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Subtitles for Armageddon CD2.

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Armageddon CD2

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.27,00:00:03.83 We're going! It's gonna blow! 00:00:03.91,00:00:07.59 - A.J.'s still in there![br]- Blow the locks. No, the bolts! 00:00:07.67,00:00:11.87 - We've gotta blow--[br]- I think we're almost there! 00:00:12.99,00:00:15.71 Flight, Independence[br]does not have A.J. They're gonna[br]close the door without him. 00:00:15.75,00:00:18.87 - Tracking. They're 75 ffeet[br]ffrom the shuttle.[br]-Just tell them to air lock[br]the door and go! 00:00:18.95,00:00:21.35 - Dog the hatch now![br]- Close it! 00:00:26.59,00:00:28.55 Ho-- 00:00:28.59,00:00:33.11 Whoa, whoa, whoa! Colonel! That thing's[br]comin' right for us! We got to move! 00:00:36.79,00:00:39.83 Hurry up![br]There's the shuttle door! 00:00:40.87,00:00:44.27 Fire's coming at us![br]Close the door now! 00:00:48.27,00:00:50.47 Go! Go! Go! 00:00:57.31,00:01:01.59 Freedom, the Independence crew[br]is on board and accounted for. 00:01:01.67,00:01:05.63 - We're even heavy one cosmonaut.[br]- They got 90%off their ffuel. 00:01:06.31,00:01:11.11 -Pretty intense, huh?[br]-That's why I told you, "Touch nothing." 00:01:11.19,00:01:13.07 But you're bunch of cowboys. 00:01:17.23,00:01:19.71 So While the consciousness[br]off the planet is uniffied... 00:01:19.75,00:01:23.55 focused on the NASA mission taking place[br]right noW in the vast ocean off space... 00:01:23.59,00:01:26.23 We're noW in the ffinal hours[br]off the mission... 00:01:26.31,00:01:29.47 as the Freedom and Independence[br]prepare to slingshot around the moon. 00:01:37.67,00:01:43.07 Morning, guys. It's time to suit up,[br]I guess. Uh, we got a big day. 00:01:43.11,00:01:46.79 - Eighteen seconds to radio interrupt.[br]- Booster sequence confiirmed. 00:01:46.83,00:01:49.83 This is Houston.[br]Roger that, Freedom. We copy. 00:01:49.87,00:01:54.27 - Shuttles are ready[br]for the burn around the moon.[br]- Radio contact terminated. We're out. 00:01:55.59,00:01:58.83 Nine and a half Gs for 11 minutes.[br]I'd start praying about right now. 00:02:04.71,00:02:08.79 So this is the part where we're supposed[br]to just hold on real tight and, uh,[br]hope we don't die. 00:02:08.87,00:02:12.39 - Stand by for lunar roll.[br]- High inclination. Lunar orbit. 00:02:14.55,00:02:17.07 You boys got those wills[br]fiilled out correctly? 00:02:32.39,00:02:35.63 All right, men, this is what[br]we trained for. Now just suck it up! 00:02:35.71,00:02:38.03 On the mark. Five, four... 00:02:38.11,00:02:40.63 three, two, one. 00:02:50.67,00:02:53.55 - Is this supposed to be like this?[br]- Don't worry. This is normal. 00:02:53.63,00:02:56.95 - How would you know?[br]- 14,000 miles an hour. 00:02:57.03,00:02:59.67 - Four Gs.[br]- How long does this last? 00:02:59.75,00:03:01.63 Six Gs. 00:03:03.59,00:03:06.55 - 15,000.[br]- Really heavy, man![br]- This isn't normal. 00:03:06.63,00:03:09.67 - What do you mean, "this isn't normal"?[br]- This is way worse! 00:03:09.71,00:03:12.95 - Eight Gs. Hang tight![br]- I'm not gonna make it! 00:03:13.03,00:03:15.59 Oh, we're gonna die! 00:03:15.67,00:03:17.87 Twelve minutes.[br]Flight, we still got nothin' here. 00:03:19.59,00:03:21.63 This is too fast! 00:03:25.71,00:03:27.91 Ten Gs! 00:03:39.27,00:03:44.07 We're maxed at 22,500! 00:03:52.55,00:03:55.95 We have acquisition off signal[br]ffrom Independence and Freedom. 00:03:56.03,00:03:58.87 We're in, guys.[br]All right. Welcome back, team. 00:03:58.95,00:04:01.15 We have visual[br]of the target, Houston. 00:04:09.83,00:04:12.11 You see that? 00:04:16.15,00:04:18.27 Wow. 00:04:20.11,00:04:23.51 - Come in, Independence.[br]- Houston, you gotta see this[br]to believe it. 00:04:26.47,00:04:29.87 Okay, team, let's take 'em in. Okay,[br]Quincy, how much tail debris do we have? 00:04:29.95,00:04:32.03 Freedom, turn on your FOD radar. 00:04:32.07,00:04:34.59 FOD radar on. 00:04:35.67,00:04:39.15 Everybody, hang on. This could get[br]a little rough. Engaging evasive radar. 00:04:46.95,00:04:48.87 Hold on! 00:04:59.19,00:05:00.83 Goddam! We got debris! 00:05:02.75,00:05:04.59 We're dumping auxiliary boosters. 00:05:17.87,00:05:20.39 - Houston, do you read me?[br]- We got debris! 00:05:23.11,00:05:25.91 - We're goin' in![br]- We're comin' in hot! 00:05:28.87,00:05:31.55 Independence, try to maintain[br]your present heading.[br]You've got a target L.Z.. 00:05:31.59,00:05:34.63 - There's too much debris![br]We gotta peel off![br]- Negative! 00:05:38.15,00:05:40.03 We're hit! 00:05:42.03,00:05:44.91 - Mayday, mayday![br]- I've lost main thrusters.[br]Get 'em back up! 00:05:44.99,00:05:47.27 Mayday, Houston, mayday![br]We've lost R.C.S. thrusters! 00:05:47.35,00:05:51.07 Mayday, Freedom, mayday! We are[br]out off control! We are going doWn! 00:05:51.11,00:05:53.59 Do you read me?[br]Freedom, we are going down! 00:06:06.15,00:06:08.27 We're gonna hit! 00:06:17.23,00:06:21.67 Everybody, go to your own life support![br]Lock yourself in the cargo bay! 00:06:23.51,00:06:28.39 We are going down! Houston! Houston,[br]we are going down! We have lost control! 00:06:28.43,00:06:30.55 I can't get it on! 00:06:31.87,00:06:35.11 - Good luck, Freedom.[br]- Oh, my God, this is it. 00:06:43.59,00:06:45.79 No! No! 00:06:51.35,00:06:55.07 Pull it! Pull it! Go! 00:07:23.95,00:07:27.07 Sharp, what the hell is that?[br]Is that the Independence? 00:07:31.75,00:07:35.15 Houston, Independence is a dead stick.[br]They're not gonna make it. 00:07:47.51,00:07:49.95 Houston, Independence has gone doWn. 00:08:01.43,00:08:03.79 When I touch this baby down,[br]full reverse thrust. 00:08:03.87,00:08:06.83 - Fires on your right, Sharp![br]- Reversing the thrusters! 00:08:07.87,00:08:10.35 Hang tight! Hang tight! 00:08:10.43,00:08:15.79 - Houston, we overshot our landing fiield[br]We overshot our landing fiield.[br]- Oh, no! 00:08:35.15,00:08:37.47 God! 00:08:52.07,00:08:55.75 Initiate system light system check. Make[br]sure we can still get off this rock. 00:08:55.83,00:08:59.31 Our electrical system is screwed.[br]I'm going to back-up. Fuel seals check. 00:08:59.39,00:09:03.27 - Engine seals check.[br]Pressure seals check.[br]- Oh, God. Oh! 00:09:05.51,00:09:07.47 Anyone hurt? 00:09:08.87,00:09:14.43 Where's-- Where's the other shuttle?[br]What happened to the other shuttle? 00:09:14.47,00:09:17.51 - Independence is off the grid.[br]- "Off the grid"? 00:09:17.55,00:09:20.95 What are you, a freakin' cyborg?[br]What does that mean? 00:09:21.03,00:09:24.75 Hey, you saw it yourself, right?[br]They're gone. 00:09:26.15,00:09:29.71 Come in, Freedom. This is[br]CAPCOM Houston. Freedom, come in. 00:09:29.79,00:09:33.51 This is CAPCOM Houston.[br]Come in, Freedom. 00:09:33.59,00:09:36.43 - God![br]- Let's just ask God[br]to take care of our friends. 00:09:38.35,00:09:40.47 May they rest in peace. 00:09:42.11,00:09:44.35 Amen. 00:09:50.63,00:09:53.39 We got eight hours. 00:09:53.47,00:09:56.71 Let's get this job done[br]and go home. 00:09:56.79,00:10:00.83 Nothin'. Come on, Watts,[br]Sharp, somebody. 00:10:00.87,00:10:03.63 This is CAPCOM Houston. 00:10:03.71,00:10:09.27 Come in, Freedom. Freedom, come in.[br]This is CAPCOM Houston. 00:10:09.35,00:10:11.59 - Maybe you shouldn't be here.[br]- Come in, Freedom. 00:10:11.67,00:10:15.63 - I don't have anywhere else to go.[br]- Freedom, come in.[br]This is CAPCOM Houston. 00:10:17.67,00:10:20.39 All right, let's get the tools unpacked[br]and fiire up the Armadillo. 00:10:20.43,00:10:23.47 - We're not getting a damn thing[br]on the inertial nav system.[br]- I know where we are. 00:10:23.55,00:10:26.47 Please step away.[br]Radio signal's dead. 00:10:26.55,00:10:30.35 I'm flipping the backup generator.[br]Radio signal's gonna be cut in half[br]till we get main power back. 00:10:30.43,00:10:35.75 We're in segment 202, lateral grid 9,[br]site 15H-32, give or take a few yards. 00:10:35.83,00:10:38.99 Captain America here[br]blew the landing by 26 miles. 00:10:39.07,00:10:43.15 - How the hell do you know that?[br]- Because I'm a genius. 00:10:43.23,00:10:46.71 The gauges will not read.[br]They're all peaked, like we're[br]plugged into some magnetic fiield. 00:10:46.79,00:10:49.51 - Well, who on this spaceship[br]wants to know why?[br]- By all means. 00:10:49.55,00:10:52.47 The reason we were shooting for grid 8[br]was because thermographics indicated... 00:10:52.55,00:10:54.75 that grid 9[br]was compressed iron ferrite. 00:10:56.07,00:10:58.87 Which means you landed us[br]on a goddam iron plate. 00:11:02.67,00:11:05.51 All right. Well, you heard the man.[br]Let's wheel out the remote satellite[br]link. We need that radio. 00:11:05.59,00:11:08.51 Oh, God, please tell me[br]we still got one of'em. 00:11:10.15,00:11:12.67 Independence has flat-lined. 00:11:54.79,00:11:56.75 Oscar! Oscar! 00:11:59.43,00:12:01.75 Oh, God! 00:12:04.23,00:12:06.15 Hello! Anyone! 00:12:06.19,00:12:10.63 Is anyone else alive?[br]Somebody help me! 00:12:12.51,00:12:15.03 A.J.! 00:12:15.11,00:12:18.23 - Where are you?[br]- I'm here. 00:12:22.43,00:12:26.71 Lev, there's no one else.[br]There's no one else. 00:12:26.79,00:12:30.59 - I know.[br]- Oh, man. 00:12:30.63,00:12:33.51 - Bear, where are you?[br]- A.J.! A.J.! 00:12:35.03,00:12:37.99 I'm in the shuttle, man. 00:12:38.07,00:12:40.15 Are you all right? 00:12:40.23,00:12:42.47 I'm so glad to see you, man. 00:12:42.55,00:12:45.67 I never thought I'd be so happy[br]to see your ugly face. 00:12:45.83,00:12:49.35 - Houston, do you read? This is Freedom.[br]- C.heck your thrusters. 00:12:49.43,00:12:53.55 - Houston, do you copy?[br]- Is everyone good to go? 00:13:03.11,00:13:04.95 Wow. 00:13:14.51,00:13:17.87 Down here! In the valley! 00:13:17.95,00:13:20.55 This place is like[br]Dr Seuss's worst nightmare. 00:13:20.63,00:13:25.39 Let's get the remote satellite.[br]We'll get better reception up there. 00:13:25.47,00:13:30.15 Bring Max down.[br]Watch yourself through here, Max.[br]There's a couple big fiissures. 00:13:30.23,00:13:32.87 To the left![br]Bring it to the left! 00:13:38.31,00:13:42.63 Rockhound, you come on down here[br]and take some readings[br]down in the flat spot. 00:13:44.51,00:13:46.43 Iron ferrite. 00:13:48.83,00:13:53.15 - I have fiire.[br]- Watts, I'm comin' back. Stand by. 00:13:53.19,00:13:57.03 - Mostly iron, Rockhound.[br]- God, I hate knowing everything. 00:13:57.11,00:13:59.95 We couldn't have picked[br]a worse spot to drill. 00:14:00.03,00:14:03.99 Well, I can pretty much guarantee[br]it's not gonna be thicker than 50 feet. 00:14:04.07,00:14:06.79 - How do you fiigure that?[br]- 'Cause if it is, we're screwed. 00:14:09.03,00:14:11.55 - Max, you good?[br]- Yeah.Just makin' hole. 00:14:11.59,00:14:14.67 - Turn it around.[br]- Friggin' outer space. 00:14:17.51,00:14:19.91 It's good. 00:14:25.35,00:14:28.87 All right. We're in.[br]Bring another light.[br]We're cuttin' through pretty good. 00:14:28.91,00:14:32.23 There's some stuff in here[br]I ain't never seen. 00:14:32.27,00:14:35.75 All right, let's punch it down! 00:14:35.83,00:14:38.67 - Hey, Harry, did you see that?[br]- Yeah, Max, I see it. I see it.[br]What is it? 00:14:38.75,00:14:41.99 - We lost the bite in the bit.[br]- All right. Back it off. Back it off. 00:14:42.07,00:14:45.59 - Goddam it![br]- Sounds like we twisted a shank.[br]Back it out of there, Max. 00:14:45.67,00:14:47.59 Good. Good. Hold 'er there. 00:14:51.75,00:14:54.47 Wow, this is[br]a goddam Greek tragedy. 00:14:54.51,00:14:58.47 - We've all seen[br]broken drill heads before.[br]- Not after ten feet. 00:14:58.51,00:15:01.39 - I never seen one.[br]- Well, now you've seen one. 00:15:01.47,00:15:03.79 - What do you want?[br]- Unpack the Judge. 00:15:06.35,00:15:08.71 Bear, Lev. 00:15:08.75,00:15:12.23 We're only three[br]astronauts left now. 00:15:12.31,00:15:15.91 We're not astronauts.[br]We're oil drillers.[br]We're not even supposed to be here. 00:15:15.95,00:15:18.35 What? You're not astronaut? 00:15:18.43,00:15:20.67 I'm getting us outta here. Get in. 00:15:20.71,00:15:23.71 - Why?[br]-Just get in the Armadillo.[br]I have an idea. 00:15:23.75,00:15:27.99 Houston, this is Freedom. Do you copy?[br]Houston, do you copy?[br]Freedom shuttle has-- 00:15:30.19,00:15:32.55 We're gettin' some scattered video feeds[br]here so we're gonna have to lead over. 00:15:32.59,00:15:35.19 Houston, this is Freedom.[br]Do you copy? 00:15:35.27,00:15:38.47 - Thank God we have you, Freedom.[br]- Freedom, this is Houston. Go ahead.[br]- Don't lose 'em, Malloy. 00:15:38.55,00:15:41.83 Sir, We're getting something. Houston,[br]this is Freedom. We have landed saffely. 00:15:41.91,00:15:45.15 - We are at site coordinates[br]approximately 15H-32--[br]- Where are they? 00:15:45.19,00:15:48.07 - Okay, I want to know everything[br]we can about that location.[br]- Got it.[br]- Get it before we lose 'em. 00:15:48.11,00:15:51.59 - We're also having electric[br]and antenna difffficulties.[br]- Walter, get Mechanical on that. 00:15:51.67,00:15:55.31 - But We have commenced drilling.[br]- Stevens, we're losin' him.[br]Bring it up on four. 00:15:55.39,00:15:59.03 - Come on.[br]- On four.[br]- Shuttle flight capability[br]not yet knoWn. 00:15:59.11,00:16:01.35 - Bump the signal.[br]- Bumping.[br]- Houston. Houston. 00:16:01.39,00:16:03.83 We lost 'em. Get 'em back.[br]Gruber, we need that hook-up. 00:16:06.31,00:16:09.15 I'll show you how we do things[br]where I come from. 00:16:16.11,00:16:18.95 Hold on! 00:16:26.87,00:16:28.83 Seat it. 00:16:28.87,00:16:31.11 All right, get ready.[br]Max, thread it. 00:16:32.71,00:16:35.71 Guys, the clock is tickin'.[br]Let's go, go, go, go, go! 00:16:35.75,00:16:38.07 All right! Good![br]Crank it loose! 00:16:38.15,00:16:40.99 Keep it at 25. Let's kick[br]a little asteroid butt! 00:16:41.03,00:16:44.47 All right, Chick. Give me[br]more torque on the turbine, huh? 00:16:44.55,00:16:46.63 -Max, I need some more power down here![br]-All right, boss. 00:16:46.67,00:16:49.79 -Throw it forward, then drop the hammer.[br]-Let's drill through this turd. 00:16:49.83,00:16:52.51 Come on, boys. We gotta hop.[br]We're fallin' behind. 00:16:52.55,00:16:55.43 Dig, dig, dig.[br]Chew this iron bitch up. 00:17:00.07,00:17:01.99 - Chick, the tranny is stuck.[br]- Harry! 00:17:02.03,00:17:04.99 - What is it?[br]- Chick, come on! Help! 00:17:05.03,00:17:06.91 - Release the clutch![br]- Pull it up! 00:17:06.95,00:17:09.95 Okay. Well, this thing's[br]not movin'. 00:17:09.99,00:17:12.55 No, no, no![br]Shut it down! Shut it-- 00:17:19.55,00:17:21.63 This is not workin' out, Harry. 00:17:21.67,00:17:26.79 - Oh, are you all right?[br]- Oh, blew the tranny. Blew the tranny. 00:17:26.87,00:17:29.55 Come on, God. 00:17:29.63,00:17:33.23 Just a little help.[br]That's all I'm askin'. 00:17:33.31,00:17:36.55 I think we're close enough.[br]He might've heard ya. 00:17:38.71,00:17:41.43 Here's the bad news.[br]Before the asteroid passed the moon... 00:17:41.51,00:17:44.59 her rotation was stable[br]at 32 degrees on an X axis. 00:17:44.67,00:17:48.71 But now look at this.[br]The lunar gravity's put her in a spin. 00:17:48.75,00:17:52.11 She's tumbling on all three axes.[br]This wasn't expected, sir. 00:17:52.19,00:17:54.59 - What does this do for communications?[br]- Not good. 00:17:54.63,00:17:58.83 We'll have defiinite contact with the[br]shuttle for only seven more minutes.[br]After that, it's radio darkness. 00:17:58.91,00:18:03.91 - For how long?[br]- And after seven minutes,[br]we may never hear from them again. 00:18:03.99,00:18:07.75 But we're trying to bounce a signal off[br]a Russian military satellite,[br]reestablish contact that way. 00:18:07.79,00:18:12.03 If we lose the shuttle com,[br]when do we lose the ability[br]to remote detonate that nuke? 00:18:12.07,00:18:14.59 The weapon remote receives[br]a signal from a Milstar satellite. 00:18:14.63,00:18:16.71 Higher orbit,[br]more powerful transmitter. 00:18:16.79,00:18:20.83 If we've got the shuttle[br]for seven minutes, we can remote[br]detonate for an additional fiive. 00:18:20.87,00:18:24.07 What he's trying to say, General,[br]is that, uh, in 12 minutes' time[br]you may lose the ability... 00:18:24.11,00:18:26.59 to detonate the nuke permanently. 00:18:26.63,00:18:28.55 I've got to inform[br]the president. 00:18:29.99,00:18:33.71 Just want to make sure you know[br]we're stuck on an asteroid.[br]Do you know what you're doing now? 00:18:33.79,00:18:37.51 No, no. You know what? I have no idea[br]what I'm doing. I have no idea. 00:18:37.59,00:18:39.91 This button-- I don't know[br]what that does, okay? 00:18:39.99,00:18:45.19 All I know is that we just crashed[br]back there, I lost two of my friends,[br]we're 25 miles from Harry's shuttle. 00:18:45.23,00:18:47.71 We don't know if he's alive.[br]We don't know if he can fly. 00:18:47.75,00:18:52.03 All I know is there's a beep on this[br]thing and I'm trying to get us there. 00:18:58.79,00:19:01.95 Let's get it unpacked. 00:19:01.99,00:19:05.55 - What's up?[br]- We're drilling through some kind[br]of metal I've never seen before. 00:19:05.63,00:19:08.59 It's fried two of our drill bits,[br]and now we blew our fiirst transmission. 00:19:08.67,00:19:11.51 - So how deep are we?[br]- We could use your help[br]with the transmission, Colonel. 00:19:11.59,00:19:15.95 I have an assessment report due now.[br]We're supposed to be at 200 feet.[br]So how deep are we? 00:19:16.03,00:19:19.63 Not as deep as we'll be when[br]you quit askin' me all these questions[br]and help us load this transmission on. 00:19:19.71,00:19:22.95 - What is our current depth?[br]- Our current depth[br]is not important, Colonel. 00:19:23.03,00:19:28.39 I'll decide what's important.[br]We've got 800 feet to drill. You've had[br]two and a half hours. Where are we? 00:19:30.59,00:19:36.07 We're at 57 feet. Now,[br]if you're not too busy, maybe you can[br]give us a hand with this transmission. 00:19:36.15,00:19:41.19 Colonel Sharp! Get this wrapped up.[br]I'll be right back. Colonel Sharp! 00:19:41.23,00:19:44.43 All right. I'm coming through.[br]We have contact. Over. 00:19:44.51,00:19:49.39 - That's as clear as it's gonna get.[br]- Houston, this is Freedom. Do you copy? 00:19:49.47,00:19:53.47 Working at a remote satellite link[br]at this moment. Transmission change. 00:19:53.51,00:19:56.07 - Colonel![br]- Twenty minutes.[br]Puts drilling fiinal at ten hours. 00:19:56.15,00:19:59.79 Please advise. That's four hours past[br]the zero barrier. Please advise. 00:19:59.87,00:20:02.67 What the hell is this?[br]"Zero depth"? 00:20:02.75,00:20:05.27 And where'd this come from?[br]Who are you talkin' to? Is that Truman? 00:20:05.35,00:20:09.63 Let me have that phone.[br]Gimme the phone. Truman! Look,[br]this is what happens when you drill. 00:20:09.67,00:20:15.19 We cannot use your "U.S. Air Force[br]Personnel Only" drill time card.[br]Who wrote this thing, by the way? 00:20:15.27,00:20:18.67 - We're losing coms again.[br]- Look-- Is he getting this? Does he[br]hear me or-- What's wrong with this? 00:20:18.75,00:20:20.63 - The com's doWn.[br]- What do you mean, "the com's doWn"? 00:20:20.71,00:20:25.35 - What do I mean? I mean We've[br]lost communication to mission control.[br]- Fine. Let's go back to the cargo bay[br]and get the transmission-- 00:20:25.43,00:20:29.35 Hey, Harry, guess what.[br]You had your shot. You didn't do it.[br]You understand me? You can't-- 00:20:29.43,00:20:34.07 Why don't you stay here and take you[br]and take your little drill card--[br]Write a report, Why don't ya? 00:20:34.15,00:20:38.91 That'll be a-- My men and I[br]Will go and get this hole dug! 00:20:38.95,00:20:42.63 You and your men are the biggest[br]mistake in the history of NASA. 00:20:45.03,00:20:47.75 - We've lost communication.[br]- Oh, God. 00:20:50.31,00:20:53.31 We're not lookin'[br]too good right now. 00:20:53.35,00:20:57.19 No shit.[br]We gotta get that radio back up. 00:20:59.31,00:21:02.31 Mr President,[br]it's time to make a decision. 00:21:02.35,00:21:06.63 We can remote detonate the bomb[br]for only another fiive minutes. 00:21:08.39,00:21:12.23 Yes? Kimsey here.[br]Yes, Mr President. 00:21:12.31,00:21:14.87 Yes, we saw that too, sir. 00:21:14.95,00:21:17.87 But maybe we should wait[br]until they-- 00:21:23.75,00:21:28.55 Dan, get them out of there.[br]Evac right now. 00:21:28.59,00:21:31.63 - What's goin' on here?[br]- I've been ordered[br]to override the system. 00:21:36.23,00:21:38.55 Well, what is this? 00:21:42.51,00:21:45.07 Secondary protocol. 00:21:50.11,00:21:53.63 But they haven't drilled[br]the damn hole yet! 00:21:56.83,00:22:00.71 The president's advisors feel that[br]the drilling isn't working. And we've[br]lost radio contact, maybe for good. 00:22:00.75,00:22:04.07 We've only got a few minutes[br]left of guaranteed ability[br]to remote detonate that nuke. 00:22:04.11,00:22:06.51 If we don't do it now we could lose[br]control, and we may never get it back. 00:22:06.59,00:22:09.35 Well, you tell the president that[br]he better fiire his so-called advisors. 00:22:09.43,00:22:12.95 And if you detonate[br]that nuke on the surface,[br]we waste a perfectly good bomb... 00:22:13.03,00:22:15.87 and we have one chance[br]to save this planet! 00:22:25.23,00:22:27.23 I need that radio. 00:22:27.27,00:22:30.39 -Gruber, give me everything you got noW![br]-Roger that. 00:22:33.83,00:22:37.23 Yes, Mr President,[br]I understand that completely,[br]but my point is very, very simple. 00:22:37.31,00:22:40.11 And I think you need to trust me on[br]this because I know something about it. 00:22:40.19,00:22:42.75 I guarantee you, if you do this,[br]you kill us all. 00:22:46.31,00:22:48.43 Yes, sir. 00:22:48.51,00:22:50.79 General, he wants you. 00:22:52.99,00:22:56.11 This is Kimsey. Yes, sir. 00:22:56.19,00:22:58.15 I understand. 00:23:00.15,00:23:03.95 The orders are[br]to remote detonate in 30 seconds. 00:23:04.03,00:23:06.51 You have not told them yet! 00:23:06.59,00:23:08.95 That is my father up there! 00:23:09.03,00:23:12.23 - This is one order you shouldn't[br]follow, and you fucking know it![br]- No! Don't touch me! 00:23:12.31,00:23:14.95 Let her go. Let her go! 00:23:17.11,00:23:19.71 Your key, sir. 00:23:23.35,00:23:26.03 God be with them. 00:23:26.11,00:23:29.07 Slow it down. 00:23:33.87,00:23:35.79 Harry... 00:23:35.87,00:23:39.63 the clock on that nine-foot[br]nuclear weapon is ticking. 00:23:40.79,00:23:45.23 Oh, my God! Sharp![br]Get back here now! 00:23:45.31,00:23:47.39 Watts, get the shuttle[br]ready to evac now! 00:23:47.43,00:23:50.23 - It just came on all by itself.[br]What-- What the hell's happening?[br]- Secondary protocol. 00:23:50.31,00:23:52.87 - What's that? What?[br]- Wait a minute.[br]- Secondary protocol.[br]- What does that mean? 00:23:52.91,00:23:55.27 - What the hell's secondary protocol?[br]- They're detonating this thing[br]from Earth. 00:23:55.31,00:23:57.23 - What do you mean, detonating? We[br]haven't even drilled the hole yet![br]- We'll drop it in the hole. 00:23:57.31,00:24:00.83 - What're you talkin' about?[br]- The hole? Whoa, whoa![br]- Get your helmets on now![br]- Oh, no, no. How-How you turn it off? 00:24:00.87,00:24:04.87 - Colonel Sharp,[br]I got two men out on that rock![br]- I got a man out there too.[br]We gotta evac now! 00:24:04.91,00:24:08.23 - Max, Rockhound, get back[br]to the shuttle, double-time![br]- They could be on their way here. 00:24:08.27,00:24:12.27 They're not on their way here.[br]They would've talked to us by now.[br]We would've seen them. 00:24:12.35,00:24:15.39 - Watts, air lock the cockpit now![br]- I copy you. 00:24:15.43,00:24:20.07 - Max, Rockhound![br]- Hey, wait a minute![br]How do you turn this thing off?[br]- Max, Rockhound-- 00:24:20.11,00:24:21.99 - Harry, do you copy?[br]- Somethin's wrong. 00:24:22.03,00:24:26.71 - Yeah, it's all wrong, man.[br]We shouldn't even be up here.[br]- I know. Let's go back to the ship! 00:24:27.95,00:24:32.27 - I'm not leavin' without my men, Sharp.[br]- We've got two and a half minutes to[br]drop it and get off this rock. 00:24:32.35,00:24:34.75 If they're not back by the time[br]we fiinish, we leave without 'em. 00:24:34.79,00:24:37.15 Okay, let's simplify this.[br]Let's just turn the bomb off right now. 00:24:37.19,00:24:39.79 If we don't put this bomb down in[br]a hole 800 feet onto a fault line... 00:24:39.87,00:24:42.15 all you're gonna have[br]is a real expensive fiireworks show. 00:24:42.19,00:24:44.67 This is turnin' into[br]a surrealistic nightmare here. 00:24:44.71,00:24:47.07 Watsler, are you listening?[br]It's Truman. 00:24:47.11,00:24:50.95 Okay, listen to me carefully.[br]I want you to kill it. Kill the uplink. 00:25:01.95,00:25:05.19 - Give us the time, Sharp.[br]Shut this bomb down now![br]- It's not my call. 00:25:05.23,00:25:08.15 - Then whose call is it?[br]- Who made it?[br]- An order to detonate can only[br]come from the president. 00:25:08.23,00:25:10.35 - The president's not here![br]You've gotta give us more time![br]- Let's just turn it off now. 00:25:10.43,00:25:13.31 - I'm telling you[br]to shut this bomb down now![br]- And I'm telling you it's not my call! 00:25:13.35,00:25:16.75 - Well, guess what.[br]I just made the call for you.[br]- Harry! 00:25:18.79,00:25:21.71 Don't. You could set it off. 00:25:21.79,00:25:25.31 Oh, man. What're you doin'[br]with a gun in space? 00:25:28.19,00:25:32.83 Come on. Come on. We gotta stop that[br]bomb right now. Kill the uplink. 00:25:32.87,00:25:37.99 - This thing is gonna blow.[br]We gotta get it off the ship.[br]- Easy. 00:25:38.03,00:25:43.23 - Stand down, Sergeant.[br]- Shut this bomb down and let us[br]fiinish our job the right way. 00:25:43.27,00:25:45.87 I'm under orders to protect[br]a surface detonation. 00:25:45.95,00:25:50.63 I'm gonna give you three seconds[br]to shut this bomb down,[br]and then I'm gonna make you shoot me. 00:25:50.67,00:25:53.55 Hurry, Watsler.[br]For Christ's sake, hurry. 00:25:56.91,00:25:58.95 What happened? 00:26:02.59,00:26:06.83 Sir, the override--[br]It's been overridden. 00:26:06.91,00:26:10.95 I've bought us a couple[br]of minutes, so get that radio[br]workin', okay? Hurry, hurry! 00:26:12.79,00:26:17.19 Bring me all the way up here just to[br]blow me and my friends up? Is that it? 00:26:17.27,00:26:19.11 - Listen--[br]- Shut up! 00:26:19.15,00:26:22.75 Shut up, Colonel.[br]I'm talking now. 00:26:22.79,00:26:27.11 It could start again.[br]It might've been a warning. 00:26:27.19,00:26:30.19 - Uh-oh.[br]- That's why you are gonna[br]dismantle this bomb. 00:26:30.27,00:26:33.07 All right. What'd we miss? 00:26:37.15,00:26:40.47 - Do it again.[br]- Go. 00:26:43.23,00:26:44.99 Keep tryin'. 00:26:46.31,00:26:50.87 Sir, I need you to cease and desist.[br]I need your terminal now. 00:26:53.55,00:26:56.79 - Oh, they're reactivating the bomb.[br]- Comin' back on-line, sir. 00:26:56.87,00:26:59.59 Oh, geez. Here we go again. 00:26:59.67,00:27:02.83 What're you doin' up here? And why[br]did you even bother to make the trip? 00:27:02.91,00:27:05.71 To do the right thing,[br]to see that it's done. 00:27:13.27,00:27:15.95 For God's sakes,[br]think about what you're doin'. 00:27:16.03,00:27:19.39 Why are you listenin' to someone[br]that's 100,000 miles away? 00:27:19.43,00:27:22.95 We're here.[br]Nobody down there can help us. 00:27:22.99,00:27:26.51 So if we don't get this job done,[br]then everybody's gone. 00:27:26.59,00:27:29.07 One minute. 00:27:29.15,00:27:31.79 I've been drillin' holes[br]in the Earth for 30 years. 00:27:31.87,00:27:36.47 And I have never, never missed[br]a depth that I have aimed for. 00:27:36.55,00:27:39.63 And by God, I am not gonna miss[br]this one. I will make 800 feet. 00:27:39.71,00:27:42.75 42 seconds. 00:27:42.79,00:27:45.83 But I can't do it alone, Colonel.[br]I need your help. 00:27:45.87,00:27:49.19 You swear on your daughter's life,[br]on my family's... 00:27:49.23,00:27:51.79 that you can hit that mark? 00:27:51.87,00:27:55.83 I will make 800 feet.[br]I swear to God, I will. 00:27:55.91,00:27:58.79 Then let's turn this bomb off. 00:28:09.63,00:28:13.27 Steady. Steady.[br]Take it back. That's what you'll[br]have to do. Get 'em off backwards. 00:28:13.35,00:28:16.31 - Rainbow track? Under--[br]Under one? Under-- Okay.[br]- All of'em. All of'em. All of'em! 00:28:16.39,00:28:20.03 - Okay. Okay. Are we free of static?[br]- Oh, do a good job. Do a good job. 00:28:20.07,00:28:23.75 - Steady. Steady.[br]- Good job. All right.[br]All right. All right.[br]- Go! Go! Go! 00:28:23.83,00:28:27.75 Red wire "A." Ready? And-- Now.[br]Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! 00:28:28.95,00:28:32.83 - Negative "B." Ready, and now.[br]- Do a good job. Do a good job. 00:28:32.87,00:28:35.15 - Track flipped. Hots in.[br]- It better be. Go. 00:28:35.23,00:28:36.99 Red or blue? 00:28:38.71,00:28:40.59 Wait-- 00:28:44.83,00:28:47.27 Blue. 00:28:49.19,00:28:52.59 - Good job![br]- You got it. 00:28:55.23,00:28:58.43 Oh, God, it sucks up here. 00:28:58.47,00:29:02.67 - Sir, the clock has stopped[br]at three seconds.[br]- What? 00:29:02.83,00:29:04.91 Have we lost[br]complete radio contact? 00:29:04.95,00:29:08.43 I got some magic happening.[br]We're bouncing off Russian and French[br]satellites. It may have a faint signal. 00:29:08.51,00:29:11.19 Houston? Houston, do you copy? 00:29:12.63,00:29:14.91 Go ahead, Freedom. 00:29:14.99,00:29:17.99 Houston, you have a problem--[br]Problem. 00:29:18.03,00:29:21.87 See, I promised my little girl[br]that I'd be comin' home. 00:29:21.91,00:29:24.59 NoW, I don't knoW What you[br]people are doin'doWn there... 00:29:24.63,00:29:27.43 but we got a hole[br]to dig up here. 00:29:27.47,00:29:30.23 Go, go, go, go! Come on.[br]We got work to do. 00:29:30.31,00:29:33.39 Okay, guys. All go, no quit.[br]How ya doin' down there? Good? 00:29:33.47,00:29:36.27 Okay, got the tranny.[br]We're back in business. 00:29:36.31,00:29:39.63 Hey, you guys should take a break[br]and come up and see this. 00:29:41.23,00:29:43.95 Wow. Got a great view[br]of the Earth from here. 00:29:43.99,00:29:46.19 Too bad we'll never[br]set foot on her again. 00:29:46.23,00:29:48.39 - Lev, do you see anything?[br]- No. 00:29:48.43,00:29:50.35 Well, keep goin'.[br]I'm not givin' up. 00:29:51.47,00:29:53.55 Hold up here, Bear. 00:29:53.63,00:29:55.71 - Oh, boy.[br]- This is great. 00:29:55.79,00:29:58.55 We just happen to run into[br]the Grand Canyon on the asteroid? 00:29:58.63,00:30:01.83 I told you, you took[br]a wrong way, a wrong road. 00:30:01.87,00:30:05.03 What-- What road? Do you see[br]any roads around here? 00:30:05.07,00:30:09.03 You know what? I do not have[br]much pleasure being near God's ear. 00:30:09.07,00:30:11.59 But you think this is[br]looking good, or what? 00:30:11.63,00:30:15.95 Lev, why don't you just do humanity[br]a favour and just shut the hell up? 00:30:20.19,00:30:22.51 Have you ever heard[br]of Evel Knievel? 00:30:22.59,00:30:24.87 No, I never saw Star Wars. 00:30:30.83,00:30:33.23 All right.[br]Doin' a good job. 00:30:33.31,00:30:35.67 - Give me a depth reading, Max.[br]- We're 150 feet, Harry. 00:30:40.83,00:30:44.43 Ride 'em, cowboy![br]Yippee-kai-yo, kai-yay! 00:30:44.47,00:30:48.55 Get off the nuclear warhead. 00:30:48.59,00:30:50.55 I was doin' that guy[br]from that movie, you know... 00:30:50.63,00:30:53.63 Slim Pickens, where he rides it[br]all the way in-- the nuclear warhead. 00:30:53.71,00:30:56.43 - Now.[br]- Oh, you didn't see that one, huh? 00:30:56.51,00:30:59.31 We got 700 feet of hole[br]to dig, Rockhound. 00:30:59.35,00:31:03.23 All right.Just--Just wanted to feel[br]the power between my legs, brother. 00:31:04.39,00:31:06.67 Hey, Sharp. 00:31:06.71,00:31:09.83 No nukes! No nukes![br]No nukes! 00:31:09.87,00:31:11.83 You got any more bullets[br]in that gun, Sharp? 00:31:11.99,00:31:14.67 What did Watts tell you, Bear?[br]If she kicked you in the balls,[br]you'd keep floating. 00:31:14.75,00:31:17.19 Yeah. 00:31:18.19,00:31:21.91 We turn the thrusters off, we jump[br]this thing, we float right over it. 00:31:22.87,00:31:24.59 Go over it again, Lev. 00:31:24.67,00:31:27.99 Throw the jet thrusters off[br]exactly when we jump. 00:31:28.07,00:31:31.63 - Okay.[br]- And then we're gonna put them on,[br]and we gonna go down nice and slow. 00:31:31.71,00:31:34.99 - That's it. That's it, baby. That's it.[br]- Is this gonna work? 00:31:35.03,00:31:39.11 - I don't know.[br]- Lev, you know what, just lie to me. 00:31:39.15,00:31:42.71 Let's say 50-50--[br]No. More like, uh-- 00:31:42.79,00:31:44.87 like 70-30 or 80-20. 00:31:44.91,00:31:50.35 But you know what? If it works, the two[br]of you gonna be heroes, just like me. 00:31:50.39,00:31:53.07 Screw it. We're jumpin'[br]over this canyon. 00:31:56.95,00:32:00.23 Just for the record,[br]this is a very bad idea! 00:32:03.15,00:32:07.23 - Wait for the edge now.[br]Wait till we get there. Wait--[br]- I'm waiting. 00:32:07.31,00:32:10.15 - Here we come. Now, not till we do it.[br]- Three... 00:32:10.19,00:32:12.55 - two, one![br]- Here we go! 00:32:12.63,00:32:14.71 Off! 00:32:22.07,00:32:24.63 - Yes![br]- It's working![br]- It's working! 00:32:24.71,00:32:27.83 - Oh, my God![br]- Yeah! 00:32:27.91,00:32:32.95 - I'm a genius! Wait a minute.[br]- Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! 00:32:33.03,00:32:37.55 - We got some rocks![br]- Go left! Go left![br]- Lev! Lev, I can't do anything! 00:32:37.63,00:32:40.39 Turn! 00:32:46.67,00:32:49.55 Oh, okay, okay, we're[br]floating into outer space. 00:32:49.63,00:32:51.83 - Check main switch.[br]- Uh, this could be[br]a little bit of a problem. 00:32:53.15,00:32:55.27 - Thrusters on now![br]- All right, turn 'em on. 00:32:58.15,00:33:03.31 - What's wrong?[br]- l-I don't know. The-The thrusters[br]not working. I hate this machine! 00:33:03.35,00:33:05.71 - I thought you had this planned![br]What're we supposed to do?[br]- Be quiet! I must think! 00:33:05.79,00:33:08.75 - I'm stepping outside.[br]- You're-You're going outside? 00:33:08.83,00:33:14.19 I am the only certifiied astronaut,[br]and I'm saving your American ass! 00:33:18.31,00:33:20.11 Yes. You'll listen[br]to him. Right. 00:33:25.07,00:33:28.75 Hurry up, Lev, because we're[br]about a mile off the asteroid! 00:33:28.79,00:33:31.95 Just a second.[br]The fuel line is iced up. 00:33:32.03,00:33:36.27 - Yeah, I think maybe workin' now.[br]- No, Lev, it's not working! 00:33:36.31,00:33:39.11 I'm sorry, A.J.[br]I was way off the odds. 00:33:39.15,00:33:43.59 - We're gettin' higher, man.[br]- Look out! The rocks! Rocks are coming! 00:33:50.19,00:33:52.15 Hold on! 00:33:55.83,00:33:58.23 - Pull the thrusters![br]- Lev, look out! 00:34:04.75,00:34:08.23 - We lost Lev.[br]- A.J.! 00:34:08.27,00:34:10.39 A.J., the thrusters! 00:34:13.99,00:34:16.07 Let's get Lev back! 00:34:24.15,00:34:26.51 Lev, hold on![br]We're comin' in! 00:34:42.39,00:34:46.31 Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord.[br]Thank You. Thank You,[br]thank You, thank You. 00:34:48.79,00:34:53.75 - Lev![br]- Now I'm really a Russian hero! 00:34:53.83,00:34:56.99 - I told you![br]- I know![br]- I knew this would work! 00:34:57.07,00:35:00.39 -Good odds, you know?[br]-Come on, Lev. Get in here. We gotta go. 00:35:05.27,00:35:07.47 Rockhound, keep[br]on that transmission. 00:35:07.55,00:35:10.67 - Tranny looks good, Harry.[br]- All right. Take it outta there. 00:35:10.71,00:35:14.31 Lock it down, Chick. 00:35:14.39,00:35:16.87 Nice. 00:35:16.95,00:35:19.51 How come we didn't get[br]any training on this thing? 00:35:19.59,00:35:24.27 Whoa. Very cool. I could take out[br]this asteroid single-handedly. 00:35:24.31,00:35:26.55 Okay, boys, give it a rest.[br]I'll take it from here. 00:35:27.63,00:35:30.23 - Whoa![br]- What the hell is that? 00:35:30.31,00:35:33.91 -It's Rockhound.[br]-Whoa. This is so much fun, it's freaky. 00:35:35.79,00:35:37.87 Rockhound! 00:35:37.91,00:35:39.99 Whoa, watch your heads.[br]Sorry, Harry. 00:35:42.43,00:35:45.11 - Outta my way, boys![br]- Rockhound! 00:35:45.19,00:35:47.63 Meet your maker, asteroid! 00:35:51.87,00:35:55.47 - What the hell's the matter[br]with you, Rockhound? Goddam![br]- This is insane. 00:35:55.51,00:35:58.91 - Have you lost your mind?[br]- He's got space dementia. 00:35:58.99,00:36:01.11 Harry, you ought to[br]watch your man. 00:36:03.51,00:36:08.51 Max, downshift slowly[br]and put it in reverse.[br]We gotta get that pipe outta there. 00:36:08.59,00:36:10.71 Uh-oh. 00:36:13.11,00:36:15.87 - What's happening?[br]- The ground's cracking![br]- Earthquake! 00:36:23.83,00:36:25.87 Quick, shut it off! 00:36:27.15,00:36:30.39 - Shut it off! Shut it off now![br]- We're gonna have a blowout! 00:36:30.47,00:36:34.39 - We hit a gas pocket![br]- We got pressure out the ass! 00:36:35.03,00:36:38.75 Max, get your helmet on![br]Max, it's gonna blow! 00:36:38.83,00:36:41.83 - Oh, Jesus, I'm cooking![br]- Max, get outta there! 00:36:41.91,00:36:44.51 This is it! 00:36:44.59,00:36:46.55 Harry! 00:36:48.11,00:36:50.07 I'm bailing! 00:36:53.07,00:36:54.55 Max! 00:36:57.39,00:37:00.03 - Goodbye, Max.[br]- Max! 00:37:00.11,00:37:03.03 - Take care, buddy.[br]- Armadillo's off the scope. 00:37:03.11,00:37:05.15 - I think we've had a blowout.[br]- No sign of the Armadillo. 00:37:05.23,00:37:07.35 Somebody punch up the Armadillo. 00:37:35.51,00:37:37.87 Get ahold of Truman. 00:37:39.23,00:37:41.91 Prepare the world[br]for bad news. 00:37:48.55,00:37:52.99 We're getting sketchy infformation[br]that the mission has suffffered[br]massive ffailure. 00:37:53.07,00:37:56.87 And What We're trying to do[br]right noW is to conffirm that[br]and ffind out exactly What that means. 00:37:56.95,00:37:59.79 Repeat.We're getting leaks[br]ffrom several NASA offfficials... 00:37:59.83,00:38:04.79 some rushing home[br]to be With their ffamilies,[br]that the drilling Was unsuccessfful. 00:38:13.71,00:38:16.35 This could very well be[br]our fiinal hour. 00:38:20.11,00:38:21.95 We're gonna go[br]offff the air noW. 00:38:22.03,00:38:24.79 Good luck[br]and God bless. 00:38:28.27,00:38:29.99 - We've got incoming.[br]- I got tracks. 00:38:30.07,00:38:34.03 NORAD's tracking four small[br]incoming over Europe. They think[br]one's about to hit near Paris. 00:38:59.43,00:39:03.31 - Reports are coming in--[br]- Martial laW has been implemented[br]in 42 countries. 00:39:03.35,00:39:05.71 Once the asteroid hits[br]zero barrier... 00:39:05.75,00:39:09.95 it Will take about three hours[br]and 57 minutes to impact Earth. 00:39:13.55,00:39:17.59 Well, I guess we do it[br]the president's way. I'll order an evac.[br]You can remote detonate. 00:39:17.67,00:39:20.75 - You still don't think[br]this'll work, do you?[br]- Well, what I think is irrelevant. 00:39:20.79,00:39:23.67 - We need to do it now.[br]- Fine. 00:39:23.71,00:39:25.75 - Can they still take off?[br]- We hope so. 00:39:25.83,00:39:27.83 You are the one[br]that pulled them into this! 00:39:27.91,00:39:31.67 That is my family up there,[br]so I don't wanna hear, "We hope so"! 00:39:36.71,00:39:40.51 Guess what, guys?[br]It's time to embrace the horror. 00:39:40.59,00:39:44.11 Look. We got front-row tickets[br]to the end of the Earth. 00:40:05.35,00:40:08.87 - Yeah! Way to go, baby![br]- Harry! 00:40:14.15,00:40:17.87 - Yeah![br]- Yo, Harry! What's up, baby? 00:40:17.91,00:40:20.79 Hey, get that bomb outta there![br]We got a hole to make! 00:40:22.07,00:40:24.23 Houston, you're not[br]gonna believe this... 00:40:24.31,00:40:26.83 but the other Armadillo[br]has arrived. 00:40:26.87,00:40:30.15 All right, people, listen up.[br]Settle down and focus. 00:40:30.23,00:40:33.59 - Mechanical, get on-line.[br]- P.P.O., gimme a set-up.[br]- Your boyfriend's back. 00:40:34.99,00:40:37.39 - Yo, Harry![br]- You're awesome, baby! 00:40:38.75,00:40:40.47 Hey, Harry.[br]You miss me? 00:40:40.55,00:40:43.99 A.J., I got[br]just fiive words for ya. 00:40:44.07,00:40:47.27 - Damn glad to see ya, boy![br]- That's six words. 00:40:47.35,00:40:50.71 - Chick, walk 'em down.[br]- So where's this hole you need dug? 00:40:50.75,00:40:53.03 Houston, drilling has recommenced. 00:40:53.11,00:40:58.51 - Do you think they can drill[br]250 feet in an hour?[br]- They better. 00:40:58.55,00:41:01.11 Bring that piece on in, Bear. 00:41:01.19,00:41:03.39 Tractor pull. 00:41:03.47,00:41:07.03 - I'm comin' down![br]- We got 250 feet to go. 00:41:07.11,00:41:10.07 It's our last transmission,[br]last drill head. 00:41:10.15,00:41:14.03 Punch it through.[br]First gear. We got contact. 00:41:14.07,00:41:17.59 Drive it on down, A.J. 00:41:17.67,00:41:20.51 - I got this, man. Let's go![br]- Lev, the right engine hub. 00:41:20.59,00:41:24.79 - Houston, I'm getting no response[br]from the preflight sequence.[br]- Come on now. This is not-- 00:41:24.87,00:41:29.23 Hey. Hey, come here. Can you get me[br]outta here, please, Lev? Thank you. 00:41:30.27,00:41:33.43 - Ow! Jesus! Hey![br]- Wait. Uh, shh, shh. 00:41:33.47,00:41:35.83 - Lev, the right engine--[br]- Okay.[br]- Lemme outta here, will ya? 00:41:35.91,00:41:38.79 Just tryin' to have[br]some fun before I die! 00:41:38.87,00:41:42.35 - How deep are we?[br]- Seven seventy. 00:41:47.43,00:41:49.47 - Whoa, they got problems.[br]- The gauges are spiking. 00:41:49.55,00:41:51.55 Methane! Shut it down![br]Back it down! 00:41:51.63,00:41:55.51 I can't pull back now. The bit'll[br]get lodged. We don't have enough time! 00:41:55.59,00:41:59.23 Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's gonna blow![br]It's how we lost Max! 00:41:59.31,00:42:02.99 I know what I'm talkin' about.[br]We can punch through this.[br]We can knock this outta the park. 00:42:03.03,00:42:05.51 - This is our last transmission, A.J.[br]- Goddam it! 00:42:05.59,00:42:09.75 If you're ever gonna trust me, ever,[br]once in your life, trust me now! 00:42:09.79,00:42:13.99 - Harry, it's gonna blow![br]- Harry, I know what I'm doin'.[br]You just gotta trust me. 00:42:16.03,00:42:18.11 Make the call. 00:42:19.83,00:42:22.39 All right. Hold on.[br]I'm pushin' through her. 00:42:27.75,00:42:30.39 I'm pushin' through her! 00:42:30.47,00:42:33.31 - What's your depth?[br]- Seven seventy-fiive. Seven eighty. 00:42:33.39,00:42:36.79 Take it up, baby! Ram it home! 00:42:36.87,00:42:40.75 - Drive on down, A.J.![br]- Seven eighty-fiive. Come on. Come on. 00:42:40.79,00:42:43.75 - Come on, A.J.![br]- Punch it![br]- Ninety-one. Come on. 00:42:43.83,00:42:46.87 Seven ninety-two.[br]Seven ninety-fiive! 00:42:46.95,00:42:49.47 Drive it down, A.J.! 00:42:49.55,00:42:51.99 Seven ninety-seven![br]Ninety-nine! 00:42:52.03,00:42:55.19 - Breakthrough![br]- Eight hundred! 802, Harry! 00:42:55.27,00:42:58.87 - Yeah![br]- We did it![br]- Harry, we did it! 00:42:58.95,00:43:00.47 - Yes![br]- We did it! 00:43:00.55,00:43:04.51 - Yeah! Kid, way to go![br]- I knew it, baby! 00:43:04.59,00:43:08.35 - It's not over till we get[br]the bomb down that hole.[br]- Watts, they've got 38 minutes. 00:43:28.31,00:43:32.83 - Harry, you've gotta give me that hole.[br]- I'm gonna need two more minutes.[br]I got a bent pipe jammed in the hole. 00:43:32.91,00:43:36.55 We gotta cut it out before we can[br]send that bomb down. A.J.! 00:43:36.63,00:43:39.35 - She good to go?[br]- Yeah, I'm all set.[br]- All right. 00:43:45.15,00:43:47.63 - All right.[br]- A.J., come on! Make it fast! 00:43:47.67,00:43:50.87 I'm goin' as fast as I can![br]There's a lot of gas pressure! 00:43:57.19,00:44:00.39 - You feel that?[br]- Harry, you gotta give me that hole.[br]The bomb is almost ready. 00:44:00.47,00:44:04.19 - Pull that pipe out![br]- Harry, I'm almost through![br]Give me 15 more seconds! 00:44:09.83,00:44:12.43 Well, this is somethin' new. 00:44:14.43,00:44:18.27 - I don't think this thing likes us.[br]- That's 'cause it knows[br]we're here to kill it. 00:44:23.43,00:44:25.91 Hey, what's goin' on[br]up there? 00:44:29.63,00:44:33.47 - A.J.![br]- What the hell was that? 00:44:33.55,00:44:36.51 - A.J.![br]- Goddam it, I'm fiinished! 00:44:38.07,00:44:40.63 - A.J., you all right?[br]- Oh, lot of gas pressure in here, man! 00:44:40.67,00:44:43.39 - Get me out![br]- Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hydrogen pocket! 00:45:01.03,00:45:03.11 Harry! Pull me in! 00:45:07.47,00:45:09.63 A.J., hang on! 00:45:14.11,00:45:16.71 Secure the bomb! 00:45:16.79,00:45:19.47 Sharp, heads up! 00:45:19.51,00:45:21.55 Gruber! Get outta there now! 00:45:23.07,00:45:24.79 Oh, no. 00:45:32.47,00:45:34.39 Oh, God, no! 00:45:39.51,00:45:42.03 Look out! 00:45:44.43,00:45:47.83 Help! Oh, no! 00:45:54.91,00:45:57.31 Do you believe[br]that just happened? 00:45:59.95,00:46:02.55 - Sharp, you all right?[br]- I'm okay. 00:46:02.59,00:46:04.71 - Bear?[br]- Yeah. I'm here, Harry. 00:46:04.79,00:46:07.19 - A.J.?[br]- Yeah, I'm okay. 00:46:09.71,00:46:11.67 We lost Gruber. 00:46:12.79,00:46:16.79 - Gruber's dead.[br]- Let's get that bomb ready and go home. 00:46:24.43,00:46:26.71 Oh, my God. 00:46:26.79,00:46:30.91 - Is there a problem, Colonel?[br]- The timer, the remote,[br]the whole thing's dead. 00:46:30.99,00:46:32.99 What, the bomb is dead? 00:46:33.07,00:46:37.47 No, the trigger's dead. It must've[br]gotten damaged during the rock storm. 00:46:39.39,00:46:41.95 So how do we detonate it? 00:46:50.63,00:46:55.35 We have 18 minutes to zero barrier.[br]We got some bad news. 00:46:55.43,00:46:58.47 The remote detonator on the bomb[br]has been damaged. 00:46:58.55,00:47:01.31 That means that somebody's[br]gonna have to stay behind. 00:47:03.79,00:47:06.03 It takes two people[br]to fly this thing. 00:47:06.07,00:47:10.87 Either we all stay and die,[br]or you guys draw straws. 00:47:10.91,00:47:14.51 I say we all stay and die.[br]But that's me. 00:47:15.51,00:47:18.91 I'll draw. Let's draw. 00:47:19.75,00:47:22.27 Nobody's gonna draw straws. 00:47:22.35,00:47:24.99 - I'll stay and take care of it.[br]- Well, I can't live[br]with that sort of thing. 00:47:25.07,00:47:26.99 - Nobody asked you if you could[br]live with it, all right?[br]- Bullshit! 00:47:27.03,00:47:29.59 No way I will let you[br]volunteer for this... 00:47:29.63,00:47:33.23 so I can go back to my home country[br]like the man who didn't volunteer. 00:47:33.27,00:47:35.15 No way! 00:47:35.19,00:47:39.35 Hey, man, let's draw, and let's see[br]who's gonna stay up here and dance. 00:47:39.43,00:47:42.11 Guys, l-l-I know you guys[br]think I'm crazy right now... 00:47:42.19,00:47:45.83 but I would really like[br]this responsibility. 00:47:45.91,00:47:48.51 All right. All right. 00:47:48.59,00:47:50.71 - I can do it.[br]- Let's just draw straws and[br]get it over with. Come on. 00:47:50.75,00:47:52.63 I ain't drawin'[br]against you, Harry. 00:47:52.67,00:47:56.95 Well, I'm gonna draw against you, Chick,[br]so you better just go ahead and do it. 00:47:57.03,00:47:59.19 Just gimme this thing. 00:48:05.67,00:48:08.15 Is this good or bad? 00:48:13.03,00:48:16.59 Oh, man. 00:48:16.63,00:48:19.31 Well, we all gotta die, right? 00:48:22.51,00:48:25.39 I'm the guy who gets[br]to do it saving the world. 00:48:25.43,00:48:28.75 So, uh, let's go. We-We got[br]about ten minutes, right? 00:48:30.51,00:48:32.43 You plug this into the port. 00:48:32.47,00:48:36.91 Lift, press, hold. That's it. 00:48:36.95,00:48:40.91 Lift, press, hold. Shouldn't be[br]too tough. Even I can't screw this up. 00:48:40.95,00:48:43.51 I'll take him down. 00:49:17.03,00:49:21.75 Do me a favour, will ya?[br]Just tell Grace that, uh-- 00:49:21.83,00:49:24.47 that I'll always be[br]with her, okay? 00:49:26.55,00:49:28.43 Can you do that? 00:49:29.91,00:49:31.99 Yeah. Okay, kid. 00:49:37.75,00:49:39.79 Give this to Truman. 00:49:39.83,00:49:43.83 Make sure Truman gets that.[br]Get in there. 00:49:48.59,00:49:50.71 It's my turn now. 00:49:51.91,00:49:54.15 Harry! Harry! 00:49:54.23,00:49:57.63 You can't do this to me! 00:49:57.71,00:49:59.63 It's my job! 00:49:59.67,00:50:03.67 You go take care of my little girl now.[br]That's your job. 00:50:06.59,00:50:09.63 Always thought of you[br]as a son. Always. 00:50:11.15,00:50:15.23 But I'd be damn proud[br]to have you marry Grace. 00:50:15.31,00:50:17.87 - Harry.[br]- You take care of yourself. 00:50:17.91,00:50:19.87 - Harry, no![br]- I love you, pal. 00:50:19.95,00:50:22.75 Harry, I love you![br]Don't, Harry! Wait a minute! 00:50:22.83,00:50:25.27 - My son.[br]- No, don't do this, Harry! 00:50:25.35,00:50:27.83 You don't do this! Harry! 00:50:35.83,00:50:38.03 What happened? 00:50:38.07,00:50:40.63 That crazy,[br]stubborn son of a-- 00:50:46.67,00:50:50.15 Well, this was[br]a real good idea. 00:50:50.23,00:50:53.59 All right, let's go, Sharp.[br]Let's get our team outta here. 00:50:58.27,00:51:03.03 Come on! Let's get ready[br]to initiate thrusters! Let's go! 00:51:03.11,00:51:05.63 - I mean it, guys![br]- Get the O2 masks. 00:51:05.71,00:51:08.31 - Are they free? Are they free?[br]- B.P.U., set. 00:51:08.39,00:51:11.79 I cannot believe this is going down[br]like this. You all right? 00:51:11.83,00:51:15.19 - O2 vents locked, pressure loaded.[br]- Engine board is green. 00:51:17.59,00:51:20.27 T minus three minutes[br]and counting. 00:51:20.31,00:51:22.87 Houston, do you copy?[br]This is Harry Stamper. 00:51:24.15,00:51:26.51 It's down there. 00:51:27.67,00:51:32.35 - Electrical systems primed.[br]- B.P.U. is set. Oxidizers are loading. 00:51:32.43,00:51:36.63 Houston, We're outta here[br]in T minus three minutes. 00:51:36.71,00:51:38.83 Daddy? 00:51:38.87,00:51:41.87 Hi, Gracie. Hi, honey. 00:51:41.91,00:51:45.27 Grace, I knoW I promised you[br]I Was comin'home. 00:51:46.75,00:51:48.63 I don't under-- understand. 00:51:49.95,00:51:53.11 Looks like I'm gonna have to[br]break that promise. 00:51:55.31,00:51:59.27 l, um--[br]I lied to you too... 00:51:59.35,00:52:01.95 when I told you that[br]I didn't want to be like you. 00:52:03.83,00:52:05.79 Because I am like you. 00:52:05.87,00:52:11.35 And everything good that I have[br]inside off me, I have ffrom you. 00:52:11.39,00:52:13.95 I love you so much, Daddy. 00:52:14.03,00:52:16.71 I'm so proud of you. 00:52:16.79,00:52:18.95 I'm so scared. 00:52:19.03,00:52:21.11 I'm so scared. 00:52:21.15,00:52:26.03 I know it, baby, but there won't be[br]anything to be scared of soon. 00:52:28.51,00:52:33.75 Gracie, I Want you to knoW[br]that A.J. saved us. He did. 00:52:35.07,00:52:37.07 I Want you to tell C.hick... 00:52:37.11,00:52:40.91 that I couldn't have done it[br]Without him, none off it. 00:52:42.39,00:52:44.43 I Want you[br]to take care off A.J. 00:52:59.50,00:53:02.18 I wish I could be there[br]to walk you down the aisle. 00:53:05.34,00:53:07.22 But I'll-- 00:53:09.58,00:53:12.86 I'll look in on you from[br]time to time, okay, honey? 00:53:15.14,00:53:18.30 - I love you, Grace.[br]- I love you too. 00:53:18.34,00:53:21.02 - I gotta go now, honey.[br]- Daddy, no. 00:53:22.22,00:53:25.66 No, no, Dad, no! 00:53:30.90,00:53:34.42 O.M.S. pod pre-start.[br]O2 vents locked, pressure loaded. 00:53:36.70,00:53:38.78 What the hell's goin' on up there?[br]Why haven't you guys left yet? 00:53:38.82,00:53:41.50 We're going, Harry.[br]Houston. 00:53:41.58,00:53:44.06 - We got O.M.S. pod pre-start.[br]- Pod pre-start confiirmed. 00:53:47.74,00:53:50.82 - What's the problem?[br]- I don't know.[br]- What's wrong?[br]- Fix it now! 00:53:51.90,00:53:53.94 No time, no time! 00:53:53.98,00:53:55.90 - What?[br]- What's that? 00:53:59.54,00:54:01.66 - Where you goin'?[br]- Oh, come on.[br]We're stayin', we're goin'. 00:54:01.70,00:54:03.58 We're stayin', we're goin'.[br]Make up your minds. 00:54:03.62,00:54:07.54 Damn it, Sharp! Get out of here now.[br]You got less than three minutes. 00:54:10.66,00:54:14.50 - Come on, Watts. Come on, come on.[br]- Blow the bomb, Harry. We're with you. 00:54:14.58,00:54:17.94 - Uh, it's stuck. Yes?[br]- Come on! Back off![br]You don't know the components! 00:54:17.98,00:54:22.78 Components, American components,[br]Russian components. All made in Taiwan! 00:54:22.82,00:54:25.18 We're gettin' tight[br]for ignition, Freedom. 00:54:28.06,00:54:30.34 - Houston, we've got no fiire.[br]- What does that mean? 00:54:30.42,00:54:33.98 - It means we got a busted ship.[br]- A busted ship?[br]And I'm strapped in here? 00:54:34.06,00:54:36.10 I had a great spot[br]picked out there. 00:54:36.18,00:54:39.58 Freedom, you fiire that engine.[br]If there's not a way, you fiind[br]a way. The clock's tickin'. 00:54:39.62,00:54:41.98 Let's go! Let's ffire[br]that engine, Freedom! 00:54:42.06,00:54:46.90 You got less than a minute.[br]Don't think I won't blow this thing. 00:54:46.94,00:54:49.50 Sharp, get out of here.[br]It's gettin' bad down here. 00:54:49.54,00:54:51.58 I know how to fiix it.[br]Please, move. 00:54:51.66,00:54:53.82 l-I have to take you away[br]if you don't move. 00:54:53.90,00:54:56.70 Watts, you gotta get that shuttle[br]started. You gotta ffire it up noW! 00:54:56.74,00:54:58.90 Damn it, Sharp.[br]Get off this rock! 00:54:58.94,00:55:02.30 I'm telling you, please, move![br]This is how we fiix problem... 00:55:02.38,00:55:05.46 in the Russian space station. 00:55:05.50,00:55:08.98 Because I don't want[br]to stay here any more. 00:55:10.62,00:55:14.50 Yeah! Finally![br]We can go home! 00:55:14.58,00:55:16.86 - She's coming back. She's coming back.[br]- We're hot! 00:55:16.90,00:55:19.66 Watts, let's go, let's go! 00:55:19.74,00:55:22.82 Rain all you want,[br]you son of a bitch. 00:55:22.90,00:55:25.94 Let's go! We don't have time![br]Hurry, hurry. We got no time! 00:55:25.98,00:55:29.66 Initiate thrusters on my mark![br]Two, one-- Mark! 00:55:37.50,00:55:40.98 - Come on. Get some altitude.[br]Let's go, let's go.[br]- Yes, come on! 00:55:42.34,00:55:44.50 Freedom has max thrust! 00:55:50.90,00:55:53.46 Thank you, Harry. 00:56:03.02,00:56:05.06 Shuttle's out of range.[br]Still no detonation. 00:56:09.46,00:56:12.42 Something's not right.[br]Too much time has gone by. 00:56:13.94,00:56:16.22 Zero barrier's about to be breached.[br]One minute. 00:56:16.26,00:56:18.78 Harry, come on.[br]Press that button. 00:56:18.86,00:56:22.90 - We're goin' back and do it ourselves.[br]-Just don't. Wait one minute. 00:56:27.10,00:56:29.86 - Dan, we're about[br]to cross the threshold.[br]- Come on, Harry. Press the button. 00:56:29.94,00:56:34.62 Colonel, I'm askin' you.[br]Just one more minute! 00:56:40.58,00:56:43.26 Press the button, Stamper. 00:56:45.78,00:56:48.26 Come on. 00:56:49.70,00:56:51.90 Harry'll do it. I know it. 00:56:53.50,00:56:56.10 He doesn't know how to fail. 00:57:01.82,00:57:03.54 We win, Gracie! 00:57:05.10,00:57:07.22 Press it! 00:57:37.74,00:57:41.02 We have detonation.[br]C.onffirming detonation. 00:57:57.78,00:58:00.22 The tWo halves are gonna miss us[br]by 400 miles... 00:58:00.26,00:58:03.58 and most off the small particles[br]have been vaporized. 00:58:13.42,00:58:16.26 - Houston, we're comin' home.[br]- We copy that, Freedom. 00:58:16.34,00:58:19.94 Yo, Harry. You the man. 00:59:10.94,00:59:14.46 Kennedy, we see you.[br]And you never looked so good. 00:59:14.54,00:59:19.94 I never told anybody[br]this before, but I hate flyin',[br]so it'd be an awful shame to die now. 00:59:20.02,00:59:24.10 That's easy for you to say. I owe[br]100 grand to a bad-ass loan shark... 00:59:24.18,00:59:26.74 which I spent on a stripper[br]named Molly Mounds. 00:59:26.78,00:59:29.82 - Boy, that's bad.[br]- Kennedy, we are 100%. 00:59:29.86,00:59:32.38 Flap suspension control on full. 00:59:44.46,00:59:46.82 Welcome home, astronauts. 00:59:54.34,00:59:56.50 Hey, guys, remember:[br]We're-- We're heroes now. 00:59:56.54,00:59:58.90 So that incident with me[br]and the gun on the asteroid-- 00:59:58.94,01:00:01.34 Let's keep that under wraps,[br]all right? 01:01:02.90,01:01:04.82 Miss Stamper? 01:01:06.10,01:01:09.46 Colonel Willie Sharp,[br]United States Air Force, ma'am. 01:01:09.50,01:01:12.26 Requesting permission to shake[br]the hand of the daughter... 01:01:12.34,01:01:14.30 of the bravest man[br]I've ever met. 01:01:20.58,01:01:22.46 Hello. 01:01:22.54,01:01:25.02 - Oh, my God![br]- Hi, you're my hero. 01:01:25.10,01:01:28.66 Oh, baby, I wanna have babies[br]with you. 01:01:30.46,01:01:32.34 Welcome back, cowboy. 01:01:34.18,01:01:38.26 Uh, Harry wanted you[br]to have this. 01:01:44.50,01:01:46.42 He did, huh? 01:02:02.94,01:02:05.26 I could stay aWake 01:02:05.46,01:02:10.50 Just to hear you breathin' 01:02:10.58,01:02:14.22 Watch you smile While you are sleepin' 01:02:14.30,01:02:18.62 While you're ffar aWay and dreamin' 01:02:18.66,01:02:22.58 I just Wanna stay With you 01:02:22.62,01:02:25.26 In this moment forever 01:02:25.34,01:02:28.10 Forever and ever 01:02:28.18,01:02:31.74 I don't Wanna close my eyes 01:02:31.82,01:02:34.30 I don't Wanna fall asleep 01:02:34.38,01:02:36.34 'C.ause I'd miss you, baby 01:02:36.38,01:02:39.42 And I don't Wanna miss a thing 01:02:39.46,01:02:43.30 'C.ause even When I dream off you 01:02:43.38,01:02:45.98 The sWeetest dream Would never do 01:02:46.02,01:02:47.90 I'd still miss you, baby 01:02:47.94,01:02:50.70 And I don't Wanna miss a thing 01:02:50.78,01:02:54.74 And I don't Wanna miss one smile 01:02:54.78,01:02:58.66 And I don't Wanna miss one kiss 01:02:58.74,01:03:01.98 Well, I just Wanna be[br]With you right here 01:03:02.02,01:03:05.98 With you just like this 01:03:06.06,01:03:10.06 Well, I just Wanna hold you close 01:03:10.14,01:03:14.22 Feel your heart so close to mine 01:03:14.30,01:03:17.70 And just stay here in this moment 01:03:17.78,01:03:22.26 For all the rest off time 01:03:22.30,01:03:24.46 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah 01:03:24.54,01:03:27.38 Yeah 01:03:27.42,01:03:30.94 Don't Wanna close my eyes 01:03:30.98,01:03:33.34 I don't Wanna ffall asleep 01:03:33.42,01:03:35.42 'C.ause I'd miss you, baby 01:03:35.46,01:03:38.46 And I don't Wanna miss a thing 01:03:38.50,01:03:42.22 'C.ause even When I dream off you 01:03:42.30,01:03:44.74 The sWeetest dream Would never do 01:03:44.82,01:03:46.82 I'd still miss you, baby 01:03:46.90,01:03:49.98 And I don't Wanna miss a thing 01:03:50.06,01:03:53.06 Don't Wanna close my eyes 01:03:53.14,01:03:57.26 I don't Wanna ffall asleep 01:03:57.34,01:04:01.10 Yeah, I don't Wanna miss a thing 01:06:58.50,01:07:03.22 All my bags are packed[br]I'm ready to go 01:07:03.26,01:07:06.98 I'm standin'here outside your door 01:07:07.06,01:07:11.94 I hate to Wake you up to say goodbye 01:07:13.66,01:07:17.86 But the daWn is breakin'[br]It's early morn 01:07:17.94,01:07:21.50 The taxi's Waitin'[br]He's bloWin'his horn 01:07:21.54,01:07:24.78 Already I'm so lonesome 01:07:24.86,01:07:26.86 I could die 01:07:28.58,01:07:32.98 So kiss me and smile ffor me 01:07:33.02,01:07:36.58 Tell me that you'll Wait ffor me 01:07:36.66,01:07:41.98 Hold me like you'll never let me go 01:07:43.14,01:07:47.74 'C.ause I'm leaving on a jet plane 01:07:47.82,01:07:52.06 I don't knoW When I'll be back again 01:07:52.10,01:07:56.86 Oh, babe, I hate to go 01:07:57.86,01:08:02.46 I'm leaving on a jet plane 01:08:02.50,01:08:06.14 Leaving on a jet plane 01:08:06.18,01:08:09.74 Leaving on a jet plane 01:08:09.82,01:08:13.58 Leaving on a jet plane 01:08:13.66,01:08:16.90 Leaving on a jet plane
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