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Arizona Dream CD1

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"Good morning, Columbus."
My mother's eternal words, reminding me America was already discovered,
and that day-dreaming was a long way from life's truths.
Why tell me the difference between an apple and a bicycle?
If I bite a bicycle and ride an apple, I'll know the difference.
But thinking about what to do made me more tired than actually doing.
I remember my father said: If you want to look at someone's soul,
you have to look at their dreams.
Then you'd have mercy for those who swim in bigger shit than your own.
My name is Axel Blackmar, and I work for the Department of Fish and Game.
Most people think I count fish, but I don't.
I look at their souls, their dreams and then I let them into my dreams.
People think fish are stupid, but they aren't. They know when to be quiet,
It's people that are stupid. Fish know everything, and don't need to think.
See, fish start out in small streams, then I prepare them for the ocean.
When they're ready to die, they return to where they came from.
That's my connection, that's why I swam away to the city.
Okay, here's my job:
All I do is temporarily electrocute the fish,
then with deep respect, I scoop 'em and haul 'em in, one by one...
Sometimes I'll look into fish eyes and I'll see my whole life.
It's something only fish can show us, and I love 'em for it.
I tag the fish, measure 'em and weigh 'em, make sure they're doing okay.
If they want to talk, I always listen. That's the job of a Fish God.
I've never caught a fish in a lie,
and I've never seen a fish swim in the shit that human people do.
That's why I love my work, and I love New York.
Not because my mother said it was a place with real magnetic pull,
but because you can see everybody, and nobody can see you.
Hey, honey! How are you? How was Istanbul?
I'm looking for my girlfriend, Suzanne Supak. I just spoke with her. Over.
I love you too, honey.
I miss you too, honey. Over. Two more, please!
Pregnant? Wow! Over.
Listen, honey...
Alright, let's go. - Have the abortion...
I'm not going. - Come on! We're running late!
I said I'm not going.
You said you're not going? - I said I'm not going.
I'm not going. - You're not going?
Are you going to go or no?
Are you gonna shoot me? - Am I? - You're going to kill me?
These things. I don't even... It's a blank.
But I had you scared, right?
Let me feel. You shit your pants.
"Take care of me"... I'm fuckin' sick of it!
He's your uncle, for Chrissakes.
If he wants to see me, why did he send you?
You know it wasn't his fault, right?
I don't blame him for anything, Paul. I never said it was his fault.
He's marrying, and wants you as his best man.
You be his best man. - Why are you like that? You're killing him!
Alright, Axel! Axel, listen.
End of story! Over!
I love you too!
I'm going to go back and tell him I couldn't find you.
Really? - Really. I have no choice.
Promise? - I promise. What about a hug? No hug for me?
Axel, you smell like a scumbag!
I'm a happy scumbag. I got a nice truck, a great job. - But you smell.
What're you gonna have? - Two beers. - Two beers, OK.
And a ginger ale. - Two beers and...
Forget the ginger ale. Two beers and two shots. - Blanche?
Two... - Who's the boss?
I am. - He is. 2 beers, 2 shots. - And a ginger ale.
2 beers, 2 shots.
And a ginger ale. - Don't confuse her. - A ginger ale please?
Anyway, Axel, I love you, but...
What? I love you too. - Okay, well, you know... ginger ale.
That's right. 2 beers and 2 shots. - And a ginger ale.
"2 beers and 2 shots." What's that? What? - That thing...
What thing? - Like a funny accent or something.
What funny accent thing? - "2 beers and 2 shots." - What?
I dunno... like New York.
Funny New York accent, huh? - Yeah.
Is De Niro funny? Is Pacino funny? Is Rocky funny?
The great actors are all from New York. - Sinatra?
Sinatra's from Hoboken, New Jersey. Now let's toast.
Alright? It's been three years, OK? - Three years.
To three years. - Three years.
Blanche, ginger ale.
Two shots.
We don't see each other 3 years, and you want ginger ale.
Thank you, Blanche. - Thanks for the ginger ale. - You're welcome, boys.
Gimme a hug. I'll plug my nose.
Back to the dream.
The man gives the stomach balloon to the little boy.
Pushes him out of the igloo.
While the kid is outside, the two inside start, y'know...
Alright! Stop yelling, we're on Broadway. Show respect.
Therefore, I know you're all dying for a piece of wedding cake...
So I will make this short and sweet.
dear friends,
waiters and waitresses, I'd like to propose this wedding toast...
Leo! - Not now, Millie.
Come on!
Hey! Don't fuck around!
Cut it out! Don't be a jerk! Cut it out!
I got an audition coming up! You're lucky I don't kick your ass...
Cut it out! Axel!
You want me to come down? - Come on down!
Stop shaking the ladder! - Axel!
I'm coming down! - Leo!
My boy! - Axel!
I can't believe it!
You got big on me!
You heard about the wedding? - I did. Congratulations.
I'd be proud if you'd be my best man. - I gotta get back to New York.
Sure... Larry, we have to make Axel an appointment for a fitting.
Honestly, Leo, I've got to go.
It's so good to see you, Axel. You look terrific, Axel.
I just want to show you something. I want to share this with you.
What do you think about my Saguro?
The cactus? - Nice, huh?
Let me let you in on a secret:
When a cactus is that young, it is very vulnerable. That's why
I planted that Mesquite tree right next to it, for protection.
If you don't see an older tree nearby a new cactus, you can forget it.
It ain't gonna make it.
Come on inside. Somebody's dyin' to meet you.
Millie! I'd like you to meet my nephew Axel.
Axel, this is Millie.
How do you do?
Aren't you overdoing it just a little, Millie? - Oh, sorry.
Come on, sit down next to me, Axel.
Lemme get a pair of pants on first...
Stop singing! - I'm not singing. I count!
Count the stitches!
You've been on that jacket for a week. Finish it!
Bye bye anybody...
Sorry for interrupting you two, but I had to get my pants on.
Leo's told me so much about you.
I guess you know I'm gonna be your new aunt.
You're his... fiancée.
You don't have to call me Aunt Mille, though. Unless you want to.
How old are you? - Twenty three.
We're almost the same age...
Isn't that funny?
Millie, please. Remember we talked about this?
I'm sorry, Leo. Just a second.
Leo's trying to teach me how to stop crying.
Sweetheart, go in the other room and try on the other dress for Axel.
That'll get your mind off...
Go in the other room, sweetheart, and try the other dress on.
It'll take your mind off crying. It's in the other room!
I'm going. - Do me the favor.
You know, Axel, my little Polish cupcake is very sensitive... the Eastern Europeans are.
But she's very nice, right? - Very nice, Leo.
And you know how old she is? - She's young.
Damn right. That's success.
To achieve that success, you need to sell cars. - I don't want to.
Axel, my father had the first Cadillac dealership in Arizona in 1914!
He had this magnificent dream, to sell as many cars as he could,
and stack them up until they got high enough so he could walk to the moon.
Isn't it beautiful? - Very beautiful, Leo. But they'd topple over.
That's what I said, but he wanted me in the business,
and I resisted, like you're resisting me.
I'm not resisting, Leo. I just don't want to sell cars.
What the hell are you afraid of? - Nothing.
One thing I was sure of,
my uncle Leo was definitely the hero of my childhood.
The smell of his "Old Spice" carried me back more than the home movies did.
It was the sweet, cheap smell of car dealers that took me back,
and made me dissolve into the past.
Leo was the last dinosaur that smelled of cheap cologne.
And he believed in the American dream.
I was crazy about him, because he believed in miracles.
Even though he lived inside of life and sold Cadillacs,
he always looked like a 10-year-old boy whose sleeves were too long.
Leo gave me this movie camera.
My mother always hoped I'd become the next Milton Berle.
But dreams of houses, cars, and lawns aren't dreams when they become real.
I understood what my mother meant by "Good morning, Columbus."
Even if she didn't like what I was doing, I think she'd understand me.
When I was 11, I got this really weird earache that wouldn't go away.
A hundred doctors couldn't help me...
So Leo went into Mexico,
and brought back this fat lady witch doctor who fixed me right up.
I was grateful, but I thought I might've been better off mute.
All in all, I had a very happy childhood.
My dad, a border guard, spent his life trying to stop people crossing lines.
For 15 years, he'd smooth down the road between Mexico and Arizona,
and every morning he'd be out there looking for footprints in the dirt.
But my father always said that work was like a hat you put on your head.
And even without pants, you didn't have to be ashamed of your ass.
One thing I was sure about:
The moment my parents died, my childhood was gone forever.
Leo could never shake the guilt of my parents' death 6 years ago.
Leo was driving the car that night.
It got so bad that he even felt guilty if he used too much shaving cream.
Four days after the funeral, I caught a train to New York City.
If somebody asked me why I don't take the next train back to New York,
it's because you can't say no to your childhood hero.
I decided to be his best man, but one thing I was sure of:
No matter how much I loved the smell of cheap cologne,
I was never going to become my uncle, and I would never sell Cadillacs.
Axel, if I died tomorrow, where would you be?
You're not gonna die tomorrow.
Who knows when I'll die?
Your mother and father didn't. - That was an accident.
No, it was stupidity. I shouldn't have been behind that wheel.
Please, no guilt. Please.
I'm not going to allow you to become a bum in New York.
I want you to stay here with me. Try it for one week.
If you don't like it, then you go home.
Axel, make "busy." Very, very busy. - Hello.
Busy, but "willing to take time out from your schedule," Axel.
Axel, make "sexy."
Try it with your lips, pucker them up..."Hello."
No, more with the lips, you know, "Hello."
Axel, I'm a gorgeous woman, and I have big, beautiful breasts.
Now do "sexy."
No, Axel. Breasts.
You're talking art, you're talking gravity.
You see this? - Yeah. Banana. - Proteins, proteins...
Your organs produce a certain amount of proteins.
Well, when you see a beautiful woman, you produce extra proteins.
These extra proteins go directly to your brain.
Where do you get all this stuff? - Scientific fact.
Anyway, I've figured out a way to make it work for me.
I call it "The Gaze."
You look into a woman's eyes, and you think exactly
what you want her to do for you.
You're an actor? Oh my God, he's an actor!
In 12 days, I have a gigantic performance I'm doing in Tucson.
Maybe you'd like to come and see me?
It's an audition. - What have we seen you in? Movies, TV shows?
Do you go to foreign films? - No. - I'm a major star in Europe.
Foreign films?
Yeah, foreign films.
Come here, close to me.
Feel better now?
Feel better now?
You like that? Don't touch my face, okay?
Oh, come on! - No, I'm not kidding.
We can make love, but don't touch my face or my hair.
Are all actors like that? - All the great actors are.
Do you think anybody touches Brando's face? Or Pacino's?
Do they touch De Niro's face? Or fucking touch Johnny Depp's face?
No one's gonna touch Paul Leger's face, okay?
I'm missing my favorite scene...
I'm telling you, if I hear anything, I swear I'm gonna kill somebody...
Go ahead and kill everybody! You're the tough guy!
Kill Vicky, kill Salvy,
Tommy Como, and me while you're at it!
You're killing yourself, the way you eat, you fat fuck!
What do you mean "kill you"?
Me, kill me!
Start here! Do me a fuckin' favor! - You meant something.
You mentioned Tommy, Salvy, and you included you with them.
You could have said anybody, but you said you and them.
You've let this girl ruin your life.
She really did some job on you!
Look what she did to you! - You fucked my wife.
You fucked my wife?
I'm not going to answer. It's a sick question.
I'm gonna leave.
Very nice!
You won't have troubles in your bed, so don't pick it out on me!
Pig, pig, pig! Here!
Hello. - Hello there.
Adrian Del Monica. - How do you do?
I'm not seein' it. - It's right in front of you!
Yeah, but the vibe... It's all wrong.
Mine is a '66, and it's old! I need a new one!
I'm not giving you any more. 500 dollars, that's it.
Are you listening to me?
Don't even think about this, Mother!
I can look if I want to. - Get out! You cannot pay for this.
Yes I can! - No you can't, Mother!
We made a deal, 500 dollars. - I don't know, well...
How are you going to pay for this? - With your money.
Which is half mine. - You know what, Mother?
Fuck you! - Hello, Axel Blackmar. - Fuck you, too!
What a beautiful dress. - I didn't come here for cheap compliments.
I wasn't complimenting you. Sorry. Forgive me if I've offended you.
I'm sorry. - You break, you pay! - No.
Something wrong with it?
Yeah, it's funny. - Thank you. That's very nice.
Okay, right. The undercoating looks pretty good.
The suspension is funny.
Look, the right wheel, see? It's lower than the left. - It is.
It's true.
I didn't mean to insult. I just wanted to tell you how beautiful you look.
Are you going to sell me a car or not? - Yes.
Hello, Elaine. - Hi!
I didn't know you worked here. - Temporary.
Can you hold on a sec? I'll be right with you.
Keep the daughter busy. - No. She's my first customer.
The woman knows my face. It's better for the sale.
It's better if I do it! - Don't ever touch my suit.
Do me a favor, keep the daughter busy.
Elaine, do you want to step outside? - Sure.
Why's he looking at me like that? - Oh, he's a kid. He's...
You ever think about suicide?
Excuse me? - Suicide.
Not recently.
I think about it all the time. I want to come back as a turtle.
Turtles are very nice. - Yes, they're the best.
She's not my real mother. She married my father. He's dead.
Both my parents are dead. - You sure become your parents.
Even if they're not your real parents. I'm gonna kill myself before that.
Really? - Yup. - Do you think you're overreacting?
I don't have another match.
Look at my hands! These aren't my hands.
These are her hands.
Do you like my legs? I hate them!
Sometimes I'll be sitting,
and I'll look down, and they're crossed just like hers.
She does have nice legs. - Yes, she does.
What's so bad about becoming your mother?
Just wait. One day you'll wake up, and you'll be your father.
Wrong. My uncle is my only family. - What does he do?
He owns this place. - See what I mean?
My father owned the 3rd largest copper mine in Arizona.
Now I own the 3rd largest copper mine in Arizona.
You're an idiot if you think you can escape it.
Don't call me an idiot.
Look, man...
I gave you pazzazz,
I offered you excitement, vibes,
sexy good-looking,
I even gave you Waaaaaagaaanganngg! What else could you want in a car?
Good gas mileage. That's important.
Mr. Del Monica, look at my lips.
They're gonna say:
Take your whsshht and get off my lot, before I punch you!
Now git!
Are you sore? - Out! Out!
Buy a Ford!
It's disgusting. Isn't it disgusting?
Goodbye, chickenhead. - Axel.
Hey Elaine, I was wondering... I know we just met,
but I was wondering if the two of us could meet for a picnic or a soirée?
I don't think so. Goodbye, Paul.
What the fuck was that? - What? - I was waiting for that woman.
Why was the door locked? - She was making a phone call.
Gentlemen, new showroom policy: As of today,
if any customers come in dressed casually,
they're yours. Starting now. Clear the area.
Did you know that the warriors in Papua New Guinea
avoid eating turtle meat before battle?
They believe that turtles are very shy,
and if they eat the meat,
their enemies will become shy, and run away.
Did you know that? - Well, it is fascinating.
A Papua New Guinea story! - It's "Papua." - I don't give a shit!
Wait! Isn't that the place where the village boys go into the woods,
and they build a giant lean-to... a shack. - That's right!
Then they take a woman they've captured from another village,
and they put her inside the lean-to.
And then every boy in the village goes in to lose his virginity.
When the last boy in line is inside, the rest go to the shack and knock...
You know the rest? - Yes.
Why do they knock it down?
Because they eat the poor bastard who was last, and the girl.
Nice. - But they're natives. Natives.
Oops! I've lost my napkin!
There's plenty of room here. Why don't you move apart?
We're fine.
Axel, tell them the Eskimo movie dream thing. - Why don't you, Paul?
Well, I'd love to hear it!
Oh yes! My mother loves bed-time stories.
Go on, Axel.
This Eskimo, Dooey, is fishing...
through a hole in the ice, and he catches this fish
with both eyes on the same side of its head. - I'm sorry.
But is that a real fish? - Yes, it's a real fish.
And there's a storm coming,
so Dooey gets on his dog sled, and travels through the ice.
Grow up! Mother, now! - Mind your own business!
...he builds a fire, and the snow from the tree falls down
and puts the fire out. - Jesus.
Sweetheart, go play.
Is that it? - No. So now Dooey is dying,
and his dog hypnotizes him,
and brings him back to the igloo,
where his wife rubs
his body with a sponge, and brings him back to life.
That's beautiful.
It is beautiful.
What was that? - My hand slipped. - A kid.
A kid. Beautiful.
It must give you great pleasure to be the life of the party, Mother.
What party?
Why must you try to screw
every man you see under 30? - Grace,
in Papua New Guinea, it's considered a right of passage...
I don't want to hear it!
In Papua New Guinea, if a woman wants to go to bed
with a young man, she can. - Stop it!
If she's older, it's okay!
If you fucking say it one more time, I'm going to smash this table now!
Let go!
Paul, maybe we should go... - Sit down! - Go!
Sit. - Go!
No! You're not invited! Go! - Sit!
I think we should stay here tonight. - No! You're not invited!
My friends can stay if they want.
You are disgusting. An immature girl in a sagging, old body!
You're a pale imitation of a young me. - Except I didn't kill my husband!
Tell your fucking new friends
what that's like! - Shut up! - No, you go ahead!
Shut up, Grace!
You're disgusting! - Shut up! - No, 'cuz I said it!
If it hadn't been for you, he'd still be alive!
That's it. I'm gonna kill myself right now.
Okay, good.
Go ahead! I'll give you a nice funeral.
I'm sure you will. But you're not getting any of my money!
I don't care. What else is new?
Look, Mom! See?
She's taking down her panty hose.
I'm so glad I'll be dead for your birthday! - Your best present ever!
This is it, Mom! Goodbye!
Get away!
Look, Mom!
She has her panties around her neck!
I'm eating!
You're desperate and sick, Mom.
You're sick. I can't live this way. I don't want to live this way.
Why don't you have some dignity? - I'm not living this way.
What do you want me to do? - No, this is good.
What did you do that for? I didn't bite him!
Mom! - You didn't have to hit me, did you? Is my nose bleeding?
Grace, please don't.
Why aren't you looking, Mom?
I'm a failure!
I won't live this way. - I've been incorrigible.
Mom, you made me do this. - Stop this!
Fuck yourself! - Paul! Shut up! ...cowardly lion.
Grace, I'll never say it again.
Liar! - No! I promise!
You promise what? - Never to say "Papua..."
You're so evil, Mother!
It's okay...
I'll fight you standing on one foot,
I'll fight you with my eyes closed!
You know when you're just about to go to sleep,
or you're just sort of, you know, falling asleep...
and you think you're really falling, so you catch yourself?
That ever happen to you? You're not falling, just falling asleep.
There you go.
When I was a little girl,
I always wanted to fly.
From the top of the house.
At night, I'd close my eyes,
and imagine I was on the roof,
looking down at my parents in their bed.
And then I'd jump off...
and I'd fly...
While everyone was sleeping,
I'd be soaring around,
looking through their windows,
and resting in the trees.
I always knew I could,
but I never told them.
Once someone knows, they can make you fall.
After I'm big, I may start acting weird,
stop returning calls, dressing all in black,
fancy restaurants, the whole shtick.
I want you to keep me in perspective.
Paul, you already wear black. - You know what I mean.
I just can't become a slave to my success.
I have to stay myself. - I think she likes me.
Did you see how she looked in my eyes? - The great Paul Leger!
I started thinking about Paul's garbage theory, about
male organs making extra proteins when a beautiful woman looks at you.
And if she keeps on looking, they produce
an extra protein, so deadly that one drop on the tip of an arrow
could kill a fucking rhino in 2 seconds.
I started to think what I wanted her to think,
I looked in her eyes,
and bingo!
She was mine.
Paul swears that cavemen used this deadly technique,
and that the deadly male protein killed the dinosaurs, not the ice age.
I think he saw it in a movie, and convinced himself it was true.
That's how Paul escaped.
And that's just what he did the next day.
I never paid much attention to Paul's garbage theories.
But then I realized he was right.
I felt the proteins running through my body like broken glass.
I tried to keep the proteins busy by making flying machines.
I've never built a flying machine before.
The proteins were making things fly in my head.
The more I worked on it, the more I was sure it would fly.
I just kept telling myself: It's gonna fly.
Love hit me like an elephant,
and I was thrown into a jungle of dreams.
Mother was wrong about magnetic pulls. There was only one pull,
and she was lying on my back.
I wasn't "falling in love," because I never felt any weight,
because I was "flying in love," for the first time in my life.
Beautiful morning out, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
Sit down. I'll do this.
Cereal? - Huh? - Cereal?
I made some coffee for you. - Great, thanks.
Did you fuck her?
My mother. Did you fuck her?
You liar! I can smell her on you.
You're not the first, did you know that?
Could I have some milk?
She's had a lot of young ones like you, eats you up like chocolates.
Could I have a spoon? - When she finishes a whole box,
she sticks her finger down her throat, and it comes back up.
You must have done well in school. - Straight A's.
Food! - Good!
Food! Hungry!
I'm kind of hungry. - Hungry!
Very good. - Good... Thirsty? Yes.
Two... one... go!
You ever thought about leaving? - Only a million times.
Why don't you? - Soon I'm going to Papua New Guinea.
Ever thought about Alaska? - Why would I go there?
It's very beautiful.
In my dream, y'know, the movie dream? There was a place on the Bering Sea.
It's completely flat, and really, really quiet, y'know?
Not even the wind whistling, because there's nothing there.
And then there's a boat,
and then...
there's the Eskimos. - The Eskimos!
The Eskimos push their old people out on ice floes to die! - No!
They don't do that! Elaine, I was trying to tell you the other night.
Eskimos believe that, even though you die,
you're never really
What then?
You're... infinity.
They believe that when the physical suit of skin dies,
it becomes part of the earth, but your soul...
keeps going, into other things...
like trees...
or fish or rocks...
or even other people, who actually are at that point, you.
And if you don't like what you became?
You wait a few years, and then you turn into something else.
And love works the same way...
So like, if you and I went down in a plane crash,
that would be okay, because our souls would keep going.
And we'd love each other over and over, from place to place,
because it's infinity.
And you want to go there with me? - Yeah.
We would love each other over and over, for infinity.
we'll go to the Bering Sea, we'll be in love, and we'll never die.
Never die. We can leave tomorrow, or we can leave right now.
I hope we're not disturbing. - What are you doing here, Leo?
Axel, is that how you say hello? - Just hold it.
Mrs. Stalker, nice seeing you again. Axel, get your things,
and we can get going. - I'm not going anywhere, Leo.
I bet you're gonna come. - Paul, hold it. - Alright.
Mrs. Stalker, if we could just be privately for a moment?
So you're working on the old airplane? - Don't touch it! - I'm sorry.
It's great! Great.
You should be with your sick uncle, instead of playing with this nutcase.
You know, this whole airplane... - What did you say?
You know what this is for her? This is like a prescription.
The name you called her! - Oh, I called her a name? - Yes.
What did I call her? Can't remember. I think I called her... psycho!
Psychopath! When are you gonna get it, Axel?
Nothing like freshly brewed coffee. - It's instant.
I knew that, Mrs. Stalker.
I don't like conflict. - No one said you did, Mr. Smilie. - Sweetie.
I know no one said that I did.
But we should get down to business. - We don't have any, Mr. Smilie.
Sweetie. Try that.
Very nice. We do have business. I want him returned to me.
He's a man, not an object, Mr. Smi... Sweetie.
A stranger doesn't tell a father what a son is.
You'll find it's not me who's the stranger.
Mrs. Stalker, let me put it this way:
You see that '65 Coup de Ville? - It's a '66, not a '65.
I beg your pardon, it's a '65, and although it's very nice,
it needs suspension work in the front. - The suspension is perfect.
Fine. Then it needs a new alignment.
Did you come here to give automotive advice? - Though an older model,
it still has style. - Sugar? - I never use it.
Now imagine if you will,
a brand new Coup de Ville, fresh from the factory,
sitting alongside your '65.
The beautiful lines of the older model
lose their elegance. The body sags, the finish is dull. You wash it,
wax it, but it's still lifeless. - Mr. Smilie...
There isn't a thing you can do to make it new again!
Those two automobiles do not belong together. Am I clear?
No, the only thing that's clear, Mr. Smilie... - No! Sweetie! that your attempt to insult me with car metaphors is incredibly
immature! - Immature! Right! You could be his mother!
But I'm not, Mr. Sweetie, I'm his lover.
And I must tell you, your nephew
is a wild animal in bed. Perhaps you might ask him for lessons.
I had hoped his sexual awakening would've been with someone who
knew the difference between making love and fucking!
Come on! Coffee break is over, fellows. Back to work!
Come on, Paul! Axel! Come on! - No! I'm not going!
Paul, grab the other arm! I'm gonna kick the shit out of you,
little son-of-a-bitch!
Come on, Axel! - You don't realize how angry... - Just come along!
I'm really mad! - Hands off him, Mr. Smilie!
Elaine, you can't shoot me, I have this performance on Friday.
It's an audition.
It's not a performance. It's an audition.
This is ridiculous.
I mean...
I mean, Mrs. Stalker, we've said a lot of things, and some
were half kidding... Why don't you put down the gun?
That I understand. That makes sense.
No more of that.
Axel, don't forget, Friday at 8:30!
Yes, get in the car! Go back
to where you should be!
I knew if Paul saw me, he'd never understand
that going to Papua New Guinea wasn't the answer. Flying was the secret.
Columbus wouldn't think I was crazy for building a flying machine,
because history is all dreams. No rules or books. It's just there,
waiting to be discovered like when Columbus found this place.
I don't know if he found his dream.
Fuck with me, now!
Because in the middle of a storm, you can't turn back, like Elaine.
She could only sail straight ahead.
If she asked me to build a rocket, and take her to another galaxy,
I'd build a rocket.
Very nice! Good.
Excellent! You finished now? - No! - No?
No! - You just finish.
To remember my dreams,
I turn them into stories. But dreams are like life.
You can't catch them in your hands, because you can't really see them.
If you believe in your dreams, no tornado, volcano or typhoon
can knock you "out of love," because love exists on its own.
Listen to me, if you ever touch this machine again,
I'm going to kill you!
Being caught in the dream of two women is the craziest storm of all.
The battle isn't good and evil, but between weaker and stronger.
The weaker is desperate for air. At this moment, my feet were
planted in the ground like a tree,
and if you moved to one side, you become the storm.
Even though I was ready to kill Grace, I wasn't sure which side I'd move to.
So I tried to anchor myself until the storm passed.
Turn around!
That's the second time. - What is?
Where were you two minutes ago? - Here?
You smashed the flying machine again. - Nope.
Because I don't care. - Liar! - I was here. - Prove it!
How? You see me playing, right?
To my turtles. - Why's your hair wet? - Because I just took a bath.
You like these turtles? - Yeah. - If you want these bastards to live,
stay away from that flying machine. - I'm scared. - Are you scared?
I'm scared. - Are you scared?
D'you think it'll fly? - I'm more than sure.
Let's do it then! I can't wait any longer.
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