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{y:i}I don't know.|{y:i}How long have I got to wait?
{y:i}Will it hit me, or not?
{y:i}The waiting's the worst...
{y:i}I've got to be pure.
{y:i}My thoughts as well.
{y:i}Sort my thoughts out...
"Mayb"e their calcul"at"ions|were ri"g"ht.
'Cos it's really a true story...
{y:i}And it started a long time ago.|{y:i}Here in Janow.
{y:i}Where three emperors|{y:i}had their borders,
{y:i}slicing Poland like a cake.
{y:i}Not even a crumb|{y:i}was left on the map.
{y:i}But the empires fell.
{y:i}'Cos, like the Master said.:
{y:i}''Empires bloom,|{y:i}then wither into provinces. ''
{y:i}The Master always|{y:i}talked like that.
{y:i}Like some poet.|{y:i}'Cos he was a Rosicrucian.
{y:i}They all spent their working days|{y:i}under the ground.
{y:i}St. Barbara watched over them.|{y:i}And they took care of her.
{y:i}It was only her they prayed to.|{y:i}Me too...
{y:i}...I was young then,|{y:i}really young...
{y:i}And Barbara was a saint,
{y:i}'cos they locked her in a tower.
{y:i}The Master's disciples were miners.|{y:i}Seven of them.
{y:i}After work they stretched their arms|{y:i}to the sun on the meadow.
{y:i}Like the Master told them.
{y:i}''Light's more important than food, ''|{y:i}he said,
{y:i}''it gives the most enerry.: ''
{y:i}They stood charging themselves|{y:i}in the sun.
{y:i}Kind of like batteries.
{y:i}Once charged, they painted.|{y:i}To exercise their eyes.
{y:i}The Master said.:|{y:i}''The eye is the main thing...
{y:i}Light comes in your eye
{y:i}and you can catch the world|{y:i}and paint it. ''
{y:i}So said the Master,|{y:i}who lived to be 300.
{y:i}According to some.|{y:i}'Cos nobody'd really seen his face.
{y:i}He kept it covered|{y:i}with a beekeeper's veil.
{y:i}Not like he kept hives,
{y:i}he just couldn't stand bugs|{y:i}crawling over him.
{y:i}He lifted the veil once a year,|{y:i}to burn off his beard.
{y:i}''Hair, ''he said, ''is a holy thing''.
{y:i}So he didn't like scissors,|{y:i}either...
{y:i}His most faithful disciple|{y:i}was Teofil,
{y:i}who picked a clump of grass|{y:i}before painting
{y:i}and stuck it in his shirt.
{y:i}Then Helmut Hes,|{y:i}solid as a German bank,
{y:i}who loved his belly.
{y:i}Ewald Sojka's relationship|{y:i}with grass was different...
{y:i}He loved women|{y:i}and did press-ups to keep fit.
{y:i}Eryk Paw believed|{y:i}the sun helped hair grow.
{y:i}He took good care of his,
{y:i}but all that combing|{y:i}made it fall out.
{y:i}Walter Goj kept himself|{y:i}to himself.
{y:i}He wanted to be an alchemist
{y:i}and use carbide and dynamite|{y:i}to make gold.
{y:i}Erwin Libera could never get|{y:i}enough light.
{y:i}He said the best sun was on Hawaii.
{y:i}Oswald Wrobel was the youngest.
{y:i}He was a bit of a nutter,|{y:i}but the Master took him in.:
{y:i}'' 'cos nutters understand most''.
{y:i}''Mrs. Olena gave me rolls.
{y:i}They spent hours staring at her,|{y:i}but I was the only one she liked.
{y:i}It was only me|{y:i}she sat on her lap...
{y:i}She called me her ''little bird''.|{y:i}But she fed other birds, too.
{y:i}I always had a way with women.
Ewald...|your eyes are poppin"g" out.
Wh"at" d'you say?
Hold your "b"rush,|I'm takin"g" the ladder...
My lass'll hold my "b"rush...
You can't see the world|for women's arses, lads.
You're all "b"lind.
You see an arse - paint an arse.|You see a horse - paint a horse.
To see the other,|real, metaphysical world,
to "g"et strength from it...
You need to "b"e clean... pure...
The Master says there'll "b"e|three si"g"ns for people.
Wh"at" si"g"ns?
The first si"g"n -|there'll "b"e a Gre"at" War.
and a sea of "b"odies|will rot in the mud.
The second si"g"n-|a Red Pla"g"ue will come
and kill the souls.
- I don't understand...|- Wait.
And for the rest, as a warnin"g",|so they'll repent,
there'll "b"e a third si"g"n...
- Wh"at"?|- A third one?
Quiet. I can't hear...
A Hu"g"e Mushroom will "g"row.
and a ray from S"at"urn|will hit us!
And the world will end!
- Shite!|- Wh"at"'ll we do?
{y:i}With these words,|{y:i}the Master died.
{y:i}Nobody knew what he meant,
{y:i}but the signs|{y:i}weren't long in coming.
{y:i}The Master didn't want to be put|{y:i}in a coffin.
{y:i}'Cos he wanted to rot quickly..,|{y:i}to feed the leaves.
{y:i}He just wanted his things|{y:i}mummified, like a pharaoh.
{y:i}He said a man was a fleeting|{y:i}moment in the life of things.
{y:i}That's the first time|{y:i}I saw an angel...
{y:i}A live one...|{y:i}Though made of stone.
{y:i}Everyone moaned and groaned...|{y:i}But I just laughed.
{y:i}'Cos I didn't have to go to school.|{y:i}How daft can you get?
{y:i}Dad died in the war|{y:i}from a stray bullet.
{y:i}Mum from a broken heart...
{y:i}A Guardian Angel watched over me.
{y:i}A couple of them, in fact.
{y:i}They stayed with me every day.
{y:i}But everywhere panted|{y:i}the dogs of war...
Pour some more w"at"er, pet.
Here, my sweet...
Listen... lads.
The world needs sortin"g" out!
It's rottin"g"!
It can't "g"o on!
I know how to do it!
People should listen to me!
Them th"at" are a"g"ainst me,|they'll rot in the mud!
Get us the towel, pet.
Ri"g"ht, dear.
Rolf! Lie down!
I'll make ordnun"g",|wh"at"ever it takes!
We've "g"ot to "g"et everythin"g"|in order and clean the world up.
{y:i}The group met secretly|{y:i}in the old cold store.
{y:i}Now Teofil was the Master.
Boys, I'll draw a fi"g"ure 8|to show you where our life is.
- Wh"at" life?|- Ours.
Life starts here,|"b"efore "b"irth...
Here's our whole life...
And here's the afterlife.
Lads, an Arab philosopher Avicenna
talked of ten senses...
five internal"..", five external.
'Cos we've "g"ot spiritual powers|in our spine.
Let us show you...
Here is the spine, see...
Pure spiritual experience|can reach the "b"rain.
And force the m"at"ter|into su"b"mission.
{y:i}He described various miracles|{y:i}and even demonstrated them...
{y:i}Some said he'd learned|{y:i}from the Master's books.
{y:i}Others,|{y:i}that he had his own powers.
{y:i}Teofil was weird.
{y:i}He kept his window open,|{y:i}to be in touch with the cosmos.
{y:i}He felt best in winter, 'cos ...
{y:i}people think more deeply then...
{y:i}with a cool head.
{y:i}He said the head needs cold|{y:i}to work right.
{y:i}He even kept his books|{y:i}in the fridge.
{y:i}Books about the Earth|{y:i}on the bottom shelf,
{y:i}the Heavens on the top.
{y:i}He read them upside down,
{y:i}so more blood flowed to his head.
{y:i}But Eryk said a good gun|{y:i}was more important than books.
{y:i}He loved polishing his pistol|{y:i}and black high-heeled boots.
{y:i}Oswald's Gran polished|{y:i}the figure of Christ every day
{y:i}for the same reason -|{y:i}to protect against the worst.
{y:i}The war scared Oswald most.|{y:i}He said Providence had left us.
{y:i}The war would never have ended|{y:i}if it hadn't been for Teofil.
{y:i}He kept painting St. George|{y:i}fighting the dragon
{y:i}until George won,|{y:i}and folk could dance.
''Time Flies By At Home|After A Shift''
{y:i}For Walter|{y:i}and some bloke from Japan
{y:i}World War Two never ended.
{y:i}Walter lived in a dug-out|{y:i}and wore a tankdriver's coat,
{y:i}and left traps in case|{y:i}someone tried to get him.
{y:i}And if anyone spoke to him,|{y:i}he covered his ears
{y:i}and didn't want to hear,|{y:i}that there was communism now.
Nice work, man.
I'll "g"ive you nice work.|Get me out, you prick!
I'm all scr"at"ched, look...
- You "g"ot the dynamite?|- Got it.
Did the "b"u"gg"er|want much for it?
Just wh"at" all "b"lokes want,|except you...
I want it too, dove,|so much I'm "b"urstin"g."
Not now, thou"g"h, duck.|Got to "b"e pure for this test.
I can't touch women, man.|- No other women, just me.
And don't call me ''man''!
I promise, pet,|if this works...
we won't "g"et out of "b"ed|for a week.
{y:i}Mr. Ewald liked to dress up nice,
{y:i}especially after|{y:i}he'd shagged his wife.
{y:i}And she was a woman of body,|{y:i}and dreams...
{y:i}But Mr. Erwin once told Mr. Ewald|{y:i}about Hawaii...
- You know how "g"re"at" Hawaii is?|- No...
- The woman run about naked.|- Naked?
Aye, "b"ollock naked...
{y:i}And Mr. Ewald|{y:i}started dreaming, too.
{y:i}He imagined|{y:i}a naked Queen of The Night...
{y:i}Or that he was having soup|{y:i}with three beautiful women.
{y:i}Then, when he got home|{y:i}from the mine,
{y:i}he brewed some tea|{y:i}and painted it.
You know, Oswald,|I'd fuck this whole world.
'Cos I've "g"ot such energy...
{y:i}Mr. Stalin had the same plans|{y:i}as Mr. Eryk, but his worked out.
useless critics...
say th"at" I want to destroy...
the Human Soul.
But th"at"'s not true, comrades...
Not true, "b"ecause...
Get off me!
You can't destroy somethin"g"|th"at" doesn't exist!
Ri"g"ht enou"g"h.|Applause!
Off with you!
Carry on!
We, comrades,|won't "b"other with any souls.
Because, comrade dele"gat"es,|there are no souls.
Yes! Exactly!|Lon"g" live Comrade Stalin!
There is no soul,|and there never was!
Don't worry, it'll "b"e fine.
{y:i}It became clear that the second|{y:i}sign had been fulfilled.
The main thin"g" here is S"at"urn.|I'll draw it for you.
Wh"at"'s th"at"?
It's S"at"urn.
Wh"at"'s this circle?
No"b"ody lives on S"at"urn.|It's an arms factory.
And the rin"g"s are made of smoke|from its under"g"round chimneys.
And the "g"re"at" cannon...
is aimed "at" the Earth!
And can smash it to dust!
It's written in the "g"rand "b"ook:
''S"at"urn and its Rin"g"s''|"b"y Atilla Wolf.
A description of the planet|with its rin"g"s.
- Terri"b"le...|- It's the end.
Wela Hu"b"ert,|Kozielczyk Eu"g"enia,
Wolf Jan,|Greta Erwin,
Kopytelski Tadeusz.
They're all doin"g" alri"g"ht.
How come?
They've all just died.
Here's the o"b"ituaries.
{y:i}From these thoughts of death,
{y:i}Mr. Helmut's hair fell off his head|{y:i}onto his back.
{y:i}Gretka was his daughter.
{y:i}Although she was two months|{y:i}older than me, I liked her.
{y:i}Mr. Helmut bred pigeons.
{y:i}He said only they'd save us|{y:i}from extinction...
{y:i}and bring good news|{y:i}if there was any.
{y:i}Oh, Gretka...
- Did you pray lon"g"?|- Yes.
- Wh"at" for?|- For everythin"g."
{y:i}Cleanliness was prized|{y:i}on the estate.
{y:i}'Cos when the miners came out|{y:i}the pit they'd had enough dirt.
{y:i}Every month they'd do|{y:i}a grand washing.
{y:i}Then have a bath in the suds...
{y:i}The Hanzliks and Rychliks|{y:i}on the top...
{y:i}Mr. Ewald and his wife|{y:i}the floor below...
{y:i}The Hesses and Paws|{y:i}on the ground floor.
Now for the kids.
- Give them a shout.|- Gretka!
Come on.
You'll "b"e pure|as the driven snow.
Daddy, you said a clean soul's|more important.
The "b"ody, too.
Everythin"g" should "b"e clean|to please God.
Wh"at"'re you on about, man?|Cleanin"g"'s cleanin"g."
Wash yourself, Gretka.|And where's Adek?
- He went off with his m"at"es.|- Little "b"u"gg"er.
Oh, no... This ain't human.
Like animals...
Those Sojkas are "at" it a"g"ain.|They've "g"ot no shame.
In "b"road dayli"g"ht...
Enou"g"h, Ewald,|let me "g"et the washin"g" done.
Are you crazy?
I've "g"otta check the cards...
{y:i}Mrs. Ewald set out the cards.
{y:i}The cards had a scientific|{y:i}answer for every occasion.
Why are the men "g"oin"g b"onkers?
Aye, it's Venus' fault,
the men are "g"oin"g" mad.
- My darlin"g..."|- Can't fi"g"ht the stars.
Come on, pet, please...|I'm "b"urnin"g..."
My darlin"g" treasure...
Come, my Venus.|I can't hold it in...
Give me peace,|I'm sha"gg"ed from the washin"g."
Let me sha"g" you out a little more.
Bloody hell!
Bloody hell!
- E"at" up.|- I can't e"at" any more.
E"at", you'll "b"e as "b"i"g" as Dad|on hi"g"h heels.
Can't I have it l"at"er?
Don't ar"g"ue. It's no "g"ood cold.
No "g"ood?
How can it "b"e worse|than it is already?
- Be quiet.|- I'm not e"at"in"g."
E"at" th"at" soup,|or I'll shoot you.
- Are you mad?|- Do your washin"g"!
- Put th"at" down!|- I said, do your washin"g."
This is men's "b"usiness.
E"at" th"at" soup. All of it.|I order you as your f"at"her.
{y:i}Oswald cared about|{y:i}cleanliness, too,
{y:i}but from the inside...
Gran... Do you want an enema...?
I've "g"iven everyone else one.|Mrs. Hes, Mrs. Paw and Mrs. Tekla.
You should "g"ive your "g"irlfriend one,|and leave me alone.
But it's healthy...
I'm already healthy.
''Feed selection vessel''
''Comrade O"b"kowa|gets to know all her cows...
''Before milkin"g", she carefully|washes the cow with warm w"at"er,
''dries it with a clean towel,|then massa"g"es it.
''Last year, "b"ecause of this effort,
''O"b"kowa's cows|exceeded the planned output,
''and she received a "b"onus|of 6073.5 k"g" of milk.
''This year she's|am"b"itiously decided
''to raise production to 5675 k"g."''
''The Workin"g" Class|Is The Van"g"uard Of Pro"g"ress''
- Greetin"g"s, comrade.|- Welcome, comrade Minister.
Let us "g"reet you|with these flowers.
They're here!
- Wh"at" the hell?|- They're "g"oin"g" to look!
- Who's here?|- The Minister himself.
The director wants you|down there now.
- Did you hear?|- Sure I did.
Ewald, lads, come on.
- Your dad's there already?|- Aye.
- Who's here?|- The Minister.
''Exhi"b"ition Of Works By|The Wieczorek Mine's Am"at"eur Artists''
S"at"urn... Hell...
So, this is a result|of workin"g"-class consciousness?
Comrade Minister, these are...
sort of, Silesian folk tales -
nymphs... leprechauns...
Folk tales?
You know, painters are folk
who make han"g"in"g" around|with naked women into an art form.
And even the wives don't complain.
And wh"at" do you paint, comrade?|There are no win"g"ed dwarfs...
No, may"b"e there's not,
so wh"at"'s the little "b"earded thin"g"|in the red h"at"
th"at" runs about my floor?
But th"at"'s fairy tales...
Th"at"'s not fairy tales,|man, it's true!
These paintin"g"s are for people,|so they live like God tells us!
Otherwise S"at"urn's evil power'll|destroy the world!
God, you say?
Do you know when a pi"g"eon|craps on an ea"g"le?
No? Then I'll tell you.
When the ea"g"le is a st"at"ue.
{y:i}Thousands of hands,|{y:i}millions of hands,
{y:i}And one beating heart,
{y:i}We'll raise a house...
Granny! Stop it!
Wh"at"'s this filth you're paintin"g"?
It'll only "b"rin"g b"ad luck.
The Blessed Mary'll punish you.|Find yourself a "g"irlfriend
instead of paintin"g"|these awful thin"g"s.
It's not "g"ood, Mrs. Hes.|I can see it.
Kicked out the clu"b",|their paintin"g"s taken...
There's worse to come.
Mine with his nose in his "b"ooks,|prophecizin"g..."
Worryin"g" the kids...
Look... Mars ali"g"ned with S"at"urn.
My God.
There's worse to come.|This is why the men've "g"one mad.
My Ewald's the worst.|Barkin"g" mad...
I'll "g"ive you "b"arkin"g" mad...
Come here.
- Come here...|- No, Ewald...
- I'll "g"ive you "b"arkin"g" mad...|- I don't feel like it...
Ewald, please,|I don't want to...
Eh"..", a"g"ain...
Oh, my Assyrian Queen...
My sweet pet...
Wh"at"'re you up to?
None of your "b"usiness. And you?|You're meant to "b"e out.
Well, I'm in.
Oh, God...|The Sojkas are "at" it a"g"ain...
How about if we...
With you?
Who else?
I don't feel like it.
How about now?
Leave the "g"un. It will "g"o off.
Hands up!
- I hear hammerin"g."|- Th"at"'s the miners workin"g."
- Where?|- Under the "g"round.
{y:i}If I had wings...
li"ke a goose..."
{y:i}I'd fly after my Johnny
{y:i}to Silesia...
{y:i}When I was little,|Mi"ss Jadzia used to sing to me."
{y:i}But later she just stayed|{y:i}with Walter in his dug-out.
Walter, wh"at"'re you doin"g", pet?
You'll "b"loody kill us!
Don't "b"e scared, man,|I've "g"ot a p"at"ent.
Th"at"'s not all you've "g"ot...
And "at" ni"g"ht I'm so "b"ored I pray.
And don't call me ''man'',|you prick!
- Where's the power from?|- The mine.
Hope this won't cause trou"b"le.
The mine's fucked anyway.|They can kiss my arse.
Bloody hell! You're makin"g g"old?
If I do like the Master|told Teofil...
the whole world'll "b"e ours.
Gold's nothin"g."
'Cos if they find out about this,|they won't let me "g"o
till I tell them how I did it.
We could "b"uy a "b"i"g" house...|get married...
Have a "g"re"at" weddin"g."|Live like human "b"ein"g"s...
Get to work, man!
Don't call me ''man'', you prick!
He's dead!
- Dad said to tell you!|- Who's dead?
He's dead.|Thin"g"s'll "b"e different.
Bloody hell!
Today, around the "g"lo"b"e,|red fla"g"s han"g"
in tri"b"ute to the memory
of the leader and teacher|of the world's proletari"at"!
Our sorrowful... red fla"g"s|are lowered
in tri"b"ute to the "g"re"at"|li"b"er"at"or of n"at"ions!
His ea"g"le eyes looked far|into the future,
which seemed to hold no secrets|for him.
His "g"enius profoundly analysed|complic"at"ed events
on the intern"at"ional arena!...
The result of his works of "g"enius
is a constant "g"rowth in production,
particularly production|of means of production.
The eternal praise|to Joseph Stalin,
the Li"b"er"at"or of the Polish n"at"ion,
whose "g"enial teachin"g"s have "b"rou"g"ht|a new era of peace
and independence|for our f"at"herland!
With "g"re"at" pride, we accept|the St"at"e Council's decision
thanks to the petition of|the "g"re"at"est writer of our re"g"ion,
Gustaw Morcinek,
"b"y the Act of March 7th, 1953,
to chan"g"e the name of our city|of Katowice to Stalino"g"rod,
and the Katowice re"g"ion|to Stalino"g"rod re"g"ion!
''The Heart of Mankind's Gre"at"est|Genius has Stopped Be"at"in"g"''
Citizens of the city|of Stalino"g"rod...
Citizens of the re"g"ion|of Stalino"g"rod...
In the name of the Re"g"ional|Committee of the N"at"ional Front
I open this "g"re"at" assem"b"ly|of workin"g" people of Stalino"g"rod
to cele"b"r"at"e the "g"re"at" leader|and teacher, Joseph Stalin...
Lads... have a look here.
Isn't th"at" the si"g"n|the Master talked about?
Wh"at" si"g"n?
Aye, th"at"'s the third si"g"n.|The Gre"at" Mushroom...
- Wh"at" mushroom?|- The one the Master talked about.
We're all done for...
Not yet. Get a move on,|there's damn little time left.
''No To American Imperialism''
No more pissin"g" about, lads!|Wh"at"'ll we do?
Wh"at"'ll we do?!
You've understood nothin"g."|People have to chan"g"e!
There's no time for th"at."|The third si"g"n is "g"iven!
We need to act now!
Tell us, wh"at"? If you're so smart.
Write to the hi"g"hest authority,|th"at" rules the world.
- The Party Committee?|- Shite! To the U.N.! They rule!
- Wh"at"'ll you write?|- I've already written. Here.
- ''We, the lads from Janow...''|- Lads?
- Citizens.|- Citizens from Janow.
Put ''Janow near Katowice'',|or they won't know "at" the U.N.
- Near Stalino"g"rod.|- Ri"g"ht, near Stalino"g"rod.
-''who have received 3 si"g"ns...''|- From our Master.
''... which we can swear,
''we've seen fulfilled|with our own eyes,
''are writin"g"|to the top mana"g"ement...''
- Of the U.N.|- ''... of the United N"at"ions.''
''about savin"g"|the people of the world.''
''... the citizens of Earth,|possessed "b"y evil
''and headin"g" for ruin,|which is close.
''Forces on S"at"urn are already|preparin"g" to "b"u"gg"er...''
- Don't put ''"b"u"gg"er''.|- Then wh"at"?
- Put ''"bat"ter''.|- O.K". bat"ter.
- No. Strike.|- ''... and will strike'' ... Good.
No, man, not like th"at."
We need to take|the power ourselves.
I'll "b"uild a machine|and it'll "b"e ours!
- We'll rule the world!|- You've "g"ot shit for "b"rains!
We've to save the world|and not waffle!
Real transmut"at"ion of metal|is a mental effort!
Bollocks. Wh"at" transmut"at"ion?
- Shut it. You're wron"g."|- Me?
If you don't like it piss off!|There's the door!
Fuck you all!
Bloody alchemist!
Walter, pet, come and sleep|with me...
I'm not sleepy, man.
Don't call me ''man'', you prick.
Wh"at"'re you makin"g"?
It's like a li"g"htin"g" conductor,|to draw in S"at"urn's power.
And we'll have it,|not Teofil and those pricks...
- Jesus!|- W"at"ch out.
W"at"ch out. Get down!
W"at"ch out.
Get down.
Fuckin"g" pile of shite...
Wh"at" the hell've you done, you prick?
{y:i}That's how Mr. Walter|{y:i}took to the air.
{y:i}I see them again...
{y:i}Like when I was little.
{y:i}But then I grew up|{y:i}and the angels left me...
{y:i}It was shite...
{y:i}except that Gretka grew up too.
{y:i}And got even more beautiful.
{y:i}They all waited and waited|{y:i}but got no answer from the U.N.
{y:i}Mr. Ewald stopped|{y:i}shagging his wife.
{y:i}He just kept painting her|{y:i}as an Assyrian goddess.
''This is radio Stalino"g"rod''
Give me a "b"reak.
The world's endin"g"|and your head's full of nonsense.
''Decem"b"er 13th. A "g"re"at" day|for the Bo"b"rek steelworks.
Ajoyful holiday for the workers|of the most modern steel press.''
{y:i}Since Mr. Ewald|{y:i}had lost interest in her,
{y:i}she turned her thoughts|{y:i}to Mr. Erwin.
{y:i}''A drum beats in a far-off village
{y:i}''Grey smoke crawls over the earth
{y:i}''The southern cross burns|{y:i}in the sky
{y:i}''Lighting the way with its glow
{y:i}''The coast's sandy beach shimmers
{y:i}''On the white flower in her hair
{y:i}''The moonlight falls|{y:i}as a silvery spark
''God Gives To Those|Who Rise In The Mornin"g"''
{y:i}She called him ''my angel'',|{y:i}but he was no angel.
{y:i}Except maybe a fallen one.
Wh"at"'s this? Sleepin"g"?|I've "g"ot no dinner!
And there's nothin"g" for supper!
You're lyin"g" here for other men.
Wh"at"? Me?
I'm not...
- Go home!|- Ewald!
We're "g"oin"g" home.
{y:i}Then two Guardian Angels|{y:i}apparently saved Mrs. Ewald's life.
{y:i}Mr. Teofil painted|{y:i}the Ewalds'new baby.
{y:i}Gossip had it no-one knew|{y:i}if it was Ewald's or Erwin's.
My poor "b"aby!
I'll show you,|you pickaxe-carryin"g" prick!
{y:i}When he was angry,|{y:i}he breathed in the candle flame...
{y:i}'cos it burns evil thoughts.
{y:i}Meanwhile,|{y:i}Mr. Eryk stopped painting pictures
{y:i}and started painting his hair.
- Eryk?|- Wh"at"?
Look... The sun's shinin"g."
The "g"rass is "g"rowin"g."|Thin"g"s're comin"g" out the earth.
Helmut, stop it.
I "b"uried my mother-in-law|yesterday...
''... we saw the flash
''of the powerful fiery mushroom,
''which turned...|into a yellow cloud.
''We were w"at"chin"g" a nuclear test
''"at" a distance of 26 km...''
{y:i}And Mr. Helmut painted the Ark|{y:i}that was to save him.
{y:i}Then he set to build it,
{y:i}converting an old hut|{y:i}on the allotments...
How d'you know|it'll "b"e like th"at"?
'Cos there's si"g"ns...
- There'll "b"e sea everywhere?|- Aye.
Only sea?
Th"at" happened "b"efore.|This time, we'll have to see.
Wh"at" about us?
Quit flin"g"in"g" those.
We'll think of somethin"g."
Don't worry, son.|We have to.
I've told you! Stop th"at"!
''... was 6 me"gat"ons. Currently,|around 60-70,000 warheads...''
Adek... try now.|Be careful...
It's fine. I "g"ot throu"g"h,|and I'm f"at"ter than a "g"iraffe.
But there'll "b"e two necks.|It needs more sawin"g."
- Is one not enou"g"h?|- Son...
The animals have to "b"e in pairs,|to "b"reed...
They won't fit anyway.|We've "g"ot no lions...
We've "g"ot c"at"s.|They'll "g"row, like last time.
Will we survive?
We'll see.
We've "g"ot supplies, candles,|a "b"i"g b"u"gg"er of an aerial.
"Mayb"e we'll survive...
{y:i}One day a travelling Zoo came.
{y:i}They'd never seen|{y:i}tropical animals before.
{y:i}'Cos they were simple miners.
Here you "g"o.
Thank you.
Keep away from the camels!|They spit!
Two tickets?
Bloody hell...
Bloody hell... Bloody animals.
Ewald, are we "g"oin"g"?
We'll wait|till there's less people.
Stay away from the cow|It's wild.
Please, leave the ca"g"e alone!|Ostriches are dan"g"erous.
They can take your fin"g"ers off.
- We're not takin"g" th"at" monster.|- Why not?
We don't need freaks,|we need order.
We need the lot. Every sin"g"le|cre"at"ure - th"at"'s order.
I know, it's an ostrich.
We'll take just the e"gg"s.
They're quieter and|take up less space.
A he and a she.
Wh"at"'s up, Helmut?
We'll never mana"g"e it all.|N"at"ure's too rich.
There's no room.
Don't cry over animals.|Wh"at" about us?
For"g"et the damn animals -|more space for us.
You don't "g"et it.
You'd r"at"her save "g"ar"g"oyles|than people.
The whole world has to "b"e there.
People, animals, trees...
everythin"g."|Then it'll work out.
Bollocks! We'll never mana"g"e.
Cut the crap! Get to work!
Are we takin"g" the little camel?
Grab it and hold it ti"g"ht!
I'll "g"ive it an enema,|so it won't shite on us.
- You'd "g"ive everyone an enema.|- 'Cos it's healthy.
Han"g" on, we'll take it.
I heard they're "g"ood for me"at."
Look wh"at" you've done, prick.
Teofil told me to fetch you.
Wh"at"'s happened?
- Gotta "g"o.|- Let's "g"o.
It's all in the "b"ooks.
Wh"at" is?
In the p"at"h of the ray...
We need to place a youn"g..."
pure... youth...|The An"g"elus.
Wh"at"'s an An"g"elus?
He'll take the full force,|and save the world.
And him?
He'll die, "b"ut he'll save|the whole world.
There's not much time.|We need to know where to put him.
Where'll this ray strike?
- Look. Walter's here!|- Wh"at" a st"at"e.
Lads! Walter's here!
It's me, man.
You're alive.
It "b"lew up, "b"ut I survived.
You were punished for tryin"g"|to take the cosmic energy.
- Go away.|- Leave him.
- You won't rule.|- 'Cos you want to.
Shut up!|It's not about who'll rule...
I tell you, you're either deaf|or daft.
The si"g"n says. We put a pure,
naked youn"g" lad, where the ray|will hit. The An"g"elus.
He'll take the "b"low|and save the world.
Bunch of pricks!
Runnin"g" about naked|will only "g"et us arrested.
Th"at"'s the si"g"n...
The si"g"ns are you've "g"one mental.
You smear paint|and Warsaw ponces "b"uy it.
You keep "b"ooks, and us,|in frid"g"es,
- and think you're some Master...|- Shut it or I'll "b"elt you.
Lads! Look where it landed...
Look where it landed...
- Wh"at" happened?|- Look.
Oh my God.
Helmut, you calcul"at"ed ri"g"ht?
Th"at"'s it.
I don't "b"elieve it.
Wh"at"?!|Naked on the Committee's roof?.
I said you were daft "b"u"gg"ers.
The shame!|We'll "b"e sent to Si"b"eria!
For the last time, shut up...
You shut up, you and this "b"unch|of pricks. I'm out of here.
{y:i}The men were crapping|{y:i}their pants.
{y:i}Because Mr. Eryk was right.
{y:i}They couldn't just put a naked lad|{y:i}on the Communists'roof.
{y:i}And anyway, they didn't have|{y:i}anyone pure and young.
{y:i}They had nothing, except fear.
Hands up, son, hi"g"her.
Stand strai"g"ht, son.|Look up...
At the sky...
Get th"at" enema out your pocket.
He can't "b"e pure, he's always|"g"ivin"g" women enemas.
Are you pure?|If not, it won't work.
Tell us, have you had a sha"g"?
Aye, just the once.
But with a "g"o"at."
Bloody "g"iraffes' hole.
Th"at"'s a si"g"n. It can't "b"e him.
Where do we find a pure youth.|In a monastery?
Good evenin"g", comrade,|can I join in?
Aye, if you "b"uy a ticket.
''We Are The N"at"ion's Future''|''Our Bosom Is Full Of Strength''
An announcement!
I'd like to say, th"at" mo"b"ilized|"b"y our stron"g" feelin"g"s
for our "b"eloved leader,|Joseph Stalin,
and proud th"at" our town and re"g"ion
carry his "g"re"at" name -|Stalino"g"rod,
the miners today achieved
102,3% production.
So let's enjoy ourselves...|"b"ut so"b"erly.
- Here.|- Thanks.
- A half litre.|- No halves, just quarters.
- You had halves of vodka.|- Not now,
this is so"b"riety month.
{y:i}Ana, Ana, Ana, Ana,
{y:i}I'll get you anyway
{y:i}Hide under the table,
{y:i}I'll catch you anyway
- Yes?|- A lar"g"e quarter of vodka!
Here. 8 zloty, please.
Friends, now a son"g" entitled|''A Gold Rin"g" for Luck'',
performed "b"y our mine's "b"and -|the Red Pickaxes.
''Forward - never "b"ack''|''Tomorrow triumphs today''
- Tickets!|- We're just checkin"g."
A mouse!
{y:i}I liked having clean feet...|{y:i}That's what got me.
See how clean he is?
All chan"g"e!
Come and have a drink.
Come and have a drink.
Ever "b"een with a "g"irl?
Tell me, son.
- He's under a"g"e.|- The "b"ooze is for me.
Bloody hell, they'll kill me...
Oh, Jesus...
You pisshead,where is he?
- There.|- Inside?
Enou"g"h. Leave me.
Wh"at" the... without knockin"g"?
Th"at"'s not him.|Where are your specs?
Where are your manners?
We've "g"otta find him.
Wh"at" if every"b"ody came in|without knockin"g"?
Don't worry. Them pricks've "g"ot|nothin"g b"etter to do.
Hold him!
Leave him alone!
Bastards! ...|Mind your own "b"usiness!
'Scuse me...
It's important,
- Ask downstairs.|- But it's important.
Wh"at" the fuck're you doin"g" here?|We're havin"g" a meetin"g"!
Wait there.
Wh"at" you say is interestin"g."
A conspiracy...
We need a conspiracy|to fi"g"ht a"g"ainst.
Come with me, let's talk.
Buckets down! There's work to do...
{y:i}Of course I could've escaped...|{y:i}I still could...
{y:i}So what?|{y:i}I ran away, but came right back.
{y:i}I was flattered they'd chosen me,|{y:i}and not someone else...
{y:i}Nobody'd ever chosen me before.|{y:i}Except Gretka.
{y:i}Who'd chose an orphan?
- Where's Eryk?|- Don't know.
You never know with th"at b"u"gg"er.
Let's "g"o.
Don't move, you're surrounded!
''Keep Our Ranks Vi"g"ilant''
Wh"at" does this represent?
Where did you "g"et the maps?|Wh"at"'s your or"g"anis"at"ion?
- Who's "b"ehind this?|- No"b"ody! Th"at"'s the truth.
You can't wri"gg"le out|playin"g" the lun"at"ic.
I'm not.
Names! Contacts!
We've "g"ot even more on you.|Theft of dynamite
and electricity...
Shunnin"g" work... Parasitism!
No "b"uildin"g" permit|or le"g"al address...
Wh"at"'s your link|with Jadwi"g"a Kopyciok?
None of your "b"usiness.|You'll see when it all "b"lows.
this is more than enou"g"h|to have you up a"g"ainst a wall.
Tryin"g" to "b"low up|the Party Committee!
Shoot me, "b"astard?
You wouldn't know|a "g"un from a pitchfork!
A "g"ood miner... a family man.
Then this "b"usiness...
Not "g"ood...
It's not "g"ood "at" all...
But... we can still|sort thin"g"s out...
It's the truth.
We wanted to save the world.
It's not my fault the ray|was aimed "at" the Committee.
Comrade Hes...|such a "g"ood communist
shouldn't "b"e talkin"g" nonsense...
Should he?
- It was all my fault!|- Wh"at" was?
Sit down|and answer the questions.
And cut the crap.
Fine, lock me up, kill me!
We need a sacrifice!
I said sit on your arse!
Don't cry, son.
Confess and we'll let you "g"o home.
Calm down, sonny.
Do calm down.
Do calm down.
Wh"at" now?
We've to wait for instructions.
They're here. It's the Colonel.
- Give this citizen a chair.|- Yes, sir.
No.|Beside me.
We'll talk like friends.
- Leave us.|- Yes, sir.
- If I need you, I'll call.|- Yes, sir.
Can you explain all this?
Why were you tryin"g" to put|a naked man...
on the Committee roof?.|- To save the world.
There were three si"g"ns -|War, Pla"g"ue and the Mushroom.
We've "g"ot to hurry,
"b"efore the ray from S"at"urn|destroys the Earth!
- Is this yours?|- Aye.
We need to put a vir"g"in "b"oy,|who's never "b"een with a "g"irl,
in the p"at"h of the ray.
He'll take the impact|and save the world.
The ray was to strike|the Party "b"uildin"g"?
On the roof, near the front.
Now we're doomed...
It didn't strike after all.
This youn"g" man wanted to die|to save the Party Committee?
To save the whole world!
Get the hell out or I'll lock you|in the asylum.
Mi"llion stars lit up the sky."
{y:i}In the park just you and me...
I like th"at" woman|of Ewald's.
She was a fine lass|when she was youn"g."
She's still quite ele"g"ant.|- Not "b"ad "at" all.
Try your luck.|She's a "b"it lonely, I think.
I could visit her.
For a coffee...
Han"g" on, Bernard,|somethin"g"'s just come up...
I've "g"ot some "b"usiness to do.
Give me a moment!
I'll "b"e ri"g"ht "b"ack!
Get him!
- These're "g"ood.|- And some spuds.
You "b"u"gg"er!|Wh"at" you think you're doin"g"?
Get him!
Smile, look "at" me...
Not here...|Go some other place!
Th"at"'s wh"at" you "g"et, you "g"rass!
Excuse me, when's the train|to Stalino"g"rod?
The st"at"ionmaster's "g"ot|a timetable.
One vodka, please.
- Seven "b"eers, please.|- Wh"at"'s the rush?
We were in Kolo"b"rze"g",|at the San"at"orium.
Beautiful place.|The food was "g"re"at",
we went dancin"g..."
Get your "b"eers.
Why're you dunkin"g" your fin"g"ers|in your "b"eer?
They taste "b"etter...
Ewald, you prick!|Wh"at"'re you doin"g" here?
Jail wasn't enou"g"h shame!|Two suits fit for the "b"in.
And you sit with these wasters?
Wh"at"'s wron"g"?
Come home...
Come... We'll lie down,
tre"at" yourself...
Come on, pet...
{y:i}This is Herr Gott speaking.
{y:i}I'll speak to you just the once.
{y:i}No trains are going anywhere.
{y:i}So there's nothing to find on the ground...|{y:i}Look up there.
Lads! We miscalcul"at"ed "b"i"g" style!
I know where the ray will hit.
I had a dream...
{y:i}That world's dead,
{y:i}and I'm still waiting...
{y:i}I feel the ray coming to me...
{y:i}But I don't know when|{y:i}it'll get here.
Transl"at"ion - Ian Milne
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