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Subtitles for Armata Brancaleone Le.

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Armata Brancaleone Le

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Come on, come on.
- Come here... l'll catch you.|- Mercy, mercy, no!
- You asshole, idiot.|- Grab him, make him in pieces.
Slaughter them, slaughter them all.
No, no, please.|No, no, no.
- Badsmell?|- Shut up.
- Let me go, let me go.|- Hold on.
That's it.
I'm leavin'.
Let me go, let me go.
Get down.
- Let's play roll.|- No.
- A kid?|- Go away.
Hey, you asshole, what are you doing?
- Come on, hurry up.|- Come on, come on.
They are coming!
You asshole!
- Get out of here.|- Get lost, get lost.
No, no, I beg your kindness.|Mercy, mercy, no.
Run away!
This staff is mine.
Get out.
Give me that, it's mine.
Your dirty thief!|It's mine.
- Drop it.|- No.
Grab him, come on.
Let him go.
- Hey, you, trader!|- Hold on, old man.
- Abacuc.|- Somebody helps me, help.
I'm going to hide myself.|They are thieves.
They are going to take all!|I've got to hire myself.
- Open up, Abacuc.|- Open up!
- We got something to sell to you.|- Open up or else we'll burn you.
- Get it up.|- No, let's throw him into the river.
- Let's go.|- Hey, you, get it up.
- Where are you taking me to?|- Open up or we're gonna drown you.
Gush, this is damn heavy!
Open it, open it.
- Ah! He's finally decided!|- What's going on, what's this about?
- What do you want?|- I'll show what's good for you.
- What a staff, ah?|- Look at this sward, the steel's great.
- Let me get out of here first.|- Good stuff, the best.
Get out, come on.
Look at this armor, Abacuc.
The armor of a great warrior.
- First I take it, then I pay it.|- Look at this.
What a thing!|Everything's spoiled.
- It's the best! How come it's spoiled?|- Who's gonna buy this staff?
- It's a big deal.|- It's a bad deal.
See, I'm gonna tell you,|I'm short on money, so I pay a little.
The cheaper old man.
What's this?
- What's written there?|- You nuts, do you know who did you...
- Stole these weapons and clothes from?|- No.
- Arnolf Iron-Hand.|- Who is he?
Prince's Otoni Fighter vassal,|a great Lord of Saxon...
damn it, I wish I've|never seen you before.
I've killed him.
- Have you?|- Yes, he's dead.
- Are you sure?|- Of course.
Well, so, we'll have a good deal,|I'm gonna read it to you, right?
Hold on...
We concede to the owner of this|parchment the possession of the...
Aurocastro Fortress in Pulha, and|the vineyards, the cattle, and...
all the riches in there. The Feudal|Gentleman has to make a sacred vow...
to rule the city through wisdom|vanishing with the terrible...
danger that comes from the seas,|with the winds of springs...
when... when... when...|hold on.
But, what danger?
A piece is missing. But this can|worth it about a hundred grand...
- How?|- Selling it.
- Selling it?|- For a Gentleman. He, with this...
parchment, goes to the Fortress|and will take it for real.
Let's go find a Lord, and|let's not sell the parchment.
We're gonna take possession of the land.|He'll be the head and we, the soldiers.
Before he'll swear that he'll divide|everything with us.
- That's it.|- Sure, that's it!
So, he needs to be a haughty Gentleman,|good looking, but hungry for...
goods and for lands, yes,|Gentleman out of money...
- And in rags like ourselves.|- Definitely.
- I know one like that.|- Really?
Let's go to Civita, there'll be|a tournament for all the Knights there.
Wait a minute!
His tent.
Aquilante, you asshole.
Come here, I'm gonna give you|some sugar, come here.
There you are,|your stupid horse.
Now, I'll catch you.
Damn it!
Come here, you damn thing!
Come, come here, sweety.
Come here, you stupid thing,|I'll give you a reward.
- Here's your bar of sugar.|- That's what you got?
Gentleman, we've|a good bargain for you.
We, ah... Otoni, known as The|Fighter, for God's will...
Prince of the Holy Roman Empire,|Lord of Saxon...
Duke of Battenburg and of Poemwritten,|concedes to the owner...
of this parchment... the possession|of this City and of the Fortress...
of Aurocastro in Pulha, with the|vineyards, the cattle...
and all the riches in there. The Feudal|Gentleman has to make a sublime vow...
to rule the city through wisdom|and eliminating, etc... etc.
We received this parchment from|a great and noble Gentleman...
that gave it to us when he was dying.
Now, we offer you,|brave and spotless Gentleman...
And broke.
...the luck of been the owner of a|wealthy land, and of the Fortress of...
Aurocastro. In change, you'll make a|sublime swear of dividing...
all the riches and all the goods,|with all of us.
- Do you know who I am?|- No!
I supposed you've heard the name|Spanker Le Fugitive.
I've never heard it before.
Spanker Le Fugitive.|The biggest captain of Tussia.
And I'm the one who at a stroke|of axe have cut him in two.
My name, pay attention, my name|is Brancaleone, da Norcia.
Enrich, the landlord of this land,|offers to the winner of this...
tournament the title of Captain of...
the Weapons and offers his daughter|Lucrecia to marry with him, too.
Consider that Brancaleone da Norcia,|has already on his hands the title...
and the wealthy marriage.
So, get out of here, you insignificant.|You and your miserable feudal of Pulha.
The vineyards, cattle and the sea full|of fishes to be divided in a half.
Besides, put this into your mind,|old man. Brancaleone da Norcia...
has never shared anything with anybody.|Go ahead, go ahead.
Come on, stupid thing.
Take part in this tournament the|Knights: Wizard Peacock...
cadet of Gun, Herald of the|Deaf, Badcome Villain of...
Sulmona, Sir of Corkscrew,|Rich, commonly known as Less Hand...
Brancaleone da Norcia.
The first contest is with Bigshout,|commonly known as Dirty-Hand...
versus Brancaleone da Norcia.
Present yourselves with your|helms and shield of combat.
What are you doing?|What are you doing? Go ahead.
- It's that way!|- Stop it. Stop it.
Come back, don't run away.|Gush! Your traitor.
- Coward.|- It's not my fault, it's this asshole.
- Stop it. Go ahead.|- Big runner.
Coward, don't flee, stop and fight.
And why don't you reach me?|Reach me and I'll show you...
- Damned.|- Go slowly...
Turn on, horse.
What side is that Feudal?
The man at my service is not afraid|neither of the rain nor of the sun...
- The fire or the wind.|- What service? We are all equal.
Silence here. I'm the commander.
So, you own me obedience and|submission. Our route will be...
covered by sweat, tears and|blood. Are you ready for that?
- Everybody at the same time.|- Yes.
- We are.|- Are you ready to...
fight to death? We'll set off for|days, weeks and months, but...
at the end, we'll have castles,|treasures and white women...
with big teats.|Bigstick, stand up the flags.
- I have no flags.|- All right, stand them up very high.
And you villain, put yourselves|under your shade...
get out of the mud, I'll turn the|five of you a speed army and...
- Sir, we are in four.|- I'll turn the four of you a...
speed army, brave that's gonna be a|greyhound and a lion at the same time.
Let's go ahead, on the way to|Aurocastro just in the heart of Pulha.
Let's go. Go ahead my hero fellows.|On the road. Go, go.
Follow me.
Where is he going to?
It's over here.
Get out of my way.
You get out.
No, you must to get out.|I'm a Knight.
What about me? You've seen my army.|Don't you have eyes?
- As much as you have a tongue.|- So, what is missing is your brain.
Yes, maybe, but guts I have|a lot. On foot or by horse?
No, not by horse, on foot.
My name is Brancaleone da Norcia.
I'm Teofiltall Gain Gold.
From the family Bysantine descendent of|Giveaphoto l, and seen you...
I have pity on you.
Show him who we are, sir.
My Lord!
- Break.|- Do you want a break?
- What about you?|- Ah!
Yes, a break.
- Axe.|- What?
I said, axe.
An axe!
Squire, an axe.
Is this gonna last forever?
- Look out!|- Let's get out of here.
- Well... That's it.|- That's it.
- A break?|- Ok.
It was the only one. It's history!
Now, let's get the sword.
On guard!
Go... go away.
Let's make the fire 'cause the|whole thing is gonna last a lot.
- Is it ready?|- A little more.
Do you surrender?
- It's the spleen... yes.|- No...
It's the liver...
in there.
- Yes?|- Yes.
It always hurts me.
Boil some alfalfa...
brimstone, mallow, citron-tree,|and boil them all...
and... drink it all.
- Is it a good medicine?|- Yeah!
It's gonna be inside you giving|kicks till everything is clean, then...
gets out from your ass|a big fire.
It burns, but it cures.
Hey, you there?|Night's coming!
That's the Hebrew Abacuc, he is in|charge of the treasures of the army...
and he is a great trader,|he is at my service.
I have an idea. Though you sound|pompous, all of you seem to be...
in rags. My family is|very rich...
and would pay a lot for my life.
So, I thought, if I offered myself|as a prisoner and go to my...
father's Castle to demand a ransom in|gold, that is gonna be half and half.
- And then, each one for himself, right?|- And where is this Castle?
Very far, there.|No, there, where the sun's down.
- But, don't we have to go to Aurocastro?|- No way, Aurocastro can wait...
for a while we're going to get|our gold, hurry up, let's go.
Hurry up? Who are you?|Capricious of Verdict.
- Where did my horse go to?|- We'll go to where I tell you to...
We'll leave and we'll take possession|of our feudal, according to the...
parchment. All of you|need to act with dignity...
obedience, decency|and submission...
but where is the look of the man|who keeps the weapons? Out with all...
this trash, out with the|hanging rags...
and with all these old|staffs and with the tents.
Discipline! We're the Army of|Brancaleone, blood of Judas.
Blood of Judas.
Wait, wait for me.|My horse ran away.
- Wait, I'll go with you.|- What for?
I'm your prisoner,|I've got to follow you.
Listen, you're free, just take another|way and don't disturb us anymore.
Attention, let's go straight ahead.
The stubborn Bizantine|continues following us.
Don't mind about him.|Look, a village.
- What village is that?|- For sure it's, San Simonne or...
or Ancopontanatico or...
another place that I've never been to.
- We'll stay here for tonight.|- As you want.
Quick, this way.
Quiet! This silence doesn't|make me feel good. Gush!
Let's go very carefully.
Abacuc.|Cover my back.
- What do you expect?|- Let's go.
Let's go together.
What a tomb silence!
What a gloomy!
Hold on!
Did they run away from us?
All the villagers escape when|they see armed soldiers.
Well, that's it. By the right|of the winner, take everything...
you can, hurry up to get to|Aurocastro well dressed, go!
- Go.|- Count on me, let's go.
- Everybody to the cellar.|- We're gonna to devastate this village.
My army will leave its terrible|signal. Dura lex, thirsty lex.
- Cucurucu.|- Cucurucu.
Let's enjoy the life, to sin,|what's the death?
What's left for you from the life?
Give it a bite.
Let me kiss you.
No! No! Where are you going?
Surrender to me, take me.|Surrender to me. Cucurucu, cucurucu.
Surrender, take me.|Let's enjoy and sin.
Your skin is on fire.
Fever for love!|For you, I can dye.
- No, not that bed.|- Why not?
- How you said: Cucurucu.|- My husband died in it.
- Died? When?|- Yesterday.
- Yesterday? Of what?|- The ill that reached everyone.
The pest.
Let's get out of here.
Let's run.
Help. The pest.
- The pest! It's here.|- Let's leave this place. Come on.
- Run, let's run.|- We're lost, lost.
Come on, let's follow Aquilante,|he's an expert in running away.
- Come on, come on, let's go.|- Don't spoil the cloth.
- It'll be our last suit!|- Don't doubt it.
Hurry up. Come on, let's go.
Damned village. Let's go.
- Come on.|- Not so fast.
- What a foolish thing we've done.|- Run, old man.
- Get some wings, old man.|- The chest is gonna break.
Don't worry about that, old man.
You're gonna spoil it.|Oh! M treasure!
Hold on. Hold on, brothers.|Abacuc, Decorum...
Hold on... it doesn't help to run, the|death, death's already in all of us.
You damned, I wish I've never|seen you all.
My fault...
My fault, my entire fault.
My fault.|My fault.
- Are you happy now?|- My entire fault.
My fault...
It's true.|You didn't get into the village.
- You didn't want me to.|- You knew about the pest.
- And didn't say a word about it.|- Stay there.
- Be aware or I'll make a hole on you.|- Bizantine worm.
- We contracted the pest, and you laugh.|- Yeah.
- I'm gonna infect you.|- No, no, no.
- Don't do that to me, please!|- Don't let him go. Catch him.
Hold him, let's transmit|the ill to him.
Touch him, touch him.
No! Stop it, Christian.
You don't want to suffer the|same way we are...
How you can see, we were|infected by the pest.
- Pest?|- Pest.
Pest? What a sin!
Fortunate men,|I bring you the salvation...
Join us and save your lives.|Follow me and the terrible harm...
won't get you. Take your weapons|and come with me to the Holy...
Land to get the|Holy Tomb free...
I promise you that you'll have your|body and soul saved. Who purifies the...
impure will be pure. Who goes with me|to the Holy Land will be cured.
Come on, soldiers of faith, form|with me a happy squad.
Everybody to the Holy, Holy|Tomb. God wants this way.
From every harm will be cured who|goes with me to the Holy Land.
- I go.|- Before let's ask for a guarantee in...
- A paper that there is cure for all.|- What do you say, son of Judas?
- What about Aurocastro?|- We'll never get there.
What do you prefer, brothers, right|death by pest, or what the monk...
promised us? It will be the salvation|of the life in the Holy Land. Let's go.
Let's go, brothers.
Courage, come on.
To the Holy Lands.
Come you too, Aquilante.
- Why are you here?|- I've got the gout and sand on my teeth.
The good monk guaranteed me health,|then we're going to Taranto where...
there's an army and many boats, we're|going to the Holy Land to fight...
- Against the Africans with the hands.|- That's it...
we'll fight one a one against the black|people in the Holy Land, and what...
about you, my friend, what do you have?|What battle did you lose the arm?
- In Barcelonta? Or against the Swedish?|- In his house, he found me...
with his woman, and just because|of it he cut my arm.
- Ah!|- After that, we've become...
friends, we've packed and...|both of us have left...
with the monk Zoneone|to the Holy Lands.
- I see.|- And I carry on this huge stone...
- For a bigger punishment.|- All right, let's all go fight...
everybody to the Holy Lands. What about|you, my good man, why are you with us?
- He is leprous.|- It's disgusting.
Hold on! Make lines.
One after the other. Cross|on Indian line.
- Monk Zoneone, it doesn't seem safety!|- Men of a little faith...
How can you be afraid of the bridge,|if the hand of God is holding it?
Remember Thomas,|the incredulous apostle.
Let's remember him and cross it.|Come on, you cowards.
You, Abacuc, who weights a few pounds,|will be the first one to cross it.
- Go, go, go.|- Trust.
- Go on Indian line.|- Go, come on.
The hands of God hold you.|Go through and remember Thomas...
Don't you remember Thomas, yeah?
Follow me, come on.
- Don't be afraid.|- Put your faith on the bridge.
- I'm here with you.|- Go ahead, come on.
Let's sing!|The way is so big as much as...
- The goal.|- Big.
Men of a little faith.
Come on, Decorum.
Cross it.
Come on, don't doubt it,|it will bring you happiness.
God took His hand away.
But why did he take His hand away?
Do you know?
- No, Priest. We don't know.|- 'Cause among us there're some impure...
Someone here has no faith...|Who has no faith?
- No, everybody has faith.|- Almost everybody.
That one, that one.
- What? Who are you talking about?|- I have my faith.
- Of course, he has.|- He has his own faith.
- We are all friends.|- Right, we are all friends.
- Horror! By the way, are you an heretic?|- No! I'm a Jewish.
There was a serpent among us!
That's the reason of our disgrace.|Let's baptize him.
Let's baptize him, an impure.|It'll be pure who purifies an impure.
Let's go to the waters, to the waters,|of the salvation! Let's go to the bath.
- For the purification.|- Calm down, Abacuc.
- Come on, Abacuc, come on.|- Take it easy.
Today is Saint Monsueto's day,|and your name will be Monsueto.
Get up warriors pilgrims,|why to sleep when it's time...
to thank the Lord?|Stand up...
Let's thank the Lord.
And now, another bridge!
thank to the Lord, that makes|the way to salvation, full of...
Let's cross on Indian file.
Follow me.
But, how can you fight|in the Holy Lands...
if you don't have the faith|to cross a bridge?
What are you afraid of? Now, we're|pure. There's no dangerous...
- Because the heretic was purified.|- So, he goes first.
Cowards! Cowards, cowards.
Sing and cross, I'll give you and|example, the bridge is firm. Look!
God punishes. That's the way God wants.|Look! That's the proof.
Where are you going, Priest?
- What a flight, ah?|- Yeah, rest in peace.
- And, what to do now?|- Well, let's go back.
- But, what about the pest?|- We're pure. The monk said it.
- He vanished.|- Who gave, gave. Who had, had.
did you forget the vows? We'll go back|to the Holy Land. That's what God wants.
Peace, peace!
He is right, that's it.|We're free of the vow.
And if from each fact|we should extract the meaning...
here it is. I doesn't want,|God doesn't want. Am I clear?
- No, wants.|- No, He doesn't want.
Let's go back to our route,|come on, straight ahead to Auro...
don't mention the place.|Or else they are not going anywhere.
You are right, yeah. Well, fellows...|come on, come on. On the road, let's go.
- Let's go. Let's go.|- Liberated.
Come on. Each one for himself.
- Where are you going to?|- No where, exactly.
- Let's go together.|- No where, exactly, but...
to the other side.
Soldiers, come here, hurry up.
Jesus Christ!
Help me.
Let me go.|Help me.
- Follow me, my warriors.|- My Holy Mother, helps me.
- Hold on.|- Help.
Hold on!
Look, when I say,|follow me, my warriors...
what you have to do is|follow me and fight.
Or else, we are gonna have bad moments.
Thank you, my hero.|Thank you.
- My name is Matelda.|- Yeah?
I own you my life.
My tutor.
My tutor!
What a cruel!
- Are you a Gentleman?|- Of course I am.
This is my pupil Matelda,|she is gonna marry a noble...
the Duke Guccione of Nuts-Frog, if|you are a Knight of Sword...
you must know the code of honor...
I left my little girl for you to take|care, be her father and her mother...
her baby-sitter and her sister, her|shield and her support...
take care of her life, and at most|take care of her pureness. Make a swear.
The ward, give me your ward.
He is feeling bad, isn't he?
I swear.
- Aren't we going to Aurocastro anymore?|- Calm down...
- It's the same way.|- No, it's 4 days more on the road.
Take the girl to his|future husband.
- I'll give you a good reward.|- How much? How much?
A hundred coins of gold.
- What about 150?|- Abacuc, before the death?
All right.|And where is our gold?
- In a secret place.|- There's a secret place.
- And where, where, where is the place?|- Get my beard up.
Come on, get it up, get it up.
- Oh! Tutor, Tutor. No!|- Ouch, damned, ouch, ouch.
Carefully, it's dangerous.|Carefully.
There is no rush, go down slowly.
Come on quick.
Ah? Did it arrive, ha?
- Yeah. It arrived.|- But it's all wet.
Get it up!
- There we go.|- Whose turn is it?
The girl's turn.
I'm scared.|Come with me.
Get it up.
Come on.
Hold on.
- Going down.|- Slowly.
Go it down. Slowly.|Slowly.
Close to you I feel safety.
I wonder if it will be this|way with my future husband?
Ah? What do you think?
This... this guy Guccione,|how is he, ah? Is he...
is he blond? Or brunette?
- Or what?|- I don't know him.
The husband who I've dreamed|about has to be...
tall, strong, a good looking,|like you.
What's the matter with you, Gentleman?|I can feel your heart beating a lot.
- Stop it.|- The rope twisted, make something.
What can I do?
- Don't be afraid.|- No, I'm not afraid.
Hold on.|I take care of it.
Courage, you can jump.
The little safe.
My father, the Baron of Norcia, died|when I was nine years old.
My mother got married so,|married to a perverse man...
who, eager for my treasures,|gave me to his foreman...
that new how to use a knife|very well, to kill me.
But he didn't do it, he had pity on me|and abandoned me in the forest...
where I could survive myself.
And where I grew up free|and strong like a jaguar.
When I was 20 years old I went to the|castle to claim for what was mine...
however, my mother and my step-father|were dead...
after exterminate with|all the goods.
And when I said, I'm Brancaleone,|the unique legitimate heir...
of everything that they left to me, the|Policy Captain shouted: Yeah? So...
you'll pay the debts. Catch him.
Then, I took the sward, I hurt two of|the officers and I had to run.
Since then, I'm walking|around fighting.
Cover yourself. What are you doing?
- Crooked ones, what are you looking at?|- Why? Can't we look?
- No.|- I look.
- No, don't look, no.|- Ah! Let's look, yeah.
Because of the young lady|we are not going to...
Aurocastro, at least|she can amuse us.
- Besides, get out of my sight.|- You Pilatos of Bysantium how dare you?
- Go back to the lines.|- They are claiming because...
you're getting far away from Aurocasto|to take me to Nuts-Frog.
They are soldiers, they claim, but|accept my hard discipline.
- But they are full of right.|- What did you say?
You must get back|to your way.
What about you?
I'm gonna with you.
Scratch my back.
If you want me, I'll go.
We'll have great kids for the|new lineage of the Brancaleones.
I'll be your faithful wife and you,|a husband deep in love because...
I know that you love me as I love you.
I'll give you my pureness. I will.
Matelda! Matelda! I beg you, don't|tempt me, I gave my ward.
Don't take me to Guccione,|I don't want him. I want you.
Me, your little sheep,|take me, Leone.
- No, no.|- Nobody will have me, then.
Catch the girl.
Matelda, wait.|Matelda.
Stop, Aquilante.|It's an order.
Stop, it's an order.|Aquilante, stop, stop.
- Why don't you get some sleep?|- I'm not sleepy.
- Tomorrow you are not gonna sleep.|- Why not?
You'll be given to Guccione tomorrow.|The Brights make the night a day.
Go away.
- I didn't want Guccione.|- Ah?
And didn't he want you?
That damned asshole.
And he sword to keep|you pure.
But I want to|change this.
Matelda!|Matel... but...
Weren't you in a hurry|to take me to Guccione?
Well, I'm ready.
You sleep too much,|come on, hurry up.
Move, you lazy horse,|we got just one minute.
Look, over there.
- Cheers to the fiancée.|- Cheers.
- Cheers.|- But, why are we stopped in here?
We've to go right to the point.
Ah! Guccione invited us|to the wedding.
- I couldn't say no.|- Get my advice.
We'll go tomorrow.
Eat something to get your strength back.
Guccione is an obscene man.|And he'll be the first guy to catch...
- That flower.|- He can be not the first one.
- What did you say?|- No... it's that if you had caught...
the flower when she offered you...
Maybe you are right,|but what could I do?
We could get the road, pick up|our things and leave.
Ah! But, why the rush?|Have a drink.
We're gonna leave,|my sweet wife.
- Take my advice, let's go now.|- It wouldn't be correct.
- Isn't it time to stop drinking?|- I want to drink to forget.
So, let me drink, too.
Do you want a fruit?
Hey? I'm talking to you.
What's the matter with you?|Did you get nuts?
They went to the nuptial room,|the party is over, let's go.
It's over? It's not over,|it has just started.
The harm caused by love,|it's just cured by another one.
Sweety, what do you want to do now?|You want me to make love with you, ah?
You want to eat me. Right?
Bigstick, throw me another fruit.|A very ripe one.
Are you ready?
Look, I'm gonna eat you.
It's good! But not in front of|everybody. Let's go upstairs...
there is a room there just for us.
- Let's go.|- Not yet. The whole thing's starting.
Hold on everyone.
What is going on?
Tell me who did it?
- Who did what?|- Abused of her.
I want to know who did it.
- He.|- No! I swear to God.
Matelda! Matelda. How could you|say such a perverse thing...
when you felt on your own flesh|how is to keep a word?
- Catch him.|- Come on, my hero fellows...
Branca, Branca, Branca.
It's a painting.
Go back, you damned.|Or else, I'll put fire on you.
Army, over here.
Oh! Look out, I'm here.
Oh! Mercy, don't hurt me!
Brancaleone, over here!
Come on, my soldiers.|Branca, Branca.
Ah! Help! Help!
Don't hurt me.
Let me go.
And what about our coins|of gold that are with you?
Get out of here.|The money was given for what...
you haven't done. So, we've|confiscated them all. And you are...
lucky not to be killed. Get out,|or else you'll turn like your...
commander. As an example for all,|he'll stay in a cage...
for days, weeks, months, till he's|devoured by crows and falcons.
Get out of here, and don't come back.
Hey, commander, we are here. Come on.
Very good. You're loyal.|It's a merit.
- Do you know anything about Matelda?|- No. I hope she's dead.
- Take me out of here, come on.|- Let's see what we can do...
Stay there, for a while.
Go... come on, old man, help.|Come on.
Hey! Gush, how you weight,|you damned Christian.
No... don't put your hand. It's|gonna fall down, take your hands off!
- It's gonna fall down.|- It was stimulating.
Damned shot.|Open up. Come on.
- They can bite.|- Sure. Let's go to the trench.
- Let's cross the trench.|- Come on, come on. Go, go, go.
- Is it bottom?|- No, it's shallow, you can...
- Cross it.|- I trust in you.
Where is the forger?
- Why do you want a forger?|- To open a cage.
A job? He is on the bridge,|but go fast.
- One, one and a half, two, two and a...|- Hold on, hold on, Forger.
- What are you doing?|- Leave me alone.
- Hold him.|- What are you doing?
- I caught him.|- That's ok. I'll hold him.
I wanna die.
- She's cheating on me.|- Hold him, don't let him go.
I wanna die.
- A little more.|- My wife ran away...
with a soldier.
She's cheating on me.|I want to kill myself.
We made it.
- Are you thinking of her?|- Who else could it be?
- Take it, it's soft.|- Ah! Ah! Be aware.
Why did she do that?|It wasn't me that have abused of her.
You couldn't do that, when the woman|offers herself, it's dangerous to say no.
- She gets a revenge.|- I couldn't have her...
she was pure like a pigeon!
Of course she said yes to the|to the tricks of a villain.
If I put my hands on him,|I swear to God.
He only did what you must have done,|if you were an expert about woman.
I gave my ward to keep her pure.
Brancaleone da Norcia will never|injure a virgin.
- Virgin, she?! Maybe a piranha.|- How dare you?
Worm Bizantine. Liar. Dirty|snake. Cynical detractor.
I'm gonna spank you. I'm gonna catch|you. Wait till I catch you, ouch, ouch.
I'll catch you.
Oh, shit, not again.
This is the cage, open it up, fast|'cause we have to leave.
Hold this.
I hope we go, without stopping,|to Aurocastro.
I can't wait to get there,|to lay on a very soft place.
Do you think we'll have servants|to do the things for us there?
Servants?|Servants and more servants.
What are we waiting for, let's get|to the Fortress, I'm an old man...
and I'm always in pain.
I need to get some good sleep, good|food, a good drink and stay...
- Doing nothing.|- Yeah.
- Where are you going to?|- To the land of pleasure.
We're happy soldiers of the noble|Gentleman. Glorious Commander...
- And a fabulous hero. Come with us, too.|- When does he arrive, when?
- Who?|- The noble Gentleman.
The commander, the fabulous hero?
It's he.
What are you doing?
- Come back, where are you going?|- To the river, to the river.
- Don't do that.|- He's leaving.
Ask me to apology you,|you son of a piranha.
You are mad at me, you're suffering|because of the barefaced Matelda.
A thousand times cursed. Matelda was|the last ward that you...
spelled in your life.
Take that one.
I'll kill you.
What's this about? For Matelda?|Are they combating for her?
- You don't need to kill each other.|- What do you mean?
- I saw Matelda today. She was crying.|- Where did you see her?
In a car escorted by soldiers of the|Duke Guccione. She was going to a...
- Convent for the rest of her life.|- Aquilante.
To the convent...
Fast like a ray.
Damned stirrup!
- A foreigner is coming.|- Who let him get in?
Where are you?|Where are you?
Matelda?|I'm here.
I'm here, and so kind|that I say to you...
come with me. I don't want to know|who was the villain that abused of you.
Come with me, let's start|our lives again.
We'll have great kids, everything|as you wanted.
- No.|- I didn't understand the meaning...
- Of the last ward.|- Too late.
I have now a very|different husband.
What are you talking about?
I know I was very bad with you.
And I'm here to atone for what I did.|But now, I only can love Him...
- Forgive me, good-bye.|- Matelda?
Matelda, come with me,|or else I...
Will kill me? You can do that,|my mission will finish earlier.
Cut my head off.
Are you feeling something, milord?
Your Lord, my dear, suffered|a hard stroke.
He found his great love on the|dangerous way of weapons.
He had to resign|to keep his ward.
You know my dear, what happened|then? The pain...
that my heart had to hold up.
Now your commander, says to his|doctrine, do you know what's in this...
world the reward for the human|sacrifice? A kick in the ass.
From now on I'll be called|The Bitter Gentleman.
Or something like that.
You too?!
- Where are you going?|- This way.
- No, this way.|- Why that way?
- The wind comes from here.|- What does that mean?
- Nothing.|- Do you know where we are?
Beyond the jungle is my castle.|And I offer you again...
I pretend I'm your prisoner and|ask to my father the ransom in gold.
That's it, so, we can buy|clothes, weapons and some horses.
- Let's go scoria.|- That's okay...
then. Down there, there is|current water, we're gonna get to the...
Bizantine castle tidied as|this army has to be.
To the bath|dirty worriers.
You, and specially you,|to the bath.
Ah! I knew it.
- What a freak people. Who are they?|- The last dukes of Bysantium...
precious blood and very sick.|Hectic limbs, weak using the sward...
but fast using the dagger. People that|you better lose than found.
- What about that empty place?|- It's my father's.
- Time for his prayer, let's wait.|- Do you know what I'm gonna do?
Ask to your father a thousand of coins|of gold. Thinking again, two thousand.
- Who's that pale but appetizing lady?|- My sister.
No, not that one, the other one,|that looks like a piranha.
My mother.
What do you say about aunt Teodora?|She killed her husband with a poisoned...
- Dagger sending him directly to hell.|- Jesus Christ.
To please her lover.
Which one?
That one with the bowl.
- His name is Type.|- My goodness!
You have to drink it,|hot wine with spices.
Aren't you afraid of the pain?|I liked you.
You're welcome.
I'll cure your hand.
- Go! She's a great lover.|- What about type? Doesn't he mind?
Yes, he does.
- But, do you care?|- Of course not.
- So?|- I'm in charge of the negotiations.
But with respect, don't be too fast.
I'm going to take a big cash from them.
I'm Brancaleone|da Norcia.
Do you know to make love the same way|you know how to suffer the pain?
Yeah, but actually|a long time I...
Pleasure and pain...
are the same.
I don't know, maybe.
- Do you want to make it?|- Of course I want!
- Take off your clothes.|- Right now.
Come on, damned buckle.|It's gonna be this way. Let's make it.
Let's make it, let's make it.
- Make it, make it.|- What's that, woman? Are you crazy?
- Ouch, stop it, stop it.|- Take it, spank me, too.
- Ouch, I'm gonna take it, I go. Wait.|- Take it, go ahead.
- That's what you want? Right.|- That's it, spank me again.
You bizantine. Take it!|Do you like it? So, take it.
No, not on me! No!
- I love you.|- I love you.
Stop it!
Sancirilo Abacuc, master of finances|of Lord Brancaleone...
that made your son his prisoner,|after a combat, and the old people...
say great value, great price. And the|value of your son is great.
But, considering your tender heart of|a father, we'll ask you a lower value.
- Three thousand.|- Three thousand what?
- Coins of gold, no?|- No.
No? Are you letting your son|as a prisoner...
Submissive to hard works?
And abandoned, doesn't your heart|gets hurt as a father?
- We'll do it for two...|- No.
You can take him, and you can|spank him as you want...
- I'm gonna like it.|- It went wrong.
He's the shame of the family, the white|sheep, a thief and a tramp...
He is the bastard son I had with a|servant of mine against my will.
Neither a coin of gold, nor a|tin, he doesn't worth it.
That's right, but he is your son.|One thousand and everybody is happy.
You're the trashy accomplices of Scant?|If the bell rings for the third time...
and you aren't out of here you'll be|be killed by poisoned arrows.
Poisoned arrows. Look at them.
You bastard, I wish I've never|seen you before.
Wait. Abacuc, how much did you get?|Where are you going, ah?
Why are you running?|What's going on?
Take your weapons.|Betrayal, let's run away.
I cover the back.|Come on, hurry up. Come on.
Let's go, quickly.
- You should tell us you were a bastard.|- Neither I knew it.
- So, you're my relative.|- And mine, too.
Hold on. I see signal of smoke.|Watch out.
These lands are unknown and|wild. Two brave men are going...
to open the way. You stay here.|You go.
- A bear.|- Ah?
Did he make a fire?
It's not a daddy bear, by the head and|by the ears it looks like a mummy bear.
And a bear does that?
- Look.|- That guy is Decorum.
Let's go over there.
- Ah! What do you want?|- We thought you had died...
- Are you with the bear?|- Come on.
Go, go.
- Did you see her?|- Of course.
- Does she bite?|- No, she is gentle.
She found me in pieces,|and took care of me and...
took me to the cave|like she was my Godmother.
But I don't claim, one day I eat|chestnut, the other day, chicory...
or else a frog and I'm still alive.
So, let's go,|good luck.
No, wait, I'm going with you.
But, let's go slowly.
If she notice she's gonna eat us.
- She's like an animal. Come on.|- But...
Decorum, she is looking for you.
Go... go.
She is there.
- She is mad.|- Run away.
Be a good girl, I'm going with|my friends. I'll come back soon.
Help me! Wait for me.|Help.
Hold on.|We'd better stay here.
Be careful.
Yeah, old man, you found a good|excuse for not walk.
I'm very sick.|Little Christians, I'm really bad.
No, what bad? You're|just a little ill.
Soon you'll get strong again,|listen to the old Branca.
My time is over, I know it.
I already don't have|the pain on my foot.
- I'm tired.|- Abacuc...
But if it's what you say,|I think you're gonna be okay.
I don't know if you die, you'll go|to our Christian paradise.
Or of your people, or|of the God you've had before.
For sure, I believe that|it'll be better than the life...
- We are having here.|- I think so, too.
You are not going to be cold,|neither hot.
Neither hungry, nor thirsty.
- Neither spanks.|- Nor scares.
You'll have a heaven always beautiful.|Birds and flowered trees.
Angels that will give you big breads,|cheeses, wine and milk.
And they'll say: do you want, old man?|Eat. Do you want more? Take it. Eat...
drink till you get satisfied.
Sleep, sleep.
Lucky old man!
Hold on.
Look, men, look.
That is Aurocastro!
Look it now, men of a little faith.
It's a sound!
The sound of the ring of Zoneone,|you abandoned too early the happiness.
The monk's back.
Who are you talking about?|Who's this monk?
Get on your knees.
- It's a cow!|- A cow! A cow.
A cow! God doesn't want you|to suffer anymore. Branca, Branca.
Citizens of Aurocastro, open up the|gates for your Lord...
that came by imperial will|to guide you, to protect you and...
to administrate you, open it up|for Brancaleone...
da Norcia and Aurocastro|and for his army.
I'm Quarentino, an ancient of this|village, this is the key of the city.
Follow me to the Fortress and I'll|show you what belongs to you. Come on.
- One moment, the lmperial possession.|- You don't need to. You'll read it later.
Your coming make us happy.|It's the end of the time of favors.
And they are not a few. Come on,|we can't waist the time.
Here it's the cellar. We've left|a little wine in there.
We'll drink.
We are all happy,|with your presence.
Now that you are here, show us that you|are brave men. Are you seen something?
A black flag.
It's the damned ones, they are back.|Like every year...
for a new pillage. Give them a|lesson so, they are never coming...
back here to rob anymore.
Thank you, Gentleman, and to you and|to the Great Lord of Saxon...
that nominated you, go fighting our|defenders, attack with violence...
those sanguinary. Fight and God|be with you. With all of you.
But... what sanguinary?
The Saracen!
It's explained now what is written|in that parchment...
"The black danger|that comes from the sea".
It's the Saracen pirates that|come every year from the sea to...
- Sack.|- It had to end up this way, I was an...
- Idiot to follow you.|- Old Branca, we got screw.
Friends, brothers, soldiers, there's|only one thing to do: To run away!
What are you saying, Mangotree?
We have only one thing to do:|to fight!
This is our Fortress, they are people|that are trusting on us and...
put their hopes on us.
We deserve the title|we came here to have.
Bigstick, I nominated you,|"Primus Milis."
The squad of yours, will have|Captain Teofiltall, and...
and below Mangotree,|"Millis Simplicius".
Vito, I want to give you a proof|of my esteem. With a good news...
I nominated you, Master of Weapons.
We have to be firm till|night to discourage the...
enemy and encourage the peasants|to come back, to fight and to win.
The Saracen are coming.|Run away!
- They are going to put the gate down.|- It's a little rotten.
Don't be afraid, men.
I have a plan that will|exterminate the enemy.
Let's see.
Take off the board that|cover the cellar.
Aquilante, where are you?|Where are you? I have a job for you.
Get these ropes, hooks and pulleys|prepared. Aquilante, come here.
Take it easy. The gate can take|the first strokes. Calm down.
Calm down.
Hey, you. What are you seen?
- They are starting it over.|- Ah! That's what I need.
Prepare a great quantity|of rocks.
It will have their function|when the moment comes.
And now listen to me. The Saracen'll|throw themselves with a big arch, right?
He's going to resist. But the gate's|going to open like the arms of...
a lover, and the Saracen,|pushed by their own...
- Strength, will fall into the trench.|- Do you think that the horse is gonna...
pull the rope that opens the gate|to your command?
Bigstick, get your sling ready.
The useless horse hit by the|projectile of our slinger...
is gonna move, for sure.
Master Vito, be alert. Listen,|are you seen the gate?
- It's only what I can see.|- That's enough.
When you see they opening the gate|and falling into the trench...
to close the trench...
you cut the rope with your|vigorous sward.
Take it, did you hear me?
I heard you very well.
Decorum, you'll put fire to the ray|and you'll throw it into the trench...
to burn the infidels. Teofiltall|and Mangotree get prepared...
stretch the arrow. The plan was|elaborated very carefully. Now...
I'm going to tell you how to move|precisely and in order.
Go, Bigstick.
Keep on alert, my hero.
Till now, you are covered by shit,|cover yourself with glory now.
- Commander?|- What happened?
- It wasn't my fault.|- Decorum, Mangotree...
- What happened? What's going on?|- Help me.
- Give me the hand.|- Put all your strength, that's it.
- Damned asshole.|- What a hell darkness is that?
Open up. We are going to close the|lines again. Open up.
Vito, the heavens are gonna|curse you. Open up.
I barely know them!
My beautiful river, my pretty anvil.
- Damned parchment.|- And damned Moorish that came...
- From the sea.|- No more crying.
You always lived like women,|try at least to die...
like men.
You call this die like a man?
- Did you see, Teofiltall? Look!|- Who are they?
Christians soldiers.
- They arrived on time.|- Come on, my rescuers.
- Cheers for the Christendom!|- They came to save us.
Carefully, carefully, brothers.
Don't cut the rope.
We thank our Holy Mother.
God bless you, Gentleman,|thank you very much.
- You saved us, God bless.|- I'm your slave.
Glorious Gentleman, without you,|I won't be here now to thank you...
and shaking your hands and|all your men.
Brancaleone da Norcia.
Master and owner of Aurocastro.|Their vineyards and their cattle.
I ask your permission, my dear Lord,|to have you here as hosts...
to eat and to drink|in my castle.
Nice end.
It's not the end you should claim,|but the beginning.
I was deceived by|that parchment.
It's true. It's our fault,|if we're here now...
forgive us, Brancaleone.
Is it use now to demand? We need|to love and to forgive at death's time.
We need to love and to forgive.
Listen, Brancaleone,|I wasn't a good guy for you too...
- And I want to confess my faults.|- You don't need to, brother.
We arrived at this point, no way out.|We need to love and to forgive...
at death's time.
We need to love and to forgive.
I ask for your forgiveness.
It was me that abused of Matelda.
You disgraceful traitor.|You dirty man.
You crappy bizantine.|I'm going to exterminate you...
I'm going to exterminate you, damned.
- The bells of Zoneone.|- It's a cow, a cow.
Shut up.
- It's him!|- It's Zoneone. Zoneone.
- Brother.|- Who's that?
- Zoneone.|- Zoneone, Zoneone!
Hold on, I don't know who you're|and why you want to burn the men.
- That's it, monk.|- But their lives belong to me...
- We belong to you.|- Listen to me, Saint Man...
- They are traitors and deserve to die.|- Yes, they do...
As all of us.|But their lives are not yours...
but of the Lord that is in|heaven, and He said that...
it'll be pure who'd purify the impure.
- I want to be pure.|- All of them swore to go with me...
to the Holy Land, to fight against the|infidel, and nobody can...
take any man from the lines that wants|to die happy for the Saint Sepulcher.
Keep on your knees, Christians.
- On your knees.|- Obey, obey.
- That's the way God wants.|- Obey.
Ah! I never doubted you.
Come on, my faithful animal.
Give me the sward.
Well, my brave men, leave|all the discouragement behind you...
chest out...
stand up the weapons, flags up,|self confidence...
and let's forget Aurocastro, across|the sea blood and glory...
are waiting for us, like the wolf that|attacks and the lion that goes ahead...
we keep walking till the Holy Land.|Branca, Branca, Branca.
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Angels With Dirty Faces 1938
Angels of the Universe
Anger management
Anglaise et le duc La (Rohmer Eric 2001)
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Anne Frank - The Whole Story CD1
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Annie Hall 1977
Anniversary Party The
Another 48 Hours
Another Heaven CD1
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Antwone Fisher
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Anywhere But Here
Aoi Haru
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Apocalypse Now - Redux
Apollo 13 CD1
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Apollo 13 CD3
Appartement Le 1996 CD1
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Appleseed 2004
April Fools Day
Apsolutnih Sto
Aragami (2003)
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Architekten Die 1990
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Aristocats The
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Armata Brancaleone Le
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Aro Tolbukhin En la Mente del Asesino (Agustin Villaronga 2002)
Around The World In 80 Days 2004 CD1
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Around The World In 80 Days CD1
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Arsene Lupin
Arsenic And Old Lace 1944
Art Of War The
Arven (2003) CD1
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As Long As My Feet Will Carry Me CD1
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As bodas de Deus (1998) CD1
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Asterix In Britain 1986
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Astonishing (2004)
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Atlantis Milos Return 2003
Atlantis The Lost Empire
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