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Angry Dogs

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Watch my back.
Let's be quick.
l'm dying for you.
Hey man. Hold on to this shit.
You want the shit? Sure you can handle the shit...
Some good ass shit man... l'm telling you some good ass shit.
Take it easy man.
Damp this is the bomb man.
What's the fuck that you're looking at bitch? 'Cos l got a condition.
Do you vote? 'Cos l did.
What's the fuck on this dick?
You got a problem? You got a fucking problem?
l'm gonna kill you.
Get down mother fucker.
Get the fuck up...
What the fuck is this... come to my place and try to regulate...
So beautiful...
l'm from the Emma Escort Agency... Are you Mr. Smith?
You can call me Bob...
Hi Bob are you ready to go out for dinner?
No need to go out...
l have got it from the room service a couple of steaks wine and some desserts...
Come on.
They said this supposed to be a dinner date...
Come on in...
l thought this gonna be a... Stop.
You're hurting me.
Listen to me.
Listen you and l are gonna to have a great time.
l said it's over...
lt's ain't over until the best part comes... Please stop...
Get off me...
Who is it?
Room service. Someone ordered a champagne?
l love champagne. What? You like to have champagne?
l'm coming.
Ain't that right baby girl. Come on.
Relax. Relax.
Such a nice night l thought that to go and get me some fresh air.
What's up Calvin? How are you?
Hey wanna get some candy? Nah l better go inside it's cold it's wet.
See you later.
l like that girl. l wanna buy her things.
Yeah this is Calvin. Who's this?
What's up?
Get off me!
This is where it all started...
five screwed up kids locked up in some dungeon shit
in the middle of nowhere.
We never spoke or looked at each other.
ln fact we didn't even want to admit to ourselves that we were there.
But there's one thing that we could not deny...
we all knew who we were and why we are here.
And we couldn't escape those moments
when we opened it and broke down in front of each others.
We learned more about each other in silent...
than shouting ourselves with words.
Our anguish and cries that filled the fear...
they are not going to notice.
But slowly we became aware of each other.
Don't. Please not again.
Please not again. Don't. Please.
No. Don't do it again. Please.
We felt each other's pain.
We passed judgments about one another.
That would later be put to the test.
Baby this is your grandma l'm sorry for doing this to you.
But you are going bad so bad...
selling that dope and all you'll be dead a pusher.
l had to take all the money that you had hidden in your room...
to pay these nice gentlemen to take you to camp...
and to make a new man out of you.
She found my stash.
Shut your fucking pile hole.
That'll be good for you.
Good my ass.
So l'll see you in 6 weeks when you graduate.
6 weeks? Are you fucking crazy?
My name is Jason Reed. This is my partner Carl Pierce.
We run what we call an adventure school with a military theme.
Others have to known to be called as a mercenary camp.
Whatever. We both have extensive military experience
and have been operating the school for the last 5 years.
We train professionals.
What's this got to do with us?
Shut the fuck up and you'll find out.
For a fee a very expensive fee.
We accept certain reluctant into our program.
Young people who have strayed from the straight and narrow...
need help to get back on track.
Fucked up rejects thieves druggies dealers wimps punks and whores.
Purpose of our combat training is to mould you...
to a tough reliance man or woman
capable of performing effectively as a member of a team.
Brother the only goal here is to get your shit out.
l ain't your brother mother fucker.
First we fully investigated you
we trailed you we tapped your phone read your mails
we find out where who you hang with
and then we decide whether you worth our times.
l hear that and l ain't making shit sitting at this poor man Rambo's camp.
So it's at the request of your families that we have removed you from society
in order to prepare you for society.
Bottom line we've been back to kick you asses to shape you...
You hunk ain't gonna kick my ass to no where.
You'll have a chance to prove that boy.
Well wait a minute.
You said each kids' families hire you guys except mine right?
And l ain't got any l am a orphan.
Right again.
So? Why me? Nobody pays you for me.
Boy's right one more time.
You are a bonus. A bonus?
Three weeks ago you've hot-wired a Porsche Carrera.
Black accustomed wheel ground effect very sleek. You remember?
We tracked you down. That car belonged to my partner.
So. Give your soul to God. 'Cos your ass belongs to me.
Let's go. Let's go. This is a light one.
Wait till tomorrow.
The more you sweat in training the less you bleed in battle.
lt could be worse. lt could be down there looking for a crouch.
That's one hole of hell that Satan himself is living.
We knew without knowing that a bond is forming between us.
The reality of who we were was becoming apparent to one another.
What's scared me the most about seeing the truth in them...
is that they are seeing the same in me.
Until there was nothing left to be assumed of.
All that was left is that what's real.
Nice day for a stroll ladies.
Relax we'll send the medics for you.
Yo..hoo.. Mr. Faggot.
What did you say boy?
Yeah mother fucker. You do know your name don't you?
You've just signed a death warrant nigger.
l was a nigger...
Take that mother fucker.
That's enough Herman.
Yeah that's enough. Fuck you.
Fuck you fuck all of you. l'm out of here.
Let's go move out. Let's go move it.
Oh my God finally...
Are you okay? Yeah.
We could make it. We are almost at the top.
lt's all downhill from here.
No problem. Just thought you'll need some help.
Just forget about it.
l don't need your help. Thanks anyway.
What is your problem soldier? Do you wanna blow your head off?
'cos that's what it looks like to me.
Did you not just turn up the safety part of this program?
l'm sorry. Sorry! My ass!
You get your shit together. Or we gonna picking you up in pieces
and throwing you in a body bag. Do you read me?
l forgot.
And you stop crying like some little bitch you hear me?
What the fuck man?
Freeze asshole!
What the fuck did you come up something like that uh?
l want to fuck your ass up mother fucker.
Get out of there before he wipe your nose off.
Move it! Now!
Every time that we thought that we're coming together
something between us will fall apart like
a vicious cycle of rage.
Our differences were keeping us seeing how alike we really were.
We knew that Carl didn't like us
and at times l guess l felt that there's no one who's really care.
Fuck this shit.
Listen up. l want the lights out in 5 minutes.
Tomorrow it'll going to be a very long day.
Lights out princess.
The important is to plan with your surroundings.
Get on the ground. You are a worm you are a maggot
you wipe your face in those...
Where's your face camouflage missy?
l'm not putting it on my face.
Right watch this.
l'm sure ain't get that problem.
Sure you got Rambo. Only in reverse.
You know what? You've been talking all those shits. Mother fucker.
You waste it out of my mother fucking face.
Big mistake boy.
You going with that boy's shit.
l'm going to kick your bad ass back to Vietnam.
H . H . don't you even go there.
You shut the fuck off. Come on.
You want to have some black ass.
You want to have your ass up first.
Right. Big white guy Clint Eastwood mother fucker.
Come on bitch. Let me show you something real Bronx's.
That's enough.
He needs to learn to back his mouth with fists.
Do not talk the talk or walk the walk maggot.
The sure way to lose a battle is to underestimate your opponent.
Move out.
Aren't you forgetting something?
No he has got himself there. Why don't you let him get himself up?
Hey he is one of you.
No way l'm one of them. Good word.
Pick him up. That's not a request maggot.
Do not meet eye-ball with me!
One morning you wake up and you stop lying to yourself...
pretending to be somebody you think that someone will accept.
l blindly have believed what my family had told me...
and lost touch with who l really was.
l wanted so much to make them happy and it hurts when l realize that l couldn't.
l understood that l could only make them proud...
of they thought of who l was
and the false image on me.
And no matter how many times that they're slapped with realities...
they just couldn't see how sad and depressed l've been.
l used to dream that l have died and only to wake up and knowing
that l would rather to be dead than to live with the pains.
l guess l ended up here because l am given one last chance in life.
There ain't no way that l'm going to stay here for 6 fucking weeks.
Listen to this shit.
lf you guys want to follow just say so.
Fire your asses here.
l don't care what you do at home.
Just stay out of my fucking way.
What's you gonna do if l don't boy?
Sit down.
Get your hands off me.
You don't have to go if you don't want to.
Yeah but we'd like you to.
What's your plan?
Remember what you've learned in class for the last couple of days.
Use it!
When you hit the DZ regroup and continue on your mission.
Stand up!
Hook up!
Check equipment!
Sound off for equipment check!
One okay!
Two okay!
Three okay!
Four okay!
Five okay!
Stand by at the door!
Make another pass and let me out.
l want to tail behind them in case they get into any problem.
Oh my knee...
Here we go there once a town...
Shut the fuck up with that bullshit... Do you know where l would rather be?
Let's get out of here. lt's really does feel like Satan lives here.
Are you sure where should we'll be going?
Uh-huh up those mounts. And we gonna hit highway head for L.A.
Yeah boy.
You've got us lost you dump white ass.
Man you are not going to start that shit again.
We need to be in some shades. You think that you'll do better?
l should know better not to follow your ass anywhere.
l'm starving and no place for foods.
What the fuck did you say about food...
l didn't mean about that. Shut the fuck up.
What you wanna do?
What you wanna do West?
Your white knight got us stuck in the middle of nowhere.
Now you gotta... You've the biggest fuck up attitude.
We all gonna die out here.
Oh yeah. He's here to figure out all by himself
why don't you make a poet out of this one bitch.
Just fuck off my face.
What are you going to if l don't mother fucker?
Whop your ass. Nothing.
l just don't think it's right for you to come in here...
Yeah. Don't you even start thinking.
One dump fucking white ass thinker is all we need.
Hey l think there's a group of rocks right down there.
Like a couple of camel's dump to me.
Yeah. That's a group of rocks.
lt beats a lot than just standing right here.
What are we going do now?
Well you can start by putting your hands behind your head.
Don't make me say twice.
l'm talking to you nigger.
Where the fuck does this Nazi mother fuckers come from?
Well it's fucking sure that it's ain't the NWCP.
Now drop that weapons that loaded with flakes.
You say what?
l'm saying they won't let you pissed ants play with the real thing.
But if l'm wrong hey go for it.
Drop it H . H . don't be an asshole.
Wise advice.
Wiser move.
Now tell me what's bring you comic relief warriors here...
to Lasse Crouch?
No human wanna live here except us.
And we have already been to hell and back.
lt's harder than the scorpions staying in the day
and colder that the witch's tits at night.
Come here little darling let me keep you warm.
You sick bastard God...
l love hot blooded bitch...
l want a nice quiet evening.
What do you want with us?
That's my question for you.
What brings you all to my homeland?
Your homeland? That's right.
We are only a bunch of left over business
surviving in Lasseur Couch.
How do you live? There ain't anything here.
What the fuck is it to you?
So beautiful... So very nice...
One for all and all for one...
We share everything...
Don't... Her gun is loaded...
So are the rest of these kids don't harm them.
You could make a lot of money if you don't.
The root of all evils.
Come on man. l'm talking serious money here
but you can't do this.
Feel a little chill princess?
Leave her alone you fucking freak.
Don't be getting jealous pretty boy.
You'll get your turn. You may come in here as a tight end
but we'll turn you into a wide receiver before the light is out.
lt won't bother which way we put it in.
Let's do this the nice way.
You know me.
l'm gonna fuck you up if you make me.
Just stay real still and l'll take my students and go.
Too bad princess. You would like it.
Someday you mother fucker.
Get in.
As we look at the situation today...
l think the main concern that l have...
is the attitude created in many of our young people...
in which they tend to go by
and to make heroes out of those who...
You will survive. You'll be stronger.
Hard to tell.
Maybe they will make it maybe they won't.
Kips the one l'm worrying about.
what about you?
l've been better. Been worse.
l got you back you know that.
Yeah l know you do.
You say to work out this on my own.
Do what you got to do.
Just make the right choice my brother.
See now you pissed act making me mad punk.
Fuck you.
Fuck your ass up mother fucker.
Fuck. Come on.
Alright man put the mother fucker stick down bitch.
The mother fucker busted my lips.
Shut the fuck up. lt ain't never that pretty anyway.
l think that's an improvement.
You look like those thing that the Africans would play with their lips.
Well you know at least l ain't those breach style that l know of.
What the hell are you doing? Let go of me.
Let me out of here man.
Let me out of here or l'll kill you for this.
You shouldn't make me man.
You are wrong. You are wrong.
Let me out of here. You hear me?
Let me the fuck out of here. You mother fucker.
Go. Go. Go. Go.
Go. Go. Go. Go. Come on. Come on.
Not bad uh?
They are coming on.
Do it now!
Don't be such a hard ass.
Where the fuck are we?
Let's get them across the border before day light.
Sucks man. What if there's animal shit out here.
You better learn to keep your mouth shut during a night outings.
Keep moving man.
l like to pop my ass out of here. That's what l like to do.
What don't you just advertise to the enemy that we are here.
What enemy man?
You just got us all killed asshole.
Because you were too busy running you mouth off than your job on point.
Now next time if you fucked up it could be for real.
Move out!
ls that the best that you can do?
What's the matter? Why do we stop?
There might be men up there waiting for an ambush.
About 1 0 o'clock.
You know what they ain't gonna ambush this black ass anymore.
l'm tired of this shit.
Hey man. Let's get them first.
Okay. You H . H . you two go left. Albert and l will go...
Hold it a minute. Who makes you the boss?
You have a better plan creep?
Will you cut it out?
They will have us by the time you guys stop fighting.
Alright let's do it. But it's not because you are telling me to.
Got you asshole. Sure did got you napping.
What the fuck?
What were you kids doing out there?
l am not here by choice.
Well what he meant is that uh... we are not here by choice exactly.
l mean we are here... We are doing a joint thesis
on the social impact on violence of society and man seemingly depends on forces...
for survival.
So we chose this camp because it specify the diversities problems...
confront to you only magnify because the inbred violence that prevails right?
Man's prime instinct can almost open intact in express to the uh...
combat situation.
And that's why we are here.
Sort of an advance course on survival.
Are your parents concern of you being here?
Absolutely. Oh yeah man.
Take care. And stay away from Lasse Crouch.
Because the land may involve in the illegal alien business...
and l think someone's behind there to plan their moves.
But that's just an hunch.
Sometimes when you lose
you can look beyond that you also gain.
Yet other times
you may not want to look back at all.
Alright... it's about 300 yards 1 o'clock.
Three clicks...
Got it.
Hell of a shot. Couldn't have done better myself.
Thank you sir. You have a great spotter.
Damn very affective.
Modern technology. Can you handle it?
Take your shot.
Let me show you some other goodies.
All light weight and easy to carry.
Modern days danger equipments.
Excellent approach and excellent execution soldier.
Calvin? How's it going?
Fine sir. Just doing a little magnum.
Good. Very good. Always keep your weapon clean.
Treat it like your best friend.
They might be the only one you got.
What's up soldier. Just waxing it.
Good H . H . you are doing a good job.
Yeah well it's temporally thing before l get back to the hood.
What good is it with these military stuffs?
Come with me l want you show you something.
You too Calvin.
Take a look at this wall. Tell me what you see?
Hell they look like zombies.
Zombies? They are Zulu warriors.
Some of the fearless military man in history.
Military? You heard right.
You weren't just a bunch of spear trackers.
They have discipline and order.
You think times are hard now?
Those were hard times.
Hunting food and water always worrying about...
some other tribes coming and raiding your village.
That's sound like the hood.
No it's not like the hood H . H .
Because those guys they stole your woman too.
And if they didn't kill you they sold you to Arab's slave traders.
And those slave traders sold you to white man.
And you wind up on a cotton plantation half way across the world.
Back in the day?
That's what l'm trying to tell you.
You come from some serious warrior.
That's right bro.
Hey why don't you cut the craps. Don't you know that you are not black?
Calvin come here. Read this.
You wanna teach me religious?
No l just want you to check out some of the warriors in your own history.
ln the Bible? ln the Bible.
lt's full of them. David Moses.
What do you thing Moses did all those years leading his people around the desert huh?
They were fighting their asses off from other nomadic tribes just to stay alive.
l haven't thought about that.
Knowledge is power young warrior.
Be proud of who you are.
Read up.
You are looking through this sniper's scope...
it's got an auto ranging article treating laminating cross-hair
standard issue for rangers and SEAL.
lt can alight target in a very low light condition.
l like that. l like it a lot.
Damn. She's good.
This could make a difference. Difference?
Between the hunter and the hunted...
Say hello to the Zulu man.
Night Sucker. Zulu Man.
Boom-Boom. One Shot. White Trash.
Alright. This is the last mission of the course
a drop at an enemy territory.
As you can see this morning we have a little bit of weather
but the DZ reported is as clear as a bell.
You are going to the DZ you are going to proceed to the coordinates...
given to you.
And you gonna recon the area for any enemy activities
especially any movements towards enemy line.
You'll be extracted from the LZ at 1 1 00 Hours.
Now be on time or you'll be hopping it out on foot.
Excuse me sir. What is it soldier?
l was wondering where's captain Jason was sir?
You've been selected by the others as the team leader
you should be concentrate on the mission mister.
Since you asked captain Jason is taking care matters
of personal nature.
l don't know what it is and it ain't your business.
Load up and move out.
Go. Go. Go.
Alright they are up. Let's make another pass and check them out.
What the hell go you mean? We ain't at the DZ yet?
You gave me the green light.
lt might has been my mistake.
For crying out loud.
Where did you drop them off?
We are at the edge of Lasse Crouch.
Alright there's something wrong here.
This map doesn't match with the landmarks here.
What the hell is going on?
ls this some kind of jokes?
l don't know. But it seems something that Carl will do.
l don't think so. What do you mean?
l don't know. But we'll figure it out when we turn around.
Calvin pull out your GPS and tell me where we are on this map.
How's that? lt's the ultimate navigating system.
lt will track the satellites giving the exact latitude altitude and longitude...
of our location.
This place is Lasse Crouch.
l think l know why blue is my favorite color.
Because it reminds me of the color of the sky.
Maybe l feel that l come from there somehow.
l wanna go back. And to do so
l know l must die.
Home doesn't seem far from here.
l can't see it anywhere insight.
So l'll wait patiently for the arrival of night.
Maybe in darkness hope will show me a sign.
We are almost out of Lasse Crouch.
We may not out yet.
l don't want to near any of them.
Don't worry nothing gonna happen to you. l promise.
Hey West. l think we got movement up ahead.
l can't figure out how many.
Take cover.
Speak English. You are a American now.
Sorry boss. We have a big problem...
We? l don't think so. Maybe you do.
What's up?
One of the man looked into the backpacks. He found this pack.
Peter discovered a pack full of cocaine.
Wants to be compensated for hazardous duty.
What's he doing here?
l don't know.
Does the rest know? Bad news travel fast.
lt will going to endanger the mission. lt's going to smoothly.
Not to mention lucrative. What do you want me to do?
Kill them. Kill them all.
What was that? Go check it out.
What about Chico? Bury him with the rest.
Somebody's coming.
We gonna nail whoever who saw this and fast.
Let's start tracking them.
Nobody sleep until we find him or them.
There are four or five peoples.
Alright let's start tracking on foot.
You heard the man let's do it.
Dig a hole for the beetles and get the fuck out of here.
What the hell are they doing out here at Lasse Crouch?
l don't know. But they never going to leave here. Dead or alive.
Talk to me. Okay. We can this route which comes out here.
Okay. lf we continue with the same direction
they will figure out where we are going.
We need to lead them in a wrong direction
and then back track.
Soon it's day light they will track us down quicker.
We are running out of time. Yeah it's running out fast.
l got an idea. Alright let's hear it.
Looks like they are still heading the same direction.
Give a new reading of direction make sure it's not predictable.
Come on baby talk to me.
Alright this way.
Alright H . H . you take point.
How come l am always on point?
Because you got that Zulu blood in you. Besides you are good at dangerous position.
Right if there's an ambush l'm the first nigger that fried.
You ain't got any darker get going.
They are heading west.
Okay. Let set a trap.
The killing zone.
Shit. How the fuck they slipped away?
They doped us.
They must have changed direction.
But where?
Not to worry. l'll find them.
We have nothing left now but each other.
And the shadows were hiding.
The people l thought hated me love me.
And those l thought would protect me hunt us.
But l could feel like being guided by a voice.
The voice of all our thoughts.
Trying to lead each other back to the light.
Okay let's take five.
Calvin good work on the GPS. You have got us out of there.
Thanks to the modern technology.
Why don't we get rid of these worthless things?
Yeah it's stupid to carrying them all around.
No let's stay on to them something might happen if it's get rocky.
What like a miracle?
Miracles happen...
They do. Sometimes.
Yeah right.
What have l taught you? Always always always post a sentry.
l'm sorry.
Sorry ain't gonna bring your asses back from graves.
Now we gotta get out of here in one piece.
l got a vehicle up there let's go.
How the fuck do we know that you aren't one of them?
He's your partner.
Because if l was you all be sleeping in the big sleep right now.
What is that?
Cross-bow; light easy to carry
very effective at close range.
No shit man. Check it out.
Shoot this poly bow.
This is the hunter Zulu Man.
Okay people this is it. Give me your clips.
We're going hot. Why?
Lock and load.
We are not just gonna drive out here?
lt's not that easy.
lf it's not already Jason figured out it's you guys...
we can't go back to camp.
He's going to have men waiting for us.
l want you to know that Jason wasn't always like this...
that he used to be the man that you knew down to the letter.
What the hell happened to him? Looks like he did a 1 80.
There are reasons. lt does not excuse what he's done
or what he has become. But there are reasons.
How could a person that we thought so much of...
turn out to be this kind of person?
Money... lt's a long story
but it's started with the ClA fucking us over
with a couple missions years ago.
Then... his wife Lisa got sick...
long illness insurance ran out bills keep coming...
She died.
The hell with this shit. He sold us out. Fuck him.
You knew what he was doing?
Why don't you call the cops?
Jason and l go way back. He's the only family that l've got.
Why are you helping us?
Because he has gone too far... he has crossed the line.
Look that's enough talk. We gotta move...
if we gonna get out of this alive.
Wait the minute. What do we suppose to do?
To battle with this guy?
We gotta do what we gotta do. Stay alive.
We're talking serious killers here.
And we just a bunch of kids.
Yeah it's time to grow up... fast.
They haven't been gone long.
We are within striking distance.
Who the fuck are they?
You'll find out soon my friend. Very soon.
l think l've seen some kind of opening at about 2 o'clock.
l see it. Let's check that out.
Alright we'll hold up here for the rest of the day...
and we'll move out at night. We gonna rotate security...
every 2 hours.
Michelle Kips look alive you are the first.
The fucking kids.
No way how the hell they get here?
Something might have gone wrong.
Those kids were supposed to be dropped miles away from here.
What about your partner?
You guys go and take some rest. We'll take over.
We know you have only flake ammo so come out now!
You are the best shot here place a couple of rounds...
as close to that bushes as you can.
How close is close?
lt's your call.
Got a visual.
Here you go girl.
Shit. You said they only have blanks.
Carl must have brought live rounds for them.
Fuck you. Your partner.
Jason l know it's you we need to talk.
Tell your men to hold fire l'll meet you half way.
Do you copy?
Do as he said. l'm going out.
lt's hotter at the beach. lt's going to get hotter.
At least it's colder now. Calm before the storm.
Why Jason?
What do you want me to say?
l didn't plan this.
You know that l didn't want anything like this to ever happen.
My back is against the wall.
Just walk away from it.
How can l? They are just kids.
Let them go... Get serious partner.
Later Bro.
You are history mother fucker.
Get down.
Stay down.
As soon as they think that they have us pinned down
they're gonna come in for the kill.
They are not going be taking any prisoners.
Move it back to the cave.
Move it. Keep your head down. Move!
Don't hold up. They are still onto us.
They are going to cut us up if we are going for the run.
Somebody's gonna slow them down.
Go on. l'll get catch up.
Wait up man. Who made you the last one?
We all draw.
Carl you are out. We need you to get us out of here.
l am the best shot here you all know it.
No way.
l have earned it l need this.
Michelle no!
No daddy please.
No more helpless victim.
Let it go...
Oh my God...
Fuck you... lf something happened to her...
She asked for it and we treat her as an equal.
She's the best shot man. She's more than qualified.
We don't have time for this boy-girl craps.
Team has to make it back alive.
Move out.
Stay there don't make me kill you.
l'll be gone in 2 minutes.
Hello bitch.
Where did you come from?
We are here to help. There's no time to explain. Let's go.
Why don't you just kill me and just go over with it.
Who said anything about killing?
Touch her and l'll send your filthy ass to hell where it belongs.
You are pure as an angel so beautiful.
So very beautiful.
All units move in positions begin executions.
l won't let anybody hurt you.
Get down.
lt's Carl he double back.
Night Stalker...
Roger that Bad Dog.
White Trash to Boom-Boom l am in position.
Roger White Trash out.
Alright it's me.
lt's you. Oh my God.
You think that l won't come back?
My mind say no but my heart say yes.
Listen to your heart.
Come on.
Bad Dog this is White Trash mission accomplished do you copy?
Roger that. All teams pull back to the rally point now!
Come on.
This is for Kips you piece of shit.
Go. Go. Go. Go!
Bad Dog this is Night Stalker l am with Boom-Boom
they have got us pinned down we can't move.
Bad Dog this is Zulu Man request permission to kick some ass...
to get those white boys out of there.
Zulu Man this is Bad Dog permission is granted only if we get hit
and hit hard.
So you can get your ass and their asses out of!
You are the boss... l'll get moving.
Night Stalker you and Boom-Boom get out of there right now!
Journey l hear your voice say. Journey into the light.
l'll kill your mother fucker.
That's suicide. Get down!
Don't die. Don't die.
Hello bitch.
Good luck people. You gonna need it.
Life is harsh.
At least now we are better equipped.
Yeah. We got a more solid touch with reality.
Life and death is some heavy shit.
l am done with life. No more stealing no people's shit.
lt's too heavy.
lt works both way it's good too.
That's what l'm betting on.
l wrote a little song here that reflects our experiences.
Shut the fuck up and get into the van.
You gonna give that boy some credits Bro because it ain't that bad with American free styles.
Yeah...for a white boy.
Thank you.
Very thank you.
l'm gonna miss you.
Young blood that goes two ways. l have learned a lot from you.
Keep in touch.
Will do.
Life is better constant reminded of death.
The gift that we give each other while taking the gift from someone else.
l hear my voice and l feel l'm not dead.
l hear that voice within me saying
journey journey into the light.
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