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Aristocats The

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Which pets' address is the finest in Paris
Which pets possess the longest pedigree
Which pets get to sleep on velvet mats
Naturellement The Aristocats
Which pets are blessed with the fairest forms and faces
Which pets know best all the gentle social graces
Which pets live on cream and loving pats
Naturellement The Aristocats
They show aristocatic bearing
When they're seen upon an airing
And aristocatic flair in what they do and what they say
Aristocats are never found in alley ways or hanging around
The garbage cans where common kitties play
Oh, no
Which pets are known to never show their claws
Which pets are prone to hardly any flaws
To which pets do the others tip their hats
Naturellement The Aristocats
Ho, ho, ho!
Aristocats [ Singing ln French ]
Marie, my little one,
you're going to be as beautiful as your mother. Isn't she, Duchess ?
you're going to be as beautiful as your mother. Isn't she, Duchess ?
[ Meowing ]
[Madame] Careful, Toulouse![Laughing]
You're making it very difficult for Edgar. [Laughing]
Whoa, Frou-Frou, whoa. Steady, girl.
- Thank you, Edgar. Oh. - [Frou-FrouNeighs]
Of course, Frou-Frou, I almost forgot.
Madame, uh-- May I take your parcel, Madame ?
It really is much too heavy for you, Madame.
Now, tut-tut, Edgar. Don't fuss over me.
[ Meowing ]
Berlioz, come back here. Haven'tyou forgotten something, darling ?
Thank you, Miss Frou-Frou, for letting me ride on your back.
[ Chuckles ] You're quite welcome, young man.
How was that, Mama ?
Very good, darling. That was very nice.
Come along, Duchess. Kittens, come along !
Oh, and, Edgar, I'm expecting my attorney, Georges Hautecourt.
You remember him, ofcourse.
Of course, Madame. How could anyone forget him ?
[ Car Engine Sputtering, Backfiring ]
- [ Switch Clicks, Engine Backfiires ] - Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay
Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay [ Humming ]
Oh. [ Humming ]
Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay Ta-ra-ra-boom-de--
Oops ! [ Chuckles ]
Not as spry as I was when I was 80, eh ?
Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay [Humming]
- [ Humming ] - Ah, good day, sir.
Madame is expecting you, sir.
Evening. Evening, Edgar.
Ta-ra-ra- boom-de-ay
- Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay - Oh, another ringer, sir. You never miss.
[ Laughing ]
Come on, Edgar. Last one up the stairs is a nincompoop.
Could we take the elevator this time, sir ?
[ Laughing ] That bird cage ? Poppycock !
Elevators are for old people. Oops !
Oh, uh-- May I give you a hand, sir ?
You haven't got an extra foot, have you, Edgar ? [ Laughing ]
That always makes me laugh, sir. Yes.
[ Forced Chuckle ] Every time.
- Whoa ! Oh ! - Let go ofmy cane !
Careful, sir. Oh, please ! I'm frightfully sorry, sir !
[ Chuckling ]
Don't panic, Edgar.
Upward and onward ! Whee !
- Oof! - Am I going too fast for you, Edgar ?
Oh, please, sir, hold on !
[ Record Playing ]
There now, Duchess. That's better.
We must both look our best for Georges.
He's our oldest and dearest friend, you know.
- [ Meowing ] - [Knock On Door]
Come in.
[ Panting ] Announcing... Monsieur...
[ Panting ] Georges... Hautecourt !
[Madame] Oh, my goodness, Edgar. I know it's Georges.
Adelaide, my, my dear.
- [Huffing] - So good to see you, Georges.
Ah, still the softest hands in all of Paris, eh ?
You're a shameless flatterer, Georges.
[ "Habahera" From Carmen ]
Adelaide, that, that music.
It's from Carmen, isn't it ?
That's right. It was my favorite role.
Yes, yes !
It was the night of your grand premiere that we first met, remember ?
- Oh, indeed I do. - And how we celebrated your success !
Champagne, dancing the night away.
[ Humming Tune From Carmen]
[ Madame Laughs ] Oh, Georges !
[ Continues ]
[ Yelps, Needle Scratching, Music Slows ]
[ Laughing ] Oh, thank goodness.
- [ Scratching ] -Just in time !
Ah, Georges.
We're just a pair of sentimental old fools.
[ Humming ]
[ Laughing ] Now, Georges, do be serious.
- [ Humming ] - I've asked you to come here...
ona very important legal matter.
Wha-- ! Oh ! Splendid ! Splendid !
Who do you want me to sue, eh ? [ Laughing ]
Oh, come now, Georges. I don't wish you to sue anyone.
I simply want to make my will.
Will, eh ? Will. Well.
[ Squeaking ]
Now, then, who are the beneficiaries ?
[Madame] Well, as you know, I have no living relatives,
and naturally, I want my beloved cats...
to be always well cared for.
And certainly no one can do this better than my faithful servant, Edgar.
[ Georges ] Edgar ? Adelaide, you mean to say...
you're leaving your vast fortune to Edgar ?
Everything you possess ?
Stocks and bonds ? This-- This mansion ? Your country chateau ?
Art treasures, jewels and--
[ Madame ] No, no, no, Georges. To my cats.
- [ Georges ] To your cats ? - [ Gasping ] Cats !
[Madame] Yes, Georges. I simply wish to have the cats inherit first.
Then, at the end of their life span,
my entire estate will revert to Edgar.
Cats inherit first ! And I come after the cats.
I, me, after-- No.
It's not fair ! Ooh !
I mean, oh, each cat will live about 1 2 years. I can't wait.
And each cat has nine lives. That's four times twelve.
Multiplied by nine times. No, it's less than that.
Anyway, it's much longer than I'd ever live.
I'll be gone.
No. Oh, no.
They'll be gone. I'll think of a way.
Why, there are a million reasons why I should !
All of them dollars.
- Those cats have got to go ! - [ Tearing ]
- Wait for me ! Wait for me ! - Me first ! Me first !
- Why should you be first ? - Because I'm a lady, that's why.
Huh, you're not a lady.
Huh, you're not a lady.
You're nothing but a sister !
Oh !
I'll show you if I'm a lady or not.
[ Giggling ]
- Stop tickling ! - Get her, Berlioz ! Get her !
- Fight fair, Marie ! - Females never fiight fair.
Ow ! Now that hurt ! Mama ! Mama !
Marie, darling. Marie, you must stop that.
This is really not lady like.
And, Berlioz, well, such behaviour...
is most unbecoming to a lovely gentleman.
Well, she started it.
Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them.
[Duchess] Berlioz, now don't be rude.
We were just practicing biting and clawing.
Aristocrats do not practice biting and clawing...
and things like that-- it's just horrible !
But someday, we might meet a tough alley cat.
[ Snarling, Hissing ]
[Duchess Laughs]
Now that will do. It's time we concerned ourselves with self-improvement.
Now, you want to grow up to be lovely, charming ladies and gentlemen.
Now, Toulouse, you go and start on with your painting.
Yes, mama. [ Hissing ]
[Marie] Mama, may we watch Toulouse paint...
before we start our music lesson ?
- Please ? - [Duchess] Well--
- Yes, my love, but you must be very quiet. - Oops ! Uh-oh.
[ Clears Throat, Muttering ]
[ Sniffling ]
[ Sloshing ]
- [ Splat ] - Yeah !
- [Marie Giggles] It's Edgar! - [Berlioz] Yeah. Old picklepuss Edgar!
[Duchess Laughs]
"Old picklepuss" ? Now, now, Berlioz.
That is not kind. You know Edgar is so fond of all of us...
and takes very good care of us.
Rock-a-bye, kitties Bye-bye you go
La la la la and I'm in the dough
Oh, Edgar, you sly old fox !
[ Humming " Rock-A-Bye-Baby" ]
Oops ! Oh, dear !
A slip ofthe hand and it's offto dreamland.
I say, that's not at all bad. "Slip of the hand, dreamland."
Now, let's leave Toulouse to his painting.
Now, dear, you go to the piano and--
Run a long. Both of you, go ahead.
- Yes, Mama. - Yes, Mama.
[Duchess] It's time to practice your scales and your arpeggios.
Ow !
[ Hitting Keys ]
[ Cracking Knuckles ]
I'm ready, maestro.
Oh ! Mama ! He did it again !
- [ Plink] - [ Whispering ] Tattletale !
Now, Berlioz. Now, please, darling, settle down,
and play me your pretty little song.
Yes, Mama.
Doe me so doe doe so me doe
Every truly cultured music student knows
You must learn your scales and your arpeggios
[ Catching A Breath ] And the music ringing
From your chest and not your nose
While you sing your scales and your arpeggios
If you're faithful to
Your daily practicing
You will find your progress is encouraging
Doe me so me doe me so me fa la so it goes
When you do your scales and your arpeggios
- Doe me so doe-- -[Berlioz Plays Out Of Rhythm]
[ Discordant Notes ]
[Duchess, Marie Singing] Doe me so doe, doe so me doe
Doe me so doe doe so me doe
Though at fiirst it seems as though it doesn't show
Like a tree, ability will root and grow
[ ToulouseJoins ln ] lf you're smart you'll learn by heart
What every artist knows
[Duchess, Marie] You must sing your scales
[ Together] And your arpe-e-e-gios
[ Duelling Flourishes ]
- [ Thump ] - [ Discordant Notes ]
[Hinge Squeaking]
Ah, good evening, my little ones.
[ Humming " Rock-A-Bye-Baby" ]
[ Meowing ]
Your favorite dish prepared a very special way.
It's creme de la creme ala Edgar.
Sleep well. I-l mean, eat-- Eat well, of course.
[ Slurp ]
[ Sniffing ]
Ahem ! Good evening, Duchess.
Hello, kittens.
- Hello, Roquefort. - Hi, Roquefort.
Good evening, Monsieur Roquefort.
[ Sniffiing ] Mm ! Something smells awfully good.
[ Chuckling, Sniffing ] What is that appetizing smell ?
It's creme de la creme a la Edgar.
Won't you join us, Monsieur Roquefort ?
Well, yes. I-l mean-- Well, I don't mean to interrupt.
But-- [ Chuckles ] But it so happens...
that... I have a cracker with me.
- Come on, " Rodeford." Have some. - Oh, thank you.
Don't mind if I do.
Just a few dunks.
Mm. Ooh. Very good.
My compliments to the chef.
Mm ! This is yummy !
Mm. [ Smacking Lips ]
Delicious !
Double delicious ! [ Chuckling ]
This calls for another cracker. I'll be right back.
[ Yawns ]
So, that's...
Creme... de la creme...
ala Edgar.
[ Squeaking ]
[ Clattering ]
[ Gasping ]
[ Laughing ]
[ Engine Starting, Backfiiring ]
[ Engine Sputtering, Backfiring ]
[ Backfiring Continues ]
Whew ! [ Shrieking ]
[Metro Train Whistle Blowing]
[ Backfiiring Continues ]
[Engine Sputtering, Backfiring]
[ Engine Backfiring ]
[ Grunting ]
Lafayette. Hey, Lafayette.
- [ Grunting ] - Lafayette !
- Well, I'm right here ! - Listen. Wheels approaching.
Oh, Napoleon, we done bit six tires today.
Chased four motorcars and a bicycle and a scooter.
Hush your mouth !
It's a motorcycle. Two-cylinder, chain drive.
One squeakywheel on the front, it sounds like.
Now, you go for the tires, and I'll go right for the seat of the problem.
How come you always grab the tender part for yourself?
'Cause I outrank you, that's why.
[Napoleon] Now stop beatin' your gums and sound the attack !
[ Barking ]
- No, that's mess call ! - Made a mess of it, huh ?
You can be replaced, you know.
Okay, let's charge. [ Grunting ]
Wait a minute. I'm the leader !
I'm the one that says when we go.
Here we go. Charge !
[ Backfiiring ]
[ Barking ]
[ Screaming ]
Nice doggy ! Nice doggy ! Heel, roll over, play dead !
[ Screaming ]
Yeow ! Ooh ! Ahh !
- [ Engine Roaring ] - [ Laughing ] This sure beats runnin', Napoleon.
[ Tire Screeching ]
- Step on the gas, Napoleon ! - I got herwide open !
Ow !
Ha-ha !
[ Engine Roaring, Fades ln Distance ]
Oh ! Oh, where am I ?
I'm not at home at all.
Children, where are you ? Answer me.
Berlioz ? Toulouse, Marie, where are you ?
Here I am, Mama.
Marie, darling. Are you all right ?
I-l guess I had a nightmare and fell out of bed.
Now, Marie, darling, don't be frightened.
Mama! Mama!
That's Berlioz !
Over here, darling. Berlioz, here we are.
And don't worry. Everything is going to be all right.
I'm coming, Mama.
- Gee, I'm cold and I'm w-wet. - [Frog Croaking]
- [Berlioz] Mama ? - [ Croaks ]
- Mama ? - [ Loud Croak]
Mama !
[ Laughing ] Oh, darling.
That's only a little frog, my love.
But he had a mouth like a "hippolotamus."
[ Giggling ]
Oh, what's so funny ?
Now, now, darlings. Darlings, nowyoujust stay here,
and I'll go and I'll look for Toulouse.
Toulouse ? Toulouse, where are you ?
- Toulouse ! - Toulouse !
- [Marie] Toulouse! - Hey.
What's all the yellin' about, huh ?
Why didn't you answer ?
Mama ! He's been here all the time.
Oh, thank goodness. Oh, areyou all right ?
I was having a funny dream.
Edgarwas in it.
- Andwe wereallriding andbouncingalong-- - [Frogs Croaking]
Frogs ? Uh-oh. It wasn't a dream.
Edgar did this to us.
Edgar ? Tsk ! Oh !
Darling, why, that-- Why, that's ridiculous.
Yeah. Maybe you fell on your head, Toulouse.
Mama, I'm afraid ! I wanna go home !
- Now, now, my darling. Now don't be frightened. - [ThunderCrashing]
Oh, dear. Oh, dear! Let's get into the basket, all of us !
What's gonna happen to us ?
Well, darlings, l-- I just don't know.
It does look hopeless, doesn't it ?
[ Berlioz ] I wish we were home with Madame right now.
Oh. Poor Madame.
She will be so worried when she finds us gone.
Duchess ? Kittens ? Oh, my gracious !
I had the most horrible dream about them.
Thank goodness it was only a dream.
Oh, dear, what a terrible night.
Now, now, my darlings. Don't be frightened.
The storm will soon pass.
- [Thunderclap] - Oh !
Oh, no ! They're gone !
Duchess ? Kittens !
Duchess ! Where are you ?
[Madame] They're gone. They're gone!
Duchess, kittens, gone ?
Why, that's terrible !
But where ? Why ?
Good heavens ! Anything could happen to them on a night like this !
Get-- Get washed down a storm drain.
Struck by lightning.
Oh, they'll need help.
I've just got to find them.
Duchess ! Kittens !
Duchess !
Kittens !
Kittens !
[Birds Chirping, Rooster Crowing ln Distance]
I like a chee-chee-chee-chee-rony Like they make at home
Or a healthy fish with a big back bone
I'm Abraham de Lacy
Giuseppe Casey
Thomas O'Malley
O'Malley the alley cat
I've got that wander lust
Gotta walk the scene
Gotta kick up highway dust
Feel the grass that's green
Gotta strut them city streets
Showin' off my eclat Yeah
Tellin'my friends of the social elite
Or some cute cat I happen to meet
That I'm
Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey
Thomas O'Malley
O'Malley the alley cat
[ Laughing ] Why, monsieur,
your name seems to cover all of Europe.
Well, of course. I'm the only cat of my kind.
I'm king of the highway
Prince of the boulevard
Duke of the avant-garde
The world is my backyard
So if you're goin' my way
That's the road you wanna seek
Calcutta to Rome or home, sweet home
In Paris magnifique,you all
Oh, boy ! An alley cat.
Shh ! Listen.
I only got myself and this big old world
But I sip that cup of life
With my fingers curled
I don't worry what road to take
I don't have to think of that
Whatever I take is the road I make
It's the road of life make no mistake
For me
Yeah Abraham de Lacy
Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley
O'Malley the alley cat
That's right And I'm very proud of that
Yeah !
[ Laughing ]
Bravo ! Very good.
You are a great talent.
Oh, thank you. And what might your name be ?
My name is Duchess.
Duchess. Beautiful.
Love it.
And those eyes. Ooh.
Why, your eyes are like sapphires, sparkling so bright.
They make the morning radiant... and light.
- How romantic ! - Sissy stuff !
Oh, c'est tres jolie, monsieur. Very poetic.
But it is not quite Shakespeare.
Of course not. That's pure O'Malley, baby.
Right off the cuff, yeah. I got a million of 'em.
Oh, no more, please. I am really in a great deal of trouble.
Trouble ? Helping beautiful dame--
uh, damsels in distress is my specialty.
Now what's the hang-up, your ladyship ?
Well, it is most important that I get back to Paris.
So if you would be just so kind and show me the way.
Show you the way ? Perish the thought.
We shall fly to Paris on a magic carpet,
side by side,
with the stars as our guide.
Just we two.
- Ooh, that would be wonderful ! - Three ?
[ O'Malley] Four.
- Five ! - Oh, yes, Monsieur O'Malley.
- These are my children. - Oh, how sweet.
Do you really have a magic carpet ?
And are we really gonna ride on it ?
Now, now, Marie !
Mama, do I have sparkling sapphire eyes that dazzle too ?
Hoo-ooh ! Did I say that ?
[Duchess] Yes. Right off your cuff.
And you said we're gonna ride on your magic carpet.
Well, now, uh-- What I meant-- You see, l--
No poetry to cover the situation, Monsieur O'Malley ?
What I had in mind was a kind ofa sports model, baby.
- You know, one ofthose-- - Perhaps a magic carpet built for two ?
I wouldn't take up much room.
[ Sighing ] I understand perfectly, Monsieur O'Malley.
Well, come along, darlings.
[ Sighing ]
I'm a tough alley cat too. [ Hissing ]
Hey there ! You're comin' on.
I'll bet you're a real tiger in your neighborhood.
Yeah. That's 'cause I practice all the time.
Now, now, Toulouse. Come along, dear.
Yes, Mama.
[O'Malley] See ya around, tiger!
[ Hissing ]
[ Chuckles ] Now that's quite a family.
And come to think of it, O'Malley, you're not a cat, you're a rat.
Right ? Right.
[O'Malley] Hey! Hey, hold up there.
Yes, Monsieur O'Malley ?
Now look, kids. If I said "magic carpet,"
magic carpet it's gonna be.
And it's gonna stop for passengers...
Oh, boy ! We're gonna fly after all !
Another flight into the fantasy, Monsieur O'Malley ?
No, no, no, baby.
Now, you just hide over there and you leave the rest to J. Thomas O'Malley.
- Quick, Mom, get in here. - But, children--
Hurry up, Mama ! Hurry !
[Vehicle Approaching]
One magic carpet, coming up.
That's a magic carpet ?
- [ Screeching ] -Sacrebleu!
[ Screeching ]
Sapristi! Stupid cat !
Brainless lunatic !
[Engine Starts]
All right, step lively ! All aboard for Paris !
Why, Mr. O'Malley, you could have lost your life.
So I got a few to spare. Nothin'.
How can we ever thank you ?
My pleasure entirely.
- [Truck Shifts lnto Gear] - Aloha.
Aufwiedersehen. Bonsoir!
"Saranora," and all those goodbye things, baby.
Sayonara, Mr.-- [ Gasping ]
- Mama ! - Marie !
Marie !
- Oh, Marie, are you all right ? - Yes, Mama.
Haven't we met before ?
Oh, and I'm so very glad we did.
Thank you, Mr. O'Malley, for saving my life.
No trouble at all, little princess.
And when we get to Paris, I'll show you the time of your life.
Oh, I'm so sorry, but, well, we just couldn't.
You see, my mistress will be so worried about us.
Well, humans don't really worry too much about their pets.
Oh, no ! You just don't understand.
She loves us very much.
Poor Madame, in that big mansion,
all alone.
In all our days, in tender ways,
her love forus was shown.
And so, you see, we can't leave her alone.
She'd always say that we're the greatest treasure she could own.
Because with us she never felt alone.
Oh, Roquefort, I've been so worried about you.
Did you have any luck at all ?
Not a sign of them, Frou-Frou, and I've searched all night.
I know. And poor Madame didn't sleep a wink either.
Oh, it's a sad day for all of us.
Morning, Frou-Frou, my pretty steed.
Can you keep a secret ? Hmm ? Of course you can. [ Laughing ]
I've some news straight from the horse's mouth,
ifyou'llpardon the expression, ofcourse.
Look, Frou-Frou. I've made the headlines.
" Mysterious Catnapper Abducts Family ofCats."
[Laughing] Aren't you proud of me ?
So... he's the catnapper !
The police say it was a professional, masterful job.
The work of a genius. Not bad, eh, Frou-Frou old girl ?
[ Whinnying ]
Oh, they won't find a clue to implicate me. Not one single clue.
Why, I'll, I'll eat my hat if they--
My hat ! My umbrella !
Oh ! Oh, gracious !
I've got to get those things back tonight.
[ Sputtering, Spitting ]
Why that [ Spits ] sneaky, crooked [ Spits ],
no good [ Spits ] butler !
Anyone for breakfast ?
- What breakfast ? - Where is it ?
Right under that magic carpet.
But now we have to cook up a little spell.
You know. You ready ?
All right. First, to make the magic begin,
you wiggle your nose...
and tickle your chin.
Now you close your eyes...
and cross your heart.
Then, presto ! Breakfast, a la carte.
- Hooray ! - We did it !
[Berlioz] Look, Mama, look!
Why, Mr. O'Malley, you are amazing !
True. True.
- [ Screeching ] - Sacrebleu!
Thieves ! Robbers !
Mangy tramps ! Take that !
Oh ! Oh, what a horrible, horrible human !
Well, some humans are like that, Duchess.
[O'Malley] I've learned to live with 'em.
I'll show him. [ Snarling, Hissing, Spitting ]
[O'Malley] Hey, coolit, you little tiger.
- That guy's dynamite. - But he called us tramps !
Oh, I'll be so glad when we get back home.
That's a long way off, so we better get moving.
Gee whiz ! Look at that bridge !
- Come on. Let's play train. - Nowbe careful, children.
Marie's the caboose. All aboard !
Choo-choo-choo, choo-choo.
Choo-choo-choo, choo-choo. Whoo-whoo !
Choo-choo-choo-choo, choo-choo-choo-choo. Whoo-whoo !
Clickety-clickety-clickety. Clickety.
- Whoo-whoo ! - [Train Whistle Blowing]
- Oh, no ! -[O'Malley] All right. Now don't panic.
[ O'Malley] Down underneath here.
Mama !
Marie ! Oh, Marie !
Keep your head up, Marie ! Here I come !
Thomas ! Thomas, up here !
Gee, Marie, why'd you have to fall off the bridge ?
Thomas ? Oh, Thomas ! Take care !
I'm all right, honey. Don't worry.
I'll see ya down stream.
What beautiful countryside, Abigail.
So much like our own dear England.
Oh, indeed, yes.
Amelia, if I walk much farther...
I'll get flat feet.
Abigail, we were born with flat feet.
[ Laughing ]
I say. Look over there.
[Amelia] Oh. Oh, how unusual.
[Abigail] Fancy that, a cat learning how to swim.
And he's going about it all the wrong way.
Quite. We must correct him.
Sir. Sir ?
You are most fortunate we happened along.
Yes. We're here to help you.
No, no. Back off, girls. I'm doin' fine !
First, you must gain self-confidence...
by striking out on your own.
Go away ! I'm tryin' to get to shore.
You will never learn to swim properly with that willow branch in your mouth.
Indeed not!
Snip, snip. Here we go.
Don't do that !
You're doing splendidly.
And don't worry about form. It will come later.
- [ Gasping ] - He takes to water likea fish, doesn'the ?
A very enthusiastic--
[ Shrieking ]
No ! Now, this is no time for fun and games.
[ Laughing Fades ]
Gracious me.
- You don't suppose-- - Oh, yes. Yes, I do.
Bottoms up !
[ Together] Deeper !
Look, Ma. There he is.
You really did quite well for a beginner.
Oh, Thomas ! Thank goodness you're safe !
- Keep practicing. - And toodly-pip !
Can I help you, Mr. O'Malley, huh ?
[ Gasping ] Help ? I've had all the help I can take.
Oh, mademoiselles, thank you so much for helping Mr. O'Malley.
Of course, my dear. But first, introductions.
Yes. We British like to keep things proper.
[Abigail, Amelia Laugh]
Now, I am Amelia Gabble, and this is my sister--
- Miss Abigail Gabble. - We're twin sisters.
- You might say we're related. - [ Both Laughing ]
- Oh, how silly ! - Oh, how nice.
I never would have guessed.
- Look ! They got rubber feet. - Yeah.
- [ Both Laugh ] - We're on holiday.
For a walking tour of France.
- Swimming, some of the way. - On water, of course.
Thomas, this is Amelia and Abigail Gabble.
Yeah, honey. Get those two web-footed life guards outta here !
Now, now, Thomas.
Okay. Okay, baby. Hiya, chicks.
- Oh ! - [ Both Laugh ]
We're not chickens. We're geese.
No. I thought you were swans.
Your husband is very charming and very handsome.
Well, uh, you see...
I-l'm not exactly her husband.
" Exactly" ? You either are or you're not.
All right... I'm not.
[ Together] Oh ? Hmm ?
- It's scandalous. - He's nothing but a cad.
Absolutely. Possibly a reprobate.
- A roue. - His eyes are too close together.
- Shifty too. - And look at his crooked smile.
His chin is very weak too.
Obviously a philanderer who trifles with unsuspecting women's hearts.
How romantic !
Please. Please, let me explain.
Thomas is a dear friend of ours.
- He's just helping us to get to-- - Come on, Duchess.
Let's get out of here.
Well, girls, see ya around. We're on our way to Paris.
Oh, how nice ! We're going to Paris ourselves.
Why don'tyou join us ?
I think that's a splendid idea.
Oh, no.
Now, ah, you stand here, dear.
And, uh, let's see. You take this position.
- Duchess, you'll do nicely here. - Yes, verygood.
And you, dear, you take this place.
Now that leaves Mr. O'Malley.
Oh. We can't leave him, can we ?
Mr. O'Malley, I think you should be the rear end.
Ready, everyone ? Now think "goose."
Forward, march !
Mama, do we have to waddle like they do ?
Yes, dear. Think "goose."
When we get to Paris, you must meet Uncle Waldo.
"Waldo" ?
Yes, he's our uncle. We are to meet Uncle Waldo at Le Petit Cafe.
Yes, he's our uncle. We are to meet Uncle Waldo at Le Petit Cafe.
[ Duchess ] Le Petit Cafe ?
Oh, that's that famous restaurant.
Ah, c'est magnifique!
- [Squawking] - [Man] Sacrebleu!
Ow! Oh ! He bit my finger!
Get out! Go! Go! Get out! Scram !
[Chef] Good riddance!
[ Mumbling ]
[ Sighing, Hiccupping ]
Why-- Why it's Uncle Waldo !
- Uncle Waldo ! - [ Screaming ]
Abigail ! Amelia ! [ Laughing ]
My two favorite nooses!
Uncle Waldo. I do believe you've been drinking.
Oh, dear ! What happened to your lovely tail feathers ?
Girls, it's outrageous !
Why, you won't believe what they tried to do...
to your poor old Uncle Waldo ! [ Hiccupping ]
Look. Look at this !
[Waldo] "Prime Country Goose a la Provencal. "
"Stuffed with chestnuts"?
"And basted in... [ Sniffles ]
white wine." [ Hiccups ]
" Basted" ? He's been marinated in it.
Dreadful !
Being British, I would have preferred sherry.
[ Laughing ]
- Sherry ! Sherry. - [ Laughing ]
Oh ! Oh, oh--
Oh, Uncle Waldo, you're just too much.
- You mean he's had too much. - [ Laughing ]
- [ Whispering ] Abigail ! Abigail ! - Yes, yes.
We best get Uncle Waldo to bed.
Why, I say there, now.
What's all the whis-- whispering about, huh ?
- [ Together] Shh, shh ! - [ Laughter]
Now, now, now, now. Girls. Girls !
Don't shush your old Uncle Waldo !
Why, you'll, you'll wake up the whole neighborhood!
- Shh ! No ! - Whoopee ! Neighborhood !
[ Laughing ] Come to sleep, Uncle Waldo !
Oh, yes, I think we'd better be going.
Oh, righto, girls.
Birds of a feather must [ Hic ] together.
[ Laughing ] That's stick together.
[ Laughing ]
- [ Waldo Singing ] - Shush, shush, shush !
- [ Waldo Continues Singing ] - [ Abigail, Amelia Laughing ]
You know something ? I like Uncle Waldo.
Especially when he's marinated !
Frou-Frou, here comes Edgar !
Hurry, Roquefort. Hop aboard the motorcycle.
And for goodness sakes, do be careful !
- [ Shoes Squeaking ] - Frou-Frou.
Tonight "Operation Catnapper" will be completed.
Wish me luck. Fisherman's luck.
Bye, Frou-Frou ! Whoop !
[ Tires Screeching ]
[ Coughing ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Coughing ]
[ Shoes Squeaking ]
[ Snoring ]
[ Snoring ]
[ Squeaking ]
- [Squeaking] - Lafayette ?
Lafayette! Listen.
Oh, shucks, Napoleon. That ain't nothing but a little old cricket bug.
It's squeaky shoes approachin'.
Oh, cricket bugs don't wear shoes.
Hush your mouth. Let's see.
They're Oxford shoes.
Size nine-and-a-half.
Hole in the left sole, it sounds like.
What color are they ?
They're black-- How would I know that ?
Hey, now the squeakin' has stopped.
I still say it was a little old cricket bug.
I'm the leader. I'll decide what it was.
It was a little old cricket bug.
I'll seeya in the morning, Napoleon. [ Sighing ]
That's my hat. I'm the leader.
Well, shootfire. Don't get sore at me!
I ain't done nothin'.
[ Mumbling ]
Ooh, whoo, heh. Mm. Oh.
Mm, ooh, oh, heh. Ooh !
[ Chuckling ]
[ Giggling, Groaning ]
Mm-mm. That feels good, Lafayette.
That's all right.
Mm-mm. Ooh. Ooh !
A little lower and faster there.
I'm scratchin' as fast as I can.
Right there. That's good. Oh, ooh, ooh !
Mmm. It's warm and, mm-mm, cozy.
[ Horn Squeaking ]
[ Blowing ]
- [Napoleon] Hey! - [Lafayette] Ahh!
[ Dogs Muttering ]
Wha-Wha-- What's goin' on ?
[Napoleon] Lafayette, what in tarnation you trying to do ?
Oh, I get blamed for everything.
Wait a minute ! Where's my hat ? Where--
And somebody stole my bumber shoot.
Well, where's my beddie-bye basket ?
And whoever it is is gonna get it and get it good.
[Lafayette Chuckles] This time, I get the tender part.
[Napoleon] Hush your mouth. Now, come on.
[ Squeaking ]
Hey, Napoleon ! Ooh, it's them shoes again.
Yeah, yeah, I hear 'em.
Napoleon, I'm plumb goose-pimply scared !
Now this is no time to turn chicken.
[ Grunting ]
I got a feelin' this case is gonna bust wide open.
[ Screaming ]
D-D-D-Did you see him ?
No, no. He sneaked up behind me and tailgated me.
Well, he didn't hurt me. He hit me on the head.
- [ Laughing ] - Shh!
- Listen ! - [Metal Squeaking]
Sounds like a one-wheel-- Ooh.
- A one-wheel what ? - You're not gonna believe this,
but it's a one-wheeled haystack.
Hey, there it goes ! Come on! After it!
[ Barking ]
[ Edgar Shouting, Dogs Snarling ]
- [Lafayette] I got him, I got him, I got him ! - Ow, that's me !
[Napoleon] Gethim, get him, get him, get him !
[Dogs Shouting]
Well, c'est la guerre, Napoleon.
I guess you can't win 'em all.
Ow ! Ooh, ooh, ooh ! Criminiddly !
Thomas, Madame will be so worried.
Are you sure we can't get home tonight ?
Mama, I'm tired.
Me too, and my feet hurt.
Look, baby, it's late, and the kids are bushed.
I'll bet we walked a hundred miles.
I'll bet it's more than a thousand.
Now, now, darlings. Cheer up. Mr. O'Malley knows a place where we can stay tonight.
How much farther is it, Mr. O'Malley ?
[ Chuckles ] Keep your whiskers up, tiger.
It's just beyond that next chimney pot.
Well, there it is.
My own penthouse pad.
It's not exactly the Ritz, but it's peaceful and quiet.
[Jazz Trumpet]
Oh ! Oh, no.
Sounds like Scat Cat and his gang have dropped by.
Oh. Friends of yours ?
Uh-huh, yeah. They're old buddies and they're real swingers.
"Swingers." What is a "swinger" ?
You know. Uh, not exactly your type, Duchess.
[O'Malley] Maybe we'd better find another place, huh ?
Oh, no, no, no. I would like to see your pad,
- and meet your Scat Cat. - Well, okay.
Hey, Scat Cat ! Blow some of that sweet stuff my way.
[ Trumpet Blaring ]
[ Laughing ] Well, looky here.
Big Man O'Malley is back in his alley.
[Scat Cat] Swing on down here, Daddy.
Lay some skin on me, Scat Cat. Yeah!
- Buonasera, paesano! - Welcome home, O'Malley !
Duchess, this is the greatest cat of'em all.
Oh, I'm delighted to meet you, Monsieur Scat Cat.
Likewise, Duchess.
You're too much.
Oh, ho, ho, you are charming !
And you music is so-- so different,
so exciting.
It isn't Beethoven, Mama, but it sure bounces.
[ Chuckling ] Say ! This kitten cat knows where it's at !
- Knows where what's at ? - Well, little lady, let me elucidate here.
Everybody wants to be a cat
Because a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at
Tell me ! Everybody's pickin' up on that feline beat
- 'Cause everything else is obsolete - Strictly high-button shoes.
A square with a horn makes you wish you weren't born
- Every time he plays -[Horn]
But with a square in the act
You can set music back
To the caveman days [ Scats ]
[O'Malley] I've heard some corny birds who tried to sing
Still the cat's the only cat who knows how to swing
[ With Russian Accent ] Who wants to dig a long-haired gig and stufflike that
[ Together] When everybodywants to be a cat
A square with a horn makes you wish you weren't born
Every time he plays
Oh, a-rinky tinky dinky
[Scat Cat, O'Malley] With a square in the act you can set music back
- To the caveman days - Oh, a-rinky dinky tinky
- Yes, everybody wants to be a cat - Everybody wants to be a cat
Because a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at
[O'Malley, Marie] When playin'jazz he always has a welcome mat
'Cause everybody digs a swingin' cat
Oh, boy, fellas ! Let's rock thejoint !
Ha-ha ! Groove it, cat ! [ Laughing ]
[ Crash ]
Shanghai, Hong Kong, egg foo young [ Laughing ]
Fortune cookie always wrong
That a hot one !
How 'bout you and me, Duchess ?
Yes. Let's swing it, Thomas.
Groovy, Mama, groovy !
Blow it, small fry. Blow it.
[ WeakTrumpet Blast ]
Boy, he blew it.
But he was a-close.
- Mmm. - Beautiful.
Ifyou want to turn me on
Play your horn Don't spare the tone
And blow a little soul into the tune
[ Sniffling ]
Let's take it to another key
Modulate and wait for me
I'll take a few ad-libs and pretty soon
[Scat Cat] The other cats will all commence
Congregatin' on the fence
Beneath the alley's only light
Where every note is
Out of sight
[Jazz ]
Everybody, everybody
Everybody wants to be a cat
- [Scat Cat] Hallelujah - Everybody, everybody
Everybody wants to be a cat
- I'm tellin' you - Everybody, everybody
Everybody wants to be a cat
- Yeah ! - Everybody, everybody
Everybody wants to be a cat
- Mmm ! - Everybody, everybody
Everybody wants to be a cat
- Hallelujah! -Everybody, everybody
Everybody wants to be a cat
[ Sighing ]
Everybody wants to be a cat
Because a cat's the only cat
Who knows where it's at
Oh, yeah
Happy dreams, my loves.
I'll bet they're on that magic carpet right now.
[ Laughing ] They could hardly keep their eyes open.
[Duchess] Ah. Suchan exciting day.
It sure was, and what a finale.
Thomas, your friends are really delightful. I just love them.
Well, they're kind a rough, you know, around the edges,
but if you're ever in a jam, wham, they're right there.
[Duchess] And, wham, when we needed you, you were right there.
[O'Malley] That was just a lucky break for me, baby.
Oh, thank you so much for offering us your home.
Oh, I mean your pad.
- It's very nice. - Well, now, wait a minute.
You know, this is the low-rent district, remember ?
No, no, no, I like it. Well, uh--
Well, all it needs is a little tidying up...
and, well, maybe a...
Iittle feminine touch.
Well, if you're applying for the job, well--
Goody. Mother's going to work for Mr. O'Malley.
Boy, your eyes are like sapphires.
Gee ! Huh. That's pretty corny, though, huh ?
No, not at all.
Any woman would like it.
Oh, l, I mean, even little Marie.
Yeah. All those little kittens, Duchess.
I love 'em.
[Duchess] And they are very fond of you.
- Yeah ! - Shh ! - You know, they need--
Well, you know, a sort--
Well, a sort ofa-- Well, a father around.
Oh, Thomas, Thomas, that would be wonderful.
Oh, darling, if, if only I could.
But why can't you ?
Because of Madame.
I-- I could never leave her.
But-- But Madame is--
Well, she's just another human.
You're just her house pets.
Oh, no, no. We mean far more to her than that.
Oh, sorry, my dear.
We just have to go home tomorrow.
Well... I guess you know best,
and I'm gonna miss you, baby.
[O'Malley] Huh, and those kids.
- [ Sighing ] - Gee, I'm gonna miss them too.
- Well, we almost had a father. - Yeah.
[ Yawns ] Let's go back to bed.
Good night, Duchess.
Good night, Thomas.
Hey ! Meee-owww !
What a classy neighborhood.
Dig these fancy wigwams.
- "Wigwams" ? - Are you sure we're on the right street ?
Yes. Yes ! Let's hurry. We're almost home.
Duchess ! Kittens ! Hallelujah ! They're back !
Oh, no ! Edgar ! I've got to do something quick !
Oh, ho !
Edgar, old chap, get used to the finer things of life.
Someday they're all going to be yours, you sly old fox.
- [Cork Squeaking, Pops] - Oh !
Oh, he got me !
Hooray, we're home !
Wait for me ! Wait for me ! Me first ! Me first !
[ Grunting ]
- It's locked. - Come on.
Let's all start meowing.
[ Meowing ]
- [Meowing] - It can't be them !
The kittens !
[ Gasping, Screaming ]
Don't come in ! [ Grunting ]
Go away ! Away !
Look ! There's Roquefort.
[ Kittens ] Hi, Roquefort.
[Berlioz] He's sure glad to see us.
[ Sighing ] I don't know what to say.
I only wish that l--
Maybe just a short, sweet goodbye would be easiest.
I'll never forget you, Thomas O'Malley.
- Bye. - So long, baby.
Don't come in ! Look out for Edgar !
Duchess, wherever have you been ?
Look out for the--
- [ Screeching ] - Sack.
guess they won't need me any more.
You came back.
Oh, it just isn't fair !
[Madame] Edgar! Edgar, come quickly!
Coming, Madame. Coming.
I'll take care of you later !
Oh, Edgar, they're back ! I heard them !
Hurry, hurry! Let them in !
Duchess ? Kittens ?
Come here, my darlings.
Where are you ? Come on.
Uh, allow me, Madame.
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty !
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty !
His name is O'What ?
[Duchess] His name is O'Malley. O'Malley!
[Marie] Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey!
[Duchess] Oh, never mind! Run! Move! Go get him !
Yes, yes ! I'm on my way !
[Toulouse] I told ya it was Edgar.
[Berlioz] Aw, shut up, Toulouse.
Oh, it's no use, Edgar.
I'm afraid it was just the imagination of an old lady.
But I was so sure that I heard them.
I'm so sorry, Madame.
Mr. O'Malley ! [ Grunting ]
Hey ! Stop !
[ Panting ] Duchess ! Kittens ! ln trouble !
- Butlerdidit. - Duchess and kittens in trouble ?
Look, you go get Scat Cat and his gang of alley cats.
A-A-Alley cats ? But I'm a mouse.
Look, I'm gonna need help.
- You mean you want me-- - Move !
Tell him O'Malley sent you and you won't have a bit of trouble.
[ Breathing Hard ] No trouble, he said.
Well, that's easy for, uh, for what's-his-name to say.
He's got nine lives. I've only got one.
What's a little swinger like you doin' on our side oftown ?
Oh, please ! Uh, I was sent here for help by a cat.
This is outrageous ! This is crazy !
[Cats Laughing]
[Roquefort] B-Buthonest!
He told me just to mention his name.
So ? Start mentioning name, rodent.
Oh, now, wait a minute, fellas. [ Stammering ]
D-D-Don't rush me. His name is O'Toole.
I don't dig him. Strike one.
Oh. Ooh.
- O'Brien. - [Scat Cat] Strike two.
Oh, boy !
You believe me, don't you ?
Keep talkin', mousy.
H-How about-- O'... Grady ?
- Huh ? - Mousy, you just struck out.
Any last words ?
[ Muttering ] Why did I listen to that O'Malley cat ?
- O'Malley ? - O'Malley ?
Hold it, cats ! This little guy's on the level.
You're darn tootin' I'm on the level !
Oh, we didn't mean-a to, to rough a-you, squeaky !
Don't worry about me ! O'Malley needs help !
Duchess and the kittens are in trouble !
Come on, cats ! We gotta split !
Hey, wait for me ! You don't know the way !
[Edgar] Now, my little pesky pets. You're going to travel first class...
in your own private compartment...
all the way to Timbuktu.
And this time, ha, you'll never come back.
Oh, no. We've got to hurry.
The baggage truck will be here any moment now.
[ Screeching ]
Ooh !
[ Screaming ]
[ Whinnying ]
[ Gasps ]
[Cats Screeching]
Over there ! They're in the trunk !
[ Screeching ]
Quiet !
[ Tumblers Clicking ]
[ Screeching ]
Everybody, out of here, fast !
You're going to Timbuktu...
if it's the last thing I do !
[Driver] Well, Mac, this must be the trunk, eh ?
[Mac] Yup, and she goes all the way to Timbuktu.
Heave... ho !
[Toulouse Snarling, Hissing]
Meow ! [ Spitting ]
[O'Malley, Duchess Laugh]
Now, my pets, a little closer together.
Good. Good.
Look, Georges. What do you think ?
Very good. Very good.
But I think we should get on with the will.
Yes, yes, of course, but you know what to do.
Very well. Scratch one butler.
You know, Georges, if Edgar had only known about the will,
I'm sure he never would have left.
Duchess, it's wonderful to have you all back.
And I think this young man is very handsome.
Shall we keep him in the family ?
- [ Meowing ] - [Madame Laughs]
Of course we will. We need a man around the house.
And, Georges, we must be sure to provide for their future little ones.
- [ Gulping ] - [Georges Chuckles] Ofcourse.
The more, the merrier.
Now don't move.
Say "cheese. "
- Did somebody say "cheese" ? - [Flash PowderExplodes]
Thank you. Now, run along downstairs.
There's a surprise for you.
[Band Playing Jazz]
Adelaide, what's that music ?
Sounds like a gang of swinging hep cats.
That's exactly what they are, Georges.
- They're the start of my new foundation. - What foundation ?
My home for all the alley cats of Paris.
[Jazz ]
Everybody, everybody
Everybody wants to be a cat
Everybody, everybody
Everybody wants to be a cat
Everybody Everybody
Everybody wants to be a cat [ Giggling ]
Everybody Whoopee ! [ Laughing ]
Everybody wants to be a cat
Everybody Everybody
Everybody wants to be
-A... - [ Howling ]
- Cat - [ Howling ]
[ Howling ]
Hey, Napoleon, that sounds like the end.
Wait a minute. I'm the leader.
I'll say when it's the end.
[ Grunting ] It's the end.
[Toulouse] Oh, yeah
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Atlantis The Lost Empire
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