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Angel Eyes

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You called the dispatcher, right?|
We've got multiple vehicles,|possible DOAs, multiple injuries.
Major accident.|We'll need more ambulances.
All units have been deployed.|I don't have an ETA.
-I need those medics.|-I'll do the best I can.
Just get them over here.|
Can you hear me?|
Listen to me.|
Listen to me!|
Look at me.|
Look in my eyes.|
Can you feel that?|
That's my hand. Go on, hold it.|
We'll get you out of here.|
I need some help over here!|
It's okay.|
You're safe now, all right?|You'll be okay. Just hang on.
All right? You're doing fine.|
Don't let go. Don't let me go.|Stay with me.
Come on!|
Stay with me, all right?|
Stay with me.|
Stay with me.|
-What are you doing? That's my car.|-Nothing, I just--
-What'd you take?|-I turned off--
Did you take something?|
-You take my phone, huh?|-Wake up! Wake up! I helped you.
I helped you.|
I'm sorry.|
That's the fiirst|question people ask.
Have I ever killed anyone?|
So casually, like asking me|what kind of car I drive.
Why don't they ever ask|if I ever saved anyone?
Have you? Saved anyone, I mean.|
My mother would argue that|God's the only one that saves.
It must be pretty exciting, though,|catching bad guys.
Is this all we're gonna talk about?|
Look, I'm sorry.|
I'm not very good at dating.|
I take it your date sucked.|
I don't need to tell my story|to a stranger.
"What do you do, where are you from?"|
Your problem wasn't that he asked|too many questions.
You just didn't want to clean|his little pipes.
No, all I wanted|to do was clean his pipes.
The conversation pissed me off.|
Baby girl, if it's a servicing|you need...
Shut the fuck up.|
We've talked about this every|week for six months.
We've talked about this|a thousand times.
Come on. No!|
I am not having this conversation|with you again. Hang on.
None of your goddamn business.|Hang on.
Your keys are in the door.|
Then hang up. I don't care.|
You're in 215, right?|
Then fuck you!|
Not you. I'm talking to this idiot.|
You know what? Don't bother.|
I'm Catch.|
...was just about to go to bed,|weren't you?
And I just ordered a pizza...| I don't know if you're hungry--|
I gotta go.|
See you around.|
I didn't see his van, so...|
Yeah, he's not here.|
How you doing?|
I'm okay.|
And Cathy and Larry, Jr.?|I bet he's big now.
He's growing fast.|
Does he look like you,|or did he get lucky?
He's got Cathy's looks and my|strength. You should feel his grip.
So what's with the cryptic message?|
"Call me, we have to talk."|Sounds like bad news.
Mom and Dad are renewing their vows.|
Church, priest, the whole thing.|
Renewing their vows?|
With a party at the house|afterwards.
Mom wants you to come.|
Does he?|
We're working on Dad.|
Over 10 years,|and he won't let it go--
No, Sharon! I won't go|into that hole with you.
I'm over that shit.|
You're still scared of him.|
You know what?|
You shouldn't come here|in your uniform.
People will think we're in trouble.|
-Nice seeing you too.|-Yeah.
Get off of me!|
-I'll kill you!|-Shut up!
I'm gonna bend you over the car,|bitch!
-Motherfucker!|-Shut up.
-You're under arrest!|-Fucking bitch!
You are a crazy one.|You are a pretty one, senorita!
Those honey-brown eyes-- Fuck you!|
I'll take you in the back|and do you, baby.
You can suck my dick.|
This is 7673. We're bringing in|one for processing.
Look good in that uniform.|Why don't you take it off?
Take my handcuffs off too,|you fucking bitch!
-Just one touch.|-Cut it out.
You're gonna bust me!|Give me one sweet touch.
Fuck you, faggot.|
Smells like bacon in here.|
That's not the touch I want, honey!|
Sit here.|I ain't got time to babysit you.
Put your hand on top of your|head. Turn around. Sit down.
-Sit the fuck down!|-Fuck!
Mike, you got another booking sheet?|
Fucking bitch!|
He needs a rag.|
Let me talk to you.|
Do we need to have another|conversation?
You'd just let him|grab your balls?
I saw you plan that in the car.|
Just waiting to|do something to him.
If I was out of line,|put it in a report.
I hate the graveyard|shift. It fucks my system.
All the shit you eat|is fucking up your system.
I love graveyard. No traffic.|
Nothing's worse than a 459|crosstown during rush hour.
Might as well pull over,|because you're gonna be late.
You like graveyard because|you have insomnia.
I know what puts me to sleep.|
The sound of your own voice?|That puts your wife to sleep.
Get down! Down! Heads down!|
Do it now!|
Call 911!|
Stop! Hold it right there!|
Hold it!|
-Hold it!|-Heading south, University Field!
Get down!|
Wait, damn it!|
Get up here!|
Drop the gun!|
Drop the gun!|
Pogo, what's your 20?|
Damn it!|
This one's for my brother, bitch!|
Drop the fucking gun!|Drop the fucking gun!
I said drop it! Get up!|Put your hands on top of your head.
Pogue, are you all right?|You all right?
Don't you move! Get down!|
Stay away from the gun!|Are you all right?
Yeah! I'm good. I'm okay!|
Don't move!|Put your hands on your head!
-He's okay!|-I told you to wait!
I got you nectarines.|The peaches were as hard as rocks.
Your coat's all dirty.|
I tackled a guy.|
Why did you tackle a guy?|
He was going for a touchdown.|
Can you be serious?|
-What day is it today?|-Wednesday.
-I met somebody today.|-Good.
Oh, you got the broccolini.|Thank you.
It was a woman.|
You didn't tackle her too, did you?|
-She's a police officer.|-Are you in trouble?
-I don't think so.|-Well, that's a good thing.
I better go now.|
-See you next week.|-Okay.
Suddenly I see what's happening.|
Where are all the baby pigeons?|
I see nests with tiny eggs,|but I don't see tiny pigeons. Why?
You always ask the big questions.|
I got a big question for you.|I can only ask you...
Here, use this. Call your wife.|Ask her instead.
It's the hospital.|
Yeah. Gonna be okay?|
Brian's gonna be all right.|
Didn't I tell you? He's tough.|
Tomorrow? We'll be there.|
-Where's your partner?|-He has a wife.
-I got a wife.|-But his wife actually likes him.
-Where you going?|-The head. All right?
-To fix her makeup.|-Pogue wears makeup?
Right, I need that|lipstick you borrowed back.
I didn't think you'd show.|Why are you sitting here?
I don't talk to a lot of people.|
Would you like to sit down?|
Yeah. Yeah, sure.|
-I didn't thank you. I'm Sharon Pogue.|-I'm Catch.
-Just Catch?|-Just Catch.
Why would you do that, Catch?|
-Jump somebody with a gun?|-He was gonna kill you.
He could have killed you.|You got a death wish?
I guess I didn't have time|to think about it.
-Hey!|-Hey, Pogo!
-What do you think about it now?|-It was worth the risk.
-For somebody you don't even know?|-Yeah.
And for what you do.|I think cops are great.
Trying to keep it safe for everybody.|Tough job. Firemen...
...they're heros. Kids wave at them.|People should wave at cops.
-What are you laughing at?|-Nothing.
Ever think of how many people|are here because you saved them?
Or helped them, or arrested|somebody who would've hurt them?
-Never thought about it.|-Or just because you did your job.
Now I'm walking around|because of you.
Maybe you should be the cop.|
Wow, I don't know.|I don't look really good in hats.
What do you do? Where do you live?|Where do you work?
I'm sorry.|
Every time I talk to people, it comes|out like an interrogation.
You have a nice smile.|
Thank you.|
-You gonna let us meet your hero?|-Catch, this is Ray.
-Hi, Ray.|-Catch.
Why don't you join us?|We want to buy you dinner...
...for saving Pogo's ass.|
You know, I'm kind of tired.|I'm gonna head home.
-Did I interrupt something?|-All right.
I'll walk you to your car|if you'd like.
Yeah. Sure.|
It's a bad neighborhood.|Maybe I should walk you to your car.
I don't have a car.|
You want a ride home?|
No, thank you. I'd like to walk.|
Are you okay to drive?|
I'm not drunk.|
You think I am? You'll know when|I'm drunk. I'll be throwing up.
And I never throw up, so...|
Don't worry about it, okay?|
Get in the car, will you?|
I'm on Ashland, off 18th street.|
-I never drive.|-Why not?
I was trying to picture you|without your clothes.
-Excuse me?|-I didn't mean it like that.
I mean, I'm trying to picture|you out of uniform.
On your day off,|in regular clothes.
I don't live here.|
I know. This is where I live.|
You know those guys at the bar?|They're my friends.
Sort of. We work together,|we tell jokes, we bullshit.
I can't say to them...|
Every time I shut my eyes,|I see that damn gun.
I hear that pop.|
I feel a bullet slamming|into my chest and...
I don't know why I'm telling you,|except you were there...
I must be drunk.|
I want to know why you were walking|by the stadium at that minute.
What if you hadn't been there?|
I guess we were supposed to meet.|
If you want, you can come in|for a bit.
-You want a drink?|-No, thanks.
Mind getting the door?|
Sit down or something.|
I'm circling a while.|
Don't look.|I didn't straighten up.
So? It's more real this way.|
It's rude.|
Now I'm here, you seem mad about it.|
Trust me, when I'm mad,|you'll know it.
It's just I'm not...|
...used to letting anybody up here.|
But you're here, so...|Anyway...
-Let's talk about something stupid.|-You first.
What's that "supposed to" business?|That we were supposed to meet?
It sounds a little too|Psychic Friends Network to me.
Some people say we each give off|a particular odor...
...that can only be detected|by one other person's brain.
So we smell each other.|
-Who says that?|-I have no idea.
You're crazy.|
Thanks for coming up here.|
Does that mean I'm going?|
No! I mean, you don't have to.|
-So you're okay now.|-What, are you here as a medic?
Is this the "mad" part?|
Maybe going is a good idea.|
Can I come back sometime?|
Must be the smell.|
I gotta go.|
Oh, God...|
What's the matter, you blind?|
Fucking idiot.|
What are you guys doing here?|
Hey, you!|
Your mom's been bugging us|to come for lunch.
-Mom, can we go now?|-In a minute.
So how is she?|
She's really good.|She'll be happy to see you.
My dad's not here?|
So you talked to Larry? He told me.|
Yeah. He told me about this|renewing-the-vows thing.
You're gonna come, I hope?|
Come, Shar.|I think you should.
Aunt Sharon, can I see|your police car?
-Come on, Mom!|-Hold on. I gotta go.
Looks the same.|
Still smells like cigarettes.|
-Thought he quit.|-Only six a day.
Larry told you I stopped by?|Is that why you called?
I called you because we want you|to come when we renew our vows.
How come you're renewing your vows?|
It's a sort of a fresh start.|
Your idea?|
Both of us.|
It's a way of having|the marriage blessed.
Wasn't it blessed before?|
Of course it was blessed before.|
You just...|
-I just what, Ma?|-You just think of the bad.
You never remember the good.|I wish you remembered that.
I wish I remembered it too.|
Does Dad? Does he remember|anything good about me?
He doesn't hate you.|
-He just still feels hurt.|-Hurt?
I hurt him?|
Being arrested like that?|Nobody forgets that.
How did you forget what he did to you?|
It wasn't as bad--|
You make it sound worse.|It hadn't been like this for years.
I'm glad it hasn't been that way.|That means it worked!
That's why I did it!|
Why do I get punished for this?|
Nobody's punishing you.|
We're inviting you.|
Will you come?|
-Do you have a machine?|-What?
-Do you have an answering machine?|-Yes.
Hang up, and I'll call your machine.|
Please leave a message after the tone.|
It's Sharon.|
Maybe we can...|
...have breakfast or something.|
I usually get up early|to run in Lincoln Park.
There's a coffee shop|across the street.
Like 8 or so?|If you're there, you're there.
Please leave a message|after the tone.
Hi. Don'tpick up. Look...|
...I didn't get much sleep...|
...and maybe this was|a bad idea anyway.
I was feeling kind of weird|last night.
Anyway, I'm fiine now.|
So let's just leave it where it's at.|
Who is it? What?|
I was just getting to sleep, finally.|
We made a date.|
It wasn't a date.|
An appointment.|I keep my appointments.
Do you have door issues?|I called you at 7:00.
I get up early. I walked there.|I waited for you.
Check your messages.|
I need sleep. Come back in a month.|
-Why do you think I'd come back?|-Why are you here?
When you tell somebody|you'll be somewhere...
...that person rearranges his life.|Be aware of that.
-And more considerate--|-What's in the bag?
-What's in the bag?|-None of your business.
Got coffee?|
You think you deserve coffee?|
What about food?|
You definitely don't deserve food.|
-I got coffee, sugar, sweetener--|-Black.
-Whatever.|-Just black.
So what kind of life|did you rearrange to get coffee?
You never talk about yourself.|What do you do?
-What's the difference?|-What's the difference?
You're standing in my bedroom,|looking through my panty drawer.
That's the difference.|
Who are you?|
Somebody who keeps his appointments.|
Shit, you're married!|
Give me my coffee.|Give it here.
I know, you're a criminal.|Probably a felon.
That's great.|That's all I need.
My name is Catch.|I don't commit crimes.
I like being with you.|
That's bullshit.|
I let you in here.|
I'm not gonna know anything|about you? I need details.
-I need to start from here.|-That's ridiculous! Why?
Because that's the way it is.|
Oh, your rules.|
My rules.|
Fine, I didn't want to know you|that much anyway.
I don't need this shit. I'm tired.|
Haven't slept all night.|
Can I come in?|
Yeah. Come in.|
Get that door thing under control.|
You live here?|
Nobody lives here. What is this,|some kind of front?
-Is this what you told me about?|-What?
Your interrogation.|So do I need a lawyer?
I don't like being jerked around.|
I'm not.|
Then tell me straight.|Who are you?
What are you looking for?|
Your life.|I don't want any surprises.
This is it. I sleep here. I walk|around town. That's all.
That's all of it?|
Except for you.|
The way I feel about you.|
Which is...?|
Surprising.|I thought it was impossible.
I thought I was...|
You thought you were what? Gay?|
Am I supposed to understand that?|
No, you're not.|
Do you ever wonder|what "scratch" means?
What people mean when they say,|"Let's start from scratch"?
This is scratch.|
This is scratch, all right.|
-So this cat knows where you live?|-He's not dangerous.
He's in no databases.|There's no Catch anywhere--
You ran his name through?|
-He's a ghost.|-I can't believe you did that!
-I'm just looking out for you.|-I don't need you to look out for me.
No last name. That shit's weird.|
Oh, I remember that.|
That was a smile.|
You know the cop? The woman cop?|She visited me.
You're seeing her?|
She asks lots of questions.|She wants to know everything.
Of course she does. Everybody does.|
Talk to her.|
-Talk to her about what?|-Talk to her, Catch.
Talk to somebody.|It's been almost a year.
Every time I talk to somebody,|it gets a little easier.
I'm not saying it goes away--|
She nice?|
She pretty?|
That doesn't matter.|
She's pretty.|
She's sort of pissed off at me.|
-For what?|-It doesn't matter.
We like it when men apologize.|
I thought I'd get your machine.|
Want to call back?|I won't answer.
I thought you'd be working.|
I wish I was.|
Can't sleep?|
Me neither.|
Want to go somewhere?|
Now? It's 3 a. m.|The whole world is sleeping.
Not the whole world.|
Is this a date?|
Just an appointment.|
We can rest, if you want.|
Well, then rest.|
See you later.|
I wish we could go swimming.|
Why can't we?|
In our clothes?|
Oh, my God! You can't take off|your clothes in a state park!
You need to learn to take a day off.|
Come on!|
Where are you going?|
I'm gonna tell!|
Oh, my God.|
Oh, God!|
Kiss me someplace|I've never been kissed.
Kiss me someplace|I've never been kissed.
Thank you.|
What did I tell you about leaving|the apartment without me?
Gotta go.|
1034 to Rob-67, location confiirmed|as Pogue residence...
...possible 415.|Neighbor is standing outside.
-Where's Larry?|-Calm down.
-Where is he?|-We waited to book him.
-Where is he?|-You gonna calm down?
Don't talk to me like I'm a child!|
He's out back with Denny.|
Kathy's inside with the kid.|Vanessa's with him.
I'm gonna kill you!|
I'm getting nowhere with her.|
-Maybe you can try.|-Got it.
Are you okay?|
Neighbors moved in two weeks ago,|and they're calling the police.
Welcome to the neighborhood.|
-Must've gotten pretty loud.|-We had a fight. People fight.
Why don't you tell me--|
Oh, my--|
-Don't make it worse.|-It gets worse?
-It's never happened before.|-Oh, first time for everything.
Don't fucking patronize me.|I don't need this shit.
-Look at you.|- Look at you, in my house!
Policing my family!|Where do you get off?
It's me. I didn't hit you.|
I don't want your fucking pity, okay?|
It happened, all right?|He's torn up about it.
He's torn up about it? Fuck him!|He's torn up?
Has he hit Larry, Jr. yet?|
He'd never do that.|He's a good man, Sharon.
That's what my mother said to us.|
"Your father's a good man.|He's torn up about it."
Get out of my house.|Get the fuck out of my house!
Have you looked into counseling?|
-Want to hit a woman? Hit me!|-Fuck! Here we go.
-Calm--|-Back off.
-It was an accident.|-It looks more like a car accident.
-Very funny. Look--|-Shut up!
You disgust me, you fucking coward!|
You're a fucking cunt!|
-What are you doing?|-Let go! Get off!
You guys saw that.|
You saw that.|You're witnesses. That's assault!
I'll press charges.|
Let him press charges!|
What are you talking about?|I'm bleeding!
I saw nothing.|I saw you trip and fall.
Look at her! She's crazy!|
You lay a hand on her again|and I'll arrest you myself!
You're just like him!|
Yeah, and what about you?|
Get some help.|
Okay. All right.|Thanks for coming down.
My mother always said|it was a family thing.
That I'd broken some kind of|sacred oath. I don't know.
When we walked in that day|and saw him beating her...
What was I supposed to do?|
Larry was the one who'd always|jump in and protect her.
And he always paid for it.|
I never did anything.|
I just ran and hide.|
You did the right thing.|You called for help.
A lot of good it did me.|
But you didn't do it for you.|
All those years...| dad never hurt me.|
Not once.|
Yes, he did.|
Stop right there! Stop!|
I got constitutionality issues|for my attorney!
Mr. Steak Knife|has "constitutionality issues."
Bitch, that ain't mine.|
Watch your mouth.|
He's trying to stick up for his lady.|
You want to share love with your|partner, right, Officer Ho?
-Ho! Officer Ho!|-Or Officer Bitch? Which one is it?
You ain't seen nothing.|
Fuck up your life, I don't care.|
You want this life|for your little brother?
Banging until he's shot in the head|like your older brother?
He's a kid. He's got a chance.|
-I ain't got a chance?|-No, I'm saying this is your chance.
Are you smart enough to recognize it?|
Come on, get in back.|
What, you found God or something?|
Don't bust my balls, all right?|
Come in!|
Hey, you got some new furniture.|
-And a new friend. Who's this?|-Bob.
-You named your dog Bob.|-No, that was his name.
-He told you that?|-Yeah.
I got something too. An invitation|to my parents' renewal of vows.
It came today.|Found it the mailbox this morning.
Are you gonna go?|
I don't know.|
Would you?|
Are you asking me to go with you?|
Why, would you do that?|
Can Bob come?|
Now that we got that settled...|
Feed me. I'm hungry.|
I'll get my jacket.|
And change your T-shirt.|You smell like dog.
What are you doing?|
-What's with the toys?|-Don't go through my things.
I wasn't. It was open.|
Why do you have all these toys?|
I didn't mean to upset you.|
Come on.|
Let's just go.|
Let's go.|
Be good, Bob.|
-You know everybody?|-How you doing?
Going uphill, man.|
-You try it.|-No...
Go ahead.|
I feel like a jerk.|
Try again.|
You like blues?|
Come on, let's go in.|
Come on.|
Take off your coat.|Let's stay a while.
Come on.|
That was incredible!|I didn't know you played.
-Why didn't you tell me?|-I don't know.
-Why'd you leave? It was great!|-Steve!
Oh, man, I don't believe this!|Steve Lambert!
How you doing? You okay?|It's been--
You have me confused with|somebody else.
You kidding me? Stevie, it's me.|
-Tony!|-I don't know a Steve.
Is it a joke?|
I was up in my office and|I heard that sound, your sound.
I don't know who you are.|
Get away from me!|
You mind explaining this to me?|
Who is that?|You owe him money or something?
I don't know who he is.|
Is your name Steve?|
My name's Catch.|
-What do you want?|-The truth!
-Who's Steve Lambert?|-I don't know.
Are we living some kind of lie?|
What'll I find out next?|That you are married?
-Where are you going?|-What do you want me to say?
I don't want you to say anything!|Don't say anything.
You want to go? Go.|
Please leave a message after the tone.|
Catch, it's me. Can you pick up?|
Listen, I was wondering if|we could meet tomorrow.
At this place called Enrico's.|It's on Halsted and Marion.
Around 2:00, okay?|
-About the other day--|-You don't have to explain.
I probably do.|
But... I'm fine.|
Come on.|
I thought we were having coffee.|
-You can trust me, you know.|-I know that.
I'd never hurt you.|
Remember when you said some people|were meant to meet each other?
Maybe we were meant to|meet that night.
The night I held your hand.|
What do you mean?|
Maybe you don't remember.|
-You were unconscious--|-No, I don't.
I was there.|
It was me that was there that night.|
At the accident?|
What are you talking about?|
-Maybe it's why we met again.|-What are you doing?
-Trying to help.|-With what? I'm fine.
-I don't think you are. You pretend--|-I'm not pretending!
-You're lying.|-I'm not lying!
Then walk in there. And I'll|walk in there with you.
-Why are you doing this?|-Because you had a family.
-Shut up. Stop.|-You had a wife and a child.
I'm so sorry it happened.|I want you to have a life.
I have a life. We don't need--|
-Please! It happened.|-We don't need to go into this.
-Please--|-You like to push people, don't you?
I just want to understand you,|to know who you are.
I can't do that if you don't let me.|I know it's hard, I can imagine--
You can't imagine anything!|
You have no idea how it feels|to do what I did--
Stay with me, okay?|
It's not your fault.|I was there, I saw the reports.
That truck, it just-- Catch, please.|
I'm trying to tell you|something, okay?
I'm trying to tell you that...|
You're not alone.|
-I'm trying to tell you that I...|-Don't.
-You're supposed to be his dad!|-Can't you take him?
I'll be busy!|I won't have time today!
And I have time?|
That's a hell of a greeting.|What's up with you?
You don't return my calls. Haven't|shown up for work three, four days.
You don't look like you got the flu.|
-I take it Freak Show dumped you?|-Fuck you.
I wish I could say I'm sorry,|but I ain't.
I think it's best for everybody.|
-Really? And who's "everybody"?|-Me.
Martha Stewart, you gonna pour|your partner a cup?
He had you.|
He got you, didn't he?|
I'm gonna give you some|real strong advice.
Change the subject.|
Charlene's pregnant.|
That's great.|
I'm not sure I'm ready to|be a daddy yet.
I haven't gotten over Miss Stillwell.|
Tenth-grade English teacher.|
Hot buttered Stillwell.|
I know you gotta go through this.|
I'll tell the boss|I stopped by to see you.
You as sick as a dog,|coughing up organs and shit.
But I can't let this|go on much longer.
We got us a job to do out there.|
We gotta clean these streets|before my baby gets here.
You know what I'm saying?|
Has he been here?|
I was expecting him this|morning. He shops for me.
I give him money from the settlement|every week.
Can't talk about that with him.|
When he comes here, do you ever|talk about the accident?
-Does he ever mention the past?|-No.
Why not?|
I try to let him|find his own way through.
I feel he needs that.|
Why are you here, Sharon?|
I want to know how to help him.|
-You are helping him.|-I don't think so.
What makes you think that?|
I took him to the cemetery--|
The cemetery?|
I thought it might help.|
He needs to face it.|
He will face it, in his time.|
He built a wall around that whole day|and that night.
My daughter and my grandson.|
He can't help it.|
A cemetery...|
Do you know how hard it is for me|to go to the cemetery?
I was just trying to help him|get back to some kind of life.
He was coming back.|
Don't you realize how he's|changed these past weeks?
His apartment, his life?|He fell in love.
Why do you want to rush things? Why|does everybody rush things these days?
I was scared.|
Scared of what?|
Of losing him.|
And I guess that's what I did.|I lost him.
You were just trying to find your way.|
What else can we do?|
You think I'm always sure about what|I should or shouldn't say to him?
I just try to do what's right...|
...and hope that he'll|find the love in it.
Look at you...| worried now, and miserable.|
There's love in that.|
"I just...|
...wanted to wish you both the best."|
"I just want to wish you both well|and say congratulations."
"Hi, Mom, Dad.|
I just stopped by|to say congratulations...
...and I think it's great."|
These shoes, no.|
Please leave a message after the tone.|
Can you pick up?|
Will you call me?|
You declared your love for one|another in the presence of Christ.
He consecrated you in baptism...|
...enriched and strengthened you|in the sacrament of matrimony... you can carry out the duties of|marriage in lasting fidelity.
--congratulates you|and rejoices with you...
...on reaching this milestone|in your journey.
Are you prepared to|give yourselves again... that union larger|than yourselves...
...that union already|blessed by God?
-Yes.|-Yes, we are.
Face each other and join hands|please, and say after me:
-I, Carl...|-I, Carl...
-... take thee, Josephine...|-... take thee, Josephine...
-... to be my wife.|-... to be my wife.
-I, Josephine...|-I, Josephine...
-... take you, Carl...|-... take you, Carl...
-... to be my husband.|-... to be my husband.
I promise to be true to you|in good times and in bad... sickness and in health.|
I promise to love you...|
...and honor you|till death do us part.
I don't want you to think|I forgot you.
It's just that I couldn't find you.|I woke up and you were gone.
Everything was gone.|It just disappeared in one minute.
I couldn't remember that minute.|I lost it.
But I think I found it all now.|I used a calculator, see.
Do you know we get about|1400 minutes a day?
So I figured it out.|
I was...|
...29 years old...|
...three months and eight days.|
So it was minute number...|
...17,810,200 or so.|
That's the one I lost.|
When I lost that minute,|I guess I...
I tried to lose it all...|
...all the memories...|
...because it hurt so bad.|
I tried, but...|
But I couldn't do it.|
Max, you were sick that day, remember?|
It was your birthday...|
...and you ate too much.|
Annie, you said:|
"Slow down, it's wet, okay?"|
And you were right.|
I should have slowed down.|
I should have slowed down|lots of times.
But I didn't always listen.|
I didn't listen when you...|
...when you said,"Steve,|just please spend more time."
That day I made you smile,|Max, remember?
You looked at me...|
...and I made a face...|
...and then we all smiled.|
It was a great minute.|
It was.|
I'm so glad I found that minute.|
And no matter what...| matter what,|I won't forget anymore.
I won't forget anymore.|
I love you.|
Don't make him talk about|anything today.
I know.|
It was a nice ceremony.|
We're running out of chicken.|
Nobody's eating the ham.|
It's still a great party.|
You look happy.|
30 years and still in love, huh?|
You think that's wrong, don't you?|
Of course not.|
You're beautiful.|
-Don't walk away, okay?|-What?
Is it working?|Do you need to check it?
-It's fine.|-Dad--
-What the hell are you doing?|-Sharon, please.
Please, please what?|Why do you always protect him?
"Don't bother your father."|
I'm gonna bother you for a minute.|Can you handle that?
-You get the hell--|-This is between me and my father.
So both of you, just leave us alone|for one goddamn minute!
How about you, Dad?|
You want me to go?|
-It's up to you.|-I'm asking you.
Am I welcome here?|
You're here, aren't you?|
-What do you want?|-I want to know.
Do you want me here?|
Do you still love me?|I want to know.
I feel like...|
You feel like what, Dad?|
I feel like I don't|have a daughter anymore.
Well...| do. And it's a shame that|you'll miss knowing her.
I'm next.|
Hi, Mom, Dad. Congratulations.|
You know, being in this house|reminds of something.
I was about 10 years old.|
Me and Larry were playing|alien invasion.
Remember, Lar?|
Anyway, we were making a lot of noise.|
Dad came home from work,|tired and pissed off.
We were yelling like mad.|
He burst into the room and he yells:|
"What the hell are you doing?"|
And I was scared.|
I was really scared.|
And I said:|
"We're playing alien invasion."|
And he said,"I'll show you|a damn alien invasion!"
He picks me up.|
He picks me up off the floor|and he throws me on the couch.
Then he grabs Larry and picks him up|and throws him on the couch.
And then...|
Then he starts making monster noises.|
He says,"We came to Earth|to kick ass!"
Me and Larry, we're running|and jumping at him.
We're laughing so hard...|
...I almost wet myself.|
And we keep running and jumping|on him, and he keeps tossing us.
And growling and beeping.|
It was great.|
It was great.|
I'll never forget that.|
And I miss that.|
I miss it.|
Anyway, I just...|
...wanted to say thanks for that, Dad.|
What are you doing here?|
You invited me.|
Are you okay?|
Yeah, I'm okay.|
I wanted to apologize.|
For what?|
For wanting everything to be perfect.|You were right, I was pushing you.
Then I realized that...| doesn't have to be perfect.|
I mean...|
It can be whatever it is.|
They don't like me very much|in there.
They're lucky to have you in there.|
-That's a nice thing to say.|-It's not a nice thing.
It's the truth.|
Why do you try so hard not to cry?|
It's not fair.|
I did the right thing.|
I know I did.|
It's not fair that|they're shutting me out.
There's nothing I can do anymore.|
I went, Sharon.|
I went to see my wife|and my son today.
I told them that I love them|and that I miss them.
And then I told them about you.|
I told them how much I love you.|
I love you.|
I love you too.|
I'll drive.|
{S:22}{C:$00FFFF}{F:Ariel}{Y:b}These subtitles were fixed using "SubRescue".|Download "SubRescue" from:|
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