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Subtitles for Around The World In 80 Days 2004 CD2.

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Around The World In 80 Days 2004 CD2

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You look troubled.
I cannot keep lying to Mr. Fogg.
You did what you had to.
The fate of your village|is of far greater...
importance than any bet|Phileas has made.
If he loses, all it will cost|him is some money and pride.
No. Mr. Fogg will lose|much more than that.
What do you mean?
My village!
Your village?
I mean... "My, what a village!"
It's beautiful!
We do need to stop and re-supply
but we must be off by morning.
Lau Xing, Lau Xing.
Lau Xing, you have returned!
That's quite a welcome.
Do these people know him?
It must be their custom,
the way they welcome all strangers.
Lau Xing!
Children, please give my friends|the same greeting.
My son, you are home!
Who is that man?
He's my valet.
I am so proud of you.
My son has a valet! How happy I am!
We must celebrate that|Lau Xing has returned.
His valet will cook a|big feast for us.
It's beautiful.
You are very talented.
Thank you!
You need more blue.
Absolutely fascinating.
Absolutely vile.
Welcome home, Lau Xing.
Your brothers will be proud.
The whole notion of a lighter-than-air|craft cannot work...
unless you can harness the power of|helium or hydrogen, which
I couldn't have put it better myself.
As for this English man
do you think such an|association is wise?
I promise you, he's the most|disciplined man I've ever met.
The crane! The monkey!
The snake!
And of course, the eagle!
Phileas? I made this for you.
"That's very, very good."
What does this say?
You have returned our sacred Buddha.
It has brought hope back to our village.
Thanks to your courageous efforts...
we will live in.
I believe I've had quite enough.
Thanks to your courageous efforts...
we will live in peace and...
Thanks to your courageous efforts...
we will live in peace and harmony...
and for that we are eternally grateful.
I'm going to be abominably ill.
I want to die. Please kill me.
Dear Father... I will find|the fastest way to China.
"Mr. Fogg, I was going to tell you."
This is your family.
My name's not Passepartout.
It's Lau Xing.
I robbed the Bank of England.
You robbed the Bank of England?
"Not for gold or money|but for the Jade Buddha."
It was stolen from our village.
He had no other choice.
This was his only way to get home.
You knew about this?
"I have nothing but respect|for you, Mr. Fogg."
Then respect my deductive reasoning.
You have both used me...
"you to escape to China"
and you to travel the world to|further your Impressionistic humbug.
Your overtures of comradeship|or friendship or...
All of it was just a means to|ensure I would take you along.
"My entire life, I got along|splendidly by myself.'
"You've been pebbles in my shoes
slowing me down|endangering my life!"
Risking everything|I've ever lived for!
You knew that.
Don't let him go.
He'll be lost by midnight.
"More of your relatives, I suppose."
You can just forget about a reference.
"I beg a thousand pardons, Mr. Fogg."
What's he screaming about?
"He is saying:"
"Please let me go. I am bored."
Why is he imprisoned?
Urinating in public.
At least he had the decency|to be forthcoming about it.
Is there anything you've told me|that's even remotely true?
I really can sing.
"Oh, good. Here comes Mister Grumpy|and the Leatherettes."
Where is the Jade Buddha?
You are better off killing me.
You have nerve.
But are your comrades so brave?
Your threats don't frighten me.
Nor does your silly bracelet.
Alright. It's not silly.
I spit on you!
France spits on you!
Vive Lanzhou!
Your turn will come soon enough.
Leave them alone. Fight me!
Yes. Fight him!
Let's see how ferocious you really are.
That's cheating!
Look out! There!
Behind you!
No! Take them!
You savages!
"Phileas, help him!"
Watch out on the right!
"No, my right."
Stop helping me!
Where is Passepartout?
How is he getting on?
"I wouldn't say he's winning
but I think he's doing alright."
Go home to Mama.
What took you so long?
I had to finish my lunch.
Wong Fei Hung.
Surely you are not foolish enough|to take on all my men by yourself.
Ten Tigers!
Kill them!
Execute the prisoners!
I want their heads on pikes!
"What time is it, Phileas?"
Merci. You're welcome.
Promise me the Black Scorpions|will never come back to Lanzhou.
These are my brothers and sister:|The Ten Tigers.
But there are only nine.
Including me.
They're real.
The legend was true.
Mr. Fogg...
"Passepartout|or whatever your name is
save your apologies."
"He risked his life|for what he believes in.
If anyone understands|that, you do."
Please ensure Miss Larouche|gets home safely.
This should be adequate.
I believe this is your veil.
I will never dress|like a woman again.
Please let me help|you win your bet.
I have secured the services|of a more reliable gentleman.
Give me a minute.
You never learn!
Perhaps I'll just travel alone.
The most modern city in the world.
Finally... civilization.
Excuse me? Pardon me?
Can anyone direct me to the|Pacific Railroad Station?
"I'm so sorry, sir.
I'm such a rutabaga sometimes."
"Oh, no. Please.
It's my fault entirely."
I think I sprained my knee.
I should find you a physician.
There's a kind old doctor who has|an office just around the corner.
Excellent. I'll get him for you.
Thank you. There should be more|people like you in this world.
Can you imagine Phileas alone|in a place like this?
I'm sure he's fine.
Alms. Alms.
Alms for the poor.
You've already got arms.
It's money you need.
I can't even scrounge proficiently.
Cheer up!
You've just got to figure|out what'll work for you.
What makes you different from them?
I am hungry and miserable.
No. You stink.
Your stink is your most powerful|weapon in your begging arsenal.
Watch this.
"Hey! Give me some money, please."
Sure. Just don't touch me.
You stink!
That guy smells|like a dead horse!
"I'm not proud of it.
It's simple, yet effective."
You try. Go on.
I've got faith in you.
Excuse me.
I'm not gonna lie to you.
That's gonna happen|about half the time.
It's a volume business.
Hunk of cheese?
"Yes, I..."
Maybe later.
What are those drawings?
You some kind of devil worshipper?
Don't you be putting a hex on me!
I'll cut you!
I'm an inventor.
That's nice.
"Or rather, I was."
And one day I will build a|machine that will allow men to fly.
Flying men? Where?
Where are the flying men?
They're over there.
"The birdmen are coming!
Hey, Louie!
The birdmen are coming!"
I traveled the world|for inspiration...
and found it in a man|who lives what he dreams.
Passepartout! Monique!
Mr. Fogg.
You crossed the Pacific Ocean... for me?
We will help you win your bet.
I will never let you down.
Why would you do this?
"Because you are our friend.
And perhaps, more."
"More with her.
You and me|we just stay good friends."
I can offer you something
much more precious|than a single Jade Buddha.
Beneath Lanzhou are a series|of untapped Jade reserves.
"If the town were to be overrun|those reserves would be ours."
"I see. However
should Phileas Fogg win|this race, I will have..."
neither the power nor the|means to hand over any arsenal.
Then I will see to|it personally that
Mr. Fogg's journey is cut short.
Very well.
Let us consider our deal to be.
"Still, it's a|first-rate idea, sir."
What's this thing here|blocking my Jade reserves?
That will certainly have|to be demolished.
"But that is the Great|Wall of China, sir."
It's not that great.
Passepartout went|to get help hours ago.
What if he's lost or?
Don't fret.
Passepartout's a keen warrior|with impeccable survival instincts.
He will return with|help and we will
board our train in|Reno with time to spare.
Perhaps I'm being a|little optimistic. Help us!
A rattlesnake!
We're going to die!
Good morning.
"Hey, crazy English"
"cowboy wannabe man."
How about going..."
and being crazy someplace else.
You're blocking the path.
"Wilbur, it's him."
I'll be damned.
"Mr. Fogg, my name is Orville Wright."
"This is my brother, Wilbur.
We're big fans of yours."
Fan's a strong word.
Better way to say it|is we've got a lot...
of money riding on|you to win your bet.
You gonna win it?
We're gonna use our|winnings to build this.
"Orville, maybe now's not the time.
Let me explain it to Mr. Fogg."
You've got to forgive my brother.
He's got his head up in the clouds.
He's one of these sad dreamers.
Thinks one day man'll go...
swooshing around the planet
like a hummingbird|flying through the air.
"We're all gonna fly, Orv!
He thinks so, too."
It's really sad. I'm sorry.
He's kind of a moron.
He's mastered the cable|steering system!
The drag and lift ratio!
This is brilliant!
Thank you.
"That's what I've been saying
but Orville doesn't|listen to me!"
All that stuff you|said about mastering the...
that's exactly...
what I say!
"You've got to have faith in me
no matter how crazy big|brother's dreams sound."
But you told me never to you've|got to speak up to support me.
Excuse me. Have you come across|our friend on your way here?
Who are we looking for?
I notice everything.
You mean the crazy|half-naked Chinese
guy we saw running around?
"Singing "Frere Jacques"?
He had a cow skull on his head?
He's in the back of our wagon.
Passepartout! You're alive!
"Is that you, Grandma?"
"Goodbye! Go win the bet!
No pressure, but|you've got to win it!"
"You see, to get|the real classy dames
you've got to invent stuff'.
I did.
"I did? What's with the"
"I did"?
We're The Wright Brothers.
We did.
"Fogg, never gonna make it!"
New York! New York!
"So much to see, so little time!"
Our steamer for England|leaves in ten minutes!
"Go, go, go!"
We're never going to make it!
Phileas Fogg?
"Would you autograph|this for me, please?
It's for the wife."
This business about me|robbing the Bank of England.
I'm from Ireland.
Nice going.
The boat? Follow me.
I know a shortcut.
Make a lane!
Where are we?
That's a big man!
It is a lady! A French lady.
She looks like an evil|Chinese warlord to me.
Your journey has caused quite a stir.
But I'm afraid it ends here.
"Leave them alone, Fang.
This has nothing to do with them."
"On the contrary, Lau Xing."
Lord Kelvin and I have made|new arrangements to conquer Lanzhou.
"Unfortunately for Mr. Fogg|they entail his permanent detour."
"I knew Kelvin was duplicitous
but to align himself with|such a little scoundrel... "
"Alright, you're not a scoundrel!
But you are quite small!"
As in petite.
But most definitely lethal|and generally very scary.
One... two...
Go! Three!
Go up there!
Stop them!
Passepartout! My cane!
There you are!
There's a knife in|your right buttock!
It's the evil Chinese warlord!
She is coming!
The boat!
Up there! Hurry! Go!
"Go, Mr. Fogg!
There's not much time!"
Wait! What am I thinking?
Passepartout can't defeat them alone.
He's nine Tigers short.
I do believe you are|becoming the man of my dreams.
"When this is over
let's hope the arms and|legs of the man of your dreams..."
are still attached to the torso...
of the man of your dreams.
You have failed to stop him.
Then your death will have to suffice.
Let go of me!
The book!
It's going to fall!
How can we save...?
I will save him!
Get her! Mr. Fogg...!
You're alive! Are you injured?
Rules are made to be broken.
Or stabbed by a spiky shoe.
"Mr. Fogg, you missed the ship.
You will lose your bet."
At least I didn't lose a friend.
You must be the eleventh Tiger.
Let's go.
We must catch the next ship.
It would never|reach London in time.
No. We are not giving up!
I almost died! You almost died!
We take the next|ship and win that bet!
Very well.
Let's go.
"It's no use.
By those calculations|I'm still behind by one day."
"Phileas, there|must be some way!"
"Phileas Fogg on my boat?
What an honor, sir!"
I have quite a|penny wagered on you.
The wife's not|too happy about it.
But she hasn't cracked a smile
since the day that|shark almost devoured me.
Got them both in one bite.
It's Inspector Fix!
He made it around the|world before Fogg!
"I came back from India|the short way, you ninny!"
I take it you don't have|Phileas Fogg in that valise.
"A little Jade Buddha, perhaps?"
Mr. Fogg?
I'm sorry to say we've|burnt the last of the coal.
But I've had a word with the crew...
and all of them have|agreed to burn their shoes.
"I appreciate that
but we're not even close.
We've only gained 6 hours."
Even shoes cannot help us now.
There must be something we can do.
That's it. I've got it.
Excellent idea!
We'll burn birds!
No. We'll fly to London!
We'll simply follow the...
laws of physics mastered|by the birds millennia ago...
and combine it with the Wright Brothers'
ingenious cable steering system.
Most people would laugh at you.
But not us.
We care about you.
"Captain, I'm afraid|I have to ask permission... "
to dismantle your ship|to build this flying machine.
"Dismantle Carmen?
But she's my livelihood"
my most loyal companion!
What if I could direct|you to an impeccable physician...
who could replace both|your nipples at my expense?
And I will give you enough|money to buy a brand new ship.
You had me at the nipples.
"Cornelius, fetch my tool kit now!"
I'll go sharpen the... propeller.
Wrong way. Not looking.
The Greenwich Time Zone.
The last time I shall|set my watch ahead.
Shall we fly?
Mr. Fogg...
Inspiring words.
Very well.
Prepare for take-off.
"Yes, sir."
"Mr. Fogg, are you sure?"
How the hell are|we getting back?
You did it! We are flying!
"My God, it's magical!"
Better than your dreams?
Better than my dreams.
Don't forget to steer!
"Telegram from General Fang, sir."
We're going to make it!
Is this alright?
"Oh, dear. It's exactly|like a dream I had."
You dreamed of winning the race?
"No, of crashing to my death."
Don't worry. I'm going to get it.
Look up there!
It's a flying machine!
Don't step on the wing!
Rumor is a flying machine|is heading for the Royal Academy...
our bike thief at the pedals.
Some people will believe anything.
A flying machine is heading|towards the Royal Academy!
The bike thief is pedaling!
See what I mean?
Well done!
The wing ropes!
Just a minor setback!
Another minor setback!
This is a major setback!
A flying machine is heading|for the Royal Academy of Science...
and witnesses swear that|it's Fogg at the controls...
3 minutes until noon.
"Go faster, Passepartout!"
We're losing altitude!
Landing gear?
That would have been|an excellent idea!
The birdmen are coming!
I will not lose this wager!
He's not to reach the top step!
Get the police!
I want Phileas Fogg arrested the moment|his feet touch British soil!
Stupid! You're hurting my ear!
I'm sorry!
Get back in your seat!
We're going to return to the ground.
"Stop, Kitchner!
Hold your ground!
Why are they all fleeing?"
You have to make|it to the top step!
"Ah, New Zealand.
We didn't go there."
Arrest them!
They robbed the Bank of England!
Where is your proof?
This is the Royal Academy of Science!
We don't need to prove anything!
"Besides, by the time|you get out of jail
you'll have lost the wager."
We did our best.
Get out of my way!
I used to be somebody important!
I should have thrown|him through a higher window.
Get rid of this buffoon!
Buffoon? This is|the thanks I get...
for going halfway around|the world to stop Fogg for you?
He also sent a Chinese|warlord to kill Phileas Fogg!
That's true! He did!
Lies! All of it!
Kitchner! Tell them!
"Uh, well, um|the thing of it is"
"Mumbling moron.
translate Kitchner's incoherent blather."
"I, he, I... Yes!"
"Uh, the thing of it is...
I don't want to make a fuss about..."
You spineless cretins!
That man stuck me with|quills! Bunches of them.
Yes! Lord Kelvin's a bully!
"It is true!
I hate to admit it
but I'm a battered Lord!"
Boo hoo! So what if I did|try to kill Phileas Fogg?
What are you gutless|peons going to do about it!
I hold all the power!
I run everything!
So which of you halfwits is|going to stop me?
You? You? You?
The Queen!
"Ohhhh, the Queen!"
That inbred antiquated old cow.
The only way she could stop me...
is if she sat on me...
"with her big, fat, Royal bottom!"
"She's behind me, isn't she?"
Your Majesty...
I have apprehended the culprits|who robbed the Bank of England.
"No, Majesty! It's not true!"
I love being able to do that.
"So, Lord Kelvin...
unsportsmanlike conduct..."
attempted murder...
trading my arsenal for Buddhas...
How did you know about that?
"Admit it!
You've been a naughty boy|haven't you?"
Your Majesty...
There is an explanation|for all of this.
What it was... was...
I was simply... simply...
Why do they always run?
Arrest him!
Unhand me!
Don't you know who I am?
I am no Phileas Fogg!
So is this Phileas Fogg's|miraculous flying invention?
"Your Majesty, we all invented it."
I'm very impressed.
And that doesn't happen often.
Thank you!
But still we failed to|help Phileas win his bet.
"I'm sorry, Phileas."
"Don't be, ma cherie."
I saw the world...
I learned of new cultures...
"I flew across an ocean.
I wore women's clothing... "
made a friend...
fell in love...
Who cares if I lost a wager?
I do! I've got twenty|quid riding on you.
"But Your Majesty|it is past twelve noon."
Which gives you|24 hours remaining.
Could we have miscounted?
No. I moved Mr. Fogg's watch|ahead one hour at each time zone.
The International Date Line!
"We set our watches forward|at 24 time zones, so... "
here it's still... day 79!
So we've...? We've won!
We've won! Thank God!
"Your Majesty,|I apologize. Forgive me."
"Go and win your bet, Mr. Fogg."
I shall need a new|Minister of Science.
"Of course, Your Majesty."
Shall we?
Yes! We won!
Well done.
Go ahead.
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Atlantis The Lost Empire
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