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last time when the Indian Airlines flight IC184...
was hijacked from Nepal, we had demanded...
the release of Maulana Masood Akhtar in return of the passengers
But then, our demand was very ordinary
However, this time, our strategy will be a memorable one
It will set an example for the whole world
It will shake India's very foundation!
They will have to settle our demands
Right, Ansari
To make the Indian government's neck roll, it needs to be strangled
Get this, Yousan. Not even the wind must know about this secret meeting
Right, Yousan. Over the past year, we prepared many rebel units...
but they were martyred in Srinagar before they could execute our plans...
at the hands of the Indian Army
Don't worry, brother. Just order us. We are willing to lay down our lives
This time the story of the war for independence...
will be written in Switzerland. It's time for sacrifice, brother
If you are successful, then in the annals of Kashmir's revolution...
your name will be inscribed in golden letters
Yousan, what have you...? - Not to worry
We had our suspicions about this man. He wasn't a jihadi...
he was an Indian spy
It is now impossible to curb the rebellion of Yousan and Al Amaz
I'm a prayer, for I'm Time itself
I'm stern even with those with me
I'm the light of God
I'm the Messiah
I'm a gust of wind...
no one knows
I'm God's own...
no one knows
No one can defeat me
No one can destroy me
To defeat me is... - Impossible
To destroy me is... - Impossible
I have my eyes on every thing
I know about every one
Everywhere I go...
things turn towards me
I solve every problem
I'm without fear
I fight injustice
I'm among the dead, yet I never die
I'm the morn, I'm the evening...
a nameless entity
I'm the light of God
I'm the Messiah
I'm a gust of wind...
no one knows
I'm God's man...
no one knows
To defeat me is... - Impossible
To destroy me is... - Impossible
Greetings. - Greetings
Congratulations, dear President
I was eagerly waiting for you since this morning
Thank you, Mr Sarin. This is not an official visit
I'm your guest now. - Welcome to Locarno
Hello Pandit-ji. - Honourable President...
in this assembly of people, some feelings come to my mind
In my heart, a few lines in your honour are waiting to burst out
May I...? - Go ahead Pandit-ji
May I, Mr Sarin? - Please
You are like the emperor Asoka
You have changed the history of our country
Ever since you have conducted the nuclear tests...
the neighbouring country has lost its underwear
Pandit-ji, no need to go across the border
It's all right, Mr Sarin. At least it speaks of his patriotic feelings
Where's Daddy? - He is already here
This is my daughter. She is studying Law at the Harvard's, America
I'm on a vacation with my Daddy after three years
This is Ms Tanya Brar. Our Public Relations Officer
A very magnetic and brilliant personality
Pandit-ji has written volumes on her, sir
Many are worth lending a ear to. What say, Pandit-ji?
May I, Ms Tanya? - Who can stop you anyway?
Her looks, terrific
Her eyes, amazing
In the assembly of men, she is sheer excitement
Pandit-ji, I hope you work for the embassy sometimes?
Daddy, I must say this
Pandit-ji has given a humorous start to our vacation
Sir, I'm happy that you have decided to spend your holidays...
in a territory that comes under my jurisdiction
I'm on vacation now, but I'm worried about the U. N conference next month...
concerning Kashmir and Pakistan. - Daddy, you are going to upset me
Take a break from the affairs of the country and the world...
and relax with your family
We have reserved an entire hotel in the Brissago Island
Security is in place, sir
Kinjal, this vacation will be the most memorable one of our lives
Welcome to Brissago Island, Mr President
If there is anything you need, please let me know
Jadhav and Khasker... take some rest
What's the matter, Daddy? You look upset
Kinjal, the telephone lines are dead
Strange. There's no mobile network either
I'll go and enquire
No Kinjal, you stay here
I'll go and inform Jadhav and Khasker
Jadhav, we've got network now. - It's a setup, I guess
Come on
Sir, something here is fishy
All the long distance lines were disabled
But we switched the networks on
Strange. The network is back
Call up Delhi at once, sir. This place is dangerous
But... - We'll explain later
Talk to the Defence Ministry. I'll dial the number for you
Mr President, in police records across the world...
I have several identities, several faces
But I'm famous as Mabros
I speak various languages
I have personal contacts with politicians in many countries
Because those men in white cloaks have immense faith in me and my team
To keep their hands clean, I have to stain my hands in blood
I hope you won't let me dirty my hands
Mabros, I don't know about your plans
But let me tell you, you have committed suicide by abducting me
You have put your life in peril
Who...? - Mr Gupta...
Yes, Kinjal? - I'm calling from Switzerland
Daddy just left the room... I heard gunshots outside
Speak up, Kinjal
Mr Gupta... - Speak up, Kinjal
Yousan, there's news from Mabros
Happy? - No
Salaam, brother Rafiq Mabros
The crown of India is in my hands
So soon? I don't believe it
You may not believe your ears, but you will surely believe your eyes
I'll set forth right now
Salaam, brother. - Salaam
Looks like you are all set for war
Rafiq Mabros, this platoon is my family, not military
Where's the crown of India?
Fantastic! Great, Rafiq Mabros
Wonderful! You are amazing
The President of India stands before us. Greet him!
Yousan Baqsh welcomes you, sir
Yousan Baqsh? I have heard a lot about your terrorist activities
What's your intention? - Good intention. Of peace and harmony
The whole world knows that...
the issue between India and Pakistan cannot be resolved
Round table conferences and nuclear blasts...
can only make newspaper headlines, they cannot bring peace and freedom
Whose freedom are you talking about? - Freedom of those people...
who were turned slaves by you since 1947
We're talking about Kashmir's independence
The Gandhi of your country, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan...
never brought up this issue. Why must you stoke it?
What's that? - You are not a Kashmiri
Are the Americans from Kashmir? They are on talks with you guys...
and with the whole world. For them, everything is fair;...
attacking Vietnam, bombarding Afghanistan...
dropping missiles in Yemen. They rebuffed U. N orders...
captured Iraq... America just wants to rule the world
It's not easy to solve political issues. Need to consult every one
Al Amaz has taken up arms for the people of Kashmir
With the help of the ISI that is
The ISI rules Pakistan, not Musharraf
With the support of the ISI...
we will free Kashmir from your clutches
Yousan Baqsh will occupy that throne
Your dream will never come true, Yousan
Goodness! It's not wise to protest so much
Don't forget that you are a father, and she is your only daughter
And no father can see his daughter being murdered
Your father is such a coward
He can support the freedom fighters to help Bangladesh win independence...
but he can't give the Kashmiris their independence
You are the Al Amaz leader Yousan Baqsh, aren't you?
Damn, she is educated. Amazing. Keeps track of the world
Do you know the meaning of the war for independence?
Do you know the meaning of a mad dog?
You called my brother a dog, eh?
Easy, Wahid
No arrogance!
What manners have you taught her?
I'll fix her later. I got urgent matters at hand now
Brother, shall we...?
Mabros, the way you executed the plan... it's really incredible
Let's go, Indian Government! You are under my custody from now on
With due respects, man. It's the Indian Government
Let's go
Yousan, you forget something. - You had given your word
50 million US dollars for the Indian President!
Forgive me, brother Mabros
Actually, I lost my mind on seeing the Indian President
I'll organise the money right now. Put the guns down
Hello, Mr Ansari. Great news
Our neighbour's crown is in Rafiq's closet
What! - He's right before me
Wonderful! Brilliant
I will make you the chief of Kashmir
But you got to pay to grab a bite. Else, the deal is impossible
In a week. Tell Rafiq. - Not a week, right now
At once. - Try to understand, it's dicey
The opium has to be delivered, else we'll attract attention
So dispatch the opium right away. Our friend has performed his duty
It's your responsibility now, Ansari. - It will be done, Yousan
Rafiq will get his bread. Trust me, it will be done
Rafiq Mabros, it's a big amount
The opium will reach India tomorrow
So our transaction is postponed for some more days
Mr President, you will have to wait a few more days to eat our food
Take care of him. - His life is dearer to me than mine
Let's go
Brian, Ansari here
Go on, Ansari. - The job I told you...
About the shipment to Switzerland? - Right
I'll do it under the cover of Sam Hans' Night Club show
Wonderful. - And Ansari, I want two percent
No problem. - Dabral is my contact in Mumbai
Deliver the stuff to him
Someone will come
Someone will come
Your proposal is very exciting Mr Dabral, but...
every thing is happening so soon, I'm really confused
It's my first show abroad, and I have to leave tomorrow itself...?
Alisha needs some time to think. - What's there to think about, Shilpa?
Alisha, you must accept this offer right away
You will be performing at Europe's multimillionaire Sam Hans' Night Club
Just think
It's a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity
Sometimes second thoughts rid you of the opportunity
Mr Dabral, I'm ready. - Great
Come to the office tomorrow, sign the contract...
and take your signing amount. Smart girl
Here's the agreement. I need your autograph on it
Read it before you sign. How can you lay your trust just like that?
Shilpa, you must trust people sometimes
But Alisha... - No buts
It's a standard contract. Every artist endorses it
Golden opportunities don't knock twice
Here's your signing amount. One million
Our company has been organising such shows since years
Just watch, Alisha. Should your show become a hit...
our company will record a music album for you
The enemy lost once again
Boys, fall in line
Brigadier Lokesh is here to see you
Captain Arya, you will come with me to the headquarters
The Defence Ministry has called for an urgent meeting. Get ready
No terrorist group has owned responsibility for the President's abduction so far
What's your guess, Captain?
We can act only after a confirmation, sir
According to our secret agency, since the last six months...
the ISI has been preparing to launch a serious move against India
Our operative, a member of the Kashmiri Jihadi group...
regretfully, hasn't reported in the last 48 hours
We only received a message from the President
In which case, we have only three choices
One, attack the enemy
Two, as soon as we hear from the terrorists...
we fulfill their demands, as we did last time
And lastly...
the approach all of you have decided upon
It's a dangerous endeavour, Captain. Are you aware of the outcome?
You could even lose your life in this mission
Sir, Major V. J Arya, Northern Command, Division 33...
attained martyrdom in the war of 1971
He was my father
It's a mission that is given to the entire army
By entrusting me the responsibility, you have honoured me
I won't disappoint you. I will protect the pride of my country
Prepare to leave tonight
This contains your new identity cards, credit cards...
documents, tickets and passport
On reaching Switzerland, a special agent from RAW will contact you
After verifying the documents he will destroy them
Any questions? - No, sir
The mission code is Impossible
Welcome. - Greetings
I hope you had a pleasant journey?
The container must've reached too. - So let's go and take custody of it
Go to the cargo complex and take custody of the container
Me...? - It's their job, Alisha
Why must we go? - We had some extra luggage
So I booked a container in your name
Because, it's your show. You forgot?
Forget it... we'll pick it up
After you
I see him
I...? But, sir...
I'm listening
I'm addressing you, Mr Arya. It's for you
Are you eating? Or are you spitting?
Yes, sir?
The man beside you is Atul Bhatnagar, a RAW agent
This one? - He knows nothing about the mission
He will fulfill all your requirements
Don't go by his looks. He's clever, trustworthy, and a class 1 officer
Where are we, Alisha? - Mr Dabral, this...
Actually, we're leaving the container here
Then we take the elevator to the hotel
How rude, man! Am I not pleading with you?
Like that?
You... you are Sam Hans?
Sameer Hans
You... - Before you judge me...
you must know that the men I shot were criminals
Had a policeman done that, you might've thanked him
Sam, hadn't you come on time, I'd have had to shut my entertainment business
From India to Switzerland, you were in charge. I take over now
See Dabral? If you are with us, you will make it big
That's my idea, sir. - What's there in India anyway?
You can't meet the ambassador without an appointment
Please give this letter... - Please place a request
Call up tomorrow and enquire about the appointment. I can do nothing more
Look Mr Parmar... - Don't argue!
I told you, you can't meet him! Period
And what are you doing here? Out!
I'm not a grocer!
What's the fuss here?
I'm Atul Bhatnagar. And he's a tourist from India
Yes, Mr Bhatnagar. I'm Ms Brar
He wants to meet the ambassador... - I'm sorry. No one can meet him
He is expecting someone
Please pass my visiting card to the ambassador
Mr Arya...? He is actually waiting for you
That reminds me
A lifetime is spent waiting
But if you have a lady for company, you are indeed blessed
Mr Bhatnagar, do you live here? - Well...
Be seated
I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused by our overcautious securitymen
It's okay
Tea for the guests, Ms Brar
Make it strong for me, and some biscuits too
Nothing for me... I just need the permission
I received a fax from New Delhi yesterday, regarding your visit
But tell me...
All's well here
As for the city's news, locals like Mr Bhatnagar will keep you informed
As of now, I don't know where I am
You are right here and you don't know about it?
I don't
So, when can I take the interview?
You have the permission from the Foreign Ministry as well as from us
But I have to enquire about the timing of the interview
You will get all the details at nine tomorrow
Someone will come
Someone will come
Someone will sneak into my dreams
Slowly and gently he will steal my heart away
The moment he comes before me...
I'll lock him in my arms
I'll seduce him
I'll drive him crazy
I'm waiting
Oh, how do I bridge this distance?
my heart is restless
How do I conceal my desires?
I've never seen him, I don't even know him
Yet I'm crazy for him
Someone with an alluring fragrance will come...
and cast a spell on my thirsting breath
The moment he comes before me...
I'll lock him in my arms
I'll seduce him
I'll drive him crazy
Someone will certainly come
it's love
In my unseen lover...
I have implicit faith
I'm obsessed, I swear
I'm miserable during the day, I can't sleep at nights
No knowing when my dream will come true
Someone will come during a rainy night...
and with his moist lips, he will kiss away the dewdrops
The moment he comes before me...
I'll lock him in my arms
I'll seduce him
I'll drive him crazy
Someone will certainly come
Brian, my friend, we're meeting after ages. Hope you're fine?
You've grown a beard. - I'm observing the Lent fasts...
in the name of Mother Mary. For the first time in my life...
I'm praying. It's a good feeling
This is Sam Hans. He's like my kid brother
Actually Sam Hans never deals with strangers
If he's trading with you, it's for my sake
You've done us a huge favour, Sam
It'd be nice if you check your consignment right here
You'd rather check it now than voice your discontent later
The prince's style of weaving words reek of vanity and arrogance
Here's your price. Gazi...
As decided, Mr Sam Hans
Take your own time to count. Because...
there shouldn't be a grumble on your lips after we leave
One million dollars. Two percent cut of 50 million
Ansari... is it something serious?
Won't you tell us? - In our business, is it necessary...
to reveal serious matters? Let there be some mystery
Check the stuff
Load them in the boat
I hope there isn't something sweet behind the curtains?
Because, I hate sweets
I'm sharp-tongued, I like spices...
not foodstuff, I mean gunpowder...
the spice of beauty as well
The moon stole in. - What are you doing here, Shilpa?
Actually I was... looking for Alisha
Come on. Go to your room. - Hold it
Don't feel sorry, Ms Shilpa
Here's a piece of advice
Don't forget to knock before you enter
Because people don't like uninvited guests
I'll never forget...! - Go on, Shilpa
The girl went too far
Ansari, rest assured
She's only a hairdresser
It's a minor thing. - It's not minor, Sam
Even a speck of dust makes the eye bleed. It blinds you
In our business, we have to be careful even with minor incidents
These are basics
There's another problem
Every one in our business thinks he's the greatest
There are morons everywhere
The musical instruments in the container were made of sandalwood
So what if they were made of sandalwood, Shilpa?
The drums, tabla and harmonium were used to smuggle in drugs...
in your name
I have just seen it with my own eyes
Sam Hans, Brian, Dabral and another businessman...
were striking a drug deal worth millions
What are you doing here? Go to your room
Hello, Alisha? I'm going to Zurich
Zurich? Where are you right now? - Locarno station...
What happened?
Say something, Shilpa...
Who are you? Let me go...
The consent letter, sir. Tomorrow at 11 sharp is your appointment
The address is enclosed inside
For security reasons, destroy it after you've read it
Have you filled the form? - Yes, sir
You will get the card. - Thank you, sir
Thank you? You are insulting me. My job is to serve people
You will get your passport in a week's time
Can't I get it sooner? I need to get back to India at the earliest
Is it urgent? It will be done
But ma'am, we have to follow rules
Panditji, she's pretty, but you don't have to give her false hopes
What are you saying? - And Miss...
Alisha. - Whatever
You must first lodge a complaint for the lost passport
After that, if you need it urgently, you will have to submit...
your ration card, birth certificate, domicile documents, property deeds...
income tax documents and more... only then we can proceed further
But I don't have so many documents... - Look...
we can't trust anyone without scrutiny
How preposterous, Mr Pitamber
Does anyone carry all his documents and certificates while travelling?
What's the argument about, Parmar? - Nothing, Ms Brar
She has lost her papers and she has no documents either
So give her a duplicate passport form. And Ma'am...
please bring a photocopy of the passport and a local police report
That's what I was going to tell her. - Local police report?
Mr Parmar, when it comes to serving people...
you must learn from Panditji the tricks of the trade
Thank you, Ms Tanya
Pop star from India, right? - Who are you?
You were happy at the airport yesterday, and now you are harried
You've lost your passport. - How do you know so much about me?
You will get your passport. - Who do you work for?
For India
I'm a reporter. I was on your flight yesterday
Please help me. They are bad guys
They are trying to frame me
Here you are! And I searched the whole of Locarno
Yes, she's met an old friend
I'm Adit
We used to sing together ...learn music
Strange, isn't it? She became a singer and I became a reporter
There's an urgent news for you. Shilpa's mother has met with an accident
She had to take the first flight to Mumbai
All right, I'll talk to you later
Very glad to meet you, Mr Arya
Buddy, that was a blatant lie
There was no flight for India today
Can I help you?
Last night they murdered my friend Shilpa
They used my name to smuggle in drugs
Dabral, Brian and Sam Hans are behind it all
Had I taken Shilpa's words seriously, she would've been alive today
I consider myself responsible for her death
It all happened because of me. - Hang on, hang on
Are you sure the container contained drugs?
What are you staring at? Talk to me, I'm a government official
Tell me
You've hit the jackpot, Atul Bhatnagar!
I'm going to have a bungalow in Bihar, near Laloo's
Tell me your name, address... everything
I'm talking to her, Bhatnagar
All he can do is chat and play with words
He plays a tourist, a reporter... and just a while ago he played a singer
Only one man can solve your problems
And that's not him...
but Atul Bhatnagar. Tell me
Mr Atul Bhatnagar, you are forgetting your orders
A consignment of drugs was shipped here from India
An Indian female has been murdered here
Not a time to take orders, amigo Arya, it's time to issue orders!
Stop weeping now!
Look, please calm down... be brave
Tell me everything...
Amigo Arya, please calm her down while I go and inform my seniors
Is Bhatnagar really a government official?
Do you think he can help me? - You will know soon
I've got the orders
You should've told me earlier that I must take orders from you...
without grumbling
Sorry for the misunderstanding
All I'm supposed to do is take orders like a slave!
Gracious job! Of course, like an ass...
I have to take the burden on me! - What about my case?
Amigo Arya, she's talking to you
Here's what you do
You will take care of Alisha now
I've prepared a list of things... I need them urgently
Alisha is our photographer
And this is Mr Bhatnagar
Our sound recordist
You have only fifteen minutes to interview His Excellency
Mr President...? - Greetings
Greetings, Mr President
The Indian President!
You have any doubts? - No sir... I was not told
I had kept the interview very confidential
Had you told me earlier, I'd have worn my new suit
You'd have bathed too! Shut up
Please be seated
We could've had a telephonic interview, but...
I had ordered them to disable all communications
I and my daughter wish to have some privacy
One photograph with your daughter, please
It's not possible
I want to keep my daughter away from politics
Have something. - Why not?
If you insist...
Tea? - Let me...
Allow me
I'll be back
Actually, I got nervous on seeing the President
How long have you been here? - You came here from India...
to interview me, or the President?
Inquiring is actually my job
Strange. You don't have any guests in this hotel
Your President loves silence
The entire arrangement was done by the Locarno embassy
For a second I thought I'm in a dungeon
You pressmen have a long nose
We hoteliers hate probing reporters and photographers
They are a menace
They look for excuses to barge in
Some have even lost their limbs in the process
We have no choice but to give them a deserving welcome
One mustn't interfere in somebody else's business...
or you will get your limbs broken. - Thanks for warning me
I don't want my limbs broken. - I didn't mean you. You are cool, sir
So sir, the most important question
On the Kashmir convention scheduled next month...
what are your views on the America-Pakistan rapport?
Do you think Kashmir is being turned into another Philistine?
The Kashmir issue is a national issue
No other country must bother about it...
be it our neighbour, or be it a super power
Wonderful. That's a real sharp answer, sir
It reminds me of the brave freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose
To be honest, sir, in Indian politics...
a President is only considered to be a coach in the train of politics
But you are the engine, sir. You are the engine of our country
People like us are the coaches. - Sir, don't you think...
in every country across the globe...
people are losing their trust in politics and political leaders?
The entire world is caught in the whirlpool of the Third World War today
Leaders use clever words
It's not necessary that what we hear and what we see are always true
It could be a mirage
Take this white salt for instance
It can be take many forms
If I tell you it's sugar, you will believe me
Even if you say it's lime or flour we'll believe it, sir
It could also be chalk or powder. - Right
The bottomline is to find out the real content
Well, if you get the hint, you will find a way
If you get the hint, you will find a way
The bottomline is to find out the real content
The President's abduction and the drugs are connected
And whoever murdered Shilpa, surely has a hand in these drugs
Must keep an eye on Brian and Sam Hans
Greetings, Mr Sam Hans
Greetings, Mr Sarin
You have honoured me by coming to the party
I hardly attend private functions. It becomes news
Especially, when I meet decent folks like you
But since you insisted, and since this is an Indian music concert...
I just came over to wish you
Your sweetheart is here
Easy, Pandit-ji. Have patience
Greetings, Ms Brar
Sorry, I didn't recognise you
In a sari, eh?
She looks like a celestial beauty
How come you are here? - Like you...
I too sometimes take a break from work
Mr Sam compelled me to come here. I just came to show my face
Good luck to you
An old friend of Alisha
I've heard lots about you... from Alisha
So you have loads of information about me! What business are you in?
It's his business to interfere in everybody else's business
He's a press reporter from New Delhi
You must've surely heard of Coutino Ambrose Wine?
I produce it
Perhaps you have no idea...
Mr Arya too has a story
He's not a reporter alone
Singing is his hobby. In fact, he learnt music with Alisha
Mr Arya, let's hear something to refresh our memories of India
Ms Brar, I used to learn music. Past tense
No, no excuses
You can't hide your talent. - Absolutely
This volcanic beauty has stirred up some lines inside me
So say it, Pandit-ji. - Don't make us wait any longer
Let it come out. - My, my
When I see your childish grace, I pine to hold your hand
When I hear your lovely voice, bullets pierce my heart
I madly seek your love... give in to me
When I see your childish grace...
I pine to hold your hand
When I hear your lovely voice, my love...
bullets pierce my heart
I madly seek your love
Give in to me
O faithless lover of mine...
let go of my hand
O faithless lover of mine...
let go of my hand
Your touch runs like a dagger on my body
Every lassie, bewitched...
ogles at you
Every time you smile, my love...
the dimple on your cheeks show
Those fierce eyes make me restless
Don't flatter me, my love...
a thousand needles pierce my heart
Your words are leading me on...
I'm being trapped
When I see your mesmerizing gait, bullets pierce my heart
I seek your love...
give in to me
Every lassie, bewitched...
ogles at you
Don't embarrass the party...
stop kissing my shadow
I beg you
Damn, I'm in a fix
Give me a smile
Hold my hand
Oh, how do I explain?
Why do you stay away from me?
These tricks of yours...
cut like a knife into my heart
Every lassie, bewitched...
ogles at you
I madly seek your love...
Give in to me
O faithless lover of mine...
let go of my hand
Your touch runs like a dagger on my body
Every lassie, bewitched...
ogles at you
When I see your childish grace...
I pine to hold your hand
When I hear your lovely voice, my love...
bullets pierce my heart
I madly seek your love
Give in to me
What are you saying, Sam?
In our business, sentiments don't matter, money does
All right, but what about my dollars? Encash the drugs at once
We're running out of time. - I've met the Italian
Max is willing to buy your stock. We're going to meet him
At my vineyard
This is Brian's vineyard
Lovely place
Bhatnagar, take care of Alisha
I'll be right back
Ansari will meet us right here
Look at them sitting in style. - Have patience
The deal is being struck with the Italian
Can I take your picture?
Picture, brother?
Will do without a smile
Explain to her... go on
Take the film off
What nuisance
Where are you?
What's going on here? Why did you take the film off?
Why did you touch the camera?
Bloody carrot!
You don't know me!
Let me go
Nobody likes an uninvited guest. What say?
Don't be sentimental. - Sam, what makes you angry?
It's not anger, it's regret
Surma Parti can hardly get anything right
Sam, come to the point
Then listen
Be a man and strike from the front
Eunuchs use fake cops to stab from behind
Actually... it's the work of the Italians
They want to destroy all the evidences pertaining to this consignment
You guys can't concoct a lie, and you are out to trade in falsehood
For safety, people keep diamonds, birthstones and talismans
But, steel suits me fine. It has always protected me
I just dispatched the five of them. Now it's time for the three of you
No bloodshed in business... - Brian, I don't want...
anymore transactions with Surma Parti
Put your gun down! There's no room for sentiments
Money is what matters. Let bygones be bygones
you stop playing games
The two of you shake hands
Sam, shake hands with him
Thank you
Thank Brian
I haven't forgiven you
Come on! - Let me go
Are you okay?
They are my brothers. - This one's my brother
Are you here to fight, swine?
What are you upto, Yousan?
Teach them how to treat women
Remember your resolve, Yousan. Always respect women
You are right, Ansari
Wahid, apologise to her
Well brother, I'd rather have been a dog
Relax. - Apologise to her
Forgive me
He's a moron
We came here for sightseeing. I mean, we're tourists
Taking dogs out without a leash is prohibited here
He's right. One mistake from any of us, and we can suffer a heavy loss
Go away... go
Let's go, brothers
I apologise on their behalf, Mr...
Ansari. I do business with Brian
Catch you later. Bye
These are the guys who murdered Shilpa and also bought the drugs
What? - Yes
I have some more important news
Ansari is not a businessman, he is a Pakistani General
These guys are the ISI's sponsors
I've seen their pictures in the RAW's files
And those tall camels are Afghanis. They were speaking Pashto
What are they doing in Switzerland? - That's what I got to find out
Shilpa's murder, drugs consignment, Sam Hans, Brian...
President... they are all connected
We've just received an urgent fax from New Delhi
Mr Parmar, come to my office immediately
What's the matter, sir...? Any tension or bad news?
Mr Parmar, we have instructions from the Defence Ministry
We must send them details of all our embassy staff...
and the Indian citizens living in Locarno, within 24 hours
This enquiry has got to be top-priority and confidential
But, sir... any special reason for the red alert?
It's not for you to ask such questions. We're here to obey orders
Yes, Parmar?
New Delhi has appointed an enquiry commission
You're in for a tough time
Your file will also be opened. - My file, too...?
Parmar, when is a friend like you going to help?
That's okay, but...
Make sure my name doesn't crop up
Your file is in the secret records of classified documents
To make it vanish from there is quite a tedious job
As if Sam Hans has ever done done anything the right way!
Not to worry. You'll receive 10,000 Euros
Parmar sahib. You won't find a better place than our island
It's indeed a lovely place. Which is why we've accepted your proposal
Security at the island is tight anyway
There's no chance of anyone coming or going
The news I'm going to give you...
will make you knock off the whole bottle
There's been a huge conspiracy in our embassy
This conspiracy... one moment
Look... - Who is he?
Mabros. An international terrorist
Posing as the manager of the Brissago Island, he got me to pass his proposal
What proposal?
The Brissago Island was booked for a vacation for the President...
and his daughter. And I'm the one who approved it. For him!
The President...? The President of India?
Here, in Switzerland? - Yes
But right now, he's in this man's clutches
You mean, he has kidnapped the President...
and the world doesn't even know? - Yes!
But I have nothing to do with it! I've done nothing
Sam, there's someone in our embassy who's betraying the nation
No wonder all these files... and this checking's taking place!
I have a feeling that New Delhi knows about it
Sam, pull me out of this mess. Please help me
As chief of security, I'm going to be blamed for all this!
I don't know which terrorist organisation he has struck a deal with
What do you think about the ISI?
The ISI would be most interested in the President of India
No, no... the ISI, all this way here...?
Does the ISI have a presence here in Switzerland?
The President of India gets kidnapped like this...
and the ISI gets me to bring in such a huge consignment of narcotics...
it all appears to be connected
It is a very big international conspiracy. However...
it's a fight between nations. We must stay away from it
There's no need for us to get involved in this, Sam...
There is a need, Brian. There is a need
Surma Parti has lied to me
They have tricked me. And they must pay for it
I need to tear up their papers
Brian, you're forgetting your own lesson
In our business, there's no value for humanity or patriotism
The only important thing is money
I'm going to make the ISI face the music now
Sam, I can see it in your eyes...
that you're about to play a very dangerous game
I had come here to save my skin! And you guys...
Now look, Sam! I'm a very small official
Why don't you understand? It has to do with the nation's security!
Please don't involve me in this. I don't want the money!
And I... I cannot betray my nation
Nothing will happen to you. Don't worry
You haven't given any information to me. We haven't even met
So close that file and forget about it
And watch my gameplan now
Look at how I crush the ISI
They think I'm a resident of Locarno
What they don't know is that I'm from Delhi
And this thug from Delhi is going to be very tough to deal with
I'll have graves dug for the bastards right here...
and I'll be the one who will swallow the 50 million Dollars too
This is the insurance of my life, after all
Yes, I work for India. But not for India Times
I'm from the Indian Army's special group force
Our President and his daughter are being held hostage in Brissago Island
My mission is to safely rescue them from there by tomorrow morning
You mean, we were in a prison when we were interviewing the President?
Captain, there are many obstacles in your path. It's very dangerous
You're endangering your life, Aditya
If a soldier does not lay down his life for his nation...
who will guard our civilians and our borders. Buddy?
I'm with you, Aditya
Do just as I've told you
I'll see that the President and his daughter get to the boat
But if I don't turn up in ten minutes, don't wait for me
Telephone Mr Gujral in New Delhi. - That's right
Also take Alisha to safety. - Don't worry, Captain. Take care
Maybe this isn't the time to say this
This is your mission and you're doing your duty towards your nation
But for my sake, you must come back
I'm everybody's sweetheart
Take a look at me, I'm incredible all the way
On every lip is talk of my beauty
But no one can really figure out the talents I possess
I'm the one who evades the worst of predators
I treat them to wine with my juicy lips
How I make thirsting hearts pine
People come, people go...
and yet, I'm scared...
what is it all about?
There are the crazy ones, there are the strangers...
there are the romantics and there are the killers
I'm everybody's sweetheart
Take a look at me, I'm incredible all the way
On every lip is talk of my beauty
But no one can really figure out the talents I possess
I'm the one who evades the worst of predators
I treat them to wine with my juicy lips
How I make thirsting hearts pine
There are those that are wide-eyed, there are the sleepy kinds...
there are those that look lost, it's all such a mystery
Something's about to happen...
a spell is being cast, so watch out
I'm everybody's sweetheart
Take a look at me, I'm incredible all the way
On every lip is talk of my beauty
But no one can really figure out the talents I possess
I'm the one who evades the worst of predators
I treat them to wine with my juicy lips
How I make thirsting hearts pine
The Impossible
Praise the Lord! Bless you with the 50 million Dollars!
Bless you too, with India's President. And Kashmir
What happened? - We've been deceived!
Someone has taken the President away!
Hold it! Keep the money here. Go on!
We handed over the President to you
If someone has taken him away, how are we to blame?
Mabros, looks like they've changed their mind
Along with the President, they want to keep the 50 million Dollars too!
They plan on cheating us! But I'm not letting anyone touch the money!
This money is rightfully ours. Let's go!
Put that pistol away!
Mabros, you will get the money when you hand over the President to us
Your presence could be a hinderance in the Captain's mission
I don't feel like leaving Daddy and going away
But what you say is right. - Don't worry
I give you my word. I will return with the President
Alisha, you will return to India from Zurich. And you will go to America
Here are the passports and documents. - But what will I do in Bombay, Aditya?
Maybe with you, I... - Try and understand, Alisha
I have very little time
Listen to this one on Time. - Go on, sir
Do not mess with Time
For Time will strip them all!
What's happening here?
A poets' meet?
You are making a mockery of the decorum at the embassy!
This embassy has never given the Indian government any cause for complaint
Twice, we have won the award for being the best Indian embassy
I was proud of the embassy!
But one of you has cast a slur on our pride and honour...
and given us a bad name!
Captain Arya has proof. He's a special agent of the Indian army
New Delhi has sent him here on a special assignment
I was at the Brissago Island to meet the President a little while ago
And he told me something that could endanger the security of our country
He's sure that there is someone here at the embassy...
who's in league with foreign terrorists
And because of whom his life is now in danger
That man is among the four of you
You! - Me...?
Or is it you?
Before I expose him to everyone...
the President wants him to be given one last chance
So that he can make amends for his mistakes
I'll tell you his name tomorrow morning
Let's go, Mr Ambassador
Forget about your own selfish interests
Our interests lie in the interests of our nation
The needle of suspicion will now point towards me
But there is a traitor in this embassy
Who could it be...? Who?
Yes, Ansari...?
The fire has been lit already
Tell Yousan that it is futile to keep suspecting each other
News of the kidnapping has reached India already
Arya is a special agent of the Indian Army
Don't tell me!
Yousan, there's bad news. - Is all well?
The one you had a showdown with at the Brian's vineyard...
happens to be a Captain in the Indian Army
Brother! His head must roll
I must have your tape telecast on Al Jazeera tomorrow, come what may
Yousan, it's time you took over. - I'm all set. Rest assured, brother
That's okay. But where's the President?
Damn it!
Looks like I have alerted you, Ms Brar
Oh no, that's not the case at all
Your file
Why did you call me here? - Sam...
you're into a lot of illegal activities
Shady businesses too. But I have nothing to do with them
That's your personal affair. - That's very kind of you
But having ganged up with India's enemies and helped the ISI...
you have thrust your head into my personal affair
Sensational story. But why don't you show me your real face...?
Stop kidding me. - So listen
So you've learnt to die for the nation?
No, Sam. I've trained to shoot any head that rises against my nation
And I never miss my mark. So save your head
There are many heads rising against India. You'll lose count
Sam! So you've sold out on us!
The price was 50 million. And I got just one per cent
That's a very unfair deal
What price do you want? - 50 million
You'll have it. When and where?
Tomorrow morning. At Valle Verzasca
What happened...? Say something!
The President is in Sam's custody
So there are two obstacles in our path to freedom!
Captain Arya and Sam!
Will you never change, Junior?
There's such a lot of tension and you're enjoying a beer!
Relax, bro. All the arrangements have been made
The plane's ready too. Take it easy
You smuggled drugs in my name!
You murdered my friend Shilpa!
And what did you guys think? You'd get away with it?
I'm not sparing her, bro!
Dabral, where's Sam? Where's Daddy?
Speak up! Where's Sam?
No idea where he is right now
But he's going to Vanilla this evening
Start the car
How could you carry out such a big betrayal...? Why did you do it?
Turn her over to the police, sir. - Police...?
I'll surely turn her over to the police
Where is the President?
I don't know anything
Do you know where the President is? - Sir...!
My only crime is that I gave news of the President to Sam Hans. That's it!
I know nothing else!
As chief of security, how could you leak such sensitive information, Parmar?
I was out of my mind, sir! I was blinded by greed!
That's my only mistake. But...
although I'm guilty, I'm not a traitor of the nation
And I have no role to play in this conspiracy, sir
I beg your forgiveness for my crime. - You've committed such a grave crime...
forgiving you is impossible! You have betrayed the nation
She's the one who betrayed the nation! The mistake I made is a small one!
If you wish, you can suppress my mistake right here, sir
Please save me, sir. Have mercy on me
I'm willing to do anything you say
Captain, do you think you'll be able to make Parmar speak?
I haven't another choice, buddy. I'll have to use third-degree
The door's open
What happened? - What do you think?
He swallowed poison
This is the consequence of telling lies
Here goes our last link
I, Ranjit Parmar, accept in full consciousness...
that I have betrayed my nation
I compromised the nation's security and without knowing...
sold secret information regarding the President to Sam Hans!
I beg forgiveness for what I have done - Ranjit Parmar
The long, silent night...
what does it say? Nobody knows
Someone's being targetted
Whether he believes it or not
Like a falling star...
this moment is scary
A spark...
is stoking the embers of the heart
All around, there's an excitement...
through the smokescreen...
where will you go?
An escape for you...
is impossible
I turn the impossible into the inevitable...
I'm power itself
I make the world bow at my feet...
that's my only business
Mine is a unique way of life...
this trait of mine is peculiar to me alone
I do what I feel like...
for I have all the wealth
Behind the mask lurks a face
One nobody recognises
There's vigil beyond this vigil
Every life here is at stake
Even light appears to be plunged into darkness
Whoever's responsible for this?
What incident is about to happen...?
Nobody knows
The earth waits in anticipation
Time has come to a standstill
Where will you go?
An escape for you...
is impossible
My destiny I write with my own hands
On my own steam I have achieved what I dreamt of
You haven't an inkling of what might happen the next moment...
why must you worry about years?
If death has to come, it shall come one day...
so why must I experience it in fear every day?
Life is all about the moments you live
Those that are born, will also die
This story is going to remain incomplete...
you'll never be able to complete it
Here comes doom...
On my breath, I can feel the boom
Here comes devastation...
nobody can avert it
Every heart ardently wishes...
may not that moment of ruin arrive
Where will you go?
Your escape is...
Am I going to die at the hands of such a beautiful girl...?
Thank God you're here, Alisha. But what took you so much of time?
And what are we going to do with him?
I've been sent by Ansari. I'm Yousan
A new smartass in the Surma Parti?
Have you brought the Dollars? - Wahid
Don't worry about the Dollars
Turn the President over to us and count your money
Please come
Hey President! I was dying to see you!
Come... come, President
This is where I live. Among the rocks
Only for my cause
Sit down
Be seated, President
This is your new throne
Today is a historic day
Sitting on this throne you will lay the foundation of our freedom
I have bad news
Parmar committed suicide last night
I found his confession letter lying beside his body
So Parmar was the traitor?
We had so much of trust in him
God! May God rest his soul in peace!
Sir, Parmar's confessional letter amply makes it clear...
that he had put at risk the security of the country
He turned out to be a very selfish man! - We never thought he'd be like this
Isn't that true, Panditji? - However, gentlemen...
the letter also indicates that he was framed
And that there is someone else behind this political scandal
You mean you're holding someone else guilty instead of Parmar?
If that is the case, why did he commit suicide?
It wasn't suicide, sir
He was murdered. - What?
Listen to what this poet says, Parmar, my friend
This story of massacres will surely be terminated!
Forget about the stories
What we must think about is why was Parmar murdered?
We'll know that in a moment
The killer's right here, in our midst
Who is the culprit?
Panditji... - Yes?
Read out Parmar's last letter, please
This is Parmar's handwriting! - Read what it says!
Oh sure
He calls himself a traitor in this and says he's been in league with terrorists
That he's a pawn in the conspiracy hatched by Sam
You hear that? Where is the need to argue about anything after that?
Panditji, when something is too close to your eyes...
it becomes blurred. - Obviously, my friend
The handwriting is indeed Parmar's
But whose letter-head is it written on?
This has been written on the Ambassador Mr Sarin's letter-head!
What nonsense are you talking? - Hold it, Ambassador!
The worst of criminals often makes a mistake that finally traps him
You're arresting the wrong man!
You could've thrown me off the roof. Why heap humiliation on me?
Tomorrow's newspapers will come out with sizzling headlines!
Sold the nation
Are even ambassadors up for sale?
Mr Sarin has ganged up with the terrorists too!
I regret, Officer...
your operation has failed
Every TV channel across the globe will tomorrow morning carry just one headline
Indian President in the custody of the Al Hamas
Give us Kashmir and take your President away
Kashmir isn't a piece of chocolate everyone can eat
You're about to die, but you're still very confident
I've got a meeting with my contact in Al Jazeera
I must leave now. Carve him out
Why're you smiling?
Guess what tomorrow's headlines will be
Just that the most important cell of the Al Hamas and the ISI...
has been most mercilessly wiped out by an unknown man in Switzerland
Kill him!
Congratulations, Yousan
Let's record your revolutionary speech now
This is Yousan Baqsh's diplomatic message...
to the Indian government and to the entire world
You must've seen Daniel Pearl being slaughtered live
It's now the turn of the President of India
Withdraw all the military forces from Kashmir within 24 hours
Srinagar will now be the Line of Control
This isn't an appeal. Treat it as an order from us
If our orders are not obeyed...
we will also break the international treaty like America
We will then be compelled to order the execution of your President...
in a live telecast. That's all
I told you to come with me
If you had agreed, none of this would have happened
Come, let me see you off. - What rubbish, Sam...? See them off?
Maybe you can let them go, Sam! Not me!
They killed junior before my very eyes!
This bitch fired one bullet and this one pumped four slugs into him!
I'll now show you...
You promised me, Sam! I'd get to kill them!
Either the Dollars, or your life, Sam
It's my money, Sam. I've worked very hard for it
You don't have a choice
Don't worry about my life, Sam
Don't trust a man who has betrayed a billion Indians
Where's the money?
In the van. - Zorba, go and get it
Let Brian go. - Must I?
Okay, I'll let him go. Go on, Brian
In my last moments today...
I've accepted the Almighty in the presence of Mother Mary
Money isn't everything, Sam. It isn't!
Humanity, feelings... they're what really matter
I'm going to start a new life from today
You must also...
Where is the President?
Over there
The recording's over, brother
That was a vicious speech, I say
Arrange to have the tape telecast tonight
Absolutely. May you be blessed with Kashmir, Yousan
Don't move!
See where he's gone! Go on!
Up there!
You swine...
Where's he...? Come on out!
Swine! I'm not sparing you!
Wahid, take a look
You've done a terrible thing, Sam
Because of you and Parmar, I stand disgraced during my retirement
Because of you, a year-old plan of mine has fizzled out
And now a bullet of mine will cause your death!
When you have a pistol in your hands...
you ought to shoot. Not talk
Bloody infidel!
You've separated my brother from me and called me a dog!
You will now beg for forgiveness! Take off your jacket
Go down on your knees
Drop your guns
Sam, at least tell us now. Where is the President?
It's difficult for you to survive
Move it
What does that mean?
It means, the annihilation of those evil
Alisha and Kinjal...? The two of you?
It isn't like me to desert a loved one midway through the journey
I learnt so much with you. But our mission isn't yet complete
There's something we still have to destroy
What is it?
I wanted to shake hands one last time...
with the man who has changed my opinion of life, all over again
After Brian, you're the one I respect the most, Arya
This money is for those men...
who live for the country, like you
It's rightfully theirs
Will we meet again?
A man has to go back to his roots
The day I'm worthy of my land, I will surely go back
If I have said something nasty to you...
please forget it. - Sure. One thing I will not forget
Shall we return?
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