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All right, you mothers. I'll show you who Richardson is!
Come on. Come on.
- What's the record? - You gotta beat 20, babe.
- Hey, you got any doubts? - How you gonna beat me, Rich?
You gotta be kidding!
- Here comes your second Purple Heart. - All right!
Get the head, somebody! What is this?
You never missed my head when I was up there. Come on!
Yeah, two times. Got his ass, both cheeks.
Forget the butt. The head. Right in the brain. Come on.
- Here you go, Rich. - Is that the best you mothers can do?
For Christ's sake, Dick Ennis! How the hell are you?
Hi, Wally.
- Where are they sending us now? - I don't know. I just got here.
I got a fantastic story for you. Human interest...
I write only clean family news, not pornography.
Where these creeps sending us? Civvy or Rome?
- You find out, you let me know. - Lf you don't know, who knows?
- Knock it off. You got it, Rich. - The winner, and new champion!
Richardson, the greatest! And you're all cruds.
I'll be damned.
Mon cheri, you are fantastique.
You have the qualities of a Madonna, a saint...
That's a lousy Charles Boyer. Why not stick to Bela Lugosi?
It is Bela Lugosi.
- What does he want? - Nothing. He says I'll destroy you.
He's right. Go.
I'll ruin you as I've ruined hundreds of women from Salerno to Cincinnati.
Wait. First...
...let me look at your neck.
Dick! I thought you were covering the Cassino front.
I was. I ran out of material. They all died on me.
- The Black Devils. - I want the first crack at Rabinoff.
Crap on that. Get the mothers!
Let's get the hell out of here.
Listen, I heard about that Rapido River thing.
Listen, I heard about that Rapido River thing.
- Must've been a real slaughter. - That's what it was, a real slaughter.
2000 Texas cowboys spinning around in rubber boats and the Germans...
...sitting on the other side, flat zeroed in on them with machine guns.
Hey, Ennis.
Ennis, you son of a bitch.
I remember you from Sicily. The first day, remember? I was up a tree.
I think he used a pipe on me.
Hey, I got something for you.
Here, sarge.
"Admit one" where?
Paradise. All high-class women there.
Use it fast, Ranger, before your number's up.
Do I know him?
Corporal Rabinoff. Sure you do.
He keeps it up, he'll be the most famous corporal since Hitler.
He's got a footlocker full of medals for the guys he's bumped off.
When's this show gonna hit the road?
I'll just never understand you at all.
Seven years, from China to Italy, you haven't got enough of this crap?
- You bucking for a white cross? - What are you talking about?
You don't have to be here.
I'd like to be in your shoes for five minutes, just five minutes.
You've got a one-way ticket out. Why not use it?
- Where would I go? - Home! Back to the U.S., man.
That's where they make the real sacrifices.
You said it.
I'll take that under advisement.
Listen to me.
From a friend...
You're starting to talk a little funny.
If you were one of my guys, I might put you in for a Section Eight.
- You're kidding. - I think you've begun to like it.
No, I'm not beginning to like it, but I must admit it does get easier.
You're liable to give them hangovers.
All right, it's time to dry out.
Prepare to embark in six hours. Your briefing will be aboard ship.
All right. Dismissed.
See you at halftime, Dick.
- They're all troublemakers. - Later.
Oh, Mr. Ennis...
I saw your column on the Rapido mess at headquarters... the wastebasket.
A one-star general went home today.
That's not why I wrote it. Not just to knock somebody down.
It's a pretty emotional piece of writing.
Those Texas boys didn't have to die.
They died before they could say it. I could, so I did.
- You're a fierce friend to have. - What time's the landing gonna be?
You know better than to ask that. You'll be told when we're aboard.
Anzio! Many pretty girl at Anzio.
American PX, first-class. Nylon stockings, Joe!
Nylon stockings, first-class.
Nylon stockings for Anzio.
The Germans will hear him to Berlin.
Buy! I make special price for Anzio.
Cigarettes. Sigarette. Cigarettes.
Candy, si. Sigarette, no.
Shut up.
Not now, I'm trying to drive this wagon.
All right, all right. Here.
Here, eat this and be quiet.
Hot stuff here. I got hot stuff here. Move it back.
Police! Pack these guys up there, they're all diseased.
Easy, easy. What's the trouble?
I tell you, the whole outfit's infected. I wouldn't lie to you.
Cut out the din. What's your unit?
First Special Service Force. Canadian-American.
Black Devils. Weren't you the men in Sicily who...?
We're the guys.
Seriously, I got a man in the back in bad pain. I gotta get going.
All right.
Come on, come on, come on.
Let's go, let's go. All right, move it out.
That's right, come on. Outstanding, outstanding work.
God save the King. Here we go.
By yourself, sing by yourself.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Who here loves me? Huh? You love me?
Give me one right there. That's right. You love me?
You love me?
All right. Because everybody told the truth...
...everybody is going to get money.
Sing... soft, soft...
There's a lot of money there, baby.
Buy yourself something nice. A lawn mower...
...or Sicily. Something substantial.
Come here.
Who, me?
You buy something extra.
Come here. Because you're the best.
You're the champ.
Yeah, "champion." I bet you say that to all the girls.
- Marty. - What?
Why not? You had a good year, didn't you?
She hit 330, stole 24 bases. Who's got a better right?
I got a surprise for you. Look at this.
Look at this here. Here's candy.
Don't eat it. You sell it. It's worth about six million dollars.
- What did she say? - She wants to go with you.
I want to take you. I think it's a hell of an idea.
But the sergeant, he caught us.
You know what the sergeant said?
"No whores on the invasion."
He's a sick man, you know? He needs mental care.
Look, Anna, listen.
Sergeant say no.
Sergeant is son of bitch.
Right, right, all together, huh?
Sergeant is son of a bitch.
Sergeant is son of a bitch.
That could be the general.
You know the man suffers from a severe case of piles?
It's a terrible thing. It's starting to affect his mind.
He said to me, "Rabinoff, where the hell are you?"
"Sorry, I was busy trying to get some whores on the invasion boat."
"Oh, really? Good thinking, soldier. Good thinking."
Hey, keep it quiet out there. People are trying to make love.
I gotta go.
Come here.
Take care of her.
I mean it. Take care of her. Not three days. Until it's all over.
Now, get my jacket.
Come on. Come on!
You see, it's easy.
Welcome aboard, general.
- The area's secure, sir. - Very good.
General, one more shot. This way, sir.
This way!
May we have a statement, sir?
Well, gentlemen, at last.
Sorry to keep such a tight lid on this, but it's big.
At 0200 tonight...
...Gen. Jack Lesley will bypass the Cassino line...
...which is stalemated, and put an army corps...
...on the beach at... - Anzio!
- Goddamn it! Who said that? - Dick Ennis, sir, International Press.
Mr. Ennis, where do you find your information?
In the streets of Napoli, general.
Looks like a real turkey shoot.
- How does that affect your plans? - In no way.
When 70,000 men come ashore, they're bound to make a splash.
The enemy's bound to hear it.
Dwyer, Chicago Post. This to General Lesley.
What opposition are you expecting, general?
There are two German divisions there.
Kesselring should have them on the beach in two hours.
Do you plan to make a run through Rome, sir?
No, I intend to drive into Rome very slowly.
We'll be the first conquering army... enter Rome from the south in 1500 years.
Hold it, general.
Could we have General Lesley too, please?
- Thank you, sir. - Jackson, London Post.
The hills behind Anzio, if I remember my Horace...
...pose a dangerous obstacle. Do you propose to go for those hills first?
It's your answer, Jack.
The first duty of a general is to secure his position.
I'll strengthen the beachhead against Kesselring's counterattack.
General Lesley...
...they used to say a general's first duty is to succeed. How about that?
In my book, being safe and being successful aren't contradictory.
Right. Don't stick your neck out like I did at Salerno.
First secure the beachhead, then you can be a wildcat.
That's all, gentlemen. Thank you. Good luck.
How do you spell this name?
A-N-Z-O, right?
Oh, that's not it. That's "Anzo." It's "Anzio" we're going to.
Why worry? They'll spell it right on your white cross.
That's "Anzio," right?
Cellini, tell him how the ginzos pronounce it.
Where do you write when the battle starts?
Up there on the line with you guys.
You get enough protection with that thing?
No, not much.
- How soon before we hit shore? - About four hours.
I'd better check my equipment.
At ease. At ease. You fellas get enough to eat tonight?
Good, good. See you on the beaches.
- You get enough to eat tonight? - Yes, sir.
Let's hope the Krauts have indigestion.
If not, sir, we'll give them a real case of the Gls.
Oh, Mr. Ennis.
I don't ordinarily court newspapermen... some generals I know.
However, I would like to set the record straight on a few points.
Do you know what success in battle really means, Mr. Ennis?
It's not simply territorial gains.
Many battles have been lost after the objectives were won.
I believe that every foot of ground gained must be balanced by the cost.
Cost per foot in terms of human lives.
The invasion tonight will be successful.
Most large-scale landings are.
The difference between a real success and failure...
...will be spelled out after we hit the beaches.
I have two responsibilities tonight, Mr. Ennis. One to my mission...
...and the other to my men.
Human lives are important to me. You can print that.
Wasn't it Napoleon who said...
..."A general who worries too much about his men is doomed to failure"?
I may be a cautious man, Mr. Ennis, but I am certainly not a pacifist.
Tell me... You know, I've followed your work now for many years.
Why do you make a trip like this?
I make them because that's what I'm paid to do. It's my job.
I know, I know, but...
Also, of course, I have to.
I have to answer a question that's been asked of me...
...since I saw my first dead face:
Why do we do it? Why do we kill each other?
How can a perfectly ordinary, good-natured guy...
...who wouldn't slap down a mosquito...
...sit up in an airplane and bomb 1000 sleeping strangers down beneath him?
We do it to survive, Mr. Ennis. In war, it's kill or be killed.
Come on, you don't buy that.
If I didn't, I wouldn't be here. What's your answer?
I haven't found an answer. But when I do...
...I promise you'll be among the first to know, general.
Your coat, sir.
We're changing course for Anzio.
It's cold.
Yeah, landings are always cold.
Excuse me, Mr. Ennis.
- Can't they shut up a little? - At ease.
What time? Now?
14 seconds.
Soon you can pin another battle star to your tunic.
Screw it. Right now I'd trade it for a stateside ration card.
Now it's Rome's turn.
What do you mean?
It was here at Anzio that Nero fiddled while Rome burned.
Now it's Rome's turn to watch the glow in the sky.
All right, Rangers, let's go.
Pull it up.
All right, move it out.
Let's go, boys.
There you are.
Quiet night.
Yeah. Just like it was at Salerno.
- They let us get in, in, in... - Knock it off.
- That's how it was at Salerno. - Knock it off.
I can feel it coming.
Any second now...
Hold it.
All right, let's go.
Let's go!
Three o'clock!
At least nobody can say that the landing was unopposed.
Let's move in, sergeant.
- How are things up here? - It sure isn't Salerno.
Funniest thing I ever saw.
We're to move up three miles and dig in.
- And if we don't meet them? - Move, and we'll wait for them.
- Let's go. - Colonel...
...a favor? - Give.
I'd like a jeep to snoop around a little.
Whose neck are you after now?
- Get him a jeep and a driver. - Okay. Sergeant, a jeep and a driver.
A jeep and a driver.
- I'm not sure about a driver. - We have a driver.
Him we can spare. Watch out for him, he's a virgin.
Let's go.
Wait, stop the jeep.
What is it?
Something back there. Let's see what it is.
It's one of theirs.
I wonder what got to him?
I bet he goes back to using safety razors.
Small world.
- What are you doing? - Fooling around.
That could be dangerous. You seen any Germans?
- No. You? - A couple of strays.
They all look like that one?
This was a crucial defense position. The man had to go.
- You want a ride? - Why not?
Where are all the Germans?
I don't know, but if this keeps up we'll hit Rome.
Hey, look at that!
I'm beginning to think they actually didn't know...
...and that we've surprised the bejesus out of them.
We have nothing. They can go where they like!
Not as much as a minefield to stop their walk.
Two days ago when the Goering division was here...
...l'd have burnt them.
General field marshal, General von Vietinghoff.
Kesselring. Yes. Yes, you heard right.
They are pouring in, and we have no one to put against them.
They can scoop up Rome.
Of course it's the hills. The hills are why they are here.
Highway 6 and 7, and the railway. Our arteries.
No, you may not.
Listen, I will not shorten the Cassino line.
I'm sometimes surprised, but never panicked.
You're very complimentary. Now, who can you give me?
The 3rd Panzer Grenadiers?
They must be up by tomorrow night. Tanks, flamethrowers.
Yes, they must move by day.
I know they will be bombed and must suffer casualties.
And I want the Hermann Goering division back.
I'm going to take the 19th...
...out of the line of hill 165.
I've taken them. If you are afraid of gaps...
...put the cooks and the generals into the line.
General field marshal, Air Reconnaissance.
Of course I was joking. Hold, please.
Man can't even take a bad joke.
Kesselring. Yes.
Five kilometers?
You're sure?
You said five kilo...?
You are sure?
Five kilo...
Thank you.
As a soldier I'm ashamed of them.
They're digging in.
They're going headfirst into the ground.
Now be fast. The 71 st Infantry, get them moving in an hour.
No, no, cancel. In half an hour.
Von Vietinghoff, I have nothing here at Anzio!
For now, I must do what I can with my own hands! Heil Hitler!
I'll wake him at 6.
They could sleep in the hotels of Rome tonight.
My only defense is, they don't know it.
Rome must be close. This looks like Westchester County.
Sure as hell ain't Philadelphia.
The Krauts really hit this place.
- Movie, that's the way Rome is. - Rome?
I'll be a son of a bitch.
- I'm getting out of here. - Let's go in.
This is crazy...
You'll be the first conqueror to enter from the south for 1500 years.
- Me? - You're the man with the sword.
- You're the man. - Feel like another Julius Caesar.
Better. He didn't have to risk his life in a jeep.
Pull in that alley, quick.
Keep it to yourself.
Look, the Germans?
What is that?
He said the troops left a few weeks ago.
Nobody left there but the SS and the military police.
- This is an open city. - What are we gonna do about it?
We're gonna jump in that jeep and run back to tell Mama.
Movie, come on.
- I'm in love. - Let's go!
I shall return!
I've a good mind to take a chance and go.
You missed the Salerno clobbering.
We're a new kind of animal now.
Like tortoises, we keep our necks in.
Where are their tanks, their lorries?
Only three hours to Rome. Doesn't he see the possibility?
Why don't you ask him?
By God, I will, sir.
Doing a fine job. This will give Kesselring a surprise.
- General Lesley? - Yes, General Starkey?
Permit me to put out a patrol to Rome.
I can't afford an attack.
- But, sir... - Denied! Luke.
What do you think?
Our luck has run good, Jack. We might try a small gamble.
- Couple of hundred men? - Something like that. Just an idea.
It might give them a taste of our blood...
...and bring him down before we're set.
I still have that beachhead to build. Without it I have nothing.
This silence is a clever way of dealing with us.
We've planned for everything but this. But it's just a bit too clever.
It's given us what we need, time to get ashore.
And General Starkey... doubt Kesselring's strategy is to draw us forward.
I'm sure he's prepared quite a welcoming committee for us.
Well, Marshal Kesselring will just have to sit and wait.
All our moves will be made down here on the beaches.
What if he isn't yet in strength and can't attack?
Then, general, in five or six days, after careful planning...
...based on sound intelligence, we'll go out and look for him.
Here it is, just as I thought.
Herr Kesselring is getting worried. And I can't say that I'm sorry.
Smack into the port. Heavier than anything we've got, Jack.
- American jeep coming in. - Where?
From our front lines.
- You said Rome, Mr. Ennis? - That's right.
We went in at 40 miles an hour, came out at 50.
The roads weren't jammed with Kesselring's troops?
No, if it hadn't been for the SS and a few police, the city seems open.
Would you like me to have a look, sir?
He wouldn't spring a trap for one jeep.
No, we stay put. Don't worry, we'll catch our fox...
...but in our time, not his. Thank you, Mr. Ennis.
The 64th Infantry are coming through.
Good, we have caged them in.
I'll never understand this.
They came ashore only to fall direct on the beach.
Anzio is the cheapest POW camp in Europe.
50,000 men who feed themselves.
I feel I am present at a farce in a theater.
We sit comfortably in the dark. They are on stage.
We can see every gesture of the actor.
If he lights a cigarette, we puff out the match.
They are so young. Some of them are what, 15?
Yes, but with spirit, pride.
If pride alone could win battles, we could take the world.
But wars are won by machines, gasoline and oil.
You and I must beg for our supplies. There, a sergeant's call is enough.
Still, we have reason to hope for the best.
Then let us prepare for the worst.
I want a new line, more impenetrable than Cassino.
Minefields as thick as wheat fields. Every house a fortress.
I want bunkers, pillboxes...
...a wall of steel and concrete clear across Italy.
Draft every Italian you can get. Be careful.
Work only at night. Camouflage everything so nothing can be seen.
The enemy must not know it is there.
Yes, sir. And what code name, sir?
It defends Rome... The "Caesar Line."
Sir, there is a movement of trucks on the enemy right.
Yeah, I can see them opposite Cisterna.
They've good intelligence. It's our weakest point.
Then make it our strongest.
Here's one I've been working on. Who's this?
- "Mammy!" - Shirley Temple calling her mother.
- Hey, Mr. Ennis? - Yeah.
Before you forget, would you write down that address?
What address?
In Rome. Rome, the girl... Just give me the name of the street.
- I was looking the same place you were. - I knew it.
- I'll be waiting for some good news. - Yes, sir.
- An unexpected pleasure. - Just came to wish your men good luck.
This infiltration is a bold venture, colonel...
...but we know there's a gap there up to Cisterna.
Your Rangers travel light.
- Yes, sir. - Except for me, sir.
Play merry hell coming out of that ditch.
You'll be on your own. When the tanks come to you...
...this front will crumble fast.
- We'll do our best. - That's the ticket.
- See you all in the morning. - Yes, sir.
- You don't have to go along, Ennis. - I know, colonel.
- You want a weapon? - No, thank you.
- Things could get rough. - I've been there before.
If I do get it, I won't be around to write about you.
That's a consolation.
The 1 st and 3rd Battalions are ready, sir.
Very good. Move your men out to the kickoff point.
A guide is waiting there to lead you up. Don't lose him.
If he's such a good guide, he'd find us.
We managed to make it this far out of Africa...
...without any special help.
I know how you feel. But those are good men.
- They're usually behind enemy lines. - Yes, sir.
- Pete, move them out. - Very well, sir.
- Fall in! - Fall in!
- Fall in! - Fall in!
Anybody faint?
Hey, Ennis! Small world.
I take it you're our guide.
That's right, just keep your mouth shut and follow my ass.
...consider yourself busted.
Whatever you want, captain, but I didn't mean no harm.
I'm gonna take care of everybody... matter how rough it gets. So just trust me.
I'd trust him, captain.
From this point on we're behind the lines.
Pass the word: no talking, no whispering, just walk quiet.
All right.
From this point on we're behind enemy lines...
- Sure you don't want to go back? - Made it this far, Dad.
All right. Suit yourself.
- You like doing this? - I don't mind, really.
It's a great thing you're doing.
- I can't resist a good story. - You do it for the story?
- That's a hell... - I don't know why I do it.
Well, I know why I do it. And someday I'll tell you.
And it's got nothing to do with democracy.
Hold it.
Wine, fresh fish and women four miles up. Pass it on.
That's Cisterna.
Open country. Deploy your men, sergeant.
- Mr. Ennis? - Yeah.
As soon as this is over and we take Rome...
...I take out an ad in the paper.
What did you say?
An ad. I'll take out an ad that really describes her.
- It'll never work, Movie. - Why?
Must be a thousand girls in Rome with hands like that.
- It's bad. Bad. - It's a setup.
We've been had.
Get through to command, quick! Tell them we're trapped.
Tell them "tanks." I've got nothing to fight tanks.
Put down your weapons and stand up.
Put them down and stand up. You'll be well treated.
You're protected by the Geneva Convention.
We will wait 20 seconds for your answer.
Beachhead, this is Ranger one-niner, over.
He's had it.
- Beachhead, this is Rangers Nine... - Get up, damn it!
He's had it.
Keep trying, Andy. Keep trying!
We got tanks on every side. I repeat, tanks.
Medic! Medic!
They got Ennis!
Everybody's dying. Do you read me? Over.
You're okay.
They don't shoot dead people. I found that out.
You goddamn son of a bitch.
Look, we can't play dead, Ennis. We got guns.
Every man's got his own way.
Tell that to the guy who gets killed sticking his neck out for you.
Those bushes at four o'clock. Let's try for them.
- Hey, Rabinoff! - Shut up.
- We're gonna try for the bushes. - Who's we?
Good luck.
Let's go.
- You want this? - No.
- It's gonna get hot. - They'll get to us soon.
Let's see what's out back.
If we make it over to that thicket, we might make it.
Hold it!
Gently, just turn around and try to find your way in your own footsteps.
We gotta take this bastard on. Maybe we can blow a track.
- Save the grenades, gather some rocks. - Why rocks?
We got no chance with it. Better odds in the minefield.
- What the hell are you doing? - Everybody fall down!
Again! Hit it!
- Where'd you learn this? - From an old Chinese.
- Did he make it? - No.
But he might have.
Okay, let's give him a hand!
- Anybody watching that tank? - Yeah!
Down we go!
Hit it!
I recommend surrender. Pass it on.
Everybody down!
He heard that one!
All right, come on, let's go.
God is love, God is love.
Hey, you crazy mother...!
It's easy.
The fool made it!
Let's go!
That's where we were.
776 of us.
For nothing.
- Get that thing working. - It's been beat to hell.
Fix it.
- Where are we? Any dispatches? - Nothing.
- We're running into heavy opposition. - Beachhead, this is Rangers one-niner.
- This is Rangers one-niner. - Come in, Rangers...
Where are you?
I got somebody. I don't know how long it'll last.
Hello, Beachhead, this is Dick Ennis.
I'm on the Alban Hills with the survivors.
Sorry to interrupt your game, general...
...but I thought you should know you lost a few pins off your chart.
First and second Rangers battalions have been wiped out. Do you read me?
Of 767 men, there are seven survivors...
...left to see the result of one more royal foul-up.
This one's unique. This didn't happen because a general was too reckless...
...but because a general was too cautious, how about that?
An entire outfit wiped out because the general was timid.
I know it rarely happens that way, but it sure as hell happened here.
A timid general.
He walked them into a park and left them in a graveyard.
We are losing your signal.
- That won't quite get it, will it? - That's it. We lost them.
That doesn't begin to put across what's going on here.
- They can't hear you. - Yeah, I know. They never did.
Ain't that a bitch? A dumb, dirty, stupid, useless bitch.
What are you doing, sarge?
But the guys are dead. That's part of the job.
Why take it out on the radio?
I just hope we don't have to make a call.
They're dead. What're you gonna do?
Here it comes.
Hold your breath, boys.
Is that ours?
That's ours. That's ours!
That's one of ours!
Drop bombs, baby! Drop bombs!
- Get down! Get down! - Come on, baby! That's my baby!
Stay down. The woods are full of Krauts.
I don't see anything.
They're there. Believe me, they're there.
It looks like trucks.
- It could be a supply depot. - We're 30 miles from nowhere.
Looks more like a prison camp. See that break in the trees?
- That's a wire stockade. - Jesus, those woods are walking.
- It's a construction job. - Forced labor, thousands of them.
- What are they laboring at? - Roads, bridges, maybe a railway.
With all those men and equipment, it looks big to me.
- I think we ought to take a look. - Is that what you think?
I'll tell you what I think. My job is to get us out of this mess.
Those trucks could be going anywhere. Rome, even Yugoslavia.
It's 6:00 at night. Why do they have concrete mixers?
Because the Germans have got no air cover. They gotta work at night.
Boy, these patrol specialists gripe my ass.
- You're fighting instinct. - No, I get tired of...
Yeah, maybe I am. Rabinoff, come here, will you?
Okay, but we do it my way. We all go look in groups.
Cellini, you and Andy. Doyle, Movie, come with me.
Richardson with Rabinoff. Dick?
- Sure, I might get 800 words out of it. - Stick with these guys.
This might come in handy.
I doubt it.
What the hell is it?
It's a great big trap.
Look, that's better than the Cassino line.
When the fellas get off the beach, it'll be waiting for them.
How about that?
Now you see it, now you don't. No sirens, no whistles, no nothing.
It's too secret for sirens.
All right, now we've seen it. What do we do about it?
Look close, memorize all we can.
You go down that end. I'll cover it from over here.
Be nice to have someone in the middle.
You go right ahead on. I'll meet you back here.
You got in here. Come on, get me out.
I surrender!
We almost gave up. Where's Richardson?
Don't wait up for him.
- Why? What happened to Rich? - He got shot.
- How? - What's the difference? He's dead.
Simple, huh, sarge? Just like that?
When you're dead, you're dead. That's all.
Remember that. It might keep you careful.
Just be glad this one wasn't you.
- You okay to move? - Yeah, why not?
If the bombed house is safe, we'll put up there for the night.
Movie, Cellini, look in the cellar. Doyle, take upstairs.
Rabinoff, come here, will you?
Let's take a look at this thing.
This is the coast. Here's Anzio, Rome, Cisterna.
This must be the line of defense. Where are we?
About there.
Our main objective is to get to Anzio as quick as possible...
...preferably in one piece. I say we go south.
Try to break through around Cassino.
That'll take a month. The line'll be hard.
Only one way to do it quickly: direct to Anzio.
We'll be crawling over the dead.
I worry about the living. They get the wrong ideas.
This war's shaping up. I gotta show you something lovely.
This war's shaping up. I gotta show you something lovely.
Take a look what your old dad found.
Don't be afraid.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
I wouldn't let anybody hurt you.
Come on, let's go.
Don't be afraid, let's go.
The setup here's very cozy.
Who are they? What are they doing here?
Emilia Sibilio.
They live here. It's their house.
Have they seen any Germans today?
Ask if she knows anything about what's happening in Anzio.
The Germans are attacking. They're driving.
They're driving us back into the sea.
Excuse. I speak a little English. Not too good.
My mother say you welcome to stay.
We are alone, three women.
The food is poor but...
...lo divideremo with you.
It's the best offer I've had this war. Thank you, Diana.
- Wait, you're Anna. - Anna.
Come on downstairs. Bring your family.
Mucho good-o.
- Where'd you get that? - I found it.
Made in Germany.
They make good toys.
- Blackbird? - That's right.
Non capisco. Action?
Somebody better capisco and quickly.
Your house, this casa, is right in the middle of a war.
The sooner you tell your mother, the better.
Not possible to leave. My family always live here.
Always the same house. Four generazioni.
So cannot leave.
Also, we must wait for my father to come.
- Where is your father? - Tedeschi take him for to... you say...?
The Germans drafted him to work on that new line.
Yes. Five day past.
One day he with us, one day he not.
I'm sorry about that, Anna.
Everybody, from the top.
Here we go, tutti, tutti, tutti. One time.
Cellini, come on.
What's the matter?
What's the matter? What is this?
Give me that jacket.
Hang on, bite down.
Just hang on. Take it easy.
Take it easy.
Just stay there. Just stay there.
Look, fellows...
...I think he can use the air more now than the company. Okay?
- Anything anybody can do? - No, unless you have a Band-Aid.
Very funny.
Oh, that's murder. No, it's the stomach...
...a Japanese grenade.
Ripped my insides. Got all metal in there.
Under tension it contracts and...
...all hell breaks lose.
I must have been tense.
Good thinking. You belong in a hospital, not in a war.
They said that when they sent me home.
You got out, then you went to Canada and joined this outfit?
That's right.
- How'd you get past the doctors? - Lied about my age.
You've gotta be crazy.
Your guts blown out and you're back here? What for?
- Great time for an interview. - You got something better to do?
- Why did you re-enlist? - Why?
Because I like it. You know, I missed it, Ennis. I want this.
With the mud and the pain, these clowns giving orders...
...there's nothing like it.
A guy sells shoes for 40 years, I live more in one day.
I see more and feel more...
...I taste more, I think more. I'm more.
Understand? I'm more.
There's more to living than just breathing.
- Capisce? - Capisce.
You're the same way.
That's right. War is part of you.
When this one's over...'ll find another, and I hope I'm with you.
Man, that was a rough one.
What the hell is this, a wake?
Sam, where are you?
Come on, we've got work to do. Come here.
From the top, one time.
Lovely skin, eh?
Kill the lights and fire!
You got an attic?
Attic! Attic! Attic!
Open up, signora.
- Come on, you can't stay here. - Ennis, come on!
Come on.
- I cannot go. - Anna!
Do you know what they'll do to you?
- No, I cannot go. - Let's move!
- Will you come? - You go.
Your men are waiting.
- Come on! - What about them?
They're not our problem. Let's go. Anzio's this way, remember?
Boy, this guy is good.
Get a move over.
Leave him alone.
- He's hit. - He's dead.
Come, we can use him for cover.
- Sure he's dead? - He is now.
He's good, all right.
You better believe it.
Where the hell is he?
He's about 50 yards over there.
How many are there?
I'm not sure. I think four.
- Where'd that come from? - Eleven o'clock.
They're all around us.
- Abe! - Yeah, Dick?
How are you?
- No score. - I see dust on your right. Watch him.
Let's take out the guy at eleven o'clock.
That's your grenade.
The same time, let's move to get around them.
All right.
- Now. - Now.
Movie. Movie!
Yeah, I'm okay.
Stay put. You can cover Stimmler from there.
Hell, this is no good.
Let's get back to the ditch.
- Hey, Andy? - Yeah?
We're going back to the ditch.
Okay, get moving.
Let's go.
Okay, Andy!
- Andy! - Wait...
- Cellini. - Yeah.
Make your way down this ditch 20 yards.
When you're behind him, signal.
- When I yell, you get him from behind. - Okay.
Hey, Abe!
Hey, Abe!
Yeah, Dick?
You all right?
I'm hit. Dick?
Andy and Cellini are both dead.
They're taking us out one by one.
I'm going out after him.
- Movie! - Yeah.
There's one at four o'clock. First hole this side of the ridge.
I'm going out after him. Give me cover.
You got it.
Going out!
I hope it's a good story.
Keep your head down.
Hey, Rabinoff.
Okay, Rabinoff. Move!
I see him.
All right, Movie.
Keep him in your sights.
You got it.
I got him. I got him!
There's another one, Movie. Keep your eye on him and cover me.
Right here, German.
Welcome to the club, Mr. Ennis.
This all of us?
Come on, we still got half a mile to go.
They have artillery here...
...machine gun posts all through here...
...tank traps here and up through here.
These are minefields here, here. The whole area is mined.
Bunker, bunker, bunker, bunker: all bunkers through here.
I'll be damned.
You got the picture.
I want that line hit around the clock. Not another shovel of earth turned.
That line mustn't get solid.
Put everything you've got over it.
Mr. Ennis, thank you.
Jack, we're going up to the line. Want to come?
- I'll finish here first, Luke. - Very well.
- You did a great job. - Thank you.
I suppose you'll be taking a good long rest in Naples?
No, I'll stick around with your show a little while longer.
It's no longer my show, Mr. Ennis. I'm going home.
I was relieved.
I was replaced the day before yesterday by General Howard.
It would seem as if you and Napoleon had a point.
My epitaph...
...written by no less a person than Winston Churchill:
"I'd hoped we were hurling a wildcat onto the shore...
...but all we've got is a stranded whale."
- He knows how to use words. - Yeah.
Had I a few more days...
...I might've gotten out of Anzio with a little honor.
At least you are getting out with your life.
I guess that is something.
- Well, what happens next? - Next?
How does it work out?
Oh, we'll win. It'll take considerably more time now...
...more lives, but we'll drive Kesselring back.
General Carson will have his day in Rome.
And then?
Then? We defeat the enemy. We win the war.
What happens then?
We just choose up sides and start all over again?
- You think of this as a game? - General, is it not the ultimate game?
And not for survival?
Not for survival, to secure shelter or to appease hunger.
Oh, you've found your answer then.
I believe I have, general. Men kill because they like to.
Because they like to? And that's it?
That's it. Plain and simple. They love to.
War has never solved anything, history teaches us that.
But you face a man with a gun in your hands... live more intensely then, than in any other moment in life.
You're scared and you have to kill him.
We kill each other because we like to.
That's a hell of a condemnation of mankind, Mr. Ennis.
I'm afraid it is, general, but maybe if we recognize it...
...and admit it, we might learn to live with each other.
We hope.
Hey, Mr. Ennis!
- She's mine! - Hey, Movie!
- Hey, Movie! - Mr. Ennis, look! On the arch!
Two thousand years later.
Nothing changes except the uniforms and the transportation.
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