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I want peace, only peace.
Is there no country anywhere that can say
"Lay down your arms, you must fight no more"?
I want peace, peace.
- What are you doing here? - Haygo told me what you were preparing.
He did?
- Then what? - Don't you do that.
The only struggle that counts today is the freedom struggle,
And that's not here. That's there,
- It's in Kharabagh. - Well, go back there!
If you don't agree with us anymore, then it's too bad.
But us, we're going to do what has to be done.
And we don't need you.
Look at me!
This is all suicidal. Think over! Damn, think over!
Don't do that Levon...
- Dad?
- Dad, Levon-e our e? - Chem Kider anoushig...
But don't worry, he'll be back soon.
Come on, sleep, sleep.
An organization, the Armenian Genocide Justiciaries Secret Army,
assumed the criminal attempt that occured tonight in Paris.
A criminal attempt in which Mr Azbalan Djelik,
General of the Turkish Army passing through France, died.
The only survivor seems to be the General's aide-de-camp, Colonel Talaat Sonlez.
The Armenian Organization justifies this criminal attempt by reminding that General Djelik
was the Black Wolves boss, a Turkish fascist organization responsible for the death
of Armenian militants, Kurdish nationalists and Turkish democrats defending Human Rights.
The anti-terrorist brigad seems to have initiated some interrogations in the French Armenian circle.
Yet it seems that the criminals are still on the run.
- He's badly wounded. - Have you only been able to make him talk?
- No, he was already in a coma. - And do you have any idea of who are the others?
- May be... - Mr Paul...
If you could avoid... how can i say... uncertainties... and find them quickly,
I would appreciate it a lot.
Mr Sarkissian?
Dad, stop doing you harm.
- I am here. - I know aghchig
But the doctor lies to me every time he sees your brother, saying that his health is ok.
You must trust him dad.
Stefan talked with Pr Kann, who also told him that there was no reason to be worried.
But doctors talk to each other! Why should I believe him more than another?
Because he's now part of the family and because you must trust him.
Kna bargir.
- Yertas Parov aghchig-es, Asdvadz hed-et ella. - Shat shnorhagal em Der Hayr.
No Stefan, come on, not here! Not here.
- Well, has everything been ok? - Yes!
He accepted to celebrate the wedding in the Cathedral. So, your parents will be happy and my father also.
He wanted Father Vasken, well that's it, he accepted.
He could have refused you know.
- No regret, right? - No, it's a good arrangement...
... Splendor of the Cathedral for your family, simplicity of the priest for mine.
- Hi dad! - Hi sweety.
Akhchig! What's a girl like you doing in such a cafe?
Baron Nazar, i must talk with my father
and that's not your Tavlou game or this cafe's men that will prevent me from doing it.
- She's right Nazar. - This little girl does what she wants from you.
- Ishtey, she's my princess. - Your princess...
She's going to mary, and you, her father, you didn't have anything to say about it.
We are losing our traditions...
The only important thing is her to be happy.
And as for the traditions, my daughter respects them, more than anybody else.
I know it and that's enough for me, so shut up, ge haskenas?
Ge haskenam Mihran...
But if i can't be kidding with you and your daughter anymore, who will I be kidding with?
Ok, ok...
- What did Father Vasken say? - He said that he couldn't refuse it to you.
That's a good thing my daughter.
Tonight I won't eat at home dad, I'll eat with Stefan.
- Everything's ok dad. - It's ok... Let me play now.
Ok, good bye... Baron Nazar...
Good bye princess.
300? No. It's far too much for us.
Long-range HK assault shotgun, with infrared telescope.
Even in a dark night you can see your target.
You sight, and there comes death.
The snipers absolute weapon.
We can let you have 200 of them. Not 300.
- Midzametin, we need those weapons. - 200, Vartan. Not one more.
It will cost you 800,000 $, cash... A very good price.
And we give you the munitions.
I thank you.
Of course, there's a condition.
Some Turkish generals plan a massive intervention of the Army on our territories.
Once more, they want to fix the Kurdish issue with strenghth and terror.
If this happens to be true, it will be a terrific drama for our people.
But we are ready to resist on our land.
And when they come in our village to destroy everything,
we will hit the Turkish State representants and interests in the whole world.
And that's exactly when you bring in with us.
You, the Armenians, have a long experience.
This experience will be precious to us.
That is our condition.
CALAIS, France
Aram, they're here.
- Mister? It's Virjil. - I'm listening.
Our man has just arrived. 2 men and a car for him.
- You've been able to follow him, haven't you? - No I haven't, too risky.
I took some pictures and identified the car.
- Genats. - Anoush.
- Tell me, how are our comrads doing? - They're doing good.
- Arthur and Olnik hail you. - Garodel em.
- Did you have any problem? - No problem at all.
- How do things present? - For the moment, it's good.
I have to call Kervedjian to tell him you arrived.
For the delivery part, he will be the one that warns the Kurds.
But if the weapons are already in France, things can happen very quickly.
We will keep them until you go back with them, on the Speeros.
- How did things happen with the Kurds? - Everything ok.
Midzametin involved himself personnaly into the contract.
- The Kurds will respect. - They can!
Your friend Nidzamoutin is a smart guy.
What he's demanding is too heavy... Starting again with criminal attempts
and all those bullshits!
- How could you accept that?! - That was that, or nothing.
You told us why you wanted to come back to France.
We were agree on that.
We only ask you to insure the weapon escorting, nothing else. We'll take care of the rest.
Don't bring this up again.
- I don't like this "Djalal", the guy they send us. - Why's that?
I don't know, he seemed hostile to the transaction.
He wanted to know how the money was going to come, and if we had a contact in Paris...
I refused to answer.
And without Midzametin, he would have wrecked the negociation.
- What do we know about him? - He's Midzametin's right hand since little time.
We know he's from Irakian Kurdistan, that's all.
Vartan, be careful.
Don't worry.
Ok, I got Keridjian, that's for tonight.
- That's ok. - Don't move.
They want to identify us.
Let them show themselves first.
Vahe, switch your lights on.
That's Djalal.
I go.
Aram, pakhi!
You can bring him, i'm finished with him.
- Mister? - Go ahead Virjil.
The information from our Secret Services contact is true.
That's the car I saw yesterday night on the pier.
We took shell impacts on the coachwork and in the surroundings.
Very different weapons, according to the cases of cartridge.
There are also 5 corpses.
Have you been able to identify them?
No, they have been sprinkled with fuel and totally burnt.
3 men have been beheaded.
We'll need time to have the results.
What do we do sir?
Keep on your searches in Dunkerque, look what else you can get there.
And don't tell anything to anybody about that business.
Adam and Ship got your pictures... I'm waiting for their reply.
He left something for you.
2nd floor.
Stop! On your knees Kervedjian!
On your knees!
Don't do that! Please!
Tell me what happened! Tell me what happened!!
I don't know! I swear!
They are all dead, and you'll be dead soon if you don't give me the right answers!
Think over. We'll see each other again.
Paul? What a pleasure to see you again!
I hope it's a shared pleasure.
Nassima, leave.
Paul, what can I do for you?
- Where can we talk tranquilly? - I'm listening to you.
Come on, come on... Everything is ok here. Don't worry, i'm listening to you.
Do you want me to bring you some place where we can talk tranquilly?
Ok. Follow me.
Why did you come back?
I've been named cultural attaché of Turkish Embassy in France.
I'm here for an official mission for my government.
- Nothing unexpected, right? - I know who you are, Talaat.
You are still a secret services officer and a Black Wolves boss.
You entertain links with the Turkish Mafia, your business is dirty...
Kidnappings, murders, drug traffic... I told you not to come back on our territory.
Even with a diplomatic passport, to me you remain undesirable in France.
I know some French Embassy attachés in Istambul that are not very clean too...
You have your interests, we have ours.
Don't lose your time by lecturing me, Mr Paul.
The Turkish Mafia, the Black Wolves, ...
They're all occidental fantasies.
I tell you once more, I'm here for an official mission.
Then let's talk about your official mission.
I guess that one of your preoccupations is
- the Kurdish cultural component in France? - Yes, it is.
Ok Talaat...
Then beware of another cultural preoccupation...
But Armenian this time.
- See you soon, Mr Cultural Attaché. - Paul!
For us, for Turkey...
There's as few Armenian genocide as there's a Kurdish issue.
And you can trust us, we take care of it.
One day, you'll lose this arrogance. I hope to be here to see it.
Come on, faster, come on! Yeah!
I see you didn't forget.
- Saad... - Saad.
- And his cousin Mamad. - Mamad.
- You come? - Keep me that.
It's already paid.
It's paid.
I got the pictures he asked me.
You'll get the car license tomorrow.
- They are trustworthy. - Anyway, thanks Fodil.
It's ok.
If I can do more for you, tell me.
Not on this one.
- I gotta go. - Be careful Aram.
You too, hasketsar?
- No, not this one. - It's a good model, you can believe me.
I believe you Saad. But if I tell you that I'm supersticious?
Then my brother, I don't have anything to say.
Anyway, this Benz is not even here, it has never existed.
Aram, we owe Fodil a lot.
He told us about you two, when you were in jail.
If you need more, we're here.
- Someone might see us. - Don't worry about that.
See you tomorrow.
Meline, I already miss you my love!
You still live in my house.
You're late, you're not sorry, you go to the window.
You have all your life to see your fiance.
What did you just say dad?
That you should tell us "good evening" before running to the window to see your fiance,
like a...
Like a what?
Like a what daddy?
You think I don't respect you, don't you?
Go say good evening to your aunt, then come and eat with us.
Stop talking to me this way daddy, it's unbearable!
- I'm affraid when I see how hard you can be sometimes. - Shut up!
I hope you made no mistake about Aram.
When I think he left us many years ago and that you keep on hating him
and that we don't even know if he's dead or alive...
To me, he's dead since a long time.
How can you say such a thing?
He doesn't deserve any tear.
He's just a murderer, and nothing else.
Don't tell me who he is.
You understand? He's not a murderer! He's my brother, just like him.
Yes, he's a murderer, he dragged Levon off his crazyness.
He took his youth, his life!
Don't you ever talk to me about him, you hear me?
Look what he did to him! Look!
Stop Mihran! Leave her.
We talked about Aram.
Sit down.
I don't think Aram wanted that.
We don't know.
But your father will never forgive him...
That's the way it is, my daughter...
He suffers from it, but we won't change him.
He may be wrong, but he's your father.
Please, go and see him.
Why can't we talk about it?
Not to hurt us even more.
He was strong, very strong.
He succeeded in everything.
Your mother and brother admired him...
Too much.
When your mother got ill,
she kept on backing him in his commitments.
He left and fought in Kharabagh suddenly.
She died without seeing him again.
One day he came back.
Both of us went to her grave and
he sweared to me that when the war would be over
he'd come back in France to live a normal life.
He came back...
Yes he did!
But to do this criminal attempt!
We had been told that you were dead Aram.
Why did you do this to us?
I had to disappear,
for you, for your security.
How's Levon doing?
And... And dad?
Dad says that it's all your fault,
that Levon is how he is because of you.
- Is it also what you think? Hm? - Yes.
You dragged him off.
He admired you and you dragged him off.
You left him half dead when you left.
Meline. Meline listen to me.
Listen to me.
Meline, listen to me!
I swear on mom's grave, I was against this attempt.
Levon organized it! I did everything I could to prevent him
from doing so, but he refused to listen to me!
To him I was a coward.
I didn't want that.
I would have given my life for him!
Ha ha... Ge pav e Levon.
Was it good my son? Hm?
Why did you turn it over? He likes to look at this picture.
I'm his father, I do what I want!
Just be his aunt!
When their mother was dying, I reared them by myself!
Without anybody else!
And without you!
Calm down deghas.
The Kurds confirmed Djalal betrayal.
He's a former Irakian Kurdistan Democratic Party renegade,
collaborating with Turkey.
Aren't you listening to me Aram?
I'm listening to you Kervejian. I'm listening to you.
Midzametin has been deprived of his functions.
The Kurds want to atone for this.
They propose a new weapons delivery within the coming days.
The organization and the security will be insured by themselves.
And they also commit themselves, as soon as they know your comrads
murder party at fault, to do what has to be done.
The Northern Kharabagh Comitee is really sorry for your comrads losses.
But I have to inform you that since your departure,
tension has kept on growing up with Azerbaidjan,
there are more and more incidents on the border.
A global confronting may not be excluded, even before any negociation.
And more than ever, they say they need those weapons.
Did you understand me? It's vital for ours.
And as far as I am concerned?
They highly recommand you not to do anything that may compromise this operation
until your departure from France.
It's too dangerous for you...
And for your family.
About my departure : when and how?
The same day, and the same means as the weapons one.
in 1, 2 or 3 days... they don't know exactly.
You must call me every morning at 8:30.
And that's it?
They asked me, if you had the money, to give it to me.
Just for security.
We will pay the Kurds only once the weapons delivered
and your coming back insured.
That's it. That's what I can tell you for the moment.
You're sure you told me everything?
Then it's good.
Don't believe I'm against you.
But... Think about it...
I could live here a very comfortable life.
My commitment is very different but is as sincere as yours.
Not everybody can be a Fedayi fighter.
Bidi amousnanam Aram.
That's good.
I'm happy for you.
I'd like you to be there, beside dad.
You must tell him the truth. I'm sure he can understand.
I don't want that alive pig to live one more second in this world.
We have to find him, and quick.
Nassima... He killed Nassima.
I'd like to pull out his heart!
You must be in Dunkerque tomorrow, in the afternoon.
You'll leave the coming night.
- And how do I leave? - You'll board a ship,
as a French doctor from a European humanitarian organization that
gathers many countries : Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, France.
They mainly send there medical materials, medicines and
indispensable articles for Irakian and Turkish Kurdistan.
The weapons will be inside the medicines cases.
What about my contact?
Go to the port and identify yourself as Mr Alain Rossigny.
Pier 7. You'll be received by Apo, a Kurdish doctor.
You'll check the cargo with him.
If everything's ok, you'll put into port in Athenes and
that's where you'll be unloading with the weapons.
The organization will be waiting for you there.
- We now have to fix your trip to Dunkerque. - I deal with it.
It's the last time we see each other.
The hammam killing... Is that from you?
Hm hm... I understand you very well Paul.
Let's have an appointment.
He doesn't want to say anything.
We are about to lay hands on the person in charge of the Kurdistan Party in Europe.
One month ago, we had been able to localize him in France.
- He got away from you? - No.
We were only following him in order to arrest him... in a friendly country.
We recently learnt that he's now in Germany.
I was about to go, when yesterday...
Somebody made an attempt on my life.
And what do you exactly expect from me in all this story?
Give me my killer identity!
I already told you... I don't know anything for the moment.
You're not hiding anything from me, are you, Paul?
Absolutely not. Is it over?
I could give you some information on the Islamist network taking place in Europe,
and in France...
Vartan Madarian, born in Istambul on 24 April 1955, Law and French studies
in Turkey, regularly sees the Kurd separatist circles, and joins the
Armenian Genocide Justiciaries Secret Army in 1980.
Vahe Anikian, born in Beyrouth, interpreter.
In 1990 he joins the same organization.
And there just remains our stranger... It can only be him.
- Right, Mr Virjil? - Yes sir.
You can go now Virjil.
Before leaving, just give me all the organization members files since its creation.
- I want to refer to it again. - Ok, right now sir.
- There they are. - What time is it Virjil?
10:30 pm.
- See you tomorrow morning sir? - See you tomorrow.
They are at Stefan parents home.
Stefan, my fiance.
Dad wanted to see them one last time before the wedding.
- What about Levon? - He's in his room.
Wait for dad.
I can't, I gotta go.
No, don't go, you have to tell them everything now, that's enough!
I can't...
- How's your brother doing? - He's ok.
You don't belong to this house anymore!
Go away! Go away!
- Go away! - Stop it dad!
Stop it.
Listen dad, it's not his fault.
Tell him Aram!
Tell him!
- Aram! He didn't mean it. - Stop.
You must think of you now, ok?
- But you know him... he didn't want... - Stop it, stop it...
Be happy.
That's him, Aram Sarkissian, officialy killed in Kharabagh.
- Well done...
Do we arrest him sir?
- What do we do sir? - We leave.
We must warn Virjil.
It's for you sir. We scanned it.
- Then? - No danger, but...
Just look by yourself.
- Dailland? - Yes sir?
They got Virjil. Go and arrest Fodil Boushaour.
The Turkey Embassy. Right now.
Hayr mer...
Leave us alone Dailland.
Fodil Boushaour...
What we're going to say is just between us.
Nothing official. Just a simple conversation.
Where is Aram Sarkissian?
The latest news I got from him go back to 7 years ago.
Since then, he rests in peace in a Northern Kharabagh graveyard.
And he's so happy there that he doesn't want to leave.
We'll do as if I hadn't heard your fucking humour, Boushaour.
I could arrest you but I don't have time to lose anymore,
so listen to me carefully...
If Aram Sarkissian, your friend, is still in Paris...
And that you still can contact him, tell him that from me :
Talaat, the man that shot his brother and that he tried to kill last sunday...
This man got totally crazy. He made it... How could I say that...
Let's say, a personal business.
He wanted the name of the hammam killing and...
I threw out Aram Sarkissian...
And all the others.
Boushaour, you got it?
Talaat is a real butcher.
He doesn't know anything, let's go.
Don't do that Sarkissian!
Go away!
Don't you ever come back in France.
I don't like mines to be attacked neither.
To the memory of my father, mother and brothers, and to Mrs Ayche Nur Zarakolu, Turkish democrat militant.
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Atlantis The Lost Empire
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