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Avenging Fist The

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The human mind|is an intricate mystery.
With over a billion brain cells,
we utilise less than|10% of this capacity.
The other 90%,
remains dormant.
It is as if God has designated it|a "No Access Zone".
In time,
men gave in to their curiosities,
and attempted to access|this restrictive zone.
3 years after the|Worldwide Weapon Ban Treaty,
100 members from|a distinguished police unit,
participated in an experiment to|develop defence-use equipment,
codenamed 'Power Glove'.
The aim was|to utilise biotechnology
to unleash the cerebral powers|within our 'No Access Zones'.
the experiment|was suddenly terminated,
without any stated reason. is illegal to possess weapons|of any grade.
Such offenders will be classified by|the police as 'highly dangerous'...
Good day. Today's pollution index|is in the black range.
The ultraviolet index is also|within the black range.
Please exercise the appropriate|precautionary measures.
Finally, I would like to remind|everyone, the sight of the moon,
a rare spectacle, will take place|next Friday, 7th of July.
- Watch where you're going!|- Hey, slow down! Wait for me!
Here we come!
- Watch out, everyone! Move over!|- Look out!
This is fun!
- Hello, Belle?|- Where are you? It's started.
I'm on my way, going as fast as I can.|Have fun, I'll see you in a while.
Slow down, the police|are straight ahead of us.
Warning! You are speeding. Reduce|speed now or you will be charged.
Who cares?!
...please reduce your speed now...
Digital Colours, you'll love it.
More what? Let's go. The police are|after us. I'm not hanging around.
- Hi, sister.|- You're so late.
Yeah, how come?
It's all your fault. The scooter|you built for me was too slow.
- That long-haired guy will lose.|- What do you know?
The odds have it that he'll win by 7:1.|I bet a lot on him winning.
- Great, I've won! Money time!|- Let's collect our cash!
Iron wants to take 9 wins in a row.|Does anyone want to contest this?
It doesn't look like anyone|has the courage to do so.
Will he remain the undisputed|champion again?
What's up with you?|Your hands are shaking.
No, they're itching for a fight.|Look at this guy.
it might be fun to fight you.
Fight? Oh, no.|I promised. Let's go.
I'm telling you, if I beat him, the prize|money will pay for the Power Glove.
You won't object, right?
Okay, but not those moves or Auntie|Wing will know about this and we'll...
I'm not into fighting with weapons.
Give it all you've got, don't hold back.|There won't be another bout.
- That's fast!|- Really fast!
Oh, Kong, don't!|Not the real thing!
Not bad.|You sure can take a blow or two.
- Yes! We're rich!|- Not you!
- Kong, you were amazing!|- Now we have money for goodies.
Can I treat you to a drink?
Sorry, I'm not into cold drinks.
What about the temperature now?
It's hot.
Sister, stop flirting.|Let's collect our prize money.
How untimely. Don't be so annoying.
How are you, Auntie Wing?
You think Mum is still mad?
Why don't you go find out?
What's that?
Mood boy.|Its music changes with emotions.
Don't worry.
Go away. Go!
Yeah, don't worry, right?
- Go on, go!|- Go on!
What's wrong with you three?|Taking on your own mother now?
Of course not, Auntie Wing.
You taught us to combat, therefore|we don't stand a chance with you.
Let's talk instead.
Well, I'm going to say this|one last time.
Never ever use|your Power Fist moves.
We can practice the moves,|yet we can't use them!
What if I use those moves?|Who's to know?
If someone spots it, we're history.
Dad came up with those moves.|What are we so worried about?
Give me a reason, I'll go with it.
I'm your mother|and that's reason enough.
No, it's not. You never tell me|anything, not even how Dad died.
Just look at Jazz and myself. We're|not related at all, yet, between us,
- We don't have any secrets.|- Yeah.
If you don't treat me as a son, I don't|know how to treat you as my mother.
Mum, Kong's been missing Dad.
He just wants to buy the Power Glove|from the underground market.
Power Glove?
They're for the Police.|What do you need it for?
Are you trying to cause trouble?
Dad had one|and I wanted to have one too.
You can stop me|from doing almost everything,
but you can't stop me|from missing my father.
- Kong, that's enough.|- Don't do this. Watch your mouth.
Even if you get hold of|the Power Glove, then what?
Jazz, take care of him for me.
- Yes.|- Don't let him get into trouble.
Yes, yes.
Kong, Auntie Wing has her reasons,|you shouldn't...
Hey... he just elbowed me.
Kong, Dad is a cop. My duties|may keep me away from you.
I may not even be there|to witness your birth.
I've left you with the Power Fist|moves. Practice them.
Pay attention, my son.
Put your heart and mind to it.|These Power Fist moves
may one day keep you and|your mother from harm.
Goodbye, Kong.|Please take care.
Dad, don't go.
- Hey, Iron.|- What a coincidence.
Let me know when you're going|in the ring again.
We don't always have to fight.|What about just hanging out, huh?
There are lots of other things to do.|Don't get into another fight!
What's that?|Give me three of those.
I only sell hope and alcohol.|If you want 'earthquake'...
Don't stare. Don't stare.
Those are definitely the baddies.|If you must stare, stare at me.
That's not a pleasant sight.
What's this 'earthquake' thing?
My first kiss.
Let's go.
No way.|We're still waiting for Sing and Kit.
No, something's bound to happen|at these sorts of places.
I promised Auntie Wing|I'd take care of the two of you.
Hold it,|my sister wants to talk to you.
Hello, hello...
Can I have your hand?|My phone is dead.
Did you set it on vibrate mode?|It's really shaking.
BF999841 1 1 2.
And I forgot to tell you how cool|you looked in that ring.
Thank you.
Hello, Sing? Are you coming or what?|I'm about to leave.
- Leave it for later. Just come along.|- Hey, what's up with you?
The smile, the look.|Are you flirting with him?
- They're not coming, talk to them.|- Don't come then!
What did you do that for?
I was a bit mad at them so I slammed|the phone on them. I apologise.
- Does it hurt?|- Why didn't you use my phone?
A stranger's phone|is not very hygienic...
And you have|high hygiene standards now?
Look, his nails are all filled with dirt.
You danced well.|You want a drink?
I'll buy you one.
I can buy one myself.
- Well, we danced...|- And it's over now.
Good move! Let's drink to that.
What? You want to fight again?
Her drink's been spiked|with 'earthquake'. Look.
Let's go.
Don't fight, stop it!
I said stop!
You really want a go, huh?|Come ahead!
Move over.|Stand to the sides. Move.
- Round them up.|- Yes, sir.
Let's go. If Auntie Wing knows|about this, we're dead.
Hey, you two, hands off!
Kong, remember Auntie Wing?
Be quiet! If we wake my mother,|we'll be in big trouble.
- Is that you?|- Yes.
See, we almost got caught.
- Left, right, left, right...|- Isn't it a bit late for practice?
Oh, Mum...
this girl wants to learn a few moves
to protect herself|against sexual harassment.
Don't move the head so much.|Lift the fist up a bit.
No, it's okay. Don't move.
An improvement there.
Let's go again.
Let me show you.
Don't be so tough. You need to be|patient with your students.
What now? Faking death?
- Not even a single blow.|- Take it easy.
Are you okay?
Stop it.
Hey, stop it.
I'm telling you...
Mum, it's okay. Don't worry.
Kong, get up! Get up!
I've never been able to get that far|with a girl and you...
I'm calling the police.
- Get her.|- Get her? You've gone far enough!
- You're horrible.|- I'm going to the police now.
Miss, that's really not necessary.
Why don't you just beat the|living hell out of him and call it quits?
Just tell me where|and I'll do the punching.
Go to the police then.
If I hadn't pinned you down, you'd have|smashed your head against something.
And I kind of liked you before, now...
Wait. Your clothes are still intact,|this must be a misunderstanding.
That's true, Kong never lies.|Talking about your clothes,
you're obviously still fully clothed.|Are you mistaken? Just think about it.
It's quite obvious that she's mistaken.|How come you two are here so early?
She insisted on going back for Iron.|When we got back,
the cops had arrested him already.
We didn't have the bail money so|we came back to see if you could help.
- I don't even know where to begin.|- Then what now?
- Take me to the precinct.|- Miss,
didn't we just talk about this.|You still want to go to the police?
To bail your friend out.
"Your friend?"|Is he your friend?
Okay, the procedures are done.
You're not hurt, are you?
Don't thank us,|she's the one who posted bail.
Don't thank me, either.|Let's just stay as strangers.
This is a coincidence.
Kong and I are celebrating|our birthdays this Monday.
Why don't you come to our party?
Give me his files.
Practice these moves and|they'll protect you, in place of me.
Goodbye. How I wish|I could hold you in my own arms.
Are you done?
Let's call these combat moves|'Power Fist Moves'.
Feel this?|He's going to be a naughty one.
Hi, I'm Dark.
I know I've put on a bit of weight,|but don't you recognise me at all?
- I've met your children.|- If you say a word to them I'll kill you.
Why did you teach your son|the Power Fist moves?
I thought you'd kept your children|out of the scene for the past 20 years,
so they can live a normal life.
Your husband made the mistake of|coming up with the Power Fist moves.
And that's why you killed him.
You killed your best friend.
Have you been having nightmares|in the past 20 years?
Even if you didn't sleep well,|you appear to have eaten well though.
I just didn't want those moves|to end up in the wrong hands.
I had to do it 20 years ago.
I've kept this for 20 years.
Give it to Kong and tell him|all about his father, Thunder.
This is a new era, a new government.|On August 1 st,
each of you will be injected|with a beastly essence.
And each one of you|will be just like him,
a warrior of the Red Dragon Army.
Dark sent you? Does he really want|to know what I'm up to?
Let me show you then.
Dark, my friend.|I'm back in the Democratic Republic.
That's it? All this time and|you've only got this much out?
What's inside your mind?
Think carefully.|I want every single Power Fist move.
In the vastness of your mind,
how come it's all a void?
Who did it?
A girl.
I want this girl.
Get her for me.
Sing, Kit, don't just stand there staring.|Can you fix the propulsion or not?
Every time I step on the throttle,|it just rocks back and forth.
Yeah, rocking back and forth...
You're not supposed to race|with this every night.
If it wasn't for racing, why would I buy|such an expensive ride?
Total waste of my time.|Oh, Kong is back.
Happy birthday, Kong!
Oh, it's you. Don't you have|somewhere to go or something to do?
I was fired.
Well, since you have all the free time|in the world now, you'd better come in.
Come on in.|The drinks are over there.
- Iron.|- Happy Birthday.
Thank you.
Mr. Dimple here just got fired.
Really?|Get us some drinks. Go on.
Do you have any plans? Why don't|you stay here and teach combat?
No way! Our school has a very tight|budget. We can't afford to hire him.
Auntie Wing won't go for it.
I'll speak with Mum. Until you find|another job, just stay here.
We can't pay you|but I can make you these hot drinks.
- You still remember?|- Yes.
What do you have|against cold drinks?
I hate anything cold.
When I was young,|I woke up one winter morning,
in my mother's arms.|She had died from the cold...
keeping me warm.
Did the heating system|malfunction or something?
There was no heating system|on the streets.
I'm sorry, I was... I mean, I'm sorry.
I have to go. Wish Kong|a happy birthday for me.
See if your drink is warm enough.
I've always been able to do this,|since I was a kid. I promise you,
anything that I ever give to you|will always be warm.
Why don't you stay?
Good day. In the week to come,|the ozone layer will remain thin,
and the ultraviolet index|will also remain in the black level.
All citizens be warned-although|we can appreciate the moon tonight,
please do not stay outdoors|for any extended period of time.
It's my birthday today. I want someone|to wish me a happy birthday.
I want...
You know what, Erica?|I like you a lot.
You know what, Erica?|I really like you.
You know why?
No? Let me tell you.
I rode right through|your advertisement the last time,
and kissed you right there and then.|Do you remember?
Not bad, huh? Since then,|every time I spot you on the TV screen,
my heart just pounds.
I used to really like you,
but now...
I hate you, a lot.
You're too into your looks,|too stubborn, and too stupid.
Way too stupid, and always|in my face, nagging at me constantly...
and utterly lacking in manners.
You didn't wish me|a happy birthday yet.
That's right. You should be|more mild and gentle with your ways.
That's because most men|prefer girls with a softer touch.
Wouldn't that be nice? I agree,|at times, you're just wonderfully lovely.
Do you know when?
Like now.
If only you could remain|as this 3D advertisement,
smiling ever so sweetly at me...
I'd love you forever.
But you do nag a lot,|and you drug up on 'earthquake',
and when I took care of you, you|thought I tried to take advantage of you.
There's not a single bit of feminine|gentleness inside you at all!
Wish me a happy birthday now.
See? That's better.
Its my birthday today.
I heard that even the moon|will be visible tonight.
How I wish I could watch|the moon with you,
and then you could wish me a happy|birthday, right there on the spot.
Wouldn't that be nice?
How come you're here?
Well, I was going to attend your party,|somehow you came here...
Shouldn't you be on your way|to my birthday party?
Let's go together, then.
Don't drive so fast. I don't want|to have to hold on tight.
- You're driving too fast.|- Then hold on tight.
Transparent promises|vaporised into thin air
You took my hand,
but I can't see your smile clearly
Is it when the star|changes its course?
You discard all that|you wished for in the past
Lately, I can't seem to breathe,
I even want to run away|from my own shadow
Baby, you're my only one
Our two worlds have changed
It's difficult to go back
It's destined that you're my only one
Saying "I love you" down the phone
I really love you...
Everybody, here comes the cake.
You're holding her hand again?|Is she done hitting you yet?
She can still hit me with her|other hand. I'm in this for the long run.
- Happy Birthday.|- Happy Birthday.
- Look at those lights.|- I'm staring. Don't distract me.
That's it! Can't someone|light it up again? I want more.
- That's all.|- Damn.
No, that's it.
- Thank you, Mum.|- Thank you, Mum.
This is for the two of you.
I've been keeping this from you.
Power Glove?
Your father left this for you.
It's about time you learned more|about what happened to your father.
This is the best birthday gift! Let's|blow out the candles and make a wish.
Go on, you guys!
- Run!|- Quick! Run.
Jazz! Jazz!
Jazz! Are you okay?
How are you? Can you get up?
Don't you remember me?
Take this and go after Belle.
Kong! Stop! He's dead!
Kong, Kong! He's dead already!|Stop it! Kong, stop it!
Stop it! Stop it!
I killed them...|I just killed these people.
- I just killed... I killed...|- It's okay, it'll be fine.
Put her down!
Stop it, stop it, please!
- Mum, you'll be fine.|- Auntie Wing!
- I'll take you to the hospital, Mum.|- Put me down.
- Mum!|- Kong, your father's badge number.
Input it...
...into the Power Fist data disc...
Look for Inspector Dark...
He'll tell you everything... need to know...
Mum! No.
Mum, listen to me. I promise you,|I won't get into fights again, honest...
Mum! Mum!
Be good.
Promise me...
you'll forgive your father.
He doesn't know...
...what he's doing.
Promise me, yes?
You heard me?
You heard me?!
Yes. Yes.
I heard you.
Mum! Mum! Mum!
Your genetic DNA|is a perfect work of art.
You don't even need the Power Glove|to tap into the mind's No Access Zone.
What is your name?
That's quite all right.|Your past is of no significance.
You're now mine.
You know what? This is the first time|I've thought highly of a woman.
Jazz, how are you?
- Why am I here? I want to go.|- You passed out. Calm down.
- Where's Auntie Wing?|- She's dead.
- What? What happened? How?|- I don't know, it's not your fault.
Calm down, take it easy!
- I'm going to look for Auntie Wing...|- Calm down, get him into the bed.
- Wait till you get better, Jazz!|- Back off, the patient needs to rest.
I'll get him!
- Let the patient rest now.|- Pulse 80, brain scan reads...
- Kong.|- Who are you?
Special Administrative Region|Senior Inspector, Dark.
You are suspected of murder.|I am now placing you under arrest.
The sky used to be blue, but I fear|that you'll never get to see that.
Since the year 2000, when men|deciphered the entire human genome,
genetic engineering prospered to|new heights, previously unexplored.
Men have finally charted into what|was previously God's territory,
and God has finally abandoned men.
The skies have begun to darken,|since then.
Have you ever heard of the mind's|'No Access Zone'?
The average person can utilise about|1 0% of the brain's capacity.
The rest of the available capacity|remains dormant.
Scientists believe that if we can|somehow awaken this dormant zone,
we can unleash unimaginable powers.
Therefore, we refer to this area|as God's 'No Access Zone',
deliberately closed off by God|when he created men.
The Power Glove can access|God's No Access Zone?
Only those from the first generation|batch. Three of them still remain.
The Police have been using the ones|from the second generation batch.
These utilise biotechnology to energise|the muscles and give added strength.
My father's Power Glove is from|the first generation batch, then?
How did he die?
20 years ago, the United Police Force|selected 1 00 of its most distinguished
to participate in|the Power Glove experiment.
My best friends, your father Thunder,|and your mother, were all selected.
The experiment was a huge success.
The Power Glove was able to trigger|40% of the dormant brain cells.
I still remember how it felt to put on|the Power Glove for the first time.
I was no longer a mere mortal,|I became God.
The third Power Glove|got into the hands of Combat 21.
Combat 21 and Thunder|started a revolt.
Combat 21 destroyed|all the experiment's research data,
and managed to steal a Power Glove|before he set out on his own.
I had no choice but to confront|my best friend.
There can only be one winner.|You're an also-ran.
You killed my father!
Thunder was a combat genius.
He derived the Power Fist moves from|ancient Chinese martial arts moves.
These moves are significantly|enhanced when complimented
by the cerebral might unleashed|from God's No Access Zone.
That's why he needs your father.
And that's why you killed my father?
Just one of the reasons.
There are many side effects|to using the Power Glove.
It promotes the will to kill|within a person,
and affects one's ability|to control one's own thoughts.
That's why I don't believe that your|father was really behind the revolt,
he simply lost control of himself.
Not long after the revolt, Combat 21|went to a neighbouring country
and started an underground army.
He set his sights on taking down|the current United Government.
You're lying.
If there are side effects|to using the Power Glove,
how come it didn't affect you?
I was affected as well.
- I used to be slim.|- I'm not in the mood for jokes.
Me neither.
There's something else, though.|You may not believe it.
There was another experiment|run in conjunction 20 years ago.
Scientists looked to genetics|to tap into God's No Access Zone,
and devised|a new set of DNA to be able to do so.
They genetically re-engineered|your father's sperm.
Your mother did not want you and your|sister involved in more experiments
so she took the two of you plus|the Power Fist moves into hiding.
Neither of you recognised|your inherent powers then,
and that's why you still need|the Power Glove.
your father is still alive.
I'm sick of waiting. Let him out.
Miss, Kong is a suspect|for murder in the first degree.
- He is not eligible for bail.|- Why don't you arrest me as well?
- Let's go!|- Let them go.
Issue a warrant.
Attention all citizens. Please be on the|lookout for a man of Chinese descent.
He goes by the name Kong, age 20.|and is wanted for first degree murder.
His father Thunder was a senior|instructor of combat with the police.
Kong trained in aggressive combat|and is considered to be dangerous.
If you see this man,|please notify the police immediately.
Your son?
The genetic experiment from 20 years|ago was successful after all.
Why don't we organise|a happy family reunion?
The Power Fist moves derive from 3000|years of Chinese combat techniques.
Each move was computer-analysed|and refined for hand to hand combat,
enabling the mortal human body|to unleash a destructive force.
The first four moves emphasise|a unison of aggression and defence.
The next four moves are lethal,|attack without reserve.
If these moves are complimented|with the Power Glove,
it can destroy everything in its path.
Bear this in mind. The greatest|inspiration for your moves
does not come from hatred,|nor from anger. It comes from love.
In every move you make,|the aim is to protect the ones you love.
This is the last of|the Power Fist moves.
Known as The Wrath of the Skies, its|name encompasses its very essence.
If you execute this move|with the Power Glove,
even the invincible will be defeated.
I wonder, what can be|so different between the two of us?
I also wonder, how does it feel to have|access to God's No Access Zone?
I don't think you've fully realised the|potential of God's No Access Zone.
One day, you will realise that force|equates power, an orgasmic joy.
I'm not as crazy as you are.
Who said I'm crazy? Dark?
Don't worry,|I have nothing to hide from you.
I am not your enemy.|If it wasn't for me,
he would still be an experiment|for the United Government.
I did forget to tell you this.|The strongest man within the police
is now on my leash.
May I present to you,|your father, Thunder.
What are you talking about?|You're the dog here.
He's not my father.
Does that hurt? Don't you realise|that he is your father, after all?
Tell your son that you're my dog.
Stop it! Stop hitting him!
So you recognise|that he is your father, huh?
Are you interested in following in|his footsteps, serving me as my dog?
Combat 21, I will kill you. I will!
If you have the ability to do so,|I'll let you.
Only the strong survive. Such is life.
The strong kills the weak,|such is the law of nature.
He who has the power, rules.|If you choose to oppose me,
you will be my enemy.
You can defeat me,|and take over everything that is mine.
When you're on top,|you can never be in the wrong,
even if it means putting innocent|people through scientific experiments.
Who will stand up to you|and say that you're in the wrong?
That's why we have these tragedies|of life here, just as your father is one.
And that's why there are those|who are as crazed as I am.
At least, I treat everyone with|fairness, they're all dogs to me.
The day will come when nobody|will have privileges, hatred, sorrow
or a diminished humanity as a result of|these genetic experiments.
Am I really crazy or is it this world?
It looks like you can only unleash|half of the might
from your No Access Zone.
Would you like to know how it feels|to have full access?
Be patient. Be a good dog for me.
It's rumoured the Red Dragon Army|is planning a terrorist attack
against the|Special Administrative Region.
Combat 21 knows all about you.|He will try to find you,
because you are his only obstacle.
If you have the chance to,|kill him and save your father.
However, I do worry that you have|not figured out how to access
your No Access Zone. If they try to|brainwash you, this can help.
This will restore your memories after|the brainwashing procedures.
We haven't tested this yet,|so we can't be sure of the results.
Who is my father, who is he?
He was the one|who killed your mother.
- Hi, pretty.|- Hi, beautiful.
- What are we up to now?|- Just come with me.
Welcome to this the marriage of|the century, a union of DNAs.
Kong! You have to help your sister.
She's met her Mr. Right.|She will never leave me.
Don't touch her!
Kong, freeze him.
Kong, help your sister!
You have to help your sister!
Kong, go save your sister!
Kong, go help your sister!
Kong! He killed your mother!|You saw it yourself! Kong!
Snap out of it! Snap out of it!|She's waiting for you.
Snap out of it!
Kong! Get your sister!
- What does Combat 21 want?|- Revenge.
This is Combat 21 's way to express|his disgruntlement
towards our government.
The United Government|is fully endorsed by its people,
I can't see the validity of all this.
20 years ago, the government never|treated him as a human being,
but as an object|to be experimented with.
Are you referring to|the Power Glove experiment?
The Power Glove can provide access|to God's No Access Zone,
but it does have its side effects.|Combat 21 was most affected here.
There are no known side effects|to using the Power Glove.
You were also a participant|in the experiment.
Apart from putting on a bit of weight,|you seem quite fine to me.
The Power Glove gave me|a premonition of my own death.
- Will you believe me?|- And when will it happen then?
In 1 hour 54 minutes and 20 seconds.
1 9, 1 8, 1 7...
Shut up, Dark. You are not to doubt|your own government.
You work for this government.
Remember that the 1 00 selected|for the experiment are people too.
Men with flesh and blood,|and their own thoughts.
Attention, members of|the soon-to-be ex-government.
The Special Administrative Region|will now be my own private laboratory.
I'm starting with the city centre.
20 years ago, the government|used me in their experiments.
Today, I have three mice in|my laboratory to experiment on.
At the touch of a button,|I can release poisonous gas
which has been planted all over|this democratic republic.
Your only way out is to pledge|your allegiance to me.
What do you want, Combat 21?
I'm up for discussions.
I want half of the world's cash|reserve, within half an hour.
Half of the world's cash reserve?|lmpossible.
Let's not be mean. It's not as if|it's coming out of our own pockets.
Call the banks and tell them the|government wants the reserve funds.
Call now.
Dark, if you want to come after me,|come and get me.
Kong's act still needs|plenty of polishing.
Kong, that look|in your eyes betrayed you.
Someone who's been successfully|brainwashed does not feel wrath,
nor sorrow, only loyalty.
Thunder, discipline your son.
Iron, wake up please.
It's me, Belle.|Can you hear me, Iron?
You tried to give your life|to save mine. I can't let this happen.
Iron, Iron, wake up!
Iron, the only way to save you would|be to access your No Access Zone
- Unleashing the powers within.|- Don't, that will kill you instead.
I will always live on.|In your memories forever.
The Red Dragon Army needs you.|Do you have what it takes?
Me... me... me...
Pick me... pick me...
Attention, citizens!|Please evacuate this station.
Your future is doomed|if you join the Red Dragon Army.
Please evacuate now!
Whoever kills this cop will gain|the highest honour in our government.
- Let's get him!|- Get him!
Stop it! Stop!
Mister, are you all right?
I killed the cop! I'm going to join|the Red Dragon Army!
Come with me.
You're quite heavy.
Give this to Kong for me.
Where are you off to?
Combat 21 really wants to get me,|or he wouldn't have revealed his base.
But, can you handle him?
I don't have long to go.|You must find Kong.
I want you to take revenge on him|for me. Punch him!
I can't. He's my father.
Who gave this to you?
Dark gave it to me, and this as well.
- I am sorry, your account has expired.|- Quick.
- Out of credits!|- Your father's closing in!
Payment accepted.|Projection will commence shortly.
Dad is a cop. My duties mean that|I may not be with you as I'd like.
I may not even be there|to witness your birth.
I have left you with these Power Fist|moves. Practice them.
The Power Fist moves may protect|our family, in place of me.
Kong, how I wish to hold you|in my own arms.
Is he really your father?
He's been brainwashed.|He has no idea who I am.
Dad! Don't! Wake up!|Dad, calm down!
Dad! Look at me! I'm your son!
I'm Kong, Dad!
Dad! Don't! You've killed Mum!|I don't want you to go on like this!
Is it done yet?
Lets call these combat moves|the Power Fist moves.
Feel this? He's a naughty one.
- Kong, your mother's death...|- Don't talk about it.
I know you didn't mean it.|Don't leave me, Dad! Not again!
Kong... the Power Fist moves...|derives it greatest power,
not from hatred, nor wrath...
but from love.
Ioved... ones...
No, don't!
Don't, Dad!
You've put on weight since I last saw|you. I almost didn't recognise you.
I don't have the evil thoughts|in my head that you do.
Naturally, I ate well, slept well.
You honestly think|you can take me down?
I'll try my best, whatever happens.
There is a 1 5 ton chemical bomb|buried right where we stand.
It is to be detonated at midnight.
If you can kill me, you'll have|a chance to get to the bomb.
You have any idea who got you|into this sorry state?
That government and those good|citizens that you serve so faithfully.
If you weren't wounded,|you might be able to escape.
Why are you still so loyal to the end?
I've never pledged my loyalty|to anyone.
I only regret that I didn't manage|to kill you 20 years ago.
Everyone fears death, Dark.|Quit while you're ahead.
You can be just like Thunder,|relieved of human worries.
Only then will you comprehend|the real joy of living.
Death... is a certainty.
I have no use for the Power Glove|anymore.
Why don't you follow me,|just like Thunder did?
Combat 21!
I'm glad you came early. Now I have|time for my funeral arrangements.
How do you feel?
The Power Glove|has been depleting my life.
The end is nigh.
Iron, are you afraid of death?
Put this on. If it doesn't kill you,|go and help Kong. Kill Combat 21.
If you over-exert these powers,|you will die. Are you afraid of death?
Iron, put it on.
Tell me, are you afraid of death?
But this has to be done.
Kong, it's not much fun fighting|against you. Is that all you've got?
Come on.
Come and get me. Prove to the world|that I'm not invincible!
Show me that I can't rule the world.|Come on, Kong.
You disappoint me. You're only|realising 70% of your full potential.
You don't deserve to kill me. I have|long realised my full cerebral might.
I am not a mere mortal.|I am invincible.
I am God!
Now succumb to my powers, Kong!
Iron, I can hear my sister's voice.
I will forever be with Iron.|We will never be apart.
Kong, this is not the time for tears.|Your power will not come from wrath.
Then what?
Then what? What is the true essence|behind 'The Wrath of the Skies'?
Men sought to destroy his creations,|and incurred the wrath of the skies.
That's right.
Love, not wrath,
is the only way|to protect our dear ones,
to cherish this earth...
that nurtures...
our humankind.
Dark said if we over-exert the powers|of God's No Access Zone, we will die.
Are you afraid of death?
But this fight must go on.
Combat 21 can tap into|his No Access Zone at will.
We're running out of time.|You two have telepathic powers.
Kong and Iron,|execute 'The Wrath of the Skies'now.
The Power Glove is no match|for my ability to fully channel
the might of the No Access Zone.
Kong, keep this in mind. The might|behind Chinese combat techniques,
is not driven by wrath, but love.
Protect those you love.
I'll fight for my dear ones!
Love, not wrath, will cherish the ones|dear to our hearts.
Love will help keep this land|that nurtures us.
Looking at the skies,
I'm yawning as I'm driving
The DJ announces that it's 6am
At the thought of seeing you,|I'm not tired anymore
Oh, all these years...
- Time has passed unnoticed|- Belle!
- Still jealous of...|- Sister!
...who's kissing your lips today
Oh, my darling
The road to your home seems|further and further away,
Oh, heaven only knows
Where do we go from now?
We've lost our bearings.
Oh, my darling
Are you still waiting for that day
When our hearts|can be closer together
When you will finally find|that lost sense of security
Oh, I can't forget
How we loved so passionately
Regardless of the misunderstandings
The residual love is still as intense
Oh, my darling,
Are you still waiting for that day
when our hearts|can be closer together?
Help me find|that lost sense of security
I love...
Oh, my darling,
The road to your home seems|further and further away
Oh, heaven only knows
Where do we go from here?
We've lost our bearings
Oh, my darling,
Are you still waiting for that day
When our hearts|can be closer together...?
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