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Subtitles for As Long As My Feet Will Carry Me CD1.

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As Long As My Feet Will Carry Me CD1

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Come on! All aboard!
- Get on the train, Lieutenant!|- Right away.
Come on! Come on! Aboard!
All aboard!
Where were you? The train's leaving.
I know. I was at the doctor's.
Clemens, we're going to have a baby.
Daddy, will you send me a postcard?
I will.
I promise.
A promise is a promise|that you never break.
No, I won't.
Last call, Lieutenant! All aboard!
Come on! All aboard!
I'll be back soon.
I promise.
I'll be back for Christmas!
As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me
Clemens Forell is hereby charged|with violating paragraphs 319 and 320.
The Court will now|pronounce judgement on him.
The defendant is guilty
of crimes against the Partisans.
He is sentenced.
to 25 years of forced labor.
The sentence is in effect|starting today, 13 July 1945.
It's your turn.
Everybody turn around!
He won't let go! He wont' let go!
Hey, kid! It's me!
He won't hurt you now. He's dead.
Hello, Lisa.|I have something for you today.
Here... And now I get a kiss.
What a little hussy!
A letter from Clemens?
From the Red Cross:
We have no record of Clemens Forell|in our lists.
There is no information|about the Russian court martial.
They know nothing.
Everything will turn out all right...
Hail Mary... Mother of mercy.
Please, bring my father back home.
Hey, Danhorn.
You were at the divisional headquarters.
And you made maps.
Yeah, and this is my reward.
Where's Cape Dezhnev?
Don't know much about geography, huh?
Here... from north to south...
The Ural Mountains.
To the west...
... that trivial place|we can now forget about: Europe.
The Irtysh River ... is behind us.
We much be here now.
Further east near the Yenisey River.
The Lena...
... the Vitim... the little Olekma.
By the way, here everything is little
if it's shorter than 1,000 kilometers.
Cape Dezhnev
Yes, well... It's further east,
It will take ages to get there.
We'll never get there.
They'll let us starve|and freeze to death first.
Maybe we don't deserve any better.
We did our duty.
You were in the SA.
And I'm proud of it!
Stop it! Have you gone crazy?
- That's your last order, Captain!|- Hands off!
Four pieces each. Less than usual.
Clemens, we're going to have a baby!
I'll be back for Christmas!
I said four pieces, bastard!
Why do they get fed first?
You'll all get fed here! Understand?
What about the main course, Captain?
You won't have anything|to laugh about soon.
They're gonna let us die.
They uncoupled us, so we'll die.
Mother, pray for me. Don't let me die.
They're gonna let us die.
They're gonna shoot us.|They gotta shoot us.
Shut your fucking mouth!|Nothing to eat!
Come on, kid! Pull yourself together!
My mother's last letter...|gives me strength.
Hide it under your lapel.
Don't let them find it.
Try to sleep.
- What's going on?|- I don't know.
They've come for us.|They're taking us away.
Where to?
November, somewhere in Siberia.
This letter will never reach you.
It will never be sent.
I can't even write it.
I can hardly gather my thoughts|of what I want to say.
I saw that huge screeching wheel.
That terrible thing|which crushes everything.
But I also realize|that no pain is irrevocable.
But constant hope is.
Cape Dezhnev Prison Camp, 1946|Headquarters
You saved the company.|You crossed the front line.
That's why you got a medal.
- You'll have a drink?|- No, thank you.
You could serve in the|western region or in Leningrad.
Instead, you are here in|Cape Dezhnev. Why?
Because I feel it's my duty.
The temptations of a woman!
You are responsible for camp security.
I hope you'll be able to cope with it.
Thank you for your confidence, Major.|I'll do my best.
We made it!
We can't go on like this.
We have penicillin. I know.|We got it from the Americans.
So, give it to me!
I'm warning you, Dr. Stauffer.
You're going to be responsible|if an epidemic breaks out!
Don't tell me what I'm responsible for!
Don't forget who's in charge here!
You're needed to exam the prisoners.
We aren't finished, Lieutenant.
The Commander's orders.|And I'm here to carry them out.
- You're Dr. Stauffer?|- Yes, sir, Lieutenant!
You accompany Dr. Pachmutova.
There's a lot of work to do.
No fence! No watchtowers!
They don't need things like that|north of the Arctic Circle.
Where would you go anyway?|No trees, no bushes,
not even a blade of grass to eat.
214, 215, 216.
A ship!
We're here at the eastern cape.|There must be a harbor around here.
Let's start again!
It's very tedious, Dr. Stauffer.
But there is one great advantage.
This way we'll find out|who's healthy and fit for work.
- Then you don't need us.|- Yes, I do.
For the death certificates.
My letter.
What are you hiding?
Just a letter.
From my mother.
Take off all your clothes!
What are you doing?
Giving my coat to my comrade.
What are you doing?
So he doesn't freeze to death.
May I say something, Lieutenant?
What's your name?
Clemens Forell.
Clemens Forell...
Keep your coat. You'll need it.
Keep going, Forell.
What's wrong?
I gotta get out. I can't take this anymore.|I can't stand it!
Go out and join Mattern!|And you'll get your fresh air!
What? Are these our sleeping quarters?
- They'll be deloused.|- They'll be deloused.
We're supposed to take everything off.
- I think this is mine.|- It's mine!
Let go!
The National Committe of Free Germany.
Everyone who joins the right side|will get his chance.
- Forell, right?|- Clemens Forell.
- What's wrong?|- Daddy isn't dead.
No, Lisa. I'm sure he isn't.
Sorry, nothing.|I don't have any information.
That doesn't mean he's dead.
New negotiations with the Russians|will take place this autumn.
You have to wait.
Damn light!
Danhorn! My God!
- Prisoner Forell!|- He's dead!
Comrade Lieutenant!
The engineer isn't here.|And that guy is too stupid.
Are you being treated well?
I'm not complaining, but...
Come on. Get the machine to work.
Me? How am I supposed to do that?
You're a mechanic, prisoner Forell.|It's in your file.
You don't mean to say it's wrong?
MS Alaska
Start it.
You speak Russian?
- That isn't mentioned in your file.|- Just a few words.
- Learn the right ones.|- Yeah.
Are you still alive, prisoner Forell?
- Yes.|- Louder!
Yes, sir! Lieutenant Kamenev!
That's fine!|Where were you going? Alaska?
The Union of the Soviet Republics...
...had an agreement with|the United States of North America.
Even if you'd managed to escape,|they'd have sent you back.
That's fine.
You'll never leave this place.
You're going to be buried here.
All of us.
Go on.
Your comrades are waiting for you.
C'mon, Forell! We're waiting for you!
Stop it! You gotta stop it! Stop it!
They really gave it to you.
I'm not surprised.
They're hungry.
Nothing to eat for five days.
Who's dump enough... to run away
the first chance he gets?
You'll never get out that way.
Will he make it?
He's tough.
Take him to... sick bay.
That's an order.
He's running a high fever.
I hope it isn't typhoid.
Help me.
I have to... I have to write home.
It will never arrive.
Hi there! Hi there!
- Here, you must eat some good food.|- That's too much. Thank you.
Dear Dad, I want to write you a letter,
but I don't know where to send it.
Mom said that you're in Russia.
But Russia is so big, so far,|so far away.
I'd really like to see you again.
Do you know what this is?
These aren't spider webs,|like Pachmutova says.
There aren't any spiders here,|only lead.
- What do you mean?|- It causes lead poisoning.
Typesetters are advised|to find a new profession.
- And there's nothing you can do?|- No.
Everybody gets it sooner or later.
I gotta go home.
Listen to me... Forell.
- You could make it.|- But how?
You have to be prepared.|You need the right clothes,
sturdy shoes, a compass.
How will you find food?|What if you run into other people?
How do you start a fire at 40 below?
- I know it's possible.|- Be quiet!
You don't know a thing.
If you reach the Lena within a year,
you can kneel down and thank God.
The Lena is in the middle of Siberia.
I can help you.
- Reuter?|- Fit for work.
Fit for work.
I cleaned everything. You see?
Everything's clean.|Spiders don't have a chance here.
Fit for work.
As soon as you get up...
- He's fit for work.|- No.
- I think so!|- He has a fever!
You don't decide, Dr. Stauffer.
I'm responsible here.
I'm responsible for who gets admitted|and who gets released.
Fit for work.
Come see me tonight.
- Any problems?|- No. okay.
Come here.
Danhorn drew this map|while he was still alive.
Of course, it might not be precise.
A river that runs like this|can change its course.
The rivers are frozen in the winter,|but they're like an ocean in the summer.
You'll have to wait for the next winter...
Get in there!
Do you need me, Lieutenant?
You work too long, Dr. Stauffer.
- Why don't you... have a swig.|- Thanks.
Thank you. It hits the spot.
Where did you get this?
Approved by Command Headquarters.
I need it to cut splints|for fractured bones.
We're out of everything.
Don't work any longer tonight.
- Turn off the light.|- Yeah.
- Good night.|- Good night.
We were lucky. There's no time left.|I can't tell you everything.
Come here. My sweater. The boots.
Wear everything during the day.|Take some things off at night,
and loosely cover yourself with them.|Come on, let's get started.
- You have to show me just how...|- D'you want to escape? Yes or no?
- Of course I do!|- But only today! Now!
If you don't leave tonight, you'll go|back in the mine and never come out!
I've hidden supplies on the hill|where the train goes past.
Dried bread and lard,|two kilos of machorka.
Don't smoke it.|You'll need it for trading.
A spirit cooker, a compass.|Snow shoes, too.
Where did you get all that?
It was actually for my escape.
Carry it under you clothing.|Right next to your belly.
It's loaded. Eight spare bullets.
They'll shoot you on the spot|if they find you with it.
Why don't you escape yourself?
There's a danger of losing your voice.
Talk to yourself.|Talk to trees if you have to.
Take this along with you, too.
I scratched my address on it.
From my wife in Magdeburg.
Tell her I prepared everything|for my escape.
Yeah. Why don't I escape?
Two months ago,|I stopped fooling myself.
I just have one request, Forell.|If you make it back,
go see my wife.
Tell her that I sent you,|and tell her...
....that I died in the winter of '50.
Describe the grave to her.
Tell her...|Tell her there's a cross on my grave.
No, wait... Tell her it was May.
She'll picture it with flowers.|That'll be more like spring.
Promise me?
Yeah, okay... don't forget the map.
Here, take the knife with you.|I don't need it anymore.
You have a head start|till tomorrow morning. It's not enough.
They'll look for you to the west.
Go north to the sea and along the coast.
It's safer!
Come on, please.
I beg you.
- Excuse me.|- I beg you. Wait.
Please, allow me. I'll take care of it.
You see, that's what the German does.
He'll take care of it.
He's glad that he can work.
And the two of us can...
I'm warning you.
I'm warning you! If you don't stop|flirting with the Germans,
- especially with that Forell...|- What?
What? Maybe you two|already have something going!
Stauffer! Stand up when I talk to you!
Get up!
Get up, bastard!
Get to work!
Only if my men get something decent|to eat. Or we won't work.
You know who's to blame.
You're blaming us, too.|That isn't fair.
You talk about fairness!
You can kill us all,
but we will never beat|one of our comrades again.
Lieutenant,|the search patrol reports back.
What do you have to report?
We combed the plains to the west.
All the way to the foothills.
He couldn't have gone that far.
We've been gone for five days.|We're completely exhausted.
I believe he's buried under the snow.
You are expected to carry out orders!
You failed to do the job! Go on!
You've lost control over the camp.
You didn't fulfill your duty.
One of them escaped.
You shot one.
That is sabotage.
He put up resistance.
Okay, let's assume that's right.
And Forell may have frozen to death.
Write that in your report.
No... he isn't dead.
Our Father... who art in Heaven...
Give us our daily bread...
My bread... give me it now!
I'm sorry, but I need your fat.
I have to go home.
997, 998, 999...
001, 002, 003, 004...
You're... you're a tree! A tree!
You're a tree!
I'm gonna make it!
I'm gonna make it.
Have all stations been informed?
Yes, without a radius of 500 kilometers.
lncrease the radius.
He can go further than|500 kilometers in two months.
Drop your guns!
It's all right.
We don't want anything from you.
We easily could have shot you already.
But we're hunters and gold-diggers.
In the summer, we wash gold.
And in the winter, we hunt.
We saw the fire.
And we thought we'd take a look.
You must be German. And you ran away?
It will be light soon.
A snowstorm is approaching.
You must look for a safe place.
We know a safe place.|Come on. Let's go.
I don't need you two. Go away.
Go away!
Whatever you say. Let's go!
What's taking you?
So, you still don't believe us?
I'm Semyon. What's your name?
Right. Don't trust anybody.
And never tell anyone your real name.
Come with us.
You'll never make it alone in Siberia.
It's becoming spring, Lisa.|I'm on my way to you.
Should I thank God for that
or my Siberian companions?
It's just a small piece|of the way I have to go.
Semyon said it was 10,000 verst,
and then he laughed.
Semyon is always laughing.
When will we reach|the Kalyma Mountains?
In two days, maybe in three.
But the river flows north.
No, 500 kilometers to the west.
Take me home, Anastas... On this raft.
We're crossing the Caucasians.
You'll make it. If anybody can, he can.
It would be possible.
But actually you shouldn't leave.
Look around you. How magnificent.
Siberia is!
Fertile and beautiful.
You can be very happy here.
Okay, Pjotr.
You take the oar.
Now show us what you've learned.
Stay to the left!
Anastas! Straight ahead!
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