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Anjaam Hindi

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The weather outside is 32 degrees
From all of us here l say good bye
We hope your flight was relaxing
Are you coming tonight?
Where? -Don't you remember today is Kavita's birthday party
lf my sister is well than l will come -Okay
The plant you gave last time grew beautiful flowers
Here you go
What are you doing?
Taking money
Don't take this money, my medicine is finished
So what should l do?
l have no money to bet on the race and you want medicine
l told you many times
Store at home brings in less customers
lf on the street, all the plants will be sold in one day
You can get your medicine and l can do my work
l'm sick, you should think of something
l always think that's why l bet on the race
Just let me get the jackpot all the worries will be over
l will get your operation done -Brother in law
You should ashamed, she's ill and you want to bet on the race
What do you care if l bet or get a horse
Don't lecture me, l'm already stressed
What stress d o you have?
l have a lot of stress on my head
For 6 months my horse didn't win and l have take care of the expenses
Expenses for the house and your sisters medicine
You're the only one in the house that works
All the others just sit and eat
The bitch stands in my house and mocks me
l pay for your expenses too
l give you 2000 rupees every month
Every month, today is the 10th of the month
Where is my money?
l was on a flight
And don't talk to me like that
So why don't you take the money out and throw it in my face
And bring didi's medicine
Your telling me like you gave the money for the medicine too
This is for the house expense
lf l buy medicine, how will l pay the bills
Now l can get the medicine and the jackpot
He doesn't think of anything but the race
Every time is race. Why don't you talk to him
What should l tell him. This is my fate now
Don't blame fate
The truth is one wrong step ruins a persons whole life
My name is Vijay Agnihothory
You probably don't know...
...all the girls that here...
...they come here thinking that l will dance with them
But l thought today l will give you this chance
Come lets go
We'll go there too but...
What is this non sense -Nonsense?
l thought its not your birthday nor hers so l would celebrate mine
You have some too, its very good
You know its your birthday today -Yes
That fool never ate a cake like that before
Than what happened?
When l got there, the car was still burning
The 3 stores around it also got burned
Do you know how much that car is?
lf you sell the car as is, you can get enough to get new stores
What about the complaint the made
l don't know anything, here
Give it to the store owners
And this? -You come
This show of money that you always do...
...l don't like this at all
A person shows what he has
Just look at him now
He has this uniform
Which gave him enough strength to come here
And we have money
Which gives us power to shut this officer and the store owner's mouth
Okay l'm going to the office
What is all this?
There is not even one girl that can become a model
Looking at them seems like there are no beauties in lndia
These are very famous models
l don't need famous l need beautiful
l want this girl
These are air hostesses that don't work outside their own company
Money can make anything happen
l need her address
Here is you tea
You? -At least you recognised me
How can l forget your face
Now you will never forget the name either
The only owner of Agnihothory Group of lndustries
But what brings you here?
To give you good news
l have chosen you as a model for our new product
So you made the decision that l will model
So you probably like to make money
lts just paper to me but they can turn any no into a yes
Really? -lf this is not enough l have more
You have that much pride in your money
Not pride but proud just like you are of your beauty
And you came to bid on my beauty
Think what ever you want
But l need your answer
l don't have a better answer than that
You're a spoiled rich kid which l knew that day...
...but your also rude an obnoxious, l know that now
Which girl are you going after
She is the number one fool
What does she know what money is
She just kicked her future away
You look like a fool but your very smart
l am very smart
You need a model. What wrong with me?
My teeth only stick out but that can be fixed
Give me 10000 rupees and l will get them fixed
l can put your teeth in without any money
You cant even do a right thing now a days
The talk l had with the London Star Export...
All the details from that are in this file
Just go over them -l will read it on the plane
This is a very good deal but it must be in our terms
What ever l do, l do in my own terms
Where is this crew going?
They are going to Dubai
So change my ticket for London to Dubai
This is not a Air lndia ticket. l can't change this
Okay than give me an Air lndia ticket to Dubai
You? -Yes me
What are you doing here?
l came here to play cricket
This flight is going to Dubai and that's where l'm going
l need a drink. Can l get it
The drink should be strong
lt should be spicy like your tongue
And salty like you
Very strong...
...spicier than my tongue...
...and saltier than me
lts very good
Do you like it?
Of course l can l not
You made it with such love
Really its very good
l want another one like this
Exactly like this? -No this one didn't have enough salt
You're here again?
Why did l commit a crime -You just came to Dubai 2 hours ago
Now your going to back to Bombay
ls there a law saying l cant go back on the same flight
Sit on your seat, we are experiencing bad weather
Didn't you hear the weather is bad sit on your seat
You stay quite and sit
Have a seat, when the weather is better l will make you a drink
l don't drink anyone's made drink
You just dropped everything
Who are you to stop me if a break a bottle or a glass
You're here as a servant. So stay like one
Your very rude
Don't you know how to take to a lady
You bought a ticket not us
We are here to serve you not to take your rude behaviour
Apologize to her
And now sit down quitely
lt's a small wound
lf a person is hurt they will scream
The bandage came off
Come fix it, l'm going to die
Are you okay now?
Mr. Bhattia is selling his Delhi factory
lt will be good for us if we buy it
That's fine but l will have to talk to Vijay
And he will be back from London after one week
You didn't go to London? -No
Just because
What happened? -l bumped into some one
l got hurt
What is this foolishness
Who is the girl -Remember when l was young l used to sing a song
l have found that star
And what if that star becomes your daughter in law
Than all my wishes will come true
But the star must have a name
lt's a very nice name
When will l meet her? -When ever you say
There is one problem
She is an ordinary air hostess
That's okay after the wedding she will be my daughter in law
Than lets go right now
You shouldn't go empty handed
l will call the pundit and get a day
Mr. Vijay, you. This is your mother?
There was no use for this present, but we will take it
What is going on? -Shivani is getting married
l don't like this at all
The guy is a pilot
Forget about Shivani
Time heals all wounds
Everything will be okay
You should go to London for a few days
You will feel better
l will go check in
l will call you everyday
l want to see my son happy
Where are you going?
Where are you going? -Me, why are you joking with me
Where am l going to go
Shivani is going to New York with her husband
They have been posted there for 4 years
There leaving, l have to go
What is this file for?
We had an agreement with Star Export London for 5 years...
...which expires this year
These are renewal papers
We need Vijay's signature on these too
He is not here -Where did he go?
He has changed so much in these 4 years
l don't know why he is so mad with his life
You should get him married
That's what l want. Maybe than he will love life
There is a deer in the car, you can cook it and eat it
Why do you kill innocent animals?
l like it
Stay at home tonight
Mr. Sharma and his daughter are coming for dinner
Tonight there is a party at the Commissioners house
lt is important that l go
lt is also important to meet Mr. Sharma
Because is going to America tomorrow
And l have talked to them about your marriage
That's why you must meet... -l told you many times l don't want to be married
So why do you keep talking to people
l don't want to hear anything. Go to the party but come early
l would've been upset if you didn't come
This party is only for you
Meet him, he is Mr. Vijay Agnihothory
Where is Shivani? -She is probably with Geeta
She is not there -She must be here somewhere
Sorry you have to wait so long -That's okay
But you should learn to wait from now daughter
Usually he comes early. l don't know why...
He is here
Your late
Yes, its late. lts too late
Okay now come down
This is Mr. Sharma and his daughter Seema
You want to marry me?
Do you know how to sing? Sing
What are you doing?
Do you know how to dance? Dance
You will never understand
Tell all your friends to come to your birthday party
Pinky hurry up
Rinku's mother is here to take you to school
Where is Rinku? -She's in the car
Bhabi, l will pick up the kids in the evening
Where are you going?
l'm getting late. l have to go to the hospital
l don't understand this at all
You quite air hostess after marriage so why go for social service
You go on your flight and Pinky goes to school
l get bored all by myself
And l'm not doing this for money
There is so much peace helping the handicapped
The best in the world
They're humans but life played a horrible joke on them
Look at them closely. What are they lacking?
Only that his brain has no control over his body
They also want to laugh and talk like others
But they are unable to. They just look at people with quite eyes
There is only one cure, affection, hope and courage
How are you Vicky?
Look chocolate
When l started here, he wasn't able to move at all
Now he is so active
lf he is loved like this he will be walking in no time
The life god has given me...
...l will consider my self lucky if l can give them life
Please come to my office
l'll pick you up in the evening
No need. Take Pinky to the cake shop and pick up the balloons and masks
Don't worry about me, l will come
You sir in my house?
Please come, sit
l need Shivani's address
You still haven't forgotten about her?
l mean she is married now
lf she didn't want to model before than she wont now either
lf you need a girl, l will dress like one
Besides there are girls with big teeth
l need Shivani's address
ln this much money l can bring her
Someone call my Ashok
What happened?
Someone stole her mangalsutar
Take her home, she is very scared
What are you doing? -Taking care of the envelopes
What if the get lost?
There is no one to take them other than you
Look, don't argue with me
You? -Do you remember me?
Yes l remember
Can l ask you something?
Are you still the same or have you changed
Believe me, l'm still the same
How are you my lord
What brings you here?
l needed to speak with Mr. Ashok Chopra
He is inside
Who's birthday is it? -Shivani's daughter
l didn't know, otherwise l would brought something
This watch is very nice as a present
Here give it to the kid
What are you doing?
Here you go -No keep it
Keep it -You shouldn't give expensive gifts to children
You will never change
How are you?
Thanks, last night... -Right now l am here something important
Sure go ahead -You know there is a new airline being launched
l am the owner of that
l want you to be the general manager
l have very little time
That's why l need your yes or no right now
lt's a very good offer but l need to know the terms and conditions
l will send you a copy of the agreement
Right now l am going away -Don't worry l will give it to Shivani
l am going as well
Okay l will get it faxed to you
Please have some cake -Another time
What did you do. l know him, he's crazy
The offer is very good
Lets cut the cake
When are you returning from your trip?
l will be back by next week
One minute
lS he the one that attacked you?
Yes -This is yours
Just one minute
Here hit him
l have gotten my mangalsutar, and the police can punish him
You will punish him
He should know what happens if he attacks you
Did l do anything wrong? -No it's hard to understand women
l didn't know Vijay is that bad
No one hits a crook
lf it were me, l would bring him home, feed him...
...and tell him why take such a big risk, you should've just asked...
Your making fun -Don't get angry
Eat some ice cream
Tomorrow you will fast for my long life
lf you eat tomorrow and not today, l will die
But remember what l said
One day you will know Vijay is crazy
l don't know, l just want to publicity by next week
But time... -l don't have time
l need to launch my airline very soon
lt's not a small thing to launch an airline
We need a person to take care of it
You handle your duties
Where the person is concerned to take care of the airline....
...l have one
l going to die. l'm so thirsty, when is the moon coming out?
There is no point in fating abroad
The lord is in lndia
He doesn't have a passport that he will come here
Your always joking. l'm so hungry
Will the lord accept you breaking your fast in front of a different moon
Listen, do one thing...
...they are showing the moon on T.V
Just watch that and break your fast
l'm going to call Pinky, if you see the moon than call me
Where is the moon gone?
lt comes everyday, where is it stuck today?
lts out. Ashok come quick the moon is out
Stay there. After the moon l am going to look at you
Why did Vijay come here? -But what happened?
l dropped the plate as soon as l saw him
You know how bad that is
What is he doing here?
l'm sorry l disturbed you
NO what are you saying?
You know how women are
And she only dropped the dish
Any ways you tell me
You know how little time is left before the launch of the airline
So if l waited for you to sign the agreement, 5 or 6 days would be gone
So better than that would be that l come myself and get it signed
Here, read it carefully
l have thought of giving you 1 million a month
ls that too less?
Read it carefully it must be 1000
No its 1 million -There must be some clause in it
l don't know what crazy your following
Listen to me and rip up the agreement
Why you after the poor guy?
l don't know why you despise him
l hate his face
Okay l will tell him never to show you his face
Shall we read on -No you read it
l am making Ashok my general manager
Are you happy? -No
Why? -You asked me and l said no
lt's not necessary that l answer every question
What is your problem with me?
Tell me l'll fix it
Your problem has no cure
There is a cure for everything... hospital for the handicapped, nut house for the crazy
But there is nothing for fools
And you are a fool
How did you know?
A fool needs no introduction
He tells with his behaviour that he is a fool
And you prove it every time you open your mouth
At least you think of me as something
But l'd like to tell you something else
l am very stubborn
And there is no cure for that either
Wow your good
Oh and you can get all of them on bulls eye
Would you like to bet on it?
You will lose
l never lose
What is this? Stop it
What do you mean stop it?
We haven't even started yet
Not inside, go out
Did l come to stay here?
lf you keep me like that than l will stay
Let me go
Money , give me money
For Diwali -There is still time till that
So give it for Holi -Your not getting any money
You had a child -l don't have a child
You cant have one -What are you blabbing?
Lets go he is stingy
What did you do in my room
We went to see the baby -Went to see the baby?
Show me your hands. This is the baby
You came here to steal
l'm going to call the police
No don't do that
Don't call them? Take that off
l cant take these out -Not that, the necklace
This is mine -l don't care take it off
He's a bigger crook than us
There is no one here
Why are you locking up this beautiful house?
This is the city, anyone can break in
Than we will have to go to court
lt's better if l just stay here
Lets go
Don't we wait for Shanti -She will bring Shivani straight to the new house
l'll do that
What a beautiful house, better than the old one
Just start living here from tomorrow
We went to the doctor and there is good news
Your going to be a dad
We'll leave. Take care of Shivani
lt's a big house, they will be scared, we will stay here
l'm going to take Pinky to my house from school
Our son is so lucky. l got a good job, house and happiness
How do you know its going to be a boy?
Your asking me this?
l will tell you right now
Son, this is your father
What did you say? One minute
He says to take care of you till he comes
And give you lots of love
Mr. Vijay, you?
l shouldn't have come like that
l thought l would ask you how you like the house?
ls there anything missing?
The designs for the publicity are also ready
Have a look
l'm sure you will like them
Shivani's picture?
You don't like it?
l saw her picture in an ad before too
lf you don't like it l will change it
Get out from here
What is this?
How dare he use my picture
lts just a design. Nothing has been printed yet
And they are telling you they will change it
We will not stay in this house -What nonsense is this?
You have to leave this job -Where will l get a salary like that?
Don't yell -l will yell as much as l want
What will l do if l leave this job
What do you need? What are you going to do with all that money?
l make this money for you and the kids
You need money. You leave this job and l will make money
l'm leaving this house
Stop Shivani
lf you leave, don't ever come back
Did you hit Shivani?
What are you doing here?
Did you hit her?
This is personal, you have no right to interfere
You hit Shivani
Why did you hit her? Why?
As you said he had no enemies, there is only one reason...
Robbery. Some one came and Ashok tried stopping him
And that's how he was injured
l shouldn't have left him alone
He is unconscious and will be on oxygen. One you may stay with him
Okay than l will leave
lnform me as soon as he gains consciousness
l need to take his statement
You go home to Pinky
Come in the morning
Please go away form here
There is no one in this world who hasn't made a mistake
But those people are smart who admit it
l have brought these papers
Just sign them
What kind of papers?
Divorce papers
l have talked with the lawyer
Just sign this and than marry me
What did you say?
Have you lost your mind?
Have you gone crazy?
Yes l'm crazy
Your love has made me crazy
Get out of here right away
He doesn't respect you
He hit you. Forget about him
And marry me
You think l would leave Ashok for you?
Just because he gave you sindoor, you are his forever
lt may be nothing to you, but to a wife its priceless
Try to understand me
Forget him and marry me
A women only marries once and that bonds forever
Which no one can break
No one can break it
The things you said to me, even god wont forgive you
Don't you feel shame talking to a married women like that?
l am a wife. l am a wife
And now?
No. No Ashok
Sir, the inspector would like to see you
What is it? -You must know Ashok Chopra
Yes l do
He has passed away
And his wife says you killed him
What are you saying?
l would kill him?
What is going on?
Ashok Chopra has died
He came to tell me that Shivani blames me
Why? -That's what l'm trying to say. Why would l?
lnstead l have lost the most with his death
Our new air line is going to be launched
Everything is ready and l was very dependant on him
She says you came at 1 1 pm -What?
What time did you say? -At 1 1 pm
But between 9 and 1 1 :30 l was having dinner with one officer
Which officer? -lnspector Arjun Singh
He is lying
l'm telling the truth, he killed my husband
But the doctor report shows he died a natural death
He died because of loss of breath
That's what l'm saying. Vijay removed the oxygen mask from his face
First you say he murdered him than you say he removed the mask
At the time of the death Vijay was having dinner with me at my house
How is it possible for him to eat dinner and kill him at the same time
l'm telling the truth
Why don't you believe me?
l swear on my child that he is the o ne who killed my husband
l beg you to bring me justice
She is just acting
l believe that Vijay was eating dinner at your house...
...but why is she keep saying Vijay's name
Because she cant get anything if she says our names
What do you mean? -l know this lady very well
Even though she was married, she had an affair with Vijay
She always asked him for money and he kept giving it
A few days ago he refused to give her money
She thought this is the perfect chance for him to save himself and give her money
Now do you understand?
Leave these stories and let me buy you a mouth freshner
This time you got saved because of me
But what ever you did wasn't right
Can l say something?
Forget about Shivani
You said it now but never say it again
l have only loved one girl
Her name is Shivani
She will never be yours
When l was younger...
...there was a girl in my class
She had a very pretty doll
l liked it very much and l asked for it many times
But she never gave it to me
Do you know what l did?
l broke it
l will bring you new toys every day Pinky
But now don't call me uncle, call me papa
Your not my papa -Now l am your papa
Come here
You murderer how dare you come here. Get out
Don't get upset
l brought you something
Look. You wanted sindoor right?
Here put it on your head
You bastard
You're the one who said its priceless for wives
Be a wife again
This white dress doesn't suite you
Do you know the meaning of this white dress?
lt means a man and wife's relationship is so pure
This is not just a dress but a jewel for me
But you cant spend your life like that
lt's hard to survive in this world alone
l have the memories of my husband
My kids. And that's enough for one life time
But l cant see you like this
l love you very much
lts not love but just a desire
What did you say?
Just a desire?
Yes desire
Don't say that
Please don't say that
My love is true
Don't insult my love
Just tell me once that you love me too
l hate you
Just say it once -You bastard get out of here
You will die a horrible death
Say that you love me too
l am begging you
Just say you love me
l'm calling from block number 18
Some one is about to die here
Please come quick
What happened?
Shivani tried to kill me
l didn't do anything
What court is Shivani's case in?
Number 2
He's the biggest crook. l got 3 years your going to get 5
Shut up. Handcuff him
Be quite
Where are the papers?
What's his name?
Send a drum in this time or else we get bored
Our life is nothing without drums
Be quite
This is a very romantic case
Should l put him in with the men or the women?
The name is Champa Chambeli so the women jail is fine
What am l going to do there. They wont even let me clap
Fine put him with the men
Men? Me alone, and so many men what if l get raped?
l am single
So than where? -Shall l take her home?
Yes, he wont get bored and l will be with the law
Be quite -You're doing very wrong
My friend, l cant live without you
Take us with you
My love is with you. lt's only for 2 years
Keep track of all weddings and holidays
l will check it when l get out
Constable. Hold me
Vijay was cut up and Shivani was holding a knife -You can go
The jury should know criminal offence is caused by past tragedy
l'd like Vijay to come to the stand -Permission granted
l'll say the truth nothing but the truth
Do you recognize the women infront of you -Yes
That's Shivani Choopra Ashok Choopra's wife
How long have you known her -About 5-6 years
Ashok was just a pilot, why did you make him the GM
Shivani asked me to
What's your relationship with her
We had a sexual relation
Don't lie! Tell the truth
Can you now tell us why she attacked you
You have to make-up for the mistakes you make
l made a mistake by meeting this hoe
l went to her house when she called me
She had sindoor in her hands
And told me to marry her right away
How am l to marry her?
lf she could sleep with me
She could sleep with anyone else
A women like that can never be with one man
l told her no right away
Then she picked up the knife
And attacked me -Bastard!
l'm going to kill you
Due to the evidence the court has decided
That Shivani will be charged for attempted murder
She will be sentenced for 3 years in prison
No don't do this to me
l didn't do anything wrong l'm innocent
l beg of you, your punishing my daugther not me
She already lost her father
Don't take her mother away
A mother is begging for pity
Don't punish my daugther for this
Were's mother?
She's coming. -She's sentenced for 3 years
What? -3 years
Pick me up mother
Why aren't you talking to me?
What's that mother?
Aunt, what's mom wearing?
Pick me up mom, talk to me mom
Don't leave me mother, don't leave
Don't leave me alone
Stand right here
You look very innocent
But l know your not
You've been foolin around with your lover
You hore
l'll take your eye's and throw them in your hands
Stop screaming, no one can even breath without my permission
lf you try anything wrong
Do you see this stick?
lt's very strong
Take off your clothes
l said take them off
So you won't take them off
Didn't you feel any shame taking them off for your lover
Don't cry
There's no one here to feel sorry for you
What you get punished for?
For something l havn't done
This is how it's supposed to be
Take me for an example
My mother-in-law and husband tried to kill me for money
l tried to save myself
But my mother in law died in the fire
And now l got life sentence
God wrote trouble in every womens life
God didn't write sarrow in my life
A person wrote it
He killed my husband infront of me
He blamed me and proved that l was a hore
l screamed but nobody heard me
Money made the police deaf
Why? What did l do?
What did my daugther do? to get seperated from me
Where's your daugther?
She's with my sister
Here drink your milk
Feed her milk, it's her fathers money!
Eat daugther, take the house too, your father left it
What are you talking about? -l'm right ain't l
lt difficult to buy liquor, who's going to give us money
Her mother
What are you doing? return the chain -Never
l'm stressed cause of her l'll feel better if l sell it
Be ashamed of yourself -Shut up
l'll slap you one, and you shut up
l'll beat you so bad l'll send you to your father
Shut her up and take her out of her
Ruined my buzz
lt's nice of you to take you time and come to our show
We can collect alot of money from this program
Mrs.Rupali charges 1 lak, but she's not charging us for this show
You wanted me to get married
What? to whom
l want to marry this girl
How's my Pinky?
Uncle took my neckless from me last night
Does he not have humanity
He's worse then an animal
Didn't his hands tremble when he pulled it off
Who cares, l'll get you another one
Tell me one thing
Do you bother you aunt?
Do you eat? -Yes
Do you drink milk? -No
Why not? -You never come home
l'll come home as fast as l can
lt's not fair you and father are never home, come right now
Where did father go?
He was flying then he decided to make a stop in another world
lt's a weird place
There are so many toys there
There are dolls and a monkey that plays with all the kids
Your fathers bringing lot's of toys for you
lf father doesn't come then l'll go to him
Let's go visiting hours are finished
Go home with your Aunt -No
No l want to go with my mom
God bless you, come Rupali
l'll introduce you to the...
l want to change her name -What?
From now on her name is....
Come on hurry up, lets go
Where we going? -Government workers
These jail cells turn into hore houses at night
The government that stops crime -Let's go
There's a new girl Shivani, she'll be perfect
Your a women what do you know what men want
One time l felt for you
l'm going to check the women befor l go
Good stuff
What's wrong Shivani?
l'm pregnant
My husbands child is taking it's last breath
One minute sir
l'll kill you -Hurry up so l can wash my face
Will she work -l don't care bring her
Who do you think you are, Stop screaming
Shut up
Shut your mouth bastard -What are you doing?
Leave her, -Should l love her l'll kill her
Her mother left her on my head
l have to hid my face when l go outside
l'm keeping a killers daugther in my house, get rid of her
Keep your mouth shut, she no going anywere
Your talking back to me in my own house
After all your the sister of a murderer, get out of here
Go sit on the streets maybe someone will give you money
lf you don't make enough go work at a hore house
l'll break your legs if you come back, go now, get out of here
l'll take care of you after
Your alway switching me to men's and women's jail
What are you trying to prove by moving me around?
Take off your clothes. -Huh? -Put this on
l'll take them off outside
Listen, how much you get paid
How much power do you get? -Why?
Why? You must make 4-5000rs. that's what l make
When l get out come with me l'll make you rich
Your face looks like one of my friends
Think about it, you'll make us rich
You are sexy your pants are sexy your hat is sexy
Your Stick is sexy
How are you doing?
How would l feel after what happend
Let's go
l have hate for government workers
They care for people in the day and rape at night
This is not going to happen again
Nothing can be done for what is happening
l'll put a stop to it
l complained to the home minister about the jailer
What have you done?
What if the jailer finds out?
Nothings going to happen -Someones here to see you
You should go Shivani
At least you recognized me
How can l forget you
Your the one who widowed me and gave me this sentence
You can easily be unwidowed
You can bi-pass jail time
Just tell me you love me -Over my dead body
Same attitude same anger
l thought jail would weeken you up a bit
But you havn't changed a bit
You know why l came here?
You assholes enjoy doing this
Rubbing salt over the wound
That's your nature
lt's not nature it's love
Your love draged me here
lf l don't get what l want l destroy it
Now look, l destroyed you
Now l'm getting married, and this is the card
You may be happy giving her my name
But my name will bother you for the rest of your life
Cause you never got me, you've lost Vijay Nahotri
Are you Shivani? -Yes, but why am l here?
Your sister and daugther got into a car accident
How'd this happen? -Vijay's car hit them
This can't be a accident -lt is
Vijay is badly injured
You don't know him he's a big liar
There's a necklace around my wifes neck, were did it go?
l'll complain about you to the CDl
lt's worth 15 000rs.
Wait, were you taking the body?
She had earing on, take a look if there on her
Where's my daugther? -Come with me
Come clean your daugther
No, she's not my daugther
She's not my dauther
My daugthers a little devil
She's not going to lie down for that long
She can't even stay quiet, she's a devil
lt's somebody elses child, and you say it's mine
l'm her mother, l can only recognize her
She promised me
Let me go, -Are you gone mad?
What's left in my life, she was like a flower
What are you doing? -Focus Shivani focus
Let me die Nisha
No, you got to live for you husbands last mark
A widow never stays a widow there's always a way out
Yes, your right
l can't go until l get back at him
My daugther
The child that hears her mothers cries
l'm going to beg god for a son
He has to burn those who burned his mothers life
What? l have to go to the mens jail
l wish l could help you -All you do is take help
Someone complained that you beat innocent women in jail
And you sell there bodies
Who complained?
There's one snake in your jail
l'm not taking any action against you because
l want you to teach her a lesson that she'll never forget
Destroy that snake
Just tell me her name
How dare you complain against me
Don't hit me l'm pregnant
Oh, so your pregnant -Yes
Who's child is it? -My husbands
Your husbands or your lover? -My husbands
Hold her arms
Don't you dare complain about me again
lf anyone complains this is what will happen to you
ls Chumpa not her, -Why's you send her to the mens jail
l'm back in this jail
Good thing your here, they always send me back and forth
No officer ever did this to me
l had just about enough l'm going to win the election
l'm going to delhi, l'm going to become a leader
Are you a leader? -l've learned how to become one
How do people become leaders?
When l get power l'm going to take her out of duty
Ladies, grab them
l have a meeting so lock them up
l've achieved a man like from Shivani complaining
Now l know why these big men want you
What did you do to Shivani?
What happend? -Don't cry Nisha
Look at my eyes, you won't even see a tear
My blood dried up and that's how my tears have dried up
Dry these tears that makes us weak
You know why women get pushed around
Because we can take it
The world doesn't know women are as strong as earth
We can take anything
But when they cross the line they'll be destroyed
l've seen a mother, sister and daugthers view, but not a killers
Criminals want to pray to god
First they sin, then they repent
Shall l stop it -No l can't do that
Keep an eye on them, l don't want anyone running away
Send Shivani to me, l have important guest coming
Madame wants you in the office
May l come in -Come in
Do you know why l called you here?
Yes l know, people like you call for there own death
Did you forget the lesson l thought you -No l remember
l beged you not to, You killed my husbands last mark
You made me into my child graveyard
l remember everything
l'll teach you a lesson that you'll forget
lt's important to stay alive to remember things
And your never going to live
l'll kill you -Stop yelling
You told me nobody's aloud to breath without your concent
Today l'll be telling you when to breath
Hore selling women
This unifor doesn't look good on you take it off!
l know that you killed the jailer
Don't hit her, she sat beside me during the ceremony
The commissioner is calling you
Your right, l killed the jailer
But you can't do nothing to me
l didn't have evidence that Vijay killed my husband
Just like you have no evidence l killed the jailer
Go, the commissioner is calling you
l've won the race, my Jackpot!
Your getting out today
Were are you going from here?
Past these four walls is not the city
lt's bloody war, and l have to seek revenge
What are you going to do?
l'm going to pay my brother in law a visit
l'm rich, after those 3 idiot left me l've gotten rich
Why'd you come here?
Get out, your sister & daugther don't live here, there dead
That's why l've come here
Why should you live if my family died?
You'll have to die to
Your going to kill me -Yes
l'm going to kill you -Are you gone mad?
Yes l'm gone mad
lf you loose everything your going to go crazy
lt hurts doesn't it
You hurt me, my dauther and me sister -Forgive me
l'm doing what l have to do by sending you to my sister
Your whole life you've been running after money
Here take this and eat it eat it!
Seems to me the person wanted to kill him
No one took the money -And they didn't use a weapon
Find out if Shivani has been released from jail
No one came from there household the child was to young to cremate
Where? -Over there
That's the same girls grave
l knew you'd be at your daugthers grave
Mover your foot, my daugthers sleeping here
Don't worry l'll put you to sleep here too
Right beside her
l'm going to beat you so bad you'll never forget my name
lt's not difficult to forget a dogs name
Who do you want to see?
Vijay Nehotri
He doesn't live here, there's only Vakash that lives here
But he lived here? -We've been living here for about 2 years
Dr. l have no one
l've decided l want to help crippled and injured people
This is how l want to live -Start today if you'd like
But l don't want to stay in the city
Because of the bad memories l have to live with
l totaly understand
Do this, there's new sanatorium in Teek-em-ghar
Speak to Dr.Kapoor, l'll inform him that your coming
l looking for Dr.Kapoor -That's me
My names Shivani -Oh yes, come with me
You'll be staying in the quater
When was this built? -2 years Mrs.Patnami Nehotri donated this
Did she live in Bombay before -Yes
And her son Vijay -Yes, the've settled here now
Madame is always out and Vijay is always home
Vijay got into a car accident there's nothing we didn't try
We've got alot of opions from doctor but still he's hopeless
There's only one way
lf someone make him confident and gives him love
Let me be responsible for Vijay
Driver stop the car
Madame you? when did you come back from England
How's my son?
To tell you the truth l think your son well get better and soon
Really -Yes the new social worker is taking good care of him
l would like to meet that angel
You know her? -Yes, Really well
You lost case, your trying to take my son away from me
Your not healing my son you want to kill my son
Stop right there doctot
Come out Vijay and tell your mom l'm not a loafter
This is your test so come out
Are you alright Vijay?
Thank god my son is better
l always thought bad of her but she gave my son a new life
l'm never going to forget what she has done for me
Are you feeling better?
She went towards the Temple
Go get Shivani son
You know what my mom thinks
She thinks you did me favour by giving me a new life
She's to innocent
She's doesn't know that you did yourself a favour
All your paths has been destroyed but one, that is me
Your all alone Shivani
Now lady can live her life all alone
Just tell me you love me
l'm still ready to marry you
You gave me a new life
lt's my duty to give you a new life
Just tell me once you love
Yes, l gave you a new life so l can take it back
lf a women can love, then she can also hate
lf anything gets in the way it'll be destroyed
lf a women can gives life, then she can take life
Remember how badly you hurt my husband
Remember how you seperated my daugther from me
Remember how you ruined my life
This anger will always stick to my chest until l kill you
lf you wanted to kill me why'd you give me a new life
You could have killed me easily when l was paralized
Yes l could have, but what would l say to God
That l killed a paralized man
lt's a sin to kill paralized men, but lt's okay to kill you
Just tell me once you love me
l'm not letting you go Shivani
lf l'm going then your going
lt's not important for me to live, l'd rather die
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