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Avventura La 1960 CD1

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Soon this poor villa will be smothered.
To think there were woods here once.
That'll all be houses.
Yes, there's nowhere to run.
That's right. Good day, Excellency.
Ah, here you are, dad. I was looking for you upstairs.
I thought you were already way out at sea.
Not yet, father.
Isn't it customary to wear a sailor's cap with the yacht's name on it?
No father, it isn't.
How long will you be away?
Four or five days.
Well, I suppose I'll spend the weekend alone.
I'll rest. I should have grown used to it by now.
Used to what, father?
To rest - not only from my diplomatic duties but as a father.
-Why do you say such things? -It's the truth.
Allow me at least this much:
after 30 years of never telling the truth,
I might as well speak truthfully to my own daughter now.
Any more truths to tell me?
You know it.
That one I would beg you to spare me; goodbye, father.
My darling daughter, that guy - he'll never marry you.
Up to now, I didn't want to marry him.
It's all the same difference. Goodbye dear.
Good morning. Have you been waiting long? I'm sorry...
Hurry up, Alvaro. It's late.
I'll wait for you here, right?
-Where are you going now? -To the cafe. I'm thirsty.
While a man you haven't seen for a month has been waiting half an hour for you?
I feel as if I'd rather not see him today.
But we rushed all the way here...
I see... goodbye cruise.
It's harrowing having to be apart. Really.
It's difficult keeping a relationship going, while one is here and the other there.
But it's easy too.
Whereas when somebody's there facing you... that's all you get.
Let's go back, c'mon.
Anna! I'll be right down!
Well, hello!
Should I give you my profile?
Well? What's wrong with me?
Your friend is downstairs, waiting.
Let her wait.
How are you?
Why, why, why, why, eh?
Why, eh? Why, why...
Eh, this one has to starve for a while yet.
Move, you filthy animal.
It's as smooth as oil.
I don't know why, but I hate all comparisons involving oil.
Good morning.
Oh, God...
Did you sleep well?
Last night I went to bed thinking I would be able
to reflect upon so many different things,
and then I fell asleep.
I had no idea one could sleep so well on one of these things.
They rock you.
I slept very badly indeed.
Hello. Ciao.
Good morning.
Sunbathe, instead.
Shall we go for a swim?
Not here. It's frightening.
0nce the Aeolian islands were many volcanoes.
Twelve years ago when we came here together,
you came up with the exact same remark. Think of that!
What's the name of this one?
This should be Basiluzzo.
Basiluzzo... it sounds like the name of a fish.
That one over there is Lisca Bianca.
How boring. Why all of this fuss over a swim?
Mario, woman overboard!
I'm right here, Patrizia.
Why have we stopped?
And you, won't you come for a swim Patrizia.
I had a dream I was swimming. Think of that!
-Lady Patrizia. -Do you like scuba diving?
I simply loath it, yet I must conform, what can you do?
I'd like to know whoever said that man originally inhabited the sea!
Patrizia, if you give me your yacht's flag,
I'll go and take the island in your name.
Islands... I don't get them...
...surrounded by nothing but water... poor things...
Cosimo... come...
-Mario, prepare the dinghy. -Right away, Mr. Corrado.
Sandro, where are you going?
Ask her.
-Working on luxury boats it's harder. -Why?
The owners have no set plans. Take last night, for instance.
We sailed all night long.
I didn't get any sleep.
Still I prefer it...
Shark!... Shark!..
Keep still, miss... Stay right where you are.
Don't anyone move!
Claudia, Claudia wait for me.
Go away!
Come. Hold on.
What's happening?
There's a shark around here. Stay right where you are.
Who's going anywhere?
How did you know it was there? Did it touch you?
I would have died,
with its horrible face and awful teeth.
Have some cognac, Anna.
It's nothing, let's go...
It's all over now.
-I'd like to change now. I'm cold. -Sure.
Summer is really over.
I wonder where this shark went.
Well, what is it?
Which shall I wear?
This one, or this?
This one. This one is divine.
Why don't you try it on?
It looks better on you.
-Keep it. -Oh, no.
The whole shark thing was a lie, you know.
-A lie? -Yes.
-Why? -Because.
But now don't think about it.
It's over.
I don't need to know why you behave this way.
It's Sandro, I suppose.
Are you feeling better now, at least?
C'mon, let's go.
Aren't you going ashore?
Are you calling those rocks a shore?
And you, were you still swimming around?
Don't you know there's a shark in these waters?
A shark?
You mean to tell me I might have been killed.
Ah well!
Oh well... well... ah yes...
What is it Raimondo?
You want me? At this time?
See you.
No, Claudia, stay... there's no spark.
Is this better? Are you happy?
Tell the truth, you're a little disappointed.
Not at all. Quite the opposite.
What sort of a face do you think Raimondo has?
A rather corrupt one, I'd say.
Not at all. He's a child.
Now, don't start that, Patrizia. I'd rather be corrupt,
unless you happen to love children.
I don't love anyone, and you know it.
I know, I know.
And to think that if there ever was a woman
created for every kind of deceit and vice,
of betrayal and debauchery,
she's the very one. And you know what? She's faithful.
A faithfulness born from a sort of laziness.
How amusing! The only amusement I know besides my dog.
Let's go ashore.
There should be some ancient ruins up there. Let's go see.
-Giulia do you remember? -Yes.
No, it's better if you sleep. You say: "How beautiful"
no matter what you're looking at: the sea, a child, a cat.
Your sensitive little heart races at nothing.
But if something is beautiful, why shouldn't I say so?
How likable!
Who are you talking about?
-The shark. -Still?
How wonderful.
Corrado, would you like one?
This is Patrizia's way to share our company.
You know, I find you very pleasant.
More than the shark?
Ah, there is no comparison.
Won't you come with me to take a look at those ruins then?
It could be something to do. But no, we'd better stay here.
Sandro... A month is too long a time. I had grown used to being alone.
It's the usual uneasiness. Then you'll get over it.
I felt it a little more this time.
It'll take a little more to go away, then.
Instead I think we should talk about it.
0r are you convinced that even between us we're unable to understand one another?
We'll have so much time to talk. We're getting married.
What's more time than a lifetime?
Under these circumstances getting married would mean nothing.
Aren't we already acting as if we were married?
Giulia and Corrado, aren't they living as though they were married?
Why should we be here talking, arguing?
Believe me Anna, words are becoming less and less necessary,
they create misunderstandings.
I care for you Anna, isn't this enough?
No. It isn't enough,
I'd like to spend some time alone.
But if you just said that one month...
To be alone longer: two months, a year, three years!
I know it's absurd.
I'm distraught. The idea of losing you, makes me want to die...
and yet... I don't feel you anymore.
Even yesterday, at my place, you didn't feel me any more?
You always need to vilify everything.
The weather's changing.
Please Giulia, there's no need to be so literal all the time.
I can see it by myself that the weather is changing.
We should leave now.
The sea is getting rough.
And Anna?
I don't know.
I thought I heard a boat.
-You hear it? -Yes.
Sandro! Where's Anna?
She was here.
-Isn't she onboard? -I wouldn't know, miss.
Is Anna there?
No. She's not here.
This is one of those typical 'Anna behaviors' that drives me mad.
This island is so beautiful, isn't it?
Did you find her?
Sandro! Nothing?
Have you noticed?
-Have you noticed how he treats me? -Who?
Corrado. Today he's done nothing but belittle me.
Sandro! Sandro!
Not even a trace.
Guys, let's choose a practical approach. You go to the nearest island,
there must be a police station, the coast guard or whatever the hell might be,
and report Anna as missing.
I'll stay here 'cause, 'cause I don't know...
I feel something might happen.
Anyway I don't feel I could leave.
Well then, let's go. There's no point in wasting more time.
How long will it take to get there and back?
If the station is at Panarea, a couple of hours.
But if we have to go to Lipari, it will take much longer.
-It also depends on the sea. -0f course... the sea...
I'm staying with Sandro.
Why? And if it rains?
Well if it rains, I'll buy an umbrella.
I'm not leaving.
Claudia, I understand you, but we're already staying behind.
And I'll say this too... your presence here -
and please don't mind my saying so - might get in the way.
Darn it, we forgot to ask them to leave us some light.
Ah, here's a lantern at least.
I think she's still alive.
Even this morning... that story of the shark... it wasn't true.
-Why did you wait 'til now to tell us? -I don't know...
I didn't think it would make any difference... she was laughing...
Right... what we need to understand is why
she made up this shark charade. What was she trying to achieve?
-Perhaps we'd better ask him. -Me?
Why? Did you quarrel?
I don't mean to pry, but it's very important.
Oh, the usual arguments...
The only thing, if I remember correctly,
is that she wanted to be alone.
And how's that?
What is this? What are you doing?
Are you the owner?
No. The owners are in Australia.
I was in Australia too... for 30 years.
My nephew... those were the times!
Where did you come from?
-You weren't around while we were searching. -From Panarea.
From Panarea. Then it was you today.
I saw a rowboat go by around two.
It must have been four or five o'clock.
-This afternoon. -No, this morning.
Why? What happened? What happened?
Nothing... nothing...
Why don't you tell him?
A girl from our party has disappeared.
Disappeared how? Drowned?
No. She's disappeared, and we don't know how.
And it's all my fault...
why don't you say this too? It's what you're thinking.
You should have made more of an effort trying to understand
Anna's thoughts, rather than being so concerned with mine.
Did you look behind the house? She might have fallen from these cliffs.
'Cause last month the same thing happened to a lamb of mine.
I looked for it all day, and only at nightfall I heard it bleating.
It must have been...
Come Claudia, come back inside.
How are you? Feeling any better?
About last night... I'm sorry.
You love Anna very much.
Yes, very.
Did she ever talk to you about me?
Seldom. But always tenderly.
And still... she acted as though our love, yours, her father's, mine,
in a manner of speaking, was nothing to her, meant nothing to her.
Sometimes I wonder what it is I could have done...
to prevent all of this from happening.
Whose boat is that?
What boat?
A moment ago. Didn't you hear?
There are so many boats around here during the summer.
Why did you get up so early?
Do you call 5 in the morning early?
Bartolo! What then?
Nothing, nothing.
Why are you looking at me this way Marshal?
We're not there yet, you know.
I hope they're not the ones to find her. That would mean she's dead.
Listen Patrizia...
apparently there's a current that heads straight from here
to another island. I don't know which, but this is another clue.
The Marshal said he'll send one of his men there...
you never know...
Would you mind if...
Would you mind if I ask Raimondo to go with him?
I don't see why.
I think you should be the one to go there.
Yes. Yes, perhaps that would be better...
Sandro really astonishes me.
-He seems so self-possessed. -Self-possessed?
I don't think so... He was up all night.
-What's that? -An ancient vase.
There's a city buried under here. There's plenty of this stuff.
And of course here he comes.
-Let me see it. -Go on, from which period is it?
Corrado, why don't we ask if we may have it.
Right, so you can plant one of your geraniums in it.
-Weren't you supposed to leave? -No, it's useless!
What a shame!
It figures.
Look, Anna's father is here.
I looked into Anna's suitcase and...
Yes... it's Anna's... she gave it to me yesterday...
I found it in my bag... I didn't want to...
But I had nothing else to wear this morning... I'm sorry.
I found these in her suitcase.
This is a good sign, don't you think? Someone who reads the Bible,
wouldn't do anything rash, it must mean she believes in God.
So we can rule out the suicide hypothesis, right?
Thank you, anyway.
Brigadier... come, I have important news.
What news?
They've stopped a suspicious boat a few miles from here.
The crew is in Milazzo, waiting to be questioned.
We must go there and see.
Right, we must.
Did you hear?
We're in the hands of God.
I agree. But I think we should go to Milazzo!
Forgive my earnestness, and try to understand,
I am the one closest to your daughter.
Even if you were, right now my daughter needs me more.
And you, what are you going to do?
What should we do? We really don't know. We'll go visit the Montaldos.
I'll get my bag. I'm sorry.
It's all right.
-I'll join you at the Montaldos then. -Fine.
I think this is the best solution. Ettore should be there already.
-I'm going to scour all of those other islands. -What?
I can't leave unless I've been there, to every single one of them.
But aren't you tired? I can hardly stand.
I am here, Patrizia, I'm always here.
Claudia is not coming with us. Will you take care of her bag?
I've heard you're having trouble at home, is that so?
Yes, my sister has been ill for a year... and my father too.
So, that's why you're a smuggler... you need money. I can help you,
I can see that you get State benefits, if you want to.
But first, let's take care of a few formalities.
A few questions and then we're all off to lunch.
Your partner told me that you dropped the net three times.
Yes, yes, three times.
Get the others in here.
We're nearly there. They're starting to contradict one another. I'm sorry.
Your partner told me you couldn't fish 'cause the sea was rough.
Is that right?
-And what about the other boat? -What boat?
Careful, my men saw it
and they saw you throwing the crates overboard.
Well then. What's the story?
I wasn't feeling well...
I'm confused... I don't know anything.
What is he saying?
-What are you saying? -Please...
What does Anna have to do with all of this?
Stay here, calm down.
I'm ready to forget everything: the cigarettes, the smuggling,
as long as you tell me if you brought the girl somewhere...
What did you say?
This is the guy who built the villa.
He would have never thought it would end up being used this way.
Lieutenant, do you know this F.Z. who wrote the article in the paper?
-Francesco Zuria, the correspondent. -Where could I find him?
And if I were to offer a reward in exchange for any information...
Well... Zuria is in Messina. You can try.
-Would you like me to call him? -No, no thank you. Don't bother.
Do you have any orders, Sir? May I return to Lipari?
Yes. Where did you put the case of cigarettes?
-In the storeroom. -Fine.
At your command.
Excuse me... Sergeant... When did you get here?
Two hours ago.
And the young lady who was with you, where is she?
I don't know. She said she had a train to catch.
Where are you going? To the Montaldos?
I'll go with you.
Did you read this?
They're asking anyone who might know something to get in touch.
Yes, I even thought to go there myself and have a word...
-Yes, you must go. -When will I see you, then?
I know it's complicated.
But if you carry on this way it becomes even more so.
Please don't look so sullen...
And don't wait for the train...
I beg you, leave.
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