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Anne Frank - The Whole Story CD2

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Yes, I think you're right.
We have to be more cautious|from now on, all of us.
That was|our last hundred gelders.
What are we to do for money now?
One of those fancy dresses|of yours...
{y:i}should be worth something.
I'd like to see you try.
Stop being a ninny.
Then don't speak to me that way.
Whose fault is it|we're in this pickle?
Certainly not mine!
Would you please stop arguing?
You're like two magpies,|always bickering!
I don't see you offering|to help.
-Listen to her!|-Please, everyone.
Accusations accomplish nothing.
We'll have|to fend for ourselves...
while you keep|all the money from the business.
Don't you think my Curly|deserves a share of that money?
Where would you all be|without his precious nose?
I tell you, still making jam!
See, I told you we should|have taken in the Goslars.
Oh, Edith, please.
Is that so?
Yes, it is.
Oh, Mr. Pfeffer,|would you mind waiting a moment?
Would you please relay this|to Mr. Van Pels?
Tell him...ha.
Tell him I await a response.
Oh, yes, of course.
If Mrs. Frank wants her linen|back, she can have all of it.
I've never really cared for it.
To be honest, I've always found|it rather shabby, haven't you?
And from now on,|they can use their own china.
See how they like that.
Thank you, Mr. Pfeffer.
Very well.
Be sure to put that|in the letter.
All right.
We'll teach them to put on airs.
Mr. Pfeffer, would you please|ask Mr. Van Pels...
to pass the salt to me?
[Glass shatters]
At least it was one of theirs|this time.
{y:i}HERMANN:|{y:i}Peter, get up here!
lt's all right.
You shouldn't get into trouble|on my account.
What do you think you're doing?|Sit down!
Look at yourselves.
You're supposed to know better.
How do you think|it makes us feel...
me, Peter, and Margot,|to see you behaving this way?
A fine example you're setting.
{y:i}OTTO:|{y:i}She's right, you know.
There's absolutely no place|for pettiness.
Give me your plate.
Would you like soup or porridge?
Porridge, please.
Mr. Pfeffer,|would you be so kind...
as to pass this porridge|to Mr. Van Pels?
Ha ha ha. Mr. Frank.|Mr. Van Pels.
Have some vegetables, Margot.
Ah. Here's a joke for you, Anne.
What has four legs and flies?
-Tell me.|-Hmm? Ha ha!
A horse! Ha ha ha ha!
-What do you mean, a horse?|-A horse!
A horse can't fly.
A horse--|with the flies at the tail. Hmm?
Oh, don't be disgusting.
-Oh, Putti.|-I don't get it.
{y:i}AUGUSTE: What do you mean?
{y:i}VAN PELS:|{y:i}A horse with flies on the tail.
{y:i}ANNOUNCER: lt was announced|{y:i}from the broadcast station...
{y:i}at Cologne this evening that|{y:i}the whole of western Germany...
{y:i}is to be blacked out|{y:i}until further notice.
{y:i}Night raids have already|{y:i}caused severe damage...
{y:i}and President Roosevelt|{y:i}has repeated his request...
{y:i}that Allied planes|{y:i}refrain from bombing...
{y:i}civilians|{y:i}and unfortified towns.
Look how fast I'm growing,|Daddy.
Twenty-three, twenty-four...
twenty-five, twenty-six...
[Whimpering, mumbling]
Mother says|you should drink this.
It's such a bother|having the flu.
I'm afraid to cough|for fear someone might hear.
[Bell tolls]
I like the bells.
I like to hear that|there is life waiting for us.
Margot, what do you miss most...
about outside?
I don't know.
So many things.
I long for everything.
{y:i}ANNE:|{y:i}I've decided something.
After the war,|I'm going to live.
I'm going to travel...
study languages...
go to Paris or London.
Study history.
{y:i}I love history.
That sounds romantic.
You think I'm too extravagant?
I've been thinking, too.
I've been reading about|Palestine.
I'd like to see it...
maybe be a nurse there.
It's going to be different|for us.
We're going to be modern women.
[Door opens]
This is very kind of you, Miep.
I wish there were more. There|are not enough ration coupons.
{y:i}VICTOR: You don't need|{y:i}ration coupons for this.
The supplier understandably...
wishes to remain anonymous.
{y:i}FRITZ: Thank you very much.
ALL: To victory.
-Thank you, Mr. Kleiman.|-You're welcome.
You have no idea what|it's like for me, Mrs. Gies.
No one has any sympathy.
Least of all that girl.
{y:i}FRITZ:|{y:i}They have each other, you see.
{y:i}I've no one. Only Charlotte.
Oh, thank you, my darling.
-Did she give you anything?|-Mm-hmm.
Thank you,|and merry, merry Christmas.
-Happy new year.|-Thank you.
{y:i}MIEP:|{y:i}Anne, I have something for you.
-For me?|-Mm-hmm.
They're beautiful!
I've never had high heels|before.
Well, I hope they fit. Here.
-They fit. They fit.|-They do? Wonderful.
Oh. Let me see you walk.|Here...
What a beautiful young lady|you've become.
Do you really think so?
I do.
It isn't easy for me|to always look my best.
{y:i}ANNE:|{y:i}Peter thinks I'm sweet, though.
He told me so.
He said he liked my smile.
You have a lovely smile.
Miep, when you met Jan,|did you know?
Oh, yes!
I..I think I did.
When he kissed me.
{y:i}Has Peter?
Oh, no.|I keep wanting him to, though.
But I'm trying to be a lady|about it.
He will. How could he resist?
[Both giggle]
[Door opens]
{y:i}AUGUSTE: Oh!
{y:i}VICTOR: Oh, I like this.
{y:i}JAN: Lovely.
Red shoes! Ha ha.
-Miep.|-What you doing?
-Putti.|-Curly, no!
Wait! Miep, how much...
{y:i}do you think something|{y:i}like this would fetch?
Mr. Kleiman|has a furrier friend.
We can ask him.
He just wants money|for bloody cigarettes!
You think food is cheap?
You sold everything else,|my best dresses and jewelry.
Let me keep this at least.
Enough, Putti.|Anything you can do, Miep.
You see what it's come to,|Mrs. Frank?
{y:i}AUGUSTE: I won't have|{y:i}any fine things left.
How am I going|to face people...after?
Merry Christmas.|Merry Christmas, everybody.
VICTOR: Merry Christmas.
Must you go, Miep?
Oh, Jan is waiting.
Just a little longer, please?
You hear how they all talk.
After the war.
I say nothing.|What could I say to them?
Mrs. Van Pels...
everything a crisis.
Who is she to criticize?
The things she says|about the children...
the children.
Anne. Margot.
Otto says we must be hopeful.|Hopeful for what?
You mustn't think such things.
I know.|I know I have to be strong.
But for how much longer?
[Sighs] lf only this waiting|would end.
At least I could be certain.
we're not going to make it.
It will have a bad end.
I'm sure of it now.
It doesn't matter for me.
But the children...
The children, Miep--what's|to become of the children?
{y:i}HANNAH: Help me.
{y:i}Help me.
Help me.
-Hannah?|-Please, help me.
I saw her.
{y:i}OTTO: Who?
{y:i}It was so awful.
The way she looked at me...
I was so mean to her|sometimes...
and now there's nothing|I can do to help her.
Why not? Please tell me.
{y:i}It's just a bad dream.
{y:i}ANNE: I hate them!
{y:i}The Germans..they won't stop...
{y:i}until they've killed|{y:i}all the Jews, will they?
I wish all the Germans|were dead!
Anne, listen to me.
You must never think like that.
There are good and bad people|everywhere.
It makes no difference|where they come from.
What about Miep and Mr. Kugler?
They're Austrian.|Just like Hitler.
You want them to die as well?
And...don't forget.
We are German.
We're Dutch, aren't we, Margot?
Of course we are.
I don't want to be German.
Not ever.
Here. Take your valerium.|It will make you feel better.
let me sleep here tonight,|please.
{y:i}OTTO: That's my girl.
[Crickets chirping]
[Distant thudding]
[Music plays]
Mr. Frank, could you come down?
Could you look at something|for me, please?
Oh, I'm desperate for a smoke.
Maybe Kugler forgot|some cigarettes in the office.
I'll join you.
[Thunk thunk]
[Blows whistle]
Halt! Halt, you!
The police are coming.
I need the toilet.
It'll have to wait.
You'll just have to hold it,|Margot...
for queen and country,|freedom, truth, and right.
This is no time for insolence.
What about the radio?|They're going to find the radio!
Psst! Idiot!
What difference does the radio|make if they find us?
[Floorboards creak]
[Seagulls crying]
I can still feel|your heart beating.
I thought we were lost.
I could see the Gestapo|taking us away.
We're safe now.
and Mr. Kleiman|will be here soon.
I prayed. Did you?
I wouldn't have blamed God|if he didn't listen.
I never used to give him|a thought.
But he was watching us.|I know it.
He's always watching the Jews.
He always will.
I'm glad we're here...
Me, too.
[Bell tolls]
Listen, Peter.
Aren't they beautiful?
They're telling us things|are going to be all right.
I must complain in|the strongest possible terms...
about the new security measures.
I'm sorry, Mr. Pfeffer,|but downstairs is off-limits...
until further notice except|for those with responsibilites.
{y:i}FRITZ:|{y:i}You can't keep us prisoners...
{y:i}in this attic, Mr. Frank!
But we are prisoners,|Mr. Pfeffer.
None of us can afford another|encounter like the last one.
-Now see here..|-It's been decided.
Not by me.
If the Allies knew about|Mr. Pfeffer...
maybe they'd be here already.
[Breathlessly]|We got--
[Clears throat]
And if we're not very careful...
there's going to be a wedding|on our hands.
Do you know what this is,|Hartog?
If you have mice...
you need a trap.
I know where they're hiding.
{y:i}RADIO ANNOUNCER:|{y:i}This is Armed Forces Radio.
{y:i}Today is the day.|{y:i}Today is D-day.
{y:i}At 0630 hours,Allied forces...
{y:i}under the command of|{y:i}General Dwight D. Eisenhower...
{y:i}landed on beaches|{y:i}throughout Normandy.
{y:i}Fighting is heavy,|{y:i}but victory is assured.
{y:i}To the people|{y:i}of Western Europe, we say...
{y:i}be strong, have faith,|{y:i}stand firm.
{y:i}1944 will be the year|{y:i}of your liberation.
My girls, we made it.
Just think of it, Anne.
We'll be back in school|in October.
[Knock on door]
I know there's going to be|a celebration later, right?
But I just want to be|the first to say it.
So happy fifteenth birthday.
[Laughs]|Oh, thank you, Peter.
They're lovely.
Miep bought them for me.
Cost me everything I had.
It's worth it to see you smile.
What are you doing?
Can't believe I was so innocent|when I wrote some of this.
I'm trying to make it better.
I'm dreaming|of turning it into a novel.
Does it have a title yet?
Maybe the...
{y:i}Blossomings|{y:i}of an Ugly Duckling.
[Whispers]|Or The Secret Annexe.
You must say something.
Why make trouble?|Van Maarsen won't say anything.
He's got his reasons.
What about the neighbors?
Maybe they've heard something--|pipes, people talking.
-God knows what.|-I'm staying out of it.
They'll catch you!
They'll find out|you've been hiding from them!
Why didn't you report|when you were supposed to?
Have you thought about|what will happen?
Of course I've thought about it!
How long will you wait?
Until the Gestapo|comes to take you away?
What shall I do then?
Who cares about a bunch of Jews?
They've got it coming to them|anyway.
It's our lives|I'm talking about, Lemmert.
{y:i}OTTO:|{y:i}There's fighting at Caen.
According to the reports...
won't be long now.
Do you think|it's such a good idea...
your spending|so much time in the attic?
Don't you think you should|do your homework in your room?
Daddy, you of all people know|what Mr. Pfeffer's like.
Your father's trying to say...
that you're spending a little|bit too much time with Peter.
I don't understand.|Are we doing something wrong?
No, no. Um...
it's just, uh...
you encourage him|a little too much, I think.
You should set limits.
Don't you like him?
I think he has potential, yes.
{y:i}OTTO: But this is|{y:i}the wrong environment...
{y:i}for an infatuation...
and I must say I'm not certain|I approve of all the necking.
I hate that word!
Just don't take things|too seriously.
That's all we're asking.
I think I'm old enough now|to make my own decisions.
{y:i}Besides, he likes my smile.
Well, that went well.
Ever since I was little...
I used to think my parents|had the perfect marriage.
I can't remember ever once|hearing them argue.
Daddy even used to serve Mummy|breakfast in bed.
I can't picture my father|doing that for my mother.
Probably hit him with the tray.
Or vice versa.
Mummy loves Daddy.|I'm sure of that.
But sometimes|I think Daddy married her...
because he thought|she would be a good wife.
Do you see the difference?
I asked Daddy about it once.
You know what he said?|''Your mother's very dutiful.''
I want so much more than that.
{y:i}HERMANN: I say...
let the Nazis kill each other.
Less work for the British|and the Russians.
This time next month...
We'll be having our Shabbat meal|in freedom.
This is not a meal.|This is garbage.
Your people could be doing more|for us.
Mr. Pfeffer, how could you|say something like that?
{y:i}ANNE: Have you thought|{y:i}about what would happen...
if Miep were caught with|one of your little packages...
from Charlotte?
{y:i}FRITZ: Now you even|{y:i}begrudge me my Charlotte.
You think you're the only|lonely person in the world?
{y:i}AUGUSTE:|{y:i}Yes, those in glass houses...
What's that supposed to mean?
This modern household of yours.
It's the same argument|over and over again.
Some people never learn.
You could afford|to take some lessons, too.
You're selfish, you're|hysterical, and you're pushy!
I am not pushy!
As if you were|some ideal mother--
you can't even control|your own son.
{y:i}HERMANN: Wait a minute!
-Just please be quiet!|-Sit down!
Stop telling me what to do!
Somebody's been a bad influence.
I'm proud of you.
I suppose|I just finally had enough.
[Both laugh]
It's a beautiful story.
Do you really think so?
Everyone would be amazed to know|that you had this in you.
People would just think|I was being silly.. or worse.
Margot,|do you remember the stories...
Daddy used to tell us|about the two Paulas?
Of course.|Good Paula and bad Paula.
Everyone expects me|to be bad Paula...
so I try not to disappoint them.
Good Paula's just for me.
I keep her here.
I don't let her out in public.
why not show them|who you really are?
The good Paula's|not strong enough.
She hides and lets|bad Paula do the talking...
except in my diary.
Well, whichever one of you|wrote this...
I think it's very fine.
You know, you are old enough|to know by now.
There's no harm|in being yourself.
I try, Margot.
Really, I do.
It's just other people|keep getting in the way.
[Door opens]
Well, good night.
Good night.
[Telephone rings]
Just a second.
I have information.
Information?|Information about what?
about some Jews...
{y:i}at 263 Lindtstradt...
somewhere in the back building.
What's the problem?
Where's the boss?
Don't move.|Don't even flinch.
Arrest her.
MAN: Against the wall.
You have been denounced.
All right, you, let's go!
Valkyries?|Those who foretell the future.
[Knock on wall]
Now show us what's|behind that bookcase.
And what's Norway?
[Speaking German]
MAN: Let's go!
{y:i}MAN: Nobody move!
{y:i}SECOND MAN: All right,|{y:i}get up, get up!
{y:i}-They're in here.|{y:i}-Hands up.
{y:i}MAN: Take them down!
ANNE: Aah!
[Man speaking German]
{y:i}MAN: Quickly, quickly!
All right, move.
{y:i}MAN: That's it.
You'll find a strongbox|in the closet.
Go get it.
[Officer opens strongbox]
Start packing.
You've got five minutes.
{y:i}[Bep crying] No.
Bep, listen to me.|I want you to go to my house.
Tell my wife what's happened|and don't come back.
{y:i}MIEP: Go now. There's no guard.
There's still time.|You can go, too.
No. I stay.
[Pfeffer crying]
It's all right, Mr. Pfeffer.
You'll see her again soon.
I'm sure of it.
Oh, Anne.
What's in this trunk?
Nothing of any value..|not to you.
This is a soldier's trunk.|Where did you get it?
It's mine.
Yes. I was a reserve officer|in the first World War.
But why didn't you|register as a veteran?
{y:i}SERGEANT: You would've been|{y:i}sent to Theresienstadt.
You would've been|treated decently.
Take your time...|Lieutenant.
Thank you, Sergeant.
[Objects clattering]
[Speaking German]
[Shouts in German]
[Speaking German]
Finish your packing.
MAN: lnside.
You, in here.
Miep, see that|you stay out of it.
Salvage what you can.
[Shouts in German]
The Gestapo's here.
Get rid of these.|I think he's from Vienna.
Go, go, go!
I'm ready, Pim.
[Imitates gunshot]
So, you have nothing to say?
Either one of you?
No. Nothing.
[Snaps fingers]
Well, now it's your turn.
You're from Vienna. So am I.
I heard it right away.
You get out.
Like the name|of the business, yes?
Strange that your husband|isn't here.
Have you no shame?
{y:i}SERGEANT: What am l|{y:i}going to do with you?
[Speaking German]
[Shouts in German]
As far as I'm concerned,|you can stay here and rot.
Consider it a personal favor.
But if you leave,|we'll seize your husband.
You keep your hands|off my husband.
He has nothing to do with this.|It's my affair.
Don't be stupid. You're both|in this up to your necks.
{y:i}SERGEANT: We'll be back|{y:i}to check on you.
God help you if you're not here.
{y:i}MAN: Bring them over here.
{y:i}SECOND MAN: Quickly, move.
{y:i}MAN: All right, close it up.
{y:i}SECOND MAN: Come on.
Get the keys, lock the place up.
No. You're not supposed|to take anything.
This is...Anne's diary.
Bep, help me pick this up.
Bep, help me.
VAN MAARSEN: Quickly,|before he comes back.
Where have they taken them?
To Gestapo headquarters,|I should think.
After that...
-It was so awful.|-Enough.
Aren't you going to read it?
No. This belongs to Anne.
When she comes back,|I'll give it to her.
{y:i}P.A.: All prisoners proceed|{y:i}to the platform.
{y:i}No talking.
{y:i}All prisoners|{y:i}proceed to the platform.
{y:i}No talking.
[Man speaking German]
{y:i}MAN: Seven, eight, nine, ten...
eleven, twelve, thirteen,|fourteen, fifteen...
[Man speaking German]
[Train whistle blows]
MAN: Welcome to|the Jerusalem of Holland.
Registration is at the far end.|Just follow the crowd.
{y:i}MAN: We're all Jews here.
{y:i}The Germans|{y:i}let us run the place.
{y:i}That's ''S'' Barracks.
{y:i}Watch out|{y:i}you don't end up there.
{y:i}The place is a little dirty...
{y:i}but we've got|{y:i}everything you need...
{y:i}to make yourself comfortable...
{y:i}and we've got lots of work|{y:i}to keep you busy.
What are we going to do?|We're already filled up.
It's no good.
Things don't look so bad.
Make ourselves useful.|Stick it out.
{y:i}MAN: Next.
Frank. Otto Frank.
This is my wife Edith...
and my daughters|Anne and Margot.
''S'' Barracks.
{y:i}OTTO: lf I may,|{y:i}I'd like to request...
that my daughters be|assigned to kitchen duties.
I can do anything.|I'm very handy.
No privileges for criminals|of ''S'' Barracks.
{y:i}OTTO: May I ask of|{y:i}what crime we're accused?
Failure to report to an order.|Next.
-It's not a crime, sir.|-Next.
-It's not a crime, sir.|-Next.
It doesn't make us|criminals, sir.
{y:i}ANNE: So then Fred Astaire|{y:i}takes Ginger Rogers...
{y:i}in his arms, and they dance|{y:i}and dance and dance.
Watch it.
Before the war, she went|to every movie she could.
I can't wait to see all|the pictures I missed.
Thanks to all the magazines...
she already knows|all the plots by heart.
They can't touch us.
I heard one of|the other women talking.
She said the Allies|have taken Paris...
and they're marching|through Belgium now.
Is that the latest from the JPA?
What's the JPA?
The Jewish Press Agency.
Every day, a different rumor.
{y:i}JANNY: The Allies are|{y:i}here, there, everywhere.
They say there hasn't been|a transport in two months.
-Maybe there's hope.|-There's always hope, Janny--
as long as we work hard.
That's my father's motto--|work and hope.
[Laughing and chattering]
{y:i}ANNE: And then Mrs. Quackenbush|{y:i}began to quack.
{y:i}She quacked and she quacked|{y:i}and she quacked.
''Stop that|infernal quacking...''
cried the swan...
and he put his wings|over his ears.
{y:i}ANNE: But Mrs. Quackenbush|{y:i}did not stop--
{y:i}not until the big|{y:i}black swan flew away.
{y:i}She waited to see if|{y:i}the swan would come back...
{y:i}but he never did...
so she gathered|her ducklings around her...
and together they swam off|happily ever after.
And do you know what they sang?
ALL: Quack, quack, quack!
That's right.|''Quack, quack, quack.''
They love your stories.
Do you think we could arrange|for me to visit more often?
I'll try.
They don't have parents|to tell them stories anymore.
[Children laugh]
[Music playing faintly]
When we're liberated...
I'm going to get|all the paper I can find...
and start my stories over again.
Did I tell you|I was working on a novel?
I don't think so.
Well, I was.
I didn't know how to finish it,|but now I do.
I can't wait|to get started again.
It's going to be a romance,|but not sentimental, mind you.
I've grown too old for that.
Do you remember|how you told me once...
how you were ashamed|of being Jewish?
The chosen people.
Chosen for what? This?
We've suffered before,|and it's only made us stronger.
One day, people|will look up to us.
Yeah, if there are|any of us left.
I used to take|so much for granted...
like the sky.
Do you see those stars?
We had a club called|the Little Dipper once--
Jacque, Hannah, Sanne, and me--|one star for each of us.
And which one were you?
That one.
Mm-hmm.|Well, I should've known.
Tomorrow, a transport|will leave this camp.
[Crowd chattering]
-Quiet!|-[Chattering stops]
The O.D.s are preparing lists.
Inmates selected|for this transport...
will be allowed|to take with them...
all belongings|surrendered upon arrival.
I look forward to personally|seeing you off...
{y:i}and wishing you bon voyage.
{y:i}MAN: Back to your barracks now!
[Crowd murmuring]
There must be|something you can do.
You've got to keep us|off their lists.
There isn't a string in this|camp I haven't tried to pull.
The only language|they understand is barter.
We've got nothing to trade.
I'm not sure it would do|any good even if we had.
The Jew traitors here|are worse than the Nazis...
saving their own skins.
In their place, you'd|do something different?
We're like Job, waiting in|the ashes while they play God.
No. It was different for Job.
Job didn't have to squat|like an animal...
in front of strangers...
Job was not driven|from his homeland...
and Job could argue back.
[People murmuring]
Get in line!
Step forward|when your name is called.
Brandes, Janny.
Lubinsky, lsaac.
{y:i}WOMAN: Brandes, Lientje.
{y:i}MAN: Frank, Otto.
{y:i}WOMAN: Frank, Margot.
{y:i}Frank-Hollander, Edith.
{y:i}MAN: Van Pels, Hermann.
{y:i}MAN: Van Pels, Peter.
{y:i}WOMAN:|{y:i}Van Pels-Rutgen,Auguste.
{y:i}MAN: Pfeffer, Fritz.
Come outside there.
It doesn't make any sense.
Anyone with brains can see|the Germans are losing the war.
What can we matter to them now?
Nothing makes sense|anymore, Mr. Pfeffer--
not to me.
As long as my family|stay together.
{y:i}MAN: Stay together.
{y:i}MAN: Come on, come on.
{y:i}TEACHER: All right, now.|{y:i}Do you have your report cards?
Let me see them.
Make sure you give them|to the teacher at the next camp.
{y:i}-GIRL: Yes, I will.|{y:i}-SECOND GIRL: We will.
[Man shouts in German]
[Door shuts]
[Train whistle blows]
[Train lurches forward]
[Loud thump]
Still in Germany, I think.
I'm not sure.
Everywhere just looks|bombed to pieces.
Well, it's something, anyway.
Maybe they bombed the tracks.
That's possible,|isn't it, Mr. Frank?
Yes, it's possible.
I'm going to take off|the red patches.
Wherever we're going...
we are not going|as common criminals.
[People coughing]
[People coughing]
[Train whistle blows]
[People coughing]
[Man shouting in German]
[Dogs barking]
[Train stops]
[Soldiers shouting in German]
[Shouting, dogs barking]
{y:i}BOY: No! Mama!
[Woman screaming]
Don't let go!
Peter! Peter!
[Soldiers shouting in German]
[Blow lands]
No, no! Peter!
ANNE: Pim!
Pim, come back! Pim!
Margot! No!
Pim! Pim!
Pim! Pim!
SOLDlER: Hey, come on!
[Shouting in German]
[Speaking German]
[Soldiers shouting in German]
[Soldier speaking German]
Did you say good-bye|to your father, your brother?
{y:i}You won't see them again.|{y:i}They are in the gas chambers.
{y:i}-EDITH: Don't listen to her.|{y:i}-Shut up, you.
[Teeth chatter]
[Door opens]
[Both shouting in German]
[Shouting, dogs barking]
[Speaking German]
[Truck door closes]
Line up!
Women selected|for this transport...
will be sent to a work camp|to work on munitions.
[Whispering] lf they|ask your age, say sixteen.
{y:i}OFFICER: Transport.
You're staying here.
{y:i}OFFICER: Send her|{y:i}to Crosse Block.
I'm staying with my daughter.
I have scabies, too.
{y:i}SOLDIER: Move along.
I talked to Anne last night.
The doctor said they could leave|that horrible place.
Today, she said.
And the sun is shining.
{y:i}EDITH: It's dangerous|{y:i}for them there.
I should've gone with them.
[Shouting in German]
[Officer speaking German]
[Prisoners coughing]
The scabies block--|there has been a selection.
The children?
[Soldier shouting in German]
[Dogs barking]
[Soldiers shouting in German]
[Shouts in German]
[Soldiers shouting in German]
{y:i}WOMAN: Here. Here.
[Wind blowing]
Margot, what has happened?
This way.
{y:i}ANNE: Lientje? Janny?
{y:i}JANNY: Margot.
Thank God.
[Wind stops]
[Birds chirping]
Listen, Margot. Birds.
I've forgotten about birds.
You never saw them in Birkenau.
Nothing lived there.
Birds of prey.
That's all that's left.
[People coughing]
That's the Star Camp.
They are saving those Jews...
to exchange them|for German prisoners.
They have food over there.
Better be careful.
If they catch you,|they'll shoot you.
I'll kill you,|you thieving bitch!
Mrs. Van Pels?
[Woman coughing]
{y:i}AUGUSTE: Oh, to find you here|{y:i}after all these weeks...
Your mother was|beside herself with grief...
{y:i}when she heard|{y:i}about the transport.
She didn't come with you?
{y:i}AUGUSTE: Every day,|{y:i}there were trains.
{y:i}It was because of the Russians|{y:i}is what I heard.
Only sixty miles away...
they're emptying|all the Polish camps.
We don't believe|in rumors anymore.
[Woman coughing]
Oh, can't you make her stop?
You'll get used to it.|You get used to everything.
[People coughing]
Anne, wake up.
There's somebody on|the other side of the fence...
and I think|it's your friend Hannah.
The other side.
[Whispering] Hannah.
{y:i}ANNE: Hannah.
Is it really you?
What are you doing here?
You're supposed to be|in Switzerland.
It was only a story so they|wouldn't come looking for us.
We were hiding|in Daddy's office.
I couldn't tell anybody.
Gabi. ls she here?
She had an infection,|but she's all right now.
Someone's taking care of her.
It's father I'm worried about.
{y:i}HANNAH: He's so sick.
{y:i}They took him to the hospital.
I pray for him every night.
I used to pray|for you, too, Anne.
{y:i}HANNAH: I prayed that|{y:i}your family was safe.
I have no family.
[Sobbing] Only Margot.
{y:i}[Hannah whispering]|{y:i}Your father?
{y:i}Your mother?
My father's dead.
{y:i}ANNE: They sent him|{y:i}to the gas chambers.
But your mother?
The chimney|was smoking so black.
It's too horrible.|I can't believe it.
They've taken|everything, Hannah.
{y:i}ANNE: It's so cold here.
The lice are crawling|over my clothes.
There's no food.
Everything I find I give to|Margot because she's so weak.
We got a Red Cross|package today.
It isn't much,|but it's something.
I'm here.
I'll throw it over.
{y:i}ANNE: Be careful.
{y:i}HANNAH:|{y:i}What's happening?
{y:i}HANNAH: Tell me!
She took it.|She took my food!
{y:i}HANNAH: I'll try|{y:i}again if I can.
Come back tomorrow.
Please try. Please try.
Yes, I promise. Tomorrow.
I got it.
Oh, socks. Thank you.|Thank you so much, Hannah.
Meet me here.|Not tomorrow, but the next day.
{y:i}HANNAH: Wait for me.
I'll wait. I have so much|I want to tell you.
Me, too.
[Men talking]
I have to go.|The guards. Until then.
[Whispering] Socks.
Put this in your mouth.
No! Go away.
{y:i}HANNAH: Anne?
{y:i}Anne, are you there?
{y:i}Can you hear me?
I'm sorry I couldn't meet you|the way I said I would.
They told us we were|going to be exchanged.
Finally, after all this waiting.
You should've seen father.
He got dressed in his best suit,|even in the hospital.
he died in that suit.
And now they say we're not going|to be exchanged after all.
Why are they so cruel?
You're the only person|I have left to talk to.
You and Gabi, but she's not|old enough to understand yet.
I don't understand.
Oh, Anne. Where are you?
{y:i}WOMAN: Anne?
What's happened?|Where are your clothes?
I threw them away.
I feel the lice|crawling all over me...
itching.. itching all the time.
I'll try to organize|something for you.
Which barrack are you in?
One of these.
You have to come.
You have to come.|Margot is very sick.
Everyone's sick.|My sister, too.
I'll come when I can.|Now get back inside.
Take some bread.
Do you remember how...
how I was always taking care|of you when you were little?
It's my turn|to take care of you now.
It doesn't matter anymore.
No. You can't leave me here.
Tell me a story, Anne.
I used to...I used to|love your stories.
Pim's stories were always|much better than mine.
Poor Pim.
Well, you're still going to be|a writer there, won't you?
And he'd like that.
Do you remember|how we talked about it?
About...about what|we were going to do...
after the war?
What were you going to be?
I can't..I can't remember.
Yes, you can. You have to.
A nurse.|That's what you told me.
That's right.
A nurse.
A nurse in Palestine.
Paris or London,|that's where I'm going.
See the world.
See the world.
[Birds cawing]
Listen, Margot.
No, you'll wake her!
[Seagulls crying]
{y:i}MIEP: Mr. Frank.
It's good to see you.
And Edith?
She's not coming back.
Let's go inside.
After we were liberated|by the Russians...
I found someone who had known|Edith in the women's camp.
She was hoarding bread under|her blanket in the hospital...
for her children and|her husband she said.
{y:i}OTTO: lf her body had only|{y:i}held out for two more weeks.
I'm sorry, Mr. Frank.
The Nazis dynamited|the gas chambers, you know...
to cover their tracks.
That wasn't enough for them.|That's when the marches began.
I was in the hospital.
I begged Peter not to go,|to stay behind.
He was looking after me then.
I don't know|what happened to him...
or to Mr. Pfeffer.
Mr. Van Pels I saw|with my own eyes...
being taken to the gas chamber.
He was in the barracks|when he should've been at work.
He just gave up.
And you can never do that.
And the girls?|Do you have any news?
Only rumors.
So many of the women|were deported to Germany.
I live in hope.
Have you seen..
Is this the Bergen-Belsen list?
You. I need to speak to you.
I'm looking for information|about my daughters.
They were sent to Bergen-Belsen.
You have to fill out a form.
I have filled out a form.|I've filled out five forms.
We can add their names to|a list, then we'll contact you.
Their names are Anne Frank|and Margot Frank...
{y:i}WOMAN: Does it say|{y:i}if they were transferred?
My name is Janny Brandes.
I was in Bergen-Belsen|with Anne and Margot Frank.
Do you have any information?
Follow me.
[Rings bell]
{y:i}WOMAN: Who is it?
Mrs. Brandes?
{y:i}JANNY: Yes.
Otto Frank. I believe you saw|my daughters at Bergen-Belsen.
[Door unlocking]
Come in.
Margot and Anne|are not coming back.
[Door opens]
[Door opens]
[Clock ticking]
[Miep leaves]
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