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Subtitles for Arlington Road.

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Arlington Road

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X1:285 X2:407 Y1:418 Y2:445 Come on.
X1:250 X2:441 Y1:418 Y2:449 Do it, chicken.
X1:310 X2:382 Y1:418 Y2:445 Do it.
X1:262 X2:430 Y1:418 Y2:445 Go on. Do it.
X1:237 X2:455 Y1:418 Y2:451 Go on. Hurry up.
X1:175 X2:518 Y1:418 Y2:451 Are you chicken, or what?
X1:284 X2:409 Y1:418 Y2:445 Look out!
X1:319 X2:376 Y1:418 Y2:445 Kid?
X1:291 X2:403 Y1:418 Y2:451 Hey, kid.
X1:238 X2:455 Y1:418 Y2:451 What happened?
X1:204 X2:489 Y1:418 Y2:451 Help! Somebody help!
X1:179 X2:513 Y1:382 Y2:451 Hold on, now. You're gonna be all right.
X1:260 X2:432 Y1:382 Y2:445 Almost there. Come on !
X1:104 X2:589 Y1:382 Y2:449 - Hello, is this the emergency room? - Yes, sir.
X1:170 X2:524 Y1:382 Y2:451 - I'm bringing a child in. - What is your emergency?
X1:196 X2:497 Y1:382 Y2:451 I don't know! I'm bringing a child in !
X1:171 X2:522 Y1:382 Y2:451 Can you tell me the nature of your emergency?
X1:314 X2:380 Y1:418 Y2:451 Help!
X1:286 X2:409 Y1:418 Y2:451 Help him!
X1:133 X2:558 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Let's get a cold package, stat! - Let me have the boy!
X1:233 X2:461 Y1:382 Y2:451 To the burn unit! It's okay now, sir.
X1:122 X2:572 Y1:382 Y2:451 Put him in ER 8. Sir, you have to stay with me now.
X1:168 X2:525 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Are you the boy's father? - No.
X1:258 X2:437 Y1:418 Y2:451 He was just--
X1:194 X2:497 Y1:382 Y2:445 He was walking down the middle of the road.
X1:170 X2:525 Y1:382 Y2:445 Have you seen him before? What's his name?
X1:164 X2:528 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Sir, please. It's important. - What? What?
X1:184 X2:508 Y1:382 Y2:445 - The boy's name! - I don't know his name!
X1:186 X2:509 Y1:418 Y2:451 Excuse me, Mr. Faraday?
X1:308 X2:384 Y1:418 Y2:445 Yeah?
X1:200 X2:492 Y1:418 Y2:451 We're Brady's parents.
X1:133 X2:560 Y1:418 Y2:451 You feel like they're old enough.
X1:122 X2:571 Y1:382 Y2:451 - They should be able to-- - Can't let them out of your sight.
X1:155 X2:539 Y1:382 Y2:451 I mean, he said he was going to the park to play.
X1:176 X2:520 Y1:382 Y2:451 He didn't want us to know what he was doing.
X1:077 X2:618 Y1:382 Y2:451 Michael, we can't thank you enough. If you hadn't come along when you did--
X1:159 X2:535 Y1:418 Y2:451 No, I'm just glad we made it.
X1:292 X2:401 Y1:418 Y2:449 So, uh...
X1:276 X2:417 Y1:418 Y2:449 what, uh--
X1:141 X2:554 Y1:382 Y2:445 He and his friends got together all their fireworks--
X1:139 X2:555 Y1:382 Y2:451 their cones and their candles-- and they tied them up together.
X1:094 X2:600 Y1:382 Y2:451 They were trying to blast some kind of super rocket in the park.
X1:169 X2:526 Y1:418 Y2:451 And Brady's the one who--
X1:186 X2:511 Y1:382 Y2:445 He must've been the one that set it off.
X1:198 X2:496 Y1:382 Y2:451 The other kids must've put him up to it.
X1:192 X2:500 Y1:382 Y2:445 And it was just starting to feel like home too.
X1:148 X2:545 Y1:418 Y2:451 I thought that to myself today.
X1:184 X2:509 Y1:382 Y2:445 Just thought it's starting to feel like home.
X1:215 X2:479 Y1:418 Y2:451 He's gonna be okay.
X1:192 X2:501 Y1:418 Y2:451 He's gonna be all right.
X1:215 X2:476 Y1:418 Y2:451 Thank you, Michael.
X1:257 X2:435 Y1:418 Y2:449 Unit 14, clear.
X1:290 X2:403 Y1:418 Y2:449 Oh, God.
X1:200 X2:491 Y1:382 Y2:451 It's gotta be hell they're going through.
X1:140 X2:552 Y1:382 Y2:445 Two months they've lived there. I haven't said one word to 'em.
X1:162 X2:530 Y1:382 Y2:451 Well, you can't be best friends with everybody.
X1:121 X2:572 Y1:382 Y2:451 I watch them fixin' up their house, their kids playin' in their yard.
X1:147 X2:545 Y1:382 Y2:451 I held their son in my arms hangin' on for his life tonight.
X1:135 X2:559 Y1:418 Y2:451 Kid lives right across the street.
X1:159 X2:534 Y1:418 Y2:445 I didn't even know his name.
X1:273 X2:422 Y1:418 Y2:445 Did he die?
X1:128 X2:566 Y1:382 Y2:449 No, he's gonna be in the hospital for a while, but he'll be fine.
X1:157 X2:537 Y1:418 Y2:445 I saw the blood in the street.
X1:170 X2:523 Y1:418 Y2:451 He's gonna be okay, Grant.
X1:136 X2:559 Y1:382 Y2:451 Brooke said that she made you some dinner. You're not hungry?
X1:143 X2:549 Y1:418 Y2:451 Want me to tix you something?
X1:304 X2:390 Y1:418 Y2:445 Grant?
X1:113 X2:580 Y1:382 Y2:451 - She gonna stay here every night? - No, not every night.
X1:208 X2:486 Y1:382 Y2:445 She stayed last night because I asked her.
X1:185 X2:506 Y1:382 Y2:451 We talked about Brooke. You said you liked her.
X1:186 X2:507 Y1:418 Y2:445 I liked her better before.
X1:268 X2:424 Y1:418 Y2:449 Yeah, well...
X1:159 X2:533 Y1:418 Y2:451 Try to get some sleep, okay?
X1:286 X2:409 Y1:418 Y2:451 Love you.
X1:188 X2:505 Y1:382 Y2:445 The name of this course is American Terrorism.
X1:120 X2:573 Y1:382 Y2:445 Two hundred years ago, we fought a revolution over certain beliefs--
X1:164 X2:528 Y1:382 Y2:445 Liberty, justice for all, self-rule and self-reliance.
X1:089 X2:603 Y1:382 Y2:451 There are many in this country who feel we have not yet won that war.
X1:179 X2:515 Y1:382 Y2:451 Terrorist acts, violent political theater--
X1:079 X2:615 Y1:382 Y2:451 These have been a part of social dissent in this country since its inception.
X1:122 X2:571 Y1:382 Y2:451 But why? Why here in this land of freedom?
X1:106 X2:584 Y1:418 Y2:445 What's led men to such bloodshed...
X1:160 X2:534 Y1:418 Y2:445 in the name of their beliets?
X1:193 X2:500 Y1:382 Y2:451 Why in this era of national prosperity...
X1:124 X2:570 Y1:382 Y2:451 has the antigovernment movement been at its peak?
X1:160 X2:531 Y1:382 Y2:451 And what's that gonna mean when the prosperity fades?
X1:127 X2:567 Y1:418 Y2:451 Fewer and fewer of us are voting.
X1:136 X2:559 Y1:382 Y2:445 More and more of us are joining the ranks of a resistance.
X1:157 X2:535 Y1:382 Y2:451 How long are we gonna call these numbers insignificant?
X1:138 X2:556 Y1:418 Y2:451 What do they have to teach us?
X1:176 X2:516 Y1:382 Y2:451 - I'm going to go explore. - Okay.
X1:117 X2:575 Y1:382 Y2:445 The only woman I ever liked havin' around that was smarter than me.
X1:131 X2:561 Y1:418 Y2:451 Whit Carver, generous to a fault.
X1:197 X2:496 Y1:418 Y2:451 Good day, Mr. Faraday.
X1:230 X2:464 Y1:382 Y2:451 - How's he doin'? - He's all right.
X1:136 X2:556 Y1:418 Y2:451 We're still seeing his counselor.
X1:123 X2:571 Y1:382 Y2:451 She says he's improving, but he still keeps to himself a lot.
X1:212 X2:484 Y1:418 Y2:445 How's his dad doin'?
X1:259 X2:435 Y1:418 Y2:451 He's all right.
X1:125 X2:569 Y1:418 Y2:451 Still seeing his graduate student?
X1:207 X2:488 Y1:382 Y2:451 Yeah. She says he's improving, but--
X1:188 X2:508 Y1:382 Y2:449 He still keeps to himself a lot, huh?
X1:212 X2:483 Y1:382 Y2:451 This kid they got me partnered with...
X1:149 X2:544 Y1:382 Y2:451 is a walking, laptop computer, cyberspace geek.
X1:078 X2:615 Y1:382 Y2:451 Put him across from some real bad guys, it's like he's surprised to see 'em.
X1:082 X2:609 Y1:382 Y2:451 - I ought to make him take your course. - Really?
X1:218 X2:474 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Teachin' it again? - Oh, yeah.
X1:109 X2:585 Y1:382 Y2:445 She'd like that. I know what that would mean to her.
X1:144 X2:548 Y1:382 Y2:451 The invitation's still good for you to come by as a guest.
X1:189 X2:504 Y1:382 Y2:451 I'd rather not stand trial in front of you.
X1:093 X2:600 Y1:382 Y2:451 - That's not what it would be. - Yeah, right. I know what it would be.
X1:266 X2:428 Y1:418 Y2:445 How's work?
X1:188 X2:503 Y1:418 Y2:449 You know, we're a team.
X1:149 X2:544 Y1:418 Y2:451 That's what I miss, you know?
X1:161 X2:532 Y1:382 Y2:451 Conversations about work. I'd tell her all about my day.
X1:215 X2:479 Y1:382 Y2:451 She couldn't tell me a goddamn thing.
X1:135 X2:558 Y1:382 Y2:445 You wouldn't think I'd miss that, but I do.
X1:101 X2:593 Y1:382 Y2:451 Have me over to dinner sometime. I'll keep some state secrets from you.
X1:150 X2:543 Y1:382 Y2:451 - It'll be like she never left. - People remember her, Whit?
X1:205 X2:488 Y1:382 Y2:445 - What do you mean? - At the Bureau.
X1:212 X2:482 Y1:382 Y2:451 Do they remember, or do people forget?
X1:159 X2:533 Y1:382 Y2:451 They remember her, Michael. They do.
X1:176 X2:517 Y1:418 Y2:451 Leah died for her country.
X1:218 X2:475 Y1:418 Y2:445 She shouldn't have.
X1:114 X2:579 Y1:382 Y2:451 Michael, hello! How are you doing? Our other guest of honor. Come in.
X1:160 X2:531 Y1:382 Y2:449 - Hope we're not late. - No. Oliver, Michael's here.
X1:171 X2:521 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Cheryl, this is Brooke. - Hi, it's nice to meet you.
X1:141 X2:552 Y1:418 Y2:451 It's really nice to meet you too.
X1:190 X2:502 Y1:382 Y2:451 And this must be Grant. How are you doing?
X1:094 X2:600 Y1:382 Y2:451 There's junk food in the kitchen that's just for kids and not for grownups.
X1:083 X2:608 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Come on in. - Let me introduce you to some friends.
X1:189 X2:502 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Hot dog, please. - Brady's looking great.
X1:092 X2:602 Y1:382 Y2:451 Yeah, so would you if you found a way to get out of school for a while.
X1:118 X2:575 Y1:382 Y2:451 You're right, I would. I teach at G.W.-- American history.
X1:166 X2:528 Y1:418 Y2:451 I was always bad in history.
X1:172 X2:521 Y1:382 Y2:449 - Condemned to repeat it? - Yeah, several times.
X1:125 X2:570 Y1:418 Y2:451 So, what kind of work do you do?
X1:169 X2:524 Y1:382 Y2:445 I'm a structural engineer. You know the Reston Mall?
X1:128 X2:563 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Oh, yeah. - We're redesigning the addition.
X1:084 X2:608 Y1:382 Y2:451 You want bigger storage, more parking? I'm the guy to ask.
X1:129 X2:566 Y1:382 Y2:451 He knows. I'm not sure he totally understands what happened.
X1:182 X2:512 Y1:418 Y2:445 You know Michael from--
X1:124 X2:571 Y1:382 Y2:451 I was Michael's teaching assistant in my first year of grad school.
X1:143 X2:549 Y1:418 Y2:451 There was nothing between us.
X1:233 X2:460 Y1:382 Y2:445 I knew his family. I knew Leah.
X1:228 X2:466 Y1:382 Y2:445 I mean, this thing, this is kind of--
X1:187 X2:505 Y1:418 Y2:445 kind of new between us.
X1:314 X2:379 Y1:418 Y2:445 Wow.
X1:182 X2:511 Y1:418 Y2:451 You're so sweet together.
X1:188 X2:505 Y1:382 Y2:445 of course, I think the world of him.
X1:198 X2:496 Y1:418 Y2:451 He's such a good man.
X1:218 X2:475 Y1:418 Y2:451 Such a good father.
X1:177 X2:514 Y1:382 Y2:451 The job was just too appealing to pass up.
X1:210 X2:483 Y1:382 Y2:445 Contracts were down all over St. Louis.
X1:120 X2:573 Y1:382 Y2:451 - How long were you in St. Louis? - Four years, thereabouts.
X1:126 X2:566 Y1:382 Y2:451 I grew up on a tarm in a place called Carson, Kansas.
X1:190 X2:503 Y1:418 Y2:445 Never lived East before.
X1:236 X2:460 Y1:382 Y2:445 Kids'll get to see their first ocean.
X1:183 X2:511 Y1:382 Y2:451 Yeah, I'm atraid downtown's talling apart.
X1:128 X2:565 Y1:382 Y2:451 That's what I hear. I guess we're not in Kansas anymore, eh, Toto?
X1:295 X2:399 Y1:418 Y2:445 Hannah.
X1:292 X2:402 Y1:418 Y2:445 Bedtime.
X1:139 X2:552 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Be careful of his hand! - I haven't even got two hands!
X1:153 X2:541 Y1:382 Y2:451 It's been a long time since I've seen him just bein' a kid.
X1:232 X2:462 Y1:418 Y2:445 Sometimes he's--
X1:153 X2:541 Y1:418 Y2:449 You know, since his mother--
X1:173 X2:519 Y1:382 Y2:451 He has a tough time making friends sometimes.
X1:306 X2:386 Y1:418 Y2:445 Well...
X1:177 X2:515 Y1:418 Y2:451 Lucky we all need friends.
X1:198 X2:499 Y1:382 Y2:445 Life just isn't the same without 'em.
X1:183 X2:512 Y1:418 Y2:445 Let me take this in. Dad?
X1:133 X2:560 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Yeah? - How do you spell "restricted"?
X1:176 X2:519 Y1:418 Y2:445 Restricted. R-E-S-T-R-l--
X1:108 X2:585 Y1:382 Y2:451 You know how to use the dictionary. What are you guys doin' in there?
X1:205 X2:489 Y1:418 Y2:451 Building a compound.
X1:201 X2:491 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Compound? - Soldiers' compound.
X1:279 X2:414 Y1:418 Y2:451 Stop, Dad.
X1:202 X2:490 Y1:382 Y2:445 You have to know the secret handshake.
X1:217 X2:477 Y1:418 Y2:445 Should we tell him?
X1:243 X2:448 Y1:418 Y2:451 All right. Well...
X1:125 X2:567 Y1:382 Y2:451 just so I know you're not gonna use any fireworks in there, Brady.
X1:217 X2:476 Y1:418 Y2:451 General Brady, Dad.
X1:160 X2:534 Y1:382 Y2:451 Yeah? No fireworks, General Brady.
X1:097 X2:595 Y1:382 Y2:445 That's classified information. You don't know the secret handshake.
X1:212 X2:480 Y1:382 Y2:449 - I'm serious, Brady. - Come on, Grant.
X1:168 X2:525 Y1:382 Y2:451 Get washed up, guys. We're gonna get dinner on.
X1:087 X2:605 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Come on in. - Got something for you in my mailbox.
X1:265 X2:428 Y1:418 Y2:445 What's that?
X1:155 X2:539 Y1:418 Y2:451 "University of Pennsylvania"?
X1:085 X2:607 Y1:382 Y2:445 -I thought you hadn't lived East before. -I haven't.
X1:064 X2:630 Y1:382 Y2:451 I went to Kansas State, class of '78. Must have me mixed up with someone else.
X1:198 X2:493 Y1:382 Y2:449 - Same class, huh? - Yeah, but at K State.
X1:257 X2:438 Y1:418 Y2:445 It's a reunion.
X1:143 X2:551 Y1:382 Y2:445 Must've lost track of some guy, sent it to me instead.
X1:101 X2:593 Y1:382 Y2:451 Sorry about the mess. Cheryl and the girls are at a church group tonight.
X1:206 X2:489 Y1:382 Y2:445 I'm trying to catch up on a little work.
X1:253 X2:440 Y1:382 Y2:445 - How are ya? - Good.
X1:226 X2:467 Y1:382 Y2:451 - How's Grant? - He's doin' great.
X1:167 X2:529 Y1:418 Y2:445 Excuse me a minute. Hello?
X1:171 X2:523 Y1:418 Y2:451 Why don't I call you back?
X1:217 X2:475 Y1:418 Y2:451 What do you mean?
X1:311 X2:382 Y1:418 Y2:451 Okay.
X1:172 X2:521 Y1:382 Y2:451 Well, we should really talk in person about this.
X1:311 X2:380 Y1:418 Y2:445 Yeah.
X1:160 X2:534 Y1:418 Y2:451 I could work on this tonight.
X1:248 X2:444 Y1:418 Y2:451 Okay. All right.
X1:181 X2:513 Y1:418 Y2:449 Listen, hold on a second.
X1:089 X2:603 Y1:382 Y2:451 This project is taking forever. Client can't seem to make up his mind.
X1:129 X2:562 Y1:382 Y2:451 - This the Reston Mall? - Yeah. We're getting it on track.
X1:211 X2:486 Y1:418 Y2:451 I'm sorry, I have to--
X1:105 X2:587 Y1:382 Y2:449 - We'll see each other this weekend. - Yes, the Junior Ds.
X1:143 X2:548 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Brady keeps talking about it. - Yeah, he's gonna love it.
X1:134 X2:558 Y1:382 Y2:445 He's gonna make more friends than he'll know what to do with.
X1:178 X2:513 Y1:418 Y2:451 They do camp outs, trips.
X1:132 X2:561 Y1:418 Y2:451 Give you the house to yourself...
X1:215 X2:479 Y1:418 Y2:451 every now and then.
X1:186 X2:506 Y1:418 Y2:449 You and Brooke, I mean.
X1:189 X2:502 Y1:382 Y2:445 - I thank you, neighbor. - For what?
X1:182 X2:512 Y1:382 Y2:451 For having a ten-year-old next door.
X1:059 X2:633 Y1:382 Y2:445 - What do you know about shopping malls? - Huh?
X1:145 X2:547 Y1:382 Y2:451 Shopping malls. I was over at the Langs', talking with Oliver.
X1:104 X2:589 Y1:382 Y2:445 He had this blueprint on his counter. He said it was the Reston Mall.
X1:150 X2:542 Y1:382 Y2:449 - That's what he's workin' on. - Yeah, but it wasn't.
X1:205 X2:488 Y1:382 Y2:445 - What do you mean? - I looked.
X1:234 X2:460 Y1:382 Y2:445 It was a building. It wasn't a mall.
X1:186 X2:505 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Right, it's an addition. - No.
X1:184 X2:511 Y1:382 Y2:445 It was an office building. It wasn't stores at all.
X1:146 X2:548 Y1:382 Y2:451 Oh, so, it's some other project that he's working on.
X1:181 X2:513 Y1:382 Y2:445 Why would he tell me it was a mall if it wasn't?
X1:226 X2:467 Y1:418 Y2:451 Why would he lie?
X1:092 X2:600 Y1:382 Y2:451 When you took engineering in college, what kind of grades did you get?
X1:183 X2:512 Y1:418 Y2:451 I didn't take engineering.
X1:120 X2:573 Y1:418 Y2:451 What I saw was an office building.
X1:177 X2:516 Y1:378 Y2:447 Fourteen months ago on a Monday in January...
X1:113 X2:578 Y1:382 Y2:451 over 60 federal employees went to work like they always did...
X1:127 X2:566 Y1:382 Y2:445 at the Roosevelt Federal Building in downtown St. Louis.
X1:193 X2:499 Y1:382 Y2:451 Except on that Monday they didn't come home.
X1:168 X2:526 Y1:418 Y2:451 In a truck parked in front...
X1:186 X2:507 Y1:382 Y2:451 was hidden 50 pounds of C-4 plastic explosive.
X1:087 X2:605 Y1:382 Y2:451 When it was detonated, it disintegrated the street side of the building...
X1:191 X2:501 Y1:382 Y2:451 obliterating dozens of government offices...
X1:138 X2:554 Y1:418 Y2:451 the building's day care center...
X1:127 X2:565 Y1:382 Y2:445 and the St. Louis branch of the lnternal Revenue Service...
X1:134 X2:560 Y1:382 Y2:451 which was ultimately determined to be the target of the attack.
X1:153 X2:538 Y1:382 Y2:451 The truck was leased by this 33-year-old electrician...
X1:259 X2:435 Y1:418 Y2:445 Dean Scobee.
X1:106 X2:589 Y1:382 Y2:445 Scobee had served some prison time for tax evasion...
X1:135 X2:556 Y1:382 Y2:445 and surveillance videos showed that he was inside the vehicle...
X1:138 X2:556 Y1:418 Y2:451 Ieaving him among the 63 dead.
X1:133 X2:561 Y1:418 Y2:451 Does anyone not remember this?
X1:158 X2:535 Y1:382 Y2:451 You all remember the results of the investigation?
X1:133 X2:559 Y1:382 Y2:451 - They said Scobee acted alone. - One man, no conspirators.
X1:306 X2:388 Y1:418 Y2:451 Right?
X1:132 X2:562 Y1:382 Y2:451 He cheated the IRS. They caught him at it, so he blew 'em up.
X1:182 X2:513 Y1:382 Y2:451 This is a guy who people described as average.
X1:292 X2:402 Y1:418 Y2:451 Friendly.
X1:200 X2:495 Y1:382 Y2:445 He'd been in the army, but as a radio man.
X1:159 X2:537 Y1:382 Y2:445 He had very little experience with munitions.
X1:169 X2:527 Y1:382 Y2:445 His parents considered him a moderate conservative.
X1:108 X2:585 Y1:382 Y2:451 Two weeks prior to this, he received a pay raise at his electrician's job.
X1:066 X2:629 Y1:382 Y2:451 Does that sound like a man who's on the edge or a man who needed a push?
X1:315 X2:380 Y1:418 Y2:445 Huh?
X1:196 X2:498 Y1:382 Y2:451 Come on. I don't know. I'm just asking.
X1:101 X2:590 Y1:382 Y2:451 Come on, Professor. The Feds did this huge investigation.
X1:180 X2:513 Y1:382 Y2:451 That's right, an investigation, I forgot.
X1:306 X2:386 Y1:418 Y2:445 Well...
X1:234 X2:458 Y1:382 Y2:451 the investigation didn't satisty me.
X1:133 X2:560 Y1:382 Y2:451 Miss O'Neill, when you first heard the news--
X1:098 X2:596 Y1:382 Y2:451 terrorist attack in your own country-- how did that make you feel?
X1:272 X2:419 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Come on. - Well--
X1:222 X2:470 Y1:418 Y2:451 What did you feel?
X1:305 X2:386 Y1:418 Y2:451 Angry.
X1:209 X2:483 Y1:418 Y2:445 Scared and stressed.
X1:215 X2:479 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Did you feel safe? - No.
X1:135 X2:556 Y1:382 Y2:451 And then the next day, when they found Scobee dead...
X1:184 X2:511 Y1:418 Y2:451 did you feel some relief?
X1:231 X2:465 Y1:418 Y2:451 Did safety return?
X1:163 X2:529 Y1:382 Y2:451 The people in that building, they felt safe...
X1:149 X2:544 Y1:418 Y2:451 secure, just like you feel now.
X1:168 X2:525 Y1:418 Y2:445 And then an instant later--
X1:252 X2:442 Y1:418 Y2:445 In an instant...
X1:192 X2:500 Y1:418 Y2:451 they were gone forever.
X1:221 X2:472 Y1:382 Y2:445 We needed to have this man to blame.
X1:203 X2:488 Y1:418 Y2:445 We don't want others.
X1:211 X2:481 Y1:418 Y2:445 We want one name...
X1:208 X2:484 Y1:418 Y2:445 and we want it fast...
X1:220 X2:475 Y1:382 Y2:451 because it gives us our security back.
X1:183 X2:511 Y1:382 Y2:445 We can say, "Here was the one man...
X1:208 X2:484 Y1:418 Y2:445 unlike the rest of us.
X1:229 X2:463 Y1:382 Y2:445 We named him, and he's no more.
X1:229 X2:465 Y1:382 Y2:451 And his reasons, they're gone too."
X1:168 X2:525 Y1:382 Y2:445 But the truth is, we don't know his reasons.
X1:124 X2:569 Y1:382 Y2:451 We don't know why Scobee did it, why it came to this.
X1:186 X2:507 Y1:382 Y2:451 We can pretend we do-- the ten grand in taxes--
X1:215 X2:478 Y1:418 Y2:445 but we don't know...
X1:205 X2:487 Y1:418 Y2:445 and we'll never know.
X1:190 X2:502 Y1:418 Y2:449 And still, we feel safe...
X1:165 X2:528 Y1:418 Y2:445 because we know his name.
X1:193 X2:499 Y1:418 Y2:451 As God is my witness...
X1:224 X2:470 Y1:418 Y2:451 I promise to give...
X1:163 X2:529 Y1:418 Y2:451 friendship to those in need.
X1:186 X2:507 Y1:418 Y2:451 Help to those in trouble.
X1:129 X2:564 Y1:418 Y2:445 I will work with faith and honor...
X1:143 X2:549 Y1:418 Y2:451 to uphold the Discoverer code.
X1:219 X2:472 Y1:418 Y2:451 To respect myself...
X1:273 X2:419 Y1:418 Y2:451 my family...
X1:243 X2:450 Y1:418 Y2:451 and my country.
X1:094 X2:603 Y1:382 Y2:451 Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Junior Discovery Troop 474.
X1:198 X2:495 Y1:418 Y2:451 This is Oliver's study...
X1:177 X2:515 Y1:382 Y2:451 where he, you know, gets away from the kids...
X1:222 X2:470 Y1:418 Y2:451 and me, I suppose.
X1:203 X2:490 Y1:382 Y2:451 These are all projects you've worked on?
X1:192 X2:502 Y1:382 Y2:449 I wish. No, I collect sketches...
X1:184 X2:510 Y1:382 Y2:451 blueprints, designs of old buildings.
X1:124 X2:567 Y1:418 Y2:445 This is a front view of Monticello.
X1:081 X2:610 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Down there is the Woolworth Building. - It's his hobby.
X1:208 X2:484 Y1:382 Y2:449 - The St. Louis Arch. - Yes, correct.
X1:145 X2:548 Y1:382 Y2:451 So, then all of these drawings, these buildings...
X1:222 X2:470 Y1:382 Y2:451 they're not just for your job, then?
X1:222 X2:470 Y1:382 Y2:451 Oh. So they're not all shopping malls.
X1:095 X2:602 Y1:382 Y2:451 No, I don't know of any architecturally significant shopping malls.
X1:200 X2:492 Y1:382 Y2:451 Oh, honey, you just haven't built them yet.
X1:237 X2:455 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Who's hungry? - I'm famished.
X1:166 X2:526 Y1:382 Y2:451 Come on. I've got some really delicious putt pastry.
X1:162 X2:530 Y1:382 Y2:451 They've got to work so hard when they're there.
X1:203 X2:490 Y1:382 Y2:445 You've gotta keep 'em in the seats.
X1:277 X2:416 Y1:418 Y2:445 You know?
X1:158 X2:536 Y1:382 Y2:445 Politically, there's something to be said for that.
X1:138 X2:556 Y1:382 Y2:451 Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Here we are leaving the church.
X1:176 X2:520 Y1:382 Y2:451 Everyone thought we were going to Mexico.
X1:180 X2:513 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Where were you going? - We were going there...
X1:204 X2:489 Y1:382 Y2:451 but the plane never left the ground.
X1:156 X2:536 Y1:418 Y2:451 Some kind of engine trouble.
X1:084 X2:609 Y1:382 Y2:451 Couldn't leave till morning, so we spent the night at the Wichita Airport Motel.
X1:255 X2:440 Y1:418 Y2:445 How romantic!
X1:118 X2:575 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Well, for $19, it was wonderful. - How long you two been married?
X1:138 X2:556 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Well, 12 years in August. - What kind of example is that?
X1:147 X2:546 Y1:382 Y2:451 Well, I don't think we learn responsibility from politicians.
X1:152 X2:541 Y1:418 Y2:451 We really learn it from family.
X1:122 X2:573 Y1:418 Y2:451 It's the people that we care about.
X1:128 X2:564 Y1:382 Y2:451 - It's what they care about. - He died when I was a teenager.
X1:259 X2:435 Y1:418 Y2:451 Oh, I'm sorry.
X1:251 X2:442 Y1:418 Y2:445 Farm accident.
X1:064 X2:630 Y1:382 Y2:451 -Where would you say you get yours from? -My what? My values?
X1:184 X2:508 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Probably from my wife. - Values?
X1:260 X2:434 Y1:418 Y2:445 What values?
X1:126 X2:565 Y1:382 Y2:451 Michael and I were talking about where you get your values from...
X1:184 X2:509 Y1:382 Y2:451 and we were both saying it's mostly from family.
X1:106 X2:588 Y1:382 Y2:445 Well, where else you gonna get 'em? Celebrities? Politicians?
X1:221 X2:473 Y1:418 Y2:451 Not in this century.
X1:238 X2:456 Y1:418 Y2:451 I just think it's...
X1:089 X2:602 Y1:382 Y2:451 a sorry state of aftairs when you can't find a role model to cast your vote for.
X1:181 X2:513 Y1:382 Y2:451 It's not even role models, necessarily.
X1:118 X2:574 Y1:382 Y2:451 It's just people who acknowledge the consequences of their actions.
X1:112 X2:582 Y1:382 Y2:451 Or pay for those actions. I think we should put some politicians in jail.
X1:179 X2:515 Y1:382 Y2:445 You can't ask government to be intallible.
X1:100 X2:594 Y1:382 Y2:451 You just can't. But you can ask it to be accountable.
X1:182 X2:513 Y1:418 Y2:445 I can ask it to be honest.
X1:160 X2:532 Y1:418 Y2:449 You know, when Leah died...
X1:166 X2:527 Y1:418 Y2:445 all I wanted was someone...
X1:205 X2:489 Y1:382 Y2:445 to tell me, "We made a mistake."
X1:212 X2:482 Y1:382 Y2:445 You know? "We made a mistake.
X1:176 X2:515 Y1:418 Y2:445 Your wife suftered for it...
X1:153 X2:541 Y1:382 Y2:445 and we'd take it back a hundred times if we could."
X1:288 X2:406 Y1:418 Y2:449 But, uh...
X1:219 X2:473 Y1:418 Y2:451 they don't say that.
X1:257 X2:436 Y1:418 Y2:445 She would've.
X1:190 X2:503 Y1:418 Y2:445 Some of them knew her.
X1:133 X2:560 Y1:382 Y2:451 They work so hard at being able to look you in the eye.
X1:275 X2:419 Y1:418 Y2:445 Excuse me.
X1:237 X2:456 Y1:382 Y2:445 Leave him alone. He's fine.
X1:309 X2:384 Y1:418 Y2:451 Sorry.
X1:139 X2:553 Y1:382 Y2:451 - I see how much you miss her. - There are just these times...
X1:117 X2:575 Y1:382 Y2:451 when you realize how much your own life is out of your hands.
X1:186 X2:508 Y1:418 Y2:451 What are you gonna do?
X1:170 X2:524 Y1:418 Y2:451 I guess you can have faith.
X1:170 X2:522 Y1:382 Y2:451 Try to make a difterence while you can with Grant...
X1:242 X2:450 Y1:418 Y2:451 to your classes.
X1:236 X2:457 Y1:418 Y2:451 What about you?
X1:245 X2:447 Y1:418 Y2:451 Got my family...
X1:130 X2:563 Y1:418 Y2:451 and the buildings I leave behind.
X1:289 X2:403 Y1:418 Y2:445 That's it.
X1:208 X2:486 Y1:382 Y2:451 Get your shoulder up a little bit, okay?
X1:165 X2:529 Y1:382 Y2:445 Step into it. Watch that ball until it hits the bat.
X1:288 X2:403 Y1:418 Y2:445 That's it!
X1:159 X2:534 Y1:418 Y2:451 You want some Crackerjack?
X1:135 X2:558 Y1:382 Y2:451 You sure? Popcorn and caramel. It builds your muscles.
X1:289 X2:403 Y1:418 Y2:451 All right.
X1:197 X2:497 Y1:418 Y2:451 Hey, atta way, Faraday.
X1:140 X2:552 Y1:382 Y2:451 - He's gettin' some contidence. - He's a strong kid.
X1:106 X2:586 Y1:382 Y2:451 - He's been dealt some hard breaks. - Atta way to swing.
X1:187 X2:505 Y1:382 Y2:451 - You give him strength. - I'm tryin'.
X1:297 X2:395 Y1:418 Y2:445 You do.
X1:139 X2:554 Y1:382 Y2:451 Gettin' on with your life. That's important for him to see.
X1:112 X2:582 Y1:418 Y2:451 He just wishes someone had to pay.
X1:306 X2:386 Y1:418 Y2:445 What?
X1:141 X2:553 Y1:382 Y2:451 For his mother. He wishes someone had to pay.
X1:153 X2:542 Y1:418 Y2:451 He's talked to you about her?
X1:129 X2:563 Y1:382 Y2:451 Our people send her in with the wrong information then say...
X1:219 X2:476 Y1:418 Y2:451 "Hey, not my fault."
X1:203 X2:491 Y1:418 Y2:445 I can't live with that...
X1:149 X2:543 Y1:382 Y2:451 for you, let alone a nine-year-old boy.
X1:220 X2:473 Y1:382 Y2:445 Grant talked to you about his mother?
X1:275 X2:417 Y1:418 Y2:451 Well, yeah.
X1:153 X2:539 Y1:382 Y2:451 I hope that's all right. We talk about a lot of things.
X1:237 X2:457 Y1:418 Y2:445 He's a smart kid.
X1:231 X2:460 Y1:418 Y2:451 Way to go, Grant.
X1:177 X2:515 Y1:382 Y2:445 We're never more wise than when we're children.
X1:181 X2:511 Y1:418 Y2:451 They say it, and it's true.
X1:201 X2:493 Y1:382 Y2:451 We'll never see things that clear again.
X1:230 X2:464 Y1:418 Y2:445 Let me have a hit.
X1:147 X2:546 Y1:382 Y2:451 Come on, now, it's dinnertime. Wash your hands.
X1:191 X2:501 Y1:382 Y2:449 - I'm eating with Brady. - No, come on, now.
X1:127 X2:567 Y1:382 Y2:451 Michael, I'm sorry. Brady invited him over for dinner.
X1:158 X2:536 Y1:382 Y2:451 - I thought he'd asked you. - Can I eat with Brady, Dad?
X1:232 X2:461 Y1:382 Y2:451 Okay, if his dad says it's all right.
X1:221 X2:474 Y1:418 Y2:451 Is it all right, kids?
X1:289 X2:405 Y1:418 Y2:451 I can fly!
X1:171 X2:520 Y1:378 Y2:447 - Good afternoon, U Penn. - Transcript office, please.
X1:083 X2:609 Y1:382 Y2:451 -Transcripts. -I'm calling from Washington University.
X1:077 X2:615 Y1:382 Y2:451 We have a student who's applying for graduate work in our history department.
X1:133 X2:559 Y1:382 Y2:451 I need to verify his undergrad record with you guys.
X1:191 X2:503 Y1:382 Y2:445 He's been out of school for some time.
X1:188 X2:503 Y1:418 Y2:451 The name's Oliver Lang.
X1:156 X2:537 Y1:382 Y2:445 Are you telling me that you took this out of his mailbox?
X1:103 X2:589 Y1:382 Y2:451 - That is illegal. - Tell me if you think this is strange.
X1:129 X2:564 Y1:382 Y2:451 The University of Pennsylvania keeps sending him alumni stuft...
X1:201 X2:490 Y1:418 Y2:451 for a 20-year reunion.
X1:093 X2:603 Y1:382 Y2:451 He says he went to Kansas State. They have him mixed up with someone else.
X1:169 X2:525 Y1:382 Y2:451 So I call Penn. I get that guy's transcripts.
X1:108 X2:585 Y1:382 Y2:445 - What? Why? Michael! Oh, my God! - Listen to me.
X1:150 X2:543 Y1:382 Y2:451 That guy has a completely difterent physical description.
X1:086 X2:605 Y1:382 Y2:451 - He never took a class in engineering. - Right...
X1:124 X2:569 Y1:382 Y2:451 because they've got him mixed up with somebody else.
X1:176 X2:516 Y1:382 Y2:451 This U Penn Oliver is the same age as Oliver.
X1:202 X2:491 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Wait. As our Oliver? - As our Oliver, yes.
X1:119 X2:575 Y1:418 Y2:451 He graduated the same year, and...
X1:140 X2:552 Y1:382 Y2:445 he comes from Carson, Kansas, Oliver's hometown.
X1:120 X2:573 Y1:382 Y2:451 Wait, I'm totally lost. You just said that they're two different people.
X1:141 X2:552 Y1:382 Y2:445 Yeah. Two people the same age from the same small town!
X1:235 X2:458 Y1:382 Y2:445 I looked it up. It's a small town!
X1:248 X2:444 Y1:418 Y2:449 Yeah, so what?
X1:099 X2:596 Y1:382 Y2:451 Brooke, don't you think they would've heard of each other, these guys?
X1:186 X2:509 Y1:382 Y2:451 You know, growing up? Gotten mixed up before?
X1:114 X2:578 Y1:382 Y2:451 Oliver didn't say anything like that. He just threw the letter away.
X1:204 X2:487 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Well, wait a minute. - So--
X1:128 X2:564 Y1:382 Y2:451 There could be ten other Michael Faradays in Northern Virginia.
X1:153 X2:539 Y1:382 Y2:445 - You would never know that. - So I called Kansas State.
X1:182 X2:513 Y1:382 Y2:451 Here's what I'm saying. Kansas State University...
X1:148 X2:544 Y1:382 Y2:451 had no Oliver Lang on record, from that year or any year.
X1:183 X2:511 Y1:382 Y2:451 So either he didn't really go to that school...
X1:168 X2:525 Y1:418 Y2:445 or that's not his real name.
X1:095 X2:600 Y1:382 Y2:451 Can I ask you something? Did you do this to me when we started dating?
X1:156 X2:537 Y1:382 Y2:451 - What? - Call up my ex-boyfriends...
X1:126 X2:568 Y1:418 Y2:451 and get my transcripts sent over?
X1:130 X2:562 Y1:382 Y2:451 You've got to admit, there's something not right here.
X1:152 X2:541 Y1:382 Y2:451 No, this isn't right. You have invaded his privacy.
X1:148 X2:546 Y1:382 Y2:451 So maybe he lied about where he went to college. Big deal.
X1:080 X2:612 Y1:382 Y2:451 People lie about things all the time. You don't have the right to spy on them.
X1:196 X2:497 Y1:418 Y2:451 God, you of all people.
X1:117 X2:577 Y1:382 Y2:445 Are you teaching the Bill of Rights this semester...
X1:120 X2:573 Y1:418 Y2:451 or did that not make the program?
X1:141 X2:553 Y1:382 Y2:445 I don't know what you're doing. We've made some friends here.
X1:286 X2:408 Y1:418 Y2:451 All right?
X1:240 X2:454 Y1:418 Y2:451 See you tonight.
X1:312 X2:381 Y1:418 Y2:451 Lang.
X1:317 X2:376 Y1:418 Y2:445 Shit.
X1:284 X2:410 Y1:418 Y2:445 Fenimore.
X1:109 X2:586 Y1:382 Y2:451 'Cause you've never been away from home before. You're nine years old.
X1:167 X2:526 Y1:382 Y2:451 Nine and a half. There'll be grownups there.
X1:185 X2:506 Y1:418 Y2:449 The answer is no, Grant.
X1:214 X2:477 Y1:382 Y2:451 It's spring vacation. You said I could go.
X1:184 X2:508 Y1:382 Y2:451 Well, now I'm saying that you can't go, Grant!
X1:096 X2:597 Y1:382 Y2:451 Look, maybe you can go for summer camp or something, okay?
X1:112 X2:580 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Brady's going. - Brady might not be the best kid...
X1:219 X2:474 Y1:382 Y2:445 for you to be alone in the woods with !
X1:202 X2:489 Y1:382 Y2:451 - The answer is no! - He's my best triend.
X1:091 X2:604 Y1:382 Y2:445 Look, you want to go to camp, we'll go to Aunt Ruth's and Uncle Rob's cabin.
X1:256 X2:436 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Okay? - That's a lie!
X1:121 X2:571 Y1:382 Y2:451 - No it's not! - You'll be too busy! You'll forget!
X1:116 X2:575 Y1:382 Y2:451 - You and me, we'll go-- - You'll forget you said I could go!
X1:278 X2:416 Y1:418 Y2:445 I hate him.
X1:213 X2:479 Y1:382 Y2:451 The FBI keeps a file on every American...
X1:203 X2:488 Y1:382 Y2:451 who has ever been charged with a crime.
X1:179 X2:513 Y1:382 Y2:451 Now, certain offenses cause files to be flagged.
X1:160 X2:532 Y1:418 Y2:451 Two years ago, these flags...
X1:135 X2:557 Y1:382 Y2:451 picked up a series of suspicious firearms purchases...
X1:210 X2:483 Y1:382 Y2:445 in Maryland, Georgia and the Carolinas.
X1:162 X2:531 Y1:418 Y2:451 Over a hundred guns from...
X1:163 X2:530 Y1:418 Y2:451 assault rifles, army issues...
X1:161 X2:534 Y1:382 Y2:445 all bought by acquaintances of Seaver Parsons--
X1:184 X2:509 Y1:382 Y2:451 husband, father of three, amateur gun collector...
X1:169 X2:524 Y1:382 Y2:451 outspoken member of the right-wing extremists...
X1:205 X2:487 Y1:418 Y2:451 here in West Virginia.
X1:140 X2:555 Y1:382 Y2:451 To the FBI, it appeared Parsons was stockpiling weapons...
X1:172 X2:520 Y1:418 Y2:445 for some sort of offensive.
X1:145 X2:547 Y1:418 Y2:451 So they sent four FBI agents...
X1:158 X2:534 Y1:418 Y2:445 with a search warrant here...
X1:129 X2:564 Y1:382 Y2:445 thinking that they would uncover some sort of treasure chest...
X1:227 X2:466 Y1:418 Y2:451 of felony firearms.
X1:101 X2:591 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Munitions for war. - 2-7 November, we got your eyeball.
X1:225 X2:469 Y1:418 Y2:451 Backup's en route.
X1:122 X2:573 Y1:418 Y2:451 How you gonna handle this, boss?
X1:256 X2:437 Y1:418 Y2:451 The easy way.
X1:226 X2:467 Y1:418 Y2:449 Yeah, I heard that.
X1:229 X2:465 Y1:418 Y2:451 Hey, there, mister.
X1:132 X2:561 Y1:418 Y2:451 You catch yourself some dinner?
X1:149 X2:546 Y1:418 Y2:451 Is that your house over there?
X1:131 X2:565 Y1:418 Y2:451 Know if your father's home, son?
X1:221 X2:472 Y1:418 Y2:451 He don't know you.
X1:120 X2:571 Y1:382 Y2:445 - No, son, we're from Washington. - Here at this fence line...
X1:188 X2:504 Y1:382 Y2:451 they encounter Parson's youngest son, age ten.
X1:099 X2:592 Y1:382 Y2:451 They asked him where his father was, but they neglected--
X1:148 X2:543 Y1:382 Y2:451 they failed to first identify themselves as Federal agents.
X1:068 X2:626 Y1:382 Y2:451 Run up and ask your dad to come outside. We'd like to speak to him.
X1:307 X2:387 Y1:418 Y2:451 Okay?
X1:221 X2:470 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Cover the house! - No, stay here!
X1:282 X2:412 Y1:418 Y2:445 Move! Go!
X1:315 X2:379 Y1:418 Y2:451 Stay!
X1:206 X2:487 Y1:382 Y2:451 The kid doesn't know why we're here!
X1:247 X2:447 Y1:418 Y2:451 They're comin'!
X1:218 X2:475 Y1:382 Y2:451 Jeb, they're comin'! They're here!
X1:237 X2:456 Y1:418 Y2:451 Ma, they're here!
X1:276 X2:418 Y1:418 Y2:445 Cease fire!
X1:325 X2:369 Y1:418 Y2:445 Ma!
X1:324 X2:368 Y1:418 Y2:445 Go!
X1:260 X2:432 Y1:418 Y2:445 Just hold on.
X1:228 X2:464 Y1:382 Y2:451 Pinned down, they returned fire.
X1:169 X2:522 Y1:382 Y2:445 Finally, the reinforcements arrived.
X1:134 X2:558 Y1:382 Y2:451 When it was over, the siege lasted over two hours.
X1:132 X2:559 Y1:382 Y2:445 At the end, Parson's two eldest sons were wounded...
X1:150 X2:545 Y1:382 Y2:445 his wife and his youngest boy were killed.
X1:206 X2:487 Y1:382 Y2:445 As for Parsons, he wasn't even home.
X1:161 X2:531 Y1:418 Y2:451 See, the FBI, they thought...
X1:124 X2:569 Y1:382 Y2:451 that their people were uncovering some sort of terrorist plot.
X1:159 X2:532 Y1:382 Y2:451 You see? But what their file, their flags...
X1:188 X2:504 Y1:418 Y2:445 did not reveal to them...
X1:134 X2:558 Y1:382 Y2:451 was that Seaver Parsons had come into a family inheritance...
X1:159 X2:532 Y1:382 Y2:451 with which he had arranged the hundred legal firearms...
X1:187 X2:504 Y1:418 Y2:451 to be legally purchased.
X1:135 X2:561 Y1:382 Y2:451 Nor did it tell them that Parsons had recently applied...
X1:220 X2:471 Y1:418 Y2:445 for a sales license.
X1:135 X2:561 Y1:382 Y2:451 Nor did it tell them that Parsons warned his family...
X1:157 X2:537 Y1:382 Y2:445 that some people might want to steal his collection.
X1:200 X2:496 Y1:382 Y2:445 He instructed his sons and his wife...
X1:176 X2:517 Y1:418 Y2:451 and his daughter-in-law...
X1:124 X2:568 Y1:382 Y2:451 never to let strangers on this property while he was away...
X1:175 X2:517 Y1:382 Y2:445 and if force be taken, then to defend with force.
X1:233 X2:462 Y1:418 Y2:445 Defend the home!
X1:162 X2:530 Y1:382 Y2:445 You know, he had no love for the Federal Government.
X1:188 X2:508 Y1:382 Y2:451 He did have a separatist and suspicious past.
X1:165 X2:528 Y1:382 Y2:445 But this was not a terrorist. He was not a criminal.
X1:200 X2:494 Y1:382 Y2:451 Three innocent people died that day...
X1:170 X2:522 Y1:418 Y2:451 because the flags went up.
X1:202 X2:490 Y1:418 Y2:451 The flags were wrong.
X1:139 X2:556 Y1:382 Y2:451 Don't just dive in. I want you to think for yourself.
X1:190 X2:502 Y1:382 Y2:451 - I want you to be safe. - Let go of my hand.
X1:241 X2:453 Y1:418 Y2:451 Okay. Hey, look.
X1:221 X2:473 Y1:382 Y2:451 I want you to have a great time, okay?
X1:165 X2:528 Y1:382 Y2:451 Listen to your troop master, all right?
X1:128 X2:567 Y1:418 Y2:451 Did Brooke tell you to let me go?
X1:221 X2:472 Y1:382 Y2:445 Yes, she did, as a matter of fact.
X1:080 X2:614 Y1:382 Y2:451 She said you're a big guy and you could handle ten days away. She's right.
X1:165 X2:529 Y1:418 Y2:451 When I get back, will she--
X1:138 X2:557 Y1:418 Y2:451 Is she gonna take Mom's place?
X1:194 X2:497 Y1:382 Y2:451 Nobody is ever gonna take your mom's place.
X1:214 X2:480 Y1:418 Y2:451 Not Brooke, nobody.
X1:131 X2:563 Y1:382 Y2:451 Mom is always gonna be with us, right here...
X1:124 X2:569 Y1:382 Y2:451 because we remember her like nothing could ever take her away.
X1:124 X2:572 Y1:382 Y2:451 If Brooke and I ever start thinking about something like that...
X1:213 X2:479 Y1:382 Y2:451 we're gonna talk to you about it first.
X1:164 X2:531 Y1:382 Y2:451 She'll only ever live with us if Mom says it's okay too.
X1:311 X2:382 Y1:418 Y2:451 Okay.
X1:144 X2:549 Y1:382 Y2:451 - You have a great time, okay? - Thanks for camp, Dad.
X1:233 X2:461 Y1:382 Y2:451 Have a good one. All right.
X1:189 X2:502 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Thanks, Dad. See ya. - All right. See ya later.
X1:127 X2:565 Y1:418 Y2:445 His name was William Fenimore...
X1:172 X2:522 Y1:382 Y2:451 and I'm told he changed it to Oliver Lang.
X1:117 X2:575 Y1:418 Y2:451 It may take me a few moments, sir.
X1:209 X2:483 Y1:382 Y2:445 Okay, we do have a William Fenimore...
X1:169 X2:523 Y1:382 Y2:451 of Carson, Kansas, changed to an Oliver Lang.
X1:130 X2:565 Y1:418 Y2:451 Oh, do you know when that was?
X1:243 X2:450 Y1:418 Y2:449 October 5, 1981.
X1:101 X2:590 Y1:382 Y2:451 Oh, thank you very much. That's exactly what I was looking for.
X1:192 X2:500 Y1:382 Y2:451 State of Kansas, Department of Records.
X1:127 X2:567 Y1:382 Y2:451 Yes, hi. Michael Jones. I'm with the EEOC in Washington.
X1:136 X2:560 Y1:382 Y2:451 I've got a possible name change I wanted to run by you guys.
X1:146 X2:547 Y1:382 Y2:449 I'm looking for an Oliver Lang. He's out of Carson, Kansas.
X1:265 X2:426 Y1:418 Y2:449 Hold on, sir.
X1:143 X2:549 Y1:382 Y2:451 Sir, I'm afraid I've got nothing on any name change...
X1:225 X2:468 Y1:382 Y2:449 for an Oliver Lang of Carson, Kansas.
X1:191 X2:502 Y1:382 Y2:451 Okay, just doin' my job. Thank you.
X1:180 X2:511 Y1:382 Y2:451 Sir? Our records indicate Oliver Lang deceased...
X1:204 X2:488 Y1:418 Y2:449 as of October 4, 1981.
X1:262 X2:431 Y1:382 Y2:449 - October 4? - Yes, sir.
X1:179 X2:514 Y1:382 Y2:451 What does the death certificate say?
X1:150 X2:541 Y1:382 Y2:451 Cause of death is listed as gunshot, hunting accident.
X1:150 X2:544 Y1:382 Y2:451 You had said you were calling with whom in Washington?
X1:275 X2:417 Y1:418 Y2:451 Thank you.
X1:086 X2:605 Y1:418 Y2:451 Just run through this scenario with me.
X1:156 X2:537 Y1:382 Y2:451 Theoretically, why would someone do that?
X1:087 X2:609 Y1:382 Y2:451 Do what? Change his name to the name of a person who died the day before?
X1:156 X2:538 Y1:382 Y2:445 Yeah. Someone the same age from the same hometown.
X1:147 X2:547 Y1:382 Y2:451 Why? Would it be to take over that person's life?
X1:196 X2:499 Y1:418 Y2:449 No, that wouldn't work.
X1:114 X2:579 Y1:382 Y2:451 When you die, the death certificate goes both state and federal.
X1:132 X2:564 Y1:382 Y2:451 Driver's licenses, Social Security numbers, they're voided.
X1:084 X2:607 Y1:382 Y2:451 -Can't do it to hide the person you are. -Then why would you do it?
X1:208 X2:484 Y1:382 Y2:451 You'd do it to hide the person you were.
X1:157 X2:536 Y1:418 Y2:451 Say you wanted to find out...
X1:149 X2:546 Y1:382 Y2:451 a criminal record for your guy prior to the name change.
X1:075 X2:619 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Unless you're a real professional-- - You'd check on the name he has now--
X1:101 X2:591 Y1:382 Y2:451 And the records you'd find back then would be for somebody else entirely.
X1:084 X2:608 Y1:382 Y2:451 That's the significance of making the change right after a person's death.
X1:117 X2:575 Y1:382 Y2:451 - No overlap. - It gives you a whole new history.
X1:146 X2:547 Y1:418 Y2:451 It helps the old one disappear.
X1:162 X2:532 Y1:382 Y2:449 Is there something you want to tell me, Michael?
X1:172 X2:521 Y1:382 Y2:451 Whit, if I give you a name, could you run it for flags?
X1:236 X2:456 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Jesus! - Just this once.
X1:107 X2:588 Y1:382 Y2:451 Check out files as a personal favor, is that what you're asking me to do?
X1:187 X2:505 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Come on, I'm not-- - You go to jail for that.
X1:177 X2:514 Y1:382 Y2:451 - This is important. - My pension's important.
X1:111 X2:580 Y1:418 Y2:451 Whit, I'm asking you to run a name.
X1:090 X2:606 Y1:382 Y2:451 I'm not asking you to start surveillance and break out the goddamn guns.
X1:111 X2:583 Y1:382 Y2:451 Faraday, if you'd asked your wife to do it, she'd tell you the same thing.
X1:118 X2:574 Y1:418 Y2:451 Get you classified FBI information.
X1:162 X2:530 Y1:382 Y2:451 She'd say, "I love you, baby, but that...
X1:263 X2:433 Y1:418 Y2:445 I cannot do."
X1:085 X2:609 Y1:382 Y2:451 If you want to find out about somebody, there's always ways to do it.
X1:137 X2:556 Y1:382 Y2:451 They're just not through me. Come on. Use your imagination.
X1:245 X2:448 Y1:382 Y2:451 Oh, hi, Daphne. How you doin'?
X1:239 X2:455 Y1:418 Y2:451 You doing okay?
X1:126 X2:565 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Hi, Hannah. - Mommy and Daddy aren't home.
X1:139 X2:556 Y1:382 Y2:451 Oh, well, actually, I don't need your mom and dad.
X1:133 X2:561 Y1:382 Y2:451 You know what? I locked myself out of my house.
X1:081 X2:612 Y1:382 Y2:451 - I came home from work and realized-- - We can't let strangers in.
X1:145 X2:547 Y1:418 Y2:451 Well, I'm not a stranger, right?
X1:198 X2:496 Y1:382 Y2:451 See, what I need to do is use your phone...
X1:132 X2:560 Y1:382 Y2:451 to call up somebody to see if they'll help me get in the house.
X1:185 X2:508 Y1:418 Y2:451 Would that be all right...
X1:214 X2:480 Y1:418 Y2:451 if I use your phone?
X1:280 X2:412 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Kitchen. - Good.
X1:186 X2:510 Y1:382 Y2:451 I'm gonna use the phone in your dad's study.
X1:163 X2:529 Y1:382 Y2:451 - You guys are playin' here. - That's Dad's study.
X1:157 X2:534 Y1:382 Y2:451 I'll just be a sec. You guys go ahead and play.
X1:208 X2:484 Y1:418 Y2:445 Your dad won't mind.
X1:198 X2:498 Y1:418 Y2:451 Hello. Yes, I've got a--
X1:242 X2:451 Y1:418 Y2:445 a home lockout.
X1:139 X2:556 Y1:418 Y2:451 I need your help to get back in.
X1:234 X2:460 Y1:418 Y2:451 Faraday, Michael.
X1:141 X2:550 Y1:418 Y2:451 2505 Arlington Road in Reston.
X1:202 X2:492 Y1:418 Y2:451 No, that's no problem.
X1:213 X2:482 Y1:418 Y2:445 I have identification.
X1:161 X2:530 Y1:382 Y2:445 - You locked yourself out. - Scared the shit out of me.
X1:168 X2:525 Y1:418 Y2:451 Yeah, I was on the phone...
X1:157 X2:538 Y1:382 Y2:445 and the picture was falling-- crooked-- so I--
X1:127 X2:564 Y1:418 Y2:451 Yeah, the locksmith guy's comin'.
X1:127 X2:566 Y1:382 Y2:451 Good. Did you want to wait here? I'm just back from the store.
X1:278 X2:416 Y1:418 Y2:445 No thanks.
X1:155 X2:540 Y1:418 Y2:451 I got a call from Brady today.
X1:187 X2:507 Y1:382 Y2:445 He and Grant are having a wonderful time.
X1:113 X2:581 Y1:382 Y2:451 He went on and on about what kind of bugs they're catching.
X1:170 X2:522 Y1:382 Y2:451 I don't know if there's any kind of badge for that.
X1:169 X2:526 Y1:418 Y2:451 Can I offer you something?
X1:245 X2:450 Y1:418 Y2:451 No, I've got a--
X1:100 X2:592 Y1:382 Y2:451 I should really get back. There's some papers I can grade while I wait.
X1:174 X2:520 Y1:418 Y2:451 But thank you for the call.
X1:313 X2:380 Y1:418 Y2:445 Sure.
X1:236 X2:456 Y1:418 Y2:451 Thank you, girls.
X1:181 X2:512 Y1:418 Y2:451 Our house is your house.
X1:205 X2:486 Y1:382 Y2:451 Just a sec. You forgot your case.
X1:239 X2:454 Y1:418 Y2:451 And your phone.
X1:145 X2:548 Y1:418 Y2:451 Need to recharge my batteries.
X1:226 X2:469 Y1:418 Y2:451 I know the feeling.
X1:105 X2:587 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Hey, what are you doing? - Pretending to wait for a locksmith.
X1:150 X2:542 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Right. - Pretended to be locked out.
X1:211 X2:482 Y1:382 Y2:451 Uh-huh. Why was that again?
X1:214 X2:480 Y1:418 Y2:451 I'll explain it to you.
X1:212 X2:481 Y1:382 Y2:445 Can we pretend to have dinner first?
X1:264 X2:430 Y1:418 Y2:451 Hi, neighbor.
X1:262 X2:432 Y1:418 Y2:451 "Pipe bomb."
X1:196 X2:498 Y1:418 Y2:451 "Special state agency."
X1:173 X2:522 Y1:418 Y2:445 "William Fenimore Senior."
X1:222 X2:473 Y1:418 Y2:451 How's the hunting?
X1:273 X2:421 Y1:418 Y2:451 Hey, Oliver.
X1:095 X2:601 Y1:382 Y2:451 I was in the city on a project. Went by your office. They said check here.
X1:167 X2:527 Y1:382 Y2:449 - Got some research goin'? - Yeah, the '70s--
X1:144 X2:549 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Is that The Kansas City Star? - Yeah.
X1:106 X2:586 Y1:382 Y2:445 - That's the paper I read growin' up. - It's for a lecture course.
X1:253 X2:441 Y1:418 Y2:451 I got a class...
X1:130 X2:561 Y1:418 Y2:451 that deals with extremist groups.
X1:156 X2:539 Y1:382 Y2:451 You know, American history. Background on state militias.
X1:197 X2:495 Y1:418 Y2:445 There's one in Kansas.
X1:135 X2:557 Y1:418 Y2:451 Seems they got one everywhere.
X1:147 X2:546 Y1:382 Y2:445 Jeez, I didn't know you taught a course in terrorism.
X1:116 X2:575 Y1:382 Y2:445 - That a pretty frightening subject. - Yeah.
X1:169 X2:524 Y1:382 Y2:451 - You got time for a drink? - No, today's not good.
X1:174 X2:519 Y1:382 Y2:451 Yeah, I hear ya. I got a building contract...
X1:191 X2:501 Y1:382 Y2:451 that's kickin' my butt tryin' to put it together.
X1:231 X2:462 Y1:418 Y2:445 Get back to work.
X1:156 X2:537 Y1:382 Y2:451 Sorry to drop by. Catch you back at the ranch.
X1:235 X2:458 Y1:418 Y2:451 Good to see you.
X1:172 X2:520 Y1:382 Y2:451 Will you just hear me out? Hear what I'm saying?
X1:111 X2:580 Y1:382 Y2:451 The guy changed his name, Brooke. Why?
X1:095 X2:597 Y1:382 Y2:451 To help hide his background. Why? Because there's something in it.
X1:199 X2:496 Y1:382 Y2:451 Yeah, something that's not your business.
X1:129 X2:564 Y1:382 Y2:451 When he was 16 years old, he tried to blow up some offices.
X1:098 X2:597 Y1:382 Y2:451 Read the paper! A government agency that was cheating his father's farm.
X1:203 X2:490 Y1:382 Y2:451 He served time in a juvenile program.
X1:217 X2:476 Y1:418 Y2:451 Pipe bomb as a kid.
X1:206 X2:486 Y1:382 Y2:451 Why would you go to these lengths...
X1:137 X2:558 Y1:382 Y2:445 to hide that part of your history if it wasn't an isolated event?
X1:186 X2:510 Y1:382 Y2:451 If you thought you might try it again someday?
X1:164 X2:530 Y1:382 Y2:445 It says it didn't even go off. He was a kid.
X1:112 X2:580 Y1:382 Y2:445 Brady practically killed himself with a bunch of fireworks in March.
X1:152 X2:543 Y1:382 Y2:451 Come on ! Where do you think Brady gets an idea like that?
X1:205 X2:488 Y1:418 Y2:451 What are you saying?
X1:125 X2:572 Y1:382 Y2:451 I'm saying that he's gone to these great lengths to hide his past.
X1:088 X2:603 Y1:382 Y2:451 I'm saying that he was in St. Louis when the federal building was bombed.
X1:165 X2:530 Y1:382 Y2:451 And I'm saying that there is a blueprint in his house...
X1:128 X2:563 Y1:418 Y2:445 that he does not want me to see!
X1:139 X2:554 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Are you listening to yourself? - Are you listening to me?
X1:235 X2:458 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Your neighbor? - Yes!
X1:259 X2:437 Y1:418 Y2:445 Is a terrorist?
X1:133 X2:561 Y1:418 Y2:451 He's been blowing up buildings?
X1:088 X2:604 Y1:382 Y2:451 There's something going on over there. Something is being planned.
X1:154 X2:537 Y1:382 Y2:451 Something's being planned? Yeah, and in his spare time...
X1:172 X2:520 Y1:382 Y2:451 hey pays the mortgage and takes his kid to camp.
X1:165 X2:527 Y1:382 Y2:445 - That house is not normal. - That house is normal!
X1:113 X2:582 Y1:382 Y2:451 Remember when we were over there the other night?
X1:116 X2:575 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Him discussing politics? - Yeah, we disagree about politics.
X1:233 X2:459 Y1:382 Y2:445 And Washington? And Leah?
X1:183 X2:510 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Do you remember this? - Oh, my--
X1:200 X2:491 Y1:418 Y2:451 The guy is testing me.
X1:175 X2:518 Y1:382 Y2:451 He wants to see if I'm an enemy or an ally.
X1:094 X2:597 Y1:418 Y2:451 You are the one who brought up Leah.
X1:175 X2:519 Y1:418 Y2:445 Is that what this is about?
X1:192 X2:502 Y1:418 Y2:449 No, it's not about Leah!
X1:200 X2:492 Y1:418 Y2:449 You know, this class...
X1:208 X2:483 Y1:418 Y2:451 that you slave over...
X1:119 X2:573 Y1:382 Y2:451 to carry on Leah's work, to have something in her memory?
X1:186 X2:508 Y1:382 Y2:451 You know, plots and conspiracies...
X1:192 X2:500 Y1:418 Y2:451 and red flags going up.
X1:143 X2:548 Y1:418 Y2:449 Yeah, this is Leah's world now.
X1:316 X2:381 Y1:418 Y2:445 I'm--
X1:303 X2:392 Y1:418 Y2:445 I can't.
X1:244 X2:449 Y1:418 Y2:449 Listen, I know...
X1:152 X2:543 Y1:418 Y2:451 that he's changed his name--
X1:190 X2:501 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Stop it, for me. - He lived in St Louis...
X1:140 X2:552 Y1:418 Y2:451 when the bombs were goin' off.
X1:139 X2:554 Y1:382 Y2:445 He's working on this building that he doesn't want me to see.
X1:194 X2:500 Y1:382 Y2:451 I don't think I can stay here tonight.
X1:247 X2:447 Y1:418 Y2:451 I'm not staying.
X1:171 X2:524 Y1:418 Y2:451 Never did like that picture.
X1:194 X2:499 Y1:418 Y2:449 You know me, Michael?
X1:187 X2:507 Y1:418 Y2:451 You think you know me?
X1:144 X2:548 Y1:382 Y2:451 Yeah, you know me better than I know myself, don't you?
X1:236 X2:456 Y1:382 Y2:451 Kansas City Star. I saw you.
X1:155 X2:537 Y1:382 Y2:445 You wanna tell me something I don't know?
X1:150 X2:543 Y1:382 Y2:451 - I know what I read. - You know a 16-year-old kid.
X1:218 X2:473 Y1:418 Y2:445 You don't know me.
X1:206 X2:486 Y1:418 Y2:445 You know a kid at 16.
X1:125 X2:566 Y1:382 Y2:451 Damn you! You've been a guest in my house!
X1:126 X2:566 Y1:418 Y2:451 You're a guest in mine, Fenimore.
X1:218 X2:475 Y1:382 Y2:451 Bill, Will, William-- What do I call you?
X1:092 X2:601 Y1:382 Y2:451 Who the hell do you think you are judging me? What gives you the right?
X1:164 X2:530 Y1:418 Y2:445 You ever worked on a farm?
X1:213 X2:482 Y1:382 Y2:451 Make your living, support your family?
X1:074 X2:620 Y1:382 Y2:451 The government stole my father's water-- a stream running through our land.
X1:143 X2:551 Y1:382 Y2:445 Said they were appropriating it for other uses.
X1:187 X2:504 Y1:382 Y2:445 We couldn't grow crops, we couldn't raise cattle.
X1:146 X2:546 Y1:418 Y2:451 We had loans we couldn't pay.
X1:132 X2:562 Y1:418 Y2:451 My father woke up one mornin'...
X1:113 X2:579 Y1:382 Y2:445 and he realized he was worth more dead than alive.
X1:209 X2:485 Y1:418 Y2:445 His skin and bones...
X1:207 X2:486 Y1:382 Y2:451 were worth more in insurance money...
X1:196 X2:497 Y1:418 Y2:445 than as a damn farmer.
X1:216 X2:477 Y1:418 Y2:445 I found his tractor...
X1:173 X2:523 Y1:382 Y2:445 at the bottom ot the bluffs behind our house.
X1:129 X2:564 Y1:418 Y2:445 He made it look like an accident.
X1:236 X2:457 Y1:382 Y2:445 I found his body. And the note?
X1:230 X2:464 Y1:418 Y2:445 He wrote it to me.
X1:181 X2:513 Y1:382 Y2:445 Insurance money paid off what Mom could...
X1:208 X2:485 Y1:418 Y2:451 but it wasn't enough.
X1:113 X2:581 Y1:382 Y2:451 Neighbors-- Neighbors took our land at auction.
X1:157 X2:537 Y1:382 Y2:451 All because some bureaucrat stuck a pin in a map...
X1:089 X2:603 Y1:382 Y2:445 in some creek in the middle of Kansas, said we couldn't use our own water.
X1:177 X2:517 Y1:382 Y2:445 Doesn't give you the right to build a bomb.
X1:259 X2:435 Y1:382 Y2:445 I was sixteen. Sixteen!
X1:164 X2:530 Y1:382 Y2:451 You ever do anything wrong when you were 16?
X1:183 X2:511 Y1:418 Y2:451 You ever crash your car?
X1:143 X2:551 Y1:382 Y2:451 You ever, uh, steal anything? You ever screw the wrong girl?
X1:120 X2:573 Y1:382 Y2:451 You gonna tell your kid everything you did when you were 16?
X1:212 X2:482 Y1:382 Y2:451 The lies you told? The drugs you took?
X1:181 X2:512 Y1:418 Y2:451 I've been judged for this!
X1:076 X2:615 Y1:382 Y2:451 I got sent away for it, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.
X1:247 X2:444 Y1:418 Y2:451 The best thing.
X1:256 X2:437 Y1:418 Y2:445 Who's Oliver?
X1:124 X2:570 Y1:418 Y2:451 He was my best friend growin' up.
X1:142 X2:551 Y1:418 Y2:445 He died when we were both 25.
X1:201 X2:492 Y1:418 Y2:445 I did it to honor him...
X1:205 X2:486 Y1:418 Y2:451 to carry on his name.
X1:265 X2:426 Y1:418 Y2:445 And to hide.
X1:256 X2:436 Y1:418 Y2:449 Yeah, to hide.
X1:171 X2:524 Y1:382 Y2:451 I didn't want any son I had knowing what I did.
X1:210 X2:485 Y1:382 Y2:445 I didn't want my kids to be burdened...
X1:161 X2:531 Y1:382 Y2:451 with people looking through old newspapers.
X1:208 X2:486 Y1:418 Y2:451 I'm not proud of this.
X1:243 X2:449 Y1:418 Y2:451 This isn't pride.
X1:181 X2:512 Y1:418 Y2:451 I wish it never happened.
X1:174 X2:517 Y1:418 Y2:449 You know, I wish to God...
X1:164 X2:528 Y1:418 Y2:451 that my family could have...
X1:195 X2:499 Y1:418 Y2:451 my father's good name.
X1:148 X2:543 Y1:382 Y2:445 You know, you have a right to know who lives next door...
X1:118 X2:573 Y1:382 Y2:451 who talks to your kid, who considers himself your friend.
X1:155 X2:541 Y1:418 Y2:451 But you also have the right--
X1:145 X2:549 Y1:382 Y2:451 If you have a problem with me, if you have issues with me...
X1:162 X2:532 Y1:382 Y2:445 you could have the decency to walk across the street...
X1:196 X2:498 Y1:418 Y2:451 and tell me to my tace.
X1:222 X2:469 Y1:382 Y2:451 Hi, this is Michael. Leave a message.
X1:251 X2:442 Y1:418 Y2:445 It's me. Listen.
X1:220 X2:473 Y1:382 Y2:445 I think you're right. I saw Oliver...
X1:180 X2:513 Y1:418 Y2:451 at the mall in the garage.
X1:130 X2:563 Y1:382 Y2:445 He switched cars with somebody, and I tollowed him...
X1:129 X2:563 Y1:418 Y2:451 to this warehouse delivery place.
X1:186 X2:506 Y1:382 Y2:451 They were unloading these long, metal boxes.
X1:198 X2:497 Y1:382 Y2:451 I want to talk to you. I'm coming over, okay?
X1:229 X2:464 Y1:418 Y2:451 I knew it was you.
X1:176 X2:516 Y1:418 Y2:451 What are you doing here?
X1:176 X2:516 Y1:382 Y2:451 Just shopping. What are you doing here?
X1:281 X2:411 Y1:418 Y2:451 Shopping.
X1:308 X2:385 Y1:418 Y2:445 Great.
X1:312 X2:380 Y1:418 Y2:445 Yeah.
X1:092 X2:603 Y1:382 Y2:451 They say a man was shot several times while driving along 19th street.
X1:105 X2:589 Y1:382 Y2:451 The car struck several other vehicles before slamming into a tree.
X1:169 X2:526 Y1:382 Y2:445 The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.
X1:131 X2:561 Y1:382 Y2:451 Elsewhere, a single-car accident near Reston is tying up...
X1:157 X2:537 Y1:382 Y2:445 evening traffic on westbound Route 7 at this hour.
X1:131 X2:560 Y1:382 Y2:451 Details are sketchy at this point. What we can tell you...
X1:146 X2:547 Y1:382 Y2:451 from our overhead shot is that the accident took place...
X1:119 X2:572 Y1:418 Y2:445 near the Pine Glenn Outlet Center.
X1:143 X2:549 Y1:382 Y2:451 No other vehicles appear to be involved in what police say...
X1:243 X2:448 Y1:418 Y2:445 is a fatal crash.
X1:114 X2:581 Y1:382 Y2:445 We'll have more information for you when it becomes available.
X1:141 X2:554 Y1:382 Y2:445 The driver of the car, described as a woman in her mid-20s...
X1:169 X2:525 Y1:382 Y2:445 has been pronounced dead at the scene.
X1:099 X2:594 Y1:382 Y2:451 Police say it appears she lost control of the light blue 1989 Mustang...
X1:133 X2:560 Y1:382 Y2:451 and crashed through a guardrail along the ravine.
X1:153 X2:541 Y1:382 Y2:451 Investigators believe she was killed upon impact--
X1:157 X2:536 Y1:418 Y2:451 Sir, you can't go down there.
X1:144 X2:549 Y1:418 Y2:451 Sir, you can't come down here.
X1:170 X2:521 Y1:382 Y2:445 - You can't go down there. - Where is she?
X1:117 X2:574 Y1:382 Y2:445 - She's gone sir. Been taken away. - Where?
X1:258 X2:434 Y1:382 Y2:445 - She's gone. - Where?
X1:288 X2:407 Y1:418 Y2:451 I'm sorry.
X1:208 X2:484 Y1:382 Y2:451 Hey, General, how you holding up?
X1:194 X2:501 Y1:382 Y2:445 You wouldn't believe it! It's so cool.
X1:095 X2:597 Y1:382 Y2:451 We went swimming and climbing, and one night there was a lightning storm.
X1:160 X2:533 Y1:382 Y2:445 - We had to stay in a motel! - You did?
X1:128 X2:564 Y1:382 Y2:445 I learned how to make campfires, and there's lots of knives.
X1:093 X2:600 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Me and Brady can tell animal tracks. - That's terrific.
X1:178 X2:515 Y1:382 Y2:451 I've gotta go. Troop Master's calling us.
X1:207 X2:486 Y1:382 Y2:451 - We're doing a hike! - Okay. Grant?
X1:139 X2:554 Y1:382 Y2:451 I'll see you in a couple of days. I love you.
X1:264 X2:427 Y1:382 Y2:445 - I gotta go! - Grant?
X1:212 X2:483 Y1:382 Y2:451 It's better to tell him when he gets back.
X1:153 X2:538 Y1:418 Y2:451 Thanks for coming to get me.
X1:151 X2:543 Y1:418 Y2:451 If there's anything you need...
X1:274 X2:417 Y1:418 Y2:445 we're here.
X1:273 X2:422 Y1:382 Y2:445 No, I won't. I'll be fine.
X1:095 X2:601 Y1:382 Y2:445 Don't let yourself-- I mean, sometimes it's better not to be alone...
X1:168 X2:525 Y1:418 Y2:451 when you don't have to be.
X1:189 X2:503 Y1:418 Y2:451 She was a good person.
X1:249 X2:444 Y1:418 Y2:451 Kind, kind girl.
X1:243 X2:451 Y1:418 Y2:449 You know, if I--
X1:192 X2:501 Y1:382 Y2:451 If I haven't been myself these past few weeks--
X1:187 X2:507 Y1:418 Y2:451 I'm sorry, for everything.
X1:245 X2:448 Y1:418 Y2:451 She liked you...
X1:170 X2:523 Y1:418 Y2:451 and your family very much.
X1:220 X2:471 Y1:382 Y2:451 We're here for you. We really are.
X1:217 X2:475 Y1:382 Y2:449 - Hello? - Michael, it's Whit.
X1:119 X2:575 Y1:418 Y2:451 Haven't heard back from you, man.
X1:205 X2:488 Y1:382 Y2:451 My girlfriend, Brooke, was killed Friday.
X1:248 X2:443 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Oh, God. No. - Yeah.
X1:193 X2:500 Y1:418 Y2:451 Can I talk to you later?
X1:205 X2:488 Y1:382 Y2:445 Yeah, sure, whenever. I'm here at the office.
X1:296 X2:396 Y1:418 Y2:445 Thanks.
X1:246 X2:446 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Agent Carver. - Whit?
X1:128 X2:565 Y1:382 Y2:451 What did you mean, you haven't heard back from me?
X1:157 X2:536 Y1:382 Y2:445 The message I left on Friday. I understand now.
X1:233 X2:459 Y1:382 Y2:451 - It's all right. - What message?
X1:194 X2:498 Y1:382 Y2:451 Well, the one about speaking to your class.
X1:119 X2:573 Y1:382 Y2:451 I thought with some ground rules, we could set some things straight.
X1:202 X2:492 Y1:382 Y2:451 Wait, wait, wait. You called me Friday?
X1:203 X2:490 Y1:382 Y2:449 - You left a message? - Yeah, at the house.
X1:220 X2:473 Y1:418 Y2:451 When did you call?
X1:092 X2:600 Y1:382 Y2:451 I don't know. Around 4:00 or 5:00, maybe, on Friday.
X1:167 X2:528 Y1:418 Y2:451 I didn't have any messages.
X1:129 X2:562 Y1:382 Y2:451 For Christ's sakes, you just found out about Brooke.
X1:139 X2:555 Y1:382 Y2:451 No, I didn't have any messages. I'll call you back.
X1:226 X2:467 Y1:418 Y2:449 Whit, listen to me.
X1:109 X2:585 Y1:382 Y2:451 I know you can't do anything for me or get me information...
X1:144 X2:549 Y1:418 Y2:451 but I can give you information.
X1:086 X2:606 Y1:382 Y2:451 The other day when I was talking about somebody trying to hide their history?
X1:133 X2:560 Y1:382 Y2:451 I was talking about my neighbor. Oliver Lang-- that's his name.
X1:242 X2:454 Y1:418 Y2:445 He used to be--
X1:086 X2:605 Y1:382 Y2:451 It used to be William Fenimore. Run it through your system, see what you got.
X1:101 X2:591 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Oliver Lang. You writing this down? - All right, slow down.
X1:138 X2:555 Y1:382 Y2:451 This guy has a history, damn it! Will you run the name?
X1:188 X2:506 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Wait. What's he done? - If I'm right...
X1:124 X2:569 Y1:382 Y2:451 there are other people who called my house that day, not just you.
X1:176 X2:518 Y1:382 Y2:445 Find out. You can do that. Please.
X1:134 X2:558 Y1:382 Y2:451 - I'll call you when I get back. - Where the hell are you going?
X1:215 X2:478 Y1:382 Y2:449 To get you proof. Run the name, Whit.
X1:193 X2:500 Y1:418 Y2:445 Was it hard to find me?
X1:162 X2:529 Y1:418 Y2:445 You've moved several times.
X1:210 X2:485 Y1:382 Y2:445 Your wife said that-- Your ex-wife said--
X1:139 X2:554 Y1:418 Y2:451 People know whose father I am.
X1:185 X2:509 Y1:382 Y2:445 Mister, I've been through all this before.
X1:155 X2:537 Y1:418 Y2:451 The government, the police...
X1:270 X2:423 Y1:418 Y2:445 and writers.
X1:184 X2:512 Y1:382 Y2:451 People wanted to believe it was political...
X1:148 X2:544 Y1:418 Y2:451 some conspiracy, some group.
X1:213 X2:481 Y1:418 Y2:451 Happy and I did too.
X1:169 X2:526 Y1:418 Y2:451 Dean was not a strong boy.
X1:186 X2:508 Y1:418 Y2:451 He was impressionable...
X1:207 X2:488 Y1:382 Y2:445 believed what friends around him said.
X1:112 X2:579 Y1:418 Y2:451 Well, why couldn't he be involved...
X1:111 X2:581 Y1:418 Y2:451 with people who could set him up...
X1:190 X2:502 Y1:418 Y2:445 talk him into even this?
X1:217 X2:475 Y1:382 Y2:451 The FBI, the police, found nothing.
X1:226 X2:466 Y1:382 Y2:451 It was him alone. They decided this.
X1:226 X2:467 Y1:418 Y2:451 Sixty-three dead...
X1:276 X2:417 Y1:420 Y2:445 over taxes.
X1:271 X2:423 Y1:418 Y2:445 Dean alone.
X1:141 X2:552 Y1:418 Y2:451 You don't believe that, do you?
X1:190 X2:503 Y1:418 Y2:445 I've never believed that.
X1:128 X2:565 Y1:382 Y2:451 Have you heard the name Oliver Lang or William Fenimore?
X1:169 X2:526 Y1:418 Y2:451 I've heard too many names.
X1:114 X2:577 Y1:418 Y2:449 Your son, Dean, was an electrician.
X1:147 X2:547 Y1:418 Y2:451 Maybe he was contracted for...
X1:162 X2:533 Y1:418 Y2:451 or he worked on a project--
X1:184 X2:509 Y1:382 Y2:451 All of this was investigated, mister!
X1:144 X2:549 Y1:418 Y2:451 His neighbors, his customers...
X1:209 X2:483 Y1:382 Y2:451 kids he grew up with months ago.
X1:177 X2:515 Y1:382 Y2:451 Dr. Scobee, I'm sorry for bringing this all back.
X1:221 X2:472 Y1:418 Y2:451 It never goes away.
X1:179 X2:514 Y1:382 Y2:451 I had to come here. You've got to understand.
X1:213 X2:481 Y1:382 Y2:451 I think I know a man who knew your son.
X1:152 X2:543 Y1:418 Y2:451 He's 41, a structural engineer.
X1:170 X2:524 Y1:382 Y2:445 He's got a wife, three kids. He has this--
X1:110 X2:584 Y1:418 Y2:451 May I ask what makes you so sure...
X1:111 X2:583 Y1:382 Y2:451 that this man of yours had anything to do with what happened here?
X1:135 X2:560 Y1:382 Y2:451 For the same reason you're sure your son didn't do it alone!
X1:121 X2:573 Y1:382 Y2:451 I know my son was not alone, because 10 children died that day!
X1:099 X2:592 Y1:382 Y2:445 The day care center in the Roosevelt, he had to know it was there.
X1:145 X2:550 Y1:382 Y2:451 My son would never have done anything to harm children.
X1:121 X2:571 Y1:418 Y2:451 Your son didn't have any children.
X1:325 X2:368 Y1:418 Y2:445 No!
X1:170 X2:525 Y1:418 Y2:451 But he did things for them.
X1:223 X2:473 Y1:382 Y2:451 He sponsored boys from city shelters.
X1:132 X2:560 Y1:382 Y2:451 Discoverer Troops. He coached boys' football when he had time.
X1:184 X2:509 Y1:418 Y2:451 Wait. Discoverer Troops?
X1:187 X2:504 Y1:382 Y2:451 They're like Boy Scouts, but for young children.
X1:151 X2:543 Y1:418 Y2:451 He was a grown-up chaperone.
X1:186 X2:508 Y1:382 Y2:451 He'd take them camping, go to their meetings.
X1:268 X2:424 Y1:382 Y2:445 Teach them. There he is.
X1:158 X2:535 Y1:382 Y2:445 It must have been on some weekend adventure.
X1:159 X2:535 Y1:418 Y2:445 Dean was best with children.
X1:298 X2:395 Y1:418 Y2:451 Airport.
X1:168 X2:526 Y1:382 Y2:445 Faraday, Grant Faraday. I'll be there in a tew hours.
X1:137 X2:557 Y1:382 Y2:451 Don't let him go anywhere. I'm coming. Tell him I'm coming.
X1:150 X2:543 Y1:382 Y2:445 I'm here to pick up my son. I called earlier this afternoon.
X1:168 X2:525 Y1:382 Y2:451 - My son ! - What was that troop, sir?
X1:137 X2:555 Y1:418 Y2:451 Troop? I don't know what troop.
X1:232 X2:462 Y1:382 Y2:451 He's from Reston. Grant Faraday.
X1:223 X2:469 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Where's my son? - Faraday.
X1:221 X2:475 Y1:382 Y2:449 He was taken home this atternoon, sir.
X1:220 X2:471 Y1:382 Y2:445 - No. - His father called.
X1:200 X2:495 Y1:382 Y2:445 No, no, wait. I'm his father. I called.
X1:185 X2:509 Y1:418 Y2:451 But you called twice, sir.
X1:156 X2:535 Y1:382 Y2:445 You said that there had been an accident at home?
X1:231 X2:461 Y1:382 Y2:445 - A car accident? - No!
X1:179 X2:514 Y1:382 Y2:451 You asked to speak with his troop master, sir.
X1:192 X2:501 Y1:382 Y2:445 I'm his goddamn father! That wasn't me.
X1:212 X2:482 Y1:382 Y2:445 Here it is, sir. He was driven home.
X1:197 X2:496 Y1:382 Y2:451 - By who? - His troop master, sir.
X1:201 X2:491 Y1:382 Y2:451 - He and another boy. - What other boy?
X1:230 X2:464 Y1:418 Y2:451 Lang, Brady Lang.
X1:208 X2:485 Y1:382 Y2:445 The troop master left with both of them.
X1:140 X2:553 Y1:382 Y2:451 You're doing it again. I thought I told you to come to me...
X1:086 X2:605 Y1:382 Y2:451 - if there's something you wanna know. - Where's my son?
X1:159 X2:534 Y1:382 Y2:451 He's with mine. They're safe. Can I get you something?
X1:160 X2:533 Y1:382 Y2:451 - I saved his life! - Some punch? What's that?
X1:164 X2:527 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Your son, I saved his life! - Yes, yes.
X1:186 X2:506 Y1:382 Y2:451 And that's why you're still here with us.
X1:185 X2:506 Y1:382 Y2:451 - And Brooke? - Brooke got in the way.
X1:208 X2:486 Y1:382 Y2:451 We're on a schedule. It's nothing personal.
X1:158 X2:536 Y1:382 Y2:451 What the hell have you done with my son?
X1:164 X2:529 Y1:382 Y2:451 If you want to be his father, you'll walk to your house...
X1:102 X2:590 Y1:382 Y2:451 sleep in your bed, teach your classes and live your life.
X1:101 X2:594 Y1:382 Y2:451 What are you telling me? How many people are you gonna kill?
X1:139 X2:555 Y1:382 Y2:451 Well, if I see any strange cars on my street...
X1:088 X2:606 Y1:382 Y2:451 if you feel compelled to talk to anyone-- a federal agent, perhaps--
X1:179 X2:513 Y1:382 Y2:451 then I imagine we're just gonna kill one.
X1:217 X2:476 Y1:418 Y2:451 He's nine years old.
X1:207 X2:485 Y1:418 Y2:445 When will he be ten?
X1:240 X2:454 Y1:418 Y2:451 He's a good kid.
X1:261 X2:430 Y1:418 Y2:451 A strong kid.
X1:107 X2:587 Y1:382 Y2:451 Reminds me of a boy I grew up with. Maybe you've heard of him.
X1:264 X2:429 Y1:418 Y2:451 Oliver Lang?
X1:123 X2:571 Y1:418 Y2:451 I found him in the woods one day.
X1:186 X2:506 Y1:382 Y2:451 I would hate for Grant to see the same for you.
X1:199 X2:494 Y1:382 Y2:445 - You sick fuck! - You're the sick fuck!
X1:196 X2:499 Y1:418 Y2:451 I promise you, Michael.
X1:131 X2:561 Y1:382 Y2:451 If you stay a good neighbor, and you are a good a neighbor...
X1:206 X2:485 Y1:418 Y2:451 you'll have him back.
X1:080 X2:615 Y1:382 Y2:451 But if you don't calm down, I don't know that I can guarantee his safety.
X1:107 X2:586 Y1:382 Y2:445 - This will all be over in a tew days. - When?
X1:169 X2:522 Y1:382 Y2:445 - You're not in any danger. - When? Tell me.
X1:302 X2:393 Y1:418 Y2:445 Please.
X1:134 X2:559 Y1:418 Y2:451 Because of you, my son is alive.
X1:200 X2:495 Y1:382 Y2:445 I would like very much to return the favor.
X1:308 X2:385 Y1:418 Y2:445 Now...
X1:210 X2:483 Y1:418 Y2:451 we're having a party.
X1:122 X2:571 Y1:418 Y2:451 You're more than welcome to stay.
X1:174 X2:517 Y1:418 Y2:445 You're a hard man to find.
X1:220 X2:474 Y1:418 Y2:451 What are you, uh--
X1:115 X2:577 Y1:382 Y2:451 Your assistant told me you've been taking long walks between classes.
X1:154 X2:537 Y1:418 Y2:451 Yeah, I can't talk to you now.
X1:153 X2:543 Y1:418 Y2:451 No? Can you talk to me ever?
X1:227 X2:465 Y1:382 Y2:451 You look like shit. What's going on?
X1:155 X2:537 Y1:382 Y2:451 - I'm here about Oliver Lang. - I gotta get to my class.
X1:180 X2:514 Y1:382 Y2:451 Well, how about you teach me something?
X1:171 X2:520 Y1:382 Y2:451 Oliver Lang, formerly William Fenimore.
X1:180 X2:513 Y1:382 Y2:451 We gave him a good look atter the St. Louis thing.
X1:129 X2:566 Y1:382 Y2:451 Everybody who ever used a bomb got a good look.
X1:166 X2:529 Y1:418 Y2:451 His name change was legal.
X1:116 X2:576 Y1:382 Y2:451 We ran his social security number through the National Crime Center.
X1:068 X2:627 Y1:382 Y2:451 Not a mark on his record ever since. Him and everyone he knew came up clean.
X1:092 X2:601 Y1:418 Y2:451 That's what you found out about, huh?
X1:124 X2:568 Y1:382 Y2:451 Yeah, that Wichita shit back when he was 16 got you thinking, huh?
X1:115 X2:580 Y1:382 Y2:451 Do you have something new on him or do you just not like him...
X1:199 X2:496 Y1:418 Y2:451 in your neighborhood?
X1:092 X2:600 Y1:382 Y2:451 'Cause if this is all you got, then you need to stop teaching that class...
X1:115 X2:578 Y1:418 Y2:451 'cause it's gettin' inside your head.
X1:146 X2:546 Y1:382 Y2:451 You tell me you got something to go on and I'll go...
X1:091 X2:601 Y1:382 Y2:451 but I'm not gonna walk into another Copper Creek, and neither should you.
X1:259 X2:436 Y1:382 Y2:451 I got nothing. I'm sorry.
X1:248 X2:444 Y1:418 Y2:451 All right. Look.
X1:173 X2:520 Y1:382 Y2:451 I ran those phone records, like you asked.
X1:193 X2:499 Y1:382 Y2:445 Could've meant my job, but I did it.
X1:127 X2:567 Y1:382 Y2:445 Two telephone calls that Friday-- one from me...
X1:119 X2:573 Y1:382 Y2:449 and another from a pay phone out Route 180, Pine Glenn Outlets.
X1:270 X2:426 Y1:418 Y2:445 Pine Glenn?
X1:105 X2:587 Y1:382 Y2:451 A telephone call from your neighbor. Nothing.
X1:215 X2:476 Y1:418 Y2:449 Talk to me, Michael.
X1:232 X2:460 Y1:418 Y2:451 What's going on?
X1:275 X2:417 Y1:418 Y2:445 Talk to me.
X1:164 X2:528 Y1:418 Y2:451 Give up the goddamn class.
X1:215 X2:480 Y1:382 Y2:451 I'd like to rent a car tomorrow morning.
X1:141 X2:555 Y1:418 Y2:451 How early could I pick that up?
X1:236 X2:455 Y1:418 Y2:451 Michael Faraday.
X1:216 X2:476 Y1:418 Y2:451 Oliver Lang, please.
X1:113 X2:580 Y1:382 Y2:451 Mr. Lang is out of the office. Would you like to leave a message?
X1:149 X2:543 Y1:382 Y2:451 I need to reach him. This is a business emergency.
X1:084 X2:607 Y1:418 Y2:451 Mr. Lang isn't expected in this morning.
X1:165 X2:528 Y1:382 Y2:451 - I'll call back. Thanks. - Is there something else--
X1:326 X2:368 Y1:418 Y2:445 No.
X1:103 X2:590 Y1:382 Y2:451 Hey, neighbor, you all right? What you doin' on this side of town?
X1:192 X2:502 Y1:382 Y2:445 Had to know, didn't ya? Had to know.
X1:112 X2:581 Y1:418 Y2:451 Couldn't leave your neighbor alone.
X1:164 X2:531 Y1:418 Y2:451 Didn't you check up on me?
X1:274 X2:421 Y1:418 Y2:451 Didn't you?
X1:140 X2:554 Y1:382 Y2:451 Did you really think we'd leave anything to chance?
X1:284 X2:409 Y1:418 Y2:451 Fifty-one.
X1:121 X2:572 Y1:382 Y2:445 I've got your shadow. Go ahead. We're still on schedule.
X1:102 X2:591 Y1:382 Y2:445 - You gonna miss your son, Michael? - Please.
X1:167 X2:526 Y1:418 Y2:451 You've given me no choice!
X1:081 X2:613 Y1:382 Y2:451 You think I wanted this? I told you you were gonna get him back!
X1:140 X2:555 Y1:382 Y2:451 How am I gonna do that now? How am I gonna trust you now?
X1:170 X2:522 Y1:382 Y2:445 Where are you taking him? Where's the bomb?
X1:180 X2:514 Y1:382 Y2:451 I'm a messenger, Michael. I'm a messenger!
X1:178 X2:514 Y1:382 Y2:451 There's millions of us, waiting to take up arms...
X1:178 X2:515 Y1:418 Y2:451 ready to spread the word.
X1:253 X2:440 Y1:418 Y2:445 Millions of us!
X1:199 X2:494 Y1:382 Y2:451 The government's not who you're killing!
X1:172 X2:519 Y1:382 Y2:451 Yes, yes, they'll pay. They'll pay for their sins...
X1:173 X2:519 Y1:382 Y2:449 - You're killing children ! - their lies, their children.
X1:248 X2:443 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Children die! - This is war.
X1:204 X2:490 Y1:418 Y2:449 In a war, children die.
X1:236 X2:455 Y1:382 Y2:445 - You're with us! - No!
X1:219 X2:473 Y1:418 Y2:451 Liberty Two, status.
X1:247 X2:445 Y1:418 Y2:451 Status one, go.
X1:176 X2:516 Y1:418 Y2:451 That's what you stand for.
X1:168 X2:526 Y1:382 Y2:451 You tell them you stand for blowing up tamilies...
X1:237 X2:454 Y1:418 Y2:451 for orphan sons.
X1:151 X2:541 Y1:382 Y2:451 Your father really kill himself, you son of a bitch?
X1:174 X2:521 Y1:382 Y2:451 Or is that just one of your goddamn stories?
X1:198 X2:494 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Call it off! - It's for you, Michael.
X1:162 X2:529 Y1:382 Y2:445 - It's for all of us. - It's not for me. Call it off!
X1:141 X2:550 Y1:382 Y2:445 Are you happy in your godless, suburban life?
X1:228 X2:466 Y1:418 Y2:445 Call off the bomb!
X1:178 X2:515 Y1:418 Y2:445 Call off the fuckin' bomb!
X1:218 X2:476 Y1:382 Y2:445 They sent your wife to her death.
X1:179 X2:516 Y1:382 Y2:451 Surely you won't be sorry to see them go.
X1:246 X2:447 Y1:418 Y2:445 You're too late!
X1:236 X2:458 Y1:418 Y2:451 Let's get it done.
X1:246 X2:446 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Agent Carver. - Listen to me.
X1:116 X2:575 Y1:382 Y2:451 There's a bomb on its way to your offices. Get everybody out!
X1:212 X2:479 Y1:382 Y2:445 - What's going on? - It's in a white van.
X1:198 X2:495 Y1:382 Y2:445 A Liberty Delivery Van. Grant's in there.
X1:161 X2:531 Y1:418 Y2:451 They want the FBI this time!
X1:161 X2:533 Y1:418 Y2:451 Michael, you're breaking up!
X1:274 X2:419 Y1:418 Y2:445 Whit? Shit!
X1:284 X2:408 Y1:418 Y2:445 Come on !
X1:217 X2:476 Y1:418 Y2:451 Security, main gate.
X1:246 X2:447 Y1:418 Y2:451 Out of the way!
X1:249 X2:443 Y1:418 Y2:445 That's the van!
X1:298 X2:395 Y1:418 Y2:451 Stop it!
X1:153 X2:539 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Stop the van! - Sir, step out of the vehicle!
X1:158 X2:535 Y1:382 Y2:451 - There's a bomb in the van ! - Step out of the vehicle!
X1:165 X2:526 Y1:382 Y2:449 - It's got a goddamn bomb! - Michael, wait!
X1:185 X2:507 Y1:382 Y2:445 That's the van! There's a bomb in there!
X1:136 X2:556 Y1:382 Y2:445 - That van was authorized. - That's the van! Grant's inside!
X1:205 X2:489 Y1:418 Y2:451 It's the noon delivery.
X1:180 X2:514 Y1:382 Y2:451 Grant's in there! It's got a goddamn bomb!
X1:252 X2:442 Y1:418 Y2:451 Hold your fire!
X1:253 X2:438 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Don't shoot! - In the van!
X1:128 X2:565 Y1:382 Y2:445 Get everyone out of the building! There's a bomb in the van !
X1:150 X2:542 Y1:382 Y2:451 - Get him out of the building. - Check the goddamn van.
X1:110 X2:583 Y1:382 Y2:445 We gotta get everybody out of here. There's a bomb.
X1:253 X2:439 Y1:382 Y2:451 - It's in there. - Easy.
X1:256 X2:439 Y1:418 Y2:445 Wait! That's--
X1:219 X2:472 Y1:418 Y2:445 That's not the man.
X1:276 X2:415 Y1:382 Y2:445 - All right. - Grant!
X1:274 X2:419 Y1:418 Y2:451 Let him go.
X1:231 X2:464 Y1:418 Y2:451 I said, let him go!
X1:228 X2:465 Y1:382 Y2:445 - Back off! - The van's clean.
X1:189 X2:503 Y1:418 Y2:451 There's nothing in here.
X1:221 X2:471 Y1:418 Y2:449 Go ahead, Michael.
X1:206 X2:487 Y1:418 Y2:449 Michael, it's all clear.
X1:132 X2:559 Y1:418 Y2:451 The guy's authorized to be here.
X1:138 X2:554 Y1:382 Y2:451 We're all authorized to be here. Everyone except you.
X1:218 X2:473 Y1:418 Y2:451 All right? Come on.
X1:266 X2:427 Y1:418 Y2:451 It's all right.
X1:280 X2:414 Y1:418 Y2:451 Hey, guys!
X1:286 X2:406 Y1:418 Y2:451 Stand by.
X1:209 X2:484 Y1:418 Y2:451 Everyone except you.
X1:308 X2:386 Y1:418 Y2:445 Boom.
X1:127 X2:564 Y1:418 Y2:451 Right now, I'm sort of breathless.
X1:158 X2:535 Y1:382 Y2:451 I've just gotten here, and there are people lying--
X1:158 X2:535 Y1:418 Y2:451 It looks just like a war zone!
X1:157 X2:536 Y1:382 Y2:445 Officials at this point believe a bomb went off.
X1:209 X2:483 Y1:382 Y2:451 They're not sure which floor, how big.
X1:118 X2:576 Y1:382 Y2:445 Obviously, it was massive to create the kind of devastation--
X1:161 X2:531 Y1:382 Y2:451 Preliminary reports indicate the bombing was the work...
X1:157 X2:538 Y1:382 Y2:451 of this man, Michael Faraday of Reston, Virginia.
X1:119 X2:574 Y1:382 Y2:451 A professor of history at George Washington University--
X1:092 X2:601 Y1:382 Y2:451 Officials will not confirm reports that the bombing had anything to do...
X1:109 X2:584 Y1:382 Y2:451 with the death of Mr. Faraday's wife, who had been an FBI agent.
X1:112 X2:579 Y1:418 Y2:451 Students and colleagues both say...
X1:087 X2:607 Y1:382 Y2:451 that Farady's behavior was increasingly erratic in the weeks leading up--
X1:128 X2:565 Y1:382 Y2:445 He was really intense, you know? Knew all about these terrorists--
X1:109 X2:582 Y1:418 Y2:451 how they worked, what they wanted.
X1:187 X2:504 Y1:382 Y2:451 He was really into it. It was my favorite class.
X1:144 X2:549 Y1:382 Y2:451 We went to this field trip once. It was Copper Creek.
X1:096 X2:597 Y1:382 Y2:451 He practically broke down and started crying, something about his wife.
X1:091 X2:602 Y1:382 Y2:451 We all sort of knew about it, but he never really wanted to talk about it.
X1:096 X2:598 Y1:382 Y2:445 Faraday reportedly blamed the Bureau for its role in his wife's death...
X1:191 X2:500 Y1:418 Y2:451 almost three years ago.
X1:203 X2:489 Y1:382 Y2:451 Specifically, sources speculate his target...
X1:077 X2:618 Y1:382 Y2:451 may have been Agent Whit Carver, one of the 184 people to perish in the attack.
X1:112 X2:579 Y1:382 Y2:451 Carver was a partner of Faraday's wife at Copper Creek...
X1:139 X2:553 Y1:382 Y2:451 and Faraday may have held him responsible.
X1:133 X2:559 Y1:382 Y2:451 All I know is what he told me in his office one day after class.
X1:211 X2:480 Y1:418 Y2:451 I'll never forget that.
X1:198 X2:493 Y1:418 Y2:449 He said, "Sweetheart...
X1:104 X2:588 Y1:418 Y2:451 one day those men are going to pay.
X1:220 X2:474 Y1:382 Y2:451 One day those men are going to burn. "
X1:127 X2:568 Y1:382 Y2:451 Yet all of them described Faraday as solitary but friendly...
X1:123 X2:570 Y1:382 Y2:451 as a talented professor fascinated by the American underground...
X1:179 X2:512 Y1:382 Y2:451 and as a loving father to his ten-year-old son...
X1:115 X2:578 Y1:418 Y2:445 who is now in the care of relatives.
X1:087 X2:605 Y1:382 Y2:445 And so after exhausting hundreds of thousands of man-hours and leads...
X1:142 X2:552 Y1:382 Y2:451 federal investigators are finally ready to say...
X1:109 X2:582 Y1:382 Y2:451 that just as in the St. Louis IRS bombing nearly two years ago...
X1:135 X2:558 Y1:418 Y2:451 this spring's attack on the FBI...
X1:186 X2:506 Y1:382 Y2:451 the worst terrorist strike in our nation's history...
X1:183 X2:510 Y1:382 Y2:445 was the work of one man and one man alone.
X1:252 X2:440 Y1:418 Y2:451 Any news yet?
X1:193 X2:500 Y1:418 Y2:451 No. They'll let us know.
X1:241 X2:453 Y1:418 Y2:451 Someplace nice.
X1:303 X2:392 Y1:418 Y2:451 I hope.
X1:241 X2:452 Y1:418 Y2:451 Someplace safe.
X1:297 X2:394 Y1:418 Y2:451 Always.
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