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Arahan 2004

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Presented by Cinema Service
in association with Choong Mu-Ro Fund
Produced by Fun & Happiness Film
People are so naive.
Training in the mountains?
All those instructors chasing kids' pocket money,
saying they did mountain training. It's all just crap.
Remember in '88 when I went to Mt. Gyeryong?
You get up five or six in the morning.
Let's see, what for breakfast? Preparing and eating takes 2 hours.
And then maybe train for 1-2 hours.
And then it's lunch time.
So go down to the village to get some lunch.
That's another 3 hours.
So, eat lunch and meditate.
Then you start nodding off.
Next thing you know it's dinner.
So you got 3 hours of training max in a day.
So where's the only place to get proper training?
The temple.
Yeah, shave off your head and your house becomes a temple!
Does all that training give you the right to eat meat?
Look here, how can you do martial arts without nutrition?
You need strength.
What exactly do you do with all that strength?
I can't believe this asinine nonsense!
Kids these days don't even know the meaning of tao.
You guys know how serious our situation is?
Don't be so serious, we gotta make a living.
Let's use our brain to think, for once!
Forget Maruchi (supreme master), no one wants to learn the tao.
Lady Banya, making a living is one thing,
Telephone fortune-telling service is another!
Ooh, listen to him! You know how much money 1-700 service makes?
1-700 is a sign of the times. You don't know crap.
Besides, how else would you pay rent for Mu-un Academy?
Yeah, Banya's right.
We gotta go with the flow, you know?
Academy, my ass!
We ain't got no kids to teach!
Well, I've been saying we should pull some public stunt...
Like maybe appearing on a TV show.
I'm tired of staring at the wallpaper when I levitate.
I levitate only to change the light bulb.
RYOO Seung-bum YUN Soy
AHN Sung-ki JUNG Doo-hong
Executive Producer KANG Woo-suk
Producer KIM Mi-hee
Director RYOO Seung-wan
ARAHAN Urban Martial Arts Action
One dollar, please.
What the heck?
Oh, sorry.
Eui-jin, snap out of it, will you?
Uh, can I go to the restroom?
Are you running off again?
What the hell is he doing?
Excuse me.
You ran a red light, sir.
So what?
Your license, please.
Look, do you know who this is?
I don't recall.
You dumbass...
He's the congressman of this district.
Oh, how are you, sir?
But he's not the one who ran the light, is he?
You're the driver, so give me your license.
Boy, which station do you work at?
Why do you need to know that?
If you don't want a ticket, then don't run red lights.
My purse! My purse!
Hold it! Stay right here, I'll be back in a minute.
Hey mister, watch where you drive!
What's up with Manager Lee these days?
Stop right there!
Gosh, we're late!
What the hell?
Do I have to keep running around after punks like you?
What the heck is your problem?
Watch it!
Hand over the purse, kiddo.
And who are you?
Stop fooling around!
Missed again...
Hey, where are you going?
Get back here!
Where are you going, huh? Hey! Hey!
Where are you going?
I think it's this meridian point...
Aren't you going in too deep?
Let me concentrate!
If we don't do this right, it could make him impotent.
The last one... in the Main Meridian Point...
Great Tao!
He opened all the meridian points himself!
My, this kid has extraordinary chi.
Look at him!
What's all the fuss about?
Uh, Eui-jin.
What's wrong with him?
Oh, we unblocked the flow of his chi.
Tell him to shut up.
Hey, where'd you find that kid?
Everybody calm down!
Okay, okay.
Don't move, mister! I'm a cop!
- Don't move! - I'm a cop! I said...
Calm down.
Man, this kid is cute.
Hey, boy!
He's got a cute dong, too.
- Damn... - Aunt!
Stop! I'm the police! POLICE!
You've done it!
- Wait a minute. - Damn, this sucks.
- It still works. - Which point did you hit?
It may be hard to believe, but the world has secret currents of chi.
We awaken this chi and guide people toward righteousness.
So to speak.
So you gentlemen... and this madam here,
Are called the Seven Masters, right?
But there are only five of you.
With only five, you should be...
Power Rangers?
Right, Power Rangers or...
Five Lucky Stars?
Yes, Five Lucky Stars!
Wouldn't that be more appropriate?
It's already been 20 years...
...since Baek-pung left us.
In an era when the powerful exploited the powerless,
Baek-pung gathered up all his chi to block the force of evil...
...but he inhaled too much tear gas...
- And as for the seventh... - Um...
I think you may have misunderstood...
Don't call me madam, I'm still a virgin.
Shut your mouth...
Then, are all of you here..., tao masters? You know, like you see on TV?
I'm having a hard time believing this,
so could you show me some stuff? Like, can you levitate?
Can you walk on walls?
Can you do a Palm Blast?
No Palm Blasts in the house, I said!
Hold on!
But I got to work!
What you saw right now, is only the beginning.
Why are you afraid of your own ability?
What ability? What are you talking about?
Please leave me alone.
You have the most powerful chi of all the young men I have met.
The wounds you sustained today would've felled ordinary people.
All right, fine.
If that's true, I should be able to do a Palm Blast.
And walk on walls, like this?
And levitate, isn't that right?
Cripes, that was weird.
Pretty spooky stuff.
Ah, what a nice night!
It's downhill, so I might as well run.
What a strange guy.
But did you see him levitate?
Sometimes chi just comes out by itself after you unblock it.
Or was it his chi?
Actually, I did a Palm Blast back there.
Why'd you shoot at the window?
It's broken again!
I shot at the wall.
"Daily Report"
Hey, you!
You can't catch thieves, but you ticket the congressman?
You think we're some kind of citizens' group?
Get him out of my sight. Go!
Hey, does he really plan on being a cop?
Nobody saw it.
Who will believe you were knocked out for a full day?
- Oh, about that... - Look here.
It's important to run, but even more important,
is to run when people are watching.
- But yesterday... - I repeat.
- Hey, quiet. - Fighting is reported at Jaru Karaoke.
Officers in the area, report immediately.
If you don't know, I can show you.
Or you can bring your boss here.
Look who's here! It's Sheriff Choi.
Oh, Mr. Gang!
I was wondering who was causing trouble again.
Why are you doing this to me?
Where have you been these days?
I've been busy too. You think I play around all day?
And if something's up, just call me directly.
Let's avoid the reports, okay?
- Sorry about that. - Officer Choi...
Should we start our inspection?
No, no. Don't bother.
So Mr. Gang, are things just about sorted out?
Yeah, sure.
And come visit our club with your boys sometime.
You must have time for a drink?
Ah... well, I...
Anyway, I'll leave you in charge. And Mr. Gang...
- Keep it down next time, ok? - Okay, okay.
- See you later. - Okay.
- Bye. - Bye.
But Officer Choi, how can we just leave?
Hey, if we stir things up here, it'll just cause more trouble.
Come on.
Please show me your ID.
What the hell?
I said show me your ID.
Hey, what's with this guy?
You wanna get pounded?
Wait a second, Mr. Gang!
This guy here, he's new...
- I'm really disappointed in you. - But he...
How are you training these kids?
What's going on here?
These dumb thugs scare you? Why are you groveling?
What was that?
- Wait, let me talk to him. - Get over here!
Mr. Gang!
What did you say now?
Wait a second.
"Why are you groveling?"
Before that!
"Do they scare you?"
- Before that! - Wait, let me...
Dumb thugs!
I can't believe this.
- What are you... - You bastard.
On your knees!
Hey, hey. Let me go.
On your knees, bastard!
On your knees!
Let go, let go!
Look, blockhead. You think we're just neighborhood punks?
- Mr. Gang! Mr. Gang! - You think we're pushovers?
Let go! Hey! Mr. Gang! Mr. Gang!
- Pick him up! - Let go...
Why are you doing this?
Why am I doing this?
What are you looking at, huh?
What are you looking at!
You staring at me? You staring at me?
You staring at me? You staring at me?
Go ahead, bastard. Go ahead!
Stare, you bastard!
Officer, son of a bitch?
Take this, asshole.
"Why are you doing this?"
Why are you doing this?
Wipe it clean.
Wipe it clean, I said!
Spit-shine... with your tongue.
What? Are they too dirty for you?
That's the way the world is.
If you push too hard, it breaks.
Let's have a drink tonight.
...have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to choose a lawyer...
The problem with me is that...
I can't fight.
They hit me.
That's the problem.
That's the problem.
The fact that I can't fight... that's the damn problem!
What the hell?
What the hell's your problem?
Are you drunk?
Officer Yoo, you can do better, right?
Yes, sir!
Don't go around getting beat up.
Sorry, sir!
- Got it? - Yes, sir!
Come in early tomorrow!
Goodnight, sir! Courtesy!
Oh, don't you remember me?
Good morning!
Ah yes, this yogurt...
I'm sorry, suddenly I was so thirsty...
I always hate it when people steal yogurt from our front step.
I'm so sorry...
Last time, after the acupuncture,
I never got a chance to say thanks,
so I thought, gosh, I better visit, but then I never got the chance...
But today I happened to be walking by,
and I thought... are they home? So I stopped in.
So is everyone healthy, wealthy, and happy?
Wow, what a cool place!
This is the altar of divinity.
If those seeking enlightenment stand on this altar with a key,
the path to Nirvana opens.
Have you heard about Yongsan?
Yongsan Electronics Market?
Have a seat.
Yongsan is where the chi of dragon and mountain intertwine.
But people who coveted the powerful chi of this place
began building there indiscriminately,
until the very altar was buried underground.
Fortunately, when Army Headquarters were rebuilt as a war memorial,
the remains of the altar were discovered.
Excavation has been going on for years.
Do you follow?
Um, sure...
I didn't know tao masters trained at Yongsan.
It's not a training camp, it's an altar.
Sure, I got it.
You know... what I mean is...
My, the tea's hot.
If I learn all that, will I be a good fighter?
We don't teach you how to brawl here.
What are you thinking, Dad?
What makes you think this dork can become Maruchi?
Your daughter has a sharp tongue.
Uh, Master...
How much do you charge for learning Palm Blast?
Well, it depends, I guess, on the scale of the blast.
Don't you have anything else?
Suit yourself.
You see those people working up there?
They are using light-body skills.
Construction workers often practice them.
You remember the woman who caught an armed bank robber?
A lot of people were stunned by that.
Where do you think she got the strength?
She's just an ordinary person.
Many skilled people reach the state of master without knowing.
There are countless masters today.
They've just adjusted to a changing world.
But most are tao disciples who fight against evil chi.
The Seven Masters seek a leader among such people,
who can restore the flow of pure chi to the world.
Then the Seven Masters can't do a Palm Blast?
That's weird.
Is this the right place?
I think it's there.
Do I have to do this every day?
It's leaking a lot.
What a mess...
We should talk to whoever built this wall.
It's so damp here.
Hey, come check this out.
What is it?
There's a noise.
What the heck?
You hear it?
What's that?
Isn't this a little too much?
Couldn't we add a fried egg or something?
I'm not a rabbit, how can I live off these plants?
During Tao training, one must eat vegetarian.
Isn't that common sense?
Okay, I'II give you that.
But my arms! They're all tied up!
Look at my arms!
Tao training is a form of study.
You can concentrate better on an empty stomach.
This is all to teach you sincerity.
But why is it just me tied up when you and this girl here...
Hey you!
You came here on your own to learn, but you've got no respect.
Try behaving yourself.
Did you even finish high school?
I graduated from technical college, at least.
The fire went out.
Damn, I can't take this any more.
It's too much!
You tell me to clean and I clean, now I'm doing laundry.
I stood on my head like you told me.
When are you going to teach me Palm Blast?
Look, boy! Tao training is a form of study.
Forget study, when do I learn to fight?
If you want to learn to brawl, go somewhere else!
Try boxing.
All right, all right.
But still, isn't there any way I can learn how to do a Palm Blast?
"No Palm Blast Indoors"
We'll need to examine more later,
but it looks like it's from the Koryo Dynasty at the latest.
And the shapes made of iron spikes?
It looks like an indicator of battle formations.
Battle formations?
During wars with Japan, General Lee arranged troops in a wing shape.
I'm sure you've heard of them.
These spikes indicate the formation of soldiers.
a phone call for you.
The old man found at the site has disappeared.
We need to make a profit before we go contributing money.
These days the goods I was supposed to send to Japan
are being held at customs, and I can't do anything.
So first, bring over the goods. That's right.
Just a sec. Go away.
Go! It's nothing.
I'll call you back in a sec.
Are you crazy, old man?
What the hell?
Who the hell are you?
- How about some freebie? - What more do you want?
- Can't you go any cheaper? - Go somewhere else.
All confrontations begin and end with the eyes.
Like in The Art of War.
It's the best way to win a confrontation without fighting.
It's winning mastery with the eyes.
Don't think you'll get a discount staring at me like that!
You said you'd teach me, but you haven't taught me anything.
Are you starving these days?
I'm not starving!
If it's too hard for you, try another job.
You get beat up all the time, and now you don't even eat?
How will you find a wife?
I told you I'm not starving!
- When a man does important things... - Dad's asleep, be quiet.
Mom, you don't know anything!
- Good afternoon. - Good afternoon.
I'm Kim Su-chul of "Find the Master!"
I'm Kim Hyo-seon.
We have a big audience today, don't we?
- Yes. - This is great.
- Hyo-seon. - Yes?
Have you heard that lately,
because of our program "Find the Master,"
many people visit the ophthalmologist?
Why is that?
Their eyes popped out in anticipation.
In general this type of thing is prohibited.
But young people just have no interest in tao...
We have two guests here.
Quite an unusual name, yes? Brother Yuk-bong,
and Master Sul-woon.
We're glad to have you. Please come out.
Wow, they look impressive.
- Don't they? - Yeah.
It's a great honor to have you here.
Yes, nice to meet you.
It must have been difficult to come here.
Wait a sec.
This is so heavy, are these rocks?
Oh, yes. On crowded sidewalks,
I walk so fast that I often bump into people.
I'm fine, but I worry that I'll hurt people,
so I walk with these stones.
Oh, you must be really fast.
You must've transported here by magic?
I took the #77 bus.
Ah, yes.
Well, yes, we heard about you,
and I'm quite curious,
and I'm sure our many guests want to see it as well.
So let's see you perform.
A show of extraordinary force, the very site of destruction!
After training in the mountains, it may be intimidating on TV.
Let's give them a show of support!
Let go!
Stop, now!
This can't be!
- Well... I mean, master, - It's over.
Please calm down. Oh, sorry, I...
Let me put this in perspective.
The technique we've shown you is extremely difficult.
For an ordinary person, this is really hard to split.
You wanna die?
Be on time.
God, she even reads martial arts comics.
What, she has makeup? Does she use this stuff?
What is this?
Beauty Academy
She wasn't bad-Looking in high school either...
A birthday photo.
Wait, it's on April 17?
Wait a second.
That's coming up soon.
Martial arts are for supressing violence, for stopping conflict,
and for avoiding cruelty.
This is the truth all martial arts aspire to.
Only the truly powerful can defend by anticipating an opponent.
Let's see. Try to hit Eui-jin.
Urr... the, the best defense is offense, of course.
Those who want self-control must learn mind control.
To serve others, not to win,
is the true, unbreakable strength.
To achieve this you must renounce yourself.
Do it right.
Suppleness is to follow force.
To use the enemy's force to beat him.
One who follows force has no fear.
Merit is earned by training without fakery.
Fist-fighting is refined and simple.
The changes are unpredictable,
so you must learn to move your body as you wish.
The body and mind are one. To control your mind,
you must control the body.
Shut up and do it.
Hey, wait!
I said wait... wait...
This is too much.
Swiftness means fast, got it?
The fist has a form, but hitting has no form.
In other words, you gotta learn the laws of nature.
If I'm faster than others, it means others are slower than me.
Sang-hwan, are you crazy?
- Mom! - What do you have against the eggs, you do it?
Bravery is not to hesitate.
To move in when you see an opportunity.
Time seems to flow equally for everyone,
yet with concentration,
a fleeting moment can stretch into eternity.
Slashing is to give damage to others without mercy.
But if you can't control your emotion,
you might end up staining yourself.
Wounds on the body may easily be healed,
but emotional scars do not go away so easily.
Finally, truthfulness is to strike and defend without deception.
Having reached the point of truthful selflessness,
you eventually gain enlightenment.
What happens after enlightenment?
First learn what comes before, kid.
Is this Seung-gu? It's me, Sang-hwan.
Yeah, did all of you guys get together tonight?
Hey, I'm done, so I'll come over there now.
Oh, it's fine with me.
But, it's okay...
Oh, really? Then I'll see you guys next time.
OK, and give me a ring.
Anytime. Yeah, sure, sure.
Hey mister!
What are you doing, mister?
How can you just jaywalk like that,
It's not even 4 lanes, it's an 8-lane road.
Mister, you may be busy, but still...
Show me your ID, please.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Officer Yoo, servant to the public.
Show me your ID, please.
Hey, look here mister!
Hey, mister!
Gosh, mister. Stop there!
You over there!
You crazy idiot, what the hell?
You aren't hurt, are you?
Why's he running away like that?
Where is he running to?
Damn it.
What are you doing?
Well, I think I'm fine.
What an idiot.
What's this?
Hey you, stop!
Wait, I said stop!
I can't believe it.
Now everyone knows us.
Tell me about it, the manager was in a rage over last week's show.
But I kept telling him, splitting wood is not martial arts.
By the way, should we contact another place?
I guess so. Gosh, it makes me nervous.
We're not some kind of traveling circus.
Huh? That's a fearsome chi.
It can't be...
How did he get out...
Who is carrying the key?
Ever since we found them,
they have kept the exact same position.
Have they ever shown this kind of symptom before?
All 72 meridian points have been blocked.
Their chi has been corrupted.
I've been trying so hard, why isn't there any big improvement?
This isn't a computer game, this is for real.
Of course not, but...
That guy's light-body skills were really fantastic.
How many times do I have to tell you?
When you really fight, chi is what matters, not skills.
- I'm not talking about chi... - You have to beat him with chi.
Yeah... I just don't have any confidence.
When somebody says, "Let's fight,"
then you say, 'OK, but I may end up killing you."
Did you learn this to kill somebody?
If you don't...
Forget it.
What now?
What's this?
It's your birthday...
How did you know?
I know everything...
I go by the lunar calendar.
Thanks anyway.
She is so cold.
Hey Sang-hwan, what the hell is this?
Student ID Beauty Academy
Do cops enjoy spying on people?
Who said to spy on me?
You're really overreacting.
I... I did this for you, aren't you even thankful?
Just concentrate on your own life, okay?
Eat up.
Hey, what's up? Are you buying me dinner now?
Mu-un said you drag your body around,
so he said to buy you some meat for strength.
What's this?
Master Mu-un said you've got nothing, but you're full of pride.
He said to look at this when your temper flares up.
Honestly, is it really from Master Mu-un?
What? You think it's from me?
Miss, our flame's out. Can you change the fuel?
Don't bother her.
Can't you see she's busy?
Hey, you can't do that here...
It's okay.
Hey, can you do me a favor?
Is there any way you can teach me this Palm Blast thing?
Get a grip, will you?
Welcome to the world of fortune telling.
Curious about your future? I'm not available to take your call.
So those in a hurry please try the 1-700 number.
Banya isn't answering either.
Heug-un must surely want the key?
What should we do?
Would you take it?
What are you talking about?
We should solve this together, don't try to avoid it.
Our power is lacking.
To fight Heug-un, we need at least three of us.
I've carried the key too long, waiting for Maruchi.
But how's it any different if I have the key?
Let's assume it's really Heug-un.
He doesn't have true chi.
I know he has strong power,
but since we have true chi, he can't beat is, can he?
Yuk-bong and Sul-woon fell without a fight.
If we can awaken Sang-hwan's chi, matters might be different.
Honestly, in my opinion...
I don't think Sang-hwan can become Maruchi.
I have no confidence in him.
Destiny can be made.
The thing is will.
That punk's will is...
Where is he?
Let's have some meat.
That punk!
I'll be right back, boss.
It's so great eating meat after so long.
Who do we have here?
Isn't it our brave police officer?
You have time for dating despite your busy official work?
Are these the guys?
Hey mister.
I got no business with you today, why don't you sit down and eat.
Oh, sir! I am almost scared to death now.
You're lucky to have a man like him.
Such courage, huh?
Hey, say it again.
- Damn! - Sit down!
What are you staring at?
Acting the man in front of your babe?
What are you gonna do?
Don't worry, we know them. Go on.
Do you really wanna fight with me?
Sit down and drink.
I'm going crazy here.
And if I want to?
If I'm not careful, I may end up killing you.
You're really talking nonsense here.
What to do with this little brat?
Boss, what do we do with him?
He seems to be ignorant of manners.
Teach him what manners are about.
Did you hear?
You bastard!
That asshole!
You stupid bastard! We'll...
Stay away!
Have a drink?
Let go!
Boss! Are you all right? Boss!
Let go, damn it! You shithead...
You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to choose a lawyer.
What the hell are you doing here?
Come here...!
Come here!
What did I do wrong?
Okay, I screwed up. Let's drop it now, huh?
Didn't you teach me that crap so I can catch bad guys?
Look, you listen carefully.
Some people dedicate their lives to that crap.
We're not trying to help you relieve your stress.
Then what about me, huh?
Do I look like I'm here because I want to be?
- So do you feel better now? - I feel great.
Yeah, you beat up those guys like you wanted.
Since we have nothing left for each other,
let's just split up before things deteriorate.
And who was the one that started all this?
I have no reason to see you anymore.
And if you need to win so badly, try winning over yourself first.
Can't even control your own self.
Yeah? I don't need you anymore. I'm leaving.
Sure, I can't do anything right.
But damn, the more I think of it, the angrier I get!
Hey, what did I do wrong? Where are you?
They started the whole thing!
Who are you, mister?
Did you come here to study, too?
Wait a second, you're that jaywalker...
I said, where is Mu-un?
I told you he went to the mountains.
That's not the answer I want.
What are you doing here? This guy here...
Sang-hwan, don't.
We're no match for his chi.
Hey, mister, what are you...!
Who are you, mister?
I ask the questions.
You should not point a sword at just anyone.
Stop this right now!
Have you lost all decency?
Doing this to young kids?
Please, no more killing.
- I want the key. - You monster!
You stay here.
He's wounded, this is our chance.
We aren't strong enough.
It's too dangerous alone!
Let's stop wasting time.
Give me the sealed key, and the Seven Masters need not fight.
You don't understand, do you?
In this day and age, even with the power of Arahan,
do you think you can rule the earth?
I just want to create order.
What order?
I have learned just one truth.
Only a supreme power can guarantee peace.
You haven't learned that power shifts with the wind.
You wretch!
Go back!
You'll feel better with some rest.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I shouldn't have challenged him.
It was unavoidable.
But was it you who wounded him?
I think Sang-hwan used Sound Vibration Technique on him.
Was that man one of the vanished Seven Masters?
We have long called enlightened male masters Maruchi,
and women masters Arachi.
Maruchi and Arachi, between mortals and the enlightened,
were entrusted with the key to attain the state of Arahan.
Arahan is an enlightened state when one has nothing more to learn.
To be enlightened on the principles of all creation,
also means you have the power to rule over the world.
Such power may create desire that leads to huge sacrifice,
so the Seven Masters kept it a secret from anyone else.
The man who struck Mu-un is one of those Seven Masters.
Long ago, a man who betrayed heaven almost got the key.
People realized that when a corrupt man seized hold of the key,
unstoppable chaos and evil spread as a result.
Ceaseless greed made children kill parents, brothers kill brothers.
And yet the enlightened masters could not intervene in the world,
for it was against the law of nature to do so.
Ordinary humans failed in their quest for peace.
Hearing the cries of an orphaned child, Heug-un broke the covenant
and rushed to intervene.
Ultimately the flames of war consumed both worlds.
Seduced by the power of the sword, Heug-un lost his self-control.
He decided to become Arahan himself to bring order to chaos.
But the Masters knew that Heug-un, full of rage,
would only re-start the cycle of terror and misery.
Until they could find a true Arahan,
they hid the key in their bodies, and sealed Heug-un underground.
But unable to cast off ambition, Heug-un endured in a wicked chi,
preserving his life and returning to us now.
The weight of the key's chi alone is so great
that no ordinary Tao disciple can bear it.
For me, bearing the key
was no ordinary burden.
Now it's time that I let go of this burden.
Pull over.
Eui-jin, I don't know what to say, but...
Yeah, same here.
Seeing what happened to Master Mu-un, it made me think a lot. But now...
I said pull over!
Go wherever you want.
Hey, Eui-jin!
Have you gone mad?
He may just be another person to you,
but to me, he's a father.
Then what am I?
don't you get it?
Do you still think you can become Maruchi?
If you're not joining in, will you let go?
It was nice knowing you.
This is just too much.
It seems we've a long way to travel.
Let's have some tea.
It must have been hard, hiding it all this time.
I'm sorry, but I don't have the key either.
Jeez, what am I supposed to do?
Hey, wait up!
Excuse me.
First of all...
should we call the insurance company?
Hey, your hand's bleeding!
Hold on, let go. Give me the glasses.
Wait, okay okay...
Wait... you should calm down first.
Wouldn't you be upset?
I know how you feel, but this is something you've trained for.
You said to control oneself!
Let's not get worked up.
At times like this, we should try thinking calmly.
That guy wants the key, right?
Your dad doesn't have it.
All the other Masters were eliminated because of it!
That's why there's hope.
Think about it.
He must think your father is the last one who knows where it is.
Would he just kill someone like that? No way!
Don't worry.
Then where do we find him?
Now, that's a problem.
Are you going to keep talking nonsense?
I'm trying too. Are you the only one with a temper?
This bugs the hell out of me, I'm worried too!
If those who wish for enlightenment get a key and stand on this altar,
the path to Nirvana opens.
Wasn't the key connected to this place?
The meridian points in your body are blocked.
You'll die unless I take emergency measures.
Don't be stubborn, surrender the key.
Freedom from attachment means freedom from fear.
I'll take on Heug-un, you look for my father.
And then run far away.
- I'll join you soon. - Wait, Eui-jin!
Cripes, she's got no sense of strategy.
I'm telling you, girls should serve in the military too.
Jeez, are all museums this complicated?
Impressive that you found me, wench.
I know you've been out of touch,
but it's not nice to call a lady a "wench," asshole!
Where is he?
Hey, you!
Are you in the broadcasting room?
I don't know where I am, either.
Then how can I find you?
Heug-un has corrupted my chi.
Don't just use your eyes, open your five senses.
Oh, darn.
Okay then. I'm not sure where you are,
but... just stay there for now.
This way?
Spread the chi around you.
Prepare for the attack!
Concentrate the chi into a point of light!
Can you feel my chi?
Who told you to come here?
I'm telling you, you have no sense of strategy.
Hey, jaywalker!
Cool, huh?
I'm the one you want. Let's rumble.
Master Heug-un.
Without renouncing attachment, the key leads to self-destruction.
Times have changed.
Let's leave the key with these youngsters.
A sword can slaughter a pig, or cut through the world.
Power comes to the man who can wield it.
Renounce all...
The things we see are just the shadow of things we can't.
Renounce all...
One who aspires to be Maruchi must renounce all his desires,
and the door to enlightenment will open.
The moment you renounce yourself,
you feel a true freedom that exists between earth and sky,
it is then that you can command gravity.
In the act of going, you find understanding.
And in the constant practice, you find enlightenment.
The moment that you command your ego,
the gate of Arachi's heart will open,
and you will become Maruchi.
What's all this blood?
Hey, mister!
My stomach hurts!
That key doesn't seem to fit you.
And you're in the wrong spot!
Tired already, mister?
Another round?
Give up, you...
But know this...
Nature did not abandon the world,
it is the world that abandoned nature.
The tao never abandoned people,
it was people who abandoned tao.
As long as there is a path, there will be people following it.
Eui-jin! Eui-jin!
Hey, wake up!
- Eui-jin, bring me the dye. - Yes.
Can you empty this?
Excuse me!
I'll just run to the bank...
Huh, it's the police!
You guys are such a pain.
You're breaking my heart.
Bong... Officer Bong!
Officer Bong!
Are you okay, Officer Bong?
Corporal Yoo, I tried my...
When are you gonna learn to shoot a Palm Blast?
Hey, let's see you try it at a moving person!
Try doing it just like before.
Look over there. You shot at him, and what happened?
Haven't you learned...
I was looking over here!
Look what happened to Officer Bong!
You learned it way before me, can't you do it right?
Hey, I usually do fine. You wanna see?
Anyone can do it in practice. It's real situations that count.
Did you see me shoot back there?
Yeah, I saw it. You think you're good, but...
Just quit it, okay?
Shouldn't you take him to an acupuncturist?
That kid Sang-hwan called.
There will be a police raid today.
A raid?
See you later, Dad!
Eui-jin, wait!
Is this place illegal?
Oh, don't worry.
We were recommended this place. They're better than Hippocrates!
Sang-hwan said there will be a raid today.
Anyway, go to the storehouse
and take some of the cheapest aphrodisiacs to him.
Jeez, I'm busy today!
Careful on your way home at night...
Why are there so many raids?
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