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Subtitles for Anne Frank - The Whole Story CD1.

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Anne Frank - The Whole Story CD1

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{y:i}ANNE FRANK: I want to be|{y:i}a champion skater and a writer.
{y:i}I want my picture|{y:i}in all the magazines.
{y:i}Maybe I'll be a movie star.
{y:i}I want to be different|{y:i}from all the other girls.
{y:i}I want to be a modern woman.|{y:i}I want to travel.
{y:i}I want to study languages--|{y:i}languages and history.
{y:i}I want to do everything.
{y:i}I want to...
{y:i}LEO: Anne! Anne!
Oh, that bratty Leo Koopmann.|He thinks he's in love with me.
He's always looking at you.
SANNE: Anne, do you|want to come over...
and play Monopoly tomorrow?
Sanne, you know my grandmother|is coming to visit.
I'm simply too busy.
Why don't you ask Hannah?
I'll be at shul.
So religious.
LEO: Anne! Anne!
Oops. Sorry.
[Both laugh]
-Well, I'm off.|-Bye.
{y:i}ANNE: Bye.
No, no. I'm not saying|you're a bad cook.
Of course.|I'm sure your husband...
loves the way|your strawberry jam is.
-Hello, Mr. Kleiman.|-Hello, Anne.
{y:i}ANNE: Miep, where's father?
One minute.|He's in the storeroom...
with Mr. Kugler|and Mr. Van Pels.
Thank you, Miep.
May I say how nice|you look today?
The problem is|you're using too much sugar.
{y:i}VAN PELS: Too much nutmeg.
{y:i}Not enough coriander.
{y:i}I, uh...
{y:i}black pepper|{y:i}with, uh...
{y:i}black ginger.
{y:i}OTTO FRANK: No. Close.
Your mother telephoned.|She was quite worried.
You should've gone|straight home.
What are you doing?
Mr. Kugler is trying out|some new recipes.
Your mixing still needs work,|but you may have something.
That's high praise|indeed, Mr. Kugler.
As you know, Mr. Van Pels|has an infallible nose.
Anne, a joke for you.
What is black and white|and red all over?
A newspaper.
{y:i}VAN PELS: Yeah?
You know, read, huh?
{y:i}ANNE: What a lovely book.
{y:i}MARGOT: Thank you, Grandma.
{y:i}ANNE: Was it exciting coming|{y:i}all the way from Germany...
{y:i}by yourself?|{y:i}Tell me everything.
{y:i}OTTO: You see? She's|{y:i}still as curious as ever.
Let me see your book.|Let me see.
{y:i}OTTO: Wait.|{y:i}Grandma has another surprise.
And here's your present, Anne.
A fountain pen.
Look, Margot.
It's beautiful.
I'll treasure it always.
-Thank you, Grandma.|-You're welcome.
I'm so glad you came to visit.
Grandma will be living with us|from now on, girls.
-Would you like that?|-Oh, yes.
ANNE: Very much.
why don't you try out|your new fountain pen?
Yes, I must..immediately.
-Excuse me.|-Don't be too long.
The Goslars are expecting us.
Make sure she gets ready.
{y:i}OTTO: Let her have|{y:i}her fun, Edith.
You spoil her terribly, Otto.
She should've come|straight home.
ANNE: Oh, I'm starving.
And please mind|your manners, Anne.
I Margot.
I thought you liked the Goslars.
Of course I do.
I just wish Hannah Lee's family|wasn't so religious.
I'd rather be at the movies.
[Hans speaking Hebrew]
ALL: Amen.
Hitler's only a fever, Hans.
Germany will recover.|Mark my words.
And what's to keep that madman|from annexing Holland...
and liberating|his Germanic brothers?
The Dutch are different.
[Hans laughs]
Sometimes, Otto, I think you|have too much faith in people.
{y:i}EDITH: Poor mother.|{y:i}She's used to better.
{y:i}MRS. GOSLAR:|{y:i}God willing, Edith.
{y:i}One day, we'll all go home.
Until then, we get by.
Be thankful you've got|central heating.
Let me help you with those,|Mrs. Goslar.
Oh, that's very kind of you.
Such a sweet girl.
You're lucky.
Hannah's got two left hands.
Sometimes I miss|a full-time servant...
{y:i}EDITH: but we don't have|{y:i}money to pay servants.
{y:i}The Dutch ones|{y:i}are hopeless anyway..
simply cannot be relied on.
{y:i}HANNAH: Anne says you shouldn't|{y:i}call them servants.
Say, ''maid.''
God knows everything, but Anne|knows everything better.
{y:i}OTTO: You like|{y:i}to spoil yourself.
{y:i}You like it even better|{y:i}when other people spoil you.
Does that make me a bad person?
Good people and bad people|have one thing in common.
They both make mistakes.
good people can admit|their mistakes...
and learn from them.
Tell me about the Paulas.
That's a story for children,|not a little woman like you.
I want to hear it.
{y:i}OTTO: The Paulas|{y:i}live here with us.
You can't see them...
but sometimes if you|keep absolutely still...
and really listen...
{y:i}you can tell|{y:i}where they're hiding.
BOTH: But beware.
Because you never know|which Paula you might find.
{y:i}OTTO: Good Paula...
{y:i}or bad Paula who's|{y:i}always causing trouble.
{y:i}ANNE: I don't mean|{y:i}to be bad Paula...
but sometimes...
sometimes she just escapes.
Doesn't matter.
As long as you always keep|good Paula in your heart.
Daddy, couldn't they|be the same person...
good Paula and bad Paula?
Yes. I suppose that's possible.
Maybe good Paula's afraid...
of what people|may think of her...
and that's why|she's bad sometimes.
At least that's what I think.
You always told me l|should think for myself.
So I did.
[Children laughing]
[Man laughing]
{y:i}OTTO: The papers say Hitler|{y:i}has his eye on Poland now.
Holland will stay neutral|whatever happens.
{y:i}OTTO: Still, all this Nazi|{y:i}talk, bad for business.
{y:i}FRITZ: I have fewer patients|{y:i}now, but no matter.
There will always be|Jewish cavities to be filled.
Ha ha.
Say ah.
Ah, ah, ah. Ah.
Mr. Pfeffer.|Not until we're married.
[Fritz laughs]
Ha ha ha.
It's not fair! You cheated!
Anne! Come out of the water!
Otto, say something.
Anne, do as your mother says.
[Both giggling]
{y:i}MAN: Play nicely|{y:i}with your sister.
You know it's not good|for you to go swimming.
Here. Dry yourself off.
You never let me have any fun.
I don't want you getting sick.|You know how frail you are.
Were we ever like that, Edith?
No, Otto.
We were never like that.
{y:i}GIRL: Oh, you're so funny!
{y:i}HANNAH: You took my strawberry.
{y:i}OTTO: Look at my|{y:i}two little movie stars.
Hee hee.
Would you like anything else?
Why was I not invited|to this party?!
[Children laugh]
{y:i}ANNE: It's Mr. Goslar.
{y:i}Look, it's your dad.
Ha ha ha.
Ha ha ha!
{y:i}GOSLAR: You see?
And you told me he'd never|come to Holland. Ha ha ha.
Happy birthday, Anne.
We must have a picture.|A picture, please.
-HANNAH: Yes, Daddy.|-A picture?
-Adolf as your birthday present?|-[Anne laughs]
The girls and Uncle Adolf.
[Girls giggling]
Hannah, point to your dad.|Everyone point to Uncle Adolf.
[Winding camera]
lt's very good.
[Hitler speaking German]
{y:i}FILM ANNOUNCER:|{y:i}Germany invades Poland...
{y:i}and the free state of Danzig...
{y:i}ending the efforts|{y:i}and hopes of diplomats...
{y:i}for peaceful settlement.
{y:i}The roar of gunfire replaces|{y:i}the talk of statesmen...
{y:i}and the curtain of war|{y:i}falls over Europe.
Get out!
[Men booing]
Order of the Swastika!
Lousy traitor!
{y:i}-Boo!|{y:i}-Sit down!
{y:i}ANNOUNCER: ...huge French guns|{y:i}move to the front.
-When will the picture start?|-Soon, Anne. Soon.
{y:i}ANNOUNCER: The nation's|{y:i}first bulwark of defense.
[Music begins]
{y:i}ANNE: Wasn't|{y:i}Norma Shearer beautiful?
{y:i}Much too pretty|{y:i}to lose her head.
{y:i}I didn't like the king|{y:i}very much, though.
Tyrone Power|was much more handsome.
[Speaking Dutch]
Just like the boy|I'm going to marry.
You've already chosen?
Oh, no. Too many admirers.
Just like poor Marie Antoinette.
The war won't come here,|will it, Daddy?
I don't think I'd|like that very much.
Oh, Anne. The British|will see to Herr Hitler.
{y:i}RADIO ANNOUNCER: Violating|{y:i}repeat proclamation...
{y:i}of Holland's neutrality|{y:i}in the current conflict...
{y:i}German troops...
[Air-raid siren sounds]
[Airplanes rumbling overhead]
What is it?
What do you think you're doing?
[Rumbling stops]
MAN: Well, grab one.
I ask you, Mr. Gies...
{y:i}what good is the Dutch army|{y:i}in the face of a Blitzkrieg?
{y:i}They'll be riding to|{y:i}the front on bicycles.
I wish I could|disagree with you...
but I'm afraid I can't.
{y:i}AUGUSTE: All this talk|{y:i}of an invasion is nonsense.
Why haven't they?|What's stopping them?
{y:i}HERMANN: Why don't|{y:i}you stay out of it?
{y:i}I'll do the thinking,|{y:i}if you please.
{y:i}AUGUSTE: Ha. Mr. Frank|{y:i}listens to his wife.
You see what he's like?|Knows all the answers.
Beware of marriage, Mr. Gies.
In my experience, its merits|are greatly overrated.
Hear, hear.
My sister begged me to send|the children to London...
-to live with her.|-And will you?
How can I keep them safe there?
It's better if we stay together.|Hope for the best.
Ah, here's a joke for you.
-We've heard it.|-Ha ha.
[All chuckle]
Five days was all it took.
Now people are throwing|themselves out of windows.
Where does panic get us, Hans?|We learn to adapt.
We adapted in Germany.
I wanted my baby to be born|in a different world.
Not like the one we left.
It's Frankfurt all over again.
No. I mustn't let|myself think that.
Not now.
I have a friend|who installed yesterday.
Very good, very good.
[Men laughing]
Is that good?
Next. Come on. Keep moving.
Next in line.
What's going on, Pim?|Why do we have to be here?
It's just a formality,|Anne, like a census.
You know, bureaucracy.
Anneliese Marie Frank.
Otto--Otto Frank.
{y:i}WOMAN: Katherine!
[Baby babbling]
{y:i}LUCY: Anne, Hannah,|{y:i}wait for me.
Is this her? She's adorable.
Her name's Gabi.
I'm still not used|to having a sister.
She keeps me busy all the time.
You mustn't spoil her, Hannah.|No one likes a spoiled child.
I'm not sure if I care|for your outfit, Lucy.
If you don't mind me saying so.
Mother makes me wear it.
She said we should|show some allegiance...
{y:i}whatever that means.
{y:i}Papa's been out of work|{y:i}for so long.
Mother said Hitler|would make jobs here...
the same way he did in Germany.
{y:i}WOMAN: Lucy!|{y:i}What are you doing?
Get away from those girls!
{y:i}OTTO: Not to worry,|{y:i}Mr. Kleiman.
We'll beat the Nazis|at their own game--
Because Pectacon is registered|as a Jewish business...
it's necessary to create|an entirely new company...
{y:i}and with|{y:i}your permission, Jan...
{y:i}I'd like to call it|{y:i}Gies and Company.
Whatever I can do to help...
but you must be careful,|Mr. Frank.
The bureaucrats are|silent collaborators.
You'll be listed|as supervisory director...
but no responsibilities.
Mr. Kugler will take over|day-to-day operations...
along with Mr. Kleiman.
It'll be a purely|Aryan enterprise...
all strictly legal.
On paper, I won't exist.
MAN: Brian, bring|your wheelbarrow!
Is there something|wrong with us, the Jews?
No. No, you must|never think that.
We must've done something awful.
I was a little girl like you|in Vienna when the war came...
and there wasn't|enough food to eat.
One day, my mother|bundled me up...
and she took me|to the train station.
She put me on|a train to Holland...
she hung a sign around my neck,|and she said good-bye.
Didn't she love you anymore?
Yes, she did.
That's why she did it.|There was food here...
and families|willing to share it.
I didn't know that at the time.
I felt so sick and so alone,|but when I got a little older...
I realized good people sometimes|find themselves in trouble...
without having|done anything wrong.
Do you think|I'm a good person?
Yes. I do.
[Knock on door]
{y:i}MIEP: Only one?
We'll get another one later|when times are better.
This one's yours...
{y:i}to prove that someone's|{y:i}finally going to make...
an honest Dutch woman|out of you.
I'm already honest.
[Whispering] Miss Santrouschitz?
Your turn.
Oh! I do, I do!
Ha ha ha!
{y:i}MINISTER: I now pronounce you|{y:i}man and wife.
{y:i}AUGUSTE: More dancing!
{y:i}MAN: Music and champagne.
Who isn't?
You have two left feet.
{y:i}ANNE: You dance divinely, Miep.
-Oh, thank you, Anne.|-You, too, Jan.
She leads. I just follow.
May I see your ring|again, please, Miep?
I want one just like it|when I get married...
and a husband like Jan, too.
You'll find him. I did.
May I?
Oh, please, Curly.|Just one more dance.
Oh, sit down, please, Putti.
You'll only make|a fool of yourself.
Surely you wouldn't refuse|a lady's invitation, Mr. Frank.
Well, I'm afraid|that at the moment...
you have a rival,|Mrs. Van Pels.
Charmed, sir.
[School bell ringing]
{y:i}TEACHER: The name of the man...
who discovered the basic laws|of geometry was Pythagoras.
{y:i}TEACHER:|{y:i}Write it down, please.
{y:i}ANNE: Ahem.
I'm afraid that|however interesting...
your lesson might be,|I can't see it.
Ah. Well, um...
you, will you change|places with Miss, um...
Frank. Frank.
Change, please.
{y:i}TEACHER: The square|{y:i}on the hypotenuse...
ANNE:|I like your eyes, Jacque.
They're the first thing|I noticed about you.
People say my hair is|my most attractive feature.
Do you think they're right?
Yes, of course.
You know, we live|on Merwedeplein.
It's not far away. You can|come to my house if you want.
We can do our homework together.|I'd like that very much.
So would I.
We're going to be|famous friends. I can tell.
At the Montessori school,|I was very popular.
I cried when Mrs. Kuprus told us|we couldn't go there anymore.
At my school, there|were these awful boys.
They started calling us|Jew-girls.
We were so scared, we ran away.
ANNE: I don't know.|Maybe it's better this way.
Think about it. lf it|hadn't been for the Germans...
we never would have met.
[Cat meows]
This is Moortje.
She's going to have|kittens soon...
because she keeps|meeting lots of men.
Mommy, would it be all right|if Jacque stayed over one night?
If she wants to.
Wait. I have a better idea.
{y:i}I'll come over to your house.
We can talk about things|they don't want us to.
{y:i}JACQUE: You want to see|{y:i}something really magical?
Mother designed that.
The best people|used to wear her dresses.
She stopped making them|when the war started.
She thinks they're out of place.
After the war, I'm only going|to wear the finest of clothes.
Miss Anne Frank was radiant at|the Prince's Ball last night...
wearing a beautiful gown|of gold lace.
{y:i}Joop Ter Heul!
You've read it?
Three times.|I love Cissy Van Marxveldt.
She's my favorite writer.
Didn't you love the part|when Leo proposes to Joop?
Here. I'll be Joop|and you be Leo.
Hold my hand.
''Joop, you're crying.''
Let go of my hand, Leo.
What if I told you that you|were my one true darling?
Oh, Leo.
Kiss me, Joop.
Ha ha ha!
Jacque,|if I tell you a secret...
{y:i}will you promise|{y:i}not to tell anyone?
I promise.
I've never been kissed|by a boy before.
Have you?
What was it like, kissing?
It was..
[Sighs] You'll find out.
I want to be a real woman|with a woman's body.
Ha ha ha!
I'd love to know what one|feels like. May I?
But we're best|friends, aren't we?
{y:i}JACQUE: Of course we are.|{y:i}We'll always be best friends.
If one of us|ever has to go away...
let's promise|to exchange letters.
{y:i}TEACHER: We measure the|{y:i}circumference of a circle...
{y:i}in which|{y:i}the formula 2 Pi r..
{y:i}Write it down, please.
[Girls giggling]
[Teacher clears throat]
{y:i}TEACHER: Quite the chatterbox,|{y:i}aren't you, Miss Frank?
Well, perhaps you'd like|to share your wisdom with us.
A little essay,|perhaps, entitled...
Quack, Quack, Quack|Went Mrs. Quackenbush.
{y:i}TEACHER: Let's say 500 words.
Due tomorrow.
Ugh. These blackout drapes|make everything so stuffy.
I feel as if I'm|suffocating sometimes.
It's all in your head.
{y:i}AUGUSTE: You know|{y:i}that isn't true.
I'm a very delicate|creature, Mr. Frank.
Very delicate.
I tell you, the Germans|will lose this war.
And I keep asking you when?
We must be thankful|for what blessings we have.
Blessings? Otto, really..
Our families are still together.|That's enough.
Attention, everyone.
Ahem. ''Quack, Quack, Quack,|Said Mrs. Quackenbush.
''A story by Anne Frank.''
Go ahead, Anne.|We're all listening.
{y:i}ANNE: ''Once upon a time|{y:i}there was a mother duck...
''and three beautiful ducklings|who lived in a lake...
''ruled by a proud swan.
''Quack, quack, quack, said|Mrs. Quackenbush to her brood.
''Quack, quack, quack,|said the ducklings.
''Keep your voices down!|roared the swan...
''his feathers|all in a ruffle.
''Be quiet, or I'll bite you and|then you'll never quack again.
''This swan was not a nice swan.|He was a black swan...
''and all the other ducks in|the lake were afraid of him...
''but not Mrs. Quackenbush.
{y:i}ANNE: ''You won't|{y:i}bite these children...
{y:i}''she said to the swan...
{y:i}''who answered,|{y:i}I'll do exactly what I please.
{y:i}''They're only|{y:i}ugly little ducklings...
{y:i}''and I am their master.
{y:i}''And then he began|{y:i}to bite the ducklings.
''Save us, mama! The poor|little ducklings cried...
{y:i}''and then Mrs. Quackenbush|{y:i}began to quack.
{y:i}''She quacked, and she quacked,|{y:i}and she quacked.
''Stop it! Stop that infernal|quacking, cried the swan...
''putting his wings|over his ears...
{y:i}''but Mrs. Quackenbush|{y:i}did not stop...
{y:i}''not until the black swan|{y:i}flew away, never to return.
{y:i}''She gathered|{y:i}her ducklings around her...
''and together they swam off|happily ever after...
''singing,|quack, quack, quack.''
Right up here.
I've been thinking.|It might be a good idea...
to take over|the building behind us.
I'll show you|what I have in mind.
It's two rooms|and the bathroom below...
an attic upstairs.
It's a perfect laboratory|space, wouldn't you say?
A place|for Mr. Van Pels and me...
to cook up|our little experiments.
-What do you say?|-Yeah. Why not?
Business is good. The war.
We can afford to expand. Yeah.
{y:i}MAN: There you are. Next.
The Germans are feeling|especially generous today.
Four stars|for a single textile coupon.
Must we be branded now, too?
{y:i}OTTO: So it appears.
And we must pay|for the privilege.
Aren't you going to miss school|now it's almost over?
I am. Especially history.|I love history.
Such a long walk to the Lyceum.
I miss having a bike.
{y:i}ANNE: Personally,|{y:i}I'm glad mine was stolen.
At least the Germans|didn't get it.
Oh, Miss Quackenbush!
BOTH: Quack, quack, quack!
Quack, quack, quack!
They can be so childish|sometimes.
Look. lsn't it darling?
I asked Daddy to buy it for me|for my thirteenth birthday.
It's going to be the best ever.|The most smashing.
Oh, sorry.
Um, you're Anne Frank.
You go to school|with my cousin Wilma.
I'm Hello.|Hello Silberberg.
Oh, hello...Hello.|Ha ha ha.
This is my best friend Jacque.
How do you do?
Perhaps you'd allow me|to buy you a hot chocolate?
I love chocolate.|Chocolate?
Is your name really Hello?
Helmuth, but my grandfather|doesn't like it...
so he calls me Hello instead.
But don't your parents think|it's funny?
I don't know. I haven't|seen them in four years.
You came all by yourself?
It must've been so..|so dangerous.
I've never had an adventure|like that before.
I suppose Oma did...
but she never|talked about it much.
She died last winter.|She had cancer.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I never got to tell her|how much I loved her.
I'd like very much|to see you again...
if that would be all right.
You don't have a girlfriend,|do you?
Well, there's Orzula, of course.|She's very pretty.
Oh, really?
But not as interesting|as you are.
We can meet|on Wednesday evenings.
My grandparents think I go|to woodcarving lessons...
but actually|l go to silence meetings.
I'm not a fanatic or anything.
You know,|mostly everyone just yells.
I'd much rather be with you.
Well, here I am.
I can call for you then?
That would be nice.
Until Wednesday, then.
[Men yelling in German]
[Woman screams]
Come in, Miep.
Sit down.
You've no doubt read...
how the Germans have emptied|the provinces of Jews...
and sent them all here|to Amsterdam.
Our own Jewish council|urges cooperation.
There's talk of|mass deportations, labor camps.
Remember those poor boys|they rounded up last February?
They were sent to labor camps.|Not one came back.
Miep, I have a great secret|to confide in you.
Edith, the children, and I|are going into hiding.
Mr. Van Pels and his family|will join us.
{y:i}I'm not going to wait|{y:i}for the Nazis to drag us away.
{y:i}We'll simply disappear.
Where will you go?
{y:i}MIEP: I don't understand.
In the annexe|at the back of this building.
{y:i}We'll make the move|{y:i}on the sixteenth of July.
That's less than a month away.
Kleiman and Kugler|have been helping...
to move in certain belongings|and supplies a little at a time.
{y:i}We'll need someone|{y:i}to rely on for necessities...
{y:i}to act as caretaker.
You know how much I trust you|here in the office...
but what I'm asking--well,|what I'm asking of you now..
Yes. I'll do it. Of course.
Think, Miep.
It'll be a great burden,|not without risk.
The penalties|are bound to be severe.
I said yes. I meant it.
Thank you, Miep.
Anne and Margot, do they know?
No, not yet.
Let them enjoy their lives|for a little while longer.
[Cat meows]
Pim. Thank you, Pim.|Thank you so much.
Thank you, thank you, Pim.|Oh, I love you, Daddy.
[Kisses]|It's beautiful.
Thank you so much. Thank you.
[Otto chuckling]
She's just excited.
I'm sure.
Quite a glamour girl,|wouldn't you say?
The soles|are almost like real leather.
You're so lucky.
I know. Ha ha ha.
Anne, who's that boy?
{y:i}ANNE:|{y:i}Um, that's Peter Van Pels.
He's always|hammering something out...
in the garden behind us.|He's a dope.
{y:i}Mommy says|{y:i}I have to be nice to him...
{y:i}'cause his father|{y:i}works with Pim.
-I think he's cute.|-Cute?
Peter, would you like a biscuit?
-Um...|-Anne baked them herself.
Great.|I'd love one, thank you.
-Come in.|-Thank you.
I'll get Anne.
Good afternoon, everyone.
{y:i}OTTO: Take your seats.
The show is about to begin.
Oh, Anne, those are for you.
-Thank you.|-You're welcome.
I know what you're thinking...
but I'm not in love|with anybody.
We're just friends.
{y:i}HELLO: My grandparents|{y:i}don't approve of my seeing you.
They say you're not old enough.
Well, you shouldn't|do anything...
your grandparents|don't approve of.
Love always finds a way.
I'll see you later, then.
Margot,|what do you think of Hello?
He's..he's very nice.
And decent.
lt's easy to see|he's in love with you.
[Chuckles] Yes.|It's rather fun.
How old were you|when you got your period?
Anne? Little girls|shouldn't talk of such things.
I'm tired of being|a little girl.
I want to be a woman.
Well, it's different|for every girl.
Your turn will come.
You just have to be patient.
For how long?
Sign here.
I have to go over|to the Van Pels'.
Don't answer the door until|I get back, do you understand?
Why? What's the matter?
Your..your father's|gotten a summons.
Don't worry. He's made plans.
I'll come back|as quickly as I can.
Anne has to be told.
Break it to her|as gently as you can.
And remember,|keep absolutely still.
They're to think no one's home.
-I understand.|-All right.
[Door opens]
{y:i}MARGOT: Anne.
[Door closes]
Come in, sit down.
{y:i}AUGUSTE:|{y:i}What's happening?
They've come for Margot.
We always thought|they would come for Otto or me.
But never the children.
{y:i}HERMANN: Where's Otto?
Visiting some friends|at the Truat hospital.
I planned for the sixteenth,|but this changes everything.
Otto will know what to do.
[Door opens]
Daddy. I thought|I'd never see you again.
[Sighs]|Oh, don't be silly, Anne.
What's happened?
Anne, listen to me.
I want you and Margot|to pack a rucksack.
There won't be any time|tomorrow.
-Daddy, what's going on?|-I'll explain everything later.
-Now go.|-Come on.
Call Mr. Kleiman.|He has instructions.
Fetch Miep and Jan.|Have them come around, and...
see you're off the streets|by curfew.
ANNE:|These pictures are important.
Anne, I know it's hard, but|you have to try and be sensible.
I don't care.
My stars mean everything to me.
Jacque's on the phone.
And remember...
Hello, Jacque?
{y:i}JACQUE:|{y:i}Anne, you won't believe it.
{y:i}Joop's got a baby now.
{y:i}Did you ever think|{y:i}she'd become a mother?
{y:i}Joop. Joop Ter Heul.
{y:i}Haven't you seen the new|{y:i}Cissy Van Marxveldt book?
{y:i}I'm almost halfway through.
It sounds divine.
{y:i}I'll come up tomorrow.|{y:i}We can read it together.
{y:i}You can be Joop,|{y:i}and I'll be Leo...
{y:i}just like the last time.
All right.
I'll see you tomorrow.
{y:i}I can't wait to show you|{y:i}the cover.
{y:i}It's so darling.
I have to go now.
Our guests are here.
-Good-bye, Jacque.|-Yes?
{y:i}MIEP: Miep and Jan.
Right through here.
Go on, now,|finish packing your clothes.
Mr. Frank, here, let me.
Jan, help Mr. Frank.
OTTO: This'll put people|off the track.
If anyone inquires...
tell them|that we've gone to Switzerland.
Oh. Post this|to my mother in Bautzen.
You understand.
You know what to do.
How long will we be in hiding?
A few weeks.
Perhaps a month or two.
Until the war's over.
Where will we go?
Will it be in town?
-The country?|-You'll know tomorrow.
We'll all be together.|That's the main thing.
Will I be able to write|to Jacque?
She must never know.
Can I take Moortje with me?
I'm sorry.
{y:i}OTTO: We'll leave some food|{y:i}and a note for the neighbors.
It isn't fair!
No. No.
[Moortje meows]
[Anne sobbing]
{y:i}EDITH: Don't worry.|{y:i}We'll see you soon.
MIEP: Hurry, Margot,|before it gets light.
OTTO: Please...
back inside, everyone.
Everything will be fine.
You'll see.
Leave everything.
[Moortje meows]
We can't live in the past,|Edith.
Only the future.
{y:i}OTTO:|{y:i}Anne, quickly, please.
[Ding ding]
MAN:|I'll speak to my brother.
And Margot?
-She's waiting here.|-Oh, thank God.
{y:i}ANNE: Dear Jacqueline...
{y:i}You're the only person I can|{y:i}tell about what happened...
{y:i}But you must promise|{y:i}not to say a word to anyone.
{y:i}Don't answer any questions|{y:i}about where we've gone.
{y:i}If you do, it could be|{y:i}very dangerous for us.
{y:i}Since you've never|{y:i}had to disappear...
{y:i}I'll try to give you an idea|{y:i}of our life.
{y:i}I call our hiding place|{y:i}''the secret annexe.''
{y:i}And strange as it may seem,|{y:i}it's actually quite cozy here.
{y:i}You'd be surprised|{y:i}to find out...
{y:i}that we're just above|{y:i}Daddy's office.
{y:i}Up the back staircase|{y:i}and behind a small door.
{y:i}Open the door,|{y:i}take one giant step...
{y:i}and voila.
{y:i}Daddy and Mommy's room|{y:i}is right behind the staircase.
{y:i}Margot and I reside next door.
{y:i}We've even got a bathroom.
{y:i}Upstairs, there's a larger room|{y:i}with a kitchen.
{y:i}The Van Pels|{y:i}sleep there at night...
{y:i}but during the day,|{y:i}it's a big living room.
{y:i}We have to stay upstairs...
{y:i}as long as the workers|{y:i}are still in the building.
{y:i}Peter Van Pels|{y:i}has a room off to the side...
{y:i}much smaller than mine.
{y:i}And there's an attic|{y:i}for storage.
{y:i}There are warehouses|{y:i}on both sides of us...
{y:i}and neighbors all around.
{y:i}We have to be invisible|{y:i}day and night.
Still see light, sweets.
{y:i}ANNE: At first,|{y:i}it was only Daddy and me...
{y:i}doing most of the work.
{y:i}Mummy and Margot eventually|{y:i}got over their shock...
{y:i}and started to help.
{y:i}It was amazing to see|{y:i}how many of our things...
{y:i}Daddy had managed|{y:i}to sneak away.
{y:i}I wasn't the only one who|{y:i}brought my memories with me.
{y:i}Daddy kept|{y:i}his old soldier's trunk.
{y:i}It was hard for all of us...
{y:i}not to think about the life|{y:i}we had left behind.
{y:i}I miss my old room...
{y:i}but at least I have my movie|{y:i}stars to keep me company.
{y:i}With a little luck...
{y:i}we can all be happy here|{y:i}until we go back home.
{y:i}And now our annexe|{y:i}really is secret.
{y:i}Mr. Kugler and Mr. Kleiman|{y:i}had a bookcase built...
{y:i}in front of|{y:i}our little doorway.
{y:i}You have to be careful|{y:i}when you go downstairs...
{y:i}to bend down low|{y:i}and try not to bump your head.
{y:i}Everything was ready...
{y:i}by the time the Van Pels|{y:i}arrived on July 13th.
-They're here.|-Well done. Come in, come in.
I need oxygen.
Well, I told Mr. Van Pels...
that I'm not going anywhere|without my little potty.
{y:i}ANNE: Peter Van Pels...
{y:i}dope that he is,|{y:i}brought his cat...
{y:i}even though Daddy|{y:i}told him not to.
{y:i}Mrs. Van Pels asked me|{y:i}to love Peter like a brother.
{y:i}That's impossible.
{y:i}Mommy says he's shy,|{y:i}but I think he's rather boring.
{y:i}Now we're to have|{y:i}another guest.
{y:i}The other day,|{y:i}Daddy announced...
{y:i}we have an opportunity to save|{y:i}one of our acquaintances.
Mr. Pfeffer has asked me|about a hiding place.
Now, we know this will|only add to your worries...
so the final decision|rests with you.
It's just as dangerous|for seven as it is for eight.
So we're agreed.
{y:i}ANNE:|{y:i}From what we can tell...
{y:i}Mr. Pfeffer|{y:i}is quite congenial...
{y:i}for a dentist anyway.
{y:i}That's all I had better|{y:i}write for now.
{y:i}I'm sure we'll see each other|{y:i}again, Jacqueline...
{y:i}but probably not before|{y:i}the war's over.
{y:i}Until then, a little kiss|{y:i}from your best friend,Anne.
[Bell ringing]
[Bell continues ringing]
-Good morning, Miep.|-Good morning, Mr. Frank.
Good morning, Miep.|Here you are.
Some cigarettes,|if you don't mind, Miep.
And some peppermint tea.|I've been having...
the most frightful|dizzy spells lately.
Things are harder and harder|to come by.
Whatever you can do|will be fine, for all of us.
{y:i}ANNE:|{y:i}So, Miep, what's the news?
Have you seen Jacque?|I have a letter for her...
but Daddy won't let me|give it to you.
When I finish with the shopping,|we'll have our talk.
And what of our friend|Mr. Pfeffer?
He can't come tomorrow.|He has patients.
The idea!
-What nerve.|-Tomorrow's Friday.
Tell Mr. Pfeffer|we will expect him Monday.
That'll give him time|to settle his affairs...
but not a day later.
I'll see to it.
Miep, you remember one|of our salesmen, Mr. Wichtor.
Mm-hmm.|May I take your coat?
How are sales?
-Oh, what? Bad.|-Mm-hmm.
Through the summer, very bad.
I hear that...
[Auguste speaking French]
[Correcting pronunciation]|Oir, oir.
{y:i}AUGUSTE: Oh, Mr. Pfeffer.
{y:i}EDITH: Mr. Pfeffer.|you're in Switzerland.
No, no, that was only a story.
-Hello, Mr. Pfeffer.|-Mrs. Frank.
-Well, here it is, Mr. Pfeffer.|-Nice to meet you.
Don't worry.|It's only like this...
when the workers downstairs|are out to lunch.
For the rest of the day,|it's quiet.
You'll have to learn the rules,|of course.
There are scads of rules.
Mr. Pfeffer appreciates|the value of discipline.
{y:i}OTTO:|{y:i}Here idleness is our enemy.
Our motto: work and hope.
[Auguste laughs]
Listen to the Prussian officer.
Breakfast is at 9:00 a.m...
except on Sundays and holidays|when it's 11:30.
Lunch is from 1:15 to 1:45.
{y:i}ANNE:|{y:i}And then we expect visitors.
Our helpers, of course.|Here.
Thank you.
Dinner after|the nightly news broadcasts...
and lights out promptly|at 10:00.
{y:i}Parlez-vous Francais,|{y:i}Monsieur Pfeffer?
{y:i}Oui, oui. Je parle un peu.
{y:i}Comment ca va, madame?
What does that mean?
My poor Charlotte.
She thinks I've been|spirited away to the country.
Who would ever believe|that I'm right here...
in the center of Amsterdam?
Would you like some more|vegetables, Mr. Pfeffer?
Thank you.
I think we're all|very fortunate here.
It's a ridiculous thing to say.
{y:i}ANNE: I don't think|{y:i}it's ridiculous at all.
It's a wonder|I don't cry all the time...
thinking about my friends.
Has she been taking|her valerium drops? Be quiet.
Putti,|you're spoiling my digestion.
Children know nothing|of what goes on in the world.
Hear, hear.
Where's my pillow?
What have you done with it|this time?
I ate it.
{y:i}HERMANN: How am l|{y:i}supposed to know where it is?
{y:i}AUGUSTE:|{y:i}You keep losing everything.
Your predictions|never come true.
When have I ever been wrong?
When have you ever been right?
I think it's a bit odd..
Anne in there with Mr. Pfeffer.
He's so old.
Anne's still a child.|She won't mind.
We used to have such fun before.
Before we were married,|you mean.
Ah, do you always take so long?
Only as long as I need to.
I have to have a word|with your father.
[Hermann laughs]
[Auguste yells, laughs]
Don't touch me.
Listen to them.
Every night, the same racket.
It would have been different|with the Goslars.
With two children|and a baby on the way.
We've been over this, Edith.
If the baby had cried,|what then?
It would have given us all away.
This is no place for a woman|as pregnant as she was.
At least I could have|taken care of her.
I still can't believe it.|Mother and baby both dead.
Mother, don't.
It would have been|different if...
if I had been there to help.
You don't know that, Edith.
That's just it, Otto.
I will never know.
You have to try not to think|of things outside these walls.
{y:i}OTTO:|{y:i}It's hard, I know...
but we can't be responsible|for everyone.
Just for ourselves.
[Pfeffer snoring]
-You mustn't do that.|-I can't help it.
I like watching people.
Sometimes I make up stories|for them...
imagining|what their lives are like.
What ours would be like if...
{y:i}MARGOT: Anne.
Margot,|don't I look different to you?
Anne, have you...
I wanted it to be my own sweet|little secret for a while.
I've only told Bep.
She fetched some things|from the chemist for me.
I'm happy for you, really.
If only people will just stop|treating me like a child...
Are you busy after school?
{y:i}GIRL: Do you think they have|{y:i}Jewish schools in Switzerland?
Of course they do...
but there aren't any Germans|to force you to go there.
I still can't believe|she left her shoes behind.
She was so proud of them,|remember?
-You really saw them?|-Right on the floor.
Like she just kicked them off.
{y:i}GIRL:|{y:i}Did you see the diary?
{y:i}-It was gone.|{y:i}-But we looked.
[Teacher crying]
{y:i}TEACHER: I'm sorry.
{y:i}I'm sorry, my..
my wife.
They took her away last night.
-He sent you this.|-You've seen Fritz?
Can't you even tell me|where he is?
I don't know.
-See that he gets this.|-Of course.
-Thank you.|-Mm-hmm.
-You're so kind.|-Ah.
Tell him I love him,|that I'll wait.
Damn you, you beasts.
{y:i}CHURCHILL ON RADlO:|{y:i}There've been disasters...
{y:i}far more bloody...
{y:i}than anything we have|{y:i}experienced so far in this.
{y:i}But in the end...
{y:i}all the oppositions|{y:i}fell together...
{y:i}and all our foes submitted.
Can't stand to hear that man.
{y:i}AUGUSTE: Half the time I don't|{y:i}even know what he's saying.
This is not the end.
It is possibly|the beginning of the end...
and it is certainly|the end of the beginning--
do you know|what that means, Mr. Frank?
Ah, Putti!
If you ask me, the British|should spend more time...
bombing Germany...
and less time drinking tea.
Shut up already.
-Stop messing around.|-Try to fix it.
Every time you try to fix|something, it only gets worse.
The Americans, Otto,|why don't they come?
Why do they take so long?
They got their hands full|fighting the Japanese.
You mustn't despair, Edith.|The invasion will come.
They'll be here soon.
Yes, but...will we?
Daddy, will you please ask|Mr. Pfeffer...
why he thinks|it's so unreasonable of me...
to insist upon me being able|to use my own desk?
I have important work to do.
Work, you understand?
{y:i}PFEFFER: And besides, there are|{y:i}other places you can go.
{y:i}This writing of yours...
{y:i}you can do it|{y:i}in the attic, perhaps.
It's only a diary, after all.
-A childish pastime.|-Childish?
Now, now, we needn't argue.
{y:i}OTTO:|{y:i}What I propose is this...
uh, Anne should have the desk,|say, twice a week...
{y:i}from 4:00 in the afternoon|{y:i}until 5:30...
and Mr. Pfeffer may use it|the rest of the time.
But, Pim...
Are we agreed?
{y:i}OTTO: We all have to make|{y:i}small sacrifices,Anne.
You mean me.|I have to make the sacrifices.
And it isn't small.|I'm not a little girl anymore.
Mr. Pfeffer|has a right to the desk.
And don't I have rights?
[Scoffs] I work just as hard|as anybody else here.
I just don't want that man...
poring through|my private thoughts.
That's easily remedied,|don't you think?
I have it.
This will keep your diary safe|from prying eyes.
Thank you, Daddy.
My little woman.
-Pardon me.|-Oh.
Never let it be said|that Anne Frank failed...
in her so-called studies|on my account.
[Clears throat]|Thank you.
[Air-raid siren, bombing]
My Pim !
Help me!
PETER: I think|they're bombing the airport.
Get away from that window.
Don't be afraid. Listen,|those are British planes.
-They're coming to save us.|-No, it doesn't sound like it.
Peter, come down!
[Anne crying]
What are you doing?
Not everyone here|is an ex-soldier.
{y:i}VICTOR:|{y:i}This is my partner Mr. Kleiman.
Pleased to meet you.
-Our indispensable Miep.|-Hello.
-And Bep.|-Nice to meet you.
This is Mr. Van Maaren.
He will be taking over|as foreman.
At least until Bep's father|feels well enough to return.
I'm not much for talk...
but if it's a hard worker|you're looking for...
-I'm your man.|-Fine.
Show Mr. Van Maaren|the storeroom, please, Bep.
I'll do it.
{y:i}MIEP: Our salesmen give their|{y:i}orders to Bep once a week.
Everything you need to fill|your orders is right here.
We have two kinds of Pectacon|products--spices and jams.
Wow, this would fetch|a pretty penny...
on the black market.
I wouldn't know about that.
Uh, your office|is going to be in here.
What's this blue paint for?
Ah, that's to keep the spices|out of the light.
{y:i}OTTO:|{y:i}What does Miep think?
She doesn't trust him.|She thinks he's a thief.
A thief?
Ah, she's very protective.
ANNE:|Shelling peas is so boring.
I can never be a housewife.
It's like being in prison.
{y:i}OTTO:|{y:i}It's only temporary.
Your father will be back|soon enough, I'm sure of it.
They say it's cancer.
So much suffering in the world.
Is that all you can say, mother?
That will only|make matters worse.
Honestly, I don't know how|you could be so thick sometimes.
Anne! That's no way|to talk to your mother.
Don't listen to them, Bep.
You know what I do...
when things get difficult?
I go upstairs.
{y:i}ANNE: There's a window|{y:i}in the attic...
{y:i}where you can see the old|{y:i}chestnut tree in the yard.
It has the most wonderful|branches.
When they're in full bloom...
it's beautiful.
When I look out...
I feel better somehow.
Makes me wonder...
if God is a lot closer|than most people think.
{y:i}PFEFFER: Did you read that|{y:i}in one of your books?
Such a font of knowledge|you've become.
I suppose I'm just hopeless.
Excuse me.
Don't you think you should|apologize to your mother?
She can be such a trial|sometimes.
You're quite a trial yourself.
So people keep reminding me.
It's only natural|for a girl, um..
I mean,|a young woman of your age.
I don't want to hear|that I'm like all other girls.
I'm not.
I'm me. Anne Frank.
Anne, your mother's|your staunchest defender.
I've heard her|with Mrs. Van Pels.
She's your friend.
I don't want her|to be a friend.
I need her to be a mother.
Someone I can look up to.
To set an example.
Your mother's|a kind, generous woman.
She's a dutiful wife, she's...
borne a great deal|without complaint.
{y:i}ANNE:|{y:i}You always take her side.
But I've seen the way|you kiss her.
You kiss her the same way|you kiss me and Margot.
I think even|you're not in love with her.
Never say that.
You wouldn't want me to take|away your diary, would you?
[Sighs] I'm sorry.
{y:i}ANNE:|{y:i}I'm really, really sorry.
I just..|I can't help the way I feel.
Mommy and I...
we're so different.
We're like night and day.
She doesn't understand|anything about me.
Have you tried|to understand her?
[Bell ringing]
[Seagulls crying]
{y:i}[Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake|{y:i}playing]
You all right?
I must have fallen asleep.
How long|have you been watching me?
Oh, I've just come up.|Honest.
Um, beans from the storeroom.
Everyone's gone now,|so it's safe to bring them up.
What do you think you're doing?
What's in that building|back there?
It does not belong to us.
Is that right?
You are supposed to be at lunch.|Get out.
[Engines rumbling]
[Soldiers shouting]
[Baby crying]
[Gabi giggles]
[Man yelling]
[Dogs barking]
[Pounding on door]
[Man shouting in German]
[Speaking Dutch]
[Man shouting in German]
[Sighs] Kugler's records|are getting sloppy.
The curtains|in the front office...
they're open again.
They're always open on weekends,|Mr. Pfeffer.
Oh, I'm so sorry. I forgot.
Then tell me,|how am I to collect any papers?
Surely no one will see.
That's how it starts.
No one will see.|No one will hear.
No one will pay any attention.
Then what?
{y:i}ANNE: Hello, Peter.
Did you bring the bread?
Give me the keys.|I'll do it myself.
And get rid of that cat.
You look ridiculous.
Like you're wearing one|of your mother's precious furs.
I think it's beastly|the way he treats you.
Don't mind him.
He gets like that when|he hasn't had his cigarettes.
I like it when you smile.
Sort of makes your eyes sparkle.
You have pretty eyes.
No. I'm not pretty.
Yes, you are.
No, I'm not.
Well, you'll just have|to believe me, then.
[Tap tap]
[Machinery running]
[Men talking]
MAN:|Have you weighed this bunch?
Ah. I was wondering|where that had got to.
Thank you.
So it's your wallet, then,|is it?
I've just told you.
You were in the warehouse|last night?
That's right.
I don't have to explain myself|to you.
Didn't a certain Mr. Frank...
work here in the office|at one time?
A Jew?
What's that got to do|with anything?
What happened to him?
That's right.
Now, if you'll excuse me...
If it's a reward|you're looking for...
I'm sorry to disappoint you.
Oh, I got my reward all right.
[Bell tolls]
Somebody living in that building|behind us. I know it.
My wife cleans the offices.
If there were people hiding,|she'd know it.
She thought|she saw something once...
but he turned out|to be a salesman.
{y:i}VAN MAARSEN: Everybody's|{y:i}hiding somebody these days.
What bothers me is that,|uh...they may be Jews.
Could be bad for all of us.
You think Kugler's in on it?
Kugler. [Laughs]
Kugler's a liar.|I know that already.
That whole bunch in the office|is always sneaking around.
Kleiman says|he has to go to the storeroom...
the secretary's|always checking records...
and the other one, that Miep...
something about her|I don't like.
She's shifty, that one.
What can you do?
Firing Van Maarsen|could be dangerous.
If he suspects something...
there is a chance|he could go to the Gestapo.
The reward for Jews has got up|to twenty-five gelders a head.
On the other hand,|if the fellow's stealing...
{y:i}he's got something to hide|{y:i}as well.
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Age of Innocence The CD2
Agent Cody Bank 2
Agent Cody Banks
Agoniya (1981) Agony CD1
Agoniya (1981) Agony CD2
Aguirre der Zorn Gottes (1973)
Aguirre the Wrath of God
Ahi Esta El Detalle (1940) CD1
Ahi Esta El Detalle (1940) CD2
Ahobsal insaeng
Ai no corrida 1976
Aimee and Jaguar
Air Bud
Airplane! (1980)
Airplane 2 - The Sequel
Akibiyori (Late Autumn 1960) CD1
Akibiyori (Late Autumn 1960) CD2
Akira - Limited Special Edition
Akira 1988
Akumulator 1
Aladdin 1992
Aladdin and The King Of Thiefs
Alarmist The 1997
Albino Alligator
Alex and Emma
Alexander CD1
Alexander CD2
Alexander CD3
Alexander Nevsky
Ali G Aiii (2000)
Ali G In Tha House
Ali Zaoua
Alias 01x01 - Truth Be Told (Pilot)
Alias 01x02 - So It Begins
Alias 01x03 - Parity
Alias 01x04 - A Broken Heart
Alias 01x05 - Doppelganger
Alias 01x06 - Reckoning
Alias 01x07 - Color Blind
Alias 01x08 - Time Will Tell
Alias 01x09 - Mea Culpa
Alias 01x10 - Spirit
Alias 01x11 - The Confession
Alias 01x12 - The Box Part 1
Alias 01x13 - The Box Conclusion
Alias 01x14 - The Coup
Alias 01x15 - Page 47
Alias 01x16 - The Prophecy
Alias 01x17 - Q and A
Alias 01x18 - Masquerade
Alias 01x19 - Snowman
Alias 01x20 - The Solution
Alias 01x21 - Rendezvous
Alias 01x22 - Almost Thirty Years
Alias 02x01 - The Enemy Walks In
Alias 02x02 - Trust Me
Alias 02x11 - A Higher Echelon
Alias 02x12 - The Getaway
Alias 02x13 - Phase One
Alias 02x14 - Double Agent
Alias 02x15 - A Free Agent
Alias 02x16 - Firebomb
Alias 02x17 - A Dark Turn
Alias 02x18 - Truth Takes Time
Alias 02x19 - Endgame
Alias 02x20 - Countdown
Alias 02x21 - Second Double
Alias 02x22 - The Telling
Alias 3x01 - The two
Alias 3x02 - Succession
Alias 3x03 - Reunion
Alias 3x04 - A missing link
Alias 3x05 - Repercussions
Alias 3x06 - The nemesis
Alias 3x07 - Prelude
Alias 3x08 - Breaking point
Alias 3x09 - Conscious
Alias 3x10 - Remnants
Alias 3x11 - Full disclosure
Alias 3x12 - Crossings
Alias 3x13 - After six
Alias 3x14 - Blowback
Alias 3x15 - Facade
Alias 3x16 - Taken
Alias 3x17 - The frame
Alias 3x18 - Unveiled
Alias 3x19 - Hourglass
Alias 3x20 - Blood ties
Alias 3x21 - Legacy
Alias 3x22 - Resurrection
Alice Doesnt Live Here Anymore 1974 CD1
Alice Doesnt Live Here Anymore 1974 CD2
Alice et Martin 1998 CD1
Alice et Martin 1998 CD2
Alice in Wonderland
Alices Adventures in Wonderland
Alien 2
Alien 3
Alien Directors Cut
Alien Resurrection 1997 CD1
Alien Resurrection 1997 CD2
Alien Vs Predator
Aliens (special edition) 1986 CD1
Aliens (special edition) 1986 CD2
Alive 2003
All About Eve
All About Lily Chou-Chou CD1
All About Lily Chou-Chou CD2
All About My Father (Alt Om Min Far)
All I Want for Christmas 1991
All Night Long
All That Heaven Allows
All The Kings Men
All The Pretty Horses 23.976fps
All the Little Animals 1998
Alladin and the Wonderful Lamp
Allegro non troppo
Alliance Cookout
Alliance garden state
Almost Famous
Along Came Polly
Along came a spider
Alphaville 1965
Alt Om Min Far (All About My Father)
Altered States
Alvarez Kelly CD1
Alvarez Kelly CD2
Alzheimer Case The (2003) CD1
Alzheimer Case The (2003) CD2
Amantes del Circulo Polar Los (1998)
Amants Criminels Les
Amar Akbar Anthony - Manmohan Desai 1977 CD1
Amar Akbar Anthony - Manmohan Desai 1977 CD2
Amarcord CD1
Amarcord CD2
Amator 1979
Amelie From Montmartre CD1
Amelie From Montmartre CD2
Amelie or The Time To Love CD1
Amelie or The Time To Love CD2
American Beauty
American College
American Movie
American Movie - The Making Of Northwestern CD1
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American Outlaws
American Pie (UK)
American Pie - Rated Version
American Pie 2
American Pop
American Psycho
American Wedding
American Wedding (Unrated)
American Werewolf in London CD1
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American in Paris An
Americas Sweethearts (2001)
Amerikanische Soldat Der (1970)
Amic-Amat (Beloved-Friend 1999)
Amiche Le 1955
Amistad CD1
Amistad CD2
Amityville 2 - The Possession 1982
Amityville 3 - The Demon 1983
Amityville 4 - The Evil Escapes 1989
Amityville Horror 5 - The Curse 1990
Amityville Horror 6 - Its About Time (1992)
Amityville Horror The CD1
Amityville Horror The CD2
Amor Brujo El (Carlos Saura 1986)
Amour en Fuite L
Amour en fuite Le 1979
An American Werewolf in Paris
An Autumn Afternoon 1962
Anacondas - The Hunt For The Blood Orchid
Analyze That (2002)
Analyze This (1999)
Anastasia 1956
Anatomie 2 2003
Anatomy of a Murder 1959 CD1
Anatomy of a Murder 1959 CD2
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
And God Created Woman
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
Andaz Apna Apna
Andrei Rublev 1969 Directors Cut CD1
Andrei Rublev 1969 Directors Cut CD2
Angel Eyes
Angel Heart Devil Face
Angels In America - Chapter 1
Angels In America - Chapter 2
Angels In America - Chapter 3
Angels In America - Chapter 4
Angels In America - Chapter 5
Angels In America - Chapter 6
Angels With Dirty Faces 1938
Angels of the Universe
Anger management
Anglaise et le duc La (Rohmer Eric 2001)
Angry Dogs
Animals Are Beautiful People
Anjaam Hindi
Anna In Kungfu Land 2003
Anne Frank - The Whole Story CD1
Anne Frank - The Whole Story CD2
Annie Get Your Gun
Annie Hall 1977
Anniversary Party The
Another 48 Hours
Another Heaven CD1
Another Heaven CD2
Antwone Fisher
Any Given Sunday
Anywhere But Here
Aoi Haru
Apartment The CD1
Apartment The CD2
Apocalypse Now - Redux
Apollo 13 CD1
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Apollo 13 CD3
Appartement Le 1996 CD1
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Appleseed 2004
April Fools Day
Apsolutnih Sto
Aragami (2003)
Arahan 2004
Architekten Die 1990
Ariel 1988
Aristocats The
Arizona Dream CD1
Arizona Dream CD2
Arlington Road
Armageddon CD1
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Armata Brancaleone Le
Arme des ombres Le (Jean-Pierre Melville 1969) CD1
Arme des ombres Le (Jean-Pierre Melville 1969) CD2
Army in the Shadows 1969 CD1
Army in the Shadows 1969 CD2
Aro Tolbukhin En la Mente del Asesino (Agustin Villaronga 2002)
Around The World In 80 Days 2004 CD1
Around The World In 80 Days 2004 CD2
Around The World In 80 Days CD1
Around The World In 80 Days CD2
Arsene Lupin
Arsenic And Old Lace 1944
Art Of War The
Arven (2003) CD1
Arven (2003) CD2
As Long As My Feet Will Carry Me CD1
As Long As My Feet Will Carry Me CD2
As bodas de Deus (1998) CD1
As bodas de Deus (1998) CD2
Ascent The
Asphalt Jungle The
Asterix In Britain 1986
Asterix and Obelix Mission Cleopatra 2002
Astonishing (2004)
At Close Range
At Kende Sanheden
Atlantis - The Lost Empire
Atlantis Milos Return 2003
Atlantis The Lost Empire
Attack The Gas Station
Au Hasard Balthazar
Audition The (1999 Japanese)
Austin Powers - International Man Of Mystery
Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me
Austin Powers I
Austin Powers in Goldmember
Autumn Sonata 1978
Avalon (2001)
Avanti (1972)
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Avenging Fist The
Aventuras de Robinson Crusoe Las
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