purity and devotion.
Your names had suggested that you were glamour-struck vagabonds.
But you're useless parasites, too.
While you do certainly look like illiterate bums... proved to be greater fools when you...
...thought I'd agree to this match.
My three minutes are not up.
I've brought up these girls with a lot of love and affection.
But I think they need medical help...
...because they've chosen rascals like you.
Pull the finger out of the mouth and get lost!
- What happened? - What else?
He tried to throw his weight around and started bragging.
About his achievements and status.
I told him that we were not concerned with whatever he was!
It's for you to see, as to how we are!
Quiet! He was absolutely quiet!
He really felt that what I had said made sense.
- Tell them what I said, too. - Oh yes!
His spirits also rose, when he saw me. What's that you said?
I shut him up! I gave 2 answers for each of his question.
There was one question, and two answers...!
It was only questions and answers and then... silence!
A long silence...
You should do something to win his respect.
For instance, suppose Ramgopal Bajaj gets into some problem...
...and you rescue him!
He himself is the 'problem'! What problem will be get into?
Bloody Hitler!
Just suppose the old man gets kidnapped...
...and the two of you risk your lives to save him!
Won't both of you be heroes then?
Is that a marriage-plan or a death-trap?
He's talking about risking lives!
We won't risk our lives! Who'll kidnap him anyway?
We will kidnap him.
We'll ask for a ransom of 5 lakhs, but you come and rescue him!
Isn't the problem solved? Very simple!
The man's a real 'clock', sir!
He has things planned for every single second!
You should call him the HMT instead of Ramgopal Bajaj!
- So you're Teja's goons, eh? - Not I, sir, it's him!
- It's him... - He brought me here!
You work for him and even lie about it!
We work for him? Oh no! He's a first-rate rascal, sir!
Let's go the Police Station, sir...
...we'll have him reported and thrown behind bars!
I'll finish of your game!
Dealing my cards in my absence, eh?
Mr. Teja! I always knew!
You've really pulled off this gimmick, sir!
I imitate him well, don't I?
- We both were fooled. - Everybody else will be, too!
What I have to decide is how to get into his house now!
I'll make the plan for that, too.
- He gets up at 6 every morning. - And goes jogging after that!
- He jogs near the Ladies Hostel. - Voyeuristic chap, sir!
- He reads the papers at 7 a.m. - And bathes at 7.30, sharp.
Sitting in the garden, he reads the newspaper for exactly 9.30 minutes.
- He's at the Golf Club at 9 a.m. - Knows nothing, but plays Golf too!
Then, for exactly 13 minutes, he walks about the golf-course all alone.
That's it! When he's alone!
Fresh lime juice.
He must be kidnapped by now! There will be a phone call, too!
Don't you go on ranting in there. You'll spoil the whole show.
Just stay by my side silently.
I only meant to help you, pal.
You want to get married? Then please don't help me!
- You're looking very beautiful. - Is Daddy at home?
Why are both of you so quiet?
- Has your Dad scolded you again? - There's no trace of Dad.
He hasn't even returned home.
He hasn't been kidnapped, has he?
He talks nonsense. Your Dad will be back.
I'm getting scared. There isn't even a telephone call.
There will be a telephone call soon!
Uncle has been kidnapped! The ransom is Rs.50 lakhs!
- 50 lakhs?! - Give the phone to me...
Ask them why it is 50 lakhs... It's disconnected?
Please don't worry... Your father is our father!
We'll risk our lives to save him!
We'll be back in a jiffy!
I mean, it'll be difficult! Please don't cry... you too.
The plan's successful!
The girls and the old man will be happy!
Congratulations on the Wedding!
Hey listen!
Uncle hasn't been kidnapped. It's all a stunt of Amar and Prem.
- How do you know? - I heard them talking.
- They planned to please uncle. - How's that?
They'll first have him kidnapped and them have him released...
...they'll be heroes in his opinion, right?
Yes! But how much of trouble they've put us through.
We'll teach them a lesson, too.
It's incredible!
Honestly tell us, for how long have you been in this business?
What's up now?
Instead of asking for 5 lakhs, why did you ask for 50?
- Oh no! - It's okay if you asked...
...but who's going to pay up?
We haven't asked for Rs.50 lakhs... He has.
- Who's 'he'? - Yes, who's 'he'?
The one who kidnapped Ramgopal Bajaj.
- What did you say? - I'll explain...
Everything went off according to our plan...
...we even had him in our trap. But then...
There was a sudden attack on our heads.
The earth split, the heavens fell and...
Cut out the details!
This has turned serious, Prem.
There seems to be an organized gang behind all this.
You're looking very smart today.
Has Uncle returned?
- He will. - He's been kidnapped by a big gang.
We know that.
They've asked for Rs.50 lakhs. The money will be paid.
It's okay... he's their father. They're not bothered. Why should we?
Sit down. There's food here. Let's eat.
- You don't seem to understand... - A big gang and a small amount...
...only Rs.50 lakhs?!
Rs.50 lakhs?!
That's too much! We were asking only for Rs.5 lakhs.
And he felt that was too much, too!
He should be ashamed!
You've arranged for the money, haven't you?
We have your bosses here. Talk to them.
My boss?! Who's this boss of mine?!
- This is Amar speaking. - Give the phone to Raveena, punk!
- He wants to talk to you. - I don't want to talk.
Tell me, what is it?
Give the phone to Raveena, will you?!
- He wants to talk to you. - He's your man. You talk to him.
They're not willing to talk. Tell me whatever it is.
You donkey, idiot, scoundrel... rascal, ape...
You're a donkey and your father, too!
Speak now or I'll disconnect!
Listen! Ramgopal Bajaj is in our custody.
If you want him alive, come to the old temple with Rs.50 lakhs.
If you act smart, we'll knock him off. Understand?
Your father's kidnapped, and you're not even talking to him!
Enough is enough! There's a limit to these jokes.
Now go and bring my father home.
We have not kidnapped your father.
But I heard you talking about your plans. What about that?
Prem will explain that to you. Explain it to them, Prem.
Yes. That is exactly how it happened.
It means, our men did really try to kidnap him...
...but he was kidnapped by these guys.
Has Daddy really been kidnapped?!
Now look; it's our mistake...
...we will even risk our lives to save him.
Your father is...
...well, not out father. Our fathers are back home.
- Let's go. - You can cry if you wish.
- Here's a napkin. - Let's go.
So, you converted your earnings into diamonds, eh?
- How did you know? - How did I know, eh?!
I won't give you the diamonds, even if I die.
Who'll bother you if you're dead anyway?
Now listen Ramu... quietly give me the locker-number...
...I'm being tolerant because you're my brother...
...or I would have finished you off long ago!
I've asked for Rs.50 lakhs, for your safety.
Your daughters must be on their way with the money.
With Rs.50 lakhs, the police will be silenced...
...and I'll lead a peaceful life as Ramgopal Bajaj.
Neither will the locker be out of reach, nor the number.
Certainly not the keys, and not at all the diamonds!
I asked for Rs.50 lakhs... they're carrying it in that bag!?
- Must be 50 checks of a lakh each! - Shut up!
I'll go and find out.
Amar... let's return.
He hasn't turned up. I don't think he will.
I want to urinate... we'll return tomorrow morning.
Wait. Getting scared, are you?
No, not scared... I'm a bit frightened of nights.
Why get frightened? I'm with you! Don't be...
- Why are you screaming?! - Don't scream!
- What is it? - Where's the dough?
- Here it is... - Wait!
- Where's uncle? - Where's the money?
- Here it is! - Look, we're not novices...
...we want to see uncle, before we show you the money. Right?
- See this... - What is it? What is...
Give it to him! Hurry up! What are you waiting for?
- This is small change! - Small change?
It nothing less than Rs. 8,535.39!
Do you think I'd rob a piggy-bank?
This isn't ransom, it's more like a donation for funerals!
- We've brought all we had. - Yes...
I had asked for Rs.50 lakhs. Where is it?
Where will we get Rs.50 lakhs from?
- Why? - You have a faulty plan!
You kidnapped the father and asked the daughter.
You should have kidnapped the daughter and threatened the father!
You've got it all wrong! He seems to be a novice!
- Shut up! Or I'll shoot you! - Sorry!
Get Ramu ready.
They've brought only Rs.7,000.
Didn't I say they're smart? The shorter one...
We'll manage with this.
Don't you dare touch the money.
Keep an eye on Ramgopal; I'll keep coming.
I'm leaving now; don't spend a penny.
- Uncle's come! - We risked our lives for you!
- Okay, let's go. - Yes, let's go.
- You can sit behind. - Come here, in the middle.
- Push up a little. Come here... - Yes... but how will I drive?
Are you comfortable?
- Sit on the bar there. - Yes, on the bar here.
But how will I drive? Sit in his lap, uncle!
- Yes, in my lap! - Get down!
Sit in his lap, they say! Get down!
He's an idiot... he won't even know we're sitting here!
Get this thing, clearly.
If you love us, you'll have to forsake your father and his wealth.
We agree, Prem...
...but father has changed a lot.
For someone who used to hate liquor, he simply gulps it down!
Do you know the kind of foul language he uses!
It happens...'s the gangsters' influence on him. Forget him!
- He's spoilt! - Hitler is a write-off, eh?!
This is no time to joke.
He searched the house the other day, as he were a cop in a thief's house!
He overturned the entire house last night.
- Overturned? - Overturned?!
What's this? Uncle? In this condition?
My God! The world changes in seconds!
It's good that Karisma and Raveena didn't come, too.
They would have wept, had they seen this side of him.
I'm thinking of his late wife.
- Her soul must be in turmoil now! - Great turmoil!
But so quickly? He was okay just now.
He's okay even now.
But since when has he picked up these vices?
- I think there's some suspense. - Suspense?
- The film 'Seeta Aur Geeta'! - No! It was 'Ram Aur Shyam'!
Not one, but two uncles!
There's only one uncle. The other's a look-alike.
Just like him!
- Let's go to the police. - No, not the police.
This is the opportunity to turn heroes in his opinion.
- How? - Somehow or the other...
...we have to lock up the fake one and pull out the real uncle!
Do you think I'd tell your clowns about the diamonds, too?
- What? - I'll give you the diamonds.
I? I'll own Rs.30 crores?
I'll lead a decent life now.
I'll fulfill a dream that I had in the corner of my heart for years.
I'll start a poultry farm.
I'll have thousands of birds.
Which will lay lakhs of eggs.
That will lead to many crore new birds and many more eggs!
And billions of omelets!
I'll supply the bread to eat those eggs too.
I'll even have a bakery.
The Ling of Bakeries... and the Emperor of Omelets!
"Our own Bajaj..."
You'll make omelets with my hard-earned money, eh?
You'll start a bakery for the bread, too, eh?
Oh God! Thank you very much!
What are you animals doing here?
We were awaiting you, uncle!
He looks just like our Uncle!
All that free food has made him fat!
We'll cut him down to size!
Uncle, get up! We're here, Uncle!
Hurry up, uncle! Let's go home!
Raveena and Karisma are awaiting you there. Let's go!
- We risked our lives to save you. - Yes, that's true!
Bravo! Bravo!
Tie him up, properly. Lest he escapes again.
Yes! Let's do it again!
- What's this, uncle? - I'm not 'uncle'!
I'm Teja!
He cleverly locked me in...
...and you cleverly pulled me out and put him in!
Amuse yourself with rummy. I'm off to play my game! Bye!
You're all mixed up, Uncle! You're the real uncle!
Forget him and take care of this chap. He can get violent!
I'll kill both of you!
He's not uncle, I am!
You should have at least asked me who I was!
I had got out with great difficulty!
I knew when I first saw you that you're the greatest fools ever!
I still haven't cooled down.
Donkeys! Owls! Apes! Illiterate bums...
Don't you dare utter another word!
We were just beginning to understand who's Karisma and who's Raveena...
...and here's another! Who's uncle?!
Is this a family-disease?
Is it our mistake that you resemble each other?
Had we asked your parents to give birth to twins?
That too, a crook like him?! What is to be done now?
Don't you dare move!
Don't wipe that off!
Come now... Let's think of something.
What I can't understand, sir... why do Hindi films portray gangsters and villains... stupid and morons?
Because all of them are not smart as we are.
- Where the hell were you?! - What is that to you?
I'm Teja... Open the door!
- So, you're Teja, eh? - I... speak up!
This man is Teja.
If this is Teja, who is that man outside?
He was Ramgopal Bajaj. He tricked me and locked me inside!
Then why did he leave these clowns with you?
Why don't you speak?!
You don't understand; He doesn't want us to marry his daughters!
That's why he's locked us inside.
- Look at this mark! - Mark?
What mark is that?
Look at this pack of cards... Your game will be over!
These are Teja's cards... We've made a mistake!
- Open them! Where are the keys!? - I'll finish the game!
- Hurry up, Robert. - I'll finish your game!
I hope you didn't have any difficulty in there, sir.
Don't touch us!
We'll handle everything now. Explain everything, Teja.
- What's there to explain? - They are very understanding...
...their faces tell us how smart they are.
Don't smile! Straighten your cap and follow me!
This is Prem here. We're bringing Uncle...
...till then, keep an eye on Uncle.
- Aw, shut up! - What's he saying?
That man at home is not uncle. He's an impostor.
He's Teja. Keep an eye on him till we reach there.
But he's just left with the keys!
He must have gone to the bank.
Don't worry. We'll send the real uncle home...
...and go to the bank to nab the fake one. Let's go.
There he goes! Catch him!
Wait! I was a champ at stone-throwing!
It's found the mark! 'Rabbit' throws well!
Robert, not Rabbit! Hurry!
We've found the diamonds, sir.
We'll call Teja and tell him we've found this. He'll reward you!
Till Teja recovers... I mean, keep hitting him!
They'll call Teja and ask him to kill this chap. And then...
My dear!
My name is Crime Master Gogo!
I'll have his eye-balls for marbles!
I won't spare anyone! Not even Teja!
- He's my father, not Teja. - Teja's gone to the bank.
What's this fuss about? Take all of them with us!
They disappeared after they went to make that call.
Where's your boss, Teja? Where are my diamonds?
- He's gone to fetch the girls. - Amar's giving the diamonds to Teja.
- Bajaj is lying there. - Bajaj is in the car!
- No, this is Bajaj. - Bajaj is in my car!
Hey! Where are you going?
- I was looking for you. - Why?
He's disappeared with uncle and the two girls.
- Who? - Crime Master Gogo.
He's asked you to reach here with the diamonds if you want them alive.
And he's also said that if you inform the police...
- Then what? - The obvious.
He seems to be a master at the game.
Get down quickly... Careful.
I'll play marbles with your eye-balls!
- Put your hands up! - They were always up there!
Come on... follow me!
Amar and Prem are here!
But why are they walking with their hands up?
The two clowns!
- Your apron, my Gogo. - I'll pick it up!
Hi! Hello! How are you? Hello there! Hi...
Shut up! What are you greeting them for? Are you at a party?
They have the diamonds, Gogo!
- Hello, uncle! - I'm not uncle. I'm Teja!
But Teja has a mark on his face. Right, Robert?
- Yes. You must have the mark. - What mark?
- Which mark is this? - I'm Teja, my name is Teja too!
I'm Teja, Ramu... I am Teja!
You'd better listen, Ramu. I'm Teja!
- I'm Teja! - I am! I have the mark!
- To hell with it! I'm Teja! - I am, because...
- Shut up! - I'm Teja.
"What's this business of Teja, Teja?"
What I ask is where are the diamonds?
How can we have the diamonds? We're like innocent little birds.
Birds... of the same flock... flying high in the skies...
- Am I right, Prem? - Why not.
- We're kids. - And very naive, too.
- And clean-hearted, right? - Why not?!
We only came here to free the girls.
- Let's open them. Okay, Prem? - Why not?
Don't act smart.
I'll use your eyes for marbles!
Why do you want to play with our eyes?
They all have such big eyes. Look at them!
Don't let them con you! They have the diamonds!
Robert snatched them away from me and gave it to them!
What silly logic!
Why will his goons give the diamonds to me?
Can you do something silly like that, Robert and Bhalla?
Oh no, I'd never do that. Never!
Actually, he's being misled by your face.
- What's wrong with my face? - They think you're an idiot.
He only looks like a foolish fellow. But he's actually not!
Was that praise for me or abuse?
Praise! It was praise all the way, sir!
I've been hearing tales about you since I was a little boy.
Do you know what my mother used to say when I cried, Prem?
What did your mother say?
She used to say... "go to sleep son..."
"or Gogo will be upon us"
Did you hear that about Crime Master Gogo's reputation?
When a kid doesn't sleep his mother says, "sleep, dear..."
"or it'll bring Gogo here"
- Go on with some more. - What's more...
...I've even heard you're very knowledgeable and all-knowing...
...a very accomplished person.
You're strong, intelligent... I'd even say you're not a man...'re a great soul!
I think we should leave with the girls now, Mr. Gogo.
You will certainly extract the diamonds from them, right?
Go get a cab, Prem.
I'm knowledgeable and all-knowing...
- Give me a hand, sir. - I'm strong...
...intelligent. In fact, I'm not a man at all!
Do you know what my mother taught me?
- What did she say? - She said...
...always first take your money and then deliver the goods.
I'll take the diamonds, first. And then give the girls!
Why are you pestering us, sir? We're like innocent birds...
...we want to fly away. Birds...
- Look at this rifle! - It's a revolver! Move it away!
That's excellent, my boy! Excellent!
Now is when we have the bull by its horn!
Don't move! Freeze! Or I'll have you 'shaken' forever!
Drop your guns!
Not you, you idiot! You'll have us killed!
I could eat all of you alive, do you know that?!
And you?! You call yourself Crime Master, eh?
"I made a mistake by oversight!"
Shut up! I have a terrible temper! I'm capable of doing anything!
- Bullet... - Yes, bullets!
We'll put bullets in all of them!
It's bullets that we don't have!
We've had it!
Teja... Mr. Teja! Please don't take offence, okay?
Mr. Gogo... The Great Crime Master Gogo!
I was only kidding!
I've been hearing tales of your heroics from my childhood!
"Listen, ye people of the world, Gogo's the Greatest of them all"
We're only children... very naive... very good at heart...
Pick up your guns, friends!
We're innocent like birds... who fly in the sky!
What should I do with this gun, Amar?
- There's no bullet, right? - Haven't I said so?
Then throw it away!
I've had enough of your drama! I'll kill everyone now!
Tell me, what's your last wish before you die?
Gogo, my friend... Please let me have that loaded gun!
What's your last wish, buddy?
Before I die, I want to beat him up!
No! I don't want to get beaten up before I die!
- Please let me beat him up! - No...
I give you both two minutes.
Bash him up if you can. And you, save yourself if possible!
Why did you say there was no bullet?!
I made a mistake! Forgive me!
- Mistake, eh?! - No, not your knee!
No... Not the chair!
Well done, my boy! Well done!
Crime Master Gogo... I'll make Band Master Toto out of you!
Take their guns and throw them in the gutters!
Hand over your guns to the girls! And do not act smart!
Else, I'll fill this Gogo's head with lead!
And Gogo! This revolver is not empty!
Hey! What are you up to?
It had only one bullet!
Catch them! Bash them up!
They're all getting bashed up... Let's slip out of here!
Cut out the dramatics!
Come on, clowns! Come to me with the diamonds...
...else, I'll have dealt with these girls!
Okay... Give them to me.
Hurry up!
How much must these diamonds cost? At least a crore, right?
A crore?! Each of these diamonds is worth a crore!
Each of them, worth a crore?!
Yes! It's the earning of his whole life!
Take one last look at them, uncle.
What are you showing it to him for? Come here!
Do you mean that if each of these guys gets a diamond...
...their lives will be made, right?
Their lives?! Lives for generations to come!
Be quick, or I'll kill them!
Please don't... Here we come.
You too must take a look, Gogo.
This will be an addition to your folklore.
Of passing by a terrific opportunity.
- Don't touch it! - Just one diamond!
I've given Teja a loan! Give me one in exchange!
Come right here, or I'll kill them!
- Careful! - Yes, I'm taking care...
Careful! Don't drop it!
Raveena's mother in Heaven...
...I'm coming to join you!
Give one to Crime Master Gogo!
They've taken everything away!
There's one of them... Catch him!
He hit me! Everybody's hitting me!
What's happened to Daddy?
What's happened, father?
Uncle, wake up! We've risked our lives to save you!
Saved me, my foot!
Those people have taken away my life's savings!
How can they take it away, with both of us around, uncle?
Get out the real diamonds, Prem!
- We threw away the real ones, Amar! - What are you saying?
Give me the bag in which we had kept the fake ones.
No, you idiot! The real ones were in the red bag!
Oh no!
Yes, I remember now! They were in this bag!
In the red bag, right? Must be these, then!
I always knew my darling daughters would choose real gems!
"Listen to this tale, O people of the world..."
"...the name of Gogo!"
Whoever you are...
...will you win the game in which I deal the cards?
Give me the diamonds!
There goes another opportunity!
Give me the diamonds, as per our plan.
Yes, I'm Bhalla! Pass the diamonds, good fella!
Pass the diamonds here. I won't make any mistake this time.
My life is made now!
Not a soul will move!
I made the mistake again!
Join the queue! Take them to the prison in a queue!
They're already in a queue!
Let me see... Teja, caught at last, eh?
And who are you? Oh! Gogo!
At least get me back the money I had loaned him!
You'll get it in prison.
Here are your diamonds, Mr. Ramgopal.
Don't thank me... Thank Amar and Prem...
...It was they who rang me up.
- About our marriage? - Why not?
For getting the diamonds back...
I'll get my daughters married to Amar and Prem.
Uncle you're great! Magnanimous...
...wise... In fact, you're not man at all!
You're a Great Soul!
A-1 Headline
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