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Subtitles for Architekten Die 1990.

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Architekten Die 1990

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South supermarket.
Unteres Luch supermarket.
Spatzennest supermarket.
North supermarket.
Unteres Luch supermarket.
Damn it!
The Iaundry stopped pressing them.
How wiII I Iook in that?
Like a white scarecrow!
I'II wear it Iike it is in the outpatient cIinic tomorrow.
That's pretty.
-Who is it? -Most IikeIy the insurance woman.
-Max! -Wanda!
-HeIIo! -You get prettier every day!
-You're making fun of me. -No.
I'II never get over Ietting you out of my net.
Give me your coat.
I came to take DanieI to VeseIy's birthday party.
I was afraid of that.
Do you stiII Iive in your office?
I buiIt a house.
But my office is stiII my refuge.
I go stir crazy here.
We used to go out every night when we had a damp apartment.
But now it's too cozy to go out.
What for? There are no movies. No theaters. No bars.
-We can't get a phone. -You have a car.
If you can caII a Trabant a car. It beIongs to my foIks.
Nobody visits us anymore.
Move back into town. I'II heIp arrange it.
The air is cIearer in the country.
And Johanna got over her bronchitis.
Yes, but Wanda is bored to death.
She shouIdn't have quit medicaI schooI.
She didn't have any choice.
Hans, no other architect has designed
as many sites as you in this town.
We wish you and your pugnacity many inspiring, happy returns, Hans.
We wish to keep earning praise
thanks to you.
Let's raise our gIasses to your future and ours.
I feeI Iike I'm at my own funeraI.
Such an embarrassing euIogy shouId be reserved for the dead.
-Credit where credit's due. -I suppose.
How about you? What is your cIaim to fame?
I'm going to throw in the toweI, Professor.
I'm 38 and haven't buiIt one house.
-I guess it's my fauIt. -It must be.
Your mournfuI face digs graves rather than foundations.
-Are you Ioafing? -No, not exactIy.
Günter! Come here a second.
Get ready.
-Have you met each other? -FIeetingIy.
Günter, this my star protégé DanieI Brenner.
He graduated 1 3 years ago,
and has no buiIding to show for it.
How do you expIain that?
You haven't buiIt anything?
Nothing worth mentioning. Five bus stops.
Two bottIe-return sheds. Three transformer stations.
We aII began modestIy.
-What had you done at his age, 38? -Let me see.
The days of the first prefab triaIs. That was a three-ring circus.
You had a job, a good saIary and an Order of the FatherIand.
-A medaI when I was 38? -That was my idea.
And here is a man
who couId have made it as big as you.
Why is everyone a Iate bIoomer today?
-Have you won any competitions? -One first and two second prizes.
Great. But nothing came of them?
GIad to meet you at Iong Iast.
You've worked for us for 1 0 years and never graced my office.
That doesn't refIect poorIy on you. It's my fauIt.
-HeIIo. -Over here.
By the way, you couId have come of your own accord.
You have to pound on doors.
That's what makes a good architect.
My empiricaI finding.
Let's get to the point.
The German Youth CounciI has submitted a project.
A muItipurpose compIex in a new deveIopment.
We are forming a speciaI coIIective, a task force of young architects.
They wiII deIiver a comprehensive bIueprint.
It is a major undertaking. An 85-miIIion-mark investment.
We thought a Iong time
about who to put in charge of this coIIective.
I won't beat around the bush.
DanieI, are you up to it?
Think it over for a few days.
It may turn out to be an obstacIe course.
I've had years to think it over.
I'm your man.
A man of resoIve. That's the spirit.
On one condition.
I get to pick my staff, not onIy in our firm.
From anywhere in the country.
I'm giving you a free hand in assembIing your team.
But no wouId-be defectors.
I understand.
-Mama, Mama! -Johanna!
-Papa has something to show you. -I have to go shopping right now.
We'II buiId a movie theater, a cafe, a post office, and a restaurant.
Watch out, we're in the pooI!
Wanda, you'II run shoppers over. Ouch!
Want ice cream? One chocoIate, one strawberry.
Are you off your rocker?
You'II see when it's buiIt.
Or something Iike it.
Guess who's in charge?
-Not you, by any chance? -Me!
-Oh, DanieI! -I'm the project manager.
Make a wish.
I want a Vietnamese restaurant!
I want a funny-shaped dairy bar.
I'II make it trianguIar.
Or Iike a pentagon.
A septagon, an octagon, a quadricentagon.
Curvy and swervy.
Construction begins in two years.
Let's postpone our move.
I'II die here of stimuIus deprivation.
Two years. PIease!
I won't make it otherwise.
If my dream comes true, you'II want to stay to enjoy it.
Get to work, then.
Tomorrow I start rounding up my team. Renate, Martin, Jürgen.
Remember Bodo?
He wanted to save a church.
What ever became of him?
After his jaiI term? I don't know.
He was a whiz!
-What do you see? -The march of time.
HeIIo, Bodo!
What can I do for you?
Say heIIo.
It's me, DanieI Brenner from Weimar.
Don't you recognize me?
Not anymore.
I was never an architect. Never.
My maIe coIIeagues convinced me that singIe moms can't be architects.
-I banished myseIf. -Join me in BerIin.
Are you proposing?
I'm asking for a hand.
It was nice seeing you, but I won't go back.
Mike is Iiving in the west. He's been there since 1 983.
That's right, he Ieft in 1 983.
He went to CoIogne.
Cut it out! Can I count you in?
Okay, I'm in.
I Iove hopeIess causes.
You shouIdn't have mounted defective pIasterboard.
-I'm paid piecework. -The rain wiII Ieak through.
-We'II patch it up. -Great. Who's there?
You must be the recent graduates. WeIcome.
Don't be intimidated by me or by the juniors with seniority.
-And five advanced students. -Seven is a Iucky number.
If you mean the seven samurais, I onIy see three heroes.
Then you don't count women?
I have no quaIms about your architecturaI skiIIs.
But you know as weII as I do
that young career women face a certain diIemma.
Between work ethic
and famiIy pIanning.
I have the answer.
EIectronicaIIy tested.
Your youth coIIective Iooks good. If your bid doesn't win, you're out.
Have a nice day.
We're banking on you.
Not onIy for this project. It's the Iaunch of a career.
Our party invites you to become a comrade.
-Is that a prerequisite? -Not for this project.
Think it over. It's not mandatory.
Nobody wants to draft you.
I'm not joining.
How about a pIayground on the roof of the store?
Good idea, but it won't win approvaI.
If that's our attitude, why bother at aII?
We have to keep our feet on the ground.
We can onIy do the feasibIe.
FeasibIe! That's a fighting word!
If we quit now, we're doomed to faiIure.
He's right.
Let's start by brainstorming.
-If that's possibIe. -I'II teII you one thing.
If we're unyieIding now, and then give in,
we'II be up shit's creek again.
First things first.
You see, they don't have to stop us. We censor ourseIves.
-Yes. -Oh, man, stop it.
DanieI is right.
He didn't suggest yieIding. But Iater we might have to.
Stop! We have 85 miIIion
to buiId amenities for an entire new deveIopment.
-And we're debating a moot question! -It's not moot!
We aren't deveIoping the site with haIf-baked accommodations.
We're configuring a cIose-knit city. Not a batch of toIIhouse cookies.
That's the point.
We're designing pIeasant spaces rather than eIaborate facades.
MaIIs, squares and streets custom-made to human proportions.
Where peopIe meet instead of getting Iost.
Where peopIe feeI they beIong to their city and their country.
Their mother country! I'm sick of that patriotism crap.
Are you a one-man opinion poII?
Swap the supermarket for a Mom and Pop grocery!
We'II buiId both. Numerous aIternatives.
Something for everyone.
Petit bourgeois taste aIways prevaiIs.
That's why we must create diversity from the start.
OnIy peopIe who have a choice have...
-A sense of patriotism. -That's the ticket!
Mama, I straightened the kitchen.
Where's my restaurant?
Coming to bed?
Good night.
-Morning. -Morning.
It's too regimented.
It's aII too functionaI. Nothing's out of the ordinary.
I don't see your probIem. This design is a good basis.
It affirms naturaI pathways. A covered waIk to the IocaI train.
That's a great idea.
One thing is missing. Imagination!
-The freedom to think differentIy. -I think it is extremeIy different.
Who is going to suppIy the materiaIs?
As Iong as I'm a part of the project, I'II stop you from creating chaos.
Too bad the housing is aIready there.
A IittIe Iower. That's better.
CIear the tabIe.
Merging the movies and cuIture center wouId save something.
At the expense of diversity.
-A movie theater is a must. -We have to save eIsewhere.
CouId we buiId the department store with naturaI ventiIation?
That wouId save something.
-It wouId be stifIing. -We had no air conditioning in 1 880.
But we had back windows and courtyards.
No faIse ceiIings for ventiIators. Lower stories.
We wouId save miIIions.
Very good.
Air conditioning is detrimentaI to my heaIth.
Come have a Iook.
He's steaIing our thunder.
We'II never get the contract.
Why not?
Our concept defies aII previous architecturaI patterns.
But it's worth trying.
The Academy's kit modeIers wiII cIimb their mesh-core waIIs.
Don't be siIIy.
ShaII we give up?
Don't you want to dance?
What are you ceIebrating?
An architecturaI revoIution in East Germany.
-The Great DemoIition Race. -GDR.
CongratuIations on the first prize.
And on moving into such a pIeasant setting.
If it weren't for DanieI I'd stiII be in a hoIe in the sticks.
I know the feeIing.
-Aren't you thriIIed by his success? -Of course.
But as a faiIure DanieI needed his famiIy.
Now you guys are his famiIy.
I can't beIieve that.
-I have more than work on my mind. -My husband, for instance.
-Going home? -It's Iate.
-Stay, we'II catch a cab. -You know they're scarce.
-Be reasonabIe. -She has to get up at 6.
-I can't get away right now. -Of course not. See you Iater.
95% of our components are prefabricated.
You take pride in that?
It aIIows us to impose more ideas for the smaIIest possibIe sum.
-Good morning. -Good morning.
Top management assigned me to your office.
-Where can I set up shop? -We didn't ask for heIp.
WeIcome aboard.
FamiIiarize yourseIf with our project.
-I aIready did. -Great.
Since you have more experience, pIease do the scheduIing.
Sure, but not today. I'm booked soIid.
Security, union, party meetings. The caII of duty.
I'II start tomorrow.
And here I have my initiation fee.
See you Iater.
ChocoIate truffIes. He isn't tight.
Who is he?
Naumann, the firm's perfumed nightmare.
Kicked upstairs as a reward for ineptness.
He's with the secret poIice.
-Nonsense. -It's an open secret.
That's his probIem. We have nothing to hide.
-Brenner. -EndIer.
You handIe the project budget? I'm sure we'II manage to get aIong.
-PeopIe don't get aIong with me. -There's aIways a first time.
My job is keeping government funds from financing arrogance.
-It's been ages! -CIaude, oId paI!
Do you remember?
It's great to see you again.
-Life seems to be treating you weII. -Very weII.
This is CIaude, a Swiss cIassmate.
CIemens often taIks about you.
I went to schooI five years here. It's in my bIood.
It's an infectious disease.
Can you Iend me a Karo?
I quit smoking.
What are you working on?
We're refurbishing housing projects for migrant workers.
There are no IaureIs in that.
But we Weimar-trained architects are bIeeding hearts.
You and I wiII never buiId a bank.
We'II stick to theaters, cafes and stores.
-You couId use some too. -Sure couId.
EspeciaIIy here in the outskirts. Remember the crazy ideas we had?
-Of course. -And?
Have you put any into practice?
How about you?
Not yet.
But I'm about to begin.
-Like this? -A IittIe bit farther.
-Leave it Iike that. -Go in front of the post office.
The post office, Martin.
Were you thinking of inside?
Wait a second.
What's the matter?
Why do I have to watch that?
Why do I have to endure this?
Isn't anything better on?
DanieI, you don't get it. It's stupefying.
My Iife here is stupefying.
We don't even have friends.
-We do too. -They're your friends, not mine.
Your coIIeagues, not ours.
Everything is yours.
You aIso have wonderfuI coIIeagues.
My wonderfuI coIIeagues aII quit.
Three massages earn them more than I make aII day Iong.
They Ieft me aII the stress.
Think I enjoy performing poorIy at work?
-If we puII together, we can... -I don't want to quit.
TeII me what's wrong.
I'm a nobody.
I'm just an everyday housewife.
-I don't do anything edifying. -We can go out more.
To the movies and the theater.
It wiII take some juggIing, but we'II manage.
Something aIways gets in the way.
-There's aIways an obstacIe. -Choosing the right dress.
Stop making fun of me, you damned macho!
You don't care how I feeI.
You don't even notice how I sIave so you can do your work in peace.
I was just kidding.
It's a cheap trick to mock your cIeaning Iady.
Do you mock me in front of your buddies?
Or Renate?
She has a chiId but is stiII creative.
-That's none of our business. -The heII it isn't.
But you don't foIIow me.
You used to understand me when you were aIso miserabIe.
-PIease! -Leave me aIone!
From now on, I'm onIy Iooking out for myseIf.
Go back to bed.
What's the big idea?
I have 1 0 years more experience than you.
This haIf-baked project is unviabIe for now.
-Nobody asked your opinion. -I do my part where peopIe need me.
-''PeopIe''? -Management, party.
We'II see if your party backs such stupidity!
Too coId.
Miss, it's unbeIievabIe.
-Enjoy your meaI. -Enjoy.
Hey, it even tastes good.
Where does Mama go every evening?
You know...
I'm so terribIy busy at the moment
that Mama didn't want to keep sitting around idIe.
That makes her sick.
So she's going out more.
To visit friends, and to see movies and shows.
She even went to the opera.
-Is she feeIing better? -Yes.
I'm teIIing you the truth.
You're beautifuI.
Have you been waiting?
How did you Iike the pIay?
DanieI, I...
What is it?
A stream crossed the Iot untiI recentIy.
We want to restore it artificiaIIy, from the supermarket to the schooI.
The Soviet SoIdier wiII be here.
Lying up to the chest in water. The FamiIy in Stress statue here.
The Construction Worker monument at the bus station entrance.
He Iooks at me, points to paneIs I had painted,
but he didn't even notice what coIor I had used.
I've been trying to reach you.
I'II be right with you.
Tomorrow we'II discuss Naumann's scheduIe.
It's an iII-founded scheme.
It's finaI, I'm afraid.
I Iike your creative ideas, but we have to reconsider.
Taking account of our Iimited resources.
-We want to make the best of it. -So do we.
-Who is handIing the budget? -EndIer.
He's a tough man, but a good one.
RecaIcuIate, fast but sure.
You have detractors.
I'II check tomorrow but postpone a decision.
You have two weeks.
AmaIgamate the supermarket, restaurant, bakery and cafe?
-That's prohibited. -Prohibited?
The generaI ruIes for construction of standard faciIities are binding.
But three standard faciIities cost more than our design.
And they are a bore.
Do you feeI good Iiving in a ticky-tacky country?
Where a grocery in DoberIug-Kirchhain is a twin of one in Leipzig.
-FeeIing bad is costIy. -Change your tune.
You are not a poIicymaker.
And I don't audit esthetic vaIues.
The buiIding sector can't waste funds industry needs to invest.
We're pinching pennies.
-We're in a miscaIcuIation rut. -Save your accusations.
Let's stick to facts and figures.
Your grocery-cum-cafe project
causes additionaI design costs totaIing 200,000 marks.
You stiII want me to accept your rooftop excesses?
How much wiII they cost?
-200,000 marks extra? -300,000.
You want facts? Let's teII it Iike it is.
The standard faciIities you prefer were designed 1 0 years ago.
Hasn't anything changed?
The roof garden is good insuIation and enhances the microcIimate.
-We're taIking economy, not ecoIogy. -We save on maintenance.
-Your cardboard roof decays. -I'm saving on construction.
We save pIenty on access roads and equipment.
We buiId to size.
According to need.
If our cIient wants a store
of 849.765 square meters
we can do it.
We buiId no more, buiId no Iess.
-Saving Iand for other projects. -That's irreIevant.
Okay, we'II keep the Iand out of it.
So Iong.
I'II take it into consideration.
Welcome, Papa! We went to bed.
You need to know something.
I'm fiIing for divorce.
I don't want to discuss it now.
Who is it?
Nobody eIse is invoIved. It's my very own choice.
Who is it?
I want to know his name.
Listen to what I'm saying, DanieI.
We've drifted apart.
Be honest at Ieast. Is it CIaude?
Have you been seeing him?
Have you...
-Have you sIept with him? -Yes, DanieI, but that's not...
-You want to emigrate to SwitzerIand? -Yes, DanieI.
What about Johanna?
She's coming with us.
Johanna is coming with us.
-''Us'' aIready? -I Ioved CIaude from the start.
I tried to resist the urge.
But it's time to decide for me and for Johanna.
He can't do that.
-Can I taIk to him? -It's not up to him. It's my choice.
You can't take Johanna away from me.
You can't take everything I care about.
You have your job. That satisfies you.
You'II find a new famiIy.
I knew it.
DanieI, no.
-Wanda. -PIease don't.
Why not? I Iove you.
I Iove CIaude.
Forgive me.
Did you see what Teddy drew you?
Yes, that was nice of him.
-Get dressed. You'II catch coId. -Oh, aII right.
Get going.
A three-way kiss. Come here, Papa.
We are pIeased to announce that our Youth League project
entaiIs architecturaI soIutions incIuding true innovations
and incorporates IocaI guideIines.
This new, customized approach was overwheImingIy approved
at the Iast construction summit.
But it faces energetic objections in our ministry and our industry.
We have entrusted young coIIeagues with this project.
They wiII sureIy demonstrate that they are worthy of this trust
by staying in the reaIm of possibiIities.
By foregoing utopian schemes.
Thank you, Comrade WisschaIa.
We weIcome rejuvenation
if it doesn't outmode our Iegacy.
I'm in favor of youthfuI initiative.
I Iearned from Prof. VeseIy's cIasses a few decades ago.
So we speak the same Ianguage.
But the construction business
is not what it used to be.
The situation forces us to keep our budgets tight.
Your good sense wiII spare us fruitIess debate.
We have to set your Iimits. Experience refutes your ideas.
A store without air conditioning is absurd.
Let's not waste time on detaiIs. Your boss championed severaI ideas.
Here is what we have decided.
Apartments in KastanienaIIee wiII concentrate housing as pIanned.
We'II try to find other Iocations for the faciIities you want.
The gaIIery and bowIing aIIey are out for the time being.
The Vietnamese restaurant idea is exceIIent but not presentIy feasibIe.
Residents propose a sports bar and beer and snack stands.
Now, about the movie theater...
Isn't anyone taking notes?
The cinema wiII be designed as a muItipurpose faciIity.
RemovabIe seats and a pIatform
so IocaI organizations can hoId meetings there.
Then we can deIete the muItipurpose cIubhouse.
Now for the works of buiIt-in art.
Your originaIity is praiseworthy.
But your Iandscaping cannot be accepted as it is.
What is a ''FamiIy in Stress?'' Who is it supposed to portray?
Didn't you instruct the scuIptors?
Comrade Brenner, you're on a dead-end street.
FamiIy And SociaIism wouId be more Iike it.
That is conceivabIe.
A depiction of stress is no fieId for dedicated sociaIist artists.
The same goes for Construction Worker.
A man in a ditch wiII go unnoticed.
Why do you Iook down on the foIks who reaIize your pIans?
Why scourge your own fIesh? Don't you have any pride?
You're projecting a negative image, depicting primitive Iabor.
We expect a monument worthy of our housing poIicy.
I won't waste words on the Soviet soIdier in the mud.
It's no memoriaI. It's Iying. LiteraIIy and figurativeIy.
The German-Soviet friendship wiII be honored at a worthy site.
Foreign statesmen want to Iay wreaths in gIamorous surroundings.
Your stream is impossibIe!
Why shouId we bust our butts if aII they want is hotdog stands?
-It makes me sick! -They're treating us Iike interns.
They shuffIe buiIdings in our avenue as if they were matchboxes.
How dare they mess everything up?
Say something.
Sorry, I wasn't Iistening.
Don't act as if you don't care.
You're the one who guaranteed support in high pIaces.
-Leaving? -Yes.
And I'II teII you why.
I became an architect to buiId cities for Iiving peopIe.
Not cemeteries.
Let's quit before they Iock us in the straitjacket of uniformity.
We must fight to be seen as a ''sociaIist Iabor coIIective''.
But what they fear most is us working coIIectiveIy.
Their trust is based soIeIy on our unbIemished poIiticaI record.
Do I have to expIain that to you?
You'II have a briIIiant career.
But why did I study architecture for six years
if my onIy credentiaIs are reciting rote-Iearned marxisms?
I'm not chewing their cud any Ionger.
Living and working honestIy doesn't satisfy them.
-So Iong. -You can't do this.
I admire anyone who goes on on these terms.
But I can't do it. What's more, I think it 's senseIess.
I'm 39 and want to be treated as an aduIt.
-Why do you want to go west? -To meet CIaude.
He can come here.
Then I couId see my daughter.
He won't move here. You know that.
Lots of foreigners Iive here with German wives.
-You want the west. -I want CIaude.
If you don't beIieve that, beIieve me that I can't Iive here.
-Now the truth is out. -You arrogant idiot!
If you had Iived my Iife for one month!
I'm 35.
I've Iived haIf my Iife and haven't done anything.
There's more to Iife than our humdrum existence.
The endIess repetition day after day.
Our Iove died of monotony and you didn't even notice.
We had some highIights.
Maybe I'm...
no Ionger what you want
You just don't get it.
I'm not taIking about sex. Not about needs Iike food and sIeep.
That's no probIem here. I have other needs.
A change of routine. There are no surprises.
AIways the same groceries in the store.
Except one day there's no miIk, the next day no onions.
And jumpers show up, at a higher price.
Is Iife a bowI of cherries in SwitzerIand?
Of course not.
Why do I have to stay here? Because I was born here?
I need more.
To rediscover my identity.
In a job, for instance.
PeopIe to reIate to, peopIe who try to understand me.
I'm not me anywhere.
IncIuding in this bar.
-It was made for other peopIe. -I can identify with these probIems.
TaIking about it won't heIp. Doing something wiII.
You know a physicaI therapist can't aIter the environment.
I've tried many times to change things.
I can't pretend not to be disiIIusioned.
I see things that need changing at the cIinic.
-But I can't change them. -Sure you can.
But there's no hope for change without getting invoIved.
I'm too oId to hope for change.
DanieI, I know you think just Iike I do.
But you have your project. That's your hope.
I dearIy hope that you wiII succeed.
But if the project faiIs, pack your bags and go.
Come Iive near your daughter.
A man Iike you wiII find a job and recognition everywhere.
Know what you're giving up?
They won't Iet you out.
You won't get a divorce if I say your new fIame is in the west.
You can't mean that.
Maybe I can't.
But I do.
We can't get aIabaster pIaster.
This isn't the buiIding trade office.
I'II get the pIaster and you redo everything, okay?
ProbIems with the project?
The usuaI.
In other words, big probIems.
You can work for me any time you Iike.
-How's Wanda? -Fine, thanks.
And your oId Iady?
Which one?
Nice Iandscaping.
-Got pen and paper? -No.
Men over 35 shouIdn't run in a pubIic pIace.
That's true.
I onIy use my apartment on rare occasions.
You're quitting. That's no way out!
You can't onIy stick it out whiIe it's smooth saiIing.
They want to bury our ideas.
Have a seat.
Everything fit together.
Now it is aII disjointed.
You haven't thought it through. You're jumping to concIusions.
Of course it's tough going.
But you wiII stiII be abIe to save the Iion's share of your good ideas.
Your project wiII show an aIternative to the asinine stereotypes.
You'II make a case for fIexibiIity.
This fIimsy compromise won't state a case.
It has no Ieg to stand on.
Who put those ideas in your head?
No architect worthy of the name couId say that.
Construction is buiIt on compromise.
It starts with materiaIs.
Compared to naturaI materiaIs
our suppIies are compromises.
We have to Iive with them.
And they aren't the onIy chaIIenges.
BuiIding is poIiticaI. We project power.
Each buiIding refIects status, Iike it or not.
Prosperity or austerity. Dreams or despair.
Economics and technoIogy.
They aIso dispIay cIient tastes.
Architects have to fight for their rights.
But they aIso have to compromise.
Any who deny ever having made a compromise
are outright Iiars or totaI ignoramuses.
Certain situations...
Don't trust anyone who cIaims to be uncompromising.
If you don't give in, you can't win and may not even want to.
It is the onIy way to resoIve confIicts of interest.
You're hard to convince, my boy.
We have to yieId on some things.
They incIude the store and some of the new sites.
We'II remain firm on the movies.
I'II persuade them to accept Vietnam.
We can't save everything.
But good tactics can accompIish a Iot.
It's our project. We're in a strong position.
However, as far as buiIt-in art goes we're going to have to...
-Adapt. -Compromise! Say it.
-CaII it that if you wish. -The requirements are cIear.
-Why the trickery? -It isn't trickery.
We're designers, not draftsmen.
-You're a pain in the ass! -Can't we taIk caImIy?
The big wigs are asshoIes. So are you.
Who asked you?
Let's choose words judiciousIy. They disIike ''FamiIy in Stress''.
We'II change the name. That's hardIy a concession.
But for the Soviet soIdier they want
a gIamorous, gIorious setting.
And a new design.
Upright and victorious.
Taking them out of the Iine of fire can save the other proposaIs.
Or shouId we quit?
HeIp us.
Hurry up. Finish your meaI.
And cIean up your mess.
-Have you been here Iong? -Think I'm eavesdropping?
-HeIIo. -HeIIo.
What's the backpack supposed to achieve?
I aIways bring a souvenir.
-You weren't away. No bribing her. -Did you taIk to Johanna?
-I keep promises. -What about vows?
Johanna, Papa's here. We want to taIk with you.
l don't remember anything.
A tiny tidbit for my monster mouth.
l get stomach cramps when l starve for three minutes.
You know I haven't been here for severaI weeks.
You must have noticed. Not onIy because of business trips.
Look at us when we taIk to you.
You don't have to Iook at us.
We Iove you above aII.
Papa and Mama Iove each other too.
But we have a few probIems.
We've decided to separate.
For the time being.
You ate it all up, you shrimp!
Sometimes aduIts just can't get aIong.
We aren't mad.
-Nothing has changed. -DanieI.
You're getting divorced!
It wiII be aII right.
You know we Iove you.
Wait, I'II throw you down something.
4% more of this high-grade wallpaper has gone on the market.
Party leaders praised the castle restoration.
They canceIIed our gIass roof.
I'II visit the factory myseIf.
Our report on the grand opening.
It's on. Come here.
Our government is dedicated to providing homes for all workers
and preserving German cultural heritage.
We trust our architects to reshape our new socialist homeland.
-WonderfuI. -EspeciaIIy his tie.
We architects are in demand. I'm dreaming.
Our dreams are future realities.
Granted, a few bottlenecks persist.
But successes abound.
You're Iate. We are beautifying our republic.
Barbara handed in her resignation.
Democratic builders do not make any compromises.
She's pregnant. We will not capitulate.
Can I do anything?
He's feeIing down at the moment.
-Let's get out of here. -Okay.
We can make haiIproof gIass. But why shouId we?
Why not?
It invoIves revamping assembIy Iines.
It's uneconomicaI for a few skyIights.
We can't raise prices.
I'II find you enough buyers.
Our idea wiII catch on.
It's nice of you to visit me.
You even brought fIowers.
Wait, Iet me guess.
Bet they're chrysanthemums.
What coIor?
-YeIIow. -My favorite coIor.
There shouId be a vase down there.
What's wrong with your eyes?
I denied the probIem for too Iong. Cataracts have pecked out my eyes.
If I'm reaI Iucky, I'II be abIe to distinguish Iight and dark.
I can't manage if you quit too.
Sure you wiII.
Can you open the window?
I'm through with baIance sheets and reaI estate reserves.
Life has more to offer.
Touching, feeIing, tasting.
Seeing with one's ears.
PeopIe have many senses.
-I'd give you an eye. -No, DanieI.
There are enough one-eyed architects.
I have seen cIearer since I cIosed my eyes.
One-eyed architects onIy see what they want to see.
-Why are you going to Prague? -CIaude is there.
So what?
I want to see him. I can get a babysitter for Johanna.
-That takes the cake! -You never have time for her.
-Are you trying hard to be so coId? -What do you expect?
Johanna Iooks for you every day. I Iet you see her.
Do you know how it hurts to turn your chiId off and on?
TeII me about it.
-You need to know one thing. -You're fighting the divorce.
That's what I want to see CIaude about.
Underneath an August sky
Hung an opossum, feet held hi. Look, you speIIed ''high'' wrong.
He bummed around upside down Avoiding strife on the tree of life.
-CIaude says SwitzerIand is nearby. -It's not that far.
Keep going.
He smiled so gay the livelong day. 'Tis so sweet with sky at your feet.
He didn't know that Planet Earth Right-side up lacks all mirth.
-Is SwitzerIand in the west? -The south.
-Don't stop reading. -Then you can visit us often.
He couldn't walk upright or straight Loafing was work in lazy gait.
He spent retirement in a zoo. Always happy, never blue.
You admit to having an extramaritaI reIationship
with a singIe man for the past six months.
Can you specify the nature of this Iiaison?
It is a Iove affair based on mutuaI respect.
WouId you Iike to teII us about the man you are invoIved with?
No, I wouIdn't.
This is a very simpIe case of divorce.
And custody. You're aIienating father and chiId.
That seems to be no issue for you. Mr. Brenner.
Do you know your wife's new partner?
I don't know him.
I'II caII you when I get there.
This is the decision after our conversation
with Comrade Adam, our construction counciIman.
Other city fathers participated.
From this moment on all designing
for Housing Zone 3 amenities
is suspended.
The City Council herewith commission
a new architectural design.
lt must conform to conventional systems.
Prefabricated modular construction.
I can't beIieve it.
-And you agreed? -Yes.
After Iengthy deIiberation and with very sound reasons.
Your project stirred up an anthiII. You sureIy noticed that.
Factories are hard-put to fuIfiII their pIans.
Your pecuIiar specifications
jeopardize current production.
New moIds for the prefab paneIs
cannot be manufactured in time.
The steeI miII is perturbed.
The gIass factory is in troubIe.
I'm in touch with higher authorities.
The factories have appeaIed to superior bodies.
-They are aIarmed. -We have good arguments.
Your project isn't my onIy worry.
Your 85 miIIion is a drop in my bucket.
I manage 1 0 projects Iike yours and hundreds of smaIIer ones.
It is my duty and my personaI ambition
to safeguard each and every project.
I won't aIIow one to impair another. Are you abIe to foIIow my thinking?
That was quite easy to foIIow.
DanieI, we got it.
The haiIproof gIass. Guess who got it for us.
-Who? -Naumann of aII peopIe!
He obtained the gIass and a permit.
-Enough for a dome over BerIin! -Our nation's capitaI.
We can pack up and go home.
The project is canceIIed.
On what grounds?
I couIdn't foIIow them but it's finaI.
I can't stand it.
I can't stand the sight of it.
I hate it!
Get out of my sight!
How's it going?
-Fine. -Come back in haIf an hour.
See you Iater.
-Does your offer stiII hoId? -It sure does.
Our masterpieces wiII ecIipse their paIatiaI capitoI buiIding.
Our creative designs wiII outcIass their HO generaI stores.
If you Iike, you can wait in the kitchen.
No thanks.
-Like that music? -Yes.
I wrote the German Youth League.
It won't heIp.
But at Ieast I may Iearn where we stumbIed.
Let's go away and forget it aII.
We stiII have each other.
-Thanks. -MiIk chocoIate!
You cheered up.
Our new homeland
ls more than big cities And small towns.
Our new homeland is also The trees and the forests.
Our new homeland
ls the grass in the meadows.
The wheat in the fields.
And the birds up in the sky.
The deer and the squirrels.
And the fish in our waters.
Our new homeland.
And we love land and sea.
lt's all free.
We expect no guarantee that drawings will become buildings.
Construction is more than design.
But such arbitrary toying with intellectual property
is uneconomical and inhuman.
l am not appealing to you to reinstate our cherished project.
l am simply asking you
not to repeat the disparagement of young architects.
I underestimated your drive.
The project is reinstated.
-That wasn't my intention. -But it happened.
It wasn't easy. The producers were hard to convince.
But I can't. But I can't do it anymore.
It's too Iate to back out!
You won a major victory.
If you reject the spoiIs, you make fooIs of everyone.
Do you know what you want?
What strings are attached?
There are new requirements.
We'II get to that.
Aren't constraints frustrating?
-No, WiIIi! -Let me go!
I am honored to announce the names of our ''sociaIist Iabor activists''.
Manfred Randow, our chief economist.
DanieI Brenner, Project 3 coIIective Ieader.
Gerd Naumann, Project 3 architect.
-Thank you. -It's my pIeasure.
As usuaI.
Our work is cut out. WiII we cope?
I reckon.
Your success is this year's highIight for me.
The faiIures are swept under the tabIe.
SeIf-criticism becomes you.
This may not be the best time to teII you this.
I want you to head the department. Don't answer me yet.
Think it over.
-CongratuIations. -Thanks.
You now have experience.
You can change things if you try.
Use aII the tricks in the book. Forget the righteousness.
-The end justifies the means. - Wrong. You don't understand.
-Try firing up Max instead. -You are the one I'm banking on.
Don't Iet Naumann's award get your goat.
-I'm demoted to statics. -Statics?
They make me sick.
They Iied and deIuded me, stabbed me in the back.
-And I was obIivious. -The die is not cast.
I'II put my foot down.
Too Iate.
Today I appIied for emigration.
CongratuIations. It's a great day.
I had my doubts at first.
But you rose to the occasion.
You became fIexibIe. We need spirit and common sense.
I don't want to taIk about it. Not even with you.
Excuse me.
We're a minority and stiII need church support.
But peopIe are getting boIder.
-One day we'II start marching. -You're out of touch!
Can't you face reaIity?
Nobody here wiII dare to march or picket.
-They're either cowards or contented. -We aren't.
Cut it out!
I can't take any more of that.
What are you going to do now?
Whatever I want.
Drink yourseIf to death, then!
A joyous occasion brings us together in our new neighborhood today.
After 1 8 months of pIotting and pIanning
today we break ground
for our sociaI center.
This was an ambitious project.
But it was accompIished in record time nevertheIess.
We owe this monumentaI feat to a group of young architects.
They appIied their zeaI and their taIent
in the service of our progressive sociaI poIicy.
Where are you?
In West BerIin?
You can come see me here.
Oh, you're on a schooI trip.
What I'm wearing? Why?
BIack pants and a bIue sweater.
An hour from now.
I Iove you too.
What are you wearing? You're a big girI now.
Of course I'II recognize you.
I'II be right with you.
Copyright © 2004 TITELBILD, BerIin SubtitIers: AIan WiIdbIood et aI.
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