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Aviator The

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The Aviator
you know the color? - if, it sucks
if you see the signal in the house it is where you cannot enter
if, it sucks
you know the type - if,
you know what they can do to you?
if, it sucks
not these out of danger
it can direct this Howard film
but what you want not it can do
you do not say to me that I cannot do it you do not say to me that it is not possible to be done
the Air Force is too many here
they say that the designs of these apparatuses...
that is Max excrement, uses your brain and beam that works
I want that everything becomes in 60 degrees
still we are short of cameras we needed to count on...
I will give what you want to you, now it prepares those cameras and it prepares the forces
it stops within 5 minutes
Mr. Hughes, I am Noah Dietrich its representative I command to me
Dietrich, your you are the type
either I speak of but or the less what queria
you know what I am looking for? - we already understood what looked for
a right hand that does not fail to him
also I want to deal with the financial aspect the business
it will pay to him or so that it does everything and or done
single there is a thing that we must know
my companions retire so he is of my money
and he could choose between spending the money of those children of puta
and I am sure that they will do everything for my has sense
you understood? - clear
whatever was that collection by his I complete work 5 thousand dollars?
I give 10 him thousands... - it is necessary to work hard
all the one that works for my must make an effort
single that now already you have a price
welcome on board...
we go small, we cause that the money rises
my companions used here to call Junior to me
but he would prefer that you called Mr. to me Hughes now
and as we are going it to use? - we will not do it
you see this Dietrich track?
these seeing the private but great airport worldwide
that it seems to you?
it is his money
Angels of Hell (first year)
hello Mr. Meyer...
if it remembers to me I am not called Howard Hughes
I would like dedicated minutes to me
Howard Hughes, the one of the film of airplanes
if, already I decide to me - Angels of Hell
if. - in fact he would need his time a little while
I need some cameras...
2 to be exact
but encounter none but we do not have a scene
that it is a fight of dogs and I need two cameras but
desperately... think that they can help me?
the present cameras help the competition
whichever cameras have now?
it has 24 cameras? - thus it is
and you need two but? - if
you do not think that 24 are sufficient?
no, nonMr..
no, I believe that we cannot we are with many things...
déjeme to give an advice him so that it does not take everything
its money and invests in real estate to it and their family
and it deposits it in the continuous bank because if doing
the film of that way will be no distributor
that it wants to distribute it and to much people wrath not to see the film
and no longer you will have money... and you will have irte of Hollywood
it asegúrese of not forgetting it Mr. Meyer
..podemos to find us in an extreme situation
head... we go piérdete
a soda water, you know what I want - milk in the container and an absorbent one
and that said his señoría? - they cannot give a camera me
so that you are not satisfied to which you have?
what I have is not sufficient John
not as I see it
I am going to make this film and if it does not work we returned to Houston
with the tail between the legs and I leave all this excrement definitively
you can find the form to do it with which you have?
Already whole Johnny of which these taking control of the budget
asegúrate that in this films Biblical is some crucifixión
they are doing it in ash and everything what... - Johny
Johnny? - if?
these crazy person? - if
and you are not going to give answer to the problems that we have
if, clear
and you leave the great ideas him...
to my - clear
tobaccos, cigarettes single 10 cents
Thelma, I thought that you were in the flat racing with Tracy...
the name of... the Teresa - Margaret
Margaret, that there is with her? it lost his...
for already... - I feel it
Thelma this is Howard Hughes we were discussing like
to use a camera with my hands - a cigarette?
no, thanks, I do not smoke
that you see shutdown well there
you could do a favor to me? you could smile for my?
single a time.
it has short and wide lips that engrandece his smile
it would enchant to me to work with a beautiful woman like your
single I want that you remain single there I am going to touch asi to you '...
with the end of my fingers you like that?
you like?
I want to learn of you I want to know everything of you
you would let to me do it? you want the work?
single work half an hour
I number of my room is... 257
I see you there
single I want advertirte of a single thing
I need 2 cameras for Saturday
réntalas... róbalas if it is necessary
thus she will be head
Hubert comes single announcing the sigh from a young person of Texas
Howard Hughes does not let spend money in this épica war
we mean that it has 147 pilots, 87 airplanes
24 camarógrafos and 2000 extras
all this film cost but that the real war
so that they are seen so slow? one does not assume that it is seen thus
they seem a handful of models
son of puta...
without steel underneath the airplanes
we do not have idea of fast how we move
we do not have sense of the movement
it uses your legs and dame to the best one of the city
I want it here in 1 hour
you want the good news or the bad news?
the bad one first - there we go
we installed a radius to him 450
but they followed the vibrations
and this of here this obstructed means
and the good one? - there is no it
excrement, 450 is very great is necessary to invent something
we have done of everything, we reconstructed it complete
if we replaced the tank by a pair of wheels
perhaps it could reach 180 miles per hour
I want that I arrive at the 200 miles
I am not going to discuss with you but that did not happen
you are not so safe
we must undo to us of those old wings
it could fall
admítelo - that?
who says that we needed the part above?
who says that we needed it?
we spoke of an airplane
to put 550 to him
siéntete frees to do it and if we give him but to be able
if one goes of the 200 miles we have the fast airplane but
never constructed
I must say that we have spent near 200 000 dollars
constructing this airplane
to the devil
there we go...
we have some a little disagreeable information
it shines like...
a full young milk chest
I want clouds - if, clouds
they shine like a full young milk chest
I do not guarantee any fact to him in individual
so I advise to him that it hopes
then it will hope
it does not matter what they pay to you
I double it, you work for my now finds some clouds
encuéntrame some clouds
welcome to the Angels of Hell
Angels of Hell base
posponed war are no clouds
santa cross, reindeer, San Diego To review Side, Bakersville
they must be like I, where are my malditas clouds?
it does not have, is your fault muévanse police
that is what they do, the movements
you see those are 5 271 dollars and hatred to me to have them in earth?
it finds clouds
Angels of Hell (2 year)
good day - very graceful
they called to me of Houston are very nervous...
you do something with the malditas invoices
that serious illegal one
the single thing that I am a little nervous
Hughes II is a corporation in Texas that it wants to see the invoices
it creates a new division of the corporation here
we will call Hughes Aircraft
we needed these tapes? - if they are necessary
that me dara opposite force beam something on the matter
that it does resistance to him to the wind?
I want it curve-slide
there will be great monetary consequences with
corporation in California - encárgate of that
already there are clouds and of all the types
you did this time - if
curse... if you I promised it
clouds of all the types you do not do history to me
to the airplanes...
Howard listens... is the one who...
in this building, we have tonight to all Hollywood
the fight already goes by but of 2 million dollars
he was sensational the one of the airplane in bite
much case is doing him to which these doing
you must admit it.... think that you finished?
they see with me.
we are going away to change of here
oh if, we will change ourselves to the Bronx
this is what people want the silentes are the news of yesterday
I believe that we will have an opportunity if we added sound
whichever but? - everything
before you ask they needed 1,7 million
we have that amount?
good, we will do it
encárgate of that...
Angels of Hell (ér year)
of the day to day, month after month Hughes has published 25 miles of film
it seems that the film is going to last 6 hours
we needed protection for these films here
sufficient some is sufficient Mr. Hughes you see we will see this
film equipment?
it takes...
who is? - noah - ahead
I have been to the telephone with Houston by 3 hours
fixing each book that we have - it hopes, it hopes, it hopes
pon real 10 and takes the photos here
and dile to Jimmy that I want 10 packages of galletitas
medium, great not understood them?
you remember real store 10?
nonmemory nothing of that not what is real 10
I am a businessman like your
and this is in serious we remained without bottoms
but you lose 25 thousand dollars to the day...
every day
then... that options I have?
in this occasion not if you have some
I am afraid that you will have to close
it thinks about an exit
I really feel Howard
in real time Mr. Hughes
each good, already you heard to me
but if it beams you can lose it everything
I will not lose it
I will not lose it
this good, plows it
thank you very much
we are familiarized with the facts of Hollywood
there are 48 thousand cars, never had seen so much I deal
it is the expensive film but that has become
until the point to remain without bottoms
really today it will be one night that never we will return to see
with thousand of people concentrated seeing stars arrive
good night friend
and nobody but has made a film outside study
I believe that that is the car of Mr. hughes
and it comes accompanied from the protagonist
let us leave the director says some words
it is its moment Mr. Hughes
it is a great night for you
very great, very great
they can approach and thus we took one better photo him?
good 4 million left their pocket
think that they are worth the trouble?
it is a great night enjoy the spectacle
déjenme to present/display to him to the feminine star
Christina Allene - thanks
it wanted to take advantage of the occasion to thank for Mr. Hughes
by the opportunity that it has given me
thanks thanks to you
and now the head arrives from the police with his puppy
one does not remember of my name
Gunner Twisted roll
this will be impressive
we have waited for much extraction the equipment of the celebration
I want to make two takings at night
find the place and they look for to us
this way head
I have not been seeing anything thus for a long time
an affluent success has been everything 4 million spent dollars
I have read in the magazines that golf plays
perhaps to nine hollows...
now Mr. Hughes?
serious advisable
these not extending the firing well
the firing is everything in golf is not asi '?
it matters to him? asi that I take his photo
it does violence to - déjelo
films and films that not this good
now, the theater is real real human sensations
just in front of you without anything ahead, nor rositas of maize
it likes the theater? - no
I adore it, performance in the real life
he will teach, we will see some scenes to him and he will invite it to that he does some
you are not republican? since they make the work dirty?
good I did it
it must look for new adventures
average it was romped with allene that there is?
a friend is single
it is always the same story with lio of the friends
some day they married all this neat one
the meat, to kill it, to eat it that to it is the masculine sexual idea
they must be in debt with us
you see all the night it are enanchados
but everything is relative to be tied to the body
it does not create asi '?
I am extremely hygienic I occur 7 showers to the day
in order to also remain clean because I do not want
to be infected of the bullicio
I am not sedentary I am athletic
I sweat... this here
and now we speak of children I I sweat
and your you are deaf
that good moment
a touch without force
one assumes that now you are winning
not sufficient it... not sufficient it
it must be completely flat
I want all the screws reduced or something thus
I do not want that it makes no type of resistance
they cannot have obstacles
without obstacles, they understand? - if
not that but to say to them
that you have for my? - we have a new plan
a modern airplane - that type of airplane?
Dc-3 of the 29 is but strong
something but great
and it can rise of 6000 on 12000 feet
20 knots, think that there is on 20 thousand feet
the turbulences - everything is about the time
we want to fly over the time
single a 1% of the population have mounted a commercial airplane
that scares and you would have to know them it
to that height they are cagan in the trousers
we must worry us about the time
we can cause that all the population feels there safe above
and an airplane that has the ability to fly without problems
it crosses the country, crosses the world
and that if it is a end
these with me? - if
because I do not want to return to the same again
they helped us? hare but that can
and your financing? - in loss
whatever of deficit 770 thousands
so that they do not sell? - he is a little expensive
they are in hardships...
I can do it - that?
to buy it - to buy the airline?
we do not want that they say to us as we must make the airplanes
who controls the TWA
they are like 50 million
it is an opportunity to change
it calls to Noah Dietrich...
you finish beginning to buy
Howard, these safe? you thought single 5 minutes to it?
I had all along necessary of decírtelo
now I must go to me
good night Mr. Hughes
welcome to the dance
where he wishes to seat? - in a good table
good night Mrs. Hughes - she is young lady
the customary thing? - please
and I recommend for the lady a good soup
if, it sounds well
that amiable they are
it had not imagined it - if, but good ones
hot dogs would be divine - really?
that delicious...
Howard... hello that good verte
Johnny Meyer the one in charge of the press
much taste in knowing it
surely you know Errol - Mr. Flynn
Kate, Kate, these as charming as always
you would have to use stones in your hands
your if you can take good photos
eh my chair - perdónenme
I do not create it
he is not pleasant Mr. Meyer? buy some poisons
in order to move away to the dogs so they are not worth the trouble
you come?
Howard, Howard is going away to return crazy
Johnny said to me that you think to do something like the west
the beams? - if I do it
you know in question
SEX of that treats
the west - sexual relations in the west
he is not something... - it is not real sex
it is sex of films, is totally different
to the films of gangsters outside the law
they go away to the west, outdoors put its sex in the streets
it does not do case to us
what I order Mr..
single it is a cinema star
better we eat before enfrie the food
where they are going to work at night?
if you want that everything returns to the screen
you must be but that consequent
somebody that has eyes eyes for the talent
we must go to east Carolina weekend to us
carolina sounds well
we can be amused
the things by are quite good there
so I insist on which you come single
in order to solve virginity questions
and meterte between the legs of some girls
and you will be to the left - that you say?
if? - if
if? - if
I must go to me you excuse to us
we must go to another side
if you go to another place these crazy person
to another place disculpennos
I hope that both are amused
that was abuse
that was with me
my hero... Hollywood this plenty of stupid
they do not realize thing that does
where we go? - I feel a little adventurous
I follow Mr. to you Hughes
that is the house of Mr. Meyer
you know where lives Jack?
that he is that in the steering wheel? it is a recubridor
so that they occur account of which it costs what they have in hands
that type of majaderia? - you do not want to know
aguántame the steering wheel by minutes
it feels the vibrations in the end of the fingers
this good
now he is all yours
where you go?
I am going to look for something I have milk here
mantenlo thus
there are mountains in the way
acércate the steering wheel advanced
I have never known which says that
these good?
you want to finish? - now that I am amusing myself
you want a little milk?
that well, we do it again I feel very healthful
we landed very far - no, alive here
you want a drink? - because no
that makes of the friendship a challenge
my decorator it honor with those papers but
hatred this room gives a little me disgust
it seems that it is going to be devoured by farmers
I want all the night to you - here I am
and now we entered the stranger
and everything what this available one if there is no exit
I will not work tomorrow
13 September, 1935 speed trials
fíjate always in the fuel
you have a minimum of fuel
so that you stay low
single two rounds, that is everything after that you fly to risk
you can caerte and morirte
single you do a flight simple you do not worry about the speed
and either by the record
there is people to the expectation we have 20 experts
it leaves that people, I I am going away to amuse
I see you soon
we go
Howard, Howard - as it were?
352 in complete return
a little but fast can go
Kate, Kate - above
hello... that I happen to you? - forced landing
and it cuts the foot to me - I am in charge
you tell each detail me - you do not imagine as it were
the speed was like a bullet in the wind
whichever miles?
going up to around the 352
you are an idiot
the fast man but of the planet
I am so proud of you
we made baby - wise that serious thus
he was, perfect well
déjame to see
that is bad - that is normal
it was by the collision - that?
if it stars to me against the Earth
it is necessary to clean it everything
that he is this? electrical tape
it is normal that this in the system
in the only thing that thought it was in verte
I am so proud of you...
this will hurt a little
you are inoffensive
they see the bath
you do not put the foot on the carpet
too much it warms up - you are not a boy
it had of having somebody of the press
they must be transmitting it
that it happens?
I have been famous good... was it
by a long time
and a day your you will know it, which really means
I do not fear to him to the press
I am customary
when one is not like the others...
too many satisfactions too many eccentricities
it is necessary to be very careful of not...
to leave people they enter them because you become a monster
they will not be able to do it
they always manage to do it
when my suicidal brother
I was the objective in the funeral
there is no decency in that
you know, some times I...
I have those feelings
that they are like ten
these crazy ideas approach...
things that really can not be
sometimes he is hard to feel the time
losing the head did it outside...
as to fly blind person...
you understand?
you let to me enter
and I take the reins
The return to the world in 4 days
defying all the record howard hughes wants to make
its but wild dream, to give the return to the world
of NY to NY in 4 days
and it tried to make it in 3 days the new history will be written
when it returns fast and out of danger. A bold aviator, a true one
pioneer of the world of the aviation of NY to Paris, I slide in time
soon until Moscow, it must cross on the Syberian tower
60 hours already outside NY, one goes towards Alaska without problems
continuing its great trip it returns to house
a new profit of American aviation
and the their crew can... President of Pan Am Airways
you are not going it to believe, I enter right now by cable
Howard sera Hughes the TWA president
but this flying around the world
everything became while it flew by the radio
I have heard some rumors on the Dr Hughes
it wanted to know everything what has to do with
it wanted that you did that favor to me
Mr. Hughes as it were the flight?
Srta. Hepburn that is going to do today?
as it is the new film? - it watches for here please
this way, gorgeous - it watches here towards Mr. Hughes
when it makes a trip again private?
as it were his return by the world?
thanks - thanks to You.
the fame would have to be motivante
Your you never must preocuparte of this type of people.
You are so wonderful.
You do not worry Howard, single she is working, you do not put jealous baby.
You could reach a towel to me?
I.... I really cannot do that.
I feel it.
I am an idiot, one complete idiot and I feel it.
Olvídalo. - No, I cannot.
I am a dirty buttock and without no figure. - No, it is not truth you have a very good figure.
We go.
I have one better idea. Llévame to fly.
Or better I will take to you to fly. - After you Srta. Eleonor.
You are not so stupid Howard, you must receive money by the house of your mother.
And I am sure that you also like. You do not think that I know you.
Hello I arrived. Papa hello.
Who is that with the camera? - That is my Ladley ex--husband.
To his mother and her father it does not interest to them what does.
What devils are doing aqui '?
It is here all along.
I late feel to have arrived.
Mother. - Thanks.
Papa. - Wanted.
Hello, who watches at we have here. I go to hacerte an approach.
Take care of, you take care of please, you take care of. This it is Howard.
Howard, welcome. You do not worry that is not its food.
It likes. That is not common.
We are proud to have it here, in this colony that we have created.
Julian is our painter. Abstract, clear.
What devils have to do somebody painting something true when it can takes a photo?
It does not agree? Of which side is in the policy?
Excuse? - All we are socialist, here.
Calm Dejalo.
What made it be pilot?
It is bidding up again. - That '?
No, no. The dog is playing with my feet.
God mio. - They see here.
It does not like the dogs? - my question was evading watching stops...
... under the table? - No, it was not doing that.
I thought that to all they liked the dogs. - Perhaps it had a bad experience with dogs.
They are doing more questions to him than the own press.
It had a bad experience with some dog? - No, no.
It shines like a timid creature.
Why always you must be.....? - It was with a Doberman?
No Mr.. - As it is the name of this painter who...
... occurred a shot? The Spanish?
Goya. Goya, clear if.
As it were called? - Anyway that is a vulgar press.
THE ONE that we are using.
I am trying to check the area of the environs.
Blowing the nose? - That will be flying or of another way?
As it said? - he is a little deaf.
You will say to deaf person and means.
It means that it will do it flying. - With journalists and aviation engineers.
We read books.
Good, they would have to ask to him. It is designing a new airplane.
Truely? - you do not say to me.
Good, in fact he is very exciting. It is a spy airplane for the Air Force.
It has two aerial motors, I must admit that it has a type of unique design.
It has two turbines and.... - Ladley wants to construct one for the house.
Dear truth? - I am treating Well.
Already, memory to the painter. The painter is called Mai. Mei. something.
... in any case he does not matter are idiots. - All the Spaniards are it.
Idioteces, I am tired that says that. - I am neurologist.
That truely aesthetic. - I do not understand as they can be so monstrous.
Some birds feed themselves on insects, but the bat also.
That bad.
That it means aqui '? - Nothing, nothing.
Then why it does not speak? I cannot accept to the people who speak and.... must say. - You went to the school stops...
to learn of airplanes? - he was not Not there where I learned it.
Howard flew around the world in three days.
I believe that it is sufficient to speak of airplanes.
And of dogs. - They must speak of money.
He does not interest the money to us Mr. - Because they have it.
He wanted to repeat that?
To you he does not interest the money to them because they always have it.
And you like...? - Permission I am speaking.
He is well. - Thanks.
Some chooses the work like life means.
Airplane of government 2102. With permission.
That class of modales has. - and you are a pile of idiots.
You have talked with Mayer about like behaving in other people's house?
He is customary to have his way to behave.
I do not see anything bad in meaning what thinks and...
He is not right to kick it, you must use the wood.
Wanted you that do not have marcharte the battlefield, never will respect to you.
Katie, I do not understand. Your you are a different person there inside.
You had to hope that he tolerated to me of that way.
Single there is a true Kate. That is your Kate.
Now it has left to the air a new film that calls to all to feel the patriotism...
It knows whichever boats are had lost in the attacks?
691 boats only this year, until now.
I exercise needs a new airplane to fly the troops by on Europe.
They need it, until for the boats. - You want to take the troops.
He could thus exactly. And nonsingle he can load the troops.
He can load the boats, everything. The troops, jeeps, the tanks.
By the other side. I believe that she can measure 200 feet from...
... the nose until the tail. The wings will have around 300...
... what we would need 4000 dollars.
And this is what exactly it is looking for I exercise, that it is going it to pay.
God, not that it is what I am going to say. - That it is a great airplane, I call the Hercules.
It is good reputation?
Whichever times it has changed this? - Like 200 times.
That ', I did not say to them that it was going to be easy.
Well small I want that they obtain something like this.
We needed to give the suitable elevation to reduce the force him of the air by the front.
I do not want that we reproduce the sines of Jane Rosell.
I want the smooth teats, smooth teats.
This is engineering.
Howard. Truely you think that they go to dejarte to put...
... something that is looked like the teats of a woman?
Surely thus they are the teats.
Good afternoon Mr. Siento to arrive late.
Please secretary writes that Mr. Howard has arrived, and the session...
... he must begin. - he already is in front of the committee, I have reviewed...
... its photographies and I can say to him that categorically he is something unacceptable...
... what causes that is resisted with the real denominated thing.
We almost have the photo. The memories of the girls...
... as they are enough and prominent. Those are being discovered.
Therefore I have concluded that the photos do not interest to us, and do not have to be approved.... the Association of Animated Films does not give its approval.
Truely. - Thanks Mr. Brainy.
Thanks Mr. Mr. Brainy, I am very contented to see it...
... after the situation of violence and cut faces.
The situation seems here to affect the memories of the Srta. Rosell.
We want to show most prominent than they have been shown in the screen.
Good, I must demonstrate something to them.
Jane Harland. Anne Sherry.
Irene Dough. Dora Helsburg.
Rita Hergood. Betty Graibol.
And the adorable Srta. Jane Rosell. - Now, All these photos, including...
... of the Srta. Rosell. They are photos that have been accepted by...
... Mr. Brainy. Since you have observed all....
... they contain memories.
As he is my partner and it is accompanying to me now, I would like to present/display to them to....
... Dr Lovlov Brenzen of the University of Columbia.
Dr Brenzen. He is mathematical of reputation.
And now he will demonstrate to them that in fact the memories of the Srta. Rusell already.... is prominent that none of which they see here.
Olvidese of the pain.
Horsemen we are going to begin denominating this as exhibition sample number 1.
Here they see that the distance that exists between the curves is of 5 inches.
Now if we move towards.... - It limits of the Earth of Hollywood.
< i>Veremos the greater work in that earth, made by Howard.
< i>En the one that every night the young person with luck must take the different measures from chicas.
< i>El Hercules Mrs.. and Mr. the Hércules.
< i>Una city voladora.
It remembers that each check arrives until my. I do not want that they pay by anything.
I need to find the true measurement. It looks for the girls whom they have...
... good chests. - We are going to see it this way.
It is going to have an explosion of fans. And that without telling on the sensation that...
... vá to cause.
You do not see as it degrades this to me. And when they have interested to you...
....los scandals? - CAda time that I see you with a woman...
... different it is like a slap in the face. You do not understand that?
You are sobreacting. - Ginger Rogers, Pretty Daniel, Joana Bontain...
... and now that damn Davies, by God santo.
That is a sweepings, no means nothing for my.
Very well.
Good, your you were the one that you said that I am like one of those predators, Darwin.
I must hope that this conduct continue after the wedding?
This really bothers to you, right? They are the women or the publicity?
IT IS that you cannot take ice cream like everybody?
You do not dare.
No, Obie this is not a good moment. By God santo we cannot do...
... Hercules if we do not have any loan. Delay, I can oírte better now.
Sight dile to the workers who this is a very important operation.
Obie, if they give the clear loan us that we are going to finish the ship.
You do not put the ice cream. - It means that if you do not find it....
... we must find another way to obtain it.
By God it is not tell me your, we will find that other way.
I cannot make a tank of that magnitude.
So that devils no? That damn thing is a flying boat?
It thinks about the Hercules like a flying Spanish schooner.
The Spanish schooners are outside time.
That you have good luck today.
Of my farm.
If you love you I can give a tree.
Problems with Mr. Hughes.
If it is too much Howards Hughes. Howards Hughes.
That is the problem.
You are making reality your dream?
Enchanted of verte Bob. Excuse I must wash the hands.
We have the good news of...
Observe, xf-11, to spy. I have put each inch of my persistence.
With speed of 450. And there is nothing can against this.
There is nobody has made a damn design like this.
This it is my toy. - Single míralo.
Well, that we have?
Demons scare to me. He can weigh up to 60 passengers.
The wings of 120 feet. 4 motor doubles, that do to you...
... elevarte on 25000 feet of height. - Weight?
86000 and 1 free. - I prefer to travel in this airplane that...
... to float in the air. - I hope that the speed can...
... to exceed the 43. - it would be possible to be fixed so that it arrives...
... to the 3000 miles.
Through the country. - Without stopping.
Bob. You know a thing, you are a son of puta.
You have something in your suit.
When you have something dirty you must clean it.
Right here.
You did not obtain it, right here.
Límpialo. Taking.
No, bótalo. No, there.
As they call it? - Constellation, or we can change it.
No, no. I am pretty likes.
That type of treatment can give me? That type of treatment offers to me?
We can give the first 40 assembled airplanes you.
That goes to take like 2 years. - and a little more, the Americans do not have...
... the imagination for an airplane like this.
It would be good for giving a stroll in.
Whatever? -420 000 each one.
That is 18 million by the first 4. LTWA cannot pay that, will go to the ruin.
I believe that I will have to pay it i myself.
Constrúyelos Bob, deals to all which I buy them.
Merry Christmas.
Your single beam inverted the greater amount of money in history, Howard.
Why you are going to them to make that check by 18 million?
You do not put histérico, this is good for tí.
That is much money for some airplanes, Howard.
Yes, that it is amount of money. - He is jodidamente excessive.
Think that I can obtain 18 million in cash?
I had decírtelo more early, was to me of the mind.
One was to you of the mind? By God.
I will see it again. - 18 million dollars go away of the mind?
Good bye.
Hello affection. That it does in house?
You are due to be asking so that. So he is better to finish saying it.
I knew somebody, I fell in love and I am going away to go.
I believe that I will not do nothing else, but I... God.
Both we already are well.
Let us be honest. Everything has been a great adventure, but...
... it could not last. We look like too much, your and I.
You knew somebody? Somebody more appropriate for my.
That it means that? More appropriate?
Somebody that fills my expectations. - Mírame Kate, lets act.
I am not acting.
I ask myself If your you do not love more to me.
You are not ruthless. - You want irte?
Veto. The actresses are cheap in this...
... dear town. I have amount of money.
Howard please. - No, this is not exactly I.
Your you come to say to me that you go away thus nothing else, and you have the nerves stops....
... to wait for gratitude? - I wait for a little maturity, that....
... you face the situation like an adult. - you do not speak to me thus.
You do not dare to speak to me of that way. You are a cinema star.
Nothing else.
That you want Howard? - Noah, I need a pair boxes of...
... average of woman and clothes. - That hour you think that it is?
Excrement. - They are the two in the morning.
Yes you are right. I want that it is first that you do...
... in the morning, well. Two new suits, the one clear and one dark.
Three puloveres white and a pair of tennis. You understood?
Yes. - No, that is mark Bowers.
He is well I will obtain it as rapidly as possible.
You are recording the conversation? You are recording our conversation?
No. - It is well, confio in tí.
Howard. - Listening I need those things....
....temprano in the morning, well? - It is well.
I said to averages or Bowers? - Average.
It is well, we see ourselves.
I feel affection. I hope that it does not return to call.
Deténgase there Srta. Domergue.
Has become a surgery Srta. Domergue? - No.
It has some scar of any type? - No.
Quítese the pinto lip.
Thus it is better.
It understands that it has a contract with me? Personally.
Of the return.
Very well.
It has some relative? - Yes.
That is well.
Dígame something. What age has Srta. Domergue?
Santa mother of God.
It has accompanied to me to where it wants that I go, and I help myself to obtain...
my diploma of the school. Howard thanks, the education is...
.... so important. And after the classes when....
That me desmaye right here. To see grow the Pan Am is like seeing...
... to grow to the coconut palms. - Hello Jack.
Hello Juan. - verte IS good.
As you are Howard? - Well Thanks, that is Srta. Faith Domergue.
A pleasure. - That devils you are doing aqui '?
I am here with Douglas by the one of the DC4. It is a new plan and it is going to be a success.
As it is the Constellation? - Well, magnificent.
And that with the one to rob my ends?
That I create.
You know, it must have well-taken care of with you, you robbed the style to us Loid Rail.
It is his previous design, is right. - we were doing ours.
Then, so that you called to us? - It lets find out.
Then, you have bellboys or zippers? - It excuses?
Bellboys or zippers? For the cabins to sleep.
Bellboys? - Yes.
I suppose that they have been expanded by all Mexico.
Why you say that? - Because being near Mexico he would be...
....muy good an aerial passage stops from the Angels to Mexico and to happen to the South America.
It is a good idea. Somebody has some pen?
Or through the Atlantic.
Affection you are sufficient with this ice cream, dame here that, like the candy.
It is not very far?
From NuevaYork to New Finland.
And later until Ireland.
To Paris.
Good, Pan Am gives the welcome you. That is a feat.
It is like a bird that must handle one same one.
Then, when he is ready? - Next year perhaps.
AC4? - the next year.
We will look for to arrive at Ireland.
That you can reach it.
I will order next the 240 after you.
Srta.? - Domergue.
Domergue, is right. He was bamba or samba what you danced?
Samba. - Howard never I knew you like...
... they..buen dancing.
Helen. Jack.
That it happens to you? You are going to cause that we go to ruin?
I cannot cause that we stop. - It lets make stupidities.
Mesero, tráigame a whiskey.
That devils have been believed to be joking with one?
Jack, hello. I want that it looks for other options with...
... Mr. Helpburn, cancels the meeting with Jessy Jhons and its secretary.
Of which you are speaking? - We are going to need thermal and helices...
... of France, So I want that you diminish the taxes to me.
That dirty Buttock thinks that he is the owner of everything and it does not have idea with that...
... it is treating. - Relájate, is intelligent...
... we must think about Mexico. - That devils there is with Mexico?
No airline to crossed the Atlantic.
By God that is unjust. He is the owner of Pan Am.
He is the owner of the commerce, but he is not the owner of the sky.
We are fighters, and I do not want to lose without to have fought, and less with an idiot.
It would be a low blow. - You listened to a low blow.
I will be fighting to kick that damn buttock to him.
That is my fight. That is my fight.
Hello Howard. - Roland.
What I can do by you '?
You are are some photos with Spencer Tracey, all the negatives.
I want that you kill its history. - Howard, is a married man, is catholic.
Both are cinema stars. They always are everywhere.
My office knows where I am, Howard. - I am not going to you to kill.
I do not do that.
Whatever? - he does not have price.
Whatever? - he does not have price.
Sometimes you do deceived your wife?
Beam been with a color girl?
You have robbed to somebody, damaged to somebody?
Good night Howard. - you have gone to some meeting of...
... communist party?
I believe that you are catched. - Whatever?
50 000. -10 000.
It is well.
A comedy or like leader. I believe that he would be more effective like leader.
It is a great public plan. We will move much press.
Was not Thruman the one of that comedy? - Yes you are right.
Now she is Vice-president. No, I believe that like leader.
That you say?
Leader that is interesting.
Déjame mostrarte this of DC4.
Ava, thinks about that to create a name that is recognized world-wide.
Transcon does not serve already. We needed something that makes reflect...
... to people. - Transworld is well.
TWA, maintain the same initials well and we do not have to paint of...
... new no airplane. - That you are always thinking about cents.
Dame my shelter.
Calm Estate.
I have something for you. Quédate here.
That devils are this? - a gift, ábrelo.
A full sweepings box. - It continues looking for.
It is a sapphire, the best one of the world, I put to all to look for it, watches that.
So that '? - Because it beats with your eyes.
I am not for sale. - By God a gift is single.
You cannot buy to me so it lets try it.
It lets buy diamonds or sapphires to me or a damn thing, you can buy to me...
food, that seems to you? - Jesus.
We must fix the house and remove all to those dogs that always bother to me.
Ava, you would marry with me? - NonHoward.
Why not by God? - In the first place I do not love to you.
Secondly still I am married. Your you have girls in all the town.
You have much money, and you want to marry with which it does not love to you.
They are used, I do not want to marry with employees, as that would shine?
God mine. - That is doing?
Faith, that devils you are doing?
What your you made damn rare? - It maintains to that damn puta remote of my.
Your you already do not love more to me. - Clear that I love to you.
Come here. - Howard.
We go Howard.
Single we needed a damn trip with this ship, Howard.
Beams another madness and we are finished. Pan Am is a true monopoly of...
... the international businesses. - By what I must justify everything?
Because to be able to continue competing we must construct, and have everything legally.
Truth? We are competing with the pluses...
... important national and international airlines, I want that you do to me...
... case with the one of Pan Am. I cannot be watching what...
... all want. - Howard llegate here above.
It waits for a second. - Sight we are TransWorld Airline.
You do I circulate something around God.
High speech. I want that you do something that calls....
....atención you have even though not seen it.
Well, I want that you see the senators and you obtain some bonds, and some...
..senadores that are of our side. - What you want that it does?
That trips by God. That they give donations to assure...
... its elections. - You want that it pays to the senators?
I do not want that you pay to them I want that you make it legal.
Pon a team of investigators in the Senate I want everything what they do...
.... who they see and what they say. Muévete right now Jack.
Single dame a second.
That it needs? - Elevating.
These are well. Perhaps we must check it, to put...
... a secondary system here.
Listening we will watch the rudder. The rudder?
It is not well.
Seen beam the thousand of times rudders but please chooses one.
This it looks like good.
You see that that is sweeping alla '? It works for my, you had seen it before?
That is Nick. - Why it is watching to me?
I do not know. - Despídelo, I do not want that to enfer itself more...
....o is going to us to leave more expensive to compensate it. - It is well we continue with the panel of...
... instruments as we discussed. - I do not want to see the signals again.
Howard, we are to limits. This way we will not advance anything.
I need here so that you watch everything and him to you DES advice to the workers....
....que hopes by your decisions. - Cálmate, well.
I understand that you are under pressure. But for no reason I must permitirte....
....que you speak to me thus. Rests a pair of hours, well?
Relájate, I see you in a while. - Well.
Enséñame the signalers.
In serious muéstrame all the signalers.
Muéstrame all the signalers.
you are...
Hello Jim. - Like this '?
Audry, you copy to me well? - Yes Howard I copy to you well.
Control of flight working. He is all yours.
What there was this this is the best rudder. - Relájate.
As it sounds Howard? - IT IS like a whisper.
Let us come.
This it can fly, congratulations. - You are to elevarte on 5000 feet and...
....velocidad 270. - I am on 5000 feet and at speed of 270.
This if he is fast - As it is the speed.
292. - Regrésalo to 200.
Well Howard, tráelo to house you have been to 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Dame 10 minutes more. - Negative, Tráelo to house.
I am in course 090.
That Howard happens?
The rudder was united. Increasing the speed.
Return. The motors continue working.
Return and I lose altitude. - Howard checks the pressure.
The pressure is very high. - the USA the ejection system.
It seems that it is pumping the fuel backwards.
That so badly he is that?
One does not stay in his level. - your position Tell me.
200 feet on, not. Beverly Hills.
I am lowering.
I am happening through the Club. You copy to me?
I am lowering. I cannot raise the flight.
Damn it is.
I was Hughes the aviator.
He has 70 % of burns in his body.
Nine fractured ribs. Its nose, jaw, cheek.
The right knee. The bones of the face are taking care of him.
One crashed complete is why it hurts enough the right part.
Jesus Christ.
He is receiving transfusions. - Of who is the blood?
Of our warehouse. - it will not like that.
I doubt that it likes or it dislikes something again to him.
He is fresh in the kitchen. I ordered to make it here to be able to see.
Mírenme, I am a monster.
The orange juice has nutricionales values.
There were flies in the window.
They were like looking for....
It tell me...
Howard all the airplane was destroyed including propela.
When the pressure raised caused that it lost altitude.
You can see me? Excuse but I must decirte something.
You are following to me? The Air Force cancelled the project.
I am saying that they do not need more. I need to know, that you want that it does?
I release to the workers? - Even when?
It has finished? - Later delos 6 months.
No, the money. -7 million perhaps more.
Bel oild
The Constellation crashed in the outskirts of Pensilvannia.
A civil area burned in flames.
Almost nobody sends flowers to me, watches.
As you you fixed them without the others. - I have not thought about removing them.
They did not count on the ethics. They are monsters.
He wanted to see it.
He wanted to see the declines every day.
And now the flight that everybody has questioned... The airplane more...
powerful of the world, designed by Howard Hughes, with 220 feet of...
length and towers higher than a building of five plants.
Electrical lines must be cut during their trip from...
Corven City, California until the Pacific, to 30 miles of distance.
To move the load of 60 tons represents a problem stops...
the engineers. One never thought that something of that size could fly.
There one of its parts, 160 feet of length with four compartments goes...
for motors. Duplíquelo and will take an idea of the wide one of the wings.
An airplane that defies the laws of the gravity.
How long they can maintain to us in earth?
Until they finish investigating the accident. It could be months.
- Jesus! - they already have a debt of 40 million...
How they are going to pay estadío of one week?
- the National will be in charge. - account CAB of Brewster does not go to...
to be finished. But one has been used in the damn airplane in vain.
- we are dismissing people. - Meanwhile how you suggest...
let us maintain flying to the TWA? And you do not say to me that we are going to have...
luck this time, because everything has been used in the Hercules, who according to...
I understand, the airport no longer it wants it nor it needs it. Howard, I am contented...
of which Jack feels like optimist on the matter, but I have seen books...
I am warning to them, is not joke this time, we are in serious problems.
They must make a decision... They want to break by the great airplane...
or by the great airline?
It sees see Thomas Parkinson in New York. Véndele all...
equipment and the capital of TWA. the USA the airplanes, the writing-desks, everything what...
we have. That will reach 40 million. - and to see fall thus to the TWA?
This is a trip of nonreturn.
Underneath my bed! You put a damn microphone underneath my bed!
Escúchame, I am worried about you. I only want to make sure that you are...
well, that is everything. - and the car! It is not easy to walk in that...
the 24 hours of the day! - That car is for your protection!
Of the only that I need protection it is of you, ill bastard!
You are not my owner, Howard. I am not one of your adolescents prostitutas...
nor a damn airplane. - Affection, understands that I have those microphones...
because I must know where you are. - So that '?
- Because I worry about you! - Lie!
What you mean with "all the microphones"?
What you mean with "all the microphones"?
- There is more... - How many?
Not '... Twelve quiza '... and...
On the telephone.
God mine, Howard, on the telephone? Listening my calls?
Not... affection, never would do that...! I... I only read the transcriptions, that is everything.
What you want to know, Howard? If I were with Ari Shaw last night?
Or with Senaggio the previous night? Surely! They had said to me that eras...
a lunático but not them crei '! Now I realize!
It closes your damn mouth!
Veto... and you do not return.
We go away.
It gathers all the microphones.
- Except the one of the telephone of the quarter. - Sir, the FBI is in the house.
It is an invasion! Everything in this house is deprived property of Productions...
Hughs, by legal order... - Federal Order. Nor it is bothered, Sir.
Good morning, the Angels. Howard Hughes has a new guest...
This time is not a beautiful star, but the FBI.
You do not say that to me. They are here and everything is taking to it.
The investment has been done by Senator Ralph Owen Brewster...
who has practically become the president of ABH Hollywood Holme.
They are reviewing everything...
You cálmate, I will be there as soon as possible.
12 OF FEBRUARY OF 1947 Hotel Mayflower Washington DC
- Howard! - Hello... Owen.
- Enchanted to return it to see. - Equal I. This way, please.
Emily, serves the lunch.
Adorable room... Decorated very well.
- Thanks... Taking seat. - Thanks.
Thanks to come. I thought about having to char it private with you.
I thank for it, Owen.
Then... It has spent all my account of CAB.
- I have worked very hard. - It is my account, Howard.
Sight, I think that America cannot pay for more of a transporter.
Create right that a single airline has the monopoly?
The monopoly? Not...
I think that an airline can do it better... Without competition.
I am only thinking about the interest of the American passengers.
That is beautiful. What is?
What is...? ... Camel? Some type of camel?
No, it is a flame. I bought it in Peru a year ago.
It is seen well... A flame really.
- Of Peru '... - Yes, for a year. Then...
- It was like ago a year. - the lunch is ready, Senator.
Well, we are going to have lunch.
- It got to see some flame? - Not... To my wife only it likes.
It is a very interesting animal... After reading on... How...
it says, as Fernando You lick? - Not... The animal is with two Ls.
They see, siéntate.
He is pargo... Very expensive.
It enchants to me. Thanks.
I know that he is not drinker, so I hope that with water it is well.
Well, we speak. We go direct to the grain.
My investment...
My investment has become tangled. It could be embarrassing that this left bad.
I would like that nobody left suffocated.
He is very amiable of his part, Owen.
As the means have the power to be in the hearings...
I want ahorrarte that.
It wants to save itself now?
Sight... You want to finish down like a property military, Howard?
He is that what you want?
What love You Owen?
You give back account to me CAB... and I will eliminate the hearings.
- I cannot do that. - Why no?
I cannot, Owen. The CAB was used in TWA.
It sells the TWA to Pan Am.
Dales a good price, you I advise it.
- Then everything will be privily? - Thus he is, exact. The investigation is closed...
Nobody will know nothing.
He is better for all.
No, Owen...
- Still I want a thing. - What thing?
- Sees the picture of the flame? - Yes.
It sailed until alli '?
We did not sail, we flew.
- They flew... - Yes.
Surely that it wants to do this, Owen?
It wants to go to the war with me?
I am not, Howard. He is the government of the United States.
We finished defeating to Germany and Japan.
Who devils you are your '?
It takes a long trip by me, you want?
Thanks for the flowers... You can kiss... both rumps to me.
We have one long list... It defrauded the American government and it remained with...
56 million dollars, while we were in war and brave men died...
in beaches of Normandía, and he pockets the money of the Americans.
I cannot sleep...
in this room.
- In the dark... - I am going to sink it if it is necessary...
- I want that one swallows its lies. - To have a place...
- not to be able to sleep. - It has many questions that to respond.
- To have actions... - Particularly on if really...
that model of airplane is being constructed. Where this '?
It is lie.
It is going to respond.
So pure...
I like that.
He is warm... And clean...
I need to sleep!
I must drink something first.
I must drink something first.
In a minute...
I will drink that milk.
That milk is not bad.
I must take hold the bottle... in my right hand... And I must clear to him...
the cover with my... left hand...
To put it in my pocket... of the trousers...
Howard... It is Katie, I need to speak with you.
You can oírme?
I am going to enter...
Howard, opens immediately.
I cannot, dulzura...
You mean that you will not do it.
- Howard, please, déjame verte. - I am without shaving.
Good... I either.
We go... Your '...
Déjame to enter.
I can oírte, Katie.
Always I can oírte. Still in the cabin with the ignited motor.
That is by gritona that I am.
Howard, I...
I came to agradecerte.
I found out of which you made to defend to me... By those horrible photos.
The masters?
He is everything what I have.
I am glad for you, Katie.
Veto now, you want?
- Howard, please... - It vetoes. Only so far. I will see you soon.
- We will fly together. - If '! Please, llévame to fly again!
Howard, I could pilot.
Howard, you are ahi '?
Howard, you are ahi '?
Between with milk...
To open stock-market with the right hand...
And to take hold it with an angle of 45 degrees, reason why must enter without...
Without touching the paper.
To repeat it from the beginning...
If there is some variation in these instructions...
Still in the smaller degree... The complete process... It must be repeated...
From the beginning. Between with milk. Repeated... Between with milk...
from the beginning. Between with milk... Repeated...
- Who is! - Howard, is Juan.
Good, I...
We had an appointment, no? If '...
The memory. Sight...
I have tremendous influenza... Why better you do not feel there outside?
I do not want that you become ill. Me it would not pardon it. I do not love patient to you...
Well, Howard, I am seated.
I was seeing the accounts... Pan Am offers 30,5 to you... 4,25 of TWA...
We go...!
Both we know that I am not going to sell TWA! You could not pay it...
in any case! Our company is worth the double of Pan Am!
Considering that our values triple yours, I find it doubtful.
What I say is... that they do not have internal resources. Well?
Yes, they buy TWA, etc... I am not going to sell and you know it well.
This it is the point: Owen Brewster works for you.
Howard, I do not know anything of Brewster Senator. For me it is buried.
I have a hearing, Juan. One is going away to put the thing worse.
Very badly for all we!
Good... You are going to feel remorse. While the good people of America...
children lost you you produced films dirty and airplanes that do not fly.
Good, that is not just. To the other it was to him well by about 45 minutes.
It had wanted that you were there above with me, Juan. It was...
- He was tremendous. - It is as it is still you have...
to be responsible for "ganso pretty".
- Hercules is called! And he will fly, coño! - That I hope. The American town...
it deserves something by his 30 million dollars.
I will not sell TWA!
Not it hare '!
I know it, Howard... I know it.
But I am going to obtain it anyway.
You are going to fall in debts when Brewster Senator destroys your...
reputation and you cannot obtain additional capital for your airline.
One will know that your airplanes are incompetent, and... That also...
it will sink to you. Perhaps but that does not make you render. Perhaps you deal with...
to reconstruct your empire. I hope that thus it is.
For that then Pan Am one will have swallowed to TWA and... painted his...
logotipo of blue and white, and when you return... will be in an airplane of Pan Am.
That of logotipo...
I hope that you feel comfortable.
More comfortable than you in the hearing with Brewster.
Very public, Howard.
Many cameras... reporters...
Particularly disagreeable commons person.
Perhaps we must avoid it.
Then thanks for your preoccupation, Juan. He is very... stirring.
It has been a pleasure.
Now it returns to the airport.
Good trip.
- Howard, cuídate that influenza. - you do not worry... Thus I will do it.
Good bye!
If you let it appear in that hearing the entire world it will see in which...
it has turned. People must remember it like was.
The hearing will be within three days in Washington.
If you manage it to remove from there before.
Mr. Hughes?
I do not have shoes.
- You could obtain shoes to me? - Shoes... Yes.
Amiable what that you got dressed for me.
I can happen?
Yes, clear. It happens.
Thanks to come.
Now... Let us drink a drink.
Delay... You cannot be moved. You are safe here. You are in...
free zone, you understand? - I will risk.
Not... Affection... Delay...
Sight which you did with the place.
Déjame arreglarte.
When you go to Washington?
In one week. I say... More or less... I do not know the date, but... It must be...
It is well, relájate.
There is nothing there, Howard.
- That happens what happens. - I know It.
Enjuágate the face now.
It puts the hands in the water and quítate the soap. I am here and I will not go to...
no part.
- That seems to you clean? - Nothing is clean, Howard...
But we do the best thing than we can, no?
- What seems to you? - I shine well?
Lights affluent.
- you would marry with me? - You are very crazy for me.
- I must go to me now. - It is well. Thanks.
Hazlo by me.
6 OF AUGUST OF 1947 Hearing of Brewster Senator DAY 1
We are going to begin.
Ladies and horsemen, I must insist on which silence becomes, like...
it dictates the procedure. Mr. Hughes, levántese to swear.
Solemnly he swears before this committee that I will say the truth, only the truth...
and nothing else that the truth, and that God helps it.
- Right of perpetual ownership. - more stop Speaks a little so that...
all they listen to it well. - It is well... All know that I am average...
deaf person and I will not try to hide it.
Mr. Hughes, is the intention of this comite '...
Mr. Hughes has a declaration.
He can come with that... declaration, Mr. Hughes.
Mr. Hughes, has a declaration?
To be honest, aqui '... My reputation is being destroyed, so I go to...
to put letters on the table.
Brewster Senator... You have taken this right one to where there is beloved, until...
end, with all its publicity. I am not going to remain seated crossed of arms...
Good... I am only a simple citizen. While You are a Senator.
With all the sources of being able.
But I believe that this circus has arrived too much far!
- its language Takes care of... - You have called to me mentiroso, Mr....!
In the press! You have called to me mentiroso and here it is the test!
- We are going to take med... - Why not to say the one truth...
time, Senator? Why not to tell that this investigation began the day in...
that TWA decided to travel to Europe? The day that TWA for the first time...
it invaded that territory. - Siéntese, Mr. Hughes.
The day that TWA defied the generally accepted theory for the first time...
of which only Pan Am Airlines could fly on the Atlantic.
We are not here for discussing that.
I am going to take measures if it thus continues behaving here.
The amount of 270.000 dollars... DAY 2
required by Mr. John Meyer. Mr. Meyer works for You...
- he is not asi '? - Thus he is.
And which is its official schedule?
I do not know exactly, Senator, much people works for me.
It could explain why his agent of press paid more than 270.000 dollars...
to representatives of the area of the United States?
I do not know, I suppose that it will have to ask to him him, Senator.
- Good, it could produce it? - To produce it?
- It could cause that it appears? - Senator, had here to Meyer by three...
days the last week... - Good, would like to return to see we it...
He could request to him that he returns?
- I do not believe that I will do it. - It will deal with which it returns?
- I believe that I will not treat. - It thinks that it did not treat '?
Not... I do not create it.
Payments to the airport in form of rooms of hotels, actions...
of TWA... feminine company... It is possible that that can be considered...
privileges? - Clear that it can call it thus.
Could repeat that?
I said that I suppose that it can consider it privileges. Yes.
It could explain that, Mr. Hughes?
I am afraid that it does not know how works the business of aviation, Senator.
Estadías and suppers with important people are common in our business.
It is because all want the great contract, all the great airline companies...
they do it now. I do not know if it is a good system or no, I only know that he is not illegal.
You, Senator, You make laws. Laws until entertaining officials...
of the Armed Forces. I would be I content to buy to him.
Senator, his history is a great lie... DAY 3
and I am not going to tolerate it! - we are not going to discuss in those terms...
Yes. Some place between You and 500. Déjeme to begin...
No, déjeme to clarify to him that with his conduct it is not going to intimidate to...
no member of this comite '! You it is being mistaken.
I am going to put it... 12 of February, Mayflower hotel simple... You to me said or not...
that if sold TWA to Pan Am all this investigation would not become?
I did not do it. And I have requested to him repeatedly that puts under its questions...
It does how much that knows Tripp, Senator?
- for a long time already! - it is not certain...!
- That is not the question... - it is not certain that Tripp donated 20,000...
dollars for its last campaign! It spoke to me as if You worked for him!
I have a great friendship with Mr. Trippe...
It is not certain that it accepts tickets of Pan Am to travel by the world and...
to maintain its account CAB? - it is not certain.
- Who maintains that account, Senator? - No, we are...
Who really wrote account CAB? Were You?
- Thus we cannot continue, Mr. Hughes. - I have aqui '... In order to refresh the memory to him.
S97 account to amend the civil law. Now...
It introduced this account in the Senate.
Many words. It wrote all? It wrote something of this, Senator?
- Sight, Mr. Hughes... - All the account was written by...
executives of Pan Am! And he decided to give to this airline the monopoly of...
international trips. And You have been traveling everybody thanks to that...
he counts. He is not asi '? - I have duties that make me travel...
everywhere, Mr. Hughes. - Why devils the Senator traveled to Peru '?
He looked for buyers of raw materials.
He bought many lobsters by there, no?
He wants to know how many times he visited the office of Trippe in New York...
in the last three months?
It wants that I say myself to it, Senator?
This has already gone too much far. For which Trippe is a great American?
Its commercial air line has been working per decades. So that '...
Trippe is a patriotic one? Why it is not interested only in the money?
Good, their actions are in favor of the sky, and to You you enchant to know it to him.
I am Dave McNamara attack of Hughes 2000, the greatest airplane...
of the world. This company has signed a contract to fly the airplane until...
Europe. Today before starting off, all the last details are reviewed.
It is not known what is going to happen. It has... 12 OF NOVEMBER OF 1947 Long Beach Pearl Harbor
to reach a great speed before taking off. If it does not obtain it they do not know...
the consequences. The crew is preparing itself to start off.
Hello, boys.
I have returned...
Professor! Why he does not come and one feels here alante?
He will not fear to seat here alante, right?
Good, small...
Let us ignite.
It shines well.
- Motor main. - Motor main.
- It is necessary to double. - Understood. 60 degrees of ailerons.
Turning 60 degrees the ailerons. Howard... Better 70 or we will not be able.
Yes, I know it.
25 mph.
We are ready... to fly.
Tómalo with calm, Howard.
- It backs down and it advances 180. - Back and alante 180.
How it sounds?
Well, Howard.
Professor... Hágame a favor.
Watch after that window and dígame how it is the wind.
It would say that to 50 knots.
- it would not call to him to that headwind? - Yes, Mr. Hughes.
Mr. Hughes, maintains his words? Mr. Hughes, You received 43 million...
of dollars to manufacture one hundred airplanes he spies on XF11 for the force...
aerial of the United States? - Thus he is.
How many functional airplanes gave to the Air Force of the United States?
- None. - It could approach the microphone more, Mr.?
- None. - You Received 30 million dollars stops...
to manufacture a prototype of known flying boat like Hercules?
- Thus he is. - and he gave that airplane?
- I did not do it. - So that he consists, Mr. Hughes, You have...
received 46 million dollars of the government of the United States by...
airplanes that never gave. - He is correct.
Perdóneme to ask, Mr. Hughes, but... To where it was all that money?
To the airplane, Senator. And much more.
More? From where he removed more money, Mr. Hughes?
I put of my money, Senator. My money.
- the thing is that... - they do not interest its personal finances to us.
Déjalo to speak.
Come, Mr. Hughes.
The thing is that aviation concerns much to me. He has been the best thing in my life...
and it is why I put my own money to him. There am lost million, Senator...
Brewster, and I will only continue losing them... to continue.
I have used much money of the government but mírelo from this point of view.
Other sixty airplanes of Lucky, Godless, Northern Compohen... They never saw...
action either. In them there were 800 million dollars and those airplanes...
they never flew. 600 trillions in arms that were not given either...
Thus and everything... Hughes Aircrafts, with its 56 million...
it is the only company under investigation here, while they have had by ahi '...
so many airplanes that have not flown. - I believe that it was made understand, Mr. Hughes...
Brewster Senator... One more a thing... In order to say to him to this comite '...
It is on the Hercules. They say that I am many things, the majority disagreeable...
Capricious... Worldly... Even eccentric, but I believe that I do not have...
mentiroso reputation.
I do not need to say that the Hercules was a monumental task, the airplane more...
great never constructed. Five floors of stop and longer length of wings...
that a football ground, is more than an apple of city!
I put all my life in this, my reputation is in game. And I said that if the Hercules...
it did not fly was going to leave this country and it would never return.
And it is in serious!
Brewster Senator... He cannot blame to me. He can arrest to me, until saying that...
I wanted to remain the money yet, but...!
I have already had sufficient of this triviality. Good afternoon.
- Apágalo. - the hearing has not finished.
The hearing already finished.
The airline will be defied in the Senate. TWA will fly from New York to Paris...
Moscow, Japan, Hawaii... The Angels...
To New York.
- Accelerating. - Accelerating.
- Speed! - 25 mph.
Here we go... 35.
And it is flying! He is incredible. I cannot think that Howard Hughes...
it has obtained it.
So we will have Howard Hughes for short while in the United States.
Technologies as this is the wave of the future.
Only a second.
You want to go to Paris?
TWA will begin to fly to Europe and I can go I piloting. It will be amused.
- You will go of purchases in Paris? - I will buy to You what you wish.
You can invite to me to have supper. What seems to you?
- Supper then. We have an appointment? - We have an appointment.
I will return immediately. You do not go away, in serious.
He is something new. Airplanes Jet. They know something of Jets?
- No, but it sounds expensive. - We must begin.
We go. Walk with me.
Once we begin to produce technology Jet we are going to include...
all the market. What you know of science? - Just a little bit. Something could mostrarte.
Who are those types?
They work for my '?
All work for you, Howard.
Lucky worked in the F-80s, we go from ahi '...
- That '... now? - Clear that now!
The technology Jet will be the wave of the future.
I spoke with Bob the last week and it said to me that it was not going to be in the office.
The question is... I call and agreement a meeting?
- You want a meeting, no, Howard? - I locate It for morning?
- the wave of the future. - Howard?
- the wave of the future... - We give a stroll, Howard.
- the wave of the future... - Cuéntame something.
The wave of the future...
Quédate here. Immediately return. It is well, Howard?
- the wave of the future... - the door Closes, I go by the doctor.
That nobody sees it thus.
The wave of the future...
When it grows I will construct the best airplanes of the world...
I will make the best films...
And I will be the richest man of the world.
The wave of the future...
The wave of the future...
The wave of the future...
The wave of the future...
The wave of the future...
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