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Asterix In Britain 1986

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Put your backs into it, row faster, or I'll throw you all in iron!
Go Faster!
Well come on. How do you like your first wave, let's hear it.
I really like the pirate's life captain!
Well with us you're going to see adventures like you never saw.
We'll board Phoenician 's ships and take their treasures!
Yees! - And Spanish's ships
Yes! - And British's ships!
Yees! - And Gaul's!
Oh no! - Never say Gaul, not on my ship!
Evil eye, worse then hurricane of all perils, they are the worst.
A, ship. Ship! - Where is she, look out, lets hear it
On the po-, on the por-, on the port side. - On the port side. Are they Gauls?
No, ro-... ro-... ro-... - The Romans!
Oh wrong, Romans, I do say.
Romans? It'll be a good booty! They are numerous!
Clear around lads and hurry, lets just hoist the main sail, double the cock sail!
Row for all your worth!
We were lucky that it wasn't the Gauls. - Yeah.
Caesar we are insight of land, look there.
Our invasion will start here, Rome must conquer the Britons, they've invaded...
the Gauls just once too often, - It's sure thing, you can't miss, Caesar.
You should go in and conquer this little Britain.
This great Britain, and the Britons are very courageous too.
For them as well as for us, history will record this as the longest day.
And God sent a favourable wind. - We're off to a great start.
Goodness, gracious, a jolly sight, isn't it?
Quite so, no doubt about that.
We really ought to inform our chief.
We are about to begin our invasion, you'll maintain good order with strict...
discipline for the greater glory of Rome We are going to bombard their positions.
Stand by Centurion, you will transmit my order to the catapults.
At your order sir. - Don't move until I give the signal.
Like a statue.
The signal! - Shoot!
Make a note, I came and saw, and I don't believe my eyes.
I said in good order with strict discipline!
Look there, they are going to begin to play without us.
Yes by George, not terrible sporting is it?
We shall await them on the playing field.
Let' go!
I'll say, it's getting on for time.
Getting on for time? What do you mean? - My dear chap it's 5 O'clock.
Where are they going by Jupiter? - Walking out in the middle of the battle?
Hey come back here.
Bit of a sticky wicket what. - I say I can do with a spot of hot water.
Thank you, jolly good! - I'll have some too.
I say, can I have just a spot of milk in it?
Yes love you can.
Look they are drinking...? - Milk and hot water... savages.
If you don't mind can we get back to our battle.
No question about it, were off for 2 day - Sorry we are closed for the weekend.
Make way, make way I have an important message for General Crocerus.
They all went away, now what do we do?
We'll never go back to Rome! - I've had enough of this already!
At this rate we won't get back to Rome for ten years!
Drinking hot water I mean, they are not civilised.
If we quit during our duty time, we'll end up fighting during our meal times.
To make spaghetti soup, you need some good olives, and get some bacon...
and some onions and slice them into thin slices and...
And simmer slowly!
I tell you Caesar, it's driving me crazy!
The Britons stop every day at five on the dot.
So they won't be ready until tomorrow? - Oh no sir, now it's not till Monday.
Hey? - Yes something they call their weekend.
Gee, In that case...
Here are my orders!
From now on we start our battles at precisely five o'clock and we go all day.
All Saturday and Sunday, their weekend.
Oh Caesar, you are a genius, where do you get such tremendous ideas?
Oh good shot.
Forward legionaries, for the glory of Rome!
I say hardly the behaviour of a gentleman.
Imperial, centurions, legionaries of Rome!
Your Caesar is proud of you. - Hooray!
Rome is victorious on both sides of the sea.
On that side my forward goal, all Gauls I've conquered.
Except for that village still holding out.
I know I just don't want to go back there.
And on this side it is Britons I have conquer. All of them.
All except for the ones that won't surrender yet.
One little bunch, I'll take care of them, don't worry.
I say, what worry you chief? If I may say so.
Yes, unless reinforcements arrive soon I don't see how can we resist...
I have a corking idea.
I have a cousin in Gaul. As a matter of fact his village never has been conquered...
by the Romans, they have a magic potion that gives them super human strength.
Where might this village be? - Why, in Britain.
Morning, Cacophony. - Morning, oh I feel a song, morning!
Morning! - Morning!
Morning Blacksmith! Oh what the strangest air you can smell it.
As you can see it's nice.
Nice fish for sale, fresh! I guarantee it's fresh!
You say so only in ignorance, my friend. Your fish stink! I never smelled such...
I dare you to come here and repeat that! - Here I come, I am going to hit you...
on your ear and on your feet! - Take that!
The only thing that stinks here is you! - Oh a fight!
A fight! Let me get in it!
A fight! A fight! A fight! - Let's get in it!
Well I see that spring has returned. - Yes the village is perking up.
And what is it all about this time? - Still fish!
Still the same, it's a tradition.
Obelix, you sick? Don't you want to fight anymore?
I gave it up. - Why did you do a thing like that?
I'm worried about Obelix, he's not his usual self these days at all.
Yes, let's go and see him.
Now where were we, you fish stink. - No my fish. Doesn't!
Ah my foot.!
Druid Getafix can't you do anything for Obelix?
What he needs is a Roman legion or two. - He does? Why?
So he can fight them, he hasn't done any good Roman bashing for months.
They are all off in Britain. That will help him out, that's what he needs
Excuse me, I do beg your pardon gentlemen.
I am a Briton and my name is Anticlimax. - Anticlimax? My Briton cousin!
Shall we shake hand?
In actual fact I have come here to ask your assistance against the Romans.
Romans, where are they? Where are the Romans, what?
I would like you to meet Obelix, my good friend.
A friend of yours is a friend of mine. I'd be proud if you 'd shake me by the hand.
Nooooo, That is not what he meant!
He asked me to shake him by the hand.
He is my distant cousin from Britain, they do not talk the same way we do.
Jolly good show, quite, I say, it has gone a bit numb.
Well as it happens, our village is surrounded by Roman soldiers.
He's a cousin, so don't shake it even if he asks you to.
Asterix told me that.
So we have taken the liberty of requesting your assistance, all right?
Yes well, we'd be happy to help you against Rome, our great Druid Getafix
will do up a magic potion for you.
I had better prepare a whole barrel, I'll be needing a lot of everything I need.
I'm coming, I'll help you, I'm coming.
Obelix you find honey, mead and carrots. Can you remember that?
Oh goodie, goodie.
And I'll gather mistletoe with a golden sickle.
Obelix. - What.?
You call those carrots?
Well I saw these wild boars and anyhow it's lunchtime.
There, this will give your village strength as well as hitting all those Romans.
I say I am most frightfully grateful Druid Getafix.
You're not too strong.
We need a strong guy, only who? - Who can carry a barrel of magic potion.
Like someone who fell into the potion when he was just a little baby.
Oh, me, lets smash the Romans, lets smash the Romans, lets smash the Romans.
And here is a little magic potion, in case you need it on the way, you never know.
It's a very long voyage to Britain.
I say what a spot of luck, having two splendid chaps to go along with me.
I wouldn't forget my little Dogmatix now would I?
Goodbye, good show! Have a nice trip!
Bring us a souvenir!
Hey Asterix, we should have brought some food, we'll get very very hungry.
Whatever for, British food is all right. It would be like taking coals to Newcastle.
You really know how to row.
It pays to row for Oxford, and then to row for Cambridge, a chip off the old block.
Now hear me lads, I had to rent this ship and it's costing me a fortune...
so take good care of it and stay clear of any Gaul ship.
As well as any Romans!
A ship, a ship! - Why, a ship?
Are they Gauls?
No they are Pho-... Pho-... - Phoenician?
Phoenician merchant ship. We're all rich.
A pirate ship, oh my God we are lost! - Abandon ship, all into the lifeboat.
What lifeboat, I sold the lifeboat. - You make a profit?
What am I seeing, Gauls, gal, I mean Gauls, you better look.
Pirates, oh goodie, goodie, goodie. - Obelix, this is not the time.
Oh, the fat Gaul!
Fat? Who's fat?
Right about-turn!
I said right about-turn!
I say, it appears that he is acquainted with those pirates.
Yes, they are old friends.
Staying with you I've learnt to swim. - I'm glad, just shut up and swim.
Thank to you our lives are saved, how may I show you my gratitude.
Well I wouldn't think you'd want jewels, the market is very bad for jewels.
Don't thank us, we didn't do anything, goodbye!
Perhaps you would accept this small bag of herbs from the mysterious Far East.
Sure I'll give it to our Druid, and like I said, goodbye.
Farewell good Gauls! May you enrich yourselves like a whole merchant ship...
or like old gargoyle would say, for a bag of useless herbs. Quite a profitable day.
Good be to getting back to Gaul, nice and quiet there, not like Britain.
Once you've been through one of these campaigns, it's easy anywhere else, right?
Wrong, I'm stationed near a village in Brittany and they are all a little crazy.
Boat, a little boat ahead.
No doubt some simple fisherman from Gaul. Let's give them a scare right.
We aren't supposed to take any risks. - Risks?
An armed Roman galley against a little boat.
It may be a little boat, but they are Gauls.
Wait till you hear what they say when they see us.
Board them, board this ship, Romans, Goodie, goodie, goodie.
They can't board us!
Drink some of this quick!
They're the Gauls of the village!
Come back little Romans! - Away!
Come back little Romans! - I want to go home!
What is all this?
Nothing, just fog, that means we are approaching Britain.
Then it's time to go back to our boat. - Asterix we could take this big boat...
Shht! carry the magic potion all the...
way to Brittany, it's a lot better than the little one we have.
Be quiet about the M.P. - M.P.?
Never mind, we'll use our.
Anymore Romans around? - Only little old me!
Any more Romans not around?
Why do they always try & run away from me?
Any more Gauls around?
Is there always fog like this in Britain?
Oh my goodness no, we only have fog when it isn't raining.
Maybe they won't come back. We'll repair our boat and won't talk!
We have to talk about one thing, they are transporting a barrel...
of magic potion to Britain, I know because I heard them. We have to go...
to our superiors, turn the ship around, sail to Britain. Captain turn!
Aren't you exaggerating the power contained in this magic potion?
Oh no captain!
My little Dogmatix is getting wet, why can't we dig a tunnel through Britain?
That is an idea I dig already, dig! Dig! I dig a tunnel.
I wish I could dig up something to eat, I could eat a dozen wild boars.
I shall take you to a good Inn, where you can have your first meal in Britain.
Here we are, the Jolly Boar.
Obelix don't stand in the rain. You think they serve wild boar here?
What else, look there, that means, the jolly boar.
Come in and dry off.
Old chap, how smashingly delightful to see you again, look here old bean...
he's a Gaul, a cousin actually, Asterix and his friend Obelix...
could you prepare one of your scrumptious meals?
Your are in for a royal treat, ready!
Oh wizard, and three cracking good beers!
He never said he was going to give us a boar.
But you saw what he called this place? - Not sure I did.
Here you are, you first British beers.
Isn't it warm enough?
I shall I have him take the chill off it.
Ah now it's just right.
It's my speciality, boiled boar with mint sauce, a bit of all right, enjoy it!
Jolly boar? What's he call this?
What's jolly about it? - Eat it!
As they say, when in Britain, do as the Britons do.
Don't stand on ceremony gentleman I know you want more.
Stand aside!
I have an urgent message for General.
Hail General Crocerus, have I got bad news.
What bad news have you got.?
That potion will not arrive at the rebel village.
Issue orders to all of our patrols, arrest one Briton, a barrel of potion,
two Gauls and a little dog!
You had better best drink up now, it's near closing time, the Romans are...
rather strict about that.
Nearly closing time pub keeper.
Exactly what I was telling this gents.
Two beers now while we are waiting.
Hey now wait a minute, what's in that barrel?
In the barrel... - In the barrel there is more beer.
Oh I was hoping it was Gaelic wine!
If it was I would have confiscated it but a barrel of warm beer. Yuk
Drink it, go ahead before it gets cold, it's an acquired taste.
Is your village much further? - We must cross Londinium.
Londinium? - Yes, it's our capital, old chap.
Shh, Can you hear something?
General Alaspis? - Totallapsus!
A message from General Crocerus, arrest two Gauls a Briton...
and a little dog, they have got a barrel full of magic potion.
That's warm beer! - No thanks to Centurion I'm on my wagon.
That's my wagon!
Hey hold on, that's my wagon, hey come back here you can't do this,
I guess they can!
Hey fatty you're driving on the wrong side of the road.
We're on the right side!
Here in Britain we drive on the left side of the road, that's right one!
And I'm not fat, understand I'm not fat, might be slightly chubby but I'm not fat!
Anybody would tell you, I'm not fat. Once and for all I'm not fat!
Hey there they are, get them, attack
The Romans! - Where are they? Where?
That a way!
That a way!
Ought to be jolly fine lawn if it is properly mowed for another 2000 years.
I say such behaviour is altogether shocking.
Don't let them get away.
I say sir would you mind awfully not treading on my lawn.
By Jupiter, are you questioning the army and authority of Rome?
My lawn in smaller than your Rome is but my peat is considerably harder...
than your sternum is, I think.
I've got some more bad news for you General.
Yes go ahead, what now?
The Gauls have stolen the wagon and are on the way to the village.
Where did you see them? - In Londinium.
Ransack the city! - Yes General.
Confiscate all barrels, you understand? - Oh yes General.
When I catch those Gauls I'll boil them and throw them to the lions.
Yes general. - I'll serve them with mint sauce.
Yes General!
Yuk, those poor lions.
Be careful, there are many patrols, lets hide the wagon.
Not to worry, this chap is a good friend of mine.
Who is there? Just open and I'll tell you.
Anticlimax, what a fair wind blows you in my way?
Shh the town is full of Romans, there are two Gauls, can you put us up?
You've got Gauls, come in! Take a load off your feet!
Welcome my name is Samueltrix but they call me Gaulix because I'm from...
South Gaul, but the bottom dropped out of the olive market.
I hate to interrupt you old top, but the fact is we have to hide this barrel.
Very easy, nothing to it, I'll put it down in the cellar along with my wine...
from Gaul, and let me tell you, I've got a little wine for you to taste.
It's like liquid sunshine, from my neighbour's shore from a humble village.
They are crazy everything with their mint sauce.
But the Britons drink it with their mint sauce.
Asterix he isn't going to give us boar with mint sauce, he wouldn't do that?
I got genuine delicacies imported from Gaul, wait till you see what I got.
Since the early ships came, sausages direct from Niece and Lyon...
good smoked ham from Dijon, take a whiff, it's a breath from home.
Say could that be a patrol of Romans?
A Roman patrol, that's what I say.
In great Caesar's name, open the door!
Just a second, get in there.
You guys look like what the cat dragged in lets have a little dignity!
Hey come on! Open up! What were you doing?
I was heating up some beer.
All right search the joint, we want three guys, a barrel and a dog.
Asterix? - Shht!
My stomach is getting hollow. - Shht!
Didn't find anybody Decurion but there are a lot of barrels though.
Confiscate all of them. Take them to the palace.
I went to all the trouble to get all these wonderful wines imported!
And you take them all away from me! I'll never seen them again!
You will see us again, if your name is on the one with the magic potion, I only...
hope you aren't hiding the one we're looking for, you should have stayed home!
I can't stand it, nothing to drink, I'm ruined, ruined.
Oh no there's still plenty to eat.
There you are General, all the barrels from the whole city, are there!
Have our soldier's taste what's in every single one, so we know which one...
of them contains the magic potion.
Carry out your orders!
Soldiers of Rome, your duty is before you, you drink to taste and you report...
anything unusual, prepare to attack! Now in good order and discipline!
Open barrel!
Dip cup! Withdraw cup.
Advance a step!
Open barrel!
Dip cup! Withdraw cup!
We have to get that barrel before the Romans locate the magic potion,
is the palace very far away? - No, not at all, just a few hundred feet.
Whose feet?
The Romans measure in paces, here we measure in feet.
Do you count everyone's feet?
In actual fact there are six feet in one Roman pace, old chap.
These Britons are crazy.
Legionaries, withdraw cup!
Who wants to fight me? Come on! Take that.
Gaulix, grosslix, Gaulix!
Here I haven't tried this one yet.
Not bad at all. How about letting me taste that one?
No it's mine, get lost, it's my barrel, it's my barrel, no tasting from my...
barrel, I'll show you, I'm the strongest.
Anyone who drinks some of mine is going to get it!
Because I am the strongest!
Is it much further? - A hop skip and a jump. But I fear...
the sentries might make it awkward. - We will bump them on the head.
That is a good idea.
Hi there!
We are the, we have come here to... Thanks.
These Romans are really crazy!
Does anybody else want a taste out of my barrel, well come on try it.
Come one! Dare you! I am the Olympic champ, nobody else?
What went on here?
Come on, hey there you two fat guys, come on I'll be waiting...
There's not two fat guys, there's only one and he's not fat.
Look here Obelix, Gaulix Gaulix there are all his barrels.
Only which one is the right one? - Let's taste them and see.
We can't stay here, its dangerous.
It's dangerous but it's good.
Come on help me load all of these on the cart, stop drinking.
Obelix, I said do not drink, help bring the barrel.
The most important thing is not to attract any attention.
Obelix don't sing, cut it out.
Why do you talk to me like that? You don't love me any more Asterix.
Of course I love you, but if your song will attract every Roman in town.
I love you Asterix, and when the start to touch a hair on your head
I'll turn their heads to mash potatoes
Oh dear yet another patrol of Romans.
That's the rock and roll Roman patrol, don't touch my friend Asterix!
Donít touch a hair on his head!
A Gaul, he could be the one we're after. He'd better watch it.
Arrest him in the name of Caesar. - Here we go again.
An unattended cart, how fortunate for an unattended cart thief.
Bash the Roman noses.
Asterix, I'm getting sleepy.
Poor Obelix, the wine went to his head.
He'll have a headache.
What, what's wrong.
Isn't that our cart?
Yes it is, we'll see to that later. Let's get Obelix over to Gaulix's.
That mangy hound.
You're the dregs of the Roman army, you're nothing but barbarians,
you're a bunch of nothings!
When Caesar hears about this, he'll feed you all to the lions!
I don't mind being fed to the lions if only he wouldn't shout.
The only ones that are still missing and those belonging to Gaulix.
Search his place and arrest anyone there, think you can do that?
Well, poor Obelix, no wonder he was thirsty, he had all of my sausages,
salted cuts, my smoked cured hams, as well as my anchovies.
Just let him sleep, we'll go look for the cart, right, let's go!
We have gone round and round in this town, where could he hide it?
I say cousin, you see what I can see? - Gaulix, what a stroke of good luck.
There isn't much wine around, the Romans have confiscated it. A little taste?
No, just wine. - What did you think, I am a wine seller.
Wine seller, where did you get it, I mean Gaulix isn't your name?
I have an excellent fellow who sells it but actually I can't reveal his...
Who is that fellow? - Mister honest Fiddlesticks, I don't
know where he bought that wine from, he lives at via Bandit 16.
16 Via Bandit, another spot of good luck, it isn't all that far.
Right now we have to go and get Obelix.
We are frightfully indebted to you. - Jolly glad that I was of any help.
It looks like an army has marched through here.
Psst! - What?
It was the Romans, they searched the place, destroyed it and they took...
Gaulix away with a large snoring Gaul. - Where?
To prison, the tower of Londinium.
No Obelix, a prisoner of the Romans.
Where am I?
In the tower of Londinium, nobody ever escapes the day they die.
Even if they cook us in a mint sauce, I wouldn't say anything, not one word.
Shall I tell these Roman don't worry!
Oh don't shout, it hurts too much.
Where is Asterix? We mustn't stay here, Asterix is going to worry, he always...
worries about me, I had better go and find Asterix, the sooner the better.
Anyway I need a little fresh air.
You are a little crazy, you forget the chains.
Are you attached to these chains?
If you want this door to stay the way it is, you'd better open up, we're leaving.
I warmed you, let's go Gaulix.
Obelix where are you? - I'm down here Asterix, I'm coming up.
No, no I'm coming down.
Oh no he's coming back up
Very educational, a visit to the tower of Londinium, wouldn't you say?
Honest Asterix, I'm really sorry about all this.
You didn't do anything Obelix, nothing.
I'm glad he didn't do anything, imagine what he could have done?
What, got away?! Now you listen, find them or I'll drown you in warm bee.
And stop breaking all my statues.
Gauls, drunken Gauls, broken statues, it's too much for one little General!
Have I got a wine for you and the price is right you know what I mean...
a good deal, I can throw a cart into the bargain,
how many was that you wanted? Just one.
Decurion, can we arrest them. - Not yet, we watch them.
You're a lucky lad, wait till you taste it you'll be glad you did business with me.
It's been quite a good day.
That dog again! I'll get it!
Come over here nice little doggie I'll get rid of you once and for all.
Thank God we have the right number, they all look alike.
There it is.
It says xvi. - No it's a number, it's 16.
They are crazy these Britons! - They are Roman's numerals.
I knew these Romans are crazy.
I say! - Calm, they will explain their behaviour.
It seems we have made an error, is this 16? - In actual fact, this is 17, unfortunately...
one of the 'I' has dropped off, what is left is 16 and there's an end to it.
We are so awfully embarrassed. - Well, you're welcome!
Will you remind me to put back that blasted 'I', I believe I will have a cup...
of boiled water with a spot of milk, so good with our boiled meat.
XVI, we are wrong again.
This is it. - If you say so.
Who are you, what right have you got barging in here?
What have you been doing to my little doggie?
Are you the one who stole Gaulix's wine? - Oh no, you've got the wrong bloke.
Then what is this?
No it is just wine, so where is the rest?
You're gonna talk!
Have you noticed how uncommonly noisy our neighbours are today?
Oh quite, milk in your hot water?
You talk, you talk, you talk.
You know I do hope he does talk, he's making a dreadful racket.
I'll talk, I'll talk, I'll talk. - He has made a corking good decision.
I'll give you a list of all my customers and of everything I stole this year.
The first name on the list is Caledonium, what is that?
They are playing against Durovernum for the 5 aside championship.
Shall we arrest those Gauls? - No they haven't got the barrel yet.
We will all off to the game, Oh I say jolly exciting!
As civilians they won't recognise us. - The Decurion said dress like civilians.
Yes so I'm dressed like a civilian.
Tell me cousin, what do they do in this game, is it complicated?
Quite a simple game really, the chaps are in two teams of 15 each and they...
use a jolly old pumpkin in the shape of an orange, now the object is...
to propel the pumpkin as best you can, all the way to your opponent's goal.
I say the Caledonian bagpipes, we are in for a treat.
And that is the sacred goose, folklore and all that.
And there's the sacred hen of Durovernum.
Here come the players.
He's the druid umpire, he signals the kick-off and then they start the game.
That is an intelligent game, we ought to play this in Gaul.
That's a penalty, unnecessary roughness.
Look He's only pretending. - No he's not pretending!
Look that could be the right stuff.
Here we go, Hipihiphurras have a bit of this.
Now we will see if it is the magic potion.
Hey there lad, Aren't you the one that smashed in my head on my whack.
It's not whether you win, it's how you play the game.
It is the magic potion, let's go cousin.
He actually scored a try, good chap, now I'll say he'll try for the conversion.
And what are you doing down here? - I got hit by this one crazy bird.
Legionaries in civilian dress, get them! - Me too?
I will buy this barrel - We need it for the players, they 're thirsty.
I seize it for Caesar! - Romans Hey Obelix!
Here I come.
Stop that bloke! He don't stand a chance!
Bring back my barrel!
Obelix, old boy might I suggest you return the pumpkin so they can get on with it.
Do I have to? - A little help, legionaries!
Oh what frightfully good luck chaps, in an hour we should be in my village.
I Say that wouldn't be a Roman galley, would it?
I think you've got option left, surrender. - We will never surrender
Oh, okay... Cast the first stone
Good shot you hit the barrel.
Have I got good news for you.
The potion has been destroyed, all of it in the river, we drowned all of them.
At last success, that's splendid. Move all of our forces to Artelus at once!
We attack that village at dawn.
This time the Roman win I guess.
I sure want to bash a good Roman or two.
I say, all this is just a bit unfortunate for my village isn't it, pity.
Even if we don't have our magic potion we can still defend your village
against the legion of Romans, right, look now I'm talking like you.
It just doesn't seem fair, to get so close, after all we've been through, all our...
adventures, Romans and pirates and Phoenician and all for nothing.
Wait. Phoenician, I have an idea!
What is that? - To the village, quick!
The Romans will be attacking any time now and still no word...
from Anticlimax, it's getting serious, there's no hope, we're lost.
Oh I say shhhh. - Dogmatix you be quiet now, shh
Halt ho goes there?
We'll die a sword in hand, with a smile. - You're dam right!
Hello hello!
Anticlimax, I'm besides myself with worry, I can't tell you how glad I am!
Dear lad welcome back. - Actually I'm rather glad to be back.
Well lets not get carried away. Have you got the potion?
Right here, I will make it up.
Splendid, good show, I shall go and assemble the men.
We haven't got it, how are you going to? - Can you make the magic potion?
Oh I see, you will use your herbs. - I will explain it all later.
Now Obelix go get some water. - That's right, don't tell me anything!
I'm always fetching and carrying, get this, get that...
Attention, our enemies have lost their secret weapon, a magic potion,
the Gauls will not assist them, now we will face absolutely no danger.
It will be a real pleasure, we'll enjoy this one.
Well I guess it's ready.
I can honestly say it's delicious.
Now we just sit back and wait for the Romans to attack.
Would you mind awfully if I had a spot of milk in potion?
Legionaries! Form a square!
Ready to attack! Form a triangle!
Attack them!
Halt there! We are here Romans.
And we've eaten our magic potion.
Who said you could form into a circle?
He says they've got the magic potion! - I know them, they are crazy these Gauls!
I don't mind fighting when we win but this is ridiculous!
Beans must be cooked with tiny little slices of cured bacon, not too much...
then you need cheese and that's all.
Now cut that out, attack!
You heard him, attack, obey your chief, go on, come on attack!
If you don't attack us then we will attack you!
Obelix they are only guests here. - I know, then guests first!
They are coming - Is it too late to get a transfer?
Hey my teeth! Ah too late!
Re-enlist, they told me, a chance to see the world all I see is stars.
You are a disgrace, made me look like a fool.
Thanks to you Asterix and your magical potion we beat them at their own game.
Well you know it wasn't exactly genuine magic potion.
I rather thought so. But all my warriors felt strong as Gods and that is courage.
Send me some more of those herbs and I will declare it our national beverage.
I say, we'll hold a feast I your honour, prepare all our specialities, boars...
with mint sauce and we'll have mounds of beer all heated till it is just right.
No let's go home.
Thank you we would like to stay but he is too hungry, come over and see us.
Obelix wait for me.
I say that's what I call a Gaul, of course they are Gauls.
There are Gau-... Gau-, anyway they are coming so fast, we won't see them.
There's Gauls you say?
Asterix what is that pirate captain doing?
This time I won, you're too late to sink my ship!
These pirates are crazy.
Oh So you gave them something hot? - Yes I did, that Phoenician herbs.
I've still got some, Druid Getafix, have you ever seen such a herb?
Oh yes, it's called tea. It'll never catch on, these English, no these Britons.
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