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Subtitles for Anna In Kungfu Land 2003.

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Anna In Kungfu Land 2003

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It's horrible! What is it?
This is money!
Our client is coming, are you ready?
Listen carefully, if the client doesn't buy your idea,
you are fired.
I don't care whether you're my son-in-law to be.
Don't worry, for your future...
No, I mean, for your daughter's future...
I beg you! Please help me with all your might...
If we can't get the client, not only you'll lose your job,
the company will go bankrupt!
Boss, Mr. Hung from "Mighty Force" is at the reception.
Here he is! Get ready!
Okay, I'm now going out to get everything ready.
All right.
Is that "Mighty Force"?
Is it your idea?
Yes. That's right.
I know you're smart!
You're flattering me!
How brilliant is your idea of advertising on a space shuttle?
- Thank you. - You're so smart!
Maggie Cheung's face is also advertised on the plane.
It inspires us the idea of advertising on the space shuttle!
I think billions of people can see our advertisement during the launch.
But when it's in space,
is the advertisement for ghosts?
There is no oxygen in space, sure there is no ghost.
But scientists proved there are living things in space,
It becomes the first advertisement for aliens.
You have a sharp tongue! Okay, I agree there are aliens,
I better hire an alien's PR firm then.
Why should I hire you?
We are well informed that there is no PR firm running by aliens.
What a sharp tongue! Don't you have any more idea?
Come on! Why do you always read Kung-fu novel?
What's the problem with that?
- Yes? - You know what?
"Mighty Force", the healthy drink I'm selling...
the idea of it exactly
came from Kung-fu novel.
You know my name, right! Hung!
Do you know why I am named Hung?
Well... you father's last name is also Hung, is that right?
You're so smart!
I am named after my ancestor, Master Hung!
Master Hung! He's the famous King of Beggars, right?
Mister Hung, have you ever heard of the Martial Art Contest?
The Martial Art Contest,
it's always been mentioned in every Kung-fu novel.
It amazes me so much!
What a coincidence!
Say, if your product sponsors the Martial Art Contest...
What do you think?
Nowadays, is the contest still being raised?
As I know... actually,
it has been suspended because of lack of money.
It hasn't been held for some years.
If your product sponsors it,
sure it'll make all eyes opened
and your product will get famous.
Make all eyes opened?
That's right.
Can we make all blind eyes opened too?
Right! Can you make it?
It's okay...
What's the matter?
What is that?
It's dirtied.
I am good at bootlicking, let me do it...
It must be your saliva.
The idea of the Martial Art Contest is very good...
I like it.
Thank you.
Bootlicking, I like it.
Your shoes are really dirty!
You are definitely the descendant of the King of Beggars.
Remember, you must make
the contest a big one, a grand one okay?
Got it.
- Bye! - Bye...
Ken, what are you bluffing?
How can we be able to organize a martial art contest?
All martial arts originate from Shao-lin Temple,
if we are able to get support from Master Wisdom,
sure we can make it.
Shaolin monks will never join any more competition.
30 years ago,
My junior, Sword Shek joined the competition,
he met a Japanese girl there.
After the competition, they eloped.
I expelled him out of the Temple,
although we were buddies, you know.
Well, if I invite Shek to join the competition,
maybe, the loves and hates between you two in these 30 years,
it's the best time to quit scores!
All right, if you make Sword join the competition,
we'll join too.
I am sorry.
- What? - How can I get there?
Where do you want to go? Dragon's Martial Art School?
We're heading there too. You've come to the right person.
Let's go together.
Dad, I can't imagine...
how can the challengers be late for two hours?
and pick the after-lunch hours, I bet they must have lunch first.
I am too absent minded.
Call them now.
Master, they turned off their phones.
They're so impolite!
Turned off the phones, how can they claim they are great kung-fu masters?
How many of them coming?
I don't know.
I am sorry...
- Hurry up. - Can youslow down a bit?
Here we are! It's the place.
Damn it! You do finish your meal before coming.
You're so bad!
Sword Shek, we are from the "Wonder Sword", we want to try you.
How dare you!
Just three of you? Okay, come on.
How are you? My name is...
Get lost.
Get up! Go ahead.
I want you to know how powerful I am.
I've been long waiting!
Come on then.
We are all hungry, let's get something to eat.
It's rich in cholesterol.
This is for soothing your wound on your chest.
Thank you.
Mr. Kay, I hope you not to
follow others for a challenge again.
You won't be so lucky next time.
Master Shek, I'd like to say it again...
I came from Hong Kong, and I'd like to invite you
to join our Martial Art Contest.
I won the championship 30 years ago.
Since then, I broke up with the Shaolin Temple.
I always regret with that.
That's right, you can quit scores by taking this chance.
By the way...
you may win US$5 million.
You're ridiculous! Do you think my father money-minded?
Dad, five million dollars is not so much.
But it's still attractive, would you like to think about it?
Five million...
Five million...
Mr. Kay, I want to talk to my daughter.
Would you give us a minute?
All right, five million.
Five million...
Dad, do you think it's tricky?
I do want to join the competition.
But I am afraid I'd lose.
No way! You're a top master!
I don't know what to say, my dear daughter,
I've got an incurable disease.
Dad, no!
Let's go home and get it cured, let's go.
Anna, I've got presbyopia.
Are you kidding me?
Is it infectious?
Presbyopia makes me judge badly
in time of fighting within short distance.
So, just don't go.
Anna, I hope you'd represent me.
Are you kidding me?
No way!
Mr. Kay.
About joining the contest,
you can go straight to Anna.
Ask for my mercy, man!
Where are you going?
None of your business.
Wait for me!
Luckily you haven't gone.
If not, I've got no chance to give you a ticket.
What's up?
Sir, you can't park right here.
Don't you think I'd give you face.
Are you kidding? I came here for you.
What're you looking for?
What are you doing?
Let me tell you,
except the 5 million cash,
the winner may get a villa.
What villa? It's nothing to do with me.
and a jeep too.
and a chance to meet a Hollywood producer.
Maybe, he will pick you up as the next super-Kung-fu-star.
What did you call me?
What did you say?
As told in the legend... the feeling of first love...
it's like flowers blossoming...
one after another, another after another...
Until the world is full of flowers.
I am sorry, please wait.
Is it just like him?
So, no ticket.
Don't move!
On the wall.
Did you call a whore or fool around in Japan?
Did you woo girls or being wooed?
I didn't whore and I didn't fool around in Japan.
Is that true?
Whoa? What are you doing?
I am looking for my present.
Man on the left, woman on the right.
Hands up...
Is that your girlfriend?
Aren't you his girlfriend?
That's right, that's none of your business.
My daddy lets you live in his house,
but it doesn't mean you can do such thing at day time.
You're right, her dad lets us live here,
you can't make it here
in day time, you know that?
You're right, but...
She works a night shift.
That's right, she works a night shift.
What are you, girl?
I work in the 7-eleven.
You're lucky, guys.
I've to report duty now.
You're lucky guys!
Well, in Japan, have you...
This time, it's a heroine.
- Heroine? - That's right.
Heroine against armed policewoman, it'd be shit!
Shit! I haven't thought of that before.
You're a man! What do you have in mind?
It's simple! Just do it the man's way...
What's that?
Wait and see.
I came to you one day before schedule.
This is a beautiful hotel.
- Yes. This way... - It's special.
Did you arrange this for me?
You really care!
Take a rest, I've got to go now.
No way, how can I sleep in day time?
You've jetlag, you'd take some rest.
I just asked you to take the luggage for me.
Be good.
Are you leaving? Really leaving?
That's right, I've got to go now.
I've to go back to work.
Why? Why working?
I've to go back to work.
I am missing you!
- Bye. - Bye!
What do you think about this hall? It is grand enough, isn't it?
I am afraid it's too grand.
Come on! Isn't it better to be grand?
You know? I am so nervous.
I love reading Kungfu novels so much.
Today, my dream comes true!
Nine heroes are here
to fight for the top kung-fu master, wonderful.
Not only nine, there are all together 16 of them.
Are there sixteen? So many?
- Foreigner too. - Really?
- Yes. - Let's go and take a look.
Ladies and gentlemen, as organized by "Mighty Force",
The Martial Art Contest of the grand century is now declared.
After the races,
the winner are the supreme of the Martial Arts World.
The prizes for the winner are...
5 million cash and many presents.
During the competitions,
we have a film producer from Hollywood attended,
he will pay attention to each competitor,
and take this chance to recruit a new action star.
Well, let's don't waste time now.
May we have all the competitors on stage!
Are your shoes dirty again?
No! Who is most powerful
among these 16 competitors?
As told by Ken, we'd pay attention to the following teams.
You are really an outstanding boot-licker! You always copy others.
His hair is like a broom.
How can these kids represent Shaolin Temple?
Do they want to attract audiences with cute kids?
They were mini-skirts.
How can they kick without...? Nope.
The images of these two masters
give people two feelings of different centuries.
They are all the go.
Ken, you know what? I want to tell the whole world that...
You're my boyfriend.
15 competitors
have come on stage.
Is there a foreigner?
Ken said the next one is a foreigner.
Good boot-licker!
We still have one more competitor.
That's Mr. Spenser who came from America.
Please give him a big hand.
Let me tell something about him and his "Powerful Fist".
Spenser used to play
basketball in America,
when he was in university,
the faculty of PE input all information...
about Chinese Kung-fu into computer and make it...
another brand new type of kung-fu...
Chinese Kung-fu is out of date.
He said Chinese Kung-fu is out of date.
What do you mean by out of date?
Dare you repeat? Why Chinese Kung-fu is out of date?
Mr. Hung, it's going to be reported on tomorrow's headlines.
Powerful! So powerful!
Take this.
At this moment, we'd like to have our sponsor,
Mr. Hung Fung, the boss of "Mighty Force"
to have a speech for us.
I would like to say a word only, a word only.
Thank you, thank all the reporters here,
thank all the competitors.
"Mighty Force" is a
nutritious and yummy health drink.
We are so pleased to...
being the founder of Mighty Force.
It's a kind of nutritious and yummy health food.
I am so pleased to do something for Chinese Kung-fu.
Many people said I'm like Master Hung, the King of Beggars.
That's right, my name is Hung Fung, we are of the same blooded.
I am from the Beggar's Gang.
I've got a powerful kick, named...
SS Kick.
Why is it named SS Kick? Stock Selling Kick.
If anyone is kicked by me...
he can't get it cured even he sells all of his stock for medication.
Come and take a picture.
Do you want to try...
I want to show them my SS kick...
Make it next time...
Yes, we still have a chance.
Since Mr. Hung is here with us,
Shall we take a group picture?
Would you please come this way?
Reporters, please move together, in the middle please.
Right, move a bit...
That's right, move a bit...
Thank you. Please get it ready for the picture...
Come on, ready...
It is a elimination match.
So, we would like Mr. Hung
and the related units...
to start the draw.
May we have the two guests.
I am so excited!
Please wait,
my colleague is now arranging the rooms for you.
You'll get
your keys soon.
This is a five stars hotel.
very famous in Hong Kong! Look!
The harbour scenery is so beautiful...
- Hey, man... - What?
Is there any foot massage service for us?
No. What can I help you?
If there isn't any,
I am willing to provide such service to them.
You want to do business here? You can talk to them.
However, please go over there first, thank you.
- Wait. - What?
Can you tell us what services we have to pay?
What services are free?
That's right.
Good question.
Inside your room,
the pay TV,
mini bar and room service...
They are on your own, you have to pay for those services.
What about breakfast? Any breakfast coupons?
Of course it's free.
You can take the breakfast over that restaurant.
Remember, 7 to 10, it is breakfast buffet.
- It's great! - That's great.
Why do you always speak together?
Yes, we are twins, we share the same mind.
We've got nicam here, stereo.
Well, gentlemen... no, I mean heroes and heroines.
It's almost time now.
Please come here and get the keys.
Ken, it's ready.
May I introduce my brother to you all.
Sam Kay, I am Ken, he is Sam.
He is the assistant PR manager of this hotel.
If you have any needs,
you can go to him.
- Everything ready? - Yes.
Master Wisdom...
Let me help him.
- Okay. - Come on...
This way, get the luggage.
The next one is, Miss Nicky from Mu-dong.
Nice rooms! It's beautiful.
So many luggages. Are these for practicing?
How are you?
Let me introduce, this is Master Wisdom from Shaolin.
Are you Anna Shek, Sword's daughter?
Yes. I am representing my dad.
I am here to beat you monks.
You want to beat us?
My dad won the championship 30 years ago.
But you expelled him.
He eloped with the Japanese!
Nonsense! Be polite!
That's my mom.
I want to beat you monks...
With my kung-fu that's not orthodox!
Now, I am going to buy something! Excuse me.
I'm going to work now.
If you don't come to me, I'll go to you.
- Bye! - Bye!
You said you missed me at the hotel!
I wished to hug you tightly last time,
but there was too crowd.
That's right, you can't do that in front of the crowd.
Let me take a look at your room, okay?
- So pretty! - Right...
The visit is finished, let's go back to the hotel.
So fast?
This is...
Miss Shek.
Who is she?
Hello, Anna Shek from Japan.
Nice to meet you.
Miss Shek is...
Same story again?
He is late.
Call him to come back right now.
Exactly, it's right.
He is so anxious.
Call him now.
Sam, your prediction comes true.
Armed policewoman against heroine.
Zoe Pak, I am a police.
I am a police in Japan too.
Yeah, but I just control traffic, not armed.
- Don't you have pistol? - No.
I've got one.
May I touch it?
It shouldn't be.
Why don't you hold it and let me touch for a while?
It's really heavy.
Yes, it's quite heavy.
So, you can always feel it.
"Police beauty and heroine quarrel from jealousy"
"Both die together"
It's not a toy, anyway.
You'd better put it back.
All right.
I called him already.
Let me get something to drink.
The brain is hurt.
Are you okay?
I am fine, it's all right.
Have you just known each other?
Actually, that's my first love.
You love that kind of man?
He loves gambling, flirting and fooling around.
He is not single-minded.
Why don't I know that?
You'd better think carefully.
Well, forget it, it's over.
Let's count it on the day we met.
Start from the beginning
Are you thirsty?
- That much? - Choose anything you like...
You know? This is Anna's first love.
Well, be frank,
he is my first man, too.
First love! Come on, have a drink of it.
You'd home!
Ken, that's right. Anna, come here.
You must be tired. Send her back to the hotel.
All right.
Zoe wants to teach you a lesson.
They have some argues.
I don't want to scold you loudly in front of your girl.
I told you not to bring girls home.
But I miss you so much. I have to work. No way.
It hurts, don't you know that?
All right, Sam, send Anna home.
Remember, treat her better.
One more thing, you'd be as single-minded as my boyfriend.
Why is she holding his hand?
She holds his hand, I hold yours, let's go.
No! Your girl is holding my boyfriend's hand.
We had a fight, she wants to drive me mad.
You hold my hand.
They seem to be a perfect match, what do you think?
Yeah, we're perfect match, too!
Why do they hug together?
Let's drive them mad too! Let's hug tighter.
Miss Shek is quite open, huh?
Not as open as Sam.
It's time to go into your room, let's go.
The first round of the competition starts now.
16 competitors compete at the same time.
There is no time limit.
Who knocks off the opponent first,
who is the winner.
By the way, Ox starts his attack first.
His opponent was punched twice.
What about this side?
Spenser rushed forward,
No, he just wants to scare his opponent.
He wants his opponent attack first.
Just two punches, that's finished.
He flies! Bravo!
Whoa! Who is the one flying? It's Nicky from Wudong.
Her opponent is from Japan, I heard that he is something...
But he was kicked and out.
Over there, it seems to be an exciting match.
Anna Shek against
Che Tai-yin from Korea.
It's a balanced combat!
I can't imagine that Anna would kick!
She knocked him off and followed by a slap.
So, don't offend woman.
The Mexican competitor has just been knocked off.
Let's take a look at this side...
They still have no movement,
let's move to the others.
Lawrence the boxer against Simon,
the master of Yi-hua Palace.
Why can't Lawrence fight back?
Of course, his hands were locked.
A severe assault like this is killing him.
He has just been knocked off.
Let's look back at this side.
Fu from Hung-tung knocked off
his opponent swiftly.
It's really hard to catch the punch!
Now, let's look at
Lachai and the twins.
He is lucky to be served by two girls together...
But poor him! He's just been knocked off.
Shaolin Kung-fu is really something.
The three little monks
are not afraid of being bullied.
They surround the tall guy.
Look, they move!
The tall guy just can't fight back.
Timing and their skill are so perfect.
The winners of the first round are all powerful.
They are not simple!
The one who knocked off the components at the shortest time is...
He is now the lead of the "Mighty Force" TV advertisement.
I really hate myself.
What's wrong?
I think I am so useless!
I was just no match for Spenser!
I hate girls threatening boyfriends...
with firstly tears and secondly cries... and lastly suicides.
I hate doing nonsense things.
I also hate myself.
because I want to do that.
I thought of threatening you to make me star in the advertisement.
But I am happy too.
Because I know you love me.
If I really make that request,
you'd promise.
You're a man, your career goes first.
How can you waste time for such tiny matter?
Do you really want to work in Hollywood?
It's not important.
Because I have you staying with me.
It's easy to star in an advertisement. I'll help you.
But Spenser is the lead, isn't he?
I bring you here to be the female lead.
Don't worry, I can fight what you want.
I can't believe it! I can star in the advertisement!
You have to trust me.
I'll make your dream come true.
Got it?
Wardrobe lady, so glad you are here.
She is the female lead, please give her the wardrobe.
What the hell? A masked female lead?
Let's go...
It's an advertisement for "Mighty Force".
You're performing "Mighty Force".
Sure you are the lead.
But a masked female lead!
It's a great chance to perform.
I want to be an idol, I want to show them my face.
Work hard, you'll be appreciated one day.
- Come on! - Idol!
Come on!
The darkie drinks a bottle of "Mighty Force".
Now, he is full of energy.
At this moment, "Mighty Force"
flies towards him.
Then, you hit it three times.
Then, speak loudly, followed by triple kicks.
At this very moment, "Mighty Force"
flies out of the screen.
Do you understand?
This director seems to be something.
Yes! He's got an award in an international film festival.
It's the "New Park Film Festival".
Where is it?
Just two blocks away from New York.
It's famous for apple juice.
- That's right. - I tried that.
I want to add in more special effects.
All right.
Let him make the special effect and being more 'juicy', okay?
I want this film to show real kung-fu.
And I am an literalist.
I'll film it with a single shot,
just like the way of Ozu Yasujiro.
But he died some years ago.
It's just a memory.
Single shot? I watched some of that before...
It's just like
those true-lady show taken for internet pay TV.
Single shot, without stop, right?
That's too cheap for me.
What an arrogant director.
An artist.
I like it. I am an artist too.
He is better than the last director we hired, boot-licker.
He is trash.
Because you're rich!
Why are the shoes dirtied again?
Let me clean them for you.
It's too dry, how to clean it?
This one...
- Again... - All right...
Mighty Force.
It's ah... think...
Why can't you remember just four lines?
Mighty Force, nutritious and yummy.
Mighty what?
Mighty Force...
Yan... Yummy.
Yummy and easy, you idiot!
You idiot!
Not exactly!
Not exactly.
You shut up, all of you go back.
Back to your seat.
Let me help you.
How is it? How is it?
What do you think about my acting?
Just relax!
- Really? - Yes, be open! Come on.
Cover it up! Cover it up!
Yes, no problem.
All right, pal, it's okay.
Mighty Force, nutritious and yummy.
It's yummy and sissy.
- No... - Cut!
What's wrong with his face?
What is such expression!
You Just take my role!
Mighty Force, that's all.
Sing sing sing...
The 68th take.
Mighty Force...
Mighty Force...
It's easy!
It's easy.
Well done! Let's call it a day.
We can leave now.
Oh no! The last shot wasn't that good.
Can we try again?
No, you did it very well, well done, it's okay.
Next time, I want to be an idol.
No problem.
If you can't make it, you can't play games and can't have food.
You'll have to eat lunch box forever.
No problem, I can eat anything.
I'll treat you to any food.
I just can't tell it.
Anna, how do you know cooking Chinese food?
Actually I am a Chinese.
Be frank,
this is my first time cooking.
To cook for my lover,
at this moment, my heart is filled with happiness.
You're great! I just don't know how to cook.
I just know how to eat.
When Sam is back, he will be happy!
Ken will be happy too.
That's right. Let me help you.
Take this! All right, and that too.
We put these and those in there, together with our love...
we cook all of them together.
They will be so happy this time.
Now, anyway,
We'll have no dead end, we still have hopes.
I agree with that.
You're home!
That's right.
We have dinner home.
Anna and I cook that for you two.
Good! It's so hot! All together!
We'll have many dishes tonight, and dessert too.
I can't imagine what happened, you'd fix it alone, okay?
Sam, everything will go fine, don't worry.
- Let's eat. - Let's eat.
This is the first time of Zoe and me.
Isn't it awful?
Not important.
The first time of woman is always fair.
You'll be happy later.
Sam, come and eat.
- Come on... - Let's eat.
Is the major component carbon?
Carbon monoxide.
Carbon dioxide.
Carbonate fibers.
Let's eat.
What did you say?
Come on, let's eat.
Eat some carbon.
Our ancestors are blessing us!
Well educated.
I am your brother!
This makes us feel so ease...
Brother, what are you looking at?
You'd copy others.
Why don't you take some food?
Do you need my help?
Do you want some?
Let me see how long can you play!
Let's wait and see.
What do you mean?
I can't stand it any longer!
How can you treat your girlfriend like this?
You're something!
Stop! Let's make it clear.
Stay where you are!
I tell you,
why don't you let me take both girls as girlfriend?
I don't mind that.
As a man, you'd be responsible.
Got it?
What's the matter?
I just can't stand his attitude. That's okay.
Is it a worse dinner?
It doesn't matter.
Anyway, from today onwards,
you two are my girlfriends.
Let's have this dinner happily. Okay?
I like him so much.
Me too.
Don't waste it, come on.
Stay here tonight.
I've thought of that.
But it's not the right timing, it's too fast!
Don't be silly, time is different now.
Love affair of this age must be instant.
Let me tell you frankly,
I did that with force.
You forced him to do that?
No way... my dad said, it's something...
Anyway, if he asks for it,
then, we react.
You are so worrying! Let me teach you something.
That's the way you did that?
No way, my mom would scold me.
But for kung-fu master, you also have to experience it sooner or later.
Well, I don't mind listening.
- Yeah. - What's up?
You want her to come into my room tonight?
No way! Like this?
It hurts.
Warm up first.
Let's so some warm-up exercises, it's not kidding.
I'll do that with you.
Where to start? Thigh?
- Yes. - Right here.
Press the ankles.
One, two...
Pull down, got it?
Wider, okay?
Tell it now.
Go back to sleep.
All right.
Let's go back to my room.
Don't you send us back?
Go back to sleep.
Okay, let's go back to sleep.
Go back to your room.
What's up? Your girl went with another man.
Your boyfriend went with another woman, too.
Are you a really a police?
Why can't you figure out something?
How can you solve cases?
I am going back to sleep!
What's up?
Don't look at me like that.
The quilt is dirty.
Basically, I am well prepared.
I've had enough exercise.
I am willing to match with you, come on.
I am not that kind of person.
Oh no! You want it to be wild?
That's not important.
I practice kung-fu, I am strong enough.
When will you use your weapon?
Actually I am a primitive weapon.
What's wrong with you?
Testing my voice.
What's up?
She ate too much, she has a stomachache.
Don't shout too loud, she can hear that.
I'll ask Sam to come here.
You've got a stomachache, so, what's next?
Just forget it, I am just scared.
No, you'd do what you've decided.
After this night, you may not have another chance.
Sure you should do it.
What's up? I told you we'd have no more game.
Anna will devote herself tonight.
Enough! Please!
This guy is having two girls at the same time.
You know that? Are you nuts?
Zoe, it's not true...
What did you say?
You bluff! That's too much!
That's right.
You're really something.
Let's go.
I pity on you.
Me too.
I don't want him hurt you tonight.
Get to bed now, let's forget it.
Come on, let's sleep together.
Okay, I'll take a shower first.
In order to celebrate those
who enter the final races,
and to consolidate those who were out,
the ones who are not that powerful enough,
we hold this "Mighty Force"
banquet tonight...
Hope you would make yourself feel ease and have a good dinner.
When can we start?
Let's go and get some food.
All right.
Oh no! I think Nicky and Sam...
They are having an affair!
Just don't be nosy! Mind your own business.
But... tell Zoe.
We can't settle it for them, so just shut up.
You want it?
Why not?
You first.
You first.
Counter attack!
What a kung-fu master!
Do you want some?
No! Let me treat you to dinner.
That's good.
No way...
What's wrong with you, young man! You get tired so easily.
I told you to practice kung-fu.
I am starving.
Never mind, we have oyster, tomatoes...
Salmon, roasted ribs...
Chicken and tomatoes...
What else?
And we have this too, a table cloth from the hotel.
You stole something again, don't you?
Candle light dinner.
What's up?
I wanted to
take the cake away,
but it is messed up.
Never mind, let's do it in this way,
Let me treat you to a fine dinner.
What do you want to eat?
What do you want to eat?
What do you want to eat?
Whatever you like eating.
What to eat?
Once I watched a TV programme about Hong Kong,
they said the roasted goose in Shencheng is wonderful.
It's far away.
But it's most delicious.
Let's take a taxi.
No, please.
Why not get there on foot? I haven't walked much.
Let's get a taxi over there.
No way.
Do you think we're like tourists from China?
Ladies and gentlemen, let me ask you a question,
Are you anxious waiting?
Louder please.
Dear Kung-fu fans,
hosted by "Mighty Force", the Martial Art Contest...
Is now going to a final stage. Yeah!
I won!
You're great! Congratulations!
You won!
Come on! Come join us...
I won!
What's up? Just relax!
This time, we are going to meet a producer from Hollywood.
I spent much time and effort to make it happen.
So, you have to work harder.
Why do we do the screen test together?
It's for Sam, I have no reason to...
Anna, you are so beautiful
and you are better in Kung-fu,
I think I just can't make it.
You are so honest.
Well, Hollywood is a big place,
they need many artists with potentials.
Just like you, if you do some plastic surgery,
wear a pair of glasses,
then you can film in "Harry Porter IV".
Here you are! Let's get it started.
Let me introduce...
Forget it!
Let this lady with a big face come in first.
Anna, work hard.
It's my turn.
Be smart!
I am Anna Shek...
No need of introduction.
You're young and pretty,
get it start now.
I am the Superman who protects the world.
You alien, let me send you to hell now!
Oh my god! Out of battery...
Listen, I do the screen test in the bed.
You get it? In bed.
No matter man or woman,
I am fair to everyone and let everyone try in bed.
You understand? In bed.
In bed?
Yes, in bed.
That's right.
You, pillow monster, go to hell!
Monster, you know?
You know? Monster!
Friend of dinosaur!
What's up?
I tried my best.
I heard that someone jump the line for a screen test.
You come for the interview? Please go in.
- Thank you. - You're welcome.
- Thank you. - Good luck.
All right, Miss, please wait.
I want to make it clear.
Listen, I make the screen test in bed.
Do you understand?
You come for the screen test too?
Okay, please come in.
No problem.
Ladies and gentlemen, our famous producer from Hollywood,
he's found out a new kung-fu star!
May we have him to announce this important news?
Ladies and gentlemen,
I have a little announcement,
About who's going to be our very next movie star
That is...
Thank you.
But, wait,
we still have another candidate.
That is...
I think this case... there must be something behind.
Dirty stories...
I am sorry.
You don't seem to be happy.
I am fine.
You asked me out for you having a problem, not me.
Tell me, what is it?
Why do you laugh? Go ahead.
I... actually I want to ask...
I want you...
I want you to lend me thousands of money.
I beg your pardon?
Thousands of money.
I am a junior worker, I don't have much money.
What's the matter?
I can't resist materialistic temptation, I spent too much money.
Be frank, we kung-fu master can't make a living easily.
Can you lend it to me?
I've got a tough job, you know?
I can lend you just few hundreds, that's all I can do.
Well, this time...
I have to seek help from my senior.
What is it?
My senior told me to open it in time of necessity.
I think it's time now.
- ETC card? - That's right.
But there is no password
So, my master... No...
My senior gave me this too.
What did you say?
Password? So, let's go.
Wait! Don't you have to thank your senior?
Thank you, senior.
Where is the bank?
This way.
Don't be nosy! Robbery! Let's go.
Go! Go!
Kung-fu learners must be righteous.
Hold it!
Take him to the police station first.
You got shot! So?
Hero... has nothing to do with it.
No, let's go to draw the money.
Under such condition?
That's right! I've got no money.
Ladies and gentlemen,
here is the final stage of the contest.
Masters from 4 schools of martial arts are on stage now.
Spenser, Fu,
Dragon, Tiger, Leopard and Anna Shek.
They will fight for the last two seats.
The final races
are getting started now.
May we have Spenser...
Fu from Hung-tung.
May we have Fu again?
Fu, would you please come up at once?
Do you have a trouble?
You've got a trouble!
Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the rival.
I give you chance to give up.
I won't spare you.
Standing right here, because I am a...
warrior who fights for glory.
For glory, I would sacrifice everything I have.
Chinese Hero!
- Cheers! - Bottoms up!
Wish our contest a great success!
Voice mail again!
Forget Nicky please.
She is now the girl of the Hollywood producer.
She isn't the type of girl that you've had in mind.
She is pure.
You claim that is pure?
Mind your tongue! I'd tell him your secret, you know?
What secret?
- Stop it. - I know many things about him.
Boss, I feel
so bad in these days.
You're my boss, and you're Zoe's father.
I have lied.
What do you want to say?
I've fallen for two girls.
What do you want to say?
Other than Zoe,
I have fallen for another girl.
Who is she?
That's not the point, the point is, I wronged Zoe.
Who is she?
Please don't ask me.
Anna Shek.
Anna Shek from Japan?
That's right.
Right, I have fallen for her.
I wronged Zoe
and I wronged you too.
What do you have in mind?
I'll tell them frankly some days later.
Who do you like most?
I like both.
I know it's my fault.
Not exactly!
It's not big deal to fall for two women.
What's up? If I were you,
I wouldn't have told any of them a word, just cover it as long as you can.
Zoe is your daughter!
So what? I am a man too.
I experienced that.
At that time, I was as young as you are.
I just wanted to settle the case as soon as possible.
God knows, I made a wrong choice.
Don't sigh! Sure I love my daughter,
But you already did it wrong,
what can I do now?
Those who committed such mistakes...
are usually men of high quality, do you agree?
I very much agree with you.
So I won't blame you.
The only thing is to be blamed is, we are of high quality.
You're right.
- Cheers! - Cheers!
So glad that you're so understanding.
It's so common to meet something unsatisfactory.
Listen to me, if you feel unhappy, go shopping.
You think you're happy? Go shopping.
Either happy or unhappy, go shopping too.
That's right, after reaching the card limit,
I feel calm and happy now!
Money makes people happy!
Dad, why are you here?
Poor Anna!
Nicky seized the contract from her hand to become a movie star.
So I gave her company to go shopping.
That contract is no big deal.
I am not interested in becoming the Supreme of the Martial Art World.
I still have a hope, that's him.
Anna, have you lost your mind?
You hold a wrong hand.
My Goodness, I just can't help you.
I can manage it.
Not only Ken, you have me too.
What's up?
Miss Shek, I have fallen for you at the first sight.
No wonder! I felt something wrong with you.
Dad, I can't take it.
Me too.
Why can't you take it?
You love Anna and Zoe at the same time, that's the same!
What did you say?
What did I say?
He said he can't take it, that's why I started arguing.
I sacrifice myself to back you up.
Why can't you take this fact?
The second match is a bit special.
It's a rival among Shaolin.
The representatives are both from Shaolin.
Dragon, Tiger and Leopard.
Together with Anna Shek from Japan.
To cook for the one I love,
At this time, my heart is filled with joy.
This is secretly shot by some colleagues in office.
Everyone knows that.
If you don't push him, you'll lose him easily.
I get it.
Take it back to encourage yourself.
I've got a copy.
My dear, don't blame me of being an undercover.
I am a man, and I am your father.
It's really a hard time for me, got it?
Got you.
His eyes are fierce!
Old man, I'll let you try
my wonderful fists.
Old man, you lost, since you're still staying in the year of 1973.
Master, it's smoky, if the alarm rings, it'd be shit.
Anna, this is a kind of therapy.
Do you want to learn it?
No, thanks, I have got enough troubles.
I think you'd better take the X-ray.
I can't get recovered within a short time.
I think I can't participate in the race.
Those three monks are no match for Spencer.
Master, I've got a good idea.
What is it?
Tell me please.
That is...
Give it up.
No way!
Shaolin is the origin of Chinese Kung-fu.
We can't lose.
Except the monks and me,
We still have another Shaolin successor here.
Do you mean this punk?
No! Your father is my junior,
so you're Shaolin's successor too.
I want you to represent Shaolin.
Master, I came to represent my dad,
I want to beat you with Dragon's Fist.
So, how can I represent you?
Don't you want Dragon's Fish become a branch of Shaolin?
My father always wants this to come true.
If you represent us
and win the race,
The love and hate between your father and us will be over.
No, she will be killed by Spencer!
Shut up! That's none of your business.
Let me tell you something.
What are you laughing at?
I can't hear what you said!
You blew air into my ears, it's itchy.
Be serious.
Remember, Chinese Kung-fu counts on you!
Stay calm... Stay calm please.
You've waited for a long time,
after several exciting rivals,
here comes the final.
The new champion of the world of martial arts will appear soon.
Now, I declare...
The final race get started!
First, from my left,
Spencer, he hasn't lost any of the game.
Good! As I said, I would be the winner.
The next one, she represented Dragon's Fist at first,
but she lost.
Now, she represents Shaolin Temple, that's Anna Shek!
Charge up!
Anna, charge up...
Anna, charge up...
Anna, charge up...
Excuse me, can you make this guy
in suit get out of here?
He is harassing us.
Kick him out!
Mr. Kay, would you go back to your seat?
Otherwise, we have to kick you out.
Charge up!
The match goes on.
Anna, be careful!
Anna, be careful!
Anna, be careful!
Be careful!
Anna, charge up.
Charge up.
Anna, charge up.
Turn on the light!
I'll back for the fight later.
Are you kidding?
Can you keep your mouth shut?
Shut up!
Shut up...
Shut up!
Do you want Anna win the race?
Come on!
The strongest force of woman comes from her jealousy.
You make her jealous,
she will then release unexpected power.
What is it? Stop it!
This is not real kung-fu.
Did she go against rules?
Chinese Kung-fu is ever changing.
We have a history of over 5000 years.
We can't say biting, tugging and pinching
aren't martial arts.
Overruled, the match must go on.
Okay, go ahead.
I hope you'd forget your affair.
Make your dad's wish come true.
To make him become the branch of Shaolin.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6
5, 4, 3, 2, 1!
Bravo! She won!
Anna is great!
Anna, don't misunderstand that, the kisses mean nothing.
We just want to excite you
to make you fight better.
But I just can't stand that kick.
Anna, thank you
for winning that fame for Shaolin.
Thank you, Master Wisdom.
You're now my student, you know?
Greet your senior, come on.
Thank you, master.
Good girl.
The new champion of the Martial Arts Contest goes to Anna Shek!
Shaolin Temple is still the top school in the martial arts world.
May we have the champion to
walk round on stage to receive our applause.
Would you please say something to us?
Miss Shek got the championship...
obviously, it depends on our Mighty Force...
It's nutritious and yummy.
If she learns...
SS Kick from me...
I bet her kung-fu may reach a new level...
All right, boss...
I am afraid you'd hurt her.
Make it next time, okay?
May we have the new champion
to speak to us?
I am so happy today.
It's because my kung-fu has got a recognition.
Joining this race,
I experienced many things,
including something I haven't experienced before,
that's my first love.
Now I understand...
No matter how powerful I am,
I can't beat a man who hurt my heart.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Having been waited for 30 years, my Shaolin kung-fu...
at last becomes a branch of Shaolin.
Change the signboard now.
Let me do it.
How is it? Is that great?
Why are you specially nice to me?
God knows what we'd become in the future.
Where is your daughter?
She is now working for a film. She's become an actress.
What's wrong with you?
No! I...
Actually it's not important.
It's the linear descendant
Just put it deep in your heart.
Come on! Let's get it started.
I am the masked warriors who protect the world.
Aliens, let me kill you!
Wonderful punch!
Anna, you did a good job.
I am sorry.
Though I don't understand kungfu,
but I know,
both for martial arts and love, we need match.
Just like superman fighting against monsters.
From the very beginning until the end of the world,
I know, you really need a match.
I am willing to become your match.
The only match.
What's wrong?
Take me please.
I am moved, too.
I love you.
What's wrong?
I know some friends who are working in the TV station.
I introduced Anna to become an actress.
You're too bad.
You heard my words?
It's awful...
Where is my contact lens?
You dropped your contact lens? So?
Where is it?
Right here!
Stay where you are!
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