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Subtitles for Armageddon CD1.

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Armageddon CD1

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:50.28,00:00:54.00 This is the Earth at a time[br]when the dinosaurs roamed... 00:00:54.08,00:00:56.56 a lush and fertile planet. 00:01:04.08,00:01:09.44 A piece of rock just six miles wide[br]changed all that. 00:01:17.20,00:01:20.96 It hit with the force[br]of 10,000 nuclear weapons. 00:01:23.76,00:01:28.16 A trillion tons of dirt and rock[br]hurtled into the atmosphere... 00:01:28.24,00:01:31.04 creating a suffocating[br]blanket of dust... 00:01:31.12,00:01:33.48 the sun was powerless[br]to penetrate... 00:01:33.56,00:01:35.84 for a thousand years. 00:01:43.76,00:01:45.60 It happened before. 00:01:46.80,00:01:48.64 It will happen again. 00:01:50.32,00:01:53.28 It's just a question of when. 00:02:08.16,00:02:10.68 Engineering director-- Engineering-- 00:02:11.84,00:02:14.84 - Say again, Rudy.[br]- Houston, affiirmative. 00:02:16.64,00:02:17.80 I'm gonna try again. 00:02:17.88,00:02:21.44 This time Why don't We put in a hold[br]at nine. C.ancel the pending resume. 00:02:21.48,00:02:24.08 Almost got it. 00:02:25.76,00:02:29.48 - Dennis, I'm almost there.[br]- Houston, Pete's looking real strong. 00:02:29.56,00:02:32.88 Okay, Pete. We got that coupling[br]on the board here now. 00:02:32.92,00:02:36.08 We'll give you the go-ahead[br]from down here when it's in alignment. 00:02:36.12,00:02:38.84 Sounds good.[br]Give me ten seconds. 00:02:40.96,00:02:42.84 His heart rate's racing. 00:02:42.88,00:02:44.88 - Hey, Pete. It's Truman.[br]- Hey. 00:02:44.92,00:02:46.96 - How you doing up there, Hoss?[br]- Pretty good. 00:02:47.00,00:02:49.52 Now, listen, Pete.[br]We got an eye on your meds here. 00:02:49.56,00:02:52.36 I'll give you a buffalo nickel[br]if you'll calm down just a little bit. 00:02:52.44,00:02:55.16 - you do that ffor me?[br]- Whatever you say. 00:02:55.24,00:02:58.68 Okay, uh, noW We got plenty off time,[br]buddy, so don't you Worry. 00:03:00.40,00:03:04.88 -Atlantis--[br]- Okay. Looking good here. 00:03:04.96,00:03:06.88 - He's got it.[br]- He'll be all right.[br]- Go ahead, Atlantis. 00:03:06.96,00:03:09.76 Roger that, Houston.[br]Suggest We start reeling Pete in. 00:03:20.24,00:03:22.16 - The system's down.[br]- No. 00:03:22.24,00:03:24.16 - What the hell is that?[br]- My Lord. 00:03:30.32,00:03:32.84 We're down. 00:03:34.24,00:03:35.72 Houston! 00:03:38.08,00:03:40.48 - We've lost all contact.[br]- What happened? 00:03:42.44,00:03:45.04 Stewart, play that tape back! 00:03:49.84,00:03:52.60 Houston! 00:03:53.48,00:03:55.20 Multiple bogeys! Multiple bogeys! 00:03:55.24,00:03:59.12 Sector fiive, niner. I have three.[br]Now fiive. Unidentifiied tracts. 00:03:59.20,00:04:02.04 - My screen's full.[br]- Multiple tracts headed towards[br]the Atlantic seaboard. 00:04:02.12,00:04:05.32 This could be[br]a surprise missile attack. 00:04:09.28,00:04:12.40 Mr President, the shuttle Atlantis[br]just exploded in space. 00:04:12.48,00:04:14.32 Okay, I want three groups! 00:04:14.40,00:04:16.64 One: internal malfunction. 00:04:16.68,00:04:19.20 Get the log tape. Start working back.[br]Maybe it's a glitch. 00:04:19.24,00:04:24.48 Two: I want NORAD Space Command[br]and the 50th Tactical comparing all[br]the space junk you track in every orbit. 00:04:24.52,00:04:26.64 I want you to check, recheck[br]and then do it all over again. 00:04:26.72,00:04:29.60 Number three: wild cards,[br]anything and everything. 00:04:29.68,00:04:31.68 All right? Now, big Ross,[br]I want you to get on the telephone. 00:04:31.72,00:04:34.36 - Wake up 11,000 people.[br]- Right.[br]- Walt, get 'em going. 00:04:34.40,00:04:36.32 - Let's go![br]- Karl! 00:04:36.36,00:04:39.44 Karl! Karl! 00:04:41.32,00:04:46.48 Karl! Your Stouffer's pot pie's[br]been on the table almost ten hours. 00:04:46.56,00:04:48.96 - I want a divorce.[br]- Dottie, I'm on to something big here. 00:04:49.04,00:04:52.16 l-I don't know what this is, but it[br]looks like something's burning up there. 00:04:52.24,00:04:56.08 Go get my phone book, will you?[br]Get my phone book. Get those names[br]of those guys from NASA. 00:04:56.16,00:05:00.76 Excuse me! Am I wearing a sign[br]that says, "Karl's slave"? 00:05:00.80,00:05:05.36 Go get my goddam phone book![br]Get the book! 00:05:05.44,00:05:07.20 Get the book![br]Get the book! 00:05:11.56,00:05:15.32 Space Command is reporting negative.[br]That is zero global launches. 00:05:15.36,00:05:18.56 - It might just be pieces of[br]the shuttle breaking up as it comes in.[br]- Yeah, it might be Santa Claus. 00:05:18.64,00:05:21.80 Until we get defiinitive, reliable[br]alternative confiirmation, General... 00:05:21.88,00:05:23.84 we go to defcon three. 00:05:28.84,00:05:32.44 I'm getting ready ffor the big time 00:05:32.48,00:05:36.88 Someday you're gonna say[br]I'm big time too 00:05:36.96,00:05:38.40 Hey, little man! Little Richard! 00:05:38.44,00:05:42.80 Me and you, man![br]We going to the top, baby! Big time! 00:05:42.88,00:05:45.36 Yo, man, I ain't gonna be ridin'[br]this bike the rest of my life! 00:05:45.44,00:05:49.20 You know what I'm sayin'?[br]I'm gettin' a motorcycle, baby.[br]We gonna travel in style. 00:05:51.04,00:05:54.48 I'm getting ready ffor the big time 00:05:54.56,00:05:56.96 Someday you're gonna say[br]I'm big time 00:05:57.04,00:06:00.76 Watch where you're goin'. I bet you,[br]none of y'all stop for brothers. 00:06:00.80,00:06:04.92 Slow down, Little Richard.[br]You've been ridin' all morning, man.[br]You gotta take a dump? 00:06:07.12,00:06:11.20 - We interrupt our regularly[br]scheduled programme to bring you[br]this special report.[br]- Hey, man, what happened? 00:06:11.24,00:06:16.48 The shuttle Atlantis exploded in space[br]at 3.47 a.m., Eastern Standard Time. 00:06:16.56,00:06:19.20 This morning[br]NASA offfficials are denying-- 00:06:19.28,00:06:21.44 Hey! Hey, get! Get! 00:06:24.32,00:06:27.16 - That's my Godzilla. Come on, now.[br]- Yo, fool! 00:06:27.20,00:06:31.16 -Don't be kickin' Little Richard.[br]What the hell your problem?[br]-Now that dog's eating my Godzilla, man. 00:06:31.20,00:06:33.88 - And what's a little runt like you[br]gonna do about it?[br]- Get him, Richard. Sic him. 00:06:33.92,00:06:38.40 If I wasn't a Christian,[br]I'd be throwin' your fat,[br]pineapple-eatin' ass through the window. 00:06:50.48,00:06:53.20 - Why we not going, huh?[br]- Well, y-y-you know why?[br]'Cause this is New York City. 00:06:53.28,00:06:56.56 Anything could have happened.[br]Look at that. Uh, let's see.[br]It could have been a terrorist bomb. 00:06:56.64,00:06:59.96 It could have been[br]a dead body somebody shot, stabbed.[br]And it's Friday. Payday too. 00:07:00.00,00:07:03.28 - Somebody probably jumped,[br]didn't get their pay cheque. Yes.[br]- I want to go shopping. 00:07:03.36,00:07:08.32 Me too, but we ain't goin' nowhere[br]'cause this is a traffiic jam. 00:07:08.36,00:07:10.68 - Little Richard.[br]- Hurry! Right over there![br]- Go! 00:07:10.72,00:07:12.80 Yo, Little Richard! 00:07:12.84,00:07:14.72 Hang on, Little Richard![br]I'm comin'! 00:07:16.32,00:07:19.00 Don't you worry about it.[br]I'm gonna get you outta there! 00:07:19.04,00:07:22.56 You okay, buddy?[br]Don't worry about it. Hang in there. 00:07:22.64,00:07:24.96 Somebody dial 9 11! 00:07:25.04,00:07:26.96 My screen's full![br]They're all over the place! 00:07:27.04,00:07:30.40 Bogeys are breachin'[br]the atmosphere from Finland down[br]the North American seaboard. 00:07:40.96,00:07:42.44 Whoa! 00:07:45.44,00:07:47.24 Look at that! 00:07:52.76,00:07:55.24 Oh, we at war! 00:07:57.08,00:07:59.56 Saddam Hussein is bombin' us! 00:08:24.68,00:08:26.60 Come on! Let's go! Let's go! 00:08:34.28,00:08:36.72 Get out of here! 00:08:36.80,00:08:38.88 Oh, my God! 00:08:51.60,00:08:53.60 Let's stay focused.[br]We need to map the trajectory now. 00:08:53.64,00:08:55.28 - That could take a week.[br]-Just fiind it, okay? 00:08:55.36,00:08:58.76 - I want to know if the worst is over[br]or if it's on its way.[br]- We've got General Kimsey on the line. 00:08:58.84,00:09:03.32 We've got hits from Finland to South[br]Carolina. We know they're not missiles.[br]Now what the hell is it? 00:09:03.36,00:09:06.68 It's a meteor shower.[br]That's what took out the shuttle. 00:09:06.72,00:09:09.36 - He's waiting for you.[br]- What's the death toll? 00:09:09.44,00:09:11.84 I've got the President[br]on Air Force One demanding answers. 00:09:12.72,00:09:14.24 Is it over? 00:09:14.32,00:09:18.76 General, we've got 11,000 people[br]at NASA trying to fiigure that out[br]right now. When we know, you'll know. 00:09:23.72,00:09:27.60 Okay, Karl, listen.[br]I want you to take your time.[br]Yes, sir. You are defiinitely the fiirst. 00:09:27.68,00:09:32.60 Okay, fiirst coordinate.[br]One-two-three-nine. 1239, right? 00:09:33.48,00:09:36.64 - FBI locked his location.[br]- Saw an explosion in space. 00:09:36.68,00:09:39.24 - Okay.[br]- The last one-- 00:09:39.32,00:09:43.20 - Now, listen, Karl, this is top secret.[br]- Sir, I'm retired Navy.[br]I know all about classifiied. 00:09:43.24,00:09:46.64 But one more thing. The person[br]that fiinds her gets to name her, right? 00:09:46.72,00:09:50.80 - Yes, that's right. That's right.[br]- I want to name her Dottie,[br]after my wife. 00:09:50.88,00:09:55.88 - She's a vicious, life-suckin' bitch[br]from which there's no escape.[br]- That's-- That's sweet, Karl. 00:09:55.96,00:09:59.12 S.D.I., this is Flight Director.[br]I want to get that Hubble movin',[br]and I want it now. 00:09:59.20,00:10:01.92 Roger that.[br]We're movin' the Hubble! 00:10:08.32,00:10:13.40 - It's enormous.[br]- This is the anomaly at 1643. 00:10:14.60,00:10:18.72 Here is the anomaly at 1658. 00:10:18.76,00:10:22.16 And here is the anomaly at 1700. 00:10:22.24,00:10:24.64 Enough with this[br]"anomaly" horseshit! 00:10:24.68,00:10:28.00 - What is this thing?[br]- It's an asteroid, sir. 00:10:28.04,00:10:30.84 HoW big are We talking? 00:10:30.88,00:10:32.80 Sir, our best estimate[br]is 97.6 billion-- 00:10:32.84,00:10:35.60 - It's the size of Texas, Mr President.[br]- Y-Y-Yes, sir. 00:10:35.68,00:10:37.92 Dan, We didn't[br]see this thing coming? 00:10:38.00,00:10:40.24 Well, our object collision[br]budget's a million dollars. 00:10:40.32,00:10:42.40 That allows us to track[br]about three percent of the sky. 00:10:42.44,00:10:45.68 -And begging your pardon, sir,[br]but it's a big-ass sky.[br]- And the ones this morning? 00:10:45.76,00:10:48.16 Uh, those are nothing.[br]Uh, they're the size off basketballs... 00:10:48.20,00:10:50.08 and, uh, Volkswagens,[br]things like that. 00:10:50.16,00:10:52.76 Is this going to hit us? 00:10:52.80,00:10:56.52 - We're efforting that as we speak, sir.[br]- What kind of damage are we-- 00:10:56.60,00:10:58.32 Damage? 00:10:58.40,00:11:00.40 Total, sir. 00:11:00.48,00:11:02.96 It's what we call a global killer. 00:11:03.04,00:11:05.04 The end of mankind. 00:11:05.12,00:11:07.04 Doesn't matter where it hits. 00:11:07.12,00:11:09.36 Nothing would survive,[br]not even bacteria. 00:11:09.44,00:11:13.36 My God. What do we do? 00:11:21.92,00:11:24.88 We have 18 days[br]before it hits Earth. 00:11:34.96,00:11:37.76 - Have mercy.[br]- Rise and shine! 00:11:39.76,00:11:42.72 Stop the drilling![br]Stop the drilling! Stop the drilling! 00:11:42.76,00:11:45.28 - Fore![br]- Stop the drilling! 00:11:45.36,00:11:47.20 Stop the drilling![br]Stop the drilling! 00:11:47.24,00:11:50.08 - Hey![br]- Hey, that was close! 00:11:53.52,00:11:58.08 I gave you 50,000 a year in donations![br]What do you think they're[br]so mad about, Chick? 00:11:58.16,00:12:00.96 Well, I think they feel that[br]drilling for oil is an evil thing. 00:12:01.04,00:12:03.84 Do you know how much diesel[br]that clunker boat pumps out in an hour? 00:12:03.88,00:12:06.20 You know, I just found out[br]something interesting. 00:12:06.28,00:12:10.32 - Number two chewed 180 feet last night.[br]- Who do we have to thank for this? 00:12:10.40,00:12:13.12 Well, I'll give you two guesses,[br]but you're only gonna need one. 00:12:13.20,00:12:15.28 Goddam it, A.J.! 00:12:15.36,00:12:17.32 A.J.! 00:12:19.60,00:12:22.64 A.J.![br]A.J., you in here? 00:12:22.72,00:12:25.12 Oh, that's just perfect.[br]In bed. Get up! 00:12:25.20,00:12:29.12 - Uh, hey, you wanted to see me?[br]- Yeah, I was lookin' for ya. 00:12:29.16,00:12:31.00 You're pissed.[br]Okay, I can see that. 00:12:31.04,00:12:35.64 No. You know what, A.J.?[br]I'm not pissed. You've seen me pissed.[br]This is way, way beyond pissed, though. 00:12:35.68,00:12:39.24 - You know I shut down number two[br]last night, right?[br]- Yeah, man, I had a hunch on that. 00:12:39.32,00:12:42.96 Dude, let me tell you somethin'.[br]Someday, many years from now,[br]when you're all growed up... 00:12:43.04,00:12:47.28 and you got your own[br]oil company and $8 million[br]of your own money on the contract... 00:12:47.36,00:12:50.84 you can do whatever comes[br]into that little A.J.-idiotin' mind[br]of yours you want... 00:12:50.88,00:12:54.36 but as long as it says[br]"Harry Stamper Oil" on the rig[br]you will not disobey my rules. 00:12:54.40,00:12:56.40 - You got that?[br]- Yeah, I do got it. 00:12:56.48,00:12:59.64 - Right now, I need to hear[br]fiive words from you.[br]- Uh-- 00:12:59.72,00:13:02.72 - I'll never do that again.[br]- Never do that again. 00:13:02.76,00:13:05.12 I'm a fool. That was idiotic.[br]l-I mean, that was stupid. 00:13:05.20,00:13:07.20 I'm an idiot. I know what name's[br]on the sign. I'm not-- I can't-- 00:13:07.28,00:13:09.76 - What's going on here?[br]- What's going on? Well, l-I mean, l-- 00:13:09.80,00:13:13.60 - I screwed up. I'm a little edgy.[br]- How long you worked for me?[br]- Five wonderful years. 00:13:13.64,00:13:16.60 In fiive years, you have never[br]apologized to me this quickly. 00:13:16.64,00:13:20.08 - Something's going on here.[br]I'm gonna fiind out what it is.[br]- No, no, no. Well-- 00:13:20.16,00:13:24.64 l-I'm turning over a new leaf.[br]I'm trying to learn from the man.[br]What would Harry do? 00:13:29.76,00:13:31.96 I'm at a loss for words. 00:13:32.96,00:13:35.64 - Okay, I can explain this.[br]- You can explain that? 00:13:35.68,00:13:39.56 - I can.[br]- I would really like an explanation.[br]You just stay right here. 00:13:44.80,00:13:48.40 - Grace?[br]- Hi, Harry. 00:13:48.48,00:13:51.12 I have asked you repeatedly[br]to call me Dad. 00:13:51.92,00:13:54.72 - Sorry, Harry.[br]- Get up and get your clothes on. 00:13:58.20,00:14:00.80 You just stay right there.[br]I'll be right back. 00:14:07.60,00:14:12.00 Here's what we're gonna do.[br]I want every strategy we've got[br]on near-Earth object collision, okay? 00:14:12.08,00:14:16.68 Any ideas, any programs,[br]anything you sketched[br]on a pizza box or a cocktail napkin. 00:14:16.76,00:14:20.84 For 30 years, they questioned[br]the need for NASA. Today[br]we're gonna give them the answer. 00:14:23.80,00:14:26.28 You know about this, Rockhound?[br]You knew. 00:14:26.36,00:14:28.32 No, l-I had no idea. 00:14:29.76,00:14:32.32 Where's Harry? 00:14:32.40,00:14:35.04 Harry! All right! Whoa, whoa, whoa![br]I understand, okay? 00:14:35.12,00:14:37.56 You're mad.[br]Who-Who wouldn't be mad? 00:14:37.60,00:14:40.20 - But he's gonna shoot you.[br]- Nah. No, he's not. Oh, shit. 00:14:43.68,00:14:46.52 - Harry![br]- What's wrong with you? 00:14:46.56,00:14:48.64 Make your peace with God, A.J. 00:14:48.68,00:14:52.48 - This guy's got a gun, man![br]He's shooting at me![br]- Harry, this is not funny! 00:14:52.52,00:14:56.72 - Harry, listen to me![br]We can talk this over![br]- So is this a, uh, serious thing? 00:14:56.80,00:14:59.04 - Yeah, pretty serious.[br]- Bear, man![br]- What's up? 00:14:59.12,00:15:01.72 He's shooting at me. Uh, you see Harry[br]comin', crack him with that wrench! 00:15:01.76,00:15:04.88 You told A.J.'s dad just before he died[br]that you would take care of the boy. 00:15:04.96,00:15:06.96 Now, I'm not sure that shootin' him[br]is takin' care of him. 00:15:07.04,00:15:10.12 - Why don't you put the gun down, boss?[br]- You don't want none of this, Bear.[br]Get out of my way. 00:15:10.20,00:15:12.16 Just trying to give my man[br]a head start, that's all. 00:15:12.20,00:15:16.32 Not to mention the fact that I[br]don't think you wanna kill the best man[br]on your crew before we strike oil. 00:15:16.36,00:15:20.32 Ah, Chick, I ain't gonna kill him.[br]Just gonna take a foot off.[br]A man can work with one foot. 00:15:20.36,00:15:23.28 You remember old Frank Marx who[br]worked with one hand all them years? 00:15:23.36,00:15:27.24 - Yeah, but he wasn't very good.[br]- Harry, put the gun down![br]You're acting insane! 00:15:27.32,00:15:29.64 Now honey, go get some clothes on[br]and get out of the way. 00:15:29.72,00:15:33.64 - You can't control my life.[br]- Fine. Clothes. Now! 00:15:33.72,00:15:36.96 All right, stop, all right? It was funny[br]for a minute, it's not funny any more. 00:15:40.04,00:15:43.84 - Harry, this is illegal, man.[br]- I'm temporarily insane, Rock.[br]It's all right. 00:15:48.56,00:15:50.32 - Do I look like I'm crazy to you?[br]- Well-- 00:15:50.40,00:15:52.48 Harry, hey, just cool down. 00:15:52.52,00:15:55.52 - What are you-- Okay, stop.[br]- All right. All right, Harry. 00:15:55.60,00:15:57.76 All right. Now, listen, man to man. 00:15:57.80,00:16:00.56 I'm serious. I love her. 00:16:00.64,00:16:02.44 Way wrong answer. 00:16:01.16,00:16:03.84 - Whoa, whoa, Harry. It's gettin' real.[br]- Harry! Come on, Harry! 00:16:03.92,00:16:06.56 - Stop him![br]- You shot him! 00:16:06.60,00:16:08.32 Bullet never got close.[br]Just a ricochet. 00:16:08.40,00:16:10.80 You know, it's all funny[br]till somebody gets shot in the leg. 00:16:10.88,00:16:14.48 Hey, pucker up![br]We got clients incoming! 00:16:15.92,00:16:18.88 Uh, b-back in, uh, 197 4... 00:16:18.96,00:16:22.32 w-we fiirst got the-the idea,[br]the possibility that a, that a meteor[br]or an asteroid-- 00:16:22.40,00:16:26.08 I need somebody who's had a little less[br]caffeine this morning. Doc, translate. 00:16:26.16,00:16:29.76 Our fiirst feasibility plan was to use[br]a spread-focus laser generator... 00:16:29.84,00:16:31.72 to heat the object[br]to the point of fracture. 00:16:31.80,00:16:34.00 That's like shooting a B.B. gun[br]at a freight train, Doc. 00:16:34.08,00:16:35.92 Uh, some of us have got this idea. 00:16:36.00,00:16:39.40 We want to land a craft,[br]deploy solar sails. 00:16:39.48,00:16:42.32 You'll have a great big canopy.[br]Solar winds will be caught... 00:16:42.40,00:16:45.64 by these mylar sails. 00:16:45.72,00:16:47.68 - Okay.[br]- Come on, guys. 00:16:47.76,00:16:51.36 We gotta come up with something[br]realistic here. We got 18 days. 00:16:51.40,00:16:54.96 That's 431 hours,[br]15 minutes and 18 seconds. 00:16:55.04,00:16:57.60 Time's a luxury we don't have.[br]What? 00:17:00.48,00:17:03.88 Listen, Harry. A.J. is my choice--[br]my choice and not yours. 00:17:03.96,00:17:07.68 He's the only one in your age bracket,[br]Grace. It's not a choice,[br]it's a lack of options. 00:17:07.72,00:17:12.48 I don't know what in the world makes[br]you think that you have the right[br]to tell me what to do any more, Harry. 00:17:12.56,00:17:14.72 I suppose being your father[br]doesn't count, huh? 00:17:14.76,00:17:16.72 - Not really.[br]- Since when? 00:17:16.80,00:17:19.80 Since I reached the age of 10[br]and became older than you, Harry. 00:17:19.84,00:17:21.60 Since Mom split.[br]Why don't you take your pick? 00:17:21.68,00:17:27.28 Look, I understand that you are[br]handicapped by a natural immaturity[br]and I forgive you. 00:17:27.36,00:17:30.00 I may be an immature father, okay?[br]But I'm still your employer. 00:17:30.08,00:17:33.16 And as your boss I want you[br]on that crew boat tonight[br]and back in the offiice by Monday. 00:17:33.24,00:17:36.24 - You got that?[br]- Okay. I quit. 00:17:36.32,00:17:40.36 Grace, you can't quit now.[br]I need you to keep on workin'. 00:17:42.48,00:17:47.24 - Hi, Harry![br]- What are you smilin' about? 00:17:48.60,00:17:52.20 I've been seein' A.J.[br]for more than fiive months, Harry. 00:17:53.96,00:17:56.60 You little hypocrite. I ever held you[br]back once from doin' anything? 00:17:56.64,00:17:59.44 What about having a life, Harry?[br]The fiirst time I got my period... 00:17:59.52,00:18:01.68 Rockhound had to take me[br]into Taipei for Tampax... 00:18:01.76,00:18:03.88 and then he had to show me[br]how to use 'em, Harry. 00:18:06.44,00:18:09.96 I ju-- No, l-I told her how to use it.[br]I didn't show her, Harry. 00:18:11.28,00:18:14.72 I was playing[br]with titanium depth gauges when[br]I should've been playing with dolls. 00:18:14.80,00:18:18.80 I mean, I learned about the birds and[br]the bees from Freddie Noonan's tattoos. 00:18:18.88,00:18:21.60 Look, I was raised[br]on roughnecks by you... 00:18:21.68,00:18:24.16 and now you get all shocked and shaken[br]when I fall in love with one. 00:18:24.24,00:18:27.60 - So who is the hypocrite here,[br]Harry, huh? Who?[br]- Look at those nice pipes up there. 00:18:27.68,00:18:31.68 - Listen to me, Grace. I want you--[br]- No, you listen to me, Harry.[br]I grew up. 00:18:31.76,00:18:34.40 With the proximity of the asteroid... 00:18:34.44,00:18:37.08 and no prep time,[br]none of our primary plans can work. 00:18:37.12,00:18:41.32 Why don't we just send up 150 nuclear[br]warheads and blast that rock apart? 00:18:41.40,00:18:44.72 - Terrible idea.[br]- Was I talkin' to you? 00:18:44.80,00:18:49.72 This is Dr Ronald Quincy from research,[br]pretty much the smartest man on the[br]planet. You might want to listen to him. 00:18:49.76,00:18:54.44 General, if you consider your target--[br]her composition, her dimensions... 00:18:54.52,00:18:57.60 her sheer velocity, you could fiire[br]every nuke you've got at her... 00:18:57.64,00:19:00.72 and she'll just smile at you[br]and keep on coming. 00:19:00.80,00:19:03.04 You should know that the president's[br]scientifiic advisors... 00:19:03.12,00:19:07.56 are suggesting that a nuclear blast[br]could change this asteroid's trajectory. 00:19:07.64,00:19:11.20 I know the president's chief scientifiic[br]advisor. We were at M.I.T. together. 00:19:11.28,00:19:14.24 And in a situation like this, you--[br]you really don't want... 00:19:14.28,00:19:18.44 to take the advice of a man[br]who got a C-minus in astrophysics. 00:19:18.52,00:19:23.40 The president's advisors are,[br]um, wrong. I'm right. 00:19:23.48,00:19:25.52 Hitting the rock from the outside[br]won't do the job. 00:19:25.60,00:19:28.92 Imagine a fiirecracker[br]in the palm of your hand. 00:19:28.96,00:19:32.68 You set it off.[br]What happens? Burn your hand, right? 00:19:32.76,00:19:36.28 You close your fiist around[br]the same fiirecracker and set it off-- 00:19:38.16,00:19:40.76 Your wife's gonna be opening your[br]ketchup bottles the rest of your life. 00:19:40.80,00:19:42.88 Are you suggesting[br]we blow this thing up from the inside? 00:19:42.92,00:19:45.68 - That's exactly what I'm saying.[br]- How? 00:19:45.76,00:19:49.44 We drill. We bring in the world's[br]best deep-core driller. 00:19:49.48,00:19:51.92 Harry, get up here![br]We're takin' a hit! 00:19:52.00,00:19:53.96 - Get A.J. up here! Whoa![br]- Come on! 00:19:55.88,00:19:58.08 Send another pipe on down![br]Right now! Full pipe! 00:19:59.52,00:20:03.28 - It's a gas pocket.[br]- I told you. Am I lucky[br]or am I just a genius? 00:20:03.36,00:20:06.28 I shut it down for a reason, you[br]jackass! The relief valve's fried open. 00:20:09.12,00:20:13.32 Shut off the number two valve![br]Grace, get the clients outta here now! 00:20:19.40,00:20:21.92 Chick, get 'em outta here![br]Get 'em off the rig now! 00:20:27.24,00:20:30.32 Get the hell down![br]This thing is gonna blow! 00:20:37.52,00:20:40.52 Get out! Chick, get out now! 00:20:40.60,00:20:43.84 Get down! 00:20:43.88,00:20:46.88 Three dozen research calls and every[br]time the same man is recommended. 00:20:46.96,00:20:49.12 He's worked on every terrain[br]this planet can offer. 00:20:49.20,00:20:51.28 Whenever they said it couldn't be[br]drilled, this guy drilled it. 00:20:51.36,00:20:54.96 - Everybody all right?[br]- We struck oil, baby! 00:20:55.04,00:20:58.40 Somebody could've got killed out here[br]today. You want that on your conscience? 00:21:00.92,00:21:02.84 High thumb. You are man, Harry. 00:21:02.88,00:21:05.52 Thumbs high. 00:21:08.16,00:21:10.08 You're fiired. 00:21:14.36,00:21:16.72 Who's Harry Stamper? 00:21:16.80,00:21:19.32 Yeah, I'm Harry Stamper.[br]What's all this about? 00:21:19.36,00:21:22.92 Mr Stamper, I'm General Montgomery,[br]commander of the Pacifiic air forces. 00:21:23.00,00:21:25.16 I've been sent here[br]by the secretary of defence... 00:21:25.24,00:21:28.52 on direct orders from the president[br]of the United States. 00:21:28.60,00:21:30.88 It's a matter of urgent[br]national security. 00:21:30.96,00:21:34.36 I need you to get on that chopper[br]right now, no questions asked. 00:21:34.40,00:21:37.56 - Crazy Willie put you up to this?[br]- Afraid I don't know Crazy Willie. 00:21:37.60,00:21:40.64 Sir, I'm dead serious about this. 00:21:41.96,00:21:43.68 - Harry.[br]- What? 00:21:43.72,00:21:45.96 Man, I swear to God,[br]she never told me her age. 00:21:46.04,00:21:48.80 It's all right.[br]Relax. It's about me. 00:21:49.80,00:21:51.92 Oh. Forget it. 00:21:56.00,00:21:58.32 All right, General.[br]I'll go with ya. 00:21:58.40,00:22:01.52 On one condition--[br]we have to take my daughter along. 00:22:04.52,00:22:06.48 - What did I do?[br]- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where you guys[br]takin' her? Wait a minute. 00:22:06.56,00:22:08.96 - Sir, stay right here.[br]- Well-- 00:22:09.04,00:22:11.40 Chick! Get him paid,[br]get him off the rig! 00:22:21.36,00:22:24.36 - Mr Stamper?[br]- Yeah, I'm Harry Stamper. 00:22:24.44,00:22:28.16 How ya doin'? Miss Stamper.[br]I'm Dan Truman, executive director here. 00:22:28.24,00:22:30.72 - Now listen, on behalf of all of us,[br]I'd really like to apologize--[br]- Apologize. 00:22:30.80,00:22:33.00 I don't know if we can take[br]any more apologies, Mr Truman. 00:22:33.08,00:22:35.92 We've been apologized to[br]for the last 18 and a half hours. 00:22:36.00,00:22:38.24 So if you don't mind,[br]how 'bout if we just get on with it... 00:22:38.32,00:22:40.96 and you tell us why we're here[br]at the NASA space centre? 00:22:41.00,00:22:45.52 - We should probably talk alone.[br]- Mr Truman, I don't keep any secrets[br]from my daughter, Grace. 00:22:45.60,00:22:48.08 So whether you tell her now or[br]I tell her later she's gonna fiind out... 00:22:48.16,00:22:50.44 one way or the other,[br]so why don't we just get on with it? 00:22:50.52,00:22:54.68 So when the rogue comet hit the asteroid[br]belt, it sent shrapnel right for us. 00:22:54.72,00:22:57.32 For the next 15 days[br]the Earth's in a shooting gallery. 00:22:57.40,00:23:01.32 Even if the asteroid itself hits[br]the water, it's still hitting land. 00:23:01.40,00:23:05.96 It'll flash-boil millions[br]of gallons of sea water and slam[br]into the ocean bedrock. 00:23:06.04,00:23:09.60 Now, if it's a Pacifiic Ocean impact--[br]which we think it will be-- 00:23:09.68,00:23:13.96 it'll create a tidal wave three miles[br]high, travel at 1,000 miles an hour... 00:23:14.04,00:23:17.36 covering California[br]and washing up in Denver. 00:23:17.44,00:23:20.72 Japan's gone. Australia's wiped out. 00:23:20.80,00:23:23.64 Half the world's population'll be[br]incinerated by the heat blast... 00:23:23.68,00:23:26.56 and the rest'll freeze to death[br]from nuclear winter. 00:23:26.60,00:23:28.48 That's unbelievable. 00:23:29.80,00:23:32.40 Well, actually,[br]this is as real as it gets. 00:23:34.76,00:23:37.56 Well, it's coming, right now-- 00:23:37.60,00:23:40.60 right for us--[br]at 22,000 miles an hour. 00:23:40.64,00:23:43.44 Not a soul on Earth can hide from it. 00:23:58.56,00:24:00.64 I take it you're not[br]alerting everyone like this. 00:24:00.72,00:24:03.72 Nobody knows.[br]That's the way it stays. 00:24:03.80,00:24:06.36 For the next ten days, there are[br]only nine telescopes in the world... 00:24:06.40,00:24:08.96 that can spot the asteroid,[br]and we control eight of'em. 00:24:09.04,00:24:11.92 The president's classifiied[br]this information top secret. 00:24:12.00,00:24:14.68 If news like this got out,[br]there'd be an overnight breakdown... 00:24:14.72,00:24:19.64 of basic social services worldwide--[br]rioting, mass religious hysteria. 00:24:19.68,00:24:22.28 Total chaos. You can imagine. 00:24:22.36,00:24:25.36 Basically the worst parts[br]of the Bible. 00:24:27.92,00:24:31.08 Six billion people on the planet-- 00:24:31.16,00:24:33.16 why'd you guys call me? 00:24:33.24,00:24:36.52 - We need you to prep the team[br]we're sending up.[br]- Up? 00:24:36.60,00:24:40.00 We'll send 'em to the asteroid,[br]they'll land, they'll drill a hole,[br]they'll drop some nukes... 00:24:40.04,00:24:42.88 take off and detonate[br]if we can fiix this equipment problem. 00:24:42.92,00:24:47.52 Now, the, uh, drilling unit's[br]a prototype we've been building[br]for the Mars project. 00:24:47.56,00:24:51.04 You, uh--[br]you might recognize the rig. 00:24:52.04,00:24:55.68 Yeah, well, I guess I should[br]recognize it. It's my design. 00:24:58.28,00:25:00.56 What'd you do?[br]Steal a key to the patent offiice? 00:25:00.64,00:25:03.48 - Yeah, basically.[br]- Let me get this straight. 00:25:03.52,00:25:07.68 I got pulled off an oil rig,[br]flown halfway around the world[br]because you stole my drill design... 00:25:07.72,00:25:11.24 couldn't read the plans right[br]and did a piss-poor job[br]of putting it together, is that it? 00:25:11.32,00:25:14.08 - Well, technically,[br]patents don't apply to outer space.[br]-Just shut up, Quincy. 00:25:14.12,00:25:17.44 It's not going to Mars any more.[br]It's going to try to save this planet. 00:25:17.48,00:25:19.52 And we need to know[br]what's wrong with it pretty quick. 00:25:19.56,00:25:21.52 You said we did a bad job[br]of putting it together? 00:25:21.60,00:25:24.88 No, I said you did a piss-poor job[br]of putting it together. 00:25:24.96,00:25:27.04 First of all, you got[br]the flow system all reversed. 00:25:27.08,00:25:31.32 Let me guess: you've been tearin' up[br]rotors and you can't fiigure out why. 00:25:31.36,00:25:35.20 - Yeah, that's right, actually.[br]- Well, that's because your cams[br]are all wrong, Mr Wizard. 00:25:35.24,00:25:39.04 - Who's been operating this thing?[br]- Right there. 00:25:39.08,00:25:42.16 W-We've actually-- we've had them[br]training for eight months solid now. 00:25:42.24,00:25:44.96 - Eight whole months?[br]- Well, pretty much, yeah. 00:25:45.04,00:25:48.36 - Well, gee whiz.[br]- Well, this is the team[br]that has to do the job up there. 00:25:48.44,00:25:50.40 We need you to train 'em down here. 00:25:50.44,00:25:52.48 Well, Mr Stamper, what do you think? 00:25:52.56,00:25:55.20 You know, drilling's a science.[br]It's an art. 00:25:55.24,00:25:57.44 I'm a third-generation driller,[br]doin' it all my life... 00:25:57.52,00:26:00.00 and I still haven't got it[br]all fiigured out. 00:26:00.08,00:26:03.40 I assume you sent for me because[br]somebody told you I was the best. 00:26:03.48,00:26:05.96 Well, I'm only the best[br]because I work with the best. 00:26:06.04,00:26:09.60 You don't trust the men you're[br]working with, you're as good as dead. 00:26:09.68,00:26:11.76 Now, you want to send[br]these boys into space, fiine. 00:26:11.84,00:26:13.84 I'm sure they'll make[br]good astronauts. 00:26:13.92,00:26:16.44 But they don't know jack[br]about drillin'. 00:26:16.48,00:26:19.08 - What's your contingency plan?[br]- Contingency plan? 00:26:19.16,00:26:21.84 Your backup plan. You gotta have[br]some kind of backup plan, right? 00:26:21.92,00:26:24.84 - No, we don't have a backup plan.[br]This is it.[br]- And this is the best that you could-- 00:26:24.92,00:26:28.44 that the-the government,[br]the U.S. government can come up with? 00:26:28.48,00:26:31.68 I mean, y-you're NASA, for cryin'[br]out loud. You put a man on the moon. 00:26:31.76,00:26:34.92 You're geniuses! Y-You're the guys[br]that think this shit up. 00:26:35.00,00:26:37.36 I'm sure you got a team of men[br]sittin' around somewhere right now... 00:26:37.44,00:26:39.72 just thinkin' shit up[br]and somebody backin' them up. 00:26:39.80,00:26:42.44 You tellin' me you don't have[br]a backup plan, that these[br]eight Boy Scouts right here... 00:26:42.52,00:26:45.32 that is the world's hope,[br]that's what you're tellin' me? 00:26:45.40,00:26:48.48 - Yeah.[br]- Oh, Jesus. Damn it. 00:26:49.60,00:26:52.96 We're a little short on time here.[br]Will you help us? 00:26:57.16,00:27:00.04 - All they gotta do is drill?[br]- That's it. 00:27:00.12,00:27:02.56 No spacewalkin',[br]no crazy astronaut stuff? 00:27:02.60,00:27:05.32 Just drill. 00:27:05.40,00:27:07.80 How many men were you plannin'[br]on takin' up there? 00:27:07.84,00:27:09.80 We're sendin' up[br]two shuttles, two teams. 00:27:09.88,00:27:12.04 If I do this,[br]I'm gonna wanna take my own men. 00:27:12.12,00:27:14.16 You got it. 00:27:14.24,00:27:17.12 So you're saying you'll help us? 00:27:17.20,00:27:19.00 Yes, sir. 00:27:19.04,00:27:21.12 Thanks. 00:27:26.88,00:27:29.68 I just don't trust anybody else[br]to do it, that's all. 00:27:32.88,00:27:35.52 No, Mrs Curlene,[br]it's Harry Stamper. 00:27:35.56,00:27:39.24 If you see Bear, you tell him[br]Harry's lookin' for him. 00:27:39.32,00:27:42.80 Those guys get off this rig,[br]they scatter.J. Otis Curlene Bear-- 00:27:42.88,00:27:46.72 probably the only black man[br]on a big hog in Kadoka, South Dakota. 00:27:46.76,00:27:49.20 Come and get Papa Bear! 00:27:51.36,00:27:54.32 - Uh, Max.[br]- You got a weight limit on the shuttle? 00:27:56.28,00:27:58.40 - Max.[br]- Hey, Mama. 00:27:58.44,00:28:02.72 - Oh, that's so sweet, Maxie.[br]- Hey, did ya get me one of them[br]yellow jelly bear claws I like? 00:28:02.80,00:28:04.84 Maxie, are you in trouble[br]with the law again? 00:28:04.92,00:28:06.64 - No, Mama.[br]- Maxie. 00:28:06.72,00:28:08.56 I swear, Mama, I'm-- 00:28:10.68,00:28:12.96 - You know I want Rockhound.[br]- We call him Hound because... 00:28:13.00,00:28:15.36 well, um, he's horny. 00:28:17.40,00:28:20.56 Well, you might want to start[br]with every bar in New Orleans. 00:28:20.64,00:28:23.48 That is a big, shiny mount,[br]isn't it? 00:28:23.52,00:28:25.76 - How long you been married?[br]- For two weeks. 00:28:25.80,00:28:28.08 - See this diamond?[br]- Yeah? 00:28:28.16,00:28:30.88 - It's not a diamond.[br]Would you like another drink?[br]- Yeah. 00:28:30.92,00:28:33.48 - Sir, FBI.[br]- She's so cute. 00:28:33.56,00:28:35.64 - No, thanks.[br]- We have a national security matter. 00:28:35.68,00:28:37.60 - Good for you.[br]- Let's go. 00:28:37.64,00:28:40.84 - Now.[br]- How old are you? 00:28:40.92,00:28:44.20 Oscar Choice-- spacey[br]but absolutely brilliant geologist. 00:28:44.28,00:28:46.88 He owns a horse ranch[br]outside of El Paso. 00:28:49.24,00:28:51.20 What the-- 00:28:53.00,00:28:58.16 Mr Chick Chapel, at the craps table,[br]Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada. 00:28:58.24,00:29:00.96 Yes! About time. 00:29:01.00,00:29:03.36 Charles Chapel, game's over. 00:29:07.00,00:29:08.84 Who's gonna run the other rig? 00:29:08.92,00:29:10.92 How 'bout Benny? He's good. 00:29:11.00,00:29:13.84 The only one knows[br]how to run it as well as I do is A.J. 00:29:13.92,00:29:16.24 I thought you said[br]you couldn't trust him. 00:29:16.32,00:29:18.76 I thought you said I could. 00:29:19.80,00:29:22.44 Yep, you are on your way, A.J. 00:29:22.52,00:29:25.96 Well, you know, bein' in business[br]for yourself has its advantages-- 00:29:26.04,00:29:29.04 make my own hours,[br]nobody shoots me in the leg. 00:29:30.76,00:29:33.60 You don't got[br]a gun on ya now, do ya? Oh, good. 00:29:33.68,00:29:38.12 'Cause I kinda wanted to get back[br]to this whole thing[br]about you askin' me for help. 00:29:38.20,00:29:43.04 Does that mean that there's actually[br]a job that Mr All-Go-No-Quit-Big-Nuts... 00:29:43.12,00:29:46.20 Harry Stamper can't handle by himself... 00:29:46.24,00:29:48.72 and needs my expert advice? 00:29:48.80,00:29:51.40 - Somethin' like that, yeah.[br]- Well, no, no, no. 00:29:51.48,00:29:53.96 I mean, is it-it something like that,[br]or is it that? 00:29:55.20,00:29:57.76 You know,[br]you and me got a real problem. 00:29:57.84,00:30:00.80 You know, Harry,[br]there are only, uh... 00:30:00.88,00:30:03.84 fiive words I wanna hear[br]from you right now. 00:30:03.88,00:30:08.16 And those words are: "You know, A.J.,[br]I really look up to you. 00:30:08.24,00:30:10.72 "You've been a hero of mine[br]for a long time, and... 00:30:10.80,00:30:14.08 I'm very impressed with your work;[br]I'm emotionally closed off." 00:30:14.12,00:30:16.16 That's like--[br]that's like 11 words or somethin'. 00:30:16.20,00:30:21.08 You know what? How about just,[br]"A.J., I'm sorry, and-- and I love ya." 00:30:21.12,00:30:23.52 You know, A.J.,[br]there's not a job on the planet... 00:30:23.56,00:30:25.64 that I want you[br]to work with me on. 00:30:27.68,00:30:29.52 I mean that. 00:30:30.80,00:30:34.72 So what are you doin' here?[br]Harry, what's the job? 00:30:37.12,00:30:39.12 - Big Daddy![br]- What's up, baby? 00:30:39.20,00:30:41.20 Yeah, big Bear.[br]What's up? What's up? 00:30:43.96,00:30:47.12 What's up, Harry?[br]Did NASA fiind oil on Uranus, man? 00:30:54.92,00:30:58.24 None of you have to go.[br]We can all just sit here on Earth... 00:30:58.28,00:31:02.96 wait for this big rock to crash into it,[br]kill everything and everybody we know. 00:31:04.68,00:31:08.68 The United States government[br]just asked us to save the world. 00:31:08.76,00:31:12.48 - Anybody wanna say no?[br]- Twenty years-- 00:31:12.56,00:31:16.64 haven't turned ya down once,[br]not about to start now. 00:31:16.68,00:31:21.00 - I'm there.[br]- Guess I can't let you[br]go up there alone. 00:31:21.08,00:31:22.80 I'm with you. 00:31:22.88,00:31:25.60 I mean, this is--[br]this is historic. 00:31:25.64,00:31:28.80 Guys, this is[br]like deep blue hero stuff. 00:31:28.84,00:31:33.12 - Of course I'm in.[br]- While I don't share his enthusiasm... 00:31:33.16,00:31:37.20 you know me-- beam me up, Scotty. 00:31:37.28,00:31:40.00 - You all right, Max?[br]- l-I don't-- l-I don't-- 00:31:42.48,00:31:44.68 Whatever you think. 00:31:44.76,00:31:48.16 - What about you?[br]- I'm in. 00:31:48.20,00:31:50.08 All right, then. 00:31:51.56,00:31:53.88 We go. 00:31:53.92,00:31:57.16 I don't mean to be the materialistic[br]weasel of this group, but... 00:31:57.24,00:31:59.40 you think we'll get[br]hazard pay out of this? 00:31:59.48,00:32:01.92 If you're trying to make me feel better[br]about this scenario, give it up. 00:32:01.96,00:32:05.80 To tell you the truth, I'm kind of[br]encouraged. This guy Chick here was[br]an Air Force commando for six years. 00:32:05.88,00:32:09.32 We got robbery, assault,[br]arrest, resisting arrest. 00:32:09.40,00:32:12.60 We got a collection agent[br]for the mob. Two of these guys[br]have done serious time. 00:32:12.64,00:32:14.88 -Look, they're the best at what they do.[br]-So am I. 00:32:14.92,00:32:16.80 And I'm not[br]so optimistic. 00:32:16.84,00:32:19.84 We spend $250 billion[br]a year on defence. 00:32:19.92,00:32:22.40 And here we are. The fate[br]of the planet is in the hands... 00:32:22.44,00:32:25.00 of a bunch of retards I wouldn't[br]trust with a potato gun. 00:32:29.20,00:32:32.36 - So what's the verdict?[br]- They'll do it. 00:32:32.44,00:32:36.00 - They've made a few requests though.[br]- Such as? 00:32:37.64,00:32:39.52 Just a few things here, uh-- 00:32:42.92,00:32:45.88 Nothing really big, just--[br]Well, as an example-- 00:32:45.92,00:32:51.36 Uh, Oscar here's got some[br]outstanding parking tickets.[br]Wants 'em wiped off his record. 00:32:51.44,00:32:54.88 - Fifty-six tickets in seven states.[br]- I'll tell him, Oscar. I got it. 00:32:54.92,00:32:57.80 - Okay.[br]- Uh, Noonan's got two women friends... 00:32:57.88,00:33:00.88 that he'd like to see made[br]American citizens, no questions asked. 00:33:00.96,00:33:05.28 Max would like you to bring back[br]eight track tapes. 00:33:05.36,00:33:09.20 Not sure if that's gonna work,[br]but let's see what else. 00:33:09.28,00:33:14.20 Chick wants a full week's Emperor's[br]Package at Caesar's Palace, um-- 00:33:15.20,00:33:17.92 Hey, you guys wouldn't[br]be able to tell us who[br]actually killed Kennedy, would ya? 00:33:21.92,00:33:25.12 Uh, Bear would like to stay[br]at the... 00:33:26.32,00:33:28.36 White Horse, the-- 00:33:28.44,00:33:30.88 White House.[br]White House. 00:33:30.96,00:33:35.84 White House. Yeah, he'd like[br]to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom[br]of the White House for the summer. 00:33:35.88,00:33:39.20 - Stuff like that.[br]- Sure, I think we can, uh... 00:33:39.28,00:33:42.72 take care of some of that. 00:33:42.76,00:33:44.64 Harry! 00:33:46.04,00:33:49.12 Yeah, one more thing. Um-- 00:33:49.20,00:33:52.36 None of them wanna[br]pay taxes again. 00:33:54.08,00:33:56.76 Ever. 00:34:01.96,00:34:04.64 Who's that for?[br]Mr Ed? 00:34:04.72,00:34:08.40 You stick that in me, I'm gonna[br]stab you in the heart with it.[br]You ever see Pulp Fiction? 00:34:08.48,00:34:13.12 Oh, say can you see 00:34:15.16,00:34:17.76 We're losin' him,[br]we're losin' him. Clear! Kaboom! 00:34:17.80,00:34:20.68 - Freddie, you all right?[br]- Does this look okay to you? 00:34:20.76,00:34:24.80 - Does this look okay?[br]- It's not all bad. It's kinda tingly. 00:34:24.88,00:34:27.24 Mr Chapel, you're next! 00:34:27.32,00:34:30.12 Oh, gee, lady,[br]I just came here to drill. 00:34:30.20,00:34:32.04 Oh, so did I. 00:34:35.24,00:34:37.28 Your triglycerides[br]are way high... 00:34:37.32,00:34:40.00 and your bad cholesterol[br]is shockingly bad. 00:34:40.08,00:34:43.12 - Tell ya to lay off[br]those pork rinds, Pooh Bear.[br]- Yeah, pork rind this. 00:34:43.20,00:34:46.48 Pork rinds this![br]Yeah! 00:34:46.56,00:34:48.40 Take it off, baby! 00:34:50.68,00:34:53.32 Well, at least[br]they're in good spirits. 00:34:56.36,00:35:00.00 Piece of cake.[br]Look, you wanna compare brain pans? 00:35:00.04,00:35:02.76 I won the Westinghouse Prize[br]when I was 12. Big deal. 00:35:02.84,00:35:06.68 Published at 19. So what? I got[br]a double doctorate from M.I.T. at 22. 00:35:06.72,00:35:10.00 Chemistry and geology.[br]I taught at Princeton for 2 1/2 years. 00:35:10.08,00:35:14.16 You know, I think this might be[br]the most uncomfortable room[br]I've ever been in in my life. 00:35:14.24,00:35:17.16 Why do I do this? Because the money's[br]good, the scenery changes... 00:35:17.24,00:35:19.56 and they let me use[br]explosives, okay? 00:35:19.64,00:35:22.28 Okay, you wanna be[br]all psychological with me, that's fiine. 00:35:22.36,00:35:24.44 I'll tell you one thing[br]that really drives me nuts... 00:35:24.48,00:35:28.28 is people who think that Jethro Tull[br]is just a person in the band. 00:35:28.32,00:35:30.20 Who is Jethro Tull? 00:35:30.24,00:35:34.36 My favourite dish is haggis--[br]heart, lungs, liver. 00:35:34.40,00:35:39.08 You shove that all in a sheep's stomach,[br]then you boil it.[br]That'll put some hair on your ass. 00:35:39.16,00:35:42.44 I am not crazy. I'm just[br]a little emotional right now, okay? 00:35:42.52,00:35:45.12 You all throwin' all this stuff[br]at me, man. Look-- get-- I mean-- 00:35:45.20,00:35:47.60 After this is over, could l, like,[br]get a hug from you or somethin'? 00:35:49.96,00:35:51.84 Okay, Cyclops lady's[br]startin' to bug me. 00:35:51.88,00:35:54.76 - Can you handle it?[br]- I mean, I can handle what I'm,[br]you know, I'm gonna do. 00:35:54.84,00:35:56.68 I can handle that, but I don't know[br]if I can handle this room. 00:35:56.76,00:35:58.60 Woman with large breasts. 00:36:01.24,00:36:04.08 - Woman with medium breasts.[br]- Here's Harry givin' me a hard time. 00:36:04.16,00:36:06.52 And, uh, this is Harry tellin' me[br]it's not good enough. 00:36:06.56,00:36:10.00 And, uh, this is Harry tellin' me[br]I can't marry his daughter.[br]Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. 00:36:10.08,00:36:12.80 Just let it out. 00:36:12.84,00:36:16.28 I suffered a major head injury[br]when I was in high school. 00:36:16.32,00:36:18.56 This one looks like you...[br]with breasts. 00:36:18.60,00:36:20.68 Yeah, I can handle it.[br]Yeah, I can handle it. 00:36:21.96,00:36:26.04 A home run! The Cubs win[br]the World Series! 00:36:27.68,00:36:30.88 Fail. Fail.[br]Depressively fail. 00:36:30.96,00:36:33.92 One toxicology analysis[br]revealed ketamine. 00:36:34.00,00:36:37.76 - That is a very powerful sedative.[br]- Sedatives are used[br]all the time, Doctor. 00:36:37.84,00:36:39.76 Well, this one's used on horses. 00:36:41.28,00:36:43.20 Some of these guys[br]are pretty big. 00:36:43.24,00:36:45.60 It would normally take 18 months[br]to psychologically prepare... 00:36:45.64,00:36:48.08 prescreen viable subjects[br]for space travel. 00:36:48.16,00:36:53.24 - We have seen evidence of a wide[br]variety of territorial aggression.[br]- Can they physically survive the trip? 00:36:53.28,00:36:58.16 - That's all I need to know here, okay?[br]- Personally, I don't know how[br]they survived the tests. 00:37:02.96,00:37:04.88 Talk about the wrong stuff. 00:37:08.84,00:37:10.96 Good morning.[br]I'm Colonel Willie Sharp. 00:37:11.04,00:37:13.68 In addition to flying one of[br]the X-71 teams to that rock... 00:37:13.76,00:37:17.76 my job is to train you how to deal[br]with the mental and physical[br]rigors of working in space... 00:37:17.80,00:37:21.28 so you don't freak out[br]on the asteroid. 00:37:21.36,00:37:24.68 United States astronauts[br]train for years. 00:37:24.76,00:37:26.60 You have 12 days. 00:37:26.68,00:37:28.96 Do we have any intelligent questions[br]before we get started? 00:37:30.60,00:37:34.72 - What's an X-71?[br]- You're the fiirst civilians[br]to ever see her. 00:37:36.12,00:37:38.08 We call 'em the X-71s. 00:37:38.16,00:37:40.64 It's a top secret joint venture[br]with the Air Force. 00:37:40.68,00:37:43.60 She and her sister ship at Vandenberg[br]are leaving tomorrow[br]for launch prep in Florida... 00:37:43.68,00:37:45.24 but I thought[br]you oughta take a look. 00:37:45.32,00:37:48.28 The two shuttles going up are[br]the Freedom and the Independence. 00:37:48.32,00:37:51.60 Her titanium alloy impenetrable skin[br]covers the toughest, meanest... 00:37:51.68,00:37:54.60 most sophisticated space vehicle[br]man has ever made. 00:37:54.68,00:37:57.04 Okay, Air Force Colonel Davis,[br]NASA pilot Tucker... 00:37:57.12,00:37:58.96 will command the shuttle[br]Independence. 00:37:59.04,00:38:02.56 Air Force Colonel Sharp,[br]NASA pilot Watts, shuttle Freedom. 00:38:02.60,00:38:06.76 Munitions specialist Gruber and Halsey[br]will supervise the nuclear ordnance. 00:38:06.84,00:38:10.00 Anyway, uh, I just thought, uh-- 00:38:10.08,00:38:12.16 thought you guys should meet. 00:38:14.76,00:38:18.44 Gentlemen, welcome to our weightless[br]environmental training facility. 00:38:25.56,00:38:28.36 So we're going swimming on this[br]asteroid? Is that what this is for? 00:38:28.44,00:38:32.24 Here at downtown NASA,[br]we call this the "Monster Armadillo." 00:38:32.32,00:38:36.56 Gonna be retrofiitted[br]with your drilling arm. She'll turn[br]800 turbo horses in near zero gravity. 00:38:36.64,00:38:40.48 Mind if we take a look at her now?[br]All these rubber hoses gotta go, Max.[br]Count 'em up. 00:38:40.56,00:38:43.52 Make sure it's[br]short-throw shiftin'. 00:38:43.56,00:38:47.04 Quincy![br]Somebody tell me what this is. 00:38:47.12,00:38:51.04 Plastic ice cream scoop?[br]What'd that cost? About $400? 00:38:51.08,00:38:55.84 This is about the sorriest group[br]of people I've seen in all[br]my entire military career. 00:38:55.88,00:38:58.80 Your space flight's gonna be[br]a brutal assault on your senses. 00:38:58.88,00:39:03.04 I'm here to give you a taste[br]of that. NASA's got some of[br]the fiinest pilots in the world. 00:39:03.08,00:39:06.08 They're gonna be suckin' your eyes[br]into the back of your heads. 00:39:07.36,00:39:09.92 Go easy on me, okay?[br]It's my fiirst time. 00:39:09.96,00:39:12.80 I just wanna seriously say[br]I have a small fear of flying. 00:39:14.80,00:39:16.72 I'm gonna twist ya. 00:39:20.00,00:39:22.24 - And I'm gonna flip ya.[br]- What's the matter with you? 00:39:23.52,00:39:25.92 Frap your body[br]till your bones hurt. 00:39:25.96,00:39:28.88 When you squeal, I'm just[br]gonna go faster and harder. 00:39:28.96,00:39:32.48 No, take me down! 00:39:33.56,00:39:36.16 - How's the rest of the crew?[br]- Well, uh-- 00:39:36.20,00:39:38.72 Sorry about the rib chunks[br]all over your dashboard. 00:39:40.88,00:39:43.24 Don't forget:[br]We gotta X-ray all these-- 00:39:43.32,00:39:46.52 - If you had to say, who would you say?[br]- I don't know, Oscar.[br]Who do you think you are? 00:39:46.56,00:39:49.92 - Han Solo.[br]- No. If anybody's anybody, I'm Han. 00:39:50.00,00:39:51.84 And you're--[br]you're Chewbacca. 00:39:51.92,00:39:54.64 Chewie? Have you even[br]seen Star Wars? 00:39:54.72,00:39:57.12 All right, men, let's go.[br]Step it up. 00:40:01.64,00:40:05.72 Neil Armstrong, 1969,[br]bouncing on the moon. 00:40:05.76,00:40:08.84 He's bouncing because there's[br]less gravity up there than on Earth. 00:40:08.92,00:40:12.44 This will be similar[br]to the asteroid, so watch it. 00:40:12.48,00:40:14.96 Something gets launched off[br]that asteroid with enough force... 00:40:15.04,00:40:17.32 it's gonna keep on going[br]right into outer space. 00:40:17.40,00:40:20.96 What is the deal?[br]Is it just me, or is Watts really hot? 00:40:21.00,00:40:22.88 Yeah. 00:40:22.92,00:40:26.64 So we have these new generation suits[br]with directional accelerant thrusters. 00:40:26.72,00:40:28.56 - You won't bounce like Neil Armstrong.[br]- Yeah, think so? 00:40:28.64,00:40:30.24 - Bear![br]- Yes? 00:40:30.32,00:40:33.28 - Do we have a problem?[br]- No. 00:40:33.32,00:40:37.20 'Cause I'm trying to describe[br]to you how these D.A.T.s[br]keep your ass on the ground... 00:40:37.28,00:40:39.44 so that if I were to kick you[br]in the balls... 00:40:39.52,00:40:42.16 and you don't know how to work them,[br]what happens to you? 00:40:42.24,00:40:44.68 - I float away.[br]- Yeah. 00:40:44.76,00:40:47.52 And, uh, when do we[br]start training for that? 00:40:47.60,00:40:49.92 Gentlemen, I'll give you 30 seconds[br]to put your helmets on... 00:40:49.96,00:40:52.20 then the oxygen will be sucked[br]out of this vacuum... 00:40:52.28,00:40:54.56 and you will know what it's like[br]to be in space. 00:40:54.60,00:40:56.20 Go! 00:40:56.28,00:40:59.52 Depressed in 30 seconds. 00:40:59.60,00:41:01.60 Main valves have been activated. 00:41:01.64,00:41:04.88 Vacuum P.S.I.s are open. 00:41:19.48,00:41:21.32 Okay, gentlemen,[br]so here's the flight plan. 00:41:21.40,00:41:24.04 Now, let's keep the laughter to[br]a minimum. I know this is not to scale. 00:41:24.12,00:41:29.04 Both shuttles will take off[br]Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. 00:41:29.12,00:41:30.96 Now, 67 minutes later... 00:41:31.04,00:41:35.24 you're gonna dock with the Russian space[br]station to meet cosmonaut Andropov... 00:41:35.32,00:41:38.24 who will refuel the shuttles[br]with liquid O2. 00:41:38.28,00:41:40.80 That's your fuel.[br]Then you'll release... 00:41:40.88,00:41:43.56 and take a 60-hour trip[br]toward the moon. 00:41:43.64,00:41:47.32 Now, we only have one shot[br]of landing on this rock... 00:41:47.36,00:41:51.04 and that's precisely when[br]the asteroid passes by the moon. 00:41:51.12,00:41:53.92 You'll then use lunar gravity[br]and burn your thrusters... 00:41:54.00,00:41:57.28 slingshotting you[br]around the moon... 00:41:57.36,00:41:59.68 coming up behind the asteroid. 00:41:59.72,00:42:02.88 - You'll be upward of 11 Gs.[br]- Yeah, I remember this one. 00:42:02.96,00:42:06.24 It's where the, uh, the coyote[br]sat his ass down in a slingshot... 00:42:06.28,00:42:08.16 then he strapped himself[br]to an Acme rocket. 00:42:08.20,00:42:11.04 - Is-Is that what we're doin' here?[br]- Rockhound. 00:42:11.12,00:42:13.92 - No, no, really, because it didn't[br]work out too well for the coyote, Harry.[br]- Hey, Rock. 00:42:13.96,00:42:18.24 - Remember that one?[br]- Well, actually, we have a lot better[br]rockets than the coyote. 00:42:20.00,00:42:24.00 Now, when you've fiinished[br]your Road Runner thrust move... 00:42:24.08,00:42:27.76 you'll be moving[br]at 22,500 miles per hour. 00:42:27.84,00:42:30.48 Coming around behind the asteroid,[br]where we're hoping... 00:42:30.56,00:42:32.84 that the tail debris'll be[br]cleared by the moon's gravity. 00:42:32.92,00:42:35.04 And you'll land right here.[br]That's it. 00:42:35.12,00:42:39.28 We got separate landing sites[br]for each team. Softest parts[br]of the rock as we can fiigure. 00:42:39.36,00:42:43.00 At NASA, we don't take chances.[br]We double up on everything. 00:42:43.04,00:42:45.64 First team[br]that hits 800 feet wins. 00:42:45.72,00:42:49.60 Now this rock is big, it's dense, it's[br]got some gravity. You can walk around. 00:42:49.64,00:42:52.08 But use your thrusters[br]so you can work easier. 00:42:52.16,00:42:56.16 Okay, Mr Truman, let's say that[br]we actually do land on this. 00:42:56.20,00:42:58.24 What's it gonna be like[br]up there? 00:42:58.32,00:43:01.44 Two hundred degrees in the sunlight.[br]Minus 200 in the shade. 00:43:01.48,00:43:06.16 Canyons of razor-sharp rock.[br]Unpredictable gravitational conditions. 00:43:06.24,00:43:09.32 Unexpected eruptions.[br]Things like that. 00:43:09.40,00:43:12.56 Okay, so the scariest[br]environment imaginable. Thanks. 00:43:12.64,00:43:14.56 That's all you gotta say:[br]scariest environment imaginable. 00:43:14.60,00:43:18.08 Okay, so you drill,[br]you drop the nuke, and you leave. 00:43:18.12,00:43:22.76 Now, here's the key: You're gonna[br]remote detonate the bomb... 00:43:22.84,00:43:27.04 before the asteroid[br]passes this plane-- Zero Barrier. 00:43:27.12,00:43:30.76 You do that, and the remaining[br]pieces of rock... 00:43:30.84,00:43:33.96 should be deflected enough[br]to pass right by us. 00:43:34.04,00:43:36.48 Now, if the bomb explodes[br]after Zero Barrier-- 00:43:40.16,00:43:41.24 game's over. 00:43:41.28,00:43:43.64 Paul, this is Houston.[br]Fire your rockets. 00:43:44.84,00:43:48.16 - Okay, your rockets are maximum.[br]Beautiful boost.[br]- Oscar! 00:43:48.20,00:43:50.44 Hey, Harry. Hey, how's it goin'? 00:43:50.52,00:43:53.20 - Have you seen Grace?[br]-Yeah, she's over in the hangar[br]with A.J. 00:43:53.28,00:43:56.32 Harry, wait a second. Did you say Grace?[br]Okay, I thought you said Bear. 00:44:32.48,00:44:34.32 Will you marry me? 00:44:47.68,00:44:49.52 Grace is old enough[br]to vote, Harry. 00:44:49.60,00:44:52.48 She's old enough to have a drink or[br]get married if she wants, get a divorce. 00:44:52.52,00:44:55.56 Let me tell you something, fellas. When[br]I get back, when we get this job done... 00:44:55.64,00:44:57.48 I will deal with this[br]in my own way. 00:44:57.56,00:44:59.64 Come on, Harry. It's not like[br]I'm rootin' for A.J. here. 00:44:59.68,00:45:01.92 - I'm just sayin',[br]Grace is not a little girl any more.[br]- Hey, Rock, you know, wait a minute. 00:45:02.00,00:45:05.40 Let me get a pencil and[br]a piece of paper. I wanna jot down[br]all your pearls of wisdom here. 00:45:05.44,00:45:08.80 Get serious, Harry. Come on. While we're[br]off trottin' the globe, hunting mud... 00:45:08.88,00:45:11.52 Gracie grew up to become[br]a full-blown hottie, you know? 00:45:11.56,00:45:14.00 - Harry, she is fully hot. She is--[br]- She's a babe. 00:45:14.08,00:45:17.56 Max, Max, okay. You're talkin'[br]about my little girl, all right? 00:45:17.60,00:45:19.84 I think I know[br]who and what she is, okay? 00:45:19.88,00:45:23.64 Okay, but Harry, all we're sayin' is,[br]we're talkin' about a kid who's[br]comin' into her own right now. 00:45:23.68,00:45:28.20 And she's gettin' curious about her body[br]and she's exploring her sexuality.[br]And you know what? 00:45:28.28,00:45:30.40 - Oscar.[br]- That's a natural thing. 00:45:30.48,00:45:33.92 You are about fiive minutes older than[br]Grace is. Why should I listen to you? 00:45:34.00,00:45:37.92 And I know what it feels like to have[br]your hormones pullin' you in just, you[br]know, a thousand different directions. 00:45:37.96,00:45:41.48 - You don't know which end is up.[br]- Yo, Harry, no disrespect, man,[br]but we all helped to raise her. 00:45:41.56,00:45:45.76 - So, in part, we all feel[br]like a bunch of daddies here.[br]- That's true. 00:45:45.80,00:45:50.56 I'll be damned if I worked all[br]these years so my little girl[br]can marry a roughneck. 00:45:52.60,00:45:55.04 She's better than that. 00:45:55.12,00:45:57.36 Better than all of us. 00:46:04.56,00:46:08.32 Harry, just sit back, relax.[br]I'm gonna put on a little[br]free Armadillo driving clinic for ya. 00:46:08.36,00:46:10.48 Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hey![br]Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! 00:46:16.80,00:46:22.20 Two shuttle teams. A.J.'ll be[br]running the drill team with Oscar,[br]Bear and Noonan on the Independence. 00:46:22.24,00:46:25.44 I'll run the drill team on Freedom[br]with Chick, Rockhound and Max. 00:46:25.48,00:46:28.08 Once we land, we'll have[br]eight hours to get the job done. 00:46:28.16,00:46:32.08 In order to split this rock[br]on the fault line,[br]we're gonna have to drill to 800 feet. 00:46:32.16,00:46:36.36 Let's get our game faces on.[br]Now it's time for underwater simulation. 00:46:37.32,00:46:40.52 Come on, Independence. Keep it up.[br]Let's go. We're the younger team here. 00:46:40.60,00:46:43.68 We're the varsity team.[br]Take it to 11,000. 00:46:43.76,00:46:46.56 Okay, gentlemen, we're gonna[br]trick 'em up. My computer[br]will simulate a gas pocket... 00:46:46.64,00:46:50.88 at 625 feet and then[br]hard iron ferrite at 635. 00:46:50.96,00:46:54.60 I'm gonna draw up some more O2 in.[br]We're takin' her up. 00:46:54.68,00:46:57.28 - I'm givin' it more torque right now.[br]- All right, lookin' good, Bear. 00:46:57.32,00:46:59.84 Clamp it down. Watch your time,[br]Independence team. 00:46:59.92,00:47:01.92 Thanks, Harry. Would you mind[br]lettin' me run my own team? 00:47:01.96,00:47:04.04 You're gonna blow the tranny, A.J.[br]Slow it down, baby. 00:47:04.12,00:47:06.48 Take it easy, Bear.[br]Just relax. She can handle it. 00:47:06.56,00:47:11.56 A.J., you're at 600 feet.[br]Your pipe is long.[br]Let's back the R.P.M.s down to 8,000. 00:47:11.64,00:47:14.40 - We don't have time for 8,000![br]- A.J., take it back down. 00:47:14.48,00:47:16.68 You're gonna snap the pipe.[br]I don't wanna blow this transmission. 00:47:16.76,00:47:18.80 - Damn it, 11,000.[br]- Slow it down, A.J. 00:47:18.88,00:47:21.92 Bear, come on.[br]Get on our team for a little bit. 00:47:22.00,00:47:25.44 - Whoa, space cowboy.[br]- Harry, are you listenin' to this?[br]- Yeah, I'm listenin', Bear. 00:47:25.52,00:47:27.60 Harry? You don't work for Harry[br]any more, okay? 00:47:27.68,00:47:30.40 Out there you gotta listen to me.[br]When we're on that rock,[br]you gotta do what I say. 00:47:30.48,00:47:33.44 Now send more to the turbine.[br]I'm throttling up to 11,000. 00:47:33.52,00:47:36.00 A.J., back it off.[br]You're gonna blow the transmission. 00:47:36.08,00:47:38.88 Hey, Harry, would you let me[br]run my team, please? 00:47:38.92,00:47:41.36 -R.P.M.s are at red line.[br]-Bear, goddam it, I know what I'm doing. 00:47:41.44,00:47:43.96 Come on. She can handle this.[br]She'll be fiine. Trust me. 00:47:44.00,00:47:47.08 - A.J., back the R--[br]- Transmission overload.[br]- Number one transmission is down. 00:47:47.16,00:47:50.96 Oh, son of a-- The computer's wrong,[br]and you know that. 00:47:51.04,00:47:54.24 - We did the right thing.[br]- We're gonna restart the simulation. 00:47:54.28,00:47:57.20 If you wanna replace a member[br]of the crew, now is the time. 00:47:57.28,00:48:00.32 I'll take care of this.[br]Get him out of the tank, Chick. 00:48:04.04,00:48:06.76 - You wanna go home?[br]Is that it? You wanna be fiired?[br]- No, I don't. 00:48:06.84,00:48:08.96 - My crew was doing the right thing.[br]- Your crew? 00:48:09.00,00:48:11.68 - Yeah.[br]- Your crew just blew[br]the transmission, A.J.! 00:48:11.72,00:48:15.76 Listen, that NASA computer is just[br]playin' it safe. The machine you built,[br]the rig, could do it. 00:48:15.84,00:48:17.92 Shut up.Just shut up![br]Shut your mouth! 00:48:17.96,00:48:21.84 Those men in that room[br]have zero tolerance[br]for showin' off, hot doggin'... 00:48:21.92,00:48:25.76 goin' by your gut instinct or[br]you tryin' to be a hero, you got that? 00:48:25.84,00:48:28.08 - Say the words, A.J.![br]- I got it! 00:48:28.16,00:48:31.04 - I want my men to have[br]tomorrow night off.[br]- What do you mean "off"? 00:48:31.08,00:48:34.80 I mean, off. Out of here. For at least[br]ten hours. Then we'll go to Kennedy. 00:48:34.88,00:48:39.12 Well, there's no possible way we can[br]do that, Harry. There's a potentially[br]huge security risk. What if they talk? 00:48:39.20,00:48:42.16 - What if they get hurt?[br]- What if they're too burned out[br]to do the right thing? 00:48:42.24,00:48:44.64 What if they get up there,[br]and they forget what[br]they're fiighting for? 00:48:44.68,00:48:47.20 You see what's goin' on up there.[br]These boys are ready to snap. 00:48:47.24,00:48:49.40 They didn't ask to be here.[br]They got pulled off the street. 00:48:49.44,00:48:51.96 For all we know, tomorrow night could be[br]the last night they ever see Earth. 00:48:52.00,00:48:54.16 I don't think it's too much to ask to[br]let 'em spend it with their families. 00:48:54.24,00:48:56.64 - Well, listen, there's[br]no possible way we can do that.[br]- You got family, Colonel? 00:48:56.72,00:49:01.40 - Two girls.[br]- Wouldn't you like to spend tomorrow[br]night with your little girls? 00:49:01.44,00:49:04.00 I'm not askin' ya.[br]I'm tellin' ya. 00:49:04.08,00:49:06.36 Make this happen. 00:49:14.40,00:49:17.76 This is a pretty big loan.[br]Why don't you count the cash? 00:49:17.80,00:49:19.68 Nah, this looks like[br]100 grand to me. 00:49:19.72,00:49:23.20 I'm givin' you this at 60 percent.[br]I hope you know what you're doin'... 00:49:23.28,00:49:25.44 because I'll bust your head[br]with a sledgehammer. 00:49:25.48,00:49:28.04 - You'll get your money back.[br]- You don't look too healthy. 00:49:28.12,00:49:30.52 You're not gonna die on me,[br]are ya? 00:49:30.56,00:49:34.56 Let's just say,[br]no more than you are. Thanks, Vic. 00:49:58.96,00:50:02.68 Don't Wanna close my eyes 00:50:02.76,00:50:05.32 I don't Wanna fall asleep 00:50:05.36,00:50:07.36 'C.ause I'd miss you, baby 00:50:07.44,00:50:11.28 - And I don't Wanna miss a thing[br]- You know what I was thinkin'?[br]- What? 00:50:13.04,00:50:16.76 l-I really don't think that the[br]animal cracker qualifiies as a cracker. 00:50:16.84,00:50:19.48 - Why?[br]- Well, 'cause it's sweet,[br]which to me suggests cookie. 00:50:19.56,00:50:23.60 And, you know, putting cheese[br]on something is sort of[br]the defiining characteristic... 00:50:23.64,00:50:25.92 of what makes a cracker[br]a cracker. 00:50:26.00,00:50:27.84 I don't know why[br]I thought of that. I just-- 00:50:27.92,00:50:30.40 Baby, you have[br]such sweet pillow talk. 00:50:30.48,00:50:34.68 I got a little animal cracker, Discovery[br]Channel thing happenin' right here. 00:50:34.76,00:50:38.48 Watch the gazelle[br]as he grazes through the open plains. 00:50:40.24,00:50:44.00 Now look[br]as the cheetah approaches. 00:50:44.08,00:50:46.72 Watch[br]as he stalks his prey. 00:50:46.80,00:50:49.48 Now, the gazelle's[br]a little spooked... 00:50:49.52,00:50:54.08 and he could head north[br]to the ample sustenance... 00:50:54.16,00:50:56.88 provided by[br]the mountainous peaks above. 00:50:59.64,00:51:01.52 He could go south. 00:51:02.96,00:51:06.80 The gazelle now faces man's[br]most perilous question: 00:51:07.92,00:51:11.00 north, or... 00:51:11.08,00:51:13.20 south? 00:51:13.24,00:51:17.36 Way down under. 00:51:19.92,00:51:21.76 Tune in next week. 00:51:23.36,00:51:26.12 Baby... 00:51:26.16,00:51:28.40 do you think it's possible[br]that anyone else in the world... 00:51:28.44,00:51:33.20 is doing this very same thing[br]at this very same moment? 00:51:33.24,00:51:35.44 I hope so. 00:51:35.52,00:51:38.16 Otherwise, what the hell[br]are we tryin' to save? 00:51:43.68,00:51:46.96 Don't Wanna close my eyes 00:51:47.04,00:51:51.44 I don't Wanna ffall asleep[br]'cause I'd miss you, baby 00:51:51.52,00:51:55.04 And I don't Wanna miss a thing 00:51:59.32,00:52:01.60 Hey. 00:52:03.28,00:52:07.80 - What are you doing here?[br]- I was just passin' by on the, uh-- 00:52:07.88,00:52:09.88 I came-- 00:52:13.92,00:52:17.92 - Who's he?[br]- That man's a salesman. 00:52:18.00,00:52:20.08 Would you go inside? 00:52:23.64,00:52:26.00 Thank you. 00:52:27.44,00:52:29.68 He got big. 00:52:31.80,00:52:34.80 You can't come around like this. 00:52:34.88,00:52:38.32 The court says you can't.[br]It confuses him. 00:52:38.36,00:52:41.08 No, I know. I just-- 00:52:41.16,00:52:45.36 I wanted to say[br]that I'm sorry... 00:52:45.44,00:52:49.20 about everything, and... 00:52:49.28,00:52:51.48 I got somethin' comin' up. 00:52:51.56,00:52:55.92 It's something kinda big.[br]You just might be proud of me. 00:52:56.00,00:52:59.00 Would you do somethin' for me?[br]Would you just give him this? 00:52:59.08,00:53:02.96 You don't have to-- You don't have to[br]tell him who it's from.Just-- 00:54:28.64,00:54:31.04 Everybody talkin'about[br]What it is, What it ain't 00:54:31.08,00:54:33.12 Kiss on the devil[br]and you piss offff a saint 00:54:33.20,00:54:35.80 But it can't be love[br]iff you don't have to craWI 00:54:35.84,00:54:38.88 You say you don't need nothin'[br]but you got to have it all 00:54:38.96,00:54:42.40 - Come back here![br]- Hey, Noonan, you need ten grand? 00:54:42.44,00:54:44.68 - Yeah.[br]- We gotta put[br]these girls through college. 00:54:44.76,00:54:48.56 - I love this astronaut stuff.[br]- All right![br]- Good work if you can get it. 00:54:48.64,00:54:51.12 Yeah, I'm just in town doin'[br]a little astronaut training. 00:54:51.20,00:54:53.76 Ooh! Astronauta. 00:54:53.84,00:54:56.16 Ah, si.[br]I'm a mission specialist. 00:54:56.24,00:54:59.56 - Yes, and what's that mean?[br]- I don't know. 00:55:01.88,00:55:05.36 Hey! Who the hell[br]do you think you guys are? 00:55:05.44,00:55:09.80 - You're hoggin' all the action.[br]- Hey, pinhead. Why don't you[br]go fiind your own party? 00:55:09.88,00:55:13.16 - Why don't you spread the wealth, pal?[br]- Here. Why don't you go[br]buy yourself a neck? 00:55:13.24,00:55:15.84 Hey, Mr Clean! 00:55:18.28,00:55:20.48 - Man! Call NASA![br]- Get over there. 00:55:20.52,00:55:22.32 - They'll confiirm it! We're astronauts![br]- Yeah, yeah. 00:55:22.36,00:55:24.64 - Yeah, we're astronauts.[br]- Yeah, we're all astronauts. 00:55:24.72,00:55:27.16 You are so messing with national[br]security right now, man. 00:55:27.20,00:55:28.92 - Turn around.[br]- You are fiired tomorrow morning. 00:55:29.00,00:55:31.68 I'm telling ya.[br]I'll get the CIA and the FBI. 00:55:31.72,00:55:35.64 - You'll be working security at Toys[br]'R' Us. Oh, oh, baby. No, no. No, no![br]- Bye-bye, little astronaut. 00:55:35.68,00:55:37.20 - Oh, it's time to go now.[br]- Oh, don't leave, baby. No, no. 00:55:37.28,00:55:39.44 - You see, I'm goin' into space,[br]and I'm not comin' back.[br]- No, no, no. 00:55:43.72,00:55:47.52 -It's coming in at 30,000 miles an hour![br]-Give me a projected impact. 00:55:47.56,00:55:49.60 - East Asia, 11 minutes.[br]- We're gonna have to warn-- 00:55:49.64,00:55:52.16 Warn who?[br]The entire South Pacifiic? 00:56:43.52,00:56:45.96 So the whole world knows. 00:56:47.52,00:56:50.72 Tell me you've never let[br]anybody down before. 00:56:50.76,00:56:53.84 I never quit yet.[br]How's that? 00:56:53.92,00:56:56.88 I guess that'll have to do. 00:56:56.96,00:56:59.28 You know somethin'? 00:56:59.36,00:57:01.72 I still remember the first,[br]middle and last name... 00:57:01.76,00:57:05.28 of every guy that qualified[br]for the astronaut programme[br]the first year I was here. 00:57:17.55,00:57:21.51 Thanks. I went[br]into the engineering programme. 00:57:21.55,00:57:25.27 Kinda had to.[br]But, boy, I wanted to go up there. 00:57:25.35,00:57:28.67 I wanted to be one of those guys[br]with a mission patch on my arm. 00:57:30.51,00:57:32.67 I tell you, I'd be on that shuttle[br]with you, Harry, if I could. 00:57:36.99,00:57:39.55 You don't want to be up in that shuttle[br]any more than I do. 00:57:50.07,00:57:51.83 Well, good luck in Florida tomorrow. 00:57:51.91,00:57:55.83 The death of 50,000 people in Shanghai[br]yesterday has rattled the na-- 00:57:55.87,00:57:58.95 A French satellite has tracked[br]an object in space-- 00:57:58.99,00:58:01.55 Sources are estimating[br]that the tidal wave was fiive-- 00:58:01.63,00:58:03.47 This is CNN, live in Florida. 00:58:03.55,00:58:06.79 We have just learned that NASA[br]is on a full-scale military alert. 00:58:06.87,00:58:09.35 They're calling this[br]a global killer. 00:58:09.39,00:58:11.59 The government has been[br]very tight-lipped throughout this-- 00:58:11.67,00:58:13.63 The Pentagon is getting involved[br]at this point with some kind... 00:58:13.67,00:58:17.03 of a project involving NASA[br]and perhaps a shuttle mission-- 00:58:17.07,00:58:19.43 Senior Pentagon offiicials[br]refused comment... 00:58:19.51,00:58:23.75 adding fuel to the speculation that[br]there could be a very serious problem. 00:58:23.83,00:58:27.55 We have a special team of astronauts[br]that arrived in Florida this evening. 00:58:27.59,00:58:29.51 NASA's in emergency launch[br]preparation... 00:58:29.59,00:58:32.83 in cooperation with Russian, Japanese[br]and French space agencies... 00:58:32.87,00:58:35.71 on the most massive[br]joint space venture in history. 00:58:44.07,00:58:46.63 Gracie? 00:58:54.47,00:58:56.35 Got your note. 00:58:57.19,00:59:00.35 - What are you doing out here, honey?[br]- Um, just thinkin'. 00:59:01.51,00:59:04.35 - Yeah.[br]- l, um, want to apologize to you for-- 00:59:04.39,00:59:07.47 Oh, no, Grace. Stop.[br]You don't have to apologize at all. l-- 00:59:07.55,00:59:08.83 I sh-- 00:59:10.79,00:59:14.51 I shouldn't have dragged you around[br]on all those oil rigs. I just-- 00:59:15.75,00:59:18.15 I don't think that I did[br]the right thing with you. 00:59:18.19,00:59:19.43 - You're wrong.[br]- You see-- 00:59:19.47,00:59:21.59 I love my life. 00:59:21.67,00:59:23.79 I love everything[br]about my life... 00:59:23.87,00:59:26.67 and I don't blame you[br]for my mother leaving. 00:59:28.87,00:59:30.51 She left us both. 00:59:31.87,00:59:34.19 And-And I love you. 00:59:34.27,00:59:37.51 And don't talk[br]like you're not comin' back. 00:59:38.35,00:59:40.35 Promise me that you'll come back. 00:59:41.79,00:59:44.55 - Okay.[br]- Say, "I promise." 00:59:46.11,00:59:47.75 I promise, Grace. 00:59:51.71,00:59:54.19 It's gonna be all right, Grace. 00:59:58.11,01:00:02.99 If it's not too much trouble, can you[br]please bring my fiiancÚ home with you? 01:00:03.07,01:00:04.75 Oh, Jesus. 01:00:14.63,01:00:16.11 The president will be[br]addressing the nation... 01:00:16.19,01:00:18.15 and all of you personally[br]within the hour. 01:00:45.07,01:00:47.39 Astronauts. 01:00:53.23,01:00:56.43 I'll see you[br]in a couple days, honey. 01:01:01.07,01:01:04.71 All my bags are packed 01:01:04.75,01:01:07.59 I'm ready to go 01:01:07.63,01:01:11.91 I'm standing here[br]outside your door 01:01:11.95,01:01:14.79 I hate to Wake you up 01:01:14.83,01:01:17.23 To say goodbye 01:01:17.31,01:01:21.51 So kiss me and smile ffor me 01:01:21.55,01:01:24.43 Let me knoW you'll Wait ffor me 01:01:24.51,01:01:29.11 Hold me like[br]you'll never let me go 01:01:29.19,01:01:32.27 'C.ause I'm leavin' 01:01:32.35,01:01:34.71 On a jet plane 01:01:34.79,01:01:36.99 Don't knoW[br]When I'll be back again 01:01:37.03,01:01:41.43 Leavin'on a jet plane 01:01:41.51,01:01:44.79 I don't knoW[br]When I'll be back again 01:01:44.87,01:01:48.31 - Leavin'on a jet plane[br]- Leavin'on a jet plane 01:01:48.39,01:01:51.67 I don't knoW[br]When I'll be back again 01:01:51.75,01:01:56.71 - Leavin'on a jet plane[br]- So, Truman, this is who you found[br]to save the planet. 01:01:56.75,01:01:58.99 - Don't knoW When I'll be back again[br]- Frost, you good to go? 01:01:59.07,01:02:01.99 -Mm-hmm. One-One sec.[br]-Leavin'on a jet plane[br]-That boy don't take anything seriously. 01:02:02.03,01:02:05.59 - Yeah. Reminds me of[br]a guy I used to know.[br]- Don't knoW When I'll be back again 01:02:05.67,01:02:09.15 Leavin'on a jet plane 01:02:09.19,01:02:11.87 - I don't knoW When I'll be back again[br]- I'm marrying you. 01:02:11.91,01:02:15.99 - Bet your ass you are.[br]- Leavin'on a jet plane 01:02:16.07,01:02:18.67 I don't knoW[br]When I'll be back again 01:02:33.75,01:02:36.07 I address you tonight... 01:02:36.15,01:02:39.11 not as the president[br]of the United States... 01:02:40.59,01:02:43.11 not as the leader of a country... 01:02:43.15,01:02:46.63 but as a citizen of humanity. 01:02:48.35,01:02:51.91 We are faced with the very gravest[br]of challenges. 01:02:53.03,01:02:57.75 The Bible calls this day Armageddon,[br]the end of all things. 01:02:58.91,01:03:03.15 And yet,[br]for the fiirst time... 01:03:03.23,01:03:07.75 in the history of the planet,[br]a species has the technology... 01:03:07.83,01:03:11.19 to prevent its own extinction. 01:03:11.27,01:03:15.11 All of you praying with us[br]need to know... 01:03:15.19,01:03:19.27 that everything that can be done[br]to prevent this disaster... 01:03:19.31,01:03:21.79 is being called into service. 01:03:24.07,01:03:27.59 The human thirst for excellence... 01:03:28.51,01:03:31.03 and knowledge... 01:03:31.11,01:03:35.23 every step[br]up the ladder of science... 01:03:35.27,01:03:39.23 every adventurous[br]reach into space... 01:03:39.27,01:03:43.23 all of our combined[br]modern technologies and imaginations... 01:03:43.27,01:03:47.07 even the wars that we've fought,[br]have provided us the tools... 01:03:47.11,01:03:49.47 to wage this terrible battle. 01:03:50.75,01:03:53.15 Through all the chaos[br]that is our history... 01:03:53.19,01:03:56.11 through all of the wrongs[br]and the discord... 01:03:56.19,01:03:57.99 through all of the pain[br]and suffering... 01:03:58.07,01:04:02.63 through all of our times[br]there is one thing... 01:04:02.67,01:04:05.31 - that has nourished our souls...[br]- Mom, that salesman's on TV. 01:04:05.35,01:04:07.99 and elevated our species[br]above its origins... 01:04:08.07,01:04:10.27 and that is our courage. 01:04:10.31,01:04:13.47 The dreams of an entire planet[br]are focused tonight... 01:04:13.51,01:04:16.95 on those 14 brave souls... 01:04:17.03,01:04:19.15 travelling into the heavens. 01:04:19.23,01:04:22.51 That man's not a salesman.[br]That's your daddy. 01:04:22.59,01:04:26.95 And may we all, citizens the world over,[br]see these events through. 01:04:28.03,01:04:31.55 Godspeed and good luck to you. 01:04:38.47,01:04:41.23 Freedom crew.[br]Independence crew. 01:04:45.79,01:04:49.07 - How you feelin'?[br]- Uh, good, you know. 01:04:49.15,01:04:53.19 I mean, considering I've never been this[br]scared in my entire life. l-- You know-- 01:04:53.23,01:04:56.91 Listen, once you get up there,[br]you're gonna be on your own. 01:04:56.99,01:04:58.87 If anything should happen,[br]I just wanted-- 01:04:58.95,01:05:02.35 I know, Harry. I'll, uh,[br]try not to disappoint you. 01:05:06.15,01:05:08.67 Take care of yourself, kid. 01:05:12.91,01:05:15.27 Freedom's on the bridge. 01:05:15.31,01:05:19.95 Attention in the ffiring room.[br]The oxidizer loading is complete. 01:05:20.03,01:05:23.31 - Independence on the bridge.[br]- Attention all personnel. 01:05:23.39,01:05:26.23 We are T minus tWo hours[br]to the programme goal. 01:05:34.79,01:05:36.75 - Hey, Harry.[br]- Yeah, Rock? 01:05:36.83,01:05:39.99 You know, we're sittin' on four million[br]pounds of fuel, one nuclear weapon... 01:05:40.07,01:05:42.95 and a thing that has[br]270,000 moving parts... 01:05:43.03,01:05:45.19 built by the lowest bidder. 01:05:45.27,01:05:49.43 - Makes you feel good, doesn't it?[br]- Yeah. 01:05:51.35,01:05:53.87 - How ya doin', Oscar?[br]- Great. 01:05:53.95,01:05:56.19 - Yeah?[br]- I got that excited, scared feelin'-- 01:05:56.23,01:05:59.27 like 98% excited, 2% scared. 01:05:59.31,01:06:03.19 Maybe it's more. It could be 2-- It[br]could be 98% percent scared, 2% excited. 01:06:03.27,01:06:08.79 But that's what makes it[br]so intense, is it's so confused.[br]I can't really fiigure it out. 01:06:08.87,01:06:11.19 Will you make mine really tight,[br]'cause I don't want to fall out. 01:06:11.27,01:06:14.51 - Yes, sir.[br]- I mean, almost to the point[br]of cutting off circulation. 01:06:14.59,01:06:17.99 - Ow.[br]- It must be a comfort to know... 01:06:18.07,01:06:21.51 that if the space programme[br]goes under you can always get a job[br]at Helga's House of Pain, huh? 01:06:21.67,01:06:24.87 - All right. Flight directors on[br]with the go/no-go for launch.[br]- Retro. 01:06:24.95,01:06:26.79 - Go flight.[br]- Booster.[br]- Go flight. 01:06:26.87,01:06:29.07 - Ecos.[br]- Go flight.[br]- Trajectory.[br]- Go flight. 01:06:29.15,01:06:31.71 - FIDO.[br]- Go flight.[br]- EVA.[br]- Go flight. 01:06:31.75,01:06:35.19 - CAPCOM Freedom.[br]- Go flight.[br]- CAPCOM Independence.[br]- Go flight. 01:06:35.23,01:06:38.55 All right, ladies and gentlemen,[br]it's pucker time. 01:06:38.63,01:06:42.63 Independence and Freedom,[br]this is Kennedy ffiring room.[br]We're T minus one minute. 01:06:42.67,01:06:46.39 All crew members,[br]close and lock your visors. 01:06:46.47,01:06:49.95 Independence, this is launch control.[br]Be advised, We're in a smooth count. 01:06:49.99,01:06:52.95 T minus 31 . You're go[br]for auto-sequence start. 01:06:53.03,01:06:55.91 B.L. T.s, perform[br]your A.D.U. pre-start. 01:06:55.99,01:07:00.71 Okay, gentlemen, you're our Warriors[br]up there. God be With you. 01:07:00.79,01:07:05.23 - You're already heroes.[br]Just sit back and enjoy the ride.[br]- F. T.D., We're clear to launch. 01:07:05.31,01:07:07.63 We're T minus 20 seconds. 01:07:09.83,01:07:13.87 Ten, nine, eight, seven... 01:07:15.11,01:07:17.83 ffour, three, tWo, one. 01:07:17.87,01:07:20.15 We have main engine start. 01:07:22.07,01:07:25.83 - We have booster ignition.[br]- We're going. 01:07:25.91,01:07:28.11 And liftoffff. 01:07:36.15,01:07:39.39 Freedom, this is flight deck. 01:07:39.43,01:07:41.27 Roger, Freedom.[br]You're looking good. 01:07:53.71,01:07:58.43 - We have go for Independence.[br]- Three, tWo, one. 01:07:58.47,01:08:02.63 -Independence, We have booster ignition.[br]-We have liftoffff. 01:08:02.71,01:08:05.07 We are cooking, Houston. 01:08:25.71,01:08:28.07 Houston, the tower is clear.[br]They're all yours. 01:08:31.55,01:08:34.47 - Heads up, everybody. They're ours now.[br]- All engines are go. 01:08:34.55,01:08:37.67 Keep a sharp eye out on both of'em. 01:08:43.27,01:08:45.67 Start roll manoeuvre. 01:08:55.27,01:08:58.47 - Two good roll programs.[br]- One down.[br]- Independence, we have a max cue. 01:08:58.51,01:09:00.39 Roger, Control.[br]We are a max cue. 01:09:02.39,01:09:04.71 S.R.B. sep-- 01:09:08.71,01:09:11.91 - We are single-engine, press, demi-go.[br]- C.opy, press, demi-go. 01:09:11.95,01:09:14.07 Houston, this is a kick-ass ride! 01:09:20.15,01:09:23.59 Freedom, this is Houston.[br]Main engine cut out on schedule. Out. 01:09:32.39,01:09:34.55 Freedom, stats are good. 01:09:38.79,01:09:41.83 - Independence,[br]telemetry is up and running--[br]- Oh, my God! 01:09:41.87,01:09:45.43 This is space! 'Course, we're just[br]in the beginning part of space. 01:09:45.51,01:09:47.91 We-We haven't even gotten[br]to outer space yet. 01:09:47.95,01:09:51.19 Roger, Houston.[br]We have a visual on the Russian[br]space station. Initiating retro burn. 01:09:53.67,01:09:57.19 Gentlemen, remember the Russian space[br]station has been up there for 11 years. 01:09:57.27,01:09:59.27 Most off us[br]don't have cars that old. 01:09:59.31,01:10:03.35 NoW, the cosmonaut on board has been[br]on that tin can ffor 18 months, alone. 01:10:06.15,01:10:08.51 So don't be surprised[br]iff he's a little offff. 01:10:08.55,01:10:12.95 - Independence, We're gonna put you--[br]- All right, crew.[br]Let's exit these flight suits. 01:10:14.39,01:10:18.87 Hello. This is Russian[br]space station. Can you hear me? 01:10:20.23,01:10:22.15 We copy, Russian space station.[br]This is Houston. 01:10:22.23,01:10:25.59 I'm ready to fiire[br]my thrusters any time. 01:10:25.67,01:10:28.99 - Stand by.[br]- Okay. I'm not going anywhere. 01:10:29.03,01:10:32.11 We have a go.[br]Initiate gravitational spin. 01:10:38.55,01:10:41.59 You are maxed at 40%spin. 01:10:42.95,01:10:45.67 Okay, Houston. 01:10:45.75,01:10:49.99 I can feel I'm having gravity. 01:10:50.07,01:10:52.87 All right, gentlemen.[br]We're gonna dock in a minute. 01:10:52.91,01:10:57.07 Now, the Russian space station has[br]fiired her rockets to simulate gravity[br]and let us work faster. 01:10:57.15,01:10:59.27 But it's gonna make you queasy,[br]so prepare yourself. 01:10:59.31,01:11:03.59 Well, it's about time.[br]I haven't thrown up in about an hour. 01:11:06.79,01:11:09.71 Initiating ffirst phase[br]off docking procedure. 01:11:09.79,01:11:12.75 - Switching to manual.[br]- Manual override. 01:11:18.15,01:11:22.59 One ffoot per second.[br]Let's take this sloW and[br]do it right, ffolks. T Wenty ffeet. 01:11:25.75,01:11:29.63 Ten feet. Looking good on radar. 01:11:29.67,01:11:32.03 Five feet. 01:11:34.95,01:11:38.47 Locks are engaged.[br]Fuel teams, let's go. 01:11:39.59,01:11:42.79 Freedom, telemetry is looking good. 01:11:42.83,01:11:47.11 - We have soft dock.[br]- Fuel teams, prepare to unload. 01:11:51.15,01:11:54.39 All right, gentlemen, watch your heads.[br]Let's go, Independence. 01:11:57.83,01:11:59.59 Colonel. 01:12:09.03,01:12:12.39 Where is he? Anybody home? 01:12:12.43,01:12:15.07 Welcome, everybody! 01:12:16.71,01:12:20.71 I am not gas station.[br]This is sophisticated laboratory. 01:12:20.79,01:12:24.55 I'm in charge.[br]So do not be touching anything. 01:12:24.63,01:12:26.95 I need one-- I need you. 01:12:26.99,01:12:29.87 - Go with him.[br]- I need you. Hurry up.[br]Hurry up. Come on. Come on. 01:12:29.95,01:12:34.43 It's very important you watch the[br]fuel gauge, okay? Put on cold suit. 01:12:34.47,01:12:37.51 - C.ountdoWn clock Will hold at--[br]- C.opy that, Houston.[br]Prepping ffor ffuel transffer. 01:12:37.55,01:12:40.23 C.ountdoWn clock Will hold[br]at T minus 20 minutes and-- 01:12:40.27,01:12:44.03 - Fuel pod is down there.[br]- It's down here, huh? Great. 01:12:46.15,01:12:48.99 Let's go. Move it on.[br]Here we go. We go. We go. 01:12:49.03,01:12:51.63 Bring it down. Bring it down. 01:12:54.39,01:12:57.15 Okay, let's connect[br]these fuel lines. 01:12:58.63,01:13:01.83 Freedom on the left,[br]Independence on the right. 01:13:01.91,01:13:04.39 All right. We're goin' left here. 01:13:05.67,01:13:09.99 To the right is fuel gauge.[br]You watch the fuel gauge. 150, okay. 01:13:10.03,01:13:15.23 160, okay. 200, bad disaster[br]for space station. 01:13:15.27,01:13:20.35 So if you watch 200,[br]you can call for Lev, on,[br]and you see here number one, on. 01:13:20.39,01:13:23.07 You ask for Lev. And you pull[br]this down, all the way down. 01:13:23.11,01:13:27.91 - What's Lev?[br]- I am Lev Andropov,[br]colonel of Russian space agency. 01:13:27.95,01:13:31.55 In Russia I'm a very big man. 01:13:31.59,01:13:34.27 - We're ready to transfer.[br]- I'm coming. No problem. 01:13:37.23,01:13:39.19 You. You. You there! 01:13:40.51,01:13:42.99 - Hard locked.[br]- Ready for transfusion! 01:13:51.15,01:13:53.19 Fuel is pumping. 01:14:25.67,01:14:29.83 Hey, Lev, the, uh, the-the pressure's[br]climbing. Is there a problem here? 01:14:29.87,01:14:32.07 Houston, we're on[br]fuel transference. 01:14:32.11,01:14:36.23 Don't touch my uncle. You know?[br]He's a genius of my family. 01:14:37.07,01:14:40.99 Lev! Can anybody hear me?[br]Guys? Hello, guys. 01:14:41.07,01:14:43.59 He used to work[br]for a big bomb factory. 01:14:43.63,01:14:47.55 He used to make the tip of the bomb,[br]the thing that fiinds, uh... 01:14:47.63,01:14:50.15 New York or Washington, you know? 01:14:50.19,01:14:53.55 - Ooh.[br]- Check your hoses.[br]We got some thermal variation. 01:14:53.63,01:14:57.03 Stamper, let's look at the couplings[br]back on the shuttle. 01:14:58.47,01:15:01.31 Okay. Shut down. Uh-- 01:15:07.87,01:15:10.83 - Guys![br]- Hold on a second.[br]- What's that noise? 01:15:12.83,01:15:15.63 Oh, no! God! 01:15:18.03,01:15:21.71 - What is it?[br]- Leak! Leak! Leak! 01:15:23.59,01:15:27.59 Get your men[br]back to the shuttle! Go! 01:15:27.63,01:15:30.79 Go on! Hurry up![br]Get out of there! 01:15:30.83,01:15:32.91 Now there's really sparks! 01:15:32.95,01:15:36.87 - Pull lever![br]- This is the lever! 01:15:36.91,01:15:40.59 - Colonel, we must get him out of there![br]- A.J., come on out! 01:15:43.91,01:15:46.31 Hurry! Hurry! 01:15:48.23,01:15:50.51 Emergency! Break away! 01:15:50.59,01:15:53.39 We got a fiire[br]in the fuel pod! 01:15:55.75,01:15:59.63 - Come on![br]- Come on! Get in here![br]A.J.'s stuck in the fuel pod! 01:16:01.63,01:16:05.23 - We're losing it![br]- Come on out of there! 01:16:14.55,01:16:18.43 Control, this is Independence.[br]I am seeing vibration-- 01:16:19.83,01:16:22.71 - Malloy, talk to me![br]- Not good. We got sparks[br]and fiire in the fuel pod. 01:16:22.79,01:16:26.67 - Independence, blow those locks[br]and get outta there now![br]- Dump the hoses now! We're going! 01:16:26.75,01:16:30.67 - What happened?[br]Let me shut off the O2 feed![br]- Harry, it's burnin' up! 01:16:30.71,01:16:35.03 Damn! Max, Rock, get in here! Get down[br]there and crack these pipes over here! 01:16:35.11,01:16:38.99 - Harry, no! It's burnin' up![br]- We're goin' back for the other team! 01:16:39.03,01:16:42.39 Switch on the personnel locators. 01:16:42.47,01:16:44.39 Trackin' A.J. He's climbin'. 01:16:44.43,01:16:46.75 - No![br]- Go! Go! 01:16:46.83,01:16:51.15 It's too late! Get back to the shuttle![br]This thing's gonna blow! 01:16:51.23,01:16:52.83 No! 01:16:52.91,01:16:58.03 Colonel, we gotta move now![br]Come on! You're gonna die! 01:16:58.11,01:17:00.75 - Wait a minute! Wait a minute![br]We got a man in there![br]- Open that door and we'll all die! 01:17:00.83,01:17:03.47 - Fuel leak![br]- Get out of there! 01:17:05.23,01:17:07.75 Evac now! Let's go! Let's go! 01:17:09.67,01:17:13.23 Come on back![br]No, wait! The door is broken! 01:17:14.55,01:17:17.43 - No![br]- They got the fiire[br]sealed in the fuel pod. 01:17:17.51,01:17:19.55 - They locked it down.[br]- Tracking 'em back to the shuttle. 01:17:19.63,01:17:22.71 They've still got two men[br]trapped in there! 01:17:22.79,01:17:27.07 Keep running! The shuttle's another[br]75 feet! Where's the rest of the team? 01:17:27.15,01:17:30.39 - Let's get out of here! The pod--[br]- Wait, wait, wait! Where's A.J.?[br]- A.J.'s gone! 01:17:30.47,01:17:35.47 - We're not leavin' without A.J.![br]- He's gone! It's too late! 01:17:35.51,01:17:38.03 Come on![br]This way is our only chance! 01:17:38.07,01:17:40.47 So it's minus 100! 01:17:40.55,01:17:43.63 Very cold. Hold breath,[br]or lung freezes! 01:17:48.95,01:17:52.83 Get back to the shuttle![br]And lock that door! 01:17:52.91,01:17:56.87 - Come on![br]- Hurry, A.J.![br]- Leave him alone! Leave him alone! 01:17:56.91,01:17:59.83 - I tried! I tried. But A.J.--[br]- It's on fiire! It's on fiire, Harry! 01:17:59.91,01:18:02.39 - It's them or all of us![br]- It's on fiire! 01:18:02.47,01:18:05.03 - Full thrust.[br]- We're gonna get hit. 01:18:20.43,01:18:24.79 Lev! Lev, the door's gonna blow! 01:18:24.87,01:18:26.83 No!
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Alias 02x22 - The Telling
Alias 3x01 - The two
Alias 3x02 - Succession
Alias 3x03 - Reunion
Alias 3x04 - A missing link
Alias 3x05 - Repercussions
Alias 3x06 - The nemesis
Alias 3x07 - Prelude
Alias 3x08 - Breaking point
Alias 3x09 - Conscious
Alias 3x10 - Remnants
Alias 3x11 - Full disclosure
Alias 3x12 - Crossings
Alias 3x13 - After six
Alias 3x14 - Blowback
Alias 3x15 - Facade
Alias 3x16 - Taken
Alias 3x17 - The frame
Alias 3x18 - Unveiled
Alias 3x19 - Hourglass
Alias 3x20 - Blood ties
Alias 3x21 - Legacy
Alias 3x22 - Resurrection
Alice Doesnt Live Here Anymore 1974 CD1
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Alice in Wonderland
Alices Adventures in Wonderland
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Along came a spider
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Alt Om Min Far (All About My Father)
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Analyze This (1999)
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And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
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And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
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Atlantis The Lost Empire
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