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Aragami (2003)

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So youīre awake?
Fix something to eat.
I hope you like it. Help yourself
Thank you. I will.
Very Good.
Whereīs the guy?
The man who brought you? I did what i could...
... but his wounds were too deep.
I see.
I have no family. He was like a brother to me.
Iīm sorry.
War is cruel to everyone.
Where is he?
I cleaned his body...
...changed his kimono...
...and laid him in another room.
You did?
Thatīs one more thing I must thank you for.
Donīt let it concern you.
This is a very unusual temple.
Are you itīs priest?
It was derelict.
Not many come this deep into the mountains.
I donīt get along with people very well.
Iīve been living here for years.
I see.
And the lady?
Well, itīs a bit complicated. Sheīs been here for years.
Anyway, what are you going to do?
Iīll take...
...his body back to his home.
I have no home, but he does.
Thatīs the only way I can mourn him.
Thank you for everything. Iīll take my leave.
Whatīs your hurry?
The enemy will be looking for you on the road you came.
To the west is a sheer cliff.
You could go down it, but in this rain... might collapse.
I say this for your own good.
Rest the night here.
I have few guests.
I dislike society, so Iīve retired to this temple.
Iīm glad to have someone to drink with after so long.
I know, considering your friend,that this is not an auspicious encounter...
...but perhaps this,too, is some kind of destiny.
Letīs drink the night away...
...and sit vigil for him.
Iīll take you up on that, then.
You have my thanks.
No, you have mine.
Weīll make a night of it.
This is a drink called "wine", from a land called "France".
Itīs made from grapes.
A strange taste...
...but a good one.
Isnīt it?
Drink up!
This liquor, and this temple...
Itīs all new to me. Is all of this from foreign lands?
I traveled far before I chanced upon this temple.
And that Buddha, is it foreign, too?
The face is strange.
I carved it.
Yes.Living here, i have lots and lots of time.
Itīs quite something!
Itīs not so much Buddha as a carving of me.
Do you see?
Perhaps a little, now you mention it.
Speak your mind.
Itīs a very heavy rain.
Well, it should stop by tomorrow.
The mountain roads are dangerous.
And there is a legend they tell of this mountain.
Do you know it?
They say the long-nosed goblin haunts this mountain.
Who haunts this forest, who seizes men to eat?
The very same.
"Tengu" rules this mountain.
He hears the drop of a pin.
He sees a thousand leagues.
He scents the difference between a manīs blood and a beastīs...
...and he eats only flesh.
But "Tengu" is just the name...
...that people give him.
Heīs really "Aragami"...
...a fury of wild violence, the Raging God of Battle.
You seem to know this well.
But isnīt something as dangerous as that...
...a threat to this temple?
Not really.
Because this "Aragami"... me.
You had me there!
Sorry, sorry.
But "Tengu" legend is real.
Even if he did appear, you look like a strong man with a sword.
You could handle him.
What about you?
To survive that battle, and those wounds...
Iīm sure more than a few men have fallen before you.
Tell me... many have you killed?
To count them would be in very bad taste.
So you kill men in uncounted numbers...
...and forget?
Shouldnīt you remember the lives you take?
Iīve killed 794.
I remember...
...their shape, their voice...
...the last look on their face...
May I see my friend?
He scents the difference between a manīs blood and a beastīs.
I smell it...
You reek of blood!
Youīre drunk.
Iīll be on my way.
Iīll come back and thank you properly.
No, Iīd like you to do that now.
I want you... kill me.
Are you mad?
I told you... I am Aragami.
But Iīve lived far too long.
Iīve been waiting for the one who will grant me death.
But it is not easy for Aragami... have himself killed.
Only a man worthy of the deed can cut me down.
This is crazy!
Why would I kill the man who saved my life?
Thatīs why I ask.
Youīre in my dept.
Stop, will you?
You look like a man to me. Not "Tengu" or "Aragami".
Not all is what it seems.
Not even a man.
One with a saintly face may betray you.
One with an innocent face may be prostitute.
One with an evil face may be good.
All right, letīs say you really are Aragami.
Why should I kill you?
Take me to my friend, damn it!
Youīre a samurai. You have a duty to accept my challenge.
Why do I have a duty to fight the man who saved my life?
You are no longer who you were when you came.
Think about it.
Isnīt it strange? You came here two days ago...
...with 13 sword cuts and four arrows stuck in you.
Your wounds had festered, and you had a high fever.
And now?
Once a crazed lord kidnapped large numbers of small babies.
He believed he needed them to concoct a potion of immortality.
He thought newborns held untold possibility... nourishment...
in the treatment of wounds of disease and old age.
Now, while this lord...
...was simply a lunatic...
...his idea was not completely wrong.
There is a mysterious power... human flesh.
My friend...
Where is he?
To take your body...
...past its limits...
...the human liver is best.
You ate the flesh of your friend.
He bacame part of you, and gave you strength...
...otherwise you were dead by now.
You bastard!
I understand how you feel. How about another drink first.
What are you?
Hey, hey, hey! Will you look at this sword!
Itīs about ready to snap.
This looks like it could be fun.
The nightīs still young. Letīs take our time.
Shut up!
You go too far!
Stop looking like youīre dying. Itīs just a scratch.
Hey... hey.
Give it a rest.
But you arenīt immortal, you know.
The head...
...or the heart kills you.
Anyway, letīs have another drink.
Now, this liquor is from a land called Russia.
They call it vodka. Itīs pretty strong.
Itīs from corn.
Anyway, have a drink.
Do you think Iīm giong to just sit and drink?!
How come Iīm not dead?!
I told you. You ate the liver...
So you just eat someoneīs liver and you donīt die?
Donīt be silly.
Look. two cooks make the same thing the same way.
This woman is a good cook.
An excellent one.
Are you a demon,too?
Itīs been said that women are devils, hasnīt it?
Sheīs more a devil than I am.
While youīre at it...
...could you kill her, too?
Whatīs in that?!
I said it was strong.
What do you want?
Why are you doing this to me?!
How many times do I have to tell you? I want to die.
Fighting is the only reason to live.
Iīve always hoped Iīd meet someone stronger...
...but Iīm tired
This body of mine will never get any older.
Iīm not able to die naturally
Why not cut your stomach open,then? Donīt ask me to kill you!
Thatīs something mortals do from excessive self-respect...
...and stupid pride.
I am without fault. Why would I do that?
Besides. I am Aragami, the Raging God of Battle.
I was born to die in battle.
And i canīt be cut down by some backwoods samurai.
I will die when I encounter the one.
Nothing you say makes any sense at all!
Itīs absurd!
Then let me ask you... mortals make sense?
Shabby politicians start wars where you kill each other by the thousand.
Isnīt that the reason youīre here, and your friend is dead?
Isnīt that absurd?
...the existence of this world is absurd.
All right, then.
...why did you kill him and choose me?
You were both half-dead. I could only save one.
But why me and not him?
No reason. I just chose you, thatīs all.
Would you rather youīd died and been eaten instead?
And look, I didnīt kill him.
I gave you the chance to survive.
I could have let you both die.
But, now you have the chance to live. Thereīs a big difference.
Consider yourself lucky you have the chance.
Make the best of it.
Who do you think you are?!
You bring people here to split hairs, and then kill them.
What chance have I got? Itīs just murder!
Not all the ones I killed were people.
They werenīt?
Wherīd he go?
Sometimes demons or goblins look like people.
There are beings in the world that are beyond imagination.
They made me realize that I wasnīt human...
...that I was Aragami.
Demons, goblins, Aragami... what are you talking about?
As I told you, the world isnīt always what it seems.
Many who look human arenīt so at all.
Warriors who defeat vast numbers of the enemy...
Miraculous survivors of disease or accident...
People say theyīre lucky...
...but thatīs not it.
Thyīre human, but then again theyīre not.
Oh, I get it.
If youīre Aragami, maybe I am, too.
Thatīs not true! Neither of us looks anything other than human.
Some birds fly high up in the sky, but some never leave the ground.
Itīs not strange that humans come in different forms.
My being here... proof of existence beyond what is known.
I say white, you say black. I just donīt see it.
No, you wouldnīt.
I used to think I was human, too.
I went looking for battle from the moment I was born...
...and I fought lots of men.
No one could beat me.
I couldnīt help wondering why I was so strong.
And then in time the whole world knew my name.
I became feared
No man would face me in a fair fight any more.
What is that name the whole world knew?
Who, me?
Miyamoto Musashi.
Youīre the Musashi who never met his match?
It doesnīt matter now what my name was.
But he died years ago!
Yeah, thatīs what I heard.
You know "rumors".
Youīre historyīs greatest samurai in the world?
...and also youīre an inhuman Aragami?
Is that it?
Yeah, something like that.
And you want me to fight a monster like you?
Thatīs right.
What an idiot!
Ow! That hurts!
Sorry, sorry.
Youīre Musashi!
Ow! Ow!
Give me a break!
What the hell. Iīve already died once.
Your swordīs no good any more.
Take what you like.
No, not that one.
Thatīs mine.
You said to take one.
I recommend...
...that western one.
Itīs called a "broadsword". Itīs heavy, and it cuts.
The owners of these weapons are all dead... feel free.
Forget that sickle-and-chain.
The roomīs too small. Too many pillars.
How will a bearīs-claw help?
Ninja stars are for losers.
That gunīs good.
Itīs a "pistol". The latest weapon from the west.
It fires a bullet with gunpowder, like a matchclock.
It wonīt be easy to hit me with it, of course.
Hey, wait a minute.
Shooting me when I was asleep wouldnīt be much fun.
I thought Iīd wake you up.
I am not able to sleep.
Tell me...
...have you ever dreamed?
Of course.
I dont sleep, so I never have.
Thatīs too bad. A good dream is fun.
Iīd like to try it someday... dreaming.
About the gun...
You have to pull the hammer back to fire.
That was your friendīs sword.
Itīs a good one.
Killing me with it would be a nice way to mourn.
So thatīs your choice?
So you mean to win...
Youīre my kind.
We canīt turn away from fighting.
If weīre the same kind, and youīre Aragami...
...what does that make me?
Beat me and youīll find out.
Iīm glad we met.
Thatīs a sneaky trick!
Yes! I like that!
Thatīs why I chose you.
This is the central moment of your life.
Stake body and soul, present. past and future...
...and show me!
Youīre the man I chose. Canīt you do better than that?
The hammer...
You wonīt beat me with that.
I guess not.
I thought maybe he was the one.
Is there no one in this world who can stand against me?
He was a real samurai.
Give him a good funeral.
The world isnīt always what it seems.
Didnīt you say that?
Yes, I did.
Iīm sure you have no equal under heaven. But look up...
...thereīre millions of stars above.
Youīve made me realize what I really am.
This is indeed a world of wonder.
Youīre the one Iīve been waiting for.
You werenīt waiting for me. I was searching for you.
Thanks. This is the best moment in my life.
What manner of being are you?
Beat me and youīll find out.
I see...
The world is so wide, and still full of mystery...
Now you can sleep.
I can?
So this is sleep...
Hey... you think...
...I can dream, too?
I wonder what heīs dreaming...
What will you do?
Iīll stay here...
...with you.
You will stay here...
...and continue your battle.
Iīve got nowhere to go.
I guess Iīll stay.
I wonder whoīs going to beat me.
Iīll be here to see.
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