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Subtitles for Angel Heart Devil Face.

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Angel Heart Devil Face

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Target is out
Police! Freeze!
Calling Station!
All of a sudden, my blood seems to flow backwards
l've never seem such a face
The eyes are full of vanit and despair
ln that split of second, l didn't know what to do
l can't do it...
Dragon is the smartest mastermind in the robbery story
his sites expanding from Central to Causeway Bay
His business includes smuggling
trafficking and prostitution
Dragon's awid, sneaky one
He always hires killers elsewhere
to finish his dirty jobs
Why would it end up like this?
Nothing much, the brothers went to kill Wing and
bumped into the police who tails him
And they started firing at each other
Fat Kwan was shot
How about Wing?
Ugly hits him right on spot
We should've got some wild boys
Although they may not kill at least, they will freak them out
Where are they?
Ugly is inside wrapping his brother's wounds
Ah Lon, it won't work
The bullet went too deep
No matter how much you clean up the blood will keep coming back
l've to take out the bullet and stitch it back
l'll send you to the hospital
What did you say?
Didn't you expert say you're swift and all?
lt's just a shot and your tears are flooding the building!
Can we call up a doctor?
Turn back, l don't wanna see your face
You look terrible, more like a ghost
lf it wasn't me who pass you this business opportunity
you would be exhibiting in the zoo
Yes, l know
Ah Kwan, think twice about it
Nowthat you've enough to eat, a roof
And a job giving you $5,000 a dead man what else do you want?
Work harder and kill more for me
so that you can go home and built yourself a house!
Can you help me to stitch?
Get him some alcohol and bandages
Where is Wendy?
She's upstairs waiting for you
l'll give you two hours. l've a meeting after this
What should we do today?
What? No clue?
Well, let's have the one e had yesterday
After all, you didn't have enough fun last night, right?
l bought some good stuff yesterday:
that will get you...
Come on!
My name is Lon
l was different with other people when l was born
because l had a very ugly face
it makes me lost human rights and discriminated by others
l was given up by my parents
The only person who concerned me
is my brother--Kwan
But l have found another one recently
l'm afraid l'll scare you
You didn't
l'm afraid of ugly chaps
No matter how ugly you're,
you can't beat the guy who sleeps with me every night
l'm scared
l don't know...
l don't know howto tell you
l don't know what will happen
You're bleeding
l know
Dragon, he's insane
He doesn't treat me as a human being
He only likes to beat me
l'm so scared
Every night, l'm terrified
l don't know what will happen
They are all like that
How long are you planning to work for them?
My brother says three months
When we earn $200,000, we can go back
l don't know whether you're the sixth or seventh bunch
None of them can make it through the second month
So that they don't have to pay
Don't tell anyone that l've told you this
l don't know how they're going torture me
Hong Kong Police's called for a Press conference
regarding the murder of a Chinese Male Bo Yin Fong
who was shot to death
in Central yesterday
Bo Yin Fong, nickname Wing
is one of our suspects
He was shot when some of our officers are following him
lnspector Man Kit Tam and Detective Dicky were at the crime scene
They'll explain what had happened
We were following and
filming the suspects
They're loaded with firearms
The situation was very chaotic
We'd tried to stop them in the process
We'd fired them as well
Are they professional killers?
l believe so. l think so too
Hong Kong Police is now rewarding $500,000
for their hunt down
Goddamn it!
You didn't do a good job leaving all these evidence behind
They're now pretty much exposed: we can't use them anymore
What're we going to do if we don't use them?
You said you're going to Taiwan and talk to the Boss, right?
Of course, l'm going
He took my two containers. l've to sort it out with him
Then... we'll send them over too
Leave them once they finish their tasks
What if they report to the police?
l mean... kill them after they finish the tasks
Kill those two cops first
You stick with them two
lf anything happens, take care of them
We always come here to eat
Since young... till now
Although we don't live nearby we always come back for the noodles
Really? You're so stingy
l thought you don't eat to save!
Do l look like one of those kinds?
Why don't you ask Uncle Wong?
Yes, yes
See? He said you look like one of those too!
Boy, let me kick your ass
You're old yet very childish
Your younger brother's a lot better!
l'm always good
He supposes to be good
lt's your birthday today. You go ahead and eat first. Please!
Brother, where's my birthday present?
Yes, where's the birthday present?
l forgot
l knew you would ask
l've prepared, of course
Thank you!
lt's not for you: it's for him
Why are you so happy?
Don't l have anything?
Yes, you give it to him first. Hurry up!
Happy Birthday! Thank you!
Happy Birthday!
Look at what's inside
Ugly, Fat Kwan
Why don't you shoot?
Focus more!
Let me teach you howto use this
First of all, you open this up
and then this one
l'll shoot you guys first
Ready, Cheez!
Beside this, it can zoom too
That's it, getting closer all the way
Ugly, it's on your side!
Ah Lon, it's going your way get ready!
You shot thrice and left with three bullets
You can't beat me
You shouldn't expose our photos
All you want is me: it's none of the child's business
Let him go!
Ah Lon
Ah Lon
Ah Lon, what's up?
Ah Lon!
How's it?
Last time, he let me go.
Does it worth it?
You've no right to be humane
l can't do it
l promise you: once you finish your task in Taiwan
we'll get enough money to go home
And we will never kill again
Fatty, good job!
One is wounded: another is shot in head
What is it, Brother Jimmy?
Nothing, you come with me to pick up some guns
l've to go to Taiwan tonight
They don't have it there?
You idiot, do you buy guns there?
What if someone leaks out the news l'll be doomed!
That's right
lf l hit you on the another side you may look more symmetrical
How symmetrical?
Just kidding
Don't you joke about my brother's appearance again
Bastard Banana!
l'll be back soon.
Go in, quick!
l save it for you. Eat!
Did you save it for me?
The maids don't know. Eat more!
Very delicious!
Where's Dragon?
He's on the Casino Cruises: he'll be back early morning
for a trip to Taiwan
You've to finish it
No, l've to save some for my brother
You guys are good brothers
What's wrong?
l'm dying
You see
l don't know how long l can live
if l am being tortured everyday
l won't let you die
You can't help me, you can't
l can
l can kill him
Hush, keep it low!
lf l kill him, you can...
leave him
ln this place
you're the nicest
They all treat me like dogs
ln fact, you aren't that ugly
Dragon is a hundred times uglier than you are
Do you know?
l'll kill Dragon in Taiwan
That's very risky
lf it's for you l'm not scared at all
Maybe you're right
How can l see you again?
There must be a way
Right, l've a uncle in Taiwan who's quite influential
l'll contact him first
After you finish your task give him a call
He surely can get you back
And l'll contact you later, alright?
Promise me...
We'll never part again, alright?
What takes you so long?
We've to wait until all Excise Customs Officers are gone
Get in!
Dragon, not too bad huh?
We're here
Dragon, have a seat
l've longed for you to come to Taipei
We'll drink until dawn!
Drink until drunk!
Well, you better stay for the night
Sure, sure
How come it's all men?
Where are the chicks?
Come in!
What the hell is taking you so long?
l think this Mama-san is quite something!
Mei is the top Mama-san in Taipei Tai Chung, and Gao Xiou
She is famous for making all dreams come true
She can get you whatever kind of girl you want
l want her
Dragon, l'm too old
Come on!
l say l want you so what do you say?
No problem
Dragon, of course l'll serve according your need
but you've to follow my rules
You've to try hot lips first
l've heard Mei's tongue is the best
There's no man can stay in her mouth
for more than three minutes
Dragon, explain first
Let's have a bet, $1,000,000
lf you can stay for more than three minutes
l'm yours tonight
l'm coming!
1 \ 2 \ 3 \ 4
5 \ 6 \ 7 \ 8
9 \ 10 \ 11 \ 12
20 \ 21 \ 22...
l'll give you $2,000,000
Where's your cutiest chick?
l'll send her over right away
Stupid chap!
Shit, they don't even have toilet paper?
Kill her!
Don't kill me, please...
l swear l won't leak a word
Screw you!
Give me the gun!
Can't leave a living mouth
Ah Lon, how did you know Dragon want to kill us?
l don't know
lt's me who want to kill him
l can't let him torture Wendy anymore
Do you think Wendy will love you?
Yes, she gives me a number and says
after l kill Dragon l can contact her uncle
And he'll help get us back home
l hope it's true
lf you trust her, don't suspect her
lf she lies to you, you shouldn't linger
Are you hungry? l'll get you something to eat
He doesn't treat me as a human being
He only likes to beat me
l can kill him
Promise me...
We'll never part again, alright?
lt is all a lie right from the very beginning
My brother was right
There isn't a guy l was trust
Wendy, are you okay?
Why do you cry?
Dragon's dead
And the ugly brothers are dead too
l've done what you've asked
Did anyone know?
The entire Taiwan knows that it's not our doing
is the ugly brothers
They killed Dragon and the Taiwanese
and ran to the pier
where they bumped into the Taiwanese gangs
and were killed too
lt's that simple
Dragon, the bastard...
He's so mean to us
Everyone wants him dead
Now, Dragon's house...
sites are all mine
including you...
Now... mine!
A year ago
l lost my best friend and partner
His brother was also handicapped since the gunshot
He has to walk with crutches for the rest of his life
Someone has to pay a price and thus
l've never given up the investigation
Yet, l've never thought l would bump into him tonight
Brother Kent l thought you don't smoke
l'm not smoking
l light it for my dead partner
who was killed by Dragon
l've to hunt them down no matter what
Dragon? lsn't he dead?
You're not retrieving your dead friend's soul, are you?
This rich girl, Wendy
used to be Dragon's ex-girlfriend
but now, she handles all his business
Sis Wendy? She's very popular these days
Dragon was easier then when he uses violence to solve problems
But now, she is accompanied by tons of lawyers
lt's hard to get her
We don't have enough people
This is our site
We don't have to call up 300 men do we?
l don't think it's necessary
He doesn't look familiar
He's newly recruited from Yuen Long
No, just wanna be careful
Come on
Sis Wendy, you're a little late
l thought we're doing you a favor
not asking for your help
Dragon was very nice to us all
But now, you two newcomers emerge
Looking down on us?
What did you say?
l'm sorry
Wendy, that's fine
We know all about you
You were Dragon's private whore
But now, you have your own men:
yet that doesn't mean nothing
An eye for an eye
Now your men charging into my site for business
and hit my men
How're you going to settle this?
My stuff are all imported
Yours? Doesn't worth a goddamn dime
ls that from China?
Buyers knowthe difference
l don't care whether buyers know
l don't give a shit whether they'll die from this
My point is that your men are selling in my site!
You're not in charge of that site
Do you dare to claim
that site is yours?
l just had oysters and my stomach hurts
We'll talk later
You bastards!
We've a situation!
Calm down and sit down
Call for back up, keep filming!
Will they come back for revenge?
l've called backup they'll be here soon
lt's okay
lt hurts like hell!
Thank you
Will that leave a scar?
No, just a scratch
Hang on there
lt really hurts!
Thank you
Good, done
l'm scared
Please don't go tonight stay here with me
No, l'll sleep downstairs
l'll protect you
How's it, Jimmy?
Are you feeling good?
Playing S.M.?
l'm ten times more brutal than Dragon
When you're so disrespectful l let you go
But now, you're crossing the line. Look what it turns out!
Please forgive me...
Let me go! What? Let you go?
Why do l have to let you go?
Please let me go! l'll ask Wendy to give you $10,000,000
$10,000,000? He has it too!
Wanchai, is Wanchai good?
Okay, deal
Now l've Jimmy, what do you say?
lt's for you
Wendy, just give them Wanchai!
lt's alright. We'll get another site!
Teasing? That means no more negotiation
Give me the chopper
Come in!
What's up?
l'm sorry. lt's for you
What's it?
What's it?
l'm so scared
God! What's wrong?
Don't freak out
lt's okay. l'm here.
Don't touch the bandages
Who... who're you?
Don't you recognize me?
l saw you that night and you didn't kill me
You only hit me and threw me aside
l'm the only survivor that night
You saved my life
Where's my brother?
He's dead at the pier
l know you want to revenge
but you just had your surgery
Let's wait until you recover alright?
What surgery?
l heard the doctor said
you're a very rare skull deformed patient
who is lucky enough to have your face crash in this car accident
They operate a plastic surgery and
re-form your facial tissues and bones
After recovery, you'll just look like everybody else
You're no longer a deformed freak
From now on, no one will recognize you
You've fell into a coma for twenty days and kept calling Wendy
ls Wendy your lover?
Wendy cheated me
She made me kill Dragon
so that she can kill me afterwards
A goddamn freaky bitch!
What're you scared of? You're a normal man!
Let me tell you
l once slept
with thousands of strangers
l was a hooker and now
l'm a Mama-san
My Mama-san told me that
l've a talent to seduce men
ln fact, l also have a talent to seduce women
There's a rich woman l hooked on for three years
lf you let me train you
you can win all women's hearts
Forget your old face
From now on you'll have a brand newface
Mei makes me realize that
Wendy is the creepiest creature on earth
lt's not how she seduces men:
it's her heart...
lf she can cheat all men around her
she can do that to me as well
Brother, l won't let you die for nothing
This is you
From now on, you'll do everything with this face
This isn't me
You can go home
Although l don't want you to go,
l know you gotta go
so l've prepared you a fake passport
From now on, don't call yourself Lon call yourself Michael
You've talent: in addition
to your newly learned tactics
no women can resist you
You're improving a lot
l can't stand to leave you now
Kent, we've enough evidence to lay charges on them:
why are inspectors still pending?
The last incident only allows us to charge them for an assault
We can't lay charge on Wendy
All we can get is Michael
lnspectors order us to wait and see
Wendy is really irresistible!
She hooks on a new one again
ln fact, this isn't bad for us
The more she hooks on the more conflicts they'll have
Nowthat Bull took Jimmy and
wanted to wage a war on them
the more they fight the better our situation is
You know l'm a cop
Why do you want me to be here?
You've followed me for days, Sir
lf you didn't break law why do you have to worry?
l hope you won't follow me again
This isn't too good for you
Are you begging me?
l beg you
There're 30,000 police officers in Hong Kong
There'll be someone else even though l don't follow you
l just don't want you to follow me
You're a nice guy. l don't wanna hurt you
Are you threatening me?
l'm not threatening you
But this is all l can do to help you
Do you know a person called Lon?
Yes, he's dead in Taiwan
Are you guys related?
l've a very intimate relationship with him
You'll know in the near future
Silly, it's already one and a half
You still haven't eaten
Oh, is it this late? Have something first
lf l didn't come back from Los Angeles
you'll be starved till the morning
What're you reading?
l'm comparing these two pictures
l can't even see his face
He's deformed
ls he a bad guy?
l think he's the best out of the bad guys
ls there such a person?
That night when Dicky died l carried his brother escaping
and l bumped into this deformed man
Actually, he could have killed me that night
But he sawthe boy in my arms and he let me go
How about this one? He's cute
l think their bodies look alike
The way they run and
their eyes look very much alike
Especially the eyes
l've never seen eyes that is so similar
Do you think these two are the same person?
The deformed man and Wendy have so much to clean up
but now he disappeared
And this Michael who always hanging around with Wendy comes from nowhere
Do you know what l assume?
He had a plastic surgery and turned into another person
His face is severely injured
Do you think that's possible?
Theoretically possible
But the process hurts a lot
lf there's a person who would endure so much pain
just to change his outlook there must...
be a reason to it, but what's it?
Love, maybe
l think it's hatred
You look so dumb!
What else do you think other than work?
What do you want?
Why don't we...
l heard you weren't like this before
How was l?
l heard you always got beaten up
and teased
You don't tease me any less!
l heard Dragon had hired two professional killers
One is ugly and deformed
That was long ago...
l don't want to talk about it anymore
We better figure what we should do to Bull
He's quite popular these days
l heard others said we're cowards
l heard he'll cut a body part of Jimmy
every week
ln fact, l've everything prepared and organized
Ask him to come over and we'll settle it down
At home?
Listen up
Ask him to come over and
bring Jimmy and we'll give them some sites in return
But he'll surely bring a lot of his men
Who cares?
The more, the better. A couple of us will rip him off
He won't be that cautious if we've fewer men
A few of us can't tame him though
l'll let you know of the details in a second
That morning, we'll go to China
And we'll come back by the jetcraft in the evening
ln that case, we won't be held responsible for anything happens
You and a few others'll stay here and wait for Bull and his men
He'll be less attentive
if there's only a few of us here
When he comes
you'll give him Causeway Bay and Wanchai
and later celebrate with a glass of wine
When you guys finish he'll die of poison
The poison is not in the wine
l'll glue it on
the glass so when you
pour the wine no one will know of the trick
Around 15 minutes later
he'll start to feel a little something
And that's when you leave the house through this door
l'll be waiting for you in the car
And we'll return to China by the same jetcraft
A bloodless murder
When did you fix this door?
lt's easy to fix a door
l did it when you went to gym yesterday
l fix on my own
Kent, someone calls
Please make a copy for me
What did you say?
An anonymous calls and asks you to check your email
saying it's some reliable leads
Dear friend
Wendy will see Bull tonight
something unexpected must be happened
would you come to have a look?
Your old friend
l thought some hundreds people are waiting for me
Only you guys?
Are your men down at my site?
l just wanna talk to you
You should've done this ages ago
so l don't have to waste my time on that useless preck
l've spent too much time to skin him off
New pet?
l remember you
You've some guts, boy!
Thank you, Bull
l'd better go
What a good boy!
Please, would you give me some water?
Alright, l'll give you beer
Why do you have to save me?
Very delicious, wine isn't too bad either
l've a bottle of 82. Do you wanna try it?
bring out the new bottle and some glasses too
Are you giving me your sites in return of Jimmy?
l only want to work with you
We partners will make the brilliant team
Partners? Sex partners?
You've tons of beauties around you. lt's never my turn
lt's good that you know. No fucking way
What're you looking? l said no way
Come on out people!
What're you doing? Don't come any closer...
What are you doing?
Sorry, Bull
l didn't do this to you. Please listen to me...
Do you think l'm some stupid son of a bitch?
l knew you aren't that easy
Do you think l'm that stupid?
Sorry, Bull. Please listen to me...
l didn't mean to...
You guys one by one in order. Bull...
Really, lt's not me... Let me explain, Bull!
No, no...
All clear
Got it
Why are you here?
You made me lose my nose
l'll bit off your nose!
Why don't you sleep in the bedroom?
She fainted
You do whatever you want
but don't you dare to lay a finger on my girlfriend
Work with me
l'll make sure she's untouched
What do you want?
You're pretty smart when you figure those two are connected
lt's cigarette
You're smarter. You made all your revenges in a goal
Jimmy bit off Wendy's nose
She's now uglier than Lon
l'm here to tell you the truth
l don't even have a true friend to confront
Well, l guess l don't need one anymore. You've the truth
Actually, you could've proclaimed your crime
Your violation isn't that serious
They don't have enough evidence to charge you murder
After a couple years of jail you'll have another new life
New life?
You better treasure your girlfriend
and start to live
Just then, she begs me non-stop
asking me not to hurt you
Why do you have to do this?
l remember my brother once said
There isn't a guy l can trust
lf l've to die
l want to die in the arms of someone whom l trust
Why do you choose me?
you're a nice man
What're you going to do when you go back to Hong Kong?
l am no good
l should've known that we can't really get the money
Dragon, this kind of person...
can't be trusted...
l plan to go back
What about you?
l've to go back to Hong Kong and stay with Wendy.
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Along came a spider
Alphaville 1965
Alt Om Min Far (All About My Father)
Altered States
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Alzheimer Case The (2003) CD1
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Amantes del Circulo Polar Los (1998)
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Amour en fuite Le 1979
An American Werewolf in Paris
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Analyze That (2002)
Analyze This (1999)
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And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
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And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
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Angel Eyes
Angel Heart Devil Face
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Angels With Dirty Faces 1938
Angels of the Universe
Anger management
Anglaise et le duc La (Rohmer Eric 2001)
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Annie Hall 1977
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Arsene Lupin
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Atlantis The Lost Empire
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