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Awaara CD2

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''Ever since my hero has returned, my heart springs to life''
The Judge is here
So here you are. And you're late
The doctor has told you to come home and rest for at least an hour
But you won't listen. You look so tired
Just sit here. l'll get you your dressing gown
Tell me, where have you been all this time?
l had a lecture in the law college. l went there directly from the court
All that jabbering is giving me a headache
That's bound to happen. The doctor told you to eat before eight
lt's nine thirty now
Listen to that! Even the clock is angry with you
Come on
Tell me about yourself. What have you been up to all evening?
You look as if you've found a treasure
You could say that. A long-lost friend is no less than a treasure
You'll be glad when you meet Raj. You're certain to like him!
Who is this Mr Raj? Where does he live? What does he do? What's his family name?
He's a childhood friend. We were in school together
l'm seeing him after twelve years!
After twelve years?
After so many years, most people change
Raj has changed too. At school, he used to be very quiet
Now he has great sense of humour. When l asked him what he's up to...
he said he's a thief
Maybe that wasn't a joke?
l don't follow you
Never mind
You know what young men are like, these days
Who knows, they might steal something valuable
The water is deep. You might drown
Not without you
ls that so?
Try that
ls that so?
Hey lady, haven't you finished dressing yet?
Where are you headed? Gentlemen don't barge in...
when ladies are changing dresses. Don't you know that?
How would l know?
l'm no gentleman
l'm not about to give in to your type
Where are you running away?
Let go of my hand. What kind of a stupid joke is this?
You savage!
Am l...? - Yes!
You're a savage! - Savage?
l'm a penniless, uneducated tramp!
l don't fit into high society!
How dare l maul your fragile body with my beastly hands
l told Ma that childhood friends, like childhood days are gone...
never to return
Good of you to have told me my class
lt was a joke. Don't get angry
You want to hit me? Go ahead
Whom will l hit?
Or myself...?
Are you happy?
Where are you lost?
Up there
Come back
Where to?
Beside me
No reason
Aren't you ashamed?
What are you looking at?
The Moon?
What's your problem? You don't see the Moon...
and you see the dark clouds? Won't you tell me?
Who else can l tell?
We're seeing each other after twelve years
A lot changes in twelve years. - The Judge said that too!
But l don't agree. Look at us. We're still friends
The Judge is right. You know nothing about me
Who l am...
my circumstances...
my family background...
what l have been doing...
what l am doing
You know nothing about me
Nor do l want to know
All l know is that you are the one l...
Rita, you are so nice. But so naive
And you're such a fool
A savage
l'm not talking to you
The clouds?
They are moving away from my Moon
You know, today's my birthday
Which? Tenth? Eleventh?
You don't ask a lady that
All right, l'll whisper it to you
Twenty one
No! lt's looking at us
What? - That!
''l wish the Moon would look away for a while...''
''while l make love to him''
''l'd say a thousand sweet nothings''
''l pray with all my heart..''
''l pray for my love''
''The Moon watches me and my beloved for the first time''
''On our first night together''
''Hide behind those clouds, O Moon...''
''while l make love to him''
''While l say a thousand sweet nothings to him''
''l wish the Moon would look this way for while...''
''l'd make love to her''
''l'd look deep into her eyes''
''l'm a thief; l steal''
''l have a bad reputation''
''l have always stolen hearts; that's just what l have done''
''You must bear witness, O Moon''
''While l make love to her''
''When l look into her eyes''
''You have stolen my heart; do not go away''
''Do not forget the path that leads to me''
''Do not trample upon the rose that is my heart''
''Tell him this much, O Moon...''
''l'll make love to him''
''l'll whisper a thousand sweet nothings to him''
''lf only you look this way, O Moon...''
''l'd make love to her; l'd look deep into her eyes''
''lf only you looked away for a while, O Moon...''
One step more, and the boat will turn over and sink
Say what...?
Let the boat sink
l don't want it - But the doctor says...
l should eat by eight
Tonight, it's my turn to be admonished by the clock
You are angry with me, aren't you?
Today l was...
With Raj? - Raj is no stranger
He's a childhood friend
l made a promise to your dying father
To take care of you as long as l live
You must make a promise
lf someone likes you, if you like someone...
you will not give your consent without telling me
l know, l am much obliged to you.
But it doesn't mean that you can, time and again...
Recognise me? Thank you very much!
You haven't much time nowadays
Well son, are you falling in love?
Or, have you given up your profession for fear of going to jail?
You don't know the size of the scam l've planned for you
She's an heiress. Just wait for a few days
l'm angling for a diamond necklace. - Bravo!
l knew it! You aren't the type to waste your time
But remember!
lf you try to cheat Jagga...
''Nor do l want to know. All l know is that you are the one l...''
''Remember! lf you try to cheat Jagga...''
''Without you, even Moonlight is a scorching fire...''
''Come to me''
''Like a flute bereft of melody...''
''without you, my life is a misery''
''Come to me''
''This is no life... no, this isn't''
''ln the pyre that is my life, l burn alive''
''Like red-hot arrows tears of anguish rip me apart''
''l want not this hell...''
''l seek only roses, l seek only love''
''A season of Spring, l seek''
''My lover has come home''
''My thirsting eyes are sated''
''You are the pearl deep inside my heart''
''You are the light of my eyes''
''You are all my childhood fantasies were about''
''And now you are back''
''Don't break my heart now; don't go away''
''Don't leave me in tears''
''l beseech you''
Help me, Ma!
Ma, l want to be good!
l promise, l won't have anything to do with Jagga and those others!
l'd rather starve than steal. l will be good
People will say l'm honest! Let's go back to our slum
l'll work hard for a living. l won't steal! Ma, l won't steal!
l want nothing but peace of mind, and my mother's blessings
l won't steal, Ma. l'll become honest
Yes, sir? - You're fired. We won't need you
We don't employ thieves
May l ask something, sir? You say you don't want to employ thieves?
Would you rather that they keep thieving all their lives?
Come on, the boss is calling you
Raj, what reply do l carry back to the boss?
He will either steal or he will starve
And how long will he not steal? He has no way out of crime
Let me see how far he goes
Where are you going?
To see Rita. - You can't go in. The Judge's orders
The Judge's orders?
Then go and tell her that Raj is waiting out here to see her
l have much to tell her. - She can't see anyone. Get going
Get going...? Where to?
Come friend
Let me talk to you
Strange coincidence, isn't it? You're a tramp, l'm a tramp too
You have no name, l have no name either
You are homeless, l have no home either
Like me, you too crave for love
Difference being only that you are an animal, and l'm human
l have nothing to give you
l can only give love
Why don't you watch your step? Are you blind?
Mind your tongue. Bloody savage
Savage... am l a savage?
Am l a mongrel on the streets? To be kicked at will or whim?
''Your servant thinks l'm here to fix the piano''
''Come to me, l pine for you''
''The night is about to pass''
''l pine here; you long there''
''So come... the night is about to pass''
''Even the Moon is waning''
''The stars are disappearing''
''A painful, restless hour; the night passes''
''Carried away with the Moon...''
''l see the bride-like night disappearing''
''Call out to me... where are you?''
''The night is passing''
''l fear and l lose hope''
''Even my fate is tiring of me''
''lf you won't come...''
''where do l go?''
''The night is about to pass''
The invitations have been printed
The day after tomorrow is your birthday, isn't it?
Send them to the friends you want to invite
All my friends?
Yes, all friends. All, who are worthy of being your friends
Your birthday
''Raj, aren't you giving me a gift?''
''l didn't have money to buy anything. l'll give you some other time''
''Must you only buy something to make a gift?''
''You can give me a flower''
''Someday, l'm going to make lots of money''
''And l'll buy a gift for you. Something better than all this''
Back? l knew someday, you'd surely come back
For you, this is the only door open
l need a thousand. A loan l'll return it after l've earned it
Loan? What d'you think l am, a money-lender?
Today is Rita's birthday. Look, she has invited me
She takes me for a gentleman. - So you must dress like a gentleman
And to prove yourself, you must also make a gift to the lady
So gentlemanliness is for sale, and you intend buying some?
But to become a gentleman, you need money. One thousand Rupees
For that thousand, you have to steal, rob, or maybe even kill someone for me
Do you accept? - No
No! l won't rob! l won't commit crimes!
What other way out have you?
Once a criminal, you can never become a gentleman again!
No matter how many times you change your clothes
Crime is written all over your face! You even tried working
Not for you, the bread in the sweat of thy face
For you, the only resort is thieving, crime
Same as mine!
All thanks to your father
Watch your step, son
l try. But what to do? Out on the streets...
there are those big guns like you. - Sharp, are you?
Have you seen Rita?
Tell me something #NAME?
Who are you looking for?
Want me to tell you?
Look, over there
So you came
Happy twenty-first
Your gift - Why did you have to do this?
Why did you have to buy such an expensive necklace?
For you, nothing is too expensive. Besides, l stole it
You stole it? - l stole it from the stars
You're such a... - A savage?
What else? You are a savage
You buy this expensive gift...
but you won't spend for a velvet case
Rita, the Judge is calling you. Hurry up
What's on your mind?
Let me introduce you to the Judge
Come on
Rita, l've been waiting for you
First, my present
See if you like it
Why, don't you like it?
Today's a strange day. Someone gives me a necklace sans a case
And someone give me a case sans the necklace
''The man l'm in love with is full of deceit''
'' But l've fallen in love with him?''
''Oh, what have l done?''
''He looked so innocent''
'' But he turns out to be a crook''
''The innocent-looking crook that he is...''
''he's a blackheart with a sunny smile''
''l have given him my heart l'm driving myself crazy''
''Oh, what am l doing?''
''Those blue eyes have deceived me''
''There's an emptiness inside my heart and tears come to my eyes''
''l trusted him l promised him my love''
''Oh, what have l done?''
What have l done? l've fallen in love with a thief!
And Raju, you...?
ls it some gift you don't like?
l'm going to return his gift
Bring him over. l'd like to meet him
Raj isn't a bad boy. He has just gone astray
All he needs is someone to love him, to support him, to bring him around
He respects you. lf you want it, Raj can be saved
ls Raj not at home? - No. He went out early in the morning
He isn't back yet
''Falling in love with you, my love''
''l have cried, and l have laughed''
''Happily l have borne the pangs of love''
''l have cried, and l have laughed''
''What do you know of the pangs of love?''
''The pain is so acute''
''l'm transfixed''
''l stood silent''
''l stood in silence, l swear''
''l cried, and l laughed''
''My heart burns, as if on fire''
''My tears flow, as it rains''
''Like the clouds''
''Like a cloud, l was a tramp''
''l have cried, and l have laughed''
''Falling in love with you, my love''
''l have cried, and l have laughed''
There you are
Haven't you brought the police along?
That bitterness is of no use
Your mother has told me everything
So you know l'm wayward ... l've been to jail...
and my name is on the police rolls. ls that what you've come to tell me?
Try to understand me, Raj. l still consider you my friend
A lawyer's daughter, a judge's ward takes a tramp for a friend?
What's your society going to say? What will your people say?
lf you recant, society will forgive your past
Raj, you can make a new life for yourself... you can!
A new life? On what will l build a new life?
Can you give me back my childhood ... the education l never had?
Everyone says that l have no father to name... l have no honour!
Can you bring my father back? Can you give me my name?
Can you give me my honour? Tell me... tell me Rita!
Rita, l've kept you in the dark. l've kept myself in the dark
Forget me Rita. Leave me to myself
l am not worthy of you
You realise fully well, yet you want to live in this hell
l never imagined you'd be so weak
Rita, don't you think l never tried to get out of this hell
But tell me, what do l do?
For twelve years, the world has chased me towards crime
Alone, l cannot face it
Alone, l cannot
You aren't alone, Raj Your mother is with you
l'm with you
You? With me? With a criminal?
Yes Raj. With you, forever
Good or not, guilty or not, whatever you are, you're mine
This is a matter of the heart. And the scales of justice cannot judge it
But this guilt l carry with me forever...?
For me, as your wife, it will be the bride's vermillion
Come with me - Where?
The Judge wants to meet you
The Judge...?
Only Raj?
Your father's name?
l don't know
l see
What do you do?
As of now, unemployed. Like millions of others
Any other source of income? Property?
Do you remember polishing boots when you were a boy?
l still do
And you want to marry Rita?
Yes. lf you allow me
And you've been to jail too? - Rita must've told you that...
You've recanted...? Have you found another source of making money?
No - But there's still hope, isn't it?
lf some silly rich girl marries you... - Did you call me here to insult me?
We are in love
We want to marry - All that l've heard
And let's talk it over with a cool head
What do you mean? - l mean that though l don't know...
how you managed to seduce a naive girl, it's clear why you played this trick
l want to know what price you'll take to let her go
Till today, l thought l was the worst scoundrel on earth
But you turn out to be one up on me!
You scum! How dare you use your filthy colloquy?
You think l'm going to let Rita marry a tramp like you?
She'd rather stay a spinster for life. Better by far that she dies!
Why not say that you'd rather she married some rich big-shot?
Or maybe, some judge?
Out of here
Before l leave, l'd like to ask you a question
What if it was your son in my place? And because he's poor...
because he was brought up in the slums and was forced into crime...
what if it was he who was being denied his love, his life...?
How would you have felt?
Jagga has called you
There's a big heist
A bank is to be looted
Open the door!
Open up - Who is it?
Open up!
Who are you?
Don't you know me?
l'm Jagga
The bandit? - You could say so
What do you want here?
The police are after me. Where's Raj?
Get out of my house! l will do nothing to help someone like you!
l had you once, and l let you go Remember the day?
For twelve years,l cared for your son. l made his life! For this day?
Made my son's life? You forced him into crime
Get out of my house. l don't want your cursed shadow upon my son!
Get out! Get out of my house!
Go on! Call the police!
Let me see who saves you!
Will you challenge your boss?
You're no boss. You're Satan!
Let's hear what you have to say now
No! No! Mercy!
No! Enough!
What have you done Raj?
For my sins, this is atonement!
The accused may be presented
What's the name of the accused?
Sir, his name is Raj
Father's name? - Not known, sir. Maybe he has none
Raj, you have been accused of killing Jagga
Do you have anything to say in your defence?
Have you not appointed a lawyer to defend yourself?
The case is adjourned. The government will appoint a counsel for the defence
l know the law. Raj killed in self-defence. That's no crime
Please save my Raj, somehow
Your deposition is very important. The whole case hinges on it
Come to the court tomorrow - All right
ls she dead? - She has been hurt on the head
And Raj killed Jagga to save my life
Please sign here. This deposition will surely save Raj
lf Raj is saved, l will be able to die in peace
l should be leaving now
My son! - What happened to you, Ma?
That heartless judge has killed you! What is his enmity with us?
You mustn't blame him, son. - Why not?
He has always been trying to make us miserable
No son! He is your father
My father?
What are you saying, Ma? What has come over you?
l'm not out of my mind, son. What l'm saying is the truth
l could not bring myself to tell you this until now
But if not today, once l'm gone who else could tell you?
This can't be, Ma! This can never be!
This is a long story. But l don't have the time
Keep this. l'm leaving
He will surely recognise you when you show him this
He has never forgiven me. But he will surely forgive his son
l won't seek mercy from the one who tortured my mother all her life...
the one who made her beg from door to door. Ma, l won't have his mercy!
lf l could see him for once before l died... But why would he come here
Come - l'm leaving Ma
l'll avenge you, l will - No!
l'll surely avenge you, l will - No, son!
The Judge is here to see you
Which Judge? - The one whose car ran you over
So he has come... before l'm dead
Alas, l cannot see
Nurse, give him my greetings
l am ashamed about the accident. Please forgive me
Forgive you...?
You didn't die! You were killed!
That heartless judge has killed you! To make sure that he isn't exposed!
Have you decided the verdict about the case?
Raj's case
You are going mad! What are you doing to yourself?
You are a mature, educated woman
ln a few days, you'll start going to court as a lawyer
You might even make a judge. lf you get emotional over every case...
you will never be able to dispense justice
This is not a lawsuit. lt's my life!
Do you not understand as much? - lrrespective, it won't alter the law
Nor should you let your emotions come in the way of justice
Justice is all l seek. Raj is completely innocent
He killed Jagga trying to save his mother
You can read his mother's dying declaration
ln this particular case, Raj might merit pardon
But his whole life is a long story of involvement with crime and sin
l cannot comprehend how you can sympathise with such a person
How can you love him?
You have studied the law
But my heart has not read the laws
and the laws
The laws...
and the heart
What a strange concoction
But you are right
The heart heeds no laws
No laws at all
Not even mine
No! - Get out, Rita
l'm in a murderous rage! - Have you gone mad?
So you have escaped? - Yes
To settle the score with you
Then you will be happy to know that your lawyer...
had just convinced me about your innocence
l was inclined to let you off tomorrow
l want no mercy from you
l don't want your justice, your law, nothing!
All l want...
Lost your nerve? You need guts to kill someone
You should be thanking the one who has just saved your life
What if l were to use this very knife to rip your heart out?
Judge Raghunath was compelled to kill a criminal to save his own life
What else can the verdict of the courts be?
Have you gone out of your mind too? - l was. For a second
For the scum that he is, the hangman's noose will be better
This is the story of Raj's life and crimes
Now you know why and how he took to crime
My Lord, the one who is guilty is his father...
who drove an innocent woman from his house, and denied his own son
He is the one who forced them to go begging from door to door
And in the company of criminals, he went astray
My Lord and members of the Jury...
if Raj is to be punished for his crime, then his father should be punished too
My Lord, l would like to say something
Emotion has got the better of the counsel for defence
ln her anxiety to save the accused, the counsel has presented...
an interesting story, however incongruous it might be...
to try and prove that some criminal happens to be my son!
But l ask, what evidence does the counsel have?
No evidence on earth will convince you that Raj is your son...
not unless you are willing to accept him as your son
lf there be proof, it lies deep in your heart and in Raj's eyes
Look at him. The same eyes, the same high brow
He even speaks like you speak. He's just as adamant as you are
Are you still not willing to accept him as your son?
Ms Rita, the law heeds no emotion
Nor my Lord, does the heart heed any law
l have no more to say
lf the accused has anything to say in his defence, he may proceed
Yes. At last, after being branded a murderer, l hold your attention
Had l been heard earlier, perhaps l would never have had to stand here
Ms Rita has tried her best to save me from being hanged
And not only in this particular case; in my personal life too
ln my defence, l wish to say nothing. l am evil
l've been a vagabond ever since l was a child
l'm a murderer, a criminal
You may punish me as you please. But sin, crime, hatred and violence...
this vicious circle that holds your society in a vice-grip...
do you think it can be broken by hanging me?
l don't want to tell you the story of my life
But all l want to say is, l did not inherit crime from my parents
From that gutter full of filth that flows beside my shanty...
l picked up crime. That gutter is still flowing over
And the virus still breeds
And countless children who live in those slums...
are falling prey to the virus every day
Do not think of me. Those children are the ones you must care for
You must care for your children
Lest come the day when...
and yours...
and yours...
and your son too stands in these docks to reiterate...
that it's an honest father's blood that flows in my veins
Time was when l was an innocent boy, just like your sons
Like all mothers, my mother too wove a golden dream for me
She would say, ''My son will grow up to become a lawyer''
''Then he will become a magistrate. And then, a judge... like his father''
l know the verdict that this court is about to give
And l'm willing to suffer any sentence. For my sins, this is atonement
But l await the decision from yet another quarter
l want to know Judge Raghunath, what says your heart?
What says your heart?
Has the Judge come to see his convict?
A father...
who is guilty
Guilty? You?
Tomorrow, the law might pronounce you guilty
But in the eyes of God, l am the one who is guilty
Are you weeping?
Yes, for the father who found his son, and yet he has lost him
For the husband who forced his wife to become a widow
For society, where poverty breeds crime
For the son who is orphaned though his father is alive
For the child who goes through life looking for someone...
who will call him ''Son''
Raj, son of Judge Raghunath, you have been proved guilty...
of trying to assassinate your father, Judge Raghunath
But in the light of the strange and unfortunate circumstances your life...
which your counsel Ms Rita has presented...
you are sentenced to only three years of rigorous imprisonment
You silly girl
Silly girls never cry
At this rate, how are you going to practice?
What use is the practice, Raj? l wasn't able to save you
No Rita, this penance is very important for me
Only after l've been through this, will l be worthy of you
With you beside me, l can go through anything
l will become an honest man
Everyone will say l'm a good man
l will read, l will write
And just like Ma used to say, first l'll become a lawyer...
then a magistrate
And then, a judge
Last night l saw a judge. l'll become a judge
You won't call me a savage anymore, will you?
l will. You savage!
Time up
Come on
Keep this
lt's your gift
Don't worry. l didn't steal it
l just smuggled it in
Not your fault, Rita. lt's just the way l look
Three years isn't too long, Raj. l'll wait for you
l'll wait for you! - Don't cry
Number 308... move it
l should be leaving
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Alias 01x20 - The Solution
Alias 01x21 - Rendezvous
Alias 01x22 - Almost Thirty Years
Alias 02x01 - The Enemy Walks In
Alias 02x02 - Trust Me
Alias 02x11 - A Higher Echelon
Alias 02x12 - The Getaway
Alias 02x13 - Phase One
Alias 02x14 - Double Agent
Alias 02x15 - A Free Agent
Alias 02x16 - Firebomb
Alias 02x17 - A Dark Turn
Alias 02x18 - Truth Takes Time
Alias 02x19 - Endgame
Alias 02x20 - Countdown
Alias 02x21 - Second Double
Alias 02x22 - The Telling
Alias 3x01 - The two
Alias 3x02 - Succession
Alias 3x03 - Reunion
Alias 3x04 - A missing link
Alias 3x05 - Repercussions
Alias 3x06 - The nemesis
Alias 3x07 - Prelude
Alias 3x08 - Breaking point
Alias 3x09 - Conscious
Alias 3x10 - Remnants
Alias 3x11 - Full disclosure
Alias 3x12 - Crossings
Alias 3x13 - After six
Alias 3x14 - Blowback
Alias 3x15 - Facade
Alias 3x16 - Taken
Alias 3x17 - The frame
Alias 3x18 - Unveiled
Alias 3x19 - Hourglass
Alias 3x20 - Blood ties
Alias 3x21 - Legacy
Alias 3x22 - Resurrection
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