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Anywhere But Here

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All too often
I set my life aside
All too often
My dreams went sailing by
A chance of freedom
A chance of faith
A chance I'll take
Knowing it all will disappear
It ain't anywhere but here
All too often
The dreams I dreamed have died
[Chewing Loudly]
All too often...
Ann: My mother made an amazing amount ofnoise
when she ate her food.
It was as ifshe was trying to taste the entire world.
Sometimes I just couldn't stand her.
Sometimes I hated her.
Sometimes I thought she was ruining my life.
What kept me going was knowing that one day I would leave her.
I'll find it anywhere but here
Come on, baby, surfin' safari
Yeah, I'm gonna take you surfin' safari
Yeah, I'm gonna take you surfin' safari
Yeah, I'm gonna take you surfin' safari
Let's go surfin' now
Everybody's learnin' how
Come on a safari with me
Ba la la la la la la
[Turns Off Radio]
I hate this song.
I love this song. It's the Beach Boys.
I hate the Beach Boys.
Honey, how can you hate the Beach Boys?
Nobody hates the Beach Boys.
They're too happy and sunny.
Well, you're gonna have to learn to like happy and sunny,
because that's what California's all about.
Oh, next stop, Salt Lake City. Yes!
Salt Lake City, Utah. The capitol, right?
I don't care.
Oh, yes, you do care.
Come on, don't mumble. You care.
You're very good at capitols.
Come on, pooh bear, Idaho.
Stop calling me pooh bear.
Butyou are my little pooh bear. Come on.
Come on. Idaho.
Boise! I don't want to play.
Ok, now you do one for me.
A really hard one.
I said I don't want to play.
Portland. Too easy.
It's Salem?
I don't want to do this anymore.
I don't want to be in Utah.
2,000 miles between us and Bay City. Ok.
I want to be back in Bay City.
This is like being kidnapped.
You don't understand that, do you?
I wish somebody had kidnapped me
when I was your age.
So do I.
Ann: Grandma always said that my mom was a strange child.
Oh, this is absolutely moribund.
Gwen Purvis has cancer.
That's worse.
I didn't give it to her.
You didn't give it to her.
That's funny, Aunt Adele.
You're gonna die one day, too, Mom,
just like the rest ofus.
But not in this town.
Ann: My mother never wanted to stay in Bay City.
I think she married my stepfatherTed
because he was so nice and so clean.
Being an ice skating instructor made him seem cleaner.
She missed my real father, who was Egyptian,
dark, and romantic.
One Christmas Eve I heard my parents arguing.
[Car Door Closes]
[Engine Starts]
I didn't know anything until he was gone.
He drove away in our brown Valiant.
I'm sorry.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You're awfully quiet.
You said we'd see an Indian reservation.
When we get to one, we will see one.
Sweetie, don't mumble.
How are you gonna be an actress if you can't speak clearly?
I don't want to be an actress.
I bet we won't even stop in Las Vegas, will we?
Ah, now, that's what's bothering you.
You said you had a number on him.
I said we would look him up, ok?
When you were 4 years old,
your father left you just in the middle of the night.
So, what? You left my stepfather
in the middle ofthe afternoon.
I miss Ted.
Nobody misses Ted. He's boring.
Then why'd you marry him?
That's none ofyour business.
Besides, he was running around with other women.
That's not true. You made that up.
You wanted him to soyou could catch him
and take him to court and get all his money.
You little snoop.
And Ted is not a homosexual.
I never said that.
Yes, you did.
Oh, no, I did not.
Oh, yes, you did.
Maybe I inferred it, but I never said it.
"Light in the loafers"
is not exactly the same thing.
All right, Mother.
Ted said he loves you,
and that he was worried that you were seeing other people,
which you probably were.
All right, that is it. I have had it with you.
If you miss Ted so much, you go find Ted.
Go on, get out ofthe car. Out! O-u-t, out!
You said we'd see buffalo in Nebraska.
There were no buffalo.
Tough shit! Get out ofthe car!
Ted is going to be an ice skating instructor
for the rest ofhis life.
Your cousin Benny is going to be a garage mechanic.
Lolly is never going to leave the bank.
Your cousin Hal's already drinking liquor.
And Sylvia and the baby can barely breathe.
They're gonna suffocate back there,
but I now have ajob teaching
in the Los Angeles school system.
I have an M.A. in early education
which I havejust thrown away
in that dinkjunior high school back there,
so you forget about the buffalo
and the goddamn Indians.
You are a beautiful girl with great potential.
I'm not gonna see your future as some nothing girl
in a nothing factory in a nothing town.
You are 1 4 years old,
you've always had enough to eat,
you've always had a roofoveryour head,
and if you stickwith me, you always will,
because I am your mother,
and I know what is best for you
because that is myjob.
Plus you're gonna go to school in Beverly Hills,
which is only the best school district
in the United States.
And you'll be a child actor
while you're still a child.
You don't have ajob in the Los Angeles school district.
I will have.
I have an interview and a great outfit.
Are you hungry?
- [Mumbles] - Excuse me.
I don't know.
Great. So am I.
Will you look at that car?
Is that the most beautiful automobile
you've ever seen?
No. I hate that car. I miss the Plymouth.
Baby, nobody misses the Plymouth.
It's your color.
Yeah, it is, isn't it?
Oh, look at this.
It's so beautiful.
Man: How does it feel?
Mom, we can't afford this car.
We have some money in savings,
and I can dip into the teachers' retirement fund.
This car does not belong in Bay City,
and neither do we.
We're going to drive to Beverly Hills
in this car.
Ann: Mom, this place looks expensive.
Adele: I'll worry about that, ok?
Now that we're in Beverly Hills,
maybe you should change your name to Heather.
Mmm, it smells so nice here.
How much is the room?
It's 1 ,200.
A night?
I don't know that it's large enough.
Do you have anyvillas?
There are no villas available right now.
Mom, I'm tired.
Where are we gonna sleep tonight?
[Sirens Approaching]
Adele: Sweet pea,
you arejust as pretty as these girls on TV.
In fact, I think you're prettier.
[Knocking On Door]
Sweetie, areyou all right?
'Cause you've been in there for over an hour.
Ok, well...
I'm gonna go to sleep now.
And I think maybe you should soon,
because you need your beauty rest, ok?
Ok. Good night.
Ann: I miss everyone in Bay City so much.
I don't know how I'm going to survive
without my cousin Benny.
And my best friend,
good little Mary.
Serious Mary, Benny, and I.
We were inseparable.
Adele: Benny!
I made this for you.
Say good-bye to your cousin!
It's tin and painted on one side with gold dust.
Not real gold dust.
We're ready to go!
Where do you want the cookies and the sandwiches?
Oh, Mom, thanks. I'll take them.
You didn't give her all the cookies, did you, Lillian?
Don't forget to call us from the road.
You're gonna come visit.
I'm gonna find an apartment that's got 3 bedrooms.
She doesn't even have a place to live.
Stop worrying about it, Mom.
Ifyou knew for sure there was ajob out there...
She's got the school job.
Oh, she has no such thing.
She talked to somebody on the telephone.
When are you gonna start having some faith in me?
When you begin to see things as they are.
Don't take anywooden nickels, Adele.
Ok, thanks.
Sorry, Ted.
I'll write.
Ann, come on! I'm gonna leave without you!
Jimmy: Ben!
I hopeyou destroyed those pictures
you took ofme in my underwear.
I did, Mary, I promise.
Let's go. We'll call from the road.
I'll miss you, too, Grandma.
Take care ofyourself.
Ann, here. Just in caseyou find
a skating rink out there.
Thanks, Ted.
I loveyou. You're the best stepdad a girl could have.
You'll always be with me
Always be with me
Part ofmy heart
Once I'm where I'm going
Look away
Even ifit'sjust in my mind
Oh, here's a good one.
"Pool, walk-in closets, security,
vaulted ceilings."
Vaulted. I love it.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry. I couldn't help but overhearing.
I thought I might helpyou.
I'm Gail Letterfine.
Westside Realty.
So, what areyou looking for?
Something in Beverly Hills.
I'm Adele August. This is my daughterAnn.
She's not awake. Wejust moved here from Wisconsin.
I don't know anyone from Wisconsin.
I'm awake.
You live in Beverly Hills?
No. I live in Santa Monica. Formerly from Bel Air.
Formerly Brentwood.
I've had a lot offormerlys in my life.
I'm fine now. I'm single, I'm free,
and I love it.
Most ofthe time. Yeah.
Excuse me.
She wants to be an actress.
Don't they all?
[Line Rings]
Just tell her it's a collect call from her granddaughterAnn.
Just one moment.
Tell her I'll pay her back.
Lookwhat we have along BeverlyVista.
Beverly Hills adjacent.
That's not the posh part of Beverly Hills,
but it is still within the school district.
[Line Rings]
Sweet pea, whatyou doing? Areyou ok?
Gail found something for us. What a woman.
She is raising 3 teenagers by herself.
Husband ran off with an accountant,
and she can't get a dime out ofhim.
Come with me while I pee. Come on. Also...
she didn't say so, but...
[Whispering] I think she has a glass eye.
You know...
it makes somebody interesting.
You know what I mean? Interesting in a mysterious way.
Interesting in a kind ofa...
Man: Hey, you want a ride?
Ann, thereyou are. Your mom's looking foryou.
I saw her.
You know, I think that we might have found a place.
Honey, I know that it's hard at first, making changes,
butyou have to get used to it.
Life is full ofthem.
Ann, where did you go?
I was in there talking and talking toyou.
I come out here and you're gone.
Your love
Is better than ice cream
Better than anything else that I've tried
Your love
Is better than ice cream
But everyone here knows how to cry
It's a long way down
It's a long way down
It's a long way down
To the place where we started from
You didn't get thejob.
It's in the bag, baby.
Come here, you.
I hate my hair.
It's one ofyour strongest assets.
I'm gonna cut it off.
Over my dead body.
Ok. Let's go.
Can you believe that?
They look like they're going to the beach.
The intelligent girls are inside.
I hateyou.
We'll talk about that later, sweetie. Good luck.
How about good luck for me?
How do I l-look?
[Kids Talking And Laughing]
[Rap Music Playing]
[Kids Yelling And Arguing]
Why don'tyoujust back off?
Come on, let's go!
this is our new speech pathologist, Adele August.
Adele is from Bay City, Wisconsin.
America's dairyland.
Ah, Wisconsin.
George Franklin, history.
George. History.
[Bell Rings]
Room 1 2 is to the right, right?
Let me showyou.
Follow me.
Thank you so much.
[Kids Shouting]
Not exactly Bay City,
butyou get used to it.
Mmm. Is that-- Did they throw out that furniture?
Is that garbage?
Honey, don't scratch the car.
Ann: On our days off we would drive to relax.
We drovejust anywhere.
My motherwas in awe ofthe homes
and the palm trees
and real movie stars on public sidewalks.
She was in love.
In love with Beverly Hills.
Oh, I like that one.
Over there, with the circular driveway.
I want the room in the corner. I can climb out that window.
I'll take the one in the back,
overlooking the pool.
Mmm. That one's a beauty,
with the cute blue shutters.
Oh, look at this house.
This is the house I want.
That is beautiful. Come on.
Mom, it's by appointment only.
It's all right.
It says, "Do not disturb occupants."
Just smile. We'll be fine. It's ok.
Realtor: I appreciate it. Please think about it.
You're the realtor.
Hi. How can I helpyou?
Look at this sweet-- Oh, he gave me a kiss.
This is Callie.
Hi, Callie. And you must be the owner.
My baby. Yes, I am.
Well, I'm Adele August. Hello.
And this is my baby, Heather.
Realtor: Excuse me. Can I helpyou?
I know we should have an appointment,
but my husband will be practicing medicine at UCLA.
That'sjust a few minutes from here.
Exactly, so we were driving by,
and wejust had to stop.
I would be so grateful
ifyou would let us see the house.
Doyou mind?
Not at all. Please, come in.
Here's my card.
Here's a setup on the property.
Thank you.
The house was built originally in the 1 920s,
so it maintains all its original integrity.
You also have a wood-burning fireplace here.
There are 7 in the entire house.
There is so much light. Look at this light.
Owner: It's a very happy, happy house.
- So happy, isn't it, Heather? - Happy.
And here we have a beautiful bright bedroom.
And you can see the pool from here.
Oh, it's a lovely master suite, isn't it?
No. This is my daughter's bedroom.
She's away at college now.
Oh. Where is she going?
Back East. Princeton, actually.
I want to go to college back East.
You must miss her terribly.
But we're so very proud.
Well, Daddywill be here next week.
I reallywant him to see this house.
Let me showyou the master bedroom right now.
It's got a great his-and-herwalk-in closet.
It also has a fantastic Jacuzzi tub.
Adele: I love aJacuzzi.
[Line Rings]
Benny: Hello.
[Quietly] What's up, pervert?
Who is this?
It's hot stuff.
Hey, Benny.
Where areyou?
Making a highly illegal phone call in somebody's bedroom.
What areyou doing right now?
Hauser's taking us to the park.
He got that new truck.
Why areyou whispering?
Where areyou?
How's Grandma?
Fine. What did you mean you're in someone's bedroom?
I'll tell you when I writeyou another letter.
You get my last one?
Yeah, yeah, I got 'em all.
I like the one where she kicked you out ofthe car.
She really did that?
She's crazy. She still is.
I think I might kill her in her sleep.
Adele: Heather.
I have to go.
Oh, that was so much fun, wasn't it?
Why'd you tell that lady that we'd buy the house?
I said we might buy the house.
That my father's coming, that he's a doctor.
I couldn't believeyou.
What wereyou doing
up in the daughter's room all that time?
Calling Benny.
I had to tell her thatyour father
the doctorwas coming because a woman like that
who gets all ofher money from her husband, she's not gonna believe
a woman like me can afford a house like that.
A woman likeyou can't afford a house like that.
You can't even afford the bathroom to that house.
Be optimistic
Don'tyou be a grumpy
When the road gets bumpy
Just smile, smile, smile
And be happy
Morning, Adele.
Morning, George.
Grand Coolie Dam. Ever been there, Adele?
Hoover Dam?
I'm not really into dams.
Girl: I am gonna get a lawyer
and sue her for invasion ofprivacy,
so getyour nose out ofmy diary, Mother.
That's so cool. I'd never think ofthat.
Did she say anything?
She played dumb, but she never did it again.
I wish my parents wouldjust leave me alone.
I love being alone.
I can't wait for the house to be empty.
Hey, Peter.
You run good. Got good form.
There's not a cloud in the sky today, huh?
Hey, you ever read T.S. Eliot?
4 Quartets. It's really good.
Why doyou run with a book?
I don't know. Balance, I guess.
George: Here's the Kariba Dam.
It impounds the Zambezi River,
forms Kariba Lake.
- It's nice. - Hmm.
I went there.
After college. I painted a picture ofit.
You painted pictures ofdams?
That was my dream-- To travel the world
and paint pictures.
Hmm. What happened?
Hmm. I don't know.
One damn thing led to another damn thing.
Ha ha!
I don't know.
I don't know. I became a history teacher.
But one ofthese days, I'll...
One ofthese days--
Oh, my God. Get away from my car!
Oh, my God, lookwhat he's doing!
Hey. Hey, hey, hey!
No! Stop it!
Oh, my God. Look how deep this scratch--
Lookwhat he did to my car.
Mom, it'sjust a scratch.
Just a scratch?
Doyou know how much it's going to cost
to fix "just a scratch"?
Oh, I can't work at this school anymore.
I can't talk toyou anymore, either!
No sympathy.
The tiles are all cracked...
and chipped.
I'm sinking here,
and I'm the one that has to keep us afloat.
Every time I think I'm trying so hard,
it's getting better,
and we're starting to get somewhere,
just, everything falls apart.
Nothing works in this apartment!
- Mom? - Aah!
It'sjust a scratch on the car.
Maybe ifyou gotyourself
a little after-school job,
you'd know what I'm talking about.
Peopleyour age have no idea
how much things cost, how to manage money.
What is that now?
You didn't pay the bill again, did you?
I did pay the bill! I did pay it!
Well, maybe I won't even pay the bill again.
Maybe we'll just...
Ha! We could live...
in the dark
like little...
bears in a cave, huh, pooh bear?
Ok, let's go to Denny's.
Ann, where areyou?
I'm going to bed.
[Door Slams]
I really thought I paid that bill.
I really think I did pay it.
So, I loveyou and say hi to Benny for me
and UncleJimmy and Aunt Carol and...
Ok, I loveyou. Lots ofkisses.
[Kisses] Bye.
Hi, Mom.
How arey'all doing?
What isn't fair?
Well, I put her on because what's fair
is foryour granddaughter to have a decent home
to live in, and we can't do that
unless we have some cash for a down payment.
What I need from you
is some help.
sell my land, that's how.
It's the land that Daddy--
She hung up.
Grandma hung up on you?
[Hangs Up]
Let's get dressed up and go out to dinner.
You love that little French restaurant.
That's-- That'sjust what we need.
We need a bed for me. We need a desk.
We need sheets. We need towels.
We don't need to go out to eat to a French restaurant.
Oh, honey.
My daddy always used to say,
"When life gets rough
and you only have a dime in your pocket,
go getyour shoes shined."
Get dressed.
Seems they raised their prices.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't the two ofus--
Good afternoon. Would you like to hear our specials?
I don't think so. We know what we want.
I'd like to hear the specials.
Thank you.
Ok. We have the veal St.Jacques
and a lovely coq au vin--
I thinkwe'll have 2 small garden salads
and share the veal St.Jacques.
Don'tyou think, honey?
You know what? I don't reallywant to share.
I'm kind ofhungry, so...
Why don'tyou have the veal St.Jacques,
and I'll have the duck l'orange, please.
And would you like an appetizer?
- I don't think so. - Yes.
I'll have the shrimp
in the garlic sauce.
Waitress: And anything to drink?
Just water.
Bottled. A big bottle,
please. Thanks.
Ok. Thank you.
You know what? I'm really hungry,
and it's not like we're at Denny's,
so ifsomeone comes in
and sees me eating duck l'orange,
who knows what effect it'll have on my life.
Sit up straight.
You're slouching.
Ann: I took out an ad in the newspaper once--
"15-year-old seeks home--
Neat, pretty, good student."
I got 79 replies.
I never opened them.
I was afraid the temptation would be too great.
Ann: It was our first Christmas away from home.
Doyou customize scents?
No? Oh, that's a shame.
You should do that.
My mother paid enough ofour bills
so that we could buy presents for everyone.
Ann: That's pretty cute.
Lavender. What doyou think?
- Yeah? - Mmm.
We didn't buy too much,
considering I love that store.
I don't know what to get Benny.
What did you get me?
Come on, you got me something.
I didn't getyou anything.
Oh, yes, you did.
What'd you get me?
I gotyou lots. I'm dying to show it toyou.
No. Don't show me.
Ann, hi.
Isn't it obscene, all this money being spent?
- Yeah. - Hi.
Hi, I'mJanice Pearlman. I'm in Ann's homeroom.
I'm Ann's mother.
She's my mother.
You--You look alike, you two.
- No. - Oh, thanks.
No, we don't. I look like my dad.
Just his chin.
I likeyour chin. I do.
Anyway, listen, I got to go,
because my mother's waiting over there,
but Christmas Day, we're having a party at the house
from 4:00 to 8:00.
Will you come, both ofyou?
It's our annual thing.
- I-- - Thanks. That's sweet.
Really? Well, please.
I'll tell you more at school. Everybody's going to come, though.
- Seeyou later. - Bye.
Ann: Everybody likes her.
She's on student council,
and her brother's the editor
ofthe school newspaper.
What does her father do?
I think he's a doctor.
Huh. Well, it might be fun.
You want to go?
Doyou want me to go?
I guess it'll give us a chance
to kind ofshow ourselves off,
and the car is looking great again.
Her mom looked...
very elegant.
You're elegant, Mom.
We both are.
We've got taste, huh?
That's one thing-- People look at us, and they say,
"Look at that great-looking mother and daughter."
Where do they live?
Mom, why areyou doing this?
Which one is it, honey? Point it out.
That one.
Now let's go home.
Oh, my God.
It goes all the way around the block.
[Music Playing]
Ann: Yeah. We're going to a party tonight.
Yeah. Mom and I are both going.
Doyou want to talk to her again?
Just say merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas to everybody.
I loveyou. Give a big hug to Benny for me.
Ok. Bye-bye. Loveyou. Bye.
I'm going to go get dressed
and try on my new necklace.
Mom, it's 4:00.
Areyou going to get dressed?
It takes you an hour to get ready. We're--
The party's going to be over by then.
I thoughtyou said you wanted to go.
Honey, what I want
is to get all ofthese pine needles
and vacuum those closets.
They're filled with dust.
And maybe wash the kitchen floor,
because I realized, sweetheart,
that the thing that's going to make me most happy
is tojust look around this place
and see that it is spick-and-span.
But it's the one fun thing we can do for Christmas.
Well, then, you should go. You should definitely go.
I mean, all your friends are going to be there, right?
And that boy Peter-- Is that his name?
He'll be there, right?
What areyou going to do? It's Christmas.
Oh, don't worry about me.
I'vejust got a million things
that I'm going to do.
I want our first Christmas
in Los Angeles to be perfect.
Aren't things-- Aren't things bad enough here?
I don't know whyyou're doing this to me.
You're right. I'm sorry.
Want me to driveyou there?
- Want me to driveyou? - No.
- No. - Yeah.
No. I can walk.
All right, well, then, go.
Go ahead.
Otherwise, we'rejust going to hang around here all day
talking about our silly little lives, huh?
Oh, gosh, I just had the...
strongest memory ofmy father.
I'm going to go. I'm going to be late.
I'm sorry thatyou never really got to know
your grandfather or your father, for that matter,
and I know it means something toyou
to find your father,
I promise.
We will.
- I'm going. - Ok.
I'm going.
And maybe we can, um...
We'll talk aboutyour father when you come back.
I'll be here. I'm not going anywhere.
I'll wait.
[Dog Barking In Distance]
I wish for a place
Where the earth doesn't shake
And ifthe earth won't be still
Then you and I will
I'm sorry.
I thought I could go, but...
I couldn't.
You know what we need?
Some sugar in our blood.
You want to get some ice cream?
I don't want ice cream.
Sure, you do.
Is that what I want, Mom?
It would cheer us up.
Ok, Mother, let's get our sugar.
And they've got a new flavor.
Let's go.
I'll getyourjacket.
Just one little--
Man: No, no, no, no, no. We close early today.
Nothing? It's Christmas.
Oh, my God.
Merry Christmas, Officer.
You're not working today, areyou?
You see that red curb, ma'am?
See that "No Stopping" sign?
- Oh. Oh. - Give meyour driver's license, please.
I'm so sorry. I had no idea.
Did you see--
I wasjust here to get her an ice cream.
- She needed an ice cream. - Don't blame it on me.
I'm just explaining to the officer, sweetheart.
- I hate it when you do this. - What?
You always do this to me. You always--
I was explaining to him it's our Christmas tradition--
I didn't even want ice cream. She wanted ice cream.
Ann, where areyou going?
She'll be back.
Excuse me. She won't be back.
Hey, hey, hey. You stay by the car, ok?
Adele: Ann?
Lady, wait by the car!
All right.
Ann, come here.
It was her idea to park there.
I told her not to park there.
I didn't even want any ice cream.
Your mother's trying to beat a ticket.
Give her one. She already has a drawer full ofthem.
Now, now.
Don't talk to me like a little girl.
I'm not a little girl.
You don't even understand.
I'm going to leave her one ofthese days.
I'm sureyou will,
but not today.
Why not today?
you should leave her when you're calm...
when you're rational.
You leave her when you're ready not to come back.
You understand?
You from Wisconsin?
How doyou know?
Well, your plates.
- You living here now? - Yes.
- Hey, Ann. - Lady, I wantyou to register that car.
Yes, sir.
I wantyou to get a California driver's license.
From now on, start paying attention to the signs.
Yes, sir.
I'm going to be rolling by in another 2 minutes.
I don't want to see that vehicle out there.
Yes, sir.
Merry Christmas, Ann.
Let's move up here.
Did hejust wink atyou?
That's an unusual law enforcement officer.
What did he say toyou?
He said not to ever do that to me again.
He said that ifyou do,
he'll haveyou taken offto prison
and locked up,
and you'll never, ever see me again,
and you'll have to eat ice cream on your own.
You went too far with the ice cream business.
He did not say that.
- Yes, he did. - No, he did not.
And he wants to adopt me. He finds me very attractive.
That is not funny.
You do not do this again.
Don'tyou do this again.
No, don'tyou do this again.
No, it's you.
I wasjust trying to get out ofa parking ticket.
Well, you didn't get one, did you?
Thank you, Ann. Thank you, Ann,
and your fiance will be back here in 2 minutes
to see ifwe've moved the car.
Ann: I will always love that policeman.
That was all me.
He told me what I needed to know.
I will always carry a soft spot
for the Los Angeles Police Department.
[Music Playing]
Ann: I wish he had adopted me.
Grandma told me in a letter
that my father got remarried
and was living in Reno.
How many Hisham Badirs could there be in Reno?
Hi. Doyou have a number for...
for a Mr. Hisham Badir, please?
Thank you.
Ok. Thank you.
Ann: When I was younger,
my mother always hummed one ofmy father's tunes
before we went to sleep.
He wrote my mother love songs.
Sometimes, I would imagine my father
showing up to rescue me.
Hi, Ann.
Hello, Peter.
You got that isosceles triangle thing straight?
That baffles me.
Hey, I got a new trumpet. You want to see it?
I'm working, Peter.
Right. Sorry.
Your mom's really pretty.
I'll tell her.
What's your dad do?
He's a songwriter.
Really? I write some songs.
Yeah. You want to hear one?
Not now, Peter.
You want to feel my pulse?
It's beating really fast.
ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum,
ba-bum, ba-bum.
Really fast.
Adele: I don't understand.
I have been telling you forweeks
that the tiles are chipped.
There's no water pressure.
The handles are coming off ofthe cabinets.
Now, you don't have a life. What's the problem?
Can'tyou--Hey! I am talking toyou.
Hey! Hey!
Mom, your pants.
I can't talk toyou like this, Mrs. August!
Listen, I'm telling you that--
It's notjust that the tile is chipped.
The carpets are filthy. They're filthy.
I've got a fungus on my foot from those carpets.
Who was living here before, a hockey team?
I cannot live like this!
You can't live like this,
butyou can live in an apartment for 6 months
withjust a mattress on the floor?
Damn it!
[Music Playing]
Turn it down!
God, I hate this place!
I hate myjob! I hate my foot!
You're not having sex with anybody, areyou?
You know.
No, I don't know.
We have to get out ofhere.
We can't. We have a lease.
What doyou mean, am I having sex with anyone?
Ann: We moved anyway.
Shh, shh, shh.
Over the nextyear,
we moved a lot.
We got used to it.
Oh, honey, let me helpyou.
That's a girl. Ok. It's apartment number 8?
Yeah, number 8. Ohh.
Ann: At least this one had furniture, thanks to Miss Letterfine.
Thank you.
Ann: Gail and Mom have become good friends.
It's so colorful. Look.
Ann: My mom dragged me to an audition.
- Hello. - Woman: Hi.
She would not give up on her fantasy ofme becoming an actress.
What's your social security number, sweetheart?
We did ourwork
and kept healthy.
Woman On TV: And exhale.
Drawyour navel toyour backbone.
And when summer came, we went to the beach
and felt sorry for everyone back home.
Where areyou going?
I think right over there.
There's no people over there.
I know. I need some peace and quiet today.
Ann: Youjust want to be near that beach club.
Yes, please.
Man: I'm open. I'm open.
Woman: He's over there.
Man: Yo, Nick.
Here's a good spot.
Man: Thereyou go.
You guys feel like playing some middleman?
Sweetie, you have a cute little body.
You should show it offmore.
You should show off your body.
I plan to, but-- Where areyou going?
- Man: Heads up. - Aah!
Sorry about that.
That's ok.
You're strong.
Wild thing.
Man: Hey,Josh, I'm open.
Adele: Oh, shame on you.
Oh, Ann.
Ann, come here, sweetie.
This is Dr. Spritzer.
This is my daughterAnn.
Ah, a big girl.
Oh, yes. We're more like sisters.
So, you're the actress, I hear.
Oh, no, not me. Her. My mom's the actress.
Oh, silly girl. Don't be shy.
Dr. Spritzer's an orthodontist,
and he works with the actresses.
He did Heather Locklear.
Her teeth.
I was telling the doctor thatjust this morning,
we were discussing your overbite.
See what a great smile she has?
The bottom isjust a little strange.
They don't look so strange to me.
Come on!
Be right there.
You play good ball.
You, too.
Take care ofthose two-fers, now.
An actress has to keep smiling.
That's probably his wife.
Why'd you have to talk about my teeth?
It won't last long.
- Mom? Mom? - Ann?
- Mom, guess what. - What?
Benny's coming.
Oh, it's so good to seeyou.
Come on, come on, come on, my turn.
Oh, how areyou doing?
I wasjust out ofhigh school
So what doyou think so far, Benny?
You've got more Mercedes cars on one street
than we've got in all ofWisconsin.
Bennywants to see a movie star.
Really? Who doyou want to see?
I don't care. I just want to see one.
How about the babes in Baywatch ?
Soyoung, so confused
What was I to do?
I'm so sorry, Chotee
Look it's a perfect fit.
Yeah, me, too, with Donald.
[Imitating Donald Duck]
Look, guys.
Let me take it. Let me take it.
Maybeyou can come back for a visit?
I'll teach you how to drive the truck.
I'd like that.
You know what?
Your boobs are getting big.
Shut up.
Mary Girling andJulie Eastman--
Gettin' really big ones.
Don't be gross.
Oh, boobs aren't gross.
Boobs are beautiful.
- [Rustling] - Shh.
[Ann Laughing]
[Benny Belches]
[Laughing] Ew!
You are so gross.
You are so gross.
You got a boyfriend?
Doyou go to bed with him?
3, maybe 4 times a day.
What aboutyou?
You gettin' laid, Benny?
You put the wood to Susie Goodman?
3, sometimes 4 times a day.
Shut up.
And tell your mother that next summer, everybody comes out.
We've got our eye on this cute little house not far from the water.
And tell her how brown Ann and I are.
We don't look bad, do we?
No. You look real brown.
And you tell her, well, how healthywe are.
Well, you've always looked healthy, Aunt Adele.
Yeah, but not this healthy, right? Huh?
Here, this is foryou.
And have a great flight, sweetie.
Ok. Bye.
Say hello to Ted for me.
Thank you.
Is he seeing anybody?
P.A.: Maywe have your attention, please?
Thank you.
This is a security announcement.
All persons are reminded
not to leave their baggage unattended at any time.
Adele: Ann?
I can't find my daughter.
She was right here, now I can't find her.
- Mom? - Where did you go?
I was right here.
I was looking all over foryou.
I couldn't find you anywhere.
It's ok. I was gone for 5 seconds.
Don'tyou ever do that again.
I couldn't find you.
Shh, shh.
I didn't know whereyou were.
It's ok, Mom. I'm here.
I'm right here. I'm right here.
It's all right.
[Telephone Rings]
Both: You get it.
You get it.
Both: You get it.
Just a minute.
- Foryou. - Who is it?
Who's speaking?
Josh Spritzer. Josh Spritzer.
Oh, God.
The guy from the beach, the orthodontist.
Yeah, ofcourse I remember.
At the beach. Uh-huh.
I've thought ofyou, too.
I'm surprised thatyou tracked down my number.
Oh, I wrote it on the football.
Ha ha ha ha!
Oh, that's so naughty ofme.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Separations can be so painful.
Oh, yeah.
When I broke up with my ex,
I mean, I could barely breathe.
Yeah. Well, tonight?
No, tonight's not good.
How about, um...tomorrow?
Uh-huh. I love the place.
Great. I'll seeyou then.
Me, too.
I've been feeling it all day.
It has been in the air all week.
Oh, my God.
What to wear, what to wear,
what to wear.
Focus. Shoes.
It would be tragic to be wearing the wrong shoes
when you meet the right guy.
I'm gonna go shopping.
[Piano Music Playing]
Waiter: Rob Roy.
Adele: Thank you.
Martini straight.
Josh: Thanks, man.
I love olives.
Pooh bear?
Sweet pea?
You ok?
Where wereyou?
Finding out I didn't die in Bay City.
"Oh" what?
I don't know.
What time is it?
Mmm, wejust clicked.
Wejust clicked, sweetie.
Let's go watch the sunrise.
I need to sleep.
I'm starving.
I have to go to school, Mom.
Come on, I'll tell you all about him.
It's the middle ofthe night.
He's more thanjust a dentist.
He's writing a screenplay.
Come on. Hmm? Come on, sweetie.
Just this once. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
That's a girl.
Did he say he loved you?
Well, grownups
don't really say things like that right away,
especially ifthey've been married before.
You know, it takes a little time.
But...he did do something that...
grownups do sometimes that shows...
that they really care aboutyou.
What did he do?
Well, honey, it's something that...
It's something that...
adults do in bed.
I mean, not everybody.
I...especially in Bay City, but...
Ted never did it?
Oh, please. I was lucky ifI could get Ted
to take off his ice skates.
Did my father do it?
Let's not talk about this now, sweetie, ok?
It'sjust something that...
just shows that you're really serious.
Youjust don't...
You don't do it with everywoman.
Oh, it's difficult foryou when I feel something,
isn't it?
You know, I had that dream again.
You cut off your feet, and you couldn't move,
and I couldn't getyou to leave the room.
Oh, sweetie, I'm never gonna leaveyou.
Don't worry.
You don't have to cut off my feet.
I understand.
I'm not a doctor ofpsychology for nothing.
You're not a doctor ofpsychology, Mom.
I wonderwhat time it is.
I reallywant to hear his voice again.
Oh, sweetie, we made the right choice, didn't we,
by coming here.
I know that it was hard in the beginning,
but look at us. Look at us now, huh?
And look at this day,
look at this place, and look atyou, and...
You're gonna be getting braces soon, and...
when your teeth are straight,
your face is gonna bejust perfect.
[Clears Throat]
Good morning.
It's me.
I didn't wakeyou, did I?
I just wanted you to know that I'm still...
Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie. You are sleeping.
Go back to bed, yeah.
I'll--Call me later?
Oh, and,Josh,
I'm really looking forward to Sunday.
The opera?
Oh, I--I must have misunderstood.
I thoughtyou said you had tickets.
Oh. No, you don't have to apologize.
I--I totally understand.
Yeah. Ok.
Go back to bed.
Call me later.
Oh, and you know what?
This has been super special for me,Josh.
All right.
Go back to bed. Talk toyou later.
Sweet dreams.
I loveyou.
[Opera Music Playing]
Mom? Mom!
What doyou think, darling?
Is it too much for the opera?
You're going to the opera?
- Ha! Yeah! - Great!
[Laughing, Sighs]
So, when areyou going?
Well,Josh said that they're playing
a couple oftimes next week.
He hasn't told me what specific date.
Which doyou think?
The red scarfor the white scarf?
I don't know.
You have talked to him? He did call, didn't he?
Pumpkin, he's going to call.
He said he would. He'll call.
He's a Beverly Hills dentist. They're busy.
What doyou think?
Low-heel? High-heel? Hmm?
[Telephone Rings]
[Music Stops]
Is it him?
What is it?
Where's Mama?
Is she in the hospital?
Is Carol with her?
Well--Well, we will. Ofcourse we will.
Who was that?
It was UncleJimmy.
Grandma's had a stroke.
Oh, no.
Is she gonna be all right?
I don't know. Maybe.
Oh, honey.
There was an accident.
Bennywas killed riding home
inJay Brosek's truck.
I'm sorry.
I will rememberyou
Will you remember me?
Don't letyour life
Pass you by
Weep not for
The memories
I will rememberyou
Will you remember me?
Don't letyour life
Pass you by
Weep not for
Ann: I felt so sad.
I had lost Benny.
But I was also losing something
that was once the only place in the world for me.
The memories
Now the streets weren't as wide.
The trees seem lower...
and the house is smaller.
You look real good.
Butyou're different.
I don't know.
You seem different, too, somehow.
I'm bigger.
I can speak some German.
[Speaking German]
That's "How's the weather today?"
I like that.
Doyou think you'll come back?
I don't know.
Now that I'm here...
I don't know.
You know what I think?
I think ifyou were to stay,
sooner or later,
you'd bejust likeyour mom--
always wanting to go away.
Adele: I'm calling long distance.
Would you tell him that I called again?
Well, has he gotten my messages?
Ok. Well, tell him that I'm out ofstate.
Tell him again.
And that, um...
I'll be home on Sunday.
Thank you.
Ann: Mary Girling was right.
We were different.
But some things always stayed the same.
Got a light?
There was anger that had been around
as far back as I can remember.
It was God's way.
Shut up about God's way.
Jimmy, don't.
I'm sorry, Reverend.
Maybe we should, um, start dinner.
Sit down, Sylvia. I'm gonna barbecue.
Then why don'tyou start it, honey?
Ann: My uncleJimmy was ready to explode.
[Baby Crying]
I could feel it coming.
So, Adele...
doyou like California?
Oh, yeah. Very much.
What's your day like, Adele, back there?
Carol: Hal.
Well, I, uh...
work a full day at school with my students.
And, uh, we live in Beverly Hills,
so it's quite a commute.
I have to be in the car for at least 2 hours.
Let me tell you something, Adele, we all work.
That wasn't necessary.
Anyone want another drink?
Ofcourseyou work,Jimmy,
butyou've also got Mom's house now and the RV.
Could we not have any fighting today?
Your life is not that difficult, is it?
Well, maybe ifI had had halfthe help from the family
thatyou were lucky enough to come into,Jimmy.
You come here a second with me.
I wanna showyou something, Adele.
You don't have to talk to her like that.
I want to showyou the deed
and the mortgage to the house
that I've been paying on, that I'm still paying on!
Carol: Damn it, get out ofthe house.
You know who helped me
when I was by myselfwith a child,
all by myself? Nobody.
Nobody helped me,Jimmy.
I'm gonna showyou the deed.
You take a look at it. Eitheryou look at it
oryou shutyour damn mouth from now on.
Nobody talks to me like that, Jimmy, not even you.
Come on, Ted, take me to the Holiday Inn.
Makeyour phone calls there, too, not here.
I knowyou need to get laid back in Beverly Hills,
but can'tyou hold off a little bit--
Adele. Adele!
Your sister's boy is dead.
Please, everyonejust stop this.
God damn it.
Back off.
Come on. We're going.
We're going!
You can stay here ifyou want, honey.
I'll make up Benny's bed foryou.
Bennywould love that.
[Door Closes]
Not again, mother.
Get me the telephone.
Get ityourself, ifyou even paid the bill.
Please hand me the phone.
He doesn't want to talk toyou anymore.
Don'tyou get it, mother?
Jesus Christ.
You gotta scrape me from the floor
Everything around me is changing
Mom? Rise and shine.
It's time to get up.
It's 7...7:40, Mom.
I have to get to school. You have to get to work.
Come on.
You have to get out ofbed, Mom.
You've been in bed all weekend.
You can't do this.
Ok. I'll drive. I can drive.
Getyour big ass out ofbed!
But isn't this always what I wanted?
Isn't itjust what I always wanted?
Go away.
[Tires Screech]
[Horn Honks]
[People Shouting]
Hey, Adele.
George, this is your chance!
Put down the sign and go. Go.
Go paint a dam somewhere!
No money, no work!
No money, no work!
No money, no work!
No money, no work!
No money, no work!
No money, no work!
[Rock Music Playing]
[Music Stops Playing]
Ah, girls.
- Hi. - Hi, Miss August.
You went shopping?
I thoughtyou had to picket or something.
I can't work at that school.
I resigned.
I'm a woman ofleisure now.
Let's celebrate.
You can't quit. We won't have any money.
Honey, they did not pay me enough to carry a sign.
That's whyyou carry the sign, isn't it?
You get more money ifyou carry the sign.
They carry the sign because...
they like to struggle.
Some people need to struggle.
Struggle, struggle, struggle--
That's what someone taught them.
Get out there and struggle--
That's what somebody said to them.
But we...did not come to Beverly Hills to struggle.
We need to pay the rent.
Yup, that's true.
So maybeyou'rejust gonna have to get a little after-school job
instead ofbringing the gals home
to do their nails all afternoon.
We're studying for a French test.
And you shouldn't have quityourjob.
[Speaking French]
- I am your mother, am I not? - I guess so.
Well... tamere has something
she would like to say toyou enanglais.
Caucasian, female. 1 2-1 6.
Hostile, withdrawn loner."
You can handle that, can'tyou, baby?
Why areyou doing this?
You could do a little scene from Terms ofEndearment
or Clueless!
I betyou all could do a scene from Clueless,
like totally!
That would be cool.
I don't know those scenes.
I don't want to be an actress.
I don't know how to act. I don't know anything.
I don't know why I'm here
and neither doyou.
And what would you have rather done,
stayed back home and been one ofthose little girls
who sits longer than the others on the porch
straining to hear the sounds ofthe trucks on the highway?
You're acting crazy again.
One ofthose little girls
who has the names ofcities in her head
but has never been to one?
Who dreams ofhotels and has never sat in a lobby?
Is that whatyou want?
Ann, we're gonna go.
Where areyou going?
I'll seeyou later, ok?
I'll call you, Ann.
Bye, Miss August.
Call me.
Adele: Ciao.
[Door Closes]
All right.
Where, where is it? Where doyou want me to go?
All right.
Circled it foryou, and I can call them foryou.
I'll do it myself.
They're gonna wantyou to do some improv,
but it should be related to the material, ok?
- Hello. - Hi.
I'm HeatherAnn August's mother.
- Hi. - Hi.
So, um, has she finished her audition?
Oh, she's in there now.
- She is? - Yeah.
Can I see? Can I watch her?
No. We can't interrupt.
Just a little, tiny bit.
Uh, excuse me?
She'd really like for me to watch.
I'd ratheryou didn't.
- Ok. - Ok.
I need Karen.
Karen Scarborough?
Ann: Mmm.
What a man.
What a meal he made ofme
during that thing that adults do in bed.
Not many men know how to do it, but...
when they do it...
it means they...
really loveyou.
Theywouldn'tjust do it to anywoman.
It means they'll buyyou a big house
with blue shutters and...
make life easy foryou.
He's going to take us to the Music Center.
The opera.
I love the opera.
[Wheezing Laugh]
He never returned my call.
I didn't understand.
Oh, God, life is so shitty.
The whole world is so shitty.
Beverly Hills, what a bummer.
[Taps Pen Twice]
so what?
Like my daddy always used to say...
Be optimistic
Don'tyou be a grumpy
When the road gets bumpy
Just smile, smile, smile and be happy
Don't wear a long face
It's never in style
Be optimistic and smile
[Door Slams]
I'm sorry, butyou have to understand
I wasjust doing an audition.
Itjust came out. I didn't plan it.
I didn't do it to hurt your feelings.
You weren't supposed to be there.
I told you not to come.
I didn't even want to go to the audition.
You embarrassed me in front ofmy friends.
I don't know what to say.
Itjust--Itjust happened.
Theywanted me to--
Nobodywould even know it was you.
I wake up and I don't even want to be here.
Who would want to be with you?
You'rejust a crazy, middle-aged,
unemployed schoolteacher
with--with a child to support.
Why can't our livesjust be normal?
You know, I get so scared sometimes
I want to go find my father.
You should find your father.
Maybe he can giveyou a normal life.
Hi, Miss Letterfine? It's Ann August.
I'm all right.
I'm sorry to disturbyou so late,
but is my mom there?
No. I...
Well, she left a little while ago
and I wasjust wondering.
Never mind.
I'm so sorry to botheryou.
All right.
[Door Opens]
[Door Closes]
Ann: We didn't speak.
[Door Closes]
Ann: We've never spoken about that day.
Now my motherwas trying to cover up her feelings
with orange paint.
I felt so alone.
I miss Grandma.
I miss Benny.
I never stop missing Benny.
Go on.Just call.
You knowyou want to.
You've had his number forever.
You have a perfect right to call your own dad.
I bet he's a really nice person
andjust feels guilty
and hasn't had the nerve to contactyou.
Do something.
After all, he did giveyou that rabbit's foot
to remember him by.
I'll do it.
It's ok.
I'll dial and you talk, ok?
Ann,just get it overwith.
Don't worry.
It's gonna be ok.
I'm sorry.
It's ringing. Don't hang up.
Don't hang up! Ann!
Don't hang up.
Man: Hello?
Mr. Badir?
Is this--Is this Hisham Badir?
Yes. Who is this?
This is Ann.
I'm sorry?
Your daughterAnn.
Wow. Ann.
How areyou?
I'm ok. A little taken by surprise.
I'd really like to seeyou.
I wasn't exactly ready for this.
Doyou think I could seeyou?
I heard you were married again.
Where did you hear that?
Someone in Bay City told UncleJimmy.
Doyou have any children?
Yes. A daughter.
I have a sister?
What's her name?
She's--She's 9.
So, uh...
Does Tamara know about me?
Doyou ever think about me?
doyou need me to help out in some way?
Doyou need some money?
That's--That's a terrible thing to say.
I--I just wanted to talk toyou.
You're my father, and...
I thought maybe I could seeyou.
I thought perhaps your mother asked you to.
My mother didn't ask me to do anything.
Whywould you say that?
You knowyour mother.
Yes, I do know my mother, and this isn't aboutyour money.
She has nothing to do with this.
I don't know what to say.
Look, I'm in the middle ofsomething.
- Can I-- - You don't--
You're not even glad that I called, areyou?
You don't care if you ever see me again.
You don't give a damn about me, doyou?
Why don'tyou give meyour number?
I'm sorry I called you.
Listen, Ann--
[Telephone Bangs]
You're better off without him.
Write him off. Who needs him?
Sue the bastard for child support or something.
[Telephone Rings]
Yeah, Peter?
I want to kiss your lips.
What for?
I don't know.
Well, ifyou can't think of a better reason than that...
I thought ofanother reason.
I'm wild aboutyourwarm lips
and I want to squeeze--
I want to squeezeyou tight.
I want to be one with you.
I want to partyour lips with my tongue.
Yeah, and then what?
Tell me. Then what?
I don't know.
Well, come on over.
[Unlocks Door]
Is your mom home?
Maybe we should go out some night.
Come in.
So, what about that stuff
you were saying on the phone?
Where'd you learn that?
It'sjust in a book.
Why don'tyou take off your clothes?
All right. Um...
Don'tyou want to talk first?
It's not even dark outside.
Music? Doyou want to put on some music?
All right.
[Techno Music Plays]
Are those initials on your underwear?
Yeah. My mom has that done.
Initial freak.
Take them off and bring them to me.
I want to kiss you.
Ann: That summer I turned 1 7...
and I started planning my escape.
[Blue Danube Waltz Playing]
My mother finally found ajob she liked
at a convalescent home.
She was good at what she did.
Here, look atyourself.
At last she had a captive audience.
That was a good one. Good. Good.
[Slowly] Waltz.
And where's that tongue going on the "l"?
It would help ifwe had
a little bit snazzier lipstick here,Jack.
Ha ha ha!
Ok,Jack? We gotta get her some perky lipstick.
Make that pucker. Let's try it again.
I appreciate howyou are with my mother.
Howyou are with everybody.
She's coming along all right.
I'd like to talk more about this. Afterwork?
I could takeyou out to lunch or dinner sometime?
Uh, thanks.
Tell you all about the carpet business.
Yeah, sometime.
Bye, guys. Bye, Ann.
Must have bagged a zillion groceries today.
You must be so tired.
I really appreciate you going with me.
I just couldn't deal with it by myself.
Every time this guy looks at me and asks me out,
it'sjust so sad.
He's so...nice.
When mywife died, I started eating out all the time.
How was the pot roast?
Nice. It was nice.
Thinkyou'll ever go back to Wisconsin?
- Not for anything in the world. - Yeah.
Well, is it that bad?
It was a dead end. That's whywe left.
I sometimes think about
just picking up and leaving, too.
Whenever a new shipment ofcarpets comes into my store,
I believe that somewhere in the pile
there's one that flies.
It's been put there for me.
Some beautifully handwoven 1 6th century Persian rug
from A ThousandandOne Nights,
and I sit myselfdown on it
and I wave good-bye to everybody in the store
and fly right out ofthe front door.
When I graduate this year,
my carpet's gonna fly me back East to college.
You better tell your carpet to dropyou at UCLA.
I'd like to go back East.
Since when?
I've been thinking about it.
Well, independence. Sounds like her mother.
She's not going back East. She's going to UCLA.
No, I'm not.
Honey, the hourlywage
bagging groceries at the supermarket
is never going to pay for an eastern college.
But I'm saving and I can apply for financial aid
and Grandma said she'd try to help.
Your Grandma knows about this?
She said when the time comes
maybe she'll be able to help out a little.
I'd like to go away to college.
Because I want to get away.
You wanted to get out of Bay City, didn'tyou?
I want to get out of Beverly Hills.
I'm sorry I brought this up.
You're gonna end up back in Bay City?
I didn't say that.
After all this time?
After all that I've sacrificed?
Jack: Um...
haveyou two ever been down to the grunion run?
No,Jack. I have to saywe have not been
to the grunion run.
What is a grunion?
It's a little coastal fish.
It comes up on shore every once in a while
during high tide and lays its eggs in the moonlight.
And then it dies.
It's yet another example ofa mother
giving her life for her child.
Well, some ofthem die. Not all ofthem.
Sounds really interesting. I'd love to see that.
Well, I'd like to takeyou.
I like him.
He gets on my nerves.
He likes you, and ifhe asks you out again,
I hopeyou'll go.
He asked me to go to Las Vegas for the weekend.
Good. You should go. You might have fun.
He is not my type.
He's not my idea of fun.
Go to Vegas, Mom. Take a chance.
You don't have to fall in love with him.
I'm not asking you to even sleep with him.
Oh, thank you.
You could win thejackpot even.
All right, I will go to Vegas.
Fine.Just stop it.
Butyou are going to UCLA.
It's a state school, it's all that we can afford,
and I do not want to hear anotherword about it.
Ann: My mother didn't know it,
but I'd already applied to Brown University in Rhode Island.
Peter tried to talk me into going to Berkeley,
but my heart was set on the East Coast.
My grades were really good,
and I thought I could get a full scholarship.
I like the part about the noble soul,
but doyou really read Nietzsche?
I mean, I read Nietzsche.
I don't really read Nietzsche.
He'd be a crazy friend to have, don'tyou think?
Besides, I think people who read Nietzsche,
like really read Nietzsche, are kinda...
I don't know. Kierkegaard, though, he said that--
Ann: Where's the mail?
Where's the mail?
Right there.
You opened it.
Well, how else am I going to know
howyou're planning your life?
After all, I'm onlyyour mother.
Whywould you confide in me, thank you very much.
Go ahead. Open it.
I'm sureyou'll be very happy.
Providence, Rhode Island?
Could you have gotten any farther away from me?
Look, I just don't understand.
After all theseyears, after all our hard work,
would it have killed you tojust stick around a bit
and show some respect and appreciation
to the people that have worried aboutyou
and loved you
and have sacrificed everything foryou?
I'm not going anywhere!
Ifyou're going to read my mail, read it carefully.
They're giving me some money for tuition and fees,
but not all ofit, and we have to pay part ofit.
And we don't have that.
Read it. "Parents' contributions."
God, I wanted it so bad.
Oh, pooh bear, it's not the end ofthe world.
It is the end ofthe world!
Maybe not foryou, but it is for me.
We could get an ice cream.
Can'tyou understand? I want to go away to college.
I want to be on my own and you on your own.
And I knowyou're scared to be without me,
but I can't help that.
And I feel bad about that,
but I don't want thatjob anymore.
Let me live my own life. Let me go.
[Door Slams]
[Siren Whoops]
Good afternoon.
You went through that stop sign back there.
I need your driver's license and registration, please.
You want to take the driver's license
out ofthis, please?
Oh, my God.
You're the one who ran after my daughterAnn on Christmas.
You winked at her? Doyou remember?
Oh, yeah. I rememberyou two.
I know whatyou told her, and she hasn't been the same since.
I'm sorry. Can I have the driver's license?
You might have been right.
It hasn't been perfect, ok?
Hey, nobody's perfect.
Exactly. I make mistakes. That's what I was saying.
Sometimes maybe I'm a little bit selfish.
Maybe sometimes I'm a little bit irresponsible,
and the lights go out sometimes.
But I'm trying. That's the point, right?
I am trying. It's not easy.
I'm sure it's not easy for her, either.
IfI could get the driver's license from you?
I know I should have helped her find her father,
but I knew that he would disappoint her,
and she's better than that.
So I tried to find her another father.
That's completely impossible.
I'm sure it's very difficult foryou.
Did she tell you any of the good things that I did?
'Cause I did a lot ofgood things.
I just need the license--
She's always had a warm home, food--
- Lady-- - clothing--
The best school system. Did she tell you that?!
No, ma'am. Gimme that license, please.
All right!
Thank you.
You know, she could have been an actress,
instead she wants to go away to college.
She's telling me that I have to let her go.
Well, it's always been just the two ofus,
and that is very hard.
I don't get it.
Doesn't she know I--I would do anything for her?
I mean, I love her.
She is the reason I was born.
Doesn't she understand that I would do anything for her?
Then you know what to do.
I'll tell you what.
This is what I'm going to do for you.
I'm gonna let you go.
Ok? Here's your driver's license.
Watch the signs, please.
And have a nice day.
You, too. [Sniffling]
Mmm, it's beautiful.
It's your color.
It is, isn't it?
It makes you look so thin.
Oh, God, well, that's good.
Call me.
Oh, honey.
What are you doing?
You're home early. I wanted to surpriseyou.
God, this is a beautiful automobile.
Janet just bought our car.
You're selling the car?
Sold. Ha ha!
This is my daughterAnn, you know, going to Brown.
I was telling her all about you, sweetie.
Yeah. I love this car.
I was out with a girlfriend in her car,
and I see your mom driving past.
When I saw that "for sale" sign in the window,
I am telling you, I heard a voice in my head saying,
"You have to have that car."
I mean, I can't even really afford it,
but it's, like, the car that I see in my dreams.
Mom, why are you doing this?
What do you mean I'm going to Brown?
Sweetie, we can afford it.
I worked it out.
I saved a little money in the bank,
and now with the money from the car--
I'm applying to UCLA.
Sweetheart, UCLA is for surfers and wanna-be starlets.
She's a serious student. Go to Brown.
You can't sell the car.
Honey, we're gonna make it work.
At least for this year.
We'll worry about next year next year, right?
I mean, we're good at that, aren't we?
Ok. Gonna drive it away now, girls.
You can't drive it away. That's our car.
That's our Mercedes. It changed our lives.
Good luck,Janet!
Good luck to you, Adele! Thank you again!
[Honk Honk]
[Trumpet Playing]
So I'll come see you at Christmas.
And in the spring when you come,
I'll make sure I have that little house at the beach.
At the end of Carbon Beach with the blue roof?
- Ok. - Ok.
You bring--You bring somebody home with you.
Somebody that I don't know.
Somebody that I'll like.
Ok. I will.
P.A.: United Airlines flight 1 66 to Boston.
All passengers...
I have to go.
...should now be onboard at gate 1 8.
You look elegant, Mom.
Oh, look at you.
You neverwere a small-town girl, honey.
Thanks for knowing that, Mom.
And wearyour seat belt, ok?
Ok. Ok.
And--And make a list of all the books
thatyou're reading so I can keep up.
I love you.
I love you, too, sweetie.
Be optimistic
Don't you be a grumpy
When the road gets bumpy
Just smile, smile, smile
Be happy
Go! Go ahead!
Ann: Even if you can't stand her,
even if you hate her,
even if she's ruining your life,
there's--there's something about my mother.
Some romance...
some power.
And when she dies...
the world will be flat.
Too simple, too fair...
too reasonable.
Ooh! Gosh, you pack quite a wallop.
Oh, excuse me.
Areyou ok?
Areyou ok?
I'm fine. Thanks.
Free to find where I belong
Free to find myway
I know at times I act a little crazy
And I made mistakes along the way
But I can see the silver lining
It's about to bring a change
I have been waiting for
'Cause I'm free
Free to find where I belong
Free to find myway
Free to find myway
I want to be free
Di di dit di di dit di doo
Time comes along
When it's time to
Time to move on
You can't stay there
No matter how much you want
Tears flow
Sad words are said
But in my heart
The story won't end
You'll still be there
In everything that I do
And wherever I go
I'll remember you
Leaving's not leaving
'Cause I'm not leaving you behind
You'll always be with me
Always be with me
And part ofmy heart
For all time
Where I'm going
You're going
Even ifit'sjust in my mind
Leaving's not leaving
I'm not leaving you behind
Share them with you
They're the best times
That I ever knew
They'll still be there
When good-byes are all through
I'll remember those days
I'll remember you
Leaving's not leaving
'Cause I'm not leaving you behind
You'll always be with me
Always be with me
Part of my heart
For all time
Where I'm going
You're going
Even ifit'sjust in my mind
Leaving's not leaving
I'm not leaving
You behind
Leaving's not leaving
Not leaving you behind
Not leaving you behind
I'm not leaving you
I'm not leaving you behind
No, no, no
No, no, no
I'm not leaving
Leaving's not leaving
I'm not leaving you
I'm not leaving
You behind
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