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Another Heaven CD1

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How terrible for the earth and the sea!
The Devil has come down to you, and he is filled with rage,
as he knows that he has such little time left
(Chapter 1 2, the Revelation to John)
< < Another Heaven> >
Watch your step
Nice smell
Maybe stew
Did the landlord inform us?
Yeah. He was laughing
What? Laughing?
When shocked, guys act in an odd way
This place is new
But no one will rent it after this
If TV reports this place,
it'll be finished
The body seems fairly clean
He's new
Nice smell, eh? Stew?
Evidently the victim's a good cook
It's a clue
May I take a look?
No-chicken stew
Sure smells good
How nice!
Makes me hungry
There's a stiff here
Inspector Tobitaka and Dr Akagi are coming
Old Akagi too?
Let's light it
Be careful
His head's empty
An insult to the dead!
It's really empty
He has no brains
Where are they?
The brains
Hey, hey!
Is it that terrible?
What's with you?
What's this nice smell?
Let's go
What's with him?
The worst case I ever saw was
a severed penis
in the corpse's mouth
How base!
I remember seeing a similar neck injury
A zoo breeder was killed by a gorilla
20 years ago
Then a gorilla did that too
A gorilla chef
A gourmet too
How can you talk
like that?
I'm shocked, too
I doubt it
There's a tubious man
Say "dubious"
He lives next-door
Can't make it out
Speak clearly!
It tastes like cheese
He ran!
Hey, wait!
Let go of me!
I didn't do it
Who said you did?
Knock it off!
You said the killer was strong
and a good cook
You're trying
to pin it on me, huh?
You're nice and strong
Does it matter?
It sure does
What do you do?
A butcher. So what?
Butcher, eh?
I slice meat and sell it
I cook stew to sell, too
My stew is tasty, they say
Anyway, what's it to you, huh?
He did it
Hey, stop!
This is where the murder occurred
Judging from the victim's injury,
the killer was a man
weighing over 1 00 kg
He had a grip of over 1 50 kg
Don't mention his cooking
We'll get started
Bizarre Murder Cases
Not bizarre crimes
The guy killed...
his victims instantly
The butcher's innocent
Know why the neighbor was killed?
He rushed in...
when the killer was cooking
He broke his neck
and threw him out
He got mad?
He's sadistic and
Ioses his temper easily
Why so sure?
A woman in the room
He'd been sent to paradise once
He arranged flowers too
He had lots of call
girl fliers, but...
Who's she?
Dr Sasamoto at the police hospital
She was watching Manabu
Not a call girl
He had porno videos
He hid them from her
I don't think he had a woman...
unlike you
Who do you mean?
A cabaret hostess
That? Name was Asako
Small fingerprints
The killer was big
the killer was a beauty
Small hands
but she weighs over 1 00 kg
Is that it?
Nonsense The killer was a man
Another murder! Another empty head!
Stew again?
Meat loaf?
Spaghetti sauce
Let's go!
Hell! My favorite food!
The fingerprints
We'll probably get
more stiffs like this
Inedible food too
Another victim was discovered
The total number is...
five now
How long must it go on?
TV shows...
too much brutality
It invites crime
Too much violence appears
in novels and movies
As children grow
such scenes become ingrained
They must be outlawed
Was I dreaming?
Had a nightmare?
I was watching you
How did you get in?
The door was open
What a careless cop!
The murder cases?
Get out
Your case was closed
Why must we meet?
He was cooking?
Then "she" Not "he"
Don't look
Why believe the killer's a man?
No man can be such a good cook
Some men can
They're good cooks
Only girls learn cooking...
of this sort
She must be a beauty
She can hook a man easily
She arranges flowers too
A woman can't break a man's neck
It's hard for a man, too
How did she do it?
It's simple
Her superhuman power
It's possible
I thought about it, too
You're lying
It fits in perfectly
She had sex
But someone used physic power
With human hands
He needed too much
strength for a woman
Not superhuman power
Is that so?
You think so, Manabu?
Don't "Manabu" me
Now, get out
I have special ability
Like what?
A keen sense
I can tell how people feel
How you feel, too
You came to my place, too
To investigate
After I busted your man...
He wasn't my man
Only to investigate?
After that
I met you five times in town...
by chance
That didn't start anything like "love"
I have work to do
I'm tired, too
Leave, huh?
All right
My bag
I'm sure it was a woman
You're really tired
Poor guy!
Stop it
Let's do it
All right, eh?
I love you
A voluntary teacher for the handicapped?
He's the seventh victim
Found in...
A vinegared stew?
His parents were killed in an accident
He got their money and started volunteering?
He was unfortunate
He wanted to help people
from their misery
You want to do the same?
Did you suffer misfortune?
My parents' divorce
It took me long to overcome it
Divorce makes children
Ioose and lascivious
You mustn't say that
Why not?
What about you?
What's that red stuff?
How could you do that?
What a shame!
A UFO room, eh?
UFOs exist
Seen one?
Think Earth's a globe?
Of course!
Seen it?
TV and photos. Even babies know
I saw UFOs on TV and in photos
You're a cop, eh?
So what?
Cops mustn't believe in UFOs
Wake up!
My teacher told me to come
That's all right. Come out
Chi-chan stayed here...
for three days
She wanted to do naughty things with him
He didn't want to
But one day Chi-chan got on him by force
After that, she cut open his head like this
She cut it open
I was scared!
He wasn't thinking anything bad
He wasn't tasty She said so
Tell his school
Did he see it? Don't ask me!
Where are you?
Why run away?
Where are you going?
Wait, sir!
Don't run!
Missing people get mixed up in crime
They aren't felons
I know
Believe in UFOs and ghosts? Enough!
Why deny what really happened?
We can't believe in everything
We can't ask ghosts for help
How mulish!
In the first place, how could a woman rape a man?
Found her?
Chizuru Kashiwagi
a college student
She became missing three days
before the first case
She's "Chi-chan"
She's weird
She okay?
Be patient
I'm sure we can do anything to her
It's for sure What'll we do?
Don't force
yourself to drink
No butter
Don't I have any?
What about salad oil?
I'll go buy some
No. I'll go
Don't bother I'll go myself
Excuse me
What're you cooking?
Something delicious
I need more ingredients
Slice the fish yourself?
The fish are lucky
Be patient
Hey, Chizuru...
Don't move so fast
I can hear
Hear what?
Your bad thoughts
It's fun to open a head
Bad thoughts change brains' color
It's reflected in hair, too
I realized it only lately
Your hair's stiff
I don't like this
I bought butter
Where are they?
They're resting
Hey, wait a minute
I'll use a rubber
It's for your sake, too
Why must everyone provoke me?
Afraid of disease?
About disease...
only the living need to worry
Five on the balcony
four on the veranda
Seven at the fire escape
One in the basement car park
Two in every corridor. Okay?
We're ready
Let's go
He says a Chizuru did it
The informer? Who can tell?
This way
It's open
Over there too!
Call an ambulance!
No brains
It's empty
Cool down!
Where's the killer?
Cool down first
Let's look for the killer and more victims
Cold... cold...
You okay?
Be brave!
A blanket!
You're all right
Your name?
it's Kimura
You're all right
The gal's dead
There was...
no one else here
Meaning? The killer was...
You said she couldn't be
I realize she was!
Her brains are gone
How could she kill?
At least her heart was beating
A blanket
A college student
killed a man and
cooked his brains
And her brains got lost, too
Saying there's another killer?
Where is he?
Tell me!
Noisy kid!
What's up?
What is it?
Lovely hair...
Going out?
You like me?
Why ask?
Just tell me
Your face
Stay in bed
What's up?
All you see is...
how I look
I want you to be as you look It's obvious
What about you?
What do you like...
about me
I don't know
You asked me first
Let's go
Together? Where to?
Just get up
What happened here?
Chizuru became missing
She'd been...
with a friend
She was standing there
Three days later
the murders began
She was studying cooking and flower arrangement
She had thin wrists
She broke...
men's necks?
Her brains were gone, too
Yet, the police...
tried to decide she was the killer
They believe only what they can see
The killer ran
Not Chizuru
Something evil ran
from her head
She's a good girl
She was so obedient that grew frustrated
She was under stress
So evil attracted her
It's just a lump of stone
I detest...
enduring things
Her father wants her back
Her brains weren't gone
They shrank and dried up in a corner
Filled with ulcers, too
Brain ulcers?
How could she live until now?
How could she walk?
I want to keep such a rarity here
She was ill?
How could she have killed?
But she...
really did it
There's physical evidence
She wasn't a big man
Her potentiality
A mother lifts a car...
to save her kid
That's absurd!
That doesn't matter
Two guys were almost killed by Chizuru
She was arrested and died
Case closed. It's over
Let me say this again...
No thanks
Without brains, how could she think?
Yet she did. That's a fact
Still arguing?
A phone call for you
Who is this?
Chizuru was standing before that statue, eh?
You Kimura?
How did you know?
You'll know the answer
Answer! How did you know?
I have a gift for you
A gift?
Room 1 009, Hotel Excellent
My gift for you
Kimura! Hey!
A crime buff
He tapped into our radio
Guys like that are around
Open it
"For Beloved Manabu"
Brains did it!
Look for the killer
Chizuru's brains
moved to Kimura
So he did the same
Nonsense. Move!
Mysterious, eh?
Why copy what Chizuru did?
I knew you'd say so. Stupid!
Shut up! Damn you!
Don't move!
You ass!
Who's the woman?
I don't know
I picked her up
I'm happy
This world's wonderful!
Knock it off!
Damn him!
Hey, Manabu!
"I let myself drift in a current"
"I wonder where I'll end up"
I missed you
Don't "Manabu" me!
Go ahead. Shoot
Finally we meet again
How terrific!
You look great
Damn you!
You can't shoot, eh?
Go ahead!
I hit him
Let's go down!
Where is he?
He must be dead
He really ran away!
Tell them to shoot him
Just shoot him
Explain first
Shut up!
He's crazy!
The car!
What's he doing?
Baiting us
Some guy!
Don't overdo it, Pop
Shut up!
You got better at shooting
Just by chance
Shoot his groin. He kissed you
I'll kill him
This is Hayase I'm at the condominium...
Is murder bad?
Of course! Of course?
TV's filled with murder
Murder takes place in dramas, movies and news
Everyone's bored
They crave fun
Life without murder's boring
to you too, eh?
What are you?
What am I?
A spaceman?
Spaceman, eh?
It's only today's humans that think of space wars
"Drop bombs...
to protect us!"
I'm human, a real human
No kidding!
I'm not kidding
I'm a human
I know...
that you can understand me
No humans have your power
We're friends
Let's play together
I'm not gay
Then what do you like?
Lay off him
No problem
Bruises and
three cracked ribs
It's not a problem?
Just lie still
Your brains are all right, too
Lie still?
For a week, at least
A problem
The case is almost closed, right?
The killer's seriously wounded?
That inspector shot an unarmed
man three times
I shot him, too
He wasn't armed, eh?
A spaceman...
I mean him
I'll check your brains again
Do so
I was joking
There you are!
Excuse me
Leave! What?
Excuse me
You stay. She's leaving
I came just now
I'll leave
Take care
I'm not leaving
Why the sunglasses?
To be incognito
You won't be
I looked everywhere for you
Does it hurt?
I was in danger
Thought I'd die
Don't say that
That reminds me You were right
The killer
What was he?
I don't know
He enters a human head
Said he was a human
A human?
Said I'm his friend
A friend?
A friend
He didn't mean to kill me
What's "friend"?
I'm not helping people
I'm just a crime buff
A crime buff?
I listened to police radios
and phones
I rushed to the scene
I was a student then
Everything was real
Real crimes were great
I liked it
The evil enchanted me
So I became a cop
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