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Arsene Lupin

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Rear leg fouette!
Watch your guard!
Come back.
Rear leg foutte, lead leg chasse!
Don't be too hard. He's a boy.
Arsene, don't be too hard on your dad!
On gourd!
Rear leg foutte!
Once more!
As my sister, you deserver better
than a penniless man with na title,
and a ridiculous name.
Henrjette Lupin! Sounds dreadful!
I almost forgot his occupation:
kickboxing instructor!|He has everything to...
To please me? He has what matters.
And I make the most of it.|Few get that.
On guard, go on!
Come back!
You think I'm right handed...
until I become left handed.
You looked away:|I made the most of it.
Distract your opponent.
Remeber that,|and no one will defeat you!
Theophraste Lupin!
On guard!
You're under arrest!
Come with us!
- Stay there.|- Don't touch my son!
Arsene, duck!
Stop, or I'll shoot!
Duke, tell him Theophraste|isn't a thief.
"Tell him"!|It's not that simple.
The facts speak for themselves.
Your husband dishonored our family.
We must talk it over.
I can't keep you here after this...
Out of my way!
My ancestor was|Queen Marie-Antoinette's lover.
She gave him her necklace.
- Know how she died?|- Beheaded.
They'll cut off your dad's hands:|he's a thief.
I hate the Dreux-Soubise!
Listen carefully, Arsene.
You're a thief's son.|But I only stole
from the rich and the power ful.|Or from crooks!
Like the Dreux-Soubise.
Their ancestor stole|the Queen's necklace.
Stealing from thieves,|that's what I love best!
But be careful, burglary isn't a game.
It's a passion you must control.
Try to stay out of jail.
And the younger you start...
I knew you'd succeed.
I'm proud of you.
Take care of your mom;|now you head the house.
Take me along. I'll help you!
One day, you will.
Hurry, Arsene!
We're off.
What's going on?
Move on, it's ugly.
Where are you going? Arsene!
The kid!
Move on, kid!
Wait for me!
15 years later.
You clumsy fool!
You're fired!|When we dock, find a new job!
Please, I have a baby to feed.
And I a reputation to preserve!
Let go of me!
That was for your reputation!
Now let's talk about mine.
Rauol d"andresy, Customs Division.
My fondest duty|is checking ships' kitchens.
There's always a few illegals
peeling potatoes.
And if there aren't any.|I invent some. I'm imaginative.
Please accept my apologies, sir.
I can't use them.
But the young lady could...
Forgive me, Suzanne.
How can I thank you, sir?
I should thank you, young lady.
So you've come from Africa?
Don't say|you were in the Foreign Legion?
- My, a Legionnaire?|- You're husky, tanned...
- That's hardly proof.|- Your eyes...
My eyes?
They're hard for someone your age.
As if you'd become a man too soon.
Or a thief.|That's who I'm after tonight.
There's one on this ship.
- I'll catch him before we dock.|- A thief? Here?
My God, how exciting.
- What kind of thief?|- A jewel-thief.
Amazing, isn't it?
Stay close to me,|in case he plunders mine.
Have no fear,|my eyes will never leave you.
Stop, thief! My jewels are gone!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I'll introduce myself:|Raoul D'Andresy, Customs Division.
Shorlly, we'll reach Le Havre.
The police have been told|of this thief.
Ale the exits are blocked,|he can't escape.
Let's relax|until the police get here.
Ang give this new year|a warm welcome!
Bravo, and thanks again.
I'm off.
- Bye.|- Good night.
Your necklace!
Stop, thief!
Catch him!
He's on the rear deck.
Stop or I'll shoot!
Captain, visiting hours are over!
One of your pensioners|is Henriette lupin.
I have a warrant to arrest her son.
He may have tried to conrtact her.
Arsene Lupin. You know him?
No, but Madame Lupin|is in poor health.
Her heart is weakening.|Keep is short.
Is it you?
I couldn't write, forgive me.
- I have lots to tell you.|- The murder, Arsene...
I know the truth.
Don't believe what they say.
I'll never kill anyone.
I meant your father.
The murderer came to see me...
The police! Hide fast!
Henriette Lupin's room.
This way.
Henriette Lupin,
- by order of the Prosecutor...|- Get out!
I hate your uniforms!
I'm innocent!
You hear? I'm innocent! Like my son!
Get a doctor, fast!
Her heart is fading!
Let her breathe!
She may have said that,
but her mind|had become unreliable.
My father's murderer|brought those lupins
and confessed his crime.|She tried to tell me.
All that's past now.
Make a fresh start, move on.
I can help you.
Who are you to speak this way?
The truest friend you'll meet.
first a need a job.
- I earn my living!|- Emptying pockets?
My father adores kickboxing.|You could coach him.
Your father?
Admit you'd love|to teach him a lesson!
Then we're...
Your cousin Clarisse.
Tell me I've changed,|I'd love that.
Dear Mr D'Andresy,|give me all you've got.
All I've got?
Don't be soft on me.|So I know where I stand.
I'll do my best.
I'm glad I fried my coach.
You're hired!
My daughter|will show you your quarters.
They're modest,|but you'll be one of us.
It's been empty since you left.
Just to tide you over...
I don't need tiding over.
I wish I'd given your father|that lesson sooner.
- Now, farewell.|- Sorry, I thought I did right.
- I don't appeal to you?|- You won't get the upper hand...
Maybe you don't like women.
Give it back, it was Mother's!
Fine. I never liked her.
I hate you. Go away!
You don't know what you want.
I know.
It's all I know.
Why that name, "Raoul D"Andresy"?
Arsene Lupin...
Isn't that better?
Arsene Lupin|or Raoul D'Andresy, who cares?
If you land on your feet, like a cat!
- Cats have nine lives.|- I'll have many more.
Is there room in one for me?
Nothing's impossible.
Look at us: a moment ago,|you wanted to slap me.
And now...
You're the best thing|that happened to me in ten years.
"Ad lapidem curebat olim regina."
"The queen ran toward the stone."
'The first letters are clues.|The 8th star is divine."
- Someone's in here!|- You're edgy. Calm down.
Until we've dealt with her,|we're not safe.
This time, she won't escape.
Let's get it over!
Jumieges Abbey!
Drive, coachman!
A miracle!
Rouen Cathedral!
A cathedral for a crucifix.
The 3rd crucifix will soon be ours.
Our efforts will be crowned!
You shall be crowned, Majesty!|Long live the King!
Death to the Republic!
The treasure will be yours, too.
I'll remember|the sacrifices you made.
Without you,|nothing was possible.
Bring in the prisoner.
Josephine Balsamo, Countess Cagliostro,
do you admit you stole this crucifix
to find the Royal Treasure?
It's her!
I recognize her!
Her face hasn't changed|in 30 years! She's a demon!
No, a virtuous woman:|after 30, a face mirrors the soul.
You can't tell, but it's so obvious.
To find the first crucifix,
30 years ago,|this creature tortured our friend,
the Cardinal!
Once you didn't call me that!
Only sweet nothings|when we were lovers!
Don't listen! She's a born liar!
You, make-believe monarch,
what of the fiery letters you wrote me?
Don't torment that woman!|I'm to blame!
I gave her the crucifix you wanted.
I broke the pact that bound me to you.
Do you recognize the missionary
you poisoned,|once he'd tasted your charms?
If I'd poisoned him, he'd be dead.
Of ecstasy, if he'd tasted me!
You're hypocrisy,|baseness, treason, vice!
Every sin hides behind your smile.
Enough, Bennetot!
Those for Josephine Balsamo's death,|raise your hand!
What do you say in your defense?
It cannot be said in words.|Not your words.
Death to the poisonous beast!
Justice will be carried out at once!
You just sentenced yourselves.
Pray to God, Madame!
Why, since you think I'm immortal?
Take her away!
Your Excellence!
I confessed.|Let me be your servant again.
I'll defend your cause,|body and soul.
Two for, two against.
Beaumagnan, you're excluded.
Untie me! I'm innocent!
I'm not a witch...
Josephine Balsamo...
Who are you?
What world are you from?
Now what? Be brief,|this evening exhausted me.
I undersatand.
Only you can'convince them|to reinstate me in the Brotherhood.
That decision was voted,|you saw it!
I saw Bonnetot's refusal|to forgive me!
But you're a man of the church.
Even dead, that Creature|still bewitches you!
Get up, my friend.|My decision is final.
you'll thank me for it.
I won't give you time for that.
What are you doing?
Don't say anything.|I'd rather not know.
I may not be the man|you're waiting for.
Right, his name is Arsene Lupin.
He's tearless,|and proud of his name.
You're not him yet.
When Raoul D'Andresy's dead.|I'll know.
Then I'll be yours, Arsene.
Take me photogragh.
Never blush when you gaze at it.
Tell D'Andresy one last thing.
Where is your father?
The Cardinal's murder saved you'll.
What's this slur?
You know very well.
Enough, Bonnetot!
The Cardinal's death|was an accident!
Hello, miss. Are you an actress?
How did you know?
It's so obvious.|Are you going to Rouen?
To try for a part in "Berenice",|starring Sarah Bernardt!
- You're in luck.|- Really?
The 3 men in the next compartment,
work in Sarah Bernardt!
The next compartment?
They need an ingenue|for her next play.
It's your big break!
Hurry, Bonnetot!|A doctor is needed.
Go on!
Make way, he's a doctor.
An epileptic fit!
Get my doctor's bag, it's next door.
Do I get the part?
What part?
Where's Josephine?|You have ten seconds.
Two are enough. I don't know.
Liar! Last night, you saved her!
Your name?
Out of my way!
"The Creature id dead!" Rubbish!
Why did you do it?
Risking your life|for me twice is unusual!
I'm unusual.
- Don't jest. Your price?|- Beyond your means!
But one night with you,
and half the treasure you covert
- would suit me.|- Are you always like this?
Only with lovely centenarians.
You were in Jumieges Abbey.
The prosecutors were impressive,
but the defense weak.|So I intervened.
You believed what you heard?
Everything!|Don't spoil my faith in miracles.
What miracle?|I'm the image of my mother, that's all.
Know how the Devil finds peace?
Has it rumored he doesn't exist.
- Am I the Devil?|- You're beautiful enough.
D'Andresy. A new name to me. Why?
You lived in the past century,|not the coming one.
No, you're a liar.
You're Arsene Lupin,|born in Blois in 1874,
son of Theophraste and Henriette Lupin,
you're wanted for theft and murder.
Your father's name is on this ring.
Stealing it from you was too easy.
Sorry I disappointed you,
but you're wrong about one detail.
I've never killed.
Too bad, I only work with murderers.
This is where we part company.
The train station's a bit further on.
And you?
I move around more discreetly.
A pleasure meeting you.|Farewell, Mr Lupin.
You're making a serious mistake.
Don't tie your life to mine.
In time, I'd turn you into my enemy.
I don't want to.
You're too charming for that.
Last night, in the barn,
while I slept,
I felt your lips on mine, right?
I couldn't resist the delight
of a centenarian's kiss.
Your're wounded?
He stole it from you?
Yes, at the hospital.
At the hospital?
He was a stretcher-bearer.
Good job for a kickboxer!
How did he know Josephine?
Your Grace, may I speak|in private to your daughter?
Does she hide things from me?
A stanger can pry secrets|a daughter
won't admit to her father.
- Why bring me here?|- Last night I saw a glow.
The medallion means you slept here.
Why would I?
To be with a young man.|You're not betrothed,
but he's your lover.
I'd wager you made love to him|in this bed.
You're vulgar! I'll tell my father.
- Let go, or I'll scream!|- So scream!
As you did when that young acrobat|visited your things!
What temperament!
Unlike your jellyfish of a father!
His name?
To fine out, you'll have to hit me.|I'm sure you know how!
Why protect that womanizer?
He left your bed,|to wind up in the claws
of the most evil of creatures!
What lack of respect for you!
That woman is your rival,|and our worst enemy.
Let's work together|for her downfall.
What's his name?
The Duke will hear|your cherry's gone!
His name is Arsene Lupin.
He came for his mother's funeral.
The police want him.
You have nothing to fear.
Leonardo nursed your wound,|you can trust him.
It's like a treasure hunt.
*Cluny Abbey*
The Queen entrusted a Dreux-Soubise
with concealing her treasure.
He was guillotined,|but confided in a monk.
who made 3 crucifixes.
Each bears the site|of the next one,
and the 3 together reveal
where the Royal treasure is hidden
Then why not steal|the third crucifix now?
You're too impatient, too greedy.
You don't take time to observe.
You're blinded|by anything that shines.
You don't say?
Will I make it, doctor?
If you see things through my eyes,|you'll do even better.
Swear you'll never harm me.
I swear.
With you, I sense I'll be violent...
And possessive.
One of us has to go!
That's enough, Arsene!
Leave him alone.
Give him his vial.
What's wrong with him?
A nasty souvenir of the 1870 war.
Leave us along a moment.
More, more!
He'll be our downfall, I sense it.
- Let me finish him off.|- No. I still need him.
Up to now, we needed no one.
Let's stick to our arrangement.
I give the orders, and you obey.
So much for explanations.
"I know who killed your father.
"Meet me|at Tancarville lighthouse at 8PM.
Signed:|"A friend who wishes you well."
A friend who wishes you well!|I overdid it.
- Although...|- Of course!
I knew your father well.
Is that true?
His accomplice killed him|and stole the Queen's necklace.
- The one you stole for him.|- No one knows that.
Your father had two accomplices.|One was his murderer.
- I was the other.|- Who did nothing to save him?
They were to join me with the necklace.
They didn't show. I worried,|then found your father's body.
Is his murderer... still alive?
She has been for centuries.|And won't quit.
- You should know.|- You lie.
To avenge your father,
you only have to return
the 2 crucifixes she stole,|and steal the 3rd.
- She'll die of anger.|- You lie.
Leave him out it!
So you have a taste for young flesh!
A word of advice:|if you like children,
make some, don't bed them!
It pains you that I love|this young man as I never loved you.
Watch out!
Don't believe a word he said.
- He's jealous of us.|- Was he your lover?
He boasts to others that he was.
But I kept him at bay,|hence his rage.
Where did you meet him?
In Africa, two years ago...
He was a missionary...
- Why?|- It doesn't matter.
Try to sleep, you need rest.
Do you love me, Arsene?
Tell me you do.
Say you'll never betray me.
I love you, Josephine.
Don't be so glum.|Smile, you're in Paris!
Come along.
- And your wound?|- Forgotten.
That's the secret:|never pity yourself.
And smile. So you fool your enemies,|and survive for centuries.
Trust me, I'm an expert.
Why are we here?
Leonardo asked about Cluny Abbey.
it's been excavated,|it's in ruins.
And the crucifix?
Moved here, to the Lovre.|The museum...
- Thanks. I knew that.|- You'd better.
You're retrieving it for us.
Stop ogling! Concentrate!
We're closing!
There's our man.
Every evening, it's the same routine.
He studies this new piece at home.
- He knows about the Royal Treasure?|- Nothing.
He does it for Art's sake...
Like you and me!
This way. miss.
Every evening, the same ritual.
At 8PM, his supper|is delivered to his digs,
on the top floor|of the Mollien Pavilion.
He works until 10PM,
then he abandons antiques|to dedicate himself to...
...the harlot who visits him nightly.
That's where we come in.
Where's that crucifix?
The map of the abbeys...
Tough luck, pal.
I beat you to it.
- I should have guessed.|- Yes, that's the phrase...
Did you like my staging down there?
Couldn't be me, I never kill.
You'll get a reputation from this.
Especially with the police.
Who'll be here any minute.
Time enough for a quick visit.
Here's your chance|to see the Louvre at night.
See that picture. Notice anything?
Any of the women|with the Empress familiar?
Worrying, right?
That's only the start.
On with the visit!|The Marquise de Marini.
1727, isn't it incerdible?
- A coincidence...|- I'd call it an omen.
To win, you have to decipher them.
It's right in front of you!
Her tale about|her likeness to her mother!
She tried to pull that on me.
Just another smokescreen!
Listen to me:
she owes her eternal youth|to an elixir
made by her father, Caligostro,
a magus at the Royal court,|centuries ago.
She's following his lead.
Josephine is using you.
When she's done with you,|she'll crush you like a bug.
- You forget that she...|- That she loves you?
You're naive!
It's all a sham.
Her true nature will take over.
I have friends in high places
who'll get you a new life,|a new identity.
You can't run away forever!
If I agree to betray her?
You're fast, you have a future.
Just bring me|Josephine's two crucifixes.
To my home, on Boulevard du Temple.
I have a walk-up, over Chang's,| the dry-cleaner.
I was so worried about you.
I'm ashamed.
I got tricked, like a beginner.
You're alive, that's what matters.
Let's forget this whole thing.
Forgive me...
You haven't told me everything.
About what?
You know who stole the crucifix.
I saw no one.
And I don't know|where your 2 crucifixes are.
I told you: never lie to me.
You're joining that swine Beaumagnan.
I should kill you at once.
Your face...
What's happening?
Farewell, Josephine.
I'm protecting you from that madman.
Protect me? That's a good one!
I fear someone more than him.
- Who?|- You, Josephine.
Those judges were right,|you're a witch.
I believed your tale|about descending from Cagliostro.
Now all it's over.
On the contrary, my love...
It's beginning.
Murder in the Louvre Museum!|Curator murered!
Arsene Lupin hunted by French police!
Stop, coachman!
Here. sir. Have a nice day!
Hello, miss.
The Morning News!|Murder in the Louvre Museum!
Arsene Lupin hunted by French police!
Thank you, sir.
Read it in the Morning News!
I wan't let that rascal|destroy your life.
Certainly not.
Let's take her to the Duke's.
Move aside! Don't just stand there!
Is it serious, doctor?
- Is the girl married?|- No, why?
Then it's serious.
- Where's Josephine?|- Never mind.
She tried to kill herself!
Kill herself? You don't know her!
Anyway, you know nothing about her.
Men like you, they come and go.
But only one remained.
Puting the police|on that young man's trail,
was that the right move?
Only he can get us|the 2 missing crucifixes.
If he's not arrested.
Trust me. He's the best of us all.
About Lupin, Excellency,|I have a last request.
When he's delivered the crucifixes,
could Your Excellency|use his influence
to save Lupin's head?
Very well.
If he brings us what we want!
Thank you, Excellency.
She won't keep it.
Think of your daughter.
She's not my daughter!|She's ruined!
Who will want her now?
To save her honor, I'll take her.
You, Bonnetot?
Help me!I beg you! The potion!
Free me, and I'll get it for you!
On the table!
Give it a try...
Where are the two crucifixes?
I'm going home, Ferdinand.
Close up after me.
My wife will chew me out.
Mr. Kasselbach,
of "The Kasselbach Bank",|I presume?
Arsene Lupin.
Please don't kill me.
Don't believe the newspapers.|I'm a gentle burglar.
Blood horrifies me.
It's here. Safety box 22.
One last effort, Mr. Kasselbach:
the combination.
- You refuse?|- Yes.
- When I'm so close to my goal...|- Yes.
You have ten seconds. Not one more.
In ten seconds,|I'll blow out your brains.
One, two, three...
four, five, six...
seven... eight...
- and a quarter|- 813.
Just in time. Hold this.
Are you following me?
How much?
You decide on the price.
That's an offer I can't refuse.
Hands up, Arsene Lupin!
Don't waste your time.
You see, Kasselbach,|we're really alike.
I steal from safes|and you from stock portfolios.
Same racket.
Pour me more wine...
It's do good...
Keep going...
What are you doing?
I'll start counting.|When I'm through, you'll do what I say.
Who are you?
Tomorrow night,|at the Duke of Orleans' ball,
when you hear the word "Firefly",
you'll steal the crucufix|from his of fice.
You'll bring it to me|in the blue room,
Then you'll jump out of the window.
When I Clap my hands,
you'll go into a deep sleep|and forget everything.
I swear, Countess.
I'll repay you for everything,
whatever it was worth.
You fool, your life|isn't worth what I lost!
*Forgive me, Clarisse.|I behaved abominably.*
*May the future be brighter,*
*and may your generous heart|forgive me.*
*I apologize again. Arsene.*
What's wrong, miss?
Leave me alone.
Allow me to insist.
Spare us a penny, little lady.
What do you want?
Allow me... to insist.
Sorry, I was very rude|to you, sir. You're Mr...?
Prince Sernin,
at your service.
I'm your man, guv.|Whistle and I'll come running!
Sir, your invitation?
Im a friend of Miss Clarisse|de Dreux-Soubise... Prince Sernin.
Sorry. Without an invitation|you can't come in.
Delighted you could come...
He's my guest. It's fine.
Come, I'll intoduce you|to my father.
You Grace, Dad.
Prince Sernin from St. Petersburg.
He's a painter.|Without him I might be dead.
My daughter told me everything.
I'm sa grateful. If I can be of help...
Let her pose for me.|Nothing could please me more.
You're a painter?
What do you paint?
Mostly portraits.|I have a show next week.
In which gallery?
"The Firefly".
"The Firefly"? Where is it?
On a barge,|I'll give you the address.
A show on a barge, how original!
I'm original!
Now music, maestro.
Let's dance... Come.
I'm looking for Mr. Beaumagnan.
Now, ladies and gentlemen...
Remove your masks!
You save young ladies,|you paint them,
and you're a marvelous dancer...
To be so perfect,|you must have a flaw?
I do: I can only stay half an hour.
Why not longer?
I might lose my head...
Father, what is it?
- Where's the necklace?|- What necklace?
Grant me this dance!
Dance with you? How hilarious!
Mr. Beaumangnan's is the billoard-room.
Who are you?
Someone who loved you,|in another life.
That necklace?|Where did you get it?
I've never seen it.|You're mistaken.
I'm never mistaken.
Neither am I.
Your voice and your face...
don't belong together.
With a scer, you're more familiar.
Prince Sernin, are you there?
Are you Beaumagnan?
Yes, I am. But for 10 years,|I've had other names.
I was Brignac, librarian.
Louis Lecossais,|merchant navy captain.
Or a missionary,|Father Anselme Dutartre.
A fine-sounding name!
Leave me alone!
- We must talk.|- Let go!
- No, come with me!|- You're hurtung me.
This battle has just begun|and I'll win it!
Soon we'll be betrothed,|then married!
Have you gone mad?
Your father agreed.|Who'd marry a pregnant girl?
You monster! Stay away from me!
You won't keep that child!
Give me a kiss, just one!
Clarisse wore|my ancestor's necklace!
It belongs|in the Royal treasure, it's ours!
You must recover it.
Before someone beats you to it.
You would needs dressing. Come!
Close the door.
- What's happening to you?|- Stay away!
Stay away!
You need help.
I'll call someone.|- Don't!
- I Can't...|- Leave me...
I can't...
Clarisse, don't worry. It's over.
After an hour,|the glue burns your skin!
He's here with a crucifix.
Came ti this address. I'll explain.
Arsene, I must tell you something...
Later! Stop them from coming up.
The Queen's necklace!
I gave it to Josephine.
Who did you kill for that?
No one.
Don't you remember, Arsene?|You stole it.
For my father.|You, his accomplice, killed him!
You're way off.|No one killed your father.
What? No one?
Distract your opponent.
Remeber that,|and no one will defeat you.
You brought me the crucifix?
So Lupin can Kill?
May I be your first vivtim?
Right-handed, then left-handed!
You won't fool me twice!
Alert my staff, let nobody leave!
Two men opposite, the rest with me.
Bar all the doors!
Sorry, madame, you can't leave.
Bar the door! Grab her!|Don't let her leave!
- The crucifix?|- What do you mean?
She's not alone.|Where's your accomplice?
You didn't kill him?
A first: I wish I had.
I'll come to thet address.
Don't move, Mr Lupin!
Stop him!
The lamps! Fire at the lamps!
She doesn't know what she's doing!
Yes, she does: she's protecting
her child'd father.
Beaumagnan! What nonsense!
It's the truth.
He's the Countess's accomplice|and Clarisse's lover.
You have to sacrifice Clarisse.
Sacrifice her?
Force Lupin to make a choice:
the crucifixes, or your daughter.
Valmont, Fecamp, Montivilliers...
3 of the 7 abbeys of Caux County.
Where are the 4 others?
St. Wandrille...
She's here.
Who's that man?
A friend. He hid me|from the police. I trust him.
You weren't followed?
I was sent to you.
You must return|the 3 crucifixes, or else...
Or else?
They'll kill your friend Josephine.
Arsene, don't go!|Do it for me, and for him?
Your child that I carry.
Let's escape, all three of us.
The police want me.|I'm an outlaw.
What future can I offer a child?
Give up your past.
Become a new person|with a new life!
A murderer's blood|may run in my veins.
I can't hand it down!
Where do I meet them?
The Grand Cafe by the Opera, at 10AM.
May I never hear of you again!
My God!
The Great Bear!
If Lupin delivers,|we can't spare the Creature.
Not her, Lupin, or Beaumagnan.
I've taken precautions.
He won't come.
He's done with me.
No, he's sentimental, like me.
Like father, like son?
- I was about to say it.|- You're wrong.
He's not like you.
He's all you can't be.|That's why I love him.
You're incapable of love.|You manipulated him.
No, or I'd have told him|who you were at once.
He's here: good blood can't lie.
But you don't stand a chance:|Clarisse wants him.
He'll marry a Dreux-Soubise,|like his father.
You lie!|Arsene has only one mistress
and that's me.
His child has one mother: her!
Watch her till I get back.
I don't trust him!
He's a gambler!
He's always one up on us!
Leonard? Why are you here?
Go ahead!
Arsene, run! Hurry!
Get me out of this trap!
Don't panic!
Help me!
He's alive!
I did that for us.
To be rid of them.|I didn't think you'd come.
I was blinded by my love for you.
Now I see who you are: a criminal!
You're deranged!
I'm a thief, a burglar... So be it.
But I'll never be a murderer.
You here me?
Here they are there, all three.
Keep them.|I've understood their secret.
Think you can do as much?
Arsene, don't leave me.
I don't want to end up like you.
I despise you.
I'll fet even.
What if I scarred
this beautiful face?
Wouldn't a lot of crimes be avoided?
You'll come back to me.
I'm only beautiful for you.
I don't feel well.
I'll start counting.
You'll go to sleep and when you wake,|you'll do as I say.
You like Arsene's love nest?
You'd make a pretty couple,|but for me...
Let me lie down.
Has it started wriggling in your belly?
It's fragile...
Why put a child in this ugly world?
Maybe it's all you know|how to do: lay eggs!
You never will!
What do you mean?
Nature gave me what it denied you.|I'm life, you're death.
Who says|you may speak to me that way?
- I do!|- You're jealous of what she can do.
Be tolerant for once in your life.
If you let her escape,|I'll strangle you!
Leonard! At dawn we'll be gone!
Years of hard work,|but deprived of the treasure,
so close to the goal. Very upsetting!
Though you sill have|your powers!
Leonardo isn't with you?
As you can see!
You didn't forgive him|for defending the girl.
You put a bomb on the barge?
Is that it?
You're a bad loser.
I decided to draw a line on my past.
And his future.
Two birds, one stone!
Keep digging!
It's all you have left to do.
Watch out!
Two old pros like you,
fooled by a newcomer!
Poor Josephine,|this is your Waterloo!
Go on, kill me.|You can't save Clarisse!
Lost faith in me?
You know I succeed|where others fail.
I gave the Police Chief|evidence to convict you both.
High time the Law|got scum like you two!
He's gifted.
There you are, guv.
Masterful! Beginner's luck!
Sorry, Beaumagnan.|France needs your help again.
Your surgeons have to fix|my face again.
Or I won't recognize myself.
You dismantled the monarchist plot.|Now get us the treasure.
Is France short of cash?
Others covet that booty!
We hold the Countess.
There's a new boy, evem wilier:
Arsene Lupin. Remember his name!
It's going to blow up!
Josephine hid a bomb on the boat!
Where is she?
In a jail cell!
Quick, in the hold.
Free the girl,|I'll deal with the bomb!
We must run!
- Hurry!|- And you?
Me? I'll go to Hell!
I did my best, but he was in pieces.
I don't get it: I hated him,
but I still want to cry.
Your father was one-eyed?
I didn't replace his glass eye,|shattered in the blast.
It doesn't matter now.
It does. And I have what it takes.
Sloppy work isn't my style.
Arsene, remove the eye, please.
Take it out?
It pops out easily.|Here, miss...
I have a fine collection.
Take your pick.
What's this?
"Ad lapidem curebat olim regina."
The first letter are the key.
That's it: Ad lapidem
curebat olim regina.
The 8th star will be divine: Alcor!
It's a star in the Great Bear.
That's it!
Fitted together they form|a map of the abbeys.
Each ruby is a star,|each star an abbey.
Merak, Phecda, Duble, Megrez,
Alioth, Mizar, Alkaid.
And Alcor?
It's a hidden star.
Something's missing.
What would it tell you?
The location of the treasure.
You're the greatest!
With an ounce of perversity,|you'd be invincible.
But your mother|had none to give you.
Did I scare you?
You'll make me|the richest scumbag on earth!
Go on, shoot!
You outdid me!
But I have a big edge:
I don't mind killing!
Not me!
But can you kill your own son?
You're the last trace of my past,
I must erase you!
Team up with me!|We'll make a killing!
- I'll grow on you!|- I'd rather die!
Tell me the truth.
Off to play cards again?
Keep it up,|and some day you'll lose.
I never lose.
Never ever.
Jean, come here.
My little fellow...
Now this passage|is no longer secret!
Go to it, friends!
Get to work,|let's clear out this room.
Very pretty...
A fine Houdon...
Take the clock!
It's a fake!
Hurry, gents!
We want that case...
Sorry, boss.
Head for the barn in Benouville.
And you, boss?
I'll go on the bike.
You? Madame...
Mr Lupin!
I never steal twice|from the same person.
Especially a beautiful woman.
By dawn, everything will be put back.
You have my word.
And I always
keep it.
The painting's a fake.
Arsene, are you there?
No, not him!
Louis, make a new man of me again.
I've wanted day this for ages:
sometimes I feel|you're wearing a mask.
What do you, a mask?
You never take anything seriously.
Nothing touches you.
You jest all the time!
But I'm not serious,|not a chance!
Yes, but you're sensitive.
Took me years to find that out.
Let the real Viscount d'Andresy come out,
more often?
- Maybe he doesn't exist!|- See?
You're impossible to talk to!
But we're talking, I assure you.
I'm talking.
You're hiding a deep wound.
I want to know what it is.
What deep wound?
You know all about my life...
Nothing happened in it|until you, Eglantine.
Impossible, you're too seductive.
Who are all those people waiting for?
The Archduke of Austro-Hungaria.|It was in the papers.
An Archduke!
How exciting, I've never seen one!
Sure you don't mind waiting?
I mind nothing that amuses you.
Present arms!
What did you say?
You know what to do!
Are you alright?|You've grown pale!
Excuse me.
Where are you going?
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