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Subtitles for Azul y Blanco.

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Azul y Blanco

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You have 20 minutes,
we need to know if it's an isolated incident,
a common revenge or a declared all out war.
Are there more incidents?
No, but we can't take a risk.
- Have you seen the news papers? - Yes, I read something.
- No, the journalist couldn't be here. - Ivan! Lvan!
They're for you.
People are worried...
...they want to know if next Sunday there's going to be trouble...'s another championship final...
...and we don't want it to happen again.
I just want to go back North... the see the ocean.
See, I don't have much time.
Soon the journalists will come in,
they will ask you questions,
they will make you nervous,
but if you tell me...
...I will do everything possible so that you go back North.
Do you promise?
I promise. Who started it all?
I think it was me.
But I don't remember much.
Not even how many days have gone by.
It's like pieces of a story
that come together in my head.
I came from the north with nothing.
I left my house, my family...
...and the sea.
With this trip everything was starting new for me...
...and it was.
Here between us Lions the law has to be one and clear for all.
One and clear man!
And if you don't know who's in charge the easy way,
since we all have a violent head here,
you learn the hard way.
Is that clear Mute?
Or do I draw you a map?
Talk Mute! Talk man!!
Yes o no. Yes or what?
Hey punk!
Hey Nuņez!
Guess who me and Bernardo saw last night?
Crazy butt.
That bitch is fine,
but from where ever you look at her you see her ass.
Fucking Indians, there taggin our wall!
Fucking Indian.
Azul, come on man, let's go!!
I fucked up!!
Let's go, man!!
Shit the flag!!
Let's go, man!!
Man, the flag!!
What I'm doing now?
I will never forget this.
Look man.
What's important now.
Is that Nuņez is in jail because of all this,
We have to go and get him.
We have to go and get him.
Take it.
Y don't want to!
Azul, Take it easy dude.
I'm fine.
No man, take it easy Azul! Take it easy!
I'm telling you Nuņez said so,
the police doesn't have the flag. So calm down!
That's what Nuņez said,
but how do I know it's true?
Fuck! Because he is a Lion.
Yeah, but I'm the one that killed the Indian.
Still with that! Are you in love with that Indian?
Indians don't go to heaven, they don't have a soul!
Because they're Indians!
Azul, look at me. It wasn't your fault,
and I'll tell you why
the Indian went and stuck her face where she shouldn't,
if there is something that bothers me
aside from stupid Indians, are cowards.
Talking about a cowards,
look who's coming out of the police station.
Go get him, man!
The're going to pay homage to Merluza,
then the'll hang the shit flag
and wait for the Lion to bite.
The Lion isn't going to bite!
Since they killed Merluza those guy are scared,
the cowards are in hiding.
I wonder why Lautaro is late.
I think that Lautaro is in love,
he doesn't want to recognize it.
But I think he's crazy over her.
Crazy about her?
That fucker is all stadium, all football,
when have you seen him with a girl?
So now you're doctor love...
What do you know about dating if you don't date... you dike.
Listen Loba, understand,
this is different,
Paloma has been lost for 7 years, 7 years without seeing her!!
Caiting and waiting...
and the more he waited,
the bigger the you-know-what-l-mean got,
now he's got them this big... full with love.
At the city was my cousin...
The first man to whom I once said at a beach...
...I love you forever.
Then he moved to Santiago and time passed,
but I always felt him close... is eternal only while it lasts...
and Lautaro never understood that.
Here it is,
this is the bungalow
It's good.
I know that... it's not the same as up north...'s not a good neighborhood. It's on the limit with the blue sector
so it's better that you don't stray to far from here.
It can't be that bad.
Yes it is.
This isn't the north,
here colors matter.
Goaaaal, goal brother!! Goal!
Come, come.
What's going on?
The flag man, look.
Those fucking Indians,
have our flag hanging
on the fence!!
This can't be.
The flag, man...
Those fucking Indians got there before the police!!
We have to go get it, man!!!
With blood fucker,
this shit either it gets fixed or it gets fixed.
we're going to crash these fuckers.
Today the Indians leave first,
so we leave before the game is over,
that will be our moment.
But it's notjust a matter of walking into the Indians cave.
What do you mean not!
If these Indians have my flag in a cave,
from that cave I will take it!!
- I'll take care of those fuckers... - No man!!
You just came out ofjail,
so calm down,
this is for the Neptunos!!
Its very exciting to be here, at the ciassic rivairy of Chiiean footbaii,
the fiags are waiving,
edging on the 22 piayers...
and end
of the game gentiemen!
The eternai rivairy between white and biue,
as come to a draw,
1 goai to 1 goai the score.
Let me go fuck!!!
Azul up first,
you loose teh flag you get it back,
we follow you,
Hiena, Mercurio, disappear.
Stop, stop!
Stop it, stop it.
Well, you ended up in Santiago,
you left our dear beaches.
Yes, I left them.
You're right,
sometimes a change is welcomed,
Now I'm here and I'm going to see what happens.
I don't know,
but I guess that as long as you're true to your feelings,
everything will be fine Paloma.
I knew you would understand me,
you were the only one in the family that understood me...
Fuck man, I don't get it,
Fuck man, I don't get it,
the earth didn't swallow this girl,
besides they told us they saw her with a Lion man.
Listen, you've been talking shit for a while,
stop bullshiting.
Hey man, can't you see there's something that doesn't add up,
Hey, no need for concern,
probably Lautaro is up there with Paloma right now,
and nothing happened.
Yeah, and maybe there having a belly button meeting.
I hope so.
Or maybe there having an argument...
There he comes, shut up...
What's up Lautaro?
What do you mean nothing!? Talk.
Asking too much, bitch!? Nothing, empty, fucking nothing!
Is it clear now!?
We're going to have to enter blue territory.
What for?
To find clues, man.
I'm disappointed Cherokee, man.
You mean she was right?
You mean we can suppose that Paloma left with a Lion man?
Don't suppose anything, fucking Ona!!
The only thing clear here is
that those who entered into white territory were Neptunos!
Blues Lions!! That's where we are going to start.
Did you get the flag?
Here it's more peaceful.
We didn't find us here.
What do you think?
Why are you looking at me like that?
Like what?
I don't know another way to look at you.
Besides I'm not used to being in a situation like this,
much less with someone like you.
But I'm not talking about that.
Something strange happens to me being with you.
I don't know, strange...
I don't know if it's your face...
...or your voice...
...or how you look at me...
...but there's something familiar in you...
...doesn't it happen to you?
Of course the same thing happens to me... when I saw you at the stadium... was... was as if I knew you from somewhere before.
I help you because of this.
See... I gave you the Moon,
because do you remember this time everywhere,
about the feelings and crazy of this.
That's cheating!
Hi... l'm Paloma.
Hi... l'm Azul.
Fuck man, you should be goalie, son of a bitch.
You stink... you stink, man.
Shhhh, take it easy man, take it easy
Did you loose this?
We are here to talk.
One of ours has disappeared,
they say they saw her leaving the stadium with a Lion,
I need information... Do you know something man?
First, go down the head, yourAraucanian Indian dwelling isn't here.
Second, Do you take me for an idiot?
That I'm going to believe a Lion
left the stadium with an Indian?
Did you say Azul?
Don't you start believing things,
no Lion would ever run awaywith an Indian,
a lion doesn't do that, period.
Quit fucking around,
and tell us what you know
It looks like too much dick has made you deaf.
Haven't you heard. Don't fuck with me, suck on this!
Well take it out, bitch!
I told you already a Lion would never do that.
Is that clear or do you want to stay and have some tea?
That girl doesn't understand,
she's new here,
I'm sure she's lost,
but I'm going to find Paloma.
Paloma? And your name is white dove?
Now listen to me well mother fuckers,
I don't want to loose any more time with you.
Tell Azul
to watch his hide!
...and the same goes for any fucker Lion!
Stop right there you fucking Indian.
What do you mean by fucker Lion? What do you mean by fucker Lion?
I know my people
and if you knew yours
you wouldn't be searching here for that Indian... right?
My partnerAzul is completely blue.
Maybe his color faded.
I'm talking to you, Mommy and I'm not offering you tea...
Why don't you go warm up the tea pot mother fucker?
- This mother fucker must die. - I'm talking to you fucker!
I'm talking to you fucker!!
Don't get involved! Don't get involved!
I'm going to fucking kill you! I'm going to fucking kill you...!
This fucking turned for the worst.
Do you think?
The truce it's done
and the peace is over!
- Now this is personal now mother fucker. - Yeah?
you already have a blood debt with the Garras!
A debt? I'll fucking pay you back.
No Paloma, don't try to explain the unexplainable
because it has no explanation,
nobody can cheer for such a team.
Heyyy! What about the fact that
it's the only team that won a Libertadores Cup.
Now that's hot.
I can't believe your using the same arguments
that use all those resented Indians!
...that cup was in 91 ' and everybody knows it was fixed,
they paid off the referees,
the Stadium dogs, the police, everybody...
You want to talk Chilean football?
Who was the last double champion in Chilean football?
- The Lion, dear... - Ooooh... shut up...
A beautiful remembrancy
for only a thousand chilean pesos.
Do I look like a millionaire?
I don't have a cent, so get lost.
Are you hungry?
Okay, yes.
I'll give you my hotdog and soda
and you give me the photo.
Well, okay.
What about that part where Indians...
...believe that a photo will steal their souls?
That's what they say,
that a part of you stays alone on this paper.
But you are there with me.
Like an engagement,
you can't leave the photo anymore.
Neither can you.
What's up Cherokee?
Nothing's up,
the only thing going on
is that one must think, before making a move.
Do you know why?
Because that is the only way for them to go right.
Do you know why I'm telling you this?
Because I'm with you until the end.
You know that, right?
The only thing I'm asking from you man is to calm down,
because since Paloma disappeared you're like a madman,
like you can't think strait.
Don't fuck with me Cherokee man!
How would you react to something like this?
Black or white?
To calm down.
If you knew what I'm going through
you wouldn't ask for calm.
It's something will never break... years I have waited and she fucks me over.
Fuck man big deal!
But you what man?
If you want to catch a Lion you have to be smart,
but you are the type that goes head on
and fucks it all up!
Look man, you know what?
We have to do is forget her,
anyway she's probably already fucking with that guy
Listen you son of a bitch!
Ask me anything
but not to forget Paloma!
Calm down man, calm down.
Not her!!! Never!!!
I can forget you possibly...
But you know that mother stole my woman,
and I couldn't do anything to stop him... now I'm not staying with my arms crossed, while I'm being fucked,
That's not me!!
Understand fucking Cherokee!!
- Understand fucking Cherokee!!! - Yeah, I understand man.
Fuck you!!
What about la Quintrala?
Who? The old lady from the sand post?
She can help us man.
We have to see her.
We have to see her.
Listen, you know it isn't a good idea to go into Indian territory.
This place is like from another planet, it's dead.
Shut up man, you only talk shit.
Stop fucking around, we aren't playing.
Azul is lost man,
I bet the fucking Indians caught him,
and either we are late and he's fucked
or we're on time and we show these fucking Indians
that if you fuck with one Lion
you fuck with all of them. Is that clear?
Yes man!
And that fucking Lautaro son of...
No. That fucking Indian is mine.
Man, that Indian has a hell of a story
They say when he was a kid he was really weird...
You're talking shit!, they say he was raised by wild dogs...
...and that when he grew older he ate them...
...they say that he is the son of a disappeared...
You were doing fine with the story until you had to mix in politics!
Stay alert.
You're an ignorant son of a bitch!
Fuck you!
Can't you see this is another type of disappeared?
This is from the north they go missing in the Pampa,
there the ones that get lost in the dessert.
And where do they go?
Fuck, what do I know!
But they say that they reappear years later,
in the same spot they got lost!
...but now they're something like zombies. And you know why?
...because they saw death face to face.
A cigarette, please?
Shh... a cigarette.
Shut up Fatso!
Hi, we're looking for the old lady
Lady? seen any lady around here?
You know... Quintrala.
Check it out man!
- What's that? - An Indian cementery.
They say that a feather from an Indian cemetery,
is stronger than any charm!
You're crazy man...
Stop, man!
No, don't stop.
Stop man let Mudo go.
And where is he going?
That's what I like about the Mute,
he's decided.
Get in you, fucking Mute!
...we came to see you because...
Look, what happens is that we're in a difficult situation... of our girls got lost today in the afternoon,
and since
you see people that's lost,
we thought you might give us a hand.
I can't help you,
I don't see a thing,
we just sell sand here.
But you haven't even tried to perceive her.
Take it easy Cherokee and leave me alone with the lady.
Lautaro... this doesn't make any sense.
Get lost!
At the end of the Concha yToro street there's a fountain,
it's like a theater.
When we were younger we used to come here with Bernardo,
to pass the heat, we played all day we had a good time,
we could go there latter?
Us two alone?
It's a great place to be intimate.
Okay... but lets go to the party now
And this?
What can it be? Gasoline for the Lion of course!
Listen ma'am, I have very little time,
this is a matter of life and death,
if you don't help me...
You've said it... life and dead...
You know that game?
I see in you a fight,
I see your hatred...
...but I also see your love.
If you want to get what you want,
you need to pick a force,
but you also need to leave something in return... offering.
My offering?
Your offering, your gift, your sacrifice.
What ever it takes,
you just tell me what I have to do
to find Paloma
and I'll be there.
He was snorting all nightand the next day he was shitting bagels,
white bagels of course,
white bagels.
Lautaro, Lautaro... shh,
Lautaro looks like he's dead,
I knew it... Quintrala... that old lady's a witch!
A witch, she once left a guy blind
just for the fuck of it...
At least we have something.
Look, look...
Mute, is it them? Are they or aren't they?
Step on it!!
Move fucking dog!
Wait, wait!
Were are you going?
What's up fucker? Were are you going?
I'm coming to your Mother center,
to kill mommy's, starting withAzul...
Listen Paloma, at least explain to me what's going on.
Azul, let's go.
But who the fuck is this guy?
Azul, let's go please! I'm begging you.
Here you are man,
this place is full of Indians,
and there out to get you.
Let's go man.
Let's go man!
Okay man, just keep going straight and you'll get to La Vega street,
and there the fucking Indian will never find you,
Thank you little brother!
Thank you.
She's an Indian!
Easy Nuņez.
A fucking Indian! That's why you're running away!
Calm down Nuņez, calm down!!
Bow me!! This is why you are hiding
You faggot?
Let me explain, we are brothers aren't we?
No, mother fucker, Before anything I am a Lion!
Man you fucked up!
Get lost!!!
Get out of here.
You fucked up!
You fucked up!! Azul, you fucked up!!
Here I catch you punk.
Running from me punk?
Who me? You stinking Indian,
you smell like piss, mother fucker
I'm clean, clean.
Now you're fucked. You're fucked!!
You stinking Indian!!
Come on, Mother Fucker!!
Where did they go!?
Brush your teeth you dirty Indian!
The Garras win the battle again.
But not the war.
Nuņez! Nuņez!
Paloma, these things between all of you cannot continue this way
this will be end.
It can't be stopped.
Why not? Paloma, it's just a game.
It's notjust a game,
I didn't understand that either and look how it all ended.
Behind that game there are people... they exist.
Alright, go on...
I'm going to ask you for privacy.
Of course.
No more shots.
It's for your own good. Go out please.
Yeah, sure.
Ivan, lvan.
No, no.
By supporting the girl, aren't you condoning violence?
Who's responsible?
Please, please, this is a Hospital,
no more questions. Get them out!
Do you know what happened?
I'm on it.
You're going back in?
Yes, yes I'm going back in.
Good luck.
Get them out! Get them out!
I'm so afraid.
Take it easy. If you want to sleep, I'll come back latter
No, stay.
You look taller on TV.
That night we forgot about everything,
we decided to live it like it was only one,
like only we mattered
and with out knowing we started something that we could not control
and with out knowing we started something that we could not control
something that was bigger than everything,
bigger than our love.
Okay Paloma, so you wait here for me.
Does all this make any sense?
Of course it does.
There are two different things here, one is that I am with you,
and another is that I abandon my people.
Stop talking about my people one is that I am with you.
It's something I have to do.
What happened? What happened?
I fucked up man, I couldn't help him,
I fucked up, I fucked up...
Who? What happened?
Nuņez man,
Lautaro killed Nuņez...
...go look! Go look!
Nuņez... Nooooo!!
Azul... I'm so sorry, this didn't have to happen...
Azul, Azul, look at me, at us...
Us nothing.
We're make a mistake,
we are guilty of this.
Can't you see that we aren't responsible?
If that's true, then this wouldn't hurt so much...
We hate each other...
...the Indian and the Lion have hated each other always,
there's no room for reconciliation, not now.
I was tricked
by an angel,
but in the end it was a demon.
That shit won't happen again. Never again!!
Listen to me, let me talk... can't turn on me now...
...I also left everything for you...
...I also feel guilty!
...Don't be a coward!
I've never been a coward!!
I don't know who that Indian is
or why he is chasing you like a madman,
but when I find him, he's going to wish he was never born.
He'll pay for what he's done...
...blood is paid with blood, that's the law.
Please don't talk like that... Lautaro is family.
...Nuņez is family...
...Nuņez is my blood.
Lautaro is also my blood!
...Lautaro is my cousin.
So that was it.
I don't want to see you ever again... this is over.
Don't go Azul, wait!!
You don't know anything aboutAzul.
Yeah, from now on he's on his own Fine with me.
Listen to me well,
if we are going to die we aren't going to do it as a snitch nothing for the cops!
You must think I'm an idiot.
We already told you in our statement,
you know that after a match like this, the excitement runs high.
More so after a draw.
I got something for you!!
Shut up Mercurio, shut up!!
They say thatAzul ran away with an Indian, that's what they say
Fucking cops they can blow me!
More than 2 hours lost in there, fuck man.
So now you're brave, what about in there?
I was the one with his head in the toilette, not you.
You broke an oath.
I didn't break any oath or promise...
I just said what everyone knows,
not what I think.
What you fucker!
We haven't seen anything!
Have you seen anything? Nothing!
Fuck! What the fuck!
Cut it out man!
Azul is missing and Nuņez is dead,
you understand!
Besides the Mute is in jail!
If I find an Indian I'll cut him in half!
And if Azul is with them
I cut him open too!
Stop right there, stop right there!
You can't believe anything they tell you,
that someone told him,
who herd it from another,
that doesn't work between Lions...
...first we hearAzul,
- and then you do what you want. - Right here, I want him right here.
Right here, I want him right here!!
But first is first,
blood for blood, this Nuņez thing doesn'tjust lay down.
So now we are going to hit hard
those fucking Indians.
And where the hell are you going to look for them?
Just around the block Hiena,
an Indian always comes back to the place where he killed the lion.
This is a good place to hide,
next to the dead!
You did it Lautaro,
I bet you scared the fucker to death first!!
Yes I did Ona! Yes I did!
I feel closer to you Azul, I know you now,
I touched your heart and now all I need is to pluck it!!
Calm down man!
You just killed a man
and that is serious. Calm down!
what's the big deal,
life is worth nothing.
So what?
In the end, killing a Lion is like doing a favor to the country.
You look like an asshole!
And you are an asshole!
What's your problem son of a bitch!!
What's wrong is you, fucker!
What's your problem son of a bitch!
Stop it! Are we together in this?
I don't know.
We have to be together, man!
Watch out...
A road block,
turn here!
You can't here Cherokee.
Forgive me my love.
My Azul, you came back.
It's so nice to be with you again.
For a moment back there I saw everything so confuse,
And now, looking at you...
I realize that not only can I look,
I can also fall in love,
I can fall in love with the enemy.
There are no enemies, some idiot invented that.
Yes, but I didn't know that.
are you dumb?
Let's get out of here!
Let's hide for a while at least!
Hide, what for?
We are big boys!
Why should we hide?
Get the fuck out of here Cherokee! What the fuck is that?
Strategy, man,
the sign of a working head,
but you don't understand shit,
why don't you shut the fuck up?
And avoid looking ridiculous.
If saying the truth is looking ridiculous,
then get in line with the faggots.
This land of the brave Cherokee,
and if you don't like it get the fuck out of here!!
You get the fuck out of here! Asshole,
don't you realize we hang out with you
cause we feel sorry for you!
We feel sorry for you!
So sorry, so sorry!!
Why don't you come here and blow me!!
Why don't you both stop you fuckers!!
Shut up punk!
We are talking between men here!
Talking between men here! I don't talk to dikes!!
Don't fuck with me!!
Ona, stop you're shit or will!!
You're threatening me mother fucker?!!
The fuckers are excited!
Let's all get excited then mother fuckers!!
Mother fucker.
Fuck man! A horseshoe blew our tire!!
Fuck man!
You are so brillant,
you've got a headache,
Give me the key...
What's wrong?
I feel as if someone is looking at us...
...Let's go.
You've got pot, this land of the brave Cherokee.
Got a light?
Cherokee man, I wanted to thank you.
For what happened in the car
with Ona.
That fucker is completely crazy.
Maybe that fucker is right,
all this gangbanging,
this dike attitude... you know what I mean...
Pay no attention to that son of a bitch.
You are a great girl... you got power...
...and besides you're really beautiful.
This grass is good man.
So the bitches are celebrating!
Don't you know that you can't celebrate
because there is national mourning?!
Let her go mother fucker!! Don't move fucker!
A fucking Indian wasted a Lion from the back,
the way you fuckers like it,
and that needs to be straightened out.
Didn't you want to suck it?
Open your mouth! Open your mouth!!
Where the fuck is Lautaro?
Speak mother fucker!!
You want to be cut up mother fucker?
Or do you want to see your bitch vomiting blood?
I repeat once more, where is Lautaro?!
The fuck are you doing?
Stay right there!
Calm down, calm!
Bring it here, bring it here!
Leave it!
Calm down, calm down!
Drop it! Drop the knife! (to Bernardo)
Here's where I wanted you,
you even look like a man!
A Lion you mean, that's why I'm smarter than you fucking Indian!
Want to take a chance with me mother fucker?
My knife is faster than your gun!
Listen to me asshole,
you can't waste a Lion and nothing happens!
- Blood is paid with blood! - I say the same mother fucker!
Shoot, mother fucker!! Shoot if you've got the balls for it
mother fucker!!
Bernardo, an Indian Bernardo!!
Fucking Mothers!!! Fucking Mothers!!!
Mother fucker!!!
I'm going to kill you all, fucking Lions!!!
...easy lobita!
Fucking Mothers!!!
Being together again,
we felt with the strength to face it all...
...and while our love grew... did Lautaro's hatred.
We were united to him...
...that's why he was always there, so close.
I saw them! I got them!
You got what? Listen to me man,
Loba is messed up, we have to do something for her
- Latter we take care of Loba! - What do you mean latter?!
Now, fucker, now!!
Now, she is dieying now!!
- Shut up Cherokee!! - This is urgent, man!!
Come on fucker, lets sit down!
Loba... Gloria...
...hang on, you just hang on,
this is something we have to do.
What? What do we have to do?
Rescue Paloma, that's what Ona.
Okay, okay. What's the plan?
What are you fuckers thinking about?
What the fuck do you have in your head?
Go to hell!!
Go to hell, don't count on me for anything more!!
Loba... I'm getting you out of here,
we're leaving together, right?
Make them pay, go,
Okay Ona, you go in first,
try not to be seen.
But they know me.
Yes man, but don't let them see you!
I've got a plan.
Good morning.
Fucking cop's!
They don't want to let Mute go.
Bernardo, At what time were they going to let Mudo go?
You don't give a shit.
Yeah, so sit down!
I'm Ona, it's just that I cut my hair...
...and you fucking mother...
...l'm going to take your whole head of.
So don't move, stay put!
So finally I find you fucking Mother
You think your pretty you son of a bitch?!
You took your time to find me.
Don't try to dominate the situation!
I'm the one on top here!
It's easy to be on top with a knife and two against one!
I prefer a fair fight.
Let him go Ona.
I won't let you hurt him!
Leave me!
Move from in front! Move it!
Saved by the bell once more.
Come here!
Let me go!
Fuck, come here! I'm taking back what's mine!
You took from me!
You took what belonged to me!
You talk of a fair fight?
Look for it in no mans land!
Where the towers look upon football!
I'll see you there mother fucker! Let's go!!
Let me go, let me go!
Hurry up.
Azul, Azul!
What, you want to go get her?
Want to go get her? Make a move mother fucker!
Hello police?
A group of hooligans just left here,
they mentioned something about meeting where the tower's watch football.
Why are you doing this?
Look, she's dieying!
You said she is your family,
well you just don't let family die!
Lautaro, listen to me!!
Can't you see this is all your fault?
My fault!? My fault!?
You're crazy Paloma!! You started this hunt!!
No, you made this a hunt!!
And what did you expect? We have laws here!!
Lobita hold out... hold out.
We're here.
Stay here, stay here! Come on, come on!
Save her! Save her!
If she dies I'll kill you!!
...l'll come back and I'll kill you!!
Get up! Get up!
Get up! Get up!
Mute! Mute!
What did you hear from the cops,
the towers... the water towers!
We're going to findAzul.
Yeah, lets finish this.
Here I am you pussy Indian!!
How did you get here?
Just getting here.
It's good to see friends.
Friends? Well, since you want to talk about it...
that's what we want to know:
Are we or are we not still friends?
Why do you ask that?
We have always been friends,
why should we not, just because some things have changed...
Stop right there,
even though things have changed?
One is or is not a friend!
Did you run away from the Stadium with an Indian?
It's not as simple as that.
Did you or did you not escape from the Stadium with the Indian!?
Yes man.
I told you Bernardo
this fucker betrayed us!!
The mother fucker!
Kill him man!!
It has nothing to do with betrayal,
I haven't betrayed anybody!
Bernardo I'm not going to fight you.
What's your problem mother fucker?!
Fight asshole, here! Fight asshole!!
Kill him!!
You're brothers are here!
Whats up fucker!
Whats up asshole!
Stop!! Stop!!
Lautaro... for how long!!
For how long are we going to continue with this shit!!
Until we are all dead!?
Look at each other, we are shit!!
No white or blue, we are the same shit!
In any case, this is between you and me,
and nobody else!
Fuck you!
Where are you going, Bernardo you fucker!?
You're also a Lion aren't you!!
Kill him!!
Mother fucker!! Kill him!!
Let me go!
All this I did for you!
Let me go!
Whats up Mother fucker?
Let him go mother fucker!!
Kill him!!
Bernardo... Bernardo...!!
It could have been some other way?
I don't know...
You could tell people that
what happened on that field was for love?
I don't want you to stay here any longer,
I want you to go back North as soon as possible...
Goodbye, take care.
Ivan kept his word and I went back north,
later I learned that Loba had made it,
same has I did.
I will never forget that summer,
I will never forgetAzul,
that still lives inside,
behind my graze... attached to my heart.
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