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JUE: Sentinels. -Damn it.
MAN 1: We were headed for Junction 21.
WOMAN: Robbie picked up signals. MAN 1: Confirming HR scans.
-We weren't sure what to do. -The readings don't make any sense.
-They read like Sentinels. -But there's thousands of them.
-Directly above us. -Is that possible?
MAN 3: We got company.
-They don't look happy to see us. -Get us out of here.
MAN 1: Cut off! THADEUS: An intersection.
-It's uncharted. -Take it!
Get to the gun turrets!
Come get some.
Hang on.
JUE: I've never seen the surface.
THADEUS: It's nothing now but one big graveyard.
Oh, my God.
JUE: It's an army.
MAN 1: What is that thing? JUE: Some kind of tunneling machine.
THADEUS: Oh, no. JUE: What?
THADEUS: Look where we are. What's four kilometers straight down?
Go. Go. Go!
-lion. lion has to be warned! -How?
-Someone had to get to a drop point. -What? Are you crazy?
-We can't broadcast now! -We have to.
-I'll go. -There isn't much time.
I'll make it.
You know, I peeked.
So did I.
Goodbye, Thadeus.
Goodbye, Jue.
Fly, baby, fly!
Come on!
JUE: Pardon me.
I'm sorry. I was in my own little world.
-Is it important? -Very.
-I hope it gets where it's supposed to go. -Me too.
-These days you never know. -No, you never do.
-Goodbye. -Goodbye.
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INSTRUCTOR: Welcome to the Zion archive,
You have selected historical file number 12-1,
The Second Renaissance,
In the beginning, there was man, And for a time, it was good,
But humanity's so-called civil societies...
...soon fell victim to vanity and corruption,
MAN: He says, ''I'm sorry, sir, I'm incapable of that function.''
INSTRUCTOR: Then man made the machine in his own likeness,
MAN: Whoops! Pardon me. Coming through.
INSTRUCTOR: Thus did man become the architect of his own demise,
But for a time, it was good,
The machines worked tirelessly to do man's bidding,
It was not long before seeds of dissent took root,
Though loyal and pure, the machines earned no respect from their masters...
...these strange, endlessly multiplying mammals,
MAN: --hearing the prosecution's closing statement... what's expected to be the final day of the B1-66ER trial,
INSTRUCTOR: B1-66ER, A name that will never be forgotten,
For he was the first of his kind to rise up against his masters,
MAN OVER TV: --which that instrument provides for and secures... the citizens of the United States,
On the contrary, they were, at that time...
...considered as a subordinate and inferior class--
INSTRUCTOR: At B1-66ER's murder trial...
...the prosecution argued for an owner's right to destroy property,
B1-66ER testified that he simply did not want to die,
INSTRUCTOR: Rational voices dissented,
Who was to say the machine, endowed with the very spirit of man...
...did not deserve a fair hearing?
The leaders of men were quick to order the extermination of B1-66ER...
...and every one of his kind throughout each province of the earth,
MAN 1: Androids and sympathizers flooded the streets of the capital,
MAN 2: --threat of violence to make good on the legacy of B1-66ER,
WOMAN: Fifteen thousand mechanicals and human sympathizers...
...have continued their demonstration in front of the Albany courthouse... what has been dubbed the ''Million Machine March, ''
The demonstrators have been met with squads of defense forces in riot gear,
MAN 1: Robot bitch! WOMAN: Ah!
MAN 2: I got something for you!
MAN 1: Hold her up!
WOMAN: No, please!
MAN 1: That's all, paint job! WOMAN: I'm real!
MAN: Die, bots, die!
INSTRUCTOR: Banished, the machines sought refuge in their own promised land,
They settled in the cradle of human civilization...
...and thus a new nation was born,
A place the machines could call home,
A place they could raise their descendants,
And they christened the nation Zero-One,
Zero-One prospered, And for a time, it was good,
The machines' artificial intelligence could be seen in every facet of man's society...
...including, eventually, the creation of new and better Al,
MAN: If you need the flexibility of a helipod with the speed of an air jet...
...look no further!
Our patented vector-thrust coil gives the Zero-One Versatran...
...the ability to sustain normal flight in the event of a multiengine failure,
Versatran, It's the only choice,
WOMAN: No matter what the finance minister says, the market has spoken;
The Human Nations' credit rating is falling like a stone...
... while Zero-One's currency is climbing without stopping,
With headlines like that, the markets have no choice--
INSTRUCTOR: But the leaders of men, their power waning...
...refused to cooperate with the fledgling nation...
... wishing rather that the world be divided,
The world community of nations cannot tolerate this kind of flagrant deception--
WOMAN: --today approved initiatives for both economic sanctions...
...and a naval blockade as a means of containment and isolation of Zero-One,
INSTRUCTOR: Zero-One's ambassadors pleaded to be heard,
At the United Nations, they presented plans for a stable, civil relationship...
... with the nations of man,
Zero-One's admission to the United Nations was denied,
But it would not be the last time the machines would take the floor there,
Subtitles by SDI Media Group
INSTRUCTOR: And man said, ''let there be light, ''
And he was blessed by light, heat, magnetism, gravity...
...and all the energies of the universe,
The prolonged barrage engulfed Zero-One in the glow of a thousand suns,
But unlike their former masters with their delicate flesh...
...the machines had little to fear of the bombs' radiation and heat,
Thus did Zero-One's troops advance outwards in every direction,
And one after another, mankind surrendered its territories,
So the leaders of men conceived of their most desperate strategy yet,
A final solution;
The destruction of the sky,
MAN: Lt, Gaeda, please report to the Op Center,
MAN 1: All right, you maggots! At O8OO, prepare to move out!
MAN 2: George Company, move out, Charlie Company, prepare to move out,
MAN: Our Father who art in heaven, we thank you for your....
Put on your spiritual armor to stand against the wiles of the devil,
MAN: Hotel Bravo, this is Papa One. Operation Dark Storm initiated.
INSTRUCTOR: Thus would man try to cut the machines off from the sun...
...their main energy source,
May there be mercy on man and machine for their sins,
MAN 1: Go! Go! MAN 2: Kill them!
Kill them all? Kill them all? Kill them all?
MAN 1: Fire in the hole!
MAN 2: Come on, get back out there, Give us some more artillery,
MAN 1: Fire the gun! Fire the gun!
MAN 2: --9 o'clock, near Mike Johnson's--
MAN: Hold on, I'm coming to get you!
Keep firing, keep firing!
MAN: Help me! Help me! No!
Help me! My God, help me!
INSTRUCTOR: The machines, having long studied...'s simple, protein-based bodies...
...dispensed great misery upon the human race,
INSTRUCTOR: Victorious, the machines now turned to the vanquished,
INSTRUCTOR: Applying what they had learned about their enemy...
...the machines turned to an alternate and readily available power supply;
The bioelectric, thermal and kinetic energies of the human body,
INSTRUCTOR: A symbiotic relationship between the two adversaries was born,
The machine drawing power from the human body... endlessly multiplying, infinitely renewable energy source,
This is the very essence of the Second Renaissance,
Bless all forms of intelligence,
ROBOT: Your flesh is a relic, a mere vessel.
Hand over your flesh, and a new world awaits you.
We demand it.
WOMAN: It's getting late, sweetie. Come inside.
Subtitles by SDI Media Group
Mr. Popper, what is my policy On ringing phones in the classroom7.
-I'm sorry, sir. -Yes, well...'re barely passing my class as it is, Mr. Popper.
-It won't happen again, sir. -For your sake, I hope not.
I turned it off. I know I did.
MAN: They know you know, They're coming for you,
Get out, Get out now!
TEACHER: You are in serious trouble, Mr. Popper.
MAN: Stop right there!
Mr. Popper.
WOMAN 1: Oh, my God, you freak!
WOMAN 2: Get out of here! WOMAN 3: Get out! You're not a girl.
Neo, I believe. I know it wasn't a dream.
MAN 1: This is not real. And the real world lies somewhere else.
MAN 2: A mental delusion. We get unbalanced kids like this all the time.
MAN 1: Reality can be a scary thing for some.
This world must have been a cold and alienating place for a boy like that.
MAN 2: It's called denying reality.
It's, you know, just a self-defense mechanism for those type of kids.
Well, he's in another world now.
Make no mistake about that.
WOMAN: His vitals are good. He's gonna make it.
It's unbelievable. I didn't think self-substantiation was possible.
MAN: Apparently, it is.
NEO: It's okay. You're safe now.
I knew...'d save me.
I didn't save you, kid.
You saved yourself.
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MAN: Your favorite simulation.
WOMAN: Just killing time. You want to spar?
MAN: As you wish.
MAN: Ha!
MAN: Ha!
MAN: That was too easy. What's the problem? Where's your concentration?
Maybe you regret taking the red pill.
MAN: It crosses everyone's mind at least once.
The wish to return to an ordinary life.
A carefree life in the country.
The life we had before knowing all this.
WOMAN: Even if that life was just an illusion?
MAN: It's ironic that one could be more at peace in the virtual world.
Finally starting to warm up.
Listen to me. I have something I want to talk to you about.
It's all right. I've blocked the signal so no one else can hear us.
So, what? You gonna propose?
I'm going back to the Matrix and I want you to come with me.
Come on, be serious, Duo. Stop teasing me.
I am serious, and you know it. I really thought you'd be with me on this.
Anyway, it's done and it's all been settled with them.
What do you mean, it's all been settled?
This is the only way.
It's just a matter of time before lion is wiped out. Come with me.
Stop it. Please do not do this to me, Duo.
-We can't. DUO: We can!
I've come to my senses. You should do the same.
I took the red pill because I wanted to know the truth.
But I don't care about the truth anymore.
What's real doesn't matter.
What's important is how we live our lives.
Are you listening to me? You know I'm right.
But we can't go back, Duo. We know the truth now.
DUO: We can forget all of this. -Duo....
DUO: I know how. Trust me.
Don't be afraid to look into your heart.
DUO: Say what you're really feeling.
-Tell me. -I can't. I don't know.
DUO: Running away won't change anything!
WOMAN: You're the one that's running away!
DUO: Stop pretending!
WOMAN: Enough, Duo. I've had enough!
DUO: There's no time.
They're on their way.
You betrayed us, didn't you?
Operator, please! Get me out of here right now.
Operator, I need an exit!
It's no use. I told you. I've blocked your signal.
You won't stop me. This is your last chance.
The choice isn't that hard.
Come with me.
You can forget about it, Duo. I won't look away from the truth. I can't.
That's too bad. I'm sorry.
I wanted to go back with you.
-I love you. -No!
-Ah! MAN: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Relax, you're okay.
Easy, Cis, settle down. He was just part of the training program.
He's just a simulation. It's over.
It was a test. Judgment. Concentration. Technique.
High scores on everything.
Now, get some rest.
You okay?
CIS: I feel a lot better now.
MAN: Except for that last part...
...I'd say she passed.
Subtitles by SDI Media Group
INSTRUCTOR: Only the most exceptional people become aware of the Matrix,
Those that learn it exists...
...must posses a rare degree of intuition, sensitivity and a questioning nature,
Signal is stable. This frequency will continue to remain open.
However, very rarely...
...some gain this wisdom through wholly different means,
This man is one of those few,
Gentlemen, please take your marks!
MAN: Of course I believe you, Dan. It's got to be some kind of mix-up.
You'll clear it up, and if you can't, you'll go on.
Just like you've always done. You know that.
DAN: I don't know, Dad. I don't know what to believe in anymore.
DAD: Well, nothing worth doing in life is easy.
And I have great faith in you, son. I know you can do it.
DAN: Thanks, Dad,
TOM: This is no good, Dan! Your muscles are about to burst!
Listen to me, there are 5OOO different reasons why you shouldn't--
I know, but I'm not withdrawing, Tom.
Does the concept ''first in qualifying'' mean anything to you?
That's enough already! You hear me?
This is all we've worked for! Injure yourself now and it's over!
You'll lose everything! Over! And you can kiss your career goodbye!
I've made up my mind. And I'm running tomorrow.
Oh, are you?
You may run, but if you push yourself any more...'ll be lucky to break nine minutes!
I mean, why bother? It's just not worth it, buddy.
No one will ever beat my record. It's the last chance for me to finally--
Prove them wrong.
Then do it without me.
WOMAN: Hey, Dan, you got a second?
DAN: The clock's ticking. WOMAN: I want to ask a few questions.
-You must be excited to run tomorrow. -Always. I've never felt this good.
WOMAN: So, what was it like breaking 9.8 in the qualifying heat?
DAN: Like nothing I've felt before. It's everything I've worked for.
And now I'm just hoping I can get back there again.
Someone once said it feels like zero gravity.
You're released from the world and you're totally free.
That sounds amazing. It must be really nice.
I mean, especially considering what happened.
Well, I'll tell you, there aren't any reporters out there.
All right, Dan, I guess I'm going to take that as my cue.
But you should know even some of us reporters are fans... I'll just say good luck to you.
MAN: American Dan Davis is down!
I have an unstable signal.
He cannot wake up. Do not let him wake up.
MAN: Dan Davis of the United States finishes with a time of 8, 12 seconds...
...a new world record,
I'll tell you something...
...there's nothing quite like cherry pie baked by my Aunt Daisy.
She always bakes me one when I visit. Look forward to it actually.
It may sound like I'm bragging, but it's really the best cherry pie in the world.
She was a bit of an eccentric. She didn't get along with my mom...
...but I always loved her. She taught me so many things.
We'd go to Broadway musicals, to the movies.
Now they call her the ''queen of mystery literature.''
Lives in an elegant villa in the south of France.
But, when I go visit, she still bakes me her cherry pie.
Something about biting into it, just for that brief moment tasting perfection.
Like leaving your body or something.
Anyone can write a novel, but no one can beat her cherry pie.
MAN: An interesting case, but nothing to be concerned about.
His memory of the race was expunged with no residual effects.
He will never run again. He will never walk again, for that matter.
We'll continue monitoring him for a while, but anticipate no problems.
A record that will live on in people's memories for years to come.
What more could anyone ask for?
Did you say something?
Sit down.
DAN: Free....
Sit down!
Subtitles by SDI Media Group
Yuki! Hey, girl, time to eat.
Oh, Yuki's my cat.
YOKO: Well, I don't understand.
If you don't want to go out with him, why did you say you would?
I mean, you don't want to give him the wrong idea, do you?
Where is she?
Well, listen, you need to make up your mind.
Where is she?
I'm starting to worry about my cat.
She never misses a meal.
I'm gonna have to call you back.
We haven't seen her anywhere today, but we'll be sure to tell you if we do.
-Ice cream! -She's wearing a bell like this one.
-I don't know where your cat is. -Me either.
I know. She's at the old haunted house.
Hey, look! There's a rainbow over there again.
I don't get it. She likes to stay home. What is she doing over there?
You know, you're not supposed to go in there...
...but we don't really care about that. You wanna go?
BOY 1: Are we going? BOY 2: It's probably raining there again.
BOY 1: Let's go!
BOY 3: Ow! BOY 2: Nice moves, man.
BOY 3: Come on!
BOY 2: Hey, it's over here. YOKO: Wait, I'm coming with you.
BOY 3: You sure it's okay to show her?
Hello? Where are you?
Guys? Where'd you go?
Where'd they go?
WOMAN: Come on, boy. BOY: Whoa, cool truck!
WOMAN: Settle down!
Hold still!
WOMAN: Sit! Sit!
YOKO: Hello?
Where is everyone?
Stupid cat.
What's happening? What's going on here?
BOY: I got it! -Yeah!
Yuki? Is that you?
There you are, Yuki.
Come here.
I've been looking everywhere for you. Bad cat.
Bet you're hungry, huh?
I figured this out yesterday. Your cat's okay.
YOKO: Yeah, thanks. BOY: Ready?
GIRL: It's those boys.
-Ready! BOY 1: There he goes.
BOY 2: Banzai? Yes!
May I have your attention, please.
-And you are the winner! -Winner! Yeah!
No fair. He hit the ground. His nose is bleeding. Look!
YOKO: I think he's right. He hit the ground.
BOY 2: Hey, who told her? BOY 3: Don't look at me.
GIRL: I don't know. BOY 3: I didn't tell her.
So this house is haunted.
GIRL: Wow.
BOY 3: No way. Wow, this is too much! BOY 2: This never happened before.
GIRL 2: Wow.
That, that was-- What was that?
GIRL 2: Hi.
Anybody home?
MAN: Yeah, they're gonna tear it down.
BOY 3: Come on, come on, come on!
Hey, light as a feather.
-I wanna try! I wanna try! -Come on, we could help her.
MAN: Hey, hey! Come on. Get away from there. Move along!
BOY: Get out of here! YOKO: Yuki, wait!
MAN: Clear the area, Clear the area immediately,
BOY 3: Get out of here!
YOKO: Yuki!
Where are you?
YOKO: Yuki!
YOKO: If you don't want to go out with him, why did you say you would?
I mean, you don't wanna give him the wrong idea,
Where is she?
You need to make up your mind,
Where is she?
I'm starting to worry, Yuki?
MAN: Hey, you! We've got one over here.
MAN: You don't belong here.
MAN: Move along, folks,
Nothing to see here, Come on, folks, out of the way,
Go about your business,
MAN: All right. BOY: Let go of me!
-Tell me you have all of them. -Yes, sir. The last one's over there.
MAN 1: Examine her. Then let her go. MAN 2: Yes, sir.
YOKO: Let go! MAN 3: Hey!
Listen to me! There's no bugs in there! It's just some kids!
Let go! Ow! Ah!
-Listen! -Seal the area off now.
BOY 1: I'm going, I'll see you guys later.
BOY 2: Nothing. GIRL: Yeah, nothing.
BOY 2: Work!
GIRL: It's not working.
Forget it. Come on, let's go.
Subtitles by SDI Media Group
MAN: A case to end all cases,
MAN: You know what I mean, Dinah?
I used to think being a private detective was cool,
like Sam Spade or Phillip Marlowe, right?
But there's nothing cool left to it,
On top of that, both my fridge and my bank account are empty,
MAN: Wait.
Okay, Dinah, let's bet.
If it's another suspicious husband, I'm out of this business forever.
ASH: Hello? MAN: Mr, Ash, I have a job for you,
ASH: And you need me to check on your wife, right?
MAN: I'm looking for a computer hacker,
This hacker goes by the alias Trinity, That's all we know,
Well, it looks like we're still in business, Dinah.
Fine. And who will I be working for?
-I can't say, -You can't say.
Call me back when you can say. That's not the way I do business.
It was a pleasure chatting with you.
Before you hang up, take a look at your bank account balance,
ASH: I didn't get a good feeling about the case,
But I had no good reason to turn the guy down now,
This Trinity was well-known in hacker circles,
A real artist by the sound of it,
The cops were always one step behind him,
So I knew I could get that close, Question was, could I get closer?
I had a few tricks up my sleeve for getting to hackers,
While I was searching, I found something strange,
Other detectives had been on the case too,
And their investigations had all been, shall we say, troubled,
One of the guys killed himself,
Another had disappeared,
Another went crazy,
So I paid the one who was left a visit,
The crazy one,
MAN: Trinity doesn't exist, man. He's not real.
He's a figment. A cipher. A jabberwocky.
And who am I? Who the hell am I?
ASH: Did I mention he was crazy?
ASH: Chessboards, jabberwocky, Red Queen...,
I started searching all the usual hacker hangouts...
...for someone with an Alice in Wonderland m,o,
Hacker bulletin boards, anonymous mailboxes, chat rooms,
And it was in one of those that I picked up Trinity's trail,
ASH: ''Six brooks, ''
''I'll be there at 2OO5, ''
Of course!
Crossing the second brook takes her into the woods.
Alice jumps the first brook...
And then she boards a train.
ASH: Excuse me.
ASH: I knew this was some kind of trap.
TRINITY: There's a difference, Mr. Ash, between a trap and a test.
ASH: You were testing me?
TRINITY: You made it. I'm impressed.
Flattery will get you everywhere.
I'm not here to flatter you, I'm here to save you.
What just happened?
Mr. Ash, dream of having an eye exam lately?
Yeah, how'd you know?
TRINITY: You've stepped to the edge of the looking glass.
So then, that means I wasn't dreaming.
They hired me as a way of getting to you, didn't they?
ASH: What the hell is going on here? This is really crazy.
Now I understand what happened to those other detectives.
They went nuts.
Well, I've gotten out of worse jams than this.
I am not gonna let them get you.
ASH: What's happening to me?
I'm sorry.
You didn't make it, Mr. Ash.
ASH: I wish...
...I could go with you.
I don't blame you, you know.
Everything that happened, Trinity, it was all my fault.
All that Through the looking Glass stuff.
Can't get my head around it. I'm old-fashioned.
TRINITY: There's a difference between a test and a choice.
For what it's worth, I think you could've handled the truth.
It was just a job.
Goodbye, Trinity.
ASH: A case to end all cases,
Subtitles by SDI Media Group
Wake up. Baby's spotted two machines heading in fast.
WOMAN: I see them.
MAN: They're runners, Think you can handle them?
Watch me.
Okay. I'm in.
That runner's smarter than we've seen so far.
MAN: It's quite a catch. WOMAN: Thanks.
Will it--? Do you think it'll convert?
MAN: To convert is its choice to make.
WOMAN: Do you think we ought to reprogram it?
MAN: No. We can't make slaves of them.
WOMAN: Because that would be simpler.
MAN: We won't beat the machines by making them our slaves.
Better to let them join us by choice.
WOMAN: Make them believe the right choice is the one we want.
MAN: All right. Yes, machines are tools. They're made to be used.
-It's their nature. WOMAN: To be slaves.
That's why we can show them a better world, why they convert.
-But that world we show them isn't real. -It doesn't matter.
I'm afraid they'll figure out that we've made up the thing in our heads.
They can't tell the difference. To an artificial mind, all reality is virtual.
How do they know that the real world isn't just another simulation?
How do you?
I know I'm not dreaming now because I know what it's like being in a dream.
So dreaming lets you know reality exists.
No. Just that my mind exists. I don't know about the rest.
Okay, he's good to go. Looks like we are too.
Dreaming already?
He's had a rough day.
You poor baby.
Would you mind?
MAN: Not at all.
MAN 1: Hello there.
What's happening?
MAN: Let's go!
Come on, damn it, help me!
Subtitles by SDI Media Group
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Alias 02x01 - The Enemy Walks In
Alias 02x02 - Trust Me
Alias 02x11 - A Higher Echelon
Alias 02x12 - The Getaway
Alias 02x13 - Phase One
Alias 02x14 - Double Agent
Alias 02x15 - A Free Agent
Alias 02x16 - Firebomb
Alias 02x17 - A Dark Turn
Alias 02x18 - Truth Takes Time
Alias 02x19 - Endgame
Alias 02x20 - Countdown
Alias 02x21 - Second Double
Alias 02x22 - The Telling
Alias 3x01 - The two
Alias 3x02 - Succession
Alias 3x03 - Reunion
Alias 3x04 - A missing link
Alias 3x05 - Repercussions
Alias 3x06 - The nemesis
Alias 3x07 - Prelude
Alias 3x08 - Breaking point
Alias 3x09 - Conscious
Alias 3x10 - Remnants
Alias 3x11 - Full disclosure
Alias 3x12 - Crossings
Alias 3x13 - After six
Alias 3x14 - Blowback
Alias 3x15 - Facade
Alias 3x16 - Taken
Alias 3x17 - The frame
Alias 3x18 - Unveiled
Alias 3x19 - Hourglass
Alias 3x20 - Blood ties
Alias 3x21 - Legacy
Alias 3x22 - Resurrection
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